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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> time to do some spring thetically to refuse to issue anything there would be no cleaning. legal basis for a court to welcome or unwelcome. head over to fox nation. is it between friends or not compel him to do that. we have more "after the show between friends? the shoe on the other foot there are so many photos of him i just think in the modern hypothetical. let's go back to comey show". >> head over to the radio. democratic party he is going to announcing he wasn't going to have a hard time. i'll be on the radio at fox indict hillary clinton because there was insufficient proof of they are asking questions now nation. crime and let's assume that the also tethered to this about did >> bill: good morning. republicans said there was a he treat anita hill the way she report within the justice department that says she is should have been treated? extremely careless in the way everybody. competing -- days after she handled it and there was an this is -- >> bill: last point on this. prosecutors dropped the charges effort by republicans to still fresh and new i believe against him chicago's police subpoena that report. union planning a big protest first of all. the accusation itself. i think a lot of people just every democrat would be up in really learned about it over outside the state's attorney arms saying you don't subpoena the weekend clearly and lucy office because of the reports about people who have controversy. on the other side the reverend flores went on cnn and msnbc as not been indicted. that's not the way the justice jesse jackson will show support department works. second, the court would say well. do you think in 2019 this is a for the cook county office at it's within the executive 11:00 a.m. more on all that in rhetorical kill shot or is it prerogative. how is this different? too early to say that for the windy city. this is a special counsel. somebody like biden? first president trump the special counsel under the threatening bold new action in rules has an obligation to file >> we'll see. it is new in the sense the the fight over border security a report with the attornthe rul woman came forward and made a saying he is considering statement. shutting down the u.s. border it is not new in the sense with mexico as well as cutting that require the attorney there have always been these general to make the report off aid to central american kind of rumors about creepy joe countries as we say good morning on monday. public, particularly if it biden and you can find a lot of we've made it to april. contains information critical of people who are not indicted. pictures of him hugging women no fooling, i'm bill hemmer so this is a political issue. live in new york city. or touching them in ways that, sandra has the day off. this is a media issue.
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this is not a legal issue. you know, may have been welcome back. >> bill: let me come back to appropriate if they were fine >> julie: happy april. with it, may not be. bring in spring. that point. it is not new. i'm julie banderas. whether april 2 or april 12, it builds on an image that has been there before. the trump administration making one thing clear to the american does 10 days matter that much to someone like you? i don't think he answered the people. the president is serious about >> it matters a lot because we question when it was put to him the threats. need to have the attorney take him at his word. very well. general redact it to make sure he is going to have to come up a point repeatedly made on the sunday shows. there is no national security -- either have to say what she says is not true or he is going >> it certainly isn't a bluff. classified material, no grand you can take the president jury minutes and i would submit to have to apologize and he seriously. he is looking at the metrics. nothing that is critical of people who have not been apologized for a bunch of things. secretary nielsen saying we're indicted and haven't had an >> bill: you think the statement he put out over the opportunity to respond. in a meltdown at the breaking weekend was insufficient? remember this report is >> i don't think it is going to point. >> when the president said he inherently one sided. they didn't listen to testimony will close the border that is satisfy people like the woman from people who were favorable who made the charge, right? to the subjects. an unrealistic boast on his and then we'll see if there are part. >> the democrats won't give us they didn't have cross other women. all i know is if you're the examination. and so that's why the justice additional money. the president will do everything he can if closing frontrunner in the polls for the ports of entry mean that, department generally doesn't go beyond saying no indictment. the democratic presidential that's exactly what he intends nomination and you are about to to do. >> the president is calling a that's why the world -- make your announcement that you crisis at the border democrats and republicans alike threatening to shut down are running, they don't want portions of it this week. condemned comey said i'm not people asking these kind of he has given the order to cut going to indict hillary clinton off aid. but she engaged in conduct that questions on tv. it's a distraction, right? >> we'll do everything we can was extremely careless. to stop it. everybody said that was wrong. >> nice to see you, bill mcgurn. it's absurd. >> the president feels like the why is this different? thank you. what's next? only way to control the problem >> bill: on this political >> julie: another alert now in is move to people from the port question here, it seems the
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democrats on the committee are chicago. jesse jackson is leading a of entry to the ungoverned spaces where we need a wall rally supporting the preparing their rebuttal prosecutor's decision to drop depending on the redactions no matter how many there are to charges against actor jussie ill' support him. smollett. in less than an hour the >> bill: that's the back drop. allege there was a cover-up on behalf of bill barr and the chicago police union will be what are the politics behind department of justice. you can read between the lines holding their own protest and the threat to close the border? on a lot of commentary on that critical of how this case was >> the white house feels like it's a problem that is being already. friday afternoon, bill barr's handled. matt finn is near the united facilitated by a few countries letter to jerry nadler talking south of our border and what it methodist church where jesse is does is underscores the about working with the special enormity of that problem and counsel office trying to keep the president is calling this holding his event. sources and methods private. an invasion. let me take you to twitter once >> that rally will kick off any again talking about it this our progress is that i will report by mid april if not sooner. morning. he said this. then he writes there are no minute inside the methodist plans to submit the report to democrats working with republicans in congress can fix the white house for a privilege church. jesse jackson is inside. the asylum and other loopholes he said the attacks on kim foxx review. quickly. does that surprise you or is we have a major national are politically motivated and emergency at our border. calls her a progressive all caps now, get it done now. that expected? prosecutor who did the legal >> no, it does surprise me. and right thing. a quick service inside the the numbers frankly are generally there is review. church and demonstrators and remember, you can't take back supporters will walk outside to the center of the loop. staggering. customs and border patrol privileged information once its the exact location where the made public. what barr might do is release chicago police union into to saying asylum speakers are it to select members of protest kim foxx. her office is right here. congress sworn under oath not skipping the normal immigration to release it to the public. the union has 15,000 members. process ahead of tens of thousands waiting and going release it at the same time to they'll protest foxx for the through the proper process. the white house. let the white house make way she handled the smollett white house officials and case and a history of being
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republicans on capitol hill over the weekend said the application for executive privilege. then let a decision be made anti-police. president has little choice but kim foxx has been heavily criticized for dropping the to act decisively. about whether executive charges against jussie smollett. privilege applies. this rush to release is the president has called for a >> he is looking at 4,000 understandable. the american public are curious federal review. and want to see the report but migrants apprehended in one day. the law has to be complied with we're on track this month close now justice sheila o'brien, and the law generally protects to 100,000. we've never seen a surge like will personally petition the subjects of investigations who courts to assign the special this. >> what are we supposed to do? haven't been indicted. prosecutor to investigate this the mexican government allowing it protects them by law when it is grand jury material. case. kim foxx is responding to all thousands of people to walk all across mexico. it is a crime to release grand this criticism and changing her we have had 100,000 people jury material without the explanation. last week she said she could cross the border illegally in approval of the courts and even have got a conviction against a crime to release it to smo*elt. march alone. now she wrote in a "chicago we're on track to over a congress without the approval million this year if it keeps of the courts. the law has to be complied with. tribune" op-ed she isn't so up. mexico could help more. sure and wrote since it seems they should help more. the shoe on the other foot test has to be applied. everyone must think about it as >> el salvador, guatemala among if this were a democrat who was the countries that will now not poiltically expedient to being investigated and the question my moitive and action. republicans were seeking to get be receiving the aid the i welcome a review of how we the material. and what would each side be president has earmarked for saying and what would the handled this union. those particular countries. courts be saying? the police union fired back there is frustration at the that's the test that has to be saying a grand jury received a white house especially as it is applied. we're not going to have 16-count indictment. related to democrats. hypocrisy. it is mrs. foxx's duty to keep in mind republicans did >> bill: when the mueller prosecute the crime. she refused to do so. very little heavy lifting on report goes up to congress and not the first time we have this issue when they had we see it is the legal question control of both houses of over and just the political congress. >> bill: what are democrats alleged misconduct against mix question that exists after that
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saying about the latest policy point? >> i think it's just the announcement there? miss foxx. >> they're frustrated because political question unless there she recently vacated a they know the president is is information in the report going to get money to develop a that results in impeachable or conviction of the spanish cobra wall. brand recently also. he is going to get the money by criminal conduct. i think otherwise it is taking money from different completely political and media >> american isis bride is pots. and that's what has been begging to come home. and that's frustrating for pushing this. democrats on capitol hill >> bill: alan dershowitz live her first interview she shares because while they know he will her side of the story with fox in florida today. we'll speak again. get money for the wall, it thanks for your time. news and the legal battle she there is julie. has in front of her. doesn't change at least >> julie: a colorado sheriff we'll talk to the mother of says he is willing to go to fundamentally the immediate future of millions. jail rather than enforce a that are still making the dangerous trek to get here. proposed new gun bill. what state lawmakers are pushing for and why he is so >> when the president says he will close the border that's a opposed. totally unrealistic boast on >> it has so many james foley. >> julie: the president betting his part. on the courts to come through what we need to do is focus on what's happening in central constitutional questions. i can't in good faith go on his campaign promise about america where three countries forward and carry out a law obamacare. are disemotion bling for our several republican lawmakers eyes and people are coming to may not be on board. the united states. the president is cutting off that i believe puts aid to these countries won't >> president obama last fall constituents constitutional said he likes medicare for all. solve that problem. >> there is another issue to rights at risk. if the democrats actually liked obamacare they would all be consider here, bill. mexico would be severely running on obamacare. garden you, impacted potentially if the border were shut down. weeds are lowdown little scoundrels. garden you, as you look inside the numbers draw the line with roundup. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield from the census bureau. they're the third largest to target weeds precisely
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>> julie: peter doocy is live in washington, d.c. with more. has joe biden apologized? >> no, but he is trying to explain, julie, that physical contact is just part of his style with a written statement that says in part in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort and never - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, ♪ did i feel i acted i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so yep, this too, i'll listen respectfully but it is not my intention. and this, please. he is getting backup from even long hair and pet hair are no problem, another woman who said she but the one thing i won't have to clean is this appreciated the time he reached out and touched her, the wife because the shark's self-cleaning brush roll of ash carter who writes her removes the hair wrap while i clean. story is different than lucy ♪ - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. flores. she said i support her right to speak her truth. she should be believed. her story is not mine. the joe biden in my picture is a close friend helping someone
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get through a big day for which i will always be grateful. and so far we have not seen or heard from joe biden about this but remember, he is not officially technically a candidate for president yet. julie. >> julie: how are other candidates digesting these allegations against biden? >> based on what they know and what they have heard from lucy you don't see psoriasis. flores they are taking her side. you see clear skin. mno kidding.rd. you see me. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. but if you saw me before cosentyx... easy?! easy? ♪ >> i read the op-ed last night. easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute i believe lucy flores. with a few simple steps. i was covered. it was awful. and joe biden needs to give an really? really. but i didn't give up. that was easy. yup. answer. >> should he not run as a plus, with two-hour appointment windows, i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. result? it's all on your schedule. awesome. >> that's for joe biden to 3 years and counting. now all you have to do is move...that thing. decide. that's their decision about clear skin can last. whether or not to run and it see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. cosentyx is proven will be up to democratic voters it's just another way we're working to make your life to help people with moderate whether or not to support him. to severe plaque psoriasis >> i have no reason not to simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. find clear skin that can last. believe lucy. i think what this speaks to is don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, the need to fundamentally you should be checked for tuberculosis. change the culture of this >> bill: this morning a murder an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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suspect is behind bars. country. south carolina police saying >> many of the democratic tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. presidential hopefuls will be that the suspect killed a or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. here in washington, d.c. for college student who mistakenly if you have inflammatory bowel disease, the we the people summit throughout the course of today. confused his car for the uber tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. we expect to get a lot more she had called. chilling new images capture the serious allergic reactions may occur. reaction to biden today. julie. scene moments before she got see me now. i'm still clear. >> julie: we look forward to it. into the car early friday >> bill: got a lot to go how sexy are these elbows? morning. the victim samantha josephson get clear skin that can last. was found dead just 14 hours through now. byron york joins me now. later. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. good morning to you. on the biden matter, how do you see this developing? >> we believe -- we don't have >> well, he will have to a statement or any evidence address it in some way. >> julie: breaking news this that suggests other than our morning. so far the vice president -- observations on the video. the house judiciary commit see former vice president has said we believe she simply planning to vote to authorize he never had any intention to mistakenly got into this particular car thinking it was subpoenas to obtain the full make anyone uncomfortable, any an uber ride. mueller report in addition to of that. that's perfectly fine for a >> vigil for samantha was held information from five former non-candidate. trump white house staffers. if he is going to enter the let's bring in fox news senior race he will have to address last night in columbia, south carolina. this. he will actually take questions the suspect faces kidnapping judicial analyst judge andrew about this because as you saw, and murder charges. napolitano. his fellow candidates are not amazing how much we've talked going to cut him any slack. >> julie: a colorado sheriff about it. says he will refuse to endorse nobody has read this thing and they'll say they believe lucy people are up in arms. flores it is up to the former a so-called red flag bill up we need to see it and know there was no collusion, we know vice president to explain for debate in the state's himself. that much. so that's got to be the next this thing is almost 400 pages step. legislature. the proposed measure would let >> bill: here is the polling on long. the subpoena, do you believe it a judge confiscate a firearm should be released without this. this weekend story now, from anyone deemed a potential redaction? >> there is probably some danger to themselves or others.
