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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: amen to that. he is working to repopulate the united states of america. more power to you. thank you ladies. that is "the story with martha maccallum" on this friday night. have a wonderful weekend and we will see you friday night mond♪ >> tucker: good evening andnigh" it's probably hard to imagine being more cynical about the news media than you already are. you watch the coverage and you know how totally dishonest it is, you read their tweets and you know how a vindictive and unimpressive they are. if one of your kids want to work at cnn, would you even tell your neighbors? you might be more tempted to tell them he's in prison. it's hard to shock you about more stories about corruption but prepare yourself, we have a new one. today an independent businessman wrote an account of an experience he just had with
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nbc news director deaf in linzer. he's a "washington post" reporter who is overseas. he did not expect to be talking to her but he got on the phone with the democratic national committee. he had a scoop about the date of the first primary debate, not a big deal but he wanted to make sure his facts were right. they wanted time to notify their state parties about it first. all he refused. he just wanted to break his story. she said i couldn't. and she was agitated and said why not? and then she got angrier and cider, why not? it's not a big deal, i just have to make a few phone calls. i realize that linzer, the head of all political coverage for
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msnbc is not calling to advocate for her network, she was calling to advocate the dnc position. she wanted me to wait to so i could call state party leaders. she was trying to bully me at the behest of the dnc over a dumb scoop. pretty shocking. now before you dismiss it as hearsay, keep in mind that he is not a conservative hartley, he wants and worked for gavin newsom who was a fund-raiser for hillary clinton's campaign. he's not a right winger. the head political executor was doing errands for the dnc. she's a hack. this kind of behavior is par at nbc news. the chairman of nbc leaked the access hollywood taped to "the washington post." why? because he wanted to make sure that other clinton won the presidency. then he lied about it and crushed the career of billy bush because he was on the way.
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they tried to kill a story about harvey weinstein sexual assaults and then they lied about that too. last fall when the creepy lawyer was making wild gang allegations against brett kavanaugh, nbc news knowingly sat on evidence that would have cleared cavanaugh's name but didn't really say it. if chuck schumer and demanded the united states and tomorrow, the walloons are the real threat. whatever it takes. hours after robert mueller deflated the russia hoax, nancy pelosi demanded the press corps to start covering health care. so cnn immediately scrapped its entire lineup. the next day, every show on cnn from six in the morning until midnight, every single one without any exception repeated democratic talking points about obamacare. these are not journalists, their faithful servants of the democratic party.
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it might be easier if they all admitted it. chris plante hosts a radio show, "look chris plante show." how exactly what this happen. the mechanics are confusing to me. how would they know that he was working on the story? >> someone at the dnc said, i got the scoop and i'm going to rain on your fun for a couple of minutes, they said who do you call to kill the story? i'm sure they have a phone book of pizza of people they choose to call. and he is the director of all political coverage for nbc and msnbc. what did she do? she said i can't do that, that would be unethical. she dutifully called at the request of the dnc a freelance reporter. this is a -- they are possible
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sources of revenue for you and your wife and your college fund. and she took umbrage with her acquiescence to the dnc's call and he sounded the alarm. now he will be hurt for this professionally because linzer does not appreciate, and nbc news does not appreciate that yes he went public with t. but the dnc knew, let's call her, she can dangle a threat over his head, and she will call and put him on the ice. can you imagine doing such a thing. >> tucker: that was a question i was going to ask you. you are an out of closet conservative and you do -- you don't hide your views from anyone. i'm sure you vote republican most of the time. if the rnc called you tomorrow morning and set another reporter has a story that's inconvenient
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to us, would you help kill it? what would you say? >> well i would laugh in their faces. i do conservative political talk radio and we were talking this morning with bill hess and victoria and michael about how much higher my standards are as a journalist. i'm not even technically a journalist anymore about my standards are so much higher, my ethics are so much higher then linzer's and joe scarborough and chuck todd and the list goes on and on, really, journalism is dead. i was thinking about it when i was coming over here and i was a journalist for a long time. i worked for cnn for a long period of time. i didn't leave journalism, journalism left me to paraphrase the great ronald reagan. journalism is on the ropes, and they are beyond that. they are dead to come up this thing is so bought and paid for
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at this point. every day as a prize fight and the referee is paid off. he is bought and paid for. >> tucker: so if at a certain point of channel gives himself over to the specific instructions of a political party, which i think cnn and nbc news both have, and msnbc right now is running an infomercial as we speak for the green new deal. shouldn't they have to declare that as an in-kind contribution? >> i've been talking about that. president trump brought this up as a tweet about 3 minutes ago when the news media became apoplectic and said we should take a look at the fcc and the licenses of the networks. and my first thought was, that's not a great idea, i thought about it for a day or so and i said, i've got to tell you, these are not journalistic organizations or at least the balance has shifted from being legitimate organizations that serve a very important function in our republic. these are the guys that are supposed to be calling balls and
