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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOXNEWSW  April 2, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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juneon actually that's one of my favorite beers i like bud light. >> don't leave your beer cans around. >> greg: animals are great. so is beer. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. hello,. >> bret: bret hello, greg. the nation is facing a system wide meltdown at the southern border. the president pulls back on a new push to try to overturn obamacare before 2020. and speaker nancy pelosi says she doesn't think the allegations of inappropriate touching against joe biden disqualify him from being president. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump says the u.s. is going to have a strong border with mexico or a closed border. the president saying the immigration system is absolutely maxed out. homeland security calling it a system wide meltdown.
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this comes as house democrats prepare to subpoena the mueller report and the president says he will let the attorney general make that call. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight from the north lawn. good evening, john. >> bret, good evening to you. on a conference call this morning. dhs official said the system is on fire. and while president trump may indeed close down the border, he pointed to some recent steps taken by mexico that may have lowered the chance of that happening, at least for the moment. >> in the oval office today with the secretary general of nato, president trump appeared to down play any imminent closure of the border. >> mexico, as you know, as of yesterday, has been starting to apprehend a lot of people at their southern border. they are really apprehending thousands of people. and it's the first time really in decades that this has taken place and should have taken place a long time ago. >> as fox news routerred yesterday, mexico has promised to make changes to its transit visa system and deport anyone trying to get
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to the united states who doesn't have the proper documents. president trump also called on congress to immediately take steps to fix immigration laws and insisted he still could close the border. >> mexico is now stopping people coming very easy for them to do, stopping people coming in to mexico. let's see if they keep it done -- if they keep doing that. now, if they don't, or if we don't make a deal with congress, the border is going to be closed. 100 percent. >> democrats and republicans alike say closing the border could have a devastating impact on america's economy. >> there is $1.5 billion of trade every day between the u.s. and mexico. it will be an economic disaster if he does that. >> closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic, economic impact on our country. and i would hope we would not be doing that sort of thing. >> the white house says it's looking at various options for how a border closing would work. one plan would restrict
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pedestrian and personal crossings but leave truck lanes open. president trump acknowledged it's a tough choice. >> security is more important to me than trade. >> president trump also weighed in on tomorrow's vote in the house judiciary committee whether to authorize subpoenas to demand the full robert mueller report and its background materials. >> i think it's ridiculous. we went through two years of the mueller investigation. and so there is no collusion. there is no obstruction and now we are going to start this process all over again? i think it's a disgrace. >> committee chairman gerald nadler says congress should see everything mueller found. in 18998 he was opposed to the star report. >> it's grand jury material. it represents staples which may or may not be true by witnesses, salacious material. all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. >> the starr report was
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eventually given to congress but president trump couldn't help but marvel at nadler's about face. >> jerry nadler was on the opposite side of this and he thought it was a disgusting, terrible thing to even think about giving the starr report. but now we should give the mueller report. >> president trump would not say today how the white house would respond, what action the department of justice would take if the house judiciary committee does issue subpoenas for the mueller report. but the president said he will put his full faith and trust in attorney general william barr to do the right thing. bret? >> bret: john, thank you. federal prosecutors say a woman carrying two chinese passports and a thumb drive containing computer malware lied to secret service agents and briefly gained admission to president trump's mar-a-lago club over the weekend. the president was golfing at the time, away from that property. there is no indication the woman was ever close to the first lady or some barron who are believed to be on that property at the time. the secret service says the investigation is ongoing.
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the house oversight committee has formally voted to issue subpoenas over white house security clearance issues. this comes after a long time white house staff member said the trump administration overruled dozens of clearance rejections. white house press secretary sarah sanders says democrats are acting in bad faith, asking for personal confidential information they know they have absolutely no right to see. president trump says republicans will wait until after the 2020 election to mount another effort to get rid of obamacare and replace it with a better system in his words. but democrats in congress are trying to take advantage of the president's position right now. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel shows us how tonight. >> this is not an issues fight or a legislative fight. it's a values fight. >> democrats defending obamacare with the threatened by the trump administration at the supreme court. >> they have no healthcare
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plan. it's the same old song they have been singing. therefore, repeal. they have no replace. >> president trump punted healthcare until after next year's election. >> i want to put it after the election because we don't have the house so even though the healthcare is good, really good. it's much better than when the plan comes out, which we will be showing you at the appropriate time. it's much better than obamacare. >> majority leader mcconnell told reporters he and the president are back on the same page. >> i made it clear to him we were not going to be doing that in the senate. he did say, as he later tweeted, he accepted that. >> new york democrat congressman akim jeffreys recalls waiting until after the election shady. >> i'm from brooklyn. i know a hustle when we see one. donald trump is hustling the american people straight out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> but the white house press secretary says it's.
