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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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reporter going viral for not so stealthy escape during a live shot. she stepped in front of the camera as sky news takes a shot at the prime minister arriving at the prime minister's house. rather than stepping aside she drops. 5,000 likes on twitter. jillian: have a good day. ♪ it's a good morning ♪ good morning ♪ steve: what a scarwhat a day tot the day. it's tuesday. ainsley: three hours of a great show. brian: was that show written for us? sounds like a morning show open? who sang that song? steve: sounds like good morning america. brian: really? wow. steve: it's "fox & friends." ainsley: first time i heard it i thought the same thing. nope, being used somewhere else. steve: welcome aboard. it's "fox & friends," cable
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number one news show. crisis at our southern border and it is getting worse according to the secretary of the department of homeland security. ainsley: kirstjen nielsen saying so bad we're going to accelerate our plan and send more folks down to the border to help more patrol agents. she is implementing this emergency surge operation. brian: they are already talking about a czar for the border. with kirstjen nielsen's things to do list involves everything from terror, everything involved with our security. not just border. i think they got to do this border czar. they are talking about ken cuccinelli. ainsley: kris kobach. steve: tom homan. brian: border patrol agent. ainsley: commissioner. brian: he says the crisis at our border is worsening and do everything to end it we will not stand idolly by why congress stands by again. all hands on the table we will immediately deploy
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hundreds of cbp personnel to the border to respond emergency. reinforce additional reinforcements from within dhs and the interagency. and we will require those seeking to enter the united states to wait in mexico until an immigration court has reviewed their claims. no signs we are shutting down the border. steve: important part anxiously was talking about, this surge take 750 people who are in other places and put them where there are no brls. speaking of the border wall. the president is going to go down to calexico on friday. it will be his felt visit. he is going to take a look at 30-foot section of the border wall that has a plaque on it says first completed portion of the border wall of president donald trump. ainsley: brief him and take that tour to see the wall that has been erected there. you mentioned the three individuals that have been leaked that the president is considering for immigration
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czar at the border. one of those names is tom homan. tom homan was the ice director and now the guy ron vitiello acting director on the border. he says this is just overwhelming. listen. >> it's terrible. we are facing an unprecedented, unmitigated crisis on the southwest border. it's unprecedented territory we are in. thousands of people coming to the border every single 24 hours and not enough capacity in any of the systems designed to enforce the law and to protect people at the border. there is not enough resources in any of these categories. it's absolutely a crisis down there. we need to patrol that border and we need to have an immigration system that has integrity and right now every part of the system is overwhelmed. steve: exactly. that's why the president is talking about if things don't get better with mexico and mexico starts cooperating we are going to shut down our southern border. there are all sorts of stories in the news today that talk about if the president were going to do that we will run out of
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avocados in three weeks. brian: such mutual pain i'm sure the president is frustrated in saying it. could see this similar to the 35 day shutdown. you understand why the president is doing it and you understand his frustration and what the need for the wall was. but there is very little-ly to is such mutual pain that goes along with it. steve: it's in the negotiation. brian: i hardly believe he will actually go through with it meanwhile griff jenkins is going to be live in mcallen, texas, going to be there tomorrow morning. that's arguably as bad as it is anywhere in the country and griff will be there. ainsley: he speaks a little spanish. he gets right in there and talks to the folks what their needs are and why they are leaving their countries to come to ours. let's go capitol hill because the attorney general said is he going to release the report in the middle of april. that's not good enough for the democrats they set a deadline. steve: they want the whole thing. ainsley: they want it unredacted. demanding the complete without redaction and access to evidence.
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brian: makes no sense. you are getting it in two weeks what's the difference? he says he is not going to do it. i understand making a stand. not only do you look like a hypocrite from previous stand if you can't wait 10 days to get security to clear it and redactions to be effectively put in it, what is your problem. ainsley: they want to change the narrative. find a little here and a little there and change the narrative. steve: doj is going through what why law can we release. we can't release grand jury stuff and national secret stuff. nonetheless, that's what the democrats are pushing for. why are the republicans hiding it? they are hiding it because it's the law. jerry nadler said this yesterday as i made clear congress requires a full and complete special counsel report without redaction as well as access to the underlying evidence. attorney general should reconsider so that we can work together to ensure the maximum transparency of this important report to both congress and the american people. so he wants transparency.
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brian: is he getting it. steve: 21 years ago on september 9th, 1998, the day the ken starr released the starr report jerry nadler. ainsley: sat on that same committee. steve: went onto the charlie rose show and he said exactly the opposite of what he is saying today. watch this. >> as a matter of decency and protecting people's privacy rights, people who may be totally innocent third parties what must mouth be released at all. it's grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses, salacious material. all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. ainsley: that just proves it's political. brian: the stuff with the star report was so salacious and hard to explain to children what bill clinton had done and apologized for. he said let's not release this in mass.
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let's be mart about when we release a report. as soon as it was done, they stapled it and handed it out and people reading this oh my goodness why do we know all of this? both parties got together and said let's do this in a measured way after it gets redacted and security cleared. steve: something else he did on that show i believe is he was complaining that president clinton would not get a sneak peek at the review because apparently the president and his team wanted to see the ken starr report two days before but the republicans said no. ainsley, to your point, all the narrative, that's what kim strassel says she agrees with you. ainsley: listen. >> the results in the report was that there was no evidence of collusion or coordination, no conspiracy and there is not going to be any obstruction charges brought as the attorney general made clear. so, they are in the clear. and i think that is why you see democrats so sour and
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making these crazy allegations they have nothing left. why you also see that barr turn over unredacted copy of this report to them first. they want to take a big here or there, leak a juicy tid bit and try to craft a new narrative. >> keep it going. >> the overall conclusion doesn't help. brian: they love this story. they also want in the resolution that they are going to offer a subpoena as early as tomorrow. i'm sure william barr is going to go no, i told you i'm giving it to new 1 10 i do days. i'm going to wait until it's security cleared. don mcgahn and hope hicks and reince priebus to all go and testify. go ahead. we have been through this a million times. they have been through this a million times. corey lewandowski says showing up if you ask me. i already talked to congress seven times. i'm not doing it again. meanwhile some reporters are being somewhat reflective about what they have been harping on over the last two years and understanding where they might have gone
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wrong. sean hilling, a fox reporter. steve: he was interviewing matt tlaib from rolling stone. he said the rolling stone speck tack kepple was the worse media fail in the history of journalism. they are doing an interview with each other it came become they could not deal with the fact that donald trump won. ainsley: this was their conversation the vox reporter. he said a lot of people simply did not want to believe that trump was a legitimate president. this vulgar and this dishonest could win a presidential election. the misbelief and emotional disbelief of and the emotional devastation
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brian: i alleged a this something else goes with this. the "wall street journal" has a report out today the president's approval rating has stayed steady in almost historic fashion no matter what happens good or bad for the president. his base does not move. between 40 and 46%. no one has seen. this. ainsley: these reporters have to start talking about this. for two years it was collusion, collusion, collusion. comes down that there wasn't collusion. i was surprised how self-aware they were. i was shocked to read that. brian: these two anyway. steve: explanation a lot. they could not take the fact that donald trump won so he didn't win fairly, so it had to be the -- brian: if you are a democrat, this is the most therapeutic smartest thing. 2016 was legitimate how do we win in 2020 instead of saying that was aberration
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and tweeted because you are going to get hammered again in 2020 because is he bigger and stronger than he was four years ago. easier the next four years than it was the first four. steve: we have howard schultz on the program today. he would like to be your next president. is he a democrat and he used to run starbucks. ainsley: right now we have jillian in the house. hey, jillian. brian: who goes to starbucks. so ironic. jillian: i don't. brian: you don't? jillian: i make it at home. ainsley: saving money. jillian: exactly. update on a story we told you yesterday. sad story. we know the names of two marine pilots killed in a helicopter crash. major matthew wiggins and travis died in a training mission in arizona. brait'sflags will fly at half-sf today in their honor. the murdered south carolina
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college student will be laid to rest tomorrow as we learn she was stabbed to death. an autopsy revealing the chilling details of samantha josephson's final moments. nathaniel roll land stabbed the 21-year-old multiple times after she got into his car thinking it was an uber. roll land is facing murder and kidnapping charges. the president's son in law fighting back over security clearance. >> over last two years i have been here i have been accused all kinds of different things and all those things turned out to be false. jillian: comes in response to a white house whistleblower who said the president granted clearance to at least 25 people who were initially denied. annual emotional and patriotic surprise after two students lead their school in the pledge of allegiance. watch this. welcome home sergeant.
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jillian: sergeant will watson returning home to texas surprising his kids after a year in africa. the year on their faces says it all. send it back to you. >> a year. that always amazes me. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: broken healthcare system how do we fix it? bernie sanders says he has the solution. >> healthcare is a right. medicare for all. single pair program. guaranteed to all people as a right. steve: sounds great on the campaign trail. can it actually work? our next guest says no way and he has the numbers to prove it right back. you are watching "fox & friends." it's tuesday, april 2nd. ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born santa anita free ♪
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cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted
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for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, part d drug coverage to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first.