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strikes. every day it's crooked. it's not the thumb on the scale, the elbow is on the scale. bernie goldberg years ago, a former "cbs news" correspondent wrote a book called by "bias." the idea is a quaint notion of a bygone era. the word is corruption. >> the last thing, nbc leaked its own internal video, the access hollywood tapes, to "the washington post." two old friends from harvard, to separate news organizations leaked it. they've never faced any penalty for that. they've never explained how that happened. no one even mentions it anymore, why? >> they winnow awards for this. there is going to be punishment, because he told the truth. and for the record, i don't even
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like -- not a fan. >> i will take the truth wherever it's coming from. >> tucker: i agree, i totally respect that. >> from russia to covington to basic human biology, the left for some reason it is falling for superstitions and conspiracy theory. why is that? we investigate, after the break. ♪ the latest innovation from xfinity
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> tucker: a huge number of well-known people disgraced themselves during the two years of the russian collusion hoax. but two of them stand above the rest. former cia chief john brennan and former fbi director john comey. we expect lawmakers to grandstand on flimsy pretext, that's what they do. we don't expect much of the news media. our most powerful bureaucrats are supposed to be -- they need to be impressive. we need them to be fair and smart and levelheaded. john brennan has shown himself
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to be none of those things. during his years serving barack obama, he was known mostly for lying. under trump he has become a full-blown wild eyed conspiracy not. >> he is feeding and fueling hatred and animosity and misunderstandings among americans. >> i use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it is the betrayal of the nation. he's giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> treasonous as aiding and abetting trust as well as the enemy. >> jim comey meanwhile is smarter than john brennan, not that that is hard but he is a political partisan. something that no fbi director should ever be. at times his judgment has been bizarre. watch for example as the most a lurid portions might in fact be real. >> i honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth but i don't know whether
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the current president of united states was in moscow. >> tucker: those are the two most powerful unelected bureaucrats and he would not hire them to run a cvs. they are idiots, narcissus observing a story about some p tape that ran on a cat blog. and adam schiff is still rambling on like a mental patient about russia conspiracy. >> from the public, you might think it's okay that the only disappointment during that meeting was at the dirt they received on holy clinton wasn't better. you might think that's okay. i think it's immoral, unethical, unpatriotic, and yes. i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. >> immoral, unethical, unpatriotic. people didn't use to talk like that, particularly those who are
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already all all three. but it's not just adam schiff. bill barr, the attorney general looked like a decent but i come in fact a living stereotype of the traditional modern republican. but looks deceive. a prudent stooge working secretly for mother russia and he cannot be trusted. >> or mr. bar to quickly issue a four page report in his attempt to try to exonerate president trump as too much of the odor of political expediency to help the man who appointed him, president trump. >> tucker: chuck schumer says you can be sure the entire herd of brainless democratic presidential candidate say it, too. >> i am deeply troubled by bar himself. he should have recused himself in my opinion. so i have a lot of problems with him. >> do you trust barr's judgment
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on obstruction here? >> no. >> i think with the attorney general did was undermine the purpose of the inspector general's job. it was not only arrogant, but disrespectful. >> it's very hard to overstate how dumb this is. we are searching for the words. he's been the public guy for 40 years. he gave money to jeb bush's 2016 campaign. it's hard to imagine that barr even voted for donald trump. for some reason, bill barr has developed such a deep loyalty to donald trump that he's willing to destroy his own reputation, subvert american government and commit crimes. why? in order to hide his criminal russian collision. that's what they are telling
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you. it's insane. they will tell you a lot of things like that. with remarkable frequency, the people that are supposed to be the most impressive in our society fall for hoaxes that no normal person would ever believ believe. the smollett hate crimes, a dozen more just like it in the past two years. the fake duke rate case and even figure uva paternity. weapons of mass destruction in iraq. the fraudulent fda food pyramid that helped make america fatter and less healthy. the more breakfast cereal, that will slam you down. they bought all of this and much more without even pausing. when the creepy lawyer told them that brett kavanaugh was a criminal, they believed him. these are the people who bragged about how much they revere science. and at the same time insist that you can change her biological by wishing it so. 40 years ago the same people
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warned us that a new ice age was coming. superstition rains in its place. this is what happens when conventional religion, the ones we all mock, die. people say, i'm secular. just find something even more implausible to believe in, and impose on the rest of us. and therefore far more dangerously. he joins us today. that's what they do. they are not geniuses and they will say whatever it takes. now we know they are not.
