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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> we will be back tomorrow. >> another immigration showdown with dramatic surge of families seeking asylum prompting president trump to renew threat to close the southern border. good evening i'm rick levanthal in for jon to scott. the president insists he'll not bluffing as on track to speed 100,000 apprehensions this month. the most in a decade. the president threatening to seal the southerner crossing next week unless méxico steps in to help but some members of his own party say he should not take things that far. >> hea my be serious, i think it may be a bad move.
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one thing we are concerned on illegal immigration, is the economy. shutting down the border with third largest trading partner would have a pretty massive impact not in actual trade but psychological damage it'll do. there's a lot of other ways that we can handle this. >> we have fox team coverage on this, jeff paul following the situation at the border from west coast news room but we begin with ellison barber who is reporting from west palm beach near the president's home at mar-a-lago, ellison. >> good evening, rick, yeah, president trump is not backing away from threat to shutdown the u.s.-méxico border even though some members of his own party say it would be a bad idea, in a new tweet, president trump said, quote, méxico must use strong immigration laws to stop many thousands of people trying to get into the usa, detention are maxed out. next step to close the bored. president trump threatened to close the southern border in the past but he never actually did it.
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he also never set any sort of time frame for when he potentially would shut it down, he talked about before government shutdown in december but yesterday he offered a time frame saying it could happen next week. >> if they don't stop them we are closing the border, we'll close it and keep it close for a long time, i'm not playing games, méxico has to stop it. they have people coming right through méxico. very likelihood that i will close border next week and that'll be fine with me. >> senator dianne feinstein says the president needs to stop with ridiculous threats and senior senator from california said méxico is the united states' third biggest trading partner accounting for $1.6 billion in two-way trade each, trade would crash to screeching halt. border patrol says u.s. immigration system is at breaking point, many migrants are families coming from central
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america. president trump has previously cut northern triangle, guatemala, el salvador and honduras. yesterday, mr. trump said he did. >> right now we have two big caravans from guatemala. i've ended payments to guatemala, honduras and el salvador, no money goes there anymore. we were giving them $500 million, we were giving them tremendous aid, we stopped payments to honduras, to guatemala and to el salvador. we were paying them tremendous amounts of money and we are not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us, they set up these caravans. >> president shutting down southern border is rare but not unprecedented. in 1963 after president kennedy was assassinated, president johnson and u.s. immigration services temporarily shut down the southern border stopping people coming and going from the
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country to try and find kennedy's killer but one thing is that méxico was on board with that, she issued orders of their own as well, here in this situation with this latest threat, méxico is not on board with it. today many people are questioning the legality of potentially closing all of the u.s.-méxico border as well as having questions about what that might entail with things like air travel would be included, impact american citizens who are abroad, so president trump has not offered additional details on that and neither has the white house, rick. >> ellison, thank you. the president's threats, cities near border bracing as some democrats acknowledged the situation at the border needs to be addressed somehow. >> by anyone definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at southern border. according to commissioner of cbp, there were 4,000 apprehension in one day alone this past week and were on pace
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for 100,000 apprehensions on southern border this month. that is by far greater number than anything i saw on my watch. >> jeff paul in west coast bureau with more on this, jeff. >> rick, this could compromise a $1.7 billion a day we trade with méxico according to u.s. chamber of commerce, the group also says it would be, quote, an unmitigated economic debacle that could threaten 5 million american jobs. the real impact should be felt in places like the super market where some of produce often comes directly from méxico, those being able to travel between two countries results could be devastated from san diego all the way to south texas. >> the president to come in, there's no order coming in and there's no jobs and that would devastate the economy here.
