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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 4, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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as a giant display. the man trying to rip a fool attached to a security device and it all comes tumbling down on him. police are looking for him. >> jillian: also not the sharpest tool in the shed. rob: two examples of these dull tools. jillian: have a good day. ♪ steve: 6:00 in new york city we start this hour of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. and an exclusive an up close look at the crisis at our southern border in the rio grand valley. brian: you have border agents fighting through rough terrain and a surge of 200 illegal immigrants appear prehengedded in just hours in front of our cameras. ainsley: griff jenkins watched it all unfold and he joins us now in mcallen, texas. griff? >> good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. i'm just feet from the border here in mcallen. the border patrol is stretched thin. they are overwhelmed. they are tired and they have had a surge of migrants that is unbelievable, topping
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10-year highs. but when some of those migrants don't want to be caught, it hasn't stopped the dedication or drive of our men in the green uniform. watch. >> it's unbelievably difficult terrain. gloves torn. these men rushing through here. we found a group. this is the first one we found, just nothing but thorns, bushes, bugs, snakes, spiders. this is a spotlight you can see -- there they are. they have two more. >> both of them tried to run. this one here was hiding underneath this brush on my left. this one right here got up from the brush and took off running southbound. i was able to get him before he went that away. griff: this the brush right here where the last illegal crosser laid down and herman had to crawl in like this and go through these bushes and thorns. it's just treacherous. there are other challenges on the border. we h as you mentioned, brian, nearly 200 of the family units surrendering to
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our agents. agent herman rivera, while we were having groups of 50 or 60 coming to us just a half a mile up or down the border to our east or west. we had smuggling efforts. won't stop coming. it was 12,000 in the last 12 days. yesterday we will find out what today's numbers are. they will be high again. we have the problem with where to put them. they can only take 3300 in the detention custody area here. they have got 6,000. the numbers are going the wrong direction. we wecht into the processing center yesterday, and saw just how hard they are getting hit. they have $12.5 million in their budget for the facility for fiscal year 19. and they have already spent that. they are going to need more money as well. this as secretary nielsen will make a trip today to humayuma, arizona. while some are fearing the president might shut the border down the president will travel to the border on friday to calexico, california, guys. brian: griff, we understand catch and release is back.
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the a.p. reporting over the air in the new mexico sector letting thousands greyhound buses and go into the city because they have nowhere to put them. are you guys at that situation around there where people are just catch and release is back in full force? absolutely, brian. the processing center where we were at yesterday which is where they go before they are put into a detention center. there is space for 1500. they have 2400. i asked a woman in charge in our off camera briefing. i said what are you going to do with them? she said we have no choice but to release them. likely go to the catholic charities sister peopl pimentel. they don't want to churn them on the streets where they are vulnerable. the faster they are released and when they are reiss leelsed those who seek to not go through the proper asylum process who want to
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get released they are calling back home and the imagine 234e9 and draw to make that 3,000-mile journey is growing stronger. ainsley: griff, what if they are caught with drugs on them? do they go to prison or detention centers, too where they are caught and released? >> case by case. but they will be prosecuted if they are smuggling. and the group we went in after, which took several hours, you should see our producer, a.j., is he covered in marks across his face because it's covered in stick thorns. evading capture they will be prosecuted and likely deported. woe thought there were 11 in there. we captured 8 of them. if you evade being apprehended you will be likely deported quickly. steve: all right. griff jenkins along with a.j. hall on our southern border in mcallen. thank you very much. it does sound if the president has been backing off i will close the border unless mexico helps he is
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out. yesterday he actually praised the tougher mexico enforcement of our border rules. we had told you yesterday they were thinking about a plan b where they close the border but they let commercial traffic go back and forth. but here's the critical number. and that is during the month of march, when there were, you know, the suggestion is 100,000 migrants heading that way, only 90% of them went in places that were not the port. only 10% of the illegals were apertured at the ports. 90% went between the ports. in other words, if you close the ports, you close the road, that's going to have little effect on illegals. i think they realize that. ainsley: that makes sense. that's why the president is say going we close some of these borders and take the patrol officers and put them in the will dessert areas. brian: kirstjen nielsen is going to go to the border today and be there most of the afternoon and the president is going to san diego tomorrow and hopefully something comes out of
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congress because that's where this thing is goings to be solved. the wall is a separate issue. meanwhile raúl ortiz is a chief rio grand valley sector and he talked to sean what he had seen. >> certainly experiencing a crisis. so far this sector has seen 141,000 apprehensions this fiscal year. just in the last 24 hours we have made over 1200 arrests. we seized 30 pounds of cocaine. 400 pounds of marijuana. all of us are stretched awfully awfully thin right now. we need to make some changes to the loopholes out there and deter this traffic from actually crossing. steve: speaking of texas. yesterday, about 15 miles from dallas in allen, texas. ice had one of the largest workplace raids they have ever had. they arrested 280 workers at a tech repair company. apparently they were working in the country with forged documents, something like that. they got tips from people who were working there. and they went in.
