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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 29, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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friends live at fox woods from under a tree. to go when you give them that check this out. april 12th. hanoi summit last month. advice? >> we tell them to first go to a friday. the meeting is scheduled for >> enjoy the whole weekend in >> his segreen, april 10 and 11. new york. the vfw, the american legion. make a trip out of it. his third. when did he practice that one? >> if you stay for the "after then after that go to schools >> mr. attorney general, we do and talk about it. the show show" on fox nation or not need your interpretation. >> that was ridiculous. be a guest speaker. watch me on radio. show us the report. >> how good is that? talk about it at church. and we can draw our own talk about it with your family. >> bill: good morning on a conclusions. >> bill: woods opposite arm friday. president trump unleashing we don't need you interpreting just talk about it, you know. during a michigan rally last for us. from his knees, club turned it was condescending, it was like i said before, it is so night for an hour and 20 arrogant and it wasn't the upside down. right thing to do. he made the par. so the sooner they can give us important. and vietnam veterans are minutes. extremely intelligent. the russian hoax, the collusion the information, the sooner we delusion that was used to try can all make a judgment about brent snedeker beat him. they really are. to take him down is what he it. >> bill: pretty good idea where >> julie: i expected him to go and they are not young. believes. she is coming there. in the hole. a new day as we close out a i guess my standards are too we're older people. nancy pelosi calling the a.g. but we have so much knowledge week. bill hemmer live in new york high. >> bill: march madness. summary condescending as you city. heard from that comment. and so much savvy that it is >> julie: you aren't happy okay purdue punching the ticket. important. and you have to understand that at all that it's friday i'm they beat tennessee 99-94. an awful, awful lot of vietnam the number one seeds, virginia julie banderas. democrats want it out by next veterans own their own for nearly 90 minutes the businesses and i own my own president took on all of his and gonzalez, number three seed critics as anticipated in his texas tech moving to the next business. tuesday. i own u.s. wings. very first rally since being welcome back to our guest here. round. the madness is real, the madness is among us. and we're extremely well-known. cleared of collusion this week. we can draw our own conclusions. and we have people that come in thousands in the crowd don't know how your bracket is i would bet regardless of what's in the mueller report at home. president went after chairman they'll do the same. all four number one seeds are to our business, to our store adam schiff, the obama where do you think it's headed still alive and half the number
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once it goes public? and converse and talk. administration and his 2020 challenge gears. twos. a good tournament shaping up that's important. >> i think nancy pelosi's for the weekend. >> bill: you have a great >> president trump: after three message. demand for the report right >> julie: stunning new report david. thank you so much. years of lies and smears and now revealing disturbing news it is an honor to talk to you. away is a publicity stunt. about the care of our veterans slander, the russia hoax is take care of cleveland, ohio, i something worse behind it. finally dead. at nursing homes in 25 states. they tried to divide our are we willing to sacrifice the how the department is salute your service. responding and then there is country, to poison the national this out of chicago. march 29th, 1973. long-term, long-time rights of thank you. debate, and to tear up the >> he has cost not only the criminal suspects and witnesses >> thank you, sir. who have long cooperated with >> julie: keep it here on fox city financially, that's just fabric of our great democracy. law enforcement because of the one. they did it all because they but also a sense of the wrong secrecy provided by a grand he has done by taking advantage jury. of our values as a welcoming refused to accept the results that's what attorney general news channel as calls for adam barr is going through the city that welcomes people of all walks of life and all of one of the greatest report to delete in exchange schiff to step down from his for the hill getting the report backgrounds. >> bill: the city of chicago is position grow louder. presidential elections. a week or two earlier? nd? mr. barr and the president have giving jussie smollett a bill. they are getting mouth-to-mouth already said they intend to the state's attorney did not resuscitation. release as much of the report actually recuse herself after that's why there's ilumya. little pencil neck adam schiff, as they legally can and all. details next on kim foxx. with just 2 doses, the democrats have to now president trump can decide to a majority of people were clear or almost clear. waive the privileges that he >> i think the notoriety around decide whether they will could claim because of his and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. this case has somehow cast i executive power as chief law enforcement officer over think an unreasonable expectation that the police all with dosing 4 times a year... portions of the report. after 2 initial doses. department and us will agree on i don't see why nancy pelosi or everything. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections continue de de other members on the hill need let's take a look at some numbers: compared to placebo. to get the report two weeks don't use if you are allergic to ilumya or any of its ingredients. faster and sacrifice the law before starting treatment, that was approved by congress your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infections.
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which gives protections to give after checking there is no need for routine lab monitoring confidentiality to witnesses and people who cooperate with unless your doctor advises it. law enforcement. ilumya may increase your risk of infections >> bill: jerry nadler wants the and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms, report by the 2nd of april, next tuesday. or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. he had a conference call with this could be your chance bill barr on wednesday of this week and barr did not give him to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. >> good morning, elson. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. >> julie: when president trump a definitive answer on that. left the white house yesterday according to the "wall street he was asked if his speech in michigan would be a victory lap journal" our fox news newdbuy a home with ome no down payment. over the mueller probe. in fact every day, my team helps veterans the president did not answer reporting, it's at least 300 that question directly. if you caught a little bit of buy a home without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. his speech last night he absolutely took a victory lap. and 400 page. call 1-855-224-5282 >> president trump: today our the star report was 445 pages. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars movement and our country are he was independent and not or more a month in rent, thriving. newdayusa's operation home can help their fraud has been exposed you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. and the credibility of those under d.o.j. and you don't need a down payment. horowitz examination was 568. why rent when you can buy? who pushed this hoax is forever the 9/11 commission 567. go to or call 1-855-224-5282 original roadmap for watergate broken. >> he talked about the economy, 62. if you do not count the 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... exhibits you are at 300 or 400 auto industry, healthcare and pages. does that tell you much at all? is a stroke. immigration. his most fiery remarks were >> it tells you that mr. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. about the russia probe.
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>> president trump: the mueller did not issue a kind of collusion delusion is over. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened [cheering and applause] brief conclusive report which and help take control of your health. some people thought he might. we're life line screening... listed here is who i indicted and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment... the special counsel completed and i didn't and left it at its report and found no that. it is more of an accounting for five painless screenings that go beyond what happened with russia and regular check-ups. collusion and no obstruction. the bulk of it is about we use ultrasound technology to literally look obstruction. the mueller report says there is no evidence of any inside your arteries... for plaque which builds up as you age- total exoneration. conspiracy between the trump complete vindication. campaign and the russians. and increases your risk for stroke >> critics will be quick to but that doesn't mean that that and cardiovascular disease. point out special counsel did will end the matter. and by getting them through this package, you're saving over 50%. not totally exonerate the president. when mr. barr provides a report no collusion, yes, according to so call today and consider these numbers: with redactions congress isn't attorney general barr's summary at the end of the road. the mueller report says while if they really want to see what for just $149 you'll receive five screenings this report does not conclude the president committed a crime that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. different witnesses said, what it also does not exonerate him. different evidence said, they can bring them before congress i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 democrats say they need to see and do a hearing and ask them i ever spent in my life. the full report. the same questions and ask them republicans most notably now to provide. life line screening. the power of prevention. president trump, they say it's >> bill: with regard to those time for heads to roll. call now to learn more. redactions we have seen releases just in the past few >> president trump: pencil neck months where entire pages have adam schiff. been redacted. if that's what you get you get there has to be accountability because it is all lies and they an argument from pelosi, schiff and nadler that they aren't know it's lies. they know it. getting the whole truth.
