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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 29, 2019 11:00am-11:59am PDT

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that people who apply for asylum ought to have due process. could we the >> harris: millions of vietnam war veterans living in the united states now on this people currently in detention, national vietnam war veterans day. thank you for your service. of course we can handle them. there are 1500 kids in florida in a detention center and they >> dana: of the daily briefings or is not paid more should have been placed long than a dozen parents accused in before now. the college bribery scandal are they're taking too much time to in the federal court this afternoon. we are live in boston. plus, a cry for help from place them in families. >> dana: do you think she is homeland security as a number of migrants seeking asylum rises dramatically at the border. being negligent in her dutys? >> i don't think that they are fresh worry for midwesterners still trying to dry out from managing this very well. they've created the crisis recent deadly flooding. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, and this is themselves by not moving people "the daily briefing" ." ♪ who have applied for asylum quickly through the process, by not hiring the appropriate number of border patrols. >> dana: you just don't think they've been overwhelmed by the numbers? >> of course they have, because they've created with the first, president trump in
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florida focused on a key item on policies they've had, they've his agenda. yes, infrastructure. the president visiting the sunshine state following a fiery rally last night in michigan. created this policy. making new headlines about the southern border. ellison barber's live in west palm beach near the they made investments in the presidents mar-a-lago resort to fill us in. >> i met, dana. countries the people are coming yes, president trump is headed back to from to increase the quality of marla mar-a-lago now. he toured the hoover dike and law enforcement. that money has not been transferred to those countries. went around lake okeechobee. we need to stablize el salvador, the focus was infrastructure and the dike. honduras, so that people aren't leaving there and don't feel it's 43 miles, surrounding that they're coming -- dip aoepl lake okeechobee and its thought of as the heart of the all for solving the problem at everglades system. for safety as well as environments of reasons, it has its source, but these long needed repairs. repairs have been underway for governments haven't been able or more than a decade. willing to do so. we'll leave that there. back in 2017 the trump let me ask you about this idea administration promised they would expedite those repairs. of trying to basically undo >> what we are doing is very, obama care through the court very important. system that president trump has it was very dangerous and it's a suggested through his justice big project. but it's a great project for department. but i'm wondering, is there a florida. way republicans and democrats to and florida is a state that is a get together now that the phenomenal state. democrats are in the majority in this project was dying until we got involved. the house, to get something done before this court would rule. >> the white house says the >> well, first of all, president remains committed to expediting state and federal partnerships here. obamacare, the whole concept of
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early this year, the affordable care act is a republican idea. came out of the heritage governor ron desantis, foundation. senator marco rubio, and senator rick scott asked if the republicans have another president trump to allocate idea and the president has chat $200 million a year for everglades restoration. lenninged them to cover the administration went under preexisting conditions but to do that. terms budget only called for it at a lower cost, they've been $63 million despite the trying to do that for years and discrepancy the officials think they haven't been able to. they should work with us to make the president for his work and sure the affordable care act commitment to the area. before leaving lake okeechobee, the president took questions from the press and doubled down covers everyone that needs to be on his recent threats to shut covered at an affordable price. down the southern border. and that includes working on >> mexico is tough, they can reducing the cost of stop them. but they chose not to. now they are going to stop them. pharmaceuticals. >> dana: i think you could get if they don't stop them, we are agreement on that part. closing the border. things have changed even since they will close it. we will keep it close for a long you were hhs secretary. time, i'm not playing games. just in 2017, 51% of democrats >> on twitter, the president said they wanted to improve the gave a deadline. he said he would shut down the affordable care act. border large parts of it next now 49% say they want to go for medicare for all. week unless mexico stops all have you made a decision on where you stand? legal immigration command across >> i'm for universal healthcare, the u.s.-mexico border. but i believe that step one is dana? >> dana: thank you for that update. improving the affordable care the president also taking a act. we can do that efficiently at an
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post-mealy report victory lap of sorts. last night he was firing on all cylinders during a michigan absolutely affordable price and rally. the mueller investigation may be over, but according to the "atlantic" magazine the term many people that have it are team will make the findings are enjoying it. i think there are 100,000 people key part of its 2020 message. who have the affordable care act. karl rove writing in they do not want to lose it. "the wall street journal," he questions the strategy saying, nor does anyone who has good private health insurance. "the mueller report may help so the first thing we must do is mr. terms reading and more important drive an increase in to protect the affordable care his strongly-approved numbers. and a decrease in his strongly act and get other states to disapprove. extend medicade. after all, he was proved right that's the most efficient way of in his worst detractors were proved wrong. getting peep covered who can't reiterating old grievances about currently afford private health the investigation's unfairness insurance. won't materially change those >> dana: congress woman donna readings. the president should focus his shalala, we appreciate your point of view and thanks for time, voice, and tweets on the coming on. >> thank you. roaring economy, and oppressive >> dana: major shift at the got it done my job creation, and vatican as pope francis takes bigger paychecks." new action on reporting of he joins me now, the former sexual abuse. plus aport. deputy chief of staff. it's good to have you with you, of course. i wanted each of will get a does william barr's four page little bit of sound from last summary tell the whole story? ake on it. here is president trump last trey gowdy will join me next. night "i was in you're headed down the highway when the guy in michigan, you better get there!
