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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 29, 2019 3:00pm-3:59pm PDT

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>> dana: a great friday. we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. good evening. i'm bret baier. we will see the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks, if not days. that's the word from attorney general william barr. in a letter sent to congressional leaders late this afternoon, barr said the nearly 400 page report by robert mueller is undergoing review to redact sensitive information and could be ready for release by mid-april, if not sooner. and president trump will get to see the report at the same time congress does. the president says he's not worried about it. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight from the north lawn. good evening, john. >> good evening to you.
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congress demanding that attorney general barr deliver them the report by this tuesday but while that will not happen, the attorney general told them in a letter that they won't have to wait much more longer than that. in a letter to senator lindsey graham and congressman jerry nadler this afternoon, attorney general william barr said that he hopes to be able to release the mueller report by mid-april, if not sooner. at mar-a-lago, president trump said he's putting his full faith and trust in barr to release everything he's able. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general. if that's what he likes to do, i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax, this was a witch hunt. >> in a surprise move, barr said he's been given full autonomy by the president writing, although the president would have the right to assert privilege over certain parts of the report, he has stated publicly that he intends to defer to me, accordingly there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for a privilege review. barr did warn that there would
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likely be reductions in whatever is sent to congress that he has to abide by rules on what can and cannot be released. democrats have complained that a political appointee is in charge of scrubbing the report. >> remember, this attorney general made clear that he was hostile to the special counsel and opposed to mueller's inquiry into obstruction of justice. >> today, barr revealed that he's working hand in glove with robert mueller. barr also complained the letter he sent to congress on sunday was being mischaracterized as a summary of the special counsel's investigation and report. barr writing his letter was "a summary of its principal conclusions," that is its bottom line. barr said he's available to testify before the judge judiciary committees on may 1st and 2nd. president trump also had to the border on his mind today, joining an infrastructure
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project in florida, warning mexicans mexico's new government he'll take dramatic steps if mexico does not stop new caravans heading to the united states. >> if we don't stop them, we are closing the border. will keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> the president has been threatening to close the border for a while now. they didn't close the border crossing for three hours as members of a caravan seemed poised to cross. the number of people apprehended at the border has strained the system to a written point. >> we've run out of space but we can hold people anymore. >> in the late afternoon conference call, the secretary of homeland security kristen nielsen said closing the border is absolutely on the table and she warned of significant disruptions to cross-border commerce unless mexico does something to avoid a closure.
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bret? >> bret: john, thanks. kirstjen nielsen also saying that the department is immediately redirecting additional personnel from across the department to assist agents and officers at the border. agents there say they are so overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrant families crossing that they have begun releasing them in the u.s. a move that supporters say bolsters the presidents ' to seal the border. jeff paul with a closer look at the situation. >>acity and under resourced. u.s. customs and porter agent say a giving them no choice but to now directly release many of them. >> law enforcement operations, we are not funded for the humanitarian need. >> border patrol says it's on page two reach 100,000 arestin months, the highest total in decades. >> a direct response and are
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vulnerable in legal frameworks for migrants and smugglers know that they will be released and allowed to stay in the u.s. definitely pending immigration proceedings that could be many years felt like years out. >> they are letting some migrants within hours, releasing many with >> we want to make sure our citizens are safe, but we also want to make sure that the humanitarian needs of people are addressed. >> this is all happening after homeland security go to the border and congress for emergency funding. the volume of vulnerable populations is unsustainable, she wrote. our system has been able to cope with high numbers in the past, but the combination compositiot virtually unmanageable. california, a rest at its border are up 700% in the last six months, governor gavin newsom
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blames the white house. >> this is the federal government's responsibility. the trump administration abandon its responsibility. these are legal asylum-seekers. >> migrant arrests have quadrupled border wide. those apprehensions rose by nearly 1700%. bret? >> bret: jeff, thank you. an autopsy found a bacterial infection to blame for the death of a young migrant girl who died in u.s. custody back in december. the el paso medical investigator's office releases report friday in the deaths of 7-year-old jaclyn. prompting lawmaker questions handling migrants crossing the border. president trump has a campaign style all his own as seen last night in michigan. all script blogs, often slamming or making fun of his opponents. and it also appears to be pretty popular. when it comes to 2020, senior
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aides insist the president is planning to take his democratic opponents to task on the issues. correspondent peter doocy takes a look. >> president trump wants to make america great again. democrats want to make earth's temperature dropped. >> your planet is in peril. >> it's going to cause more forest fires, going to cause more flooding. at the same time in various places, more drought. >> there is no reason in 2025 all of america cannot get half of its allegedly from nonpolluting sources. >> president trump presses on with permits for new pope pipelines because he's not sold on the tentative energy. >> if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television that night. "darling, i want to watch television." "i'm sorry, the wind is not blowing." >> >> we must pass medicare for all.