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>> adam schiff shouldn't resign. what do you do then? we have a separation of powers. that's part of the constitution. >> congress doesn't want to do strong oversight. the president who can stand up the work. congress can do the same work mr. mueller did. they have the right to subpoena witnesses and they can bring to to leaders can take a robust the same people that mueller interviewed and bring them before the hill. they don't want to do that because it's a lot of work and press. >> bill: it is raining in south don't want to take florida today. accountability and responsibility. >> julie: the president much easier to let mueller do it. slamming the 2020 democratic redact it and claim a political presidential candidates calling scandal. their policies radical. mueller doesn't have a monopoly on the truth. >> president trump: the >> bill: martha and i do the congress can investigate. quiz on tucker tonight. we did yesterday, it will run they can and they should. tonight. democrat party has never been >> bill: think we'll get a further outside of the it was not pretty. >> julie: i need to read up on mainstream. they are being brought so far second special prosecutor the news. looking into the fisa abuse? or maybe they should make it -- >> bill: have a great weekend. lindsey graham is talking about left. radical democrats are the party that. do you think it happens? bye-bye. >> i don't know if you need a of high taxes, open borders, special counsel but you do need >> melissa: fox news alert, a prosecutor to look into it. new reaction to president trump's fiery rally in late-term abortion, crime, i couldn't believe this when i hoaxes, and delusions. heard about this being a former grand rapids, michigan, last night. the republican party is the justice department official it was his first major campaign embarrassed this ever happened, appearances the attorney party for all americans. general's summary of the mueller that the fisa process was probe findings. abused. a law used to catch foreign this is "outnumbered" and i'm >> julie: peter doocy is live in washington with more. spies was abused to interfere >> president trump: how about melissa francis. what a rally. here today, harris faulkner. in chicago? town hall editor -- yes, it's
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the president also talking with a presidential election friday. climate change as well last he said he was attacked by maga we've got that friday feeling night. tell us about that. and harass the major party >> he talked about the green candidate running against the country. going for a [laughter] did you ever hear that one? town hall editor and fox news new deal as something good for party in power. maybe the only time i've ever that is textbook for something contributor, katie pavlich. him because he wants democrats you need a prosecutor to look agreed with the mayor of former ohio senate democrat to campaign on it. chicago. minority leader, capri cafaro. into. >> bill: maybe that's the next that's a terrible situation. the president joked about during the off the couch, problems with wind power. chapter. thank you for your time in that's an embarrassment not washington, d.c. only to chicago, that is an >> president trump: if it nice to have you back here. fox news chief corresponded embarrassment to our country. ed henry. 20 past. you are "outnumbered" on friday, doesn't blow you can forget an airline going bust leaving >> bill: now on the smollett my friend. >> ed: good to be with the about television for that night. ball. i love all the chatt thousands stranded across two matter chicago wants the actor to pay $130,000 back to the darling, i want to watch continents. president trump fired up city for security costs. television. i'm sorry, the wind isn't supporters in grand rapids, guy lewis and served with bill blowing. i know a lot about wind. michigan. gerald ford country touting the barr under the bush strong economy and promising great healthcare for all administration. >> climate change is what guy, good morning to you from americans. miami. maria bartiromo reacts to all that coming up in a moment next the f.b.i. will get involved and it's a whole new ballgame. democrats are using. right here. >> president trump: we've >> in the great challenges that >> i do. embarked on an unprecedented we know the locals have face us, and none greater than referred the case to the f.b.i. and we also know that the economic revival. climate change, which science america is now the hottest f.b.i. has been working on a itself is happening beyond a part of this case. shadow of a doubt, is caused by economy anywhere on the planet earth. there is nobody close. maybe not the most notorious human activity and human inaction. you're headed down the highway when the guy in part of this case but we know >> the president tail ored his smollett received an envelope a pitch to mention the green new couple weeks before the whole
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deal's impact of taking cars off the roads. hoax happened and it supposedly >> julie: how different was contained white powder, f.b.i. has been looking at that. president's trump pitch about i think that will be a big deal healthcare last night? >> very different than the here in the next few weeks. democrats hoping to challenge >> bill: you know kim foxx said him. he has returned now to a 2016 campaign promise to replace she recused herself. a statement from the cook obamacare. >> president trump: we have a county state attorney's office. chance of killing obamacare. the state's attorney did not we almost did it but somebody unfortunately surprised us with formally recuse herself based thumbs down. front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. but we'll do it a different way. on a conflict an interest but you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. >> trump sees opposition to sprailted herself from decision making over the case. obamacare as a strength. you've got a good record and liberty mutual it was a term used in the democrats hoping to challenge won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. him see it as a weakness. >> it has been clear from the you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. colloquial sent and not the beginning that they never intended to repeal and replace, how mature of them! legal sense. right? all they wanted to do is burn >> that's another reason why for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual the f.b.i. will look at this. down the healthcare system. the process. >> the trump team is signaling won't raise their rates because how did this happen? they have a new healthcare their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. who made it happen? proposal up their sleeves. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and frankly, a dismissal like this where we aren't even talking about the evidence or a we don't know what it is yet. ( ♪ ) >> bill: want to bring in matt dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. change in circumstances. highly, highly unusual. my skin... it was embarrassing. schlapp. he is also the former white my joints... they hurt. >> bill: what is your best
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house political director and the pain and swelling. guess to the outcome quickly? >> well, i think you'll see an chairman of the american the tenderness. conservative union. the psoriasis. welcome back on this friday. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. investigation by the f.b.i. it was -- democrats are clearly they will look at and talk to going to try to hold him back i found cosentyx. now, watch me. people that were involved in depending what the mueller this process. report when it comes out, what real people with active psoriatic arthritis and frankly, from what i've seen so far, there were redactions are in it. are getting real relief with cosentyx. this was a president who it's a different kind of targeted biologic. communication from the obama appeared to me trying to move people, the former chief of cosentyx treats more into a new phase of his term. than just the joint pain staff. i don't know exactly how that of psoriatic arthritis. >> i don't think i've ever seen it even helps stop went down but as soon as that further joint damage. a moment where the president happened, we know the case was don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. has the ability to set the before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. dismissed. reset button quite like this. >> bill: cover-up may be worse an increased risk of infections than the crime. because the democrats chose to and lowered ability to fight them may occur. you worked for bill barr. focus on two years of saying tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if that's the case, what are that our president was not duly if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms you expecting from the mueller report goes public? elected and was a traitor, the develop or worsen, >> first of all, i think the fact that you have mueller who or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. man is a straight shooter is no trump fan basically serious allergic reactions may occur. saying the president -- no beyond question. evidence of any -- by the way, i got real relief. that guy, when we were trying i got clearer skin no evidence at all of any and feel better. now, watch me. collusion by the president or noriega in south florida he was anyone on his team. the a.g. he has to feel pretty good get real relief he was involved and engaged. about that and gives him a with cosentyx. chance to go back to the agenda. he dotted the is and crossed >> bill: the agenda in michigan was talking about the issues up the ts. he is integrity, integrity, there. integrity. i think you'll see a report watch this. >> president trump: the democrats took the people of
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that absolutely reflects the letter that he sent out to michigan for granted. congress last week. but with us you will never, >> bill: democrats have a big issue with the summary. did you have an issue with ever be forgotten again. you will never be taken for that, guy? >> what is condescending? granted ever, ever, ever. i'm waiting for somebody to explain to me how that summary, >> bill: you know what he last which was straight forward and get real relief this isn't just this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience frankly from a prosecutor, from rally he had at 1:00 in the morning and these were the a defense lawyer standpoint was results in michigan from 2016. and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. he won the state by a mere refreshing in terms of no fuss, and this is moving day with reliable service appointments 9,000 votes. if you talk to those inside of in a two hour window so you're up and running in no time. no muss. i like it and i'm looking for this campaign today, matt, they believe michigan is in play now show me decorating shows. it. more than ever. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving >> bill: one of my favorite >> i agree with that and i like this choice. i think the president ought to simple. easy. awesome. phrases, i hope you come back. continue to come back to >> julie: more than a dozen stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour michigan for a couple of parents facing a judge in reasons. appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. boston today in the college number one, i think nobody has admissions scandal. felt the down sides of the new we'll go live to the courthouse with the very latest. global economy than michigan. 300 miles an hour, michigan has had so many hardships. and when you combine it with the democrat solution, their solution is the green new deal that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected.
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which means you pay double, learn more at retire your risk dot org. triple for gasoline and cost more to heat your home and keep your home cool. harder to have manufacturing >> president trump: democrats plants to have affordable energy prices. if you put that all together it means less manufacturing jobs. are pushing socialist government-run healthcare that in a state like michigan that bans private health insurance means a lot especially when you for 180 million americans. have the authors of the green republicans want you to have an new deal basically saying no affordable plan that is just more cars. no more planes. we'll have to take trains. right for you. we believe that no one in i love trains but a train doesn't take you everywhere. america should be bankrupted by healthcare costs and that's >> no cows or cars was the line what is happening with obamacare. >> julie: yes, last night, what last night. democrats will argue, you a rally. president trump tearing into obamacare last night among many other things saying the surprised in wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. affordable care act is too you won't do it again. expensive. the president promising to come the president beat hillary up with better and cheaper, more affordable health clinton by 113,000 out of 9 insurance options. here with us now is maria million cast. bartiromo host of mornings with democrats announced the first primary debate the end of june in florida lets you know where they have their sights at the maria and sunday morning moment. futures. >> just one quick thing, bill. many have dropped healthcare one of the reasons why even if and many don't have health insurance because of the rising hillary clinton had gone to
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premiums. the president made the promise michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania a whole bunch more in 2016 he intends to stick to it wouldn't have changed the it. how hard for the gop to make, numbers. hillary clinton was a load of a replace and repeal and stick candidate. this time? she was not overly popular. >> they need a plan. so even when she -- unlike most that's the issue. voters will blame this presidential campaigns, when she went to a state she didn't administration if they make see the bump up in her numbers. promises that healthcare is going to be their main focus and the republican party is all what the democrats have to do about healthcare they'll blame is nominate somebody who people them if there isn't a plan. want to rally around. if they do it will make it we know healthcare become very expensive in obamacare and all harder for us. in florida, let's be clear. the things promised never no way a republican being panned out. that is that it will be less elected to the presidency without winning florida. expensive, cheaper for people the democrats know that and and that you can keep your own tried very hard in the doctor and your own healthcare. governor's race and senate race that never happened and we know that we have a huge problem. in 2018 and they failed in both. i feel very good about our premiums were in double digits chances in florida and the last year. president ought to keep prices in some markets have spending a lot of time down come down a bit from the highs there. >> bill: plenty of time to talk it is very expensive not just for individuals but for about this. have a great weekend. companies. thank you for coming in today the issue is right now bernie in washington, d.c. sanders' plan medicare for all 10 minutes past the hour now. >> julie: meanwhile democrats completely wipes out the public calling on the attorney general insurance industry. to show them the mueller report it will be unlawful -- it will be against the law to actually
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asap. >> no thank you, mr. attorney use a private insurance company general, we do not need your away from the exchanges under bernie sanders' plan. interpretation. so get your head around that. show us the report. >> julie: speaker pelosi saying 180 million people right now william barr's summary was are insured with their healthcare by the private condescending and arrogant. we'll get reaction from former insurance industry. this is a federal grab. justice department official next. what the president said, a >> bill: new video coming in socialist policy medicare for from the southern border now all. it will wipe out the public showing migrants released from industry and it will mean that custody putting a real image on the government is making -- calls that agents have reached calling the shots for your their breaking point. we get a live report and let healthcare. the republicans need a plan. they need to come back at it you know what's happening on the ground. >> julie: the city of chicago with something that will actually work and not wipe out telling jussie smollett to pay an entire industry where right up as we learn the state's now so many people get their attorney at the center of it health insurance from. >> bill: i want to talk about all, the one that said she unemployment and the economy. recused herself, actually she the economy is doing so strong didn't from the case like she and that is something that the originally said she did. president is very proud of as >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and he should be. democrats -- how are the remorse, my recommendation is when he writes the check in the memo section he can put the democrats campaign and say unemployment in february held word i'm accountable for the hoax. i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. at 4% for the fifth month but things are terrible.
