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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fox reports this saturday march 30th, i'm rick levanthal, that's for watching, we will see you tomorrow night. hello america, i'm mark within. this is life liberty and levin. how are you my >> great to be here, i'm the first one to get it right. >> you're one of the first. >> i want you to remember that name. we need to have on the program.
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>> initially began as social media campaign. i've always been a democrat my whole entire life and i'm a gay man. telling us that we need them and that were in danger constantly from people on the right that republicans hate us and wish to do us harm. that got the liberal media machine backing them up. for me it was a no-brainer. i'm a gay man, i'm a liberal, i'm a democrat and i think that's the autopilot thinking that most minorities go into. i think we'll get into the story but after the 2016 election, i voted for hillary clinton. >> how recently did you
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convert. >> like most people when donald trump announced he was running for president, i thought it was a joke. i was laughing right along with every buddy else until it got to be around the primary and it became very clear that he was probably going to be the republican candidate and all of a sudden things got really scary because again that liberal media machine that targets people like me and other minorities started using our identities against us because this is what they do. >> what did you think donald trump is going to do to the gay community. >> they were telling us his running mate mike pence was this raging homophobe who is going to try to mandate conversion therapy for gay people, there were people talking about putting gay people in concentration camps, i know it so laughable now but at the time it was really scary because as absurd as it seems i really believed
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everything the liberal media told me. i believe that he called all mexicans racist and that he advocated for the sexual assault of all women and, as he was gaining popularity and we were leading up to election day, i was sitting here like many liberals and democrats going what is going on with conservatives in this country. who are all these covert bigots that we didn't understand that we were living amongst because you have to remember, we just had eight years of barack obama and so the liberal media never told us that he did anything wrong. they talked about a scandal free presidency, this amazing savior for eight years, and they never really reported much about people on the right having issues with obama. we just thought this guy could do no wrong. when all the sudden we have, according to them, the world's biggest bigot buying for the highest office in the country and he has all of the support, were going what is happening. election day rolls around and
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i wasn't terribly concerned because they told me he had a 3% chance of winning so there is nothing really to be afraid of. boy oh boy, did we get a surprise on election day. i was one of those people. >> how did you feel. >> i was shattered. i remember sitting at home watching the election results roll in, and if you recall, it went into the night. they didn't call it early. i ended up going to bed because i was getting so nervous. i just couldn't take it, but i couldn't sleep. so, i was rolling over every 15 minutes and going to the most reliable source, the huffington post to see, because i know they would lie to me, i was trying to see what they would say. finally around 2:15 a.m. there is donald trump's picture with a giant red banner on the huffington post that said nightmare, president trump and underneath the picture it said millions to lose health insurance, civil rights to be
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loa rolled back and other possible headlines from it trump presidency. they started scaring us with fake headlines, literally immediately after, like the moment he got elected, but still it wasn't clear to me. i wasn't seeing what they were doing. i was just scared to death so i got on facebook the next day animated video crying saying what were you guys thinking, why did you do this and i spent the next couple of months. >> and it's important to mention that i grew up in a rural community in nebraska so a lot of my friends on facebook and family members and people i grew up with, i knew they had voted for trump even though they hadn't actually stated it. i was like how could you do this. how could you do this to me, to people like me, how could you do it to america. what were you thinking.
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for about two months i was posting and nobody would answer me. it was about two months exactly after the election at the end of january of 2017, i wrote a post in which i said, for the life of me i will never be able to understand how you could watch this man stand before a cheering crowd and mock a reporters disability and still go into that voting booth and pull the lever for him. what is wrong with you. in the media pushed that scene of that rally over, over, over again. >> i remember vividly being at the gym. they don't play that music at the gym. i remember being at the gym and seeing him frozen in that position with the banner underneath that said he mocked a disabled reporter.