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byron. evidence in the barr report, joe biden was at 70% and bernie we're live in denver this some evidence of conspiracy and sanders was just below him at morning. the sheriff is willing to go to some evidence of obstruction jail over this. just not enough to meet the >> that's right, julie. 60%. he is a clear frontrunner. standard of guilt beyond a weld county sheriff says if the >> absolutely. but he is not in the race yet. reasonable doubt. prosecutors aren't allowed to i think everybody would say extreme risk protection order bring cases that they don't bill becomes law in the state think they can prove and meet that joe biden, once he gets of colorado he will not enforce that standard. if there were no evidence of into the race, will probably begin to go down in those polls. it because he says it could be conspiracy and no evidence of a violation of the constitution. it is what always happens. here is the sheriff. obstruction, the attorney general would have told us in people look at the person who is not undergoing the scrutiny his letter. what does the house judiciary of a political campaign and say >> they could sentence me to my committee want? he looks great and when he is own jail, fine me or hold a they want two things. they want the report unredacted in the scrutiny, when he is contempt hearing to further so they can see everything in scrapping with everybody else this argument along. in the field, then his numbers honestly, i think any of those there that mueller and company go down. possibilities are out there. so i think that's kind of an unearthed that they gave to the attorney general and want the artificial number. you have these other candidates >> sheriff is not alone. underlying documents on which who are out and about who are half the counties in the state, the report is based. 32 of them, have taken they're in the millions. talking, who are taking positions against the proposed we know that. can they get everything that's positions, who are participating in town halls. law. sheriffs in those counties say in the report? all that kind of stuff. the attorney general is not you have that going on and joe if a judge determines someone allowed to give them everything is dangerous they will not in the report because the basic biden is just staying off to confiscate their guns. if passed the law would allow rule of criminal procedure say the side being uncle joe. if the government has evidence >> bill: the talk on the sunday of guilt of someone who is not shows. here is kellyanne conway with being prosecuted, they can't chris wallace. family members to take firearms release it. >> julie: evidence or no persons they considered a >> i think joe biden has a big danger to themselves or others. evidence we still know nothing. one of the sponsors is the
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problem here. he calls it affection and brother of a man killed in the i've never talked so much about handshakes. his party calls it completely theater shooting. it led to a stand-off of sorts something we know nothing about. inappropriate. >> bill: so i would imagine, >> the report will be released byron, you are going to get a between lawmakers, the governor's office and sheriffs around the state. redaction. lot more reaction on this. the colorado sun reported that page after page blacked out. depending how biden responds to colorado attorney general was the house judiciary committee it as you appropriately point heard in a recording saying any will say not good enough. out there it will dictate a lot. the attorney general will say i sheriff who refuses to enforce can't comply because the court the law should resign. lucy flores was on cnn over the weekend and she was asked about again, here is sheriff reams. rules prohibit me from doing so. her support for bernie sanders >> the attorney general is they'll bring it to the chief judge for the district of in 2016. entitled to his own opinion. columbia and she will have to and the question was given to her in a sense that some people he is an elected official just decide. in the past when it has been will see this as political like i am. his interpretation of the red between congress and the d.o.j., the courts have sided flag bill is his interpretation with congress. motivation. and i have my own i don't know which way this is and she responded to that in a going to go. interpretation. the president said he doesn't >> the sheriff is not in a law rather clear way. she has given this great making position in our state. care. he is waiving it. thought. it is a law enforcement >> julie: the president has seen it. >> i don't think the president no clip, go ahead. division. >> the bill has passed the has seen it. >> look, the reason of course senate. it goes back to the house where it is expected to pass. according to bill barr and rudy it's all political. >> julie: thank you so much. we're in a political campaign. >> bill: a lot of news today in the reason it's a big deal, this is not the first example chicago. the police taking it to the we've seen of joe biden giuliani. you don't think he has seen it? streets to the states attorney, touching women a lot in public. a protest expected after 16 >> julie: somebody has seen it and told him nothing to worry charges were dropped against jussie smollett.
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actually the lucy flores the president of the union, about. >> if he has said that and situation was interesting because it was off camera. kevin graham will talk to us meant it it may be enough to show of these other incidents about that coming up in a moment here. tip the scales in favor of have been on camera. plus there is this. >> i know it will be difficult. transparency as opposed to you saw stephanie carter, the secrecy. he is not claiming secrecy. wife of ash carter say that with nancy pelosi, what i'll what happened was okay with her. focus on is how do you drive >> julie: he wanted to come out but we've had other pictures of and talk to robert mueller. down costs? the democrats focus on access. the lawyers said you're not the problem is the cost of doing that. >> they did the right thing. biden touching women perhaps health care is too high in this >> julie: he could have been inappropriately. if this were one single country. >> julie: the fight over cornered. he is the one from the incident with lucy flores that beginning that said i have nobody else saw, it would be obamacare, republicans say it nothing to hide. it is out there. is time action needs to start. one thing. but will nancy pelosi stand in he was right. but in fact it fits into a their way and do they even have >> the judiciary committee pattern of what the world has a place to replace it? wants to second guess bob observed. maybe it is just joe biden's >> bill: the madness in march mueller and bill barr as to is behind us because it is whether the quality of evidence april. how is your bracket doing? does reach the level of proof affection, touchy, physical beyond a reasonable doubt and style and something democrats the final four is set, julie. they want to do that by not will judge as inappropriate for one of their candidates. who is in and who is out? >> bill: thank you for having looking at the report but the some really great games over documents on which it is based. you on. the weekend. >> julie: surprise upsets. >> julie: here is alan more forthcoming. >> bill: a lot of them. here is julie with more. dershowitz on america's >> julie: breaking news in the newsroom in the 9:00 hour which push to get the full mueller george has heart failure. seems like 12 hours ago why the report as democrats slam william barr and his release full report should not be released. listen. with redactions. >> we have a new species of >> this report is inherently one sided. political die sauers called the they didn't listen to testimony from people who are favorable
6:12 am
to the subjects. they didn't have cross barr redactal. >> julie: chairman nadler will examination. and so that is why the justice subpoena for the entire report. >> bill: south carolina police and a busy day ahead. releasing chilling new images george has entresto, department doesn't go beyond saying no indictment and why of the moment a college student enters the car of her alleged a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive the world, democrats and republicans alike condemned and out of the hospital. killer. how confusion over her uber may don't take entresto if pregnant; comey said i won't indict have led to her death. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. hillary clinton but she engaged >> julie: and cook county in conduct that was extremely don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, careless. everybody said that was wrong. states attorney kim foxx the subject of competing rallies in or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. why is this different? >> julie: do you agree? chicago today over the handling the most serious side effects are angioedema, >> yes. if the attorney general were to of the jussie smollett case. low blood pressure, kidney problems, release this on his own he the head of the police union or high blood potassium. would be violating that same leading the rally at 9:30. ask your doctor about entresto. federal rule of criminal i'll talk to him then. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great! procedure 6e. >> in chicago you never know you'll hear a lot about 6e in the next couple of weeks that what's really happening behind hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. jim comey violated when he said did you ever notice that the very first bite we're not indicting mrs. is scenes. our antennas are up. clinton but by the way here is of every great meal is always the potato? the evidence we have against her. mornings were made for better things than whether or not anybody that's why it should always be an idaho potato. testified favorably to the president before the grand jury, we don't know. we won't know until we see only genuine idaho potatoes have the what's in the report. >> julie: i want to switch perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. whoa. hey look, it's huge. gears obamacare. gop concerns about what happens oops, gotta go.