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how did this happen. >> you would think, and they were taught very explicitly that they don't violate that line between america's politics, and the intelligence community, brennan, clapper and james comey have all done it. but if you step back, there are couple things happening, why democrats are falling for this. the burners in the clappers, fats cuda tossed off. if you look at journalists, it's more stories about bad orange man, meaning figure clicks and abuse, and democratic politicians, why are they doing it? well more of that stuff means more fear. a panic and hysteria. that brings in donations and that brings in votes. so that's the short answer to your question but actually i think there's something bigger
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happening here that is actually more frightening to me. as a party we are telling you through these hoaxes that you are a victim. whether it be the smollett or covington. you if you are a victim, you belong to us and if you haven't been a victim, you will be at some point. we have to get people to the polls based on fear, on panic. and that is the stuff -- trunk will be gone into or six years. the democratic party, its coalition. if we are telling people that they have to be victims then we have to believe the stories about smollett or the covington kids. that's the issue that's not going to go away, and will be part of the democratic party, and i hate to say this. part of the nation for generations to come. we are telling people, don't think critically, i don't think for yourself. just say what you should say when a person of color or woman
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says they've been a victim. automatically believe them. stop thinking. that's what the democratic party has become. it's horrific. so, what would happen -- but we will be and that's -- that's the nature of running the world's most powerful country. so when there is outward pressure on this country, its cohesion is tested, what is it going to look like when people immediately retreat into their tribes and rely on conspiracy theories to explain things? >> you need a national identity to get through those moments. but i have to tell you, we already are at war. those of us in the intelligence community know, we are in a covert war against the chinese government. it's only going to become a greater and greater, more obvious problem, for those that don't know. but i work with folks in the military and the intelligence community and we all know it's happening. we get ready now for this. it's already happening.
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so what will occur in the next five or ten years when it becomes more overt? it's focused on what will the mueller report really say. and then it's redacted. it's never ending. we might as well be looking for hitler and jimmy hoffa to open up a bed and breakfast. >> tucker: [laughs] what did you -- [laughs] >> we are not preparing for the things that matter. as a democratic party, let's put behind the mueller thing. let's have a conversation about, is trump the best thing we can do for this country? >> he's a russian agent, not winnable. thanks very much for that. you are very wise. the smollett saga is getting weirder by the way. the president has gotten involved and his lawyers say that the attackers, and you will
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be impressed by this, wore white face during the attack. we will have these surreal tips, i had to. ♪ ahead. musical ♪ reen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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>> tucker: there are a bunch of weird new developments in the seasons weirdest news story. and he's also saying, and we won't bother explaining that trump is responsible for
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smollett's son. smollett hates trump. blames trump's voters. meanwhile, the prosecutor who let this all happen who prevented smollett from being prosecuted now admits she never really recused herself from the case. matt? >> right now the city of chicago is demanding $130,000 from jussie smollett. the city says that's how much it cost in overtime hours during its particular meticulous inven the attack. the city of chicago wrote to jussie smollett demanding if he doesn't pay the $130,000 within seven days the city is threatening to bring new charges against the actor for filing a false report. the chicago mirror, rahm emanuel, who has feuded with the president for years that the only reason he would take advantage of a hate crime is because of the toxic environment that emmanuel claims the
