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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 30, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> we will see the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks, if not days. >> confidence in the attorney general. this was a hoax. this was a witch-hunt. >> mueller did reach a conclusion that there was no collusion. >> for the first time in more than a decade, cbp is now forced to release migrants into the u.s. because of overcrowding. >> they don't stop them. we're closing the borders. close it and keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> these people violated the laws of this country. >> jussie smollett hoax crime saginaw continues. >> we do need law us. and laws require that people be held accountable if they make false charges. >> democratic candidate for the governor of nevada coming forward saying she had a bit of uncomfortable
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encounter with the vice president. he proceeded to big slow kiss on the back of my head. >> the events of september 11th, 2001, thousands of americans died. they wave a wand and say oh, it's going to cost a bazillion dollars they sound like dr. evil. >> right at the rim. ♪ ♪ panama ♪ panama. pete: good saturday morning. jedediah: happy saturday. ed: great to see you. back on the couch. jedediah: what have i been doing the last few weekends. i have been so bored looking at you. ed: sleeping in. jedediah: no kidding. who needs sleep? pete: is your bracket busted mine is gone. hit tar heels and auburn took them down. ed: north carolina took them
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down. kentucky tight one. they are in the elite 8. it's going to get exciting. pete: this the most fun two days of college basketball. elite 8 to the final four. have you games all day today. games all day tomorrow. ed: it's actually getting warm outside. we will play a little baseball a little later. that's why i wore a little blue and white for my yankees. pete: that's what that is? ed: they are on fire. pete: i thought it was for your political party. jedediah: did you lose money on the bracket. pete: i don't bet on the bracket. i'm a terrible better. i bet with my heart not my brain: ed: there is a lot happening in the runup to 2020. president trump again now threatening to shut down the southern border this coming week. pete: that's right. at mar-a-lago yesterday in the afternoon the president came out and is he looking at the numbers on the border. is he looking at what is happening down there. ed is going to break some of those down in a moment. he said if we are not going to build that wall and get smart policies, i might have to close it take a listen to the president.
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>> you see what's happening to women. you see what's happening to children. it's a horrible situation. mexico could stop it right at their southern burden. they have a southern border. and they could -- and they have a border that could be very well structured. it's very easy for them to stop people from coming up. and they don't choose to do it. well, we are not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them that they are not going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. so, there is a very good likelihood that i will be closing the border next week. that will be just fine with me. pete: closing the border that could mean major ports of entry. that could be stationing more troops even further forward on the border. we don't know exactly what those details would be. clearly a president frustrated by the fact that there is even more caravans coming. we are hearing reports of today from mexico. mexico hasn't done really anything about it. jedediah: he has had it with mexico because they have a really tight border security policy when it comes to their own country and suddenly when it comes to us
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they don't take steerously. you have him. you have secretary nielsen writing a letter to congress supporting what the president has said about the severity of this issue. the letter reads to cope with the overall volume of arriving migrants a resource surge is needed throughout the system to ensure efficient throw put and proper care. dhs requests immediate assistance from congress, including emergency resources to cope with the emergency situation. i'm wondering how many people it's going to take. if you don't like the president and don't listen to what he has to say. you listen to the border control agents and folks at the border to working to help protect us. don't want to listen to ice, okay, secretary nielsen is sending a letter. dhs has to help out. release people without even managing and filtering them proper limit i'm just wondering at what point the media is going to say enough people have weighed in on in this is a crisis and a problem that has to be acknowledged. pete: in a letter we are in a free fall a system wide meltdown.
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ed: wanted to break that down for you. i'm going to go over to the touch screen. when the administration says it's in a free fall, basically, and this is in a crisis democrats have said again and again it's a manufactured crisis. look at the numbers and you be the judge whether or not it's manufactured or not. here is the border crisis by the numbers. 100,000 plus border apprehensions possible in march alone. this is from customs and border protection. look at this. over 136,000 people apprehended in the first four months of a fiscal year 2019 that started back in october. why that is significant is that's the same number that was apprehended for the entire previous year. so that's over just four months. that gives you an idea that we are surging far beyond where we were last year. move on to that an increase of 3308%. that jump in migrant family apprehensions in fiscal year 2019 alone. 12,000 plus immigrants in the custom and border patrol custody this week. this week alone 12,000 plus.
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so this is the border crisis by the numbers. this is not the politics. these are the actual facts. and what's fascinating is jedediah just pointed out what president trump's homeland security secretary is saying. well, that's politics. that's what the trump administration is saying. no, the obama administration, their department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson, he calls it a crisis. watch. >> my staff will tell you if it was under 1,000 apprehensions a day before, that was a relatively good number. and if it was above 1,000, it was a relatively bad number and i was going to be in a bad mood all day. on tuesday there were 4,000 apprehensions. i know that 1,000 overwhelms the system i cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like. so we are truly in a crisis. pete: we are truly in a crisis says barack obama's dhs secretary for four years
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he said if we had 1,000 that was a crisis. today we have 4,000. last year. ed: a day. pete: last year was record. this year first four months beat last year's record. undeniable to see what is happening at the border right now is a crisis. will democrats take to heart what jeh johnson has to say? manufactured crisis or not? jedediah: i think this is pivotal that he came out and said that we are in a place now where it's so polarized in this country someone on your team says something you are inclined to believe them. scial on the other team says something you are not. this is someone estimate mainstream media at large likely respects and trusts. he is coming from an administration that they take seriously, that they admire that they respect. i have to think that him coming out and backing up the severity of what kirstjen nielsen is saying and border patrol agents are saying has to have weight. ed: those are pictures in mexico trying to come across the border into america. the pictures before that we
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were showing in texas. here in america, people behind these fences come across were bursting at the seams. nowhere to put them. pete: asking a baseball player go from 9 innings to 36. or tiger woods to go from 18 holes to 72. they would say what are you talking about? you changed the whole game on me. jedediah: vilified though. the border patrol agents are vilified. ed: we will be drilling it home all morning. you won't get it anywhere else. thom homan the ice director coming up later to give us more facts. meanwhile, the other big story still blowing up now the mueller report. pete: it's still blowing up? ed: it's still blowing up. pete: or whimpering out? ed: we want the whole report. yesterday the news was that bill barr the attorney general is saying he is going to give it to them as quickly as possible. by mid april or sooner. pete: he is willing to testify before congress. ed: he will testify. pete: early may. democrats unsatisfied with the fact that this attorney general whose credibility is
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sterling has said i will release it after we follow protocol of what would need to be redacted based on. ed: grand jury information. pete: all of that. democrats unsatisfied. you got jerry nadler saying their deadline set by democrats for april 2nd still stands and same with adam schiff. so, they are going to continue to be on citizen meant. i don't know what they think they are going to find to make their argument better. let them keep yelling, jedediah. jedediah: if it comes out and you read the full report and it says no collusion or obstruction. it's not going to matter. then suddenly mueller is going to be a bad guy. this is a mission. they have been on this mission first it was collusion. then it was impeachment. this is going to be ongoing and long road ahead. president trump, i think, had it right when he tweeted. he said the problem is no matter what the radical left democrats get. no matter what we give them, it will never be enough. just watch, they will harass and complain and resist the theme of their movement. maybe we should take our victory and say no, we have
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a country to run. i think that's pivot tall, too. you can linger on this for a period of time and i know he had to do a little bit of a victory lap here because it had been held over his head for so long. voters really want the issues addressed. don't lose sight of that they want to talk about their taxes. they want to talk about border security. they want to talk about pivotal issues. republicans have to get it together ton healthcare. don't linger on something that democrats want to amp up and amp investigations and move on and say, you know what? let them worry about that. let the mueller report come out. you guys are all going to see nothing to worry about. i want to talk about issues. pete: democrats want to talk about issues. they end up talking about issues comparing things like climate change to 9/11. pete: really? pete: favorite socialist from the bronx alexandria ocasio-cortez is comparing 9/11 and criticizing republicans. >> on the events of september 11th, 2001. thousands of americans died in one of the -- in the
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largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. and our national response, whether we agree with it or not, our national response was to go to war in one then eventually two countries. 3,000 americans died in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. where is our response? they wave this wand and they say oh, it's going to cost a bazillion dollars. they sound like dr. evil. like $100 million. it is next level. i didn't have expect them to make total fools of themselves. [cheers] jedediah: oh, ocasio-cortez. pete: listen to the roar though. that is the roar of the democratic base today. it's why joe biden in my opinion will never get in he will lose. he have to apologize for all the statements he has made and comments and pongs he posits he has held that's not extreme enough. she is speak fog for a party
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that's gone radical. ed: cow fat lens and shut down planes and all the facts her office put out about the green new deal. just because one of my staffers was having a bad day as if kind of like threw the staff under the bus that. so examples used that have been criticized as being radical she is now trying to push aside. we will drill down on those facts today and every day moving forward. jedediah: she should learn to take responsibility for her plans and ideas and every now and then ocasio-cortez maybe get out there and talk to people who aren't necessarily going to be applauding you and have challenging questions. we would love to have you. come on. i have some questions. we are going to turn to headlines. political science are surrounding a texas apartment complex after a suspect shoots a state trooper and barricades himself inside. the 16 hour standoff forcing families to evacuate. police say the trooper tried to make a traffic stop when the suspect sped off to the apartment building, then opened fire. the trooper, he is in stable condition. a former democratic
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lieutenant governor candidate is accusing joe biden of touching her inappropriately. lucy flores writes in new york magazine the vice president grabbed her shoulders, sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her head before a campaign rally in nevada in 2014. biden who is considering a white house run in 2020 says he does not recall the incident. those are your headlines. pete: never a good call. jedediah: i said it for a while. i don't think the era of the me too movement is going to work for him. i have been saying it for a long time. pete: not his moment. jedediah: last round was. ed: missed an opportunity. pete: attorney general blasting him as con descending and air gawnts. jason chaffetz says democrats are showing their true clowrs. he is next playbook. jedediah: star studded night at the rock and roll hall of fame. singer making history last
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♪ ed: attorney general william barr revealing he is set to release a big chunk of the mueller reported with some redactions by mid april and maybe even sooner. that might still be good enough for democrats. here fox news contributor. former house committee chairman jason chaffetz. good morning, jason. >> good morning, good morning. >> good to see you. attorney general coming out look folks, i heard the complaints. i put out the top line points directly from robert mueller last weekend, no collusion. didn't come to a decision on obstruction. the attorney general, the deputy attorney general don't believe there was obstruction. now i'm going to give you with sensible redactions the report by mid april or sooner, jason, they are saying not good enough. >> well, what mr. nadler and
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chairman schiff are saying really doesn't matter. the attorney general is bending over backwards. he is not required by law to have to go testify about this. nor is he required to give a fuller accounting of the report. but he is going to. and the idea that well, it's 10 days later than they he wanted. the democrats just picked this date out of thin air and they are trying to create an allusion that the attorney general is being nonresponsive. but that's nothing -- i mean, that's just not true. ed: in fact his letter goes out and says look, there is grand jury information that shouldn't spill out. you are not going to get the whole report. sensitive classified information we are talking about russian intelligence and all of the rest in terms of the 2016 campaign. then he also went on to say william barr, that he is working directly with robert mueller to go through this report line by line on what should be held back. doesn't that give him credibility when even mueller is in the room? >> remember, this comes also on the heels, ed, of an
3:19 am
inspector general who chastised the department of justice in several hundred pages of a report for releasing information about people that were not indicted. they don't want to make that mistake again. you are right. classified information. sources and methods. if there is other ongoing investigations. any of that material cannot, by law. be released to the public. so, attorney general barr is doing exactly what he is required by law and a lot more. ed: democrats have said it's not good enough. here is speaker pelosi, watch. >> no thank you, mr. attorney general. we do not need your interpretation. show us the report. and we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending. it was arrogant. and it wasn't the right thing to do. ed: that was the day before the attorney general wants latest letter and he seemed angry that she said it was condescending for him to come out last week and give a summary.
3:20 am
it's interesting, jason, in this latest letter the attorney general says hang on, folks, i wasn't summarizing anything. i was giving you the top lines from robert mueller himself. the guy the democrats used to say was big god ready to come down with a tablet. >> look, the speaker is terribly frustrated. they never in their wildest dreams thought that this was the scenario they would be dealing with. but this is the tactic of the resistance movement. just like donald trump said it is. that's what they do. they try to disparage somebody and their character. but she is fundamentally and totally wrong. and by the way, for the 8 years during the obama administration, they had no affinity for openness and transparency. this is a new phenomenon for democrats. ed: you were there in congress fighting with eric holder. loretta lynch for many, many times over. jason chaffetz, appreciate you coming in this morning. >> thank you. ed: all right you, have a lot coming up. in fact, one school actually saying that donald trump should not be president.