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>> we will pass a medicare for all single payer program. >> i do believe that a single-payer environment is probably the right answer in the long term. >> democrats do not think obamacare goes far enough while trump thinks of obamacare goes too far. >> we have a chance killing obamacare. we almost did it, but somebody, unfortunately, surprised us with thumbs down. but we'll do it a different way. >> the sides are also split on the president's signature issue, illegal immigration. >> would you take the wall down here? knock it down? >> i would take the wall down. >> the so-called approval crisis at the border" is fake. >> we are looking added in the administration that has a policy of taking babies from their fathers and mothers at the bord. >> the president insists that asylum seekers aren't all innocent kids. >> look at the guy.
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he looks like he just got out of the ring for you he's the heavyweight champion of the world. >> it's a big fat con job, folks. a big fat con job. >> trump supporters chanted build the war before the 2016 election and trump supporters are chanting "build the wall" before the 2020 election. even though it's taken more than half his first term to find money for construction, his base still wants that wall. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. second time this week for the trump ministrations health care initiatives, a federal judge is moving forward, striking down the small business health insurance plan calling it a end run around consumer protections. earlier this week, another federal judge blocked medicaid work requirements for low income people. one of the original members of president trump's cabinet is stepping down. president trump sat next to
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linda mcmahon, as he announced a short time ago she will be resigning as the head of the small business administration. mcmahon is expected to chair the american first action super pac, which will help fund-raising for the president's reelection campaign. the third time was not a charm for british prime minister theresa may's brexit deal. where does the u.k. go from her here? senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot with some answers from london. >> the nos they have it. >> the parliament house of commons again mocha stomach voting voting on the plan of brexit. the margin was small of the last two times, but still a defeat. >> mr. speaker, i fear we are reaching the limit of this present in this house. this government will continue to
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push the case for an orderly brexit, but the result of the referenda demands. >> nearly three years ago, today was the day the u.k. left the e.u. brussels gave london an extension may 22nd if the deal pass. now the u.k. has two weeks to come up with a new plan or face a hard crash out brexit on apri. prime minister may's opposition smells blood. >> there has to be an alternative found. and if the prime minister can't accept that, then she must go. not at an intermediate date in the future, but now, so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election. >> may already offered to step down if the deal pass. with the plan in shambles, the call for her to quit is even louder. as the call for british lawmakers to deliver on breaks it grows, there is a massive brakes of protest today. the crowd doesn't want more delay or to risk losing brexit.e
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things about the political class, the government. >> prime minister may may deliver a fourth time to push brexit through. a strong, tough woman. bret? >> bret: greg palkot in london. thank you. it promised today for residents in venezuela as ada begins to flow into the country while the mother of regina finally granted access to deliver it. find other moves of the regime to be laughable. state correspondent rich edson has our report. >> four months, venezuelan president nicolas maduro has blocked event terry aid today, maduro is relenting for the red cross saying it's allowing it to redistribute havl children to feed and prepare food for us to. >> maduro has invited the
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russian government. lest we and, russia's government sent two planes 100,000 troops for equipment for venezuela. elliott abrams says he's delivered to seconds of state mike pompeo a list of options to respond to the russian deployment, including economic sanctions, national security advisor john bolton also want russia is threatening peace and security in the region. >> if the idea is russian military forces are entering the western hemisphere to protect a dual role, to keep them in power, that's just not something we accept. >> under an agreement with what it sees as venezuela's legitimate government, the maduro regime, also charging to start a coup in venezuela. >> this week, president nicolas maduro also banned opposition leader and interim leader juan
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guaido for 15 years. >> while he may be around in 15 days, he will not be around in 15 years. it's ludicrous. >> the trump administration circling a united nation's report, a quarter of the population needs humanitarian assistance. bret? >> bret: rich, thank you. up next, jussie smollet faces potential fines and a possible reward following the dropped felony charges in his case. we'll explain. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 25 in boston where a procession of wealthy parents were in courts today to face charges that they paid bribes, including a napa valley vineyard owner and the hot pockets heiress are among those charged in the nationwide college admission cheating scheme dubbed operation varsity blues. fox wichita, kansas, where a california man sentenced today
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to 20 years in prison for making fake emergency calls across the u.s., including one that led police to shoot and kill a kansas man. the 2017 death of 28-year-old andrew finch drew national attention to the practice of swotting, a form of retaliation where somebody reports a false allegation particularly a s.w.a.t. team to the sand on an address. this is a live look at austin from our affiliate fox 7. the texas attorney general's opening investigation over the city of san antonio's decision to ban chick-fil-a from the airport. the states ag says the pit shall make city potentially violated federal law by excluding the restaurant on the city's religious beliefs. blocked it due to what it because the legacy of the company's "lgbt anti-lgbtq" behavior.
