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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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"fox and friends first" continues, have a great day. >> reporter: schiff continues to enjoy the confidence of house goodbye. speaker nancy pelosi. at the moment his job seems >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public secure. the next big battles around here with ridiculous [bleep] or will be over the release of the whether they will apologize to fool mueller report and the american people. republicans meantime want some of the underlying the documents that led to this investigation at the very beginning. rob: the president takes a victory lap in grand rapids michigan probably boasting the rob: the president is not like that man. jillian: donald from vowing to result of the mueller probe and it backfires on democrats. release the full unredacted fisa documents that launched the mueller probe. jillian: he tears into his 2020 opponents as well, live with the highlights. >> are you confident in the cook county prosecutor's office? rob: rush limbaugh says the >> know. sooner the better so americans >> i want to know why it was can start to get some answers. >> i wish they would declassify dropped. everything to do with this investigation and then announce >> sounding off on jussie it is closing the dollar to get smollett, $130,000 bill for the a handle on it. investigation. rob: the empire star is not here pardon everybody who has been to hear about it, he's in hollywood nominated for an naacp award. >> chick-fil-a is the target of abused by this unnecessary investigation. another anti-christian attack.
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you mentioned fisa. where are the fisa judges on rob: "fox and friends first" this and phony opposition continues right now. research documents, call it dossier, there is not a shred of evidence, none of it has been ♪ corroborated and they used it to get warrants to spy on the opposing presidential campaign four different times and there's never any evidence of collusion. and it pales in comparison. rob: already show the fbi relied jillian: i like this song. heavily on the dossier when i was here earlier in 2001. obtaining a warrant to survey a former trump campaign aide carter page during the 2016 election. rob: a one hit wonder. rob: fox news alert, isis fighters killed in syria, the jillian: are they? range targeting terrorists rob: we don't know anything. we are speculating. we caught a confirmation it was a one hit wonder.
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hiding in caves and bunkers underground as ongoing efforts continue to clear the region. the us backed syrian democratic jillian: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" force announced victory over on friday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. isis last weekend. the next step for brexit will be decided hours from now. after being cleared of collusion donald trump in grand rapids, here is a live look at the michigan, doing what he does british parliament. the head of a critical vote on best, rallying his base. the day the uk was supposed to leave the european union. >> america is now the hottest prime minister teresa may face economy anywhere on the planet an uphill battle against part of her deal. earth. there is nobody close. jillian: the president demanding if it passes brexit will now be delayed until may 22nd. a end to resistance on if it fails, the uk has until immigration along with slamming the left on obamacare. >> reporter: the president covering a lot. april 12th to ask for another extension. nobody can agree on a deal and if nothing happens, no deal. when it came to immigration he did not mince words vowing to close the border unless mexico jillian: a new report overnight stopped new caravans heading this way right now. in the ethiopian airlines crashes 737 max flight control the president also hit fraudulent asylum applicant saying liberal lawyers out there are coaching them in a, quote, feature automatically activated before the plane nosedive to the ground killing 157 people.
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the wall street journal reporting the stop prevention feature misfired. officials believe the same thing big fat con job the claims they are afraid for their lives. happened in the lion air crash he made sure to create border in indonesia last year which patrol agents as they hit a breaking point this week with killed 189 people. record-breaking numbers of migrants in custody. updating the software, the >> 76,000 people many of which findings face the first lawsuit are people. in the ethiopian airlines case for the family of a man killed i'm being nice. in the crash. they will criticize me if i'm not. how their he say that? the midwest bracing for more rain as the heavily flooded region is forced to put recovery we have people that have criminal records. we have a lot of people. efforts on hold. we have a lot of problems. we apprehend them. catastrophic flood waters swept we capture them. do you know how tough do that through the heartland washing job is for border patrol? >> reporter: at the first push away homes and livestock. to end obama care saying it is too expensive and promising republicans will have a better farmers and ranchers face $880 alternative if the supreme court billion in losses. the devastation may soon be rules the affordable care act is unconstitutional. dealt across the country >> we eliminated the individual affecting shipment of ethanol and a crisis at the pump. mandate. the most unpopular part. >> opening-day major league we will hopefully in court, in baseball giving up 7 runs in texas we won the case, now it
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has to be appealed and we will go to the united states supreme court. three innings as the red sox dominated the mariners 12-4. >> reporter: republicans maintain trump has a good chance of winning michigan again in 2020 although changing demographics could present head wents in that state. 0-3, two strikeout debuts, the phillies beat the braves. jillian: rand paul blocking a >> dodgers smash opening-day measure to make the mueller report public, the house passed it earlier this month but the record eight home runs, and senator wants a resolution to release communication from top obama officials including john rangers. scraps 3 hits including brennan, james comey and james a home run. clapper about how the russia probe started. ♪ baby shark, the come on, a >> we also need to know was there malfeasance? was there misuse of government power? did president obama's administration get involved in an election to actually try to manipulate and infiltrate the piece of work. trump campaign to entrap them? jillian: the mueller report is the cubs -- are you living under 300 pages long.
