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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 31, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[applause] >> the warnings grow louder of a crisis at mexican border, as president trump repeats his threats to shut the southern crossing this week if something does not change. i am rick leventhal in for jon scott, this is "the fox report." >> migrants are floods into u.s. at unan unprecedented rate. with illegal crossings and apprehensions is underring to record levels, at least one border policy expert say that the system is desperately close to failure and needs a bipartisan solution. >> we need to tone down the rhetoric on both sides and figure out the actual solution.
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they are pulling those resources from the ports of entry, that will slowdown traffic. and have an embassyic impact, they need placed to put people, stations and facilityy we have on the border were never designed to have this many people, not to house families and small children. >> claudia on the ground, in el paso, texas with more. reporter: rick, the surge of immigrants heading to border continues, unabated. and word of a new caravan from el salvador. there are reportedly already 90 people in the group including membership women and children. the relentless wave of migrant families seeking asylum has overwhelmed ports of entry along the southern bored. here in el paso they are struggling to maintain safe conditions for nearly 500 families that arrive every day. the mayor is scrambling to deal
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with the unflux and he blames the federal lawmakers. >> until they act on that we'll continue to have these problems. reporter: head of u.s. customs and border protection said 40% of their officers are so busy processing the family, they have to leave the jobs they were hired to today like patrolling for drug smugglers, human traffickers and other criminals, they are pulling from every department, even the i-t folks are being called in to help. this crisis has forced cbp, to seek every possible temporary solution to safely house, process and care for those in custody. border patrol adding it has often no choice but release some migrants into the community, without referring them to immigration officials first, rick. >> claudia in el paso, thank
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you. >> in washington white house official sthais border crisis cannot be overstated and that president trump's threat to shut it down need to be taken seriously, here is acting chief of staff mick mulvaney this morning. >> democrats will not give us additional money or people to do this, they will not change the law that is acting as this giant magnet for people from south and central america to come into this country, based with those limb layings -- limitations, the president will do everything he can. >> ellison barber with more reaction from outside of the president's home in florida. reporter: administration officials are defending moves despite push back from democrats, and at least one republican. >> when president said he will close the border, that is a unrealistic boast on his part,
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shutting down border with our third largest trading partner would have a massive impact. >> about what are we supposed to do, have you mexican government alowing thousands of people to walk across from mexico. reporter: he did not do it white house said this time, he mean its. >> it is not a bluff, we have never seen a surge like this. reporter: friday president trump told reporters he was stopping payments to so-called northern triangle, el salvador, guatemala and hondurus. a folks person for state department told fox news that pompeo's instruction the department is carrying out the president's directtion and ending payments from 2017 and 18 for an assistant program. as part of the process, a spokesperson said they are engages congress. critics say it will not help anything it will only make
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conditions worse. >> this is a classic case of let's talk about what may happen or what we're looking for, versus of what right in front of us. >> people are desperately coming to the united states, president's cutting off aid will not solve the problem. >> we have back-to-back -- security secretaries, president obamay and president trump's saying we have a crisis. reporter: closing southern border could mean closing it to all trade. >> thank you. >> attorney general william barr said he plan to publicly release the full mueller report, by mid april, using next couple of weeks to make necessary redactions, but house democrats sea that is not soon enough, demanding it be ready in two days. >> meanwhile, donald trump
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injury saijr.said if there had y evidence again the president, mueller's team would have found it. >> there was nothing there to find. now, i don't believe for one second there is not one person thato that team whose dream it would not have been to take downtown don, i stand by -- down, donald trump, i stand by that 100%. >> mollie with latest from washington. >> the redactions are necessary because of on going investigation, attorney general said, or because the intelligence community said it could compromise sources or methods, but democrats say that americans need to see the full mueller report too get all details of 22 month investigation. >> we're all speculating about what is in there we know about don jr.'s meeting in trump tower and many people going to jail for lying about russia. my guess is, the whole report you will see good reasons for
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why a number of people, were concerned by the possibility since disproved that the trump campaign was colluding with the russians. reporter: attorney general william barr has said he will get the redacted report out by mid april, if not sooner, and there are quote no plans to show the report to the president and his team in advance of the release. president trump has said that quote, collusion delusion is over. he and others have been critical of republican adam schiff. hiv haschiff said that attorney general put out a bias summary of the mueller report and that redactstions -- redactions are unacceptable. republicans say he should resign. >> all 9 republicans members have asked for his resignation. he cannot be fair that is one of