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>> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ >> healthcare to all people as a right, not a privilege. medicare for all single pair program. >> healthcare is a right. it has to be publicly funded. it has to be comprehensive. steve: 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders ramping up calls medicare for all but our next guest says there is no guarantee that healthcare providers will accept big pay cuts and accept more bureaucracy as well. look into what needs to be
3:18 am
done for healthcare for everybody. day two of our series assistant editorial of the "wall street journal" page and fox news contributor james freeman. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: veto on his healthcare plan after the 2020 election. but before the 2020 election. bernie wants this to be a referendum on medicare for all. >> yeah. we have got a very clear contrast coming up if bernie sanders or one of the medicare for all, quote, unquote, supporters is the opponent. you have trump saying let's create more individual choice, more affordable options and you have bernie with a plan for government health insurance for the entire country. there is no more private health insurance under bernie sanders' plan. no more private healthcare plan. so it is a nationalized government health system. steve: $32 trillion is what the estimated cost is over 10 years. >> right. steve: medicare for all. here's the thing. this takes a lot of
3:19 am
assumptions into consideration like will doctors and nurses be willing to say you're right, i'm going to work for a lot less money going forward? >> yeah. this is the -- one of the huge questions about this plan. 32.6 trillion is an enormous amount of money. it's probably a low ball estimate because it does assume, when you get rid of private insurance, that you can ratchet everyone down in terms of providers to low rates. maybe 40% lower so the question that's raised is are doctors and nurses going to want to keep practice practi. experience running in the u.k. the national health service there, a government single payer system and what we're seeing is lots of reports out of the british press about chronic shortages of staff. steve: people are quitting left and right. >> right. doctors can't afford to make contributions to the pension system. nurses are quitting and patients are suffering as a
3:20 am
result. steve: that's a cautionary tale for the united states. big thing is, james when you look at the polls. people like the idea of medicare for all. hey, that's great. >> that's why they call it medicare for all. even though medicare goes away. this is one government plan that will cover everyone. but the reason bernie calls it medicare for all is that does pretty well in polling. if you say to people single pair healthcare or a government run insurance plan, people don't like it. the wholesales pitch is premised on calling it something it's not. medicare goes away under this program. steve: i think when you call it government-run healthcare that just scares people. >> and it should. that's what we are seeing overseas and that's what we can expect here. steve: james freeman from the "wall street journal." >> thanks, steve. steve: 2020 democrats kicking off a big conference with this chant. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. >> it's our duty to fight
3:21 am
for our freedom. >> it's our duty to win. >> it is our duty to win. steve: one problem. those are the words of a convicted cop killer. david webb on the growing outrage coming up next. ♪ i can't take it anymore and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... ♪ rakuten oh!
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3:25 am
against cutting splimps funding. brian? brian: growing outrage 2020 democrats kicked off with a cop killer's rallying cry. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. >> it's our duty to fight for our freedom. >> it's our duty to win. >> it is our duty to win. >> we have nothing to lose but our shame. >> shakur also known as john shepard escaped from prison after being escaped and currently terrorists. here with reaction is david webb host of reality check david webb on fox nation and chesimard i should say that's assada shakur's other name. the tone and tenure must attend for presidential candidates. >> must attend for them. let me remind everyone it was barack obama who put her on that top ten list.
3:26 am
this is someone who murdered warner forester a new jersey state officer and corker stood on that stage among the democrats who either agree or are afraid set top of the coward's list for that event. how does he expect law enforcement in new jersey to support him, the state he represents and to law enforcement in new jersey, do you support someone who doesn't object what cop killer in your state is actually quoted on that same presidential stage. brian: if you look from a pure election side, one of the main reasons donald trump won was because black communities stayed home, did not vote for hillary clinton for the most part. so they have got to get out. that's why they would think if i'm going to win i have to go there and maximize the black vote. >> well, it's also an assumption that blacks don't know any better because you have their back by the democrats. first of all, it's the soft bigotry of low expectations.
3:27 am
you go to black communities, did you go to any community in america. if you are doing better economically, if you are doing and you are under this president, then you're going to consider who got you there. and that's something that republicans shouldn't under estimate in the black community. go to the churches, go to the community centers, talk to people. they are working and they expect to be in that job next year and the following year. that's one of the president's big wins. it's when the people win. brian: you also bring up the fact that contrast to that happening yesterday, the president is having his first step act. introducing the second step act for criminal justifiable reform. that's happening at the white house. so, the president is actually doing something not talking about doing something in a way in which has even gotten van jones' attention. >> what trump has done which is significant, many issues, he has taken typically democrat wedge issues that they use on people and against voters and he takes them and does something about them. so the administration
3:28 am
deserves a lot of credit for going in to these issues and saying we're going to do something about it. the guy is a pragmatist. he sees a problem. he says how do we fix the problem? you look at the cabinet secretaries, look at the people around him. they are getting things done. look what ben carson is doing throughout the black community. look at the opportunities zones. the envision centers. 13 federal agencies working together under one approach which is how do we solve a problem of poverty. not just for blacks, by the way. but for everyone across america. whether it's appalachia. brian: other things when it comes to jewish community. there is no democratic candidate that's ever gotten less than 60% from the american jewish community. have you linda i -- she is there, does that push people to the republican side? >> if it doesn't push them right away. i have a question for them, when do you draw the line
3:29 am
when democrat presidents or presidential hopefuls go to linda sarsour to expect her support? look, i have a old saying. i will say this to the jewish community and jewish donors. if the enemy is the gun, don't buy them the bullets. havyou have a known anti-semite. a known terrorist sympathizer linda sarsour and jewish donors give to the party that goes on bended knee to her? i mean, come on, really? this is practical politics at its best. brian: all right. what about some of the chants that were going on yesterday? >> it's not that it's not expected, brian. my question is when do these candidates stand up and saying we are running to be president of all of america, not just this segment right now that we need to keep where we need them for votes. and i go back to the soft bigotry of low expectations. do americans think so little of themselves that someone of that character who cannot
3:30 am
represent all americans is going to represent them? brian: all right. thanks so much. david webb, appreciate it. >> good to see you. brian: 30 minutes before the top of the hour. have you heard this? james comey says we need someone in the middle so he is hitting the road in 2020 or is he. another mysterious tweet on april fool's day. ♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪
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♪ that's love ♪ that's right ♪ gotta love this american ride ♪ steve: attention avenues of the america this is your 6:30 wake-up call. it's "fox & friends." let's talk a little bit now about how the institute of politics at harvard university has done a poll and you would think that
3:34 am
people diveent ages of 18 and 29 would be interested in the young candidates running for president. but, as it turns out. they are more interested in experience than youth. ainsley: and name recognition. 31% of them said if the vote were today they would vote for bernie sanders. brian: a lot haven't made up their mind yet. joe biden has 20%. one of the few polls i have seen without him on top. beto o'rourke has 10%. harris 5%. elizabeth warren just fired her finance guy or he just quit has 4%. corker icory booker is 3% with n the filibuster speech andrew yang and amy klobuchar. will eric swalwell is getting in and biden evidently in axios today says full steam ahead despite the controversy.
3:35 am
ainsley: i wonder what changed in 2016 bernie sanders polled 2% in the youth vote now he is getting 31%. steve: when it comes to young mental, whites and college students, bernie is the leader at this point in time. dan bongino says look, we are still a long ways away from november of 2020. and the road from here to there will be a blood bath he says. >> joe biden is going to be the one with the name i.d. and joe biden is the one who would give us some trouble in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. this is going to be a blood bath. you know, donald trump is going to coast on the republican side. there is no serious contender. let's be clear on that. the democrat side these women all want to be women. they don't care who they leave waste when they are doing. this. brian: blood bath. actually just reported this morning joe biden's advisors believe that bernie sanders behind all these new allegations coming out about inappropriate touching from
3:36 am
joe biden. ainsley: right. brian: game on two. frontrunners going at it. steve: then when you look at the person who is in last place in that pete buttigieg. the mayor of the great city of south bend, indiana, is he absolutely exploded on social media axios actually talks about that brian. he is in addition to the fact that he was hazed $7 million since january. he has added so many new instagram people and twitter followers. second, i think, only to beto. nonetheless, is he somebody to watch. ainsley: something else to watch. remember when james comey he tweeted out that photo of him in the trees in the middle of the woods. steve: so many questions. ainsley: he tweeted out another picture yesterday on april fools of him standing in the middle of the road and it says i'm in. we need someone in the middle. #2020. steve: is that one of the images he took in iowa when he was there a number of months back? who knew james comey had such a great sense of humor?
3:37 am
additionally, he said but could you imagine a president who used this website to make dad jokes rather than to hurl insults. happy april fools, #vote dem 2020. brian: james comey only one check a box to vote against. democrats and republicans agree on this. they want him to go away. ainsley: is he known for dad jokes on twitter account? wouldn't it be saying if i were the president and made the dad jokes unlike this president and this administration. brian: most wonderful artistic shots i have ever seen on instagram. ainsley: that's what i said on instagram. i love this picture where can i use it? i will use it today and come up with a headline. steve: turns out he has a pretty good sense of humor. ainsley: yeah, pretty funny. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us. jillian: good morning. hello. an american born woman turned isis bride sits down
3:38 am
one-on-one with fox news. hoda muthana is buying to come back to the wuss her young son saying her religion forced her to run away to syria. > jillian: president trump says muthana is not allowed back into the u.s. the behavior baltimore is taking a leave of absence to recover from pneumonia. the announcement coming the same day catherine was imimindicated in a scandal involving her children's book deal. wants to investigate the democratic mayor after she sold thousands of her healthy holly book to the medical certain. pugh member of the board calls the decision a regrettable mistake. the host of inside edition reveals she is fighting thyroid cancer. an eagle eyed viewer may
3:39 am
have saved her life. >> inside edition viewer reached out to say she had seen something on my neck. it was a lump. the doctor says it's a very localized form of cancer. if you believe in prayer, please say one for me and for my surgeon. jillian: norville will undergo surgery to have the lump removed she won't need chemo or radiation. they are going to need a lot of substitutes. nearly half the teachers in kansas are having babies this year. luckily their pregnancies are spread out enough where all seven women won't be on maternity leave at the same time. can you imagine? two of the babies were born last month. but six more will be here by september. and we say congrats to all of them. ainsley: that's wonderful. sorry for debra norville she is really amazing person. steve: amaze ago viewer started it. brian: speaking of amazing people. janice dean qualifies as amazing.