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a rock? baby shark. attorney general william barr says it will be released within weeks. 11 minutes after the hour. rob: a new poll revealing the majority of americans are should adam schiff resign? after two years of pushing from backing the mueller report and russia collusion with no its findings of no collusion, evidence. >> clear evidence on the issue 64% accept the special counsel's conclusion, 36% of people reject of collusion in the active body of evidence, there is, of bob mueller's conclusion. collusion. this according to harvard paris poll that was released to the hill. >> andy biggs is telling schiff to step down from the intel committee. he joins us live next. jillian: donald from doubling rob: no crosses in the down on calls for congressman adam schiff to resign. classroom. an atheist group forcing this as things get heated when teachers to give up their faith in school. republicans on the house intelligence committee accused the chairman of misleading the american people amid the mueller probe. ♪ in my religion rob: doug luzader with a fire ♪ trying to keep up exchange making good tv. ♪ and i don't know ♪ and vaporize it. ahhhhh! >> under fire from every republican around here including shhhhh! nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the president who specifically went after shift. the vaporizing nighttime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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we don't really know, there could still have been some russia -- sick, sick. jillian: you heard it, donald trump unveiling his new nickname for congressman adam schiff who is facing pressure to resign as chair of the house intel committee claiming he had evidence of collusion. rob: our next guest is one of the people urging schiff to step down. joining us is congressman andy biggs. you think he should step down, tell us why and what you think he should do and if you think he will. >> he should step down because even before this president was inaugurated, before there was evidence or even hearings on the intelligence committee at the time was ranking a member, he was saying there was hard direct evidence of collusion with russia with trump and his associates on the trump campaign. he said it repeatedly throughout
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but the way he did it, he intimated as a member of the intelligence committee that somehow he had extra knowledge. when you do that, not only are you misleading the american people but you are also intimating that you are abusing your authority and privilege to sit on the intelligence committee because they get special knowledge because this is a counterintelligence investigation. rob: he's not here to defend himself but they asked him about it and he said donald trump meeting, proof of some kind of meeting of the president asking russia to hack hillary clinton's server, that is what he said is the proof. donald trump,
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andrew wiseman, 19 fbi agents, 40 fbi agents and 14 prosecutors and said that there was no coordination and no collusion and no conspiracy. adam schiff is saying there was. the meeting has been refuted as not having anything to do with hacking into the election. donald trump talking about that, it is a casual offhand remark in a political campaign, nothing to do with coordinating russia's attempt to interfere with the election and that is what the mueller findings indicate to us but mister schiff is out there trying to say this is collusion and the reality is he brings the special committee into disrepute and that is where my colleagues and i have a problem with continuing on. he will push this through and use his membership or chairmanship of the committee.
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>> to play devils advocate, what if he is there to wait, to want to have someone step down from their post until this report comes out to the public? >> here is the problem with waiting. this committee, and mister barr in his summary is not doing anything other than quoting from the report so we know what was there but this committee made its own investigation and found there was no collusion or conspiracy or coordination and mister schiff is undermining that as well. rob: the situation with veterans in the country, this report, a lot of veterans in 25 states, trying to fix this, what are you doing?
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>> when the story broke several years ago, the phoenix va system is at the epicenter. there is a pilot program so the congressional delegation, maneuvering and facilitating veterans getting their services. and the lowest rated in the country. and the chairman of the committee, and the pilot program to say we had services better and efficiently delivered and start in phoenix which is the epicenter of this horrible problem. jillian: we appreciate your time. rob: i got back from scottsdale, what a place to be this time of year. >> it is incredible right now.