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the most important positions in the united states how the of representatives. all of was nation and he should step down. reporter: conway said this schiff is compromised in leading the house intelligence committee after the mueller report showed nno collusion. rick. >> thank you mollie. >> kellyanne conway speaking out about on going feud between her husband george and president trump, in a rare public acknowledgment. she addressed it in a interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> do you think he is cyberbullying to try too get you to quit, do you think he is jealous of our high profile. >> some people do, my first line of protect in this world, is and will always be my 4 children, i do know like to discuss this publicly. what i will tell you is that
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george was very supportive of president trump, cried election night in his maga hat. wanted to take a job in trump administration and changed his mind. was a gift of was president and first lady months after he withdrew himself -- >> i understand that. >> and he withdraw his name he said he would still support the president if that has changed, i have not. >> if you would like to see more of that, exclusive interview with kellyanne conway after this newscast, fox news sunday, 7:eastern. >> i have no reason not to believe lucy this speaks too need too family change the culture of the country. >> people raise issues they have to address them, and that is what he will have to do with the voters if he gets into the race. >> he will decide whether he will run or not, then the american people if he does will
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decide you know when they support him or not. >> been a quiet day of actual campaigning on the 2020 trail. but a lots of buzz about a man who is not officially in the race, joe biden accused of acting inappropriately with a woman in 2014, she i he is resp. >> joe biden is denying allegations of inappropriate conduct, he said on many years on campaign trail i had countless handshake, and hugs, and expressions of support, not once did i believe i acted inappropriately, if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully but it was never my intention. lucy flores welcome public with her story claiming that biden came up behind her in a really, placed his hands on her shoulders, leaned in smelled her hair and planted a slow kiss on
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the back of her head. it was completely inappropriate. >> my point was never about his intentions, they should not be about his intentions it should be about the real women on the receiving end of that behavior, this is not the first time, not only incident where he was texting inappropriately with women. >> nearly every other democratic candidate has weighed in and say they believe lucy flores. garrett tenney could fox news. >> thank you. >> virginia lieutenant governor taking poligraph tests, jeff paul with details. >> rick.
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poligraph examines show that lieutenant governor was truthful when denying he ever engaged in nonconsensual sexual activity with vanessa tyson or meredith watson as interviews from both women to air over next few days. tyson said that fairfax sexual assaulted her in 2004, and watson said that -- ties a >> in my ideal world, i would want him to resign, there is a million reasons not to come forward. it is tough. i am not going to lie, particularly for sauer rif survs this is importance, they need to be heard, we need to be seen. right. and we need to be treated add human beings we are. >> both women came forward earlier this year after calls
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for virginia governor ralph northam to resign over a racists photo on his old yearbook page. fairfax has denied the allegations and called for a full investigation. >> if we go backwards and rush to judgment and allow for political lynchings without any due proprocess. >> the statement from fairfax's of said this poligraph show his denials are truthful, it is important to note that polygraphs are not admissible from virginia courts. >> marine corps confirming two pilots were killed in a helicopter crash near yuma, arizona last night, they were ting a routine training mission, cause of crash is under investigation. the withheld pending family notifications. >> as tensioned simmer at gaza,
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and israel border, leaders on both side negotiate a cease fear agreement and prepare for reopening of two border closings. >> and ped pe ped pedestrian der streets surging to a new 30-year high. reporter: pedestrian deaths have reached a 30-year high, and surge is encouraging some states to expand dec distracted driving laws. so, you're open all day, every day. that's what 24/7 means, sugar. jon: it is. jon: it is. pat:
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to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. rick: after 6 days of violence, more rocket launches into israel, authorizes are reopening two gaza strip crossings, hinting ceasefire talks may be moving forward. >> jonathan hunt reports from gaza-israel border. >> warning sirens wounded again today in israeli communities near gaza. signals a potential incoming rocket. but that rocket failed to lawrch properly, not a threat to the
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ongoing incremental progress toward a ceasefire agreement between israel and the hamas leadership in gaza, that progres continues. funeral were held in gaza today for 4 young palestinian men. their deaths as israeli forces lined up on border fence to counter a huge demonstration by palestinians, marking one year anniversary of weekly protests again the israeli blockade of gaza,. estimate the 40 thousand turned out. the crowds were less violence than previous weeks. and 4 deaths was considered by both hamas and israel to be a low and acceptable number. with both sides steps back from brink of a wider son conflict, mediators are continuing their work to find a long are term
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agreement, israeli prime minister netanyahu welcoming brazil a president acknowledged the on going tension. >> i ordered israeli forces to stay in full deployment around the gaza strip. this including tanks, ar till rar-- ar ar artillery and ground troops. reporter: israel today reopened two gaza border crossings, a small step but a step forward, rick. rick: jonathan thank you. >> thousands peemple too peopleo streets of hong kong, protesting a plan by chinese's government to change extradition laws. sending fugitives, to mainland china. >> activists fear some detainees could disappear.
