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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 29, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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do. the top prosecutor never rob: like something i have to find in my nightmares. fully recused herself. brian: todd piro in chicago to find out the latest in jillian: obviously viewers had a one day. twist and turns in this never under stand the draw case, todd? of annoying repetitive todd: hey, guys, good morning to all of you. emanuel is fed up and wants smollett to pay up. songs. rob: thank you, joe. have a good day. $130,000 figure is to cover >> grand rapids, it's great the amount of overtime the chicago police have used in to be back. this investigation. this has been an incredible couple of weeks. >> given that he doesn't >> president trump taking a victory lap at his first feel any sense of contrition rally since the mueller and remorse, my probe concluded. recommendation is when he writes the check in the memo >> the collusion delusion is seconds he can put the word over. i'm accountable for the >> we need to finish exactly hoax. what we came here to do. >> and we are also learning drain the swamp. more about cook county >> it's now up to nancy prosecutor kim foxx's pelosi to remove chairman decision to recuse herself schiff. >> you might think it's okay because of her connection to the case saying she didn't that the president himself actually mean it. called on russia. in a statement her office i think it's corrupt. says in part although we use >> this whole thing is a the term recuse as it manufactured coup. relates to state's attorney they are continuing to try and they are continuing it. >> no sides backing down in foxx involvement it was a the jussie smollett saga as colloquial term rather than president trump now says the in legal sense. fbi and department of despite the attempted justice will review the case. explanation, people we spoke
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>> the president has awarded to said enough is enough. the medal of honor to staff >> you can't recuse yourself sergeant travis w. atkins. >> he laid down his life to for one case and then you save the least of his fellow know, go hard after another warriors. celebrity case. >> tim beckham got him you know, you have to be unbiased. again. your job is not to hold any >> we are one united group. time of favoritism because you have a personal relationship or you have one united people. spoken with someone's parents. and one united states of america. ♪ i'm going to get down todd: look, guys, the mainstream media really ♪ rocking in your party town wants this to be about race. we spoke to a lot of people yesterday of all races, all genders, it didn't matter. ♪ there was two common themes. one, they are sick and tired steve: it's the last friday of a system that rewards in march. welcome aboard, folks. wealth and is not equal. we have a busy, busy three and, two, they just want this to be over to the city hours. ainsley: it starts right of chicago can get back to now. happy friday to you at home. business. guys, back to you. brian: this doesn't happen steve: todd, thank you very often when you have the much. jussie smollett could win an opening music and so widely accepted very rarely can we naacp image award this weekend. he has been nominated for virtually guarantee the artist is watching. outstanding supporting actor i bet you john rich is in a drama series which is actually watching as we bump in on his music. empire. brian: right. i wonder if he will get ainsley: do you think he is up this early? annual award latest drama brian: i bet he is. played out in real life
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steve: no. brian: he is not a typical reality show category. musician he is a businessman 21 minutes before the top of as well as a musician. the hour. jillian, you have the latest on something else. jillian: yes, dime on something else. steve: he has all our phone get you caught up following numbers let's see if he this story. a model who has appeared in calls us in the 8:00 hour. playboy is charged with murdering a child ainsley: last knight the president was in grand psychiatrist. police say dr. thomas rapids, michigan and talking about how hillary didn't come here. buchard's body was found you getting your phone, beaten in the back of a car brian? in las vegas. brian: i'm going to make she is being held without sure. ainsley: this has been bail awaiting extradition. police have not said if the incredible couple of weeks for america and then he two knew each other or what said. led to turner as a suspect. this. lots to come in that. we've keel you posted. texas attorney general ken >> roaring. paxton is launching an the isis caliphate is investigation into whether defeated 100 percent. san antonio violated the first amendment by banning [cheers] chick-fil-a from its airport. city council blocked the and after three years of chain citing donations to groups deemed anti-lbgtq. lies and smears and slander, paxton is reaching out to federal officials to see if the russia hoax is finally the city's decision dead. disqualifies it from federal the collusion delusion is grants. over. take a look at this. [cheers] incredible video as powerful the russia witch-hunt was a winds wisconsin a man on an
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umbrella stand 13 feet into plan by those who lost the the air. election to try and the market worker in turkey illegally regain power. jumped off moments before this group of major losers the umbrella hit a pole and dropped to the ground, a did not just ruthlessly near tornadoes causing the intense wind gusts, no one attack me, my family and was hurt, thankfully. this might be my favorite everyone who questioned story of the day. their lies, they tried to a mom frustrated with doing all the work gets back at divide our country. her husband by sending him to the grocery store with a they are getting very interesting shopping list. items include 3% milk. mouth-to-mouth resuscitatio resuscitation. unsour cream. little pencil neck adam diet diet coke and/or began schiff, the democrats have to now decide whether they nic pop tarts. off he went and she turned off her phone. will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous people online loving it. [bleep] the russia hoax her facebook post says 53,000 shares. no word othough on what the proves more than ever that husband came home with. we need to finish exactly ainsley: i think she got his what we came here to do. attention. that is so funny. steve: he would show it to a drain the watch. clerk or stock boy and say with where is the 3% milk. [cheers] ainsley: have you mental at steve: so much there. home watching this. where do you want to start. what's wrong with that list?
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we're going to talk about there is no 3% milk? little pencil neck. that is the nickname that he brian: she is diabolical. has dubbed adam schiff with. he also used a bit of ainsley: no organic pop tarts. profanity and the crowd went jillian: my story have you while. no reaction to none. there were thousands there. he did make it very clear the michigan victory, he ainsley: he is probably said, in 2020 will be much praising 3% milk. easier than the way he won steve: i'm going to have a diet diet coke after this. michigan last time which was straight ahead on the really, really close. he also said the green new program. border crisis or white deal bad for michigan car nationalism. with thousands flooding our makers. he said his focus would southern border continue to be on cars. representative ilhan omar he is going to protect blue collar jobs. calls the situation an example of white and penalize companies that nationalism. leave the united states. what else that about? a democrat congressman is brian: he also points out yesterday and it's got to be going to respond coming up something. next. if you are one of the 15, ainsley: huge changes coming to disney. what will soon be banned 16, 17 candidates running against him. from all parks. you felt like you had the floor for a while. if you took some time and steve: diet, diet coke? watched last night 7:30 ainsley: if you are a mom or eastern time roughly and saw dad you have to listen to the size of that crowd and that story ♪ having a good time they showed you the crowd ♪ yeah, i've been working for a change. and they even showed you the people on the outside for a all change. so you just didn't see the great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. podium. you have to say to yourself, wait, it might not be so so simple, so good.
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easy to reclaim that blue get the recipes at wall. if you talk to brad par parscale not only will they get it smashed they have a shot at new mexico, retain arizona and go grab nevada. what democrats are pointing to is wha what it is to come. that in a few weeks they will get 300 pages and they're going to try to get the momentum back on the russian probe. but i believe that ship has sailed and the president should just keep looking forward. ainsley: there was so much momentum there yesterday. you could tell that he did feel like he was walking out of these last few weeks as a winner. he was talking about the election and how if you looked at the map there was so much red on the map and how the liberal media couldn't understand it and they were so upset about it going to give $300 million to restore the great lakes. people in that area loved it they have been wanting that for 30 years. he talked about the economy. something i thought was really important the way he i switched to geico and saved hundreds. talked about the 401(k)s. because we are all doing our taxes now. i printed out my 401(k) to see what was going on. that's a win.
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and he said when you look at but it's not the only reason i switched. your 401(k). >> he said the economy is geico's a company i can trust, doing so well. you wanting to see it with over 75 years of great savings and service. deflate. you want to see your 401 ♪ deflate put a good is list socit now that's a win-win. in office. brian: start declassifying switch to geico. everything. he was told by his lawyers it's a win-win. if you declassify too early they might make this into an obstruction charge. let mueller wrap up. well, it has. rush limbaugh hopped on with bret baier last night and urged the president to take action now. >> do you know what i wish he would too declassify everything to do with fisa and everything to do with this investigation. fisa judges on this phony opposition research document called a dossier was used four times. there is not a shred of evidence in it. none of it has been switch to geico. corroborated and they used ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. it to get warrants to spy on the opposing presidential campaign four different the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. times. and there's never been any
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♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 evidence of collusion. this is a huge hoax that has ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy been perpetrated that makes every other hoax in our with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. lifetime pale in comparison. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... steve: total exoneration, ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours complete convinced that's thvindication.the president waso of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition do it in november. he was urged not to do it at or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. the suggestion of political leaders and also his trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, lawyers. now it sounds like they are about to do it. and osteoporosis. they have got all sorts of call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, inner party and intraparty mouth or tongue swelling,.. and cross party squabbles ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. going on right now. at the first intel hearing think your copd medicine is doing enough? on the house side since maybe you should think again. mr. mueller's investigation ask your doctor about once-daily was handed over to the department of justice, where trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. william barr has summarized ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 it, was the first meeting and it was so contentious. save at it started out adam schiff gaveled things to order and pretty much the first order of business was the republicans called on him to quit. because he has been spreading lies, essentially all. brian: all right the mueller
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what they said. report said no collusion. and take a look at the house house intelligence chair adam schiff is doubling, intel committee members who signed a letter asking him tripling down on these to quit. claims as calls mount for it is as you can see 1, 2, him to resign from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of them in all said he should republicans. >> you might think it's okay that the president himself called on russia to hack his go. ainsley: they wrote this opponent's emails if they letter. we have it in front of us. were listening. i don't think he was i don't think that's okay. expecting it in all the i think it's immoral. articles i read. i think it's unethical, i brian: word is he was tipped think it's unpatriotic. off. steve: the president and, yes, i think it's tweeted. ainsley: he was pretty emotional. some of the articles i read corrupt. and evidence of collusion. said he didn't know this was coming. the president did tweet brian: so nine or ten yesterday morning saying he republicans on that should resign. committee. final republicans on that steve: he knew something was committee said hey, have you coming. got to resign. ainsley: they went after him and went step-by-step why he here to weigh in is should resign. democratic congressman ro khanna of california. they shed have you abused your position to knowingly looks awake for a guy who should be tired because it's 3:00 in the morning. false information. >> i'm impressed the place steve: if you missed it back is buzzing around here. brian: it never stops now. and forth. >> your reaction to what the kevin mccarthy the republicans did yesterday. >> adam schiff shouldn't minority leader compared resign. look, we have a separation schiff to joseph mccarthy of powers. who fueled fears that that's part of the constitution. you have strong oversight the president who can stand communist spies had
