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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 31, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ crisis at the border is reaching its breaking point. >> we're not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them that they're not going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. >> we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. >> democrats stop attacking donald trump and find positive you can do for the country. a suspect arrested open charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the death of a university of south carolina student. fallout continues with the mueller problem. but i have and my conclusion
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is trump clean as a whistle. >> free at last, free at last. >> no collusion. >> and the red raiders of texas tech are going to the final four for the first time in program history. ♪ ♪ but if you care about baseball. >> i do. yankees lost. serious rally in the ninth. almost came back. it's early. >> i like that. it's early, we're playing good but belost. >> it's coming together. >> on the ncaa tournament side, you didn't see how the uva game
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ended. uva exercises the demons of last year. they were the first number one seed to lose now in the final four. >> and if you needed a translator for that you can join me, because i do. >> virginia cavaliers in the final four. >> i used to be a cheerleader in middle school and i would know where to cheer. that was it. >> crowd roors. >roars. that was time. >> we know what you're your krep kryptonite. the president doubling down on his crackdown of illegal immigration flaking it dleer clr he's going full court press on mexico and threatening to shut down the border. >> he announced yesterday and
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the state department confirm that we will be cutting aid payments to el salvador, gawt mauguatemala and honduras, they have been unable to control the nod of immigrants coming through the southern border. yesterday we also heard that this is a big move. this is one of the few punitive measures the executive branch has still to these countries to say get it under control. we've been giving you aid for decades. we want your societies and economies to be better. that's going to be -- we'll see if that leads to any changes in policy in those countries. >> president trump wasting no time with the tweets come in strong saying mexico must use its strong immigration laws to stop people from trying to get into the usa.
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we will take to more illegals. next step is to close the border. this will stop the drug flow from mexico. e's standing tall, not backing down. i don't blame him. a lot of folks said closing down the border, this is extreme. when yes have one side that's refusing to cooperate with you and you have put every compromise on the table and you're willing to negotiate anthey're not willing to acknowledge there's a crisis, i don't know what recourse he has left. >> you have even a former top obama official saying that this is a crisis at the southern border. democrats have said again and again it's a quote unquote manufactured crisis. that's in congress. then the democrats on the campaign trail getting ready for 2020 and they're saying it's not a crisis but there is a problem and it's all donald trump's fault. watch. >> we are safe, not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers.
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we're safe because we're a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. >> i think he's doing it for political reasons. you can see it being at his rallies time after time, getting him people chanting about the wall when security experts say that's not how you want to spend $8 billion. >> i want them to be able to find what they need, a good quality of life in their home country. this is not going to happen if we take the same divisive, nier row minded leadership that trump offered. >> or go back to what we've been doing for a decade or more, waiting or congress to pass abimgraition reform. we've heard that again and again. >> anyone else tired of hearing democrats conflate legal with illegal immigration? what happens is they try to own the debate coming out saying
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we're a stronger country as a result of immigrants. no one is arguing that point. that is not the point to make when you're talking about stopping human trafficking and drug trafficking at the border and people who are breaking the law being incentivized to come over. that sounds like a great talking point to go out on the campaign trail. beto is out there talking it up. but that's not what's happening. you want to talking about legal immigration, let's have that conversation. he's not anti-immigrant he's talking about lawbreakers, many time who are criminals who are not being vetted properly and there's not a proper means by border patrol agents to try to take care of them. >> it's never illegal immigration, it's immigration and trump is anti-immigrant. when you look at the stats, most of these folks seeking asylum
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are coming to the points of entry. they know the border is more secure than it's been with the troops down there. the asylum laws are what are out of date. so they come there, claim asylum, automatically they're released because it's too full. >> you have jeh johnson who was the homeland security officers yesterday saying this is a crisis. he didn't call it manufactured and so corey lewandowski, the president's first campaign manager way back when are saying if the democrats want to be successful it can't just be we hate trump. >> what we know is you can't just have a campaign against somebody else. that's what elizabeth warren is going to do, beto o'rourke. all they want to do is bash the president but they don't want to talk about his record of success. he's delivered for the american people. the promises he's made he's
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kept. people are better off today than they were three years ago when he took office. when you want to beat donald trump, come out with a plan that's better than what he's done for the past three years. stop attacking donald trump and find something positive toe do for thto dofor the country. >> the democrats have a problem doing that. >> you win for being for something, not by being against someone. you have to proprose solutions. you have to be the pa party that says they're going to give me more pocket at the end to have day to put food on the table. anti-trump is not a plan. >> russian conspiracy theorist number one within eric swalwell, the manufacture they want to talk about the issues, he wants to go back to the mueller report. it's not enough for him. listen. >> if william barr refuse to
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release it in full and unredacted, the democratic -- will the democratic leadership subpoena it? >> the president is outnumbered now. the voters gave us a balance of power over the abuses of power. they gave us this subpoena how l power this last november. pu but we're confident that if we have to go to the court because of the judicial president that exists through the water geagate case. >> there is grand jury material in here. everyone on all sides of this being honest knows there has to be some redactions. i'm not saying 80% so we don't see what the president, he or his people may have done i don'g or what they're investigation.
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let's get the information. be transparent. there have been reasonable redactions. >> look at this poll, washington post, do you accept mueller's con cleulings or not. democrats 89% no. and then if you look at the same poll, among republicans 79% yes, 17% no. regardless of what comes out, you are going to be democrats standing by the idea there was collusion, mueller was wrong. they did the same thing with comey. they loved him and hated him. >> they hated him and then they loved him. >> love hate and then love. >> i think you're exactly right. what's that called confirmation basis? mueller doesn't say what they want him to say. six in ten democrats, still collusion out there.
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this guy with millions of dollars and his army of lawyers couldn't find it. it could be a witch punt where you also accept the results. both can be true. you can say it's a witch hunt, a poisoned tree and still they didn't find anything. >> where with was the northwest fie occasiojustification for ths investigation. the justification is the key. >> two different worlds havdiff. >conversations. we've got he. we start with a heart wrenching story. this man is charged with kidnapping and killing a south carolina college student. police say samantha josephson got into the caroland was driving friday morning thinking it husband he was her uber.
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>> josephson was a senior at the university of south carolina. now hope for the family of a decorated navy s.e.a.l. accused of killing an asighs prisoner in iraq. his brother made this plea yesterday. >> it's been a seven-month fight. he's been tragically behind bars in that terrible place and your family is fighting tooth and nail. new information i heard from eddy gallagher's lawyer last night, he has been released. >> releases from one prison into a different restricted prison. hafer of the final four is set after a couple of crazy finishes. >> for the win! >> the definition of a buzzer beater. top seeded virginia exercises
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their demons, beat perdue in overnight. and texas tech taking its first ever trip to the final four beating one seeded gonzaga. two more games today, auburn takes on kentucky and the duckies play michigan state. >> the funny startry is my dad is a big basketball guy. meanwhile, alexandria ocasio-cortez is come caring the threat of climate change to this. >> september 11th, 2001, thousands of americans died in the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. >> your next guest worked for president bush when 9/11 ham and he has a message for aoc and her games. >claims. another airport bans chick-fil-a.
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we got that coming up. ♪
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. on the events of september 11,2001, thousands of americans died in the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil and our national response, whether we've agree with it or not, our national response was to go to war in one then eventually two countries. 3,000 americans died in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. where is our response? >> well, there's democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing the impact of climate change, yes, to september 11th and the terror attacks. our next guest worked with for president bush when 9/11 happened.
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joining me is need ryan. what's your reaction as someone who worked for president bush nchts thi.>> this is absurd to . and i also add to this, i had a grandfather who was a landing craft commander at d-day. i find in equating those massive sacrifices of 9/11 and d-day with their pet political agenda, many times driven by scientists who are on government grants as patrick moore pointed out. the climate crisis is a fake crisis. to equate those with the massive sacrifices with is unconscionable. the thing that's amazing is show shrill they're getting as the green new deal is tanking and continuing to lose traction with the democratic party. >> interesting point you make.
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the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell brought it the green new deal and yes he did it without hearings. but you couldn't get the democrats to vote for it. they were running for the hills. doesn't that tell us why aoc are pushing big taxes and all of the rest to deal with climate change her own party is not there. >> they're no thereto. in fact again i would point out to people it was 57 to nothing every democrat voted gen against or voted present. they didn't have the guts to stand up for it. aoc says the world is going to end in 12 years and many don't have the guts to vote for it. socialists like aoc, everything they're bushing whether it's green new deal, all socialism, they're pushing this and they realize that most americans will not accept soacial socialism uns
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they're motivated by fear. they're nothing but fear mongers. >> aye got a minute left. i heard you use the word hoax a couple of times on climate change and aoc and others would say whether you like the specifics or not, they're talking about a mobilization. get the country together. does it make sense for your party to ignore the sense of mobilization and deal with climate change instead of calling it a hoax? >> i think climate change is real. it happens. we go through cycles in our planet's history. for us to mobilize and annihilate -- if we were to follow everything in the paris accord we would annihilate the country. that is absurd. we're called to be good stewards of our climate and not called to do all of these things that
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would potentially be damaging to the country. the president threatening to shut down the southern border but he would not be the first president to do it. a little history on the decisions of presidents johnson, nixon and yes bush. that's next. ry family and it really shows.
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and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. well good morning again. plans for a chick-fil-a pulled from another airport as critics acause theaccuse them of being . they should not be allowed in the beautiful airport since that airport is tax funded. san antonio banned the restaurant from their airport. twitter briefly suspends the
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account of the pro-life movie unplanned. the social media giant said it was not intentional and then they reactivated the account. we'll talk about this with one of the movies codirectorrance writers life next hour. don't miss it. >> just another small mistake. this week president trump vowing to shut down the southern border if mexico doesn't do anythindosomething about the flf illegal migration. >> we have two caravans coming up. mention can stop them and they chose not to. if they don't stop them we'll close it and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> this move bold as it may be is not unprecedented. a number of presidents have closed parts of the southern border in times of national crisis. joining us now the break down the notable instances, presidential historian doug weed.
3:26 am
wead. you say it starts with the lbj. >> we've had wars with mexico. lbj in modern times 1963, in 1969 nixon shut the border down and the "washington post" praised him for it. 1985 ronald reagan facing a similar problem shut the border down. he felt mexico had to be punished to be brought into line to help with the drug war. and then for all purposes the border was shut down after 9/11 by george w. bush. it wasn't literally shut down but almost. it was slowin slowed to a crawl. >> when you hear president trump talk about shght down the border does that shown like a good strategy? >> in my humble opinion donald
3:27 am
trump is a leader. a gutsy guy. it's what has to be done. donald trump is the art of the impossible. we've had all of this money going to central america to try to stop the traffickers and in some countries in central america the governments have become the narco traffickers and they're making different money by flooding our country with immigrants who will send back money to their re relatives in their country for hard currency. it's a real problem and we have to have those countries involved. >> in modern times we've gone through a lot. you rattled off lbj, nixon, reagan, george w. bush. what is the best comparison to what the president is proposing today? >> i think ronald reagan.
3:28 am
his point is they were covering up the murder and the government itself was involved and reagan was saying hey, we're not going to have this. he got into their pocketbooks and mexico cooperated. it was a bit of a turning point for a while. it's like sweeping an oas with a broom to deal with drugs. >> do you have any suggestions as ho how to handle the public relations. of course this will be tainted as president trump doing something that's never been done before, a catastrophic anti-immigrant measure. how does he present anytime a way that the american public realizes it's not unprecedented and it may be the only recourse at this point? >> i don't know. you've got the corporations that sponsor the national media making money off of this. they want cheap labor. they don't want to pay taxes that's why billionaires supported hillary clinton 20 to
3:29 am
1 in the last presidential election. so it's an uphill battle. but somehow the american people seem to be able to see through some of the his stair ya o his r the national media. that's the only hope he has. and twitter might work a little longer. >> his ability to project his perspective without a filter is certainly incredibly important and an an advantage that these previous presidents didn't have. >> that's right. >> doug wead thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> aoc has her own explanation of why she's criticized so much. >> nay nee they need to find anr woman to prop up and become a lightning rod. >> she may want to focus on the voters. next up, why her constituents are turning their backs on her. a veteran's heroic act to save the american flag goes viral.
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shot of the morning. i want to send out a shout out and a thank you to the nypd here in new york. you see commission mear james o'neal on the left, detective stokes they were kind enough to give me an award at fox more broadly because they say that we stand up for politics. they're shooting a pilot for a second nypd. i mentioned in the bible there's no greater love than to play down your life for your brother, your friend, that's what these foolings do, the men and women for the nypd, police forces across the country. we don't say thank you enough. the award is about them doing that every single day. >> but i will say, working with you, you are a great friend of law enforcement. well-deserved. >> after the show last weekend they gave me a police escort to get there because i was late because i was here working. the last time i got a free ride in an nypd cruiser -- no. i never have.
