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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  March 30, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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heart beat that's when it becomes real and in fact they're featured on this. jedediah: there they are right there. >> 13 and 10 now. jedediah: thank you so much. ed: come back tomorrow, kevin mccarthy, maria bartiromo, big show tomorrow, see you tomorrow morning. >> by anyone's definition by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. neil: well you've heard president donald trump say it, now barack obama's homeland security secretary jay johnson confirming it, we do have a crisis at the border and his words could prove pivotal in this battle, as the president calls to shut down that border more with my interview with secretary johnson coming up, but first, to the rush over that russia report, president trump says he's got nothing to hide as attorney general bill barr prepares to release special counsel robert mueller's report, maybe just in a couple of weeks maybe sooner welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. the president touting that
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democrats doubting it as attorney general barr says that there was collusion, mueller's not finding it. we are all over, with former house republican oversight chairman trey gowdy and democrat intel member eric swalwell, first traveling with the president in palm beach, florida on how both sides are handling it. ellison? reporter: neil the attorney general says there are no plans to let the white house see this before congress sees it in a letter to the chairs of the house and senate judiciary committees attorney general william barr says once the required redactions are made congress will get the report by mid-april if not sooner the public will get it at some point as well. president trump would have the right according to the ag to assert privilege over certain parts of the report. for now trump says that he is following mr. barr's lead. president trump: i have great confidence in the attorney general and if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax, this was a
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witch hunt, i have absolutely nothing to hide. reporter: democrats wanted the full report by april 2, house intelligence chairman adam schiff says that deadline still stands in a series of tweets he said redactions are unacceptable and the attorney general should seek court approval just like in watergate to allow the are lease of grand jury material. senator dianne feinstein says she is committed to a public release of mueller's report and with the nearly 400 page report the attorney general must meet his mid-april promise, and get congress the report as well as the underlying documents no later than april 15, the attorney general says that he is prepared to testify before both the house and senate in early may. neil? neil: all right, ellison thank you very very much, not all democrats assett it son touched on are pleased with this arrangement or timeline. for example, jerry nadler, who runs a crucial committee that decides the pace of future investigations as well as
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entertain the attorney general and maybe robert mueller himself says it should be out by tuesday , next tuesday, the 2nd. fox news contributor former republican oversight committee chairman, trey gowdy. congressman good to have you what do you think of this back and forth the two weeks have not good enough. >> well i'm in a really small minority neil. i don't think the report should be released at all and i'm frankly surprised so many republicans think it should be. a lot of the republicans think the investigation was flawed from its inception. remember, that george papadopoulos was setup that the dossier was a political hit piece so if the investigation was flawed from its inception, why is the report not also flawed? i don't think the report should be released because the department of justice speaks in indictments. they've already indicted a lot of people that's the way the department of justice speaks. they don't write biographies, they don't write summaries and reports and have press conferences like what james comey did that the inspector
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general actually found violated policy, and the department of justice speaks in indictments and if you're not indicted i don't know that the department of justice should be releasing a poll hit piece that people like schiff and nadler are then goes to use for 2020. neil: well regardless it is going to come out there might be portions redacted sir, to your concern, but it is coming out. i'm wondering if in having it released there are other things that could be interpreted differently than barr has. a lot of democrats have said that he made condescending sort of bullet points that's coming from nancy pelosi. where did she get that? >> i think they didn't like the result, neil so if you don't like the result, you know, keep in mind these are some of the same people that were introducing bills to protect mueller, remember all of the mueller protection bills? little did we know he would need to be protected from nancy pelosi and schiff and other people who just don't like what he found. what he found is and this is the
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important sentence that barr shared. despite multiple opportunities, the trump campaign never colluded, coordinated, conspired , with russia, and what my former colleagues like swal well and schiff never seemed to bring up is the only campaign that took russian dirt and actually paid for it was the clinton campaign. not the trump one, the clinton campaign. neil: you're talking about the steele dossier, the original? >> i'm talking about fusion gps and all of the money that perk tsa ins cooey spent trying to get russians to provide dirt on one of the presidential candidates. neil: you raise a good point i'm not a lawyer and i know you are a very good one. the one thing congressman that surprised me in this is if is anything false coming out of bill barr's interpretations of this and the points that he mentioned regarding the report. certainly mueller or his team would have called him out on it,
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right? >> well they've called folks out in the past, remember when the media reports were wrong about michael cohen, they got him to do what nobody else in the world could do which is get mueller to talk, but neil, i am a recovering attorney, but i will tell you this. the department, you know, when b eto says he has evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt and when schiff says beyond a reasonable doubt, that's not what it takes to charge someone. that's what it takes to convict. it takes probable cause. neil: well you know a lot of your republicans colleagues sir have resigned to a man or woman that unanimously voted to do so. obviously he's not going to do so but how does that committee even work going forward now? >> it's hard, neil. that's not the crazy caucus on the republican side, those are not bomb throwers, that's johnny
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rad ratcliffe, there ain't a crazy person on the republican side on house intel so for them to collectively say chairman schiff we've lost confidence in your ability to lead, i think what may happen next is the intelligence community may say do you know what chairman schiff you pre-judge investigations, you disregard facts, reports, evidence, we're not going to share any more information with you. neil: do you know if that's happening, sir? >> i don't, but it would not, i mean, if you're the cia, why are you going to risk your life providing information to someone who has a well-deserved reputation for leaking, and is going to disregard evidence because of his hatred for the president? at some point, these are executive branch entities. at some point they're going to say do you know what, adam? if us providing you with evidence is not going to change your deeply-held wrong conviction then we're going to quit providing you with information. neil: trey gowdy, good lawyer and all good luck in your recovery efforts on that front. good seeing you.
