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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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at the super bowl in 2006 detroit. get better, make. soon. >> sandra: that's it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 9:00. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new reaction to a second woman coming forward accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriate touching as democrats are forced to grapple with the issue head of 2020, and biden's potential presidential run. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner harris faulkner. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy yourself. joining us on the couch, executive vice president and chair of business and finance at king's college in new york city, brian brenberg. and he is "outnumbered." >> brian: i'm so glad. >> melissa: did you just make that up? >> kennedy: no, he's a regular guest. >> jessica: they go way back.
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>> melissa: got it. a second woman now speaking out after former nevada assemblywoman lucy flores accused former vice president biden of inappropriate contact during a 2014 event. now amy lapp post telling a connecticut tv station that biden also touched her inappropriately during a fund-raiser for a democratic congressman and torn down my 2,000 watch >> he watched of to me >> he walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that. pulled me in and started rubbing noses with me. it wasn't an eskimo kiss and then stopped, it was for like a good 15 seconds. i remember thinking, "is he going to kiss me?" it's not rape but it doesn't need to be rape to not be right. >> melissa: now his potential rival, kirsten gillibrand,
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warning today that biden will have to address the allegations if he chooses to run. >> these women feel demeaned, and that's not okay. if vice president biden just choose to run for president of the united states i imagine this is a conversation he will be having to have with the american people. >> melissa: other democrats defending biden. here's nancy pelosi today. >> i've known joe biden a long time. my grandchildren love joe biden. he's an affectionate person. to children, to senior citizens, to everyone. that's just the way he is. he has to understand that in the world we are in now, people's space is important to them. what's important is how they receive it, not necessarily how you intended it. >> melissa: no immediate comment from biden's team on the latest allegation, but in the statement on sunday, he is saying, not once does he believe he acted inappropriately but he
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will listen respectively respet suggested he did so. what do you think that response? he hasn't come out to clarify that. he doesn't believe he acted -- he doesn't believe he acted inappropriately. you hurt her description and how she felt. how could you not come out and think, "i didn't realize it at what the time, but that was inappropriate and now i understand." >> brian: but do you hear >> brian: but did you hear nancy pelosi's response? it was almost the same thing in miniature. she didn't know what to say. i think right now the hard left has biden exactly where they want him. he has no idea how to respond to this in the context of the hard left take over of the democratic party. they view him as a relevant, they want him out of this thing. he is going to carry this #wetoo narrative with him. if he runs, the entirety of the campaign -- they have effectively undercut.
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>> melissa: defending lucy flores as more women get on this bandwagon. let's listen. >> we are supposed to be a progressive party. a woman is speaking about a man who may potentially run for president on our ticket. i cannot watch a woman be plastered and crucified for something that i experienced, as well. i believe her. >> melissa: jessica? >> jessica: no one has said they don't believe lucy flores. we will see reaction to this new accusation. this is a conversation people have been having for a very long time. obviously it does seem like opportune political timing. certainly, joe biden is about to run and we are talking about an event from '09 when he went on to be the extremely powerful person. like the number two in the country for the next several years. and a potential presidential run. i don't think this reflects poorly on how biden is handling it or nancy pelosi.
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i think what they are doing is calculating how best to ensure that people know that, joe biden is not an #metoo person in the classical sense. that's why the discussion of the movement is so important, it's about a woman feeling demeaned or belittled or not appeared. that's what lucy swears was articulating in her piece. but personal space is important. when joe biden gets limited to conversations about #metoo, it's incredible damaging to not only him but to the movement. he see kellyanne conway out saying that we need to vote for roy moore. the president also backed roy moore. this conversation about joe biden -- yes, it came from lucy flores who worked for bernie to get elected in 2016, but i think we need to be careful about -- >> melissa: but it's not part of the -- to say it's not part of the #metoo movement.