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rob: march madness as teams battle their way through 16. jillian: jared mack with serious xm 115 here with the first round of teams advancing to the elite eight. >> we had some things go not as expected because everything has gone is expected to this point. sweet 16 action number one before games 2 were won by the liver seated teams, the late game was not one of them. the oregon ducks seated 12 in
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the south scored up 7 with the first two rounds but the ducks luck ran out against ncaa title contender a number one seed virginia. the cavaliers allow 49 points last night. a close game at the end, organ looking to shock the world with 45-42 with a 3 point shot with 543 to play but oregon did not score again. under pressure you could say the ducks quack. they tie with 3, virginia, goes on to win 53-49, 32 wins for virginia and the final four for the first time in 35 years. anaheim last night the west region number 3 seed texas tech against number 2 michigan it was like watching your kids out there. midway through the first half, 24-6, rangers got a big game, 22 points, texas tech led by 25, michigan 0 for the first 18 in three point range, they made one in the final minute but texas tech advances to the elite eight
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second straight year 63-44. one year after gonzaga got knocked out by florida state, time for sweet 16 reverends, brandon clark with one of 5 blocks going 15 points, roger moore has 16 points, one for four, 14, josh perkins, gonzaga rebounded in the second chance points, shot under 40%. the second time in three years to beat texas tech. we saved the best for last was a wild one in louisville and tennessee, 18, tennessee even raced the entire deficit. they go back and forth on the scoreboard, tennessee with two. in the corner, carson edwards,
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perdue would have a shot and gets fouled here so he goes to three attempts and missed the first shot but makes the next two. they go to overtime and they continue 6 more points, the boys make it to the elite eight, tennessee last night and check this out. there was one man, picked tennessee as did i and that busted his way so it is a big win, the first 48, here are the games today, look at north carolina, michigan state, number 2, duke playing tonight, everyone will be watching. sweet 16 get to the elite eight. always exciting. jillian: 27 after the hour,
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lawmakers accusing navy seals murder and isis fighter ahead of his trial in may. what goes on in the fight to clear his name? congressman ralph moorman is one of those lawmakers who joined us next. rob: jussie smollett leaving behind the alleged take i oaks in chicago for an awards show. the actor being celebrated after all this. ♪ here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at rob: we start with a fox news alert. 50 isis fighter letting coalition airstrikes in syria, the raids targeting terrorists hiding in caves and bunkers underground. democratic forces announced a major victory over the isis caliphate. jillian: rand paul blocking a mission to make the mueller report public, he wents to see
2:25 am
communication from top obama officials how the russia probe started. rob: 16 parents accused in the massive college admission scandal expected in court in boston facing charges in the bribery scheme. felicity huffman and lori laughlin will appear in court next week. and we are going to go to the jussie smollett case. he decided to leave chicago yesterday. he headed to la to be celebrated at an awards show. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. the naacp image awards are tomorrow in la, jussie smollett nominated for best supporting actor for empire, but he declined a speaking role in front of the cameras yesterday when he touched down at lax. >> do you think the fbi will
2:26 am
come up? 16 hours of community service for the time wasted by the police department? >> reporter: this comes as ron emanuel says he wants jussie smollett to pay and he means actual money, $130,000, covering the cost of overtime, chicago cubs spent on the investigation. >> given he doesn't feel any sense of contrition or remorse my recommendation when he writes the check in the memo section he can put the word i am accountable for the hoax. >> reporter: we are learning more about cook county prosecutor kim fox's decision to recuse herself because of her connections saying she didn't actually mean it. her offices in part although use the term recuse as relates to state attorney fox's involvement in this matter it was a
2:27 am
colloquial use of the term rather than its legal sense, thus leading to a city that quite frankly is fed up. >> we are wasting energy focusing on him when we should be focusing on the children being killed in the city. >> how bad is it in chicago? >> it is horrible. someone got shot and killed two days ago. >> reporter: the public is fed up. the chicago police union plan to hold a public demonstration against kim fox in chicago monday. rob: that is an elected position, she will be up in 2020. what do you think? should the naacp be celebrating jussie smollett after all of this? send us your comments. we will share them later in the show. jillian: a growing group of lawmakers rallying to defend special operator demanding the
2:28 am
navy free him ahead of his war crimes trial, he's accused of killing an islamic state soldier in iraq in 2017. joining us to discuss this fight for freedom is congressman ralph norman. we appreciate it. this is a man who has spent his time serving our country for quite a long time. it took an armed isis fighter in combat who he allegedly killed. why did you want to get involved and what do you make of it? >> i heard congressman hunter on fox news. i didn't know anything about the case. another day went by and i heard sean gallagher, the brother of andy gallagher accused of killing isis terrorist and something wasn't right about the way they were treating a navy hero, navy seal. they got him in with pedophiles and rapists, the general population, sean gallagher,
2:29 am