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3:25 am
knowing this individual is in custody gives us peace of mind. how about that pete? pete: turns out ice is your friend when they help you. ed, thank you very much. to the trouble in our schools. there is a lot of that. an anti trump homework assignment sparking outrage amongst parents in a school in texas. jedediah: seventh graders were assigned to read student written essays. one titled trump against american values. and then apply them to america future is in danger. b american leaders should promote equality. c, donald trump should not be president. d, donald trump will not be able to change. pete: here to react is one of those outraged parents chris if he woulder along with state representative briscoe kaine: your child comes home with this homework assignment. are you surprised and what was your reaction? >> >> yes, i was very surprised. shae came home and
3:26 am
immediately came to me. set her backpack to me. brought me this assignment. my 13-year-old, mind you, knew there was something wrong with this assignment. i actually read over it and i had to read over it three or four times before i realized i was actually reading what i was reading this is this assignment. and i was taken back. i thought immediately. jedediah: i just -- >> i thought immediately it had no place in our classroom, especially with seventh grade english class. jedediah: you went to the principal because. so criticism have you gotten read online he should have gone to the principal first. you actually did go to the principal. you didn't hear back for a week. by that time you had contacted your representative because you thought you had no other recourse. >> actually, i actually sent the principal who i know personally an email. you know, i will usually get a response fairly quickly from him. when did i not receive a response from him, that's when i contacted mr. kaine. pete: representative, you know, you stepped in and said we have got to do
3:27 am
something about this. is this indicative of the types of things we are seeing in public schools? i mean, what can be done? >> you know, sadly, it's more indicative of the things we are seeing on the college campus today. and the swamp that's in d.c. is overflooded and flooded into our classroom, into our local governments and our state houses. there are things that can be done. well, the teacher has been reprimanded. state law actually does allow her to be terminated. it's very expensive. some of the laws in texas do need to be changed. sadly too late in the session to file bills on this. i will tell you one thing, there is a very thin line between education and indoctrination and that line was definitely crossed. pete: yeah. absolutely. go ahead. jedediah: i you want to point out more of these so people can a hear. a the united states will impeach donald trump. b, other americans are also offended by donald trump. c, mexican americans are the major group upset with president trump. d, future generations will
3:28 am
have to deal with racism. i mean, you look at this. there is an obvious bias here. this is taxpayer money that's going into these schools. you send your kids to school, you expect them to get an education. you don't expect them to walk out with a teacher inflicting this kind of bias on them, representative. >> no. that's absolutely true. and that's why we are glad people like chris are willing to come over. this happens all over the place. and people are afraid to being be mocked and yelled at. these guys have come forward. people want to cell at them. the real victim here is this child and their parents. pete: chris, we have a statement from the goose creek school district. they said. this they said the passage was part of a series to help practice inference and point of view. the matter was addressed with the teacher and the materials will no longer be used. the teacher made a simple error in judgment and had no ill intent like all of us,
3:29 am
teachers are human and make mistakes from time to time. believe this was an error in judgment? >> i don't believe so. i believe it was at the least very, very careless. she had to know the material she was presenting and obviously, if she read, this which she should have and she should have known her material. she would have known how offensive it was. there is nothing but negativity in this assignment. and there is nothing positive in it. pete: chris, would you ever conceive of something like this coming back about a seventh grader about former president obama? >> you know, the way our children are being indoctrinated in our schools nowadays, i can see them hearing that from some educators. and them not being able to actually form their own educated opinion of him. jedediah: representative kaine, i worked in schools for a very long time. i taught grades 7 through college. this is not unusual. this happenings all the time. i think people are looking to elected representatives to do something because parents feel like they have no course of action when
3:30 am
they see the assignments, they complain to the schools sometimes and nothing happens. i appreciate you trying to do something about it? >> thank you for chris having the guts to come forward. jedediah: thank you for highlighting this problem. pete: unfortunately college classes have come to seventh grade the relate. jedediah: thank you both. pete: we appreciate it. jedediah: an attack outside planned parenthood. >> old man. get hurt. >> police now need your help in this case and it's a special art exhibit honoring our nation's heroes. the adopt a soldier platoon traveling across the country raising awareness of the troubles veterans face off of the battlefield. they are here with how you can help at home coming up ♪ no place i would rather be ♪ for the freedom ♪ this country gave to me ♪
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>> you can cut the tension with a knife: we went to some places where cameras have never been before. a road that jesus walked on. places points of contention. we got chanted at. we had to have patrols protecting us. we were not allowed into certain places. this was footage we got to go inside the church of the holy accep sepulcher. getting in there was tough. the politics of the church, you know, who let's us in, who controls it. where can we go? you start to get a real good understanding. you think you know jerusalem and then you realize you don't. jedediah: i have never been. pete: you have to go if you
3:36 am
have never been. this documentary on fox nation is meant to tell -- you think you know something. here is a behind the scenes reality. here is why it still matters today. ed: i have been there. can't wait to see it battle in the holy city is going to premier on fox nation april 11th, ahead of easter, of course. it's going to be fascinating. pete takes you inside the holy city like nobody ever has before. pete: i am excited about it. it was a great project. jedediah: we are going to do headlines for you this morning. a man is sentenced to 20 years behind bars after his prank 911 call got an innocent man killed. tyler barys pleading guilty to police to a kansas home to report an armed person with hostages. officers surrounded the home. killing andrew finch, believing he was armed. barys made the hoax call because of an argument over a video game. alarming video as police look for the man seen pushing and kicking an 85-year-old pro-life protester outside a planned parenthood clinic in san francisco.
3:37 am
>> old man unless you want to get hurt. >> the victim says this is the third time the man harassed him in a week. the victim is okay. a big night for rock and roll. the hall of fame inducting singer song writer stevie nicks again. she is the first female musician to be inducted twice. ♪ like she is singing ♪ oh, oh, oh. jedediah: six other musicians received the honor including def leppard, janet jackson and radio head. >> nation's heroes returning from the battlefield. they face new crises right here at home. pete: according to the v.a. there are more than 6,000 veteran suicides every year. jedediah: now a new traveling art exhibit called 2213 is trying to shed light
3:38 am
on the crisis and prevent more of these tragic deaths by participating in known as the spartan pledge. ed: here with more is the artist and organizers of the exhibit. president of adopt a soldier la tune scott la bade dough and president of camp for heroes captain john woody. we are pleased to have you all here. >> grateful to be here. ed: give us an idea how it started. >> adopt a soldier platoon has been taking care of the troops 16 years. started sending care packages. then we got involved with taking care of the wounded. and we started going to walter reed. and that's when i met woody. and that is how i met scott. and so our mission is to take care of our troops whether it's down range or after they come back. we have been kind of engulfed by the fact that a lot of these guys, men and women have a hard time making the transition from military life to civilian life.
3:39 am
pete: a men to that. talk to us why you got involved and what your art represents. >> i found my patriotic calling back in the 1990s when patriotism was kind of low, especially here in the big city. and that's when i started this patriotic, you know, art movement especially about our veterans. look, i lived a life of reilly as an artist to express myself as i choose and it's because of those men and women. i'm writing that on the palm of my hand for four years now the number 22. i said i have to do something. no one wants to talk about this. i am so glad that you people have us on. as i'm traveling the country with this art installation, i'm getting so well received. the families that are coming out to see this. you know, this installation that i'm bringing to them. it's overwhelming but the problem this whole suicide thing nobody wants to talk about it we have to have that dialogue. we have to skill that stigma. i figure art is a great way to get attention because social media is so quick and everything, oh, this is happening. that happened. it's got to stay here.
3:40 am
you know, we have a car driving 140 million miles away on mars. we can fix this. jedediah: yeah, captain woody, one of the things that really struck me about this was the spartan pledge, something that you paired with the exhibit itself. tell me why you did that and what is the spartan pledge? >> the spartan pledge, boone created it back when he was at walter reed. i met alan in walter reed and i spent a lot of time with danny prince fdny. spartan pledge is basically a short pledge that war fighter in crisis will pledge. and now we had a sword made out of world trade center steel. so they take the pledge to the next step. you know, you join the military, you take a pledge to defend our country. when you take this pledge, you take a pledge that you are not going to harm yourself until you talk to a battle buddy. battle buddies are a key here. you can talk to civilians. you can talk to a lot of people that wouldn't understand. only a battle buddy understands where you have been.
3:41 am
you take an oath to talk to a battle buddy before you harm yourself. your mission is to create a mission, to help your family and your war fighter friends. simple thing. it's a band-aid but so far it's worked because to date we haven't lost one that's taken a pledge. that's a band-aid. then we crated camp for heroes and things like camp for heroes to where they can start coming and rebuilding their life. we have art classes. culinary classes. blacksmithing, whatever it is to get them started like on a new path. pete: new sense and purpose. jedediah: sense of community. >> exactly right. >> we have to find community. ed: how do we get people to help? >> my traveling exhibit goes -- i'm halfway through the original 13 cyclones. people are already asking me to bring it to other states. go to my website scott help out and reach out. see it at nighttime it's a great thing. one other quick thing is
3:42 am
we -- you know, we have to have this dialogue. i'm learning, meeting on this traveling tour that there are so many great organizations like these guys out there. but they are all spread out. we have to put them under an umbrella. ed: 22 lighted sil sill sill low wets. >> two boots facing each other creates empty heart family void. ed: talking about 20 to 22 veterans a day. >> that doesn't include the homeless under ground. ed: quick final point? >> if i can just make a point. >> two days at this fairlawn. not one newspaper, not one network, not one media channel. you guys were the only ones that said we want to help. we want to do something. we are hoping has been the networks and other media channels. ed: fox news is there go to scott's website and. pete: s camp for
3:43 am
pete: great stuff. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. pete: meanwhile, the president threatening to shut down the southern border as the surge of migrants head into the u.s. ice director thom homan joins us next. jedediah: claims america was never great. >> when i hear these things about let's make america great again. exactly when did you think america was great? jedediah: charles payne is coming up with many reasons why eric holder is wrong. ♪ only in america ♪ so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie?
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3:46 am
>> mexico is tough. they can stop them. they chose not to. now they are going to stop them. if they don't stop them we will close the border. we will keep it closed for a
3:47 am
long time. i'm not playing games. ed: interesting, president trump threatening to shut down the southern border as a number of apprehensions at the border is on track to top 100,000 in march alone. pete: here to weigh in is fox news contributor tom homan. director, thank you so much. break down that number 100,000 apprehensions likely in the month of march alone. >> well, if you think about it, we're on the scale to hit a million illegal entries this year. that's getting back to when i was border patrol agent there was over a million apprehensions. however, most of those apprehensions were repeat. for instance when i was border patrol agent in the 1980s, i'm old. i arrested the same illegal alien four times in one shift. arrest them and take them back. 95% were nationals from mexico. a totally different population now. these are going to be 1 million unique individuals that aren't leaving because they are taking loopholes of asylum and they are here for years. so, these are people that
3:48 am
are coming, not leaving. the biggest issue that is different from back in the 1980s, the criminal cartels are controlling these family groups coming across groups of 100 and 200 to intentionally tie up border patrol assets so they can move drugs and bad people through at unmanned sector. it's happening. the intelligence report show it's happening. there is criminal investigations being done by ice. show us it's happening. not only that children being trafficked. numerous investigations of kids being trafficked. 1/3 of women being raped. mark my word, more children are going to die making this trip because there is such chaos right now. jedediah: in the midst of democrats refusing to do anything about this addressing it as a crisis you have jeh johnson going on msnbc and saying we are in fact in a crisis. take a listen. i want to get your reaction. >> my staff will tell you if it was under 1,000 apprehensions the day before, that was a relatively good number. and it was above 1,000 it was a relatively bad number
3:49 am
and i was going to be in a bad mood the whole day. on tuesday, there were 4,000 apprehensions. i know that 1,000 overwhelms the system. i cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like. so we are truly in a crisis. jedediah: what do you think, tom? >> well, look, i worked for jeh johnson. i respect the man greatly. we didn't always agree on things. but back when he was secretary, the numbers weren't this high. and the response, we went from 100 family detention beds to over 3,000 family beds. we built family detention facilities. we built the facilities for border patrol where they hold a lot of these family groups and children so-called cages that aren't really cages built under jay johnson. he took this seriously. we built all this infrastructure around. this now the numbers are much worse. the democratic leadership says it's not happening. i'm sure you remember back when the caravans first started there were no caravans. there is no national crisis. they are ignoring the data. they are ignoring the men and women on the border.
3:50 am
experts. they obviously are not watching the video that fox is playing every day. ed: democrats haven't listened to president trump maybe they will listen to jeh johnson since is he president obama's former chief. tom homan, thank you for coming on. >> what's really sad they're not listening to the experts on the border. i don't think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have made one trip to the border. jedediah: thank you, tom, for being here. severe measles outbreak spreading across the country. what you need to know to keep your children safe coming up. pete: the economists called ben shapiro at ride then camalt right.then the outrage. ben shapiro coming on. ♪ ♪ simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
pete: a measles outbreak spreading across the country with 314 confirmed cases in 15 states. jedediah: one new york suburb now going to extreme measures to stop the spread announcing its barring all unvaccinated children for 30 days. ed: here with what you need to know dr. marc siegel. ed: what's most important that our viewers need to know. >> thing we are seeing on the headline, you are seeing 153 measles cases the thing that got that county executive fired up the people refusing the vaccine are also refusing to tell the health authorities where people are that have measles and what health authorities have to do is track measles cases to figure out who comes in contact with you. because there is a 90%, that's right, 90% infectivity rate rate among people not vaccinated.
3:55 am
it spreads wildly. if they don't trace it, put pressure on the community to get vaccinated. this law that you can't go in public places. you can't go to shopping malls or church or temple, you can't go anywhere, it's gotten a lot of attention. guess what it's led. to say it's led to 500 vaccinations over the past week alone. i like that result. it's a scare tactic. it's not going to have teeth to it. nobody is going to jail over this, i don't think. but i think we have got to understand the concept that you have to vaccinate the whole community to get the people most at risk protected who can't have the vaccine live virus vaccine not everybody can have it. if you are very old. if you are pregnant. if you are very sick you can't have this vaccine. i want everyone around you vaccinated. jedediah: what about people worried about these mandates? because what if then the flu shot becomes mandated and they don't want to have a flu shot or becomes mandated that you have to bundle these vaccines and you want to space them out or people are concerned about some of the bthe byproducts in vaccines like formaldehyde or aluminum? listen it's my body and my kid's health i want to have
3:56 am
some control over that? >> great way you just put that the answer is it's a public health issue when it's either wildly contagious like measles or deadly like small pox or polio was. if it's really deadly we have to vaccinate the whole community or spreads like crazy. now, i could argue back, you know, you don't have to send your kid to school by the way. in other words, mandate is what does the mandate mean? doesn't mean they are going to rope you off and give you a vaccine. if you want to go to a public place and a kindergarten is like a petri dish you have to have these vaccines. jedediah you are making a great point a great case-by-case basis. is that vaccine warranted versus another. flu shot doesn't work -- healthcare workers doesn't work that well. healthcare workers should have it not the whole world having it mandated. depends on the vaccine. pete: our founding fathers under attack. college kids pushing to get rid of tributes to thomas jefferson and george washington.
3:57 am
the campus craziness gets crazier straight ahead. ed: charles payne, dan bongino, mark morgan and ben shapiro all here live coming up. i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and known heart diseas. that's why the american diabetes association recommends the active ingredient in jardiance. and it lowers a1c? with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening, bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea
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and filters by cabin class, wi-fi and more. so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. ed: president trump threatening to shut down the border this coming week. >> we will keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. ed: those are pictures in mexico trying to come across the border. >> we will see the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks, if not days. >> confidence in the attorney general this was a hoax, this was a witch-hunt. >> he is not required by law to testify about. this jumen juliet hoaxjowment hoke crime
4:01 am
jedediah: accuses joe biden touching her inappropriately. >> the events of september 11th, 2001. thousands of americans died. they wave this wand and say oh, it's going to cost a bazillion dollars. they sound like dr. evil. ♪ [cheers] ♪ ♪ jump around ♪ jump up, jump up. ♪ everybody jump. ed: feels a little bit like spring today. jedediah: a little windy still. look at those swing sets and trampoline. i want to be right up in that. pete: you might get a chance. swinging and it is a little chilly out here. we are outside. jedediah: the wind. pete: it's warm enough to be outside. ed: play baseball. pete: two days ago was opening day, right? ed: yeah. pete: i'm a little far behind. i don't pay attention during the week just the weekend. that's our job, right?