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president trump: so mexico is tough, they can stop them but they chose not to and now they got to stop them and if they don't stop them we're closing the border. they will close it and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. neil: all right, the homeland security secretary under president barack obama jay johnson says we do indeed have a crisis at the border. >> by anyone's definition by any measure, right now, we have a crisis at our southern border, according to the commissioner of cbp, there were 4,000 apprehensions in one-day alone this past week, and we're on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month. that is by far of greater number
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than anything i saw on my watch in my three years as secretary of homeland security. neil: when you were running homeland security what was it, what was the average? >> the number tended monthly to be somewhere between 30, 40,000, the high on my watch was may 2014 when it reached a little over 60,000, and as i said we're on pace to reach 100,000 right now, and that's a crisis not only in central america, the poverty and violence but it also overwhelms our border security officials and their ability to deal with it and it overwhelms communities on the border on the mexican side and on the u.s. side, and their ability to absorb those kinds of numbers coming into the country. neil: so the president has said mexico doesn't appear to be helping us in any regard, the mexicans say contrary but he wants the border shutdown. what do you think of that? >> well first, we had a spike in illegal migration in 2014. it wasn't nearly as high as it is now but one of the ways we dealt with that was to get the
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mexicans to help us on their southern border with central america which is a more discrete border, and the numbers remain pretty low for about a year, after that a year, year and a half and they started to creep up again. now -- neil: i would argue that the new government is actually giving lip service in this regard. >> well i believe that the answer is to work constructively with the mexican government and encourage them to do more on their southern border. now when it comes to our border, you can not simply close the border. that's a little like saying i hearby decree that it will stop raining. you can arguably try to close the ports of entry but you got to realize -- neil: like el paso? >> the bridges in laredo and el paso and so forth. for months we've been telling migrants to go to the ports of entry if you want to apply for asylum. you close the ports of entry you're simply driving illegal migration away from the ports of
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entry and crossing our land borders in places where it's much harder for our border patrol to detect and identify whose crossing and simply closing the ports of entry assuming the president has the legal authority to do that will probably do more to hurt legal migration and commerce on our southern border. neil: the president would argue that it would do more to hurt mexico he's well aware, i guess he's been briefed by the san diego mayor whose a republican concerned about the commerce impact of that, to say nothing of relations along the border at tijuana, but something has got to be donald we will have an economic impact, but for mexico, it will be much more severe and that's what he wants. >> neil there are no easy solutions to this problem. people in washington want quick fixes. they want a legal lever to pull an executive order to sign. there are no simple answers to this problem. i'm convinced that we have to address the poverty and violence in guatemala, honduras and el salvador the push factors that
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drive illegal migration are congress several years ago got started on that by appropriating 750 million to deal with that problem, with a lot of strings attached obviously. the moneys been going in the wrong direction i think it needs to go up, not down, and people i talk to in dhs say that the modest amount we have appropriated is beginning to make some difference in central america, so we just simply have to keep at that, and keep at a sustained effort at addressing the underlying push factors because there's frankly no level of border security you can throw at this problem as long as the underlying conditions in central america continue to exist. neil: as you know, sir the president says just build a wall he's said it's already an emergency at this time, you know , he's been able to deal with a potential override of his veto that failed, so he's going through with this. what do you think of that? >> well, there's always more we can do for border security in a
7:16 am
smart, bipartisan apolitical way more surveillance, more roads, more planes, more barriers, more fence, more wall in the places. neil: you're open to more wall? >> i'm open to anything that fortifies our border security where it makes sense. does it make sense to build a 3- foot mountain? no, of course not. neil: but it seems like many in the democratic party, sir are reading it as the president trying to seize this as an excuse to declare an emergency to get his way, but they're not open to a wall at all. they don't think it's necessary. >> we have to avoid black and white characterizations, whether it's president trump, or the democratic congress. there are smart ways to do this. neil: but there is an emergency at the border, you would say that? >> there's very definitely a crisis. now, what we should not do in a situation like this is go around congress. when we had a crisis in 2014, what we do is you send honest brokers like the current
7:17 am
commissioner of cbp up to the hill to say i need a re programming of money that has already been appropriated so i need to take money from account a to put it into account b, and congress objects or they say yes that's the way it's supposed to work. we should not be invoking national security, national emergency authorities to effectively go around congress, because congress will find a way to take it away from you next year when you need it for something else. neil: but the presidents distinction here is you know the secretary is they just don't see this crisis as you described it at the border i'm going to have to take matters into my own hands. >> i find it very significant that last year, and then again this year, the republican- controlled senate, came back with money for border security that did not include anything or little if anything for an actual wall, and so even the republican controlled senate realizes that there are smart
7:18 am
ways to do this. neil: it's real lives now it's changed a little bit. >> well, look, you go to congress, this is the way it's supposed to work and the way the founding fathers prescribe it. go to congress and make your case for why you need money for certain priority. that's the way we did it in the prior administration. that's the way we did it when we had a crisis in 2014. neil: but if the democrats don't see it the way you just defined it, sir the president is saying i'm wasting my time trying to go through them and with them because they're for whatever reason -- >> neil i worked with a divided congress too went i was in office. this is not new. you make your best case, and congress should realize the problem. we need to talk -- neil: did you make a case for more funding to prevent a crisis at the border? >> more funding for border security when we had a spike in 2014. neil: did you get it? >> yes. more funding to deal with the ebola crisis in the fall of 2014 neil: well that was a case where
7:19 am
president obama did declare an emergency to get that. >> more funding to deal with the long lines at airports to fund tsa in the summer of 2016 so there are ways to do this. neil: but an an ebola funding the president did, because he thought it was important enough to do that right? >> well he had adequate statutory authorities. neil: you don't think president trump on this does? >> i believe that the statute invoked is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. there are ways to do this, and you make your case to congress for why there is a crisis and there is a crisis on our southern border right now and you do it through a conventional reprogramming and you get the resources you need to address the crisis. there are answers to this problem, and if we can strip away the politics and the emotion, they can be obtained, neil. neil: easier said than done. secretary, thank you very much for stopping by. >> thank you. neil: all right, that was jay johnson. you know, there there were 15 democratic candidates running
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simple. easy. awesome. neil: all right, you just heard jay johnson homeland security secretary under barack obama says there is a crisis at the border right now. how does the 2020 presidential contender feel about that talking about the first one to enter the race former democratic maryland congressman john delaney who joins us right now. very good to have you. >> nice to be here, neil. neil: the crisis at the border, jay johnson says at least on this, the president's right what do you think? >> well, i mean, there seems to be an up-tick in the number of people trying to cross the border at this moment in time,
7:24 am
so obviously we need to deal with that and deal with what's going on in central america if we ever want to actually have a secure border, we have to focus on how destabilized central america is, we have to focus on the southern mexican border, which is the border that's actually much easier to control, and then as i've said all along, we have to do smart things to secure our border. neil: so when the president talks about a wall, and this crisis, last emergency justifies it, you say what? >> see this is how i would do it, neil. i would take a very different approach. border security is kind of a complicated thing meaning in some places you use technology, in some places we need more people and in some places we need barriers so what i would do if i were president i would negotiate a certain amount of money with the congress, two, three, $4 billion whatever that number is, and i would get experts in the room, and i would have those experts recommend the
7:25 am
best way to secure a very large border that has lots of different terrain, and lots of different situations, and i think what those experts would say is invest a couple billion in technology, here and here and here, and they would say put more people and more personnel in certain places and they would probably recommend building physical barriers in certain places and i would follow those recommendations because what i would want to do as president is do the best thing for the united states of america, and use our money as wisely as possible, and that's not what's going on right now, right? because we have a political debate about a real situation at the border, instead of actually focusing on what the problem is, how do we best solve it as democrats, republicans, in americans, whatever the case may be and what resources do we put against the problem? neil: do you think some of those who are challenging on the run for the democratic nomination are too stubborn to acknowledge the obvious that there is a crisis there whether it's an out
7:26 am
right emergency to warrant what the president is doing i guess that's open to debate but by ignoring it outright, they're only hurting themselves. what do you think? >> look, numbers don't lie and i thinaid that we are going to see 100,000 people potentially be arrested at our border this month, which is higher than its been in a while so again numbers don't lie so that means border crossings are up, arrests are up and we need to deal with it, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of aspects to this problem. as i said i really think "the situation" in central america, i was down at the border two months ago. my wife and i went down there with 14 law students that we took down for a week with a couple of law professors to help asylum seekers in texas, which is near san antonio, there was 1,700 women and children, in this facility and if you listen to the stories that these women would tell you about what
7:27 am
happened to them and their families in central america, i bet every single one of your viewers would leave as well, so to me it underscored the need to actually concentrate on what the real problem is, which is what's going on in those countries, work with mexico to secure their southern border, which is a much easier border to secure because it's smaller, and then obviously , invest real money in our border, so i do support more investments in border security on our border. i just want them to be the right ones and i want them to be smart ones. neil: congressman, i'd be remiss if i didn't bring up this latest joe biden controversy concerning lucy flores, a former democratic canned candidate for nevada lt. governor who claims and this is just out now and the biden camp is responding to it that he made her uncomfortable and he touched her and the biden camp has come out to say they didn't know it
7:28 am
at the time, they feel bad about it but others have said whether it's coming from the me too movement or what have you that he shouldn't enter the race, that this makes him with them, what do you say? >> you know, neil to be honest with you, i haven't followed this story and i'm not just saying that to avoid it. yesterday i got up at 6:00 in the morning to visit an opioid treatment center in new hampshire and i had about 10 events all day in new hampshire and got on a plane and flew to iowa last night and i'm up this morning and rolling out my hard land fair deal which is how we increase investments in rural america because rural america has been drained of a lot of talent and investment capital and i saw the headlines so i'm not saying i haven't heard about it but i literally didn't read one word about it but my response to these things is i have no reason to doubt the person whose saying it but literally i haven't even read a story about it and i'm not trying to avoid it.