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we've all been in situations when you're in a social situation, somebody comes over and touches you inappropriately. it makes you incredibly uncomfortable, and you think to yourself, "why does this person think it's okay?" it doesn't rise to the level of rape but it raises to a higher level of the attention they are giving it. >> harris: since joe biden has made it about himself -- because it's not about the woman who has come forth, he is saying, "i didn't intend for it to be that way." that makes it about joe biden. let's focus on joe biden for a second. he said years of this type of behavior, correct? and there is a loop. kellyanne conway was a little bit and just when she said, "whether you google creepy joe biden?" i'm paraphrasing a bit but that's what she meant. but their videos out there where he is hands the, giving a hair sniff, as he said, kennedy. if it's all about him, i guess that behavior will always be okay because he is not intending
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it. it's a different day. i want to know where joe biden has been as an american. i don't have a dog in this race, i'm covering it. as an american, where has he been in the last two or three years that he's anesthetized to what we are talking about changing the game? >> jessica: stephanie carter, as carter's wife demanding him -- >> melissa: you want to make sure we get that out here and make sure it's not a complete list. but these are folks that have come out on the record and it defended him. susan rice, meghan mccain, chris coons, dianne feinstein. kennedy? >> kennedy: i think that intention is important. i don't think we should completely disregard intent, and that was one of the breaks between peter abelard and thomas aquinas. because he said it's act himself and peter abelard said he can only really prosecute someone based on the intent they have.
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otherwise you have a sliding scale and you get to get back and revisit history. >> harris: when someone grabs another person and kisses them and they don't want to be kissed, the intent is more important than the act? >> kennedy: do you really think the intent is innocuous when someone grabs someone against their will will and kis them? i think the intent is pretty clear. >> harris: if the person who is being kissed perceives that a something they are not comfortable with. now you're talking about perception. so how do we get to -- >> kennedy: you are talking much more about a act. there is implicit intent with something like that. you are shaking your head no. then i will be from the discussion. i will reframe the discussion. where are you -- >> harris: it's not always about, what i was going to say. >> kennedy: but where are you on redemption? does joe biden have the ability to say -- >> harris: i haven't even gone to the point where -- >> kennedy: and re-framing the discussion. >> harris: i hope i didn't do anything to make them feel a certain way, then you take accountability and get on the road to redemption.
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>> kennedy: those on the left really have to figure this out. can someone go back and take stock of their life and say, "i've done these things that are wrong and i see that now." >> melissa: sure they can, but he hasn't. >> harris: whatever you want to call and, the victim -- >> kennedy: but is there room for that? >> harris: that's what the bible talks about. accountability and one-on-one and letting however you -- and the bible doesn't talk specifically about the #me toomovement -- #me toomovement --butworkingeve saying you didn't intend but she ought to be heard, is in the same as saying, "i shouldn't have put her in a position that made her feel uncomfortable." >> jessica: the proactive thing that you did. to your point, that you are just making, it's important to be careful about the terms we are using. because kissing -- i was speaking about this yesterday, i saw "joe biden's kissing
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scandal." when someone says something like that, it seems like they are sexually kissed her that someone planted something on their mouth. he cast the back of her head. the pictures that you have seen about this -- and this doesn't mean it didn't humiliate those women, that it didn't hurt them and make them feel that they were -- because it's about power. that was my point. #metoo is about powerful vantage taking advantage of women in a whole host of ways. >> kennedy: men are victims, too. >> jessica: absolutely. >> melissa: you don't think what a meal at -- >> kennedy: he's going up to the line. he knows what the line is, that it's not -- >> harris: my question, kennedy. does it move? the line? why doesn't he know that? >> jessica: that was also a while ago. that was 2009. >> kennedy: the line was different in 2009. >> brian: it was may be different in 2009. joe biden and his place in
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american politics was different in 2009. he's been doing this for a long time and a lot of people have been pointing it out, but it's just now that he has become irrelevant to the cause on the left. >> jessica: what are you talking about customer he's irrelevant? >> kennedy: they are trying to make them into an irrelevant -- >> harris: we've lost control. >> kennedy: three people who want to be president are turning him into an irrelevant -- >> harris: i want to go back to something you said, brian. marie harf set on the couch yesterday they might be a syndrome of going after their own of the democratic party who are not as progressive. she says she's hearing it inside the party. >> brian: if you want to tar and feather someone right now, this is what you do. you take a question -- we could debate on this couch all day, you laid out there and it never goes away. imagine m, every time he's on the stump. every time there's a photographer he's got to be thinking, "what am i doing, how will this reflect in the