4:02 am
hibernate, roll in, what happened this week? let's talk talk about it trampoline has a lot of safety. trampoline back in the day no nets. a lot of springs hanging out. ed: that explains a lot. ever fall on your head? pete: many times. thank you for joining us. jedediah: great to be here. ed: president trump says he is not playing around. is he getting serious about cracking down on illegal immigration and threatening that this week he may shut down the southern border. pete: that's right. is he looking at the numbers. is he looking at the reality today border patrol agents record numbers of migrants, family units, children coming to our border and being apprehended by border patrol agents. is he sick at looking at those numbers and nothing being done about it even though he has tried. to say here he was yesterday down at lake okeechobee in florida talking about the crisis. >> they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the world and we have the weakest, the most pathetic laws. number one, congress has to act and number two, mexico makes so much money from the united states and so many other things, so many other
4:03 am
assets they have to grab it and they have to stop it. we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala. if they don't stop them, we are closing the border. close it and we will keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. mexico sends buses. they send trucks. they do absolutely -- they started at one point a little bit stopping. they don't do anything to stop it right now. ed: the president has been calling it a crisis for a long time. many democrats, leaders in congress try to say it's a manufactured crisis. they are being called out now by one of their own. jeh johnson who was a democratic homeland security secretary under democratic president barack obama saying he believes it is, in fact, a crisis because the numbers are back in the obama days there would be in some points about a thousand apprehensions at the border a day. we have now reached 4,000 a day. and that's why even jeh johnson is calling it a crisis. pete: yeah, we have played that sound. we will play it again later
4:04 am
today when obama's chief, who is no friend of president trump, recognizes that this is a crisis. how long can nancy pelosi and the likes of presidential candidate look into the camera and lie to the american people and say there is no crisis. it's manufactured. we don't need to do anything about it those border patrol agents deserve better. jedediah: we also had tom homan on earlier talking about democrats how they are ignoring the crisis and huge issue. check it out. >> we went from 100 family detention beds to over 3,000 family beds. we built family detention facilities and now the numbers are much worse but the democratic leadership says it's not happening. i'm sure you remember back when the caravans first started there were no caravans. there is no national crisis. they are ignoring the data. they are ignoring the men and women on the border. the expert. ed: is he saying look at the facts. jedediah: i appreciate tom homan. we listen to tom wh homan and kirstjen nielsen. i think jeh johnson actually speaking up is pivotal. that is someone coming from
4:05 am
the obama administration. a lot of people in media will be more inclined to respect him, to listen to him. a lot of folks on the left might turn around and say wait, hold on a second. this is one of our guys so to speak that is talking now about how this is a serious crisis. is he going to be on cavuto live. pete: jeh johnson, don't miss that to see what he says. tom homan also said hey, nancy pelosi, hey, chuck schumer, have you been to the border? will you go to the border? will you see what's actually happening? i think that's a very serious question. our top leaders should be asking. jedediah: have to answer for that. ed: hear a lot of the democratic contenders for the white house in 2020 talking about illegal immigration the way president trump does. that's why he thinks it will be a pivotal issue like it was again in 2016. one of the democrats still on the sidelines is joe biden, the former vice president. a lot of people wondering why hasn't he gotten in yet? there has been a number of issues. there have been questions whether he can raise enough money that beto o'rourke and bernie sanders raising. moving further to the left. he might be considered for of a centrist.
4:06 am
there is this issue that popped up yesterday on the website the cut. where a former democratic candidate. a state lawmaker came out and said, you see the headline there, an awkward kiss changed how i saw joe biden. and she basically talked about this political event where they came together show felt like it was an awkward kiss from the then vice president and she says it changed her mind about who he really is. jedediah: i think this is a very tough time for joe biden. we have seen throughout the years. those pictures circulating online. video. he is very affectionate. i find oddly affectionate. he kisses people on the mouth. he is always touching people's shoulders. i think there was a time when people had a little bit more of a lenient attitude about that. now is not that time in the midst of the me too movement. couple him with him having to apologize consistently for his record on criminal justice and his record on everything that doesn't place him really, really far left with along with everyone else running on the democratic side right now. i don't think so this is his moment, pete.
4:07 am
pete: i agree with you. one thing to be affectionate and another thing to be creepy. jedediah: uncomfortably affectionate. pete: what she wrote was i'm about to go on stage i feel a couple hands on my shoulders. he sniffed my hair and then kissed me and i just. jedediah: kissed her head. pete: like what do i do? i have got to go on stage and it's the reception from the other person that i think is problematic. jedediah: not to say what his intenth may be or may not be. not to say i'm believe everyone second type of person. because there is this history of this odd kind of affectionate behavior and it's public and all those photos. he have a lot more to apologize for as people apologize. ed: trying to push back on this. joe biden's side of the story. rousseau neither then or in the years since did he or the vice president the staff with him at the time have an inkling that ms. flores had been at any time uncomfortable nor do they recall what she describes, obviously in this article. buff vice president biden believes that ms. flores has
4:08 am
every write to share her own recollection and reflexes and that it is a change for better in our society that she has the opportunity to do so. so you can see the reference to the me too movement she can speak out but denying the facts. pete: that all well could be true. to say me it's a giant tap dance as a rifingts me too moment. and the field that he is in. and what he would face and who was it, michael bloomberg said i didn't run or i don't want to run because i don't want to do an apology tour. ed: started with joe biden apologizing for what he did back in the neat anita hill day. it doesn't mean that this incident is true or not. we simply don't know the facts. what it means is he is going to deal with all kinds of issues he wouldn't have dealt with, four years, 8 years ago that might lead him to believe it's not time to get in. jedediah: also means just pay attention. the bay not want joe biden, the establishment democrats like joe biden on the issue
4:09 am
of electability. the base is not there a lot of that voting base really wants that aoc type democrat right now. the elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the effort within the democratic party to go after him from that base is going to be -- ed: they heard last time hillary clinton was more electable. how did that go. jedediah: exactly. pete: or jeb bush. 4 to 8 years ago never thought would be possible. students at two universities are seeking to take down statues or names, representations of founding fathers. so students at -- hofstra university. ed: here in new york. pete: demanding that thomas jefferson's statue be taken down. jefferson got to go protester movement. they are trying to take down the statue of the guy who wrote the declaration of independence. and george washington university students just voted over 50% to remove and replace their mascot george washington. ed: they call him george the
4:10 am
colonial. so you want to take george washington out of george washington university. explain to me how does that work? pete: no, no. it's because in their mind the founding fathers are racist. all white guys. they are yesterday. we have got to get rid of them. what you forget, thomas jefferson was, of course, an imperfect person. what he wrote in the declaration of independence about all men are created equal, at one point did mean all -- only white men. then it meant all men. then it meant men and women and those words that actually liberated us from those biases and created a more free and equal country. same with george washington if he doesn't lead an army against the greatest army the world has ever seen we don't have america today. the lack of perspective and understanding is insane. jedediah: truth is you put that politically correct pen on everyone in our history, we are going to have no history left because a lot of people, there has been at love positive evolution in this country there has been a lot of positive change. but that doesn't demean the fact that we have a history. we have people that found this country. the country was different at the time. the values were different at the time.
4:11 am
and some of that has to be acknowledged and appreciated what it was at the time and also in the same breath you can say i'm glad we have evolved on several issues. you can't erase history that was integral to the founding of the country. pete: almost like you don't know what to say. jedediah: crazy. pete: as parents it makes me worry about. where men and wynn who should be revered are being ripped down. it's backwards. email us jedediah: what do you think? pete: thomas jefferson, george washington? jedediah: we move the monument? ed: who is next? pete: who sex settlement? anybody? jedediah: not us. turning now to headlines for you. chicago police are routerredly investigating a possible sear serial killer in the city. it comes amid pattern in the strangulations of 50 women since 2001. police are asking witnesses to come forward with information. the department says at this time there is no evidence of a serial killer.
4:12 am
embattled excia chief john brennan met with steny hoyer and other democrats this week to discuss national security. brennan has been under fire for his alleged role in pushing the unverified anti-trump dossier that helped spur the mueller probe. brennan was invited to the meeting on capitol hill before the findings of the mueller report were released. it's unclear if the report was discussed. jedediah: the star of the new pro-life movie unplanned praising the passage of georgia's heart beat bill the same day her movie hits theaters. >> planned parenthood wants to say that the politicians are lying but what our film does is it exposes the lies that planned parenthood is perpetuating. >> actress ashley bracher plays abby johnson who leaves the organization after witnessing an abortion performed at 13 weeks. johnson will join us live this morning in the 8:00 hour. pete: i not wait to see that
4:13 am
movie. tiger woods incredible clutch shot yesterday. watch. >> bearing down a much kinder hole location today. 83 yards. it spins. [cheers] jedediah: oh boy. pete: woods sinks 83-yard line eagle at the championships in texas. he tees off against roy mcilroy today. that will be a heck of a match. jedediah: those are good headlines. pete: i don't like to do headlines, it's not okeechobee. the lake in florida. i only get facts. jedediah: you were close. i will give you. pete: close is good enough for me. horseshoes and hand grenades. good enough. eddie gallagher in solitary confinement ahead of his trial. lawmakers are fighting to get him out including the president of the united states. this morning his brother joins us live with a major update. jedediah: plus, eric holder
4:14 am
gives a shocking answer when he is asked about america. >> when i hear these things about let's make america great again. i think to myself exactly when did you think america was great? our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon... the scotts turf builder program. it's the best way to get the yard you want all year long, guaranteed. all it takes is 4 feedings, with a scotts solution for every season. and with a customized plan from the scotts my lawn app,
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note. >> i hear these things like let's make america great again. i think to myself when exactly did you think america was great? pete: that was barack obama's former attorney general eric holder he says america was never great. jedediah: our next guest has a very different take. ed: joining us the host of making money is charles payne. you have a unique idea of america. >> listen, when eric holders and other people criticize that particular term, you know, of course you guys talked a little bit about in
4:18 am
the previous segment when you talked about the founding fathers being slave owners and, you know, there are parts of our history where it wasn't great but i think what people need to understand a couple things. i think we can great with perfect. what people don't understand is that if you say when you want a time stamp it maybe for different families got quote unquote great at different times. the seeds of greatness were planted with the war of independence and the constitution. that allowed us and continues to allow us to evolve. and it's a complicated thing. my grandmother, for instance, she never used the pillow when she lef slept. she always slept with her arms cross sod she could hear the night riders, the ku klux klan. i wonder studying history better place in a world for her to have been born than america at that time despite its flaws? i don't think there was. i don't think there was a better place for my mother to have been born than america. it wasn't great. it wasn't as great as it
4:19 am
could have been. but it was the greatest country in the world even then, even for black people. the day i was born as holder time stamped it the day i was born no other country in the world i would rather be born in on the day i was born than america. ed: you are getting emotional. >> same thing for my children. same thing for my grand children. so, maybe we time stamp it differently but if you want to go to the origins of it, it was the fight for independence, the fight for an idea of individualism and the seeds of the constitution written by imperfect individuals but as a collective the wisdom that allows us to ultimately have freedom for black people, have women allowed to vote. look at where this country has gone in such a short period of time. posted against history. posted against the rest of the world. we are the greatest country in the world and by definition the greatest it's great. by the way, people have to study all of those things. you know, conda wonderful
4:20 am
country never existed fictional country. look at the world history of time that will give you a better understanding and perhaps a better appreciation of the greatness of america. jedediah: quickly, do you think it works though when eric holder makes a comment like this? does that resonate with people? >> the charles payne that lived in harlem in 1975 with no heat or hot water i would have been like is he damn right america is not great. i don't have anything. the charles payne that was in harlem last night celebrating a friend's birthday party and everyone was rocking and the dj had us dancing and we all would sing at the same time we are living our best lives, yes. it depends on who the audience is it depends on their individual circumstances. that's why i think it's unfortunate that the democrats keep pushing this because they are making people who already feel bad and insecure feel even worse. i prefer if they promoted hopefulness. that's all. ed: thank you so much.
4:21 am
jedediah: really appreciate it. ed: what a story. the economists labeling ben shapiro alt right and then radical. they had to correct that. he is here to respond next. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military. we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today.