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>> now, this is all happening after homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen asked all dhs agents to go for emergency funding, migrant families trying to illegally getting in u.s. is giving them no choice but to directly release many of them. agents say they could hit hundred thousand arrests in march, the highest monthly total in a decade but in california arrests are up nearly 700% and in last few months governor newsom blames the president. >> legal asylum seekers being dumped in the bus stops, dumped in the streets while people are circling. >> in its international trip as governor newsom plans to visit central america next month to learn about immigration and its problems firsthand on the ground
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and in regards to the president, talking about closing the border, méxico's foreign secretary wrote on twitter, méxico doesn't act based on threats and also saying méxico is the best neighbor the u.s. could have, rick. >> 700% in los angeles, thank you. democratic presidential candidate across texas today, kicking off his grassroots campaign in his hometown of el paso serial your today hoping to boost support in campaign in growing field of 2020 contenders, live in el paso, claudia. >> good evening, rick, the former texas congressman fired up the crowd of more than a thousand people who gathered here in downtown el paso and for about 45 minutes he touched on the familiar scenes like the need to battle climate change and universal health care and he also called for comprehensive immigration reform.
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>> if you are really serious about security, we have a golden opportunity with republicans, independents, democrats alike to work on comprehensive immigration reform to rewrite this country's immigration laws in our own image with our own values and in the best traditions of the united states of america. >> and it was a busy day for some of the other declared democrats running for president, in iowa the state farmers union organized forum to hear from 5 contenders including elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar and julian castro, while gabbard made first visit to los angeles. recent polls show all the presidential hopefuls behind o'rourke and he's either third or tied for third behind bernie sanders and joe biden. and tonight the former vice president is sending off allegations that he kicked
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nevada political candidate on the back of her head in an event in 2014, former nevada state representative lawsy flores detailing alleged encounter in article published in new york magazine. biden says he doesn't remember the incident and had no idea that flores felt uncomfortable, already widely considered front runner among democrats, biden to officially declare run for president in the next few weeks. rick. >> claudia in el paso, claudia, thank you. obamacare also back in the headlines with the trump administration ramping up its push to dismantle the con contrersial health plan, the entire law should be struck down, the move has divided republicans and angered democrats. >> we lad in the aca20 more millions that had access, i can tell you, i saw that cost curve begin to bend, it wasn't perfect
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but i saw it begin to bend. what we are now doing allowing the aca and the justice department is not defending the laws to have united states. this is a first in history. the justice department is not supposed to be partisan, they are supposed to be defending the laws of the united states. >> ray bogan has more on this. >> rick, good evening, it was a big week for president trump's healthcare policy, first in courts, federal judges ruled against the administration in multiple suits, that includes striking down medicaid work requirements, the administration also announced they would no longer defend the affordable care act in court saying they agree with the texas court ruling that it's unconstitutional. senator susan collins said she was against the administration's actions. >> if the administration is supposed to be aca include provisions to have law that do need to be fix, the answer is
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work with congress. >> now the president wants to develop new legislation. >> and we will have preexisting conditions and we will have a much lower deductible, so -- and i've been saying it, the republicans are going end up being the party of health care. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and the democrats are working on a healthcare bill of their own while pushing back against the trump administration. >> we will fight back and fight back in congress and fight back in court and fight it in court with public opinion. >> speaker pelosi is going to force republicans to get on the record, she announced a vote for next week on resolution condemning what she calls the trump administration's legal assault on health care. the speaker said the american people deserved to see exactly where their representative stand, rick. >> ray bogan reporting, attorney general tells congressional leaders the mueller report sent by mid april, redacting sensitive information from the
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nearly 400 page report but democrats are standing by their deadline of this coming tuesday for its release. president trump's attorney rudy giuliani says the full report will not offer anything incriminating. >> democrats are making absolute fools out of themselves. i mean, the report is clear as it can be, exoneration, i was a prosecutor for 18 years, i have seen letter it's clear, you can't quite reach the result what we have, probable cause to get indictment, all the other things, we can't prove a case, exoneration. >> david has the latest from washington. >> good evening, the clock is ticking, attorney general barr is working as quickly as possible to get report out, nearly 400 pages, redactions to cover sensitive information. barr says it will be sent to congress by mid-april, however, democrats are furious, they want it by april 2nd, that's a few
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days of this coming tuesday, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler standing firm on the april 2nd date, earlier democrat with exchange on neil cavuto about the mueller report. >> i'mi'm not going to apologize for loving the country and benefiting from free market. >> that wasn't my question, sir. my question is whether you called the -- i understand that, you called president foreign agent of the russians and i'm wondering with the report out that it seems to disavow that. >> have you read the report? >> no, but neither have you, right? >> president trump says he wants to report serious possible, they mean by this tuesday, the president's attorney says it's not possible. >> 20 pages -- 200 pages.
