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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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e ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. arthel: president trump raising the stakes on the situation at our southern border. the president warning mexico he will shut down the border as early as neck week if more is not done to stop migrants from central america from illegally crossing into the u.s. this as the administration is cutting aid to three central american countries for failing to stem illegal immigration. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. mike: hi, arthel. i'm mike emanuel. this comes as border patrol deals with the dire situation at the u.s./mexico border, a top official warning this week the migrant crisis reached a breaking point.
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president trump warning mexico to take action or else. >> it's a horrible situation and mexico could stop it at their southern border. it's very easy for them to stop people from coming up and they don't choose to do it. well, we're not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them that they're not going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. so there's a very good likelihood that i'll be closing the border next week and that will be just fine with me. arthel: allison bar deer is linbarber is livein west palm be latest. >> reporter: president trump threatened to close the u.s./mexico border in the past but this time is different. this time he gave a deadline, saying it could potentially happen next week. when asked if he would close the border to all trade, president trump told reporters it could mean all trade. >> we have two brand-new caravans coming up, if you can believe it, two big ones and
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they're coming up and mexico could stop them very easily. they have to stop the illegal immigration. we've run out of room. but mexico is going to have to do something. otherwise, i'm closing the border. i'll just close the border. and with the deficit like we have with mexico and have had for many years, closing the border will be a profit making operation. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber of commerce disagrees. they say if the border shuts down it will be an economic debacle and that, quote, closing our doors to the daily goods trade with mexico would be an unforced error that would inflict lasting damage on u.s. markets and economic growth. democrats say it is bad policy and morally bankrupt. new mexico's senator tweeted the president is not a dictator who can unilaterally close the border like this but this offensive threat shows how out-of-touch president trump is with the border communities. the border is a bright spot of trade, economic activity and
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cultural vibrancy. the commissioner of customs and border protection warned the u.s.'s immigration system is at a breaking point. he said the month of march is on track to have the highest amount of apapprehensions and encounters with migrants in more than a decade. he said most are central american families and unaccompanied kne minors. arthel: thank you very much for the latest. mike: as allison reported, the president's threat to close the southern border could have a major impact on the would to tom line. communities are bracing for the potential economic fallout. jeff paul explains from the west coast newsroom. >> reporter: the potential border closing could have vast impacts from border crossing communities like san diego, all the way to south texas. the u.s. chamber of commerce says if the border were to close it could threaten up to 5 million american jobs, could impact things like supermarkets that fell mexican fruits and vegetables and factories that
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count on imported parts from mexico. businesses that rely on being able to travel between the u.s. and mexico like produce companies in arizona are getting worried about the closure becoming a reality. >> we rely on the produce to come in, be offloaded and be sold. if there's no produce here, there's no orders, and there's no jobs. this would devastate the economy here. >> reporter: this all happening a after homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen asked all dhs agencies for volunteers to go to the border and ask congress for emergency funding. border patrol says a surge in migrant families trying to illegally enter the country is giving them no choice but to directly release many of them. agents say they're on pace to pass 100,000 arrests in march, the highest monthly total in a decade. in california where arrests at its border are up nearly 700% in the last six months, governor gavin newsome blames the white house.
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>> this is the federal government's responsibility. the trump administration has abandoned its responsibility. these are legal asylum seekers, legal asylum seekers, being dumped at the bus shelters, dumped in the streets while people are circling. >> reporter: in regards to president trump talking about closing the border, mexico's foreign secretary wrote on twitter that mexico doesn't act based on threats and he also wrote that mexico is the best neighbor the u.s. could have. mike. mike: jeff paul, live in los angeles. many thanks. arthel: let's bring in steven nelson, the white house reporter for the washington examiner. do you know, is there any dialogue this weekend between president trump and mexico's president, and if not them, are there diplomatic talks taking place this weekend to avert a complete closure of the southern border on monday or some time next week? >> well, the white house has not released a read-out of any calls between president trump and the mexican president. of course, we could think of
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this threat to close the border as an attempt to leverage influence over mexico. last fall when there were migrant caravans, the mexican authorities did take steps to absorb the central american migrants, offering them health benefits and work permits. we could imagine a resolution somewhat similar. of course, the threat comes as the trump administration is trying to enact the usmca trade deal. closing the border to all trade would be problematic in the face of that effort. arthel: but that would work both ways though, right? >> it would. but multiple parties are required for a trade deal to be enacted. i think that president trump here, he wants to see the mexican authorities do something and show that they're serious to help disrupt this caravan and we've seen with this new mexican administration some willingness to work with the administration.