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that's a special look outside the beltway. this is "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ ♪ i can really move ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ i'm in the groove ♪ now do you love me? ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪ applebee's 3 course meal. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. him
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>> bret: trader boosted ridesharing company lyft as the company went public. with today's trading, lyft
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became one of the best american public's to go public finishing at 78 bucks. the s&p 500 rose 19. the nasdaq finished ahead 60. today marks the end of the first quarter of 2019 and it was a strong one. the dow grew more than 11%, the besson's 2013. the s&p 500 rose 13%, the best since 2009. and up 16.5%, the largest quarter gain since 2012. the controversy is not over for actor jussie smollet. days after prosecutors dropped all charges against him for allegedly staging a racist and homophobic attack, the city is ramping up plans to punish the actor financially. even as all of this is going on, the actor is up for an naacp image award this weekend. correspondent matt finn with our report from chicago.
3:21 pm
>> justice millett arriving to los angeles had my cat mike of awards ceremony where he's nominated for an award for his role on "empire." project 21, a black conservative group, which says it has 60,000 members, demands that the award be rescinded. the drama is far over from the actor where the city of chicago warns it might bring new charges if within seven days he does not pay $130,000 for investigation overtime costs. criticism is intense against kim foxx. a scathing release from the illinois state bar, they have finally misled the public on the lawn circumstances around the dismissal. foxx defends not prosecuting smollet.
3:22 pm
>> president trump has asked foa federal review of the case. >> that is an embarrassment to our country. >> chicago's mayor insists the actor is a liar who has stopped demanding justice since the charges were dropped. >> has he said a single word about any hate crime against a man, a black men? no! nothing! >> for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud, jussie has paid enough. >> a spokesperson has not confirmed he feel be attending that would award show tomorrow. >> bret: up next to him two boeing jet crashes and now reports that there is evidence tying them together. we will explain. plus, mediators hoping to prevent violence between israel and hamas ahead of the first anniversary of protest along
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that order. finding solutions to tamp down the scale and intensity of the expected rally. pope francis has issued sweeping new sex abuse legislations for vatican personnel and holy see diplomats overseas. the new requirements call for immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors or face fines and possible jail time. the policy shift is aimed at being a model for the catholic church worldwide. and in northeastern thailand, six baby elephants are back in the wild after making their way out of a mud hole with the help of some park rangers. the elephants climbed out one by one thursday after rangers spent hours digging out enough mud to form a ramp for just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. our borders tonight. we'll be rightit all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> bret: preliminary findings reportedly showing the crash of ethiopian airlines boeing's max 737 jet is similar to the line air jets, putting boeings software in the hot seat. doug mckelway with this the story. >> this is a voice warning, next the sticks taken warning alarm. the nose pitches down and the ground fills the windshield,
3:28 pm
aided by proper training the pilot gets the plane back under control.this 2016 aviation netwy give the last moments of ethiopian airlines to make 302. it's nose began to pitch down. the first officer radioed in flight control problem, but the nose dive down to my pitch up before the radio goes dead. the pitch control computer in the max 8 automatically activated before the plane dove into the ground. reuters reported today that u.s. and european regulars new two years before the lion air crash, the usual method of controlling the 737 max's nose angle may not work in conditions similar to those in two recent disasters. regulators cleared the plane, knowing that additional training needed to fix the what two sours tell fox news and what the
3:29 pm
acting faa chief said u would've wild pitch and pitching, sometimes called runaway stabbed trim in any version of the 737 from earlier and she models to the max 8. >> it presents itself the same way and it's dealt with the same way. >> fox news also learned that in max 8 some later tests, pilots unaware of mcas issues were able to recover from and cast induced pitching in 15 seconds. growing frustrating at the ntsb that ethiopia still has not given them the black box raw data. if you buy has no dedicated accident investigator, instead relying on its ministry of transport to filter what new information it chooses to release. bret? >> bret: doug, thank you. instaf "whatever happened to," if you are on the phone, you've likely
3:30 pm