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president created. emmanuel says smollett all of a sudden stop demanding justice since his charges were dropped. >> has he said a single word i about any hate crimes against a black man? nothing. >> kim fox, small smollett's case said she used the word recused in a "colloquial sense." meanwhile, jussie smollett is nominated for an award. he flew to l.a. late wednesday, not clear if he will appear at the show. project 21, a black conservative group which says it has 60,000 numbers demanding that smollett's nomination be rescinded. meanwhile the host of the show says he hopes that jussie smollett wins. >> tucker: so many threads, i don't know where to begin. thank you for that update, it's
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pretty amazing. so as you adjust her to come at the prosecutor in this case, the one who let smollett go is saying that she uses the term recused "colloquially." meanwhile, jussie smollett's attorney argued that he was not lying. when he said his actors wore white, he was not acting out of some racial stereotype. in fact, they were in white fac face. >> according to the court records, smollett was very clear with the police that his attackers were white. he said they had meson and gloves and he saw their eyes and the skin surrounding the rise. with that a was not a lie? >> it took me 5 minutes to google and one of the first videos was one of the brothers
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doing a joker monologue with white paint on his face. >> tucker: author of the fantastic book "panic attack" joins us. so what i can tell, jussie smollett and his attorney are in a straight face away taking the position that this all really happened, or he never lied to. >> that's what they have to do, to kind of power through this, so he can keep his career. they have to come up with these crazy explanations. if your theory requires you to wearing a disguise under your disguise, it's absurd. but, of course he's going to deny it at this point. it was the job of chicago, of kimberly fox to prove that he was guilty. it wasn't his job to prove he was innocent, and at this point
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the people i most upset with is the state's attorney. >> the problem though with smollett continuing to lie is that it allows people to believe that there is a rash of hate crimes in this country and there is not. they are actually quite rare. this is like a tiny thing, and this allows kamala harris and all these other demagogues to say is totally real. and that's what emmanuel is trying to say, trump has made this country so unsafe. and of course if the opposite of that. we have been misled about hate crimes being off the charts in the country. so we were prepared to believe this, or people in the media were prepared to believe that. so if people don't like your politics, and they lie in order to hurt you, it's your fault? and i understand why he's mad. even she says, even kimberly fox
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the state's attorney says, we would have won if we would have brought this to court. the evidence was good and for some reason she decided to not actually get him to plead guilty which would have been -- i would have been fine with community service, our jails already have too many people and i don't think we need to lock up people who are not a violent threat. but she needed to get him to plead guilty, that's how it works. so we would have had the catharsis of people saying, we don't know what happened. while we do know what happened and we needed that verdict there, that acknowledgment on her part. she decided not to go with that. >> that was critical thing. we don't need to hurt jussie smollett, is obviously a very wounded person already. this is infuriating and bad. good to see you. the left has been showing its enemies racists for years. now, as that 2020 race ramps up,
5:34 pm
they are calling themselves racist. plus, time for final exam. we have a showdown between two of our own anchors. martha maccallum and bill hammer, two of the most well versed in his news people i har met. we will be right back.