7:29 am
neil: no i understand and i didn't want to hit you with it but if it turns out there are accurate accusations there are those in your party that say joe biden should think twice about running for president. do you have any thoughts in that regard? >> well, i mean, again i don't even know what the accusations are but they're serious enough to get attention so of course he should think twice about it. neil: let me ask you you're also a very wealthy man over the years a very successful businessman, and trying to figure out how much you're worth in excess of 115 million i think it's safe to say i don't want to get too personal with you in that regard but some of your colleagues say rich guys like you should pay a wealth tax or at the very least higher taxes what do you think of that? >> i think i should pay higher taxes but i don't think a wealth tax is the right way of going, right? it's very complicated, it's hard to figure out. it's basically giving the government the ability to take access which you never know where that can go and it's
7:30 am
not clear it's constitutional so i think it's kind of a silly fight to some extent. i do think, however, high earner s should pay higher taxes, because we need more revenues to get our fiscal tragically under control and the way i would do it is actually pretty simple. i think there's a big loophole that exists right now between the capital gains rate and the ordinary income rate. we have a low capital gain rate because of a historical kind of anomaly where we had to encourage people to invest. you cover markets, neil you know markets really well. you know the markets are super liquid, and anyone with any resource is investing and if they don't invest it's because they're afraid not because taxes are too high so i would do things like the buffet rule and do things to close the difference because i don't think the investor class should pay half in a tax rate as the working class. i think that's just structurally unfair in our society, and i would -- neil: you would hike the capital
7:31 am
gain tax right? >> yeah, or have a minimum. i would favor a low capital gains rate for certain types of behavior, like i'm rolling out this plan for rural america. if you invest in distressed communities i'm great with giving you a lower capital gains rate but i think for doing leverage buyouts those investors don't need a lower rate, then you pay on your taxes at fox. neil: all right, john delaney very good catching up with you thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: the presidential former congressman john delaney joining us out of iowa. meanwhile the pile-on starting after president trump nominated steve moore to join the federal reserve. now steve moore is fighting back , here. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?!
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neil: we just wrapped up a very strong quarter for the markets so why is the white house economic advisor larry kudlow urging a half point cut in interest rates right now. here is what president trump's nominee to the federal reserve steve moore had to say about that. >> i'm not necessarily in favor of 50%, 50 basis point rate cut but i do think i think i said this on your show last week and i'll repeat it because it's important. i think what happened in december, you remember, neil that was a week before christmas when the fed raised rates that's when i was really outspoken critic of the fed and i said this is a big mistake and it turned out to be a big mistake.
7:36 am
look, larry is saying 50 basis points at the very least if i were on the federal reserve board and i'd have to look at the information that they have but i would certainly think very seriously about reversing that rate hike that happened in december. neil: you know a lot of people when they heard that you were pointing out as the president's guy for this job, immediately jumped on it saying that you were the equivalent of a bull in a china shop on that you were wrong when you predicted higher inflation with the feds, quantitative easing and by the way being wrong on the federal reserve, the federal reserve did miss a lot of things including the sub-prime fiasco but leaving that aside, you have been target ed as someone who should not sit on the fed because they think you're crazy. >> well look, you know, going back to the financial crisis, and the aftermath and the obama years my point was look you don't create growth by printing money. the law believes that you can print money and somehow that creates jobs, that's not true and my point in the obama-era
7:37 am
was it doesn't matter how many dollars the fed prints or how much it lowers interest rates. if you've got bad fiscal policy, regulatory policy, labor market policy you're not going to have a strong economy and that was my major point is you can't make up for really bad fiscal regulatory policy with monetary policy. now where we are today, you know , i would say over the last six months when i became kind of critical of the fed i think most people were looking at the situation and honestly would say i was pretty right about this that the fed probably has been off base in those rate increases by the way think about this, neil. go back to last summer of 2018. we had 4% economic growth, right we had high employment, one of the lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, and no inflation. no inflation you could find anywhere. now neil, you've been in this business a long time. somebody explain maybe, why would you want to raise interest rates at a time when the economy is clicking on all cylinders? negotiating well the president was very critical of jerome
7:38 am
powell and you said you would not be a sycophant for donald trump should you get this job, but you and they are on the same page on a lot of stuff including tax cuts including the federal reserve overstepped things, so could you be an independent voice there? >> first of all i think this president has done a phenomenal job on the economy. i'm so proud of him and proud to work with him on the campaign and help on the tax bill. it's working better frankly than i thought it would, so he's done an amazing job. neil: he said it would have worked better had the fed not been tightening, that's just what you said. >> well maybe but my point is there are areas where i disagree with donald trump. he caused me a lot when i disagree with him to complain about that but i disagree with him on the steel tariffs i think those were a mistake. i disagree with him sometimes on the fiscal policy i don't think we need to do all that spending, and i am concerned about the deficit but on balance, look i love what he's doing i will be an independent voice. what i'm for i'll just tell you what i'm for. i'm for a strong economy, a
7:39 am
strong dollar, stable prices, and high wages, and if we stay on the course that trump set in the last two years with the good fed policy, i believe we can have 3-4% growth for the next five years. neil: all right forget about whether steve moore would make it to the federal reserve what kind of a fed member would he be let's go to fox business network lauren simonetti, fox contributor jonas max ferris and aaron begins. they've used that analogy, be a bull in a china shop owes too much allegiance to the president , but what do you think lauren: on this point i think he's really incorrect overall going for any type of rate cut is massively premature particularly when we looked at the wage growth that was one of the highest wage growth rates that we've seen in several years , so we're not at any point of saying that the economy is flowing. neil: nor do you advocate hiking rates? >> right and i think what the
7:40 am
fed is doing -- neil: the fed policy of keeping where they are. >> exactly and what the fed is doing right now, the wait and see, keeping it flat we've had four or five different federal reserve presidents come out and say that we're not considering cuts we really think we're at the point of wait and see. we need to see several months of lower inflation, lower wages before we could consider cutting and reacting to this inverted yield curve because that's really what this is being because there's a bit just being over reacting to inverted yield curve versus looking at the economics to me is massively premature. neil: you're referring to short-term interest rates that exceeded the term you get on longer term ones like 10 year notes but having said that lauren what do you make of his argument and it expresses all the way up to the president that we would have been getting a lot more bang for the buck even now, from the tax cuts had the federal reserve not started aggressively raising rates. lauren: that's exactly what the president tweeted last night so steve moore goes in that camp of
7:41 am
