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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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justice with judge janine's next high waters and this is my world world. >> breaking tonight the fallout continues from the probe and the trump's lawyer is rudy giuliani will respond live in just a few minutes. welcome to justice. i am judge janine thank you for being with us tonight we have a big show on deck with rudy giuliani and former new york city police commissioner just to name just a few we will be breaking down the report and the outrage and debate over that the first my opening statement.
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used in witness to the biggest scandal in american history bar none. the coup of the united states government they conned you and games you and light you over and over and over they destroyed lives and reputations and families and in the end nobody coordinated with russia not any tribe or anyone on the campaign and after two years prosecutor striving to indict the president and the one in his orbit the talking heads and the networks on cable and otherwise the hypocrites trying to convince you that he was an illegitimate president but in the end nothing, no
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collusion and no obstruction, nothing. they did not care whose lives they destroyed but what mattered is that they destroyed the outsider, the forgotten men and women of america that put in the oval the outsider that convinced us the status quo was a choice and he can do better with and endings deal desperate for any connection to threatened families and witnesses and individual civil liberty to obtain the goal to remove the president of the united states all the while president trump worked tirelessly to secure this great nation. we constantly hear about voter suppression but the biggest
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effort ever took place at the highest level of our government because they try to oust the man they could not control. if you think about it could you think of the military but here the effort to discredit this president was by law enforcement manipulation, the intelligence community and the law enforcement community, doj, fb community, doj, fbi, cia director john brennan. everything in my book was validated by the mueller report. for them to scoff and laugh but they watch it all up close and personal. from clueless clapper on down the first time in american history people with unbridled power made the determination to overthrow presidential candidate then plant the seeds for indictment and impeachment
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to destroy the will of those who voted for change in america. this could only happen at this level of government the head of the cia and the justice department only with a wink and a nod from the commander-in-chief where do they get the confidence this was okay? who could have given the green light? the on verify a dossier was the justification for this rogue intelligence operation. anytime there is a clue there is the effeminate one - - affirmative defense of action to destroy trump and endorse hillary. so where do we go from here? who was the judge that signed the first fisa warrant and the
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second of the reopening? and the evidence of fact with the extension? who signed the second extension what additional evidence was provided to that judge? why haven't we heard the fisa court being investigated? why is there a fisa court to begin with? i want to john brennan who tried to get out of this mess to say i got bad information perk i want him investigated by a grand chain amaretto bridge and that condescending jim comey. when somebody lies to you say don't worry about it i will get over it. that is not how the system work works. there has to be accountability and the consequence because the president himself said they should on - - this should never happen again and i can guarantee you it will. once we make an example of the traders in those treasonous that accused donald trump to be an agent of the russian government and as they spewed
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their hate i want to know who leaked and if we don't have a consequence of the highest level of government are not held responsible then it is a blueprint for a future effort to overthrow the government. don't be satisfied with the mueller report. this is bound to happen again because these arrogant lying haters of you and me and the america that doesn't have power will do it again unless we stop them in the old is through justice, true justice and that is behind the bar. with this justice. and that's my open. let me know what you think. joining me now with reaction to my opening statement from the mueller report fallout
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former new york city mayor. good evening. >> you know, what i think of you and your entire career. jeanine: now let's talk about this. this report not only exonerates that the fbi and the doj and the time to say jeff sessions is the attorney general nothing will happen will something happen now? . >> first of all, i know you agree with me of the corrupted politicians at the top no field offices implicated no agent who sacrifices his life these phony politicians at the top corrupt themselves i would
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describe comey that way to get millions of dollars the czars sucker politicians not fbi agents and to put their lives on the line so that's who we are talking about. that what they did here i believe we will uncover evidence that what they did is criminal. this whole thing of collusion is not true provide was with donald trump the last five months of the campaign. he didn't ever talk to a russian. he says i don't speak russian. [laughter] . >> somebody needs to be superimpose this and then try to prove it and we have to
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find out who is the brains behind this? there are four or five possibilities i think we will find them i think lindsey graham will help but i think we need a justice department investigation who tried to perpetrate fraud on the american people. >> why have we heard from christopher steele. >> they should all be in jail. >> we agree. >> and this is in the e-mails where is he selling his book when he should be in jail for perjury? and other should be in jail for conflict of interest or bribery? i would put people in jail for these things are conflict of interest.