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4:24 am
♪ first the economist labeled him alt right falsely in a story about his new book. when hundreds came to his defense on social media the magazine dialed back and apologized. we have deleted an earlier treat for an article that mischaracterized ben shapiro who has been strongly critical of the alt right movement. we apologize. now the new headline calls him radical instead. joining me now is ben shapiro editor and chief of the daily wire. host of the ben shapiro show
4:25 am
and author of the brand new book the right side of history how reason and moral purpose made the west great again. ben, congratulations on the new book. >> thank you so much. ed: when you saw the economist headline this piece but inside the mind of ben shapiro the alt right sage without the rage, maybe it rhymed but it simply didn't add up. >> no. the characterization of me as alt right is patently absurd. so absurd that obviously the economist not only had to change the title they had to personally apologize. not only alt right i have been the leading critic of the alt right since 2015. i wrote full podesta in the "the washington post" about it. i have done podcasts alt right. i was number one recipient of their hatred. i still have to have security walk me to and from the synagogue because of the alt right. they didn't get did right. ed: i want to better understand you. you are never an never trumper or always trumper you are saul call yourself a sometimes trumper. how does that robert mueller
4:26 am
how you see the president appearing to be exonerated number one. still waiting for the full facts of the mueller report but number two this sort of victory lap that he is taking that is almost like a victory marathon and that it is going on and on and on. is that a idea for him? >> i think it is fine for him to take a victory lap when it comes to the media, when it comes to democrats. when it comes to extending this beyond the next couple of months, turning this into the broad narrative of the 2020 campaign, i'm not sure strategically speaking how you win re-election on the basis of i'm not a russian spy. that doesn't seem like a great re-election campaign slogan. again, i should knock the media, they deserve it knock democrats like adam schiff although i don't think he should be calling him a pencil neck doesn't seem like a worthwhile thing to do when you are trying to win a suburban women or worthwhile human being. the president is feeling unchained right now. that's fine in the short-term in the long term he will have to run on his record and also point at the fact that democrats are campaigning on proposals that are far, far out of the
4:27 am
american mainstream. ed: there is a tweet from "the washington post reporter this awful scene near the southern border where, you know, people are trying to come across the border as refugees. they are trying to claim refugee status. the border is overwhelmed right now. president trump seems to get the blame for what is really a crisis at the border and, yet, democrats they show these pictures and say it's a manufactured crisis. >> it is insane. the democrats seem to take two particularly conflicting positions. one, there is no crisis at the border. two, there is a crisis at the border and it is president trump's making. and also we will not provide the funding to president trump to alleviate that crisis. the picture that ilhan omar actually tweeted out was a picture from a border patrol station in texas and it showed this massive crowd standing outdoors because the democrats won't give him the money to actually build the additional border facilities necessary to house people in preparation for their processing. ed: rather than having a rational debate about what you just laid out. congresswoman omar then tweets that out and says
4:28 am
that what's to blame is white supremacy. >> patently insane. patently ridiculous. she is not the only person to use this sort of terminology recently. joe biden who is currently the democratic frontrunner despite having not declared he said in a speech this week english jurisprudence was white culture. you mean the anglo american system of law habeas corpus, equal justice under law the system of law that protects individuals including minorities that is apparently white culture now. the attempt to lump in everything you don't likes a white culture or white supremacy is a way of simply pretending to hear arguments about things you don't like. ed: how do you see joe biden fitting in or not fitting n 2020 it seems to me came n this week, didn't officially get in the race. testing the waters by apologizing on a whole series of things he said before abdingdon before. is the left ready for joe biden get into this race or is he going to have to stay on the sideline. >> former vice president's
4:29 am
best day is first day. as soon as he jumps in all guns will train on him. they will tear him down. he has high name recognition so dose bernie sanders that's why he is leading in the polls. his candidacy is not particularly durable. making the absurd about floating trial balloon about stacey abrams. why why possibly want to run with joe biden. ed: ben shapiro, appreciate you coming in. >> thanks so much. ed: very interesting book. check it out. thousands of protesters. live picture right now on the israeli-gaza border. we are live on the ground where violent riots are expected. that's coming up next. plus a new report about president trump's latest meeting with kim jon kim jong ud note slipped. find out the perfect play set your kids will love this summer ♪ i'm walking on sunshine
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♪ ed: we are back with this fox news alert. right now tensions mounting as thousands of palestinians gather, you see them there live along the israeli gaza border. jedediah: demonstrators are marking one year since major protests along the gaza strip. pete: our own jonathan hunt is live at that border with the latest.
4:34 am
jonathan? good afternoon there. >> pete, jedediah, good morning to you, 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon here on the israel-gaza border and thousands of palestinian protesters are, indeed, gathering. at around half a dozen points along this border fence. i'm going to step out here so we can give you an upclose look at what is happening. you can see in the far distance there one of the larger groups that has gathered. i would estimate around 3,000 to 4,000 at this particular point. that large group though is staying away from the fence as requested by the israeli authorities and as agreed to by the hamas leadership in gaza in ongoing talks this week between them and the israelis. can you also see some of the white smoke blowing across the screen in front of you there. that is from tear gas canisters that have been fired at some of the protesters who are getting too close to the fence for the liking of the israeli defense forces who are a raid right along this fence
4:35 am
in expectation of what could be violent protests. you can also see some of the higher built sound berms in front of you. those are the positions taken up by the israeli snipers. they have not at this location that we have been able to see so far taken any live fire that i have heard in the hours since we have been here. puck come bacif you can come bas for a live look at these pictures that is where the israeli snipers are there has been no live fire yet. we just spoke to an official with the israeli army. he said they are concerned that the next couple of hours could be the tipping point. pete and jedediah, back to you. pete: jonathan thank you very much. there is a lot going on. wall on that border too seems to work. turning to your headlines, illegal immigrant and ms-13 gang member is indicted for beating a teen to death in 2016. the man pleading not guilty to second degree murder charges in new york. the gang member is accused
4:36 am
the beating the long island teen so badly his face was unrecognizable. the el salvador native faces up to life in prison if convicted. plus, 24 people have now tied from takata's exploding airbags. a man was killed after getting into honda civic last year. the death was just reported to the federal agency this month. 70 million inflaters were recalled after safety regulators found that the airbags explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel into drivers and passengers. it's the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. a school's dress code requiring girls to wear skirts is called unconstitutional. a judge saying a north carolina charter school cannot force girls to wear skirts calling it sex discrimination. the parents of three girls sued said wearing stirts distracts them and prevents them from playing certain sports at recess. and two march madness. touch seeded duke barely
4:37 am
escapes defeat as virginia tech misses at the. [buzzer] at the buzzer. missed it right at the rim goes duke's way at the buzzer. pete: that's a great out of bounds play right there. man, one inch but devils win 75-73 and advance to the elite 8 as does auburn who advances to first elite 8 in 33 years. i watched the game took it to u.n.c. crushed them no doubt 97-80. more highlights of all these games coming up. those are your headlines. rick, what have you got for weather? rick: we have a nice day across the east. finally feel like spring for a day and gets cool. take a look at the maps and show you what's going on. temperaturewise over the next say three months this is what the official outlook looks like. if you are across parts of the east where you have been not been able to get any spring, don't worry it looks like the temps are going to be warming up. cold front cutting across
4:38 am
the central part of the country. cold air returns across the far northern plains. see it here on the radar picture. you see the heavier rain moving in across parts of the ohio valley. eastern great lakes. could cause a little bit of localized flooding this morning. be careful. western side of this colder air settling in. we have know from denver down across parts of nebraska in to kansas, areas of south dakota as well. that's where that colder air is overall precipitation over the next couple of days not looking that bad where we have all the flooding concerns going on. it's going to remain dry, worse of the rain goes a little bit farther off towards the east. temperaturewise, here you go. there's your spring temperatures for the day today all across the eastern seaboard. tomorrow we drop off again. we will drop the pollen a little bit down across the southeast which will be welcome. jedediah send it over to you. jedediah: thanks so much. well, spring has officially sprung. we came out to play in our own backyard here on fox square. here to tell us about these play sets, jesse from
4:39 am
bergham county swing sets. one thing i love about your company you say safety features. when parents are looking at these, what does that mean? >> other companies don't use the same quality beams that we do. so, for example, would play uses all 4 by 6 construction. 4 by 4 construction. they have a very large weight capacity. don't really have to wore about that. jedediah: so can i jump on without a problem? [laughter] and i will. so i want to just move down and show people because oftentimes when you buy something like this your concern is will my kids outgrow it? for example if you have a young kid and this is your feature. i asked you before, we were talking in the break can you build these sets out to make them bigger and cooler stuff as your kids get older. >> 100 percent. as your children get bigger, can you add on monkey bars and customize them. ed: you can even get adults out there. so my dad likes to say these sets are basically designed for adults to play on and
4:40 am
for children to grow into. jedediah: this is like my heaven right now if i weren't doing this, talking to you right now i would absolutely be on everything. what is your most popular set that you sell? we are going through and seeing swings and slides. a little wall climb here. great to keep the kids busy. is there one thing that the kids seem to love the most? >> as far as growth, we can go higher if you would like. but this is really the family favorite. it's called the wood play outback. it's offered in redwood and cedar. jedediah: sustainable wood by the way, everyone, which appealed to me. so this is popular. obviously if you have a yard and your kids -- this is great to get the kids outside instead of sitting in front of the tv all the time or sitting in front of the video games. now i have to say my favorite thing in this entire place, is irving ready? i don't know if you guys are ready for this. check out the trampoline. now, one thing that i noticed right away. aside from the fact that i'm really jealous that hegseth is in there right now.
4:41 am
the northwesting which makes you feel super secure if your kids are out here playing they are not going to fall out of the anything. >> all of the trampolines come fully enclosed. this is a spring frame model. they offer a spring model. they have to squeeze in and squeeze out so there is no flying out of the trampoline. jedediah: he is getting in right now. you have to squeeze your way in. ed: ducking kids right now. jedediah: taking all the fun away from the kids. pete: oh, look at that there is a basketball net up there so can you make it a little bit more fun. jedediah: how do you set this up in your backyard? what's going on here? >> is it easy? >> luckily your company that is local will have installers that can do that for you. my husband can put this together in two hours. he does these all the time. jedediah: where can more people find info saying i
4:42 am
have to get this for my kids? >> if you are in the tri-state area dealer bergen county swing across from porch. if you would like more information and not in that area can you get on swing and find your local dealer. jedediah: this is a family owned. just two seconds we have about your company? >> so, bergen county swing sets our main concerns are safety and quality for children. we are dealers for escalade sports and couple other companies as well. escalade one of the leading children play set companies manufacturing. jedediah: i am impressed i will be playing on all of this in the break. coming up decorated navy seal eddie gallagher in will solitary confinement. brother joins us live with major update. new strategy for republicans. >> let me just tell you exactly what my message is.
4:43 am
the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. >> the republican party will become -- jedediah: so how can conservatives reframe their messages for voters? that's coming up. -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid?
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♪ ed: good morning again. quick headlines, the trump administration warning russia against sending troops and military equipment to venezuela. the white house saying the u.s. would view such actions as a quote, unquote, direct threat to international peace. there are reports of nearly 100 russian troops already in venezuela. and the president literally spelling out his terms to kim jong un during last month's summit in hanoi.
4:47 am
reuters reporting the president handed kim a piece of paper with his nuclear disarmament demands written out. the president asked the dictator to hand over his nuclear weapons to america and reassign nuclear scientists. no deal yet. pete? pete: thank you, ed. an update to a story we have been following very closely on this program. 50 lawmakers now joining the fight to free decorated navy seal edward gallagher from confinement ahead of his upcoming trial in may. where he is being accused of killing an isis fighter in iraq. one of those lawmakers, south carolina congressman ralph norm. this morning i spoke with president by phone about navy seal eddie gallagher and i want to thank the president for deciding to move chief gallagher to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court. joining us now is sean gallagher. you were on our program yesterday. you got the news yesterday, has -- what is the status right now of your brother?
4:48 am
>> status right now waiting to see when exactly he is going to be moved. i have to say i have to thank you and brian and steve and particularly congressman ralph norm and especially president trump for exercising common sense and human decency in allowing my brother to be relieved from a prison of convicted sex offenders so he can actually meet with his lawyers, see his family, see sunlight and be treated like a human being ahead of his trial so that he can properly prepare to defend himself. pete: absolutely. he has gotten terrible treatment where he was. and i believe he is still there right now. this is what the navy is saying, responding to reports of eddie gallagher being moved. they wrote, quote: i can confirm that we have not received an order from the president regarding the subject of your query. i refer all further questions to the white house dead did i has not been movehouse -- eddie has not been
4:49 am
moved yet. what has the president told the navy to do. >> the president has told the navy to move eddie to less restrictive parameters that mean hes can cob fined to his house to see his family while he prepares and meets with his lawyers or confined to base. in the military you have a suite of options. pre-trial confinement, the most extreme version is what they did to eddie for no logical reason whatsoever. so the president stepped in and said, hey, look, move in guy to less restrictive confinement so he can actually prepare to defend himself. it's not surprising, too, that the navy has thrown some red tape at both the president and our family. the president has ordered them to modify eddie to less restrictive confinement, so, at this point, we're pretty confident the white house is going today to make something happen. pete, you know, i'm almost in disbelief because it's been a seven-month fight. pete: seven months. >> seven months that has been tragically behind that
4:50 am
bars and terrible place and our family has been fighting tooth and nail. and you have been amazing an listening to us and giving us this platform and hearing us. you and your colleagues have just -- you have seen how illogical this seems. you see how dumb this decision has been up until this point. it doesn't take a lot. a lot of times it takes consistent work. and you guys have, i just -- we can't thank you guys enough and the president enough for stepping in and recognizing i have said this before. this isn't a favor. it's writing a wrong. it's correcting a mistake. we are very, very grateful. pete: we are grateful what eddie has done on the battlefield. wife for supporting him and you being a great advocate for him. let us know when he is out and lesser form of confinement. keep us updated as the process moves forward. >> thank you, pete. pete: thansean, thank you so much. good to get good news and that certainly is it aoc is comparing the impact of
4:51 am
climate change to this. >> on the events of september 11th, 2001. thousands of americans died in one -- in the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ >> let me just tell you exactly what my message is. the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. >> the republican party will become the party of great healthcare. >> we are going to be the republicans, the party of great healthcare. ed: that was the president this week turning his focus to healthcare. what does the g.o.p. message need to be a winning strategy heading in 2020? jedediah: here to discuss is
4:55 am
brian brenberg chair of the program in business and finance at the kings college right here in new york city. brian, welcome. >> always good to be here. jedediah: here is my concern about healthcare. when president trump brings something like healthcare up. he says things like repeal and replace. there is no replace. the republicans have been sitting on this issue too long. if they are going to talk about healthcare they have to have a solution. >> they have been sitting on it too long. they haven't been sitting on it they have been licking their wounds since failing in 2017. what the president is saying here is you have got to stop doing that this is going to be an issue in 2020. voters care about this. people care about this. and the democrats are going to be talking about it all the way to 2020. if we sit here and try to ignore it, we are going to pay the price for it so he is dragging his party back into the conversation and saying you have got to have something. they are not coming along very willingly right now, unfortunately for him. ed: polls backing up. look at this poll from
4:56 am
quinnipiac. improving rather than replacing it entirely. that's an interesting question. you see it right there on the screen. there are even some democrats who will admit obamacare hasn't done all it promised to do. added a lot of people. how do you pay for that. skyrocketing premiums. my question is can republicans find a way to not just scrap it all together but say let's build on it and make it better. >> i think they can find areas where there is broad agreement people don't like what's going on with obamacare. remember this, have you got some democrats talking about fixing obamacare. but you have many more prominent voices talking about scrapping it themselves, right? ed: medicare for all. >> medicare for all. that's an opening for republicans they did not have even six months ago. it's an opportunity for them to come back in the conversation and say we have common sense things we can do here. how about start with this. you have got one in five americans on medicaid. some people think that's a victory. i think a lot of people say that is a problem. this was a program for the poor and the most needy in society. we have 20% of americans on
4:57 am
it let's fix that. ed: appreciate it. >> you bet. jedediah: president trump threatening to shut down the southern border. dan bongino and former border chief under obama mark morgan reacts next hour. >> what do you have there?
