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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 1, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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over your pants. rob: what the heck is that. i'm going to put those on with my hairy legs that will look fantastic. >> jillian: okay. good morning. help you are enjoying your breakfast. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the president is now threatening to close the border between the u.s. and mexico this week. >> what would it take for him it not to do that? something dramatic. >> what are we supposed to do. we have had 100,000 people cross the border illegally in march alone. >> you say the media along with the democrats are collusion truthers. >> they did a terrible disservice to this country. i think it's a blight on our republic on democracy. >> baby faced jihadist known as bin sad continue bin lieber. -- >> controversial new anti-abortion film new problems despite major debut at the box office. >> up ahead. no one near him.
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and he is going to come out. michigan state is headed to minneapolis. ♪ uptown funk. ♪ saturday night. ♪ don't believe me just watch. brian: saturday night. steve: this is more of a midtown funk than uptown, don't you think? we are midtown. brian: charging for midtown funk because there is going to be a congestion crisis. ainsley: talking about the budget in new york city. if you live here, you will be paying a lot more money. if you come here as a tourist you will be paying more too. brian: we want to tax you until you stop coming and people stop living here. steve: listen, by the way. if somebody tells you something today that just seems too unbelievable, don't believe it it's april 1st. april fools day, everybody. thank you for joining us live. ainsley: i hope we don't have anything planned. i remember taking that box off and brian was hiding underneath the table and scared me to death.
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steve: what's going to happen the next three hours, you have to stick around to find out. we leave things off with a fox news alert. ainsley: president trump could shut down the u.s.-mexico border this week as the administration is cutting off funding to three central american countries are. >> it certainly isn't a bluff. you can take the president seriously. we are on track this month to close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like this. brian: so here we go. desperate times, desperate measures. griff jenkins joins us live from washington to break it all down. hey, griff, if anyone knows the border and the problem, it's you. everyone seems to realize we are in a crisis. >> well, you know, it's story after story of more and more migrants coming when the president says he is going to close the border, he is not bluffing. bluffing acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney explains why. >> why are we talking about closing the border? because not for spite and not to try and undo what's
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happening. but to simply say, look, we need the people from the ports of entry to go out and patrol in the dessert where we don't have any wall. griff: here are the facts. cdp says 40% of their agents are being diverted from the border security mission to care for family units and children. closing the border could have a heavy economic impact. warn it would affect $107 billion of cross border trade. these numbers, again, are targeting on pas for over 100,000 apprehensions for the month of march. as of last night, guys, my source at border patrol in just the rio grande valley sector alone for the past nine straight days they have seen more than 1,000 apprehensions per day. a caravan a day. most of them coming from an area known as the northern triangle, el salvador, guatemala and honduras. the president says he is cutting $500 million of aid to these countries. the president took a shot at
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mexico and democrats are not doing enough saying the democrats are allowing a a ridiculous asylum system and loopholes as a main stay of our immigration system. mexico is likewise doing nothing. homeland security is being so very nice but not for long. visa program for 2500 migrants in southern mexico on a limited basis. you will remember it was shut down earlier due to overwhelming numbers across mexico's southern border. steve: it was. griff, you said tupper perfectly. we have been talking for a while, there a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. and if the president were to close our southern border, it would cause an economic crisis as well. because there are so -- there is so much that goes between our two countries. you know, the auto parts, that go to make the american cars that are built in mexico. all the food that is trafficking between the united states and mexico and central america; you know, there is a real good
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possibility that if the president did close the border, it would disrupt the supply chains for car makers, it would trigger swift price increases for the grocery stores. impact layoffs. and impact a lot of the states that the president won in 2016. i think he knows it i think he knows that there would be economic consequences. and this is just a play to get mexico and the triangle countries to do something. because, it's up to them. ainsley: mick mulvaney was talking about the problems. he blames the democrats because they won't give him additional money and additional people. they won't change the laws. we had a panel on last week or the week before all women border patrol agents and they were saying we need more people. we need more agents. what they are having to do is take agencies from the port of entries and place them in areas like the dessert where there aren't any walls. they don't have the extra money to hire more people. brian: the county city manager said this to "u.s.a. today." it's staggering really. we have never seen anything like this before. the numbers don't lie.
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they are expecting over 100,000 illegals this month. 65,000st last month. senator lindsey graham weighed in yesterday. what are we supposed to do? you have the mexican government allowing thousands of people walk all across mexico. mexico could help more. they should help more. the triangle countries, 70% of the people coming here illegally come from three countries. we need those countries to help more. so, if the president feels like that the only way to control this problem is to move the people from the port of entry to the ungoverned spaces where we need a wall, i will support him. i hope we don't have to do that. to my democratic friends. let's set down and change these laws that entice people that come here illegally. steve: good luck. brian: the president's tweem tweet over the weekend was 100 percent right. these are asylum laws that can be solved very quickly. they have to come together on this. the turning point was maybe jeh johnson when he said a couple days ago listen there is a crisis at our border.
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there is no question about it these numbers are really concerning. steve: yeah. brian: that gives democrats cover to say hey, we have no choice. after all the wall decision has been decided. whether you like it or not it's in the courts and it's actually being built. taking money and let them debate it in their committee meetings. the most controversial part for democrats was the wall. it shouldn't be controversial to stem the tide of illegals coming. in doesn't mean they are not great people. it means we have to set up a system makes it orderly to get in and out. steve: the problem is that would give -- democrats would be handing donald trump a win. look, not only did he get a wall, he also got a wins a well. you know, i think if i had to guess it, would be easier to gte mexico and the triangle countries, to do something than to get their own -- our own congress to get together on the same page. ainsley: we have to see. also in the news, the attorney general william barr said he is going to release the full mueller report in two weeks or sooner. the media is hitting him so hard for this. bria an: it't some of these headline's, fox said
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why barr is delaying in releasing the report is unreasonable and unprecedented. politico said william bar can't hide the mueller report. brian: they said up an artificial deadline to deliver the 300 plus pages. tomorrow now. he said no, i will get it to you in the middle of april. doubling down is nadler no, i'm not backing off my date. you back off your date. he is not done yet. have you got to redact and care about people's security. there is portions of this just not going to be released as trey gowdy brought up earlier. i'm not going to break the law because jerry nadler is frustrated that he didn't get the outcome he seems to want to get and that's proof what he believes the president skyrocketing in russia. here is don jr. yesterday, who sat down with on media buzz and said listen this whole coverage has been so skewed and they got major things wrong especially on my trump tower meeting. watch. >> i think there were some
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people that tried to actually be fair. when they were actually fair, you would see the other side just try to obliterate that they lost their following. they get ratiod to heck. it became a business model for most media to attack donald trump. and to buy into this narrative. and if you didn't, you upset a lot of the people and risked your career. you risked other things. they did a terrible disservice to this country, to journalism as a profession. i think they have done irreparable damage to the faith that the average american is going to have in terms of mainstream journalism. i think it's blight on our republic. on democracy, and on our constitution that's not going to come undone very quickly. steve: i think average american understands there have to be things that are going to be redacted. grand jury testimony, things that are controversial and classified. they are okay with that. democrats need some cover. they need to be able to say look, here is this 300, 400
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page thing and a bunch of the stuff is blacked out. what secrets are they keeping from us. ainsley: the president feels vindicated though. he tweeted out last week fake news media going crazy suffering major breakdown zero credibility and corrupt. brian bine a lot of you concerned about tax souse move out of the high tax state. studio is here and we are coming to work every day. steve: let's move. brian: new york's idea to raise more rev my overstretched because social programs are too big and unwe wouldy. they decided they have ways to make ends meet. guess what cost all of us money in every way, shape, or form. steve: that's right. >> screen left the toll tax. that's the congestion pritszing, first in the nation between 11 and $12 per car. $25 per truck. a study says it's going to cost 133s dollars for each 18-wheeler hauling food and goods into manhattan. ainsley: you are going to get paid to sit in traffic. or you are requesting to pay. sorry, you are going to pay to sit in traffic. steve: if you can live here
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you live in a nice house. brian: a mansion tax manhattan homes that sell for 25 million or more. steve: 2 million. brian: they will go elsewhere. you will have less mansion owner, the. ainsley: there is going to be an internet sales tax. if you shop at any store in new york you can't take your goods home in plastic bags. they are banned. steve: single use plastic bag is gone. you can bring your own recycled bag. they are going to charge you 3 cents per paper bag but then the locals and the mayor here has already said i'm going to tack 2 more cents on. nickel per paper bag. brian: here is how stupid this is when people come into the city, they are not doing it because they want to see a broadway show. they are going to deliver food, delivering goods, they're helping out to hotels, delis, bodegas, guess what happens? they have very little margin of profit. they have to jack up their food prices on every day blue collar people who want to get a ham sandwich or turkey sandwich with mayo or a wrap. they will charge more for
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that, because it costs more to deliver that it will be cascading hit on everyone. and nobody gains. you get more money to pay into an abyss. steve: wrong. do you know who gains? florida. new yorkers are up here. why am i paying. brian: and texas. steve: paying so much in taxes. let's go to florida. anyway, what do you think about that? email us we are also on facebook. ainsley: jillian: i shouldn't have bought all those mansions. ainsley: when you commute you have to come into the city above 60th. jillian: that's right. ainsley: you don't get the tax. steve: or swim across the river. ainsley: take the train across the river. get get get you caught up on news. two marine pilots are killed in a helicopter crash during a routine training mission in arizona. the pilots were flying an ah 1 z viber at the air force station near huma. note be families before releasing the name of those
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pilot. no word on what caused the crash. today chicago police officers were preflt outside the prosecutor's office for the hand biblical of the jussie smollett case. the union wants the fbi to intervene following cook county state attorney kim foxx's decision to dismiss all 16 felony charges. >> the empire actor is accused of faking a racist hate crime against himself in january. referenced jesse jackson among others are planning a duelling rally in favor of falcons today. >favor -- foxx today. >> open look. >> [cheers] jillian: michigan state getting a clutch 3 pointer with under a minute to go. the spartans take down top overall seed duke 68-67. and auburn is heading to their first ever final four after beating kentucky 77 to 71 in overtime. second it back to you. ainsley: that's a big deal.