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>> we lower the cost. we have to allow patients to have a say in the care that they receive. it is a complete and total contrast to what you are seeing the democrats put forward right now. >> some democrats are proposing medicare for all which critics say would cost trillions of dollars and reduce the quality of care. republicans rick scott of florida and josh hawley of missouri have unveiled a prescription drug plan ensuring pharmaceutical companies cannot charge americans more than other consumers around the world. one of the president's top allies says republicans must figure it out. >> if the court rules in trump's favor, we need to be thinking about an alternative that we can lay out to the public as our direction vs. theirs. >> louisiana republican john canady called out some lawmakers for lacking courage. >> some of my colleagues need to go online and check amazon and see if they are selling spines at a special discount this week. >> with democrats already
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crisscrossing the country to run for president, a healthcare deal would seem unlikely before the 2020 election. the president has released. so pressure for now. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. mike, thanks. house speaker nancy pelosi says joe biden is still qualified to be president despite recent allegations by two women of inappropriate touching. some political watchers and pundits are asking whether the defense of biden represents a change in the me too movement or a generational pass for the former vice president. here is correspondent peter doocy. >> none of the women who accuse brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct had photos with the judge to prove they ever crossed paths. but, democrats believed them anyway. >> i believe dr. ford. >> you are opening up to open air hurt and pain that goes on across this country. it's nothing short of heroic. >> i believe dr. ford. >> joe biden's accusers have pictures with him but their
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accusations of misconduct are not sexual. so, democrats are not as concerned. >> joe biden is not a sexual predator. the president, however, is. >> actress alyssa milano sat through dr. chris j blasey ford's testimony. >> i think dr. ford is an incredibly compelling, intelligent woman. >> but she is holding biden to a different standard tweeting, quote: i'm proud to call joe biden a leader and a champion fighting violence against women for many years. >> he is just a glad handing politician and maybe at times he has done some things that made people feel uncomfortable. it matters to me that what his intent is i think he is a good guy. i think he means nothing bad by this. >> another republican doesn't think that matters. >> this is america. you do have a right to due process. on the other hand, this is no country for creepy old men. >> creepy is the word a
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pro-trump super pac is trying to tag him with. >> i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulder. >> and valerie jarrett says she respects biden isn't sure how that will play. >> i think what's great about our country you want to run for president, you get to run. you can make your cases directly to the american people and give it your best shot. so i don't think we should be disqualifying people. let him run. >> house speaker nancy pelosi doesn't think biden has done anything to disqualify himself as a presidential candidate but she does think he should borrow her method for cutting back on hugs. >> i'm the member of the straight arm club. i'm not a straight armer. >> earlier today the news outlet axios biden's team blames the bernie sanders campaign stories bad behavior bubbling up. the sanders campaign just told me it wasn't them and that nobody there planted a story or persuaded anyone to share theirs. bret?