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stuck without families friends and lawyers, knowing where they have been taken. >> a tragic mistake leads to murder of a college student after she reportedly government in the wrong car thinking it was her ride share, police in south carolina arrested a man accused of killing the young woman and dumping her body in w450 woods,e went missing early friday morning, her body was found by hunters in a remote area that afternoon, she was last seen getting into this black chevy impala. >> we believe -- we don't have a statement or any evidence that suggests authorize than our on observation, we believe she mistakenly got into this car, thinking it was a uber ride. rick: police arrest haded 24 24-year-old, they found the her
3:22 pm
blood in his car with her cell phone and bleach. >> josefson was a new jersey native and political science major to graduate this year, university of south carolina is offering grief counseling for students. >> crime rates may be way down, but it gets less safe to walk streets with pedestrian deaths approaching a 3 decade high. one of biggest reasons, is drivers using their cell phone, jackie hinrich with more on streets of new york city. reporter: that report pulled data from all 50 states and dc, there were several variables, two most responsible higher number of large vehicles on the road and more distracted driving, more than 6200 pedestrians were killed in 2018, the highest number in 3 decades, in last 10 years, there was a
3:23 pm
35% increase. more than a third happened on local streets rather than highways showing a need for better road crossings and nighttime crashes accounted for over 90% of the total increase. >> we have to fix the infrastructure, enforce the laws, and urge public to make good choices, whether we're walking, biking or behind the wheel. the fear sun les is unless we ss we'll see more and more pedestrians die every year. reporter: data shows number of suvs involved in pedestrian deaths increase by 50% since 2013, sales of trucks outpace cars, and more heavy vehicles leaves crashes that pedestrians are less likely to survive. and distracted drivinga also
3:24 pm
increased. in new york, they have a zero vision program. 2018 was safest year on record, police give arkansa a-- attentio danger zones. >> they comprise 13% of the population, people 60 and over are over 50% of fatalities, that is a target group we work it. they urge drivers to take extra caution. as more people hit the streets, some states lik florida are loog at expanding distracted driving laws, making it a possible tickets offense if you are doing any kind of different trached driving that includes, petting your dog or yelling at your kids. rick: something to think babout, jackie thank you. >> a briefcase of spring water
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for most part was country this week, but don't get used to it. >> the idea of buster and statements and we'll close the border that is not doing anything, let's work together, democrats and republicans, there are a lot of u -- who want to wk together. rick: growing calls for a collusiosolution to border crisg into the issues dividing lawmakers next. , and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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3:30 pm
for jon scott. >> in his victory lap trump launched new attacks again affordable care act which has democrats and some republican colleagues feeling a little bit uneasy. let's bring in niles standish good to see you. >> and you. rick: you wrote a article. you call a lack of discipline by the president, but border security is one issue his base and party likely agree on, that is where his focus has been for the week and week. >> yes, this idea of closing the border is something that he is emphasizing and you just played kellyanne conway's remarks, this a complicates issue. but at least we have agreement now there is crise at southern border, i notice jeh johnson on your network a couple days ago
3:31 pm
talking about the fact this is a crisis. hard to resolve, it is more complicated. the difficult we closing the border it could hurt american businesses. rick: there is a historical precedence for that. president's nixon and reagan closed borders over drug issues. goal is being to put more pressure on mexico. but yes there is an economic cost. >> there is, chambe chamber of e estimates a daily trade across border of 1.7 billion dollars that under lines how important it is. when president nixon did this, he was not able to sustain the closure for a long period of time because there was political and economic pressure. rick: let our viewers know we're looking at images of president leaving air force one, they just landed from palm beach, florida, they are back at joint base
3:32 pm
andrews, he will travel from there, back to the white house. nile, the president has threatened to cut billions of funding to central america, el salvador, guatemala and hondurus. if they don't do something to stop the blow o flow of imgramgo nation. >> he needs to make clear what he wants them to do, they can't stop people leaving any more than he can. -- democrats make argument that the payments are not charity, they are payments to advance american strategic interest. >> this push to close border is getting push back from members of president's open party,
3:33 pm
including representative adam ki-- -->> he may be serious, i t could be a bad move. i want an immigration system that works, that generous but controlled, shutting down the border with our third largest trading partner would have a massive impact, not only in trade but psychological damage. rick: you touched on that earlier about the economist cost. another thing to get to, while we have time, is the notion to president spent much was week celebrating results of mueller probe with no collusion. then he shifted focus on obamacare. have you an issue with that. >> well, i don't personally have an issue one way or another, some of his party colleagues do, the mueller report findings were a clear victory for the president, i don't take this liberal idea where they try to make the best of -- it was a