3:35 am
that was a joke. it's cool to get a police escort and not be in trouble. headlines for you at 6:30. an illinois state trooper and military veteran is killed when a driver going the wrong way slammed into his squad car. trooper jerl ellis died at the hospital. trooper brooke jones story was hit and killed by a semi truck on thursday. a southwest employee honors the mother of a fallen arizona trooper with this powerful performance. ♪ you raise me up when i can't stand on mountains ♪ diswhr th>> trooper tyler was sd killed in the line of duty last summer. some people in aoc's district tell the new york post
3:36 am
that they fill ignored by the congresswoman this as she calls herself the late ers target. >> he doesn't have another woman, hillary clinton or whomever else to vile fie so they need to find another woman to prop up and become a lightning rod. >> ocasio ca ocasio-cortez was g to criticism. don't panic. your car alarm not going off. [ alarms sounding ]. >> it's called the car alarm challenge and it's the latest viral challenge taking over social media. that's amazing. >> so annoying. >> pete is like, i'm trying it in the break. >> it's intriguing and annoying. >> you want to try it? try it. >> that was weak, pete.
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go in. go big or go home. >> you have scared no criminals. >> don't quit your day job, pete. >> painful. >> rick, you should try. >> no. >> i think he was shy. >> he's going to go in the bathroom. >> we're going to hear it. >> pete, i know you want my job. >> yes, i do. >> can you spot the cold front? >> i can. it's big and blue. >> that's the cold air behind it. >> that thin blue line. ap lay chin. >ap lay chin.>> you can see the0 cooling down, rain across parts of texas gulf and you see that cutting across parts of alabama and parts of north georgia. that lynn will continue to pull up. not a huge rainmaker. but behind it you'll notice the cold returns and so does the
3:38 am
snow. temperature wise, we're watching temps cooler today. 40 degrees in chicago. still a little warmer, 86 in orlando. still summer-like. we see a nice warmup across the central plains. spring returns a little bit even across parts of the east in the middle of the week. >> warm makes us happy. >> pete a man of many talents. he can do the weather. >> i can do better than that. >> don't do that again. tonight at 8:00 on the fox news channel, fax nation takes over fox news for something called "in-depth" where you get a preview of documentaries. one of the shows previewed "bat until the holy city." here's a preview clip of what you might see. ♪ sphwhr the histor>> the history.
3:39 am
does the history matter as much today as it did over the millennial "battle of the history" is a story of the undercurrents. on the surface things look still. under ground, a battle is being waged for control of jerusalem. ♪ >> fox nation is doing incredible work. >> great job. >> this looks amazing. i'm working on one about jackie robinson coming out in the middle of prail. we've got producers working around the clock. >> netflix for conservatives. a quick preview tonight at 8:00 and on april 11th, the entire documentary dives? >> i like the deep dive. i like it. >> and pete is on the scene too.
3:40 am
>> trying to play ed journalist man. >> doing a fabulous job. >> looking forward to it. well, the man who murdered his wife and two daughters says he's found god in prison. is this a legitimate argument for democrats trying to ban the death penalty. even the pros mess up. how was supposed to be an easy putt for tiger ended in defeat. ooooh. ♪ ♪ (danny) let me get this straight.
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welcome back. a couple of quick sports headlines for you. tiger woods comes four feet away from a chance at match play victory. >> nope, not in time for tiger. >> nothing is a gy give me.
3:44 am
woods eliminated after hissing the 4 feet putt. price harper goes deep for the first time as a philadelphia philly. >> number one is in the books for bryce harper. >> the moonshot right there, second game of the year after signing a 13-year $330 million contract harper delivers belting a 465-foot home run. unlike thia the jane the jane k. chris fer watt is spending the rest of his life behind bars for killing his wife and two daughters has said he's found god saying i never knew i could have a relationship with god like i do now. i wish nobody had to pay a price for this. >> is this a legitimate argument
3:45 am
for the ban on the death penalty like some dsms are calling out. here to react, senior pastor at first baptist church, fox news contributor pastor robert jeffers. let's talk about the facts of the case and your reaction as a pos torpastor before we get into politics. the you really find god affidavit killing your pregnant wife and smothering your two daughters. >> the message of christianity is that christ is willing to forgive any sin for those who act. including the sin of murderer. the bible is full of murderers. but even though god's forgiveness erases the eternal consequences of our sin, we don't have to go to hell it doesn't erase the immediate consequences and one of those consequences is the death penalty god said. since the beginning of
3:46 am
civilization, god said whoever sheds blood by man, his blood will be shed. capital punishment is not a violation of the sanctity of life. it's an affirmation. god is saying human life is so sacred, whoever takes it has to pay the ultimate price. >> the big question for me is how would you decide who is telling the truth. some people can finds god in prison a and change their ways. but how would you be able to decide who is being honest or just using it to get out of the death penalty. >> you can't. and the death penalty is sometimes mistakenly applied. we know that. and we ought to do everything we can to prevent that. but the greatest example of an innocent person being executed was jesus christ himself. he was totally innocent but in spite of that the new testament
3:47 am
never calls for an end of the death penalty instead, paul said god has given government the power of the sword, the ability to execute in order to bring punishment against those who do evil. >> what's your message to those on the left, kamala harris and others on the campaign trail saying quite the opposite. what's your message to them in. >> i would thriek remind them thalike to remind themthat the n government certain authority to do that with whether it's securing the border, waging war against our enemies who are trying to harm us or exqueuting capital punishment against murderers. some people try to be wiser and more compassionate than god is saying that's not relevant today. whenever we remove the guardrails that god has put into society to keep order, we're going to experience chaos. god really does know what's
3:48 am
best. >> yeah. said by many on the left this is an inhumanity and thus they assert that they're actually being superior in a religious sense when they remove the death penalty. it's interesting that you have a different opinion about its historical context within the bible and how that fairs. >> i never want to say i'm superior to god. god is much more compassionate and he's much wiser than we are and says that the death penalty is the way to keep order in society. >> pastor robert jeffers, we appreciate you come in today. have a wonderful sunday. socialism is all of the rage on college campuses but what happens when you ask students to redistrict their own gpas to other students in need. >> give like, help them? >> i would want to say no straight up. >> i don't think that would be a good idea. >> no, i wouldn't sacrifice my own things. >> look at that.
3:49 am
campu a veteran's heroic acto save an american flag goes viral. the sheriff's deputy who saved old glory joins us next. ♪ ♪
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3:52 am
no one? what would you do if you thought no one was watching. one sheriff's deputy saved an american flag when a recent storm knocked it down. it was caught on security camera and now it's going viral.
3:53 am
sheriff's deputy brandon mcilroy joins me now. thank you for your service in the air force and in your county as a sheriff's deputy. you were on the job out and about and there had been a storm. you saw something. what was your first reaction? >> well, seeing the flag down my first reaction was to do the right thing and make sure to show it republi respect and picf of the ground. >> is that something you see frequently? are you on the lookout for it? >> i'm not necessarily on the lookout for it. but driving through that area i've always noticed his flag waving. and that morning i noticed it was down and had to pick it up. >> did you notice some sort of a camera doorbell system. did you have any idea that what you were doing could be seen or was being seen? >> honestly no, i didn't see it open i didn't think it was going
3:54 am
to be videoed the way it was. i had no idea. >> when did you realize it had been filmed and that a lot of people were reacting emotionally, positively, patriot cli to it? >> later that day i was approached by the homeowner's wife who had found me while i was on patrol and thank me for it, said that they had saw it on their ring camera. and of course that was hours later after i had finished picking up the flag. >> talk to us first about your service, your service in the military. >> i served seven and a half years in the u.s. air force reserves. >> ho how did you decide. >> security forces member. >> you took that service and continued in your community. when you look at that flag that you still defend today, what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot to me. growing up you show your respect to the flag. and doing little things such as
3:55 am
making sure it doesn't touch the ground or picking it up off of the ground. you try to show it every day. >> why did those little things matter so much? we talk about big issues and big topics and patriotism all day long. but this kind of thing unseen, no unwith was going to know anything about it other than that homeowner when they found a well-folded flag on their doorstep. why do the small things matter so much? >> it's doing the right thing when nobody is watching. just making sure that, you know, even the small tasks don't have to amount up to anything. sometimes they do. but just doing the small tasks to make sure you're taking care of everything on the home front. >> what is your message to those who have been taught, indock nateeindocket that the american flag is not that
3:56 am
message. >> something as small as that clothe representing a lot in this country, the men and whem who have died for it or the men and women who are serving today. >> my life is better because of men like you every day on our streets protecting us and reminding us of what a special country we live in. deputy brandon mcilroy, sheriff's deputy in clay county, missouri, thank you for your service and your time on "fox & friends" this morning. we're grateful. >> thank you. all right. beto o'rourke in an all out blitz as he makes his presidential run official. we knew that all along. he finalized it yesterday. how he's taking aim at president trump as he tries to regain his star stat news the lone star state. it's being called the fire festival? we'll show you the chaos at
3:57 am
another music festival. ♪ ♪
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4:00 am
. president doubling down on his crackdown on illegal immigration threatening to shut down the southern border. >> we're not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them they're not going to use their strong immigration law to help the united states. >> we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. a prime example of what a total failure has been on the smu of immigration. >> democrats stop attacking donald trump and go find something positive you can do for the country. a suspect arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the death of a university of south carolina student. >> fallout continues from the mueller probe. >> i think they're willing to
4:01 am
lie 100% for anything because they can't fight this president on policy. >> aoc and her socialist compadres are nothing but fear mongers. >> here from lubbock, texas. the read raiders of texas tech are going to the final four for the first time in program history. ♪ ♪ that's right. >> i know jedidiah is going to want to talk about this all morning. baseball or basketball. >> i would rather talk about basketball. >> were you really mad at us for making you hit the ball? >> yes, i was by the way. these guys took a ton of practice swings. it was unfair. >> i thought about telling her to take off her jacket. >> i actually did hit one ball.
4:02 am
but my friend who is a baseball player was watching at home and he said, they should have told you to take the jacket off. that's how the cheaters work. i'm just plyin playing with yous honestly. i got to let you win sometimes. >> that's what i said to ed for a whole year. i got to let you win sometimes. the president is talking about finally trying to win on the border and push back on this surge that we've seen in recent days where even a senior democrat, the former department of homeland security chief for barack obama is saying yes, it is a crisis at the border that is different from what democrat leaders in congress is saying and the president is talking about action this week. >> that was jeh johnson. big news from yesterday as well, the president announced and the state department confirmed the united states will be cutting payment to el salvador,
4:03 am
guatemala and ho honduras becaue the migrant crisis is out of control. it's part of the perspective that we've been sending aid to those countries for decades and to what return on that investment. it's a big part of the bigger view of the world he has. why do we send our money to countries and thin they accepted their people here to us. we'rit's not message to the countries south of the border that it's unacceptable that mexico is a pass-through country and that these other three countries are encouraging citizens often to come to the united states. >> it's a product of president trump trying for months and month to work with democrats to stress this is a crisis at the border and getting no assistance from them and having no recourse but to say listen i will shut down the southern border if i can't get help.
4:04 am
i cannot put the national security of the country at risk. trump in full form on twitter saying mexico must use its strong immigration law to stop the many thousands of people trying to great into the usa. we will take no more relyle es. next step is to close the border. he's im being tough with immigrants, mexico and the democrats. he's concerned about the safety and security of americans and i think a lot of americans have his back on this one. >> other presidents have done. on the other hand you have groups like the u.s. chamber of commerce saying there could be really bad economic consequences if we shut down the border. pete is skeptical. >> their establish. republican-ish organization. very much not in support of the tougher immigration enforcement this president has done. but we had doug wead on the
4:05 am
program earlier and he points out that what president trump is doing here, if and when he close the border is not something that hasn't been done before. take a listen. >> under lbj in modern times, 1963, in 1969 nixon shut the border down and the washington post praised him. 1989 ronald reagan shut the border down, felt that mexico had to be punished to be brought into line and then the border was shut down after 9/11 by president george bush. president donald trump is a leader. a gutsy guy. it's what has to be done. >> i asked him which one was the closest comparison. he was reagan in 1985. having a beef with mexico. and doug wead said having served under who other presidents he didn't believe those presidents would have had the guts to take
4:06 am
this stance. >> you think it's a tough stance for the president. >> it's another one. you declare merge, talk about catch and release, deploy the national guard, release funds to build a border while all while congress wants to talk about comcomprehensive him graition. >immigration.>> people elected o reasons, one they felt he had a strong business background and they wanted a businessman in office and secondly because they realized that he was the kind of guy that was outside of washington who was going no go in on and on these issues not going to have loyalty to a political party but dig in his heels and get things done. it's not surprising. we're calling on the republicans to dig in their heels, whether it's the national debt, excitementments o, entitlemment.