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it was a very life changing experience... >> they have a problem in terms of messaging what they want to and it felt like i was me again. do. democrats the big unified that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. policy has been take down trump. >> julie: some parents caught up in the college admissions scandal making their first at aspen dental we're all about yes. that is basically what the court appearance today accused like yes to flexible hours and payment options. russia thing was. that was a completely for two of paying millions in bribes to yes to free exam and x-rays years. in terms of actual policy they get their children into elite for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. all are united in taking down colleges and universities. trump. that's not going to work. molly line is outside u.s. call now at 1-800-aspendental. district court in boston with people out there, the american people are smart. the latest. they see all of this hey, molly. >> hi, julie. ♪ 'cos i know what it means politicking and say what are you going to do for me? more than a dozen parents are expected to be in federal court i haven't heard any real policy ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ other than the socialist policies come out of some of this afternoon. accused of paying bribes in an effort to get their kids into these democrat ideas and so the elite colleges and universities. president is smart to keep on ♪ here i go again on my--- jobs and the economy. part of that college admissions scandal. the first initial appearances we have seen economic story get kick off about noon. you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? the defendants make up nearly better. we have seen the tax cut plan half of the wealthy moms and and deregulation move the dads who paid the con man at needle on economic growth. i do. you are talking about 3% growth the center of the scheme a if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. total of $25 million. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. for 2018. in 2019 things are slowing so singer organized payments to you are going to need to see a cheat on exams or paid coaches ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need stabilization of this going to vouch for unworthy student with less of the sugar you don't. athletes at team recruits. into the election. but it looks like so far things (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) singer pled guilty to 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. are pretty strong in the u.s. racketeering, conspiracy and
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and even though europe -- other charges. ensure max protein. parents appearing today include in two great flavors. they're lucky to grow 1% and gregory abbott of new york, china is slowing, it will hit aspen the counter and chair of a food and beverage packaging us a bit but doesn't look like a recession on the horizon. we're on the move. >> julie: that's great and will work in the favor of those hey rick, all good? pushing the economy is strong company. they arranged for a talented oh yeah, we're good. and something you ride on. we're good. nancy pelosi also said that terminix. defenders of home. democrats will fight back after test taker for the couple's oh! oh! daughter. oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ the d.o.j. backed a federal some payments were made in the name of the abbott family (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes ruling that the affordable care are excited about the potential act should be overturned. foundation and sent to a fake of once-weekly ozempic®. >> i think the democrats have in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults nowhere to go. they try hard to fight charity. court documents relieve another lowered their blood sugar mom owner and president of a president trump on these issues. media company paid to have her and reached an a1c of less than seven the risk on the republican side is that the republicans do not and maintained it. son billed as a talented oh! under seven? have a healthcare plan. they need a plan to counter and you may lose weight. this because you did get a in the same one-year study, judge ruling against the trump adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. administration on healthcare pole-vaulter including phony oh! up to 12 pounds? yesterday. pictures added to his profile. having said that the democrats are going to need to come up a two-year study showed the owner of a vineyard in napa that ozempic® does not increase the risk with a policy that actually of major cardiovascular events convinces people that they are is accused of paying for exam doing something for people like heart attack, stroke, or death. rather than just trying to cheating and bribing a water oh! no increased risk? muddy the waters and take down polo coach at the university of ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ trump and come up with these southern california to facilitate his daughter's admission to that school. ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, socialist policies. his daughter did not play water >> julie: people need healthcare. or for people with type 1 diabetes it will drive the polls. polo but a fabricated athletic maria bartiromo, thank you so
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or diabetic ketoacidosis. photo included the photo of do not share needles or pens. much. someone else playing water polo. don't reuse needles. we'll be watching you on fbn. court documents show a $50,000 do not take ozempic® if you have a personal or family history >> bill: top border patrol payment to the usc women's of medullary thyroid cancer, officials say they've reached multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, their breaking point and agents athletic board and $200,000 have been forced to let payment to singer's phony or if you are allergic to ozempic®. migrants go free because stop taking ozempic® and get medical help right away they're at capacity. foundation. when president trump is if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, threatening to sthut down the next week the famous actresses border. severe stomach pain, itching, did you see this? have a listen here. laugh lynn and hoffman are rash, or trouble breathing. >> this is a huge hoax that has serious side effects may happen, expected to appear here in boston in federal court. including pancreatitis. been perpetrated that makes every other hoax in our >> bill: president trump tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy lifetime pale in comparison. unleashing last night 90 minute or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin not a shred of evidence. rally in michigan tearing into everybody. may increase the risk for low blood sugar. all four fisa warrants were our headliner is michael based on absolute lies put common side effects are nausea, caputo, former campaign advisor vomiting, diarrhea, together by hillary clinton's stomach pain, and constipation. campaign team. coming up next hour. >> the media and the people some side effects can lead to dehydration, >> julie: rush limbaugh from the obama administration which may worsen kidney problems. sounding off on the obama i discovered the potential with ozempic®. who ran the scandal are still ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ running it. the objective remains by ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. administrations. should the president make all driving trump out of office, fisa documents public? michael caputo is here to driving his numbers down, defeating him in 2020. respond. >> bill: march madness at nighttime. opening day during the day. president is traveling to the dodgers blasting eight home l.a. baby! l.a. baby! runs to start the season. washington for talks witha deal be a booker
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>> bill: fox news alert. >> bill: new video this morning. border patrol forced to release new reaction coming in after president trump takes a bit of migrants during a surge in a post mueller victory lap in asylum seekers as homeland michigan last night unloading security secretary kirstjen on his opponents. 90 minutes in length rally. nielsen sends another letter to congress about the crisis. welcome to another hour of >> there are so many immigrant "america's newsroom." sandra has the day off. julie is back for more. families trying to enter the >> julie: i am back. u.s. that border patrol now says it is forced to let many i love to add insult to my of them go right away instead of going through the normal injury. i'm julie banderas. president trump in his element on stage in front of a huge legal formalities. crowd unplugged and taking no they announced that at locations throughout the week prisoners in front of a full and now at their post in yuma, house in grand rapids, michigan. >> bill: he made a claim of full vindication getting a lot
6:19 am
arizona. agents aren't equipped to house of support. the large number of migrant a big crowd on hand as you families and children. mentioned. a bit of pushback, too. the direct release of migrants means there will be fewer check it out. >> president trump: the russia people with ankle monitors to hoax is finally dead. make sure they attend the court date. the situation is putting pressure on border towns to the collusion delusion is over. help provide for migrants once they're released. >> we want to make sure our the special counsel completed its report and found no citizens of yuma are safe but want to make sure the collusion and no obstruction. humanitarian needs of people [cheering and applause] are addressed. i don't believe it's the culture of people in yuma or of i could have told you that 2 the united states to let people 1/2 years ago very easily. go hungry and homeless. >> this is all happening after homeland security secretary total exoneration, complete kirstjen nielsen sent a letter vindication. >> it's crazy for us to be to congress asking for emergency funding to help. talking about that, though, without the mueller report in president trump touched on the front of us. topic in michigan. the whole point is here is this hinted at the possibility of more migrant caravans arriving 300 page report. $25 million, put the report out and threatened to close the there, put it with the rest of the information we have and then we'll all have a better [bleep] border. governor newsom responding to idea. >> this has been a stain on our what is happen. >> this is the federal
6:20 am
republic. it is a blight on democracy and our constitution and it can't government's responsibility. be allowed to happen again. these are legal asylum seekers, to either side. this is a partisan issue. legal asylum seekers. this is something should never being dumped at the bus stops happen again. >> what we don't have is the and in the streets while people are circling. >> border patrol says it's on trump/mueller report. we have the barr book report. track to make 100,000 arrests and there is likely to be a lot at the u.s./mexico border this month. more evidence of conspiracy 50% of which are families and even if it doesn't rise to the children. >> bill: more on that from los level of proof beyond a angeles today. thank you, jeff. reasonable doubt. >> there needs to be an >> julie: meanwhile president investigation into this and trump sounding off on the accountability for everybody border crisis among other who participated in this from things at his campaign rally in people high up in the obama michigan last night. administration all the way down >> president trump: two caravans are pouring up. and including most of the mexico could stop them so easy. mainstream media. and you know what? >> julie: mike emanuel has more if they don't it is going to from washington cost them a hell of a lot of good morning, mike. >> good morning. money, honestly. folks close to president trump they could do it so easily. who expect him to use the special counsel robert mueller so easily. if they don't, and i'm telling report and weaponize it against you right now, we will close his political enemies. >> president trump: one of my the [bleep] border. very first acts in office was to withdraw our country from
6:21 am
that horrible, potentially >> julie: we're getting democratic reaction from new disastrous trade deal. jersey congressman jeff van and stop the off shoring of michigan jobs. drew. thank you for coming in this morning. i'm sure you have a lot to say about the president having a saved a lot of jobs. you are empty factories are lot to say. still all over the place and he has threatened to shut down the mexican border before if haven't recovered from nafta. migrant caravans are not nafta is going to be a thing of stopped. the past soon. there has been an uptick in the last year of tens of thousands >> democrats are demanding to see the actual mueller report of migrants coming in. which we're told is more than children included. what do democrats plan to do 300 pages. six committee chairs set a about the border crisis and deadline of next tuesday for what was your take about the attorney general william barr. president's speech last night on that topic? this morning one democrat said it is important to learn from >> my take is it's time for us the mueller report. to move on in so many ways and this is one of the ways. >> we do need to see the full we have to insure that our report. part of it is all speculation borders are safe, we have to before the report. insure that we just don't have but here is my view. do we want other countries to a constant bleeding in of folks from central america and other interfere? our tech platforms are still areas. just for humane reasons and vulnerable to social media also for security reasons. manipulation, to hacking. why not look for some common so i think -- i've always ground in this country to say supported the idea and unfortunately i don't have american elections shouldn't be
6:22 am
interfered with? >> house republicans are taking enough support from everybody aim at one of the most vocal else, to have a nonpartisan panel of experts to make democrats driving the russia recommendations based on what is really needed there. i see nothing wrong with collusion narrative. they called on adam schiff to getting even more beds. step down as chairman and gop i see nothing wrong with even leaders say there must be more security. i see nothing wrong withholding consequences and democrats should admit they were wrong. these folks in mexico so we can >> they want to double down and process them properly. look, if he has some secret >> julie: that is something evidence that he is hiding from that is supposed to be happening now. they are supposed to be processed in mexico. if you try to seek asylum you the prosecutors, this is lunacy. wait in line in mexico and once allowed into this country nobody should have wanted it to happen but it didn't. you're allowed in. for two years they've been >> that's not always happening. >> julie: of course, people end peddling this lie. up getting released and then >> a week since robert mueller they end up sneaking in anyway. turned in his reports and all they'll get in no matter what. sides are very fired up about the frustration on the part of it. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: our next guest says he the gop is what solutions, real solutions. feels personally vindicated. you say a bipartisan panel is a he is our headliner. start. what are the real solutions michael caputo former trump that democrats are looking for? you need to stop this. campaign senior advisor. it needs to stop. welcome back to our program today. >> thanks a lot for inviting me. you agree there is a crisis on the board. >> bill: explain your vindication, how do you see it?