3:40 am
janice: brian i do, owe you coffee this morning? brian: yes, you do. janice: it's on me. thanks for coffee this morning. imagine that thank you, brian and steve and ainsley. compliments for everyone. take a look at the maps. it's a little warminge little wt was yesterday. 31 in minneapolis. 51 in new orleans. so, we are watching this area of low pressure that is developing across the southeast coast. it is, we think, going become a bomb cyclone in the next couple of hours. the good news though it is remain offshore. it's going to be a very strong storm system. it's going to bring the potential for some rain and snow along the new england coast line and very gusty winds. we are going to watch this next system move in from the rockies and bring the potential for more heavy rain and perhaps some severe weather tomorrow across the southern plains so you can see where the heavy rain fall is, we could see the potential for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. and then some snow across
3:41 am
the rockies and more heavy rain along the west coast it will be 50 today in new york with mostly sunny skies. that bomb cyclone is going to remain offshore. we will see some gusty winds along the cape across new england. and then our next developing storm system across the central u.s., more heavy rain for the coast. there are your flood advisories as we go through the next several days and, you know, this is going to be a big story for the mississippi river valley. the missouri river valley as we have already seen historic rainfall. we will keep you posted. all right. hope you enjoy the coffee on jd this morning. steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: keep us running this morning. steve: "fox & friends" runs on dunkin' today courtesy of janice dean the coffee machine. ainsley: is this cup number two for you? steve: actually this is cup number two. ainsley: there will be more. attorney general barr expected to make the mueller report available in a matter of weeks. it's not good enough for the house democrats. they want it now. they want it unredacted or
3:42 am
they are going to slap them with subpoenas. steve: the judge says if they do that, they will regret it. ainsley: is it legal? do they have to hand it over? we have questions for you. ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ in the new york groove ♪ in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make-or-break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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jillian: good morning 20u, quick headlines caught on camera. a man steals an ambulance and crashes into parked cars. >> i got here and i seen it i was like oh my gosh. >> yeah, the man then gets out and runs. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation in north carolina. wow. and a driver going 80 miles per hour flies through a round about and crashes. sparks flying from the car before it slams into a taco
3:46 am
bell. driver now charged with dwi. and this driver has no tire, no license, but she did have a margarita in her cup holder. police say amy dillon was driving three times the legal limit and could barely stand. yikes, that's not smart. steve: okay. thank you very much, jillian. house democrats expected to vote to authorize subpoenas to get the complete unredacted mueller report. brian: here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge napolitano. judge, what's the rush? they will get it in 10 days, roughly. why do they need it tomorrow? judge: i don't know, brian. actually today. brian: subpoena is tomorrow, right? >> because they don't expect it 20 come today. last week they said to attorney general barr thank you for your four-page summary of bob mueller's conclusions we want the full report and we want it on april 2 ndz. aassuming it's not going to come together. the process of redacting and covering over material that
3:47 am
can't be released about more in a minute is tedious and consumes a lot of time. steve: they don't want to make a mistake. >> right. tomorrow they will serve a subpoena. the subpoena is for the full report without the redactions. when the subpoena arrives, the attorney general can ignore it knowing him i don't think he will. he will say we are not going to comply or go to a federal judge and move to quash the subpoena and the whole thing will go from cock to the federal judge. why are things redacted? there are some things in there that the attorney general under the law cannot legally release. and that's called, you are going to hear this all over the place the next three weeks. 6 e? what is 6 e? federal rules of criminal procedure which basically says if the government has materials about a person who is not being charged, can't release them. steve: right. >> who famously violated 6 e? jim comey when he said we are not going to charge mrs. clinton but by the way here is the evidence we have against her. bill barr is not going to
3:48 am
make the same mistake. there are other things in there he can't release. he can't release materials about ongoing investigations, classified materials. disputes among prosecutors as to the meaning of the law. so if there is 400 pages in there, expect nearly half of them. and there may be other people in there that we don't know about. remember, bob mueller indicted 37 people. and probably investigated. ainsley: 500 interviews. >> judge: he probably investigated more than that many of them were not indicted. ainsley: why we issue subpoenas for the five other people? steve: fishing. >> steve is right. i know why don mcgahn because he was the white house counsel during this time period and may be familiar with a lot of these things. the democrats want to know what is in there that is negative about the president but not negative enough to meet the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt the prosecutors have to meet. brian: why do they need to
3:49 am
know that. >> they don't need to know it they want to know it for political reasons. this is not a legal argument this is now a political argue. steve: if jerry nadler wants unredacted copy of the mueller report. it's easy. just change the law. you have to change the law. >> or persuade a federal judge. here's the troublesome issue for the president. persuading federal judge that on balance the public's right to know what bob mueller found out about donald trump is greater than donald trump's right to privacy because the president says release it all. i don't care. i have nothing to hide that could be considered a waiver of his right to privacy. depends on how a federal judge. steve: grand jury. >> it would effect about grand jury about him. not about others. let's just say somebody was investigated whose name we don't know and there is negative stuff in there and they decided not to indict. that has to be kept secret. but, brian, if the whole report comes out, even that won't satisfy the house judiciary.
3:50 am
they will then want the underlying documents. do you know how many of those there are? brian: millions. >> stone, 2 million pages of documents. white house to bob mueller, 1.4 million pages of documents. ainsley: they already said they want access to all the evidence. steve: fisa application. >> because, right. in certain respects, not feis they want tfisa. ainsley: 10 minutes to the top of the hour. college student murdered after getting into a car she thought was an uber. how can you stay safe when using ride apps. that's next. bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them.
3:51 am
but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
3:52 am
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3:54 am
police say the university of south carolina student her name is samantha josephson was murdered with multiple sharp force injuries we are hearing she was stabbed to death after she got into the murderer's car, thinking it was her uber. this tragedy shining a light on the dangers involved with ride sharing services like uber and like lyft. so what do you need to know to defend yourself to keep yourself safe? here with safety tips is former west chester county police sergeant steve cardian. thank you for being with us again. this story, everyone is talking about it. it hits home for me. i went to this university. i grew up in this town. and all of my family, friends talking about it, it's gotten a lot of national attention we can all relate to this. we do ride sharing services august the time. >> all of us do. the problem one of the problems stems from how they hire the drivers. the industry standards are not up to what the taxi and limousine. ainsley: should you get the more expensive car then those are professional drivers. >> ride sharing it doesn't
3:55 am
make a difference. they are doing online searches to do barack ground investigations. you can get an uber app. in 24 hours. the industry needs to police itself. technology companies they have to use technology. ainsley: go through some of the safety tips if you are in this position do you do. >> you call for the uber. if you can wait for people stay with people be with people. when the car arrives make sure have you already looked at it you know what the license plate is you know what the make and model of the car is once have you established that you go over to the rear passenger side door. ainsley: why rear? why passenger side? >> you want to be away from the driver. you want to be able to see his face. if you walk to the other side. you open that up and say who are you here for if they say it's your name, it's your car, if they don't say your name or wrong name it's not your car. do not get in under any circumstances. ainsley: i have gotten in the uber before i say it doesn't match the license plate he says i'm driving someone else's car today. >> don't get in the car. ainsley: i shouldn't have done that.
3:56 am
>> somebody will lend their app. to a friend. the friend commits a crime. ainsley: a lot of people commute and live long island and come into the city to work. they fall asleep in the car on the way here. shouldn't do that, right? >> that's one of the no-nos. before -- once you get in the car. if you know something is wrong. you want to automatically demand let me out of car. let me out now. become a hard target if you can't dial 911. don't fall asleep in the bacbackseat. you are giving him more isolation and control. have you no control over what he is doing in that time period while you were sleeping. dial 911 and let somebody know you are in trouble. fight back if you have to ferociously. ainsley: let somebody know where you are. share the ride information. turn your location services on. stay safe and follow your gut. >> if you are taken from here to there, it's unforgiving. ainsley: all right. god bless those parents. thank you so much, steve for being with us. urgent warning at the white house the crisis at the border is getting worse and homeland security is taking
3:57 am
major action to stop it. we are live down in washington at the top of the hour. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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4:00 am
♪ i don't want to work ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ i don't. steve: ed to rundgren has been down in the village. absolute favorite song of all time. favorite song that he did that i love is hello it's me. ainsley: how does it go. steve: hello, it's me. [buzzer] ainsley: i think it's me you are looking for. brian: he is considered a musical genius and good to see he is still around. steve: indeed. brian: we have a lot to discuss stowed considering what happens with 2020 continues to rage on and what happens at our border crazy thing unforced controversy with the mueller probe. meanwhile, the crisis at our border is worsening.
4:01 am
that's the message from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. steve: 750 more agents will be heading to the border amid the migrant surge that border agents say is out of hand -- out of control. ainsley: that's what they are saying. kevin corke is at the white house where the trump administration is clamping down on illegal immigration. hi, kevin. >> got to do something about this. not just talking about lots of people coming here and then claiming asylum. we are talking about a major issue for the border states and the communities that are right there. let me share part of the statement from kirstjen nielsen the homeland security secretary reads in part: we will not stand idlely by while congress fails to act again. all options are on the table. we will immediately redeploy hundreds of cbp personnel to respond to this emergency. finally i should point this out. people are saying it's an emergency not just a humanitarian crisis and not just a security crisis, it's
4:02 am
an all out emergency along our border. sharing that mindset is the president'sson jared katyusha neuropathy who had a conversation with yesterday. >> one of the things i love about the president he doesn't hide from problems. when there is a problem he makes people confront the problem. is he creative about ways he will look to find a solution. >> okay. so you heard him say it right there creative in a way he is trying to find a solution to the problem. well, a lot of congressional lawmakers who still insist it's not a problem or at least not so much that they need to do things that the trump administration is trying to do. we are going to have the democratic perspective on this story coming up 8:00 hour. as can you well imagine, as the the president prepares to make his way to the border, is he deadly serious about doing something about the crisis. guys. steve: he sin deed. thank you very much, kevin. it will be the president's fifth trip to the border. this time he is going to survey that 30-foot chunk of border wall that was finished in october that's got a plaque on it that says this is the first completed
4:03 am
section of border wall during the administration of donald j. trump. ainsley: going to calexico on friday. he will have the round table discussion with law enforcement and then he will have the briefing and then he will see the wall. six visits since he has been president. brian: i don't understand because the wall is the most controversial part about illegal immigration. there should be no reason that in 2019 that democrats and republicans can't get together to address something that even jeh johnson, the obama administration homeland security secretary says is a crisis and the numbers are going to come in today, i imagine about how many illegals actually came into our country in march. last month it was 76,000. this is probably going to be over 100,000. we are heading over to about 1 million. mark morgan used to do this as former obama border patrol chief and says this is out of control. >> intelligence and information will show and statistics show they are coming here for two reasons and the majority of these
4:04 am
reasons economic equality. the stats show the amount of asylum claims actually found to be not valid. and you are absolutely right. incentives to come here are overwhelming. they are willing to take this dangerous trek because they know grab a kid, set one foot on american soil and you are allowed into the united states really to remain here unchecked. steve: in addition to dispatching the so-called surge of agents to our southern border, kirstjen nielsen is also talking about expanding the plan to return the migrants to mexico to wait for their court dates, rather than waiting here in the united states whereas we heard from many border patrol officials, they seem to just melt into society and never come back to court in many cases. they will be housed and they will stand by in mexico until their day in the u.s. asylum courts.