received a robo call. probably dozens of them. even though the federal government tried to crack down, those calls are still the number one consumer complaint to the fcc. so whatever happened to the "do not call" list? correspondent jackie hunter takes a look. >> if you ever wondered if it's just you, it's not. >> i get the same phone call 11:00 at night every single day. >> americans are inundated with robo calls, the number one claim thelma complained to the federal communications commission >> hi, this is jessica calling with a flooding department at the business loan center. the big legislators tried to tackle it with the do not call list into 2003. a bill introduced last year is getting a look in the senate and it promises criminal punishment
3:31 pm
for the first time. >> paying the fines is the cost of doing business there they built into their business plan, business model. you need to make these penalties really hurt. >> south dakota senator john thurman, a sponsor of the robo call abuse in 2018, there were 48 billion robo calls to mobile phones, and the nearly 60% increase the year before according to software company you mail. another company says this year will be worse, nearly half the time your cell phone rings, it will be a scammer. the bill targets people like adrian of olivet who developed a program federal regulators say made several million robo calls and three months in 2016. >> how do consumers stop these calls? >> u stop? >> no. >> got no jail time, even though the calls overwhelmed and
3:32 pm
emergency medical paging service. >> if there were the threat of criminal prosecution, it would change his behavior. >> verizon announced a free spam filters subscribers can download that would require all carriers to adopt similar authentication technology. the bill has bipartisan support. it could come up for a vote in a few weeks. bret? >> jackie, thank you for the attorney general promises to release a redacted version of the mueller report in the weeks. democrats say that's not good enough. our panel weighs in on the fight for the special counsel report next. here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah.
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>> i have great confidence in the attorney general and if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide it. hunt.
3:37 pm
i have absolutely nothing to hide. >> we have to see the facts. we have to see what the report is. and we do not need an attorney general whose job interview was the president is above the law. >> bret: attorney general william barr is sending out a letter to congressional lawmakers earlier this afternoon. in that letter, a few things. in that report, the mueller report will be released to congress in mid-april, if not sooner. parts will be redacted, parts by law cannot be made public, the intelligence community says that will compromise sources and methods, could affect ongoing matters, perhaps the special counsel has moved on to other district. privacy of third parties. it is nearly 400 pages long, the attorney general rights, and he will testify before the judiciary committee's. in that letter, you wrote this. i share a desire to ensure that congress and the public have the
3:38 pm
opportunity to read the special counsel report. we are preparing the report for release, preparing reductions are required. the special counsel is assisting us in this process. speaking of the special counsel, the president just moments ago tweeting, just probably a couple of minutes ago, the president tweeting robert mueller was a hero to the radical left democrats until he ruled there was no collusion with russia. so ridiculous to even say. until two years after the insurance policy made by a dirty cop, i got the answers i want to, the truth. let's go to our panel. charles hurt, opinion writer for "the washington times" for jeff mason, white house corresponded for reuters, victor davis hanson or, as senior follow at the hoover institute. >> i think there is no doubt that we will at some point wind up seeing the mueller report,
3:39 pm
whether that's obviously there will be rejections but we will see it and we are seeing it up on the hill this week is basically sort of politicking, you know, the mueller investigation may be over now, but the political squabble is far from over. i think democrats have clearly see it as an opportunity to complain about not enough of the report getting out if not getting out soon enough, things like that. in the end, we'll see the report and there may be some things in the pages that isn't as favorable to president trump and the trump campaign as it seems right at the moment, but when you step back and you look at the total picture, the fact that no evidence of criminal collusion was found. it's kind of hard to spin that too negatively. >> jeff, no indictments of anybody, let alone the president, anybody tied to criminal conspiracy. in that letter, barr also talks
3:40 pm
about working on this, saying this. he says that the principal conclusions, my march 24th letter did not report to be an exhaustive recounting of the special counsel's investigation report. my letter made clear, my notification to congress and paid pending released a report a summary of the principal conclusions, that is its bottom line. so for all the people in congress who are saying that barr -- that barr is somehow coming up for mueller's report and he's not putting it all on the line, he says, one, he's working with the special counsel to work on the right actions, and, two, this was the bottom lane conclusion. >> exactly. he's also giving a foreshadowing of the fact that there are some things obviously in the report nearly 400 pages long that were not present in the four page lever stomach letter that he did not release to the public last .