6:23 am
enhanced security. money is going toward that in the recent immigration bill. >> you know, not just me, there still not enough. >> here is what i believe. has to be upwards of 50 old let's talk about immigration school trump associates who were there from the very just in its totality. number one, we need to have a beginning in the campaign era, all the eras under the physical barrier. we do need some wall. microscope that are feeling we do need vertical stripes. vindicated today. >> julie: we have a democrat we're all witnesses in this saying we need a wall. bogus series of investigations. not subjects, not targets, >> it doesn't mean it has to be we're witnesses but, you know, as long as there was a criminal from sea to shining sea. we definitely need areas of a investigation out there like wall and significant strong, the mueller investigation, that vertical fencing. group could turn you from a we need more beds. witness to a target in the we need more technology. blink of an eye and they often we need more drones, we need -- to me they threatened to. more manpower. so as long as mueller was we need to insure our borders are safe. we are not an open border hanging out a shingle, as long as he was going to work every country period. i do not believe in that. i do not believe it's good for day going after this our security. i do not believe it's good for investigation we were all in danger. with the closure of his office the economic health of the country and i don't think it's and the presentation of his something we should do. report, i think a lot of us can at the same time, i also believe that we should take breathe freely. care of the dreamers, these are you look around and it is a folks that were here since they crater where your life used to were little children and they be. should go through a process >> julie: i want to talk about where they learn about america, your former life.
6:24 am
i need i think for people at swear the oath, take the test home to understand how badly and become americans and that you suffered. a lot of people who associated is even true for the other with the president who was then undocumented folks that are here. so at the end of the day just candidate donald trump assumed all his friends, all of his want to finish this up. at the end of the day if we have secure borders, take care campaign staff were these uber of the people that are here, wealthy, spoiled new yorkers. move them forward not amnesty you were not one of those but get them through the people and in fact you were process, then we're done with loyal and in turn your college this. funds that you had saved for it's an issue of leadership on both sides. your children, you almost lost >> julie: i think, hey, call nancy pelosi after this segment your home. and tell her that and see if you had struggled financially. every time you were called to you get her to agree. washington it cost you $20,000 i think the republicans would love for you to actually to $30,000 each time. represent the democrats on that that is not money you had topic. i have to move on. falling off of trees. your life has been forever the president also again went changed because of this. >> it truly has. after chairman adam schiff and also the dirty dossier as he dozens more lives. calls. i know you don't love the words i lost my business basically. he chose but i'll play a clip and i have a question for you. i've lost 75% of my clients. had the lay off had my staff. >> president trump: little close half my offices. it is a p.r. business. pencil neck adam schiff. people when they hire you want good news, not bad news. when they hire a guy who is i saw him today, well, we don't under the cloud of a bogus
6:25 am
really know. there could still have been investigation, it doesn't help them at all. some russia collusion. i've lost everything. you know, my kids were crushed by this, my wife was a rock sick, sick. these are sick people. through the whole thing but now >> julie: i'm sorry. the one thing that is common that was funny. the name calling uncalled for. through all of us, as the i tell my kids name calling not investigation has unfolded none of us could talk to each other a good thing. i don't practice it myself. anymore. it's donald trump. in fact, there are some out >> then we laugh when it there who completely disappeared. happens. >> julie: because it's funny. they didn't want to speak to anyone. nobody in the administration but obviously he is not being wanted to speak to them. literal. now that the smoke is clearing he doesn't actually think his neck is paid out of a pencil. some of -- they're coming out that's not the point. schiff. of the jungle like japanese do you believe he is in the soldiers wondering if the war wrong? he pressed an agenda for two is over. we're starting to talk to each years without getting the facts. other and the stories of the facts are now out. destruction are just now being should he resign and step down? told. i know of one family where the >> that's not for me to say. mom and the dad lost their jobs. the voters in his district will make a decision. the destruction was complete in >> julie: do you agree with many, many ways. anything the president said? >> what i would like to see and >> bill: you said $400,000 were hopefully the president would your legal fees. i believe that figure came out like to see and there really of your mouth, right? are some like-minded democrats >> it's over 200. who would like to see as well for us to stop asking for i raised 380 and able to pay impeachment of the president, all of my legal fees and pay
6:26 am
to stop asking for all this the legal fees of four other name calling back and forth. i keep emphasizing that we have trump associates. there is a lot of people out work to do. thfor eight months. we're not talking about social security and medicare and what's going on in the mideast and a host of other issues. on the fisa issue, first rush every day it is this. limbaugh last night said this let me tell you something, i about it. get in my district a lot and on >> the fisa warrants to spy on the street a lot. you know what people are least the trump campaign were illegal. interested in by and large? the judges there were either this stuff. >> julie: we appreciated you complicit and lied to and now don't care. comitiger we have a two-tier justice system. we're at a very, very dangerous point in the history of our nation and there is just one guy standing up against all of this and that is trump. >> bill: perhaps there is investigation about the fisa court. 11 judges spread out all over the country designated by the supreme court. court staff looks over things to make it meets the legal requirements. 99.8 requests approved. after 9/11 it was used as an
6:27 am
anti-terror thing. how do you think it was used in this case, michael? >> we all believe it was used to create terror, to terrorize our families and terrorize even the people targeted. roger stone, paul manafort, george papadopoulos. the list goes on and on. you saw what they did when they raid i had roger stone's house with the strength of an army. this fisa court and the fisa process has to be dramatically -- dramatically reformed. we have to reform our special counsel law that doesn't give them the license to become terrorists in their own right. we don't really think about it but people who were left for dead after the clinton investigations and the bush investigation. this has been going on a long time. >> bill: manafort is behind bars. he pled guilty. michael cohen is going to jail in a month. you were tied in with a guy by
6:28 am
the name of henry greenberg and you believe -- apparently he was some sort of russian asset. you yourself worked in russia back in the 1990s. and you were connected with stone, manafort through your ties with the campaign. how did henry greenberg come into contact with you and where do you think he came from? >> it's interesting. that whole recitation you told me, the viewers is really why i'm in this jackpot. i was in russia in the 90s. i was sent there by the clinton administration to medal in russian elections. i was there during the yeltsin years, not the putin years. you can understand why i'd be someone they would look at. i understand that myself. i didn't expect the treatment i got. one thing they sent a guy named henry greenberg at me. he is a russian criminal. was in prison in russia 10 years, in prison in my
6:29 am
telephone calling from miami offering information to the trump campaign. i deflected the call to roger stone. but it wasn't until a year later that i figured out that this guy was a 17-year f.b.i. informant. i have every document to prove it. i have copies of his f.b.i. informant visas, henry greenberg isn't his real name and worked for the f.b.i. they sent him at me in may of 2016. they talk about the beginning of the full investigation being at the end of july. this was may. so they were sending people like henry greenberg, stefan helper, other mysterious characters at every angle of the trump campaign. somebody someday will find out there were probably more than a dozen people they sent at us because they aren't going to just send helper to george papadopoulos when there are all kinds of people they could access. at least they could try to access.
6:30 am
the f.b.i. was loading up trump tower with people looking to make contact. >> bill: thank you for coming back. i read where you said my life has been on pause for years and we're ready to press play again. hope you come back again. >> julie: i hope you can get your life back. >> we all need it. all of us. thank you. >> bill: 12 minutes past the hour now. >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and remorse, my recommendation is when he writes the check in the memo section he can put the words i'm accountable for the hoax. >> julie: chicago mayor rahm emanuel outlining the city's demands to recoup costs of the investigation into jussie smollett case. chicago ordering $130,000 payment from the actor. but smollett's lawyer says it is the city that should be paying, and matt finn explains why from chicago. >> this morning the city of chicago is not backing down insisting that jussie smollett filed a false police report that cost the city $130,000 in
6:31 am
overtime during the course of its investigation. chicago's law department wrote a letter to jussie smollett writing that the chicago police investigation revealed smollett knowingly filed a false report and wants $130,000 in seven days writing if the amount is not timely paid, the department of law might prosecute you for making a false statement to the city. chicago's mayor rahm emanuel blasting the actor saying he is a liar, smollett owes the city and taxpayers and the president says the department of justice will be investigating this case. >> has he said a single word about any hate crime or some sense of notion that there was a hate crime committed and he will bring those accountable and responsible for the perpetuation of a crime against a gay man, a black gay man? no. nothing. >> president trump: maybe the only time i've ever agreed with the mayor of chicago. that's a terrible situation. that's an embarrassment not
6:32 am
only to chicago, that is an embarrassment to our country. >> the national district attorney's association and the illinois prosecutors bar releasing statements condemning cook county state attorney kim foxx's actions calling this case abnormal and dishonest. foxx says there is confusion by the public because people don't understand the intricacies of alternative prosecution. >> so while it's frustrating the nature of his offense, we treated him the way we would treat similarly situated folks. >> kim foxx recused herself during the case during the height of the investigation but her office said she never formally recused herself, they used it in a colloquial versus legal sense. >> julie: big difference. thank you. >> bill: thank you, matt. investigators finding new clues in the crash of the boeing 737
6:33 am
max plane in ethiopian. it connected both deadly boeing crashes. a live report on what we're learning about that. >> julie: an uphill climb for moderate democrats in the 2020 field. is the party's left wing winning the day? >> president trump: the democrat party has never been further outside of the mainstream. they are being brought so far left. you wouldn't like it, folks, you wouldn't like it. you won't be happy. for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. look for savings in your weekly paper.