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infiltrated the government. republican from ohio michael up to xi jinping can take turner referred to with congress' oversight and a mccarthyism to chasing press. let's figure out things we after russian communists now can come together on. we know the russians we have schiff chasing after interfered. russia collusion u let me put aside president trump. i was talking to kevin set it up. mccarthy how do we prevent and then at one point when further interference? they were talking about that it got so contentious brian: you should chair that committee. that's where we should be mr. schiff just kept wanting heading now. do you understand the to keep going. frustration where the mr. turner felt he was owed summary comes out, no one some time on the floor. questions its authenticity >> compromise and that is and achaccuracy access to the subject of our hearing today. >will the gentleman yield. intelligence everyone on the committee has the same >> i will not yield. access feels is inaccurate? mr. ambassador. >> look. i mean, we do need to see yild you just made about all the full report. support of it is all of us that i think we all speculation before the should get to respond. >> to i will not yield. report. here's my view. do we want other countries >> we think you ought to to interfere? our tech plat forms are allow to us. >> you can use your five still vulnerable to social minutes to speak. media manipulation, to you attacked me in your hacking. opening statement. >> i have not had an why not look for some common opportunity to respond at ground in this country to all especially to your disaments. say american election [gavel] >> no one over here thinks shouldn't be interfered that no one over here. with. brian: other major issue you cannot speak for us. that i feel maybe you do, you do not speak for us. >> mr. attorney, you are not too. especially california what is happening at our border from sea to shining sea. recognized. ambassador fall you are they seem to be overwhelmed. and you are seeing officials
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make the announcements now. recognized. brian: he thought it was funny. when he cut his mike. 13,000 going through the el paso sector. the mike stopped working. they had to let 2,000 out he laughed and they started over the weekend. there is no place to house them. when these pictures started with mike mcfaul. the former ambassador of emerging, this tweet came out and i wanted to get your russia under president obama response to it from was sitting there the whole time. this was supposed to be congressman ilhan omar first this one and then i want to about russia what they have get congressman omar kind of done in the future and what surprised me with her they have done in the past. response. the republicans have had it. this is el paso right now they see the same where hundred of migrant intelligence that schiff sees. and they see when someone families being held in the parking lot of a border patrol station because there politicizing something and is no room for them inside when they are not. or anywhere else. what drives devin nunez so, then this comes out. crazy is by the way they this is abhorrent and believe is he mischaracterizing the facts they all know to be and inhumane. it's without a doubt a reflection of the white using his top secret clearance to let everybody nationalism and what it is doing to our country as we know there is more there. as a country we have to acknowledge that this is how i don't know if he lives to people are being treated work another day effectively here and decide we are better and we must do 'if the 300 pages doesn't better. back up some of his argument they are trying to get here. they are not members of our and he was tipped off country. do you think do you think yesterday according to she is -- do you back her republican congressman and thought on that picture? you could sigh he was >> i disagree with that reading from notes in his look, i grew up in buck's retort. they wanted to catch him by surprise. county, pennsylvania. it was relengthless, kevin i'm the son of immigrants. i believe fundamentally this mccarthy went at him annual is a good, decent kind hour later and the president
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went at him four house later country. we should speak out for rights and human rights and on stage. that's a quick look at treat people regardless of how they come here with what's happening with that, american values. with adam schiff. and i have spoken about i'm very curious to see having more humane treatment because now the big push is at the border and respecting rights. but i think that this to william barr, how dare country is one of the most you mischaracterize within open countries in the world. the 300 pages as if they brian: congressman, i agree with you personally and know. but jerry nadler did call can't put hiltons down william barr. there. there has to be some control they said they had at the border. substantial conversation but i wish had you that did not indicate how that bipartisan -- bring that went. ainsley: all right. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. bipartisan downtown to jillian: good morning. let's start with this. washington. what about the use the term a new report in the ethiopian airlines crash white nationalism? do you think white shows a 737 max flight nationalism is appropriate. >> i don't. control feature look, do i think that there automatically activated is some small segment of the before the plane nose dived population that believes in killing 157 people. that? the "wall street journal" reporting the anti--stall sure. but i don't think this country at its core. feature misfired. we are the most open nation officials suspect the same thing happened in the lion in the world to people of all different background and air crash in indonesia last all different faiths. we should celebrate. year which killed 189 that makes america people. police in illinois are exceptional. brian: last thing on your mourning the loss of a state party dddc any candidate trooper killed in the duty. brook jones fatally hit congressman or woman on the democratic side is going to
3:12 am
while inspecting a truck on the highway. be expunged from party when a semi veered off the road and slammed into her. persona non grata. you are upset about that. a 12 year veteran of the force leaves behind a >> i do. husband, two stepchildren. what so much hate about a citation has been issued washington. think about it this way. to the driver of the truck. coke said if you do business president trump vowing to with coke as a vendor then keep federal funding for you can't do business with any of their competitors. it's a total violation. we should have open competition. people shouldn't try to special olympics. protect incumbents whether >> i have been to the special olympics. you are a democrat or i have overridden my people republican whether challenge is from your left or right. we are funding the special people hate career olympics. politicians. it's one of the reasons i >> betsy devos took heat for support term limits and believe that folks need new promising an 18-million-dollar cut. devos says her and the voices and open competition president, quote, see eye to in this country. eye. the organization, which brian: aoc wanted to challenge those who wouldn't receives around $100 million go along with the liberal in private donations praising the president's agenda and this is the blow decision. back on that. oh how sweet 16 it is. congressman ro khanna great virginia survives a scare to see you. from oregon and march madness, winning a low >> thank you. scoring battle. really low scoring. brian: tourist attractions becoming a death trap. disturbing story straight 53-49. ahead. michigan stood no chance as already dreaming can of your summer vacation? stick around. texas tech rattles 63-44. we have luggage for 82% off. gonzaga takes care of that and mega morning deals
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business cruising to 72-58 next. ♪ i let it go win over florida state. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ i just can't hide it and purdue forces overtime thriller against tennessee in the final seconds. ♪ i'm about to lose control -i call it my comfortable future plan. oh my goodness. big free throw. >> that was a foul and he made two of his three there. purdue wins a nail biter 99-94. -it's our confident forever plan. steve: that's why college basketball is so great. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. anybody can win. all right. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. thank you very much. all right. straight ahead, jussie ♪ smollett said his attackers -find your certified financial planner™ professional were white. turns out they were those at nigerian brothers it is said. how does his lawyer explain -find your certified financial planner™ professional that? well, roll the tape. leave no man behind. >> one of the first videos or child. that showed up actually was or other child. one of the brothers in white or their new friend. face doing a joker monologue with white makeup on. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. it's not eu78 plausible. steve: white face. the president of the chicago police union will react to or a horse.
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3:18 am
african-american brothers. listen. >> he did tell police that and prevents identity theft. they are also really he -- from what he saw, he cute-looking. you can protect your thought it was pale skin or information. can you have a little spot white or pale skin was what here. i think he said. ainsley: sometimes going to took me all of five minutes the gym you don't want to take your pocketbook. to google. i was looking up the >> it's only $18. brothers and one of the first videos that showed up 64% off. was one of the brothers in normally they go for 49.95. white face doing a joke mega morning deals. monologue when with white say you are going to the gym and big protein drinker. makeup on so it's not implausible. protein drink drinker or see ainsley: here to react is the fraternal order of that commercial for the beet police chicago lodge 7. thank you so much for being drink everybody is drinking. with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. holds your powder and keeps your drink dry. did you buy that, kevin? put the top on, press the is that possible? >> you know, it is my button as you see here. mix it on the go. understanding that the video it's portable. and then you have the flip clip from a private camera top. take it to the gym and take it to the office. it's typically 99 bucks that the detectives retail. retrieved have the brothers $35. walk away and mr. smollett >> kids would love. this 65% off. it's generally just a cool identified them as the offenders. fun toy. >> tell us about the so, now he is, i guess, luggage. >> you get a set of three today. it's got the carry-on the changing the tune or his mid size or the big one or you can just get the carry
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lawyers changing the tune on. what i love about the carry on is it has this extra giving somewhat of an pocket. you can see it right here implausible explanation as for your grabbing easy access for your book or to how -- what they were dressed or how they ipad on the plane. 49 bucks for just the carry appeared. you know, this whole case on. for the whole set of three. just takes another strange 125 bucks. turn every time you take a huge deal. comes in all different look at it. colors. i was at the airport this week with the worse wheelie. i have got to get one of it. ainsle evidence these. sounded like a freight train with mine. was in the case and it is steve: if you like more information go to certainly clear that he had for the mega morning deals. thank you very much, meghan. self-inflicted wounds. >> i will be back. that particular night, it steve: so will steve scalise right here on "fox & was 25 below zero here in friends." chicago. they're our parents... nobody was walking out. around. i closed my office because i felt it was too dangerous for my employees to come in that day. so, but he is walking around by himself in downtown chicago and nobody else is there and this happens. your viewers are smarter than that. ainsley: what did you make of ki kim foxx.
3:20 am
the state's attorney saying she didn't formally recuse neighbors... loved ones. herself? >> i'm almost at a loss for living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, words at this point with the mental health conditions and hiv. state's attorney. i have never seen anything like this happen. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, i have been a police officer for more than 30 years. most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. certainly, what needed to happen was this needed to go are medicare cuts that save less than one percent to trial. and if mr. smollett wanted to plead his innocence, he worth the risk to millions of patients? certainly would have been able to do so and he could any president trump promised to protect medicare... explanation he wanted to do. we need him to keep his word. but he chose not to. and then, which i have never seen before, outside of where you're protecting juveniles, the case was sealed and nobody gets to take a look at what's going on? ainsley: the record totally expunged. >> yeah. our detectives work their butts off to make sure. ainsley: we appreciate everything you do conservative. thank you for your service. >> okay, thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up, paying tribute to
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♪ >> grand rapids, it's great to be back. this has been an incredible couple of weeks. brian: president trump fired up the crowds in grand rapids last night. >> the collusion delusion is over. we need to finish exactly what we came here to do: drain the swamp. >> speaker of the house criticized attorney
3:23 am
general's four-page summary of the mueller report. >> show us the report. it was condescending. it was arrogant. >> this is a huge hoax that has been perpetrated that makes every other hoax in our lifetime pale in comparison. >backing down. president trump says the fbi and the department of justice will review the case. >> vowing to close the border unless mexico stops new caravans heading this way. >> mexico could stop them so easy. if they don't, it's going to cost them a hell of a lot of money. >money. >> tim beckham got him again. >> we are one united group. one united people and one united states of america. ♪ like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ baby i like it ♪ come on give me some more. the biggest week in television is almost here. xfinity watchathon week. starting april 8th, enjoy free access ainsley: i like that it's friday. i'm sure you do, too. to the best shows and movies from hbo, showtime, epix and more. march 29th. march is over, guys. what! steve: i know it. and here comes april.