talked with him and met with him several times as well as andrew, the wife of any gallagher. this man spent 20 years of his life, 15 of it as a seal, volunteered to serve this country overseas not once, not twice the three times, the least they can do is have him in confinement if need be, let him have treatment for proper legal defense team together. to go into see that, to excite the other prisoners, that's the way to treat another hero. no -- what message does it send others volunteering to defend this country? >> and eyewitnesses any gallagher did nothing wrong. he will be behind bars for nine
2:30 am
months before he gets his day in court. you can't look at this have guilty until proven innocent. this is something we will continue to follow once it starts following in may. in the meantime we want to get your take on another subject. donald trump is in grand rapids, michigan. listen to what he is saying. >> democrats want to pretend there is no border crisis for one simple reason. because they have caused the border crisis and you know whiles honestly? because they want votes. jillian: what you make of that? >> exactly right. that the only reason only possible reason the democrats could have. when you hear mark morgan with the obama administration get as passionate as anybody i have seen, to say not only is this a crisis but something we have got
2:31 am
to stop, to even have the argument is ludicrous. the president is exactly right. the first president not bowing down. he will get the walled build, democrats just ignore it and it is sad for those who lost children through the drug crisis, those who have been shot like kate steinle. it goes on and on. hopefully make it happen and get it done. i've been to the border and seen what they are facing and border agents are doing a tremendous job and we need to get the wall built so they have a point of entry to stop drugs and illegals coming in. heather: we heard from countless border patrol agents who say we need more help, we need a wall, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. rob: new study finds 40% of law
2:32 am
enforcement are skirting california sanctuary laws, they say politicians the better than law enforcement, claiming her position at the break.
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rob: it is a study showing police in the sanctuary state of california doing everything they can to cooperate with ice despite democratic leadership in that state telling them not to. politicians need to step aside and let police do what they do to protect the community. former california resident jen kearns. i'm sure you miss the sunshine but as a gop i expect a lot of these policies drive you crazy. >> my family still lives there, my family still lives there, it is a topic near and dear to my heart. amazing how the politicians
2:36 am
think they know how to do law enforcement better than law enforcement officials and you look at the sanctuary state to which jerry brown, the grandfather of this so to speak said this was a great experiment. what we know looking at the numbers a few years out is this is an experiment that has failed greatly. look at the statistics, there is a correlation if you look at fbi crime statistics between the rise of illegal immigration and the rise in violent crimes over the past few years. look at los angeles county alone, 95% of the arrest warrant issued in los angeles county are for illegal immigrants, not for the crime of being in the country illegally which is a crime in and of itself except if you ask a democrat, but for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder.
2:37 am
rob: 95% in la county? >> the center for immigration studies, and arrest warrant in los angeles county are for illegal immigrants. look at other cities, one of the first sanctuary cities in california, san francisco has risen, now the number one city in america for property theft. you cannot leave a backpack or purse or laptop in a car without having your windows smashed. look at other cities, stockton was among the first, their crime rates have risen 50%, it is astonishing. >> republicans say they are pandering to the hispanic vote, a vote they know is critical. in orange county the once conservative bastian of southern california, moving to the left as well. the police department made a big move. explained that and what you think that means. >> this is baffling. i lived and worked in orange
2:38 am
county until recently, the reddest county in america. in early 2000s during the george w. bush administration. his predecessor who is the lady i know, a republican, actually face huge backlash for keeping the act are in the orange county jail system. rob: they are not allowing ice to house detainees. >> not only overcrowding of the jail but budget concerns, tending to the mental health of detainees rather than focusing on illegal immigration but it is like the broken window theory. you have one broken window on a corner and then you turn around and have 20 the next month. you are sending a signal in orange county that you can come to the oc, open for business in
2:39 am
terms of criminals and cities in the oc have a spike in crimes including irvine where the jail is coming including anaheim. a huge spike, assaults and robberies. >> they are not able to do it in orange county. if you live in the area that concerns you they are being detained somewhere else. we appreciate your time. over to you. >> donald trump returned to the trail with a fiery rally in michigan as expected and we sent pete hegseth to have breakfast with voters live from grand rapids. a preview of what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> good morning. i was at the rally last night and most of the themes were not new but you got after the mueller report, he was unleashed and talking to the folks in the grand rapids and this morning at
2:40 am
the omelette shop on michigan street if you're in the grand rapids area, come on out, omelette shop, they have something called eggs and hash on the menu in addition to fantastic omelettes. we will talk to the folks, how do they feel about this president, what he has gone through, what happens next, the issues of the day on "fox and friends". we will put a microphone in front of their face, we don't know what they are going to say. it will be a big friday morning addition. i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping.