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so i put this post on facebook, and finally somebody answered me. it was a woman named diane who was my babysitter when i was a baby and she was a staunch christian conservative, we had many battles over the years on facebook, but i never unfriended her as i did so many other conservatives who had arguments with. i didn't unfriend her. she wrote to me privately and said listen. i don't want you to rip me a new one, i'm just asking, have you seen this. she sent me a video, a youtube video saying debunking the trum trump. [inaudible] and i thought here we go, more right wing propaganda. then i got almost exhilarated. i thought i can't wait to watch this and tell her how stupid she is for falling for this propaganda. i played the video and it was six or seven minutes of footage of donald trump doing that exact same gesture as he did that day when he mocked reporters disability but the common thread in all of these different seen throughout the
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year is that he was imitating someone who was caught in a lie or groveling because they did something shady. i watched it mark, i'm telling you it was the strangest experience i've ever had in my life. i almost started disassociating for a moment because there was a disconnect between my brain and my heart. my brain was telling me oh my god, i don't think he mocked that reporters disability. my heart was saying but we hate him and we hate him and we hate him. and so, i couldn't reconcile with myself what had happened. i shut my computer, i watched it three times and i couldn't figure it out. i went to bed, woke up the next day and i thought okay, he didn't mock that reporters disability but why did cnn tell me that he did because cnn has never lied to me before. why did they start lying today. i couldn't figure it out. i started asking these questions and going to other liberals, friends, coworkers thing have you seen this?
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and i was instant instantly met with a wall of hostility and contempt almost. it was like what you doing. you love trump now, what you doing. i don't love trump, i'm just trying to understand, this doesn't make any sense to me. they were very angry at me for even asking questions. i thought this was strange because i thought here we are, we are upset all the time because he's been elected, we are crying, were terrified, here i am coming to you with this little piece of evidence that suggest maybe things aren't as bad as they seem, but you don't want to believe that maybe things aren't as bad. you want to be angry. i thought this was very interesting. the point is it became very clear to me that i wasn't safe asking these questions because people didn't want to have this conversation. i started getting home every night and just watching these videos on youtuber watching stories and trying to
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understand, researching the media taking moments out of context and what i found was fascinating. i found videos of black people showing up for trump rallies to support him and when they showed up, cnn would cut them out of the shot so it appeared there was only white people there. i watched him calling all mexicans rapists beach and saw once again they had taken that moment out of context and that wasn't at all what he was saying. he didn't say anything negative about mexicans in general. he was talking about some people being released from prison and coming over the border, and i started to see. >> and by the way, reminds me how they continue to push this racism argument that he was saying both sides of an argument, he was endorsing the claim of the neo-nazis, that's not what he did. >> he said both sides are good people, pro or con those monuments but there's arguments to be made and you don't have to be a racist to say leave the monuments them
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alone. even today, cnn and msnbc tried to create the notion that he's a white supremacist. >> that's a perfect example and interestingly with charlottesville i had already had my eyes open. that happened after these events. that was one of the first examples that i was experiencing in real time because now i saw, i see what they do and it's the kind of thing once you see it you can never unseat it. once you realize what they're doing, you see it every civil time. when charlottesville happened already knew and i knew they were doing it again. he certainly did not say the neo-nazis in the kkk, great people, no he said there were also historians mixed in with these people who were just simply protesting to preserve, let the american people sorted out, don't pull monuments
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down, don't burn books, we are smart, we can figure things out. >> yes they met these things are important to know about. there is a confederate general who did this, this, this and that's important to know. >> absolutely. >> when we come back, as i listen to you, i want to get more into this movement and more of what you're doing because i think it's crucially important. we'll talk about the media and what you seem to be saying is i was brainwashed social media, by all these people, by cnn, by msnbc that keep pushing this agenda. the media, are they giving us news or propaganda? i want to ask you that when we return. ladies and gentle men, don't forget, almost every weeknight you can watch me on levintv. give us a call at 844 levintv. we'll be right
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i want to get to the media part of the segment, but i want you to finish. you've come to this realization that you've been played and manipulated, now suddenly you see the light of
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liberty. you've created this movement, so finish the story. >> as i was getting into bed every night and doing more research, as anyone who uses youtube knows, you start off with one video and you end up in a rabbit hole and four days later you've missed work and you're still watching videos. i would start off kind of watching these about the media and it would lead me to ben shapiro speeches, ann coulter, all these different conservatives who, in the past, i wasn't listening to. and tucker carlson who i love now. i wasn't even looking at these videos. but suddenly i was listening for the first time. i was like my god, the conservative point of view makes so much more sense than all of this identity politics, political correctness, divisive, divisive nonsense that i have been going along with in lockstep for so many years. so then it became, this is
4:18 pm
when i thought to myself oh my gosh i think i'm becoming a conservative or maybe i always was, i don't know. but i reached this point by 2018 where i was willing to say i'm a conservative and as a gay man, i've done the closet before. i've done the hiding my head in shame and denying who i am, i'm not doing a again and i'm not going back for round two. i'm going to wear this proudly and i'm not going to be silent about it, and i see how the trump supporters are being treated. i see how the conservatives are being treated, and i do not want to allow that to happen. i came up with this idea to shoot a six minute video i jokingly call the manifesto of everything that's wrong with liberalism and the democratic party. once upon a time i was a liberal in an effort to gain voters and maintain power, the democratic party that i once loved has joined forces with the left. the democratic party and the liberal media.
