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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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he's going to this report to bludgeon the democrats. how exactly is he going to do that and have been part of the campaign will this be? >> i think the president is right. for two years a been attacking him. no president has ever deserved that and no one should ever deserve that again. i mean there is families across america that can't sit down with people anymore and do things because of how much partisan and how much divided this -- >> a referring to my family. my mom is a little upset with the mueller report.
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they have sold the narrative so much and so people in the media have done so much, there was a zero fact. zero fact of collusion. >> how will exploit this? when a democrat says something he was a you are wrong about this and probably wrong about this too. >> on there is a talk to, you lied about this error that but i think it shows democrats are capable, i think it shows the false narrative. i think they're willing to lie 100 percent with anything because they cannot fight the president on policy. >> you can say, they are not telling the truth about the border crisis. just like they didn't say the truth about russia collusion. >> just like they are not telling you the truth about healthcare also. we are not going to let people with pre-existing conditions. a complete lie as well. immigration. if you've seen the border this week it's been horrible!>> record amounts.
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the media also took it in between the eyes. fake news has now been vindicated. for the last two years he's been criticized very strongly for saying fake news. the enemy of the people. he was right. fake news drove the russia collusion story and now it's over. what does the media do next? >> is funny. i've worked with demand for years almost a decade. he tends to be right over and over and over again. even sometimes when i say wait, what? and it turns out he is right. he has an unbelievable intuition to understand what's happening. he just lives in the present for so many decades of this and i think he will be right about the things that he's moving forward with it. i just cannot believe the media. you know people say what are you doing what is the staff doing and it was just all fake! >> the whole thing was fake. now there's a huge gaping hole in programming. i don't know what they will do
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now. maybe, who knows! all right, a big rally in michigan. thursday night, you guys are going to try to hit the same rust belt states i imagine, michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania. tells about the strategy. >> i think from the michigan rally can also see the data just like we saw in the el paso rally. we saw new people coming, democrats, 30, 40, 50 percent democrats. blue-collar democrats, african-american, latinos. michigan, minnesota. >> is minnesota in play? >> yes i think minnesota, new hampshire, new -- >> what you say about minnesota and new mexico? >> the type of voter in the states, what has been done for the economy, the lies and deceit of the democrat party lying to the people. i think the president is in a very good position 2020 to open up the map. i think it's a great place for
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us to be and the president to be. they play with data a lot but just like in 2016 when i was one of the few people that actually saw the right data, we will not listen to the fake narrative data. we won't listen to the fake stories. >> was saying if you have a rally michigan or something you can see how many democrats are there and you believe 30 percent possibly democrats represented in a rally like that? in a state -- >> when they came to the rally michigan like el paso we require them to give their cell phone number and we connect them back to the voter file. we know how they voted in the past, what things they do and we had tens of thousands of registrants. i believe it was 34 percent of the people that came to the michigan rally were democrats. i think it is a significant number.almost half -- >> you are still harvest dating new voters, first-time voters, independent and democrats. >> i'm harvesting nearly a million voters data and key swing states every month. >> that must terrify the democrats. >> put it this way we are four
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times more than 2016. i plan to be 6 to 8 time ahead in data. i hope to have every record for every voter i need by election day. >> what is a data telling you about socialism? the green new deal, our people responded to that? or is this a killer at the ballot box? >> i think is a great issue for the president. as he said, as i've been saying all week, it is incredible how much they just, $100 trillion, destroy the economy, turn it into venezuela. >> he wants to run against the green new deal. >> yes!it's a juicy steak. getting rid of airplanes, -- >> it is like the big mac running against the vegans. >> it's amazing. and i think socialized medicine is not the key. i believe moms across america want to keep private healthcare and make choices.
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>> bernie wants to get rid of that. >> and can you imagine waiting in line and say we haven't decided if your child -- >> private healthcare is best for everyone. parents and children. healthcare choices, it sounds really great when you were 19 years old but when you really have healthcare choices you want private healthcare, you want the people on the other side of the table to benefit from saving your life. >> how was the presidents mood? >> he has been very easy to work with this week. he has been very -- >> i can see why! we've been noticing his very discipline. >> i was in the white house this week, he served the hors d'oeuvres. >> what were they, pigs in a blanket?>> you got that! he gave me a diet coke, he was very happy. it was my first in nine years of serving from the president, hors d'oeuvres.