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>> bret: it seems former vice president biden has another controversy brewing as well and this one may involve some action overseas. what about that? >> there is an old tape. the vice president is caught on tape bragging about getting a prosecutor in ukraine fired. the same prosecutor who was investigating corruption at the company biden's son hunter worked for. >> i said you are not getting a billion. i'm going to be leaving here. six hours. i'm leaving in six hours and the prosecutor is not fired. you are not getting the money. oh son of a [bleep] got fired. and they put in place someone who was solid. >> the former vice president also remarked at that event that he told ukraine's then president that they had the most beautiful women in the world. bret? >> bret: okay, peter. thank you. the bernie sanders campaign says it raised more than $18 million in the 41 days since the senator launched his presidential bid. senator's campaign manager says there were 900,000 donations in the ferris
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quarter averaging $20 apiece. he says the campaign now has an impressive $28 million in the bank. california senator clarsz raised $12 million in the first three months of 2019. south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg has raised more than $7 million in the quarter. late today andrew yang announced a preliminary fundraising haul of 1.7 million from the last two months. the dow snapped a three-day winning streak today losing 79. the s&p 500 was up a fraction, the nasdaq gained 20. both are the highest closes of the year for those indices. secretary of state mike pompeo is trying to get americans held cap tia in foreign countries back home. a short time ago he met with some family members of five american oil executives in a venezuelan prison. >> this mission is deeply held in the american spirit. it is nonpartisan. it's a mission that is just. it's a mission that's right, and you should all know that
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we will never abandon our people. >> bret: the state department refuses to say how many americans it considers held hostage or wrongfully detained in other countries. fox news has learned national security analyst morgan ortagus will be named state department spokeswoman. or tag gus had been a fox news contributor and on the special panel of fox report. she replaces heather nauert also a former fox anchor. as the nato celebrates a milestone this week already tense relations between the u.s. and turkey are heading south. the latest conflict comes as the pentagon suspends its delivery of a major weapons system over concerns about a deal with russia. lucas tomlinson has details from the pentagon tonight. >> the trump administration's frustration with turkey reaching a new high with the pentagon suspending delivery of advanced f-35 fighter jet parts unless turkey immediately cancels its deal to bay russian missile defense system on capitol
3:14 pm
hill concern russia could steal u.s. military secrets. >> if they acquire that missile system and they have the f-35 airplane, then the russian also have a window into the technology that's used to you produce the f-35. >> from the vice president down, top u.s. officials have for months warned turkey to knock off its overtures to moscow. >> we will not stand idly by while purchase weapons from adversaries. >> comes days after turkey's foreign minister hosted russian counter parted in a public display to seal the missile deal. >> we sat down and talked with russia and we signed an agreement. >> turkey plans to buy about 100 f-35s. turkey's company have contracts worth $12 billion to make parts for the jet. the pentagon says it will cacancel these deals unless turkey does an about face. not the first time they butted heads. in turkey objects to the
3:15 pm
u.s. led fighting force against isis. monday turkey hosted venezuela's top diplomat showing support for the embattled maduro regime in another slight to the trump administration. with u.s. forces deployed to turkey not far from syria's border, the pentagon hopes tension also subside. >> i think we will resolve the situation as we are strategic partners. >> turkey's foreign minister is set to arrive in washington this week for nato meetings marking 70 years of the alliance. russia will be high on the agenda. bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. lucas, thanks. up next, the dangers of legalizing recreational marijuana. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles with the arrest of a suspect in the shooting death of rapper nipsey russell. they took 29-year-old eric holder into custody today. hustle was killed outside of a closing store on store. flood control spillway at the nation's tallest dam
3:16 pm
will be deployed this week for the first time since it was rebuilt after crumbling during heavy rains two years ago. that incidents forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. the oroville dam needed repairs that needed more than $1 billion. live look from atlanta from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there tonight georgia tech is working to repair the damage created by a cyber security breach that may have exposed personal information for up to 1.3 million current and perspective students, faculty and staff. georgia tech saying it discovered the hack in late march, infiltrators used one of the school's web applications to access a database containing that information. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ let's be honest.
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>> bret: the second woman accusing justice fairfax of the assault is now talking about the attack. monday cbs aired an interview with his other accuser vanessa tyson describing her experience. now meredith watson who alleges she was raped by fairfax in 2,000 says she should have spoken up sooner. >> it happened to her after it happened to me.