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arrested 280 people. yesterday. ainsley: we told you yesterday that the house judiciary committee was going to be voting on whether or not the democrats really want to see the full mueller report unredacted. they want that classified information in their hands. they voted yesterday to authorize the subpoena so, they are subpoenaing or could be subpoenaing the doj to turn over that full mueller report. brian: don't worry about it if you are a mueller person or you are the attorney general justice department. because in 2012, they asked for the fast and furious documents from eric holder. they got them in 2016. and then you get all the documents. he was out of office by then. this subpoena that hasn't been issued yet but jerry nadler holds in his hand is likely going to do no good. flat out symbolism to appease his base, perhaps he would have to answer that under sodium pentothal. one of the things he is going to get, jerry nadler is the report and also a demand to speak to the attorney general. the attorney general has
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promised to speak to them may 1st and may 2nd. this was a total show vote. steve: ultimately, jerry nadler who is the head of that committee, he says, okay, i have got the subpoena right here. and we will use it if we're not satisfied with what the attorney general releases. rudy giuliani was on with laura on last night and said this about how partisan politics have infected what's going on in capitol hill. >> i think they are actually proving that they are basically rabid, partisan democrats who should not be investigating something where you have to have some degree of objectivity and fairness. they have no regard for the constitution or the laws. the president actually can't have it all out, either. he can't override the law. he can't say okay, the grand jury secrecy doesn't matter. only a judge can do that under very, very narrow circumstances. these people are lawless. they are a joke. i mean, they there are laws
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in this country. republicans get the benefit of laws. not just democrat. ainsley: rush limbaugh also weighed in on this. listen. >> this is going to be a real test of the american judiciary and our criminal, legal justice system. democrats are convinced that there is evidence of collusion. they think there is evidence in there. and they think that's what some of the stuff will be redacting. the democrats and nadler want every bit of salacious dirt and they want the attorney general -- they are demanding with this subpoena that he violate the law. there are people saying that this subpoena demanding that barr break the law and turn over everything is just a stunt. that nadler knows full well that barr is not going to turn this stuff over as he is demanding it. brian: unredacted as well. meanwhile, you know this was coming as we get ready to
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get the 400-page plus mueller report. now we find out from investigators who are have a source owho did the mueller investigation "the washington post" confirmed the story. the "new york times" says that the summary is this: this is an excerpt from the article. the officials and others interviewed declined to flesh out why some of the special counsel's investigators viewed their findings as potentially more damaging for the president than mr. barr explained. although the report is believed to have examined mr. trump's efforts to thwart the investigation. what i should have read before that the investigators indicate that it is more serious than mr. barr lid on with his four page summary. steve: they didn't say how. brian: they didn't say how. some members of the mueller team are concerned that mr. barr created the first narrative of the special counsel's findings. the hardened before the views became public. this is mainly thought to be about obstruction, not collusion. steve: it's unnamed sources and how many times have the "new york times" gotten
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stuff from the muellers wrong. it will be interesting to see when it all comes out. apparently the people who talked to the "new york times" and "the washington post" from the mueller team, they were upset that mr. barr didn't actually just take a look at their report because in each chapter there was a summary. and so why don't you just put our summary out? why did you have to do your own summary? they are steamed about that. although according to the department of justice which spoke to the "the washington post" yesterday, they said there was all sorts of stuff in the summary, including grand jury information, confidential stuff, things that cannot be released at this time. ainsley: it was anonymously sourced. very vegas. the people who worked on the mueller team. some of them are saying according to this article that barr's report was incorrect. brian: james comey what he did to hillary clinton. he said i'm not going to indict her but look at all the bad things she did. barr is trying to avoid that he is saying these are the conclusions, i'm going to leave it at that meanwhile,