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is not looking good. they have so many of those damn signs every place a look. it was on somebody -- michigan hasn't been lost in decades!" by the dems. hasn't been lost. if you remember, this was my last stop. [cheers and applause] >> dana: karl, politically astute to head back to michigan front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. and kick off the rally last you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. night? >> early attention to michigan is critical. what we are seeing is a term you've got a good record and liberty mutual campaign that is sort of looking won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. at the states that it won last time around by narrow margins you hear that, karen? and making certain that they get liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. early and special attention. how mature of them! we saw -- since the top of your program, there were two of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because won michigan by 11,000 votes. their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. a fraction of 1%. expect me articulate his ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ message. florida, which he won by just over 1%, he was there as well talking about a project that is really vital and important to a lot of people in southern of jews in israel
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florida. and the former soviet union who are not going to be able to celebrate the passover. namely, the restoration of lake okeechobee. >> dana: i wanted to ask you - without our help. about something you would really - there is an emergency food crisis understand. when the president is going to for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. these rallies, one of the things the term campaign is doing is they are inviting people to sign - this is a crisis. up and register to try and get a these elderly holocaust survivors seat at the rally. i think they ended up with are struggling to survive. something upwards of 25,000 they're starving, have little money for food, registered last night. so that means they have all that electricity or medicine. information and campaigns can - just $25 provides one needy, contact them repeatedly to try and make sure those people show elderly holocaust survivor in the former soviet union up at the polls. >> you are right. this is a very interesting with a special emergency food package thing. in 2016 they didn't have a that contains a note saying it's from christians systematic way to collect all the information about the people and jews in america and canada who showed up at the rallies or try to get into the rallies. this time around, if you want to who wants to bless them. get a ticket, you have to call now. - please call the number on your screen now. provide information. they know everybody who signed - in ukraine there's no support network. up to come to the rally and gotten a ticket and everybody who walks in those doors. they don't have food cards. they know their name, their their neighbors aren't coming to help. address, their email. so phone number, you name it. this is clear. what they are attempting to do - the bible teaches, is begin to build a large group blessed is he whose hope is in the god of jacob. of people who can then be
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systematically involved in the he upholds the cause of the oppressed campaign, trained, informed, and gives food to the hungry. - these special passover food packages represent motivated, and deployed on contacting voters one-on-one. most effective way to a gift of life for destitute elderly jews communicate, we use this heavily in the 2004 reelection campaign. in the former soviet union. smart of them to take the advantage of the technology just $25 provides one elderly holocaust survivor gives them, and that these rallies give them. they didn't do it in 2016. they are doing for moment one. the fact that they are literally taking those names of the people call right now. who attend the rally and then - please call the number on your screen now. immediately passing them by the voter file so they understand of those people are. - what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes in el paso, the rally the but you will look at their suffering present had earlier in the year, they found that nearly 30% of and your heart will be changed. the people were latinos. - we pray that god will move upon your heart not frequent voters. and from new mexico. to act right now >> dana: that didn't get and send an emergency gift enough attention. it was treated about. of just $25 so that we can help more frail i know you pay attention to those things prayed i also wanted to ask you about this, and lonely elderly holocaust survivors politico had a story today in the former soviet union before it's too late. saying the president thinks he might be able to flip virginia in 2020. this quote here saying, "leading the offense of his ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain vice president mike pence, who on wednesday evening headlined a was so frustrating.