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a very good mood! >> he is serving up a lot of other things for the american people like jobs and strength and -- >> you know, intellectual property, all of these things, people don't even understand during the entire attack he has sold more issues than any other president. think about what he will do in the next two years without this behind him?>> six years you mean. >> of course! >> brad, thank you very much. here is what president trump had to say in michigan at the rally about the mueller probe. >> the russia hoax proves more than ever, that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do. drain the swamp. [cheering] the democrats have to now decide whether they will
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continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull -- [cheering] partisan investigations.or whether they will apologize to the american people. >> training, washington times columnist, monica crowley and fox news and national correspondent, ed henry. ladies first, sorry, ed. we know how the public feels about this monica. we have a pull from rasmussen to put it. 61 percent of americans want the democrats to just move on. but there are some people in the party, the dead enders that will just fight this one out. no matter how bad it makes them look. >> well, they are so deeply invested in the big lie, jesse. between this donald trump and russian collusion lie. they're fully invested and they will not give it up. it is embarrassing for them at
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this point but they have put so much of their political capitol on the line, thinking that robert mueller would produce one result and he produced another exonerating the president. they feel the base will want this and that's why they will continue even once we have the fuller report released and once we begin, another investigation which i think it is likely to happen so look at the origins and execution of the big lie. >> right it will boomerang on them and they know that. so they have to do some misdirection. now i guess the new conspiracy theory is that william barr, the ag is hiding -- >> the cover up! >> covering up the actual collusion in the mueller report and mueller is sitting there like this having it be mischaracterized. >> one single story wrong, robert mueller team put out the statement on a friday night saying this is wrong. we want to correct it. i bet bob mueller would be out there screaming from the
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rooftops if bill barr was mischaracterizing things. number one he is not a trumper. he served in the bush 41 administered and, bill barr. he has his own reputation appeared. >> rosenstein is also involved. >> and he was not necessarily a fan of the president, was thinking about maybe wearing a wire and invoking the 25th amendment. all of a sudden he let donald trump -- here's the bottom on your people to become collusion troopers. i look this up. after the end of world war ii there was japanese soldiers who would not stop fighting in 1945. i think the last one went all the way to 1974. you can look at it. decades later! >> i think we found one of them. let's hear the president talk about adam schiff on the intel committee. >> many people were badly hurt by this scam. but more importantly, our country was hurt. and they are on artificial
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respirators right now. [laughter] they are getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. little pencil neck, adam schiff. [cheers and applause] >> monica pencil neck, one of the japanese dead enders still on the island. i'm afraid, he thinks the war is still going on. >> yeah, look, it's a chuckle about pencil neck adam schiff. but that's intelligence committee is perhaps the most sensitive position in the u.s. congress. and i think ought to happen now is a review of chairman adam schiff security clearance because it is now known that chairman adam schiff went public to the american people and claimed that he'd seen
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classified information that proved collusion. we know now that it was not true. he has done this repeatedly. so i think there should be a temporary suspension of his security clearance which will force him to step down at least temporarily from the chairmanship of the committee. while his potential abuse of power have been investigated. and if he is all clear than he can resume his position and if it is not then he should have security clearance permanently revoked. and one more thing, while this is going on, i do not think the executive branch should be sharing top-secret classified information with this commensal chairman adam schiff position and status is resolved. >> a good point. the president did that with brennan. i want to get back to the deniers that think this is a cover. there is so much evidence that there was a clinton cover.