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the administration has adapted -- adopted a remain in mexico policy to vet asylum seekers at ports of entry. the mexican government has at least seceded to that. i imagine there will be more dialogue and perhaps a resolution sometime next week. arthel: let me pull up statement from kirstjen nielsen. she's saying, if you put it on the screen, it says we are grappling with the humanitarian situation that is worsening by the day, the department has run out of capacity despite interagency efforts. in response to congress you having from the house homeland security chair, representative bernie thompson, saying in her letter to congress the secretary continues to confuse and mislead on the situation at the border and how we got to this point, president trump's border
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security. all right. steven. so what is congress' role in all of this? >> well, president trump wants congress to get tougher and also at some point pass immigration reform that addresses existing problems that aren't directly connect to central american migrants seeking asylum. congress does have authority to provide funding for things such as president trump's desired border wall which he says would help reduce this problem. but the administration policy also matters as well, of course. threcently had changes with sigm seekers, requiring them to go through ports of entry, rather than illegally crossing and seek asylum. congress has a role and the trump administration does as well. arthel: according to your sources and your reporting, is this seen as a manufactured timetable, that of next week, or has president trump become fed
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up with inaction to solve a long-existing problem at the border. simply put, why now? >> president trump is going to california the end of next week. that timing certainly is interesting. with these things, illegal immigration and asylum seekers, that's a problem that's not going to be resolved in one week. president trump clearly has a new emphasis on this getting resolved as the new caravans are forming. he's talked tough of course with central american countries as well, threatened for months a and months and months to cut aid. his administration recently proposed to congress a budget that includes continued aid to the three countries involved. here this is going to be an ongoing process, him attempting to force mexico to take a tougher line. >.arthel: meanwhile, forcing mexico to take a tougher line and stance on immigration, that's what the closure would be about if it happens next week but we have to circle back to the economic impact. have you a lot of day workers that come in from mexico to work
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here in the united states. anything from construction to yard work, et cetera. and then also you have -- you've got the manpower part of it and let's not forget the produce coming in from mexico. what's your reporting on that part of this story? >> closing the border to all trade seems i'm plausible. -- implausible. president trump is unpredictable to an extent. that threat is pretty serious to mexico. i think that we can see this mostly as an attempt to force mexico to do something. arthel: sure. >> i think closing the border to trade is something that not many people see as particularly likely at this point. arthel: and to that point, quickly, then, does that make president trump's threat empty? >> you know, it's unclear how much thought president trump put into the threat, particularly regarding trade. he was asked this in florida. he was touring lake okeechobee. it's unclear if he -- this is
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like a very well thought-out policy with regard to trade in particular. with regard to closing the border or points of entry, if there's a specific problem, that's a different story. arthel: steven nelson, we have to leave it there. white house reporter for the washington examiner. thanks for joining us. arthel: be sure to watch fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with kellyanne conway for an exclusive interview, airing at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. you can check low local listino see when it airs on your fox station. mike: it's a busy day on the campaign trail. 2020 democrats are taking part in the heartland forum in iowa, trying to pitch their message to farmers in rural communities beto o'rourke is officially kicking off his presidential campaign with a rally in his hometown of el paso. that's where we find claudia cowen live on the ground with
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more. hello, claudia. >> reporter: hi, mike. well, that rally just wrapping up a few minutes ago. so it's one down and two morallies to go. more than 1,000 people actually showed up here in downtown el paso this morning. this is friendly territory for this hometown son, the first person ever from el paso to run for president and of course the former texas congressman came to within striking distance, just 2 percentage points of unseating senator ted cruz last yea and tt close finish is helping to bouy his campaig campaign now. the he says the continues to shape his message. >> we ar safe, not despite the t that we're a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. >> reporter: o'rourke is back in the state after announcing his