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fund-raiser for a public and state legislators up for my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. election in november. he is expected to hold the pain and swelling. additional events for lawmakers in the coming months." the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. clinton and obama won virginia, but can president trump make a i found cosentyx. play there? now, watch me. >> the democrats come as you know, i've got a problem. real people with active psoriatic arthritis that got a governor, lieutenant are getting real relief with cosentyx. governor, an attorney general -- the only three it's a different kind of targeted biologic. statewide elected officials in the state capital of richmond -- cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. all of them are under controversy and scandal. it even helps stop further joint damage. as a result, the republicans, don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. who have a 1-seat majority in before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. the state house and 82f and seat an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. majority in the state senate, those elections are tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. going to be held this fall. they have a chance to hold on and maybe explained their margin, particularly in the serious allergic reactions may occur. house. i think it's smart for the administration, team trump, to look at where it can broaden the earer skin tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. field. and feel better. you never want to be playing now, watch me. lways want to be playing get real relief offense, as well as defense. with cosentyx. yeah, they will try defend places like wisconsin, pennsylvania, florida, iowa, michigan. but they will also go on the
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offense and try to get states that they think they have a shot at. some of them like nevada and >> dana: william barr releasing new hampshire, which were narrow a four page summary of robert losses. in this case, while virginia was mueller's report. somewhat larger of the margin, the democrats are having difficulty and they will make a joining me now is trey gowdy, a run at it. we will know if the republicans fox news contributor. do extremely well in the fall so, there's been this debate state legislative election for the house of delegates in the state senate. about how could somebody like that will be an example, bill barr actually read a evidence that they may be able to -- 300-page document and summarize >> dana: we will know in 2019. it in 48 hours. we don't have to wait for 2020. you tell me. karl rove, think you have a you're a lawyer. great weekend. that's possible, right? >> you come too. >> dana: more than a dozen >> it's more than possible. parents accused in the he's actually a smart lawyer. nationwide college admissions cheating scandal had to go to i'm not. i probably could read 300 pages court today. hearings are scheduled throughout the afternoon for in a weekend, but bill barr this parents who allegedly paid definitely can. big bucks to get their kids into and it's not like you're elite colleges premolly line is summarizing something that's really complicated. outside u.s. district court in do you have sufficient evidence boston. molly, it looks freezing out upon which to charge people with there but you still bring us the conspiracy, collusion, story. [laughs] >> that's right. coordination, whatever you want it's raining now, so that's to call it? then the other summary which fine. there are several parents right people oftentimes forget about, now before the federal judge.
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there were some at noon and what did russia do to this there are several more that are expected to go this afternoon. as you mentioned, dana, these country in 2016? he summarized it. are the parents accused of i'm quite sure he read it. essentially paying bribes through the ringleader of this he's a smart guy. college admission scheme with 300 pages is not that much. the ultimate goal of getting their kids into these elite universities. >> dana: i understand democrats a number leaving court this afternoon after their hearings, point, if the shoe were on the among those first at noon, joey other foot, would you, when you were back on the committee, chan of newport beach, would you have accepted a california. he operates warehousing and related services for the four-page report from eric shipping industry. holder without further information? you would probably demand all of he paid $75,000 through the the report as well? scheme to have his son's act >> i would try. i would also understand, as i answers corrected, say prosecutors. did when eric holder and james like other parents, he is facing cole wouldn't even answer charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services questions. keep in mind that the department of justice speaks in mail fraud. then there is augustine, the indictments. owner of a vineyard in napa, they don't write biographiebiog. california prayed also in court today. he stands accused of with paying they don't write reports on for exam cheating and paying to people. they issue indictments. bribe the water polo coach is at so if i were to ask eric holder the university of southern california to get his daughter in. she did not play water polo. or james cole why didn't you a fabricated athletic profile indict this person, they wouldn't answer the question. >> dana: that's a great point. included a photo of somebody else pulling the sport. also yesterday, the house republicans on the intelligence