4:05 am
ainsley: chris cabrera was defending the president on one of the shows saying he does think the president will close the border. he works in one of the areas. just last week alone we am prehensded thousand people in his area. he says that doesn't include the hundreds, maybe thousands who get away because they don't have the manpower down there. congress needs to wake up. if we close ports of entries then at least the agents will go out in the field and gotten so far out of hand. brian: the way i understand it 27 points of entry at the border. and they say it's not hard to close. i mean, they close them various times at night. so, you could close them, but the ramifications, i think, from innocent people, from people who live at the border, to people who depend on products on not just mexico but us. people also concerned about the prospect of the ucmca the new nafta that could be gummed up. it could be broken up. what the president now has in congress that they will look at and hopefully pass will then maybe mexico will go, listen, if you are not going to do this i'm not going to do a deal with you.
4:06 am
blow up nafta and blow up the usmca. ainsley: remember what hillary clinton called you a deplorable if you supported president trump, tom perez said if you voted for trump, you are a coward. listen to. this the thing is they are cowardly. i mean, history will not only judge donald trump harshly, it will judge mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and all the other cowards who refuse to stand up to this president. and allowed the party of lincoln to die. they will be judged harshly because whatever he says goes right now. steve: that's not surprising for tom perez who runs the dnc now. of course, he used to be the secretary of labor under barack obama. what he was talking about he is talking about these republicans in congress who have enabled president trump by not standing up to him and saying no when tom perez felt that the republicans should say no to the
4:07 am
president. brian: the president has solid support approval rating 43%. with this mueller thing behind him after 300 pages are out i imagine it's going to go up even more. barring anything unforeseeable which happens every day something unforeseeable. say things don't go that radical he will be extremely formidable going in because the jeff flakes and john mccains and sadly in john mccain's case, pushing against the president, basically are gone. ainsley: the more the democrats do that, it actually helps the president and helps his base. they don't feel like they are cowards. they like the president because is he so tough. he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. he says what's on his mind. steve: there you go. all right. 7:07 here in new york city. jillian joins us now with some news. jillian: that's right. some news outs of chicago. and a story that the nation's eyes have been on for quite some time. the lawyer for the nigerian brothers linked to the hate crime hoax speaking out on fox news. she says the empire actor
4:08 am
knew exactly what he was doing. >> what jussie wanted to do was tear people apart more. not bring them together. and one of the first statements released said that they were not homophobic and not racist and they were not anti-trump. jillian: cook county state attorney general kim foxx dropped all 16 charges against smollett. protest monday with people for and against foxx's decision. famed mu magician is being investigated for sexual assault. according to the nypd. at least two accusers have come forward. at least one woman's claims may fall outside the statute of limitations blaine told the daily beast the police have not contacted him. a british model accused blaine of sexual assault two years ago but london police dropped the investigation. eight people are hurt after a construction crane crashes into a royal caribbean cruise ship. take a look at this. oasis of the seas was docked
4:09 am
for maintenance in the bahamas. no one was hurt and no passengers on board at the time. it's unclear what caused the giant crane to collapse. a woman thanks president trump for pardoning her life sentence for drug trafficking. alice johnson speaking at a criminal justice reform summit at the white house. >> i want to thank our incredible president, president donald john trump. [cheers] [applause] i just told him i finally get a chance to hug you and properly say thank you for believing in me. >> kardashian asked president trump to pardon johnson last year. send it back to you. ainsley: we're actually going to go down to memphis to interview her for a fox news special that's going to air sunday night in may. i hear she is a wonderful person. she has just written a book. i'm going through the book right now. we will interview her and tell her whole story.
4:10 am
jillian: nice. steve: she got her hug with the president yesterday. brian: this is what the president has got to do get the first step act and second step act and hard to imagine criminal justice reform not being bipartisanly approved and it's actually taking that issue away from democrats. ainsley: she got caught up in a bad thing. she served her time. now she is thankful for this president for getting her out. steve: meanwhile 7:10 in new york city. brian: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler wants the mueller report release now unredacted. that's differential from what he said about the ken starr report in 1998. >> people who may be totally innocent third parties, what must not be released at all. it's grand jury material. steve: congressman jim jordan of ohio is here to call out the hypocrisy. jim coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:11 am
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eye ♪ ♪ steve: attorney general william barr screen left prepping to make the mueller report public in a couple of weeks. that's not good enough for house democrats judiciary committee chairman, man on
4:15 am
the screen right jerry nadler pushing a vote to subpoena him because they want it now. republican congressman jim jociousd sits on the house judiciary committee and he joins us from sta statuary hall. >> good to be with you,. steve: steve why it that republicans won't release unredacted copy of the mueller report. that's all he wants. >> here is the interesting thing, steve. you have the chairman of the intelligence committee. adam schiff saying go ahead and make public classified information and then you have the chairman of the judiciary committee saying go ahead and make public grand jury material. that's scary. i was talking to john ratcliffe he said this is one of the scariest things we have seen. this is where they are at because the mueller report was not the bombshell that they had hoped it would be. when you have the head of the intelligence committee. the head of the judiciary committee saying make public material that's not supposed to get public. that's not consistent with the law. steve: right. >> that's just plain wrong. steve: so explain the law, why certain things are
4:16 am
redacted, congressman. >> because they are classified material or because it's about grand jury material with someone who may not be any charges. you don't make that information public. that's just who we are as a country. standard operating. bill barr says he will err on the side of transparency. he wants to release as much as possible. but he is going to do it consistent with the law. which is what we should expect from an attorney general of the united states of america. so, again, understand that this report was not what they had hoped. first, the cohen hearing they had was a flop. then the mueller report comes out and it's not the bombshell they hoped. remember what bill barr said? special counsel mueller found no. new indictments, no obstruction. as definitive as can you get. now what they are saying is we want to find something. we have to find something because we're so committed to getting at this president and not focused on, frankly, doing what's best for the country. steve: congressman, while jerry nadler is pushing for an unredacted copy, it's
4:17 am
there is dishes irony in this the day the ken starr report bill clinton was released. democrat as jerry nadler. september 9th, 1998. jerry nadler who sat on the same committee as you are right now, judiciary he went on the charlie rose show that evening to essentially say, you know, everything he wants right now, he didn't want any of it back then. listen to this. >> as a matter of decency and protecting people's privacy rights, people who may be totally innocent third parties, what must not be released at all. it's grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses, salacious material. all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. steve: okay. so i'm confused. why was grand jury material stuff secret 21 years ago but now everybody should see it. >> oh how times have
4:18 am
changed, steve. the obvious reason is because this is about president trump who they are out to get. steve: right. >> again, this is the chairman of the judiciary. the long history the judiciary has in protecting fund mental liberties and fundamental rights and following the law. and, yet, you have the chairman saying i don't care. i don't care. give me everything we want to make public. that is what is so wrong. again, i keep coming back to this. it's because bill barr's letters spelling out what the special counsel found and the principle conclusions of his report was so -- was so strong for the president, complete vindication for the president, they are now, jerry nadler and adam schiff and others are saying we have got to have stuff that's not consistent with how the rule of law works and historically worked in this great country. steve: they don't have any other -- you know, they have got no other argument. it was all about the russia collusion thing. let's just wait until it comes out and then mr. mueller was very emphatic according to bill barr. there is no collusion. >> not only no collusion but remember what bill barr said
4:19 am
in his letter. multiple opportunities for trump officials, people associated with the campaign to collude with russia. many times they dangled the forbidden fruit in front of them and they never bit. it could not have been stronger. yet for 22 months we heard from adam schiff to jerry nadler and host of other democrats say we know for certain there is collusion. yet bill barr's report said not one bit of it even though they were given multiple opportunities to collude they did not do it. steve: do you know what? congressman, since the mueller report has been summarized by the attorney general. a number of democrats continue with the -- well, there is evidence of collusion. where is there evidence? >> yeah. i mean, i think the very next day you had chairman schiff say there is undoubtedly collusion. even though the day before the attorney general of the united states says there actually wasn't, even given the fact they had multiple opportunities, to in fact, work with russia, they did not do it. steve: all right. there it is for now. let's see what happens with this subpoena business. congressman, thank you very much for joining us today from statuary hall.
4:20 am
>> thank you. steve: more than six years since "american sniper" chris kyle was murdered. of the company rallied around his widow at a a now tea. and she is sharing stories from every day heroes. she is coming up next. ♪ ♪ you can't break ♪ an american heart ♪ toothpaste like the new pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new pronamel repair toothpaste. it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need.
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4:24 am
chain cutting back prices on hundreds of products as it tries to shred its pricy reputation. finally three. that's the number of finalists in nasa's contest to design 3-d printed homes for mars. one of my favorite planets. print scale models of their designs next month. the winner gets $800,000. here's ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian. after tha tea lost her husband she answered period of immense pain. both friends and strangers have rallied around her showing her america's pioneering spirit is far from gone. in her latest book she is sharing the story of those americans who have inspired her along her journey. american spirit profiles everyday heroes across the country and hits shelves today. taya kyle we have the distinct pleasure of having her in our studio today. welcome back. >> thank you.
4:25 am
ainsley: congratulations on the book. you are talking about the pioneer spirit that america was founded on. tell the folks at home what that spirit is. >> -- he was working on a book about the west and pony express and i was saying that spirit is still alive today. it just looks a little different. people sacrificing themselves for future generations. they are pouring out and helping each other get across that. ainsley: which we need. >> it looks a little bit different right now. they are still doing that helping each other get to the next level. ainsley: you write about how each organization and person you highlighted 36 different organizations and people and how they do good for america. they represent the pebble that lands in the middle of the pond hope outward. you give an example in this young child adam alex's lemonade have interviewed alex before. tell us his story. >> i think it's amazing. we talked about alex's
4:26 am
lemonade stand 15 years ago it came out. and it was a big to do and she raised millions for cancer. people today still raising money and inspired by her story. we have to remember that sometimes we get scared of the next generation and every generation tends to do that but we have got kids doing amazing things and you are right. it is a cross section. we have everybody from musicians to artists, every day people, pastors. everybody pitching in and doing something for someone else. >> you write about barbara allen. tell the folks at home her story. >> barbara is someone i met who she is also a bi widow. very open about her struggle. she has four little boys. her husband was murdered by another soldier. it struck me that she also has persevered in interesting ways. she does something called american snippets. she highlights stories. she helps veterans. she brings her gift to the table and does unique things with it. ainsley: operation safe haven you write about. >> donnie davis. they are not all military by the way.
