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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 31, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> former vice president joe biden with another denial of having a #metoo movement. what does this mean for his possible presidential run? >> overwhelmed at the border. president trump threatens to close down the southern border still stands. will respond and - - immigrants trying to reach the united states.and we'll talk to congressman on both sides of the aisle whether congress will act to help with the upsurge. >> chicago's top prosecutor in
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the jussie smollett case. will he be allowed to walk without facing felony charges for allegedly faking that racist homophobic attack? ♪. >> in washington on the sunday, welcome to "america's news hq". i am leland vittert. >> i am kristin fisher. former vice president joe biden is speaking out after former candidate for lieutenant governor in nevada accused him of inappropriate touching at a 2014 campaign event. garrett is here with more. i think that's two statements from the former vice president in 24 hours. >>reporter: two statements and like the first, he says he doesn't remember the interaction the same way she does. he says, in many years on the campaign trail and in public life, i have offered as handshakes, hugs and offers of affection and supported not once did i ever believe i acted inappropriately. if it is adjusted i did so, i
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will listen respectfully, but it was never my intention. here's video of the alleged incident in 2014 where - - claims, from behind and placed his hands on her children. leaned in smelled her hair and placed a kiss on the back of her head. that was before she took the stage. today, she said while his behavior doesn't rise to the level of sexual assault him it was completely inappropriate. and for her, biden's latest statement misses the mark. >> i'm glad he's willing to listen. i'm glad he's clarifying his intentions. frankly, my point was never about his intentions and they shouldn't be about his intentions. it should be about the women on the receiving end of that behavior. this isn't the first time and it wasn't the only incident where he was acting inappropriately with women. if he is saying he never believed that was inappropriate, then, frankly, i think that's a little bit of a disconnect. >> as for his potential
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competition, nearly every other candidate has weighed in saying they believe lucy florez and several are suggesting that joe biden will have to answer for this incident as well as many others if he decides to enter the race. >> interesting stuff. thank you. >>leland: more on that with the political panel. meanwhile, the white house is doubling down on its threat to close the u.s./mexico border. kellyanne conway saying this morning the presidents threat is not a block. allison is with the president in palm beach.>>reporter: the white house is not getting into a whole lot of specifics here. but president trump says he will shut down the u.s./mexico border or large parts of it next week. unless mexico does more to stop the flow of illegal immigration. democrats and some republicans say any sort of shutdown would hurt american workers and the u.s. economy. the white house is not backing down.
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>> it certainly isn't a bluffs. you can take the president seriously and here's why. we are on track this month for close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like this. >> democrats will not give us additional money. they will give us additional people and they will not change the long acting as this giant magnet for people from south and central america to come to this country. faced with those limitations, the president will do everything he can. if closing the ports of entry mean that, that's exactly what he intends to do. >>reporter: i asked the white house about specific actions they need to take. for now, they're not getting into that but they say they do not act based on threats. president trump says mexico needs to do more, congress and central american countries need to do more. on friday, president trump told reporters he was stopping payments to the so-called northern triangle. el salvador, - - and honduras.