3:41 pm
there might be things in the report that are not flattering for the pleasure and tell my president but did not lead to the special counselo lead to conclusions of conclusion for the president today, and i was in there when i was speaking to the president and mar-a-lago, he made clear that he doesn't have anything to hide and is fine with that report being made public. so that answers the question which has been handed over as well, with the white house exert executive privilege. the president exerted that today. >> victor, your thoughts? >> well, i mean there is a certain fact, bret, this being nine report is done, its contents by mutual consent are going to be given for the only two common denominators people were hysterical and made of robert mueller into a saint and they are making william barr into a sinner.
3:42 pm
they've learned nothing and forgotten nothing because this thing is going to come out in two weeks and just as they didn't know what was coming up in this being nine report and pontificated and sermonized and sorely disappointed that they don't watch out, they are going to make all sort of prognostication and predictionst won't be borne out. i don't see the two week time frame is a big issue. he should just be quiet, trust william barr, let the paint come out, and they will either be confirmed or denied. to go back and repeat the mistakes of the past makes no sense, politically or logically. >> bret: in the meantime, the president saying he may as well close the border, seal the southern border entirely next week because the crisis he calls along the border is intensifying. he's already called it a national emergency, but the numbers are increasing along the border. here is the former homeland security secretary jay johnson talking about the numbers. >> on tuesday, there were 4,000
3:43 pm
apprehensions. i know that a thousand overwhelms the system. i cannot begin to imagine what 4,008 a looks like, so we are truly in a crisis. >> bret: victor, the semantics of crisis, a crisis is a crisis. >> they are caravans already lining up and we've had record numbers of legal entries bid for people here in california, they understand that it is a crisis. trump, for all the criticism he's getting, this is a 51% issue. when people start to see these news reports and only going to increase as the weather warms up, it's going to be a quite concerned that something happens that mick needs to be done and it needs to start with a wall and border security. if you can start with a physical process of crossing the border
3:44 pm
come you don't have sovereignty. if you don't have sovereignty come you don't have a country. >> bret: jeff, listening to the campaign style speech last night and hearing administration talk, it seems like this is going to be another major push for 2020. >> absolutely. it's a huge issue for president trump, then candidate trump in 2016. it's going to be a big issue 2020 for sure. it's something they care a lot about, it's something that has not been thought. the president is making a big push to say that his campaign slogan will be promises made, promises kept. he's going to say he's starting to build a wall which is something that he promised, but obviously the immigration issue that he wanted to address in the presidency is a very big problem and, yeah, he's going to gin up the crowd, a lot of rallies going forward on that topic. >> bret: charlie? last word. >> it is a vital situation down there and we are looking for the month of march, 100,000 people
3:45 pm
crossing the borders. that's the number that we know about, the number that we have stopped at the border. the highest number since 2007 and not only the weather gets warmer, but as the economy begins to hum along and, of course, the smugglers, the human smugglers as well, the narcotics smugglers, they are using our own laws against us at the border in terms of trying to bring children and families across. it's a real powder keg down there. >> bret: we'll be talking about it for a while. next up, the friday lightning round. the fight for venezuela. us as people.