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rob: john carney, the electoral
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votes, the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. 12 other states and washington dc pass similar measures, total of 184 electoral votes. the measure needs 270. jillian: history will have to wait. a male astronaut will replace one of the women in an all-female spacewalk. astronauts and mclean and christina koch rescheduled for the mission but they didn't have enough spacesuits to fit them. mclean says the decision was made at her recommendation. new york magazine has a bone to pick, in the religious belief. rob: not getting sick and sandwiches from hatemongers. what do chick-fil-a customers think of this? carly shimkus finding out and she joins us now. >> sickle he was banned from an airport in texas, to a college in new jersey, christian faith and controversial news on gay
2:45 am
marriage. i headed down the street to chick-fil-a near the office to see how customers feel about the chicken chain. watch. magazine said chick-fil-a is supporting hatemongers. do you agree with that? >> know. >> i'm all about gay rights. you should have the right -- i don't think it would be enough to prevent me going into a chick-fil-a. i like their food. >> i'm for traditional marriage so i have to back chick-fil-a. jillian: when you consider boycotting chick-fil-a? >> yes. under the right circumstances. >> reporter: how do you feel about a local government banning a restaurant that some of the residents may want to go to. >> you have to -- multiple countries like everything.
2:46 am
not just corporations everywhere. >> i have a problem with banning them. if they are a corporation they do things i don't agree with politically should they be banned? i don't think so. >> do you think about politics or social issues when you walk into chick-fil-a? >> i personally don't. >> politics is around everything was why can't people forget the politics, enjoy their food, enjoy entertainment. >> i don't think about the politics of it. jillian: how do you feel about them being closed sundays? >> i go to church on sundays. jillian: according to mississippi state law you only fry if i put you on television. cheers. jillian: that's not technically a lot. got to brush up. a man on the street, i was a press with everybody's answers, everybody has an opinion and the
2:47 am
majority of people said let me decide where i can or cannot eat, nobody else should make the decision for me especially not the government. jussie smollett leaving the windy city for the city of angels where he is up for a big award tomorrow. rob: should he be celebrated after this alleged hate crime hoax. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. . .
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>> good morning and welcome back. remove religious displays after a complaint. freedom from religion foundation claims a mississippi had unconstitutional symbols like crosses and images featuring bible excerpts. while i do understanding separation of state and church i also feel i should be allowed to be a christian. rob: call it the fall of an empire ratings for the show hit all-time low after charges were dropped on jussie smollett. 4 million people and on wednesday night compare that to 6 million viewers that the show had back in the fall. smollett is back in l.a. for the naacp image awards. he is nominated for best supporting actor at tomorrow's ceremony. weave asked do you think he should be honored? william on instagram writes not at all that is untimely. up to the naacp and no one else though. even this democrat agrees he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
2:52 am
jillian: if you are just joining us you, you milled this gem at the starter of the show. watch this. you live under a rock my man? rob: what is a baby shark? jillian: baby shark da'da da. rob: all right. weaver going to get back to the news now. jillian: he is not kidding. he has no idea. still has no idea what baby shark is. rob: i can't believe we are putting this back on tv again. jillian: let's take a look ♪ ♪ do do do ♪ baby shark do do do do do do ♪ baby shark ♪ mommy shark do do do do do. jillian: look at the face ♪ mommy shark do do do do do do. rob: what on earth ♪ daddy shark do do do do do. rob: like something i have to find in my nightmares. jillian: obviously viewers had a one day.
2:53 am
never under stand the draw of annoying repetitive songs. rob: thank you, joe. have a good day. >> grand rapids, it's great to be back. this has been an incredible couple of weeks. >> president trump taking a victory lap at his first rally since the mueller probe concluded. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> we need to finish exactly what we came here to do. drain the swamp. >> it's now up to nancy pelosi to remove chairman schiff. >> you might think it's okay that the president himself called on russia. i think it's corrupt. >> this whole thing is a manufactured coup. they are continuing to try and they are continuing it. >> no sides backing down in the jussie smollett saga as president trump now says the fbi and department of justice will review the
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