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committee banded together and they said adam schiff, the prosecutors allege he chairman of the intel committee on the democratic side, that he participated in both the test cheating and coach recruitment should resign. branchs of this scheme. here's a response. listen to this. >> adam schiff shouldn't resign. being represented, by william rinrev. assistant u.s. attorney who we have a separation of powers. prosecuted the american bonding trial. and next weekend, this is far president can take congress oversight to a robust press. from over, more famous faces let's move on. let's figure out things we can that have been embroiled in this come together on. put aside president trump. scandal, lori laughlin and i was talking to kevin mccarthy. felicity huffman are expected to i said how do we prevent further be in court. dana? >> dana: in california, the interference. >> dana: what do you make of the legislature decided to take action? republicans asking adam schiff >> reporter: yeah, interesting to resign? sort of actions that have been it >>'s hard to get on the house intelligence committee. inspired by this scam being they don't pick members of the unfolding. bomb throwing caucus or the lawmakers in california proposed a measure to prevent this from crazy caucus. you have a national security ever happening again. they want adequate checks and balances to catch fraudsteres. expert, mike konnoway, will hurd, who was a cia employee, requiring three college johnny radcliffe, u.s. attorney, administrators sign off on any
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special admissions. and the auditing of the terrorism expert. these are not members of the bomb throwing caucus. university of california admissions process. for them to say, adam schiff, we so they're looking at this very seriously in california, where have lost confidence in your quite a few of the parents are leadership, i tell you what i actually from. think is gonna happen next, >> dana: and they should. molly line, thank you. dana, is the intelligence community is gonna say, do you there's another defeat for know what, adam? you disregard the information britain's prime minister. what it means for the u.k. to you're provided, you prethe out leave the e.u. without a deal. plus, we look at the different you have the president not just ways 2020 candidates are getting indicted, but in jail. their messages to voters in our we're gonna stop sharing campaign trail mix. information with you if you are the chairman of the house intelligence committee and you can't act in a reasonable way, we're gonna stop sharing information with you in which case pelosi will have no choice >> and i knocked her out of the but to replace schiff. the next in line is jim hines race, i guess. i said, what did i do that for? it's too early. i got to start about nine months who is every bit progressive. from now. alright, i brought in he's just more reasonable than ensure max protein... adam schiff. to give you the protein you need >> dana: i have one last quick with less of the sugar you don't. question for you. there's a text message revealed (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) from page, you remember lisa 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. page, to mccabe on the 12th of ensure max protein. in two great flavors. december of 2016, saying dni
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told pete that clapper was meeting with the cia director and his deputy for dinner tonight. just fyi, basically, for your situational awareness. mccabe says, okay. thoughts on that. we've been waiting to find out what was this insurance policy they were talking about. >> we actually looked into that, still fresh... ♪ dana. it's really important. that was december of 2016, right? >> dana: yes. >> which is exactly when the unstopables in-wash scent booster intelligence community was ♪ drafting their assessment. they released an assessment of what happened in 2016 and brennan insisted the dossier material be included in the downy unstopables assessment, therefore when it's leaked the public has information about the dossier in great detail. so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? to that meeting. i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is i don't think we found out anything untoward with that to save money on their car insurance with geico- dinner. but brennan was disseminating oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! this dossier information in the shoot the three! shoot the three!! fall of 2016 to put a cloud over
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yessssssss!!!!!! the president before he ever became president. >> dana: all right, trey gowdy, are you...ok? pleasure to have you as a fox news contributor. no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. we appreciate you coming on could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? today. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> dana: pope francis geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. introducing sweeping changes to how sex abuse is dealt with at the vatican. amy kellogg is in mill hrapb with this story for us. amy? >> reporter: well, dana, yes, people are hoping that this will be a model. because covering just the vatican and its diplomats is certainly not sufficient according to the spokesman, dana, for one of the survivors abuse networks i just spoke with. he went on to say the fact that this law had been enacted in the vatican is very symbolic. still, they are hoping that it will take off and affect other parts of the catholic world. vatican city itself is just 110 acres. there are not a lot of kids within the state's confine. there is a seminary inside.