3:21 pm
and had i had the strength or the courage to say something in 2000, maybe it never would have happened to her. and i know the pain that she has had to live with. nobody should have to go through this. and i feel awful. >> bret: fairfax insists the encounters with both women were consensual. new york's governor is promising recreational marijuana will soon be legal in his state. new york is one of several states considering that move. supporters have obviously been fighting for that for some time. as correspondent bryan llenas tells us it is a decision that critics say does have consequences. >> eight states are considering bills to legalize recreational
3:22 pm
cannabis, including new york where governor andrew cuomo says it will happen by june. >> we will get marijuana done. it's not a question of political desire. it's a question of practical reality. >> passing a bill though to legalize marijuana is a tall order. just last week new jersey's assembly abruptly called off a vote to legalize recreational pot, proof marijuana remains a divisive issue. in march, a new study found smoking highly potent cannabis on a daily basis quadruples user's odds of experiencing a psychotic episode. highly potent marijuana contains thc levels higher than 10%. thc is the chemical that causes the drug's psychological effects. that's alarming considering government data shows america's pot is getting stronger. the average thc level in confiscated marijuana has grown from 4% in 2000 to 12% today. >> today's marijuana is much
3:23 pm
more harmful than it used to be. >> another new study found marijuana-related emergency room visits have more than tripled in colorado since 2012. >> so there is all these new negative outcomes. we weren't seeing them in the 1960s. we are seeing them a lot more now because of this rush to legalize marijuana. >> medical marijuana incidence sears like harmony in new jersey argue legalization will ensure regulation. >> thank you. >> we actually test all of our marijuana and make sure that it's safe and effective. >> while studies have shown a link have not proven it causes psychosis. doctors say there are legitimate benefits smoking marijuana like pain relief. bret? >> bret: thank you. if president trump closes the border with mexico, what will that do to american communities on the u.s. side? we will take you there. first, beyond our borders tonight. lawmakers in new zealand have voted overwhelmingly in favor of new gun restrictions. during the first stage of the bill they hope to rush
3:24 pm
into law next week. the measure would ban the type of weapons a gunman used to kill 50 people at two mosques last month. european union officials say a no deal brexit is becoming more likely. great britain is due to leave the eu april 12th unless prime minister theresa may can break the dead lock in parliament or if the agrees to give the uk more time. pakistan and india trade fire in the disputed himalayan region of kashmir today. 7 people killed there tensions flared nuclear armed nations after a suicide bombing killed 40 indian troops and indian administered kashmir back in february. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ug ♪ look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go.
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♪ >> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour president trump is reiterating his threat to shut down the border with mexico saying the u.s. will have a secure border or a closed one. tonight correspondent claudia cowan reports from el paso, texas on how a border shutdown could effect american communities on the u.s. side. >> 12 million cars cross each year. 7 million people walk across. but what if all that stopped? >> it gives me heart burn. >> demarge is the mayor of el paso.
3:29 pm
>> it's critical that our borders remain open. >> because on the border crossings are big business. >> we are the, i think the tenth or 11th largest land port. we have over $100 billion in exports and imports going through our bridges every year. >> but it's not just business. it's also personal. >> i'm worried because i have my family over there. and it's hard for them to come over here so i need to go over there. >> a closure could also disrupt $137 billion in food imports. one distributer in arizona says his livelihood and jobs are on the line. >> i actually sent out a memo today to my sales staff and my buyers saying, hey, this is something that we need to address, make sure that we are staying ahead of the curve, making sure that we have enough product in here because we don't know what's going to happen. >> executive director of el paso's republican party says that while a temporary closure would cause a lot of
3:30 pm
inconvenience and possibly higher prices for consumers, it would send a strong message to federal lawmakers in northern industrial states. >> it's what the president has to do to get the people in congress to do something. running out of avocados is one thing in the supermarket but when you have automobile production plants in the u.s. that are shutting down because they don't have steering wheels and have you hundreds of thousands of people laying off, then congress might say we better do something about fixing this situation. >> and for people who have to cross the border every day, a solution to this issue cannot come fast enough with fewer officers working at immigration checkpoints and these international bridges, it means longer waits to cross, more than three and a half hours in some cases, bret, to cross over the border. back to you. >> bret: claudia cowan along the border in el paso. thank you. the chairman of north carolina's republican party and a big-time money donor are facing federal bribery and wire fraud they are
3:31 pm
accused of trying to sway insurance regulator's decision in favor of the donor insurance companies. state g.o.p. chairman robin hayes a former congressman and investment firm congressman lindbergh are four people charged in federal indictments unsealed today. chicago voters are making history tonight. senior correspondent mike tobin tells us they are electing an african-american woman as mayor for the first time in city history. [chant guilty] >> chicago's next mayor will be a black female and very progressive. lori light foot was the top vote better from the crowded field in the february election. she is openly gay a relative outsider. former lawyer and potential newcomer to elected office. now in the runoff her opponent is cook county board president and chairman of the county democratic party. >> and that's well and good. but, the skin color and the gender doesn't matter with all of the crises facing the next mayor from public safety to the fiscal civility of the city. >> gunfire is down for the
3:32 pm
year but the summer months are coming. the pension debt in chicago is $28 billion. and if prekwinkle is elected community indicate with ice next. >> ordinance need to so no longer cooperate with customs. >> experience is working against pre- prenk winkle. kim foxx runs the office that dropped charges against jussie smollett. first round favor someone new. >> stay out of this. you created a toxic environment. >> policies and adversarial relationship current mayor rahm emanuel has with president trump will largely remain the same. >> the president's values are not my values. the thing that he has tried to do to sow division and hate particularly anymore grant communities. >> as politics go now the race and runoff have been bare nuclear kills, both hopefuls have signed off on
3:33 pm
jesse jackson's i'd for a breakfast to heal wounds for tomorrow. >> bret: mike tobin, thanks. a shift in plans for president trump's healthcare plan. the panel discusses that and the border next. can we talk?