4:27 am
just so happens some of these we are talking about right now. but, you know, he was in the military and then he was law enforcement. he knows what the taste of the barrel of a gun tastes like. and he knows the suffering of somebody who fights evil all the time. and he took his pain and turned it into something better, right? he started to get healed. he met his wife who he gives a lot of credit. to say they have this opportunity to buy land with a lake on it, put tiny houses on it and get veterans living there. right? it's out in nature, which is very healing. it gives them a community spirit and shows them somebody knows their pain. and i think that's the interesting thing in this book whether it's jim and lori word. dream makers, helping foster kids. wherever your heart is, you have a gift to bring to the world. and you have an opportunity to either use your own pain or to use somebody else's pain. just do something. most of these people didn't expect to light a movement, right? they just up-to-the-minuted a spark. and you never know what happens. ainsley: how is your family doing? i know and chris had two
4:28 am
children. how old are they now. >> they are in their teens and they are so much fun. ainsley: you are all in fort worth still. >> yes. ainsley: are they fun? i hear they are difficult. >> i don't think so. every age has a challenge but every age has tremendous blessing. i truly love hanging out with them and their friends. not that we are partying together. i love having them at the house. ainsley: you think they are become -- >> they are good people. ainsley: last night chris' translator was on "the story" last night. ed henry was filling in for martha. i want to play you a little bit of that. he really just loved your husband. >> listen to this. >> chris kyle, i learned a lot from him. i learned how you sacrifice quiet. how you humble, how you carry your country in your heart and thousand miles away from your home. >> that was actually on
4:29 am
march 20th. taya. what's your response to that. >> i'm glad you brought it up. one of the reasons why "american spirit" is so important. we are this cross section. johnny walker is of a different faith of chris and me. chris said he would take a bullet for him. that's what we are really about. we can have different religions and different politics. the important thing is are we showing up for each other? johnny showed up for chris, chris would show up for johnny and they had this true bond. johnny just got his legal citizenship, right? he believes in our processes. he believes in doing things sort of the right way. i have met a lot of people like that who came here legally. they signed up for the u.s. military. they left everything in their home country and fight for this country. i think it's beautiful. that's the importance of this book is sometimes we need to set our disagreements aside and look at what we joicketly love and love each other through it. it makes us better. ainsley: great message for today. this is taya kyle, her book is out today american
4:30 am
spirit. got bless you. >> thank you. god bless you too. ainsley: the media struggling with the fact that the mueller probably found no russian collusion. >> the president says the report exxonner rates him totally and he has been saying that for a week. >> you have got to wonder just how much information will be blanked out. >> who are they blaming for their coverage now the election results? laura logan is here to react coming up next. ♪ own the night ♪ like the fourth of july ♪ baby you're a fire work ♪ come on and show them what you're worth ♪
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allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. ♪ >> trump now sits at the threshold of elm people. >> we are in high crimes and misdemeanor and we are in impeachment territory. >> we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign
4:34 am
colluded with a hostile foreign power. >> it's so obvious that they were eager to collude with russia. now we are seeing the evidence that there was a conspiracy to cover up. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. brian: that's the tone and tenor over the last two years. is he illegitimate and cheated and teamed with russia. now it turns out that might thought be the case as we look through the 300 pages, in fact the four pages told us it did. lara logan has been watching this and analyzing this and came to our couch a short time ago to talk about it and rejoins us now. former cbs correspondent and exceptional award-winning journalist. lara, welcome back. >> thank you very much. how are you. brian: great. are you surprised we are at this point still in denial after the summary? let's go after the guy that actually wrote the summary rather than look at the conclusions he came up with off the mueller. >> you know, if this was
4:35 am
just about human beings and our frail at this, then i guess i would be disappointed, right? to me, brian, this is just indicative of the propaganda -- the organized propaganda that's behind all of this. it seems to me that so many journalists don't even know that they are pushing a narrative that was pushed on to them and they did it happened so successfully because they didn't bother to do their jobs didn't bother to do the most basic journalism. what you are seeing now with more propaganda being pushed and people not standing up and owning their mistakes. to me, that's a sign that this really is an organized propaganda effort. steve: i will tell you what, larr remarks one member of the mainstream media, rolling stone correspondent matt taibbi said in the last couple weeks that the russian collusion spectacle was the worse media fail in american journalism history. he was sitting down with
4:36 am
sean iling from viox vox where did this all come from? so many people were so upset that donald trump became president they could not accept it so they blamed it all on cheating. ainsley: sean the vox reporter a lot of people simply did not want to believe that trump was a legitimate president and someone this vulgar and this dishonest could win a presidential election and i think that disbelief and emotional of this election colored a lot of their judgments. rolling stone writes failed to see what was happening during the presidential election. no one thought this guy could win almost 100 percent consensus in the industry. no one accepted as an idea that he could possibly win. a lot of that had to do with this instanc insulary what's yor response. >> that's propaganda. look at strategic document for media matters for
4:37 am
america most powerful organization in this country and they describe themselves as a propaganda oranges. that's what they do. they pretend that they are about good journalism. there is no propaganda organization that's looking for good journalism. they are pushing their agenda. and in it one of their main pillars of their strategy is to make sure that donald trump is seen as the most unpopular president in history. they push all this idea of collusion in breaking news stories that suggest corruption and dishonesty and et cetera, et cetera. what they found is fertile ground, right, for these talking points and propaganda points it just doesn't happen because journalists are upset. they are being manipulated and deceived some of them are willing some of them are political operatives themselves. i think what is a mistake to look at this is just human failure. oh, it just happened because people were upset because this man is so terrible. well, that in itself is a
4:38 am
propaganda talking point for the progressive political movement an media matters for america. you will see it it's not me making it up. it comes from them. what i'm more concerned about is what is the level of organization and funding behind this? and the level of collusion between journalists and propaganda groups that these narratives have been so powerfully enforced? you know, people say oh, well, donald trump's style is so terrible and perhaps his style is terrible. but my question is well, what if you only heard about his terrible style 5% of the time instead of 95% of the time? and 95% of the time you were having discussions about the policies in venezuela or in afghanistan or in syria or many other important areas of policy of this administration that are not part of the conversation in the media? because they are not part of the political narrative? why? because another narrative is that this is that they will
4:39 am
resist the normalization of donald trump by anyone in the media they will punish those responsible. look at the words of that how are you going to punish people? what is the power that you have that you are able to punish people? who is funding this? and who are these people? so, maybe the vox news journalist matt taibbi and these people let's see some journalism now about how this really happened. who are these propagandists? who is driving them? who is paying for them? you know, the clinton campaign paid for this fusion gps to do the document that smeared donald trump and actually you americans go to russia and meet. these are people working for vladimir putin they made this document on the basis of that they violated the rights of american citizens, the right to privacy. they spied on american citizens. actually, during a presidential campaign. and not just people on the
4:40 am
right, what about bernie sanders? the bernie sanders campaign, i know, confirmed to other journalists that i know that they knew they were spied upon. but they have been silent about it. why? why are you silent about that? if you really believe in this country and you believe in protecting the institutions of democracy why are you silent about those abuses and the laws that have been broken. where are the journalists doing real reporting now about how this really happened? and it's no excuse just because you agree with it, right, or you are upset. that's pathetic. ainsley: excellent point, larr raft. thank you for being on with us. >> thanks for having me. brian: great perspective. 10 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian, you have the other news. jillian: yes, a tragic story and really incredible video. take a look at this. a dust devil throw as huge bounce house full of children sending it flying. do you see that?
4:41 am
witnesses say the castle flew nearly 100 feet in the air in china. two children were killed and at least 20 others are hurt. several democratic 2020 hopefuls attend a conference kicked off by activist who used the rallying cry of a fugitive cop killer. >> repeating some words from a leader by the name of assaassadshakur. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. >> it is our duty to win. >> we must love each other and respect each other. >> we have nothing to lose but our shame. >> joanne chez marred was akidsed ever killing a trooper in 1973. calling out the candidate on stage. >> this is someone who
4:42 am
murdered warner forester a new jersey state trooper. and cory booker stood on that stage. among the cowards in the democrat party stand there either agree or afraid. he atop of the coward's list for that event. >> shakur escaped prison in 1979 and went to cuba. a homeowner says she is 16 illegal immigrants jumping her fence inside a gated community. the woman lives three miles from the border in texas. she says she is used to seeing migrants cross a few times a day. the size of this group and how they invaded her backyard is alarming. the woman called border patrol. she says the group was running from agents. that's scary. brian: that will make you feel better. okay, good, is he just on the run. steve: through my yard. brian: janice dean not on the run. janice: the pollen report, my friends, it's back, along with my friends from michigan and indiana. take a look at the pollen report. it's cherry blossom season
4:43 am
in washington, d.c. so the poll ledge level is high brought to you by claritin. and take a look at atlanta, georgia also very high today. so stock up on the claritin, my friends. all right. across the country. let's take a look at the maps. we have the potential for a bomb cyclone across the east coast. this is going to develop off the coast but it is going to bring the potential for not only rain but wind. and even some snow showers across the mid-atlantic and parts of the southeast. we have a new storm system moving into the west coast that's going to bring more rain and snow. hi, real quick. what's the temperature and current conditions in new york city? what's your name. >> mostly sunny and 41. >> fantastic, brayden, thank you some. well done, everybody. yea, what a trooper. back inside, steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: tell them all hello. steve: thank you. meanwhile, are you a fan of the jurassic park movies?
4:44 am
steve: if you are, you are going to love this dinosaurs taking over our studio jurassic world life tour is here on fox and friends ♪ ♪ everybody wants a dinosaur ♪ open the door, get on the floor ♪ everybody wants that dinosaur ♪ claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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4:48 am
and what it is like to live in rural america. are any of the candidates addressing any of the issues that matter to you. >> no. brian: what are you looking for them to address? >> well, at this point i'm expecting president trump to address everything we are doing, which he is doing a phenomenal job in doing that. brian: and they are? >> i'm sorry? brian: what are these issues that you care most about that farmers care most about. >> sustaining grain prices at this particular point is important because, obviously, that's what pays the bills. at the same token, you know, just sustaining just good agricultural practices is important at this particular point. brian: those practices, you said before trump took office, the prices, the prices were going down anyway. but your costs were remains the same. that's a tough calculus to live with.