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we think about smashing the blackberries or acid washing the 3000 emails.even in benghazi they forced these guys to sign nda 's they lost thousands and thousands of emails. if anything look like a cover up it was on the other side. the democrats never said anything. >> barack obama said there was never any. i think the bottom line is democrats have to be careful what they wish for. they say they want transparency i think they should get it. national security secrets, they should get as much of the mueller report as they can. because you know what? the president, the public and everyone else should make sure we get as much about john brennan, james klapper and what they did to stop this whole thing. the fisa warrant. i can see adam schiff and eric swalwell in front of trump tower saying we saw evidence! you know, they keep saying that they have evidence. if there was evidence of collusion, you need to tell me with all the fbi agents and the
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subpoenas and witnesses, robert mueller did not find anything, come on. >> thank you guys very much. cnn hardest hit, we will show you how ridiculous is getting over there.♪ ♪ and later, two former trump ♪ officials fighting back ♪ after being spied on by ♪ barack obama. ♪ barack obama. ♪ [mus when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation.
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comcast business. beyond fast. you guys on this network have tortured this man for two years with collusion and no one has apologized. apologized to the overarching of collusion. >> not a chance. >> of course you are not! you are not being fair. >> they are not the only ones.
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the mainstream media has been after president trump's is the get go. now former ronald reagan advisor and former cnn contributor, jeffrey and journalist and former 60 minutes correspondent, larry logan. my contention is this, they over at cnn especially, for the audience lies and fake news and conspiracies for two years. that is what the audience wanted. they hate donald trump they ate it up and they love that they couldn't get enough. now robert mueller says no collusion. there is a huge gaping programming hole over there now. and what are they going to feed their audience? the audience obviously wants it. the audience might go somewhere else if they are not going to get it from cnn. do you agree? >> you know i don't really look at it that way. i'm a journalist, right so i'm very much grounded in the journalism of this. and everywhere i go, people in
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this country whether there democrats or republicans, they want to have a conversation about what's happening in the media. and it is yes, particularly bad at cnn but all across the mainstream media. and people want to know the truth. i don't think this idea you know, i was i was told when i went to iraq and afghanistan the people are tired of hearing about the wars. 60 minutes never lost any ratings when one of my stories from the battlefield was on television. if you do your job properly, people will pay attention. that's been my guiding philosophy as a journalist. it's much more than the cnn ratings. i don't care about their ratings. what i care about is defending the first amendment and standing up for one of the oldest and most important professions in any democracy. and that is where all of these journalists have trampled on. because they become political activists and propagandists. it doesn't happen just on its own peer they're not just doing that because of how they feel. there is a machine behind that.
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feeding those propaganda talking points and feeding all the misinformation into it. and they know that these journalists are not going to do the job because they wanted to be true so badly. >> is interesting because it all starts with the dossier. that was cooked up by hillery and then it went through the obama demonstration and they just washed it. cycle and cycled over it until everyone is worked up into this big leathery conspiracy theory. and you know journalists are supposed to just not listen to what the cia or the fbi where these sources are telling them. they are supposed to fact check but all the anonymous sources got out there and it turned out to be all wrong. >> that's right. what i find most interesting about this, and i should tell you this, i have a book coming out called swamp wars. i interviewed then private citizen donald trump in 2014 on this very subject of the press. i would like to read two
11:23 pm
sentences. a direct quote - from him. about the press per the public has to know about the dishonesty of the press. because these are really bad people. they don't tell the truth and they have no intention of telling the truth. and i know they are and if he ran, it would expose him 100 percent. that is exactly what we have seen him do as both candidate and president. and this is one of the reasons why at cnn, and elsewhere, they cannot stand him. i mean is a visceral problem. >> and he didn't necessarily expose them all by himself. they exposed themselves. >> exactly. quickly have to take responsibility lower, for it happened. >> no, is not just about this president either. it is about something much bigger than the president. it is about the american people. this election wasn't about donald trump. this election was what about the american people and what they chose their democracy. it is just the fact. so anytime you make this just about whether you are defending
11:24 pm
or not defending or like or do not like donald trump, you are separating us from the principle that really matters here. in my job as a journalist, i look at the principles and the facts, the opinions.and you know you talk about the dossier. it is one thing i think is really significant here because the moment the news broke, i as a journalist, turned to the document to try and figure out what we've got here? what's true and what is not true? what is my responsibility as a journalist? and i couldn't believe what i was reading because you see that these are not first-hand sources. they see that these people sat down with ssb eight is currently working for vladimir putin. and think about what we know about the dossier now. that was funded by the clinton campaign. that source number one and source number three were not two different people, they were one person. that is what we call a discredited dossier. >> exactly, and not only that, >> it was fed everywhere. >> it was fed everywhere and leaked and then to the
11:25 pm
president so they ended up, the media, doing what the russians wanted. the russians wanted us to be fighting each other. the russians wanted this and the media by accusing donald trump of being -- the ended up doing russia's bidding themselves. jeffrey and larry i wish we had more time. >> it is worse than that because people -- >> we have to go. i agree, and they have to be aggressively investigated and we have to have full transparency about how this whole thing. >> and accountability peer that is what the first amendment is about. accountability. >> i completely agree. accountability in the media and the federal government. good discussion. obama lied and spied. how team trump is fighting back.♪ ♪ i've got to tell you something. with the capital one venture card you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases? everything. hey, how'd you get in here? cross-checking. nice.