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allegations?" he never gets to campaign. it's going to systematically undermine what he can do. >> melissa: we have to go, but a real quick question -- if you grabbed a man and rubbed his nose, would your husband be upset and uncomfortable that he did it? >> harris: when i would never do that. [laughs] >> melissa: you would never do it, but yes he would. >> harris: he's my one and only, of course he would! >> melissa: anyway, it's not appropriate no matter what it is. just a short time ago a senior homeland security official telling reporters that the u.s. is now facing a "systemwide meltdown" at the southern border, adding of the world and the media are just now waking up to the crisis. this, as a trump administration doubles down on threats to close the border. we have all the latest details on that, plus the president says he wants to pause the health care debate until after the 2020 election. whether that is the right strategy. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. boop! ♪ >> democrats are controlled by the far radical left wing of their party, and they are at a total contrast to what we need and with the president wants to see happen when it comes to health care. they want to see this medicare for all government takeover of health care, and the president wants to see health care returned to the power of the patient. >> harris: that was white house press secretary sarah sanders going after democrats today as several white house contenders are pushing medicare for all is the future of american health care. this, less than a week after president trump took some on capitol hill by surprise and declared the republican party would soon be known as the
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"party of health care." but now it appears he wants to put obamacare repeal efforts on old. at least until after the election. in a series of tweets yesterday, the president laid out a road map for a potential g.o.p. health care rollout. here's a taste of that. the republicans are developing a really great health care plan, with far lower premiums, costs, and deductibles then obamacare. what will be taken after the election when republicans hold the senate and win back the house. meanwhile, house democrats plan to vote on resolution today, rebuking the trump administration for asking a judge to toss the entire affordable care act out." here is senate minority leader chuck schumer outside the court. >> it summed up the trumpeter publican position. health care coverage for nearly 20 americans 20 million americans? preexisting condition protections , and tax credits for
9:19 am
care should be taken away with nothing to replace them. >> harris: evens out the republicans have supported reforming obamacare, giving the slim chance that the g.o.p. alternative can pass the house. >> honestly, probably until next november it won't happen. but we have to have the conversations. obamacare is the law of the land. if there are areas where it's feeling, and i think there are, we should find areas where we can fix it. real people's lives are being impacted right now. i don't want medicare for all that i can understand there's a role for the government on health care. i think 80% of americans agree with that statement. let's find out we could fix it. >> harris: wow. the president just did something everybody tries to do, and that's to get some democrats and republicans on the same page. you've got a republicans saying that coming up maybe they can reform affordable care act and keep pre-existing conditions. >> brian: republicans have given up on health care. they gave the president so much critique when he pivoted last week to health care and said, "we are going to do something
9:20 am
about it." they just came at him and said, "we won't do anything, sorry. we are not with you." the president is trying to show leadership on an issue that's going to matter in 2020 and they just gave up. >> harris: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said, "good luck with that, see how that works out." but this does force them together. >> brian: apparently republicans don't want to -- in the worst way, by the way. you've got republicans saying obamacare is the law of the land and we are just going to let this be customer view will tweak it around in the markets? what are you talking about? this is a party that said for years that we need to friendly don't like financial thing. they are going to get hammered on this for months and months leading up to 2020 now. >> jessica: i don't see how saying they will respect the law of the lynn means it's they are giving up in some way. it shows their functioning in reality finally. when president trump admitted to health care after he felt he had
9:21 am
gotten a big win from the william barr summary of the mueller report, that was a huge p.r. mistake for him. it brings it back to the one topic that delivered democrats the house and the 2018 midterms. that welcomes us to have accommodation about health care. republicans aren't online with some health care. he campaigned on a lot of democratic principles pretty thought for existing conditions should be kept. he was saying that last week. he is tasking them with a plan that doesn't fit with traditional republican principles. i don't think this is making it better, saying to punt it until after the election. either way, democrats get to run on it. they say, "if we don't win, guess what? we will repeal obamacare." in the alternative will get you anything decent. >> melissa: it comes back on them because they ran on coming in and fixing it. >> jessica: maybe they will. >> melissa: they are not. >> jessica: they are. >> melissa: whoever is in
9:22 am
office says everyone who got elected the last time around on fixing health care is to blame. it doesn't matter if you are a republican or democrat. republicans won that, saying they would fix obamacare, than they didn't. so they lost. democrats campaigned on fixing health care, now if they don't it doubles back on them. >> harris: but you can't do it without the majority in the senate. nancy pelosi can pass all she wants in the house, and she put up a health care bill last week that doesn't have medicare for all. if i may 2020 democratic presidential candidate, and out there touting medicare for all, i met having angina right now. i'm wondering what they are doing taking a talking point away. >> melissa: they don't care, they want to see it fixed. >> kennedy: that's why obamacare has become more popular. it's less chaotic. obamacare was designed to be very complex and very hard to dismantle. that may be the smartest thing about it from a policy standpoint. >> melissa: it comes back to that very basic --