4:49 am
>> right. in 2018, talking about soy beans because that's been the hot topic in the agricultural community it was a perfect storm because america planted 500,000 more acres of soybeans and came second largest soybean yield in u.s. history. that added to evergrowing stockpile of grain that we already have. brian: you say right now we are in the perfect storm. we know what's happening with the china and u.s. locked in a trade impasse with tariffs. hopefully that will be solved soon. how has that affected you? >> it hasn't -- the tariff talk hasn't affected us as much as just as much grain as we have on stock right now. any time you have a huge stockpile it becomes a supply and demand. the only way to be able to raise prices is to find another demand for a particular crop. the tariff talk is basically
4:50 am
just at this particular point just a chess match. brian: i know one thing, almost everyone agrees if they come to a deal huge buying spree on soybeans in particular. hopefully that will give you additional relief. we know middle of america has been devastated by floods. owner of mariah farms, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. brian: millions of years since dinosaurs roamed the earth according to reports. now they have taken over the studio. this just in jurassic world comes to "fox & friends" with music and children ♪ i want some more ♪ what are you waiting for ♪ say goodbye to my heart tonight ♪ i want some more ♪ what are you waiting for and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours.
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ainsley: well, if you are a fan of jurassic world or just love dinosaurs you are going to love this. brian: the team behind the new jurassic live tour joining us this fall with some of the awesome things can you expect to see in the show like these dinosaurs that are hopefully you are watching. steve: to tell us all about it the producer of the jurassic world live tour the drrkts of the jurassic world live tour ross and dan. good morning. >> julian, let's start with you. we have some kids here in the studio audience. brian: professional children. steve: are kids lovers of dinosaurs or a little freaked out because that's a raptor which i think in the movies eat everybody there. >> we are so excited to be here and giving "fox & friends" the first look at jurassic world live tour. and this show will be a first of its kind. we are bringing to life these amazing dinosaurs, the
4:55 am
iconic jurassic world franchise and traf all around the u.s. and then around the globe. >> tell us what we are seeing here. who is this? >> this one here is our main dinosaur character. she is called jeanne which is short for genius. thought to be the most intelligent dinosaurs. ainsley: amazing how real she looks. brian: and sounds. steve: as if we know. brian: tell me how the kids factor in. >> kids are obviously the main thing, jurassic is a great brand. every kid loves it we have all our firm favorite dinosaurs. introduce our own dinosaur into the franchise. we have got our t rex. we have our santiag. steve: next contestant. [roar] brian: wow, that sounds real and actually feels real. a little angry. thank goodness i didn't live in prehistoric times. don't need to be jealous.
4:56 am
>> collaborating with the filmmakers. we took the models from the film and created the models and the molds for our dinosaurs in this production from those -- from what you see in the film. so there is no place where you can see more authentic jurassic world dinosaurs and be up close to them than jurassic world live tour. steve: does that dinosaur seem pretty real you? >> yes. what is the fascination with dinosaurs and kids. every kid i know loves dinosaurs. >> captures the imagination it's real, it's believable: they are like wild animals. ainsley: what's the age group? my daughter is three. i think she would be scared. >> she will love it. a show for everyone. if you love the film definitely love the show. steve: traveling to the united states, for more ticket information go to
4:57 am
jurassic world live ladies and gentlemen, thanks so much. brian: thank you for the first look. ♪ ♪ brian: next hour bill bennett is going to be with us, howard schultz will be here and the dinosaurs may not be. . . let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette. ♪ ainsley: we're not going home. so i guess we have no choice but to go big. brian: big hour coming up. bill bennett. howard schultz walked in the building, big townhall with bret baier and martha mack on thursday. many more surprises. steve: welcome on board. brian: a little wider than i thought in rehearsal. ainsley: normally we zoom in a little. brian: robot does what they want. steve: thanks for joining us
5:01 am
this final hour. then we're going home. we start with this story. a firm message from the department of homeland security and secretary kirstjen nielsen, the crisis at our southern border getting more worse. ainsley: she ordered more agents 750 to be precise, to deal with the latest migrant surge. brian: kevin corke on the crisis. only thing we're assured of if we don't act it will get more dire. reporter: from the white house if mexico won't do more to stem the tide, tens of thousands of people into the u.s. we'll shut down the border until both sides figure out a way forward. this is a major emergency. part of the statement from kirsjien nielsen the homeland security secretary. we mentioned earlier in the show she is doing all she can to try to figure this out, to help america maintain its
5:02 am
sovereignty. she said this, we will urgently pursue additional reinforcements from within dhs and the interagency and she goes on, those seeking to enter the united states to wait in mexico until an immigration court reviewed their claims that could end up being years. that is monumental undertaking by any estimation. what to do with thousands continue to come here to claim asylum. who pays for their housing, food, et cetera, where do they go for years until the cases are heard? well to hear democrats for it, punishing triangle countries to stem the massive migration is poor policy. >> the idea you would close the border or cut off aid to the very countries where people are fleeing and coming to the united states is downright stupid. it is the wrong thing to do. if you close off the border, you're just going to hurt jobs in the united states.
5:03 am
reporter: that is certainly one perspective. but the white house perspective, if democrats want to self the problem they need to come to the table, work on immigration reform, so you don't end up with hundreds of thousands of people each and every year gaming the system to get into our country. we'll probably see the president 2:00 this afternoon, when he meets the nato secretary-general, january stoltenberg. brian: i thought the president didn't like nato? he is at the white house. that is what eric smallwell said? ainsley: making news, brian. steve: the president is trying to get a handle, show his base he is doing everything he can, despite congress will not give him money to build the wall in its entirety. thinking of immigration or border czar. one of the big questions whether or not it would be a job that would report to the secretary of homeland security which would
5:04 am
then require senate confirmmation, which is always complicated these days regarding this topic, or in the white house does not. if they pick one, it is spill speculative at this point. it will probably be at white house. brian: homeland security was a good idea, when george bush proposed and obama okayed it, but i have my cabinet secretaries and i have my czars. this is one time a czar would be really effective because kirstjen nielsen is not fully staffed at the highest level. this would provide a relief. she would be able to focus on some other things. ainsley: all the border agents interviewed, we need manpower, we need help, we don't have enough people to apprehend individuals breaking the law. kirstjen nielsen listening to them. congress will not do anything or wake up, i will send 750 new
5:05 am
agents down. there she is reallocating the agents. steve: if they had a border czar it would coordinate the federal agencies. you have the department of justice manages the court and immigration and things like that. the department of homeland security manages care of any of the migrants at our southern border. then it is the pentagon and army corporation of engineers involved in actual construction. a czar, border person, underneath the cabinet level would be able to coordinate all the federal agencies as well. ainsley: people at home say fix the problem. we don't care how you do it. if you have to get a czar, don't want a czar, whatever it takes, fix the problem. you look at images it looks like a crisis. steve: a czar is born. brian: i would love to see a democrat or republican come to the microphone, see as a problem, third rail for democrats has been the wall. that is in a different section now. this is asylum rules. and unsustainable situation at the border we have not seen in
5:06 am
our lifetime. please run to the, run to the microphone and run to write legislation on this. meanwhile the president is doing two things. cutting off aid to the three countries don't seem to be helping. urging mexico to do something on their southern border. he is threatening to shut down the border. word, 27 ports of entry, wouldn't be that hard. but a lot of people in the line fire that would get hurt by that, the president showing i'm not willing to sit on my hands. steve: stock market would greater for a little while. it would be a big economic problem. what is president going to do. is he saying it so mexico would come to the table? a negotiation? probably. we'll see what happens. ainsley: if you look at the harvard poll, we look at 2020, which candidates are faring well among the young voters. they polled people 18 to 29 years old. back in 2016, bernie sanders polled at 2%.
5:07 am
look at it now, he is is top of the list. he got 31% of young voters if they had to go to the polls. brian: that makes sense considering he wants to give everything away. ainsley: free college. brian: free health care. talking about guaranteed wage, free preschool, free college, free health care. they have their issues, upon further review he has never done anything in his life, except talk about. he never accomplished anything. steve: number two, tied with joe biden, undecided. that is interesting. with the front-runners people are dug in. so many, i think the fact that 20%, 1/5 of those young vote remembers undecided, people don't know. look at the rest of the names. you got names some people might not be familiar with. over the next couple months, people will become more familiar. ainsley: did joe biden miss his opportunity? should he have gotten in in
5:08 am
2016? when bernie was talking about socialism, people were like what, young people 2%. now they love him. steve: joe biden could have won. brian: word is he is saying full steam ahead despite the controversy. word is among his staffers that they believe that sanders people are somehow part of this groundswell of people who are claiming that he has some unwanted touching in his past. there is a second woman that has come forward. steve: meanwhile let's talk about james comey, you know him. former direct are to have the fbi. the president of the united states fired him. we turned out yesterday he has a wicked sense of humor, he declared he is is running for president on april fool's day. ainsley: look at latest picture. instead of the middle of woods he is in the middle of road. i'm in. we need someone in the middle, #2020. keep in mind it was april fool's. brian: they said on april fool's tom brady retired. joined twitter same day.
5:09 am
i don't think either one is true. steve: he put out another tweet, can you imagine that used this website to make dad jokes, rather than hurl insults. #april fool's, #vote dem 2020. that is curious. ainsley: he said he wasn't partial, why? his wife -- steve: april fool's. he is trolling us. ainsley: okay. brian: april fool's -- never misses a chance to take a shot at the president. jillian mele doesn't take shots, she reads and studies and researches. jillian: can i read now? brian: yes. jillian: story we've been following for quite some sometime. a man found guilty after murdering a jogger after a dramatic retrial. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. [cheering] jillian: wow, look at that,
5:10 am
family and friends of the victim applauding inside of a new york city courtroom. could spend life in prison for sexually assaulting and killing petrano was out on a run in 2016. his first trial ended in a hung jury. chilling new details in the murder after south carolina college student. autopsy revealed samantha josephson was stabbed to dead. rowland stabbed the 21-year-old multiple times after she got into his car thinking it was a murder. joseph son will be laid to rest tomorrow. blaming democrats for blocking disaster relief bill because they said puerto rico didn't get enough aid. puerto rico got $91 billion for a hurricane, more than they ever got before. all the politicians do is complain they didn't get. the politicians are grossly
5:11 am
incompetent, spend the money foolishly or corruptly and only take from the usa the bill would have given $14 billion for states affected by natural disasters. watch this. >> how are you? jillian: firefighter freeing a puppy stuck under a pile of robs. a group of bikers heard it whimpering, calling for help. the pup licking the firefighter, if so say, thank you very much. i love that. i don't love that it was stuck. ainsley: wonder how he got under the rocks? brian: short memories. -- dogs have shored memories. steve: ended well. that is the important thing. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: dueling rallies in the city of chicago over the dropped charges against jussie smollett. [shouting] >> what side are you on?