3:24 am
whether it's more jaw droppers, thanks very much for joining us. standing o's upon standing o's we have got a busy three hour show. or tv's biggest show stoppers. one hour down. two to go. let's start in michigan get more into what you're into. where last night the president a little behind get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. schedule when he landed at gerald r. ford international xfinity watchathon week. airport. ainsley: good job. how did you know that? free starting april 8th. steve: because i read stories. he was then -- he motor motorcad boop! over to the arena. as you can see a gigantic crowd inside. thousands inside. hundreds outside could not get in. brian: all right. glad you are up. ainsley: not a seat empty. the president said that. hope you are dressed. steve: he is right. here are the headlines. black press only that was a brian: thousands outside. get. this you actually saw the thousands outside. you saw the wide shot of the sign outside a meeting president's crowd. because he has been savannah, georgia. several white reporters were turned away. frustrated in the past as if one black candidate who it's 1961 and we don't -- attended calls the move have a black and white unfortunate. the organizers have not television. can we possibly see the returned fox news' request overflow crowd the answer is for comment. and donald trump jr. says a yes. run for office not off the ainsley: that's the crowd outside? brian: what brad parscale table. i never want to rule it out. has done rallies. gets their name and makes i definitely enjoy the them a part of the trump fight. i definitely like being out army in a way which no one there. i love being able to see, has ever done before. you know, the impact and the this has got to be intimidating, i believe, if
3:25 am
difference that it makes. they were giving sodium you know, on these people's lives that i get to see all over the country. pentothal to the 17 brian: what about mayor? democrats. they have to take back maybe wouldn't sleep until michigan if they want the noon and be more productive white house. than the one we have. when you see this president who has been hit every day the president's eldest son by 92% of the media stories. telling bloomberg radio he has a lot of time to think that has got to be about it. his father did not get into intimidating. ainsley: yeah. politics until, by the way listen to what the president said last night. the age of 68. he said this has been an incredible couple of weeks for america and then he said steve? this. steve: thanks, brian. president trump honoring a >> the economy is roaring. very special hero this week presenting the medal of honor to the family of the isis caliphate is fallen army staff sergeant travis atkins. atkins gave the ultimate defeated 100 percent. sacrifice in 2007 saving [cheers and applause] three members of his unit and after three years of from a suicide bomber in iraq. the president praising him lies and smears and slander. for his bravery at a the russia hoax is finally ceremony at the white house. >> today the name of staff dead. sergeant travis atkins will the collusion delusion is be etched alongside of the names of america's bravest over. [cheers and applause] the russia witch-hunt was a warriors and written forever plan by those who lost the into america's heart. election to try and steve: indeed.
3:26 am
the parents of staff sergeant travis atkins jack illegally regain power. this group of major losers did not just ruthlessly and he and elaine atkins join us attack me, my family and now. how are you. everyone who questioned >> good morning. steve: share the story of what happened to your son 12 their lies. they tried to divide our years ago. >> country they are getting [clearing throat] >> they were looking for a soldier who had been mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. little pencil neck adam kidnapped and while they were on their route, they schiff. the democrats have to now were alerted that there was decide whether defrauding the some suspicious iraqis and public with ridiculous bull when they approached the [bleep] [cheers] >> the russia hoax proves more than ever that we need village villag four guys, glassy to finish exactly what we came here to do. eyed, acting suspicious. drain the swamp. two of them took off, travis stopped the vehicle, got out [cheers and applause] steve: so last night was his and was going to apprehend victory lap. the first political rally he one of them and the guy had had since, essentially, the attorney general, started to get away but mr. barr came out and
3:27 am
highlighted what is in the mueller report. which is 300 pages in travis grabbed him. and then once he grabbed length. now, here's the thing. him. he realized that he had a democrats are now accusing the attorney general of suicide vest on him and he dropped him to the ground. covering -- covering up damaging information because and smothered the guy. he has not released the whole thing. but, unfortunately, the guy they are working behind the was able to detonate his scenes to do it and apparently as soon as congress sees it, that's vest killing both of them. when the white house will see it as well. steve: right. although i understand the he sacrificed himself so department of justice is also looking at the document that his men would live. to figure out if there is anything in there that would elaine, i know it was a terrible day in your be covered by executive family's history. privilege. but didn't you talk to him ainsley: right. they have to go through it. they need to go through it on the phone that day? and give out information that america should not see >> that morning, yes. >> what did he say? for national security reasons. and he read that report. >> he said he was going out within about, what, 24 hours on a mission. he released a summary of he always called us before what he saw in there and he went out on a mission. said you and i and everyone and it was at 2:30 a.m. in in america didn't have to wait weeks. he is being criticized for it. brian: by the way, the montana. headlines really are so negative on a positive story for the president they can't and he was very positive. handle this because 300 pages are coming out soon. he sounded very upbeat. here it is.
3:28 am
he apologized to me for the huffington post, the mueller report is hundreds being late with a mother's of pages long which raises questions how accurate could day present, which did come a four page summary be? never heard of summarizing. in the mail later that day mueller report exceeds 300 after we had received the pages, raising questions notice from the army that about 4 page summary. there had been an incident and mueller's report on and that he was killed. russia and trump is more than 300 pages long. we all knew that ahead of steve: right. i read that not only did he time. ainsley: brian, like you send a mother's day card said, the summary thing that you got but he also everyone is possibly sent a father's day card thankful we don't have to which was coming up after read 300 pages. we all will probably, you at home are not going to sit that. >> yes, he did. down and read 300 pages. steve: jack, what do you you want the summary. want people to know about your son? >> you know, he was an brian: i never red the monarch i got a good great. steve: i wouldn't say that on tv your tv could be watching. brian: we are not live are excellent soldier. he cared about his men. we. steve: still waiting on john rich to call. no, he hasn't called. look at headlines, that's and he was all infantry. pretty much -- headlines from the mainstream media pretty much exactly what the he wouldn't be anything else democrats are saying. other than infantry. watch this. >> no thank you mr. attorney steve: well, he loved the general. we do not need your
3:29 am
army and he paid the ultimate sacrifice so that interpretation. show us the report. and we can draw our own his men would live. jack and elaine thank you very much for joining us. conclusions. we don't need you i know it's been a tough interpreting for us. week for you down in our nation's capital. it's great that the it was condescending. president would salute your son who is an american hero. it was arrogant and it >> thank you very much. wasn't the right thing to >> thank you. do. so the sooner they can give steve: all right. us the information, the it is now 6:29 here in new sooner we can all make a york city. judgment about it. discriminatory and out of brian: looked at a four page step with texas. a brand new call to summary and said it was investigate one city because they banned chick-fil-a. condescending. 300 pages how do you define we're going to tell you why that ken starr 445. and that's coming up next. plus, president trump fired it all went out there and up the crowds in grand democrats said my goodness we can't do this again. rapids, michigan last night. so salacious. this morning, pete is having it's permanent record and a lot of stuff we still can't breakfast, as you can see right there with friends in explain to children. the 9/11 attacks they did a grand rapids. he is going to talk to them report there that was 567 about the rally and so much pages. more on this friday "fox & when they did the watergate recommendations it was 60 friends." ♪ get up, everybody, sing pages. so 300 pretty much is the ♪ we are family sweet spot. and i'm sure there is going to be some things negative ♪ on the president. we know about i ill timed and help keep you active and well-rested. meetings.