3:34 pm
clear victory. he then though shoots himself in the foot with the health care proposal because the politics of healthcare are terrible for republicans. the idea that you would strike down a law in middle of an elect year, with nothing to replace it. republicans have a 9 year now to try to get a replacement for affordable care act. and have not done so, there are many, many people in the president's party who wish highh -- hig he would take the victorp on mueller and focus on the economy, they say by far is his strongest calling card going into the election year. rick: i want to get this sound bright from representative, to maria bartiromo this morning, a blue dog democrats he agrees that the president should have a plan, republicans should have a plan to replace obamacare. >> they want a repeal of
3:35 pm
obamacare, but absolutely at least at that time, had no plan. so i want to see a plan, that is going to supply, health care to our constituents at a lower cost, but still will be quality healthcare, and allow you to visit your doctor. and have that relationship, and something that will work. >> congressman is a democrat but you say that republican agree. >> well, some do. the point about it is what you can replace it with in time? so that you are not running in an election year with our opposition running television ads about some unfortunate person who may be no longer able to pay for their concern treatment or something -- concercancertreatment, that is t republican are concerned about. they believe health care was a major reason that democrats took
3:36 pm
control of house of representatives, they don't want to refight a battle that's just lost in a presidential elect year. rick: it was a key point he made during his election to white house? >> it was. and that is the argument that is advanced by people who want it to happen, they say look you have to keep your promises, on face of it that a plausible argument to make. but the big push to keep that promise, was made earlier in president's first term, and did not work event with a republican majority in the house. now it seems to me there is zero incentive and zero likelihood of democrats in the house passing whatever the president would prefer to replace obamacare with. rick: we have to leave it their niles stand iryoish thank you. rick: the next president alex lepresidentialalelection is morr
3:37 pm
away in 2020. >> president trump wants to make america great again. democrat want to make earth temperature drop. >> your planet is in peril. >> it will cause more forest fires, fore flooding. in various places, more drought. >> no reason in 2025 all of north america cannot get half of electricity from nonpollutes sources. >> but president trump will push on with pipelines and he is not sold on alternative energy. >> if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night, i am sorry the wind is not blowing. reporter: democrat hope to that will trump proposing a dramatic change to health insurance offered by the government. >> we must pass medicare for all. >> we will mass pass a medicarr
3:38 pm
all single payer program. >> i believe a singl single payr environment. >> we have a chance of killing obamacare. we almost did it but somebody unfortunately surprised us with. we'll do it a different way. >> the sides are split on president's signature issue, illegal immigration. >> if you could would you take the wall down now. >> yes. >> like you have a wall. >absolutely.>> so-called crisis. is fake. >> we're looking at a administration that has a policy of taking babies from their father's and mothers, at the border. >> president insists that asylum seekers are not all innocent kids. >> look at the guy he looks like he just got out of ridge,
3:39 pm
heavyweight champion of the world. >> a big fat conjob, folks. >> a big fat con-job. >> trump supporter chanted build a wall before 2016 electiontion and now before 2020. even though it takes over a half of his first term to find money for construction, trump mates still want that wall, fox news. rick: well, spring has sprung. in nation's capital, the cherry blossom festival is underway. part of midwest and south that were hit hard by flooding getting a break from rain, but colder air is moving in. adam is live with weather. >> this is colder, a big cold front on the coast, still close to 60 in new york city, 65 in boston. but, close to freezing in pittsburgh,a all that cold air s
3:40 pm
settled in to midwest area, that on where you see big temperature change, that is a coldfront that is where rain has been going most heavy showers along the coast, behind it saturday, we saw some heavy rain hit areas where flooding continues to be an issue, so now everywhere you look at gripe, highlights to missouri, down the mississippi this continues to be area with flood warnings and watches and that rain we saw this weekend justing to that problem. but they are dry out for next couple of days. we're seeing rain along this frontal boundary along gulf of texas for the day. then running farther north, across mid atlantaic to boston port land, and back side of this system picking up moisture from great lakes, snow falling in some of those areas. a lot is got snow that adds up
3:41 pm
in a big way, but upstate new york several inches of snow with this one. good news, that it is spring, it will not last long, monday to width. middle country back to 60s staying clear. rick: there is that, thank you, adam. >> mm-hmm. rick: we have thing that cause stretion istress in our lives, e change one of them. >> over hyping the issue is puts false stress on people, it is not worthing haven' worthings wl break down. rick: not everyone agrees with that, one university is offering a class how to cope with climate change. >> march madness is on us. >> 99% of student athlete will never make a single dollar from a professional sports contract. this is an injustice.