5:12 am
what side are you on, my people? steve: police union leader behind one protest says they won't stop until justice is served. he will join us coming up next. . this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new pronamel repair toothpaste. it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need.
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♪ [shouting] >> fox mouse go. >> what side are you on, what side are you on, my people? brian: dueling rallies in chicago over the jussie smollett case. protesters led by the chicago fraternal order of police, calling on prosecutor kim foxx to resign. foxx's supporters held their own rally. here to discuss the president of the chicago fraternal order of police kevin graham. kevin what message did you have, resign, bring attention to or reverse? >> we had several messages. but the main message, there are laws on the books, they have to be enforced or they don't mean anything. so either you have to get on board and start prosecuting people and make sure they go to court and are adjudicated properly, or, we're going to be seeking somebody else in the next election. brian: go ahead, sorry. >> i don't know that she is going to step down and, my board
5:17 am
is going to meet later today, we have a board meeting. we're going to be discussing what we're going to be doing. brian: she said she would welcome analysis from the outside. to see everything that she saw and see if they come up with different decision. does that show openness? >> i hope she does. i hope the fbi comes in. takes a look at that, correspondence between her and a private attorney. see if she really did recuse herself. see if special prosecutor should have been appointed at other state prosecutors and district attorneys around the country said. see how that goes. if she is open to that, that will be a change of pace. brian: you say this rally is not just because of the smollett case. there is a history of not prosecuting cases or not prosecuting them fully? >> right. we had a, we had a woman there, whose son was killed and when it
5:18 am
came to the prosecution they reduced the charges on the person accused, the offender and he basically walked out of, basically walked out of the courtroom with a slap on the wrist. the mother who was carrying the pictures of her son who was killed was out there at the rally as well. we were very grateful to the people of chicago who came out to support us. it was not just police officers, police, fire, people from the community. we had the national fop and the state fop there. i was very grateful for all the support. brian: so yesterday, you had 500 to 800 people show up. you had a counterprotest. what is your message to the people who came out and protested for her and backed her? >> well, you know, one of the messages was about all the other victims in cook county and so they were, you know, we should be upset about those people.
5:19 am
we are but when we announced that we didn't have enough detectives, that we didn't have enough police officers, we heard nothing from those people who were protesting from us. i think that they were disinagainous in their beliefs and, i don't think they really knew the facts. i think the fraternal order of police has been on the right side of this all along. we welcome more support from around the city. brian: with this attention, when you can pivot off smollett while the world is still looking, the country is still focused maybe we can get help with the murder rate, some uninvolved crimes, get chicago the attention it needs? >> thank you. we could use all the help. if people in the community would help us and cooperate and be witness as little bit more we could solve more of these crimes. brian: do you think the mayor has been attentive? >> i think he is listening now. he certainly listened in the smollett case. he is on the way out the door. we have election today for a new
5:20 am
mayor. there is going to be somebody new in there by the end of the day. brian: kevin graham, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: 19 minutes after the hour. dnc chair tom perez slamming republicans who backed president trump. >> mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president, they will be judged harshly. brian: really? okay. bill bennett says, buckle up, it is about to get worse than that. he joins us next. ♪ ♪ why can't we be friends
5:21 am
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5:24 am
♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. some quick headlines. a kindergarten teacher is under arrest accused of poisoning her students in china. they believe she laced the students porridge with potentially deadly chemical. the teacher did it to get revenge on a colleague. one child is hospitalized in critical condition. 81 women are suing a san diego hospital for secretly recording them in surgery rooms. the hospital said it set up motion detecting cameras to set up a alleged drug thief in 2012 and 2013. they claim the patient the consented to a recording through a agreement. women said they were never told about the recordings. steve: thank you, jillian. tom perez made it clear about republicans in congress that support their president. >> the thing is, they are cowardly. history will not only judge donald trump harshly, it will judge mitch mcconnell and
5:25 am
paul ryan and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president and allowed the party of lincoln to die. they will be judged harshly because whatever he says goes right now. ainsley: here to react, fox news contributor, former education secretary under president reagan mr. bill bennett. good to see you, bill. thank you for being here. >> you bet. former czar. talking about czars earlier. ainsley: drug czar. you hear the comments. is that the new deplorable or are democrats completely out of touch? >> that is just the beginning. deplorable, now cowardly. what does elizabeth barrett browning say, how do i thee, let me count the ways. how do i hate thee? let me count the ways. we're only 18 months away and it will get worse. it is also not true. if he paid attention mitch mcconnell is not very happy and made it plain with several things the president has done, like the latest thing on health care. then he singles out tom perez,
5:26 am
dnc chairman, singles out lindsey graham. lindsey graham is ornery and independent south carolina discuss. you know what kind of guy that is, ainsley. ainsley: yep. >> he says what he thinks. there was talk in the white house dumping mueller and criticizing mueller, he stood up for mueller. he said no way. remember he opposed the president on syria and removal of troops from syria. so there is a lot of standing up. but, for the most part this party is standing with the president and that is a good thing. that is good for the country. steve: are you saying the party of lincoln is not dead? >> the party of lincoln is not dead. it is very much alive. it has changed, no doubt about it. the party has been transformed to some degree by donald trump but no, i think the ideals of lincoln remain vibrant if the republican party. it is the democrat party that has changed. that is yes left the democrat party 25 years ago. they used to be the party of
5:27 am
human rights. they used to be the party of equality based on character, not the color of skin. they did not do this business of identity politics that they're doing now. used to be a policy of the center and now it is a party of the left. seems to get further every day, doesn't it? brian: in a way it does. i think a couple things are going on. we know that illegal immigration, i think everybody republican knows it's a problem. maybe they're not for the shutting down of the border are or not denying funds to the three triangle nations but he appreciates the president is trying to get something done. he respects him if you go against him. what don't democrats don't understand about that. >> it is hoyt trump, no matter what the issue is, what dominate is hate trump. in their actions they're going against the democrat party of two years ago, or three years ago as they have on some other issue. if trump is for it, we're
5:28 am
against it. that is the model. steve: immigration is the topic on upcoming wise guys you host on "fox nation." >> right. >> steve: if you don't have it, go to we have a clip of the discussion. here is 30 seconds of bill bennett and company in action. >> the pro-immigration lobby in the strongest part of democratic party. stronger than feminist, stronger than the sierra club, stronger than labor. >> there is this dream of people who support trump but feel uneasy about some parts of his style. if he could round off some of these sharp edges. >> declaration of the independence, constitution form the united states government for the people of united states of america, way includes people the united states may choose to welcome down the road. steve: perfect round table over a beautiful meal i believe at del frisco's in new york city. >> prime rib in d.c. we didn't get to eat. all those guys were nibbling.
5:29 am
very smart guys. "the five" without hilarity and boisterousness and interruptions. i like "the five." we have a good discussion. a high i.q. bunch. i'm basically a dial tone. ainsley: that is not true. brian: that is the great thing about "fox nation," you can go deep on subjects, go deep into this. >> that's right. brian: test people's knowledge, debating experience. >> we take the immigration thing, go really deep on it, go to another level. i think people will love it. steve: got a steak out of the deal. >> small piece of steak. ainsley: it is appropriately name because you are very wise. >> correct. ainsley: your wife is south carolinian. >> by birth. that is real mixed marriage. ainsley: with the thicker accent. brian: bill, thanks so much. we'll check out quote wise guys" on "fox nation." >> thank you very much. ainsley: 29 minutes after the top of the hour. many 2020 democrats are pushing
5:30 am
ideas like the green new deal, me care for all, raising the minimum wage, are they going too far to the left? we'll ask former starbucks ceo howard schultz. he is live next. ♪ with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart. this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ who saved by adding a hotel,
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5:33 am
♪ >> today a minimum wage job in america will not keep a mama and a baby out of poverty. >> climate change is no longer something that is just some esoteric scientific fact. it is something we have to do something about right now. >> we need to pass a green new deal. >> health care is right. it has to be publicly funded. it has to be come prelens sieve.
5:34 am
brian: those are some issues democratic candidates that number 16 or 17 now have been bringing up on the campaign trail. howard schultz also on the campaign trail, ceo of starbucks, best-selling author. his book is out. how war, you are a democrat, but look at that field, i will run more than likely but they are not saying what i believe? >> well i think you just showed clips of people who are well intentioned, love the country, but they're out of touch with these kind of policies in my view are not realistic. i think the american people are searching for a longing of truth, ought thin activity, obviously -- authenticity and obviously policies that can be passed. the reason i decided to consider running as an independent, not only what you just showed but the fact that the two-party system is broken. we can't have a moral society if we don't have a moral government. every step of the way with $22 trillion of national debt, a immigration policy that is
5:35 am
broken, health care policy, education issues. brian: immigration. >> yeah. our standing in the world. i know that you are strong proponents of the president i understand that, we have issues that must be solved. they will not be solved by two parties in bed every single day to defeat one another, than work for the american people. 42% of the people are registered as independents, they are looking for alternative other than a republican or a democrat. steve: howard, you mentioned the policies that needed attention you mentioned immigration. >> yes. steve: right now there is crisis at the southern border, how would you fix it? >> what i would do, with all due respect to the president, not cut off aid to central america. steve: they're not stopping people from leaving. ainsley: that is our tax dollars. >> let me answer the question. it should be instructive to understand one thing. this has been going on for 20 years.