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they say they are carrying out the presidents direction and ending foreign assistance for the northern triangle. they say the next move is engaging congress. you can bet there will be a big fight there. democrats are already pushing back saying cutting eight is a bad move. >>leland: we will talk about that with the couple congressman in a few minutes. be sure to keep watching the top of the hour. "fox news sunday", a lot more of chris wallace's interview with counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. in case you were wondering, yes, the issue of her husband did, the one what a shocker. for more on the migrant crisis, let's head to the southern border where claudia's life from el paso. >>reporter: kristin, the surge of immigrants heading to the border continues unabated. now comes word of a new caravan heading north from el salvador. this is about 90 people in this group so far, including women and children. the relentless wave of migrant families seeking asylum has overwhelmed reports of - -
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ports of entry. especially in el paso. officials say they are struggling to maintain safe conditions for nearly 500 families arriving every day. - - says his city is scrambling to deal with the impact and he blames federal lawmakers. >> the root cause is in washington thebyproducts are here on the border. until they act on that, we will continue to have these problems . >>reporter: the head of u.s. customs and border protection says 40 percent of their officers are so busy taking care of these families, they are having to leave the job they were hired to do like patrolling drug smugglers and other criminals. border patrol says it's having to pull from every department, even the it folks are being called into hell. saying quote, nearly every sector across the board or has exceeded their capacity. this crisis has forced cbp to seek every solution to house,
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process and care for those in custody. border patrol adding and has no choice but to release some migrants by - - directly into the community without referring to immigration officials first. >>kristin: thank you. >>leland: with that, we bring in republican congressman mark walker to talk about this. congressman, nice to see you as always. i appreciate you taking the time. does this make sense to you? because there's a bunch of people coming across the border illegally, that we can't stop. therefore, we should shut down all of the legal ways to come in not only for people but for goods as well? >> i don't know that we should shut down all of the legal aid. we have to send a strong message. we continue to be the most philanthropic country in the world. i worked with an organization for years that we send mission teams. but we've got to send a message, this has to stop you two weeks ago i asked secretary
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nielsen in one of our hearings, i asked her, what does jay johnson think about this? it was neat for him to come out and say two days ago that we have reached a crisis. certainly disagreeing with many of his democratic colleagues. >>leland: what good does shutting down the legal ports of entry as the president is threatening to do, what good does that do to fix the crisis? >> i believe you have to have the officials in these countries making sure they are willing to work with us. the mexican interior secretary says - - and they are planning to come through mexico. the mother of all caravans. here's a specific number that's important. in 2017, we only had two groups coming across the board of 100 or more. in the fiscal year 2019, we've only - - already had 700 groups. >> you made the point earlier
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that democrats are saying this a crisis. the question is, what good does shutting down legal ports of entry and stopping the flow of goods and the supply chains for american businesses and stopping u.s. citizens from being able to come back. what good does that do to the problems you're talking about? >> leland, the congress and government has been promising for decades they would resolve this issue. once again, it's been a big hoax on the american people. some of those officials have told us they will work with us. democrats until five years ago espoused the same concerns at the border as the republicans do. none of that has's time to take additional steps and measures. we hope it doesn't go that for people to come together and as the secretary said, there's a crisis. >>leland: i'm still not figuring out the cause and effect of shutting down the ports of entry.for those of you not watching the final four competition last night, uva and
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cavaliers are going to the final fourcongratulations was the clip. take a listen . >>. [indiscernible] >> they have a chance to win here! [buzzer] >>leland: of all the money spent on march madness, all of the fans in merchandise, the players don't keep a dime of it and you want to change that you tell us why and how? >> we want these student athletes to have the same access to the free market that you and i have. we don't want the ncaa to pay them for the university. the fact that a student athlete, though sometimes are making millions of dollars for the university, has no access to be able to market themselves. we think that's a huge injustice. we believe republicans are
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coming forward to step out and speak out on such injustices. we need to put a stop to it. >> where does this bill go from here? do you have enough democratic support to bring it to the floor? if so, you think the ghost of the senate and how do you see the president on this? >> i believe the president will find this into law. our goal is to have into law by the end of the year. 99 percent of the student athletes will never receive a single dollar from a professional sports contract. to restrict them at this point from going out and building some of those bridges using their own likeness is an injustice. we feel like it's time to send in the other direction. >>leland: all right. we will keep that in mind. especially as your team heads to minneapolis as well. thank you sir, good to be with you. >> thank you leland. >>kristin: my voice is still hoarse from cheering on uva. joining us now from the democratic side of the aisle, new york congressman and member of the problem solvers caucus,
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- - thank you for coming in on a sunday. >> thanks for having me on. >>kristin: let's start with news that's rocking the democratic 2020 presidential race. what is going on with the former vice president, joe biden. we saw the first true shop fired at this campaign among the democratic primary contenders. senator elizabeth warren said she believes biden's accuser. do you believe biden's accuser? >> i don't know who's telling the truth. i think the facts will come out over time. i think we need to listen to what women are saying and we need to listen to the vice president when he says it's not true. let's watch as it goes forward. >>kristin: - - sent today she believes his behavior is disqualifying. do you believe it's disqualifying? >> i don't know what the behavior is i've known the vice president for many years. >>kristin: the accusation is that he's making women feel uncomfortable. >> i'm not going to go through
10:13 am
hypothetical situations.let's see what the facts bear out. i have tremendous respect for the vice president. i think he's a wonderful public servant and would be a great candidate for the presidency and miss forest deserves to be heard and maker points made. >>kristin: let's turn out to what's happening at the border. there's a debate to be had as to whether what's happening constitutes a national emergency. do you believe there is at least a crisis taking place at the border? >> i think the real crisis related to immigration is taking place in washington d.c.. we've had this problem for 30 years. i was the mayor in 1994 dealing with newcomers from central and south america back then when people were fleeing in those days. we are still dealing with it today. i did an op-ed piece with congressman peter king in last week's new york times where i said let's come together. let's figure out how to find a
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path to citizenship for dreamers and tps and other undocumented persons and also let's secure the border. the idea of using cluster and statements, we are going to close down the border and cut off date. that's not going to do anything. let's work together, democrats and republicans. to address this problem once and for all. >>kristin: even though border patrol agents say they're expecting about 100,000 apprehensions orencounters with migrants in this month. the month of march. you still don't think that constitutes a crisis at the border . >> there's no question it's a major problem that people are fleeing poverty and rape. most americans don't realize, people are not fleeing from mexico. they are fleeing from guatemala, honduras and el salvador.