11:14 am
the law as it stands, applies to 5,000 people. that is just a drop in the clerical bucket world wide. there are various provisions within the document. failing to report knowledge of sexual abuse of is punishable by fine or jail time. it has been used. in the past it wasn't well defined. it has been spelled out as people with mental or physical abilities or people where it's very hard for them to resist abuse. statute of limitations has been raised from four years after abuse occurred to 20 years after the time that a victim turned 18. now, we've seen the pope open up his heart to the issue of sex abuse within the church. he met with a range of abuse survivors last month when he convened a major summit on preventing the abuse of minors in the church. critics complained that no concrete action was taken. legislation just enacted is the
11:15 am
first concrete step that has been taken since then. and again, more commentary coming in, more reaction, dana, from the survivors network. the onus is on people now to saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ turn abusers or credibility information about abusers into vatican prosecutors. people are saying, critics are saying that's not good enough because the vatican isn't able to police itself. frankly, this doesn't just need to affect the vatican. it has to go to rome and to the rest of the world so that >> dana: teresa may brexit deal everyone, all clerics are held suffering its third defeat, causing protests across the responsible for turning the nation. an e.u. warning a no deal brexit other way. the midwest is bracing for is a likely scenario, whichmean weekend rain. where weekend storms are expected to hit the hardest. how streaming services like e.u. without a deal. netflix keep couples connected long after they break up. they plan to hold another set of votes monday. tyrus is here. the u.k. has until april 12th to he's gonna tell us all about this. with all that usaa offers
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reach a deal. president trump already eyeing 2020, touting his why go with anybody else? accomplishments at a michigan we know their rates are good, we know that they're rally last night. always going to take care of us. democrats are on the road, too, it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. each trying to stand out from the pack. peter doocy is live in we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. washington with today's campaign trail mix. >> reporter: one of the issues that only democrats are warning and we're usaa members for life. new tide pods 2.0 about on the campaign trail is with upgraded 4-in-1 technology. your detergent, climate change. stain removers, >> our planet is in peril and odor fighters all fit, in the palm of your hand. through the consent of the climate scientists that #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. understand around planet earth, understand the issue is getting it's got to be tide. worse. >> it's gonna cause more forest we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, fires, more flooding. at the same time in various to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. places more drought. so we're getting it on both ends >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. of the situation here. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> there's no reason in 2025 all >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. of north america can't get half >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... its electricity from nonpolluting sources. she chose safelite. >> reporter: but president trump with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. spent parts of last night bragging that america is now >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. exporting more and more oil and >> tech vo: saving her time... gas. [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! so he's not exactly sold on >> tech vo: she can save the science project. alternative energy. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> you'd be doing wind, wind
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mills. if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night. darling, i want to watch television. i'm sorry, the wind isn't blowing. >> reporter: democrats hoping to challenge trump, all have been pitching ways to guarantee health insurance coverage for all americans. >> we must pass medicare for all. >> we will pass a medicare for all single payor program. >> i do believe that a single payor environment is probably the right answer in the long term. >> reporter: so democrats don't think obamacare goes far enough. but president trump thinks obamacare goes too far and he is ready to get rid of it. >> we had a chance of killing obamacare. someone surprised us by voting
11:18 am
thumbs down. so we'll do it a different way. >> reporter: attempts have had some success in the court and has been stopped in other courts. so the fight might be heading to the supreme court again, but this time there are two trump appointees there. dana? >> dana: big showdown to come. thank you, peter doocy. have a good weekend. president trump wants the gop to be the party of healthcare, as peter doocy was just saying, but his executive branch efforts have been dealt another blow. plus the urgent warning from officials about the situation at the mexico border as the president threatens to shut it down. we're getting democratic reaction next.
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straight from the world's best plant scientists, comes miracle-gro performance organics. organic plant food and soil that finally work... for twice the bounty. guaranteed. miracle-gro performance organics.