4:58 am
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ed: president trump again now threatening to shut down the southern border this coming week. >> if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. we will close it, and we will keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> those are pictures in mexico trying to come across the border. >> not leaving. taking the loopholes of asylum. >> we will see the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks, if not days. >> confidence in the attorney general. this was a hoax. this was a witch-hunt. >> the attorney general is bending over backwards. is he not required by law to have to go testify about this nor is he required to give a full accounting of the report. >> former lieutenant governor candidate is accusing joe biden of touching her inappropriately. >> an awkward kiss changed how i saw joe biden.
5:01 am
>> technological possible. the events of september 11th, 2001, thousands of americans died. they wave this wand and they say oh, it's going to cost a bazillion dollars. they sound like dr. evil. >> tiger woods ready to tee off this morning after incredible clutch shot yesterday. watch. >> spins. [cheers] ♪ it's unbelievable ♪ this is as good as it gets ♪ it's unbelievable ♪ to know what's going to happen next pete: get those hands closer together. jedediah: doing well. jedediah: look at that i hope he doesn't do better than i do. pete: i have never seen you swing a bat. jedediah: better watch out i rode the bull and beat everybody here. everybody get ready. ed: that's because they turned it up to 80 miles per hour when i got on. jedediah: he always has an excuse. ed: put them up to it too. pete: new the operator that
5:02 am
day i said turn it up. it's springtime it's warmer. jedediah: it's getting there. pete: spring opening day is over. your everyone has a shot. ed: go undefeated. pete: it's all possible at the begin of guilty season. ed: it's getting warmer. jed is almost there. jedediah: i'm always cold though. you can't count on me. ed: man that's always ready. on deck ready to get it in the batter's box. dan bongino host of the dan bongino show and former secret service agent and author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump. good morning, sir. >> good to be here and see you all. pete: can you hit a curving ball, dan? >> i played baseball in high school. i was pretty good. ultimately my coach told me you are too slow. you have no power. you can't run. so you are out. find something else to do. i'm here with everybody else. ed: dan bongino played right
5:03 am
field. dan, since you come from the right. i wonder what you think about jeh johnson the former obama homeland security secretary saying there is a crisis at our southern border. >> yeah. i mean, ed, he just eviscerated the entire liberal argument that hey, folks, nothing to see here. nothing going on at the border. now, for reasonabler people who do news and opinion. and having thousands of people, tens of thousands of people a day coming across the border that's residence rendered essentially meaningless by horrible liberal policies and bad republican policies, too, horrible immigration is obviously chaos. obviously a crisis. did it really take the obama dhs secretary to wake people up? one more point on this, guys. listen, if this continues at the border. tens of how far to sands of people coming into the country, you might as well just stamp donald trump for re-election now. because in a chaos vs. law and order campaign, i can't think of one in modern american history where law and order didn't win out. pete: absolutely, daniel. we will note jeh johnson
5:04 am
will be on neil cavuto's program just after "fox & friends" this morning. don't miss that. jedediah: cavuto live. pete: the president came out and doubled down on the argument. if mexico won't take care of that wall we will close that border. listen. >> you see what's happening to women. you see what's happening to children. it's a horrible situation and mexico could stop it right at their southern border. they have a southern border. and they could -- and they have a border that could be very well structured. it's very easy for them to stop people from coming up. and they don't choose to do it. well, we are not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them that they are not going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. so, there is a very good likelihood that i will be closing the border next week. and that will be just fine with me. pete: is this a negative tack kick? could he close the border? should he? >> yeah. i mean. he is in. he closed it for three hours months ago when we had another chaotic episode at
5:05 am
the border. pete, we can't have mexico creating a super highway. you know, basically from central american countries right to the united states with no order at all. we can't have that. if we don't have a border and the border is meaningless, we don't have a country. this is just common sense. and one more thing on this, too. you know, it's interesting how democrats are always hypocrites. they say we believe in science. we believe in facts. really? because you have common sense people on both sides who have said to you they can't handle this amount of people at the border every day. these are the experts on the ground doing this. i don't know what else they need to hear. jedediah: dan, you know, we have to shift over to the mueller report. the full report is on the way. the ag saying that mid april he will provide the redacted report democrats coming out and saying you know what? this isn't good enough. april 2nd deadline needs to be met. have you representative nadler saying that deadline still stands. adam schiff, that deadline stands. and you have a tweet from president trump i want to get your reaction to where he says the problem is no
5:06 am
matter what the radical left democrats get, no matter what we give them, it will never be enough. just watch, they will harass and complain and resist the theme of their movement, so maybe we should just take our victory and say no, we've got a country to run? what do you think? >> this has really blown up horribly in the democrats' face. i encourage earn t everyone to o back and read that slimy memo put out after devin nunes put out. read that memo now. read it with a kleenex because you are going to be crying in laughter how much this guy lied. the democrats have lied from day one and they were dumb enough to put it down on paper. this is a broken party. and the real question now with the amount trump has been completely exxonner rate offed. now it's time to turn the table. the real question is when exactly did bob mueller know that there was no collusion? i'm working on the sequel to my book now and i can tell you i'm almost positive bob
5:07 am
mueller knew collusion was a fairy tale and a some's fable in about june of 2017 by the latest by july of july of 2017. i didn't get those dates wrong. now you need to ask yourself and a lot of evidence for this guys. i don't write books to make stuff up and we footnote everything to death. what the heck was bob mueller doing for 600 plus days if he wasn't investigating collusion? forget adam schiff and the democrats. that's what they were born to do. they were born to lie. remember beto said he was born to run. schiff was born to lie. ed: meanwhile another prominent democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez house democrat, of course, interesting because she has had this green new deal. they brought it up for a vote in the senate. she said don't do that we need hearings first. couldn't get a single democrat to support. of course it gets shot down. mitch mcconnell's maneuver sort of embarrasses her. she does this town hall on msnbc last night and actually compares climate change to 9/11. watch. >> on the events of
5:08 am
september 11th, 2001. thousands of americans died in one of the -- in the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. and our national response, whether we agree with it or not, our national response was to go to war in one then eventually two countries. 3,000 americans died in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. where is our responds? [applause] they wave this wand and they say oh, it's going to cost, you know, a bazillion dollars. like they sound like dr. evil. like $100 million. it is next level. i didn't expect them to make total fools of themselves. [laughter] [cheers and applause] ed: dan, how do you respond? pete: and they clap. >> you know, there is really two takeaways from this. the first one because it's saturday morning i don't want to leave you all on a somber note. i remember 9/11. our office with the secret service was in 7 world trade
5:09 am
center. i was not there that day. i was in our long island office. i remember sitting there at a round table and john f. kennedy airport at midnight after these attacks had happened crossing off names for agents who we thought were dead. you know, one of them wasn't dead. i mean, one of them was today. it was bo a guy by the name craig miller. last name standing. i remember everything sitting there saying what are we going to do? they couldn't find him. call headquarters to call his parents make a comparison between that moment that sticks out in my head, i'm sure ed, jedediah you and pete as well sticks out as unique horror in our history to make a comparison to your redick liz green new deal that even your own people laughed at you about and then for everybody to gleefully clap in the audience as you make austin powers jokes? listen, i have been on this network and i have been very gracious to ms. ocasio-cortez. i ran for congress and lost. she won.
5:10 am
congratulations and i mean that but this is disgraceful. you owe the country an apology and those are shameful, ridiculous comments. you as a member of congress should know better. that is a unique horror in our history. you don't use it to talk about your crappy green new deal that even your own people didn't support. pete: of course. but isn't it a perfect reflection of the left today, the religion of climate change. they will talk about that but they won't talk about the threat of radical islam that's ongoing today. jedediah: or the border security? >> pete, the left is totally embedded in a faith-based system based in the emotion of liberalism. it's all believe us, look at the comments at the end. that was my second point just quick she goes it's going to cost like a bazillion dollars. no, ms. cortez people work for a living. things have value that cost stuff that people's hands have to produce. that's how they pay their taxes because they work. and they create income and they create value and they get dirt under their fingernails. it's not a bazillion dollars.
5:11 am
it's the dollar that joe from wisconsin who has to farm all day has to earn to give to you to laugh about. it's not a joke. it's not an austin powers movie. this is the real world. and she doesn't live in it. he had. jedediah: we have to leave it here, dan. that applause will always make me nervous that there is anyone on earth that is applauding that comment it's going to twist me a little bit. thanks so much for your input. appreciate it we are going it turn to headlines for you. young police officer killed in apparently racially motivated attack in chicago. 22-year-old john rivero was layed to rest yesterday. two suspects fired into a vehicle he was. in they say the men were looking to shoot latinos after getting into a fight with a different group of hispanic men. the suspects are charged with murder. jussie smollett skips the naacp image award dinners as as top prosecutor kim foxx
5:12 am
explains why her office dropped 16 criminal charges against the actor. foxx rights in a new op-ed prosecutors are required to balance the severity of the crime against the likelihood of securing a conviction. the office believes the securing a eviction was not certain. is he accused of hate crime against himself. police kick down the door of arizona home after refuse to take sick and unvaccinated 2-year-old to the hospital. >> police department. we are not going to leave until you come out with the child. jedediah: the parents would not answer the door even after police knocked three times. the 2-year-old had a dangerously high fever. the parents are charged with child abuse. california highway patrol finds $120,000 worth of cocaine stashed in cereal boxes. a trooper pulled the car over for having illegally tinted windows when they noticed the driver acting
5:13 am
strangely. the driver is now behind bars facing drug charges. pete: i hope. ed: that's because he had cocaine in cereal boxes? pete: i hope they put it in cocoa crispies. jedediah: well-played. got a little checkle out there. check chuckle out there. ed: could joe biden's 2020 chances over before they got going. former advisor to president obama joins us next on whether the new accusations against the former vice president will stop him in his tracks. pete: venezuela is falling into chaos due to socialism. tell that to bill maher. >> if socialism is such a one-way ticket of becoming the nightmare of venezuela why do all the happiest countries in the world embrace it? pete: why he is really pushing socialism up next. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
5:14 am
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5:17 am
♪ ed: potential 2020 candidate joe biden facing an accusation of alleged inappropriate conduct at a rally in 2014. this coming from a former nevada democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. could his 2020 chances be impacted by this? here to react is a fox news contributor, former economic advisor to president obama. founder and ceo of 32 advisors and former chair and cbo of ubs americas and we havagreat guy. >> you could say all around great guy and fox contributor. ed: let's talk about this incident where a woman comes forward i don't like the way he kissed me and that was
5:18 am
inappropriate for her and changed her view of joe biden. >> reading last night ms. flores kind of almost self-coming out was uncomfortable to read. as a man, as a woman in this moment was uncomfortable i'm glad the vice president's communications team put something out right away but this whole situation feels uncomfortable. i think we have both sides that made comments, you know, i don't know, you know, where the next step comes. >> i want to be fair to the former vice president. you mentioned his spokesman put out a statement. i want to characterize it where he said he doesn't remember it neither then or in the years since did he and the staff with him at the time have an inkling that ms. force had been at any time uncomfortable nor do they recall what she describes. but vice president biden believes that ms. flores has every right to share her own recollection and reflections and that it is a change for better in our society that she has the opportunity to do so. i also want to add that we checked cnn and msnbc not
5:19 am
really covering this story. so my question to you is as a democrat. when brett kavanaugh had accusations it was wall-to-wall coverage everywhere. isn't there a double standard here. >> i think when joe biden announces he is going to have an incredible amount of explaining to do because he will be one of the presidential candidates that has 40 years of votes whether it was this week i know we are going to mention what he commented about anita hill or what he may have to comment about the iraq war but, you know. ed: you said when he announces are you sure he is getting in or will all of this -- we don't know what really happened in 2014. you are right there is a lot of votes and other things that may come up. why didn't he just say i don't want to get in? >> i have spoken to him recently. i have spoken to what could be part of his campaign it feels to me it's 99.999%. that it will be at some point after easter. i do think that with respect to the vice president and all the candidates there are certain things they all have
5:20 am
to be for. immigration reform, gun reform. climate change. healthcare is a right. and racial equality. ed: who is breaking out? we have 30 seconds. >> i think today is going to be fascinating day for beto. is he officially launching today. kamala has had a great month. you can't underestimate bernie sanders. i thought corker has had a very fascinating week in iowa. i think we are going to have a very diverse field. i think you and i could be sitting here six months from today and see six to eight candidates that are all somewhere between 15 to 20%. ed: i know you are a duke fan. good luck. >> i know it's unbelievable. these games are pins and needles. ed: we will be coming back to you with all of that duke and 2020. >> thanks for having me in, ed. ed: alyssa milano leading the charge to ban the state of georgia after passing a heart beat bill.
5:21 am
a planned parenthood former director now pro-life advocate. abby johnson has some thoughts about that coming up. ♪ ♪ i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy.
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free starting april 8th. boop! ♪ pete: welcome back. tomorrow marks the end of the road for hundreds of struggling pay less shoe stores and char lot reuse stores. they are closing more than 700 stores combined that includes every charlotte russe and 17% of pay less stores. second story bloomberg reports dick's sporting goods loses and lost $150 million over the last year after restricting gun sales. of the company decided to stop selling firearms to people under 21 years old. the retailer says the policy
5:25 am
change prompted by the 2018 parkland shooting is worth it. southwest airlines cancels all flights on the boeing 737 max jet threw may. the jet liner extending an earlier timeline as the aircraft remains grounded around the world in the wake of two deadly crashes. jedediah? jedediah: thanks, pete. the true story of a former planned parenthood clinic director's change of heart to become a pro-life advocate is now on the big screen. >> there is a part of me that isn't sure. >> i know. but the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can't feel anything. >> sorry to bother you but they need an extra person in the back room. are you free? [heart beat] jedediah: unplanned premiered yesterday in theaters across the country facing backlash from critics. here with reaction to the movie is a person who tells her story abby johnson. abby, i'm so excited to have you here.