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but statements like that are not going to solve the problem. the only thing that will solve the problem is if thepresident , democrats, republicans, all work together to figure out how to deal with the undocumented persons living in the united states of america now. put up money to secure our border. which is not only physical structures but better ports of entry and more immigration judges and more custom border patrol. radar, technology. it's work together and solve this problem once and for all. enough with all the bluster. >>kristin: you talk about problem solving and you are a member of the problem-solving caucus. democrats are now in control. are there any legislative fixes at all in the pipeline that y'all are working on? >> right now, the democrats as a whole are working very hard on trying to deal with the undocumented persons in america. some of us are trying to work on also saying, let's marry that with border security issues. democrats have talked about
10:16 am
better ports of entry. more immigration judges.more radar, more technology. i think we need to actually invest more in trying to make people not leave guatemala, honduras and el salvador in the first place. can you imagine how dreadful their lives must be that there fleeing their countries, walking all this way to come to a country where the president is we have to figure out how to treat people like human beings. how people have to act as legislators point democrats, republicans, listening to experts and working together to secure our borders and at the same time, deal with the undocumented persons in our country currently. >>kristin: we will see if president trump makes good on his threat to shut down the border this week. we know he's going to the border friday. we will have to wait and see. congressman, thank you. >> thank you so much. i don't think threats will solve the problem. i think working together will solve the problem. >>leland: new polling on how the top 2020 presidential
10:17 am
hopefuls stack up against president trump and the battleground states. including michigan where the president was just a couple days ago. prosecutors dropped their case against actor jussie smollett bid what the feds might do next. plus, larry gatlin on deck. what he says his listeners are staying loyal to the president. ♪ hey mercedes, how about letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too. the all-new a-class. all-new thinking starting at $32,500.
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hopefuls on the trail including federal over - - kickoff rallies. meantime, we are starting to see the president focuses attention on battleground states. his michigan valley a couple days ago and his nevada trip this week. let's bring in the ceo of optimist - - too early to look at wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania? we are starting to see how the president will do against these democrats. >> not too early. these candidates are doing a lot of campaign stops.