3:30 am
because hey, trump tower meeting. come back and say oh my tomorrow's coming up fast. goodness paul manafort had nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. connections work for 20 years that's why he has some personal problems, go ahead. but for the president, i would go full steam ahead. he has got his review. mueller never challenged his good friend william barr's assessment. move ahead. ainsley: rush agrees with you, listen. >> pelosi and the rest want us to believe that barr is lying about what's in this report that there is evidence of collusion in this report. if that's true, what must they think of barr? what must they -- where is mueller saying hey, wait a minute, barr is lying about this. i found collusion. i found obstruction. it's in my report, mueller isn't saying that swalwell and schiff are lying to the american people because they can't give it up. it is outrageous and some of these people need to be held accountable. i hope the president calls a special counsel to look into this because the american people deserve to know how they have been manipulated, they deserve to know what the democrat party and the
3:31 am
american left descending from the obama administration attempted to pull off here. and it better never ever happen again. steve: keep in mind, the mueller investigation was started to look into rickenbacker collusion and the mueller report, according to mr. barr was emphatic. there was -- while the russians tried to do something and reached out to the trump campaign, the trump campaign never bit. ifor another 150 years. the fire going nature's bounty. there was no collusion. ♪ ainsley: all right. well, we got news that there is another caravan that is to inspire confidence through style. forming down in el salvador ♪ this saturday. i'm working to make connections of a different kind. they will be heading to guatemala and the interior ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. secretary olga sanchez cordero says this is the ♪ mother of all caravans. to treat every car like i treat mine. steve: yeah. ♪ sounds like it could be 20,000 in all. at adp we're designing a better way to work, people coming from el salvador, honduras, so you can achieve what you're working for. guatemala. one activist though said the ♪ reports calling this the mother of all caravans is false. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, it's just disinformation being spread by the department of homeland security and kirstjen through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. nielsen to scare people. brian: listen, the caravans
3:32 am
all were true. he was 34% eastern european. they all got here and a lot of them got through. over the weekend 2,000 were so i went onto ancestry, let go. soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian over the last two days, monday and tuesday 13,000 were welled up in the rio was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. grande sector and now in el he looks a little bit like me, yes. paso. look at this. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. el paso now we're going to be letting thousands go as they are welling up in el get started for free at paso in order to go forward in our country. straight from the world's best plant scientists, the word is out that we comes miracle-gro performance organics. can't get together on a organic plant food and soil that finally work... policy let alone we don't even know the criminals for twice the bounty. percentage wise that are guaranteed. probably in that mix. maybe most of them are miracle-gro performance organics. probably great people. but they are just trying to bust through and now we have no place to put them and now they have to get through. and some people look at that picture and they see, believe it or not, racism. steve: let's take a look a "the washington post" reporter nic miroff tweeted this image out as you can see behind chain linked fence and barbed wire up at the top. this is el paso right now where hundreds of migrant families are being held in the parking lot of a border >> this group of major
3:33 am
patrol station because there losers did not just is no room for them inside or anywhere else. ruthlessly attack me, my and then there was another family and everyone who tweet. ainsley: ilhan omar reacts questioned their lies. to that says this is abhorrent and inhumane. they tried to divide our it's without a doubt a country. reflection of what white all of the current and nationalism is doing to our former officials who paid country. for, promoted and as a country, we have to acknowledge that this is how people are being treated perpetuated the single here and decide that we are greatest hoax in the history better and we must do of politics. they have to be accountable. better. brian: it's unbelievable to someone who would see our [cheers] border issue as white, [chanting lock them up] black, or brown. brian: i think it's going to congressman ro khanna joined be very interesting to see me a short time ago, a when that michael horowitz, democrat originally from pennsylvania now in california. we looked at this together. i wanted to get his take. the inspector general comes out with the report. >> i disagree with that the last one was explosive. he has been focusing on this look, i grew up in bucks one. i think it should be out county, pennsylvania. the son of immigrants. i believe this is soon. steve: mr. huber as well. given the nature of the fundamentally auto good, decent kind country. i do think we should speak scope which has got to be a out for rights and human secret. rights and treat people that's the way the donch operates it will be regardless of how they come interesting to see what he here with american values. is looking into. and i have spoken about ainsley: that was grand
3:34 am
rapids, michigan last night. having more humane treatment the president had a skip in at the border and respecting his step after the last few rights. but i think that this weeks that's where pete hegseth is the co-host of country is one of the most "fox & friends" on the open countries in the world. weekends having breakfast steve: okay. so he does not agree with with friends in grand rapids. what are they saying about the rally. her. ainsley: is he a democrat. >> good morning. they are cracking jokes. she is a democrat too. he disagrees with her. this crowd, is it fair to steve: we don't know whether say you all are in high or not the mother of all spirits this morning. [cheers] caravans is heading our way. do you know who is getting pete: that was unprompted. tired of the caravan? we are at the omelet shop here in grand rapids. mexico. in the past people along the if you are in the area, come way have been very on out. welcoming. about as strong as a 6:00 apparently now they have stopped granting visas. a.m. crowd we have ever had on "fox & friends." towns along the how many folks here went to well-traveled route t spend the rally last night? big group. how many did not get in? the night in some spots. i will tell you a ton of folks we talked to this and the officials there have morning said i wanted to get pledged to form police there i was waiting outside. containment belts where the i will tell you this. i was at the rally last feds and immigration night. there was not an empty seat officials are going to stop in the place. and i was late to the rally and ask people for their and the reason i knew where papers. in the past though, that has to go because i could hear not stopped a lot of people the roar of the crowd from heading north and they outside. i just followed the roar of have eventually gotten to el paso as you see. the crowd. [cheers and applause] >> who thinks post mueller ainsley: afraid our laws are report that the president going to change and catch will get reelected in 2020? and release is going to be no more. they want to get in when
3:35 am
they can. brian: a lot held in tijuana [cheers] i think there is a big -- so we can process them. not a lot of what the that's not happening on the president said last night rest of the border. was new. there was definitely a i feel bad for the men and renewed enthusiasm amongst women have to deal with this the crowd if they went at every day while congress him with the army of lawyers stares at each other and and millions of dollars and does nothing. they couldn't find collusion meanwhile 12 minutes after the hour. donald trump should not be then they are probably not going to beat him at the president. that's actually the answer blot box in 2020. on a middle school homework that's one man's opinion. talk to some folks there or assignment. the outrage coming your who tried to get in. direction. steve: i want to know where that school is. >> glen fonzie. and he has been lying about >> and ma'am. >> bobby fonzie. evidence of collusion. >> you tried to get. nancy pelosi says the only reasonable the president and in you were in line. republicans want adam schiff out is because they are some said you watched it at sports bar good move. tell me why you support this president? >> business growth. the economy, jobs. scared. >> he would go after a everything he has done since member, a chairman of a he has been this there has committee, a respected been positive for us. so, we support him that way. chairman of a committee in >> we seen it in our the congress. i think they are just scaredy cats. business. big business growth for us. >> ma'am, what about you? ainsley: scaredy cat. what does congressman steve what drives your support? >> i want the change in scalise think about that? he joins us live. politics when he says to drain the swamp and to do ♪ the wall. we have known people that have tried to get into the ♪ u.s. the right way and all 300 miles an hour, the things that they have done to get in.
3:36 am
and then people just come across our border without paying taxes and doing it the way they should. that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. pete: rule of law actually should matter. you know, neither of them, i think they are both learn more at retire your risk dot org. capitalists, no socialist here in this restaurant this billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? morning. ma'am, did you get to the rally last night? >> no, i did not. there's a therabreath for you. >> you did not but you therabreath fresh breath oral rinse tried? >> i tried. >> why do you support the instantly fights all types of bad breath president? >> because i think he is and works for 24 hours. so you can... honest and i think he is breathe easy. truly trying to do something there's therabreath at walmart. for the american people and for our country. pete: an honest politician. >> yep. pete: that's an oxymoron usually. >> i'm sorry about that. pete: last word. were you there last night? >> i was. pete: what did you make of it. >> i thought it was wonderful. the energy in the place was rocking. it was great. pete: the energy was rocking. not enough time, not enough microphones. a lot of great people. you will hear from them this morning. folks are fired up. the president here in grand rapids. we will be back in michigan few times before 2020.
3:37 am
stick with us on "fox & friends" here at the omelet shop on michigan avenue. brian: i saw you with back stage with the president what does your shirt say, pete? pete: it's capitalist. it's okay to be a capitalist? i don't think we are ever going to be a socialist country hopefully. ainsley: he said if a socialist goes in office expect your 401(k) to go in the "studio b." steve: pete, thank you very much. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says it's pay back time for jussie smollett. and has sen
3:38 am
3:39 am
♪ >> i'm so proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. so what is the president afraid of? is he afraid of the truth? that he would go after a member, a chairman of a committee, a respected chairman of a committee in the congress?
3:40 am
i think they are just scaredy-cats. steve: well, house speaker nancy pelosi rushing to adam schiff's defense while also taking a jab at house republicans who are calling for mr. schiff's resignation. here to react is house minority whip and republican congressman in the great state of louisiana steve scalise who apparently is one of the scaredy-cats. [laughter] >> good morning. good to be with you. not so much on that. i think a lot of pelosi's poodles out there running scared of the facts. they are still trying to chase down witch hunts. if that's what they want to be the party of constant harassment of the president. of his family. of allowing babies who are born to be killed when they are outside of the womb, that's what they have become. it's radical. steve: what do you make of the house intel committee republicans who called on adam schiff who is the chairman hey, have you deceived the american public long enough and there they are right there. you need to resign. >> it was powerful words and
3:41 am
frankly rooted in the fact for the last two years adam schiff has been going around saying he has more than circumstantial evidence of collusion. they have been hanging their hat on the mueller report. they were convinced there would be indictments and there would be all this evidence of collusion and there was none. in fact, he said there is going to be no new indictments and there was no collusion and they still won't get over it. they want to double down and, look, if he has some secret evidence that he is hiding from the prosecutors, this is lunancy. there was no collusion. get over that fact. nobody should have wanted it to happen anyway. but it didn't happen. and, yet, for two years they have been pedaling this lie. steve: now, the narrative has shifted into the attorney general is concealing damaging information, stuff that was -- that is in the mueller report. >> so when the mueller report comes out and it confirms that there was no collusion. and still says no indictments. are they going to then give it up? no. they will never admit they were wrong. they just move on and make some other baseless accusation.e are the people who
3:42 am
said if you like what you have you can keep it. steve: right. >> millions of people lost their good healthcare. they said there was collusion. more than strong evidence of collusion. there was no collusion. whatever they are going to say next, just consider the source. steve: your next piece of legislation on tuesday you are going to introduce the born alive act that would do, what? >> so, ann wagner from missouri filed this bill called the born alive act. what it does is gives full legal protections to babies born outside the womb. when i talk to people all around the country, the first thing they say is why do you need to do that it already exists, right? it doesn't. look at new york. new york celebrated the fact that if a baby is born alive they can still call it and call it abortion. in virginia, you saw the governor explaining barbarically how you can still kill a baby after its born outside the womb. steve, we are not even talking about the abortion debate anymore. this is murder. we need to protect innocent life. when the baby is born alive outside the womb, it should be fully protected, starting tuesday we will be collecting signatures on a
3:43 am
discharge petition to get this bill brought to the floor for a vote. steve: i think a majority of americans would support something like that. >> a majority of people who are pro-choice support this bill. they think this is beyond the abortion debate. you are murdering innocent life. let's protect those babies who are born outside the womb. steve: all right. steve scalise. >> great being with you. go tigers. steve: indeed. there you go. meanwhile, straight ahead. decorated navy seal eddy gallagher put in solitary confinement war crimes trial. lawmakers are working to get him out. this morning his brother and wife will join us live with the latest.
3:44 am
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this isn't just this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. jillian: good morning. back with headlines. we start with a fox news alert. just moments ago pope francis announcing sweeping new measures to fight sex abuse in the church. the new laws will require catholic officials to report
3:47 am
all allegations of sex crimes in vatican city to civil authorities. or face fines and possible jail time. it's the first time the v.a.t. has ever done this. it comes just over a month after the pope hosted an historic summit on the issue. a tragic story. a tourist taking pictures at the grand canyon falls to his death. authorities say a man from hong kong stumbled over the edge of the rim and fell 1,000 feet below. this is the second death at the grand canyon this week. on tuesday a body was found in a wooded area. the cause of death is unclear. the national park service is investigating. take a live look now inside the british parliament where lawmakers are debating ahead of a critical vote on brexit. today is the day the u.k. was originally supposed to leave the european union. prime minister theresa may facing an uphill battle to get part of her deal approved. if it passes, brexit will be delayed until may 22nd. if it fails, the u.k. has until april 12th to ask for another extension or leave with no deal.