let's find a punching bag, let find a cause, let's blame the fed, let's blame jay powell as they're getting set for 2020 they need to keep the economy strong so let's blame everybody else and all their policies for not having this economy grow. neil: well they didn't raise rates but one full point during that time. lauren: it spooked the market that was one of the big reasons for the massive drawdown in stock prices at the end of last year, but then we saw 180 by the fed they went from hiking rates and being on this course to being on pause and now there's another 180, steve moore and kudlow are saying cut, so we're seeing two coordinated responses , one by kudlow and moore and the president cut rates and now the other by fed president and fisher who have come out this week and said look , we're not doing anything. we're sitting on our hands and as you said watching the data. neil: well maybe the president was right. maybe jonas had the fed not done that, because the fed has
7:42 am
obviously stopped doing that, we'd be in better shape. >> no i think the press was right to the fed it looked like we were on the edge of inflation but i think in the kudlow camp we should have lower short-term rates and they let long term rates get -- neil: but erin says not now. >> you don't think a cut would get ahead of the markets? >> no because here is "the situation" we can end consumer inflation instantly by burning the $4 trillion they credited during the last crash. you call end inflation, where you have to go to 12% interest rates to do it so again on the kudlow side the problem with steven moore isn't the criticism of him about his taxes and about one political hack, it is his belief that there's a better way that the fed does it. the fed way is flawed but he believes in tying it to commodities i believe and that would have raised rates and if you remember there was a commodities boom in 08 after the real estate market started to collapse where oil was at 150, you'd have to raise short-term rates by that philosophy in a time where the fed correctly if not too late lowered rates so
7:43 am
much, that would have caused a depression of epic proportion so that is the worst philosophy. neil: we don't know that for sure, but could i step back and just get the mueller imprint on all of this? i did notice obviously the market ended the quarter on a high note and i think it was a strong quarter the best for the s&p in a decade and this notion of the success that we'll get into a little bit later initial public offerings look favorable i did notice when we got word that barr was going to release what he could, you know, in a couple of weeks from that report , the market picked up even more steam, that obviously they must be confident, good for the president, good for democracy, blah blah blah what do you think? >> lack of uncertainty is always good so the fact they're willing to release it, certainly is positive, but i don't think it has a huge impact in the market. i still see most of the upside coming from rebounding from the carnage of the fourth quarter and that the
7:44 am
-- neil: but they can't say the first quarter. >> absolutely yeah, that would be insane, particularly when you're looking at the expected profit growth for this year, i mean -- neil: in this quarter the one we're in now when it comes out a few weeks i think they're looking for a contraction earnings down about 3.5%. lauren: earnings recession. neil: so how big a deal would that be for the market to absorb they know it know so maybe they are mildly surprised on the up side if it's 1.5%. >> anything growing anything in the positive territory would be good, and but right now, we're expecting 2.5% profit growth for 2019. that's below par. neil: what do you think of that jonas? >> i think the economy could be the danger is asset inflation from low interest rates not consumer price inflation. i think the mueller report was good in the sense that it gives the president more power in leverage with china in ending that problem sooner would be better for the economy as a weight on the market as well and the strong one the fed is a big one that's largely gone the fed
7:45 am
sees things. neil: we shall see. all right we'll look for a lot more on the economy and the markets with them in the next hour stay with us. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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neil: all right, actor jussie smollett skipped the naacp awards dinner a big one in los angeles last night meanwhile cook county states attorney is defending her decision to drop all charges against him, trial lawyer is here, and lisa, first of all in skipping that event obviously didn't want to draw more attention to himself that might be a good strategy, what do you think? >> i think that this whole entire situation just cries out of, you know, power and money privilege, right? that's why everybody is up in arms. i think that we haven't heard the last of him, because he doesn't seem to want to keep quiet about it. he seems to want to turn this around and get justice for himself and in the wake of it, i think he'll end up in more trouble, with the fed, the doj. neil: well now the feds are
7:49 am
looking into this. the police union sent him a bill for over $100,000 to cover their costs looking into his allegations and they were ultimately proven false. if he were to pay that though he would be acknowledging guilt. >> i guess he would and honestly what would be, why would he pay that, because he's already paid restitution, i mean , fox' office let him go. they suspended all charges. they kept his $10,000 bond. they let him do two days of community service and now he's in the clear so there's really no standing to go after him. they haven't had a trial. they haven't found guilt. they haven't made a decision based on evidence. neil: so what are the feds going to look for the fbi and others involved what are they likely to zero in on? >> i think that they're going to look at the charges, like the mail fraud, wire fraud, the letter that he sent could be a basis for prosecution that's a significant charge it's a felony under federal guidelines, the doj is certainly going to look at how the case came down the
7:50 am
pike. they could look if there was obstruction, if there was civil rights violations but again who is the one holding the line at the end of the day? because fox has prosecutorial immunity, so she made this decision, however that decision came down the pike, i mean, she claims she recused herself, but in my world, a recusal doesn't stay with my in subordinate who i control so i didn't really -- neil: she didn't run it by anyone. the police union was caught off guard, the mayor was caught off guard. >> so there's really not for fox. her punishment comes in the next election cycle but i do think that what you see is you're see ing prosecutorial misconduct because she's using her immunity as, you know, as a shield, and that's something that i think america is looking at and we're coming up in arms. this is a woman who by the way ran on the platform that prosecutorial transparency should be something that we give to the public, and yet here is a
7:51 am
case where we're not allowed to see a lot of the paperwork. neil: anything. all right, lisa thank you very very much we're watching that very very closely awaiting to see the jussie smollett comment on anything, we're there, we'll have more after this. (coughing) need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and filters by cabin class, wi-fi and more. so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done.
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neil: it is happening again, i'm talking about violence erupting along the israeli-gaza border today thousands gathering to protest, a period in the region that's not going to way, fox's jonathan hunt is there with the very latest. reporter: neil, good evening from the israeli-gaza border it is approaching 6:00 p.m. here now, and this is a day that has in fact passed off far more peacefully than almost anyone had hoped, as you take a look at the border from our position on the israeli side you can see
7:55 am
very few protesters left here now, which is one of about half a dozen points at which they gathered today for what is being weekly protested over over the past year, essentially protesting the israeli blockade of gaza which is contributing heavily to the dire economic conditions in which the palestinian people have been living. you see white smoke there, neil. those are from the tear gas canisters that the israeli troops have been firing, all through the day. those protesters who get by the israeli get far too close to the fence so they have been pushing them back with that tear gas. there has been some live fire we understand that one palestinian teenager was killed today around two dozen have been injured, neil but as i say, this is a day that has so far at least as you know anything can change on a
7:56 am
dime right here, neil but so far at least has passed off, far more peacefully than many had feared. neil? neil: jonathan hunt thank you my friend please be safe yourself. >> sure. neil: coming up back to our border former homeland security secretary under president barack obama jeh johnson telling me moments ago there is indeed a crisis as president trump warns he may close part of the border next week because of that. is it legal former assistant u.s. attorney and use mccarthy on that and democrat house intel committee member on why he's still convinced this president colluded with the russians.