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>> dana: midwest bracing for another wet weekend. heavy rain forecasted for the missouri river basin, storms set to worsen the situation for farmers and ranchers still trying to recover from destructive floods. mike tobin is live in crescent, iowa. mike? >> reporter: the hard part for the farmers is determining how bad it is going to get. one thing we talked about was all the grain that got wet. the grain expanded and burst. this is the end result. the problem you have now, this is a load of soy beans. it's just covered in dirt. this whole load is ruined. the complication for farmers, of course, is this is their profit. this is what they were going to
11:21 am
take to market. iowa senator chuck grassley got an aerial tour of the flood damaged areas as well as the agriculture secretary. what they're trying to do is assess just how extensive the damage is, how bad it's going to be, then come up with a plan to help the farmers. >> getting up in the air and seeing the magnitude of it is really important. it remind us that we've got a long way to go before we're recovered. this won't be over tomorrow or next week. it's going to take month. >> reporter: and right now in the heartland, it is raining. this local rain complicates things. primarily because farmers can't get back to work and start recovering in the middle thof rain. they can't get seed because the fields are too wet. the greater concern is rain upstream and all of the snow melt you have from that snow pack left behind by that bomb cyclone. when that stuff comes down the river, that's what causes the flooding and you have so much damage to the levee that you
11:22 am
can't stop it. >> dana: thank you for bringing us this very important story. let's bring in tyrus, co-host of "unpc." and fox news contributor. you went to college in nebraska. >> i did. some breaking hearing this. farmers have had a last tough few years. these are hardworking people who don't want handouts and loans. they just want opportunities to provide for their families and feed the world. when you see this stuff, i think >> dana: president trump threatening to shut down the he was being optimistic with border with mexico next week if the southern ally doesn't stop months. me, personally, i think it's the flow of migrants. in texas, border officials say going to take years. >> dana: why? they have been forced to release >> the worst thing to deal with some people because they are is a flood. running out of space to house it destroys everything. that soil is being washed away. them. it apprehended more than 130,000 that stuff takes years to build adults and children so far this up so those seeds grow healthy year. that's a 338% increase from all and happy. it's now being washed away. then you have to deal with of 2018. let's bring in donna shalala, a rebuilding that. then you got to deal with former health and human services secretary. vermin. populations of ice and stuff so good to have you here on the like that when you have all this
11:23 am
program. i did want to read one thing to debris and food lying around. you from secretary kirstjen nielsen's letter. she said hhs is taking steps to >> dana: we certainly ask a lot of our farmer. >> we ask a lot and don't do rapidly add shelter beds but they are approaching its maximum enough, in my opinion. this i consider a disaster. capacity and will likely require thousands of additional beds in a crisis. the coming weeks and months, a this president, step in. potential overflow of children >> dana: i think he probably represents our most acute will. they are going to need some humanitarian risk. help. i wonder from your perspective, it's not a political thing. this is a bipartisan, necessary congress woman, is there a way thing. we will be praying that rain to get dhs the help that she's storm holds off this weekend. asking for? >> well, first of all, she needs let me ask you about something to obey the law. else. okay. and that is, we have to have due so, netflix pass words, things process for each of these people like that. that are coming to the border. >> relationship question. these are mothers and kids >> dana: i thought you could be our relationship expert. escaping terrible situations. i read this article that said we already gave dhs more judges. when amy custer broke up, they they haven't filled those divvied up their books but left position. they haven't filled the the intertwined their netflix, positions of the border patrol agents. they have thousands of positions they simply have not filled. hulu and pandora accounts. they continued paying their respective bill. if they need more money for she took hulu and his was
11:24 am
humanitarian purposes, they need netflix and pandora. to make the request. they still share those services. >> right. the administration, we've gotten >> dana: what do you think about a letter from her, but we have that? >> i'm sorry, i don't believe no request for that money. those are real names. if you look at the president's i think it's fake news. >> dana: you don't think it's budget, he hardly is reflecting true? all the young people say this is what she is describing as a accurate. >> maybe i just love too hard in crisis. >> dana: one of the things she says that they need is a change all my relationships. in the asylum laws. i'm usually broken off. i think she would refute that it whenever there's separation, the is just women and children, worst thing to do is leave although there are women and things together. children coming across as well. that torments me with control. but there is a need to change especially in a relationship the asylum laws. where i didn't want to get back i think everyone should be able together. to agree, 100,000 people in one maybe i watched the notebook and i get a text, who you watching month is an impossible number to "the notebook" with? keep up with. >> dana: did you watch "the notebook?" >> it is not. >> no, i have never seen it. we don't need to change the it's control. asylum laws. or they'll change the password we need to with due process. on you. her idea of changing the asylum oops, sorry. got to call them. it's too much control. when you break, fellas, you break clean. this only works when the women break up with you. >> dana: buy your own -- get your own password?