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[inaudible] they have decided that they and only they know the remedy for society so i am walking away. i encourage all of you to do the same. walk away. >> i put this video out on social media but i realized there was a larger purpose here. it wasn't just enough for me to it tell my story and you punch through that wall of i'm going to boldly wear my conservatism and not be ashamed to denounce the democratic party. i know there are millions of others who are feeling exactly the same way i am feeling, that their party has left them, the democratic party has become a party of rage and hate and lies in the liberal media machine that backs them up, they are sick of it. people are tired of it. i created something i call the walkaway campaign. i encouraged other people to also make their videos and put them out there so we could create almost this internet of
4:20 pm
support, and i dreamed it would be a big deal, but i didn't really know, i didn't know how people would react. i created a facebook group and i said use the # walkaway and make your videos and talk about why you are walking away from the democratic party. it exploded. what i also told people to was going back to sort of my story of how this all happened, for months i was reaching out on social media thing why did you do this, why wouldn't you answer me. it's time to become un- silent. we need to reclaim the narrative of what it need needs means to be to be a conservative. we have those who are the conservatives and thousands of people started making their testimonial, and at this point the group has grown to over 400,000 on social media platforms. it's become a massive movement, it's a very real
4:21 pm
thing. >> do you think people who are brainwashed and mesmerized by the media, do you think more people are capable of it. >> yes, because, and i'm living proof, if we could get a time machine and go back two years ago and this person could meet the former me, they would think the pod people had taken over the summit he had stolen my brain. yes, if i can change anybody can change. we have changed. since i started walkaway, i get messages by the hundreds, sometimes by the thousandth thing because of this campaign my eyes have been open and we are going to change lives and hearts. we are so much more than just a social media campaign. one of the things of many that we will do going into 2020 and beyond is education. one of the things i want to do is create a video series, a very excellent quality video series debunking these lies and myths and teaching people to be skeptical and analytical and see for themselves, once
4:22 pm
you see it you can't un- see it, teach them to realize what's being done, the brainwashing so they think they're doing it again, they're doing it again. they don't care about news. they care about the narrative so right now the most important thing to them is pushing the narrative of the vision through racism, homophobia, islamic phobia, xenophobia, any phobia you can think of. they start with a conclusion. the conclusion is you are a bigot. or you're a racist and then they work backwards. they go out and they seek out anything they can spin as evidence to support that conclusion. they're not going out looking for stories. they are looking for little soundbites they can used to support the conclusion that they have already come to. they have already come to. >> great point.
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>> donald trump, you despised him, his election almost ruin illegal crossings into the u.s. an update on the deadly ethiopian crash, new report suggests that faulty sensor triggered automated systems leading to nose dive and killing 157 people on board. cause of the crash is similar, the suspected source of fatal plunge ine indonesia involving the same boeing max jet.