10:22 am
it's a good way to set the baseline especially as fundraising picks up. and we see the first move in the state president won last time.he is behind against candidates like biden, potential candidates like beto and bernie. >> we got the wisconsin pole. we also have pennsylvania and michigan that we will put up there. wisconsin, joe biden, 53-40. >> yeah. he is, he's figured out how to like that stay against trump. that's probably his appeal to those middle-of-the-road voters that president trump was able to lock up last time. >>leland: we look at michigan next. michigan, things are a little bit better for the president. what's with the 39 percent on
10:23 am
beto? >> largely because of the fact he was a phenomenon intexas among people who are activists around the country but relatively unknown in michigan unlike biden , who's been on the ballot and been around . so on and so forth. the seven of these three states, the largest electoral gold pot is pennsylvania. biden, no surprise will be polling very well. but bernie sanders also pretty close to the president. >> bernie spent a lot of time in the primaries. a lot of time cultivating those voters. everyone thinks philadelphia is pennsylvania. the vast majority of voters comes out of west of philadelphia. where those coal miners are and blue-collar workers are. >>leland: you looking to the new democratic talking points. in terms of the way candidates are propositioning themselves been alexandria cortez and now
10:24 am
beto. >> we must first ask ourselves, how this, the wealthiest, most powerful country on the face of the planet can find itself in such a perilous position. for too long in this country, the powerful have maintained their privilege at the expense of the powerless . >>leland: almost as a codified envy. is this because there polling soundbites and talking points and finding that's what the democratic base wants? or is it the other way around? >> it's directly from the polling. we see it day in and day out especially after aoc had the tax on millionaires. this pulls 70-80 percent of the democratic electorate. it also spurs fundraising. >>leland: we tie this back together. it's one thing if it pulls well
10:25 am
when it comes to the primaries which is obviously where you have beto, bernie and warman trying to compete in. how does this swing voters that you talked to last week? >> it remains to be seen in places like wisconsin, it doesn't pole as well.places like michigan and pennsylvania, it's still a mixed bag. populism, if you don't have $10 million a year, you don't mind taxing people that makes $10 million a year. we will see trickle-down will talk about medicare for all and universal basic income and these more radical ideas these guys are bringing out. >>leland: is on thispulls in florida, georgia, all these other states that democrats think they can flip . i appreciate it as always . >>kristin: coming up, the fallout from the jussie smollett case. what the chicago police are saying about the dismissed charges and what's next for the
10:26 am
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introducing miracle-gro's next big thing: performance organics. this new organic collection of soil and plant food
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is what you've always wanted. no compromise. twice the results. guaranteed. miracle-gro performance organics. >> the leading democrat in the 2020 presidential field, vice president joe biden who has not officially announced is already issuing a second statement defending himself. the statement responding to an accusation of inappropriate behavior made by a former candidate for nevada lieutenant governor, lucy florez. we bring in our panel, josh kimbrell and matt mcneil. this cannot be good for joe biden if he's deciding whether or not to get into the raise. >> it's not. this is a knuckleheaded thing.
10:31 am
this is what biden does though. he's had a history of this sort of thing. my wife said it best, this might not be sexual per se, but you just don't grab a woman by anything. to go up to a person and touch them like it's their daughter and kissed them on the back of the habit that's wildly inappropriate. >>leland: what's missing from any of this. josh, i know somebody who takes to process seriously. what's missing is whether or not it's happened. everyone seems to be taking lucy florez at face value. she is a bernie supporter at beto's rally yesterday. nobody's talking about if it's true. you just assume that it is. >> we don't know for sure this happened in nevada or not. i do take due process there is lipid this isn't just a matter of accusation. the fact that matt and i agree is proof is one of the few
10:32 am
people not running for the democratic nomination on tv today. >>leland: a number of democrats agree with matt too. >> they do right now because joe biden is polling number one so that the try to take the guide down. regardless of what happened in nevada, look at the confirmation swearing-in for ask carter for secretary of defense stephanie carter , i watched the video and was horrified that she was felt up by the vice president of the united states. and the soon to be secretary of defense. like he was about to do defending of his wife against the vice president of the united states. regardless of whether this is true in nevada or not. we do know that joe biden has a history of doing this. he's caught red-handed on tape doing that to the former different secretaries wife. >>leland: that was kellyanne conway making that point. my mother via text message about the ask carter press
10:33 am
conference.>> all of these post #metoo allegations and insinuations really don't comport with joe biden's conduct over the years. if anybody types in creepy uncle joe, you come up with a treasure trove. >>leland: if all this is already baked in and as josh points out, these videos are out there. people can decide whether it's creepy or uncomfortableor whatever it is. either way, that's baked into the public's knowledge of joe biden and he still polling number one among democrats . >> exactly.i find it interesting because he's not a person who's been caught the last ãlike senator al franken where allegations of a sexual nature were brought forward. it's just that touching stuff you don't be touching other people like it's your daughter.