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steve: president trump says the republican party will soon be known as the party of hurricane. so thi party -- of healthcare. taking a look how to make the system better for everybody. ainsley: president for foundation of research of equal opportunity obek roy.
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thank you for being with us. >> ainsley, how are you? ainsley: i'm good. thank you. tell us about the healthcare system. what is broken first of all? >> a lot of things are broken. what comes down to at the end of the day is healthcare for america is too expensive for everybody. that's why so many people struggle with their bills. it is the federal government that has made it so expensive. steve: sure. my daughter has obamacare she can't afford to use it the premiums are through the roof. she never meets them. she winds out paying out of pocket. that's now how it's supposed to work. avic, lawmakers may be watching right now what could be done to fix it. >> first thing to know when the president campaigned for president and became president he promised his healthcare program we would have healthcare for everybody. there are plans out there to do that. bruce westman representative from arkansas put out a plan fair care act that tackles a lot of the problems with the healthcare system. again, the things that make
3:19 am
it so expensive. tackle high hospital prices, high prescription drug costs and high cost of insurance both for obamacare and other people who get insurance through more traditional means. ainsley: what can republicans do to actually become the party of healthcare? >> you have to tackle hospitals. high cost of prescription give people more control over their own healthcare dollars so they're not actually subject to all these regulations that drive up the cost of health insurance. both for people on obamacare and not on obamacare. steve: when bernie sanders and others say we are for medicare for all, it sounds great, but is that doable? >> well, what they're supporting is not actually medicare. it's a single payer plan that will be very different from the way medicare works today. you know, about half of every class that graduates
3:20 am
in 65 and gets on medicare today. they are choosing private insurance. they are not choosing government run insurance. the program called medicare advantage is the program where all the growth and medicare is bernie sanders plan would take that away from people. the real solution, i think the solution that republicans support, is one that builds on what medicare advantage does well, using private insurers to compete against each other so the quality of your coverage is better. ainsley: avic thank you for being with us. jane fonda protested the vietnam war. hanoi jane just got inducted into the national women's hall of fame. >> develop capabilities intended to contest our movement across all domains and disrupt our ability to project power. steve: retired general david perkins says he is absolutely right. is he going to tell us how we can return to dominance coming up next. good morning. ♪
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♪ ainsley: here's some quick headlines four. if given the chance president trump would replace justice ruth bader ginsburg with judge amy coney barrett. the president has been saving the young conservative judge for the seat. it might not ever happen though. it's unlikely that justice ginsburg will retire. the national woman's hall of fame could be losing funding after inducting jane fonda. citing the actress' controversial views on the vietnam war. fonda has acknowledged by making a mistake by posing on anti-aircraft gun in 1972. the town council votes tomorrow. brian? brian: all right. thank you. 24 minutes now after the hour. joint chiefs chairman
3:25 am
general joe dunford wanting russia and china's efforts to dominate the u.s. could mean trouble straight ahead. >> china and russia have capitalized on our distraction in restraints by investing in capabilities specifically designed to challenge our traditional sources of strength. after careful study. the developed capabilities intended to contest our movement across all domains sea, air, space, cyber space and land and disrupt our ability to project power. brian: are we losing our competitive edge and did you sense some real concern there amongst our top brass? joining us now retired army four star general just retired and former commander of the u.s. army training and doctrine command general james perkins is back with us. great so he sue. >> great to see you as well. brian: general dunford said look out, everybody, watch out for what? >> general dunford nailed it on the head. they understand our adversaries, potential adversaries realized.
3:26 am
what we do better than everybody else, we can deploy power. we can sustain and it we operate across all domains. air, sea, space, cyberspace, land. like nobody else does. so you can see a lot of investment, specifically by russia and china in areas that would prevent us from operating and synchronizing those demains which is right before i retired the command i was with we put out a new operational construct called multidomain operations to make sure we maintain dominance. brian: what are you talking about, areas? >> domains operate like air, land, domain, cyberspace, space. what we have to do is not just bookend ourselves into one domain but operate across all of them and synchronize all of them together. brian: he went on to say. he says that china and russia are capitalizing on our distractions and restraints by investing in capabilities specifically designed to challenge our traditional sources of strength. we over the last two years put 750 billion plus into
3:27 am
military. aren't we trying to stay ahead? >> where we are working very hard at it. when our nation invested in the military, it was kind of like three big pots of money we are trying to balance. i think general dunford's, you know, dealing with that as specht of it that you have your force structure, people, healthcare, salaries. then you have training. you have to keep everyone trained and modernization piece. that's what we are focusing on the modernization piece. brian: you said we also need private sector. they have to help out with innovation. set up better systems to allow our innovators to innovate. that's what we do better than china and russia on their best day. >> exactly. we innovate better than everybody else in the world. just about everybody else copies it and they steal better than anybody else. we have to change our focus of innovation. during the cold war we would innovate to create a differentiation known problem. we would differentiate from russia. now we have to change our innovation to increase the rate of innovation.
3:28 am
we have to nor quickly get new technology to the field more quickly updated. we can't have you heard the term third generational fighter, fourth generational tank it would take a generation to update it we have to be much faster. brian: this thing they have going now. china wants to get their influence. how much does it concern you that italy said we told italy not to get involved and they're getting involved? how much does it concern you that we told poll land not to take this chinese 5 g company -- have to take this company on and they did anyway? >> well, they see a great strength of the u.s. is our access to world markets as well as access to political systems and we have great allies, just recently deployed, i believe, six b-52s to europe as a show of strength. do interoperational exercises while they are being based in europe which means we have political support there getting fuel, things like that. they are trying to mimic
3:29 am
that and get some kind of coalition support there as well. brian: they don't have the moral base we have. they are coming in and trying to bribe people where we have a history with them. i hope our allies are smart about it. we cannot tell them what to do. we hope they make the right decision. >> again, that is what we have going for us. we are a trusted ally and are a tested ally. we have been there during the worst of times for them. i think that has always played to our benefit. brian: is he a retired four star general getting used to the word retired. you have to pick out your clothes now. >> all new stresses, brian. brian: you are home building a house over in new hampshire. grate to see, general, hopefully we do this regularly. i know you are still following general dave perkins. this picture with joe biden with ash carter's wife making the rounds again what really is going on here. this morning she is setting the record straight. president trump threatening to close the border. this week maybe as soon as today over this migrant surge. is that the right move?
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number one congress has to act and number two, mexico, that makes so much money from the united states, they have to grab it and they have to stop it. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they are going to stop them. and if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. we will close it and we will keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. steve: he is not playing games. a fox news alert. president trump threatening to shut the southern border as soon as today. cutting aid to three central american countries over the surge of migrants flooding our system in unprecedented numbers. here to weigh in our panel of experts. president of the national border patrol counsel screen
3:34 am
left brandon judd along with retired ice director fox news contributor tom homan and former ice agent mark kelly. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. steve: brandon, let's start with you. do you think it's a good idea for the president to close the southern border? no doubt there is a crisis there. should he essentially just say you know what? we are closed for business now? >> it sends the right message it let's mexico know if they do not actually do something, if they don't play their part, then we are going to stunt their economy, basically. look. there is a lot of trade that goes through those ports of entry. if you shut down those ports of entry that's going to hurt mexico's economy. if you punch somebody in the pocketbook, you are going to get a reaction. steve: right, going to be a price because it's going to punch us in the pocketbook. >> it is. we can make that back up. again, you have to do -- these wilthese are extraordinary times and we have to take extraordinary measures. steven miller a great policy advisor for president trump is actually proposing a initiative. i have an op-ed in the "washington times" that explains what this initiative is we can do it
3:35 am
with our current laws. as long as you train the border patrol agents to be a asylum officers to do that credible fear interview. we can get them through the process right now it takes about two to five years to deport somebody. if you train border patrol agents to be asylum officers and interview initially, we can get the deportations done in 10 days, rather than two to five years. steve: that's great. tom, you are a little tougher than brandon is. you say close it now. >> i say, look, that's what makes this president such a great president. is he going to do whatever he can to secure this nation and protect the american people. and he has done it look, he has tried to stop asylum seekers from entering illegally between the ports of entry the ninth circuit shutt that down. do declared an emergency. even some in his own party to do it. now he will close the border down. president reagan did it over the death of one d.e.a. agent which is a tragedy. how many citizens have died at the hands of criminal aliens. 70,000 overdos deaths last year from opioids that come across that border. this president is going to
3:36 am
act. i think he is doing the right thing. as brandon said earlier, yeah, it's going to hurt. these pipes of actions are necessary to secure the border. congress is letting this president down. conditioning has failed the american people for three decades to secure this border. this president made a commitment to the american people. i will do what i can to protect america. he is doing exactly what he elected him to do and doing exactly what a president should do. steve: as a former ice guy you know enemy cases the agent's hands are tied because the laws need to change. it seems like -- the president is probably more likely to get mexico and the triangle countries to do something before he can get his own u.s. congress to agree to change the law. >> that appears to be the case. and you clearly i defer to tom and brandon have a lot more experience on the border. i think it's obvious to anybody that there is a problem here. there is a huge problem. national security problem. and there has to be action taken. and, to me, closing the
3:37 am
border might be drank method, but i think we may be at a point where we need to be drastic. steve: brandon, why is it if we could do what you were talking about earlier in 10 days and deport somebody in 10 days. why aren't we doing it? >> it's a new idea that just came up. we were looking within the laws, again, steven miller was digging deep into the laws. what can we actually do under current authority that isn't going to take congress. let's take congress out of the process. we already have authorities on the book. let's work within those authorities and get what we need to get done. if we actually do it, then we will be able to end catch and release once and for all. that's the magnet that invites people and draws people across the border illegally. if we get rid of that imaginmagnetwe will stop illegal immigration. >> i agree with brandon 100 percent. there is other things we could be doing we are not doing. i said it ice needs to get out there and do nationwide
3:38 am
operation. look for family units. due process at great taxpayer expense and ordered removed. nine out of 10 claiming asylum at the border do not get relief because they have fraudulent claims of asylum. they do not qualify. once a federal judge removes that order. ice needs to order. what's happening in central america, it's a win-win. did you go to the united states, 10% catch and win your case. 0% don't win the case. they are not coming home. it's a win-win. we have to show consequence. the reason i'm so adamant about this i did this three and a half years ago. >> we did an operation. we sent a plain full of family units back home. the crossings went down. we showed there is a consequence. there has to be a consequence. >> i'm sorry, we deport a lot of people in be a stent shah. if they are not there to be removed in the country. disappear into the shadows of society, which is what they do. the moment they get released they take off those bands that they have that is supposed to track them and disappear. they get deported in absent
3:39 am
i can't. if there is not a body to send them back then they stay here. steve: mark, i will give you the final word as a former ice agent. >> what tom mentions is correct. we are naive if we think that word does not get out to the various countries where these people are coming from. if they know when they come there is no repercussions they will continue to come. the only way to stem that is to show that, you know, a judge orders you removed, you will be removed. end of story. steve: let's see what the president does. he says he is not playing games but then again neither are you guys. it's a big problem and we have got to do something about it thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian has some new news. jillian: that's right and good morning a tragic story we have been following. emotional vigil for the college student murdered after getting into the wrong car thinking it was her uber. samantha josephson's dad making a really emotional plea. >> you guys have to travel together. i don't want anybody else to ever go through this again.