7:57 am
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>> all right. we are monitoring an incident that just came into our news room in moracco when it an i pierce that a man rehab toward a motorcade of king, and it looks
8:00 am
like he was targeting the moroccan king. police stopped him. and he had received the pontiff minutes earlier for a formal welcome ceremony in the country's capital. everybody is all right, but it's a scare as this guy got very, very close to the moroccan king. we'll keep you posted on that and it looks like the ceremony is still on for the pope and the king, of course, hosting him for the next 24 hours in that country. and then, there is this. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border. according to the commissioner of cvp there were 4 ,000 apprehensions and on base this month. a greater number than anything i saw on my watch in my time of homeland security.
8:01 am
neil: when you were running it what was the average. the number tended monthly between 30, 40,000. the high on my watch was may, 2014 when it reached a little over 60,000 and as i said we're on pace to reach 100,000 right now. neil: all right. so that's jeh johnson saying more than 100,000 people in march alope-- alone, the most we've seen in a month in a decade. and ray bogans is in washington with more. >> homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sent this letter to congress urging immediate action on a quote, emergency situation. but president trump is warning, if mexico doesn't stop illegal immigration in its tracks he'll shut down the border next week. >> this is a very tough situation and that trek up is a long, hard trek. and you see what's happening to women, you see what's happening to children. it's a horrible situation. >> california senator dianne
8:02 am
feinstein is strongly against a closure. she said in a statement, quote, aside from the humanitarian reasons and the terrible precedent it would set, his latest threat to close the southern border would be an economic disaster. senator feinstein cites 1.6 billion in trade every day between the u.s. and mexico. some lawmakers want to find a bipartisan solution. for instance new jersey congressman says he wants to help dreamers stay in the country, but also supports stronger border security. >> i see nothing wrong with getting even more beds. i see nothing wrong with even more security. i see nothing wrong with holding these folks in mexico so we can process them properly. here is a look at the border by the numbers. custom and border protection said there are more than 12,000 migrants in custody this week. according to the agency that's unprecedented and double what's called a quote, crisis level. arrest of families are up high,
8:03 am
up 138% border-wide compared to last year and includes a nearly 1700% increase in the el paso area and almost 700% increase in the san diego area. neil. neil: all right, ray, thank you very much for that update. so the president is saying in response to this, i'm going to close the border. it's beyond an emergency, a crisis, as jeh johnson says, so i'm going to do it. andrew mccarthy, former assistant u.s. attorney, can he do it? >> yeah, neil, he can. the president has article 2 constitutional authority to protect the national security of the united states, including to secure the border. there's a lot that the president has the power to do in an emergency type situation as opposed to using an emergency as a pretext to legislate in any kind of a permanent way, but if the question is, does the president have the power to deal with a mass of non-americans
8:04 am
coming in over the border, whether it's an armed invasion or, you know, the functional equivalent without arms? sure he does. neil: all right, so it's one thing to declare an emergency and even je. had johnson parted company with the president there, a crisis at the border. it's another level to close that border. i guess, it would depend on the sites and exact border crossings he would close. i think the president intimated the whole works, but what do you think of that? >> well, to me it's the -- it's a lot -- if the president is on a lot firmer ground to close the border because there's obviously an emerging crisis down there, then the narrow question whether he could declare an emergency because the emergency declaration was a pretext for him to be able it take what is essentially legislative action on a border wall that congress
8:05 am
had not approved. here we're not talking about that. here we're talking about can you keep non-americans out of the country and there's no question the president can do that. neil: and indulge me, shifting gears a little bit to the mueller probe, that you know the attorney general said he hopes to get this out as much of the 400-plus pages of the report that he can, in a couple of weeks. as you know, democrats have said, no, at the latest tuesday april 2nd. that doesn't appear like it's going to happen. nevertheless, adam schiff, the house intelligence committee chairman has drawn the ire of republicans on that panel who say that his argument that there's still collusion to him going on, just disqualifies him to stay on that committee. they want him out. lindsey graham had commented on this. had pretty strong words from adam schiff. i want you to react to this. >> congressman schiff is really becoming oliver stone of the house, the jim garrison saying you're trying to look for somebody who actually shot president kennedy.
8:06 am
this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. he told us time and time again, he knows there's collusion. he's seen evidence of it. well, mr. mueller undercut that narrative so adam schiff's got to make a decision about his political future. neil: well, what republicans are saying, is go, resign from in committee. what do you think? >> yeah, i heard that interview, neil, and i think on the part about whether he should resign because the republicans are demanding that he resign, i think senator graham rightly said this is the kind of thing that politicians in washington do, you know. but i do think, i'm sure schiff is very grateful for senator graham's advice, but it's actually helpful for the republicans to have him there. so you know, he's either going to clean up his act or he's not. if he continues to go down this road, i think it's going to be politically bad for democrats, but you know, i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to resign. neil: all right.