10:34 am
you don't do that sort of thing. but yet, he has done that. he still is a wildly popular character on the democrat side. i'm not going to be surprised to see that he is polling number one. >> i don't know how baked in it will be or not in the minds of the public. being vice president is not nearly as nice as president and being a presidential frontrunner. i believe especially in the #metoo era where democrats will try to attack president trump as being anti-women's rights with having the leading democratic for president being a pretty well-known proper doesn't play to their advantage at all. this is what makes me frustrated. ice president mike pence is called a sexist by numerous candidates because he doesn't want to have private meetings with women who are not his wife. when he's trying to maintain integrity. i just think democrats ought to be hard-pressed to defend. >>leland: we got to leave it
10:35 am
here.>> i will say one thing that i find incredibly hypocritical, anyone who's defending president trump who is always an outraged by sexual misconduct by a candidate. >>leland: this is a video you've been talking about witches asked carter's swearing-in ceremony. vice president biden behind his wife. it certainly made the rounds a couple years ago when this initially happened. we will leave it there. always appreciate you being there. talk to you soon. >>kristin: up next, the jussie smollett case has received national attention on the prosecutors. we will talk about the backlash about the dropped charges against the actor. one of president trump's most well-known supporters, larry gatlin joins us with his thoughts about the president's agenda and the mueller report.
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that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. >> a fox news alert. lieutenant governor justin fairfax's team putting out a statement saying he has passed a polygraph test to disprove allegations of sexual assault that he is facing. his accusers are scheduled to speak on interviews for the first time this week. in a statement, fairfax's team thing knowing he was telling the truth. lieutenant governor voluntarily submitted to a polygraph examination by a leading polygraph expert. the polygraph examination demonstrate that lieutenant governor fairfax was telling the truth when he denied specific allegations that had been made by doctor tyson and miss watson. sure to be a big story this week. ♪.
10:41 am
>> what the hell was he thinking? you are jesse from now on. you don't even get the u no more. [laughter] that u was respect. you're not getting respect from a. >>kristin: jesse or jussie smollett, may have been a no-show in hollywood, but that didn't stop chris rock from securing the actor. the decision by chicago prosecutors to drop all 16 charges has sparked a national dialogue. even president trump is weighing in. here to help break it down for us, criminal defense attorney in chicago, stephen greenberg. the states attorney kim fox says he was offered a deal that is very similar to the kind of deal that would be offered to any other defendant who does
10:42 am
not have a criminal record. during your time and experience as an attorney, have you crossed a similar deal like that? what's with the sort of break it down because tim fox has brought better deals than her predecessors have. but i've never seen anything like it. i have people who are working, make a mistake.get caught with a small amount of drugs. some cannabis or something like that. they don't get off with those deals. they have to do hundreds of hours of community service. they have to be on a diverse and dairy program. sometimes for a year or two before their cases are dismissed. they have to bring in mitigating evidence. these deals are not being handed out. they are not regular. she had to send out an email to her prosecutors, asking if anyone could give herevidence of one of these deals. i think they found one or two cases where it happened . >>kristin: jussie smollett's attorney is now saying she is
10:43 am
not concerned that her team is not worried at all about the fact that the fbi and justice department could be potentially investigating why these charges, the 16 charges were just dropped. do you think that jussie smollett and his team and the states attorney should be concerned about this? >> i don't know what the back story is. i've got connections in the states attorneys office and i can't find out anything. jonah got that dismissed the case is an experienced prosecutor. i doubt he made that decision without the states attorney telling him to do it. but i will give jesse, as we are now calling him. i represented drew peterson. drew peterson, after his wife disappeared and his other wife got exhumed. kept challenging the mess. jussie smollett is challenging the fbi and the feds to charge
10:44 am
him for sending that envelope which i have no doubt he sent to himself. he should go away. go on a long vacation. he should be feeling his blessed to get the deal he got and just disappear for a while. >>kristin: since you bring up other people you've defended, you are also representing r kelly in the same county. i'm curious, on the one hand, what's happened with the jussie smollett case has tarnished the states attorneys office there. but it also frees her prosecutors to focus more on the r kelly case. do you think this helps or hurts your efforts? >> i can tell you the prosecutors involved have no connection with that case. but i've seen some of the same kind of carelessness if you want or the same problems. we will be making a filing tomorrow that touches on what happens in the jussie smollett case. i don't expect they will offer the same deal to mr. kelly. he would probably take the deal
10:45 am
if they offered a deal like that. we will fight back in our case and i think you'll find there's tangled webs in cook county and things happening that shouldn't be happening. >>kristin: can you tell us more of what you are filing tomorrow? >> when i file it, you will see it. >>kristin: stephen greenberg, that's quite the tease thank you so much . >>leland: larry gatlin on deck. the legendary country music singer /songwriter talking trump and his listeners support. plus, we'll see if larry can answer this age-old question. why monkeys are writing dogs at the texas fair and rodeo. ♪ ♪
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unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> president trump is claiming
10:48 am
10:49 am
complete and total exoneration in the wake of the mueller investigation. but how much vindication can or should president trump claim before attorney general bill bar releases his report to congress which we believe will take place next month. >> kellyanne conway offered answers to chris wallace.