3:40 am
i can't tell you how painful this is. >> surveillance video shows the 21-year-old university of south carolina student getting into the car. her body was found in a rural area. a man is being held on murder and kidnapping charges. the wife of former defense secretary ash carter is calling this 2015 photo of her and former vice president joe biden misleading. stephanie carter writing quote the joe biden in my picture is a close friend. someone helping get me through a big day for which i will always be grateful. it comes as a former assembly woman accuses biden of inappropriately kissing the back of her head during a 2014 rally. biden responding saying, quote, never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully. we talked about this story last week and now we have an update. a 23rd morse has died since december at a california racetrack two days after it
3:41 am
reopens. a 5-year-old gelding fell during a race at santa anita yesterday injuring right front leg and it to be euthanized. officials tested the course after it was closed but did not find anything. workouts continue today and racing resumes thursday. a college softball announcer calls a big win. is he happy about it? you be the judge. >> pitch, swung, over the second baseman's head. out to the field. he is running, running home, running home and montana. montana walks off. first baseman. >> the announcer not really showing much emotion as the university of montana wins against idaho state in extra innings. jillian: i don't know hot announcer is the voice kind of sounds young, maybe he needs a little more experience. brian: it's a student. jillian: it's a student there you go. got to learn. they are commenting. going to go outside to
3:42 am
janice. a lot happening. a lot of reaction to this one. janice: happy april fool's day today. it feels like april 1st because it's cold outside. what is your name. >> paducah, kentucky. >> ken strait. >> trey from mckinney, texas. >> rhode island. janice: all right. rhode island. take a look at the maps. it is cold outside. you know what in the warm temperatures are going to be on the rise at some point. 34 here in new york. 29 in cincinnati. 26 in chicago. freeze advisories as far as south as the mid south towards mississippi and alabama and georgia. and we are watchin watching this coastal storm develop across portions of florida up towards the southeast. the good news is it is going to remain offshore. we are going to see strong winds and heavy rain in some areas of the southeast. maybe even some snow across the appalachians if it's cold enough. there are your temperatures across the country today. unfortunately, we have a storm across the west coast that's going to move in, bringing quite a bit of heavy rain and snow and then potentially more flooding rainfall for the central u.s. that's something we are
3:43 am
going to have to watch over the next couple of days because a lot of flooding there say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. happy april 1st. there you go. steve: thanks j.d. straight ahead on this monday. the new pro-life movie unplanned had a really big box office debut this weekend. but, you may not have heard about it on twitter. the new uproar growing online overnight. ainsley: move over aoc, this 23-year-old republican wants to be the youngest member of congress. you will meet him straight ahead ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ e perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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3:46 am
♪ you will. >> there is still part of me that isn't sure. >> i know. the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can't feel anything. >> sorry to bother you, but they need an extra person in
3:47 am
the back room. are you free? [heart beat] ainsley: wow, it's a new movie we have been telling you about depicting the true story of a planned parenthood director turned pro-life activist. steve: unplanned premiered this weekend and opened number five at the box office the movie briefly saw its twitter account suspended for some reason. why twitter blamed the glitch, the technical troubles don't seem to end there. brian: overnight filmmakers claiming their fan follows are disappears tweeting hey, twitter, where did 50,000 followers at unplanned movie go in the inbox is stacking up with messages saying we unfollowed each other. here with reaction lighting up social media fox news headlines 24/7 reporter channel 115 carley shimkus. this is astounding. twitter is the only one that can answer this? >> that's right. not just one or two people that said they were unfollowed or their account unfollowed. steve: what does that mean.
3:48 am
>> i'm following you. i click toll to follow your account and then out of nowhere you go back and say wait a second, i'm not following you anymore. steve: it looks less popular. >> looks less popular and people aren't going to be getting updates on the movie if they wanted to follow the account. look at all this reaction that's coming. in one tweet from dana loesch says about 5 minutes ago i was following unplanned movie and then i just checked after seeing so many say they had trouble even following the account and somehow i wasn't following them anymore. actress patricia heathen says hey at jack meaning jack dorsey why aren't you letting me follow unplanned movie. i have tried 8 times to support my friend abby johnson and twitter won't let me. others have having the same issue. please correct. this thank you. guy benson says add me to the list. i have now defaulted back to not following unplanned movie several times. despite my effort to follow the account. and then ambassador ric grenell says what is going on at jack? this is outrageous.
3:49 am
this is a video of him trying to follow the account and it continues to go back to the default unfollow. albee beth sucky says weird, i have automatically unfollowed me, too. brian: we know everybody there that had the same problem. could it be a glitch? >> yes. it could be a glitch. we need to hear from twitter. we reached out to twitter. they have yet to respond to our request for comment. they loirg originally said banng the movie was an accident. they were linked to an account that was supposed to be suspended. their account accidently got suspended. they also said that their follower count should go back to normal within a few hours. they were suspended on saturday. and they are still seeing their account hasn't reached all the followers that that was originally following. ainsley: conservatives have been shadow banned in the past. 50,000 people were unfollowed. that's a lot of people. >> that is a lot of people. steve: second best opening for a faith based studio ever.
3:50 am
>> expected to make 3 million. ainsley: unbelievable. the actress is going to be on our show. >> thank you, appreciate it. brian: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. dan bongino shear next. that's his picture. steve: plus move over alexandria ocasio-cortez. there is a new kid on the block. meet the 23-year-old republican who wants to beat her record as the youngest member of congress. next. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
ainsley: one florida republican is looking to beat aoc's record as the youngest member of congress. the 2020 congressional candidate is armani and he
3:54 am
joins us now. good morning, are a many. >> good morning. ainsley: i mean, i'm reading about you last night. and you are currently 23 years old. you have to be 25 to run for congress. and you will just have turned 25 right before the election, a few months before the election. why are you running? >> look, it's pretty simple, i'm running because it's time to get representatives into washington and not activists. we have people coming with their own personal agendas. their own personal vendettas against our president and our nation. i feel like the people of america need someone there who is going to represent their will and not their personal agenda and satisfy their ego that they have coming from their own district. ainsley: tell us about you. like i said i'm 23. i'm from florida. i was born in massachusetts. i have this patriotism because our country was born from boston, massachusetts where our founding fathers came so i feel like i have this kind of connection to our founders from there. but, no, it's -- i created
3:55 am
this idea to run for congress back in fall after i saw brett kavanaugh get dragged through the dirt by our media and people in washington who are supposed to represent the will of the people and not their own agenda. as soon as i saw that i was like no, i need to get involved now. i'm a history major at ucf. i go back to history and i apply a lot of things that i have learned and james monroe, one of our founding fathers, he dropped out of college and joined a continental army to fight for america. so i kind of see myself doing the same thing. i'm not saying that we're in this war. we kind of are in this battle to protect our american values and protect the pillars ha hold up our society that's why i threw myself into this race early on in my life. ainsley: you are from ucf and former actor and want to jump into politics. you told reporters the only worry is that people will attack you because of your age. tell me more about that. >> yeah, i mean, i think the only thing that people will of course attack me on is my lack of experience in the political arena. but i feel like that
3:56 am
shouldn't be something people hold on to. like i said, our founding fathers were men of 18, 20, 21 years old doing magnificent things in unconventional times. me coming from this background of history and political science as my other degree i will be able to bring that to congress and be able to be a bridge to allow the people to work with me. that's what we need. we don't need activists. we need representatives and people willing to be bridges that will allow our best minds from our communities to go to washington with them. i don't want to be another know-it-all bureaucrat. ainsley: thank you for being with us. congratulations to your school you almost took out duke in march madness. great game. >> yes. thank you. ainsley: thank you for joining us i wish you all the best. a major tech glitch affecting airlines nationwide right now. the breaking details the top of the hour. plus dan bongino, geraldo rivera, and senator marsha blackburn are all here live coming up. ♪ ♪ hold on ♪ i'm coming ♪ hold on
3:57 am
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4:00 am
ainsley: president trump could shut counsel the u.s.-mexico border this week. >> that's going to hurt mexico. if you punch somebody in the pocketbook, you're going to get a reaction. >> this president made a commitment to the american people. i will do whatever can i to protect america. he is doing exactly what they elected him to do. >> if trump gets his way, the cost for health insurance for you will be so high, thousands of people will literally die. >> half of every class that graduates 65 and gets on medicare today they are choosing private insurance. they are not choosing government run insurance. >> investigation underway after two marine pilots are killed in
4:01 am
4:02 am
10,000 illegal crossings stopped in 316-mile section of the long mile border. the major concern now. agents being divert dollars from the border security mission to care for family units and unaccompanied children. most of them coming from the area known as the northern triangle, you see there. el salvador. guatemala, and honduras. the president cutting $500 million of aid to these countries until they do more. is he not bluffing about closing the border.