4:07 am
>> he's try to show strength. you see him on the campaign trying saying the opposite in terms of open borders. beto o'rourke is having a series of rallies. in el paso saturday 35 minutes, houston 23 minutes, austin 22 minutes. interesting because the president has been very effective at having these long events where he gives big speeches at the rallies, whips up his crowd. here's beto o'rourke trying to get the left excited about his plans. watch. >> we're up against the biggest challenges of our lifetime. though we did not win our senate race we came really close. this president is using fear and division based on our bases of geography or race or ethnicity or religion to try to keep us
4:08 am
apart. if we continue on this trajectory we will be a democracy in name only. are you with me? >> total talking point. you talk about the length of the speech. how long can you go on. it's like a bunch of talking points said together. >> who is going to play the beto bro on "saturday night live." >> same move, same stuff, same cadence all of the time. maybe it's interesting at the beginning. but the same stuff and the speeches get shorter because the information, the substance is quite shallow. and his argument is we don't want borders. and he talks about immigrants. of course we support immigrants but he never talks about illegal immigration. >> he conflates them. >> and his bank shot, he thinks i can win texas, i can beat
4:09 am
trump in texas and deliver the presidency to the democrats. we'll see how his thin resume does. >> can we be grateful that he wasn't standing on a countertop. be grateful for the small things. >> you talk about whipping up the left these days. what beto is trying to do on the campaign trail. that's what alexandria ocasio-cortez has been doing as a freshman. she came out a constitution to p fdr from being reelected even though that amendment process happened after she said it did. listen to her and we'll give you the facts. >> when our party was boldest, the time of the new deal, the great society, the civil rights act and so on, we had and carried super majorities in the house, in the senate, we carried the presidency.
4:10 am
they had to amend the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt did not get reelected. and you know, there were so many extraordinary things that were happening in that time that were uniting working people. >> extra might be a good word. it turns out when you look at the facts, april 1945fdr died, two years later they approved the amendment. after he died. >> yeah, there are a lot of people that felt like maybe we shouldn't elect presidents for four terms. george washington set an historic presence dent of only serving two terms. maybe we should go back to that. >> she's right that fdr got this movement going but saying it prevented him from being electe. >> she's so overconfident.
4:11 am
she's not used to being challenged. the issue that people have is some of the stuff she says makes no sense. take some responsibility. and if you're going to talk about hi historical context, tae takeability." >> i like what she says, unite the working people, amend the constitution, allow for three or four terms and then trump the run again in 2024. i'm all in. let's amedicine the constitution. >amend the constitution.maybe w. tweet me aoc. >> what do you think about that, we start with a heart wrenching story. this man is charged with kidnapping and killing a south carolina college student.
4:12 am
police say samantha josephson got into his car on friday morning thinking it was her uber. police spotted the chevy impala and found blood in the car. he was a senior at the university of south carolina. we're learning more about the crashed ethiopian airline flight. one of the pilots frantically said "pitch up, pitch up" as he drove to the grounds. officials believe a faulty flight feature is to blame. there is no cause yet. clilg video of an american tourist being brutally beat nn australia in a seemingly random attack. the victim was followed off getting off of a tram. he was beaten unconscious, woke up and beaten unconscious again. the victim was rushed to the hospital with bleeding in his brain and a broken jaw. a music festival in florida
4:13 am
goes so poorly being dubbed fire fest call two. cosetteyou might remember the fe feses rale, attendees were standed in the bahamas with little or no food or water. you have to see that documentary. >> not as good as pete's documentary tonight 8 p.m. eastern. >> thaichg you thank you, ed. new numbers show that democrats can't accept that president trump did not collude with russia. so why can't they accept it? sean spicer is on deck to answer that question. >> a little girl asked her daddy at disney to sing and he did it. this moment now going viral. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
. ff mr. barr to quickly issue a four-page report if his attempt to try to exonerate president trump has too much of the odor of political expediency. >> we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending. it was car arrogant. >> chuck and nancy. a new poll reveals that 59%, six in ten of them refuse to accept the no collusion conclusion. >> here to weigh in, former white house secretary, mr. sean spicer. good morning, sir. good to have you here.
4:18 am
seems like democrats went from collusion couldn't prove that, go to on striks and now there's a coverup. >> it's not a shocker. they're invested in this. this is all they have. the president has accomplished a lot when you look at what we's done with this agenda and the country. what he's done for israel and all of that. the democrats went all in on this collusion thing. but second if you think about this for a second, everywhere that democrats get their news, this is that they've been fed, they wrote over 85 stories, an average of 13 a day on the mueller report and this collusion thing when you look at the three major networks, abc, cbs and nbc, there are 2200 minutes of coverage dedicated to this. so for the democrats they went in all, the organizations, the
4:19 am
media outlets that cover them and support them went all in and now they have nowhere to go. >> we were saying last hour that you can't just run against trump. you to run for something. i don't understand why democrats don't realize that. at some point it's going to hurt them when the americans are saying what are you going to do about health care, taxes and immigration. and they're not talking about that at all. >> well, right. and i think that's true and that's what they tried to do in 2016 with hillary clinton. it failed. and they're trying to do that again. the problem is they're sort of threading a needle here, trying to appease their base which wants them to say they're going to defeat trump, stand up to trump. and then appealing to the middle margin of voters that are going to win and decide an election that cares about accomplishments and agenda. that's the problem they have. they're so catering to the base that they've lost the ability to communicate to the middle. from a political standpoint as a
4:20 am
republican, as somebody who wants to see the president reelected, i support where they're going but i don't think that's a recipe for success. >> and they're getting their news from one spot. sean spicer thank you for your time. >> you bet, guys. socialism is all of the rage on college campuses but what happens when you ask those students to redistrict their own gpas to the less fortunate. >> give, like help them? >> i want to say no, straight up. >> i don't think that would be a good idea. >> no boy uldn't sacrifice my own things. >> campus reform has more of the priceless reactions. jed lost her mind when she saw the viral trend of a snake. >> why? >> so we brought some here for you, jed, to help you conquer that fear. >> you guys are so terrible. you know what, someone is getting in trouble.
4:21 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. time for you news by the numbers. 52,000 dollars, how much those expensive prescription drugs cost in the month. it's used to treat a bone disease. 99 years, that's how long a texas murder suspect was sentenced to after making a bold escape from jail, climbed a 20-foot barrier and climbed on to a roof using bed sheets. the escape charge was up fa graded. 750 pounds, that's how much
4:25 am
this massive gator weighs. police relocating the big guy to a gator farm in florida. the 12-foot reptile likely weighs 1,000 pounds. socialism and redistricting the wealth seem to be all of the rage among young people table. >> how to you view socialism, favofavorably or unfavorably. >> favorably. >> it's feared toward helping the people. >> what happens when you ask these same students to walk the walk and apply socialism to their own hard-earned gpas. >> do you support a policy where people at the top spread the wealth and give the gpa to the people at the bottom. >> give, like help them get a better gpa? >?i'm all for helping but ill couldn't give. >> that wouldn't be a good idea.
4:26 am
>> no, i wouldn't sacrifice my own things, like sacrifice my own time to help somebody else who didn't want to make those same sacrifices. here is cabot phillips. i love this series. so many college students like these ideas. it sounds great. but when it's practically applied to their own lives and they have to visualize what it means, probably not to great. >> it's very compassionate, the idea of everyone else paying for free health care and college. not so compassionate when you have to give up what you've worked for. the left has weaponized the concept of equality. but they want equality of outcome. there's nothing compassionate about that when you flip it around to help the students understand that it sounds good
4:27 am
until it applies to you. >> you went on to ask them the difference between salaries and gpas. what did you hear? >> it was very interesting. there's an idea that if anyone is successful, anyone who is wealthy, they must have gotten that way by pushing everyone else down. listen ho tow they describe someone earning an income but earning a gpa is a little different. listen to them. >> i feel like the difference is that you study for your grades, right and grades reflect how much time you spend studying. >> you got to work hard to become a mcnair. >> there's some people in the bottom that are working and there's some people in the bottom and they deserve that. >> kind of like people making money with their income in. >> exactly. >> this is the problem, right? it's not the real-world college. they haven't gotten out and gotten the job and seen how taxes are taken out and their hard earned cash vanishes. they don't get it. >> they absolutely don't.
4:28 am
but it's hard to blame them when they're only hearing one idea. it's important for us to teach history and teach the economic contexts. the two most veement students eans socialism says my families came from here cuba. you can see them on the end of the video and many of the students don't have a irk sool l context. it's important that we teach history. >> the world isn't fair. you can work hard and earn a gpa but you also work really hard and not have a high gpa if it doesn't cut your way. it's life. >> absolutely. >> thanks cabot. >> thank you for your time. an antiabortion film had its twitter account suspended on opening night. was it mistake or another case
4:29 am
of social media silence silenci. this viral video of a snake massage made jed lose her mind so of course we brought some snakes here to help her conquer her fear. rick is fearless. jedidiah, not so much. stick with us. watch her freak out. ♪ ♪
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ this is your shot of the morning. a dad visiting disney world wowing the crowd and the internet with his jaw-dropping rendition of the classic song "ava maria." his daughter noticed the piano inside their hotel and asked if he would sing for her. >> we're going to relive that in the 9:00 hour. >> hopefully he'll tell me -- i everybody pronounces my name wrong. >> a very proud daughter there. >> absolutely adorable. headlines for you before we
4:34 am
meet in snake. four palestinians including three teenagers are killed along the border. some activists threw -- egyptian mediators are expected to israel to work out a peace deal. violent protests break motte in paris for the 20th straight week. more than 30,000 protesters calling for president emanuel macron to resign. they set fire in the streets and clashed with police. some 2020 democratic hopefuls showing support for the woman accusing vice president joe biden of inappropriately touching her. >> i believe lucy flores and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> i believe lucy flores. >> we need to live in a nation where can hear her truth. >> nevada politician plowcy
4:35 am
flores says biden made her feel uneasy after kissing her on the back of the head in 2018. a spokesperson for biden se he e does not recall the incident. an animal lover finds herself in the right a place at the right time. >> you better thank fe for the rest of your life. >> she saves a snake whose head was stuck in a beer can. he happens to run an animal rescue organization and said she had to rescue him. those are your head lines. i'm over here. speaking of snakes, je snaks jedidiah. >> his tongue is out. >> no way. >> hold on. this isn't how the segment is supposed to go. >> we're supposed to start with a small. >> we were actually going to start with something a little easier.
4:36 am
>> oh, this is okay. >> i thought we would ease into this. >> this is grant kimer. >> i like a turtle but why does it have to have a snake neck. >> we're going to ease you into it. >> he doesn't scare me because he probably can't run that fast or get to him. there's no tongue sticking out. >> no, he doesn't do that. this long neck is when they're in the water. >> if you don't get that snake away from ed. >> let me move. >> we're going to go to legs. wow. i don't have to hold it. >> just touch it. >> i don't know how i feel about this. >> this part. >> you know what, pete? speak for yourself. he doesn't look like he's out to bite. >> sh i.>> she is very old.
4:37 am
i've had her a long time. probably 20 years of age. now we're going to step it up a little bit. >> i'm not ready. what's over there. oh no. oh no. >> okay. >> all right. >> what do you mean okay? >> seems manageable. >> it's a legless lizard. >> it's a snake. it's a legless lizard? >> i want no part of snakes. >> this is a snake you tricked me into being a lizard. >> it is a lizard. you will see his move its eyelids. it will close its eyes. has an external ear meaning it can hear everything that we're saying. >> that's not good. >> it's very good. >> jedidiah doesn't like you. >> and this is a stale which if it were to break away it will regenerate. stakes cannot do that. >> they don't have an ability
4:38 am
other than to eat a whole animal. this animal's jaw is huge. it cannot spread it over like a snake can. >> can jedidiah touch this one? >> i'm good. my heart is racing as it is. >> the very last animal. we're going to go right into the deep end with the last animal here. >> i thought this was it. oh no! oh no! oh no! what is the matter with you people. oh my gosh! >> my goodness. >> what is that? >> so this is actually the same snake as what he's holding just three years later. >> are you serious? >> wow. >> it's one of the largest snakes in the world and she's nowhere near full grown. >> she's looking at me. >> so we've read about these snake massages.