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11 minutes after the hour. jillian, great to he so you. jillian: good to see you as well. i love seeing you in person. get you caught up on news starting with a fox news alert. just moments ago officials releasing their first report on the doomed ethiopian airlines plane. cockpit recorder showing the crew performed all emergency procedures but could not stop the jet from crashing killing all 157 people on board. investigators still don't know whether to blame the boeing control system. this was the second deadly incident involving 737 max jets. they are grounded around the world. this is a wild story. a teenager claims he is a boy missing for seven years. police reportedly waiting on d.n.a. tests to confirm whether the 14-year-old is timothy pitten. he says he escaped from kidnappers and ran to get help. timothy was last seen at wisconsin water park with his mother in 2011. she killed herself and left a note saying her son would never be found. police now looking for two men in a ford suv with
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wisconsin plates. brad paisley is breaking ground on a new store provide free groceries for people in need. >> where you place this is important. right at this edge of where jentification occasion happening and people squeezed out the perfect place. >> store hopes to serve 3,000 people in nashville every year. paisley and his wife got the idea after volunteering at a similar place in california. love to see that doing good in the community. steve: that's amazing. ainsley: very sweet of him. steve: thank you, jillian. straight ahead on thi thursday. democrats have made bold claims about healthcare. >> if trump gets his way, thousands of people will literally die. >> skyrocketing costs for families. women charged more. steve: how true are those sound bites. dr. nicole saphier is separating fact from fiction, and she is next.
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♪ stop fearing your alarm clock... with zzzquil pure zzzs. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs. ainsley: the battle over our nation's healthcare heating up in 2020. how true are the left's latest claims. we continue our look what needs to be done to fix the healthcare system by putting the latest rhetoric to the test. here for day four of our healthcare checkup in our checkup series is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. great to see you.
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>> hi, ainsley. ainsley: let's start with bernie sanders presidential candidate saying thousands will die if president trump gets his way. listen. >> if trump gets his way the cost of health insurance for you will be so high that people won't be able to afford it and thousands of people will literally die. is that true fact or fiction. >> fiction. bombastic claim making right now. is he combining two things. first of all, if trump gets his way, he will actually be decreasing healthcare costs. everything the trump administration is working towards right now is a decrease cost bernie sanders is talking about increasing access to everyone. you know what? you can't increase access without decreasing costs. if you do that you will get exactly what he is calling for in his medicare for all plan which is the canadian's version on steroids. you will get rationed care. we haven't that. look what's going on 50 to 75,000 canadians every year coming to the u.s. for their treatment. where is mic jag gear
3:19 am
getting his heart surgery from this week new york city. is he not a u.s. citizen. i don't think he is. he is not here full time people come to the united states because we have great access to care. president trump decrease the cost of care if you decrease cost you will increase access to care. just because he is not jumping on board the single payer plan doesn't mean people are being stripped of healthcare coverage. ainsley: that's good to know. senator chuck schumer on the president's politically motivated move. watch this one the potential consequences of this politically motivated room skyrocketing costs for families. massive increases in prescription drug spending for seniors on medicare. women charged more because they are a woman. seniors charged for because of their age. ainsley: fact or fiction? >> fiction here. let's be honest senator schumer likes to blame trump
3:20 am
for everything. the democrats are mad because president trump is getting rid of their sneaky plan of implementing single pair healthcare. working on lowering healthcare costs. is he taking the medicare high earners, increasing their cost sharing bear. he is reintroducing insurance plans. medicaid block granting counter the efforts to decrease the costs. what senator schumer is talking about the doj siding with the lower court saying that the aca is unconstitutional. this does not equate to stripping people of their coverage. what this does is lay as you clear path for the republicans to come up with their responsible replacement plan after the 2020 election. is he definitely lining his ducks in a row, president trump is, he is ready to take over healthcare as soon as that election is done. ainsley: okay, dr. saphier, thank you. i'm learning our fab blues producers did fact checking. mic jag gear duelship. >> good for him.