4:03 am
and the white house is blaming democrats. >> we need border security and we will do the best what we can with what we have. the democrats won't give us additional money and additional people. more importantly, they will not change the law that is acting as this giant magnet for people from south and central america to come into this country. >> but closing the border could have a heavy economic impact. you see there the u.s. chamber of commerce warning impact $1.7 billion of daily cross border trade. the president also, by the way, is blasting mexico for not doing enough. this as mexican officials say they are revamping their humanitarian visa program on a limited basis in southern mexico starting today. it was shut down earlier this year because of overwhelming numbers, guys? brian: griff, thanks. those are startling numbers, too. when you see that mexico is our third leading trading partner in the entire world and we, last year we had $611 billion in trades and goods in just 2018. so it's going to immediately impact both countries, with
4:04 am
yobutthe president is saying i'm not getting cooperation with the democrats. i can't get momentum towards changing immigration policy in this country. i'm going to have to send a message to other countries. ainsley: they need more manpower and that's why they are going to have to possibly take border patrol agents in the port of entries and put it in the dessert areas where there aren't any walls. i was reading article homeland security official said illegal immigration super highway flowing through mexico. a super highway. steve: okay. so what are we going to do you? look at those images right there. and they are heart-breaking to see those. but something has got to give. we had a great panel on about a half an hour ago. and brandon judd, president of national border patrol council had a great idea that apparently originated with steven miller who is one of the president's advisors. and that is when these people are stopped in the united states by border patrol agents, if those border patrol agents were actually trained to be asylum officers, and start the asylum process, that
4:05 am
would speed things up like nobody's business. here is brandon judd. >> we can do it with our current laws. as long as you train the border patrol agents to be asylum officers. right now it takes about two to five years to deport somebody. if you train border patrol agents to be asylum officers and give that credible fear interview initially, we can get the deportations done in 10 days. steve: he said one of the reasons steven miller likes that idea is because you don't have to go to congress and ask them to change the laws. these are things the federal government can do right now. brian: all right. meanwhile, the other major story happening around the country is healthcare. when the president was going to visit the republicans in the senate, he went over to the cameras and said we are going to be the party of healthcare. because this is texas, court case, that is going to look at the constitutionality of obamacare, and he believes that we should stop defending obamacare. it wasn't our program. we don't like it. even though repeal and replace failed, as a government, i don't want to defend it anymore. therefore, the thought was it could fail and if it goes
4:06 am
up to the supreme court, it will be deemed unconstitutional. therefore, we will have nothing. now, a lot of democrats saw this as an opening and say my goodness they are going back to repeal and replace, a disaster for them. and the president says no, i got rick scott who is going to help me out. senator barrasso is going to help me out. come up with own plan. game on. steve: in fact, senator scott friday revealed a transparent drug pricing act which would reduce the cost of prescription drugs. he also announced an amendment that would prevent people with pre-existing conditions from losing their coverage. already you have a u.s. senator who is doing his best to try to get this ball moving. ainsley: a lot of republicans, conservatives and people on obamacare say it's too expensive. and they have lost their doctors, those promises were not met. senator bernie sanders was on one of the sunday shows yesterday. and he was saying -- he has a warning if the administration or if republicans get rid of obamacare. listen to what he says will happen to americans.
4:07 am
>> if trump gets his way, the cost of health insurance for you will be so high that many people literally will not be able to afford it thousands of people will literally die. that's trump's health insurance plan. brian: what bernie sanders wants to do is get rid of obamacare, too. that's not good enough. he wants medicare for all. if you look at the stats, the democratic party is divided. half want medicare for all virtually and just about 30% want obamacare just improve it so the republicans might be wise to let the democrats eat -- beat themselves up and kind of sit back. we know this. everyone agrees kids on the planeplan until 26 very popular. -- how you do it the most interesting part of this. the democrats are flatout divided where to go. ainsley: we have private insurance. bernie sanders if his plan is passed, you will no longer get to do it. the government will take care of your insurance. the problem with that is your daughter is on obamacare and you talked about how expensive it is.
4:08 am
steve: the deduct tillable. ainsley: what's her deticket deductible. steve: between 5 and $8,000 a year. ainsley: she never reaches that she is young. steve: never does. democrats instead of talking about obamacare they are talking about medicare for all. that is very popular. a brand new reuters poll came out and said 70% of americans support that idea. they like that idea. 85% of democrats like it. and 52% of republicans do. however, republicans like florida senator rick scott says that that is not going to be the be all, end all for americans. watch. >> we do know that medicare for all, what senator sanders is all in on is going to ruin our healthcare system. >> let me clarify. >> also ruin private insurance. brian: medicare for all means medicare for none. when your private insurance goes out the window and we will all be victim -- everyone happy with the way the v.a. is working? we will have that for the entire nation. if you like the way britain
4:09 am
waits six months to have a broken arm looked at? congratulations that will be coming our way. republicans would welcome that fight. avik roy was on here earlier. he is one of the deep thinkers when it comes to healthcare. he talks about where we are going to be heading. a lot of things are broken. but what it comes down to at the end of the day is healthcare for newark is too expensive for everybody. that's why so many people are uninsured and some people struggle with their bills. federal government over 70 years that has made it so specific. have you got to tackle hospital monda monopolies which have a big problem driving healthcare costs up. have you got to cover the high cost of prescription drugs which the trump administration is doing a lot to tackle. give people more control over their own healthcare dollars so they're not actually subject to all these regulations that drive up the cost of health insurance. steve: so, ultimately, it becomes what, exactly, is the president's plan? will these republican senators come up with something? brian: no.
4:10 am
steve: remember, it was the democrats who won the house by just simply -- they didn't really have a plan. what they simply said was republicans want to take away your healthcare. and it worked for them. the pres we're going to be the party of healthcare, better be a pretty good plan. brian: mitch mcconnell said when he heard that can't wait to see the president's plan. we are not coming up with it and rick scott and tom barrasso seemed to be somewhat blind sided by it. here is where the president is smart again. he understands the number one issue for the voters for midterms is healthcare and doing nothing is a strike against him. he says go get something done, guys. it's not enough just to stay the status quo. ainsley: let us know what you think hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: we are following a number of breaking news stories. fox news alert. major delays at airports all across the nation right now. several airlines grounding planes for a system-wide outage. just moments ago the faa releasing this list of impacted carriers that
4:11 am
includes southwest, united, jetblue, alaska and delta. southwest says the outage impacts every airline using a planning weight and balance program. we will monitor the situation and bring you updates. if you have a flight though, check that status. also breaking this morning, two marine pilots are killed in a helicopter crash during a routine training mission in arizona. the pilots were flying an ah-1-z viper at the air force station near yuma. the marines are notifying families before releasing the names of those pilots. no word on what caused the crash. a well-known rapper is shot dead in broad daylight in los angeles. grammy nominated nipsy hustle was one of three people shot outside a clothing store which he reportedly owned. the shooter is still on the run. two others were rushed to the hospital. the rapper had spoken candidly of his gang affiliations in the past but had become known for working to end gang violence and apparently doing a lot in his community. the remains of a world war
4:12 am
ii veteran are finally home. the once missing american his ohero laid to rest beside hs wife in indiana. [gunshot] ainsley: private first class clifford mills went missing in germany in 1944. his remains were identified through d.n.a. earlier this year. his family was given his purple heart and other medals. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: took a long time but finally. thank you, jillian. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. steve: chicago's police union will protest the top leader today kim foxx for dropping the charges against actor jussie smollett. but former fbi assistant director mark morgan says the legal trouble is far from over and he is coming up next. ainsley: plus, the actress alyssa milano calling to boycott the state of georgia over new bill restricting abortions. ashley bracher the star of the new pro-life movie unplanned is outraged.