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♪ named 'park' in the u.s. ninety-six hundred roads it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? ♪ >> obamacare has been such a catastrophe i want to put it after the election because we don't have the house. when the plan comes out, which we will be showing you at the appropriate time, it's much better than obamacare. >> president trump confirmed that he will hold americans hostage through the 2020 election when it comes to healthcare. he promises reelect me, and
3:38 pm
maybe you can take a peek at my backup plan after that. which they don't have. what a reuse. what a shame. what a disgrace. >> bret: usually it's republicans pounced on x, y, and z. today democrats pounced over the past few days on the healthcare issue after the president essentially announced that he would wait until after 2020 to roll out a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the last year full stats for health insurance 2017 you see the massive number of private insurance almost 198 million people. obamacare itself 12.2 million and ininsured still stands at 28.5 million in the u.s. roughly depending on the numbers in 2018. let's start with the panel guy benson political editor at town mara liasson of "national public radio" and ben dom niche publisher of the
3:39 pm
federalist. mara, democrats saw a lot of political upside 2018 on the issue of healthcare and now looking again. >> republicans were pretty happy to drop the issue after november and now donald trump had some other ideas but he did decide to back off of this plan to present an alternative to obamacare after he got a phone call from mitch mcconnell who said we don't really want to be doing that when we had all three branches of government we tried and failed. i think the big problem for the republicans is that trump decided to weigh in on this lawsuit from republican states attorneys general saying obamacare in its entirety should be declared unconstitutional including the popular parts like pre-existing conditions, staying on your parents' plan until 26. >> bret: mandate and some judges have upheld that. >> people like parts of obamacare and now the democrats get to say, you know, they are going to take away all those things you like. >> bret: here is the senate majority leader and senator john kennedy. >> i will not be doing
3:40 pm
comprehensive in the senate. we don't have a misunderstanding about that. >> some of my colleagues need to go online and check amazon and see if they are selling spines at a special discount this week. and grow some guts and let's tackle one of the problems that moms and dads in america worry about at night when they lie down and can't sleep. and i think the president is absolutely right it may be politics but it's good for the american people. >> bret: the problem with that argument, ben, is that they don't control the house. >> of course not. >> bret: they can't get something massive through both chambers. >> and i think what you are ultimately going to see is pressure from house republicans who are going to, i think, cave on any pre-existing conditions proposal that's put forward by democrats ultimately. there is no spine on this issue within the republican conference. the problem is you are caught between a party among republicans who aren't sure what they think about
3:41 pm
healthcare anymore. obamacare has now effectively become a conservative position compared to what the democrats who are running for president are proposing with medicare for all. and there is a real unwillingness i think on their part to deal with the cost issue which should be at least a portion that they could bite off and deal with in a smaller way. there are 2.5 million people who dropped off of the exchanges in the last year, 2017 and 2018 because of the cost issue. which is something that should come before any of these other conversations about regulatory reforms that need to happen, bigger questions that need to be resolved and that won't be resolved until after 2020. >> bret: on the flip side to kennedy's point why not get the think tanks cooking like start putting out your plan ahead of 2020. we know that there is some leeway, some bipartisanship on drug prices for example. that's around the edges. on the big issues, why not lay out a plan? >> i think. so you can make an argument and pretty sound one that the president endorsing this
3:42 pm
lawsuit was a tactical blunder and a give to the democrats. he may have blundered into something quite important which is something to offer the american people on healthcare in 2020. it's a top two issue. so, the democrats have their very serious problems with single payer healthcare and the tax increases associated with that and outlining 180 million people's private insurance. those are very unpopular things. they are delighted to ignore those and pivot to the republicans and pre-existing conditions. i think it's in the president's own self-interest to offer the american people something digest tillable maybe not a specific bill but a plan because coming -- opposing something with nothing didn't work out very well for the republicans in 2018. >> bret: mara, it's better to say -- >> -- they had everything. they had control of everything. they didn't come up with anything. >> i agree. >> bret: the president often points to that on the campaign trail. >> part of the issue there is what they did come up with was completely unsatisfactory. the skinny repeal bill would