3:48 am
brian? brian: what a mess. 25 minutes after the hour. congressman dan crenshaw is leading the fight to free decorated navy see edward gallagher from confinement ahead of upcoming war crimes trial in may. >> we're not adjudicating whether he is innocent or guilty. we don't know. what we do know is that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty. let's let him have his day in court. let's have an expedited process. right now he has been in solitary confinement for almost seven months. that's just not the way we treat people. brian: no, it isn't. since our interview even more lawmakers have joined the fight. i just got word it's now over 50 have signed congress men and women have signed a letter to the navy saying quote: to confine any service member for the duration of time regardless of the authority to do so sends a chilling message to those who fight for our freedoms. we are urging you to act quickly to reevaluate chief gallagher's confinement. joining us now with the latest is chief gallagher's
3:49 am
brother sean and wife andrea. welcome to both of you. could you describe the scene yesterday with congress men and women behind you, andrea, first, you. >> yeah. it was actually a really pivotal moment for us in the entire process. sean and i have been fighting tirelessly and certain points we just felt like we weren't getting anywhere and then we gained some amazing momentum, thank god, to congressman ralph norman, congressman duncan hunter and yesterday we were with them on the capitol. sharing the story of my husband, eddie gallagher. brian: so eight tours in iraq andyour brother. and is he in jail for what reason? roughly? without getting into too much detail for what reason. >> the absurdity of all of this, brian, and you know this well. eddie is in jail because he killed a member of the enemy. or allegedly killed a enemy on the battle field. details it's one of those things mountains of evidence
3:50 am
that andrea and i have known since the beginning that call into absolute question all of the accusations against eddie. so, yesterday, you know, we -- after talking to congressman over the past six to seven months. they listen to you. they dig into it. and they say, you know, this doesn't make sense. this is wrong and we need to stand up. we were very grateful to them. it's one of those things that's just a symbol. it's a step in the process where people are using common sense to look at this and saying this doesn't make sense. eddie it's treatment is abhorrent that someone who has fought for our country as bravely and as steadfastly as someone as him that is being treated like this and thrown in jail with sex offenders for nine months before he even has a chance to prove his innocence. it just doesn't make sense. brian: andrea, to paint this picture. and i know the president is aware of this. he is evaluatinn. your trial is coming up in may. it was supposed to be in february. while it's postponed what is life like for y >> yeah, i mean, this is
3:51 am
obscene. why? why was this necessary in the navy put my husband on the fourth most strict level of pre-trial confinement. and our legal team has filed a motion as of yesterday indicating that the stance that the prosecution took, which they have slandered my husband. they have slandered my family. we have evidence now saying none of the validation for him getting put in pre-trial is substantial. and so that in and of itself is horrific. the fact that my children have barely seen my husband. we have to go behind bars to visit a man who is a decorated war hero. my children are just beside themselves. we have let him go eight times to serve this country and now this, brian, will be the longest time we have ever had to be away from him. nine months, potentially. brian: sean, he has got to be able to meet with his counsel on a regular basis. he cannot. he can't see his family on a
3:52 am
regular basis. how do you prepare for a trial that will decide your life if you are forced to go over these hurdles? >> we couldn't each agree more. this is what i said yesterday. let it sink in that it took 50 members of congress, brian, 50 to ensure that eddie has his basic constitutional rights and those of human decency. a man who served his country for 20 years, 8 combat tours. three medals for valor, four for good conduct the accolades are ridiculous. what we're asking for to get to see family my nephew his son doesn't have to dress in a robe when he goes and sees him and visits him in prison. what they are trying to do is break him being, brian. they have been trying to do that from the beginning. they don't realize is he a warrior on the battlefield and here at home and they're not going to do it. brian: two fighters on the outside making sure he gets out soon and hopefully one in the white house. sean and andrea, thanks so much. we have your back and i look forward to having eddie on the show soon. >> we really appreciate it thank you, brian. >> thank you so much.
3:53 am
brian: meanwhile. thank you. navy spokesperson by the way declined to comment citing ongoing legal proceedings. no kidding. straight ahead, new trouble for the states attorney general at the center of the jussie smollett case. todd piro is in chicago all over that case. president trump fired up crowds in grand rapids, michigan last night. this morning pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends. we check in with him next ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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including pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. ♪ >> we had a little extra fun with michael avenatti. that's how deranged they are. that's how much they hate trump, that this clown was a real contender. but what's nice about this week is that it went from avenatti 2020 to avenatti 20 to 25. [cheers]
3:57 am
maybe 50. who knows. seems like he did a lot of bad stuff. brian: don jr. also thanked the president's supporters who were there last night for sticking with him saying, quote: it's not just our vindication it's your vindication, too. ainsley: that was in grand rapids, michigan where pete hegseth the co-host of "fox & friends weekend" is live having breakfast with our friends. steve: hey there, pete. good morning. pete: the omelet shop. i don't know if anyone knew each other before. it's not jest breakfast with friends we make friends here across the board. been talking with great folks. many at the rally last night. you were at the rally. you are a student here where do you go to school. >> grand valley state university. pete: what did you make of the energy, the reaction of the crowd last night. >> i could just tell everyone is ready to roar in the 2020. i think after the mueller report people are enthused, excited. there was 15,000 people inside that rally.
3:58 am
and there are many more. [phone ringing] pete: answer that phone. [laughter] >> especially many go to the white house and meet the first lady. and hopefully meet the president if you are watching. one of these days. pete: is he an entrepreneurial. >> you are a young person you are not supposed to like trump why do you. >> i like the president because i want to make sure our taxes are low. he little bit of civility. we live in a country where differences of opinion is a hallmark of our democracy and we need to start having a little bit more civility again. pete: well said thank you vuch dorian. i appreciate it you are a bylaw star mom. >> i am. pete: your daughter is a medic deployed at the border. >> she is. pete: obviously that's an issue important to you. >> and i support our troops. that's an issue that i have because i'm finding that not everyone supports our troops and supports our vets so i'm glad that we have a president that is behind our vets and behind our troops right now. pete: why do you think he has been so committed to the vets and the troops? >> i think he is committed because he loves his
3:59 am
country. and people forget and don't realize how much our military gives for our country. and he is not afraid to put it out there and say he appreciate that. pete: your daughter at the border. does she feel like she is committed to a good mission down there. >> yes, she does. they all do. pete: thank you for your service. lindsey, i'm going to scoot over if i can and talk to you. were you at the rally last night. >> yeah, we were. pete: what did you make of it. >> the energy was so great. so great to see so many different people especially the younger generation come out. sometimes i feel like, you know, that's who we are losing. it was great to see everyone come together. pete: if you listen to the so-called mainstream media the left wing media, they will say it's all a bunch of old white guys. you know. when you look out into that crowd, what do you see? >> a whole variety of people. it was so great. we had a family behind us and the parents are legal immigrants from south america. and it was so cool to hear them talk about that and know that they support our president and what he stands for in building the border wall.
4:00 am
you know, making sure that people come here the right way. pete: issue number one for you. what is it. >> the border wall. pete: coming here the right way. >> yep. coming here the right way. pete: well said. blake, what makes you support the president? >> first honest president we have had in ages. the border is very important to me. our economy is incredible. the healthcare situation is coming on. but the border really, we are losing our country. and we need to get our country back. the way to start that is at the border. we have to close that down and get that fixed. and i don't understand how anyone can call this man a racist because when you look at that crowd, there is every walk of life, every ethnic group involved in that at the rally. i don't understand that. pete: well said. as you can hear folks, a lot of smart folks here in grand rapids. the omelet shoppe.
4:01 am
come on out. steve: what the specialty omelet at the omelet shoppe. >> the special omelet today is the southwest ben digit i have already had. i will ask what next special is sounds fantastic. ainsley: peppers, sausage? pete: peppers. i think there is. steve: maybe guacamole. brian: fax us with the ingredients. thanks, pete. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jussie smollett leaving the windy city for the city of angels nominated for a big award as controversy swirls around his case in chicago. steve: and screen right, mayor rahm emanuel says jussie, it's time to pay us. ainsley: todd prior roy is live in chicago for the latest for us. hey, todd. todd: good morning steve, ainsley and brian. the naacp awards are tomorrow night in los angeles. jussie smollett up for best supporting actor for empire. he declined a speaking role in front of the cameras when
4:02 am
he touched down at lax. >> we think the fbi will still come after you? do you think the 16 hours of community service are justifiable for all the time wasted by the chicago police department, jussie? todd: all this comes as chicago mayor rahm emanuel says he wants smollett to pay and he needs actual money 130,000 bucks the money needed to cover the amount of overtime chicago cops spent on the investigation. we are also learning more about cook county prosecutor kim foxx's decision to recuse herself because of her connection to this case saying she didn't actually mean it in a statement her office says in part although we use the term recuse as it relates to states attorney foxx's involvement in this matter. it was a colloquial use of the term rather than in its legal sense. all this leading to a city that quite frank solid fed up, especially the cops. the chicago police union plans to hold a public demonstration against kim foxx in chicago on monday. and we have just learned
4:03 am
that foxx's office is now being sued by the son of a murdered cab driver for reportedly not releasing information in the case. a lot still going on here in chicago. back to you in new york. steve: all right, todd, thank you very much. tmz this morning is reporting sources close to the mayor regarding the bill for $130,000 say they will file a civil case to get the money and under city law the city can collect three times the actual amount of 130,000. so 390,000. and if he loses and refuses to pay, then they would be able to garnish his wages at empire. ainsley: really? brian: got to get a job first. they are not letting him back in and ratings were terrible evidently sunday. and by the way, we do have a story that i personally have been following john rich was he exactly watching this morning at 6:00. some of the best people i know on this story and will be able to do a follow-up with our news team. ainsley: if you weren't watching at 6:00 we played some of his music and brian said i bet he will call in he is watching this morning.
4:04 am
we said he is probably still asleep. brian: we will follow that story as we will follow jillian wherever she is. jillian: i'm upstairs so come on up. parents are demanding a teacher resign over this anti-trump class assignment. seventh graders from texas were asked two questions essay about the president's term so far. one of them asks which of the following conclusions would the author most likely agree with? one answer donald trump should not be answer. the district says the assignment has been pulled but did not say if the teacher was disciplined. the happiest places on earth just got a big stricter. disney land and disney world are banning large strollers from amusement parks. strollers bigger than 31 inches why the and 52 inches long as well as wagon also not be allowed. disney banning smoking inside parks. there will be designated areas outside park entrances. let's go to mlb opening day, shall we. the red sox dominated by the mariners 12-4.
4:05 am
despite his philly cleats bruce harper already booed after a debut. just initiation. beat the braves 10-4. he was intentionally walked that did set up a grand slam not all bad. rarnghts shortstop andrews goes 3-4. his secret could be new walk-up song that everyone can't get out of their head. ♪ baby shark ♪ mommy shark do do do do ♪ mommy shark do do do. jillian: baby shark working for him but not the rangers who lose to the cubs 12-4. steve, i was doing this earlier. i was singing the daddy shark. you came over and doing the dance with me as well. throwing it out there. steve: that's the sprinkler. jillian: it's also the daddy shark do do do do do. ainsley: still a winner that's his son's favorite song. steve: there is daddy at work. jillian: once again brian has no reaction. brian: i just never heard the song before.