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>> but this is what the american people are struggling with right now the idea that what they know is it is clear from the mueller report this is total exoneratio exoneration. >> there is no collusion which there is not this is the third or fourth investigation how many more do we have to have? that more on shift, i don't know what he is adam schiff ought to do another investigation 13 were angry and some of them donated enormous amounts of money summer at the party crying and one were to the clinton foundation. >> no question that you would be shocked if i told you to
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lie about donald trump they have a lot more character. >> but. jeanine: but there is a report that you have on mueller and the special counsel that you have said you are sure he doesn't want the public to hear so what he has done that outrages you? . >> paul manafort. i don't know about ukraine and whatever else but they close the case 2014 but they reignited it because he became the advisor and campaign manager to donald trump they
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threaten the hell out of his family and put him in solitary confinement. >> if they did that to terrorist to say you cannot do this no civil rights lawyer came forward for manafort but now in 23 hours a day looking at his shoes. . >> the judge knew that. >> this is disgraceful. >> he finds the mueller report is out he doesn't sleep and what is going on in the white house? what is he saying? . >> when we got the news there was no collusion i was relieved i was ready we were sitting there for three days
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ready if they said anything but i believe no matter what they say we can prove to the american people that it's not true because i know something they don't know he did not collude with the russians at all. had nothing to do with russians. how stupid is obstruction of justice from the beginning to the end of the investigation? 500 witnesses would not object one.4 million documents not a single thing mueller can say. does the president think he might fall - - fire mueller? we don't prosecute people for their thoughts. jeanine: counsel to the president. >> we are so glad you are back
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our country is in trouble we need common sense lawyers. we need you okay dan look you just heard the mayor say that we have 280500 search warrants of those witnesses $25 million and this guy adam schiff should i call him at the president calls him he once more hearings and thinks he will find out more than mueller did. what do you have to say? . >> let me say it is spectacular to be here with you tonight. adam schiff is a sleaze ball. he calls him pencil neck?
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he has accused the president of the united states without any evidence whatsoever to be a traitor. what kind of a human being or a vacuum of the soul do you need to have to do that? the mayor was right. don't forget this isn't the first investigation it is the third we had a house investigation in senate and now the mueller probe. and one more thing. i don't want to hear how mueller exonerated trump eden exonerate anybody trump exonerated trump he did not do anything wrong. jeanine: that's what i want to know why was there and investigation based on a false dossier? this is a guy no space between
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him and the camera. there is clear evidence on the issue of collusion but there is also circumstantial evidence i can see ample evidence of collusion and he says i would accept whatever conclusion mueller reaches also there is a big difference if there is evidence of collusion and i think that is already in plain sight is he from another planet? . >> i will study you right now. adam schiff is right on every one of those the evidence of collusion is strong.
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with the clintons. which was revealed by the way working with fusion gps hired by the clintons. his sworn testimony a ukrainian lawmaker gave fusion gps information. and they already admitted in a deposition he gave that the information was from russians. how does this escape adam schiff? . >> prosecutor should he be taken off as head of the committee quick. >> he should go through charitable work the head of the committee? he should not be allowed in washington d.c. with the secret service if you were screwed up it was a do not admit. he should not be allowed on capitol hill with a do not admit.
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a disgrace to the country into his party and ebay - - anybody who lays claim he is sleazy do not accuse an american citizen of being a traitor. >> it is outrageous. jeanine: going on to the other networks to act like they have special intelligence even brennan talks about. . >> he said he would have known it was categorical. there is no fisa i would look it up march 2017 lying jim clapper. jeanine: so they don't accept these findings ultimately whether it is nadler or adam schiff they will keep having these hearings until they backfire quick. >> they have to. judge, there is no evidence. the great irony is the case fell apart to investigate the
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fbi actions of the clinton probe that is how they found this text wait until the ukrainian scandal blows that's going over there with the ambassador and joe biden's kid. wait until that becomes public they will wish they stopped probing into foreign collusion. jeanine: thank you so much. former new york city police commissioner is still ahead tonight but next the democrats message fall flat against president trump and the reelection campaign we will talk about that and more in a man who chase the run to the presidency. next.