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i'm rick levanthal, now back to life, liberty&levin. ♪ because once, and i say once you see it you can't un- see it, once you see clearly what they are doing to him in the way they are maligning him and lying about him and just assassinating his character on a daily basis and going after his family and his children, you realize i have such a deep admiration for this man at this point that he is willing to endure this because newsflash, he doesn't need to. he doesn't need the money come he doesn't need the fame, he doesn't need the attention, this guy could be retiring and enjoying the time with his grandchildren and his wealth and traveling the world. he's doing this because he loves the american people and he cares about this country, and so when i look at somebody who is willing to just get
4:29 pm
smacked around as much as he does, and still keep taking it and doing it for the american people, i have nothing but admiration for the man. >> how are you received in the so-called gay community. >> they don't yet understand what it is that i'm doing and that's kind of the attitude i try to take, that despite any treatment that i may be receiving right now which is obviously not favorable, i think that in time the gay community and the liberals in general are going to have a faiclear understanding of what i'm trying to do. what it is right now, so many are still stuck because of the liberal media, in this mindset that you wish to do harm to the gay community or if you're republican you hate gay people. not only have i not found that to to be true, i've been warmly embraced by conservatives and i'm leading the phenomenal movement and
4:30 pm
nobody has come up to me and said i really loved your movement but i just can't get on board. that just hasn't happened. it's only growing. so what i really want the gay community to see, i'm largely trying to empower them, same with black people and brown people, same with all these other targeted groups in the democratic party, i want them to see that the world has changed. this is another important point, it's not as if oppression is a fallacious concept. our nation has a dark history in the way that we have treated black people, the way that we treated brown people and women in lgbt people. i want to focus on where we are today. i want to let go of the past and live in the present and look to the future which, at this point, i don't believe we live in a time where we are oppressing minorities in america. it just isn't happening and that goes for the gay community as well. i want them to see hey, let's
4:31 pm
move on. let's forgive and move on because i think at this point we should be worrying about empowering ourselves as individuals and not sticking in these groups and seeing ourselves as victims. >> some people are heavily invested two their identity. >> some groups are invested, there's a lot of money and the louder they are and the more radical they are, the more outrageous they are, the more they draw media attention and headlines and so forth. it's this vicious cycle. you seem to be saying let's get off the hamster wheel, let's pay attention to what's actually going on, put the brainwashing aside and let's embrace our individuality and our liberty regardless of who you are or what you are which is a quintessential message. >> absolutely. what you are describing is the oppression industry. the industry that exists by constantly making people feel like they are in danger,
4:32 pm
constantly making them feel like they don't have the same rights or advantages or opportunity as other people in this country, and after they get done delivering that message and they say click here to donate so yes, what i want is for people to see that they can embrace their individual identity and it's not like these things aren't extremely important, they are. i look at my own community, the gay community, we haven't astronomical hiv rate. it's accelerated drug abuse rate and these aren't coincidences. these are the results of people constantly being fed the messages that they are not good enough, that they are in danger, that they are not wanted, that they are hated and so i want people to see, this isn't reality anymore. it doesn't have to be this way. i'm sober. i just celebrated more than four years of sobriety. my life has changed the tremendously for the better.
4:33 pm
i wish what i have on what has happened to me for every other person who's ever felt like they weren't good enough or they weren't a victim. there constantly getting messages from their media, from their party that were still living in the past. >> when the democrat party ceased to be but for the victimization of americans or trashing americans and yet i see people by the tens of millions who would pour into this country if we allowed, gay people, street people, black people brown people white people, all people. we are such an oppressive horrific country that we can't keep people out. we'll be right back i used to book my hotel room on those travel sites but there was always a catch. like somehow you wind up getting less. but now that i book at, and i get all
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brandon, you didn't go to college. >> no. >> is that a good thing or bad thing. >> now i think it's a good thing because i never got indoctrinated. i actually think that's part of the reason i was able to get out alive the way that i was and hopefully encourage a lot of other people to get out as well. i hear all the time these colleges and universities are just becoming more and more indoctrination camps than institutions of learning, and i have to believe that's true because i have seen with my own eyes the way the sort of liberal cancer has overtaken the minds of young people. they can't even carry on a conversation. >> have you spoken at any college campuses. >> i will be. >> it appears when they tried to speak at universities and colleges all over the country, it creates a violent
4:39 pm
response. it goes to the issue of academic freedom and free speech that doesn't really seem to be free speech and a lot of our paint campuses on this country. are you in a focus on colleges and universities. >> absolutely. we have to go into the belly of the beast and in many respects, young people are absolutely a demographic that we must speak to her we will get into colleges and high schools but there's a lot of other initiatives. were using creative means to communicate and this is why we been so successful. we have an anonymous amount of black people and brown people in this campaign and the reason why is because were communicating with people in ways that they never have before. one instance around martin luther king jr. weekend, we put out a 35 minute short film documentary. with this campaign it was a video testimonial people telling their story.