3:46 pm
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just say "teach me mord see hoe an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> it should be a matter of profound regret that once again we've been unable to support leaving the european union -- [boos and jeers] speak of this deal to change. if the prime minister can expect that, she must go, not at an indeterminate date in the future, but now. they'll make sure that we can decide the future of this
3:50 pm
country through a general election. >> bret: think american politics is chaotic? the u.k. is trying to figure out what to do with this brexit situation. we are back with the panel. jeff, there are a lot of ways forward here. >> no, there certainly aren't. and that's a big question, where to go from here. the prime minister tried three times to get her deal with the european deal to get past the parliament and all three times it's failed. that leaves open the question whether the atomic britain will leave the e.u. or without a deal at all and not something that british companies are concerned about. >> bret: victor? >> i think the subtext is germany, germany, germany. germany is the one that dominates the e.u., making it difficult for britain to leave. it's got issues with eastern and southern europeans on different issues and they do not want britain to leave because the historical counter to germany was always britain and france
3:51 pm
and now there is only france. it's a power play by germany, it frightens its own fellow e.u. members bit i think the britishe alienated the eastern europeans. >> bret: in venezuela, the president calls it a big fat mass. it's more than that now. you have russian military personnel and equipment in venezuela to prop up multirole maduro, ma the other thing that's interesting, all this while we hear all this talk about russia collusion and president trump operating at the behest of vladimir putin, down in venezuela we actually have a real standoff down there where you have american officials today calling russian involvement direct involvement, a direct threat to united states. that doesn't sound like
3:52 pm
collusion to me. >> bret: we are going to have a lot more on this next week. all right. winners and losers. first, victor, then loser. we are going to do this lightning. >> william barr doing well. navigating between congress and trump. inexperienced guy that knows all about the cia and has been attorney general. i think he's a wonderful job. the losers, it's got to be the intelligence community, especially cap down the , comey, john brennan. they are looking at some legal disclosure exposure. it's not going to look good when the documents come out and testimonies can't be reconciled. speak of the biggest when there is president trump after the result democratic field of candidates. under loser side, i would say
3:53 pm
republican senators in congress running for reelection and have tough races after the president decided in the white house decided to bring obamacare back is an issue. >> bret: charlie, winner and loser? >> when they are, sadly, are the mexican drug cartels who seem to have free reign at the border right now. loser of the week is bryce harper, a former national who chased money, left the city where everybody loved him and went to philadelphia and had his first game yesterday, struck out twice and philly fans being philly fans, they booed him, so he's been booed out of his own stadium for the first first ti. >> bret: charles will be happy without one. winner for the panel, thank you very much. when we come back, notable quotables.
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mom! he's blinking too loud. sorry, is that too loud? you don't need any more hormones in your house.
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that's why you chose kraft natural cheese. made with fresh milk without the added hormone rbst. it's cheese as it should be. >> bret: it is friday, that means this week's "notable quotables." the special counsel, his findings being released. by the attorney general, william barr.
3:58 pm
>> we do not need your interpretation. show us the report. >> a suit and tie doesn't mask the fact, at its core, this was an old-fashioned shakedown. >> i will sign a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights. >> a picture of former president ronald reagan, naturally firing a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur. >> the kind of appearance you deserve. >> you don't run for second place. speak with the green new deal theater >> democrats seem to want to duck, to dodge, and to distance themselves. >> madam secretary, you have is singled out special olympics once again. >> we are funding the special olympics. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. >> do iserved? no. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of
3:59 pm
health care. >> i don't think the democratic party will know mark wants to nominate an aging, old, white dinosaur from "jurassic park." >> the collusion delusion is over. >> bret: one week, there you have it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. tune in next week when my colleague, martha maccallum, and i, host a town hall for potential 2020 independent candidate, howard schultz. 6:30 p.m. right now, "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: thank you, bret. so, democrats fought for special counsel investigation. they said robert mueller was a man of integrity who could be trusted to dig into the troublesome activations accusaf russian meddling in the 2016
4:00 pm
election. >> congress must establish an independent, outside commission to investigate. >> what happen now, what must happen now, is mr. rosenstein appoints a special prosecutor to oversee this investigation. >> martha: that, as you know, is exactly what happened. then they cheered, rod rosenstein behind the curtain, when andrew mccabe said that he had wanted to oust the president using the 25th


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