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> it's going to be a hoot as they try to compete against each other who can destroy america fastest or get america out of this country the soonest or what have you. they don't love or speak posively. the democrats are not laughing or having a good time or not enjoying life. everything is apocalyptic. >> bill: that was rush limbaugh. let's bring in america's a-team. the fox news political analyst and co-host of the five, juan williams. a senior fellow for independent women's voice the lovely lisa boothe. also he was the associated tore for the wall street journey, john bussey looking as handsome
6:38 am
as ever. >> bill: what limbaugh said the folks on the other side on the left aren't having any fun. he says trump is the one who is having all the laughs. >> he is saying the left is going off the rails. they are. they look at medicare for all, something outside of the mainstream when bernie sanders first introduced it and now it's a litmus test for democrats. green new deal. good luck selling that to the rust belt states is president trump's path to victory. good luck telling michigan voters that you'll destroy the fossil fuel industry and jack up energy and electricity prices in the state. what i think is funny democrats seem to be putting their hopes in joe biden. this is a guy who hasn't had a tough race since 1972 if you look at his electoral history, two failed presidential bids under his belt and 36 years in the senate of a record to
6:39 am
answer to. how fun is that? >> do you think he is running? >> i don't care. i don't think he ends up being a nominee and as strong as a contender as some people think he is. >> bill: now cows and cars. >> it's a total distortion of the reality. what's going on, you see people responding to the cries coming from the voters especially on healthcare. this was a bad week for president trump on healthcare. not because of democrats or anything liberals were asserting because his own party clearly does not want to get back into the healthcare fight after what happened in the mid-terms 2018 when, as you saw, the democrats were able to regain control of the house by pushing one issue, healthcare and especially the notion of protecting people with pre-existing conditions in terms of their insurance coverage. now what you see the president has reopened that box. the trouble for the republicans with no understanding that he needs a plan that is better, which is what he had long
6:40 am
promised. he doesn't have it. you see people saying mr. president, even the president's most stalwart supporters, mr. president, this was a mistake. >> primaries push the political rhetoric to the far left and right sometimes. you see that this time around. you see a left position forwarded in the green new deal. at the same time a lot of democrats are backing away from it. they know it won't be popular with the electorate. the vote in the senates where all the democrats voted present, they aren't going to endorse this idea. i think the republicans are trying to paint the democrats as having this position and the democrats are trying to play the politics of this. not to force the left away, the support they may have in the primaries but also not embrace it. rush limbaugh is right about one thing. not a lot of laughs in the campaign. not funny candidates on one side or the other. both sides could use a bit more
6:41 am
humor. >> julie: i want to push back on what juan was talking about regarding healthcare. something you are saying the gop would be up against a very hard-fought battle. but at the same time don't they have to fix it? that's what they've been complaining about from day one. bottom line i'm talking about the republicans. the gop needs to fix it but this is a battle they should be taking on and the premiums for healthcare are so high. there are so many americans that don't have health insurance they simply can't afford it. it does fall on the republicans. they need to do something about it. so what does the gop do before 2020 to make it right? they did fail first time around. >> it is not first time around. they've had 60 repeal and replace votes and yet to come with anything. >> julie: when it was initially posted after the presidential election. >> what we have now is no clear consensus on the republican side where to go with healthcare. they believe in free markets, they believe in choice, all of that. but the problem for them is
6:42 am
that obamacare i think in march this month actually turned nine years old. it has impacted everything from hospitals, how hospitals operate to medicare and medicaid. it stabilized in terms of enrollment. so what republicans need to do is to come up with a plan that they can get behind. but remember, they don't control the house anymore. so the likelihood now is the min -- it was getting out and selling to the american people. if they ask the voters, the voters say it's the democrats they trust on this. >> bill: debate whether you change el the texas ruling. these owe see what they can do with the issue. back to what we started however. this is a president who seems to feast on the far left ideas. whether it's a green new deal or socialism. he believes that there is a wedge that he can drive all the way to 2020 on this. the comment on socialism last night.
6:43 am
>> president trump: you want to see those 401ks and all your stocks and all of the things, you want to see them deflate? put a good socialist in this position. go get yourself a good socialist. you will see some deflation. you'll see a nice deflate of your stocks and your bonds and your 401ks. they're now advancing an extreme $100 trillion government takeover called the green new deal. no more airplanes, no more cows. one car per family. one car, you'll love that in michigan. how do you like the idea of one car per family? i don't think so. >> i would say the second highest polled democrat so far is bernie sanders, a socialist. democrats are talking about government-run healthcare, also
6:44 am
takeovers of major industries with the green new deal. healthcare democrats are split. you have some embracing government-run healthcare with medicare for all and others -- you talk about disruption in healthcare. medicare for all? eliminating private industries? have fun trying to talk about that. >> it's a character cure. at the end of the kay the president will run in 2020 the economy will be good or slowing down. that will be a huge issue for him. healthcare will be a major issue. it was in 2018. there will be a resolution proposed by the republicans or there isn't. those are issues. the rhetoric will appeal to that 35% of his base. the rest of the country will be voting largely in the middle and they will be looking for resolution of some of these bigger issues. >> i want an invitation from bill hemmer to attend one of these trump rallies. that looked like so much fun. lock her up, lock her up. lock her up. i'm telling you.
6:45 am
if you and i go, i won't get enemy of the people if i go with you >> i want to come, too. >> they'll let lisa. you report back and john can be the arbiter. >> julie: president trump sounding off on trade and impact on the american worker as trade talks with china continue in beijing. steve mnuchin offering a positive report on them. can a deal get done? >> bill: the president touting success on the economy. charles payne the money man is coming up next on that. >> president trump: unemployment has reached the lowest rate in 51 years and soon it will be in the history of our country. free cancellati. bookers book now and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?]
6:46 am
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6:50 am
ethiopian airlines crash. an anti-stall system on board the boeing 737 max plane was activated just before the jet nose-dived into the ground killing everyone on board. doug mcelway has more. >> the "wall street journal" reporting that ethiopian authorities have reached a preliminary conclusion that the m-cast, the automated pitch control computer in the max 8 linked to theline air crash back in october automatically activated before the plane nose-dived into the ground this month. this was relayed during a briefing at the faa yesterday. because it is preliminary it may be subject to change. i've spoken with a couple of my sources this morning who say it doesn't change that much. it hasn't been independently corroborated. the ntsb administrator testified ethiopian investigators are being
6:51 am
transparent but the rank and file with being spoon fed information from ethiopia, not getting a look at the raw data. consider what faa acting administrator testified to each week. a properly trained pilot would have known exactly how to stop the wild pitching or runaway trim or runaway stab trim as it's called that is well documented in both aircraft. >> the same ways to deal with the m-caste inappropriate input is the same it would for in-- the same procedure. in fact, the procedure for runaway stab trim doesn't change from this to the max. it presents itself the same way and dealt with the same way. >> also consider southwest airlines has examined all 40,000 hours of flight data on its fleet of max 8s, no single pilot has reported that activation nor any pilot's
6:52 am
union in the united states. all of them contacted by the faa. it doesn't mean that ethiopian authorities are wrong but i'm being told by experienced investigators not to discount pilot error. it may turn out to be a combination of all the above. we don't know yet. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: from london the breaking news on british parliament voting on prime minister may's brexit withdrawal agreement. the prime minister says the vote on her divorce from the e.u. is the last opportunity to guarantee brexit. we'll bring you updates on this as we get them. a lot happening. >> president trump: america is now the hottest economy anywhere on the planet earth. we've embarked on an unprecedented economic revival, unprecedented. since our election win, the stock market is up almost 50%.
6:53 am
>> bill: touting the economy in michigan. to run through the numbers charles payne will take us through what we need to know. he is clocking in at what? >> the gdp number was revised lawyer but the key parts were still good. business investment. government spending up, consumer spending up. businesses i think is what everybody was worried about. that's okay. we're fine. first quarter starting to trend higher. just moments ago just right before i came in the studio the michigan consumer sentiment number. this is amazing. this tells the story that president trump should tell every single night. for the first time since 1966, the majority of americans are getting a raise. the majority. so in the consumer confidence report the bottom 2/3 of household incomes, their optimism and sentiment went through the roof because they are getting raises for the
6:54 am
first time since 1966. it's amazing. >> julie: i think the president heard you. he talked about it last night and we've got it. let's play it. >> president trump: so wages are rising substantially for those people. you are doing great. but they are also rising most quickly for the lowest income americans. first time in decades. [applause] and here is a statistic that i love because blue collar jobs recently grew at the fastest pace in more than 30 years. whoever thought? >> julie: the night before this report comes out he is out there saying in 30 years we haven't seen wages increase like this. >> you know what's amazing, the key number is 3% wage growth year-over-year. seven months in a row for blue collar workers, five months in
6:55 am
a row for overall numbers. this is the first time that the blue collar workers at the lower income workers that their wages are growing faster than the elites in this country. it has been so rare. it is so amazing. what i'm really happy about the federal reserve will let it happen. in the past they would have stopped it. i don't know why. in the past they considered wages going up to be a red flag. but powell isn't going to do that. we might be in the midst of something we haven't seen in a generation. >> bill: follow that. a big ipo list going public and a lot of value to it similar to uber for lyft. >> i'm mixed on this one. a prince with a frog with my cuff links. this could be a prince of an ipo or a dud. the company is exciting. the problem is are they overvaluing? the ipo market is a chance for the public to get a piece of the action.
6:56 am
numbers are intriguing. they loss $1 billion last year but their business is growing. i this i the stock is priced at $72. the first trade will happen at any moment. it will probably go over $100 at some time today. i wouldn't chase it but it's exciting. >> bill: what would the valuation be? >> $24 billion. >> bill: uber has to be what? >> $150 billion valuation. >> julie: i have to say lyft is going to be tough competition for uber. i think as a consumer i believe -- i went to uber but more and more people are doing lyft. these companies are offering massive discounts to rides in order to get the riders to ride with them. i would say they're big competition. >> big cities are going road diets and things like that they work personal for the business models, most large cities around the world don't want us driving into them.
6:57 am
you are absolutely right about that. >> bill: you think it's a $20 billion company right now? >> i don't think it's a $24 billion company right now. >> julie: not yet. >> the ipo came out. stock dropped like a rock. the last ipo was snapchat. up and then it dropped and was languishing. be cool about this. at some point the valuations catch up with the excitement. etsy shot up the first day, crashed and now it's through the roof for people who waited. a greater day for people in america. >> julie: you need to be a little more upbeat. thank you, charles. president trump teeing off an adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee facing republican calls to step down from his post as democrats rush to his defense.
6:58 am
>> all americans should be concerned with the chairman of the house intelligence committee taking the position of judge and jury. perpetuating false information to the american people for the last two years. california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at what do all these people have in common, limu? [ guttural grunt ] exactly. nothing! they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need.