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>> any questions that members of congress may have democrats have said they'll think about that. you only want to hear from him, voluntarily come before congress, he could be subpoenaed, capitol hill. >> it is nowhere near over, of course, there are many more lingering questions and goes from here. john bussey will share his thoughts in a few minutes. tens of thousands palestinians rallying in gaza strip today and at least 4 were told were killed in clashes, we will be live in gaza with the latest. plus a new report identifying a potential cause of the deadly
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>> we have breaking developments in the middle east as clashes flair again in the gaza strip, palestinians protestors marking a full year of demonstrations along the israeli border and things are heading up yet again, trey yanks reporting from inside gaza city, trey. >> rick, just minutes ago we got word from the israeli defense forces that 5 rockets were fired from the gaza strip into southern israel. this is the first round of rocket fire in days after what appeared like progress in cease fire negotiations. here is a look at what led up to the news we are getting in just now. >> gunfire rings up in gaza city as funeral gets underway. earlier this morning palestinian shot in the head at location where gaza were throwing ied's to israeli troops. >> hundreds of palestinians are marching through the streets of gaza city, the body of
2:20 am
15-year-old mohamed, he was shot along the border today and killed, they are taking him right now, you can see the gunfire inside gaza city as thousands prepare for demonstrations today along the israel-gaza border. >> those who attended the 40,000 protest on saturday did, indeed, prepare. broad explosives and rocks that were thrown at it's rally troops where they view executive arm of the israeli government who are responsible for the block aid on gaza. >> killed human, the woman, the youth and crimes. let's hear voice. >> despite clashes at the border fence leadership of hamas worked to contain the demonstrations to allow for ongoing egyptian cease fire negotiations.
2:21 am
protest as hurdle to move forward in addressing humanitarian needs. from the sunset, israeli defense forces praised hamas for showing restraint and keeping the situation from escalating, benjamin netanyahu took opportunity to credit israeli troops. hamas believe one-year anniversary ended up improving lives. >> people from -- [inaudible] >> we are not interested in any escalation. >> with no agreement reached, intentions still high, there's still not a solution between conflict of israel and gaza. >> the small amount of progress made today may have just been thrown out the window with those 5 rocket launches from gaza into
2:22 am
southern israel. the region waits to see how the israeli military will respond. >> trey in challenging assignment, thank you. maybe the fourth time is the charm. british prime minister theresa may will bring brexit proposal back to parliament yet again one day after parliament rejected deal for a third time. margin of defeat has grown smaller with each vote, parliament must reach deal by april deadline or risk crashing out of eu which could have devastating impacts on the country's economy. pope francis announced new law making it mandatory for vatican officials to report sexual abuse allegations or face possible jail time, victims and families will be provided with medical, psychological and legal assistance and be protected from retaliation from the catholic church. goes into affect june 1st and follows' church leaders at the
2:23 am
vatican to address the abuse of minors. the pope says he wants this law to serve as a model for the roman catholic church worldwide. update now on the deadly ethiopian airlines crash, new reporter:s fault say sensor as potential cause, jackie here to explain this. >> well, rick, the antistop system being under scrutiny for months, boeing didn't even tell pilots that it existed until after the lion aircraft, pilots were furious, preparing update and this time around they are working with pilot but they reiterated that no simulator training is necessary and that's where aviation experts say not so fast, 737 max designed to be similar enough to other models that pilots wouldn't need additional certification, it saved billions of dollars because they cost money and training takes time. aviation experts say pilots absolutely need time especially
2:24 am
with update to mcat. >> i think it's imperative that pilots see the different screens in cockpit set-up, how it works, the response of, hey, don't worry about it, watch the video is the wrong answer. >> even before the ethiopian crash pilots complained about insufficient training and being unfamiliar with the 737 max controls, two pilots wrote in federal database, quote, it shouldn't be hard to figure out what i'm looking at and also the fact that this plane requires such jurying to fly is a red flag, but boeing would be hard pressed to call for a simulator training not one of the airlines in the united states even owns a 737 maximulator, boeing said there wasn't a need, boeing has not finished training package and faa has not yet approved it but regulators in other countries are already bucking the faa saying they will do
2:25 am