10:50 am
that's coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, we welcome larry gatlin. good to see you as always. does the president - - has the president gotten ahead of himself? it's very clear that's not what william barr's letter says. >> sometimes he speaks trumpese. >>leland: is that what we are calling it now? >> i just made it up. you threw me a question i wasn't ready for. in texas, we have a deal called don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird to be around. >>kristin: i'm not even sure what that means. >> you are talking like this and all these big pontifications. you don't have enough gear to back up and he does that sometimes but i understand that. we've been friends for 40 years. that's part of the paradigm. the matter of fact is that robert mueller said hey, we
10:51 am
didn't find with it. my question is, you know, long time ago some preachers brought this woman who had been caught doing something she wasn't supposed to do. the master teacher, the rabbis said, if you're without sin, you cast the first rock.that leaves the cowboy singer out of the rock five. shifty schiff, what have you done for the last three years. let's see your financial statements. let's see what conversations you've had with an eight or donor lobbyist. this isn't fair. >>kristin: you play at a lot of trumpet rallies along with lee greenwood we are playing with tonight in maryland and at these rallies and especially at the one president trump was at last week. he came out very strong with this revenge politics.
10:52 am
talking about how he wanted an investigation into the origins of the special counsel's probe and all of that. heading into 2020, that talk could alienate some of the swing voters that could help him win the election. what would you like to see president trump to do going forward? continue to attack democrats and everything surrounding the special counsel's investigation or just move on? >> sure. don't mess with success. that's his style. he's a new york businessman that's now the president. when he came down the escalator 3-4 years ago, i looked at my wife who is the smartest woman. after all, she married me. i said baby, there's your winner. she said you are crazy! i said he wins everytime. like i say, here's the deal . >>leland: a may win or lose every time. it certainly has business deals that have gone south. reasonable people can agree on that. but he always claims victory.
10:53 am
on the wall, economy. how much runway to the folks you talk to and play for give the president on the issue of repeal and replace obamacare. didn't happen. build the wall. as it happened and mexico certainly isn't paying for it. >> leland, you and i are policy wonks. we get this. most americans are not policy walks. they've got more money in their billfold. they see things happening. they see syria and isis. look, i will defend the man on policy. when he does the indefensible and says the indefensible, i am not. - - said much intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep in texas we say, a lot of smart people do dumb crap when it tried to pull the wool over somebody's eyes but i'm not going to invest my intelligence and what reputation i have in
10:54 am
this. he sometimes says unbelievable things. he won that this is his way. do i wish that sometimes he wouldexhibit a little bit ? yeah. you probably wising i would exhibit right now. he won. [laughter] >>kristin: i wasn't going to say it. you spend a lot of time in texas near the border. i'm wondering what you think about president trump's threat to shut down the border entirely this week. >> i haven't seen all of the things that involved speed we all know what his stances are not. to stop the commerce. i lived in odessa. we used to go by jalapeno peppers. that seems a bit draconian. but, again, he is responsible for the safety of this country.
10:55 am
the bad guys only have to be right one time. >>leland: if you shut down the border, all it does is shut down the good guys and the legal people. the bad guys aren't going to care that it's shut down. >> i understand. it's not that simple. there is and wants. if the weight of that responsibility for on your shoulders and you're trying to pull the laws of america and the border. the people who don't want the wall, they live inside gated communities. i wonder if nancy pelosi's mansion that is guarded by a wall, if there were only a mile north of the southern border with california instead of 600 miles in san francisco. she might be singing a different tune. >>leland: that -- beto lives in el paso and he wants to take the wall down. >> that -- beto is a booger
10:56 am
eating boron. he's an empty shirt. >>kristin: you can stick around and get your take on what we are about to show our viewers. >>leland: we don't need an intro. just show the video ofthe monkeys writing dogs . give us your hot take on this. >> when you have something you think is impossible.let a texan do it. i apologize for my comments. i had two cups of coffee and i'm a little over empty. if beto can point to syria - - >>kristin: we got to leave it there. >>leland: chris wallace is next.. -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪
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