9:23 am
>> kennedy: here's the basic problem -- there's not one fix, especially for republicans. susan collins, in maine, her needs are very different from john cornyn's needs in texas. >> melissa: republicans have a good plan right now -- they say it's getting tracks and, the fair care act. it addresses so many of the problems. >> kennedy: but how do you pass it through the house? how do you get that through the house with no democrats on boar board? >> harris: that's why the president is so angry. nobody has bicameral leadership, he doesn't have that now. i want to give brian a chance. >> brian: [laughs] this isn't even about passing anything. it's about being willing to have the conversation. republicans have been licking their wounds since 2017. they had an opportunity -- >> melissa: but this isn't from republicans, this is the fair care act. it has great stuff in it. >> brian: it does, but guess who won't engage with it? republicans. they are running away. >> melissa: but they are, it's in the house right now.
9:24 am
>> brian: are not doing anything with it. they're not saying to the president to lead with it. they are saying, "let's let it go until 2020, we will fix obamacare in the margin." >> melissa: high risk pool, it's good stuff. i don't know. >> harris: brian, thank you. i was trying to get you in there. new fallout for those urging a democratic lieutenant governor. another sexual assault accuser speaks out for the very first time. now both women say they are willing to testify publicly. will that happen? deadline day for the mueller report as democrats demand to see it in its entirety. no reductions. where this fight goes from here. >> we won't allow this attorney general and the president to oppose the obstruction case, to bury the mueller report and findings. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years,
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>> we are going to insist that the entire report be produced, that we not get some either william barr version of the report or heavily blacked out copy. there is no reason why the attorney general can't seek permission to disclose all the grand jury material, which will be a sizable portion of that report. that has been the president. speaker that his house intel chair adam schiff demanding democrats get mueller's full ren investigation, not just at the attorney general's redacted version. this, as the drg appears likely to miss the deadline set for today. they are meeting tomorrow to authorize subpoenas to try and force the release of the report and is underling evidence. house democrats, they are not stopping there. they also want william barr to testify, sing in a letter to the attorney general, "we also reiterate our request that you appear before the judiciary committee as soon as possible. not in a month, as you have offered, but now so that you can
9:30 am
explain your decisions to provide congress with your characterization of the mueller report as opposed to the report itself." meantime, the president taking a job at democrats this morning, tweeting, "there is no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy jerry nadler or shifty adam schiff. it's now time to focus exclusively on properly running our great country. ." speaker nancy pelosi says the country deserves to see the mueller report and predicts it will be released. nance? >> well, the american people deserve and want the truth overwhelmingly. you see that. whatever the truth is, let the chips fall where they may pay to show us the truth. he is saying now the middle of april, it keeps getting a little closer. but there will be a release of the mueller report. >> kennedy: does she have a jar full of hard beans in her pocket question of what's clicking around there? let's discuss this little bit. the democrats aren't selectively
9:31 am
transparent when it comes to redacted material. with the fisa warrant application, adam schiff was very forceful that he didn't want most of that -- sources and methods, some confidential aspects to see the light of day. now they want the whole thing. >> brian: can't have any black lines. this is such a manufactured controversy. this there is nobody saying we won't offer the report. they are simply saying we are going to do it consisted with law. to keep you people saying, "we are going to make sure the report is there in full." he was against that? who says we will do that? april 2nd deadline is currently arbitrary. i don't know why we are talking about that. why does that deadline matter? all that matters is barr does his job. he says he's going to do it, end
9:32 am
of story. >> kennedy: it's interesting, they were fine giving bob mueller as much time as he needed to complete the investigation. democrats certainly weren't trying to move up that time travel. now all the sudden sudden there was on fire. isn't he going through the report with the attorney general, helping with the reductions? that certainly is what we are being told and what we think is going on. i just think it's interesting that the accusation has gotten smaller and smaller to the point of being kind of funny. it started that the president as a spy for the russians, that he's the manchurian candidate, that it went to collusion. then it went to, they accepted a meeting and in reported. it's just kind of a letdown. from a "gotcha" point of view. see what i remember us reporting on this couch that the house had voted 420-0 to publicly release the mueller report. i remember william barr, and i remember reading about the president being surprised about the relationship, the professional friendship that william barr, the vignette to be confirmed attorney general had with robert mueller.