their own reviews for. >> go to international community and make sure there's a collective decision. >> boeing last week hosted more than 200 airline pilots, technical leaders and regulators for informational session as part of ongoing effort to share more details about our plan for supporting the state's return of 737 max. the training package is expected to come down as early as this week. >> they had to do that, right? seems like simulator training would be such an obvious need. >> and the cost. >> yeah. but specific simulators for the specific aircraft and they don't have them. >> that's up in the air, they've said before that because the plane is similar in models to previous versions that they could kind of get away with it but now they are calling it into question the airlines and pilots
2:26 am
saying that there are enough changes here that maybe it's time to consider training. >> i think so. jackie, thank you. communities facing a long road to recovery after devastating flooding across the midwest, we take a look at the economic toll, watch this. >> i'mi'm not going to apologize for loving this country and being someone who benefited from free market. >> that wasn't my question. my question was whether you called the president -- i understand that, but called the president a foreign agent of the russians and i'm wondering -- seems to disavow that. >> have you read the report? >> no, but neither have you, right? >> despite robert mueller not finding evidence of trump-russia collusion, some democrats doubling down on claims, what it means as we await for the
2:27 am
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>> that's what i would like to do. i have absolutely nothing to hide and i think a lot of things are coming out with respect to the other side and i have a lot of confidence in the attorney general. >> president trump backing attorney general william barr's decision to release a redacted version of the mueller report to the public by mid-april and the president says the white house doesn't have to see it first. welcome back to fox report, i'm rick levanthal in for jon scott, lawmakers are waiting details of the investigation as democrats question the special counsel's decision to defer to the attorney general on the question of obstruction. let's bring in john busse, fox news contributor, democrats clearly not moving on now after this mueller report came out and found no evidence of collusion,
2:32 am
they are now focusing on lack of conclusion on obstruction, is that fair for democrats to focus on that one point? >> yes yeah, for 2 years we are waiting for mueller report, we are still waiting for mueller report. we are still waiting for the report to be in hands of republicans and democrats and congress to evaluate. the democrats are saying, look, mr. barr is the attorney general but he's appointed by the president, we can't count on him to judge what's in the report, mueller specifically did not exonerate the president on the issue of obstruction of justice, he also said he didn't find sufficient evidence to carry forward a prosecution. but where does that leave him and where does that leave the investigation? that's a big question for congress at this point. >> well, and we've heard from republicans who say they want to shift to investigate the investigators, look back how the whole thing started and why, perhaps people in power wanted hillary clinton to win and not president trump and maybe that's how this whole thing launched.
2:33 am
>> yeah, the upside of what we know about the mueller report so far is that there was not collusion he found between the president, his campaign and russia. the downside is that there's still this ambiguity of the obstruction issue and there's delay in getting the report to congress. there's a discussion of redacting things, congress is not going to want that. it's also going to want to get the underlying testimony and all the underlying testimony that was in the report, that's also something mr. barks arr -- barr. >> is this sour grapes, people are waiting for mueller report to indict the president and it didn't, they are seizing on the one question mark and not moving forward? >> i think that's a position that republicans have taken that they are just dragging this out, the downside of this is that not a lot is getting done in washington, you're coming in the 2020 campaign, a lot of issues are on the table, this may be in
2:34 am
certain regard kind of a good thing for the democrats that they're not going to have to pursue impeachment but we don't know that. this hasn't been resolved. until the question of why mueller did not specifically decide whether or not there was obstruction, until that's decided, maybe as soon as the report comes out it's evident in the data, it's evident in all of the evidence that's presented. >> well, one person who is very fired up about this is rudy giuliani who is, of course, the president's attorney and here is what he had to say. >> they create these false impressions to the american people, they are like dishonorable salesmen, it's ridiculous to say to the american people, barr is delaying because he wants to delay. he's delaying because it is very difficult, i don't know if it's 200 pages. >> 400 pages. >> very difficult to put out 400 pages and all the legal
2:35 am