8:07 am
eric has drawn your ire, the comments he's made about this investigation and what led to the findings that he still calls questionable. we'll find out later, he's on in the show. what do you think? >> well, i don't like when people slander other people, you know, it's one thing to say, i'm very disturbed by some of the connections and associations i've seen between trump campaign people and kremlin connected people, even if they're sub-criminal, non-criminal. i think that's a perfectly acceptable good faith argument, but to call the president and after a thorough investigation and findings we've gotten from the special counsel is libellous and i think he should apologize. neil: there are some democrats who are not buying the findings of this report and even nancy pelosi upon reading the sort of
8:08 am
bullet points that the attorney general laid out from the mueller report, she found them condescending, that it should be up to the democrats to see the report for themselves and draw their own conclusions. they knew that this day was coming and that it would be the attorney general who would share these findings first before releasing the report. your thoughts on this. >> yeah, i think it's a lot of political hot air, neil. you know, barr is a very savvy guy and very scrupulous guy. he wasn't undertaking to describe the entire mueller report, he was faithfully reporting the conclusions and for those who think he didn't faithfully report the conclusions, what incentives does barr have to misrepresent conclusions in a report that he knows is going to be disclosed everywhere and where people are going to be able to lay next to each other barr's letter and mueller's report. there's simply no point in it and i think what's disappointing
8:09 am
to democrats is basically, the game has been called on them. for two years they have taken a lot of associations between the trump campaign and kremlin connected people, some of which were, indeed, quite disturbing and i thought politically damaging and they have inflated them into felonies and often suggested that they actually amounted to treason. that was always over the top. that was always ridiculous and now what they're left with is somebody who is credible who has looked at this for two years hasn't found any crimes, that doesn't mean that some of what went on here isn't disturbing, but nobody is going to listen to that kind of an argument because for two years they've been telling us the president was a russian agent. neil: it isn't going to go down easily. andrew mccarthy, thank you very very much. good seeing you geb again. >> thanks, neil. neil: and does joe biden have a
8:10 am
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>> all right. former vice-president possible 2020 candidate joe biden is denying allegations of inappropriate behavior. the latest is from a former democratic-- . he's denied this and a statement
8:14 am
released neither in the year since the staff with him at that time it an inkling that ms. flores been uncomfortable nor do they earlier what she described. >> i think this is going to be the beginning of a long list of attacks against biden. he's definitely leading in many of the polls when it comes to the democratic nomination and i think a lot of democrats aren't happy about this. some people see him as too moderate although i think his views align were more of the democratic party than some of the candidates are saying. i don't think ultimately he's going to be the nominee. i don't think that this is going to be the reason he's not the nominee, but this and other attacks will play a part in this. neil: it comes in the same week where the former vice-president was apologizing for his time anita hill and saying essentially thanks for nothing. and it's a problem with women in
8:15 am
general. >> i think hover is the democratic nominee is will get the support of the democratic party. and it's 15 candidates and the fact that this is coming from another democrat is a shot across joe biden's bow. that's not coming from the right wing machine. this is a young upstart latina democrat writing in "the cut", what they read. i'm not talking sexually inappropriate, but talking about being disrespected, being treated not as a peer when i'm an elected official. neil: he has a history of this, and wives and-- not that it would be assault, but the kind of stuff that made them uncomfortable. >> but the #metoo movement is complex. it created a workplace culture where i could not advance, i felt uncomfortable, i and in the
8:16 am
workplace and life generally, but i think it's serious for him to take it on and address it, and it will be a complication to his run. neil: usually, evan, what you always here in politics where there's smoke there's fire and i'm wondering if this is a concerted efforts on the extreme left to take out someone who could arguably be their best shot of taking down donald trump. >> there are several candidates who would love to see joe biden not enter this race. joe biden takes up the older democratic voters and solid behind them and you see bernie and beto fighting for younger voters. and there's a litany of evidence of joe biden doing this. the famous picture of giving a back rub to a biker girl in pennsylvania and when republicans said this when he was vice-president, they said this is creepy and a little off. democrats dismissed it and it's interesting to see how democrats respond now since he's no longer
8:17 am
vice-president and there are other alternatives for them to go with. i think this is also going to be the first question he gets or one of the first questions he gets in that democratic debate should he enter and it will go to, well, you also have done this, this is a history. why should we have you as the standard bearer of our party. neil: i'm thinking of donald trump and some of his past. i mean, he's hardly pope francis, i'm arguing that would be an interesting exchange. >> but it helps donald trump if joe biden is the nominee because it takes donald trump's, the accusations against him off the table and gives donald trump-- >> no, joe biden has never been charged with assault and i think 15, 16-- >> if you're polled the best to take on donald trump and nip it in the bud and that's joe biden. who are they left with? >> a lot of the far left candidates may do great in the primary, but when it comes to november 2020, i don't think
8:18 am
they are going to have a shot at beating president trump. i think that someone like joe biden, sherrod brown, there are rumors he may enter, they may have done better against president trump so i think the democrats are making a mistake attacking their moderate candidate. neil: where do the women go, in the party, we want a firebrand, we don't want an old white guy? where are we? >> the number one quality democrats are looking in their nominee, ability to beat donald trump. and we-- >> if they take out a guy on paper who has the best shot of doing that? >> there are some who feel that way. i don't think it's necessarily based on gender either. there are a lot of women, especially african-american women that are all about kamala and in her camp. i think it's more important that considering before he jumps in. he has a long legacy to preserve
8:19 am
here and i don't think that anyone wants to see joe biden have that difficulty when he is universally revered and well--liked. neil: the trump campaign would welcome this. >> the trump campaign should welcome this. you're seeing democrat on democrat violence and the trump campaign didn't win in 2016, hillary clinton lost. she blew a winnable election. the democrats realize they have to drive up the negative of whoever the democratic nominee might be. while women won't be voting for donald trump they stay home and-- >> women are not staying home, that's not happening. >> what they're going to try and do. i think you're going to see the other democratic candidates during the primary are aiding and abetting donald trump because it's going to be-- they're going to be attacking one another, there's a concerted effort to go after each and every one. >> i don't think in any way, shape or form that the president or the presidential campaign would encourage women to stay
8:20 am
home. we want women voting on policies that affects their lives and communities. neil: voting for the president. >> look at ohio, economically we've had a great positive effect for women across the state and something they'll continue to push and hope that women will take-- >> there's new polling how underwater president trump is from even 2016, than perhaps another republican-- >> and the graphic packages we have to work on. >> there are many chryons to come. neil: a big warning for house democrats about overdoing it when it comes to costly promises. that's not coming from president trump. that's coming from barack obama. . >> it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
8:21 am
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>> all right. there's a crowd building in el paso, texas where beto o'rourke, the presidential candidate who does galvanize crowds, he's going to be talking on that, about one of those border towns that could be directly affected by the shoulddown. and president obama has been haunting a lot of the democrats were some of the democrats with the proposal thinking big and thinking of ways to pay for the big thing. and my next guest, house democrat, dan kildee, good to have you back. >> thanks neil for having me back on. neil: the message you were touting not too long ago-- everything okay? >> sorry about that, yep, i lost the feed for a second. neil: okay. your concern, i guess, president obama was concerned about, don't take these candidates and bring it to the race, but do remind
8:25 am
americans how you're going to pay for a lot of that. do you think a lot of them are going too far? >> well, i don't think it goes too far to have big, bold ideas and set goals that seem beyond our reach. i think that enthusiasm is something that the country needs and we ought to accept it, but i do think that the president makes an important point. we actually have to get things done. politics is the art of the possible and i think very often we confuse big goals with the idea that somehow we have to pass those great big bold ideas all at once and we're never going to have a chance to debate a sort of incremental approach to solving big problems. i accept the ideas that these new members are bringing. i think it's a lot of enthusiasm, but i think that we have to make sure when we go back home we're actually delivering, we're doing something for the people that we care about. neil: there are many of your colleagues who want the focus to
8:26 am
be on the economic issues like health care, and i guess it was a gift for the president to raise that issue in the middle of the mueller report findings. do you think that the fact that the attorney general is going to bring this report as much as he can, all 400-plus pages out in two weeks will resolve the issue or complicate it? >> well, it depends on what it says in the report. obviously, the attorney general provided his interpretation and obviously, his point of view is very important. he's the one who ultimately makes decisions about whether the justice department pursues charges against individuals. but, i think there's two standards here, one is whether a criminal standard has been met, but i think the american people have the right to know more than just that. they have the right to know all the information that's included in the report, and they may make judgments about the president and the people around him and his behavior, that could fall short of criminal activity, but raise very fierce questions about the president's