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candidacy through a youtube video and embarking on a listening tour in early voting states. he'll attend two other rallies today in houston and austin. there are watch parties happening across the don countr. across town, supporters of president trump hold their own rally. he won the state in 2016 and texas remains a solidly red state. p recent polls show o'rourke ranking third among potential democratic candidates, of after joe biden and bernie sanders. like during his u.s. senate run, his supporters are being very generous at least out the gate. o'rourke raised more than $6 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign, more than any other democrat. tomorrow we should find out -- we're expecting to find out how much more money he has raised. back to you. mike: fun raising critical for a presidential campaign. claudia cowen, thanks. arthel: new details emerging about the crash of an ethiopian
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airlines jet. what investigators are reportedly discovering about the boeing 737 max 8 and 9 planes and how it could be linked to another deadly boeing crash in october. we have a live report for you coming you. plus, the battle heating up on capitol hill as attorney general william barr announces he is expected to release a redacted version of the mueller report by mid-april. how both sides are reacting. >> the russia hoax proves more than ever that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do. drain the swamp. [ cheering and applause ] since my dvt blood clot i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot...
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i have absolutely nothing to hide and i think a lot of things are coming out with respect to the other side, but i have a lot of confidence in the attorney general. arthel: president trump reacting to william barr's decision on the mueller report, it comes as mr. barr says in a letter to lawmakers, he expects to send a redacted version of the nearly 400 page long report to congress by mid-april,
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democrats pushing back saying that doesn't meet their demands. david spunt is live in washington with more. >> reporter: attorney general barr wants to get the report out as soon as possible. as you mentioned, nearly 400 pages, there will be some redactions for sensitive information, that's what his team is letting people know. attorney general barr says it will be sent to congress by mid-april. democrats are not playing games, want it by april 2nd, this coming tuesday. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is standing firm on the april 2nd date. democrats are backing him up. >> my belief, neil, is you don't have to have access to classified information. you don't have to be a lawyer to see that lying about business dealings in russia, allowing your son to take meetings with the russians that offered dirt on hill youly clinto -- hillaryd asking the russians to keep hacking after attacking our democracy is wrong.
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>> reporter: some democrats want the report without redactions but the attorney general has almost made it certain there will be redactions. meanwhile, the president's attorney says it's not possible to release this report without those redactions. >> it's ridiculous to say to the american people, barr is delaying because he wants to delay. he's delaying because it is very difficult -- i don't know if it's 200 pages, 300 -- >> 400. >> very difficult to put out 400 pages with all the legal restrictions and not violate something. >> reporter: barr said he would like to testify the first few days of may before both the house and senate, answer any questions that members of congress may have about the report. democrats have said they'll take the date under advisement. meanwhile, robert mueller, who wrote the report, he's staying quiet at least publicly. that could change if he's asked or p even told to come before congress to talk about this report. a after that mueller report is released which it will be sometime in the next few weeks, the next fight between members of congress could likely be
11:21 am
about those redactions, arthel, barr and his team insist they're necessary, many democrats have said they want the full, unfiltered report and they want everyone at home around the country, around the world, to he see the entire report, arthel. arthel: i thank you for the david spun report. thank you. mike: for more on this, lets' s bring in congress man jim banks. the attorney general told the top lawmakers on the respective judiciary committees the nearly 400 page mueller report should be ready to send to congress by mid-april, if not sooner. your thoughts on that timetable? >> if there was any question -- there was never question or any doubt that attorney general barr would do everything he could to make this report transparent. it's what republicans and democrats want. i'm glad attorney general barr has heeded that call. we will have to wait a matter of days, not that long to see the full report. but i'm pleased with the
11:22 am
attention to that speed that the attorney general has taken. mike: some of your colleagues have called on some of those who were driving the russia narrative, the collusion narrative to apologize. take a listen to this moment from cavuto live earlier today. >> i'm not going to apologize for loving this country and being someone who benefited from free markets, free ideas. >> that wasn't my question. >> and freedom to dream. i'm going to defend that every single day. >> i understand that. you said the president was a foreign agent of the russians. >> he acts on russians' behalf. >> the report seems to disavow that. >> have you read the report? >> no, but neither have you, right? >> that's the point. mike: congressman, do you have concerns about some of the claims that have been made over the past two years. >> it's clear from the day the votes were counted on election day in 2016, that some of my colleagues like slawell, schiff,