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based on physical ♪ fee wanted for years >> tucker:- jockeying for 2020 and democrats are turning on each other. what about that are they using? racist. it's amazing. stacy abrams says racism is to blame for bait or are getting more attention than her. >> is the darling of the media. i don't want to disparage or take away from their reaction or their legitimate response people had in the campaign but, i think race plays the part. i think region plays a part and phenotype plays a part. >> when asked, cory booker
5:39 pm
agreed with abrams. john walsh argued that joe biden should not run for president not because of political views or anything he'd done but the color of his skin. the left is even segregating the press now. in savannah, georgia, a public event concerning an upcoming mayor's race was -- but defended his attendance to the meeting by saying, it's not my business. >> do you think the message there on the door is -- >> it's not my meeting. i was asked to come and give a statement and i came and gave a statement. >> it's totally cool. i go to is segregated event and, at school. chris hanh is here. what's the democratic party is position on segregation now? i noticed that herbert had segregated graduation ceremonies every year as you know and now there is a democratic party event in georgia. is this something that democrats
5:40 pm
are for? >> not to my knowledge. and i think any event that his political should be open to all press at all times. i believe in full transparency of everything. >> it's not transparency, is about segregation. so why hasn't the dnc said anything about this? what about the presidential candidates? where are they on that? >> if they are asked about it, they should respond the same way we did. and, a local city council event and, if you want to start trading event for event, let's start looking at an event in the deep south are probably whites only. >> while let's be careful. >> there are some republican events that say whites only. the doj civil rights division will be there with the fbi and
5:41 pm
that will lead every paper in this country in every newscast for the next year. that has not happened. here's the segregated event -- so beto o'rourke was asked about reparations recently. i want to play you his response to it. here's what he said. >> there was a washington times article saying that you oppose traditional reparations for black people so why should i as a black man vote for you when you oppose reparation? >> tucker: so what's the right answer there? >> the right answer is because, he's for a quality, he's for lifting people up. reparations is not going to be -- anyone who says they are for reparations, they haven't even been able to pass reparations at that point. but that doesn't mean we can't lift people up from lower income status and bring them into the mainstream of society? >> tucker: that's a fair answer but why not start with
5:42 pm
the democratic party. the democratic party, 100% of its presidents have been manic, and most have been white except for one exception. so why not award at 100 superdelegates, i'm serious, to every candidate of color? >> i think that the democratic party celebrates diversity. i think that we have a great field of candidates running in the democratic primary of all races, genders and even sexual orientation. i think it's going to be an interesting primary and i don't think that the democrats run away from the diversity. i think -- >> republicans are -- republicans are tailored to the fear of people that are worried that this country is changing. >> if you have the woke party
5:43 pm
and they are leading presidential candidates that are white, and why wouldn't you -- why wouldn't you do what they do at harvard? >> here's what i would say to that. i think it's important that both parties ensure that there is diversity. both parties -- so let's be very clear. it's a very diverse convention and one of the parties can be very, very white. >> we will see it. >> chris hunt, thank you. good to see you. >> tucker: time now for final exam or two of the smartest people in that his business face off against one another to see
5:44 pm
who's been paying the closest attention to what's going on this week. it's a special new york anchor's showdown. bill hemmer hosts america's newsroom every morning until two years ago. they are friends tonight, and i can't believe you've agreed to face off against one another. >> we talked about it. >> just like old times, we faced off every day. >> it's a little more blood thirsty now but, good luck to both of you. normally i would bet on the outcome of this. but now i have no idea. so you know the rules but i will repeat them for the audience at home. hands-on buzzers, buzz and to answer the question but you must wait to finish asking it before you answer. incorrect answers to track the point from the total bust of five wins.
5:45 pm
a lot of rules but you will be fine. question one. everybody has things that annoyed them, even the pope. according to new video, pope francis says he doesn't really like it when people do what? what bothers the pope? >> i mean -- >> sin. >> that's what i would say. [laughter] >> that is such a revealing and complete answer. is it the correct answer? >> no. it's wrong. >> many people lined up because of his ring and after about 10 minutes of ring kissing, the pope had had enough.
5:46 pm
so our judges have said that theologically that is correct of course but for the purpose of this so it's technically and correct. >> i don't think that ethnic sins should count against me. >> question number two. a british airways flight upset a lot of passengers this week when it landed at the very wrong destination. it was supposed to fly from london to duesseldorf germany but turned up hundreds of miles away in each country? >> scotland? >> scotland, that's very wrong. the british airways flight headed to germany mistakenly takes down in scotland. the plane landed in duesseldorf for nearly two hours later. the airlines as a german company that charted the plane submitted the wrong route to air traffic control. what a surprise.
5:47 pm
>> i think you both knew that but martha, you are lightning fast. >> i just heard hammer press and hold it, that's going to be my strategy now. >> tucker: they are giving you tips. so dunkin' donuts which does not make health food teaming up with watch, which sporting event to produce a pair of sneakers? >> sneakers may be the key word. it has something to do -- sport. >> tucker: which sporting event. >> this is not going well at all. >> running shoes, how is that? >> the olympics.