4:40 pm
we had a hollywood film producer, he created a 35 minute document neil using the testimony of 20 black americans and he threaded them together to create this unbelievable compelling story about the black experience in america. how this particular community has in been indoctrinated into telling the true history of the kkk and faith in religion and how these things play in. we put it out, it's available for people to watch on youtube for free anytime they want until we put this out and it had phenomenal response. what we will do now with that film is rent out theaters across the country, raise the money so people can come and watch for free and filled the theater with as many people of color as we can have a panel of walkaway people who
4:41 pm
absolutely, we will have town hall style discussions and say why are we still voting democrat and is this serving us well. i intend to do the same thing with the lgbt community. really just have honest discussion they listen, it's time to think our political motivation. >> this is widespread grassroots movement that you're trying to create. it is very interesting to me. the president was making progress in the black community. there was a call back in august, 21% favorability in the black community amongst black males. then i noticed the media started pounding him as a racist. he's a racist, he's a racist i'm saying what the hell has he done that is racist.
4:42 pm
i can't think of a single thing, can you. >> no, and they underreport all of the amazing things he does. he's done these incredible celebrations in the white house during black history month, the first up was incredible thing that will help the black family in america. he's already pardon people with crazy life sentences for small small petty crimes, certainly things that do not warrant a life sentence. he's done amazing things to try to help black community, but they need to keep these people thinking that he's a racist. >> we can't have a clarence thomas. we can have people. [inaudible] whether it's a gay person, black person, a jewish person,
4:43 pm
we call them anti- somatic despite the fact of israel support and his daughter is an orthodox jew and yet this goes on and on and on. is this what you're going to be up against the whole walkaway movement. >> perhaps, but i'm not concerned about it. if they think they're in a come after me they have the wrong guy. i don't quit, i don't give up, i'm endlessly creative and if they're going to try to sabotage me i out talk them every term. >> i have no doubt you will. don't forget, almost every weeknight you can watch live in tv. call us at 844 levintv to join us or go to blaze we have a great conservative
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we are not out there pushing victimhood or left-wing agenda, so let me make a guess , you're not invited on cnn. >> no. >> you're not invited on msnbc
4:48 pm
, there's not a full page spread in the washington post or anything like that. >> older is. >> but against you. >> so what it is is once the campaign got to the point where it was no longer ignored by the liberal media they started telling stories about about what they said is this is campaign that was conjured up by altamira pruden and it supported by russians and its russian propaganda. >> how is he. >> he's good, we have an on-again off-again, it depends on his mood. so, that's how they tell the story. they tell people that walkaway is a russian propaganda campaign that was designed to hurt democrats and this is how insidious and sneaky they are. they do this so they can then have an excuse to start suppressing more conservatives on social media so they can say that walkaway # come about that russian propaganda thing we have to suppress this and that account, it's all tied together. >> no what the russian propaganda thing used to be,
4:49 pm
the democrat party for almost their entire existence. they tried to undermine megan who is trying to defeat the soviets and they get behind these movements, the nuclear freeze movement and others that were intended to tie the hand of the military, and also the little offshoots, the satellite countries that the soviets were backing, nancy pelosi went to syria, that was against president george w. bush, he was asked not to do that by ronald reagan, ted kennedy, communicated with the kremlin because he wanted to defeat ronald reagan in 1984 and you and i are somehow influenced by vladimir putin are prudent. were not even sure how to spell his name and where influenced by him. >> when this happened to me, it was another time in my life or i said okay, were getting something thrown at us, let's spin it and make it into a
4:50 pm