restrictions. >> is it fair to say that if there was evidence of obstruction that mueller would have revealed it? >> maybe. and maybe that's why he decided not to carry forward the prosecution, maybe it's kind of self-evident now but in the summary that barr put forward, he quoted mueller as saying, i can't carry forward the prosecution but i also can't exonerate it. this is the president's lawyer, this is the job of rudy giuliani to put the toughest spin on it. look, this is going to be resolved in a couple of weeks, barr is going to put as much forward as much as he feel comfortable. congress will not be happy with what he has put forward. maybe they'll be subpoena, ken star did get judge to release testimony to congress, same thing happened during nixon-watergate period, sooner or later we have the data and we understand why mueller decided the way that he did. not until then do you get resolution and that's the problem with the mueller report
2:36 am
so far. is that it did not put this thing to rest. >> well, there's been a lot of reactions to this and one of them came from donald trump, jr. who wrote op-ed in real clear politics, he calls the russia gate conspiracy a clown show and writes every president deals conspiracies, my father had to deal with media to spread false information about him in a failed attempt to overturn his election. your reaction to that, sir. >> i don't know. it's not the kind of son that you would want to have, look, you know, the law is the law. let's see what the lawyers ultimately decide, what mueller -- what mueller puts forward, what barr decides and all the lawyers in congress decide to actually focus on.
2:37 am
>> isn't this what this was supposed to be, didn't the lawyers decide and we don't have a decision in. >> we don't, we don't from mueller and that's the problem, that's the issue. i think that that gets clarified in the next few weeks. >> okay. >> a lot of culmination about it. this begins to die down hopefully soon. the decision becomes clear and the presidential campaign goes forward talking about issues and not about the mueller report. >> and maybe congress gets on with the business of the american people. >> a lot of it. a lot of it to do. >> john bussey from the wall street journal, thank you very much. the midwest with widespread devastation after the record flooding there, the damages are estimated upwards to $3 million already and the threat may not be over yet. adam. >> hey, big cold front sweeping across the country, pops right out at you, if you look at east coast, gorgeous day, new york city 64, all the way back to dallas, 54-degrees, the warm and cold air meet you typically get
2:38 am
air system, heavy rain moving across portions of the midwest, originally from illinois, portions of ohio, there's snow moving through indianapolis, indiana. much colder air, you start to talk about chance of severe weather, this is future radar. the big heavy rains, that's northern portion of this, running through ohio river valley and southern edge of this we see chance of severe thunderstorms, that happening as there's a little bit more heat as you run further south. this isn't a real big threat but we are looking at least slight threats of portions nashville and further to the south. again, the biggest concerns are the winds up to 50 miles an hour, hail, possibly isolated tornado, something to be paying
2:39 am
attention, been such a soggy six weeks, we see the heaviest rain now moving across ohio river valley, ohio, pennsylvania, all of that closed down in mississippi river and they are still dealing with flooding, these are the flood advisories across large portions of the country, upper midwest, but all of this eventually has to work its way down to mississippi and everything here highlighted in green, flood warnings and watches, flooding still issue, as we take a look at temperatures, it does cool off a little bit, sunday and monday but it is spring, bouncing back, the roller coaster of spring is underway. >> a lot to keep up with, adam klotz, flooding is having ripple effects, higher gas prices weeks before summer driving season, madeline rivera has this story.
2:40 am
>> starting to see, giving people to assess destruction of floods that inundated the region but the consequences go beyond the heartland, people across the country could feel the pinch of the pump. >> it is going to impact pocketbooks and impact our environment. >> the problem lies with the transportation of ethanol commonly made by corn, shipped on key rail lines, it's blended with refinery made fuel but railroad tracks have been damaged from the flood. >> they can't get it to the market, 15% destruction. but companies like union, with no specific timeline as to when they'll be back up and running. >> there's a handful of ethanol facilities that are temporarily halted or have certainly reduced output. >> valero in texas market, switched to nonethanol
2:41 am
balloonedded this week. >> we are seeing direct reflection of shortage of ethanol in ethanol prices being escalated in the market. >> still others say there's no need to be alarmed just yet. >> it's our hope that the ethanol that's in storage in the gulf coast region and in across the nation is going to be sufficient to -- to tie those markets over until the rail lines get reopened and things get back to more normal operating conditions. >> as railroad companies work to restore service, the u.s. army corps of engineers to repair levies, can be completed within the next 6 months, in parksville, missouri, madeline rivera. >> a couple of states having their say on single-use plastic bag and the controversy can be coming to a convenient store near you.