4:13 am
she is going to react. she is here live ♪ ♪ i snow there is no such thing as unplanned ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going
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4:17 am
>> we're going to look at our own legal options to get this case back into court and the evidence seemed overwhelming. brian: wow. this case continues. chicago police outraged over the dropped charges against jussie smollett, doubling down on calls for a federal investigation as prepare to protest the prosecutor kim foxx and that's happening today are smollett's troubles really far from over here to weigh in is mark morgan. where is he right now in terms of getting out and starting fresh? >> look, if i was a special in charge of the chicago field office, i would definitely be getting the appropriate legal team investigators together to take a look at this from a couple angles. one being obstruction of justice through wire fraud. that means any utilization of any wired compliewxes, commu, texting, cell phone in furtherance with an attempt with a scheme to impede in this case the chicago
4:18 am
ph.d.'s investigation. that could be actually at a federal level. that's very possible, brian. brian: okay. to do that possibly, and by the way kim foxx, the prosecutor, she wrote an editorial, she said she would welcome an outside review. here san excerpt. seems politically expedient right now to question my motives and actions and those of my office. let me say publicly and clearly i welcome an outside nonpolitical review of how we handle this matter. would you take her up on that? if so, how? >> if i was aac absolutely i would do that now. just the communication alone that we know that she had with somebody that was connected to the smollett family that she took that communication, that was inappropriate on its face. but she did more. in a law enforcement community she did what we call an overt act. she actually acted on that request by going to the chief and trying to get the cases transferred to the fbi. that alone is a high degree predication with public
4:19 am
corruption case. brian: the mayor said pay me $133,000 in costs or we are suing you to get that money back. if he writes the check, he shows he is guilty. and if he doesn't write the check, what happens? >> if he doesn't write the check you, it's going to trial. it may not be a criminal trial but it's still going to be a trial. that case it's going to be unsealed. all the secretary of defense going to be out there for the world to see. what people need to understand is the burp is much lesburden ofproof is much a civil trial. if it goes to trial in a civil court i think is he going to be found liable. brian: prediction? how does the story move this week. >> hopefully the fbi will take a look at and this make some action one way whether on the hoax issue but don't forget we still have the letter out there. and if he is connected, in any way with the letter, he doesn't have to send the letter. he just had to participate in the scheme to send the letter. and he is in trouble. that could take a little bit longer. but, remember, the mayor
4:20 am
gave him a deadline to pay that money, the 130,000. if he doesn't, i think we are going to see some action. brian: just going through the process. getting community service paying a fine would have been so much better off, obviously, than what we are looking at now. mark morgan, thanks so much. >> you bet. brian: meanwhile straight ahead. new pro-life movie unplanned starting off with box office review ashley bratcher is here to talk about it. the clinton's speaking tour is hitting a road block. ♪ come on ♪ take a free ride. ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ ♪ nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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♪ ♪ steve: all right. 7:23 now in new york city. time for quick fox news
4:24 am
headlines. first up, electricity will be rationed for the next month in the country of venezuela. disputed venezuelan president nicolas maduro announcing the planned power cuts to address the ongoing blackouts throughout his nation. he blames them on the united states, which is sabotaging him, he says. president trump supports opposition leader juan guaido. and the "national enquirer" is debunking previous claims that saudi arabia hacked jeff bezos private text messages. the texts reveal the relationship with lauren sanchez the enquirer's parent company is now responding to an op-ed by the daily beast saying the information came from sanchez's country and not the country of saudi arabia. that is some of the latest, ainsley. ainsley: hollywood ramping up fight for abortion. dozens of celebrities now supporting alyssa milano's call to boycott the entire
4:25 am
state of georgia if it passes the heart beat bill that limits abortion to six weeks after conception with some exceptions. milano writing a letter to the state saying, quote: we can't imagine being elected officials who had to say to their constituents i enacted a law that was so evil it takes billions of dollars out of our state's economy. this is the precipice on which you stand. well, the star of the hit pro-life movie "unplanned." that opened up this week ashley bratcher is outraged by these calls and she joins us to explain. hey, ashley, congratulations on the movie's success. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: before we get to that 6.1 million in sales ranked fifth in the box office. what was your reaction to that? >> oh, man, it has just been beyond my wildest dreams. and it has surpassed every critic's estimation. i mean, we doubled what we were expected to do this weekend. ainsley: you live in the state of georgia. what is your reaction to hollywood trying to ban your >> well, i made a personal
4:26 am
outreach to alyssa milano. and i had some things to say. i think it's pretty outrageous that she focused on the tax incentives than she did on women's rights and abortion. making money of the morality issue. to me it's always going to be about morals over money. ainsley: she talks about the heart beat bill being so evil what's your opinion about that? >> i'm sorry, say that one more time? ainsley: she said that the heart beat bill is so evil. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is that i don't know how you can believe that protecting an innocent life is rooted in evil. you know, she had more to say, like i said, about the money than she did women's reproductive rights. if that's her issue, then why isn't she speaking on that instead? ainsley: unplanned had 50,000 followers on twitter
4:27 am
disappear. a lot of fans, conservative activists were following and then all of a sudden their following disappeared. twitter was saying they weren't suspending these folks on purpose rather it was linked that your twitter account or "unplanned" the movie's account violated twitter's rules. what are your thoughts? >> i think it's outrageous. i have never experienced anything like this in my life. it's incredibly suspicious, given that we were suspended then reinstated, then relost followers. then we have people saying they can't follow. then my own account was unfollowed from the movie. i couldn't even follow my own movie. i don't know of any examples of this happening to more liberal accounts. i don't know if it's ever happened to planned parenthood. it seems to me like they would just verify the page. i don't understand it's not rocket science. ainsley: twitter, we did hear back from twitter we enforce the twitter rules for everybody impartially regardless of background and political affiliation. it might have back fired on
4:28 am
them because now you have more followers than did you in the beginning before they started disappearing. >> yeah. the response from people on twitter has been pretty incredible. as well as the response to the movie in general. the critic's scores are 5050 and the audience score is well above 90%. we got a plus cinema score. people are really, really speaking out for the movie. ainsley: for people who want to see the movie and not familiar with it tell us what it is about. >> planned parenthood is the true story of former abortion and clinic worker abby johnson. she'll worked at planned parenthood for 8 years. was one of the youngest directors in planned parenthood's history. and it was in her eighth year that she assisted on an ultrasound guided abortion and what she witnessed changed her life forever. she saw the humanity of the child in the womb for the first time and shortly after that she left planned parenthood and has become one of the most pro-life advocates of our time. ainsley: it's a tough topic but something we have to talk about.
4:29 am
thanks so much, ashley, for being with us. >> thank you so much. you. >> you are welcome. ainsley: glitch affecting airlines nationwide right now. we are live with the breaking developments coming up next. chuck todd wonders if lindsey graham should requiews himself because of any russia investigations because of his alleged ties to the anti-trump dossier. he never said anything about adam schiff and his convictions. dan bongino is fired up about it and he is on deck. it. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. neighbors... loved ones.
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steve bad news, major flight delays nationwide as the number of airlines i believe right now five have grounded flights for system wide coast-to-coast outage. brian: these are live pictures inside dallas airport where travelers are unsure they will take off. ainsley: live fours. >> we are talking about
4:33 am
thousands of travelers stuck at the airports right now as these major airlines try to get things back online as quickly as possible. so, southwest tweeting moments ago, take a look at this. we have received word that the problem has now been resolved while we always aim for smoother sailing we appreciate you hanging in there with us. here are the major airlines impacted by. this southwest, united, jetblue, alaska, and delta. the faa says the outage impacts every airline using the system called arrow data. this, of course, is just awful news for travelers as several airlines recently scrambled to rebook passengers after the grounding of their boeing 737 max planes that happened about march 14th. that is ongoing as investigators figure out what caused an ethiopian airlines jet to crash also last month killing all 157 people on board.
4:34 am
now we were expecting to get an update on the cause of that ethiopian airlines crash today, actually. but that announcement has since been postponed. so we are going to stay on top of this story and bring you the very latest as we get it. steve: thank you very much for the latest. let's now bring in dan bongino fox news contributor, former new york city cop, a secret service guy. author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald trump. mr. barntion, goo bank, good to. good to see you. we are so reliant on software and technical glitches can screw everything up. >> yeah. and as you can see, the impact is pretty dramatic. especially when it's a piece of software apparently as we heard in that last report used so widely by these various companies out there. you know, there was another story i read recently as well. they are having some issues with some older g.p.s.
4:35 am
systems as well that may impact some air travel because some of the g.p.s. was not expected to be around as long as it was. so, it definitely makes most of us think twice sometimes. brian: dan, let's go to another area of your expertise that's what's going on with this whole russia investigation. chuck todd had me scratching my head yesterday when he said lindsey graham should consider recusing himself because it was john mccain that handed the -- that said hey, lindsey, i just got it dossier, what do i do with it? lindsey said give it to the fbi because of that. listen to this line of questioning. >> given the fact that senator graham admitted he was sort of involved in the process or at least knew of the process of how the dossier got to james comey from senator mccain and he read it actually before it got to comey, does he have recuse himself from this investigation on your committee or not? >> [laughter] >> do you think lindsey graham would recuse himself from any investigation?
4:36 am
i can't imagine it. brian: do you believe this? a guy determined to get to the bottom of this and chuck todd is seemingly doing the work for democrats. >> well, chuck todd always does the work of democrats. is he a democrat activist posing as a media operative. you know, what's really puzzling about this entire case is there were so many obvious conflicts of interest. not stretches like this. well, lindsey graham you knew john mccain, you had a cigar with john mccain one time you were buddies. so of course you need to recuse yourself. that's a ridiculous request. when you look at the democrats thought rod rosenstein was their guy. rod rosenstein writes the memo that fires jim comey and signed fourth fisa to spy on the trump team and democrats never ask for a recusal from rod rosenstein. what about adam schiff, brian? he actually met in aspen with the guy, glenn simpson whose company was working for hillary clinton. brian: i know.
4:37 am
>> who produced the debunked information used to spy on trump. but there have been calls for recusal from him. this is just the absolute height of hypocrisy. chuck todd should be embarrassed by that question. that's a joke. ainsley: attorney general said he should release the report by april 15th. the headlines this morning over the weekend unreasonable. they are trying to hide the report. what's your reaction? >> they are not trying to hide the report. you know, i think they want it released before mike flynn's sentencing. i think they have got a lot to hide. here's the real question. you know, i have been working all weekend. that's probably why i look a little tired today. seriously up all night on a show today that's probably going to blow your minds. brian: your podcast? >> oh, yeah. there is something really really suspicious going on, guys. based on evidence, this isn't some nonsense stuff pulled out of the air. the real question now i think the democrats are running from. is what was bob mueller up
4:38 am
to for 675 days? guys, it's becoming increasingly clear that bob mueller knew as early as june of 2017 a month after he was appoint i believe no later than july of 2017 that this collusion thing not only was a hoax, but was a major spying scandal by the obama administration yet continued to investigate. and mike flynn is a big part of this whole thing. steve: and, in fact, the president has made it very clear he wants to go to the very origins of the mueller reported and try to figure out the fisa stuff. so republicans and this could actually be what you are talking about, are trying so hard to get all these documents that launch things released to the public. >> steve, think about, this right? in just common sense terms. if you found out in july of 2017 the entire case, bob mueller that is you are investigating is a complete total hoax based on the dossier not a scintilla or shred of evidence other than the dossier ever been produced that the collusion scandal existed, right? wouldn't you wrap it up and
4:39 am
tell the american people. >> yeah. >> that's not what happened. look what happened in july withouwithin a few days, george papadopoulos' house is raided? you are investigating a hoax. why are you arresting people. that's the question. brian: absolutely. michael flynn never got along with the obama administration. he didn't like the way they are getting intelligence to the president. and he got fired. and he basically. >> the iran deal, brian, that's the kicker. brian: he thought it was terrible. >> he thought it was awful and the obama administration couldn't stand him for it. steve: what a tease for the dan bongino podcast download it today. mr. bongino, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks guys. good to talk to you. jillian: we have been following this tragic story for a couple of days. vigil for college student murdered after getting into the wrong car thinking it was her uber. samantha josephson's dad making an emotional plea.