11:23 am
others, they never intended to accept the results of that election. that's what led to this two-year crazy investigation, this witch hunt over collusion. the barr summary released last week shows there's no collusion. it shows that there's no reason to believe that there was obstruction of jus justice. now it's time for us to move on. clearly, some of my democrat colleagues haven't caught that message like i have from constituents in my district who are speaking loudly and clearly, move on, focus on the issues. some of these democrats can't help themselves. mike, there was a petition circulated by democrats this week to try to gain support for impeachment, even in spite of what the barr summary showed last week. that's a sad state of affairs with the democrat party. but republicans and this president are ready to move on and focus on what matters like securing the border, keeping this economy strong and growing,
11:24 am
rebuilding our military, keeping america safe and secure. that's what the american people want us to do, not more crazy investigations and more of this nonsense over the timing of the full report. that's a distraction from doing what the american people expect us to do. mike: some of your colleagues want to bring in former senior obama administration officials, like former cia john brennan, former fbi director, james comey and even former attorney general loretta lynch to get an idea of how this russian collusion probe began. your thoughts on that? >> senator lindsey graham announced the senate judiciary committee will do just that. i'm glad they're going to dig into how the dossier came about, issues over the fisa warrant, if it was politically motivated, which there's many reasons to believe that that might be the case. so that's healthy for the senate judiciary committee to do that. once again, something like 80% of the american people this week have said now that the mueller
11:25 am
investigation is complete, let's move on, focus on the issues. this president has a little bit less than two years left in this term to keep moving this country forward. after this last week, by the way, i expect that the president's going to have another term to keep working, to move our country forward. there's a lot more work to do and that's what republicans and this president are focused on doing. mike: another hot topic, president trump is threatening to shut down the border. jay johnson sounded the alarm. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border. there are answers to this problem and if we can strip away the politics and the emotion, they can be obtained. mike: what do you make of this idea of shutting down the r border? >> well, the president is right to be focused on what it's going to take to secure the border, address the humanitarian crisis at the border. i don't know what it means
11:26 am
exactly to shut down the border but the president is doing exactly what the american people want him to do, to address this crisis, declaring the national emergency, finding the funding to begin to build the wall. this shutting down the border, if that's a part of or a piece of the puzzle to do that, then i fully support the president in doing so. mike: as a member of the armed services committee, military assets have been used at the border to help tighten things up. do you worry about a strain on military resources? >> not at all. this administration has worked so hard to find the right places to retool money from and using the national declaration to unlock appropriated funds that haven't been spent yet and place that emphasis on the border, i happen to believe that this president has done more than any president since ronald reagan and maybe beyond to rebuild our national defense, rebuild our military to keep america safe. he deserves as much credit for that as anything else that he's done.
11:27 am
to find 5 or $6 billion out of different places that might be able to retool -- be retooled and used for this purpose is entirely appropriate with what we know is going on at the border today. mike: some department of defense resources are out or people are out scouting places to build vie visible barrier. your thoughts on that? >> it shows the president is making great progress. this is a president who is a leader, he's a doer, he's getting things done. he's focused on this, while democrats and the congress are focused on investigations and witch hunts over collusion. the president's been focused on this all along of. he deserves a lot of credit for that and most republicans support him in that endeavor. mike: congressman jim banks of the great state of indiana, thanks for your time, sir. >> good to be with you. mike: tune in tomorrow for maria bartiromo's interview with lindsey gra graham on sunday mog futures, you can catch it at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. arthel: deadly violence
11:28 am
erupting along the gaza border with israel. palestinian protesters there marked one year since the demonstration movement began along the border fence. we're live on the ground in gaza city with the very latest. plus, president trump wants republicans to take another crack at dismantling obamacare. some gop lawmakers may not be on board. the panel weighing in, next. >> republicans want you to have an affordable plan that's just right for you. and by the way, you can use your doctor. remember that? that was a lie.