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jeanine: the collusion conspiracy will there be an investigation what about all this nonsense in the first place the 2020 democrat hopefuls of get their act together? we will talk to this about former campaign manager. to corey lewandowski. >> good evening. may have these democrats that are so focused on the mueller report they will not give up. whether jerry nadler or adam schiff. >> absolutely it would go to their detriment they will continue to overreach and press for impeachment to remind the people that all this president does is deliver every time.
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promises made promises kept. the reception at grand rapids was the biggest 15000 in the arena about 10000 outside that is what the democrats have to fight against they have no chance. jeanine: no question. we have been to several of these events and the energy is incredible between the president and the audience and i have never seen anything like it. in addition to the firing of any additional hearings in my head which cannot prove anything more than this long-winded mueller investigation the fact that they were so confident with the mainstream media the american public will say we
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cannot believe them anymore. >> exactly. the biggest losers are the mainstream media the other network perpetrated the story trump would be taken out in handcuffs but when he dominated on may 9th of 2016 this was exactly the equivalent and attorney general bar had a summary. no collusion, no coordination or obstruction. the mainstream media of course, they are. it was a disservice to the american people. jeanine: american people are
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going to remember that. and peterson at the top of the pools built - - of the polls but let's listen. >> the paradox is that in order to beat trump we have to run a campaign it's not all about trump. folks at him say who was talking about me? jeanine: and if i would agree from a sound bite but i have to tell you one of the front running democrats do what he talks about because he is right whether warren or booker or harris or all of them they all talk about trump. even biden it is all trump bashing all day.
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. >> you are exactly right. in the town of 100,000 people now it starts to resonate because talking about things other than donald trump. you cannot just have a campaign against somebody else. beto o'rourke, robert francis all they want to do is bash the president. what they don't want to do for the promises made our promises kept the stock market is on fire we have had a strong military. so if you want to beat donald trump you better plan over what the last three years but that message is probably the right one for the democrats.
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go find something you can do positive for the country. jeanine: in the end i don't know any of them have the energy trump has. so on that level. thank you for being with us tonight corey lewandowski. up next the crisis at the border reaching the breaking point president trump has a bold way out but will it work? and we have democratic strategist here in the panel (woman) candace, two minutes.
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too late for lunch. starkist saves the day. sweet and spicy tuna in a pouch! smart choice, charlie. (charlie) no drain, no pain. just tear, eat... and go! try all of my tuna, salmon and chicken pouches. childfund works in 25 countries to ensure that millions of children like meti grow up healthy, educated, self sufficient and safe. learn more at childfund dot org. . >> live from america's news headquarters. tens of thousands of palestinians rally over the mass protest over the border of israel violence erupted during the protest leading to the death of four palestinians he is really military says rockets were fired into their
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territory but the no casualties were reported the rockets were fired in retaliation for the protesters death so the first female president of environmental activist wins with 50 percent of the vote attracting voters who were tired of mainstream politics after a wave of anticorruption sentiment she has been interim president since the country gained independence sends us split of czechoslovakia in 1983 now back to "justice with judge jeanine". jeanine:. >> people of the border patrol the job they do is unbelievable i.c.e. the same thing mexico will have to do something otherwise i'm closing the border. all disclose the border.
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with a deficit like we have with mexico and we have for many years this will be a profit for us. jeanine: that is president trump say he may be forced to close the southern border customs border protection commissioner says this is the breaking point and good to have you here. so what we've got, the numbers are unbelievable migrant family apprehensions are up 338 percent and up 1690 percent in el paso and is san diego. the numbers are huge and we are at a breaking point.