4:40 am
>> you guys have to travel together. i don't want anybody else to ever go through this again. i can't tell you how painful this is. jillian: surveillance video shows the 21-year-old university of south carolina student getting into the car. her body was found in a rural area. the man who owns the car something held on murder and kidnapping charges. a colorado sheriff is sticking to his guns in defense of the second amendment. steve says he will not honor the state's red flag bill allowing agencies to take guns from people declared mentally unstable. in fact, he is willing to sit in his own jail if he has to. >> they can sentence me to my own jail. final me. or just hold a contempt hearing to further this argument along and honestly, i think any of those possibilities are out there. jillian: the state senate passed the bill which now heads back to the house where another version already passed. you break it, you buy it. the georgia state house passing a new bill to
4:41 am
protect confederate monuments and memorials. if the state senate approves the measure, people who destroy pieces could be on the hook for repair and replace it protection plan comes amid a nationwide push to remove confederate statues. how about this? prince harry and meghan markle's royal baby could have to pay u.s. taxes for life. since the duchings of sussex is from the states. their upcoming child will hold dual citizenship. according to the "wall street journal" a so-called kiddy tax could kick in once they come of age. the couple is expected to welcome their baby this month. steve: not even born and already talking about taxing it. ainsley: they have the money for it. brian: i can't get enough of the royal stories. keep them coming. jillian: i will give you more. brian: fantastic. janice dean you are from royalty, right? janice: really? i will take it, yes. brian says i'm from royalty. do you believe that? [cheers] clap if you believe it look at all these amazing faces. [cheers]
4:42 am
janice: while i do the weather our cameraman ed is going to show you these faces that came to "fox & friends" on a very cold day april 1st, april fools. we are not joking when it comes to the cold air. we are not joking. heavy rain maybe some snow showers across portions of the northeast. the good news is it is going to remain mostly off shores as it gets up towards the northeast. all right, my friends, nicely done. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. 12346789 cheers] brian. [cheers] janice: great looking crowd. steve: janice dean queen for a day. thank you very much. meanwhile, a chilly new warning about your health. hackers can target your heart device. what you need to know coming up. ainsley: that's scary. brian: two major cities sparking outrage for banning chick-fil-a at their airports. they are all -- it's all about the company's religious views. next guest says chick-fil-a is not only bigoted but it's
4:43 am
illegal. put illegal in bold because we really want to emphasize ♪ i tell you what's more ♪ before i get off the floor ♪ don't bring me down snow, it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette.
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil. ♪ ainsley: there is another airport that is banning chick-fil-a. brian: yep, wake the kids. plans for if i can which i lay pulled from buffalo international airport at critics accuse them of being anti-lbgtq. after banned the chain from chain last week. ainsley: next guest says banning chick-fil-a is not only it's illegal. joins us now to explain. why is this illegal? >> well, it's a violation of the first amendment to treat any organization with hostility just because of its religion. and it's also a violation of accepting federal grants. you agree not to discriminate on basis of religion. we think san antonio has violated its promise in its treatment of if i can which
4:47 am
i lay. brian: city council voted to ban it isn't that allowed? >> no. not if it's because of chick-fil-a's religious beliefs or don't united states to other religious organizations. that's outright discrimination. and the city council is not allowed to do that which is why we ask elaine chao from the department of transportation to open up an investigation and examine these san antonio officials actions. ainsley: did you hear back from her and does chick-fil-a have a right to sue here? >> we have not heard back from her yet. and anyone who wants to see that letter can go to first and we definitely believe that chick-fil-a could sue here. brian: in other words. they do this hem handed. we can need a fast food place going to be open on sundays. not fair to the people in our airport. they didn't come up with one of those phony excuses. they came up with the real story and the real story is unconstitutional. >> that's right. the real story is outright
4:48 am
discrimination against chick-fil-a. chick-fil-a serves everyone. the only one discriminating are the san antonio officials. ainsley: chick-fil-a says this sin accurate. we do not discriminate any group. different background and beliefs representative chick-fil-a brand. what's your response? >> well, you know, i agree. i'm glad that chick-fil-a is commenting on the issue. and we hope that the department of transportation will open up an investigation and san antonio will rethink its decision here. brian: i'm curious to seat receipts because every time something like this hops in the news, it seems like people rally around a fast food place. they put their life on hold and rally for chicken. so i think it's going to happen again. >> absolutely. certainly hope. so. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. brian: keisha russell, good job, keisha. thanks. ainsley: a chilling new warning about your health. hackers can actually target your heart device. what you need to know coming
4:49 am
up next. brian: plus alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing the threat of climate change to this. >> on the events of september 11th, 2001. thousands of americans died in the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. brian: okay. that's her comparison. geraldo rivera covered the aftermath of those terror attacks. he is here to respond. ♪ i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ >> in terms of their breadth and scope and possible consequences now exceed the risk of physical attacks. cyberspace is now the most active battlefield and the attack service extends into every single american home. steve: okay. well, homeland security sounding the alarm on the threat of cyber attacks. according to a new warning,
4:53 am
that threat now includes heart devices. came out with that in the last week or. so here with what you need to know is an emergency department vice chair at winthrop hospital als also the brother of one of our producers. he joins us live. doctors warn that hackers can take over certain heart devices. what the heck is that about. >> there are defibrillators also pacemakers and separate devices also pacemakers surgically implanted in the chest wall and go into the heart with leads. electronic device used to protect people from potentially lethal cardiac arrhythmias, tacky arrhythmia fast or slow heart rates. steve: i remember dick cheney had one of these things in his chest for a number of years. now they are saying there is a possibility people can hack into them? >> they are like small computers in the chest. like any other computer they are potentially hackable.
4:54 am
sure. steve: this isn't one of those things where somebody sitting in, you know, 500 miles away can somehow on their laptop tap into your chest and do it. you have got to be -- this is the device that reads whatever is in your chest is pretty local. it's right next to you? >> it is. and they are transmitted by radio frequency which is -- you have to be in close proximity. steve: it's not wifi? >> well, there is different aspects of wifi. so, when patients have their devices, they have to get interrogated which means representative from the company or physician will look at the device and want to look -- interrogate it to see if it's functioning properly. steve: how how it's working. >> may have to make changes. sit there and work on the device right with you or the patients can actually transmit some of their data, depending on the type that they have remotely. steve: i think the problem does not affect pace makers
4:55 am
insertable cardiac monitors or other electronic devices. to date no patient harm has been observed or associated with these issues. >> right. steve: that's good. at the same time, if the department of homeland security is saying hey, just beware, what does that say to you? >> it says to me like don't do transmit data anywhere where you wouldn't normally transmit safe information. if you are in a public space and use public wifi you are not going to access your bank account or protect information. you have to look at this as a device if you have the concern that somebody might be out to get you, then don't transmit data using wifis in an airport or hotel or coffee shop or whatever. and have it done by, you know, authorized person who is, you know, designated to do that interrogation. steve: how many people would be impacted by something like that? >> there are hundreds of thousands of people who have devices. then the question is who is looking for that individual person to do harm to that person? but, if you are one of those people who may be at concern
4:56 am
for potential risk because you are a targeted person. steve: sure. >> you have to take those precautions in mind. steve: do these gizmos have passwords on them? they probably don't, do they? >> i don't know if they have passwords or not. steve: because if they did, people should change their passwords. >> they should changes their pass worked. again, if you are accessing areas, you should use in an area that has encrypted safe network. steve: got to be safe. okay dr. liemets thank you. >> thank you. steve: something else to worry about. president trump threatening to close the border over surge of migrants. geraldo is up next. what does he think about that? senator marsha blackburn and michael goodwin both here live to join us live ♪ i'm working for a living ♪ taking what they're giving ♪ because i'm working for a living. ♪
4:57 am
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brian: president trump could shut down the u.s. border with mexico as soon as today. >> these numbers are startling. for the last 10 straight days in just rio grande valley sector alone they have seen more than 10,000 illegal crossings. >> major delays at airports all across the nation. several airlines grounding planes for a systemwide outage. steve: chicago's police union will protest the prosecutor dropping charges against actor jussie smollett. >> unplanned, the controversial antiabortion film saying thousand of fans are being unfollowed on twitter. >> this is outrageous. i never experienced anything like this in my life. it is incredibly suspicious. >> no one near him. he will come out with hit. michigan state is headed to minneapolis! ♪
5:01 am
steve: welcome for a good time final hour of "fox & friends" for a very business april 1st. it is april fool's day. ainsley: exactly right. play a lot of jokes on your friend and family. brian: no joke what is happening with our airlines right now. steve: that's right. we have a fox news alert at 8:01 eastern time. major flight delays eastern time as five airlines have grounded flights for a systemwide outage. brian: thousands of travelers are unsure when or if they will take off. ainsley: this affects a lot of people. >> thousands of people. not the way you want to start off of the work week. listen to this number, 6643 flight delays so far at this hour. looks like things are getting back online. southwest tweeting this moments ago. we received word the problem has
5:02 am
now been resolved. while we always aim for smoother sailing we appreciate you hanging in there with us. now here are the other airlines we're talking about. united, jetblue, alaska and delta. the faa says the out age impacted every airline using the system called aero data. this is type of software system. this is terrible news for the airline industry right now still reeling from the grounding of their boeing 737 max planes that happened on march 14th. that is on going as investigators are trying to figure out what caused an ethiopian airlines jet to crash last month as welk, killing all 157 people on board. now we were expecting to get an update on the cause of that crash, the ethiopian crash, but that announcement has now been postponed. but again, today's system out age not likely building confidence for lawmakers who are
5:03 am
currently trying to figure out just how safe our air travel really is. steve: great point. thank you very much. while you were speaking delta came out with a tweet, a brief third party technology issue has been resolved. no cancellations are expected due to the issue. our team is working to resolve delays. they again apologize for the inconvenience. >> we thought the major story would be border security. still remains in terms of a crisis. guatemala, honduras, el salvador have their people streaming, mostly honduras, through our border, overwhelmingly our systems. jeh johnson over the weekend, former homeland security under barack obama no doubt about it, this is a crisis. the question will democrats acknowledge it's a crisis and help change laws to change things right away. ainsley: the president is talking about shutting down the border between the united states and mexico, cutting funding for three countries, guatemala, el salvador, honduras. bring in geraldo rivera,
5:04 am
fox news correspondent at large. good morning to you. >> hi, ainsley. >> president tweeted out this. the democrats are allowing a ridiculous asylum system and major loopholes to a maintain of our immigration system. mexico is likewise doing nothing. a very bad combination for our country. homeland security is being so very nice but not for long. what do you think about that, cutting funding for those countries? >> first of all i'm just back from the worst-timed vacation in broadcast history. i wish i was here last week to gloat with you all about the collusion illusion. there is emergency at the border. i think the democrat was adopt that word if the president had not adopted it first. the people under the underpass taken by federal authorities to a more humane holding area. there is no doubt, jeh johnson is right. there is a crisis at the border. the question, what do you do