4:39 am
what is the massage schedule for the snake? >> meaning you get a snake ma sage? >massage? >> no. the snake goes over your body and massages you. >> i can't do it. my heart is racing. >> come over here. >> i got the head over here if you want to touch. >> i think it's safer to be away. >> its not slimy. >> i don't know if i can do it. >> you can touch it. >> i can't do it. i can't do it. i will see the coloring. >> it's beautiful. >> i'm the scaredy cat but when the little tongue comes out pete goes the other way. >> i would rather go on patrol in baghdad. >> snakes are extremely beneficial. >> rick. >> rodents carry disease. it's estimated that more people die from rodents carrying diseases than all wars combined. >> mosquitos. >> you don't have to love him or
4:40 am
give them a hug. let them do their job in peace. >> do they like affection in. >> they don't care. he doesn't care if you come up and say hi. this is an animal with a big undertaking. this is not something that really is a pet. >> do these guys get along? >> they could probably care less about each other. >> call me crazy, but i would rather take the dog for a walk than have one of these. >> i work with lions, tigers, bears and furry animalses, but quite frankly these animals are a lot safer. >> thanks for coming. >> you know what, rick is the winner of this segment by far. that is wild. the massive college admission scandal, now an
4:41 am
actress that's fighting for the disabled for years. she joins us live with her message and mission next. an antiabortion film has its twitter account temporarily suspended on opening night. was it a mistake? the films codirectors and one of the writers weigh in.
4:42 am
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4:44 am
. welcome back. las vegas is making narcan easy to come by by putting it in vending machines. pit's available in three vending
4:45 am
machines right now. they'll add more health related things like pregnancy tests. and your heart may be at risk of a cyberattack. homeland security warning that certain defibrillators can be hacked. attackers cannot only steal sensitive data but interfere with the devices. met tronnics is working to improve its security. legal proceedings ramping up in the largest college admission scandal in the history. what's not being addition cussed is the effect it's having on those with disability needs. >> taking their children to a therapist getting a letter saying because of purported learning disabilities the child needed additional time to complete th the s.a.t. or the a.c.t. >> our next guest says the accused parents are a disgrace
4:46 am
to whose who have kids with special needs. i was so inspired by your personal story and how that weighed in on your commitment to people with disabilities and this anti-bullying campaign. can you share with us about why this is so passionate for you personally? >> absolutely. i think that in the press in general, especially with the coverage of this case, it more so focuses on what the accused have done but not the direct impact it's actually had on the community of people with disabilities. i think that for people with disabilities -- oh, sorry. i think that for the community of people with disabilities, to get proper accommodations like extra testing time or what not, it's a fight i've fought my entire life. and a year ago got certified as an advocate so when special
4:47 am
needs kids are denied them i can go in and fight. >> now your story though is you were bullied. i read where you had had a teacher when you were younger in middle school that bullied you, that marginalized you because of your own disability. can you speak to that a little bit and what it was like to have to recover from that experience? >> yeah. when i was in middle school i had a teacher who brought me up in class on the first day of school and said class, haley has tourette's and if you become her friend you might catch it. there were no laws to protect me. >> that's incredible. i've taught school and i can't imagine putting a student in that position. let alone how you must have felt as a child. what about the i.d.e.a. act. you wanted this to get passed. tell us about that and why you supported it so boldly.
4:48 am
>> absolutely. the i.d.e.a. ablght stands for y when i was bullied, because tourette's syndrome which is what you call an invisible disability, you can't see it, but the i.d.e.a. act not only protects people from disabilities from quote unquote of being bullied or abused by a teacher, but it also is what a child can disabilities have to fall under to get an iep. individualized education plan. that's how you get accommodations. so when i heard about the college scandal, the first thing i knew was oh no, they have pretty much used the i.d.e.a.
4:49 am
act in a way that is horrifying. everything i've fought for. it's unfathomable. one of the hardest things is watching these parents, able to do it, i'm also watching the reactions of the people in the disability community. and these parents have stolen the very strongest thing that keeps us going, which is they've stolen a lot of hope. it's already a fight to get. >> i want to thank you. we have to wrap on time. thank you for coming here and sharing your special story and fighting so hard for something that is passionate for so many people in light of how some of these issues have been abused by those who don't have disabilities and have taken things away from those who deserve them like extra time and what not. thank you so much. you have inspired so many, myself included. thank you.
4:50 am
>> thank you. an eapt abortion film has its account suspended on opening night. was the crew targeted over their conservative views? that film's codirector and one of the writingers is here and they will weigh in. norwegian cruise line. feel free. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?!
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well it's the new movie we've been telling you about depicting the true story of a planned parenthood director turned pro-life activist. >> there's still a part of me that isn't sure. >> but the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can't feel anything. >> sorry to bort you but they need an extra person in the back room. are you free?
4:54 am
>> powerful. unplanned premiered in theaters akrowses thacross the country ot twitter briefly suspended the account causing film creators to question that. >> here is the film eke director and writer. i've seen the film. what do you make of twitter suddenly sus smended the account on opening weekend? was this an accident? >> well, you know, there's only two reasonable possibilities as r as far as we can tell. either an internal decision by twitter executives or a response to them by saying hey, these people need to be shut down, we don't agree with these viewpoint. we don't find either explanation acceptable and we haven't gotten an explanation.
4:55 am
>> here's what twitter is saying this morning. they said in a statement, we enforce the twitter rules imparmly for all users regardless of their background or political affiliation. do you believe that? >> you know, we've heard this a thousand times. it happens over and over. but amazingly it seems to happen to these kind of movies, conservative movies. >> always seems to happen on the right. we can't buy advertising on most networks. we've been turn down by hallmark, lifetime, with the npaa restriction of giving us an r rating we can't run this trailer before any movie but an r rated movie. it's the ability to shut us down and starve us for any puc publi. >> despite the obstacles, people are going and watching the
4:56 am
movie. what do you want them to take away from it? >> hope, forgiveness, redemption. this is not a movie about scon decondemnation. everyone that sees the movie is absolutely unbelievably moved. the problem is you can have a great movie but if you're shut down on your social media and everything else and advertising won't take it, no one knows it's out there, that's the goal of those who are trying to kill the movie. >> powerful movie, powerful message, appreciate you both coming in. thank you. >> it's true, they shout down. >> the twitter followers on the account shout out after they suspended it. one official's desperate call as his city becomes
4:57 am
overwhelmed. they don't call it march madness for nothing. how missing a free-throw on purpose earned one team a trip to the final four. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
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5:00 am
♪ >> the president doubling down on his crackdown on illegal immigration. >> we're not going to give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them that they're not going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. pete: the state department confirmed that we will be cutting payment, aid payment, to el salvador, guatemala, and honduras. >> we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum speakers. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. >> a suspect has been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the death of a university of south carolina student. >> democrats 59% no, do not accept the conclusion.
5:01 am
33%, yes. >> for the democrats, they want all-in. now they have nowhere to go. >> this whole thing of collusion isn't true. >> they had to amend the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt did not get reelected. >> aoc and her socialist compadres are nothing but fear fearmongers. >> she did it and air force veteran put up the flag when it was knocked down. >> to do the right thing and make sure i show respect and pick it up off the ground. ♪ >> nothing says spring like getting outside. been cooped up inside. nothing says spring like jed complaining about the boys not letting her take the jacket off to play baseball. jedediah: my chance to redeem myself. look at those games we had
5:02 am
outside. i heard heavy some jenga, and i don't want to say anything but i'm a jenga pro. i don't want to toot my own horn but i'm a pro at jenga. pete: it is spring. i walked around the yard yesterday, what do i should have been i need to do, fix that, the first time you walk around your liberated yard. ed: you got like an america cap on and a beer -- jedediah: absolutely. it is true, though. we hibernate for a lot of the year so it's very liberty ratin. pete: a special smell to spring. i don't know what it is. ed: nothing says america like pete walking around his yard with a budweiser and nothing says 2020 like president trump getting tough on illegal immigration, just like he did in 2016. this is one of the -- the democrats are going to say this is political. it's partly political, but it's also about serious stuff. there's a crisis at the border that the president has been talking about for months and months now. and i call it a crisis because even democrats are starting to admit it.
5:03 am
jeh johnson, who was the homeland security chief for one barack obama, he's admitting what the president has said for a couple of years now: it is a crisis. pete: and why has the president been saying this? because he's been talking to the border patrol agents, he's been talking to d.h.s., been talking to mayors and getting facts on the ground so one particular quote caught our eye from usa today to this point. the mcallen city manager, roy rodriguez -- talking about a guy who's right on the front lines -- said it's staggering, really. we've never seen anything like this before under a title of trump threatens to close border. so as the looming -- as the border crisis continues and the threat to potentially shut down the border these mayors, city council members, are saying it's happening in my community right now . jedediah: the numbers are actually astounding when you look at them. 100,000 arrests, 1,000 average arrests a day, 162,260 total border apprehensions in fiscal year 2018. ed: it's even worse because some
5:04 am
days it's a thousand. that might be the average but even again jeh johnson a democrat has been saying there have been some days recently where i tell you, 4,000 a day. pete: i don't mean to correct, but if you go back to that full screen, that's just in one sector. that's just in the rio grande valley sector, which makes the jeh johnson comment fit because there's other places it's happening as well. and mcallen is in the rio grande valley so you've got -- i've been on that section of the border, on that border talking to border patrol agents. where they have a wall they're able to control the flow of people. you see the problem of asylum being thought. that's where unchecked illegal immigration happ.ns jedediah: stats aside we've been showing the footage of that as well so it's very hard to understand how i could ignore, a the stats, b, the voices of the people on the ground, in the border patrol. c, kirstjen nielsen has been out there. you could sayoc, she's part of the trump administration. but listen to the border patrol and look at the footage shown on the news of people swarming the border.
5:05 am
this conversation about asylum seekers and are people abusing that system, this is a very serious issue, and if you care about the national security of the country and you care about people who live in those towns right by the border, american citizens you have to look at this seriously and at least acknowledge -- pete: do you -- just yet beto robert francis o'rourke officially launched his presidential campaign, had three stops in texas. he doesn't appear to be listening or looking. he said this in el paso yesterday. >> we are safe not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. ed: and look. if you are seeking asylum, legitimate, absolutely, and we've got to go through the process. i think among other things the president is saying there are so many seeking asylum now it's hard to sort out for the border payroll who are simply trying to do their job. who is legitimate and who is not
5:06 am
not? who is trying to hide in there and use the fact that there's an overflow of asylum seekers who may be legitimate and take advantage of that -- terrorists, drug dealers, the rest. jedediah: for me it was very important that jeh johnson came out, though. he was on can a view owe yesterday. undersecretary to obama. remember because he comes from the obama administration people who are not inclined to listen to the trump administration mube giving him a second look. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. according to the commissioner of cbp there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone in past week and we're on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month. that is by far a greater number than anything i saw on my watch in my three years as secretary of homeland security. pete: ed, you, you and i saw him in the lobby before he talked with neil cavuto, this is common sense, it's obvious. ed: for not playing politics and
5:07 am
saying look, i'm someone who served in a democratic administration but i looked at the same facts that president trump is looking at and actually the facts have gotten worse. great to jeh johnson for speaking out. jedediah: my question is will folks in the media who tend to lead toward favoring the obama administration, you know, badgering president trump, will they look at this and say wait a second, it's harder for us to take this stand when you have someone from our team pete: there aren't the facilities for it so people are being released even earlier in the hope so they show up for a hearing that many never show up for. it just compounds the problem. ed: so democrats have spent a long time not listening to the facts that president trump has presented about the crisis at the border. they've also ignored the president tweeting, talking publicly for months and months now about problems that the f.b.i., the justice department and all the rest in terms of how the entire mueller investigation started, what went on in terms of abuses of power. suddenly now that parts of the mueller report have trickled out and we found out there was no
5:08 am
collusion conspiracy and that they are not going to pursue obstruction of justice, ruud was on justice with judge jeannine last night saying it's time to look at the democrats. it's time to crack down on those abuses. watch. >> what are they doing this for? somebody made this up, jeannine. somebody conceived this and they superimposed it and then they went out to try to prove it and we have to find out who's the brains behind this. i think we need a justice department investigation of who tried to perpetrate a fraud on the american people. >> why haven't we heard about, or from, christopher steele, the people from fusion gps, glenn simpson, all the people -- >> they should all be in in jail jail. why is mccabe running around selling his book when he should be in jail for perjury? why is ohr and his wife -- he should be in jail for and maybe bribery. ed: mccabe of course a reference to andy mccabe who is on his
5:09 am
book tour saying the president might be an agent of russia. he said that before we got the facts. jedediah: i had ruud on the show yesterday and i brought up the obama administration. i said you have to ask, what did president obama know, what did he know about the start of this investigation? what did he authorize? these are all valid questions. as we now find out, what was the justification for this lengthy investigation to begin with? pete: the justification of the lengthy investigation should have been the fact that mueller mueller's scope should have included that, if there was a ruse or a hoax to create, then that's part of -- in fact, that's part of empowering russia russia's influence or the perception of their influence on our process. it's all fed into it. well, there's still folks clinging to the mueller report. the chief clinger himself is eric swalwell, what's it called, collusion clinger. that's not my phrase. that's from joe conchy yesterday on our program. he's saying even though the mueller report is out he wants to see more of it. he's going to subpoena the un unredacted version of that report. listen. >> if william barr refuses to release it full and unredacted,
5:10 am
will the democratic leadership subpoena it? will adam schiff subpoena it? >> yes. the president is outnumbered now in that the voters gave us, you know, a balance of power over these abuses of power. they gave us that subpoena power this past november. so we'll subpoena it it. but we're also confident that if we have to go to the courts because of the judicial precedent that exists through watergate -- ed: a lot of that is false. eric swalwell clinging as you said -- jedediah: for dear life. ed: -- to keep what is a false narrative alive. joy reed there at msnbc starts the question: "if the attorney general refuses to release an un unredacted version." no one believes it's sensible for the attorney general to release an unredacted version, the whole report. there's grand jury material in there. it'd be against the law to put that out there, we've heard that again and again. and there also may be -- we haven't seen it yet -- but sensitive classified information about the russia-u.s.