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hey, wait. come back. if obamacare is struck down. >> for the republicans it's an enormous problem. i happen to think obamacare is unconstitutional forcing people to purchase a product in my opinion is beyond the constitutional authority of the congress has. the court got around that by saying well, we're taxing them. rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. so congress can't order me to wear a red striped tie but they when considering another treatment, can tax me if i don't. ask about xeljanz xr that's the theory under which a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe obamacare was upheld. the tax laws were changed under rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis the trump administration to remove the ability of the for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. i.r.s. to tax you for failure it can reduce pain, swelling, to get health insurance. that's the hook on which this and significantly improve physical function. neighbors... loved ones. federal judge in texas hung his xeljanz xr can lower your ability living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, hat for finding it to fight infections, including tuberculosis. mental health conditions and hiv. unconstitutional. if the unconstitutionality of serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, it is upheld what will the maybe you're one of them. republicans replace it with? including lymphoma, have happened. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, you have 21 million people in as have tears in the stomach or intestines, the united states receiving most effective therapies... serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts, therapies that keep them healthy. government subsidized health higher liver tests and cholesterol levels. insurance as a result of obamacare. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent are you going to take that away don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. from them? it will politically your doctor should perform blood tests before worth the risk to millions of patients? and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. catastrophic even though i don't think it should have come
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president trump promised in the first place. >> julie: he said the cost of tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. obamacare is too high for our are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. my mom's pain from moderate don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us... great citizens. about xeljanz xr ...which is kind of, a lot. the deductibles. good things will happen. and if that pain... could mean something worse? joint pain could mean joint damage. he tags rick scott, and others. enbrel helps relieve joint pain... there is nothing affordable and helps stop irreversible joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. about the obamacare. serious, sometimes fatal events including... >> if this involves letting the infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, state and free market regulate. nervous system, and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. that's what should be done the tell your doctor if you've been some place house democrats will never go for it. here is what a lot of where fungal infections are common... or if you're prone to infections, republicans are hoping. that the trump administration have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, loses this court battle and the or if you have persistent fever, statute is upheld because they bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't have anything in place to don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. replace it. they can't physically get something done between now and since enbrel... the 2020 campaign. my mom's back to being... my mom. >> julie: judge, great have visit and use the joint damage simulator you in. i like your red and blue tie. to see how joint damage could progress.
6:15 am
ask about embrel. >> and i didn't get taxed on it. fda approved for over 19 years. >> week after facing a federal judge in new york michael avenatti is back in court today this time in california. details on the charges he is >> breaking news out of facing in that state. chicago, awaiting dueling plus homeland security rallies in the city after secretary issuing a new order why go with anybody else? to border agents trying to deal we know their rates are good, prosecutors dropped charges with the crisis at the border we know that they're against jussie smollett. always going to take care of us. the first rally led by jesse as the president threatened to it was an instant savings and close it all together. i should have changed a long time ago. jackson kicks off in 90 minutes we're the tenney's >> it sends the right message and we're usaa members for life. and an hour after that the and lets mexico know if they call usaa to start saving on insurance today. don't actually do something. police union holds its own if they don't play their part ready. we'll talk to kevin graham in a then we're going to stunt their moment. the latest from matt finn on economy. the streets of chicago on a if you punch somebody in the monday. good morning. pocketbook you'll get a reaction. >> good morning. dueling demonstrations about to are so many of you happen in the heart of the city in the loop. the chicago police union with who have served our country honorably. some 15,000 members plans on whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. protesting kim foxx at her one of the benefits we as a country office right here. they're protesting against her give our veterans is eligibility >> julie: fox news aler. for the way she handled the for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. two marine pilots have been smollett case and a history of killed in a helicopter crash in being anti-police. before that there is a rally in so if you need money for your family, support of kim foxx right here call newday usa. southwestern arizona. the marine corps saying the next door at the united with automatic authority from the va, pilots were conducting a methodist church led by jesse
6:16 am
we can say yes when banks say no. routine training mission when call 1-833-844-6703 their helicopter crashed. it happened at the marine air jackson, clergy, activists and other elected officials. if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, station in yuma saturday night. kim foxx being criticized and their names are being withheld call newday usa. until their families are defending her office's decision home values are rising, to drop the charges of smollett. and with newday's va cash out home loan, notified. an investigation now underway to determine the cause of the crash. the illinois prosecutor's bar you can borrow up to 100 percent said foxx misled the public. of your home's increased value. >> from the beginning we're the national association of you could get 54,000 dollars or more saying mr. barr gets to handle and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. it. district attorney's said they that's how the law works. shouldn't take advice from friends of the accused. mr. barr has made it clear he with automatic authority from the va, is going to release it to newday can say yes when banks say no. congress before he shows it to kim foxx responded in an op-ed us. that's his decision. writing since it seems take advantage of your home's increased value. we'll let the system work. call newday usa now. politically expedient to go to >> bill: mick mulvaney acting white house chief of staff question my motives and actions or call 1-833-844-6703 let me state publicly and reacting to william barr's decision on the mueller report. clearly i welcome an outside meanwhile we get word this past non-political review how we a migfrom aimovig. handled this matter. to be there for the good... hour house judiciary committee for a variety of reasons plans to subpoena the entire including public statements made about the evidence in this and not so good. report this week as mr. barr case. my office believed the plans to release a redacted likelihood of securing a for the mundane. version sometime before mid conviction was not certain. the awe-inspiring. april. that will miss a deadline that police union wrote the article the heart-racing. to us is a desperate attempt to democrats have been looking justify a complete breakdown of the heartbreaking. for, that's tomorrow april 2. her office to fulfill its that's what life is all about... showing up. obligations. the cpd concluded after an unless migraine steals your chance to say... alan dershowitz wrote the book
6:17 am
exhaustive investigation that impreaching trump. mr. smollett faked a hate "i am here." first on the subpoena matter here, do you see this hype crime, a grand jury returned a we aim to change that. 16-count indictment it is mrs. that's why wd... aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. foxx's -- she has had national one dose. condemnation by the public, and once a month. aimovig is proven to reduce the number of monthly migraine days. even members of her own for some, that number can be cut in half or more. profession. a former illinois appellate judge says she will personally the most common side effects are pain, petition the courts to assign a redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. special prosecutor to examine it doesn't matter what each day brings. how kim foxx handled this case. so long as you can say... >> julie: let's bring in the "i am here." president of chicago's aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about preventing migraine with aimovig. fraternal order of police kevin graham. a busy day in chicago. >> thanks for having us. you know, we started this because we didn't feel that the text messages between the prosecutor and a private attorney in california were legal. and so that's why we asked for an investigation more than two
6:18 am
weeks ago. we are having this rally not just because of the smollett case. it is because there is a history of not prosecuting cases fully. low bonds on people. we're turning people back out onto the streets and that's pretty hard when you are using the court system as a penalty box like a hockey game. we need to -- >> julie: you mentioned low bonds. basically smollett paid $10,000 and that was, you know, that's all he ended up paying and some community service. do you believe the $10,000 was too low of a bond? >> sure. let's just look at the cost. the mayor of the city gave the costs at $130,000. >> julie: which he is expected to pay. do you think it's enough? >> it's a start. we have questions as to how >> bill: breaking now, homeland this case was handled. i heard this morning that one security secretary bordering more border patrol agents to the southern border after the of mr. smollett's attorneys
6:19 am
said they didn't ask for what president doubled down to shut it down and cut off aid to they got in terms of -- i don't want to use the word sentence central american countries. but a deal. and that it was offered by the texas attorney general ken paxton was on our program. >> i don't think he will get a prosecutor's office, which we're still scratching our head lot of blowback from the as to how you can come up with american blowback of foreign that. so we have a lot more questions. >> julie: kim foxx, the state attorney. i want to talk to you about the aid. op-ed she wrote in the "chicago we are asking them to defend tribune" to the public our border and their border and basically explaining her decision. i also want to remind our not an unreasonable request. viewers that initially she said >> bill: john roberts beginning a new week on the north lawn. she recused herself in the decision making process due to >> good morning. a lot to talk about this her relationship to smollett's morning. let's go through it. family and she said she did not first of all the president is recuse. here is what she says in part. going to california this friday falsely reporting any crime in and i am told there is a chance itself a crime. falsely reporting a hate crime that unless something dramatic is so much worse. happens the president may close and i condemn in the strongest the border before he goes on that trip. now to what you were talking possible way anyone who does about what is happening in the that. listen to those words. department of homeland security i condemn that. wouldn't the strongest dhs secretary nielsen sending condemnation of falsely out a release this morning
6:20 am
reporting a hate crime be criminal charges and a they're in urgent need of surging their forces on the conviction? as foxx also points out in her border. they will accelerate a plan to op-ed false claims harm the victims of actual crimes. redeploy 750 customs and border protection personnel to assist the border patrol. >> absolutely. and this case should have stood that number may increase to trial. we felt that the case was solid. more than 2,000. they're going to immediately and that we would have gotten a expand migrant protection conviction. protocols where people claiming and we wouldn't be having these asylum are returned to mexico discussions and there wouldn't be the outrage and the protests to await adjudication. that we have going on today. dhs is directing cbp to return or the counter protest, which hundreds of additional migrants is bewildering to me why you per day above their current have a counter protest when all rates. democrats continue to resist we are looking for is justice. the president's call to build a border wall. i think many of these people at the same time mexico is not doing a whole lot to stop these who are having this counter caravans from coming through their country toward the u.s. protest is what they've been border. looking for in chicago, justice the president tweeting his frustration on both those and should be standing behind fronts this morning saying, the police and fop. quote, the democrats are >> julie: smollett's alleged allowing a ridiculous asylum crime is considered a class 4 system and major loopholes to remain as a main stay of our felony. it actually is the least immigration system. mexico is likewise doing serious category surprisingly nothing. and it actually falls in the a bad combination for our same category as falsely country. homeland security being so nice
6:21 am
pulling a fire alarm in a but not for long. apprehensions at the border school. a high school student pulling a fire alarm in a school. have skyrocketed in march cbp who didn't have that happen when they were growing up? was on track to apprehend more i didn't have false hate crimes than 100,000 people crossing reported but i remember those. the border illegally. in a single day more than 4,000 they are routinely resolved with no jail time. people apprehended. lindsey graham, long pushed for how can you compare these two immigration reform says he crimes? fully understands the >> you know what? president's threat to close the board. there is the cook county -- the listen here. >> what are we supposed to do? you have the mexican government illinois law system can be very allowing thousands of people to complicated. walk all across mexico. we don't think it is being they provide them buses, they drop them off at the border and applied and it needs improvement. i was in springfield last week they say here, united states, asking for improvements in the deal with this problem. >> the president is cutting off law. we certainly would like to see foreign aid to hond, guatemala the federal government look at and el salvador because he says this case, particularly when it the governments there aren't comes to the envelope that was doing enough to keep people from fleeing their countries. sent with the accusations that the democrats will fight that and any attempt to close the border. >> when the president says he mr. smollett was going to be harmed. will close the border, that is we feel that's a good case for the f.b.i. to look at and that a totally unrealistic boast on his part. what we need to do is focus on the u.s. attorney can -- could
6:22 am
what is happening in central prosecute if they find the facts and circumstances to be america where three countries what the chicago police found. >> julie: kim foxx says i are disassembling before our welcome an outside review of eyes. the president is cutting off how we handled the jussie aid to these countries won't smollett case. i have to ask you how do you solve that problem. >> there is a little movement think an outside investigation i'm told in just the last few led by the f.b.i. will result minutes, mexico is taking steps in appeasing the public, or will it? or will these rallies continue and protests until they see to rejiger its transit visa there is more justice done here? >> well certainly i have gotten people. if they don't have papers to emails and phone calls from the get to the united states they'll be sent back to their around the country feeling that home countries and about the justice was not done. border closing idea, the so i do think that the state's president is very, very serious about this. now mexico could avoid it attorneys office can do a because if it took significant better job. and if they don't, i think that actions the president might be willing to deal but he is they are going to find more and willing to suffer the consequences because he says more law enforcement agencies, we've got to do something about because i know that there are this immigration problem. additional law enforcement >> bill: thank you, john. agencies meeting this week to a lot to get to throughout the discuss her actions and her day. office in failure to prosecute john rob frerts the white house. some of the crimes that are going on in cook county. so i do think that she is going
6:23 am
>> julie: the so-called isis to have a problem if it isn't bride speaking to fox news. addressed and i do believe the proper avenue at this point why she says she joined the terror group in the first place would be the federal government and james foley, a u.s. investigating her in this case. >> julie: do you think she journalist became the first should resign? >> well, i have a board of american beheeded by isis, his mother, diane, joins us next directors meeting tomorrow and plus new information about a that question will come up. that's a decision the board of murdered college student. the mistake she made that might directors is going to make. have led to her death in a live i have my own opinion but my report. opinion will wait until after i meet with the board tomorrow. >> we believe -- we don't have >> julie: let us know, kevin a statement or any evidence graham, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on that suggests this other than this morning. our observations on the video. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour now. march madness is over. we believe they mistakenly got into this particular car it's april. final curtain falling on the number one seed in the thinking it was an uber ride. tournament. michigan state knocks off duke 68-67. a great game last night. the spartans move on. they played so well. set the stage for the final four, virginia is the only number one seed remaining. in summary here is what you got. virginia faces a red hot auburn team. lost one of their best players.