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>> they tried to poisoned the national debate and tear up the fabric of our great democracy, the greatest anywhere in the world. >> the assault by the obama administration and the mainstream media against donald trump allies has been potentially criminal. donald trump associates have received desolate rights, lost fortunes, legal fees and the reputations dragged through the mud all because the russia collision hoax started by hillary clinton. joining me now, former trump campaign foreign policy advisor, george papadopoulos. the author of the new book, a deep state target and former trump campaign advisor. michael caputo. you were unmasked. you believe that you were electronically surveilled. you also believe you had human
11:32 pm
spies don't you know that you have had to liquidate tens of thousands of dollars to pay for legal fees, how do you feel after all of this? >> i want to go to disney world. you know, i mean, i have to tell you just, it feels like vindication. it feels like you know the super bowl is over and we are the champions. we really went there a lot, all of us. and i mean not just me and my family, my children, my wife got a piece of a sniper rifle in the mail. it's just been a really dark two year period. you know some hiding on the jungle, did not want to come out and talk to anyone. they are coming out of the jungle now like japanese soldiers after world war ii. we haven't spoken to each other at all in the last two years and i think a lot will come to
11:33 pm
light in the weeks ahead. >> you feel totally vindicated. >> absolutely. >> you must feel a little taken advantage of because your own government constitutional republicans supposed to be protections for privacy in there. you had a administration wiretap you, send spies to you. unmasked you. totally violated your constitutional rights. just because you are in another party. i mean, this goes beyond dirty tricks. i mean this is criminal at the highest levels. >> i believe so too. i believe there are a lot of crimes committed. i was a marginal character in the situation. i was in front of the house and the senate and interrogated by robert mueller but it wasn't until some of the news came out on people like carter page and george papadopoulos that you know i feel like my country failed me. my country really failed the likes of george papadopoulos and carter page. and if you read george
11:34 pm
papadopoulos book, it reads like a novel. you know, it reads like a page turner but it really happened and it never should have. >> yeah, i mean, this was a spy novel and the media has an interest in it because of it had been on the other side they would have been coming out of their ears. george, you also had contact with spies. multiple spies when you were abroad, you are surveilled, you are set up you believe. to participate in this thing which launched the investigation crossfire hurricane. do you believe at all that you even talked to anybody that was a russian asset? or was it all western assets? >> that is a great question. thank you for having me on. as you will probably see in my book, i named five assets and spies that withdrawn my way from three different countries and four different cities. my entire case was a
11:35 pm
fabrication to make it by western intelligence organization, the cia, obama department of justice and corrupt fbi officials and even foreign countries such as the united kingdom and australia and even italy, who were in on this to make it look like i and probably others, were involved in a conspiracy with russians. but i never met a single russian during my time in the campaign were even my entire professional life. that is how incredible this was against the american people. >> do you think that they did that to justify gaining access into the trump campaign through the back door? >> well look, this information campaign that was unfortunately propagated on the american people for the last two years, is certainly what happened. what happened is i think this was completely preplanned. i know devin nunes recently came out and stated there was an active investigation to the trump campaign by late 2015 or early 2016. this july 31 date in my opinion
11:36 pm
is completely artificial. i think it is some sort of cover story. >> i believe you're right about that because this article that broke the whole counterintelligence operation in the new york times, that was right before the ig report came out. so they were running interference for the fbi for the cia and those were all leaks to justify the campaign. i believe i agree with you. it happened way earlier. and you say in the book that robert mueller got you to plead to a perjury charge because he threatened you with a much higher charge of you know, not registering as a foreign agent. >> yes that's actually something very important. i want everyone to understand. what mueller and the fbi and all of these intelligence organizations were after me for, were my ties to israel. i don't understand how somebody like me who's never met a russian in his life, got caught up in some sort of russia conspiracy. but by the time the fbi came to my house in january 2017, they