6:34 pm
in an article and interview that she did where she said i don't want to hear anymore what the president should do or should have done many months ago. what do you say to that quick. >> the president can do it himself he needs the help of republicans in congress. he has been trying to secure the border not only from democrats but republicans and those who promise their own constituents they would seal the border now what is happening at the southern border is unsustainable just last month 76000 apprehensions this isn't about racism other thing nothing other than securing the border we cannot just have people pouring and when they feel like it. jeanine: you have to admit that we are in a place where we cannot possibly take care
6:35 pm
of everyone. they are coming in with the clothes on their back. there is no way they are coming in to go to the bank. you agree with that i assume quick. >> i do agree that there is a financial cost that comes with an operating country part of our rules that we have that we take in asylum-seekers. >> had you know, they are asylum seekers? that is only assuming they return to court. >> but when they say they seek asylum the rules of this nation say we have to take them at their word then when they are processed if they meet the standard to seek asylum but initially we have to take them in that is our law. there is a cost without also the cost that when we destabilize other parts of the world people come here to seek asylum makes sense.
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>> we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year on these countries if you look at the country's president trump has cleaned up el salvador and honduras we are giving them so much in humanitarian aid they cannot take care of their people they are fleeing. we know the drug cartels are running loose. something needs to be done because we just cannot take everybody in. also the people that are seeking asylum don't qualify they have learned to game the system so they read the paper to say to return to court but they never do. >> you are conflating the issues everybody games the system multimillionaires gain game the tax system. jeanine: but the majority of this country is not gaming the system they pay for it. >> exactly people game the
6:37 pm
system at the very bottom and the middle classes supporting it but some people game the system doesn't mean there are not legitimate reasons for people to seek asylum i don't thank you would argue the point many times the economic and foreign-policy dues destabilize regions to create people that have to flee violence. >> but at what point do we stop letting people in my mother is from mexico so that is what everybody else wants to see we give out 1 million green cards per year she came here legally and people who came here legally they also want to go to the process like they did. >> but i asked you very simply do you recognize our policies around the world destabilize
6:38 pm
regions to create asylum-seekers. jeanine: are you saying it is our fault? because we are destabilizing the world so we deserve the influx of millions of people to go on our disability in hospitals and welfare and everything else that we deserve that because we destabilize them? come on. >> i think deserve is the wrong word but it is a moral question somebody has to ask a moral question that if you were in the situation and in a place where our policies have destabilized to make it dangerous to you have a moral responsibility in a christian nation quick. >> wet paul is a long policies are we destabilizing i hate when people try to make america look terrible we are the most generous country in the world and helping countries around the world so for you just to say this without policies are destabilizing in latin america is outrageous. >> i could build a list is just a moral question either
6:39 pm
you think we have a responsibility morally or we don't. >> how long have you been working jonathan quick. >> without saying how old i am? [laughter] . >> as you get older more of your economy will be taken from you and some people work actually six months before they get there paycheck that is a moral issue as far as i am concerned for the middle americans who work hard and respect our laws from those who come here illegally. you agree? good. thank you. when the president says he wants to close the port of entry obviously he can do that. it is legal but he is preventing people from illegally entering. and he shouldn't stop there the illegals bowls keep coming
6:40 pm
in. >> all the details we don't know what would happen if we shut down the border i am for whatever we need to do to send a strong message to other people in other countries you cannot just come in you have to wait in line like everybody else who was here legally. jeanine: thank you for being with us tonight. up next, growing outrage over the jusse smollett charges being dropped a gross miscarriage of justice after the break.
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jeanine:. >> he said he was attacked by the country that is an embarrassment not only to chicago but to our country. jeanine: the city of chicago and the nation as well with their decision to drop all charges against jusse smollett accused of faking they hate crime attack the national da association and the district attorney i knew him many years when i was the da. good to have you back. we have a lot to do we have a 16 count indictment between one and three years on each
6:45 pm
whether they are concurrent or consecutive we don't get into that and the da says it's over. no explanation even if it is a diversion program they have to admit they did something. this is strange. let's start with that. >> that is the understatement of the year when rahm emanuel and president trump agree something is a fraud but first is by the justice who defrauded the city of chicago or the police department he defrauded the gay community and the states attorney who has defrauded us and to defraud her fellow people. >> was there favorable treatment quick. >> occam's razor suggest favorable treatment. >> have you even heard of a diversionary program somebody is given a time that if they
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complete the condition the charges are dismissed even though they never explain or admit what it was they have to admit their guilt in the first place. that's the whole point why would i put somebody in a diversionary program and prosecutors across the country we love diversionary programs mental health courts and drug courts but the person admits their responsibility because of you put them through a treatment program when your later they screw up we cannot prove the case one year later they disappear or memories fade that is why there are admissions of guilt before hand. >> she doesn't get that and then she seals that either the mandatory of the file quick. >> not only did she steal it but she declared an emergency court session to notify that he was on the calendar they did not even find out about this until later.