6:24 am
michigan state faces texas tech. the final four. minneapolis goes down next saturday. championship monday night. texas tech never been to the final four. michigan has been there. what do you think? >> julie: when you set up your bracket, you were betting on duke and you can't say maybe i should pick -- >> bill: i picked duke, the best team all year. i thought north carolina. >> julie: you could be wrong about a couple more. you're wrong? i didn't know that was possible. >> bill: all the time. the madness continues. >> julie: airport delays across the country this morning after a technical glitch hits several major airlines. the issue fixed but the effects still being felt out there. what are we learning now? we'll tell you. plus there is this. >> president trump: mexico is going to have to do something otherwise i'm closing the border. i'll just close the border. >> bill: doubling down on threats to close the border and cut off aid to central american
6:25 am
countries whose migrants are coming to the u.s. trump administration it is not a bluff and it could happen as early as this week. texas a.g. ken paxton is here to react on that next.
6:26 am
>> julie: fox news alert on the so-called american isis bride at the center of a legal fight to come back to the u.s. she is sharing her side of the story with fox. our team tracked down and interviewed her at a refugee camp in northern syria. benjamin hall is live in our
6:27 am
london bureau with more on this fascinating interview. >> she spoke to us quite openly saying longly how much she wished she go back to the u.s. to the college lifestyle she had in alabama and insisted she didn't turn her back on isis just because the caliphate had fallen. when we tracked her down in northern syria, take a look. >> you turned your back on america. why? >> bill: you've got to do better than that. you've got to explain why you made this decision. there was nothing except no comment and always that laughter and a plea to go home. >> i just want to go back home. i want my son to be with my family and to be safe.
6:28 am
>> the reason she joined, the quran told her to do so. told her she would burn in hell if she didn't. >> it certainly isn't a bluff. >> she is now in camp with her you can take the president seriously and here is why. child. during her five years she you're giving those metrics what he is looking at is that called on americans to die 4,000 migrants apprehended in saying wake up, go on drive one day recently. we're on track this month for close to 100,000. bys, spill their blood and we have never seen a surge like drive all over them and kill them. she claimed she was radicalized this. >> bill: kellyanne conway "fox online and she barely left the house to see the crimes that news sunday" stressing president tumble's were committed. determination to find a her citizenship was revoked solution, the record surge in because her father was a diplomat at the time of her migrants seeking asylum. the border patrol says the birth. she thinks she is going back to system is at a breaking point. the u.s. soon. president trump says she is not welcome and labeled her a ken paxton, welcome back to our terrorist. program. a few specific questions. >> bill: more on this now with if you cut off aid to these diane foley whose son james was the first american killed by three central american
6:29 am
isis in 2014. countries what's effect of that. james was abducted working as a >> i don't think he will get a lot of blowback from the journalist covering the syrian war and she has started the american public but maybe james foley foundation and encourage these countries to joins me today. actually do something. we send them a lot of money. good morning. great to see you. we don't have a lot from them. >> good to see you. in this case we're asking them >> bill: how are you doing? to defend their border and our >> fine, i'm fine, thank you. >> bill: you look good and border. it's not an unreasonable strong. request. thank you for being here today. >> bill: what if you close the i want to get to the awards border? what do you think the effect ceremony that happens later. what do you think about this that could have? woman's claim about she wants >> that creates complications the right to have her case for all kinds of issues, but i heard before an american judge. do think it helps our country. do you think she deserves that? we are in a crisis now. >> i do think it is very important that we hold anyone we don't have the state or federal resources able to deal associated with isis or any with the number of people coming to this country. terrorists accountable for i don't know what choice the their decisions. president has given the massive she was young. number of people coming through you know i think, you know, i the border. have to leave the particulars to our secretary of state and government but i do feel that >> by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern we must do our part to take on border. that's a crisis not only in some of these difficult cases
6:30 am
central america. and try them and hold them the poverty and violence but also overwhelms our border accountable for the choices security officials and their ability to deal with it and it they made. an example the british overwhelms community on the jihadists. it has been over a year they've mexican and u.s. side of the border and their ability to absorb those kinds of numbers been held in northern syria and we need them brought to coming into the country. justice, too. >> what will we do about it? >> bill: you've been reading the reports about the fall of >> i wish congress would step up to the plate. the physical caliphate. their responsibility to deal you think about your son and the very early days when he was with it. texas border states don't have there and now five years later the resources or authority to it has been destroyed. deal with this issue the way it needs to be dealt with. what do you think of that at the moment? hopefully those messages get to >> i'm certainly grateful that congress and they'll do something about this. >> bill: the tweet from the that physical presence has been president. the democrats are allowing a shrunk. however, the leadership is still at large. i fear that the sleeper cells ridiculous asylum system and are all around us. mexico is doing nothing. a bad combination for our and there are hundreds of isis country. homeland security is being nice but not for long. fighters in this tenuous let's see what changes on that. lindsey graham was making the custody in northern syria. point the port of entries have and i am hoping that our country will take on the to take so many personnel to
6:31 am
handle the influx you allow leadership of holding these other parts of the border to go folks accountable be it through unguarded. that's an issue. want to get your reaction on an international tribunal, through individual countries the chick-fil-a story that is taking back their citizens and getting a lot of steam across the country. here is what you said. holding them accountable. but it must be addressed the city of san antonio's because otherwise they will decision to exclude chick-fil-a based on the real ij laos infiltrate our countries and beliefs is the opposite of tolerance. it is out of step with texas continue their reign of terror. values and inconsistent with the constitution and texas law. what is behind this do you think, sir? >> they claim they're all about >> bill: what is the best way tolerance but it is only to counter this because it is tolerance for views they spreading, as we all know? personally believe in. >> i believe we can't stop it now they are expressing their intolerance for a company that unless we hold them accountable has different religious views by bringing them to trial, than theirs. that's unconstitutional for government to do that. we have a first amendment and showing them how a real justice hopefully the city of san antonio the voters of san system works and prosecuting antonio will figure that out them. putting them away for the rest and stop treating chick-fil-a of their life so that they can in a manner that's wrong. >> bill: why do you think it's happening? where is it coming from? pay for their crimes against >> it's politics.