11:37 pm
will basically threatening me about my ties to israel and formerly later on robert mueller tony we will charge you with violations if you don't plead guilty. >> was a serious strong arm tactics. i want the audience to recognize what you just said. george papadopoulos, who you know, the airtime says, started the entire investigation. has never spoken to a russian agent ever. they were all fbi informant, cia informants. let that sink in. okay mike, george, good luck with everything. i'm glad you guys can come out of the jungle and talk to each other. good luck. >> thanks a lot, appreciate it. >> still ahead, diamond and sink on michael avenatti. wait to hear this. firs
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>> this is without a doubt a whitewash of justice.
11:42 pm
>> the chicago mayor calling out the decision by the state attorney's office to drop all 16 charges against jussie smollett. even president trump agreeing with him. >> he said he was attacked by maga country. maybe the only time i've ever agreed with the mayor of chicago. that is a terrible situation. it is an embarrassment, not only to chicago, that is an embarrassment to our country. >> jussie smollett facing up to three years in prison for filing a false police report. but walked away after serving just 16 hours of community service with reverend jesse jackson and just forfeiting his $10,000 bond. but he may still be in hot water as the fbi and the doj investigate the case. here with reaction, commentator wendy -- you know that the guys guilty, right? >> whether he's guilty or not, he has paid his dues, whether that is the $10,000 bond or
11:43 pm
community service. >> wait, how did he pay his dues? >> he's done his time. >> what time is this? >> that community service. >> he hung out with reverend jesse jackson peer that is doing time?>> he went to the rainbow coalition and he did community service so it is done. >> okay, but you realize because you are smart, that he did this hoax, right? you know he of the nigerians beat him up and he tried to sell this as a big hate crime in order to make more money and raise his profile. you get that, right? >> first of all i will say as a nigerian, where the people are from this has nothing to do with this because they are american citizens. >> i don't know the names or the last names of the brothers. were they call them. >> what is wrong so let's make that point. >> what are their names?
11:44 pm
>> -- the second part of this is whether he is guilty he has not been found guilty in a court of law. so we cannot save he's guilty or not. that is the beauty of the judiciary system. >> is oj innocent or guilty? >> o.j. simpson is innocent. [laughter] >> say it again? >> he is innocent. >> o.j. simpson did not kill nicole brown simpson? >> according to our justice system he has not been guilty. is there collusion between donald trump and russia? >> no, there is no collusion. >> okay so then o.j. simpson is innocent and there's no evidence of collusion. >> there is evidence all over the place, two dead bodies. have you found it dead russians in trump tower?come on wendy, use your brain! >> jesse.
11:45 pm
>> we will commit this was a corrupt process? >> no but i will say this. this is an important point. whether it was corrupt on the side of jussie smollett as a team were corrupt on the side of the chicago police, there was corruption there because we know that something, some sort of meddling happened. andrew know that chicago police in 2018 alone had paid out $45 million for misconduct. >> you are saying there was police misconduct in the jussie smollett case? >> and send that there are unanswered questions. >> what unanswered questions? the misconduct was in the prosecutor side. >> they also know, the police department also paid for the hotel of the brothers that were involved in the incident. there's a lot of raised eyebrows an chicago people want
11:46 pm
to know what happened. if you know the atmosphere chicago you know that what happened with the chicago police, this is not the first time. >> wendy this not about the police. it is about jussie smollett. even the illinois prosecutor bar association said the prosecution was unethical. and they do not condone it. you know and i know that there was home cooking and he did it but you will not admit it but that's fine. >> i did not -- >> o.j. simpson is innocent. >> i believe in the justice system. >> so do i but technically got a sweetheart deal and he is guilty i think you and i can agree. >> okay jesse. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, diamond and silk weigh-in.