4:06 am
steve: thank you, jillian. they were banned in san antonio. now new york magazine going after chick-fil-a calling the chain hate mongers. what do customers think? >> the magazine recently said that chick-fil-a is supporting hate mongers. do you agree with that? >> no. >> no, i do not. i'm just there for food. steve: carley shimkus outside the nearby chick-fil-a. that's coming up in the next hour. brian: plus a 10 in 1. the bundle for more than 80% off and that's not all. mega morning deals coming your direction on "fox & friends." get the recipes at
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>> robert blake on may 4th, 2001, killed bonnie lee blakely, that's all. he killed his wife that night he shot her twice in the vehicle and then claimed somebody else shot her. ainsley: former los angeles detective mark fuhrman revealing new insight into
4:10 am
some of the most high profile murder cases in history. part of season two on the fuhrman diaries on fox nation. here with more on the fuhrman diaries on fox nation mr. far fuhrman. good morning, mark. tell us about the fuhrman diaries. >> what's interesting is when i personally watch crime dramas, i'm always trying to grab at the tv or yell at the tv well, what about this? what about this? so the fuhrman diaries is kind of, i'm a tour guide, a homicide detective tour guide that's done the job that's trying to take you through cases you think you know and show you what some of the flaws are even in cases that were solved where they have a tendency to forget the mistakes and move on pause the suspect was captured, yet, those mistakes will surface again in the future because they never corrected them. ainsley: we saw a clip of you taking us back to the robert blake case. were there flaws there?
4:11 am
>> well, there was quite a few flaws there that on really everybody's regard. how they prosecuted it, how it was investigated. how they concluded certain things. but the most important thing is the thing that the viewer will see. he is missing several minutes, probably almost up to 8 minutes of his alibi between the time he left the restaurant and signed a credit card and then he knocked on the door of a local resident to notify 911 that his wife had been shot. so that's kind of a red flag. but they kind of never explain that completely in the prosecution or the investigation. ainsley: you also take us into the amber hagerman case. that case inspired the amber alert. tell us about that. >> well, it's really a sad case. it's never been solved and not because the police made
4:12 am
any mistakes. there just was not much to work on. and they are still working on the case. i have talked to the detective still handling the case as recently as a couple of months ago. she was killed and found by a creek bed. there was no forensic evidence. but what came out of her death was the amber alert. what's surprising for the viewer is how difficult it was to create the amber alert and just how much interference governments, even the fbi initially was not on board on the amber alert. my view is, if it saves one child, it's worth, i don't care how many millions of dollars. ainsley: absolutely. she was only 9 years old. thank you so much, mark. check out the fuhrman diaries on fox nation. if you are not a member, go join today. see you later, mark. a 10 in 1 photograph bundle for more than 80% off.
4:13 am
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♪ >> grand rapids. it's great to be back. this has been a incredible couple weeks. brian: president trump fired up the crowds in grand rapids big time last night. >> the collusion delusion is over. we need to finish exactly what we came here to do, drain the swamp. >> there was no collusion. get over that fact.
4:23 am
yet for two years they have been pedaling this lie. steve: chicago mayor rahm emanuel said it is payback time for jussie smollett. he sent the actor a bill for $130,000. >> when he writes the check in the memo section he can put. >> i'm accountable. >> mexico could stop them. if they don't it will cost them a hell of a lot of money. >> beckham got him again! brian: i bet you john rich is watching as we bump in on his music. steve: john rich has all of our phone numbers if he calls. ♪ brian: can also say to big kenny, you can call too. somebody would be up. i got a text message. i'm up, i'm up at 5:45 but some
4:24 am
of his crew heard the shoutout. steve: joining us on the phone is john rich. good morning, john. >> good morning new york city. how are you doing? steve: doing okay. if i know the routine, this is about time you get the kids ready for school, right? it is. my boys are nine and seven. i get up before they get up. we get them up but they don't want to get up. they have to get up go to school to learn how to be smart, young american men. steve: there you go. brian: how much do we owe you when we play the bump-in music, and do you take cash? >> we take cash. we prefer cash. brian: you prefer cash. it is great music to get you started in the morning, do you realize that? >> you know, big and rich music has always been that injection of energy into people's lives. we love playing it. you know, it just gives you a redneck riviera morning every
4:25 am
time you heard the song on "fox & friends." steve: the name of your whiskey. ainsley: john, you get up every morning you watch "fox & friendses"? >> pretty much. i check the local weather. once i know it will do i flip over to you guys. you guys are always on. ainsley: you do the normal routine. that is what my parents did too. steve: john, i know you probably sing in the shower. what is the song you sang today? we would like to hear it? >> i sing the theme song to "outnumbered." that's what i do. steve: let's hear that. >> it is too early. i'm only on the first cup of coffee. steve: john rich, i understand. thanks for starting your day with us. ainsley: thanks for contributing the music. so awesome. part of gameday. brian: on broadway, check out the restaurant. unbelievable, three floors of fun. ainsley: broadway in nashville. brian: right by the water. steve: redneck riviera.
4:26 am
ainsley: i have been. steve: mark morgan, former fbi assistance director, former border chief under president barack obama. ainsley: switching gears. steve: that's right. mark, i will ask you a little bit about this. there is story out there, sounds like the mother of all caravans could be heading to our southern border. people from el salvador, honduras, guatemala, are forming a caravan could be 20,000 people that kind of sounds like a crisis? >> yeah, exactly. look the commissioner of customs border protection, he was just down in el paso this week. and he said some incredibly important things. one of them he hey, look, detention facilities 4,000 full. 6,000 is crisis. we're at 13,000 now. they are beyond a crisis. they're overwhelmed. look, they have been saying this for a very long time and
4:27 am
congress has just ignored them. this caravan coming in, no surprise. it is absolutely crisis. and the president was right to say that this is an emergency. brian: in fact, here he is last night. >> we are building that wall. look it, the hundreds of thousands of people that are invading our country, you would know that we need it. another two caravans are pouring up. mexico could stop them. so easy. if they don't right now, i'm telling you we will close the damn border. >> build that wall. build that wall. brian: he has a billion to build the wall. if he closes the border an option? do you blame him for saying mexico is not doing anything? >> brian, the president is 100% correct because here is what we've got. the wall, part of that multilayer infrastructure, infrastructure technology,
4:28 am
personnel that is great to stop bad people and bad things coming in but that will not stop this caravan of 20,000 people. it's a broken asylum laws. they know, once they step one foot on american soil, they're allowed in, never to be heard from again. it is defacto amnesty. so they're coming. when he says, hey, we may have to shut down the border, that is not unrealistic option. ainsley: mark, there was a picture that a reporter for "the washington post," his name is nick mirof, he tweeted out this picture. he wrote at the bottom of it, this is el paso right now where hundreds of migrant families are held in the parking lot of a border patrol station because there is no room for them inside or anyone else. you can see the migrants on the other side of that fence. they're underan overpass. in response to that congresswoman ilhan omar. this is abhorrent, inhumane. without a doubt of reflection of white nationalism.
4:29 am
as a country we have to acknowledge this is how people are being treated here. decide we are better. we must do better. what is your response? >> i'll tell you i'm outraged. that is a irresponsible, reckless, statement. just further divides our country. let me tell the american people, that statement, that is an out right lie. what you saw there was the result of broken asylum laws, bad judicial precedents and congress not doing their job. the border patrol detention facilities are overwhelmed. i.c.e. is overwhelmed. there is no room at the inn. so what you saw was because there is nowhere else to put them b blatantly failed to do their job. the only way you will not see that pick you are, the only way, if you open borders and let them in. outrage. she should be admonished and ashamed of herself. brian: continues. one outrage just statement every five days it seems, minimum.
4:30 am
mark, let me ask, name two things. you talked about the wall already. name two things congress could do right now that would ameliorate the problem we did with mexico? mexico was issue. we passed laws. it is no longer an issue. what message could we send to central america? >> so that's right. we need to send a message to mexico right away. they need to continue to do what they're doing in san diego, thinking about doing in el paso. mate asylum-seekers wait in mexico, that mexico is safe third country. wait in mexico it waiting for asylum hearing instead of coming into the united states. second thing they could do, fund i.c.e. better. get more bed space specifically, family unit bed space. steve: mark, talk a little bit what is going on out in chicago. jussie smollett was arrested. he was charged with 16 felonies for faking a hate crime. out of nowhere, the prosecution, the state's attorney, kim fox dropped all the charges. well, now rahm emanuel, is so
4:31 am
steamed. he says that in a letter, to jussie smollett's attorneys, they're going to send him a bill for $130,000, which is about the cost of the investigation. do you think, do you think the city of chicago is ever going to see that money. >> that is not the point. this is a brilliant move by the mayor, absolutely brilliant. here is what he has got. if jussie pays it that is admission of guilt. if it doesn't, it goes to civil court, right? that means that case will be unsealed. what people need to remember in civil court, right, civil court burden of proof is preponderance of evidence. you don't have to be charged or even convicted of a criminal violation to be held liable in a civil case. people should remember, o.j. simpson. that would happen. this is brilliant move by the mayor. steve: unseal the records. >> ultimately hold him accountable and hold him liable.
4:32 am
he will be found in civil court he did this. brian: mark, turns out two brothers there, hired to do this. no wait, according to jussie, he was attacked. by whom? the brothers admitted attacking him on a script. he says i was attacked by two trump supporters. they say they're black. he said they were attacked by white people. they say, he might have been in white makeup through a stocking mask. have you ever seen something so ludicrous? >> so absurd. the american people are not buying this i haven't talked to one person that is buying that. another thing that the state attorney's office that was bizarre, they went on national tv, laid out all 16 indictments we know what the case is. this is absolutely absurd what the defense team is saying right now. steve: it is crazy. mark, thanks for joining with us your point of view. >> you bet. ainsley: jillian has some headlines. jillian: we're following a number of stories, starting with
4:33 am
this, a man taking pictures at grander canyon falls to his death. a man from hong kong fell over the edge of the rim, fell 1000 feet below. this is the second death at the grand canyon this week. a body found in a wooded area on tuesday. the cause of death is unclear. the national park service is investigating. a california horse track is reopening after 22 horses died there since december. santa anita park is putting new tolerance with intolerance for race day medication and whipping. investigators look what is causing the horse's death. some of the animals suffered fractures. at least one had a heart attack. 16 parents accused in the 25 million-dollar college scandal investigation are expected to appear in boston. dozens of parents are accused of bribing school officials to get their children in elite universities. actresses felicity huffman and
4:34 am
lori loughlin will appear in court next week. salute the vietnam vet in your life because the nation is honoring the vietnam veterans day. in march 29th, 1973 the last 2500 troops pulled out from south vietnam. the last prisoners of war in north vietnam came home. the traveling wall is in california. the wall that heals is set up in 30 cities nationwide. we thank all positive their service. brian: especially vietnam vets who never got appreciation they observed. hopefully they will start getting it. thank you, jillian. 12 minutes after the hour. as more states raise the minimum wage, one is looking to lower it that fight coming up. steve: outrage after chik-fil-a is banned in san antonio. "new york" magazine going after the chain as hate mongers. what do customers think? carley shimkus you're next on
4:35 am
"fox & friends." look at this. ainsley: how nice of you. whoa. this looks worse than i thought.