6:32 am
it's wrong but politics. humanity. if we let them go or hold them this idea from the left that they are so tolerant clearly is in these tenuous situations, no not true in this case. justice is served and they just they are excluding a perfectly good company with high ratings and that people like going to. perpetuate their agenda. it makes no sense from an >> bill: a big battle as you well know. tell me about the freedom economic standpoint or from a awards, the james foley freedom city standpoint other than awarts. >> jim's legacy i pray is to it's political. >> bill: thank you for coming bring americans home. we must have the backs of our back here. >> julie: mark zuckerberg brave americans who go out into calling for stronger the world be they as aid regulations on the internet as the social media giant deals with repeated issues. workers, educators, journalists, we must hold -- >> bill: also taxes, taxes, and have their backs should they be more taxes. kidnapped or unjustly detained. that's what new yorkers are waking up to this morning after unfortunately there are a massive bill was approved thousands of americans who early sunday morning. desperately need our help. we'll bring that to you and tell you what is behind that. so i'm grateful for this trump administration, for taking on that issue. it is very complicated. nothing says spring like fresh flowers, there is nothing simple about so let's promote our spring travel deal it. but i applaud their efforts and on like this: (sneezes)
6:33 am
the james foley legacy earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. foundation will now have a allergies. full-time director here in or.. badda book. badda boom. washington to collaborate with book now at our fusion cell, our presidential envoy to bring our americans home. to make this a national priority. that's my hope. >> bill: national press club tuesday night at 6:00 in washington, d.c. >> all are welcome. >> bill: i think your son would be very proud to be watching you today. keep your strength. >> thank you, bill. >> julie: south carolina police are saying it was a deadly mistake that led to the kidnapping and murder of a college student last seen here getting into a black chevy impala. police say she got into the wrong car thinking it was her uber. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta. hi, jonathan. >> police are still investigating the motive but this very sad story at this point they believe the 21-year-old samantha joseph son had ordered an uber the
6:34 am
downtown columbia but got into a different car by mistake. the car's child safety locks were engaged to prevent her escape. a group of turkey hunters discovered her body about 65 miles east of where she disappeared back in columbia. authorities spotted the suspect's car and pulled him over. >> the officer approached and asked the driver to step out of the car. the driver fled on foot. officer gave chase. was able to make an apprehension after a short foot chase. when they returned back to the car further examination determined there was what appeared to be blood present in the car. >> 24-year-old david roland is charged with murder and kidnapping. the victim's mother was allowed to read a prepared statement. it sickens us that his face was
6:35 am
last face my daughter saw. the victim's family flew in from new jersey attended by nearly 1,000 people. her father wants to educate people how to be safe when using ride share services. >> you guys have to travel together at night. samantha was by herself. she had absolutely no chance. if there was somebody else in the car, there is actually a chance. >> let me show you something. when you hail a vehicle on a ride share service it will give you some information that you can verify such as the license tag, the make and model of the vehicle. also the driver's name. so before you even get into the vehicle, ask the driver for their name and who they are here to pick up before you get inside and that will keep things a lot safer. julie. >> julie: also check the license plate. they always give you the
6:36 am
license plate on the car. make sure you have the same license plate as the app tells you. jonathan serry, thank you very much. >> bill: the charges have been >> julie: new york state dismissed. the decision to drop the case lawmakers unveiling $175 against jussie smollett heating up today. billion budget yesterday including a lot of new taxes dueling rallies today in chicago. one in support of the state, another in support of the and regulations, so-called police. mansion tax and state-wide ban they clearly have a different on plastic bags. opinion on this decision. new york city is also set to we'll explain. become the very first city in >> this case should have stood the nation to levy a congestion trial. we felt that the case was solid and that we would have gotten a tax on drivers. conviction and we wouldn't be laura engel is live. having these discussions and tell us how it would work. there wouldn't be the outrage >> well, most drivers in the and protests that we have going on today. u.s. know about the easy pass system. the little plastic squares that you slap onto your windshield. the decision hasn't been made how it will work. a cashless toll. most traffic expects say it will be something like that added to the easy pass or something different like that. as we see these drivers coming
6:37 am
off the queens borough bridge we won't have -- drivers will be charged $10 for driving into the city between 60th street down to the tip of manhattan. the most congested area in the city. a landmark decision made by lawmakers in new york as part of the state's budget deal. there will be some exemptions. ♪ not worked out yet. not everyone will have to pay this new toll depending where you live and what hours you drive. those details are also still being worked out. new york's governor says it is book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. a two-fold idea. norwegian cruise line. feel free. one to raise revenue to fix the city's mass transit system and encouraging drivers to find other modes of transportation to get them off the road. >> congestion pricing was first talked about in practice by mayor lindsey and governor rockefeller. and today we've gotten it done.
6:38 am
first state in the nation and it has been done in some places around the world. singapore, stockholm, london. nowhere in the united states. >> we want to bring up examples. london had a 15% decrease in traffic in its congestion pricing zone and in singapore weekday traffic entering the most congested area dropped 24%. other big cities like los angeles, boston, seattle have all considered a measure like this one for years. you may be hearing about it where you live. not everyone is a fan. many say it's an added hardship that could force them out of working in new york city. lower income drivers say when you add it up it will be at least $200 extra a month which will then push them to use a mass transit system already overwhelmed and years away from improvement. >> it's not going to be much of an improvement if they shift the problem from one area to another. >> and still it will generate
6:39 am
an estimated $1 billion a year that will go into the transit system. we'll see how that goes. julie. >> julie: all right. interesting. >> bill: breaking news as a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, democrats say they'll subpoena the full mueller report this and committed to financial planning in your best interest. week as republicans and the find your certified financial planner™ professional white house keep -- intel committee chair adam schiff. at >> adam schiff is completely compromised. he is the head of the house intelligence committee, spent more time on tv than at that committee over the last however many years. he cannot be fair. hello mom. >> we are having this rally not just because of the smollett case, it is because there is a history of not prosecuting cases or not prosecuting them fully and having low bonds on people and we're turning people
6:40 am
back out on the streets. that's pretty hard when you are using the court system as a penalty box like a hockey game. amanda's mom's appointment >> julie: i spoke to the just got rescheduled - for today. president of the chicago amanda needs right at home. fraternal order of police earlier. our customized care plans provide as much they're sounding off on the - or as little help - as her mom requires. smollett case today. there are dueling rallies today in chicago set to begin any whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. second. one in support of the prosecution, then another by the police union against it. oh, of course! that rally coming up in about tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. 15 minutes. let's bring in daniel linskey, look, call right at home. the former boston superintendent and chief of get the right care. right at home. police incident commander for the boston marathon bombing and managing director for croll. if this had happened under your watch and you have conducted and gathered a mountain of evidence against a case such as this one and then state attorney goes and throws it out, what does this say to you and your police department? >> it says we need to develop a better effective line of communication. if we're not talking and working together community policing doesn't happen.
6:41 am
if that doesn't happen crime and violence will not be impacted in any effective manner. i disagreed with prosecutors. we have had yelling and screaming arguments. it happens. the fact that they weren't even involved in the process. they found out about it secretly shows the tensions were to the point they weren't working together. smollett happened. it's over. they need to figure out how to communicate effectively going forward. the past is the past. crime is still going on. violence is still going on in chicago. we need the police, community and prosecutors office having conversations. we might disagree to change the justice system but we all agree we need to work together to do it. i would hope that the sides need to come together and have that conversation. i understand the frustration of the officers. >> julie: some are protesting against the decision to drop the charges today. others like jesse jackson are protesting in defense of kim
6:42 am
foxx and jesse jackson is essentially saying that she did the right thing and that he defends her actions in dropping the charges. we just got in new sound from him a quick interview with jesse jackson there at the location where they are planning the protest. let's roll it. >> since she took office in december there have been some notable accomplishments. convictiintegrity unit. resolving overturned convictions in over 06 cases including the first mass exoneration in cook county. 15 men whose convictions stemmed from misconduct by police officers. there has been a lead in bond review instructing prosecutors to recognize bonds where appropriate. >> julie: he is saying that other cases similar to this one have been thrown out. this is a class 4 felony which falls under the same category as if somebody pulse a prank and pulls the fire alarm. very different crimes here.
6:43 am
do you believe this crime deserved to be thrown out point blank? >> after the indictments are >> bill: 10:00 in new york. over it shouldn't have been fox news alert. dueling rallies and growing animosity in chicago over the thrown out but mitigated with controversial decision to drop input from the chicago police all charges against jussie department. smollett. there was no conversation and new hour begins now. it was done in such a way that hope you had a great weekend. welcome to a new week. i think her intentions were right to take care of the case. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. her goal i think is to make a >> julie: i'm julie banderas. better police department, in one hour from now the better community response. the manner in which it happened reverend jesse jackson will where the police were not lead a protest supporting included in the decision further made the divide. controversial states attorney it didn't bring it closer kim foxx who says her office together. >> julie: thank you very much for coming in. dropped the case because a appreciate it. >> bill: "outnumbered" coming conviction was uncertain. meanwhile police are gearing up up next. for a counter protest. a quick preview with melissa. the head of chicago's police union speaking out earlier here >> nevada democrat coming on "america's newsroom." forward saying former v.p. joe >> this case should have stood trial. we felt that the case was solid biden inappropriately kissed her at an event several years ago. and that we would have gotten a she said she didn't need sexually harassed but it is conviction. important that voters know and we wouldn't be having these about it. discussions and there wouldn't biden denies any wrongdoing but says he is willing to listen. be with outrage and protests we have going on today or the what it all means as 2020 approaches and he mulls a bid
6:44 am
there. the white house says the counter protest, which is president is not bluffing when bewildering to me why you have a counter protest when all we he says he will close our are looking for is justice. southern border if the flood of migrants does not stop. democrats slamming the idea and homeland security trying to rush more personnel to the border to deal with the crisis. >> bill: for reaction. we debate it. our #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" top of the hour. good morning. let's begin with you. >> bill: brand-new week starts in 10 minutes. there is the political question michael avenatti is back in here. court in a different state is there a legal question now that she has dismissed the case? facing charges of fraud. get a live update on that next. >> i don't think it would be feasible for her to say you cancer...epilepsy... know what, everybody, never mind, we'll go forward with the prosecution now. even though i don't believe jeopardy has attached. jussie smollett wouldn't be able to make a fifth amendment argument on that end. but she still has a lot of explaining to do. i represented thousands of criminal defendants who did not get the same deference as this particular defendant did and i want to know why. the timing of this is really, really suspect. usually when you have a case
6:45 am
that just starts, you don't break the land speed record to dismiss it after it has been indicted. she not only did that, she went behind everybody's back, including the defendant's own attorney, something really stinks here, guys. it will keep on stinking unless she can explain to us what happened. >> julie: it's interesting because in her op-ed in the "chicago tribune" she talks about the fact there wasn't enough evidence to get a prosecution. initially they said there was enough evidence to get a conviction here. because it's a class 4 felony and doesn't have a prior conviction or any prior offenses they went ahead and treated it as such, the equivalent of somebody pulling a false alarm at a fire alarm in a school. i don't know how you could compare these two. >> the two don't compare at mental all, julie. and here is the thing. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts obviously the 12 people on the grand jury thought there was to their medicare drug coverage. enough evidence. any time a case goes to trial new government restrictions would allow insurance companies and jonna can attest to this. to come between doctor and patient... a conviction is almost