5:11 am
relationship, what they were doing. so to say that you have to release the entire report is nonsense. jedediah: you got to wonder if the desperation will ever end. the 2020 campaign manager, he went on the record and talked about the left holding on to the russia collusion. take a listen. >> they have sold this narrative so much and so many congressmen and people in the media and so many people have done so much to try to sell this like it was fact when there was zero fact, zero fact of collusion. i don't know if there's a tactic that's directed to, hey, you lied about this, you lied about that. but look. i think it does show what the democrats are capable of. i think it shows the false narrative they're doing. i mean, i completely think that they're willing to lie 100 percent for anything because they can't fight this president on policy. pete: later in the program we'll talk about a new washington post poll that shows that 60% of democrats don't believe mueller. that means that 60% of americans say, "no, no, no, this whole report" -- ed: they used to say mueller is the greatest thing since sliced bread. jedediah: the key line there was that they can't beat the president on policy.
5:12 am
key. when the economy is doing well, when you have people wanting a secure border, they don't know what to do. what are they talking about, late-term abortion and endorsing it and president trump and investigating him. that's really all i've heard from them as of late. and open borders. ed: we'll have live guests talking about all these big issues. jedediah: big headlines for you. this man in a nathaniel owens is charged with kidnapping a south carolina student. she got into the car he was driving thinking it was her uber-. hunters later discovered her body in the woods near her home. police found blood in the car. josephson was a senior at the university of south carolina. a decorated navy s.e.a.l. is moved out of solitary confinement av his brother made this plea on fox & friends yesterday. >> i'm almost in disbelief because it's been a seven month fight. he has been tragically behind bars in that terrible place and
5:13 am
our family has been fighting tooth and nail. jedediah: president order eddie gallagher be moved to less restrictive confinement as he is prepared for trial. he is charged with killing an isis prisoner in iraq. pete: and was released from that solitary confinement last night so well done there. and to march madness and sports. half of the final four is set after a couple of crazy finishes last night. >> for the winner! [buzzer] pete: to miss it, to tip it, and then to have the presence of mind to pass it rather than chuck it up, a last-minute buzzer beattory send it to overtime and uva exorcised their demons. and texas tech taking their first ever tripe to the final four beating 1 seed gonzaga. ed: series of upsets there from texas it can't. meanwhile, a lot more pete: the chicago police union fighting back after charges were dropped against jussie smollett.
5:14 am
their union vice president joins us next with what they plan to do about it. ed: and from designer drugs to designer clothes, how el chapeau goes from drug kingpin to fashionista from behind bars. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
5:15 am
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♪ pete: chicago prosecutors dropping all charges against jussie smollett following his alleged hate crime hoax setting off a firestorm across the country. in chicago police now planning a protest at the prosecutor's office tomorrow. here with more as one of those protesters, martin pride, second vice president of the fraternal order of police, chicago lodge 7 7. martin, thanks for joining us
5:18 am
this morning. update our viewers on where we are on this case right now. >> well, right now we're still in sort of a media frenzy about it. miss foxx, kimberly foxx published a difficult to understand explanation of what she did in the chicago tribune. doesn't make any sense. it doesn't address the key issues. and so that's -- we're -- we're grateful that the federal authorities are going to look into it. we believe that it's very important to find out what happened here and we're going to look at our own legal options to get this case back into court and back through the legal process, which is what -- what it should have done to begin with. pete: i know police in chicago are outraged. they felt like preferential treatment, back door deals. kim foxx, the prosecutor, wrote it in the chicago tribune on friday. vote wrote "claims that the
5:19 am
outcome of this quote as quote exonerated him are simply wrong. he's not been found innocent so why isn't smollett in prison or at least on trial in my office felt that the likelihood of securing a conviction was not certain." she also went on to see she's open to an independent or outside review of this. your reaction to that? >> well, i mean, what is it, then? he's not resolved, it is resolved? and not likely to have a conviction? what does that mean? i think i could probably find five or six hundred detectives in chicago and as many attorneys and former prosecutors who would laugh at that statement. i mean, the evidence seemed overwhelming. and, you know, prosecutors aren't supposed to just toss in the towel for arbitrary reasons. you know, if you have evidence, you have a good investigation, you go forward with it. this is a hate crime.
5:20 am
hate crimes, you know, have to be legitimate. they're important legislation to protect people from terrible crimes; so it's nonsense. pete: it could have been distracted potentially many man-hours of pursuing other things for the chicago p.d. you feel like she's running effectively against the chicago police department. why? >> yes. well, because this is the tip of the iceberg. there's other scandals that we've complained to federal authorities and said they need to -- she's let people out of prison on murder convictions that we think were baseless and she should not have done so. these were horrible murders. she vacated the convictions of a spanish covert gang member from 20 years ago. why is a prosecutor vacating 20 20-year-old convictions of a gang member that will allow him to take in the country? pete: martin we've got to go. keep us updated on this case.
5:21 am
i can tell you're outraged. appreciate your time. beto o'rourke, robert francis, in an all-out blitz making his white house official run official. can he reclaim his star status in the lone star state? but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials tprevagen. healthier brain. better life. a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. pete: welcome back. quick headlines for you. the c.e.o. of facebook admits social media companies should be regulated. mark zuckerberg writing an op-ed in the washington post saying governments need to be more active in policing the internet. who is the policeman though? this comes after a series of safety and ethical controversies facing the tech giant. and saudi arabia is reportedly being blamed for hacking amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos bezos' cell phone and they be leaking texts that exposed his affair. new reports show the company's
5:25 am
top security chief believes the saudis wanted to hurt bezos over the coverage of the washington post murdered columnist jamal khashoggi. bezos owns the newspaper. ed: beto o'rourke officially kicking off his campaign. now he had a three city rally blitz all across the texas. >> we have an economy that works too well for too few. we must get to universal guaranteed high quality health care. universal background checks. we've seen a 50% reduction in gun violence. we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. ed: so will this strategy help keep him as a top contender for 2020? here to debate trump national press secretary and democratic strategist. caylee, i wonder what you think about the substance of what beto o'rourke is claiming out such as "this is an economy that helps
5:26 am
too few." >> well, apparently he's ignored the facts. that is after all what i found is the message that democrats ignore reality, deny the facts because the facts are this: the bottom half of the income spectrum are seeing their wages grow twice as fast as those at the top. why? because of trump's free market policies. we have historic low unemployment for african-americans and hispanics. this is the best economic time on record. 71% said that in the cnn poll that the economy's in good shape shape. so if beto wants to take an economic message, by all means please bring that to us. we are ready and equipped at the trump campaign. ed: jason, what about that? >> i think one of the economic messages that both is talking about is paying teachers more. we have teachers who have to drive uber, who aren't able to make ends meet. he's talking about health care, which in many cases the trump administration is tried to cut health care. this is gonna be hurt our economy, hurt people, put people into bankruptcy and he's saying that we need a change and i
5:27 am
think that he and many of the people on the lofty are sending the right message to the american people. ed: first i want to tress you, jason, on this idea, when i asked you about the economy and what beto o'rourke is saying, you said he wants to pay teachers more. but what about caylee said, the substance? wages are going up for people. how can you and beto o'rourke and other democrats claim the economy is not helping people, when we have record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanics, others, and wages are going up for folks? >> well, again, ed, you know, we're going to disagree on why our economy is going well. we know that there's -- ed: are wages going up? yes or no. >> there are many projections that say that we're headed actually in the wrong direction and saying that we're going to shut down the border is going to hurt our economy even more, it's going to hart farmers, it's going to hurt dairy farmers in california. so the president i think he benefits from, you know, some economic trends that have been happening even before he was president. and he's going to actually hurt us in other ways. ed: he's been on the job for two
5:28 am
years. caylee, i'll give you a crack at that but i also want to press you on health care 'cause jason made a point that the president president's approach to health care may backfire and your chance to respond. >> sure. there you go again. democrats denying the facts. jason said president trump is restricting health care choice. absolutely not, because of president trump finally consumers have access to cheaper short-term plans, association health care plans, prescription drugs, consumers save $26 billion last year because of trump. democrats want to go the way of socialist medicine to have fewer choice, less access to care, higher costs. for a decade we've had disaster under obamacare, health care costs increasing. this year premiums are leveling because of president trump and free market policies. there's more to be done but eliminating insurance is not the answer. ed: there's a point there about kamala harris did call for the end of private insurance. you've got others calling for medicare for all. how you going to pay for all
5:29 am
that? >> i think there are many ways to pay for it. number 1, we know that just by eliminating the paperwork you're going to save $400 billion per year. so there are -- ed: wait a second, paperwork is going to get you $400 billion? >> it absolutely is. fact check me. i'm absolutely certain about that. ed: what else you got on health care, then? >> you know, of course president trump, he doesn't even have a plan. he's talking about eliminating obamacare but has nothing to back it up. and about 20 million people are going to lose their health insurance. and that's -- >> that's false. how many americans are going to lose your health insurance when you eliminate private insurance? you want government takeover. you want a governor take over insurance. look at canada, look at the u.k. look at the wait times, look at the number of people who have died waiting for care. let's not bring that to our shores. let's allow competition across state lines, bring down costs
5:30 am
and let the american consumer choose, not the federal government choose who gets health care, when, and how. ed: jason, last point. >> everyone should get health care. that's what people on the left are talking about. instead of us choosing -- >> sure. we agree with that. >> -- and 20 million people losing their health care, which is what the trump administration and caylee's side are advocatin. >> that's just false. ed: does the the president have a plan, caylee? >> absolutely he has a plan. opening up the free market. i'm saying opening up the free market, allowing competition across state lines, choosing like the model of graham-cassidy graham-cassidy. it's -- ed: we'll see the details in the days ahead. appreciate you both coming in. the president is threatening to shut down the border. we've been talking about that, but the media melting down. >> what donald trump through twitter is doing is threatening to just close the border and essentially blaming mexico. ed: an expert weighs in on the impact of the border when you've
5:31 am
got media bias about the whole issue. plus, a veteran's heroic act to save an american flag is going viral. this is awesome. that sheriffs deputy who saved old glory with a patriotic message. spring has sprung. time to get the kids out of the house. we've got the games the entire family, especially pete out in his yard can enjoy.
5:32 am
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♪ ♪ everybody's saying, hey, y'all we got the beat -- ed: there's a skyline that simply never gets old. jedediah: as i understand that stunning? ed: you walk around, springtime, fresh air. jedediah: getting warmer. getting there. not quite it there yet. ed: going to pay some games in a minute. jedediah: pete: a hazy view of new york. it was a a beautiful skyline, but just a nice .ay jedediah: before we play some games the wedding do some headlines. a caravan migrant on a viral video is now locked up on assault charges. in the video she's complaining about only having beans to eat. now she's behind bars in a texas jail charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. her sister was also reportedly arrested after the two allegedly beat another woman who gave them a place to stay.