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ainsley: as congress battles over border security, one country has already built a wall to keep bad guys out and it's working. that story next. what you're wo. ♪ to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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steve: we have got some quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. first up elon musk heads to court today the fec is claiming the tesla ceo violated a 2018 settlement deal. it required musk to have his tweets about the company -- car company approved before he starts tweeting them. well the feds say he broke it with the february tweet about incorrect tesla production numbers. the fec has hit musk for $40 in fines. actress lori loughlin and
3:25 am
flevment free on bail after appearing in boston court on wednesday. they are both charged in the massive college admission scandal. that didn't stop loughlin from smiling at the fans. >> lori, lori, lori, pay for my tuition. lori. >> dozens of parents are accused of paying bribes, thousands of dollars worth to get their children into elite colleges. that is some of the news, brian. brian: if lori is watching don't pay for that girl's tuition. that's what got you in trouble to begin with border state lawmakers doubling down on president trump's call for stronger security. >> the border needs security measures. i'm talking about a wall, a physical barrier. boots on the ground. technology, and surveillance. brian: and arizona would know. so while the fight escalates here at home, overseas border walls are going one very little fanfare. in pakistan, for example, officials set to border barrier with iran to keep people out. this after already building
3:26 am
a barrier on its border with afghanistan so why can't the u.s. do the same and does it work? here to weigh in todd benson senator for immigration studies. todd no, doubt about it when iran gets hit suicide bomber their fences go up. no doubt about it when you have no control over a tribal area the way to protect your people is to put a fence up. would l. that be effective? >> well, that's the problem with pakistan and afghanistan. it's a terrorist infiltration border nightmare between afghanistan and pakistan where you have the taliban and the haqqani network and al qaeda moving back and forth between those two borders for years and years. pakistan is finally putting up a very long, pretty stout wall between those two countries. it's going to be 1600 miles long. costs about $500 million. that should probably put a
3:27 am
pretty good end to the cross border pattern of travel there. brian: you also note in hungary they were worried about 400,000 illegal immigrants coming into their country. what they did was didn't wait for permission from the eu or anybody else, they put up a fence and wall and how effective has that been? >> that's right. i just came back from hungary. i visited that wall and toured it, in 2015 there was the migrant crisis that was, you know, sending millions of migrants from muslim majority countries passing through gunk hungary. hungary said we are not going to do this anymore. they had military put up 330-mile barrier in about four months and the statistics show that it went from 400,000 to, you know, 300. brian: overwhelmingly same results when israel did the same. they are worried about their border. next, us.
3:28 am
what could we do on a 2,000-mile border by picking the right areas with these steel slats that we have been considering? >> the fences that we have been talking about are not steel slats. the one between pakistan and afghanistan, for instance, is chicken wire, about 13 feet high with a lot of barbed wire. the one in hungary is mostly chain-linked with a lot of raiserazor wire just to give you an idea between 2006 and 2009. the united states is able to put up, i want to say, 400 about 550 miles of border in a pretty short period of time with vehicle barriers. it took a little bit of time, different kinds of walls require different kinds of installation. of course, we have legal
3:29 am
issues, imminent domain and things like that as well to contend with that. pakistan doesn't have to worry about. brian: right. >> hungary either. brian: bill clinton built some of the wall, george bush built some of the wall. barack obama built some of the wall and donald trump wants to finish the wall. that's the problem because his name is president trump. todd, thanks so much for joining us today. appreciate your expertise. >> thanks for having me. brian: all right. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. we move ahead. fox news will host a town hall tonight with former starbucks ceo howard schultz. todd piro is having breakfast with friends ahead of the big event in kansas city. todd? todd: good morning to you. it's a very todd heavy block here. one todd and then another todd. it's not about me. it's about the ladies coming up on "fox & friends." we will be talking about all the big issues of the day in light of this big town hall where they will be talking about the big issues of the day. if there is one common theme
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>> sheila jackson lee has proposed a commission to study reparations. would you sign that bill? >> yes. >> our country will never truly heal until we address the original sin of slavery. >> we compensate people if we take their property. why wouldn't we compensate people who were considered property? >> i would put $1,000 a month in the hands of every adult starting at age 18. that is not reparations. we need to study reparations
3:34 am