5:26 am
i find your story so compelling from going to being a planned parenthood clinic director to being a pro-life activist. what was it like to see your life story, that aspect of your life anyway portrayed on the screen? >> you know, it feels very vulnerable to have something like that portrayed, something so personal portrayed on the big screen. but, honestly it's worth it we are already hearing stories every morning i wake up with dozens of messages from people saying i took my pro-choice friend to the film. they walked out pro-life. and that's really what this is about. it's about exposing people to the truth. letting them see what is actually taking place inside of these abortion clinics. and i think that truth is enough to actually wake people up and to change their minds. jedediah: some in the media not such big fans of the truth. they are criticizing the film. some networks have refused to run ads for it we actually have a quote from variety which they have reviewed the film. didn't give such a great
5:27 am
review. unplanned isn't a good movie but its effective propaganda at least it is if you block to the group it's targeting. starts off as pro-life alarmist horror movie. this wasn't surprising for me to see. what do you think the reaction is to people when they see the media predictably in my opinion wanting to shut this film down from step one. you struggled with they wanted to give it r-rating and in fact they did trying to reduce visibility of the movie to the public. what's your reaction to all of that? >> you know, i think people are just really fired up now to go see it. you know, i think that rebellious spirit, right? we got an r-rating and parents said i'm taking my teenagers to see this film. i don't care that it got an r-rating. people are refusing to advertise for us. people are saying fine, we're going to get the word out through grassroots social media. we're going to get it out through our chunks. through our community groups so people have really been fired up. people are ready to see the truth behind these clinic
5:28 am
walls. jedediah: it's amazing the objection people have to just other points of view. even if you procedure choice. there is a movie out there that shows a different perspective. what's the big deal? go see it maybe it will open your eyes and maybe you will leave there and be pro-choice anyway. you shouldn't be so threatened by opposing views. it's stunning. i want to shift over to the georgia heart beat abortion bill which just passed. you had alyssa millan know mill. listen if this passes we are going to pull our business. production companies are going to take our money out. what do you make of that? that wasn't surprising to me either. what do you think is going to happen in georgia now? >> weren't these the same people who said if trump is elected we're going to leave the country? yet, they are still here. nobody believes you anymore. nobody believes your idle threats anymore and obviously if a thriving economy and protections for unborn make you that mad go ahead and get out and go ahead and leave. honestly i live in texas.
5:29 am
don't come there either. i mean, nobody believes their threats anymore. it's become comical. jedediah: i think democrats are really missing this issue. i mean, you have 2020 democrats running, talking about endorsing things like long-term abortion. i mean, these are very extremist positions. you talk about, you know, people saying oh, we shouldn't necessarily have to sustain a child that's born alive. this isn't a conversation about an abortion happening in the first trimester even anymore. this is a very extremist conversation being advocated by the left and i don't think it's going to do them any favors. >> no. it hasn't done them any favors. in fact, the latest marist poll showed that in one month, previous, 20% of democrats identified as pro-life. now, after one month and all of this talk about infanticide late-term abortion now 34% of democrats identify as pro-life. they have swung this pendulum so far to the left that they are completely out
5:30 am
of touch with their own democratic constituency. and it is showing. i think it's going to show in the next election. jedediah: yeah. well, thank you, abby. your story is compelling. unplanned is out in theaters. i suggest everyone go see it matthew west is going to play unplanned title track from the movie: urgent warning from the trump administration next. and after a year of crushing losses. pete finally pete ed at basketball last week. oh, yeah. he did. but how are there baseball skills swinging in to swing with a batting cage up next.
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
>> redemption, yes. oh, there it is. come on, come on. come on. [cheers] pete hegseth. ed: wow. you weren't here for this. jedediah: true. shot of the morning and the moment pete has been waiting for. finally beating him. ed: i'm a baseball guy. in honor of opening day this week mlb season we are putting our batting skills to the test this morning. sam clone from in motion sports set this up awesome batting cage. sam, do you have tips for us? >> absolutely.
5:35 am
right now. jedediah: rick is in there already. >> doing a great job. using his legs very important when hitting a baseball. jedediah: look at him go. like to see that front foot step more towards the pitcher. bring his hands slightly back above his right shoulder. ed: who is going to be the best at this? >> you are up next. jedediah: i didn't get any practice shot in. pete: that's a smoker. >> good job. get in there. jedediah: come on. got to bring it. ed: see what you have got. well done. rick: thank you. jedediah: he has a glove and everything. rick: doesn't want to mess up his hands. >> oh. >> raise those hands up. >> >> you want to swing? jedediah: sure. i didn't do any practice.
5:36 am
pete: one more and then we have jedediah. jedediah: i have heels. did i not take any practice shots unlike these guys, the cheaters. pete: that's what what we do in the break. do you want me to switch these? >> form what do you think? jedediah: i don't know what i'm doing? i would go turf shoes. jedediah: i have heels on. so i can't swing a baseball. pete: eyes on the ball eyes on the ball. pete: that's the big one. jedediah: my best friend is going to kill me is a baseball player. one more time. pete: one more. jedediah: okay, i can't hit. pete: that's okay. pete: you didn't get any practice swings which are desperately needed. pete: i'm a lefty. jedediah: i didn't even know that. ed: he is a lefty. >> oh.
5:37 am
jedediah: what are you talking about? pete: look out cameraman. sorry about that. ed: almost hit our cameraman. pop up. sam, what do you think? >> his game is on. i play a lot of whiffle ball in the backyard. >> that's quite differential. >> in motion sports. we appreciate it. thanks very much. thanks for your time. thank you. rick: how is the weather you? like it out here? pete: feels pretty good. rick: it's not going to stay that way very long. temperaturewise a cold front cutting right through the central part of the country. that's the colder air behind it. a little bit of snow behind it to the east of it to the right we are talking about very warm conditions today and a lot of pollen down across parts of the southeast. if you have allergies, it's a rough day. get a little bit better tomorrow as it moves rain, calm things down. can you see the very heavy rain cutting across parts of the ohio valley this morning into the eastern great lakes to the west of that. that's where the colder air
5:38 am
is settling. in we have some snow coating some of the roads and surfaces so be very careful out on those roads this morning jetting out across areas from omaha down towards kansas city. precipitation totals over the next couple of days not going to be that heavy at least in areas so prone to flooding. do expect to continue to see that rain over the next couple of weeks. overall above average moisture in across that area. flooding remains a big concern. temperaturewise today enjoy it across the northeast. it's going to be your winter day. tomorrow you see those temperatures drop by around 10 to 15 degrees. colder air comes. in we will warm up again a bit this week. things looking pretty good. ed, send it over to you. ♪ jedediah: we have some headlines for you. officers in illinois pay tribute to a trooper killed in the line of duty. dozens of law enforcement and citizens paying their respects during a procession for fallen trooper brook jones. the 12-year veteran of the force was hit and killed by
5:39 am
a semitruck while investigating a different semi-truck. the driver was cited a federal judge strikes down california's ban on gun magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. the judge says it violates the second amendment and prohibits americans from an entire class of firearms. buying or selling large magazines has been illegal in california since 2000. the state is expected to appeal. 15 parents accused in the biggest college admission scandal in u.s. history appear in federal court for the first time. among them, the heiress to hot pockets accused of paying $100,000 to get her daughters into usc. the parents all facing conspiracy and mail fraud charges not required to enter a plea. bill maher has a new name for socialism. >> capitalism makes you more free but, actually, it's the right kind of socialism that makes you the freest. in fact, let's not even call it socialism. let's call it capitalism
5:40 am
plus. [applause] [laughter] jedediah: oh boy, countries like norway and finland. ed: coming up, big updates on the mueller report. rudy giuliani is going to be here live as our special guest top of the hour. and former border chief under president obama mark morgan. he's coming up. talking about the border crisis and the president's threat to shut the border down. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> good morning. quick headlines. american figure skate erma rye a bell is breaking her silence after slashing her korean rival's leg during warm-ups in japan. bell posted this message on instagram calling the incident unfortunate and adding she meant no harm. the international skating union says there is no evidence the incident was deliberate. tiger woods is going to be teeing off this morning
5:44 am
after incredible clutch sho shot. >> staring down a much kinder hole location today 83 yards. it spins. [cheers] ed: sinks 83-yard in texas he tees off against roy mcilroy today that will be quite a match. pete: every one of the house intelligence committee calling on chairman adam chief to resign for continuing to deny mueller's conclusion of no collusion. and chairman schiff fighting back. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president. i don't think that's okay i think it's unmoral. i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and, yes, i think it's corrupt. an evidence of collusion. pete: here to react is mark morgan former fbi assistant
5:45 am
director and former border patrol chief under president barack obama. mark, thanks for being here this morning. it's one thing for one member to call on the chairman to resign. whole other thing for every republican to do so. do they have grounds to call for that? >> >> i think they do but it's not surprising congressman schiff's responds after 25 years of law enforcement i have seen this countless times. regardless of how much evidence there is regardless of how overwhelming it is when somebody is emotionally attached through their political ideology, it doesn't matter what's presented to them, you are not going to get them off their stance. i think this is a classic example of that. pete: what is the tipping point? is there any possible tipping point to get them off that emotional stance in the report will be released with redactions in mid april. they say that's still not good enough. is there anything that could ever convince them? >> no. that's what the american people need to realize. i have seen murder cases where you haded video of a smoking gun and family
5:46 am
members refuse that their family member did it emotionally based, especially from a political ideology front. adam schiff, he has televised to the whole country it doesn't matter. two years of investigation who it was. i know director mueller for all 12 years he was director. i never saw anything to question his integrity or character or prosecutorial credibility. that investigation was thorough. if he says there was no evidence, there was no evidence. yet you still have adam schiff saying that there is. nothing is going to get him off that point. pete: he was the savior of that investigation. now they don't want to accept it speaking of democrat denying or looking very differently at an issue, would he have had many prominent democrats step up and say it's a manufactured crisis at our southern border. this is not really as big of a problem as the president portraying it. well, yesterday, jeh johnson, is he barack obama's former department of homeland security secretary. he has kirsten -- he had kirstjen nielsen's job. he said there is a crisis. listen. my staff will tell you if it
5:47 am
was under 1,000 appear prelengthses the day before. that was a relatively good number. if it was above 1,000 it was a relatively bad number and i was going to be in a bad mood all day. on tuesday there were 4,000 apprehensions. i know that 1,000 overwhelms the system. i cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like. so we are truly in a crisis. pete: we are truly that crisis. willers ever admit that? >> look. i don't have hope for congress. pete, i don't. so i was the chief of the border patrol under jeh johnson at the time and i remember those days he had bad days because they became my bad days because in 2016, i saw the humanitarian issue as a crisis then. and it's quadruple what it is now. congress is failed. our laws are broken. this year alone we are anticipating 1 million people to illegally enter this country and because of those broken laws, 65% of them are family units and they will be allowed into this country.
5:48 am
that's 650,000 individuals will be allowed in this country. never to be heard from again. but, yet, that's not a crisis. pete: no. again, it's manufactured. yet, you worked for jeh johnson. you have said it's a crisis. he says it's a crisis. recognizes it and says it it's amazing to watch the denial on this. hey, mark more began, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it? >> you bet. pete: jeh johnson will be on neil cavuto's program today don't miss that on cavuto live. moving on. eddie gallagher in solitary confinement ahead of his war crimes trial. his brother joined us earlier and moments ago. president trump's big announcement on his future. and, coming up next, calling out campus culture. michael speaking out on nyu tackling the far right and white supremacist movement in the u.s. your brain changes as you get older.
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ed: this fall nyu is offering reporting on the far right. it tackles what they call the far right and white supremacist movements. jedediah: who did the school pick to check it fact checker who resigned after mislabeling this disabled vet an isis agent tattoo as a nazi symbol. pete: it was a military unit. next guest former nyu professor speaking out against the school calling this fake aacademia. michael is the springtime for snowflakes. social justice in its post modern parentage?
5:53 am
even those words we don't even know. professor, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. pete: what do you make of this in particular and what it says about academia? >> first thing i would say is white stream extremism when is there a course on left wing extremism. ed: never. >> except courses that indoctrinate students into it first thing i would like to say left wing extremism has a history that's far, far more murderous of right wing. i'm not comparing the moral acts. this is never discussed so that's the first thing i would like to say. second thing sniper journalism really. this idea of calling out and targeting individuals trying to ruin them. they think this is going to make the world a better place, which i think is ridiculous. the journalist in question wrote an article about anxiety and how we could lower the anxiety in our world today. i would start by not calling
5:54 am
them out and accusing them of being nazis by the color of their skin. ed: ben shapiro has new book out and magazine calls him alt right super star. he has rejected the alt right movement. they had to correct 246789 trying to figure out what is conservatism. >> they smear everybody with the alt right label. i have been called alt right. it has to wash right off your back because it's meaningless. as long as they can put some sort of extreme label on you. mean if you call them a stalinist they don't understand that's an insult. i mean, you could wear a mao costume for halloween and that would be fine even though he killed 60 million people. jedediah: the person chosen to teach this class gave a statement in response says i'm looking forward to teaching my students to fight back against the malignant cancer that is the organized violent white supremacist movement through sharp relengthless journalism efforts to use me as part of a culture war against academia may be used
5:55 am
to stymie my fight against extremism you will not succeed. every journalist errs, i have. but i teach with the utmost riggerig rigor. what do you make of it. >> have you this group called the a alt right nazis under every bed is such a infan tis mall fraction. this social justice left is running the world. and social justice is socialism turned into cultural identity politics. jedediah: can i ask you a question though. pete: great point. jedediah: something like this happens. you work on a college campus. is there a minority people at least professors, administrators that find this abhorrent or is it just collectivism at large? >> there is nothing ever spoken about it at large meetings, for example. you would never hear anybody dare to challenge this publicly. so, it's all in a whisper. jedediah: for fear they would be fired, be punished.