8:27 am
involvement and i think, it's important to keep that distinction in mind. neil: do you believe-- nancy pelosi calls a lot of the characterizations of the report, the attorney general about the mueller report condescending, but i cannot imagine, congressman, that if any of those were wrong that mueller or his team wouldn't have spoken out. >> yeah, i don't know if i would use the term condescending. i understand that it may be considered condescending that we should accept only his interpretation and not be able to come to our own judgments about the activity. and again, the thing i've been focusing on even long before the attorney general delivered his letter and the report was received, is that we all should withhold our own judgments until we have a chance to actually read the information in the report. i understand the decision the attorney general's made. that's the decision. but i think we can all benefit from knowing more about what the facts are underlying that decision, and again, we have to
8:28 am
make our own judgments about the president and those around him based on those facts. you know, personally, i think some of the president's behavior has been pretty troubling. that doesn't mean it rises to the level of criminal activity, but it's important that the people know. neil: are you troubled that andrew schiff is still of a mindset that it was? >> pardon me? >> are you still concerned that andrew schiff thinks that it was, that adam schiff, i apologize, thinks that it was criminal? >> yeah, i think -- well, i think in the case of adam's perspective, okay, he can -- i think he can speak for himself obviously and the fact that he's troubled by a lot of the information and sees it as problematic doesn't necessarily mean that it rises to the level of criminal activity. so, people can talk about the term collusion without coming to the conclusion that there's ample evidence to charge somebody criminally for that behavior. and i think some of the criticism that adam is receiving right now is sort of conflating the notion that he may have come
8:29 am
to some conclusions about whether there was quote, collusion. that doesn't necessarily mean that it rises to a standard that it would require the president to be charged with a crime. and i think honestly, some of the vitriol around adam's leadership just strikes me as being very political. neil: political or not, i do want to move on to the latest allegations against joe biden. you might have heard that this woman, lucy flores, running for lt. governor in nevada, has claimed that the vice-president at the time inappropriately touched her, made her feel very uncomfortable. now, to be clear, the vice-president's folks are denying that, that this was never raised with them at the time. nevertheless, they're happy and welcome her speaking out, but others have said that this is a pattern and if it is, there are already those in the #metoo movement who think he shouldn't run for president. what do you think? >> well, i mean, obviously, we
8:30 am
have to take any of these situations seriously. and we have to take people at their word. if this particular individual is made to feel uncomfortable, and obviously, that's something that we have to take seriously. i don't know that there's a pattern. i actually haven't had to read the reports of this particular subject, but you know, this is an important issue in this country, ap i think it's long past time that we've taken more seriously the ways that sometimes people are made to feel uncomfortable. i don't know about the particular situation regarding mr. biden. obviously, there have been pretty serious allegations made against the president himself. those have to be taken seriously as well. but you know, hopefully this is something that we can learn more about and make judgments accordingly, but i don't think that we should automatically-- >> i don't mean to blindside you, but the context this week, the vice-president, the former vice-president sort of publicly apologizing for his treatment of anita hill during the clarence
8:31 am
thomas hearing, that he's losing women, that they're not sympathetic to his explanations, or maybe incidents like these? >> well, i don't know. and i guess, you know, far be it for me to speak for the women of america, it's for them to formulate their own judgments. i know that the former vice-president has been a strong supporter of women and violence. and it has to be measured in the full context, but we can't ignore the individual cases, but we have to take them seriously and make judgments based on the facts as they come out. neil: congressman, i hope that your cell phone is okay, if you dropped it, it's okay. let me know. very good seeing you again, sir, i appreciate it. >> thank you much. neil: all right. a lot more coming up, including the latest entry in the presidential contest who says we have got to help kids who have
8:32 am
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>> on saturday, i would propose a plan that looks at for giving and wiping out that outstanding debt. neil: all right, how would you pay for that? >> well, obviously, when you contemplate the recent tax cuts to corporations and the richest of americans, that you contemplate the nearly $2
8:36 am
trillion and that tax break, it not only is enough to cover that, but what it will do is spur the ability for americans to be able to invest in homes and property and invest in businesses. neil: you do that by raising businesses taxes, mayor, that to pay off or address this college debt thing, that would spur investment? >> hey, listen, i'm an entrepreneur. i'm a business owner, and i like to make money and i like to make a profit, but, yet, you know, i'm a mayor that passed a living wage in our city. we're all in the same boat. neil: he's a very popular mayor elected by 86%, excuse me, of the vote in miramar, florida. and he's making a run later at florida university where he played football, but his plan, at least he has a way to pay for it. it's not pie in the sky. you may not like the way he's paying for it. let's go to lauren simonnetty,
8:37 am
jonas max ferris, and the plans seem to be for the candidates, go after the corporate cuts. >> and they feel that corporate america is an endless piggy banks and we don't have to, and the ones that are hiring the students to pay back their loans seems to be a massive conflict. what you're really doing is transferring assets. so you're penalizing corporations that hire people and you're giving credit to universities and to student loan institutions that are creating basically undesirable talents and trading-- >> and keep listing those. >> obviously i'm a little biased because i think our corporate tax rates need to be similar to other countries for competitive reasons. the part i don't like about it, all of these points, well, we
8:38 am
did the corporate tax cut, now a lot of the critics say it costs money. it does, it raises the deficit a little bit. therefore if we go back to where it was, it's new money to pay on student loans, if it goes to another social program, it would require another tax. a the least be your honest in your criticism of both and say that's got to go away to pay the deficit or pay for health care for all or-- >> it's a popular theme, look to the left or right, it drives the passion of the party. >> two things on that, both sides are doing something and acknowledging the problem of the student loan debt crisis. one and a half trillion dollars. i mean, jp morgan chase, the money and the resources that they're throwing at making sure when you do graduate from college, whatever the debt is that you have, that you have a high-paying job looking at the training of graduates and students et cetera. so i think that things are being done by corporate america.
8:39 am
neil: but a good point, if you find a way to forgive that debt then the colleges and universities are just going to keep raising their tab, aren't they? >> you have the small business owner in battle ground, florida, a capitalist, if you look at his twitter handle, a climate conscious small business owner and trying to appeal to the leftists in the democratic party that everything needs to be free. and being a small business owner, they might want to attack him for that, for supporting capitalism when he has to add another element. >> it creates a certain irresponsibility, you've got to teach the students as they're taking on the debt they need to figure out a way to pay for it. make sure you have a degrees that's marketable and not to issue all the debt to people who can't possibly pay it back. >> and it wants to limit how much they take out. >> the similar program as it was engineered allowed worthless degrees to be financed. if you look at the numbers and
8:40 am
default rates, it's not like if you borrow money to go to mit you're not going to pay. there are schools with 40 to 50% default rate on federal-backed student loan and it wouldn't exist with, telling 18-year-old kid making a financial decision, epically large like buying a home with a mortgage. and it's hard to get out of debt and they got a worseless degree or dropped out of school, they weren't college material for whatever reason. neil: and getting a nasty e-mail from philosophy majors. >> they should be able to borrow 80,000 dollars for what is not a marketable degree. those used to be done by rich people-- >> it's fine if you want to a philosophy degree, but you shouldn't take on $100,000 in debt millions you can pay for it: and just like a bank won't give you a mortgage-- >> a good student should be able
8:41 am
a finance a degree, but it doesn't mean a mediocre students should be able to take out a debt for a mediocre school, and the debt for it. it makes it worse. neil: and the california congressman might be an entrant himself. he's drawn the wrath of some on the right, saying he went too far saying a couple of things this past week. he's here next. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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>> do you believe the president right now has been an agent of the russians? >> yes, i think there's more evidence, yes, i think that all the arrows point in that direction. i haven't seen a single piece of evidence that he's not. >> do you still believe that the president is a russian agent? >> i think he acts on russia's behalf and puts russia's interests too often ahead of-- >> to call the president an
8:45 am
agent of russia is preposterous and to persist after a thorough investigation and the findings from the special counsel is libellous and i think he should apologize. neil: a lot of people have been talking about eric swalwell and his comments and we thought we would talk to eric swalwell and his comments, a possible presidential candidate joins us right now. congressman, welcome. >> good morning, neil. thanks for having me back. neil: when you made these comments, my only thought was, do you know something that i don't know? do you know something, for example, in the mueller report that others are unfamiliar with? because to call the president a russian agent or to make that charge amidst a report that's been headlined that there was no collusion really makes folks wonder where you're coming from. >> well, neil, i'm not going to apologize for loving this country and being someone who benefitted from free market, free ideas. neil: that wasn't my question.