3:43 pm
not have actually achieved any of the real aims thought republicans espoused. the fact is they are going back to the same people who all had plans. in this case going to the heritage foundation, to the mckay center and hoover institution who all have various smart people who worked in health policy who i have worked with and published in the past. the fact is that if you get a plan like that in front of a politician, there is always going to be choices that they have to make. tradeoffs that exist with any kind of competitive marketplace. and i have never seen the wherewithal among leading republicans to go out on this issue and go in the face of any kind of opposition to the degree that they are willing to do so whenever it's their turf. where they are willing to pass a tax bill and even when all the polls say people are opposed to it because they are confident about what it will do for the economy. >> bret: mara, isn't it more accurate to say single pair than medicare for all? that's a package that everybody says medicare is great. really suspects single payer. >> the people who want medicare for all do want
3:44 pm
single payer in terms of getting rid of the private health industry and substult stiewght a government plan. a lot of democrats want medicare buy in at 50 or some kind of public option. this is a debate that's ongoing. in the meantime, since it hasn't been resolved. donald trump can stand up and say they are all for socialized medicine. >> a lot of them are. more than roughly half of house democrats have endorsed specifically a single payer plan that would outlaw private insurance and a number of democrats running for president have done the same. they are hugely vulnerable on that point. the republicans though as i said before coming back at that with, well, we don't like that but, what? >> bret: yeah. so we used to have jim angle here who covered all things obamacare. we are going to dig into the weeds because i think people like to know what's out there as far as possible plans. i want to turn quickly to the border and that is the in thpresident, mitch mcconnell and the president up on the hill. >> security is more important to me than trade. to we are going to have a strong border or we are going to have a strong
3:45 pm
border. >> closing down out border would have potentially catastrophic, economic impact on our country. >> there is $1.5 billion of trade every day between the u.s. and mexico. there is 5 million jobs that depend on this trade between the u.s. and mexico. you name every single state in the united states and they have trade with mexico. it will be an economic disaster if he does that. >> bret: quickly down the row here a lot of talk about the economic disaster if he closes the border. also, democrats now getting to crisis mode about what's happening on the border. >> well, i think there is growing awareness of the degree of which the crisis is real on the border. and what we should understand is that it's our own asylum laws that are driving that. that's something that we are going to have to deal with in a much more comprehensive way than just an arbitrary shutdown there are going to be negative economic effects. the president is trying to send a message about how severe the problem is. >> bret: mara. >> every time he tries to send a message like that the administration has to
3:46 pm
scramble whoa how are we going to do this without destroying the goose that laid the gold' egg. the economy run on. gee we can close the border somehow exempt trade from that? i don't know how do you that. >> bret: guy. >> it's nice to see democrats moving from manufactured crisis to real crisis. that's been the reality now for some time. ben is exactly right. this requires an acts of congress and a very thoughtful one on a very tricky subject and i will not hold my breath. >> bret: next up, joe biden whether he is killing the me too movement and a new controversy surfacing. ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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3:51 pm
speaker, a second accuser now the former vice president's first statement about all of this. >> i was pretty grossed out by his statement. i was actually more his statement. i thought a that was not accepting any responsibility. b, we all know that he does that. >> bret: okay. so where are we? two days of this story. now there is another story. we will get to that back with the panel. mara, is this having an effect? is it changing the dynamic? >> i don't know if it's changing the dynamic. there is two parts of this. one is the democratic party is the zero tolerance party. what is it they have zero tolerance for. clearly sexual harassment or assault, yes. do they have zero tolerance tore a peck on the head? do they have zero tolerance cop ago feel in a rope line? clearly they did. al franken got kicked out for that they have to decide that the second thing this is about is the huge vacuum that joe biden has created. where is joe biden? he is issuing some statements. he is not in there giving