9:33 am
and this, both sides of the total guile, say we get as much as we could per rules and regs. he said that at the confirmation hearing. he's not saying anything oppositional to that sense. when you talk about faux outrage, i understand i get to that point. >> brian: there is no opposition anywhere to releasing this. >> melissa: >> kennedy: not evee president. >> harris: no, not even from the president. >> jessica: this is more complicated than the report coming down and waiting for redaction's. william barr made up a bit of a p.r. game making up for the fact that he released a four page summary of what's over 300 pages of the report. >> harris: a letter. >> jessica: a summary letter, i don't have three quotes in it. none were full sentences. when bob mueller wasn't able to make a decision about obstruction of justice he went ahead and did that. when you listen to legal analysts, our own judge napolitano, it's not that he didn't -- >> kennedy: a judgment of obstruction of justice, who do
9:34 am
you think makes that decision? judge judy? judge napolitano? judge dineen? >> jessica: i love judges, but... [laughter] bob mueller spent years laying out both sides of this case. he did also find evidence of conspiracy. just not enough to prove it. that's the difference there. >> kennedy: how do you know? >> jessica: that's what we see from the number of things that i listed that we know are in the report, that he has looked into. efforts to conspiracy, things that adam schiff was talking about last week when he was defending himself. >> harris: he said that there was evidence showing collusion -- >> jessica: conspiracy, yes. he did. that is fine, i think what has moved up the timetable -- it's fine for adam schiff to talk about evidence that is -- >> harris: this still shows that charges should not be brought against the president, or no further charges. >> jessica: by special
9:35 am
counsel. >> harris: when will that be enough for democrats close to dr. >> jessica: is not about it being enough. >> kennedy: it's about his kids. it's about that tower in moscow, and it's about -- >> jessica: we have the mueller report. i just find it interesting to see this outrage. i would say faux outrage, because of president obama will be done like being investigate by special counsel -- >> harris: he isn't president anymore. >> jessica: that doesn't matter. i'm giving you the reverse example so i can hear the hypocrisy, i guess. because of lerner lynch turned over a four page summary of the 350 page special counsel report -- >> harris: i'll give you a little hypocrisy. jerry nava, 1998 when the ken starr report was out for the clintons. he said, "no, don't release it. you don't want to harm other people. don't release." >> kennedy: we are getting the windmill wrapped, that's how urgent it is. president trump is planning a trip to the board of this week as he keeps pressuring mexico to take action on the migrants
9:36 am
heading our way. he is also reportedly considering naming and immigration czar, and economic fallout from his threat to close the border. we will debate, next. >> we've called on the military, we've called in all the resources that we can. the president is fully committed to closing the border and he will do whatever he has to do with in powers. ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures
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speak of the president isn't threatening, he's taking his job as the commander-in-chief very seriously in terms of protecting the american people. we have to take action. democrats in congress are leaving us no choice. this is not the path of the president wants to take, but they are leaving us no choice because they are unwilling to work with us. >> harris: earlier, from that interview with white house press secretary sarah sanders. she was saying president trump is not backing down from his plans to close the southern border with mexico.