4:36 am
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♪ steve: "new york" magazine is
4:39 am
attacking chik-fil-a over their religious beliefs, encouraging their readers to get their chicken sandwiches any place but chik-fil-a. ainsley: an article offered here mongers. brian: when will they realize this only helps chik-fil-a. carley shimkus went out to find out. steve: there is a chik-fil-a ablock a way. >> they're in the news, to being banned at airport in texas and college university. christian values and controversial stance on same-sex marriage. i went over to the chik-fil-a across the street to see how customers really felt. watch. ♪ so a magazine recently said that chik-fil-a is supporting hate mongers. do you agree with that. >> in no. >> no i do no i'm there for food. >> i am for gay rights. i think you should love and
4:40 am
marry who you want. that won't prevent me from going into chik-fil-a. i like their food. >> i'm traditional marriage guy. i. >> would you boycott chik-fil-a for the right reasons and right circumstances. >> how do you feel about a local government banning a restaurant that some of the residents may want to go to? >> they will say this is chik-fil-a. you have to say for coca-cola, adidas, nike. companies holding sweatshops in multiple countries. not just about one corporation. about everywhere. >> i have a problem with banning him i guess if they're a corporations that do things that i don't agree with politically, should they be banned? i don't think so. >> do you have ever think about politics or social issues when you walk into chik-fil-a? >> i personally don't, no. >> politics is around everything now. why can't people just forget about the politics, enjoy their
4:41 am
food, enjoy entertainment, go to eat? >> i don't think about any of the politics much it. >> do you do you feel them crowed on sundays? >> i go to church on sunday, i don't really come. >> according to mississippi state law, you are only have a fry on television. >> really? >> cheers. steve: that is not a real law. >> he doesn't know that. i was impressed with everybody i spoke to. diverse opinions. it can scary when somebody stick s a mic in their face. they got uncomfortable when we talked about the san antonio city council banning chik-fil-a at airport. if i don't want to eat somewhere, that is my decision, not the governments. brian: the attorney general is taking action. >> he wants an open an investigation why they banned chick-fil-a. that could be first amendment
4:42 am
issue. steve: to see if they're being discriminated against because of religious beliefs. ainsley: how about the fact that the restaurant closed on sunday like the young man said? he is in church. they could make so much money if open on sunday. they choose not to honor god. >> one of the people said what is favorite and least favorite thing. i thought they were closed on sunday. he said that is favorite thing. i'm a traditional guy, i like there is restaurant out there still does that. others said they like the customer service. steve: carley service, thank you very much for walking all the bay across the street. >> it was a he will real challenge. ainsley: thanks for bringing us chicken sandwiches. >> my pleasure. brian: only one day old. ainsley: you're not supposed to say that. they bought it yesterday. avoid i.c.e. 101, video going viral, teaching people that you know your rights.
4:43 am
steve: governor jay inslee is running on climate change. can that help him win the white house? anything can happen. he is making a case on "fox & friends" live next. ♪ d saying, "really?" d saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes, open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. it's not small. but it's not just big either. it's the kind of big where you'll never have to ask, "should i scooch up?"
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ainsley: here is some quick headlines. we start with a fox news alert. these are live pictures from the international space station where a seven hour spacewalk is now underway. the mission was supposed to be nasa's first all female spacewalk but there weren't enough spacesuits to fit both women. astronaut annie mcclain recommended a male replace her on today's mission. uncle sam using a new strategy to boost recruit
4:47 am
numbers. the army targeting videogamers, people who play videogames have the skillset of next generation of american soldiers they want. that is the ability to take a lot of information and make a decision. steve? steve: ainsley, thank you. president trump wasted no time mocking some democrats highly-praised green new deal during last night's fiery rally in michigan. >> the democrats are now advancing an extreme 100 trillion-dollar government takeover called the green new deal. [booing] i love campaigning against the green new deal. no more airplanes, no more cows. [laughter] one car per family. one car, you will love that in michigan. steve: so does the president have a point or is the topic of climate chang democratic primary? let's talk to the man who is running on climate change and the environment, 2020 democratic
4:48 am
presidential hopeful, governor of the great state of washington governor jay inslee. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: donald trump said i hope i can run against the green new deal for a while, the more he talks about it, the more people don't like it. what are people getting wrong about it? >> well, we, i look forward to talking about clean energy jobs but i do want to make news on "fox & friends." i always want to make news on your show first, today i'm challenging donald trump on his favorite show to release his tax returns like i did this morning, 12 years of it is time for him to come clean with the american people. he has to show what he is been hiding. now americans deserve that truth. they also deserve the truth about green energy jobs. we're growing jobs like crazy across america including in orion, michigan, where electric car i drive made by american
4:49 am
workers. he needs stop being pessimistic about clean energy jobs. this is good news for the american people. steve: the green new deal talks about retrofitting every building in the united states that would be really expensive. getting rid of internal combustion engine for you know, you're talking about remaking all of society. with the price tag of $100 trillion been estimated we just don't have the money for that he says. >> well, i tell you what is expensive. expensive is nebraska being flooded with $1.5 billion of loss. paradise, california, i went and saw a town of 25,000 burn right to the foundations. it is my state where kids couldn't go outside because the air quality last summer because of forest fires. that is what is expensive. what is expensive is losing jobs to the chinese and germans. we want these jobs in our country. we want to build wind turbines in our country, in iowa.
4:50 am
we want to build batteries for electric cars in nevada. we want to build electric cars like we're doing today. they're putting on 400 new jobs in michigan the same week donald trump is so cowardly and pessimistic. this is a can-donation. we put a man on the moon. we defeated facism. we can use our smarts to build a clean energy economy right today. we're doing it all across america. look it, we need inspirational leader, not a pessimistic one in the white house. i think i'm one for the job. this country need as spark of optimism. steve: a lot to unpack. are you suggesting climate change is flood are nebraska? >> science is abundantly clear w he need a president that believes in science and gravity. the science is clear. will cause more forest fires and flooding. same in various places more
4:51 am
drought. we're getting it on both ends of the situation here. i met a scientist from university of washington last night who suggested that we ought to believe both in climate science and gravity. look, if you went to 10 doctors and all told you had cancer, you don't sit there and deny it. it is time to have science this is scientifically literate country. and we need a scientifically literate president who really believes in the can-do spirit of this nation. i tend to be that president. steve: i grew up in kansas which is right next to nebraska. i remember 50 years ago the flooding then. so i don't know that people are talking about climate change back then. but that is -- >> they weren't. they weren't. but they're talking about it now. >> they are. >> when your town is burning down and your town is burning down in paradise, california, talking about climate change. they deserve a president who will protect them, rather than the oil industries. i'm tired of putting out billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry and lobbyists and he is put in charge of this nation.
4:52 am
he wanted to drain the swamp. he put the swamp in charge of our tax policies. it is just wrong. steve: so you're running for president. you are the environmental, the green energy guy in the race. when you look at latest poll, you look, right now at 29% joe biden is there. bernie at 19. beto at 12, kamala at 8. same as mayor of south bend. how do you break through because how do you break through because you're not in the top 8? >> i'm just where bill clinton and jimmy carter were when they ran. clearly i'm the underdog. this is custom deal. i've an underdog i been in every race i beat republicans in 88, '92, '98, 2012. i was always 20 points behind. we have a message of economic development. of putting people to work with
4:53 am
an optimistic view of the spirit of america. look it, i believe in this fundamental can-do spirit of the american people and i think if people share that view, we're going to do well in this race. it's a building project. hope you get on board. steve: terrific. nice chatting with you. jay inslee the governor of state of washington. >> thank you. steve: 830 here in new york city. new trouble for the state's attorney general at the center of the jussie smollett case the city sends the actor a bill asking him to pay up. we're live in chicago. president trump fired up crowds in grand rapids. what did the voters think? the voters are having breakfast with pete hegseth at the omelette place. ♪ us as people. they see us as profits.
4:54 am
we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. when a stuffy nose closes in... (whimper) breathe right strips open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. (deep breath) breathe better, sleep better. breathe right.
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uh, well, brthis will be the kitchen.r. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire.
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4:57 am
[cheers and applause] and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you, michigan. [cheering] brian: i thought it was keep america great and finish the wall. he didn't transition from 2016. he did talk about it last night. ainsley: that was in grand rapids, michigan, his first rally since the mueller report came down. pete hegseth is there having breakfast with our friends. hey, pete. >> that's right. you have a lot of friends. they all say hello. you talked about 2016. i think it is fair to say the crowd there was as enthusiastic, if not more in their support for this president, that fair to say, ladies? >> yes. pete: we happily assembled our version of "outnumbered" in the omelette shop in grand rapid. three of you went to the rally. you weren't able to because you work for a living. god bless you.
4:58 am
brook, you have a career at post office. a supporter of this president. what issue animates you the most? >> he governs for the people, not from the leaders down, but from us up. pete: you feel like he stayed committed why he was elected? >> absolutely. he kept his promises. pete: kept his promises which most politicians -- >> lie. pete: kiley you work at the ymca you wanted to mention you're a uper. upper peninsula. >> we work hard. beautiful area. pete: what is it about the president you support? >> he is shaking things up. he is outsider. not afraid to speak freely on topics. there is lot of controversy of things that he says and his twitter feed and what not. he is still opening dialogue of saying that hey, we need respectful conversations, we need to engage in different, have different ideas and present them fairly.
4:59 am
pete: well-said. patty, you're a small business owner. hold that hat up. hilarious hat. made you look. great stuff. what is it about the president you support? >> personally i got rid of my obama don't care fine. i like that. what kiley says, is that i feel like had he not been elected there is many things we wouldn't know going on behind the scenes. this mueller investigation, now that it is over, i'm glad we have the truth. that is what we should be seeking. and i hope that we now find out more the other way. pete: what do you think, there has been a lot of talk -- i'm throwing a curveball here. about the green new deal. >> i thought that went over great. i support the farting cows and they can rejoice. pete: their lives are saved. >> yes. pete: there is the answer. karen you're retired from amway. early retirement as you said. >> thank you.