3:52 pm
speeches, doing anything that would fill this vacuum. this is what has become the kind of preamble to the biden campaign and i think that's bad for him. >> bret: guy? >> this seems to me like a warning shot from the left, certain elements of the left against biden basically saying if you are going to get into this thing, prepare to have a very unpleasant time. and the fact that he has said absolutely nothing in front of a camera, i don't think, is really helping his case all that much here. i do feel like there is, look, the video footage that we played there is very uncomfortable to watch there is a creepiness there. >> plus the slow motion with the music. >> that's true. we have seen these exchanges in the past, it's creepy, it's not, i think, appropriate especially these days. there is a difference, i think, between that and some of the me too actions that this is now being weaponized against him in a way that a lot of voters would say that's not the same thing. >> first to march wraps point the democratic party has a zero tolerance attitude accepting the commonwealth of virginia.
3:53 pm
but, when it comes to joe biden, let's step back and look at the fundamentals. i think we all anticipated this would be an issue if and when he gets in the race. joe biden has enormous base of support of from the african-american voters within the democratic coalition. they view him as being obama's guy who worked well with him. is he by far the most popular candidate among them. i personally do not believe that's just because of name i.d. i think what you are going to see play out within this democratic presidential primary is a awoke progressive whites and the black voters, particularly in the american south and south carolina and elsewhere who are going to have a real tension between them about what they want in a leadership candidate. and it's interesting to me to see whether this kind of issue and other issues about biden's past, when it comes to criminal justice reform and others. >> bret: let me gte to one more from the hill john solomon started this report
3:54 pm
and we followed up with our own. ukrainian officials telling them that there is one crucial piece of information that biden must have known but didn't mention to his audience when talking in ukraine. the prosecutor he got fired was leading a wide ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm burisma holdings that employed biden's younger son hunter as the board member. here is the speech references on ukraine. >> i said you are not getting a billion. i will be leaving here. leaving six hours. and the prosecutor is not fired. you are not getting the money. well son of a [bleep] [laughter] got fired. and they put in place someone who was solid. >> bret: so this prosecutor was investigating hunter biden apparently and his firm he was working with. >> the company he was attached to in some way. look, i think it's sort of an on striews issue and moving parts to it if democrats voters are concerned about shades of
3:55 pm
the double dealing this is certainly something that biden will have to explain. >> bret: all i know it is coming fast and furious. >> this is what it is to run for president. >> bret: when we come back, thank you, panel, a very honorable discharge. ♪ ♪ month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. vo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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most comfortable gator yet. nothing runs like a deere. run with us. save $300 when you test drive and buy a gator xuv835 at participating john deere dealers. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a special birthday gift for an american hero. >> finally! >> bret: world war ii veteran weldon reeve turned 95 last weekend was officially relieved of duty. you see, 73 years after he began his service, he was finally recognized for his work as a minuteman in the the state of maryland, part of a militia charged with defending against that invasion. his discharge papers were signed in 1945, but they were never sent out. he is believed to be the last surviving member of the hempstead minutemen.
4:00 pm
congratulations on your discharge, thank you for your service, and happy birthday. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight for that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" posted by martha maccallum starts now. we have a town hall with howard schultz. >> martha: looking for to it, thank you, bret. breaking tonight, new developments in this weird case of a chinese woman arrested with malware on the grounds of mar-a-lago. she was trying to gain access to an event while she was there, she is in custody, and we will bring you the latest developments on that in just a few moments. but first, the president punching back at his adversaries on capitol hill. >> i guarantee, they go into a room between nadler, schiff, and the group, and they laugh like hell at how they have kept us going for two years. >> martha: tonight, the clock is ticking on the deadline to turn over the mueller report. there's going to be a


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