8:46 am
>> and free dreams, and i'll defend that every single day. neil: i understand that, but you essentially called the president a foreign agent of the russia-- >> i acts on russia's behalf. neil: it seems to disavow that. >> have you read the report? >> no, but sneert ha neither ha you. neil: if the report comes out and on firms with what the attorney general said, and mueller would correct if he'd gotten it wrong. >> would you believe criminally liable for conspiracy and conduct that's wrongdoing. my belief is you don't have to have access to classified information, you don't have to be a lawyer to see about lying about business dealings in russia, allowing your son to make meetings with the russians that offered dirt on hillary clinton, and also asking the russians to keep hacking after
8:47 am
their attacking our democracy is wrong. and then while you're president, to meet with the russians to reduce sanctions against the russians, to diminish the role of n.a.t.o. to allow them to continue to persist in ukraine is wrong and it would have a meeting with vladimir putin where you kick everyone else out of the room and take the interpreters' notes is suspicious. you don't have to read bob mueller's report to say that's a betrayal of our country. neil: everyone in your party and the other party waiting for this report two plus years in the making. if it says no collusion and you're quite right it could be an open-ended issue on obstruction of justice maybe there wasn't enough evidence, maybe there was, we'll find out when it comes out. do you feel it's irresponsible to make that comment when you don't know what that report says? >> not at all, neil. i'll give you an example. your network all week expressed outrage about the smollett case,
8:48 am
we know what happened, he lied about it and dismissed the charges. couldn't that be the same case that in the trump case they knew about it, but just like the smollett case doesn't reach high standard of beyond a reasonable about. neil: one was a report two plus years in the united states. >> it's president of the united states. we want to make sure to get it right. neil: the same criticism for your committee chairman, adam schiff, that he jumped the gun to still argue collusion and still argue that, do you think that is responsible in a report that might raise some damning behavioral issues for the president, but that it wasn't deemed enough to warrant further indictments of other individuals, the president included? >> well, again, neil, i think you and i degree that we want to see the full report, but-- and i don't -- you know, don't want to get too nuanced here, but there's a difference between
8:49 am
proof beyond a reasonable doubt, highest standard of the law higher more likely than not and wrongdoing. you don't have to have the mueller report to see all that the president did to-- >> and the mueller report why the heck did we do it. and the report might raise issues that you did. why the hell did we go through this and spend tens of millions of dollars, when you say i don't need to see it to know that the president is a crook. >> and i'm saying did the president ask them to keep asking, did he welcome the report, and take actions that benefitted them. we don't need to see the report. the mueller report produced over 30 indictments, six guilty pleas and others still under criminal ve investigation, so it's not like it produced nothing. neil: and more for the case of lying you're quite right. >> in america, neil, you also, you don't get away-- you don't get to bury the
8:50 am
evidence and then get off scott-free. if we find that you are lying or obstructing or tampering with witnesses to get away from the underlying crime, there's a penalty for that and i think that's for good reason. neil: and the people who you quite rightly raised are suffering and enduring that penalty, but no additional people. >> the president and national security advisor-- >> no one in addition to that in this latest report conclusion leading all the way up to the president. do you think they should have been? >> well, i want to see the full report. i will accept anything mueller says. i have the fullest-- >> but you're not, your anot. if he says that -- no, no, you question the conclusions of the attorney general, if any of those were wrong i'm sure mueller would have raised it, but it doesn't sound like you're going to accept whatever the-- >> i want to get back to the smollett report. neil: and the report says the president was not a russian
8:51 am
agent, congressman. would you say the president is not a russian agent? >> the president acts on russia's behalf, i don't need to see the report for that. neil: you don't care what the report says, you've drawn your own conclusions. >> no, no, i care deeply, care deeply what the report says. neil: no, you don't. you just said you don't. you said you don't care what the mueller report says because you've drawn your own conclusions, right? >> no, i care what the report says, i'm telling you there's a difference between what you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt and wrongdoing what we've seen. because you're off scott-free for a crime doesn't mean you didn't do something wrong. i think you would agree with that. neil: but we don't know if that's the case. you've already said it is. >> well, i know-- i don't need to see the report that see that the president's kids met with the russians at trump towers. neil: we're talking past each other, and we'll see when the report is released whether or not. >> bring me back on, i want to talk with you about it. neil: always enjoy it. thank you for taking the time.
8:52 am
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>> all right. and they are off, lyft getting a nice lyft going public on friday and there are plenty of entrants right behind them. lauren si sigh netty, a busy la i. >> shares did not end where they started by the closing bell on wall street on friday. let me show you the performance for the day. took the nasdaq about two and a half hours to open the stock here around noon. it soared, there's a the green arrow to about $87. that's 20% above its $72 ipo price, by 1:00, 2:00, at 81. by 4 p.m., this is where you were, shares fell to 78 and change. a 9% pop on day one. so many lyft employees and the
8:56 am
early invests they're new newly minted millionaires, they're not complaining, but the stock couldn't hold that $80 range. and invests, they're excited about the future of ride sharing, the first hot ipo of the year. but they couldn't ignore the fact that lyft has racked up almost a billion dollars in losses last year alone and more than 600 million in each of the prior two years to that, and if you compare lyft to tech companies like facebook, and google, and apple, they were all profitable before they ipo'd. if you set aside the debt piles, set aside the cash burn which has been growing the user base, nearly triple the active riders to 18.6 million, that comparison to uber, much bigger 75 million world-wide and estimated $120 billion valuation, but this sets the stage for the other companies looking to go public now. neil: one after the other and here we go.
8:57 am
lauren, thank you very, very much. we'll be monitoring that of course on fox business uone by one as they continue to make their debut, if they can be as successful as lyft, that should continue giving the markets a lift, if. fox news continues now. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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>> as numbers of central american migrants try to get into the u.s. fight, the president threatens to shut down the entire border next week, unless mexico stems the flow. leland: big crowds in el paso as 2020 democratic hopeful beto o'rourke officially launches what he calls his grass roots campaign in el paso, texas, one of the cities that would be hardest hit by a border shutdown. kristin: plus, fallout from the mueller report. president trump's attorney rudy guiliani speaks out to fox news today. >> democrats are making absolute fools out of themselves. the report is as clear as it can be, exoneration. ♪


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