5:36 am
convicted drug lord el chapeau and his ride-or-die wife are launching a new clothing line this summer. wow. the crime boss signed a contract from his manhattan jail cell granting the rights to his name to run the company. his 29-year-old wife will run the business as he awaits sentencing for trafficking charges. a security scare for the pope. watch as someone rushes through the pope's motorcade toward the king of morocco. he was quickly tackled. you can see how close he got to the quinnipiac. pope francis' motorcade was on the other side of the road. the pope was in the predominantly muslim nation to promote interfaith dialoguing. an air force veteran and sheriff deputy saved the flag. deputy mcilroy explained why he did it. >> seeing the flag down my first reaction was to do the right
5:37 am
thing, to make sure i showed respect and pick it up off the ground. jedediah: he served in afghanistan before becoming a deputy. ed: great thing he did. pete: the guy knew nobody was looking, saw a flag on the ground, went up to the house, folded it nicely and he got some due that he deserves. jedediah: we got some weather, i believe, from rick. find out if it's getting warmer. help us out, rick. >> no. a little bit colder and then warmer. that will be the case for the next few months. it will get warmer and warmer. you're on tv. they're like we just want to be on tv. you see behind that camera guy? you see yourself? you look good. take a look at the weather map, show you what's going on this morning temperature-wise. cold front moving through the east and it's going to drop temperatures behind us about ten degrees, but overall not that bad. it is a chilly start, 22 degrees in minneapolis. here's how the day plays out across mid-atlantic northeast. the front moves through, showers coming through behind that, cooler air moves in by this evening, temperatures are going to be dropping back into the thirties for almost everybody; so get why do you winter coats
5:38 am
out again sorry to say. down across the southeast you also have showers moving through through. the one benefit is it will calm down the pollen count at least for a day or two so your allergies willful better later on in the afternoon. north plains, a little bit of snow moving in across parts of minnesota and behind that colder air. you will warm up this week again across parts of the northeast. ed? we've got some games. ed: what better way to get the kids back outside, than to try out some new backyard games and here with more is lifestyle expert barbara majesky. good morning. we're still getting there in terms of heat. heats talk about the kids and how you get them outside. >> it's time to get them outside unplug, get them outside. i brought some fun super sized games. he's a natural. and you know you just want to get four in a row. it's real easy. it's fun. he can stay outside. i don't know who's going to be
5:39 am
the winner here. pete: rick set me up. >> almost. ed: we'll come back to that. what about the checkerboard? >> come on. this is so fun. a classic game; right? and, you know, this is only $30. you can do a super-size of checkers, the kids can play it, everybody can get involved. listen, this is all stuff to jar our memories. ed: have you ever met jenga jedediah? she has been promising she see loves jenga. we'll check out a little jenga. how you doing? jedediah: that's right. i know how to do it this is a serious game and when you super size it -- i think it's your turn. ed: all right. i got to take one out? >> now it's your turn. jedediah: oh! >> you you win! ed: what happened? jedediah: you cannot be trusted. >> all right.
5:40 am
this is, you know, this is kerplunk, which is a classic game, you just pull out all the sticks and whoever has the least amount of balls. girls, show 'em how it's done on the count of three. ready, set, go. ed: that's pretty cool. jedediah: look at 'em go. >> they just keep going. all right. ed: we've got horseshoes. >> we've got horseshoes. these girls will keep going. ed: what do you do with them? >> basic game of horseshoes. you can super size it or keep it at a classic regular size. i feel like -- good job, lila and jill. this is more the cross fit version. ed: second round. hang on. let's see who wins. >> we're going to have to move them back next time. all right. whoa! jedediah: two for two! >> this is a great game. this is wicked size pong. what you want to do is stand over there, take this ball, and you're going to throw the balls
5:41 am
in there, and whoever gets the walls -- you got to move back. pick anyone. jedediah: got to make it tougher ed. >> pick anyone. and it's the person that gets the most balls in wins. all right. ed: i got to a good shot this week. now we're going smaller! >> let me set you up. you got this. all fun games, all things to play outside, bring it back in. jedediah: there you go. >> all right. ed: so who won connect 4? >> i did. >> all right! pete: rick, tell the truth. ed: he won! which website to go to? >> we'll have all this stuff. ed: we'll move on from the fun and games and talk about the president threatening to shut down the border and the media starting to melt down. >> twitter is doing, just close the border and essentially
5:42 am
blaming mexico. jedediah: i feel that's for me. ed: we're breaking down the media bias while covering the border, that's n.xt pete: and another airport fans chick-fil-a, a growing outrage coming up. ♪ (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry,
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♪ pete: the media in a frenzy as president trump doubles down on his threat to shut down the southern border. >> growing anxiety tonight along our southern border. >> what donald trump through twitter is doing is threatening to just close the border and essentially blaming mexico. >> president trump claims that a closure of the border would be a profit-making move to the u.s. but in fact that would be a huge economic loss. >> does he have the authority to do this or is it just political?
5:46 am
jedediah: kelsey bolar is a senior writer at the heritage foundation. welcome, kelsey. the media coverage has the rule been something to behold when it comes to the border. what do you think of the latest? >> what's frustrating is when the media does decide to finally cover the crisis happening down on our southern border, they do it with an anti-trump agenda. it's like a game to them where they cover the border crisis when they can somehow attempt to twist the story to make it out to seem that this is president trump's fault the way migrants are being treated when the fact is president trump and the trump administration have been screaming to congress doing everything in their power; so would argue too much in their power, to bring all the attention in the world to the lack of resources they have to deal with the massive number of migrants who are coming on a daily basis. we saw this week over 4,000 migrants in one day.
5:47 am
former obama d.h.s. secretary jeh johnson said it used to be a bad day when he was dealing with 1,000 people crossing the border border. so it truly is a crisis, and it's frustrating to watch the media cover it as if this is somehow president trump's pete: they almost do it accidentally when they're fair about it. the usa today today talk about trump possibly shutting down the border and said "texas overwhelmed by migrants." you see reporters standing in front of border gets a as if they're getting the ground truth truth. in reality oftentimes the border patrol agents, those agents themselves are never talked to. >> right. and what we really need the media to do right now is to go down there in person and report on what's happening down there, including the criminal organizations that are smuggling children and women across the border. where's the #metoo movement for all the women and girls that are being assaulted and raped as they cross the border? this is a humanitarian crisis happening and, you know, conveniently the media ignores that part. jedediah: do you think that jeh
5:48 am
johnson coming out and speaking and sort of backing up the fact that it is a crisis for the president, do you think that changes the media dynamic in terms of how they cover it? because this is, you know, their guy, this is someone from an administration they respect and admire. does that change the way they cover this at all? >> i hope it does. that certainly was a big moment from my perspective and it was certainly needed. he's someone who has been there dealing with this and he's saying, hey, we need to get past the politics and realize this is actually a crisis. and the president of the united states no matter who he or she is can only do so much. it is really up to congress to address this crisis. and democrats consistently are trying to avoid talking about this, and the media really needs to press them. "well, what would you do to solve this?" because republicans -- president trump have proposed solution after solution, and democrats, all they want to focus on is collusion delusion. pete: that's right. kelsey, you pretend like the
5:49 am
media and the democrats are two different things. put a hyphen in there and let it be. kelsey, thank you very much for your time. jedediah: please tear down -- parents refuse to take their un unvaccinated son to the hospital hospital. so police barged in. our next guest says law enforcement did the right thing. pete: the telepromter -- jedediah: they switched that thing pete: and bill maher has a new word for socialism. >> it's the right kind of socialism that makes you the freest. in fact let's not even call it socialism. let's call it capitalism plus. [laughter] pete: well, how about communism minus? maria bartiromo weighs in straight ahead. ♪ we just got married.
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♪ >> call the police department. we're not going to leave until you come out with the child. ed: well, this video has been making the rounds 'cause police forced to kick down the door of an arizona home to retrieve a sick and unvaccinated 2-year-old child after his parents refused to take him to the hospital. jedediah: and while some are outraged, our next guest says this is absolutely a case where law enforcement must step in to keep children safe. here is nurse practitioner danny stringer who's also a vaccination advocate and founder of danny, thanks for being here. >> thanks so much for jedediah: so you look at this video. a lot of people initially saw this video and were outraged, we're saying, oh, my gosh, is this the role of law enforcement to be pounding down doors of people's homes? but once you read the backstory that this was a 2-year-old child the doctor had recommended that the parents take this child to the e.r. because the child was
5:54 am
displaying signs of meningitis, what else are you to do in a situation like that? >> right. right. i think that's what is so often frustrating to health care providers and law enforcement when stories like this go public and it's very alarming to see police knocking down a door and removing children from a situation. but what i want the public to understand is you're only seeing such a small portion of what the story is that's going on. and we fiercely, fiercely defend patient's rights to privacy. so with hipaa laws, health care providers cannot come forward and tell the complete story of what led up to making that decision, along with d.c.s. when they're getting involved in these cases, we can't come forward and tell public what's really going on. ed: you were raised in an anti- anti-vaccination household. talk about what you learned, your personal transformation and how that has led you to become an advocate. >> right. i was just raised in a community that was very concerned about
5:55 am
vaccines, and so as i became a pediatric nurse practitioner and really reviewed the evidence for myself, that's when i started changing my mind. and, you know, cases like this are scary because when a child comes to us with 105 degree fever, the differential diagnosis for a child that's not vaccinated is very scary and alarming for serious illnesses like meningitis. you know, this child with meningitis, it can kill children in 12 hours or less; so time was absolutely of the essence, and that is why this health care provider had to legally report this case to the authorities and that's when the authorities intervened. jedediah: i am empathetic with parents who are concerned about the bundling of vaccines, concerned about some of the by-products in vaccines, and are concerned about parental rights and worry that what's going to be next, are they going to mandate a flu vaccine and i'm going to have to give that to my
5:56 am
child, myself potentially. so where do you strike the balance? everyone in the game wants to do what's best for their children. people just see very different ways to achieve that. >> right. well, first and foremost i always just encourage patients to work with pediatric health care providers. my absolute choice and hope is that parents receive education about vaccines. they are safe. they are effective. they have been more researched certainly than any other medical intervention that we have. so my first and strongest choice is for parents just to work with their health care provider and receive adequate education. ed: danny stringer, we appreciate you coming on. jedediah: a border city sounding the alarm about the massive flow of migrants pouring over the southern border. the staggering numbers are coming up. ed: plus maria bartiromo and chris kobac both live in the next hour. don't miss it. 300 miles an hour,
5:57 am
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♪ >> the president doubling down on his crackdown on illegal immigration. >> i've ended payments to guatemala, honduras and to el salvador. no money goes there anymore. they haven't done anything for us. >> we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. >> by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border. >> democrats, 59% now do not accept the conclusion, 3%, yes. >> the democrats went all in, now they have nowhere to go. >> they are willing to lie 100% for anything because they can't fight this president on policy. >> they had to amend the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt did not get reelected. >> aoc and his socialist compadres are nothing but fear moarngs. >> visiting disney world, wowing
6:01 am
the crowd with his classic rendition of "ave maria". ♪ ♪ ed: literally every weekend, pete, meet me in the middle. pete: no such thing as the middle, ed. ed: he's shucking a clam as he talks. he's got a knife in his hand -- pete: it's national clam day, ed. i'm trying to shuck this clam. i had an expert show me in the break. i'm more likely to cut myself -- ed: friday was national vietnam veterans day. this book is all about vietnam memorials across america, check it out. we don't want to forget our
6:02 am
events from any war. jedediah: by the way, ed humbled the general georgia and lost that -- jenga and lost that game. just in case you missed it. [laughter] pete: can you dig my clam? [laughter] ed: all right. so we're going to have a little more fun outside here, springtime. pete: it's sprung. you've got to enjoy it -- jedediah: yeah, i only have three sweaters on today, so i'm it getting there. ed: the president is not playing around when it comes to possibly, as soon as this week, shutting down our border with mexico. the president frustrated with the lack of action, frankly, by leaders in both parties in congress and saying he may have to take drastic action. pete: he has directed the state department, we learned yesterday, el salvador, guatemala and honduras will no longer receive u.s. aid. they've received a lot of aid over the decades in hopes their government structures would improve which, if they did, maybe people wouldn't be trying to flee those countries and --
6:03 am
ed: thousands a day. pete: you're done. it's a punitive measure, frankly. i don't know what it will affect in the near term, but it's yet another example alongside the national emergency declaration and the possibility of shutting down the border that he's going to have that showdown. jedediah: that's right. president trump tweeting: mexico must use its strong immigration laws to stop the many thousands of people trying to get into the usa. our detention areas are maxed out, next step is to close the border. this will also help us with stopping the drug flow from mexico. so this is the last recourse. he has tried to work with democrats, he has tried to declare a national emergency. he has really tried everything. he has gotten border patrol agents to go on on to ex-- to go on record to explain what's going on. democrats have done absolutely nothing but pretend -- ed: they say this is a manufactured crisis. jedediah: right. as the border gets flooded. pete: or that it's unprecedented
6:04 am