11:25 am
>> get your own stuff. she's not coming back. holding on to netflix hope. hey, we watched the same movie last night. is that a message? no. >> dana: it would be nice if we branded you the fox news relationship expert. tell me about "un-pc." >> yes. greg gutthrow show saturday. you catch "un-pc" friday and saturday. >> dana: why does greg always make fun of me saturday night? >> envy. >> dana: envy? >> he knows the word dana perino is a ratings proof. >> dana: i like it. then i find out someone was thinking about phoefr the weekend. >> it's kind of creepy. like a weird stalker crush watc. >> dana: he's the brother i never wanted, no, i'm just kidding. you can be my brother, too, and our relationship show.
11:26 am
thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> dana: a set state to ban plastic bags. we're gonna tell you where and what it could mean for shoppers. plus, a florida democrat pushing for puerto rico to become the 51st state, as president trump clashes with the island's governor. will the state bill get the support it needs? we'll have a live report with rick leventhal next. and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. look for savings in your weekly paper. i'm a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision.
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>> dana: wow might be putting it lightly to describe the reaction thousands are having after a discount airline suddenly went out of business. passengers were stranded yesterday while others scrambled to figure out what to do with tickets that are no longer worth anything. >> some people predicted it. if you look at their finances, you can see that it was in trouble. with the airline, the issue is cash. if they run out of cash, they can't buy fuel. the only difference here is usually there's some warning. i mean, they were selling
11:31 am
tickets as early as this morning in europe. >> dana: numerous airlines offering discounted fares to affected customers into next month. now a look at some other stories. lyft going public today. take a look at that. the ride share service jumping 20% above its opening ipo price of $70. it's been steady remaining around $80 a share. second, new york times is reporting the trump administration wants china to sell grinder used here in the u.s. officials are reportedly worried the tech company could be accessing private data of americans. and third, new york state is banning single use plastic bags beginning next march. california and hawaii have similar laws. a florida congressman now renewing an effort to make
11:32 am
puerto rico our 50th state. legislation this week introduced saying it's about respecting democracy and it's already getting support from puerto rico's governor. the bill is expected to face push back on capitol hill. rick leventhal has more on the story. >> reporter: residents of puerto rico were granted citizenship 100 years ago, but every push for statehood have been quiet. the latest came after hurricane maria, with residents looking for more medical and financial support. now the bill which aims to settle more than a century of uncertainty. >> it's time to end 120 years of colonialism. time for congress to finally make puerto rico a state. >> this is not a left or right issue. this is an issue of civil rights. this is an issue of the american people.
11:33 am
unfinished business in american history. >> reporter: the president spoke about financial support, but not specifically about statehood yesterday. >> puerto rico has been taken care of better by donald trump than by any living human being. and i think the people of puerto rico understand it. but you do have a mayor of san juan that, frankly, doesn't know what she's doing, and the governor, they got to spend the money wisely. they don't know how to spend the money and they're not spending it wisely. >> reporter: puerto rico's governor clearly frustrated with the white house, made pretty bowl threat on cnn. watch. >> if the bully gets close, i'll punch the bully in the mouth. >> reporter: puerto rico, and its more than 3 million residents, would need approval from the senate and white house to achieve statehood, dana. at this point it's considered a bit of a longshot. >> dana: all right. thank you. have a good weekend.
11:34 am
doctors warn she might never walk, but the good news is she proved them wrong. watch this. >> good job. yay! >> dana: kyra hawkly was diagnosed with a rare viral infection of the brain shortly after birth that affected her motor skills, vision and hearing. just before her 3rd birthday, she's taken her first steps on her own. looks like she was cruising pretty fast there. congratulations to kyra. i'm sure her family could not be more happy. thank for joining us on "the daily briefing." been a wild one, fun one. i'll see you on "the five" today. next up, a real treat. ed henry is in for shepard smith. have a good weekend. jussy smoll
11:35 am
from chicago. jussy smoll but the actor's lawyers say that the city owes him an apology. and y. while we may owe an apology to the guy who used to have a perfect march madness practice. the news starts right now. >> president trump threatening to shut down the southern border if the mexican government doesn't stop illegal crossings immediately, calling on weak
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