5:05 am
about it. it is easy to be compassionate and easy to be outraged at these scenes but the question is, what is the solution? the president now has said, he will take the draconian step of closing the border, the entire border, including the ports of entry. that would be enormously disruptive on both sides of the border. businesses will suffer, millions and millions of dollars in lost revenue. i think it will be even more chaos than we have now, in terms of cutting off all aid to affected countries in central america, you know i've said on the program before that i think the key to the border lies in the home countries of these desperate people, desperately poor people. we have to improve conditions in their country so they don't make the dangerous trek and flood over our borders, disrupting everything and upsetting everyone. brian: here in jeh johnson over the weekend saying something a lot of democrats will have a
5:06 am
tough time running away from. listen. >> by anyone's definition, by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. according to the commissioner of cpb, there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone this past week. we're on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this mon. that is by far greater number than anything i saw on my watch in my three years at secretary of homeland security. >> he is absolutely right. it is desperate and getting worse. for some reason the population of central america is emptying out. people are rushing through the nation of mexico. there in lies the president's prime frustration. why isn't americas codoing anything to stop people transiting across mexico. one thing to say, come on, here is a bus to get you to the u.s. border. there must be some responsibility in the new government of the government of
5:07 am
the mexico they have to stop this trespassing on their own national territory. there needs to be a summit between the president of the united states and president of the republic of mexico and affected central american nations you have cited, guatemala, el salvador, honduras. they have to get them in the same ran, say listen, you have a responsibility to your own citizens. this is not the answer to your problems. you can't send all of your problems to us. mexico must do something to stop this transiting. i understand his frustration. i just urge prudence when it comes to the harshest blows, closing the border will affect so many innocent people, so many legal people i don't think it is worth it. >> i think you're trite. he is talking tough to get them to the table. that would be great. we'll see what happens there. meanwhile, geraldo, on friday, alexandria ocasio-cortez was talking about the threat of climate change and she made a comparison to the worst terror
5:08 am
attack in the united states. we'll play that, get your analysis. watch this. >> okay. >> on the events of september 11th, 2001, thousands of americans died in one of -- the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. and our nothing sponges whether we agree with it or not, our national response was to go to war in one, eventually two countries. 3,000 americans died in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. where is our response? steve: what is your response, geraldo, because you have a connection to puerto rico and 9/11 as well. >> my father was one of 17 children. i have a huge family still in puerto rico. i know you know, for you covered hurricane maria over the extent of that horrible tragedy. it was awful. you know, the island has largely recovered. i urge tourists to go there, to frequent puerto rico. they need the business. i think that, let me speak specifically about the
5:09 am
congresswoman. i'm filled with admiration and respect for her. i love her exuberance. i love her youthful exuberance, that she talks truth to power. i covered 9/11. 9/11 changed all of our lives for the worst. sent me off to war. we lost so many thousands of our gis, so many 10 of hundreds of thousands were affected in negative way. people with diseases from 9/11. you cannot compare an act of nature, however exexuberant your rhetoric to an intesting mass murder of the american people. maybe compare it to pearl harbor, that is what it is like. to put hurricane maria, a fiasco, not so much of the federal aid but of the corrupt, criminally corrupt local utilities that allowed power polls to rot, did not clear the trees. 70% of the power was out before
5:10 am
hurricane maria hit, because of hurricane irma that hit the month before. we love her that she is my homegirl from the bronx. three of my grandchildren live in her district. i cannot say enough how fresh the breeze she has brought but in this case her exuberance has gone a step too far. it is insulting to the victims of this terrible mass murder that happened downtown manhattan and in washington and the field in pennsylvania and for shame. let's control the rhetoric. you have much more effective when your facts match your eloquence. ainsley: geraldo rivera, thanks for joining us. >> okay. thank you. steve: all right. 8:10 in new york city, jillian joins us with another fox news alert. reporter: two marine pilots killed during a helicopter crash during a rue taken training mission in arizona. they were flying a ah-1 viper
5:11 am
during a mission near yuma. they are notifying the families before releasing the names of those pilots. no word what cautioned the crash. breaking right now, lieutenant governor justin fairfax accusers are speaking out. one of them said fairfax made unwanted sexual advances in a hotel room in the 2004 democratic convention. >> i didn't know what to say. i was, i was completely caught off-guard. almost as if i was dumbstruck. jillian: she says she tried pulling away but she couldn't. fairfax responded in quote i feel so strongly regarding my innocence that i submitted myself to polygraph tests for each of the accusations against me. he says he passed those lie-detector tests. there have been numerous calls for him to resign. senator susan collins urging the attorney general
5:12 am
obamacare. the maine republican sending a letter if the trump administration wants to make changes to the affordable care act they should consult congress. the justice department will ask the federal court to throw the affordable care act out entirely. she wants protections for those with preexisting conditions. a chance to see the clinton's for cheap. tickets are selling 57% discount on groupon. president bill and hillary clinton began their 13 city tour in november, with tickets going for $700. by december, tickets were selling on secondhand cites for seven bucks. back to you. brian: food value. ainsley: thank you, jillian. this picture of joe biden with former defense secretary ash carter's wife is making the rounds again. what is really going on here? this morning she is setting the record straight. steve: u.s. senator marsha
5:13 am
blackburn voted against blocking the president's emergency declaration. what does she say about the president's threat to close our southern border? we'll ask her next. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. president trump threatening to shut the southern border as soon as today. steve: the president just two minutes ago tweeted this, democrats working with republicans in congress can fix the asylum and other loopholes quickly. we have a major national emergency at our southern border. get 'r done now. brian: is the right move we need to get action on the border shutting down the border? here to weigh in, gop senator marsha blackburn. senator, this will hurt people on both sides, president wants to send a message, both sides of the border, americans and mexicans. >> until we close the southern border, a every town is a border town, every state is a border state, drugs, human sex trafficking, gangs, all there on the southern border. so the president is right about this. mexico needs to secure their southern border to end entry into mexico and, then we do need to do some things there, getting, border patrol, what they need to do their job.
5:18 am
steve: sure. the president to his point in the tweet accurately says, look, the problem essentially is the laws. >> that's right. steve: the reason the laws are messed up because of the way people in congress wrote them. if the democrats came together with the republicans, they would give him a win. so that the is last thing they want to do. >> which is so unfortunate because this is a national security emergency. this is a national emergency. brian: who can you team with on the democratic side? who could you walk over to say can you address this like adults? >> brian, i will tell you, every democrat should come forward to work with us, because this is in our interest to secure it, to get, stop the drugs coming into our country, to stop the sex trafficking, to stop these gangs. this is something that needs to be done because they continue to come across the border until we get that barrier, they're going to put their foot on u.s. soil, say asylum. and our border patrol is
5:19 am
overrun. now i met with the u.s. cis director on friday and one of the things that he told me is, how difficult it is, they do not have the resources they need, whether it is the dhs or i.c.e. or u.s. cis, they don't have the resources they need. the border patrol reassigned 750 agents in february, took them away from the border, moved them to dealing with the migrants. so what happens then? all of the cartels, which are big business, they know where the border agents are going. so they go five mails down the border. they're running drugs in. ainsley: frustrating as citizens , to watch what is happening f we go out of the country, we have to come back in, show a passport. these are allowed to walk in. president said we won't pay for these three countries, we vent won't pay anymore because they haven't done anything for us. do you agree we should cut off
5:20 am
funding? >> i agree with that. this is a national emergency, the border needs to be secured. mexico needs to work with us. we neared to hear with gaut maul lakes i hear guatemala wants to work with us, but nicaragua and el salvador give us a stiff arm, is that correct? >> we need have all of them on the table to work with us. this has to stop. i asked how the morale was with our border patrol. it is very low right now. you can imagine going out every day to do your job. you do not have the resources to do your job. you can't get a border, additional agents or technology. it makes it tough. steve: we're hitting critical mass. something has to give. senator, thank you. >> good to be here. steve: 8:20 in new york city. some liberal mayors in new york city want police to stop charging people with petty crimes for jump be turnstiles.
5:21 am
one of those people was wanted for murder. a mayor says that is setting a dangerous precedent. . it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
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♪ ainsley: get this. there is only one blockbuster video store still standing in the world. it is in bend, oregon. we find kristina partsinevelos from our sister network in fox business. i understand a lot of tourists are globing there. reporter: not right now. because it is very early. we were here yet evening t was packed with people going into the store. this is officially the last one in the world. there was one in perth, australia, they called this store yesterday to wish them luck. now officially the last one. it has been around since 1985. very, very familiar place. they have the popcorn ceilings
5:25 am
in there. new dvds in there as well. everything seems the same. even smells the same. at its boom, blockbuster had 9,000 locations around 12 countries with annual revenue of almost $6 billion. so, you're seeing people come in here, not just tourists but locals alike. listen in. >> we live, like three blocks from here. we come here at least weekly. right now we're going through all the marvel movies for the kids until the next one comes out. we're here at least once a week, totally thrilled to have it. reporter: that is just one example after local. we spoke to a lot of people, including the manager sandy. she told me the reason why the store is still profitable, you have the locals don't necessarily want to just have to continuously browse on netflix. they want to come to this location where you can get brand new releases. she goes every single tuesday to get them at a local store and she gets them shipped here.
5:26 am
then you've got tourism in bend, oregon. it is constantly growing a lot of people travel long distances to travel this location, given the last blockbuster in the world. i admit, i felt nostalgic. i worked at blockbuster for a year. everything, down to the computers is exactly the same. we'll be here all day in bend, oregon. ainsley: we love the story. it takes us all back. we have memories of blockbuster. thank you very much, kristina. head over to brian. brian: 26 minutes after the hour. mayors in liberal cities telling cops to stop busting people for petty crimes like weed possession or turnstile jumping. in new york city, one of the turnstile numbers was a murder. they had been looking for him ever since. are the cities running cities into the ground by not tracking down on crime, or letting go on the little stuff do they focus on big stuff? we have former nypd officer,
5:27 am
darren pour cher. stop the squeegee guys, stop every little crime, you stop the big crimes. where do you stand on this? >> i absolute hi agree with it. i was a cop back in the '90s back in new york city. one of the things rudy giuliani and police commissioner bratton tout was the broken window theory. this was introduced back in 1982py kelly and wilson. was criminology theory that focused on lower level offenses. when you lock people up for lower level offenses they're not as apt to commit larger offenses much we're seeing receding from mayors like bill de blasio and what happened to san francisco. that is horrific. taking quality of life back where it was in the 70s, 80s. we need to move forward. setting a definitely dangerous precedent. brian: you noticed the big difference in the city right now, what we see on daily basis.