something like this would ever be done. doug wead pointed out a few facts to us, previous presidents who closed the border. lbj after the jfk assassination in '63. '85 which he says is the closest analog to here, to this situation, operation camarina, and george w. bush after 9/11. prime ministers have the prerogative to -- presidents have the prerogative to close our borders. if you declare a national emergency and the crisis is growing -- which the facts seem to suggest -- you either let it happen or do something stronger. ed: "usa today," which is not always supportive of president trump -- pete: not always? [laughter] ed: migrants overwhelm texas cities. this is "usa today" in america right now, migrants overwhelming texas cities. and look at, you see the headline there. and look at the mcallen city manager in texas, royed
6:05 am
rodriguez. this is what he tells the "usa today," it's staggering, really. we've never seen anything like this before. i don't know whether roy is democrat, republican, independent. pete: who cares? ed: he's on the front lines and giving us the facts. jedediah: in the rio grande valley, 100,000 border apprehensions so far in fiscal 2019. 1,000 average arrests daily. ed: you know why that matters? what you're seeing is 162,000 border apprehensions in the entire fiscal year of 2018. in just the first few months of 2019, you've already almost reached that same number. we're going to blow past it, maybe double it or more. jedediah: and you couple those stats with the visuals we have with people flooding the border, and now what jeh johnson has come out, former member of the obama administration saying, listen, yes, guys, guess what? wake up, this is, in fact, a
6:06 am
crisis. there has to be a turning point at which people on the left and right, i don't care the politics, address this issue -- ed: and stop calling it a manufactured crisis when even jeh johnson is saying -- pete: aye within in the -- i've been in the rio grande valley, where there's a wall, there's no foot traffic. and when they go the ports of entry, they claim asylum no matter what. so it all adds up. just doing a little bit of research like "usa today" did, you're forced to admit. but there's some candidates on the trail, ed, or jed, who don't -- jedediah: that's okay, you can say it. ed: beto o'rourke officially kicking off his campaign -- i thought he already did -- he's going across his home state of texas is and denying there's a crisis. watch. >> we are safe not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers, we are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum
6:07 am
seekers. ed: there's no dispute there. we are a nation of immigrants. you have to follow the law to come in legally. and then everyone's onboard with that, i would think. pete: yes, of course. ed: what's controversial about that? jedediah: i think i'm going to call him talking point beto, because that's all he does. he has points pre-prepared, and he doesn't really say anything at the end of the day. i don't hear any solutions -- pete: why is he always yelling at me too? does he have another intonation? you can go up and down, but if you're always gesturing on your tiptoes and yelling at people in this sort of bro manner -- jedediah: trying very hard, and also usually p standing on countertops with his shoes, which as a germophobe -- [laughter] ed: jeh johnson, hats off to him for reaching across the aisle. i'm not saying he's supporting president trump, but he's supporting the facts. as the former homeland security
6:08 am
chief under barack obama, he is saying, guess what, folks? there's a crisis. watch. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. according to the commissioner of cbp, there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone this past week, and we're on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month. that is, by far, a greater number than anything i saw on my watch in my plea years as secretary of homeland security. ed: those are facts democrats don't want to admit. you hear this daily drum beat, we're fact checking, president trump's lying about this, and and then alexandria ocasio-cortez, their dream on the left, comes out and gets the facts completely wrong -- jedediah: again. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] ed: you hear democrats talking about that? pete: no. here is what she had to say that's got us kind of crashing our heads. >> when our party was boldest, the time of the new deal, the
6:09 am
great society, the civil rights act and so on, we had and carried supermajorities in the house, in the senate. we carried the presidency. they had to amend the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt did not get reelected. and, you know, there were so many extraordinary things that were happening in that time that were uniting working people. ed: she's trying to say the democrats were so amazing that they had to change the constitution to prevent fdr from being reelected except when you look at the facts, he died in april of 1945. congress actually approved the 22nd amendment in march of '47. jedediah: and it's stunning, actually, that she gets away with this because she's so used to being unchallenged, everyone just applauding. she gets all this applause, but she actually makes a ton of mistakes. you catch so many errors. i tell you, aoc, you want to be channeled, have a good discussion? come on, talk to us.
6:10 am
pete: or i'm with you, and i say we repeal the 22nd amendment -- jedediah: oh, here we go -- pete: and then in 2024 president trump dose to the record. he likes records. 2032, five terms. what do you think aoc and the like would think about that? when you pretend to live in history and know anything about it -- jedediah: it's audacious, but she's used to getting a pat on the back. turning now to some headlines, nathan y'all roland is charged with kidnapping and killing a south carolina college student. people say samantha jostson got -- josephson got into the car thinking it was her uber. hunters later discovered her body in the woods near her home. police arrested roland. an illinois state trooper and military veteran is killed when a driver going the wrong way slams into his squad car.
6:11 am
trooper gerald ellis died at the hospital. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. ellis is the second trooper on the force to die in the line of duty in three days. trooper brook jones story was hit and killed by a semi truck on thursday. some 2020 democratic hopefuls showing support for the woman accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriately touching her. elizabeth warren and julian castro say they believe the accuser. she says biden made her feel, quote, uneasy, gross and confused after kissing her on the back of the head. moments ago biden released a statement saying in part, quote: in my in years in mix life, i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, support and comfort and not once, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. ed: that's a new statement, just breaking. jedediah: it sure is. a meteor lights up the night sky taking people by surprise in
6:12 am
north florida. >> dude, did you see that? [laughter] pete: is that beto? jedediah: the meteor could be seen for hundreds of miles. it's unclear if it hit the ground or broke up in midair. pete: i'm still trying to shuck over here. it has not worked yet. ed: bill maher feeling pretty good about socialism. >> the right kind of socialism that makes you the freest, in fact, let's not even call it socialism. let's call it capitalism plus. [laughter] ed: and she's celebrating five years of sunday morning futures, love it! welcome. come on in, maria. pete: and it's being called the fire festival, we'll show you the chaos at yet another music festival. stay with us. ♪ ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. well, we've watched venezuela's failed socialist regime, but bill maher doesn't quite see it that way. if. >> conservatives like to push the canard that unfetteredded capitalism makes you more free, but actually it's the right kind of socialism that makes you the freest. in fact, let's not even call it socialism. let's call it capitalism plus. [laughter] jedediah: oh, boy. "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo joins us. capitalism plus? >> great to see you, guys, i'm not buying it at a all. first of all, a word on socialism. if socialist programs were so great, how can nobody voted for them last week? it was a tough week in washington when everybody voted no for the green new deal or present. and secondly, as far as those nordic cups are concerned -- countries are concerned, they're really not socialist. they have free market principles that they use in the nordic
6:17 am
countries like denmark. they may have some government-run programs, but it's not considered out and out socialism the way the programs that we've been hearing from the left is. because with when you're talking about a green new deal which basically costs $94 trillion and dictates how we're going to live -- no airplanes, no fossil fuels, etc. -- that's a socialist program. when you look at medicare for all, bernie sanders' program, that wipes away the private insurance industry. currently 180 million people get their health insurance from the private industry. that's a federal-run program. that's not what you're talking about -- pete: not to diss the nordic countries either, but they have small, homogeneous populations and no military. they get the convenes of the blanket that -- convenience of the blanket that we provide. and what about all the countries they flee? >> and when you look at the results of capitalism, poverty has been taken -- people have been taken from abovety and lifted up as a result of
6:18 am
capitalism. so you make a great point about the in order you can countries, but at the end of the day, you really can't call those countries 100% socialism because they do try to use market-based programs. ed: well, maria, every sunday morning you bring your a game, and you get a lot of great guests. >> thank you. ed: all sides covering this, but today's an extra special day. >> it is. it's our five-year anniversary. jedediah: congratulations. >> so proud of this team because in this last five years ratings has gone up, advertising has gone up, the viewer participation has gone up. very proud p. big shout-out to my team. and today we have a great show because we are finally having a discussion about the conclusion of the mueller report and what really took place in the 2016 election. all of us know it, we knew that that collusion delusion was a bunch of nonsense, and every sunday for the last two years "sunday morning futures" has had on the congressmen who have seen the -- ed there have been people out there saying you were wrong about the fbi.
6:19 am
>> thank you. i have taken a lot of heat for this, and i kept saying, look, this is not about trump. this is about america and fairness. you cannot after launch a major federal information into -- investigation into someone for no reason. that's exactly what the f or bi did. it was a small cabal of people. the fact that they can actually pull this off and fool the american people for two years is extraordinary, so we're going to talk with lindsey graham today, find out what happens next. he's, of course, going to do a deep dive. we'll talk about all of that and who he's going to bring down to testify, representative jeff van drew moderate blue dog democrat and then trey gowdy also weigh in. kudos to he and lindsey graham and to their colleagues for actually seeking truth and bringing truth to the american public for the last year and a half. ed: maria, here's to five more years -- >> and it's been my honor to join you before my show. jedediah: we love it, are you
6:20 am
kidding? pete: all right. another airport bans chick-fil-a. the growing outrage coming up. ed: and attorney general barr preparing to release the mueller report. people are here chaoing about this -- [laughter] -- cheering about this. some democrats are not here cheering, it's not good enough. >> outnumbered now in that the voters gave us a balance of power over these abuses of power. they gave us that subpoena power this past november, so we'll subpoena it. jedediah: will they ever give up the collusion delusion? we discuss straight ahead. ed: cheering for maria, not for us. pete: they are. ♪ ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. some quick sports headlines starting with march madness. half of the final four is set after a couple of crazy finishes. >> for the win -- [cheers and applause] pete: none crazier than uva. that was a shot to send it to overtime, in overtime they beat purdue 80-75, one of the best plays i've seen in a couple of years. and texas tech taking its first-ever trip to the final four beating 1-seed gonzaga 75-69. two more games tonight, and then the final four will be set. and in another sport, a boxer disqualified for biting his opponent in the stomach. jedediah: oh, no. pete: i can kind of understand the ear and the mike tyson thing. after the match, david price cracked a smile with teeth marks clearly visible -- ed: i'm going to have to remember that. jedediah: is it weird that i can
6:25 am
only think about the germs from that? [laughter] pete: you have a special way of thinking. jedediah: i do. very special. special's a good word. ed: the attorney general of the united states, william barr, preparing that mueller report for a mid april or sooner release, but for some democrats, simply not good enough. >> if william barr refuses to release it, will the democratic leadership subpoena it? >> yes. the president outnumbered now in that the voters gave us a balance of power over these abuses of power. they gave us this subpoena power this past november. jedediah: the publisher of the federalist joins us now to discuss. m good morning, ben. >> good morning. jedediah: what do you make of this? obviously, democrats just refusing to acknowledge what came through. my argument here no matter what happens here, whether the mueller report fully gets trump off, it's not going to matter.
6:26 am
>> you know, eric swalwell increasingly reminds me of one of those sort of infamous world war ii soldiers alone on an island well after of the war is over who just kept thinking they were fighting it for decades afterwards. it's just a situation where he's going to be this true believer that we aren't going to see the full report. republicans are clamoring for the full report to come out. they want the actual underlying things because, frankly, senators like lindsey graham believe there's a lot of evidence of the kinds of things that went into the initial probe. pete: ben, i love your analogy. i wonder, however, is if it's true because "the washington post" polled democrats and asked them recently do you accept mueller's conclusion or not. 59% of democrats say, no, we do not accept the conclusion of mueller's report. just 33% say, yes, which means they'd be ready to move past it. when you ask republican, almost 80% accept mueller's
6:27 am
conclusions, 17 do not. so if 6 in 10 democrats don't believe mueller, when will it end? >> you know, it's fun to play pretend, but at some point you have to acknowledge reality in this scenario. and i think the sooner democrats can come to grips with that fact, it will help their party advance and move forward. it's only the fact that their party is so controlled by the people with the loudest megaphones at the moment, alexandria ocasio-cortez, it is at odds with a lot of what the more moderate, blue dog democrats would like to do. they'd like to change the conversation to one they believe will help them in 2020, but that left flank has the most power and the loudest voice. ed: interesting, because there have been some folks claiming to be journalists who had a stake in this story, seemed to be keeping the collusion narrative alive. then there'sen someone hike yourself, and you run the federalist, and you say "usa
6:28 am
today" is blacklisting you and the blog for getting the trump-russia story right? respect you supposed to be celebrated for following the facts? >> it's a difficult thing for a lot of these mainstream publications because they are being forced to depend on the handful of journalists including some at fox news like catherine herridge who got this story right from the get go. i think you can look back at that as being something that, clearly, was vindicated by the outcome of this this situation. but, yes, "usa today"'s op-ed page basically said you've got to find us more mainstream links than national review and the federalist, and unfortunately for them, those are the people who got the story right, and the spooner they acknowledge that -- sooner they acknowledge that fact, the better. you know, it's an old sort of fashioned a approach to framing the debate. i think the reality is they aren't the mainstream of the country.