independently of the fact we need to make this economy work for you all. steve: that was an al sharpton event last night. so people who would like to be president of the united states. tonight on fox news channel you will see former starbucks ceo howard schultz. he is going to be doing a town hall with bret and martha, starts at 6:30 tonight. you will be able to see it here right on fox. brian: he claims i will be on all 50 states despite having a party to back him. ainsley: in kansas city. watch it tonight. you see there 6:30. todd piro is in kansas city. he is having breakfast at the corner cafe. hey, todd. todd: hey, guys, good morning to you. they will be talking about the issues tonight. we decided to get a head start and talk about the issues today. big issue we are talking about amongst this table immigration. we begin with meanged. she works for the department of defense and she is frustrated with congress over immigration. why? >> congress needs to reform
3:35 am
their laws, we feel like on both sides of the aisle nobody is moving off of it to make any of these changes. we're the only country in the world where somebody can come across the border, have a baby, and all of a sudden the baby has citizenship. so it's very frustrating as a taxpayer that we end up paying out of pocket for these things. todd: the mainstream media says this is not a crisis. you disagree. why? >> absolutely. i mean, the number of people that are coming across the border, they just released some new numbers the other day. i mean, there are towns coming in to america and we're losing track of where they are going, what they are doing. are they tax paying citizens? are they going to lower the minimum wage rate? so there is just a lot of things that play into economics of the united states. and, yes, it's absolutely a crisis with the number of people coming over. todd: meansd, thank you for your time. wendy, also a federal government worker, you say secure the border by whatever means necessary. what do you mean?
3:36 am
>> so, you know, we elect government officials because they are supposed to have our best interest at heart as a country and protect our country. so i may not have the answers. i don't have all the information they have. but, i certainly depend on the government as a citizen to secure the border. so if that means build a wall. if it meaned a additional patrols or personnel, i just want the border secured. todd: wendy, thank you. connie works in customer service. you say you don't want a wall but something needs to be done. why do you say that? >> something definitely needs to be done. the wall, every prototype of the wall has been breached within a matter of hours. the wall isn't going to stop the problem, i don't think. but what i would support would be more work with the countries where living conditions are so bad that people have to flee to work with those countries to help them develop and also, to keep security tight and decrease the number of people that can come in. todd: connie, thank you for your time.
3:37 am
we're going back to wendy because we are here in missouri. about 60 minutes, 45 minutes some estimates away from steve doocy's alma matter, ku. university of kansas. they have an interesting class there called angry white male's class started in the fall. wendy got fired up about that when we were talking about it earlier. why? >> i don't understand the points of the class. you know, we have college kids get into debt every day in this country right now. so you are going to take a class on angry white males. it's not going to help you, i don't think so, in the professional world. i think it's going to increase feelings of hatred and anger in the country that we really don't need anymore of. and, you know, you can empower women in other ways other than tearing down men. right? we all need to build each other up and this class certainly doesn't help with that. todd: wendy and connie as well. jacques back to you. doocy. ainsley: all right, todd, thank you very much.
3:38 am
great report at the corner. ainsley: i can't believe they have a class called that. steve: who knew? ainsley: tonight in kansas city howard schultz is going to be sitting on the couch with bret baier and martha maccallum. if you want to know more about his platform. brian: the audience better brings their a game like jillian does every single day. jillian: every single day, thanks, brian. adults living in a compound where a dead toddler was found about l. not face the death penalty. charged with kidnapping the boy in georgia and bringing him to new mexico and refused to treat his seizures. the boy's father and four other suspects are also facing terrorism charges u they are accused of plotting attacks on police officers and government workers u a man hunts is underway for two skateboarders accused of extreme vandalism at presidential grave sight. surveillance photos show them defacing memorials for former president gerald ford and first lady betty ford at the ford presidential library in grand rapids,
3:39 am
michigan. people found guilty of damaging government property could get up to 10 years behind bars or $250,000 fines. check out this insane video. two drivers jump to safety when their race car suddenly bursts into flames. you can see them releasing their harnesses and leaping out the windows as flames and black smoke fill their car, this happened in argentina. no word on what sparked the fire. just call this the stop, drop and propose. firefighters setting up a fake training drill to help their lieutenant pop the question. they held up a fire hose reading will you marry me as the lieutenant proposed to his emt girlfriend in new york and, of course, she said yes. send it back to court. ainsley: that rarely happens now when say no. you know before. back in the thing that was a thing. jillian: i saw a proposal on the philly's game.