9:41 am
this, as dhs is now saying we are facing "a systemwide meltdown" they are. secretary nielsen has ordered hundreds more agents to the border. the number of central american migrants crossing the u.s.-mexico border has skyrocketed in recent months, putting a critical strain on agents. meanwhile, white house officials are emphasizing the president is not bluffing when it comes to closing the border. senior advisor jared kushner says the president never shies away from a controversy. >> i think it's to pressure everybody. this is something that needs solution. one of the thing that i love about the president is he doesn't let people hide from problems. when there's a problem, he makes people confront the problem. he's very creative about ways to find a solution. >> harris: on capitol hill, bio lines are being john. even some republicans are worrying about the potential fallout for our economy. watch. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i think the president is speaking out of frustration.
9:42 am
i broke my nose one time playing ball -- i didn't chop it off. if we close the border, it's going to really hurt our gdp. mexico is one of our largest trading partners. it will probably cost us $1 billion to $2 billion in gdp per day. >> harris: in addition, the state department plans to cut financial aid to three south american countries for not stopping migrants headed toward the united states united states. assistant speaker of the house says the president should rally lawmakers from both political parties and focus on immigration reform. >> the president should be working with democrats and republicans in the congress and encouraging us to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package. the president should walk away from this notion to cut off aid to those countries, work with them, and bring the congress either. it's time to lead, let's get
9:43 am
this done together. >> harris: the president is reportedly continuing considerr czar to coordinate efforts across border agencies. do we need one of those, brian? >> brian: i agree, the president is asking out of frustration. you are the congressman talking about wanting leadership. bring congress to give it. what are you talking about? at one point did congress show it ever had interest in doing something substantive on immigration? the president is trying to lead. we would be economically devastating customer gas. i think that's what he said it. because he needs to get people around the table, and they won't do it if you just pat them on the back and hold their hand and asked them to work on it. >> harris: is this is political as it seemeds i will quote the president. he's quoting ardell quinto. he was saying this, "i haven't seen democrats asking to speak to any of us. they have an open invitation. we are getting overrun.
9:44 am
our facilities or overcapacity. we are at an emergency crisis." that from the national border patrol council, art del cueto. the president retrieving that. >> jessica: you've seen were democrats embraced the language of crisis. dick durbin said we have a crisis, jeh johnson who peered over the weekend on our networking yesterday, saying we have a three-pronged crisis. there was a crisis in central america, on the border, in our asylum system as well. we do to fix it? the problem of causing a big economic kerfuffle to make your point is that you then cause an economic kerfuffle that's going to accept upset a lot of people. 30% of the auto parts that go into american cars come from mexico. not to mention what will happen to her avocado situation. the president doesn't want to turn this into something about economics, and he's trying to make immigration point. people will have to focus on that. >> harris: i agree with melissa on this. we've seen the president to so many times, force a decision to
9:45 am
be made. >> melissa: politicians would like to do the thing that most looks like sitting on the couch eating ice cream. they don't want to do any work or make any progress. he creates a situation where he's trying to force them to ac act. democrats make the point that the economics and cost to americans is too much and is too high a price to pay to try and stop human trafficking and child slavery. closing the border and demanding that politicians stand up and do something to fix immigration and fix the broken system. >> kennedy: that's what congress has to do. they are part of the crisis. they are a huge driver of this crisis. they are also problems in south america that we can't necessarily fix. we should do our part, but i agree with brian that sacrificing the economy is not necessarily the best way to do
9:46 am
it. coming up in a few short weeks, by gum, this is not the united states of america if we run out of avocados and tequila! i've set it! [laughter] >> harris: remember, a lot of members on capitol hill have been their previous to this president and even the last one he was there for eight years. so this is on everybody. >> kennedy: amen. >> harris: not all of them, just some of them pay the second woman accusing virginia's lieutenant governor justin fairfax of sexual assault is speaking out in an emotional interview. we'll discuss the potential impact for democrats on the 2020 election as it looms, with fairfax still in office. >> he knew that the year prior i had been raped, and he said, "i knew because of what happened to you last year that if i got you in the right situation you would be too afraid to say or do anything about it." ♪
9:47 am
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9:51 am