5:00 am
pete: you were at the rally. your reaction to the president? >> i'm so pleased. absolutely pleased. being there what was really, really great, the people that went, it was miles and miles and blocks and blocks of all sorts, all souths. every nationality, you know, shape, size, age. parents with their kids. so that was really great. pete: i will say. i got here delayed by air forts one. i didn't know where the venue was but my wonderful producer sam helped me get there. the roar of the crowd. you could hear the roar for blocks. it was packed to the gills. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." brian, steve, ainsley, missing out in grand rapids. steve: grand rapids home of grand breakfast. pete: absolutely. the thanks for the omelette. brian: pete will be hosting over
5:01 am
the weekend. jillian mill lay doing news for few hours. jillian: few hours? 20 minutes. then it is weekend. get you caught up with the news we're following. maryland becoming the sixth state to approve a 15-dollar minimum wage. the state's legislature overriding governor larry hogan's veto. the employers must reach the new minimum by 2025. arizona passed a bill to let employers pay lower minimum wage to part-time workers under 22 if they're full time students. quebec wants to ban public servants and teachers and police officers from wearing religious symbols. the proposed bill would ban things like muslim hijabs and jewish skullcaps. the canadian prime minister opposes it. the legislation is expected to pass. look at this. a car smashes into missouri bar and into customers. one was reportedly pinned
5:02 am
between the bar and the car and couldn't get out until the driver took off. three people in the bar were hurt. but will be okay. the driver was stopped by police a few miles away. he is facing multiple charges, including dwi. a man using no know your rights training to stop i.c.e. making arrest. brian mccormack was pulled over earlier this month with two illegal immigrants. when an i.c.e. agent tried to open the door. >> those are not warrants of arrest, sir. >> warrant of arrest. >> warrant of arrest of alien not signed by a judge. it is not pa judicial warrant. >> it is a warrant under the immigration and nationality act of united states. >> okay that it fine. but it is not under the constitution. you have no jurisdiction over me as a citizen. i'm driver of this vehicle. >> i.c.e. says people who interfere with officer's jobs are putting people at risk. your headlines. back to you. steve: look at that.
5:03 am
ainsley: learning their rights. that is unbelievable. steve: new trouble for the states attorney general at the center of jussie smollett case. we're live in chicago with todd piro coming up next. brian: tommy john surgery was meant to be career saving for professional athletes but no now commonplace for kids. as we kick off baseball season we take even closer look at dangers of youth sports. that ahead. >> seeing my dad's name attached to something happening more in kids than professional athletes is making me sick. it is making us sick. the surgery was for a professional. that is where we should see it.
5:04 am
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with a special emergency food package. call right now. - please call the number on your screen now. - what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - we pray that god will move upon your heart to act right now and send an emergency gift of just $25 so that we can help more frail and lonely elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union before it's too late. ainsley: chicago's top prosecutor, kim fox, is under fire in the windy city. brian: that is because we have learned that she never fully recused herself from the jussie smollett case. steve: i thought she said she did? i'm puzzled.
5:07 am
todd piro is live in chicago with growing outrage and so much more, todd. reporter: you guys nailed it. the decision confuse ad lot of people. explanation doesn't same to be helping too much. foxx says she recused herself because of her connections to the case. then came out and said she didn't actually recuse herself. in a statement her office says in part, although we used term recused as relates to state attorney foxx involvement. it was colloquial use of term rather than in legal sense. perfectly clear, right? a city quite frankly fed up from the chicago police union which is holding a public demonstration against kim foxx on monday to the people we spoke to on the street. >> wasting too much energy focusing on him. focusing on the children getting shot and killed in the city. reporter: we're getting that answer a lot. how bad is it hire in chicago? >> it is horrible. our stepson got shot and killed two days ago. he was 16 years old. we showed lower on murders and
5:08 am
not focus on celebrities getting off. reporter: tough interview right there. all this comes as chicago mayor rahm emanuel wants smollett to pay he means actual money. 130,000 bucks to cover cost of overtime the chicago cops on the investigation. smollett is not stopping public appearances apparently landing in the l.a. for the ncaa p image awards. the "empire" star is up for best supporting actor. if he gives a speech, you will hear that speech on "fox & friends" sunday morning. steve: todd piro outside the cop shop in chicago. brian: tommy john surgery was meant to save the careers of professional athletes and pitchers specifically. now it is commonplace for kids. what some call an epidemic in youth sports. ainsley: first bill hemmer is here what is coming up at top of the hour, bill?
5:09 am
>> have a great show. has the trump presidency moved into a new phase? democrats say not so fast. we'll have analysis here. we're getting more clues on mueller report. we'll share what we have so far today. chicago is giving the jussie smollett the bill, it is big. terrific lineup on a friday. come join us for the three-hour tour. it is friday, folks. see you at the top of the hour. how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon... the scotts turf builder program. all it takes is 4 feedings, with a scotts solution for every season. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard. ifor another 150 years. the fire going ♪ to inspire confidence through style.
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♪ brian: major league baseball season may have just started but today we're focusing on little leagues youth league, the extremes players are being pushed in some case, giving them injuries once only seen at the professional ranks. watch. >> oh. >> yeah. >> i was 13 years old i found
5:13 am
out i had to have surgery. >> little league, america's most celebrated youth sport. but the games increasing competitiveness, costly year-round perhaps are leaving players with injuries once only seen in the big leagues. >> i am seeing injury rise in young athletes. it is getting younger and younger. brian: one alarming trend, tommy john surgery, named after the legendary pitcher, tommy john, a major league all-star, in 1974 was first person to undergo a operation to figures a torn ligament in his left elbow. >> i started feeling sharp pain. it kept progressing. doctor said i had a tear from overusage with my arm. >> when i found out david needed surgery i was shocked. you know, being so young. maybe he wouldn't be able to use that arm again or play sports again. >> go. there it is. brian: might be fair to say no one sees these surgeries more than dr. tommy john, sown of the
5:14 am
famous baseball pitchers, a sports chiropractor in san diego, california, who rehabilitates young injured athletes. >> ready and go. go. seeing my dad's name attached to something happening in kids than professional athletes is making me sick. it is making us sick. the surgery was for a profession. that is where we see it. brian: biggest age group receiving tommy john surgeries in the u.s. is 15 to 19 years old. with 60% of all surgeries performed falling in that age group, a consequence, experts say kids being pushed to the limit, playing year-round, specializing in only one sport. >> most absolutely is a national problem. it is something that is so much bigger than even one sport. we're seeing pediatric acl surgeries, concussions, tommy john surgeries, ligament tears, stress fractures and spines.
5:15 am
brian: they hope their ordeal will serve as warning to parents and coaches who are investing in what is become a billion dollar industry. >> they're playing year-round, non-stop. so it takes the to. they're still growing. they're still young. let the child get rest. do different sports. no one will scout your kid at eight, nine, 10 years old. your child's health comes first. >> safe. [applause] brian: wow, pretty amazing right? joining us is author of minimize injury, maximize performance, dr. tommy john himself. pick up that book. it is excellent for the sports parent and sports kid. it makes you sick teenage remembers going through this. why are they doing it now? >> what we're seeing is a trend coming from three causes. you have the american kiev solution lifestyle. you have kids are overfed, malnourished improperly hydrated. they're not going outside to play freely anymore.
5:16 am
they're sitting behind screens. this leaves their knew roy systems immature. they are disconnected from physiological process. you have 17 billion-dollar youth sports industry targeting kids, selling lie of unnecessary camps clinics, private police sons. they're targeting third component are the parents, unfortunately the parents are play agrisky game racing to keep up with the joins and kids are losing every time. brian: what you do, you can't build up ligaments. what is tommy john surgery that your dad went through in 1974? >> the tommy john surgery when the ligament inside of the elbow breaks apart and tears. they take a tendon in some other location of the body, replace that ligament with the tendon. drill through the bone, loop it through. the rehab process comes. teach you areyour body to accept a tendon where a ligament used to be. brian: tommy, when you talk to the kids, they have to learn work ethic and dedication. they want to perfect in many cases their pitch. so what do you say to them when
5:17 am
you want to develop those qualities in a kid but we're watching them break down physically along the way? >> so they got to understand they're built like a pyramid. it takes time. the bottom part of the pyramid has to build up to the top. the top part of the pyramid. is the act of throwing. there are two other massive sections that have to be built first before we can focus on that. if you're obsessed with honing your skill, great, but there is a way to go about building yourself from the ground up and more on top down will never work. brian: true. the other thing you brought up at the end is about acl injuries. see it in women's soccer, women's lacrosse. this, women are breaking down a lot in those sports. >> yeah. you know i would like to say there was one sport that was affected, it is all sports. and sadly, there is these injuries that are occurring we're seeing epidemic levels outside of sport. it's a complete cultural break down. we have to start at the source which is at homes. brian: as much as you love the
5:18 am
kids are involved in something, you got to do it in moderation and maturity. that is what i think comes across. it will come across in your book, minimize injury, maximize performance. dr. tommy john. say hello to your dad, one of the great personalities in sports 288 wins. played on every major league team twice. >> thank thank you for saying s, brian. i will. brian: he is a great guy. back with more "fox & friends" in a to wrap up the week comprehensively. they're our parents... neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy.
5:19 am
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>> live from new york city, this is our second studio audience show. >> does this remind you of your town hall? >> what does our audience think greatest threat to our country now. zero. >> how many of you are against
5:22 am
legalizing weed at the federal level. >> it is really harmful and ruins people's live. >> did anybody travel more than 500 miles? >> georgia. >> louisiana. >> are you guys excited to be here for "fox & friends" live? >> if you want to be part of the show send us as email friends live at fox april 12th. a friday. >> enjoy the whole weekend in new york. make a trip out of it. >> if you stay for the "after the show show" on fox nation or watch me on radio. >> bill: good morning on a friday. president trump unleashing during a michigan rally last night for an hour and 20 minutes. the russian hoax, the collusion delusion that was used to try to take him down is what he believes. a new day as we close out a week. bill hemmer live in new york
5:23 am
city. >> julie: you aren't happy okay at all that it's friday i'm julie banderas. for nearly 90 minutes the president took on all of his critics as anticipated in his very first rally since being cleared of collusion this week. thousands in the crowd president went after chairman adam schiff
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