5:28 am
in san francisco, they decriminalized shoplifting for under $950. you're willing to take something if under 1000 bucks you will be okay. seattle's mayor asked courts to vacate all misdemeanor marijuana possessions and convictions before the state, before the state passed that law in 2012. so, these little things, they say help them focus on the big things. what about that concept? you take your, your resources, push it towards bigger issues? >> we're setting a bad precedent here in new york. as you look at the recent budget proposed to pass, one of the things they're focusing on is the elimination of bail for low level offenses like such as misdemeanors. this is who are risk. we're setting a bad example for our youth moving forward. one of the things that i always look back at, when we look at the progress of reduction in crime, what we've accomplished here in new york city it really should have set a benchmark.
5:29 am
it did set a benchmark in terms of stats. but unfortunately we're seeing regression for places like seattle. here in los angeles i see the same thing happening here. chicago, the same holding true in chicago and also san francisco. so we need to tout our successes on what, what we've done historically and see, we can see the success as something moving us forward to a better quality of life. unfortunately these liberal mayors are just not getting it, brian. brian: also experienced men and women walk the beat on daily basis. they know it is wrong, forced to look the other way. dr. darrin pour cher. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: lack of law and order, do you have a problem with that? let us know. breaking right now, thousands of travelers stuck at airports thanks to a major tech glitch. an update next. forget the big mack mcdonald's unveiled the mac pickle, is this good news or bad news for cue --
5:30 am
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5:34 am
folks, aero data, what happened to them, why it is important? >> good morning, steve. thank you for having me. this is really about airline systems operations which is the real time data information knowledge understanding of wisdom we need to get the airplane door shut and also get manueverrability data finally, finalized in a one system load before the pilot can start taking off. and really, what we've had is sort of a software patch like you described before with boeing airline systems as well. it is down today. this software data is very important for determining the load factor which is really the lift to weight ratio and engine thrust factor which is the engine thrust to weight ratio as well to get everything finalized before they take off.
5:35 am
ainsley: they say now the problem has been resolved but people are still to be delayed for the rest of the day and how long does something like this carry into? will it cause delays tomorrow too? >> typically takes about 24 hours before they get all of the data lined back up. this really is the digital age of flying. so we can expect many times these things can happen. but the great thing about the nation's airlines they usually can turn this around in 24 hours but very inconvenient for flyers. that is really what you're seeing delays taking place in airports. airports operations cannot stand when this happens. this all resides to the bottom line of revenue. steve: costs them money. oliver, thank you for joining us. whenever stuff like this happens we turn to explain what happened. you did just that. ainsley: call the airline. brian: when we need to turn to news we turn to jillian. jillian: i won't make you wait.
5:36 am
no delays, you get this right now. brian: just a few glitches. jillian: sometimes. this story we're following number of days. emotional vigil for the college student murdered after getting into a wrong car thinking it was her uber- is a than this josephson's dad making emotional plea. you have to travel together. i don't want anybody else to ever go through this again. i can't tell you how painful this is. jillian: surveillance video shows the 21-year-old university of south carolina student getting into the car. her body was found in a rural area. the man who owns the car is held on murder and kidnapping charges the. wife of former defense secretary ash carter calls this 2015 photo of her and former vice president joe biden. stephanie carter writing quote, the joe biden in a picture is a close friend helping someone get through a big day which i will be always greatful.
5:37 am
a former assembly woman accuses biden kissing the back her head during a 2015 rally. biden said never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so i will listen respectfully. national woman es hall of fame could lose funding after inducting jane fonda. town leaders in new york are citing her controversial views on the vietnam war. she acknowledged making a mistake posings on an anti-aircraft gun in 1972. the town council votes tomorrow. it is april fool's day, there is no shortage of pranks floating around internet. google adding a feature, videogame, snake. mcdonald's in australia unveiled the pickle burger saying it was available until yesterday. the master of the skies is grounded indefinitely. have to love the internet.
5:38 am
steve: cruise line with a flying ship. april fool's all day, folks. >> janice has weather for us. hey, janice. janice: no april fool's here. look at the amazing crowd we have here. my gosh, fantastic. thanks for coming. what was the question you had for me earlier? >> i want to make sure my hair looked food. janice: what is your name. >> gerald. janice: where are you from? >> georgia, thomasville. janice: you know this gentleman. is his hair always perfect? >> always. janice: where are you from? >> south carolina. janice: you know all the girls here? >> mom, daughter. janice: look at the map across the nation. yes it is cold out here. spring is in the air. it is beautiful. mostly sunny. 26 in chicago. cold across much of the country i will tell you. a coastal storm is developing bringing showers and thunderstorms across the
5:39 am
sunshine state, florida, and parts of the southeast. this will move up the coast bringing heavy rain along the coast of the carolinas, along the mid-atlantic. the worst of it will stay offshore. we're watching potential for more heavy rainfall across the west and central u.s. where we have flooding concerns that is the story we'll be following of course. any other birthdays or celebrations right here? what is your name? >> jessica. janice: where are you from? >> louis. janice: say happy birthday to jessica. stick around. skip bedell is coming up. you will stick around with me? good job. back inside. steve, answererly, brian! ainsley: we'll go outside. brian: we'll clean up fox scare. steve: about time. media not happy with president trump celebrating after the mueller report found no collusion. >> president trump continued post-mull remember report victory lap. >> taking a victorinotry lap. >> taking a victory lap.
5:40 am
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5:44 am
information since congress rolled back privacy protections in 2017. steve? steve: thanks, jillian. the mueller report found no evidence of collusion between the president and russia. the media not too happy about the president's reaction. >> jim, the president is putting his spin on mueller's findings. >> he certainly is, wolf. president trump continued his post-mueller report victory lap. >> exuberant trump took a victory lap over barr's summary. >> he did something of a victory lap on the russia probe. >> president and his allies are taking a victory lap and they're feeling good. steve: but our next guest writing a new op-ed in the "new york post," quote, after providing, proving his innocence, trump shouldn't have to be humble. here to explain, "new york post" columnist, fox news contributors michael goodwin. >> good morning. steve: you should say not be contrite or humble, nor should he be? >> there was a column on-line i read from a left-wing opinion writer who basically said, i'm
5:45 am
not a fan of trump but here is what he should do. should take my advice, give an oval office address, that is humble and contrite and authentic in tone to try to heal the nation, and ask the american people for a second chance to be their president. i said, hell will freeze over first. first of all, the president may give an oval office address but it will not be humble, it will not be contrite, nor should it be because he was proved correct. he was proved innocent by this report. and he was outrageously framed by members of the obama administration, the fbi, and the justice department, so why should he be contrite? i think we need to do is get to the bottom of how all this happened. steve: if that is true. if you are right and he was outrageously framed by his political enemies including people in the obama administration, if that's true, that he's the political scanned of america's history.
5:46 am
>> right. i think the mull per report is an important end because try to test the alternative. suppose mueller had found collusion with russia during the campaign and trump obstructed justice. imagine the world we would be living in now. adam schiff would be on television saying i told you so, i told you so, right? >> steve: would have been right. >> and hillary clinton would say, see i should have been president, he stole it from me. you would, impeachment would be unstoppable. even republicans i think would have to get on board. and, the president would be facing not only being removed from office but perhaps criminal trials after this. who knows what would have been his fate. so i say, poof, back to reality. here he is, the mueller report cleared him. so why isn't there this recognition now, he is totally, legitimate. that there is no further question about that? steve: that is just not the case. you say, so now it is on to 2020 with trump stronger and holding
5:47 am
more political capital. so how does he use it? >> i think there will be temptation in the white house to go on a spending spree, to do a lot of different things. i think for president trump not only his legacy but for the country the one thing he should do above all others is secure the border. now he has got the emergency declaration, assuming the courts don't stop him. he has got money and he has some time now to do this. i hope once and for all, there is estimate, steve, 1.5 million illegal crossers this year alone. i mean, a few years ago, saying 10 million illegal immigrants in the country. soon there will be 20 or 30, if this keeps going. where does it end? how do we deal with this in the future? there are new generations of dreamers coming in? what about all issues associated with illegal crossers, not just crime, but just the cost of education, and health care and the, there is dual society in america of legal and illegal?
5:48 am
that is untenable. steve: something has got to give. a great op-ed, read it on "new york post".com. michael, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: meanwhile are you ready to start your spring cleaning? skip bedell has the gear you need to get your house looking good. it is coming up next. it involves that gizmo. let's check in with bill hemmer who has somebody else clean up his house. >> no fooling. how are you, steve? good morning to you. the border crisis is real. the trump administration is trying to do, just like your guest right there said a moment ago, steve. joe biden responding to accusations against him. how that is being received by all the candidates across the spectrum. mueller report a week or two from delivery. we're looking at subpoenas coming down in 48 hours. apparently not good enough for democrats. competing rallies for jussie smollett, join us for a three-hour tour, top of the hour, brand new week starts in
5:49 am
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>> time to do some spring cleaning. head over to fox nation. we have more "after the show
6:00 am
show". >> head over to the radio. i'll be on the radio at fox nation. >> bill: good morning. everybody. competing -- days after prosecutors dropped the charges against him chicago's police union planning a big protest outside the state's attorney office because of the controversy. on the other side the reverend jesse jackson will show support for the cook county office at 11:00 a.m. more on all that in the windy city. first president trump threatening bold new action in the fight over border security saying he is considering shutting down the u.s. border with mexico as well as cutting off aid to central american countries as we say good morning on monday. we've made it to april. no fooling, i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. sandra has the day off.


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