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11:33 am
ray bogen has more from washington. >> reporter: good afternoon. it was a big week for president trump's health care policy. first, in the courts. federal judges ruled against the administration in multiple suits, that includes striking down medicaid work requirementings. the administration also announced they would no longer defend the affordable care act in court, saying they agree with the texas court ruling that it's unconstitutional. the president received some criticism from his own party, senator susan l collins said she was vehemently against the administration's actions. >> if the administration is supposed to be a -- clearly there are provisions of the law that do need to be fixed, the answer is yo for the administrao work with congress. >> reporter: the president wants to develop new legislation. >> we're going to have pre-existing conditions and we'll have a much lower deductible. so -- and i've been saying it. the republicans are going to end up being the party of health
11:34 am
care. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and the democrats are working on a health care bill of their own, while pushing back against the trump administration. >> we will fight that. we'll fight that in the congress. we'll fight it in the court and we'll fight it in the court of public opinion as i'm fond of saying. >> reporter: speaker pelosi is going to force republicans to get on the record. she announced a vote for next week on a resolution condemning what she called the trump administration's legal assault on health care. the speaker said the american people deserve to see exactly where their representatives stand. in washington, ray bogen, fox news. arthel: and for more on this we're going to bring in beverly hullberg, visiting fellow for the independent women's forum and joel rubenstein, former deputy assistant secretary of state under the obama administration and president of the washington strategy group. so joel, let's start with you. why do the democrats have a problem with president trump and
11:35 am
his administration wanting to repeal obamacare or their efforts to do so? >> well, arthel, it's very straightforward. if this lawsuit is successful in court and the affordable care act is terminated, americans will die. and there will be blood on the hands of the trump administration for doing this because the trump administration will have had zero replacement to protect these americans. we're talking about 20 million americans being kicked off of health care. we're talking about termination of protections for pre-existing conditions, an issue that democrats used effectively in the 2018 mid-terms where americans overwhelmingly expressed support when they were voting on health care for the democrats. arthel: so joel, do you think -- >> this is the high ground. arthel: okay, do you think the democrats will be willing to sit down -- revisit this with president trump and come up with something that will work for both sides politically and for the people, most of all? >> one can always improve and build on the current health care
11:36 am
system as we have it but you don't need to he throw it out and restart it. speaker pelosi is talking about new legislation, leader mcconnell has not yet introduced anything. but where is the bill? a decade of discussion, the republicans need to put a bill forward and let's have the legislative process work it out. absolutely. you don't need to throw it all out when there's nothing to replace it. arthel: leader mcconnell did say, quote, i look forward to seeing what the president is proposing and what he can work out with the speaker. i'm working on stopping the democrats' medicare for none scheme. we don't have the democrats to back up that particular part of the quote. i do turn to you, beverly, going to the republicans' side, do the republicans have a viable backup plan to replace obamacare, if that's what they want to do? >> there have been a lot of discussions since the failure of repealing and replacing obamacare in 2017. there is no way around that. that was a big loss for the republicans when they couldn't
11:37 am
get it past the senate. now you have democrats who take control of the house. so i see this as a long-term effort. one of the things that the president mentioned in the clip that you showed is that pre-existing conditions will be covered under the republican plans that i have heard of. one of the reasons why they weren't successful in 2017 is the republicans agreed on repeal. they didn't necessarily have a replacement put in place. so i think there's been enough time, there are groups that are putting together a plan that i think from a bipartisan standpoint could get some traction. but that's not going to come until 2020. what i do think you can have in the meantime is something that mark meadows, congressman mark meadows has put forward which is doing a piece by piece approach until the 2020 election and that could include things like drug pricing. you can have a lot of bipartisan support on certain areas of health care. arthel: you're talking about the politics of it, beverly, which of course that's what this is about in many ways. you've got the president putting