positive. so i said okay, if they're going to call my campaign russian propaganda and every people, let's show them the truth. we put together a march on washington that we did ten days for the midterm election, we raised an enormous amount of money through the contribution of hard-working americans, we put together a spectacular march for the election, we even devised a mascot for the campaign of russian bot whose name was uranium one, and then the march was actually so successful and amazing that i got a tweet from this gentleman here who said walkaway from the democrat movement, congratulations to brandon for starting something very special. amazing. >> for all the attacks on this man, he is very human. he personalized it. people can identify it which the media cannot. they're very compounded by
4:51 pm
this man because they don't understand and they don't understand americans. they all live and work inside the belt layer and on the west coast, there really not sure what goes on on the coast. if people want to contact you, where did they go. our goal is to get people off of facebook because of suppression and things like that. we will have a very sophisticated website around the month of may. for the time being walkaway campaign is a place marker website and there's lots of information about how people if they want to volunteer or help contribute because we are grassroots, were kind of living on a wing and a prayer and we have
4:52 pm
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mark: brandon straka, future of the country, you see fairly radical people announcing to be a democrat nomination. so radical they are starting [inaudible] and talking about nationalizing healthcare, nationalizing education and that is what free education is about. open borders, wealth taxes, massive marginal tax rate things that are contrary to the american experiment. a lot of people are worried about this. how do you see the future of the country? how do you see the progress of the country? >> i am optimistic. i am eternally optimistic i think, about the nature of people and i think the direction our country is going to go in general. but i think is as the democratic party and ideology of liberalism becomes more extreme, more french, more left, more and more
4:57 pm
people being turned off and starting to have their eyes opened in the media is becoming more desperate. the constant calls of racism and bigotry in jumping the gun as we see the hate crime hoaxes hopping an attack and turns out we got the story wrong. happening on a daily basis now. people are starting to have their eyes open when the kavanaugh hearings happen that is huge second wave of testimonials at our campaign. then it happened with jesse mullet and i think more and more people will continue to walk away but what is paramount that no one can be complacent at this point. the era of the silent majority is over and i can't take this enough. it is time for the silent majority to become unplanned. everyone must speak up and defend the principles and defend this country. it's important perhaps most important thing is for
4:58 pm
conservatives to continue to speak up let people know black people, from people, lgbt people there's a seat at the table over on the right. conservatism is for everyone and empowering individual is for all people regardless of race or sexual orientation or gender because people on the left are not getting that message but the opposite message. if they knew that, it's the values of conservatism that make so much more sense than the ideology of liberalism. people knew that a safe seat on the right they would be willing to come over. socialism the terrible for everyone. it is probably in the end, worse for people of color and other marginalized minority. mark: what you are saying is so true and yet it's a big problem in the public party.
4:59 pm
republicans don't know how to talk. they would go out there and be conservatives, principals conservatives, constitutionalist, talk about the individual and talk about putting pencils and next line to the people as reagan did, the shining city on the hill, the positive things, the great things we have done, industrial revolution in the running water and electricity in vehicles that do not come from government but from socialism or bernie sanders. it came from, we the people. we do not explain that or enga engage. >> agreed. i also think there's not enough medication between identity lines for whatever reason. i understand it can be uncomfortable for some people but -- i myself have no apprehension about going into an auditorium where i am the only white person in the room and addressing an auditorium filled with black people. black people are just people. we just talk to each other the same way -- black people love good ideas just like white people and conservatism is filled with good ideas but we need to have this conversation. mark: great pleasure.
5:00 pm
wish you all the luck in the world. >> great to meet you. mark: don't forget, join us next week on "life, liberty and levin".


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