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>> bill: members of parliament rejecting may's plan. failed by 58 votes. drop in for a moment in london. >> on a point of order mr. speaker, this is the third time the prime minister's deal has been rejected. the prime minister said it's clear this house does not support the deal. does she now finally accept that the house does not support the deal? because she seemed to indicate just now that she is going to return to this issue again. on monday this house has a chance -- i say to all members, mr. speaker, the responsibility to find a majority for a better deal for all the people of this country. mr. speaker, the house has been
7:03 am
clear this deal now has to change. there has to be an alternative found. if the prime minister can't accept that, then she must go not at a date in the future but now so we can decide the future of this country through a general election. >> bill: opposition leader, the vote goes down and fails, theresa may has been trying to get this deal passed in parliament. it looks like at the moment the brexit mess will continue and perhaps it gets even deeper by the day here. john bussey from the "wall street journal" is with me on this. she could resign, you could have new elections, you could leave the e.u. in a couple weeks from now and take the deal that's on the table or perhaps you throw it all out the window yet-again.
7:04 am
>> it's a mess in bitian right now. businesses not engaging in expansions. it is not just the parliament in britain. it is a lot of economic growth that is being held back. there is a lot of business decisions that are also being held back. this is going to have a long-term impact. >> bill: rewind as to why the brexit vote happened. folks in the u.k. did not want to be legislated by a group of half a dozen members of the e.u. commission out of brussels. they wanted to make their own laws. we have ben hall. i don't know where we go now but what do you have from there? >> high political drama today. many people considered may's vote the last opportunity to pass brexit in her way. and it really is open now. basically the u.k. have 14 days
7:05 am
the try and find a path forward. the parliament had rejected no deal. they have rejected a second referendum. they've rejected may's deal. you can hear her speaking there frankly saying i'm not sure if there is a majority for anything moving forward. the u.k. would fall out of the e.u. with no deal in 14 days as it currently stands. that has huge catastrophic effects on the e.u. and u.k. i think because this last was down to 58, this was a third vote. the first she lost by 249, then 100. this one by 58. there may be a window to come back next week and try her deal one more time. she would have to do a deal of some sort with the dup. the northern irish party who have had the control all along. they have just 10 seats but they've been concerned about being split off from the rest of the u.k. and being left to join ireland. they might be key here and we
7:06 am
have to see if she can bring her deal back one more time next week. other than that every option remains on the table. it is chaos in british politics. >> bill: they could have another election if that's the case, maybe boris johnson steps in and theresa may is out. some think they could have another referendum and redo the entire vote. how will that go over for those who thought big brother was telling them what to do? >> it is frustrating for voters. they are rejecting the will of voters who wanted a way out and politicians can't figure out a way to deliver that. i imagine there is a lot of frustration as well. >> julie: theresa may said she would resign. i wonder if those words would put pressure on this. it was believed it would pass today. >> we go back to last weekend. there was a huge turnout of people saying let's have another brexit vote. i think it's unlikely. >> julie: not even partial negotiation. >> i don't think the e.u. would
7:07 am
make concessions of the magnitude that many in the parliament would like. britain is on the spot now. they'll lose business and investment and people are moving headquarters out of london into other european union countries. >> britain has been a stabilizing voice in europe for a long time. you see right wing sentiment rising if places like poland and hungary, denmark, italy. the same kind of rejection of immigration. part of this was e.u. citizens being allowed to come into britain. british felt they were taking jobs. the same sentiment is spreading across europe. we've seen it before in history and it doesn't bode well. >> bill: an economic choice. they didn't want to be dictated what they had to do in terms of regulations dictated out of brussels. >> that's true. >> i think there are lots of britains who didn't vote.
7:08 am
who thought it won't happen and all of a sudden boris johnson sentiment carried the day. lots of people think it isn't true of the entire electorate. >> bill: don't underestimate the voter. thank you all. >> julie: accusations of workplace dysfunction and bad behavior on a long running talk show. what goes on behind the scenes of "the view" next. every veteran, every service member out there,
7:09 am
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7:12 am
>> bill: new book dishing the dirt on the view called "ladies who punch." carley shimkus here with us. what's the book about? >> i love that title. "ladies who punch." very clever stuff. by a woman who is the new york bureau chief for variety. he spoke to all the major hosts besides elizabeth hasselbeck and whoopie goldberg. the book is out april 2. he says one of the major themes of the book is that the power that barbara walters had and the fact that it was filmed outside abc headquarters allowed workplace misconduct to run rampant. there are stories of rosie
7:13 am
o'donnell getting into major fights with the director, major fights with nicole wallace, nicole wallace going to human resources. she said she didn't know what human resources was at the time. which shows that people weren't getting into trouble for bad behavior. if you ever wondered why there was such significant turnover in hosts. there have been so many hosts of that show, if this is true it could be one of the reasons. >> julie: i'm going to just -- i have to call out the obvious. when you put a bunch of women together with differing opinions, fists are going to fly or rosie o'donnell's case words. that's why she was on the show. they knew what they were getting with rosie o'donnell the same with any loudmouth liberal they put on the show. >> it has been amazing the show has been going for almost 22 years. it covers the news and makes news. meghan mccain responding to
7:14 am
president trump insulting her father recently. the criticism says it shouldn't be called the view. just one view. the best thing the show did was have two conservatives and one with such a strong personality in meghan mccain. >> bill: ladies who punch. >> julie: president trump going on the offensive over the russia hoax in michigan in his first big rally since the release of the mueller report. anchor chris wallace will join us in just moments. . they're our parents...
7:15 am
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7:18 am
>> julie: we begin with a fox news aler. president trump taking a victory lap at his rally in michigan last night saying the russian hoax is finally dead. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. happy friday. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the president not holding back. grand rapids, michigan, taking shots at former f.b.i. officials and 2020 contenders and congressman adam schiff among many others. >> julie: john roberts is live on the white house north lawn. hi, john. >> bill: on his way out the door yesterday i asked president trump if last night's rally would be a victory lap. he did not answer me directly. it was pretty clear that last night was not only a victory lap but the president did a bunch of donuts in the infield, too. listen here. >> president trump: after three years of lies and smears and
7:19 am
slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. [cheering and applause] the collusion delusion is over. i could have told you that 2 1/2 years ago very easily. [cheering and applause] total exoneration, complete vindication. >> democrats still argue the mueller report is not a complete exoneration or vindication. pointing to the sentence that attorney general barr's letter to congress saying the report does not exonerate president trump on the obstruction of justice issue but the president keeping up the attacks last night singling out the democrats for pursuing the investigation with special mention to the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. listen here. >> president trump: little pencil neck adam schiff. the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public
7:20 am
with ridiculous [bleep]. >> a question of whether there was collusion with russia now fully answered the president hitting the reset button pivoting to policy issues. he promises that he and republicans like lindsey graham, rick scott, john barrasso and bill cassidy will come up with a healthcare plan. listen to what he said. >> president trump: we've put together a group of four or five and bill cassidy is a terrific healthcare person and they are going to work together, come up with something that is really spectacular, maybe we'll even get support in the house from democrats. but it will be far better than obamacare. if we win on obamacare, it will be terminated in the court. and we'll see what happens. >> the president taking a turn to the issue of infrastructure today. he will be visiting the town of canal point on the shores of
7:21 am
lake okeechobee. it is to look at state partnerships on infrastructure and we expect to hear from the president later on today when he visits there. >> julie: john roberts, thank you. >> bill: i'm joined by the host of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. how are you doing on a friday? what did you think of last night? let's start there. >> you know, it's like i say, what do you think a hurricane whatever. he is a force of nature. depending on your view it is certainly entertaining. either it is invigorating or horrifying. i'm sure various americans had feelings of all of the above. he is taking a victory lap. it's not premature. no. he had a completely clean bill of health when it came to collusion. mixed clean bill of health when it came to obstruction. but no reason why he shouldn't play this for all it's worth.
7:22 am
no question when the report comes out democrats will go after him again. he will deal with them tomorrow. it's a hurricane. >> bill: kimberly strassel. the question for reality-minded democrats is how they put the russia genie back in the bottle. it was supposed to spell the ends of mr. trump. if they play their cards wrong it could help him to reelection, end quote. there is a strategy in there, right? >> the democrats understand that and why nancy pelosi this week as soon as the report came out -- they can do two things at one time. no question you'll see people like adam schiff, people like elijah cummings continue to go after president trump the way democrats in 2016 went after hillary clinton on emails and benghazi. it continues to put them on the
7:23 am
defensive and continues to energize the base. nancy pelosi said this week as soon as the report came out we have to focus on issues that actually affect people's lives and they'll do that. they'll do that on healthcare. they'll do it on equal pay, education, variety of other issues. they have a big gift. the president announcing he is all in on repealing -- not repealing but having the courts strike down obamacare, democrats see that as an issue that's favorable to them and not very helpful to republicans. frankly, from the reactions you got from the top republican in the house kevin mccarthy and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate they seem to agree with pelosi. >> bill: interesting how both sides pivoted on tuesday. rush limbaugh was on with bret and sean last night. a segment about the accountability for the mueller matter. two points to be made after you hear this, chris. >> they began an investigation
7:24 am
based on a phony dossier created and written by associates of hillary clinton. it was opposition research. this is outrageous what has happened here. there needs to be an investigation into this. there needs to be accountability for everybody who participated in this. >> bill: we'll wait on that. here is my sense. the mueller report will go out. i don't know how much redaction is contained. i any nancy pelosi and adam schiff will make a point of saying on page so and so here are questions. it will continue for them. >> absolutely. again -- >> bill: a couple months after that you have this probe of the f.b.i. and the department of justice right now and inspector general looking how the fisa warrant was handled in the first place. that is going to come on the tail end of the mueller report. my guess is that for most people they've either made up their minds and moved on and there is not a lot of convincing at this point
7:25 am
forward. >> you're right on a couple of points. directly to rush limbaugh, my dear friend rush, there is an investigation going on. inspector general. critical of the f.b.i. when it came to how they handled this clinton investigation last year. and they will say the same thing -- they'll have a report on the trump investigation. you are exactly right. when the report comes out, particularly on obstruction, it is not a clean bill of health. barr ended up saying he didn't think there was a basis for prosecution but as you point out they'll say he did this or this happened. and there is only one other point i want to make. this will drive some of our viewers nuts. the trump investigation did not start with the fisa warrant and carter page and the dossier. it started in june and july of 2016 when george papadopoulos had spoken to a russian agent
7:26 am
and spoke to an australian diplomat and said he had heard they had information on -- dirt on hillary clinton. that's when the investigation started. it wasn't october, it wasn't september. it was in july and it was george papadopoulos. not to say that the fisa warrant -- let me finish. not a legitimate basis for inquiry but it's not where the investigation started. it is just a fact. >> bill: i think i would add we think in quotes. because the story is not entirely yet revealed. >> i don't think there is any doubt they started investigating. everyboefd agrees they started investigating in the summer of 2016. look, i'm not saying what they did was right or any of that but we know that's when the investigation started. there has been documentation of that. >> bill: you'll have kellyanne conway on this weekend on "fox news sunday"? >> we are. we'll talk to her about all
7:27 am
these things. talk about the mueller report, talk to her about healthcare and even ask her when the investigation started. >> bill: thank you, chris. good to have you back. enjoy the weekend. thanks. >> julie: protests planned tomorrow in gaza and along the border with israel after a violent flare-up. netanyahu says he is prepared to wage a military campaign in gaza if all else fails. the unrest coming two weeks before an israeli election. trey yengst is in gaza city with the latest. >> the clock is ticking and tension is rising in gaza as factions work with egyptian negotiators to hammer out the details of a cease-fire agreement. in over 20 hours massive demonstrations are expected along the israeli/gaza border. hamas is looking to avoid a mass casualty situation. fox news was granted access inside the negotiating room.