6:47 pm
jeanine: it is an emergency bring him in dismiss. >> we don't know the emergency maybe he got beat up by two more people. [laughter] . >> so now ms. fox. she is the da she says i am recusing myself but her office handles the case so when they called it was colloquial has have that ever been that bizarre quick. >> not in the last 150 years you don't recuse yourself on monday then un- recuse yourself on friday. she found out she is in violation of illinois law if you accuse yourself your offices. jeanine: now they are doing
6:48 pm
things that we have never heard of and we have 16 years in law enforcement. >> this is a wave of prosecutors they just want to lock people up and we are in favor of mass incarceration catching people with marijuana cigarettes and throw them into attica. told lies. these are the george soros disciples. because for example, he gave $400,000 to fox and she replaced da alvarez because they were not transparent enough how is that working out now crack. >> anyway, we will continue the conversation on this issue when we are joined live by former commissioner new york city police department. justice rolls on in a moment.
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jeanine: will come back. let's talk more about the jusse smollett case that has outrage so many across the country. here with reaction former new york city police commissioner. pleasure to have you here. let's talk about this how many police were under you quick. >> 41000. >> you are a cop. how do you view what happened in this case? . >> it is a slap in the face to every cop that works in the department and that worked the case. it jeopardizes their safety, their jobs. imagine this is one of the highest profile cases in chicag chicago.
6:53 pm
teams of detectives are looking for two white guys that violently beat a guy because he was black and gay. really? cops get aggressive they go out there and jeopardize their position not to mention chicago has one of the highest murder rates you pull resources from on the bogus charge. >> talk about the police superintendent and the lifeline the da may be a forget her name ms. fox the criticism is incredible. . >> know you would never fight with the da like that unless
6:54 pm
you lost complete faith and trust and that is what i see in johnson's attack. when the da does something like this and johnson was specific, he did not know she did this until he saw it on television like we did. that is outrageous. outrageous a high profile case like this was not called to his attention or pick up the phone to call. this is what i am doing and why. it was a complete surprise just like the entire country. jeanine: that is a breakdown in the system. >> it is her fault completely her fall. never in 35 years in this business as police commissioner i've never seen a case like this never. jeanine: we don't even know what it is. they don't explain it. >> she said it was processed in illinois. nobody can find one.
6:55 pm
>> it is sealed and it doesn't have to be and michelle obama chief of staff with the fbi is another issue. jusse smollett attorney and we know proving this beyond a reasonable doubt that a grand jury indicted, his lawyer says it is that mayor and the police chief who owe an apology to jusse smollett to drag an innocent man's character through the mud. jusse smollett he has paid enough. >> he is a moron. i don't know. the evidence is overwhelming. after they dismissed the case the superintendent and the mayor stood up to say this is nonsense. we saw the evidence. we know he committed the crime. jeanine: everybody is a
6:56 pm
victim. >> it is bad enough the lawyers are impacting that. >> even he said he is innocent. we will be right back. (woman) candace, two minutes.
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jeanine: finally thank you to each of you for watching me tonight. i love my loyal fox news channel viewers and i appreciate all of you for joining me. advocating for truth, justice
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and the american way. thanks again. greg gutfeld comes up next i will see you next saturday nigh night. . >> we have some great great friends in the media look at rush and sean and laura and steve. [cheers and applause] and tucker and janine. janine is back. she is back on saturday night even greg likes me now. [applause] . >> it's about time. [laughter] [applause] here we are. >>


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