5:36 am
president bush and president obama, republican and democratic president both gave the oppositional congress an immigration bill. if i showed you those immigration bills right now, each one of you could not tell which was republican and which was a democratic bill. steve: we covered it back then. >> they were both shut down. why. because both parties at the time unwilling to give the president, republican or democrat a victory. right now we have the same kind of situation. whether you like the democrats, republican, it doesn't even matter. nancy pelosi is not going to give the president a victory. it is not going to happen. why? because doesn't want to see him reelected. brian: will a wall work? >> not a question whether a wall will work. the republicans are correct we need fierce, strict borders and need verification. the issue is about humanity. in my view the dreamers should be given a pathway to citizenship. brian: no one brings them up anymore. >> the president has been up and down on that issue. why doesn't he come out and say
5:37 am
the dreamers have a right. in terms of 11 million unauthorized people who are not here. majority of those people didn't cross the border. they are here because their visa expired. that is truthful fact. brian: probably closer to 20 million they say. >> it is not 20 million. i studied this inside and out. the facts are 11 to 12 million people. 65% came because of visas. steve: overstays. >> also an issue of humanity. this president, the people that, all these republicans promised growth of three, four, 5%, we have 2% growth right now. immigration is a catalyst for immigration. people sneaking across the border are not catalyst for growth. that is a catalyst for chaos. >> this is not either/or situation. we can fund i.c.e., i agree with that but have a deep sense of humanity. if you poll the american people, this is the issue, 80% of the american people want and have
5:38 am
wanted an immigration solution. so why can't we give it to them? we can't give it to them -- brian: both side want to run on issue. >> both sides would rather have the issue weaponized and solution, including the president. ainsley: a lot of people like the president, middle america liked him, he was honest, had a lot of money, show up at rallies with plane behind him and how much money he had and how he inherited and made a million dollars. you grew up in brooklyn. you end up becoming the ceo of starbucks, one of the biggest coffee chains, if not the biggest, you would probably say it is. how did you get there? what is your story? >> my story i grew up in the projects in brooklyn, new york, on the other side of the tracks. >> what made you -- >> my mother believed your station in life did not define you. opportunity in america to succeed, regardless of color of your skin, worked hard, went to college.
5:39 am
i had a big idea. it was successful. can only happen in america. however, 40% of american families today are $400 away from crisis. economy is booming for a lot of people. president uses stock market as proxy of the economy. brian: sometimes. >> i don't agree with that. i'm a capitalist. i'm proud of it. we can't have a country which millions of people are left behind this. is the opportunity to recognize, yes, there are a lot of things going well in america but our standing -- ainsley: how do you help those people without taxing the wealthy as much as candidates. >> i think wealthy should be taxed more, to be honest with you. brian: how much? >> doesn't matter how much. ainsley: it does if you're wealthy. >> hold on a minute. you guys don't let me answer any questions. steve: we have a lot of questions. ainsley: sorry. >> the issue is in terms of the economy, most of the wealthy people in america recognize that if their taxes are increased, the question is, will the government be responsible about
5:40 am
how that money is being spent? right now for all of you republican viewers, 8 years during obama, eight years, mcconnell, boehner, ryan, they banged on obama every single day for one thing, fiscal discipline and fiscal responsibility. now we have 22 -- brian: you're talking in a circle. how much rich people should be taxed. >> it doesn't matter. brian: it does matter? 40, 50. you're paying 45%. more money -- >> marginal tax rate of whether it is 30%, 40% is not going to solve the 22 trillion-dollar debt problem we have. you're asking the right question but wrong issue. the issue is, how do we get a handle around $22 trillion of debt. that under this president has been, we added a trillion dollars of debt. we're paying $500 billion of interest expense. this has been republican issue. where are the republicans? help me understand that. brian: it doubled over last eight years. this is the thing.
5:41 am
bipartisan way of attacking the deficit and no one even brought it up for a vote. >> wait a minute. you represent every day republican viewers. where are the republicans. brian: we represent american viewers. >> where are the republicans. where is the president on $22 trillion in debt. brian: great point. we should attack that. >> why is it immoral? it is immoral because it will be on backs of our kids and grandkids. that is why, i realized that the republicans and democrats will not solve this problem. brian: so you're going to run on paring down the debt? that will be one of the foundation? >> if i run for president on a centrist position of character, morality, and getting our house in order. but i would just ask rhetorically where are the republicans on the $22 in debt. brian: howard. that is great point. no one wants to cut anything, social problems, debt for politics. no one wants to cut defense because of race we're in with russia and china. we do around in circles. >> we're talking about leadership? leadership. real leadership. brian: to get votes you have to
5:42 am
get people together without a party behind you. ainsley: clearly have a lot of questions for you. folks at home if they want to learn more about you, watch the town hall on thursday night, bret baier, martha maccallum will go to kansas city. eat some barbecue and you will answer questions with them. >> i'm excited to do it. i'm thankful that fox is giving me the opportunity. i think we should have honest conversation about you will at issues, including issues some republicans don't want to address. brian: everyone needs to hear your success story. no one gave you anything you earned it. >> can only happen in america. ainsley: your mom did a good job. >> thank you. steve: thank you, howard. straight ahead. nationwide measles outbreak at its worst level in decades. one person may be responsible for spreading it across an entire state. who is that? we're live there next. to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind.
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. visionworks can do more than the right pair of glassesat. can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs of single vision glasses for $59 or two progressives for $99. and choose from over 500 frames. visionworks. we're here to help you. jillian: god tuesday morning to you. back with headlines now.
5:46 am
check out insane video as a clerk gets the best of the armed robber. the robber gets in the face of the clerk with shotgun. but the worker will not back down. he manages to outpower the crook, wrestling the gun away from him, chasing him off. mick jagger will reportedly have heart surgery. the rolling stones frontman will have damaged valve replaced friday in new york city. ♪ jagger is expected to make a full recover and return to the stage this summer. the rolling stones postponed their no filter tour citing jagger's health. we certainly wish him well. those are the headlines. brian: how is keith richards okay and mick jagger isn't blows me away. meanwhile there are more measles cases this year than all of 2018. and it is only april. ainsley: the cdc is reporting
5:47 am
387 measles patients in 15 states. our fox fill at in boston joins us with brand new health alert in the commonwealth of massachusetts. joy? reporter: good morning to all of you. yes, health officials say this person was diagnosed two days ago with the measles but traveled to this rest stop along the massachusetts turnpike last week. that person also traveled to other popular spots like a starbucks, star get and whole foods throughout the greater boston area all during the infectious period. the latest person to be diagnosed in massachusetts is a concern. health officials see a rise in cases of the disease. measles has surged to the second highest level in two decades. according to the cdc there are 15 states with cases of the disease. as you see from the map, it is not restricted to one part of the country. from the east to the west coast, midwest, southwest, more than 380 cases since the new year. symptoms of measles can resemble
5:48 am
a cold, fever, cough, run any nose, red-eyes along with a rash. those symptoms can appear 10 days to two weeks after being exposed. now head officials recommend checking with the doctor to make sure vaccinations are up to date. people in 50s and 60s, may need be revaccinated. the original mmr may lose effectiveness after 20 years. most people that got the measles were not vaccinated or traveled to other countries where there is measles outbreak. they travel back to the united states. live outside of boston. i'm joy demandann. back to you. steve: thanks for a live report. brian: people are concerned about everyone getting to school to having vaccinations but not concerned about who is coming to the border without vaccinations? how could you have both mindsets? ainsley: 48 minutes after the top of the hour. you can use the barbecue tongs to shave. the coolest, spring cleaning diy
5:49 am
hacks coming up next. ♪ only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ of non-drowsy claritin... and relief from symptoms caused by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! of every great meal is always the potato?t bite that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the
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>> good morning, everybody. secretary nielsen ordering cpb boost personnel on border. the president is not backing down on a threat to close the border. possible subpoenas over white house security clearances and house republicans slamming democrats for keeping the mueller report alive. sarah sanders from the white house to respond to all of that. a sheriff who is willing to go to jail over a new gun law in colorado. he will be here, shaping up to be a busy morning here in "america's newsroom." join us, top of the hour. steve: we'll be watching. today is day two of our week long series of spring cleaning this is all about using stuff
5:53 am
you have at your house to make your home sparkling clean. >> with diy cleaning hacks life-style expert kerrey riley. a big shoutout to your dad. >> tom doherty, big fan, thank you. first of all, sinks are dirty, believe it or not. there is soap in it, hot water but they're filthy and grimy. steve: okay. >> once a month we should do. don't just clean in the spring. i don't know why we're dirty in the winter, you only want to clean in spring. you will do this, do this demonstration with me. take this water, normally if you're home, boiling water. big kettle of water in the sink. steve: as if it is going down the drain. >> it is, right? lemon juice. steve: that is all it is? >> lemon juice goes a long way. almost a cup. exactly right. you will sprinkle a little bit of baking soda. steve: wait a minute. i took high school chemistry. >> i'm your chemistry teacher.
5:54 am
what happens, the activation, it gets all that crime moving and oxygen in there -- grime. five minutes and drain it out, you will have a lomb mon smelling sink. steve: lemon is great anti-septic. ainsley: take lemon halves, put it down in the disposal, giant it up. it makes it smell better. >> lemon is like organic bleach. thanks for bringing the dirty pots and pans today. it is disgusting. this is nasty looking. scotch bright has awesome new dish wand. you take it. ainsley. steve: soap in the handle. >> exactly. this is soap controlled dish wand. you can determine how much or how little soap you have according to how much you push it. i don't have that much of a mess. i will add a little bit of water. you have a big mess. what did you make for dinner? steve: goulash.
5:55 am
page 87 of "the happy cookbook." >> this is great. not touching all the sponge and getting it nasty. that is scotch bright, available anywhere. this is dirty cutting board. ainsley: if you cut chicken, all chicken part else get down in the wood. >> you can't put it in the dishwasher. steve: you could, that would be dumb. >> you don't want to put chemicals. this is very damp. we'll take sea salt. i like the kind, grab a lemon. ainsley: squeeze it. >> nice and grainy. no,. >> no, no. this is nice abrasive. scrub the whole thing. steve: look at that. >> get lemon right on top of that salt. steve: the salt goes down in the cracks? >> this is great way to get it clean. steve: a great idea. >> you rinse it in hot water,
5:56 am
dry on the counter. steve: great way to use tongs. >> i think i need a patent. i scored it for you. see it. i went ahead, made a little section here. you will put this on your tongues. barbecue tongs. ainsley: genius. >> i will stand here, you will clean my blinds for me. blinds are the hardest thing to clean. steve: what a great idea? you invented it? >> all in my kitchen. steve: people want to see your website. >> not so skinny a lot of people have pet hair on lampshade. rob it like this. ainsley: thank you so much. great ideas. more "fox & friends" straight ahead. ♪
5:57 am
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>> battle lines drawn over border security. the president not backing down threats to close mexico. hundreds agents head south to deal with the crises. that's a big story. look who's back. >> good morning to you. i'm sandra smith. >> sandra: homeland security security secretary or thing 50 more agents to the border. the president is not bluffing. federal officials continuing to say they're at breaking point. >> the president need to increase awareness to the issue. he's weighing all options.


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