7:28 am
we saw the leader of hamas working with egyptian negotiators trying to figure out a way to avoid a major clash tomorrow with the israeli military. the mood there was serious but not too tense. it did appear the sides, including jihad, the second largest group inside gaza were working with the egyptian to look at humanitarian needs that the gaza people need. expanded fishing zones and salaries for government employees. a long list of things that leadership is looking for and working with the egyptian at this hour trying to figure out ways in the images you're seeing are inside the negotiating room in gaza city where they are looking to find those last details to get this agreement out the door before those demonstrations tomorrow. meanwhile, demonstrations are still underway today along the israel/gaza border. we saw fires being set by protestors lighting tires on
7:29 am
fire. you can see tanks and armored vehicles from the israeli military preparing for the potential of a ground operation. we're getting information right now julie that one protestor has been shot in the stomach and taken to a local hospital. it gives you an idea how tense things are here. live ammunition and tear gas being used. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: 11 past the hour. watch that story as it develops. back at home president trump threatening to shut down the southern border as the agents deal with a record number of migrants and their facilities to house them at full capacity. >> it will only progressively get worse unless we have some major policy revision. >> former acting ice director tom homan joins us for a breakdown of the numbers. >> julie: caphill democrats are defending the full mueller report. will they get it? will the american people see it? congressman chris stewart is here and will tell us what he thinks. >> now thank you, mr. attorney
7:30 am
general. we don't need your interpretation. show us the report. and we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you interpreting for us. , balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. look for savings in your weekly paper. a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families.
7:31 am
it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now.
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>> bill: fox news alert. a live press conference in new york. health officials addressing a measles outbreak in the state. a live look from new city north of manhattan, rockland county. officials reporting another case of measles.
7:34 am
total 157. 40% of those in kids age 3 or younger. county already declaring an emergency and banning unvaccinated children from public places for a period of 30 days. parents violating the ban we're told could face fines or even jail time. rockland county, new york. >> president trump: two caravans are pouring up. mexico could stop them so easy. and you know what? if they don't, it will cost them a hell of a lot of money. if they don't, i'm telling you right now, we will close the [bleep] border. >> julie: president trump defending his national emergency declaration, kirstjen nielsen is asking for authority to send illegal migrants children back to their home country. tom homan is fox news contributor. thank you very much for talking to us. every single day it's the same
7:35 am
thing. nothing is getting done. the democrats are in control. they say they don't want open borders. what are they doing about it? the president tried to declare a national emergency. that clearly didn't work. what will? >> you said it, congress has failed the american people. the democratic leadership -- show me one thing they've done to slow this crisis at the border. they claim they aren't open borders. what have they done to address the surge at the border? the only thing doing anything is this administration. the president has done executive action, declared national emergency. he gets sued every time he tries to stem the flow. the ninth circuit has him tied up. instead of democratic leader asking to abolish the federal law enforcement agency enacting laws they think don't work. they do their job and fix the laws so they work and close the loopholes that entice these people to come.
7:36 am
>> julie: the border crisis escalates by the day. immigration officials are holding hundreds of parents and children in the makeshift facilities. it is outrageous and dangerous and humanitarian crisis. including in a parking lot. what are they supposed to do with them? the democrats say children are being wrongfully held. blame the parents. i spoke with a congressman earlier in the show. even as a democrat he believes the border needs a barrier or wall to stop the crisis. interesting he takes a stand that most democrats don't. let's listen. >> we are not an open border country period. i do not believe in that. i do not believe it's good for our security. i do not believe it's good for the economic health of the country. and i don't think that is something we should do. at the same time, i also believe that we should take care of the dreamers, these are folks that were here since they were little children and they should go through a process where they learn about american, swear the oath, take the test and become americans.
7:37 am
>> julie: it was kind of a deal that the gop had hoped maybe they could strike in order to get more money for the wall, right? so they wanted the wall. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer want nothing to do with anything that has to do with a barrier. here you have a democrat saying we need a barrier. if there is no barrier, no money to build the wall, what are they going to do? what's next? >> i met him in the greenroom after that interview. i was doing another interview and i thanked him. this congressman put politics aside for a moment and talked to fox news what he thinks needs to be done to fix the border. i agree with most everything he said. so that's what needs to happen. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, there is no down side on securing our border. there is no down side unless illegal -- there is no down side on saving lives. people die making this journey as we've seen children have died. there is no down side unless
7:38 am
drugs are being smuggled across this country. i don't care if republican or democrat your number one responsibility is to protect the nation, protect the sovereignty and secure our border. i agree with the congressman. what needs to be done if congress isn't going to fix this legislatively. if the president gets sued by the ninth circuit every time he turns around we need to control the border. >> julie: do you shut the border? you try to get mexico to get involved. mexico is not doing anything. you send eye e asylum seekers to mexico and they get in. without a barrier if you don't close the border it is not going to stop. >> what we can do and it's controversial but i don't care. i've done it and it worked. ice needs to get out there right now and look for these family groups and these single adults that enter the country illegally. they had due process and demanded to see a judge. we've done that at great taxpayer expense. they've been ordered removed by a federal judge. ice needs to find the family
7:39 am
units, detain them and remove them. because if those orders from a judge don't mean anything, there is no integrity in the system. i did this about 3 1/2 years ago and once we removed a large portion of family units showing we have -- there is deterrents and some sort of consequence to strie lateing our laws the number on the border went down. nobody is leaving right now. it's a win/win. there has to be a detriment. we need to get out there and donation wide operation. i've done it and it worked. >> julie: great to have you on. thank you so much. >> bill: anotherly aert breaking news on a massive college admissions cheating scandal. more than a dozen wealthy parents set to be in court today. we're live with that update. >> overhyping the issue itself is putting false stress on people. climate change isn't worth having emotional break downs. >> julie: one university trying to handle anxiety and stress
7:40 am
the climate change debate is affecting their students. >> bill: the city of chicago telling jesse smollett to pay up with a big bill. president trump weighing in on that. we'll take you to chicago and where we are on that next. i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> bill: you saw the breaking news 45 minutes ago. the latest vote in british parliament failed by 58 votes. now you see the turnout outside of parliament in central london. look at that crowd. prime minister theresa may saying the implications of the house's decision are grave. the european union now warning a no-deal brexit looks likely as soon as the 12th of april. all kinds of questions about the future for the government and theresa may. will they do a new vote?
7:44 am
rumored to happen across the u.k. that's the scene in london 3:25 in the afternoon. the fallout will continue for some time. keep it right here. >> julie: the university of washington offering a class on climate change not on finding solutions but how to cope with anxiety over it. critics calling it snowflake 101. dan springer is live in seattle with more. >> we've done some research and we can't find another class like this in the country. it is not just conservatives poking fun at the college course, scientists who believe humans do play a role in climate change the class called environmental climate anxiety. the fears among young people are increasing mainly because of headlines like these that say we're at a point of no return. the planet is on a path to destruction. every time there is a natural disaster media outlets point to
7:45 am
global warming. more people are talking about climate anxieties. the university of washington is now offering a class to help people cope with their environmental grief. students spend an hour each week in nature and write about their feelings and get a survival kit for others. >> young people have a lot of anxiety and for many reasons. anything we can do to help them cope with that is good. >> others are calling for calm and perspective. natural disasters have always happened. yes, the planet is about a degree and a half warmer it was before 1900 but the worst effects of warming are way out in the future and science is working on ways to mitigate them. >> it's unfortunate that we've had vulnerable people that have seen stories that are causing
7:46 am
psychological distress. >> some say calls forea green new deal are playing into the same fears and anxiety. >> julie: all right, anxiety, snowflake, love it. >> signing up for that class? >> julie: no. >> bill: this car slams right into the building, left several people injured. we'll let you know why it happened coming up in a moment. >> julie: republicans calling for adam schiff to step down as intel committee chair. congressman chris stewart is one of them and he will tell us why next. >> he don't apologize. and the speaker allow us him to stay as chairman. it is unacceptable not from a point of a republican but from a point of the republic. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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7:49 am
>> for the last two years adam schiff has been going around saying he has more than circumstantial evidence of collusion and hanging their hat on the mueller report. they were convinced there would
7:50 am
be indictments and all the evidence of collusion and there was none. he said there will be no new indictments and no collusion and they still won't get over it. >> bill: steve scalise, republicans calling on adam schiff to step down from his post as chairman of the intel committee. chris stewart. quite a show yesterday. i don't believe adam schiff will give you your wish. >> he probably won't. the reality is he should step down. he has lost not only the confidence of his own committee but the confidence of most americans. for two years now he and others have gone out and been dishonest with the american people. they have made accusations, very serious accusations against what we now know are innocent people and he refuses to acknowledge that and apologize in any way and he wants to continue to do the same thing. he wants to continue to make these accusations and say there is collusion and evidence of
7:51 am
conspiracy when everyone knows now there isn't. i don't know how he can lead the committee when he so blindly political and so ruled by emotion and not by fact. >> bill: i saw the letter all nine republicans sign and heard adam schiff defend himself. he went on this way from yesterday. >> in terms of don junior or kellyanne conway, any day that i'm attacked by the likes of them is a good day for me. the evidence of collusion is in plain sight. whether that evidence rises to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt or criminal conspiracy would be something bob mueller has to decide. i do respect his judgment. >> bill: the evidence on collusion is in plain sight. answer that? >> well, i would say two things about that. number one, there is virtually nothing that mr. schiff has seen that the american people hasn't seen. he doesn't have secret briefings the rest of us don't have. there is this imaginary boundary. mr. mueller and mr. barr's
7:52 am
analysis didn't say we saw evidence of conspiracy but it didn't reach a legal threshold where we thought we could successfully prosecute. they did not say that. they said we see no evidence of conspiracy. we see no evidence of collusion. and i think it's just that simple. and if the democratic leadership wants to continue to tell the american people there it is, there it is. i challenge them to say then impeach this president. you are accusing him of treason. you are accusing him of betraying his own country. if you truly believe that, by the way, they don't. but if you truly believe that, then impeach him and put your evidence before the american people. they don't want to do that. they don't truly believe that. they know the evidence doesn't support it and they would rather make these accusations without having to have a trial. it is to their benefit to impugn these people. >> bill: it will probably
7:53 am
continue until the next two years until the next election. 300 to 400 pages on what's contained in the mueller report. "wall street journal" says it doesn't count exhibits. i would like to know from you. what are you hearing? >> i've heard about the same. we heard that early. which surprises me. the exhibits you have to put those aside. those are exhibits of evidence and they don't count towards his report as far as his analysis. i would have expected after two years we would have had a meaningful document. the fact it is only 300 pages surprises me. i would have thought it would be more than that. >> bill: we don't know what will be redacted and we can both agree on that. depending on the redactions adam schiff will have a continued argument which means it's not over and doesn't end. >> well, so that's their intention to carry this into the next election. i've always said and said it to you. i hope there is not a single word, not a paragraph that's redacted in this because two things. number one, nothing about this
7:54 am
that is national security issues. this is a political conversation. the more important thing is this. if there is anything redacted you have conspiracy theorists pointing to that and say that's where the collusion is and they're hiding it and it is right there. it will be like going back to the 60s, people talk about it for 40 years how the president got away with collusion but they hid it in the redacted part of the report. >> bill: jerry nadler wants the report by tuesday of next week. not sure if that happens. >> i don't know. at some point many of the party are saying we're hurting ourselves. the american people don't trust us any longer. they don't believe us any longer. why would we keep beating on this dead horse? i hope they do. i think it is to our political benefit for them to continue this investigation. the american people are exhausted and tired of it and no longer believe it. if they think they can ride it to victory in the next election, knock yourself out.