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rick: climate change has become a hot topic, it is proving too much forever some to copy with. university of washington now offering a climate catta cataste class. critics call a seminar for snow flakes. >> with every flood, devastating wildfire and a deep freeze, climate change seems to get the blame, newspaper and web site headlines alarming with fears
3:47 pm
about survival, and destruction of planet and end of human, too much for some to cope with. reason for a class at university of washington bothel. environmental anxiety and climate grief. one student explained for longest time i did not let myself feel the pain that was building up due to the destruction of our earth, high profile democrats are feeding the panic as they push for a green new deal. >> future of human race depends on it. >> climate grief class has students spend an our each week outside in -- an hour each week in a quiet place, write about what they see and feel, and they have a climate change survival kit. a meteorologist who agrees that humans are playing a role said that climate class should flunk out. >> the best thing to do is not
3:48 pm
play on people's fears and anxieties and not reflect -- the exaggerated headlines. >> climate is a slow, steady change, and saying that people will deal with massive problems theyed nei they will need survil kits for is not accurate. >> young people have a lot of anxiety, anything we can do to help them cope is good. >> the teach are call her class-a foot -- boot camp, but critics mock it as a 12 step program for a snow flames. rick: college athletes are not supposed to get paid for march madness or anything else but now bipartisan support is growing among lawmakers for students to be compensated. some on capitol hill say it is
3:49 pm
unfair so many people cash in but not the players. >> we want the player, student athletes to have the same access to the free market we have. we don't want ncaa to pay them anything, we don't want university but student at least, sometimes are making millions of dollars for university have no access to market themselves is a huge injustice. rick: ncaa argues their a athles are compensated through scholarships. >> a growing number of states moving to legalize marijuana, one state has pushed pause button. >> all these new negative outcomes, we did not see them in 60s but now more because of the rush to legalize. was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling.
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want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ] you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> a pot proposal goes up in smoke in new jersey, democrat control legislature failed to pass government's measure toking legalize marijuana, some warn the movement could go to fast. >> a plan vote on a billing legallizing recreational
3:54 pm
marijuana in new jersey is now post popostponed. >> we came close, i think fair to say. we will get there. >> 10 states and washington d.c. already allow recreation alcanan cannabis use, but new jersey's decision to postpone the vote underscores that marijuana remains a devicive issue. >> last week new study found smoking highly potent cannabis on a daily basis quadruples your chances of a -- episode. thc is chemical that causes drug psychological affect, that is alarming considers that government data shows that america's pot is getting stronger, average level has grown from 4% in 2000 to 12%
3:55 pm
24d. >> today's marijuana is much more harmful than it used to be. reporter: another study found marijuana related emergency room visits more than tripled in colorado since 2012. >> we're seeing home more now because of the rush to legalize marijuana. >> medical marijuana dispensaries like harmony in new jersey argue that legalization will ensure regulation. >> one of the key differences between us and people -- the street, we actually test our marijuana. and make sure it is safe and effective. >> studies have not proven that smoking cannabis causes psychosis, doctors say there arely mit. >> on that note, we have monkeys riding dogs, yes. monkeys riding das dogs.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
it called the banana derby. i am told it started when a family's pet monkey hopped on their family dog to. >> for a ride. good night, i am rick levi leve, thank you for watching.


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