11:38 am
repealing obama care back on the front burner and now saying the gop can become the party of great health care. so is that why now, because we're really ramping up for the 2020 re-election campaign? >> well, what you find even in polling is that many people still dislike obamacare. the question is, what replaces it, how do we fix it. arthel: that is the question. so why is the president saying get rid of it and then we'll figure out something on the other side? >> there's a reason why democrats want to get rid of it, even nancy pelosi. arthel: they want to fix it. >> obamacare isn't working. arthel: president obama even said obamacare is not perfect. >> democrats do not want to have it repealed, we don't want it thrown out in court, we don't want to throw our health care system into chaos many we want it to be improved as it should be. the way it currently exists is protecting americans' health better than it was before. and if there is -- >> not true. >> if there are suggestions to improve it -- 20 million people more on health care is not an
11:39 am
improvement? >> you're not looking at the full scope. one of the things that's important to bring up is -- when you think about it, 7% of the people in this country are struggling to figure out whether or not they can afford their health care because it costs more than their rent and mortgage. >> absolutely. >> let me finish. while this has helped certain people, there is coverage, i would still debate on the quality of care that they're receiving. what you do find is that people in the individual markets, small business owners -- arthel: what does that mean, beverly. what do you mean, the quality of care? i'm saying, from somebody who -- >> we know there are -- >> arres arthel: let me finish. we are fortunate that we have health care, we can choose where we go, when we want to go to get that coverage. we want you to clarify what you meant by well, they have coverage but the quality of their care -- >> there have been plenty of reports where you see hospitals, small hospitals are shutting down, where doctors are choosing to not continue in the industry and that you also have that
11:40 am
people are having to wait longer to get quality care. so i think we have to make a difference between having insurance coverage, between -- and also putting that against having quality care. so that is the discussion. it's not just about how many people are covered, it's are they actually getting the health care that they need. arthel: joel, listen, there are many doctors are shutting down their doors due to the corporateization of health care and the exorbitant amount of malpractice insurance they would have to pay for, premiums are skyrocketing. what is the democrats' political and frankly, joel, their campaign counter? because they can't just keep saying, well, we need to fix obamacare. how are they planning to do it specifically where the folks can understand what it is that they're proposing. >> yeah, it's primarily, arthel, costs were skyrocketing prior to the affordable care act. the intent of the affordable care act, which was based upon mitt romney's plan in massachusetts, a republican plan
11:41 am
was to stabilize that cost increase and get everybody under the em brumbrella of insurance. there's a vigorous debate inside the democrat party, how to go further, expand medicaid further, get more people on government coverage that could potentially lower costs even further. this is not a perfect system. what i'm trying to emphasize is we don't want to throw people off of health care to somehow improve their health care. that's not how you do this. we need to see actual legislation proposed by the president, rather than a lawsuit about just getting rid of it. arthel: maybe not senator romney could get together with the democrats and maybe they'll come up with something that could mix obamacare. >> republicans are putting together a plan. taking this and saying that getting rid of the affordable care act means that all of a sudden people won't have health care, it's not -- arthel: finish, beverly. >> it's not bringing the point that republicans have gotten together and are working on what
11:42 am
is good health care? there's a plan right now talking about -- saying that government isn't the one that can best determine your health care. you should make more choices, taking it back to the states and -- arthel: it's another discussion, people get confused when -- not to say people are not smart but it's a lot of red tape and bureaucracy to siphon through. >> most people would rather be in the driver's seat. >.arthel: you're both talking. beverly, 10 seconds. >> what i trust is people to make their own decisions in health care and not dc. that's the direction republicans need to go for people to have lower cost and better care. arthel: joel, your last 10 seconds. >> i agree with that. but the republicans had control for two years in congress, made no plans. a decade of slogans. they still have no real legitimate plan that can work. arthel: all right. we'll see who has the better plan for the people, joel rubin, beverly hullberg, thank you to both of you.