5:48 pm
we will play the tape. >> dunkin' donuts has teamed up with the shoe company stock in a to create probably the best use ever for the boston marathon. you know american runs on dunkin? a at these duncan shoes. how about that. right there. >> boston marathon. so what we have here is, the most informed two contestants ending at the lowest score of the history of the show. it just shows how serious you are. >> we thought maybe it would be slightly more newsy. >> now. not on the show. question number four, this one is multiple-choice. jimmy carter has now live longer than any american president. how old is he? 94, 96 or 101? >> i think it's 94. >> is jimmy carter 94 years old?
5:49 pm
>> jimmy carter has just passed a major milestone. he now has lived longer than any other former president. it's not a birth date, at the notable milestone. today he is 94 years old and 172 days. the previous record holder was the late president george h.w. bush who lived one day younger than carter. >> tucker: you are absolutely right, martha maccallum. that puts you up one and bill is down one. going into the final question, which is worth two points. this is another multiple-choice to get it back to zero. a painting worth $28 million was found this week, 20 years after it was stolen off of a yacht owned by a saudi shake. appellant, painted the painting? was it pablo picasso, vincent van gogh or salvador dali? >> i think it was van gogh.
5:50 pm
>> tucker: for two points, was it vincent van gogh? >> a painting by pablo picasso after years long search. >> this has been the most remarkable segment we've ever done. you know what? this is perfect, as longtime partners and friends i'm not surprised he wanted to end up on the same number. and, what is the capital of the african nation of burkina faso? >> you should know this, you always know this kind of thing.
5:51 pm
>> i don't want to wreck the perfect symmetry of this. next time let's do the molar report. >> you guys are the best. that's it for this week's final exam. how did you do? how will you do next week? pay attention to the news every day, tuesday through thursday to see if you can beat our experts. we will be right back.
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>> tucker: a really distressing new out of california appears to show on elderly pro-life activists being beaten savagely buying angry leftists in the street in the city of san francisco. the banners owned by an 85-year-old. he attempts to stop the thief from walking off with it and this is what happens. >> old man, stay on the ground.
5:56 pm
85 years old. san francisco police say they are investigating the attack. the attacker's face and voice are clearly recorded on the tape. if you recognize him, you ought to give the information to police immediately. this has been an unbelievable week in the news, certainly one of the most remarkable ones we've had since the show started two years ago. so what better way to end it then a week summary by former secret service agent at dan bongino who was thought long and hard about the stories. great to see you, so what stuck out to you as he watched? >> let's rank them, this is my top three. here's number three. and, this guy was disgusted
5:57 pm
despite the recent news about him getting into some new trouble here, this is a presidential candidate on other networks. and by the way was promoted as a legitimate candidate. they fawned over him, and that's not surprising. >> . this is -- i can't get over this case with jussie smollett. i actually believe in the constitution. they have this thing on twitter, they say, just take the l. just take the loss.
5:58 pm
, . it's not looking good right now and that may be the understatement of the millenniu millennium. just move on and take the l. >> al sharpton never admitted it, it worked out well for him. i want to tell you what number one was. >> obviously, i was putting on some scar stuff, and this is just a monstrosity because it's a story about so many different things. media bias and the radical left,
5:59 pm
but here is the take away. don't ever forget this and everybody listening. trump exonerated trump. he never did anything wrong. the real question right now that i ask, i'm pretty sure i have the answer, when exactly did the molar, can mueller find out there was no collusion? of course he wasn't going to exonerate. and in june of 2017, and that begs one final question. what was bob mueller doing for 600 plus days if he knew donald trump was innocent? >> threatening people with life in prison. >> bingo. see you next week. >> this is the show that she is
6:00 pm
the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, pomposity, smugness and especially groupthink. good night from washington and have a happy couple of days from the people you love. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. we have all the angles and new information covered tonight. first we have long reported on this program, going back through 2007. yes, journalism is dead. and also the mainstream media mob is nothing more than an arm of the extreme radical democratic party. and basically they are like one and the same. remember, manufactured crisis, they use the same words. tonight we have more


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