5:56 am
>> ostracized. pete: how do you fight it then? how do you change it. >> first of all, i never try to indoctrinate anybody in the classroom. i think there has to be a recognition that what's going on here with social justice and all this is indoctrination. this is k through ph.d. indoctrination what i see it as. ed: professor, we reached out to nyu for a statement we have not heard back. the book is? >> springtime for snowflakes. ed: thanks for coming. >> in thank you, sir. ed: coming up, rudy giuliani joining us right here on the couch to talk about the latest developments of the mueller report. there he is, mr. mayor. at the top of the hour. don't miss him. ♪ rocking and rolling ♪ rocking in the u.s.a. ♪ get the recipes at
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6:00 am
>> we will see the special counsel's report in a matter of weeks if not days. >> the attorney general is bending over backwards he's not required by law to have to go testify about this nor is he required to give a fuller accounting of the report. >> former democratic lt. governor candidate is accusing joe biden of touching her inappropriately. ed: cnn and msnbc not really covering this story. >> when joe biden announces he's going to have an incredible amount of explaining to do. >> the new deal is technologically possible and the events of september 11, 2001 thousands of americans died we wave this wand and say oh, it's going to cost like they sound like dr. evil. >> that is a unique horror in our history. you don't use it to talk about your crappy green new deal. >> pete finally beat ed at basketball but how are their baseball skills? pete: look out, cameraman!
6:01 am
>> ♪ ♪ ed: good saturday morning do you know who we should get in the batting cage? pete: this man right here. >> i'm ready to go. ed: it's a big week for you. >> i know, well opening day we're 1 & 0 predicting an undefeated season. jedediah: optimistic. pete: president donald trump's attorney and former mayor of new york city you all know him and love him so you're going to the yankees game today? >> i'm debating my son wants to play golf or the yankee game. i can relax a little bit now. i was sitting there, i wasn't nervous. ed: maybe a little? >> well you never know. ed: so there's a two-page letter we got here that bill barr the attorney general put out among other things he said that our progress is such that i anticipate we'll be in a position to release the report, the mueller report, of course by mid-april if not sooner although
6:02 am
the president would have the right to assert privilege over certain parts of the report he has stated publicly he intends to defer to me and there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for a privileged review so mr. mayor here you is the attorney general asserting his independence saying i'm not going to run this past the white house despite democrats charging he's part of a cover-up and we'll get this out within the next two weeks maybe sooner. >> first of all the democrats are making absolute fools out of themselves the report is as clear as it can be exoneration. i was a prosecutor for 18 years, and usually it's hedged, we can't quite reach the result where we have probable cause to get an indictment all these other things, or we can't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. exoneration, mueller on obstruction says i can't reach a decision. i don't have to charge a crime, just can't make a decision on exoneration, don't know why but attorney general barr, and knows
6:03 am
as much about it as mueller and some people feel rosenstein was very touch on the president and he will say complete no on suction at all anywhere. if you think there's anything in the report that really strong goes in the other direction you don't realize how good a lawyer barr is, rosenstein and the office of legal counsel in the justice department so i'm very confident we can meet anything they say in the report. as far as i'm concerned if they can put it out legally put out all of it. jedediah: democrats of course aren't satisfied right away saying no we want april 2 that was the deadline we have representative nadler saying that deadline still santa fees adam schiff whose been unhinged in my opinion and president trump responded with a tweet saying the problem is no matter what the radical left democrats get, no matter what we give them it'll never be enough they will harass and complain the theme of their movements so maybe just take our victory and say no we've got a country to run. >> these are terrible terrible people. i'm going to tell you what's involved there's nothing to do
6:04 am
with it. you can't disclose grand jury material. it is a crime. now they can say april 2, but bill barr and rod rosenstein are not going to jail because they have an unrealistic deadline, so they may have to go to court and get a court order. that's how they had to do it with watergate. so they create these false impressions for american people. they're like dishonorable sales men or something, it's ridiculous to say to the american people, barr is delaying because he wants to delay. he's delaying because it's very difficult i don't know if it's 200 pages? ed: 400 pages. >> very difficult to put out 400 pages with all of the legal restrictions and not violate something and you know if he violates something it'll be on the other side? put barr in jail he put out grand jury information and ruined so and so's reputation. can we get back to sanity? pete: you and i were talking before the break how is the president reacting to all of
6:05 am
this? >> the president is reacting as you might expect. it was a burden on him, he functioned unbelievably well with all he accomplished with this burden on him. it's unbelievable; however, the burden about worrying for his family and his friends and it's horrible. i ran many campaigns. the loyalty you have to the people who work for you is tremendous because you know they put you there. all of a sudden to see these people dragged through grand juries. i was in the white house two days after and the young people in the white house told me how terrible it was to get questioned by the special counsel, how mean they were, how they treated them like they were some kind of criminals and all they were was a person who, you know, saw a document and was identifying a document, four or five hours for prosecutors, six fbi agents. i don't think i've ever had like 10 people question anybody. it's usually an assistant and agent and maybe one other person
6:06 am
and you treat them with courtesy the fbi is known for it. they can arrest the worst murderer in the world and say mr. smith, you're now under arrest. thank you, yes, sir, you're nice they're nice. they teach this to the police. be respectful, be nice, and calm everything down and less difficult with the arrest, probably get the person to cooperate. ed: when you joined the case one of the things you were trying to do was change public perception about this and we've seen in polls people thinking that the investigation was politically motivated one right here, 54% of the public believing that the investigation, the mueller probe , i believe that says cbs news, 54% politically motivated 37% justified so my question is how did you change that perception number one and number two, what do you think should happen now to james comey, john brennan. >> the first one that was the only real change in strategy and it was we had a two-tier defense one-tier defense is to mueller, legal, so we have our report ready, should he say anything
6:07 am
critical, we're ready to respond to it and give you five reasons why he's wrong. that's the legal defense, and to try to work out so that he wasn't unncesssarily put into traps, which i think thank god we came through, and we also had a great legal team. jane and marty raskin, and donald j. trump. there were times when his legal analysis was as good or better than ours. it's like having a fifth man on the team, but the second one was i recognized that you have to try this to the american public because the only thing they can do to him is impeach. in the way we're conducting as if it was an ordinary grand jury investigation but it wasn't. the people who had his fate are the members of congress. 54% say this is politically motivated and they want to vote for impeachment, well goodbye. it'll be like a 70 majority in the house next time around, like what happened with clinton and
6:08 am
the unwise republicans who had a lot more to work with. they had actual perjury because unlike what happened here, they walked him into perjury, or he walked himself into it and in trump's case completely innocent , no collusion, no obstruction and they say well why is it so hard to represent somebody like that? because we were representing him against totally contrived charges, with a staff i've never seen one put together like that. when he said eight angry democrats, they don't realize how rabid these people were. one of them was the counsel to the clinton foundation. imagine if i was investigating hillary with a counsel to the trump foundation. nba c, abc, the times, the post, get rid of him. pete: recuse. recuse. ed: but john brennan said he committed treason what's going to happen him. pete: and the whole thing investigating the investigators? >> well two levels one is the public accountability which when you say that is time for a really big apology and it's
6:09 am
doubling down and getting more outrageous and sends out letters to people. i don't think this man has any idea what the attorney-client privilege is. someone should read the right to counsel clause, if the constitution means anything to him. it's a letter that has to say that he has no respect for the constitution like all the notes of lawyers all the conversations of lawyers, i mean, it shows a ridiculous approach of people who are ignorant, i mean, we say this about the mueller staff. they may have been politically bias, heavily, brilliant lawyers , great investigators, much more power than congress. if they couldn't find it, why are we going to waste another $20 million on trying to find what isn't there? no collusion, guys, no obstruction. it reminds me of the election. remember the day after the election the democrats couldn't understand what happened and they were saying people were going to psychiatrists and had to get counselors for kids in school? there be a lot of guys who develop
6:10 am
that expertise. i think they should all go see their psychiatrist and get connected to reality. jedediah: a lot of questions also people have about president obama and what he knew and didn't know in terms of the justification for this. >> this is extraordinarily important and they are trying to bury it. the left wing media is trying to bury it as much as possible. it is vital for the good of our democracy and for the restoring of justice, this wasn't justice. not just to the president, to the people that they raided their homes in the morning like they're terrorists, put them in solitary confinement in order to break them which is a specialty? i can show that the misconduct in this case goes back to things weisman has done throughout his career, harsh conditions of o confinement to try to break somebody. this is what they do in prison camps. trying to making up crimes, supreme court are you versed them for making up crimes. obstruction is made up. campaign contribution is made up not a campaign contribution. it's a personal expense. just go read the commissioners
6:11 am
of the sec, so we have to end this. my question is here is a good focus. who started this? jedediah: uh-huh. >> it's not true. didn't come down from the sky, who started it? and then who propagated it knowing that it's false? there has got to be answers to that and we could all speculate. let's wait and see, but let people focus on it. ed: rudy guiliani appreciate you coming in. pete: great stuff. jedediah: we've got headlines for you this hour, a 15-hour standoff is over as swat teams arrest a man accused of shooting a trooper. police in texas say brian cahill fired several shots at police while barricaded inside an apartment. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the whole situation started when police say a trooper tried to make a traffic stop and the suspect sped off and shot the officer. that trooper is in stable condition. a federal judge strikes down california's ban on gun magazine s that hold more than 10 bullets. the judge says it violates the second amendment and prohibits
6:12 am
americans from an entire class of firearms. buying or selling large magazine s has been illegal in california since 2000. the state is expected to appeal. jussie smollett skips the naacp image awards dinner as top prosecutor explains why her office dropped 16 criminal charges against the actor. fox writes in a new op-ed prosecutors are required to balance the severity of the crime against the likelihood of securing a conviction. my office believed the likelihood of securing a conviction was not certain. jussie smollett is accused of faking a hate crime against himself. it's prom night, of the living dead. zombies making a surprise appearance during a prom photo shoot down in georgia. although amc films it's hit series "the walking dead" nearby , i love that show, these weren't extras, but the girl reportedly loved the picture so much she asked the photographer to take her senior photos and those are your headlines. i love "the walking dead" that's good stuff.
6:13 am
i'm a fan of the zombies i won't like. pete: really zombie apocalypse? jedediah: yes. pete: be ready. jedediah: the media not letting it go to the the mueller report found no collusion. >> it's just feels like this is turning into a bit of a scramble inside the justice department. >> you've got to wonder just how much information will be blacked out. jedediah: reactions next. pete: the video is disturbing an attack outside planned parent hood. what we know about the assault, coming up.
6:14 am
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6:16 am
>> the discovery of wrongdoing that was not found to amount to criminality, now there could be a lot of that. the president says the report exonerates him totally and he's been saying that for a week.
6:17 am
it just feels like this is turning into a bit of a scramble inside the justice department. >> you've got to wonder just how much information will be blacked out. pete: its been one week since the initial findings of special counsel mueller's report, and the media still can't seem to accept the fact that no collusion was found. so why are they still searching for evidence of wrongdoing by the president? jedediah: here to react media reporter for the hill and radio talk show host, joe konsha. so joe, not surprising to see the meltdown. what happens next? let's say the full report comes out and there's no collusion or obstruction, do they at some point have to unhinge the media? >> well unhinge of a diary, as you just played those clips we could start calling these people after the mueller report comes out and let's say because think about it, is attorney general william barr whose only been in this business basically for 40 years, going to put this entire reputation on the line when he knows what's in the report he will say something three weeks
6:18 am
earlier, that is in contradiction of what's in that report? why would he do that? it would just be stuped and he's definitely not a stupid person so look we've got to start calling these people for what they are, collusion clingers just like 9/11 truthers where next thing you know they will tell us that a plane was swallow ed by a black hole. oh, that's right that actually did happen so look it's having a profound effect on ratings, you showed she lost 500,000 viewers from the week before, that's because people were promised something and kind of like getting a paycheck the check bounced because once you promise something for two years, you don't deliver, maybe some people are going to be a little bit angry about that and cnn being down 50% that is a perge like i've never seen before. remember what kind of news week we had guys, jussie smollett goes free, avanati arrested, the mueller report, the barr reaction, trump's reaction, democrats reaction this is one of the most crazy news weeks i can remember and to lose half your audience in this environment is virtually impossible.
6:19 am
pete: it's a great phrase, collusion clingers i think you're right but when the report comes out in the middle of april and barr does his job which would include some redactions for completely legal and legitimate reasons that will they until every black line is gone, they're going to keep going. >> oh, okay guys. this will be why was that blacked out? what is bill barr trying to hide and trump trying to hide but i think they just look stupid at that point if that happens. cnn did a poll this week and they released it on monday and asked what are your most important issues, open-ended questions you can answer several most important issues going into the 2020 election not one person out of thousands said russia investigation, and this poll was taken before the mueller report came out, so look, all i ask for and i know you've got to go is that when adam schiff whose the seinfeld of congress basically is a show about nothing every interview he goes moving forward any interview has to ask for evidence. okay you say there's evidence present it now and if it isn't there come off his oxygen and end the interview. it's not going to happen but
6:20 am
it's something we can at least ask for on a lovely saturday morning in new york city. pete: that is true and you're right if you're losing 50% of your audience they're turning it because you've been selling me garbage for the last two years. jedediah: it's amazing too there's no switch just no acknowledgment their coverage for so long was false and then the initial report, you know, summary comes out and just no self-awareness or desire to actually have some shame every now and then for their coverage. >> i told tucker earlier this week, it's like the captain of the titanic telling the orchestra, great job playing, as the ship is going down. jedediah: right! thank you, joe appreciate it. chick-fil-a and san antonio's airport our next guest is a congressman in that district trying to stop the airport from banning chick-fil-a, next. pete: eddie galley germany in solitary confinement, his brother joined us earlier and moments ago president trump made a big announcement about eddie g
6:21 am
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert right now, tensions mounting as thousands of palestinians gather along the israeli gaza border. demonstrate ors are marking the one-year since major protest along the gaza stripment our own jonathan hunt is live at that border this afternoon, in israel , jonathan how are you? reporter: pete, good afternoon. these demonstrations have as you say been going on for a year palestinians protesting the israeli blockade that contributed a great deal to the dire economic conditions here, tens of thousands were expected to show up today it is new at all clear that they got anywhere close to that number at this point. we, i would say we've seen around 3,000 here you can see in the distance the white smoke.
6:25 am
those are tear gas canisters being fired by the israeli troops who raid along this side and you're also looking at one of the sniper positions they use we have not heard a lot of live fire here today but we are told that one palestinian has been killed, and a couple of dozen injured. there were a lot more here earlier and we can show you some of the video from earlier, when there were thousands here, tensions were very hyatt this point, but i have to say, it has remained relatively calm, pete and everyone hopes it stays that way, pete? pete: jonathan thank you very much. ed down to you. ed: dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen sent a letter to congress about effective immediately i notified congress that dhs will need emergency legislative action to restore order, achieve operational control of our border and ensure we can fulfill our humanitarian responsibilities effectively.