6:46 am
and deny access to individualized therapies uncertain. look at o.j. simpson, for instance. that was a slam dunk case but millions depend on. call and tell congress. there was no conviction in that case. essentially what kim foxx has protect medicare patients. done here is not only has she stop cuts to part d drug coverage. dismissed these charges, she essentially has said she has zero faith in her police department. the biggest week in television is almost here. xfinity watchathon week. the police department that has to work with her office on a starting april 8th, enjoy free access daily basis to get convictions. to the best shows and movies if i was a defense attorney in from hbo, showtime, epix and more. what! cook county i would say listen, why can't my client get whether it's more jaw droppers, community service at the standing o's upon standing o's rainbow coalition for two hours and give you some money and or tv's biggest show stoppers. walk away? but that's not the case here. get more into what you're into. here is a word we always hear, get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. privilege. what kind of privilege was this that jussie smollett was able xfinity watchathon week. to walk away from this? free starting april 8th. let's not forget what he did. he took something so serious, a boop! hate crime, and made it all about his personal gain. it's not acceptable. >> bill: this was the fraternal police in chicago on sunday. >> we're grateful the federal authorities will look into it. we believe it's very important to find out what happened here. and we're going to look at our
6:47 am
own legal options to get this case back into court and back through the legal process which is what it should have done to begin with. >> bill: he is referring to the f.b.i. here is what kim foxx the latest inisn't just a store.ty said in the letter to the it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. newspaper. there is considerable evidence uncovered in large part due to the investigative work of the it's a look what your wifi can do now store. chicago police department suggesting that portions of smollett's claims might be a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. untrue. i want to keep people out of it's a now there's one store that connects your life prison who don't pose a danger to the community. like never before store. promised to spend my offices the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. resources ton most serious crimes in order to create communities safe and fair. i don't know if anyone is going to jail. how do you respond to the points she is making? >> bill: michael avenatti is >> why did she treat jussie back before a judge today smollett differently than any facing accusations he embezzled other defendant who gets to client money to pay his own plead guilty to something. didn't have to be felony expenses and debt. this time he was in california. charges. who gets put on probation so last week it was new york. you can keep an eye on them. jeff paul is outside the
6:48 am
they don't have to go to jail. courthouse in california with his case was flat out more. jeff. >> avenatti is said to make his dismissed, you guys. that's totally different than first appearance here in santa what should have happened and ana inside a federal courtroom which does happen ordinarily. >> julie: even kim foxx points in a few hours centering around out by doing this she two fraud charges. investigators saying avenatti filed bogus paperwork in order completely does not condone this action and dismisses it to obtain $4 million in loans and says it's disgusting. from a mississippi bank. then what happens the next time he submitted income tax returns somebody reports a hate crime to the bank for several past or the real victims out there? years which investigators say that's the precedent that now they were years he never filed has been set. tax returns with the i.r.s. >> right. if she didn't condone it why avenatti is also facing wire let him go scot-free. fraud. let's think bigger picture. they say he embezzled 1.6 million in settlement money let's say there were two from a client and used the caucasian males that happened to be walking down the street money to pay off his own debt at that time this alleged on top of the extortion charges attack happened. he is facing in new york they would be in jail right now involving shoe company nike. waiting for a court date to avenatti is responding last week to the charges shortly prove their innocence. because of this whole thing after making his first appearance in court in new york. that jussie smollett made up. to dismiss this is totally, >> i am highly confident that totally unacceptable because he went there with a lie. when all of the evidence is he lied to chicago police. laid bare in connection with there are people in jail right
6:49 am
now for the exact same thing these cases, when it is all but he gets a free pass because of who he is or who he knows? known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated not acceptable. >> bill: thank you both. and justice will be done. thank you. vincent hill. good commentary and jonna smil >> federal prosecutors say if convicted on these charges just -- spill bore here in new york. here in california, avenatti faces up to 50 years in federal >> i recognize this behavior. prison. never do i claim that it rises bill. >> bill: jeff paul on that live to the level of a sexual assault or anything of that nature. what i am saying is that it is in santa ana, california. >> julie: fox news alert. completely inappropriate, it does not belong in any kind of a new order from homeland professional setting much less security secretary to deal with in politics. the surge of illegal immigrants >> bill: joe biden responding at the southern border as president trump doubles down on to accusations of inappropriate his threat to close the border all together. details on that next. behavior. lucy flores accusing the likely newday usa helps veteran homeowners get cash candidate for 2020 of inappropriate conduct dating back to 2014. she was running for a statewide by using the powerful va home loan benefit office in nevada. we've earned with our service. she says biden smelled her the newday va cash out loan can help you hair, kissed the back of her get over 50,000 dollars to pay off the credit card debt, head during campaign event. put cash in the bank, and reduce your payments by over 500 dollars a month. what does biden say today?
6:50 am
>> good morning to you. the former vice president says and since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, he does not remember that they can say yes when banks say no. interaction the way lucy flores get the financial security you've earned and deserve. describes it but it is important for men to listen and call 1-833-844-6706 he plans to. in a statement sunday biden attempted to defend himself in both this incident as well as other similar ones now being this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ looked at in a different light. he wrote in my many years on the campaign trail and in who saved by adding a hotel, public life i have offered which led to new adventures, ♪ countless handshakes, hugs, affections of affection and not once, ever, did i believe i that captured their imaginations acted inappropriately. if it suggested i did so, i ♪ will listen respectfully but it and turned moments into memories. was never my intention. on sunday lucy flores said she with flights, hotels, activities and more decided to come forward with for your florida vacation, her experience because biden's expedia has everything you need to go. past interactions with women weren't getting enough attention as he prepares to enter the 2020 race. >> i'm not saying anything new. there are videos, there are photos, there are full on compilations of him being inappropriate with women and you can see the discomfort in
6:51 am
their faces. and it has been dismissed as if it's just biden being biden, boys will be boys, no big deal. it is a big deal. >> one of the most prominent of those pictures is this one from 2015 showing biden standing behind the wife of then defense secretary ash carter during his swearing in ceremony. this weekend, though, stephanie carter fired back at critics in a post on medium saying biden is an old friend who sensed she was nervous and offering his support. instead she writes a still shot taken from a video misleading i extracted from what was a longer moment between close friends sent out in a snarky tweet came to be the lasting image of that day. i thought it would blow over if i didn't dignify it with a response. clearly that was wishful thinking. biden has always had an intimate and personal style to his interactions. a lot of those interactions caught on camera are getting another look in the me too era. >> bill: thank you, garrett.
6:52 am
>> democrats will not give us additional money to do this, no additional people and they will not change the law that is acting as this giant magnet for people from south and central america come into this country. -it's our confident forever plan. faced with those limitations -welcome to our complete freedom plan. the president will do everything he can. if closing the ports of entry -it's all possible with a cfp professional. mean that, that's exactly what ♪ he intends to do. -find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> julie: he is warning president trump is dead serious about shutting the southern border. it could come as early as today saying border patrol is stretched to the limit. agents are trying to clear one holding pen with dozens illegal immigrants. claudia. >> we understand that >> bill: a cool day here, the controversial holding area humble beginnings of a humble underneath that bridge closed over the weekend and all of those people were shifted over texture and now on the newsroom as well. into other holding facilities apple founded on this day in
6:53 am
in what remains a very fluid 1976. check that out. situation. this is one of six border steve jobs, steve wozniak, crossings between el paso and ronald wayne setting up an jobs' mexico. one of 28 in the state of texas parents home in los altos, used every day by tens of california. thousands of people to legally 12 days later. cross into and out of mexico the two steve's ended up being and for many there is now a the driving force. steve wozniak designing the growing sense of anxiety over the president's threat to close first pc with a keyboard and the the border. >> i'm worried because i have ability to check to a monitor. sold his vw bus to help fund the my family over there. it is hard for them to come project. he founded the company name over here so i need to go over believing apple sounded fun, there. spirited, and not intimidating. >> thousands of people who live 43 years ago today. here in el paso have jobs or go >> julie: heaves to fix cars. he could have become a mechanic, to school across the river in and said he came up with apple. incredible. you know how to fix cars? juarez, many residents rely on >> bill: henry ford had the bridges to visit relatives already gotten there. in mexico and the impact on >> julie: "outnumbered" starts trade and manufacturing. now. [laughs] >> harris: we begin with a 100 fortune 500 companies have fox news alert, doing rallies in chicago at this hour, for and factories over the border. according to one estimate, last against embattled cook county year texas ports of entry saw state attorney kim foxx. amid continued fallout over her more than $300 billion worth of goods cross back and forth from
6:54 am
electronics and cars to decision to drop all charges against dr. jussie smollett. appliances and produce like you are watching, on a fine limes and avocados. monday, "outnumbered." the mayor of el paso says his i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. city's economy relies on that. fox news analyst and cohost of benson the products manufactured in "bension & harf" on fox's radio, mexico are sold here in the u.s. marie harf. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. >> mexico is a significant in the center seat, former trading partner with the united arkansas governor and fox news states. and even a greater percentage contributor of mike huckabee is "outnumbered," although always loved and welcome. with texas. so we can't afford that. the six it is something to be back. thank you for having me but again i go back. the issue is not these migrants coming through from central america per se. the issue is the law that allows them to come here and seek asylum in a very easy manner. >> the mayor said his city is dealing with 500 families arriving here everyday. charitable organizations are putting out an urgent call for volunteers because of all the
6:55 am
migrants seeking asylum. >> julie: thank you. so much to talk about this morning. both the border security battle and the biden story reverberating across the nation. the a-team will tackle both right after the break. >> bill: later the trump administration promising they'll toss out obamacare entirely and replace it with something better. what is that? do they have a plan to do it? here is mick mulvaney from yesterday. >> every single plan that this white house has ever put forward since donald trump was elected covered pre-existing conditions. anyone telling you differently is lying to you for political gain. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332.
6:56 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage hello, i'm an idaho as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> bill: word from washington now. 16 past the hour. want to pass this along from you. word from elijah cummings. a witness has come forward. security clearances in the white house. this person is said to currently work in the white house. according to cummings letter it says she has informed the committee that during the trump administration she and other career officials adjudicated denials of dozens of applications for security clearances that were later overturned and worker suggested could impact national security. where does this go? we don't know. there is a whistleblower on the hill who is willing to talk. how far they go and what they have to say we'll wait and bring you morehead lines as we
7:00 am
get them here. 17 minutes past the hour. >> i have no reason not to believe lucy. and i think what this speaks to is the need to fundamentally change the culture of this country and to create environments where women feel comfortable and feel safe. >> i believe lucy flores and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> should he not run as a result? >> that's for joe biden to decide. >> what about is this disqualifying for vice president biden? >> again, i don't know aside from this one issue, i haven't -- even this issue i don't know all the details. that's why we have an election. >> bill: a ton of reaction on a man not officially in the race yet. former vice president joe biden has denied accusations that he acted inappropriately with a woman five years ago.