and had i had the strength or the courage to say something, maybe it never would have happened to her. [crying] spirited >> jessica: meredith watson, the second womn accusing justin fairfax of sexual assault, speaking out in a with cbs today. watson expressing remorse for not coming forward sooner. she alleges that fairfax raped her 19 years ago when they were both students at duke university. >> it was a huge betrayal. he was my friend. i don't understand how you do that to somebody. somebody they've been a friend to come and who has confided in you about things. i just don't understand how you do that. >> jessica: in her interview, she called on fairfax to resign. but he continues to deny the
9:52 am
allegations, saying he passed two polygraphs. in the statement, "while the evidence will continue to bend the truth, i hear the panda express. a pay and i hope they are able to resolve any help from. because i never felt it either , because i never assaulted either dr. tyson or ms. watson, i am able to hear the they are also facing scandals. it's incredible that they are all still in office, when you think about how wall-to-wall the coverage was. virginia is saying they will be hearing public testimony. do you think our attention will go back to virginia or do you think they survived this? >> kennedy: i think ralph northam has survived, oddly enough. with everyone in the democratic party calling for his regulatio regulation, especially the week in the first allegations came out about the blackface and
9:53 am
questionable pictures in his past, when you can't tell if it's even blackface were you in a kkk road, you've got problems. and justin fairfax, the lieutenant governor, would be the one succeeding him. this story for him is not going away. there has to be a venue where you can hear from both of these accusers. >> jessica: it makes me think about, obviously, the gravity of the situation being very different than what al franken was accused of. but he did have accusations played out in public, and it came down to people in our party having to go to mn saying, "you got to go from this." do you think more of that will happen with justin fairfax? >> melissa: it seems like we've reached a time -- it's interesting you would bring up al franken, people said maybe if he had long longer he would still be in prayer the tied change. we are looking at people who won't be sent away.
9:54 am
in this situation, they are all still in office. the interview is really compelling. i think it does change dynamic, and it does change the narrative when you hear someone in so much pain. i wander from a political point of view, the longer he hangs on, who does it hurt? does it put pressure on that party, does it put pressure on him? i don't know. >> brian: you have the party coming out and sort of voicing this idea that ralph northam should resign. voicing concern about fairfax. to your point, with frank and it was a concerted effort beyond the headlines to say, "you got to go." as that happened with northam? has that happened with fairfax? or was it all window dressing because they knew virginia is too important to lose, and ultimately we don't want these guys out? >> jessica: my impression was -- obviously al franken was under it a national microscope in a different way. we know a lot of the the playe. senator gillibrand, others.
9:55 am
my impression has been, especially from the black caucus in virginia, that there has been a lot of pressure on justin fairfax about this. >> kennedy: to resign or to stay? >> jessica: to address it, to make sure this is -- >> kennedy: to address it satisfactorily? >> jessica: i think is making an effort to address it as well as he can. but i don't know if one does if they are sure they did not do this thing and they are continuing to be accused of it. he is saying, "my life is going to be ruined because of something i did not do." that's what he reflected in that statement. >> brian: this story keeps getting buried, and it comes up every once in a while. why does it keep getting married, why did we lose track of it? that's curious. the moment we are in, this thing gets buried. >> jessica: we've got to go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. the newday va cash out loan can help you get over 50,000 dollars to pay off the credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and reduce your payments by over 500 dollars a month.
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front slams on his the hbrakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: thinking to brian brownrigg. i was directed doing? >> brian: [laughs] my minnesota gophers went out against michigan state. so not happy about that. but i got a chair for the
10:00 am
big ten team, michigan. >> melissa: minnesota gophers? how was your bracket? >> kennedy: mine committed suicide this weekend. >> melissa: we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. his harris. >> harris: we come in with the fox news alert, democrats are stepping up their demands to see the full miller report. the white house is branding them sore losers. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the sixth democratic house chairs warning attorney general william barr that if he fails to turn over the full miller report by today's deadline, that they set, they will subpoena the deferment of justice. this, after william barr said he would turn over a redacted version of the report by the middle of april if not sooner. democrats say they consider today a hard deadline. white house press secretary sarah sanders had this reaction a short time ago. >> secretary sanders: i think it just shows again what sore losers the democrats really are. they got beat in 2016


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