6:26 am
well, congressman chip roy joins us now to explain what we need to do next to address what the president called a crisis. good to see you congressman. >> good morning, ed thanks for having me on. ed: go for it. >> it's really concerning i think the secretary is right to send that letter up to congress, we do need to take emergency action and look the administration has been clear from the get go. we need nor beds, judges, relief at the border, infrastructure fencing, roads along the river we've got 100,000 people coming here illegally being apprehended in march alone which is a record high. we had over 4,000 in one-day alone this week according to border patrol and most concerningly about 13, 400 in custody right now, and in the past, 4,000 is a really high number for just how many people we have in custody, so 13, 400 is just unmanageable so now border patrol is actually catching and releasing immediately and not turning them over to i.c.e. and we don't have any chance to process anybody coming across-the-boarder.
6:27 am
it's a real problem an emergency of epic proportion. ed: congressman the data speaks for itself we had on the screen a moment ago 100,000 apprehensions potentially this month alone. that's what border patrol officials are estimating. you see that stat there and yet nancy pelosi and other democrats called this again and again a manufactured crisis and she put out this statement this week. the house is deeply concerned about this request. she's talking about the budget, which seeks to fully revive the administrations horrific and immoral family incarceration and family separation plans. we cannot support the implementation of policies, pelosi writes, that we know will hurt traumatized children, rip apart vulnerable families, dishonor our values and do nothing to solve "the situation" at the border. congressman when the issue is demo demonstratesing a god like that, what's the problem? >> you have where they come down and go into the facilities
6:28 am
where our great agents are sitting there doing everything they know to do to protect those children, coming across the river being exploited by cartels , putting in harms way we put them in a room to figure out how to keep them safe and which men aren't their dads that are with them separate them so they are safe sleeping in a warm bed, give them medical treatment and put them in a bus and distributed around the country and she's demagoging this and go across the street and get on a camera and say something o p o sit from what they saw in border patrol and it is on their hands what is happening to these little girls and these women that are taking this dangerous journey through mexico because we refuse to do our basic job as a sovreign nation and secure our border. ed: the president talked about maybe shutting down the border this coming week, i appreciate you coming but we also want to ask you about something happening in your backyard, san antonio maybe not wanting chick-fil-a here is a statement. "i'm confident that we have
6:29 am
followed all our rights and clauses as given to us as city council and we did everything by the book. " chick-fil-a responding we have a fundamental code of conduct, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. the 140,000 people who serve customers in our restaurants on a daily basis represent and embrace all people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. why is the city council getting involved in this? >> well unfortunately the city council of san antonio doesn't seem to reflect a vast majority of the people who live in san antonio and it's unfortunate because chick-fil-a is a pillar of our community, in central texas and around the country and this is just discrimination. they're discriminating against chick-fil-a for their deeply held religious beliefs and that's likely unlawful and contrary to the constitution and i sent a letter to them saying they need to answer to this because if they continue to do this it's going to harm the ability for congress to do what it needs to do to help san antonio because this reflects badly on the city.
6:30 am
ed: congressman chip roy standing up for tough borders and a tender chicken, chick-fil-a, congressman appreciate you. >> thank, ed. ed: the president meanwhile weighing in on the mueller report. president trump: this was a hoax , a witch hunt, i have absolutely nothing to hide and i think a lot of things are coming out with respect to the other side. ed: the president campaigning on the no collusion findings for 2020 our panel is here, left, right and center to discuss next hollywood elites usually slam ming i.c.e., like the kardashians why these celebrit ies are actually thanking the agency that a whole bunch of democrats like senator gillibrand are. >> ♪ ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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president trump: i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax, this was a witch hunt, i have absolutely nothing to hide and i think a lot of things are coming out with respect to the other side, but i have a lot of confidence in the attorney general. pete: that was president trump yesterday weighing in on attorney general bill barr's decision to release the mueller report, which we now know will happen in mid-april if not sooner. joining us now to discuss is tom del bacaro former chairman of the california republican party
6:35 am
and author of the historical perspectives the divided era. mark penn, former clinton advisor and polster managing partner at the stagewell group and author of microtrends, squared and kathy barnett, the veteran herself, served 10 years in the armed services in the army reserves and radio show host thank you all for joaning us this morning. tom let me start with you. do you believe the president going full stream ahead saying it's a witch hunt a hoax this is something that will help him going into 2020? >> well i think he is going to do and the question is the best way for him to do that and he needs to tie this to the future because voters are impatient. they want answers to tomorrow's problems not yesterday's issues, so what he should do is say look going forward the democrats are the party of corrupt investigations, and i'm mr. fix it. i've fixed the economy, i've fixed isis now let's fix healthcare and let the democrats talk about socialism and affairs of the past but he needs to go forward and connect that too. pete: mark that's a fair point but there's two schools of
6:36 am
thought and you can look backwards a little bit and say look how corrupt this investigation was give me another short-term so i can move forward in my agenda or just move to issues and say we're over that let's move on. what would you advice? >> well look i think there should be accountability for how this investigation got going. i've never thought it had much credibility but that's different from it being a campaign issue. it's over. america sees this thing as having been investigated and the swing voters are out of it. they all say don't campaign on it. they say the democrats don't campaign on it but they say the republicans tell me about infrastructure, tell me about immigration, tell me about healthcare, tell me about the real issues that are affecting america. that's the clear message of the voters. pete: yeah. >> i think have accountability, this is not what they're going to vote on any more. pete: but kathy democrats are continuing to vow investigations especially in the house of representatives so it feels like this will remain part of the conversation no matter what. >> exactly listen democrats are not moving on. they are instead telling us
6:37 am
they're going to continue to investigate. they continue to try and find something that mueller, his 19 prosecutors, 40-plus fbi agents and $30 million later could not find. they're vowing they are going to find something, anything over this president. one would think that just our president was just cleared of allegations of colluding with the foreign country, one would think the nation would be happy and will be taking a collective fiery leap and moving forward but instead you have democrats once again adam schiff at the head of it all, vowing to do more investigation. they're furious that they didn't get him rather than being happy for the country and showing some type of constriction, and willingness to turn the page and move forward. pete: it's a great point you mentioned adam schiff well here he was at a hearing recently talking about collusion, listen. >> you might think it's okay that the president himself called on russia to hack his opponent's e-mails if they were
6:38 am
listening. i don't think that's okay. i think it's in more all, i think it's unethical, i this un patriotic and yes, i think it's corrupt and evidence of collusion. pete: tom, schiff is from your home state and he still says it's collusion. will it ever stop? >> well yes and i'll tell you 41 people tell him to stop and that's the new congressional democrats the freshmen when it starts hurting with independent voters nancy pelosi and those 41 say add am enough is enough. pete: mark, is this evidence of a split in the democrat party? >> well, there is a split, you know in the harvard harris poll that came out a couple of days ago in fact most people reject collusion but about half of democrats are still clinging to it so adam schiff has a constituency within the democratic party for this until i think maybe the full report comes out and the overall electorate said no, don't do it, no more investigations, we're
6:39 am
done. pete: kathy last word for you. >> listen president trump is going into 2,020 squeaky clean, as if there was anything about this president, mueller, his 19 prosecutors and 40 fbi agents would have founded. this president is perhaps one of the most thoroughly vetted presidents, a politician we have ever had. pete: that's a great point as vetted as anyone has ever been. tom, mark and kathy thank you very much for your time. we really appreciate it. have a great saturday. all right now turning now to your headlines which jedediah has and i don't. jedediah: 50 lawmakers are joining and gallagher is accused of killing an isis fighter in iraq and his brother shawn gallagher joined us earlier thanking president trump. >> the president has pretty much told the navy to move to less restrictive parameters and what that really means is he can be confined to his house, and see his family while he prepares
6:40 am
and meets with his lawyers or be confined to base. jedediah: moments ago the president tweeting in honor of his past service to our country navy seal eddie gallagher will soon be moved to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court. the process should move quickly. alarming video as police look for the man seen pushing and kicking an 85-year-old pro-life protester, outside of planned parenthood clinic in san francisco. wow that's horrific. the victim says this is the third time the man harassed him in a week. the victim is okay. pete: and to march madness, top seeded duke barely escapes defeat, as virginia tech misses basically a layup at the buzzer. >> and another win right at the rim and goes duke's way at the buzzer!
6:41 am
pete: oh, that's a great -- ed: same thing that happened last sunday. pete: just missed it, blue devils win 75-73 and auburn advances to the first elite 8 in 33 years, cruising past unc, 97- 80 kentucky hangs on to beat houston 62-58. michigan state freshman aaron henry drops 20 points to beat ls u soundly 80-63 and the elite 8 starts today. ed: i'm glad henry made some baskets. jedediah: [laughter] rick: guys i came out to like incredible extremes from sullivan south high school. >> [cheers and applause] rick: but supposedly you sing? >> yes, we sing. rick: you sing? >> yes. >> start while i do the weather >> 1, 2, 3. ♪ oh, say can you see, by the
6:42 am
dawns early lights ♪ rick: i'm just going to do weather right now but i don't think i should. >> ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, or the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming, and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air , gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there, oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave, ore
6:43 am
the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ >> [applause] ed: rick that is the best weather report you've ever done. pete: it's going to be sunny everywhere in america. well done. moving on we'll be back out to see rick later. first he was called alt right and then radical. ben shapiro calls the economist labeling of him absurd his reaction, coming up next.
6:44 am
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so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at ed: some quick headlines the reports show that new york city attorneys are getting an extra
6:47 am
$1.6 million to actually defend immigrants facing deportation. that's on top of 10 million already allotted to immigration cases. mayor bill deblasio and the city council speaker brokered that deal. and the kardashian/jenner family is actually thanking i.c.e. for arresting an illegal immigrant, who broke into kendall jenner's home not once but twice. the agency taking the canadian man into custody in new mexico. the family actually thanked i.c.e. for their hard work and remember a lot of democrats have been talking about abolishing i.c.e. pete: true. when it's your house. stay with me, thank you. ed: so you've seen ben shapiro on the show a lot with a new book out and an economist magazine across the pond decides to write about him and they made a big mistake because they said among other things inside the mind of ben shapiro the alt right sage without the rage. it was catchy, it rhymed but wasn't accurate and he's actually taking on the alt right pete: that's right he called
6:48 am
them out so they changed it a little bit and changed it to inside the mind of ben shapiro a radical conservative. jedediah: not better, i mean radical? how about just a conservative? why do they have to add something to it that says radical? anyway, ben shapiro talked about this with us and take a listen to what he had to say. >> the characterization of me as alt right is so absurd that not only the economist had to change the title but personally apologize because i've probably been the leading critic of the alt right in the united states since 2015, i wrote full op-ed in the washington post about it done a full podcast about the alt right, number one recipient, i still have to pay security to walk me to and from the synagogue because of the hatred from the alt right. ed: let's just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. pete: this is what you are. well done. ed: he has a new book out check it out. meanwhile next a very special performance from the sound track of the new movie "unplanned." matthew west performs his original song, right here, live,
6:49 am
on fox & friends. what do you have there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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jedediah: his original song is the title track for "unplanned" the story of the planned parent hood clinic director turned pro-life advocate. ed: that movie premiers friday in theaters all across america. pete: now four-time grammy nominee math use west joins us in studio. good morning. jedediah: welcome. >> thanks for having me it's great to be here. pete: what is it like to write a song for a movie that's so powerful? >> well i was honored to be asked to do that. i read the script before i saw the movie and what's crazy is
6:53 am
the years before i'd gotten a letter from a crisis pregnancy center and a lot of my song writing is inspired by people's true stories and this letter said we hope that some day maybe you'll feel the inspiration to use your gift of storytelling to tell the story of the unborn and i thought about that. i thought what about all these stories that have yet to be told but they deserve the chance to have their stories written so this is a tremendous honor to read the script and write a song about what does it look like that word unplanned? well for my belief system i believe there are no such thing as accidents, you know, and so that's why i went with that premise of as long as my god holds the world in his hands i believe there's no such thing as unplanned. jedediah: let's hear it. excited to hear it. there we go. "unplanned." >> ♪ i'm looking at a masterpiece, staring at a work of art, i'm listening to a symphony, and every beat of your
6:54 am
tiny heart, you used to be a choice for me, but now i think you have chosen me, because i see 10 fingers, 10 toes, and i know this is meant to be, oh, i don't believe in accidents, miracles they don't just happen by chance, as long as my god holds the world in his hands, i know that there's no such thing as unplanned. ♪ ♪ broken turns are useful, i could see it right before my
6:55 am
eyes, and every single breath you breathe is destiny love has brought to light, i thought it was my story there, but now the future is all i see, instead of wondering who you might have been, now i'm wondering who you're going to be, because i don't believe in accidents, miracles they don't just happen by chance, as long as my god holds the world in his hands, i know that there's no such thing as unplanned ♪ every life deserves a voice, every child deserves a chance, you are more than just a choice, because there's no such thing as "
6:56 am
unplanned", every life deserves a voice, every child deserves a chance, you are more than just a choice, because there's no such thing as unplanned, i'm looking at a masterpiece, and i'm staring at a work of art, i'm listening to a symphony, and every beat of your tiny heart ♪ >> [applause] ♪ ♪
6:57 am
so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: powerful song. it's inspiring. >> yeah, just picturing the first time i heard my daughter's heart beat that's when it
7:00 am
becomes real and in fact they're featured on this. jedediah: there they are right there. >> 13 and 10 now. jedediah: thank you so much. ed: come back tomorrow, kevin mccarthy, maria bartiromo, big show tomorrow, see you tomorrow morning. >> by anyone's definition by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. neil: well you've heard president donald trump say it, now barack obama's homeland security secretary jay johnson confirming it, we do have a crisis at the border and his words could prove pivotal in this battle, as the president calls to shut down that border more with my interview with secretary johnson coming up, but first, to the rush over that russia report, president trump says he's got nothing to hide as attorney general bill barr prepares to release special counsel robert mueller's report, maybe just in a couple of weeks maybe sooner welcome everybody i'ne


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