7:01 am
what impact does it have, if any? david avella, chris stirewalt and mary anne marsh. hello. happy monday. one of the statements reads like this. in my many years on the campaign trail i have had -- and not once, never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested that i did so, i will listen respectfully but it was never my intention. let's just go across the table here and get reaction on this. >> single most overrated candidate and by leaps and bounds. joe biden constructed and had constructed for him a methos. barack obama's side kick, sheriff joe, he knows everybody and everybody oh, he would beat trump in a walk. blue collar, scranton, blah, blah, blah, when the rubber hits the road not so good. >> look, this is joe biden is
7:02 am
not in the race as you said and this is their first test and on their third statement. that tells you anything on this one topic. as i said before if you are explaining you aren't winning. the things that he did 70s to today look bad now. when it comes to anita hill he said i wish i could have given her the hearing she deserved. it looked bad in 1991, worse today. now lucy flores. he talks about he has always been a tactile politician. he was trying to inoculate himself. she reported to her aides how she felt bit. even his best explanation looks bad. >> bill: are you making the case he isn't defending himself well enough or no longer be a candidate? >> he is not defending himself well. i'm not sure he can. this won't end because it will be on other topics as well. that's the problem for joe biden. >> we saw this whapened to number one, they go down. top seeds don't always make it.
7:03 am
the question really becomes -- [laughter] does joe biden get the 65,000 donors he needs to be in the debate? today there is a lot of questions about that. let's put this in a historical perspective. richard nixon is the only non-sitting vice president to go on to become president of the united states. and the only sitting ones who got elected were martin van buren and george h.w. bush. is joe biden up for it? questionable. >> bill: we saw the "wall street journal" poll. he was at 70% last week. well above the pack. lucy flores worked for bernie sanders in 2016. >> for me it's disqualifying. i think it's up to everybody else to make that decision. considering again the entire scope of his background of the
7:04 am
position that he has taken. for me this isn't the only problematic thing. i think his response the way he handled the anita hill hearing was completely also inappropriate and lacked empathy and lacked accountability. >> bill: take us through the coming days in a story like this. >> what the #metoo movement me or meant is up for everybody to interpret. one thing we know. when an accusation is made it has to be treated credibly. we looked in richmond when the lieutenant governor said she is crazy. he blew himself up. joe biden hasn't learned all the lessons. behavior that was accepted and tolerated in him when he was barack obama's number two and without a future in politics. those things are different than tolerated in him now as a candidate. >> julie: let's just talk about first of all the president's plans. he has threatened that he would
7:05 am
close the southern border. a lot of democrats would say it's unreasonable. but the democrats haven't really come up with another alternate solution. is that something that democrats now face the likelihood of a southern border closing under this administration? >> there is a problem at the border. the question is, is the trump administration incompetent or intentional. if closing the border is the answer then why do we need a wall? why does donald trump need a wall? >> he didn't get the funding for the wall. this is plan b. >> if closes the border. 1.5 million will be lost. jay johnson had it right. you reprogram. do conventional reprogram. more border agents, more technology, more resources. that would help. that's not the path donald trump is going. he is picking a fight for his political purposes. >> seems like a lot of people are picking up the same case. you mentioned jay johnson. here is what he thinks. he also confessed we have an issue down there. >> everybody does.
7:06 am
>> by anyone's definition by any measure right now we have a crisis at our southern border. according to the commissioner of cpb there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone this past week and we're on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month. that's by far greater number than anything i saw on my watch in my three years as secretary of homeland security. >> julie: between 2018 and 2019 tens of thousands more. the number is going up. we've been watching in that fencing in texas the dozens of families with children. so it is a humanitarian crisis and needs to be dealt with. mexico isn't doing anything. if mexico doesn't step in, then the united states needs to take the upper hand here. the question is which is the upper hand? what is the decision? >> we have spent years saying if we spend more aid to central america they'll help us. that is not happening.
7:07 am
hence why the president over the weekend or last week said we'll look at this and maybe we won't keep funding it. the president should say let's have $6 billion. let's go $15 billion and look at ways to put new technology in place to know that drugs are coming over the border. help that sophistication and an area we're not talking about, how about more treatment for the drugs that are coming in and the americans who are getting impacted by those? we aren't talking about that. the president shouldn't ask for $6 billion. he ought to ask for $15 billion and let democrats turn that down. >> everybody here is acting in their own self-interest. migrants are acting in their self-interest. democrats are acting in their self-interest. the republicans are acting in their self-interest. they've all got the angles played. unfortunately there are no grown-ups in the room saying we have to solve this problem that is evident to everybody. bipartisan. it snow longer up for debate.
7:08 am
we have a serious problem and we need to do something. >> bill: got a software problem causing major delays in airports across the countries. the airlines try to get back online today. >> julie: growing calls for adam schiff to step aside as republicans lose faith in his leadership on the house intelligence committee. the headliner sean spicer joins us next to react. >> the folks on the house intelligence committee on the republican side are not members of the crazy caucus. these are reasonable republicans all of whom said adam, we have lost confidence in your ability to lead. we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there.
7:09 am
>> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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7:12 am
>> julie: fox news aler. a system wide computer outage that cause delays for hundreds of airlines has been resolved. rick leventhal is live at the airport in new york city,
7:13 am
>> this is the second technical glitch in the past couple of weeks affecting flight operations, the good news is it seems to be fixed for now. things are running about as smoothly as things can run here at laguardia. not just a new york problem. several airlines hitting the pause button this morning across the nation. they included southwest air, delta, united, jetblue, american and alaska air had problems with a data program called arrow data. one of the tools pilots check before take-off. it affected thousands of passengers on hundreds of flights coast to coast with a ground stop of 40 minutes sparking angry tweets on twitter like sally may who wrote i've been stranded in fort lauderdale for almost three hours at south air. how will i be compensated for this? jesse wrote here we go again, delta. why isn't it possible to get an on-time flight out of richmond
7:14 am
this time? the airline p.r released statements and faa sent out an update. contact individual airlines for information on specific delays. the problem has been solved. the ripple effect means the delays could be extended and some people saying they missed connections and more could miss connections because of the problem that for now has been resolved. >> bill: 31 past the hour. >> adam is a deeply partisan person. he did everything he could to make sure that hillary clinton became the next president. he has done everything he could since he failed at that to keep a cloud over the trump presidency. >> bill: trey gowdy explaining why all nine republicans on the intel committee called for schiff to resign as chairman. let's bring in sean spicer,
7:15 am
senior advisor for america first action. thank you for being our headliner today. do you think adam schiff will resign? i think that would be a shocker if it were to happen. what is your sense of the mueller report, whether all of it goes public or not, and whether or not democrats then -- i'm getting to it. will say this is a cover-up if every redaction is not removed from the mueller report. is that where we're headed? >> i think we can't let democrats off the hook as to where they started this dialogue, which is that we need to protect robert mueller. the highest degree of integrity and professionalism and we need to let the chips fall where they may with respect to his investigation. the chips have fallen. mr. mueller has made it very clear there was no collusion. the problem with the democrats they dug a hole so deep they don't know how to get out of it
7:16 am
now and they're doubling down. the reality is that he issued his report. it said there was no collusion. attorney general barr has said he will release it to congress somewhere around mid-april and they still aren't satisfied. the reality is that a, he doesn't have to do it according to law, b, there is grand jury testimony and two, classified information. that he has to protect by law. just as he would with any other citizen. so attorney general barr is going above and beyond what he is required to do. and i think democrats recognize that they are playing a losing hand. so that the only way to do this is to pivot further away from what they originally started at, which was just allowing mueller to investigate this issue. once he came up with a conclusion that wasn't what they wanted, they had to pivot to something else. >> julie: we're pretty much all on the same page here. adam schiff is not resigning, right? there are still calls.
7:17 am
kellyanne conway, she still says he should. here she is on "fox news sunday" and i want your reaction. >> spent more time on tv than at that committee and all nine republican members have asked for his resignation. i did it a week ago, the president has done it. he cannot be fair. that is one of the most important positions in the united states house of representatives. he sees all the nation's secrets and he ought to step down. >> julie: so we haven't even actually seen the mueller report yet so why don't we just wait until we see it. so the democrats have now subpoenaed this report. do you think it will change anything when it comes to adam schiff when the report comes out? >> no. go back to what i said a moment ago. adam schiff continues to talk about the fact that collusion is in plain sight. on the one hand the democrats talk about how bob mueller was the right guy to do this. his years of experience in this area made him unprecedentedly qualified to conduct this. now schiff in the face of all
7:18 am
this continues to say not only was collusion but clearly obvious. so obvious that someone as experienced and with so much integrity as bob mueller as they would have had you believe up until a week ago couldn't find any of this. 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses and yet he couldn't find it with this team of top notch investigators and f.b.i. agents but adam schiff sure can find it. he just can't tell you where it is. he knows it exists. >> bill: here is the tweet from earlier today on the mueller report that we're just talking about here. now that the long awaited mueller report conclusions have been released. most democrats have gone to the pre-witch hunt days of their lives. others are pretending their former hero, bob mueller, no longer exists. i don't know how far we push this thing down the road in the end. >> i think this is the problem. we have gotten to the point if you think about it a moment. think about what the attacks of the mainstream media and democrats were.
7:19 am
for the longest time it was the president was undermining these institutions that we've so grown to respect and love with all this integrity. yet here we are with the democrats not getting and outcome they like on the mueller report. what do they do? suddenly this individual, bob mueller that they revered, his work isn't good enough. it needs to go further. we need to investigate more. we need to see all the other underlying evidence. where is the concern about them undermining the attacks? the conclusion was clear. there was no collusion. but since they won't accept that they continue to attack the process and the person. the same thing that the president was accused of a while back with the intelligence community. now the shoe is on the other foot the media and mainstream media tends to ignore it and play patty cake with the same individuals that praised mueller, tin vest gaition, the need to protect it, protect mueller and make sure the conclusions came out the way they wanted. once they didn't, then they
7:20 am
entirely flipped themselves on their argument that they have been espousing for the longest time. >> julie: a report about the white house whistleblower about security and a problem there. an 18 year career individual at the white house, she basically "politico" among them saying as many as 25 white house officials were granted clearance after initially being denied. jared kushner and others were among the list of those. what do you make about the security clearance from the people were denied and it was reversed pressure coming from other places to get them into the white house? >> so i think there are three things that come to mind for me. number one, this individual, the white house -- the house democrats should have protected. she was a whistleblower, outed her by saying 18 years in the agency, here is exactly where she works, here is how many years she has, her gender. you might as well put her name
7:21 am
on it. at the end of that release they make it clear we're not releasing the transcript. on the one hand they want all the mueller report right away unredacted and when it comes to accusing the white house of something, they make it clear in their own release they have no intention of releasing the transcript of this individual. third, let's see what she says. but ultimately security clearances are the ultimate discretion of the president of the united states. there is a big difference and always a human subjectivity to deciding who gets one and who doesn't and why. that range is a big difference, right? if someone had a number of small misdemeanors or traffic instances or travel or something they have precluded from something but the president deemed based on his relationship and his knowledge of this individual or the subject that they were working on he had no problem with them seeing relevant material because even at the highest level security clearances are always within a need to know basis. so the question is did the
7:22 am
president deem the particular individuals appropriate to what they had to look at to conduct their job based on his knowledge or relationship with that individual. but we have a lot more to see and i think that if the democrats want to hold themselves to the same standard release the transcript. let us see what this individual has to say. who the individuals were, what the accusations or the reasons they were potentially denied one for. but then we'll have a lot more information to have a useful discussion. >> bill: sean, thank you. you said a lot there. thanks for coming back. good to see you again sean spicer reacting to the breaking news now. thank you. >> julie: the big apple preparing to take a bigger bite out of taxpayers wallets from so-called congestion pricing to taxing grocery bags. is it too much already for new yorkers already suffering from some of the highest taxes in the nation? >> bill: mark zuckerberg calling for government regulations of facebook and other social media outlets. why would he support that?