7:55 am
we would embrace that kind of political theory. >> bill: thank you for your time, chris stewart. we'll talk next week. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: parents accused in the college admissions scandal set to make their first court appearance this morning. molly line is outside the courthouse in boston where it's all going down. >> more than a dozen parents who are accused of paying bribes to get their kids into elite institutions part of the college admissions scandal expected to make their initial appearances today. a couple times. the first one kicks off at noon. these defendants make up nearly half of the wealthy moms and dads that allegedly paid the mastermind of this scheme, william rick singer, a total of $25 million combined. singer orchestrated payments to the test taker and administrators to cheat on exams for paid coaches to vouch for athletes as traoem recruits. he pled guilty. the parents make an initial
7:56 am
parents including a junior executive at a global private equity firm. it's alleged he paid $50,000 to get his son's act exam corrected. his son was unaware of the plan. his lawyers argued that his son was diagnosed with legitimate learning disabilities when he was in eighth grade and afforded accommodations including extra test time since then. they also note there is no allegation that his son actually attended any university based on this alleged fraud. he is still in high school. court documents revealed another mom from las vegas, owner and president of a media company paid to have her son billed as a talented pole-vaulter including phony pictures added to his fake profile. next week the famous actresses are scheduled to appear here at this very courthouse as well. that's wednesday. and something else we're keeping an eye on. while this is happening in
7:57 am
boston there have been developments out of california. lawmakers there have proposed measures to essentially prevent a repeat of the admissions scandal plans to regulate private admission consultants requiring that three college administrators sign off on special admissions and auditing the university of california admissions process. actions being taken across the country in the wake of this scandal. >> julie: setting quite a precedent. molly line. >> bill: city of chicago not letting up. demanding jussie smollett pay up and foot the bill for the investigation on his case. >> my recommendation is when he writes a check in the memo section put the word i'm accountable for the hoax. ple, s get the recipes at
7:58 am
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>> bill: several people injured. this one is tough to watch. a car slams into a restaurant in eureka, missouri. it punched a hole in the building. you see one customer pinned between the bar and the car.
8:01 am
that customer was freed only when the driver sped off. police then caught the driver a short time later and charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. there are several customers from inside this scene that are still recovering at the hospital. eureka, missouri. >> he has caught the city financially, but also a sense of the wrong he has done by taking advantage of our values as a welcoming city. >> julie: there is chicago mayor rahm emanuel ripping into jussie smollett as the city demands he foot the bill for the police investigation of his claims as we learn the state's attorney kim foxx never actually recused herself from the case. emily compagno is a fox news con trib tore. >> julie: it's not only
8:02 am
dangerous but it's uncome present henceible. i can't understand how it is she has this relationship with the family. she has a relationship bias she should recuse herself. her take on this. she comes -- >> my salary was paid by the taxpayer and i was a steward of public funds it is deceptive to recuse herself slightly and b, explain it away as saying it was the colloquial use of the term. an embarrassment to the profession to be not specific. we were saying it that way. that has -- that's the most false explanation i've ever heard and embarrassing. i agree with the feds investigating. where is the state attorney general in all of this?
8:03 am
he oversees. he can investigate something in the matters of public integrity if there is a specific and credible allegation which the house republican intelligence leader just called for. look as well for the illinois attorney general to conduct an investigation as well. >> julie: the city wants payback, $130,000 they spent on this investigation. he paid the $10,000 bond and thinks he free. there is a letter smollett reads from the city. chicago police reviewed conducted several interviews expending resources that could have been used for other investigations, the chicago police investigation revealed you knowingly filed a false police report. had orchestrated your own attack in an attempt to resolve this matter without further legal action the city requires immediate payment of $130,106.15 expended on overtime hours in the investigation of this matter. what boggles the mind. now the lawyers are coming out
8:04 am
saying because the charges were dropped it proves the innocence. it is quite the opposite and why it's mind-boggling that foxx dropped the charges. they had enough evidence here to prosecute and get a guilty verdict out of all of this. >> organizationally. the other prosecutor said flat out this isn't an exoneration and he did orchestrate. and secondly reminder that the prosecutorial board brought charges and then an indictment for 16 counts. in no part of the process there wasn't enough evidence. for viewers so they understand the letter they saw was the chicago department of law. that is overseen by the mayor. that -- think of it as a big law firm that represents the city and has a prosecutorial division. i will say i will point out it is usually limited to misdemeanors but includes jail time misdemeanors. the letter has teeth.
8:05 am
there are other remedies other than simply the cook county state's attorneys office. >> julie: the d.o.j. and f.b.i. are getting involved. rahm emanuel doesn't want the president involved. chicago authorities botched this up but when you try to assist chicago listen to rahm emanuel and his thoughts of the president getting involved whatsoever. >> my recommendation is the president go to opening day baseball, sit on the sideline. stay out of this. you created a toxic environment. >> julie: the first has nothing to do with this environment we're talking about. the toxic environment. somebody who filed a false police report, potentially lied to the f.b.i., but a hate crime on top of it which sets a different precedent in a city with such a high hate crime and high crime population period and just hate crimes in this country, everybody loves to blame the president for them. here you have a black man who
8:06 am
made up a story about a hate crime and he is getting away with it. >> i will say we have seen in many cases in the last couple years tweets by the president being brought up as evidence of a bias. so of course the president should have all the latitude he wants to say his thoughts but to preserve the integrity of the investigation it is better if he stays quiet. >> julie: you know the president likes to get involved in everything. he wants to weigh in and he has opinions and i get that. but bottom line is, though, smollett and the f.b.i. can anything change at this point? now that the charges have been dropped. with the f.b.i. getting involved maybe they already interviewed him. if he maintains he did not, in fact, make up these charges and lying to the f.b.i. could he face further charges down the road? >> here are the options. number one the f.b.i. investigates the improper recusal and the correspondence between prosecutor foxx and the family. there are two points of
8:07 am
potential abuse of power or fraud or what not within the cook county state attorney. there is also the hoax letter. that investigation which is mail fraud and more, 30 to 45 years in prison. also the letter from the department of chicago law. there are many arenas he could be criminally liable. >> julie: his lawyers should stay quiet. you aren't out of hot water yet. emily, great to see you. thank you so much. >> bill: want to get with harris and melissa, what is coming out on "outnumbered." >> loving -- some see last night's michigan rally as a preview of his 2020 campaign strategy. will a message of vindication work or focus on bread and butter issues. >> he hammered adam schiff
8:08 am
hours after house republicans called for him to resign over his repeated claims to have proof of collusion. do they have a solid case against schiff? all that and our guy in the middle. "outnumbered" the top of the hour. a henry kind of moment. >> bill: easy eddie. have a good weekend. it is march 29th. today we honor all the brave men and women who served in the vietnam war. retired army sergeant david hack is a special solder and special man. you'll meet him next. if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants.
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>> bill: today a national vietnam veterans day march 29 honoring the men and women who served during the longest conflicts in american history the vietnam war. retired army sergeant david
8:12 am
hack served and was wounded back in 1968. i salute you and your service. your back story is fascinating. march 29th was the day american forces left vietnam. the war continued for two more years. tell us why today is so significant for those who were there. >> you know, it's important for a vietnam veteran to communicate with his friends, his neighbors, and fellow veterans that served in vietnam. communication is so vital. anyone that goes through war and survives, he needs to talk about it needs to converse. needs to share his story. and needs to let his family know that he is okay. we have such a big problem now with veterans that go over there and during combat they come back and they keep it
8:13 am
inside themselves. we have to encourage all veterans no matter what war it is to talk about it. get it off your chest and that's extremely important. i am also the licensee for the purple heart foundation. we encourage that. we encourage people to share their story. we encourage people to reach out and ask questions and there is nothing wrong
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