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that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. >> michael avenatti, a.k.a.
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creepy porn lawyer now has a new nickname, creepy extortion lawyer. this week they accused him of trying to extort up to $25 million from nike. as well as failing to pay millions in taxes. avenatti arrested monday in new york now faces 100 years in prison. yet he still claims that he is innocent. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with
11:51 pm
these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs, that i will be will be exonerated and justice will be done. >> okay! in case you forgot this is what i said about avenatti in november. >> the whole game he was trying to arrange, it is done. i think he will probably declare bankruptcy or he may spend time in prison. >> training, diamond and silk. i love patting myself in the back ladies, i was right. he declared bankruptcy twice and now he is facing 100 years in prison. are you guys looking forward to seeing him in pinstripes possibly? >> well, what he has to do jesse, you may not pay what you owe but you will reap what you sow. and it looks like he is doing a lot of reaping what he sows. the same people he went after four doing bank fraud and all this other kind of foolishness,
11:52 pm
he was doing it, defrauding his clients, trying to extort nike and then he was going to take in the influence in the media to try to destroy a corporation. he don't need to pasco. he don't need to collect $200. we need to go to jail if he is found guilty. >> clink clink. [laughter] >> clink clink. lock him up the phrases. he is a total shakedown artist. he finally met his match with nike. it is too bad this is gone so long because what was it two years or year and 1/2, the media hitched their wagons to the stope because he was drawing blood from the president. and it turns out, he was the one that was the cook. and the corrupt guy that he was accusing president trump of being. speaking of corrupt, chicago i guess, sweetheart deal to jussie smollett. i should say, jussie smollett.
11:53 pm
i hate when i do that! what is going on chicago? it is more crooked than hillary at this point. >> well, it looks that way! it looks like it was a deal and the records were sealed. that's what it look like! but you know what? this is what we call green privilege. if you have enough green money you can buy yourself out of a crime.>> that's right! >> jussie smollett may feel he is vindicated in his head but based upon public opinion he is guilty as hell! the real victim he was trump supporters because he tied trump supporters to his shenanigans. >> that's right! >> and he do need to be prosecuted. i'm so glad the fbi investigation is being opened and i hope is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and whatever the law will allow. >> was really funny jesse, it took them two months to say that no crime was committed against jussie smollett. but it took two years for robert mueller to come back and said there was no rush and collusion. >> and you know, trump supporters getting framed and the obama is always somewhere
11:54 pm
in the background. >> oh yes! >> real quick, robert mueller, no collusion, no obstruction. you have been all right all alone. would you like to pat yourselves on the back? >> yes! >> yes, yes, yes! >> it took an experienced prosecutor, two years to come back with no rush or collusion. but you know what? i want to see the movers, the shakers and the players. everyone that orchestrated and participated in this witchhunt needs to be brought to the table. they need to be prosecuted again to the full extent of the law. do not let any table be unturned. nobody get away with anybody. i will tell you, the obama and his administration also need to be held accountable. let's not forget -- >> may be brennan and avenatti
11:55 pm
will share a jail cell. >> there they are, diamond and silk. chit chat
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. >> a major milestone reached by the us missile defense agency as they tested the system against an in coming icbm that was launched from the marshall islands about 4000 miles from the us mainland moments later those that were launched from vandenberg and then to connect with the target and this is what it looks like when the northern command that is pretty - - pretty amazing that
12:00 am
is all for us. justice with judge janine's next high waters and this is my world world. >> breaking tonight the fallout continues from the probe and the trump's lawyer is rudy giuliani will respond live in just a few minutes. welcome to justice. i am judge janine thank you for being with us tonight we have a big show on deck with rudy giuliani and former new york city police commissioner just to name just a few we will be breaking down the report and the outrage and


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