7:23 am
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>> bill: new york is about to see taxes go higher. the state passed a congestion pricing plan over the weekend and a progressive new budget. taxes on deluxe homes over $3 million. new sales tax to support mass transit, which is the subway system. charles payne is here. so go ahead and give us your assessment of what albany is up to. >> spending a lot of money and they've looked under any cushion they could find. sofa cushion, car seat. i find interesting we'll tax people who drive into work into the city to fix the subway.
7:28 am
that's progressive. that's fair. a billion dollars. you just keep going through the different niches out there where you think there is money. if someone can afford in from new jersey the tolls alone tell you they must make a certain amount of money. go back to the well again. $10 to drive in in addition. the good news it starts before 2021. a lot of people have time to decide if they want to move. >> bill: $10 to drive into manhattan. a plastic bag ban that will put an optional 5 cent paper bag tax. internet sales tax, new york sales tax on all online purchases. reaching every pocket they can. >> there will be -- doing some other progressive things. cash bail system they'll get rid of that, three hours you can get paid for three hours on election day, go out and vote. they didn't provide that legal marijuana which some people
7:29 am
thought. taxes on second homes for the wealthy. they're reaching. it's another one of these big city tax plans that ultimately i don't see how it helps build the city. it is not pro-growth. where can we find money? in many instances where we can deter people from wanting to come to the city? >> julie: i'm curious about the backlash. it could backfire if you think about it. they have congestion taxes on shared vehicles and all the taxis and all the car services in the city. it's like $2.75 extra. now they have this other surcharge for people who are hard working people in the tristate area that come into new york city. what if all the people were to move into new york city? they tried to relieve congestion, right? now you are telling people it is too expensive to commute and now we might have an overpopulation issue which erases the congestion tax. it makes no sense. >> also the congestion tax
7:30 am
should help a lyft and ubers. we need a one-day course. i love the gig economy and the hustle but don't stop in the middle of the street. the lyft guys are slowing down and you're behind them and they stop. hold on. is this the right street? no. move over. move over. but to your point it is destructive, not creative. >> bill: the tax plan passed by republicans said to be penal toward blue states and many thought they would go in a different direction. they're piling on. >> >> new jersey and connecticut will pile that they don't know how -- no creative way for them to stay in office after making
7:31 am
the promises that they've made to get into office to ever go back and say let's do it in a smart way. where we'll attract business or well-heeled people that live in our cities. so it is a tough one. this is one that's really aimed at people who are making pretty good money who work in new york city but perhaps don't live here and punishing them. >> julie: we just got punished for owning real estate and now this. >> it's a pile on will continue. millions of people have left new york and new jersey in the last decade. >> julie: many people trying to toss out obamacare entirely. do they have a plan to replace it? there is this out of syria. >> [inaudible] >> bill: fox news has been able to contact the so-called isis bride you saw on camera there. left america to join the terror
7:32 am
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>> trial court judge ruled that obamacare was entirely unconstitutional. that's not the court's fault. that's the democrat's fault. president obama's fault for passing and signing a piece of legislation that violates the constitution. we're trying to fix that. don't tell me we're taking action to try to kick people off healthcare. that's not correct. what we're trying to do is pass a piece of legislation that meets the requirements of the united states constitution. >> julie: mick mulvaney defending the trump administration's efforts to get rid of obamacare. marc siegel wrote that obamacare is broken and we should fix it. dr. siegel joins us now. aca, one size fits all doesn't work that way in the medical field. >> exactly. i don't think this is going away, this law. i'm not an attorney but serverability will allow even if it gets to the supreme court there are certain statutes can stay, others can go.
7:37 am
that's what will happen. the medicaid expansion will stay. the state exchanges will stay. the problem with the state exchanges, though t problem with obamacare is that the mandate caused you to have to buy an insurance that was one size fits all, highly expensive, that was an overstuffed policy that covered 10 benefits and the government had to zoom in and subsidize it so people could afford it. people took the penalty. it never worked. every en the obamacare architects said the individual mandate is not working. now that it's gone what will replace it? i say obamacare will stay. aca will stay. what will replace it? more choice. as usual, partisan politics ignores the fact that bringing in skinny plans, association plans, businesses that group up that have plans, churches that have plans, you guys are extreme athletes. big athletes. julie, you've damaged your knee. you had an elegant operation done. i had an insurance policy that
7:38 am
would have said julie banderas is a crazy skier and ends up tearing up the knee i want a policy that covers it. bill hemmer goes all over the world golfing. you get more people into the insurance people. they say i want that pollz. i want a policy that covers my golfing injures east. that's how it works. you have more people in the pool and it brings down the cost of healthcare. more choice brings down the cost. >> bill: you write obamacare mandate an insurance model that's obsolete. what do you replace it with? >> it's obsolete for the reasons i've just said. one size fits all. the future is innovation. the future is new treatments like immunotherapy that doesn't fit everybody. somebody has cancer, god forbid, somebody has been a smoerk and get cancer, i can engineer their cells and bioengineer and put them in for hundreds of thousands of dollars. we need payment plans and insurance geared to cover that.
7:39 am
if it works we reimburse. if it doesn't work, we don't reimburse. that's where we have to go. one last thing. trump administration price transparency. we want to know what we're paying for, another good idea coming out of the administration. >> bill: growing firestorm in chicago. the police union will protest outside the state's attorneys office. jesse jackson has an opposite rally. we'll take you there as our coverage continues on that coming up.
7:40 am
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>> bill: good morning. want to start this hour fox news alert dueling rallies in downtown chicago amid the jussie smollett fallout. the first one kicking off this hour. jesse jackson is leading it supporting the prosecutor's decision to drop charges. meanwhile an hour from now chicago police will hold their own rally protesting against the prosecutor. get a live report. matt finn is working the story for us today in a moment. fox news alert on a #metoo era controversy for former vice president joe biden as he goes on the defensive. good morning. hope you had a great weekend. new week begins now. bill hemmer live in new york. >> julie: you didn't get the memo. we're done. only two hours. april fool's, sorry, hour free. i'm julie banderas for sandra smith. biden leading among candidates in polls despite not officially being in the race yet and now responding to accusation fres a former nevada state assembly woman claiming she felt
7:44 am
violated after an encounter at a 2014 campaign rally. >> this is about context and understanding that there is a very, very powerful man that he is the second most powerful man in the united states at the time, and i was a candidate and i was not expecting him to touch me in that kind of an intimate way and to kiss me and regardless of what his motivation was, there was no personal relationship there. >> julie: peter doocy is live in washington >> joe biden is not saying sorry for having a style that involves a lot of touching. instead the former vice president tells us in a statement this, in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expression of affection, support and comfort not once, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i
7:45 am
will listen respectfully but it was never my intention. the former vice president is saying that, current white house officials are telling joe biden that times have changed. >> i think joe biden has a big problem here because he calls it affection and handshakes. his party calls it completely inappropriate. >> not everybody agrees. stephanie carter, who is famously photographed having her shoulders held by biden when her husband ash carter was sworn in as defense secretary. let me state upfront i don't know here but i support her right to speak her truth and she should be believed but her story is not mine. the joe biden in my picture is a close friend helping someone get through a big day for which i will always be grateful. joe biden still hasn't announced his candidacy for president and now his potential competitors are taking his
7:46 am
accuser's side. >> do you think it disqualifies him for the presidency? >> he will decide whether he is going the run or not. the american people, if he does, will decide whether they support him or not. >> i have no reason not to believe lucy. i think what this speaks to is the need to fundamentally change the culture of this country. >> i believe lucy flores. and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> eight democratic presidential candidates will be addressing the we the people summit in washington, d.c. today. we should know later on this morning how big an issue they all want to make the accusations against joe biden. >> julie: peter doocy in washington thank you. >> bill: bring in bill mcgurn from the "wall street journal." nice to see you. what do you think joe biden does here? >> it's a very bad time for him for this to be coming out. he looks like he is on the verge of announcing he will run for president.
7:47 am
so he is going to have to push that off. i think they're waiting to see if other women will come forward. >> bill: here is a real clear politics about the presidential candidates. joe biden clocked in very well. he is almost 30% compared to bernie at about 22%. >> the problem is he has to live by the rules of the modern democratic party and one of those rules is believe the women and also the other problem that joe biden has is whether or not what he did was appropriate. there are all these pictures of him with his arms on women and so forth. so it is just, i think, going to be an awkward question for him. >> bill: biden has been warned by advisors that his past statements and actions, including his long history of hugging and showing affection to women, to your point, would face fresh scrutiny in a 2020 campaign. even before flores made her allegations some democrats were for this moment, end quote.
7:48 am
how does that moment look now? >> i think there is a cloud over it. she has been quite forceful of this. mrs. carter, the wife of the former defense secretary has said that the photo of herself with joe biden wasn't like this. but because one person says this incident didn't happen or wasn't -- didn't happen the way it's being portrayed doesn't mean that's true of all the other incidents. i think this is a problem democrats have. in some sense it's at least on paper joe biden would be one of the most formidable opponents to donald trump but i think you are going to see this kind of identity politics and the #metoo movement come back and it will be -- it is unclear to me how many can survive that. i believe bernie sanders has questions about his campaign team as well. so is there anyone that is going to be unscathed? >> stephanie carter with the swearing in of her husband ash carter as defense secretary.
7:49 am
the image. she went online over the weekend and said that the picture was extracted from what was a longer moment between close friends and defended their relationship with the bideens. kind of touching
7:50 am
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