11:43 am
>> thank you. mike: fox news alert, protests along the gaza border with israel turning deadly today. thousands of palestinian demonstrators gathering to mark one since the start of protests there. two people were killed in clashes with israeli forces amid the rising tensions. trey is live in gaza city with more. hi, trey. >> reporter: two people killed and hundreds injured after 40,000 palestinians gathered along the israel, gaza border to protest the israeli blockade on the gaza strip and mark the one year anniversary of the great return march demonstrations. they've been participating in this as egyptian negotiators are trying to broker a cease fire as conflict continues. fox news did see one of the funerals of one of the demonstrators that was killed. take a look. hundreds of pal continu palestie marching through the streets of gaza city with the body of the 20-year-old that was shot along
11:44 am
the border today and killed. they're taking him to the funeral right now. you can see the gunfire inside gaza city as thousands prepare for demonstrations today along the israel, gaza border. a senior hamas official saying the group is pleased with how the demonstrations went, they feel they got their message out to the israelis. the israelis said they were pleased with the amount of restraint shown during the demonstrations. mike: be safe, brother. we'll be right bark. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:49 am
new york city newsroom with more. >> reporter: that anti-stall system is known at the m-cast. it's been under outfo scriewt sr months. boning is working on a training package that aviation experts are also calling into question. boeing tells us the package will include a video, but reiterated there's no need for simulator training. the 737 max was designed to be similar enough to older models that pilots wouldn't need additional certifications. that saved billions of dollars because simulators cost money and training takes time. aviation experts say pilots absolutely need simulator time. the problem is, no airlines in the u.s. own a 737 max simulator. boeing said there wasn't a need. >> i think it's imperative that pilots sit in the simulator, sit in the seat, see the different screens in the cockpit setup, how it works, whether it be in a flight training device, ideally
11:50 am
it would be in a full motion simulator. >> reporter: even before the ethiopian crash, pilots had been complaining about insufficient training and being unfamiliar with the 737 max controls. one pilot wrote in a federal database back in november, i think it's unconsisten horriblex report sunday" and the air -- the faa and the airlines would have pilots flying without sufficient resources and documentation to understand the highly complex systems that differentiate this aircraft from prior models. the fact this airplane requires such jurily rigging to fly is a red flag. boeing last week hosted more than 200 airline pilots for an informational session as part of the ongoing effort to share more details about the plan for supporting isupport the safe ree 737 max for service. they said the session was productive and safety is the top priority. the update has not yet been
11:51 am
approved by the faa. mike. mike: jacqui heinrich with the latest. thanks a lot. arthel: with parts of the midwest reeling from flooding, there's more rain in the forecast for some of the hard-hit communities, where people need to stay on alert. so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!!
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arthel: boy, parts of the midwest devastated by floodwaters are now expected to get more rain. meteorologist adam klotz has those details. adam. >> arthel, more rain is on the way. here's setup across the country. some folks seeing beautiful weather, 67 degrees in new york city right now, 49 degrees in dallas. everything in between that, that's a big cold front. when you see cold air and bump m air bump up against each other, that's when you get a weather system. heavy rain in illinois, indiana and ohio, a lot of heavy rain along the ohio river valley as we're tracking this fairly large system. farther south, this could turn up severe weather before it's all said and done and maybe snow on the backside of that. as we continue to pay attention to this system into the evening hours and even really early tomorrow morning, everything you're looking at highlighted here, perhaps damaging winds, some hail, isolated tornado is at least possible with this system across the southeast.
11:56 am
it's one we're going to be paying attention to. otherwise, precipitation is going to be an issue and areas where flooding continues to be a problem, indiana to ohio, where some of the worst of that is going to be, northern kentucky also, there's advisories stretching across the mississippi. this is a large system, we'll be paying attention tonight into tomorrow morning. arthel: adam, thank you. mike: that does it for us. we'll be back here in one hour for more news. it will be awesome. arthel: absolutely. "the journal editorial report" is after this short break. stick around, mike emanuel, arthel neville. mike: see you then. i would like to take a moment
11:57 am
to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably.
11:58 am
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paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. the special counsel may have wrapped up his investigation but the political battle far from over. as democrats this week called for attorney general william barr to immediately release the entire mueller report and pushed back on some of the top line conclusions on obstruction and collusion. adam schiff on thursday doubled down on his charges against the president in the face of republican calls for his resignation. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on th a democratic


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