2:42 am
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>> new york is on the verge of becoming the second state to ban single-use plastic bags. this as another state considers move in the opposite direction. committee hicks has -- mitty hicks has the story. >> attacks on plastic products, cups and measure extension of current laws in state that stops city from banning plastic and representative dan straw says bill proposal is about keeping the government out of decisions that should be left to consumers and businesses. owner of fresh food in missouri, using plastic has to do with the
2:47 am
company's bottom line. you can see the product better and if the product looks good, sell a lot of it. >> other businesses, however, are choosing alternatives, restaurants like the bar are getting around using plastic by providing customers with metal straws. >> as more and more places around the country have switched from plastic straws to metal straws people are realizing the impact that it can have on environment around them, we felt like it was a good move. >> right now states like hawaii, california, and new jersey are debating stricter rules on use of plastic while cities like chicago and boston have gone further to ban single use plastic bags. that's why opponents of the bill say local jurisdictions should have a say in addressing plastic products in their community. >> it does not create a solution, kicks the can down the road and make a problem.
2:48 am
>> if the bill passes it would go into effect later this year n colombia, missouri, mitty hicks fox news. >> fans who bought tickets for rolling stones concert can't get no satisfaction after the band cancels upcoming tour of north america, the reason why next. and more and more young athletes are suffering injuries. >> this is most absolutely a national problem and something that's so much bigger
2:49 am
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>> rolling stones have postponed tour so mick jagger can receive treatment, the band says he's expected to make a full recovery. promoters reassuring tickets will be ballot for rescheduled dates, no word on who can replace them, mick jagger, 75. with baseball season underway lots of kids gearing up for start of ligle league, experts warn of alarming increase in major injuries with young athletes which were normally
2:53 am
suffered by the pros. brian kilmeade with the story. >> the grahams increasing competitive and costly year-around programs are leaving players with injuries once only seen in big leagues. >> it's getting younger and younger. >> tommy john surgery named after tommy john, all star who in 1974, first person to undergo operation to fix ligament in elbow. >> start today feel pain, kept progressing and doctors said i had a tear. >> when i found out that david needed surgery i was shocked. him being so young maybe he wouldn't be able to use the arm
2:54 am
again or play sports again. there it is. >> might be fair to say no onesies the surgeries more than dr. tommy john, rehabilitates athletes. >> ready and go. go. >> seeing my dad's name attached to something happening to kids than professional athletes it's making me sick, the surgery is for professional, that's how we should see it. >> the biggest age group receiving tommy john surgery in the u.s. is 15 to 19-year-olds with nearly 60% of all surgeries performed all within that age group. a consequence expert says kids being pushed to limits playing year round and specializing in only one sport. >> this is absolutely a national problem and one sport, now we are seeing pediatric acl
2:55 am
surgery, concussion, tommy john surgery, ligament tears, stress fractures and spine. >> they hope their ordeal will serve as warning to parents and coach who is are investing in what's become a billion dollar industry. >> they are playing year round nonstop and so they're still grow, they are still young, get some rest, do different sports. >> no one will scout your kid at 8, 9, 10 year's old. your child's health is first. >> that was brian kilmeade. >> see what the san diego padres have running around the baseball diamond during seventh inning stretch. here is jesse waters with a look at what is coming up tonight. >> donald trump's campaign manager and media and democrats all over mueller report and we
2:56 am
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>> runners dressed as characters as anchor man at pepco park. no sign of verónica, that's how fox reports this saturday march 30th, i'm rick levanthal, that's
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