6:29 am
i think we should -- they really ought to be looking at themselves and asking why did we get this story wrong, who were the sources that we trusted, why did we listen to adam schiff when we thought that he was telling us everything was going in the direction of collusion, and what should we do now to have new voices within our publications who will maybe question the establishment narrative. jedediah: thanks, ben. i've argued it's only going to hurt democrats if they don't start advocating for policies as opposed to just running against trump is and investigating and talking about collusion, it's going to ultimately hurt them with their base. >> absolutely. pete: thank you so much. we appreciate it. a pro-life film has its twitter account suspended on opening night. jed was it a mistake? -- jedediah: was it a mistake? ed: and we told you we're feeling a little clammy today. it's national clam day, so we are with celebrating with a little shucking straight ahead. ♪ ♪
6:30 am
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6:34 am
doesn't get taken down for a while. pete: or at a all. ed: or louis farrakhan's speech. it took a day, it took a week, and there are other things that magically get taken down -- pete: so there's this movie called up planned, saw the trailer, looks great -- unplanned. in the midst of the rollout of the film. jed opening weekend. pete: their twitter account gone, suspended. jedediah: exactly right. pete: here's a tweet. thank you the, everyone, for your support in letting jack and twitter know when our unplanned movie account was recently suspended without cause. we are back and excited for the great response we're getting in theaters this weekend. jedediah: yeah. and the twitter account, the number of followers actually shot up because people were starting to realize, wait a second, are they trying to silence this movie? this is a movie that's had some trouble with advertisers not
6:35 am
wanting to run ads, a lot of networks won't -- pete: they gave it an r rating. jedediah: even though there was no violence. you think about all the movies that get pg-13 ratings that have a lot of violence and sex in them. ed: we talked to the co-directors of the movie a short time ago, and here's what they said. >> either it was a decision made internally by a twitter executive or executives or it was a response to people saying, hey, these people need to be shut down, we don't agree with this viewpoint. we don't find either explanation acceptable, and we haven't gotten any real explanation. >> everyone who's seen the movie is absolutely unbelievably moved. the problem is you can have a great movie, but if you're shut down on all your social media and no one knows it's out there, that's the goal of those who are trying to kill the movie. ed: trying to use social media to get the word out. twitter, this is their side of the story.
6:36 am
we enforce the rules for all users regardless of background background -- pete: should we all just laugh now? it doesn't recognize it's a one-sided institution. jedediah: yeah, who gets blocked. yeah, it is -- pete: who they suggest who to follow? why am i always asked to follow barack obama and hillary clinton? [laughter] jedediah: because you support their policies, pete, clearly -- pete: if they knew anything about me, they would suggest folks i might actually follow. ed: president trump says he'll shut down the mexico border as soon as tomorrow. >> we have right now two big cower vans coming -- caravans coming up from got -- guatemala. now they're going to stop them, and if they don't, we're closing the border. and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. ed: he says he's not playing games. trump administration also cutting funding to el salvador,
6:37 am
honduras and guatemala for their lack of help in reducing the flow of migrants to the border. we want to clarify something earlier in the show, we had an inaccurate graphic on screen while talking about this story. the funding is being cut off to the three central american countries, we apologize for the error, it never should have happened. the president also tweeted about the border saying mexico must use its very strong immigration laws to stop the many thousands of people trying to get into america. our detention areas are maxed occupant, and we will take no more illegals. next step, close the border. he says this will also help us with stopping the drug flow from mexico. and the ultra music festival in florida is going so bad, it's being dubbed, i should say fyre fist value ii. concert goers were forced to walk 4 miles after organizers
6:38 am
failed to book enough buses. the original fyre festival people were stranded with little food or water. alexandria ocasio-cortez takes on national issues instead of focusing on her district, this as she calls herself the president's late target. >> he doesn't have another woman, hillary clinton or whoever else, to vilify anymore, so they need to find another woman to kind of prop up and become a lightning rod. ed: congresswoman ocasio-cortez was responding to creatism of her -- criticism of her by the president at his rally in michigan. and a aoc's green new deal may need to move over because one man is helping his new cow toilets will help cut down on emissions. the dutch inventer is currently testing it on a farm in the netherlands and hopes to have a final product on the market by
6:39 am
2020. a six-page document about the green new deal said it aims to cut down emissions from, and i'm quoting now, farting cows. a congressman said a staffer had a bad day, so we shall follow it. let's held outside for a little clam-shucking lesson. pete: ed, get out here. rick: who knew today is national clam day? so everyone is learning how to do it. pete: chefs from peter's clam bar are here to show us how it is done. butch, let me start with you. tell us about clams and peter's clam bar. >> peter's clam bar is an 80-year-old restaurant in island park, new york, and we're known for the freshest seafood, and clams are our main item on the menu. there's a variety that we use. there's the little neck, there's the top neck and the cherry stone. all different sizes. all the the same species. and this is a soft shell crab -- clam, i'm sorry, that we fry clams with.
6:40 am
pete: fried clams? never heard -- >> they're very sweet, they're delicious. we also chop up these clams to make clouder the and baked clams -- chowder and a variety of different items. jed swred so which clam is the easiest to shuck? >> they're all hard. jedediah: oh, a band-aid! pete: peter's hosts the clam-shucking contest, right? rick: we need a lesson. give us a lesson. >> basically, hold the clam in your hand like this, okay? flat. take the knife -- the knife is sharp -- the sharp end towards, and you want to squeeze. rick: wait, towards the what? you got the one that was already started open. jedediah: convenient. >> one that's fully closed, where's the knife going in? if. pete: right in that sealed area,
6:41 am
yeah, yeah. >> put it in your hand like this. pete: oh, i got one. >> take it and try and get in between. ed: pete's been practicing for a hour. >> there you go. jedediah: all right. so we're going to put a minute on the clock, we're going to put these boys to work and see who can get -- rick: if i get one. jedediah: -- shuck more clams. everybody ready? i'm ready. you guys ready? pete: are we ready? jedediah: one minute on the clock. 3, 2, 1, shuck. rick: help me out here. [laughter] i'm doing this one, yeah, because it's already open. [cheers and applause] rick: i got one! pete: i'm not using the ones that -- [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪
6:42 am
pete: i'm done with that one. jedediah: 20 seconds remaining. 15. >> got it! ♪ ♪ >> 3, 2 -- ed: and rick is the winner. jedediah: look at that. rick: holy cow! jedediah: wow, look -- that's unbelievable. that is unbelievable. pete: ladies and gentlemen, rick won that one. [cheers and applause] jedediah: well done.
6:43 am
you guys need some lessons. pete: that's a dirty the bids. ed: here we are cutting clams, the president cutting central american countries. >> guatemala, honduras, el salvador have done nothing. mexico has done nothing. ed: kris kobach work a conservative, is up next to discuss if this was the right move. pete: plus, a little girl asks her dad to sing at disney, and he did it. the moment now going viral. ♪ ♪ nothing says spring like fresh flowers, so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring.
6:44 am
allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections compared to placebo. don't use if you are allergic to ilumya or any of its ingredients. before starting treatment, your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infections. after checking there is no need for routine lab monitoring unless your doctor advises it. ilumya may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms, or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. this could be your chance to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. ♪ ♪ pete: president trump doubling down on his threat to shut down the southern border, cutting all aid to honduras, el salvador and guatemala as central american migrants overwhelm our southern border. that's not just my words, that's "usa today."
6:47 am
kansas secretary of state kris kobach joins us to react. kris, thank you very much for being here this morning. so part of the plan is potentially to shut down the border but also to cut off aid to these three central american countries. why? >> the president was absolutely right, and the reason, pete, is that the governments of these countries have been willfully looking the other way, as over time, tens of thousands in each caravan but hundreds of thousands year after year are leaving these countries and coming to the united states. why are they looking the oh -- the other way? because they don't have a welfare safety net like we do. so they come up here and send money home to their relatives in the form of remittances. meanwhile, we the taxpayers have been paying, writing big checks in the form of foreign aid to these governments who are injuring us, and finally president trump has done what previous presidents should have
6:48 am
done -- pete: so that foreign ailed, it mix us feel good, but it -- can makes us feel good, but it hasn't had the intended result we've wanted in those countries. >> exactly. and, indeed, they've been sending more people our way. the notion that it's somehow causing the countries, at least the way the government's using it right now down there, it's not causing the countries to become a place where people no longer want to leave, and president trump is saying, look, you have a problem. your people are leaving your country, and you're doing nothing about it. indeed, in some cases even encouraging it. we're going to cut off the money. the amount of money that we're cutting off, which was the aid from this year and last year, is about $1.3 billion which is exactly what congress gave the president to build the wall. so that alone pays for what congress gave him. pete: last question real quick, will the president shut down the southern border, do you think? >> i'd place the odds at better than 50%. there's a similar problem with mexico. their government hasn't been cooperating in stopping these
6:49 am
caravans, so i think president trump may very well do it. president all right. kris kobach, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: all right. well, a little girl, this is a great story, asks her dad to sing while they're at disney. he delivered. the moment now going viral. now both of them are here on "fox & friends" right next to us to recreate that moment next. ♪ ♪ here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged
6:50 am
underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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♪ ♪
6:53 am
jedediah: wow. a dad visiting disney world with his daughter is going viral. ed: here to tell us all about it is justin, his wife lauren and their beautiful daughter lila. i want to ask you first, i'm sorry, i'm going to skip over your dad, how proud are you of your dad? >> i'm very proud. jepped jed and it was your idea that he sing, right? >> yes. jedediah: you said you wanted him to sing the song? >> yeah. jedediah: oh, wow. look at that. pete: dad, were you expecting this at all? >> not at all. it was totally spur of the moment, and she just put me on the spot. out just happened. cred jed now, you were on vacation, you were at the grand floridian at disney, and you had vacationed with your parents and told lila that, oh, there used to be a piano player in the lobby, and she wanted to go down, so you head down and then what happens? >> so we headed down, and the pianist was actually there, and he was plague, so lila and i
6:54 am
started dancing. we danced to a couple of songs, and then one of the pieces ended, and lila said my daddy loves to the play and sing. and he said, oh, yeah? he said what song? she said "ave maria". and he said which version, i told him schubert, and it just happened. p. pete: lauren, did you know your husband could sing like this? >> i did. it was a amazing. jedediah: you got to go on "american idol" or "the voice" or something. honestly, before i heard it, it was like, oh, he's probably going to be a good singer, and then i heard it, you really can sing. ed: and you're a volunteer firefighter. >> i am. ed: we wanted to recognize that. pete: what do you think, lila, do you think your dad should perform in front of a couple million people? >> yes. [laughter] pete: do you want to sing someday? >> yeah. i want to be a singer. pete: i think you'll be darn good. thank you so much for joining us this morning. jedediah: and didn't you hear
6:55 am
from bob iger or something -- >> yes. actually yesterday from disney tweeted me and said thank you for bringing such happiness to all our crowd. ed: bob iger better bring you in there. >> maybe, maybe. pete: we would love to have you sing for us. >> why not? no problem. ♪ ♪
6:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
6:57 am
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pete: tonight at 8:00, in depth fox nation on the fox news channel. be a part of it. ed: who wants to watch college basketball? ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, joining me if exclusively this morning, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham is here. he is proposing a deep dive into the origins of the trump-russia probe after the special counsel finds there was no collusion. we will also get his reaction to the crisis on the southern border and the president's latest push on health care. all this as the senator launches his own re-election campaign with a special guest alongside him. then, new jersey congressman jeff van drew is here joining us exclusively with democratic reaction to the mueller report, plus his take on that senate vote on the green new deal last


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