3:40 am
ainsley: planned ahead. jill i didn't she didn't look surprised. brian: i would love to track these relationships to see if they turn out. jillian: do that and let us know. ainsley: 50/50 i hear. steve: we will follow them the next four years because that's the tough part. go out to the streets of new york city. 20 minutes, janice before the top of the hour and have you folks with signs. 100th birthday for your granddad who is it? >> steven beach. >> does he watch "fox & friends." >> yes, he does. janice: happy birthday, grand f.a.a. part of what's your birthday. >> april 5th. >> where are from you. >> harrison, west virginia. janice: you from arizona. >> home of the london bridge. janice: wonderful. amazing. look at all out information have you received today. take a look at the maps. it is springtime in new york, my friends. we are going to flirt with the 70's this week. thank you very much. 45 right now. we will get those temperatures up over the next several hours. 36 still in minneapolis. we have a little bit of snow on the way for the you were midwest. and the potential for severe
3:41 am
weather unfortunately for the mississippi river valley. we already have had reports of wind and hai some tornadoes later on today. keep that in mind. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. all of that unfortunately, is going to come up towards the east coast in the next couple of days all unsettled weather for the west. it's a beautiful day in new york city. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. [cheers] janice: happy thursday. steve: yes, london is missing a bridge and it's out in the dessert. ainsley: took it in london and put it out. steve: yeah, back in the day. thank you very much, j.d. ainsley: 41 minutes after the top of the hour. house democrats demanding six and a half years of president trump's taxes and the president's response? >> is that all? >> that's all. >> usually it's 10. so i guess they are giving up. we are under audit. ainsley: the question is are democrats weaponizing this issue? the judge is on deck. steve: hello, judge. welcome aboard. ♪ somewhere with the road
3:42 am
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3:45 am
ainsley: house democrats are demanding that the irs provide six years of president trump's personal and business tax returns. >> is that all? >> that's all. >> oh, usually it's 10. so i guess they are giving up. we are under audit despite what people say, we're working that out. >> brian: g.o.p. lawmakers now accusing democrats of weaponizing u.s. tax codes and another attempt to take down the president. >> latest attempt to take down the president. here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst and host of the liberal file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. what's going on here? >> when this first came up i didn't know this statute
3:46 am
existed obscure statute. law of the land a federal statute the chair of the house ways and means committee and/or meaning they don't have to act together the chair of the senate finance committee can ask for anybody's tax returns and the secretary, meaning the secretary of the treasury for whom the irs works, shall furnish them. they don't have to give a reason. the chair can get them, any amount of them, the president is right. he was being a little sass car stick why go back six years no, limitation and they don't have to give a reason for it. but they do have to keep it secret and controversial, that's the rub. they probably don't want to keep it secret and confidential and they have a way not to do it. do you remember when senator feinstein got her hands on 6,000 page report on torture, president obama said don't release it, even john brennan said don't release it went to the floor on the senate and released it with immunity. if these tax returns goes to the house ways and means committee and any member of congress gets them the tax
3:47 am
returns of the president of the united states become public. they can do this to you, to ainsley, to steve, they can do it to me. they can do it to anybody. brian: major test of steve mnuchin, has to make a major argument why thee these should not be released. can he? judge: i don't know what the argument can be. i understand the president is under an audit. that's private. if he is under audit he knows it the public doesn't know it that would not be a defense. i'm sure this is going to end up in the court because mnuchin is not going to release it voluntarily. ainsley: why would they do this? they are not happy with the mueller report and maybe find something he has done illegal on his taxes? >> i think the behavior of the democrats in the house is kind of apparent. one argument is, you know, he made all these claims about his wealth and his business success and that's
3:48 am
the reason for electing him president. >> that's not a reason. >> it's a political reason. >> the other argument is he is a human being. he has the -- taxpayer. he has the same privacy rights as the rest of us. again, as i said, they did this to donald trump, they can do this to any of us. steve: the democrats want to show how little tax he paid using the rules of the law. i have got a question for you, you never heard of this law before. >> honestly i looked it up when this came up. steve: where did this come from? >> the law has been around for about 60 years it was not written to target president trump it was. ainsley: law tax returns? >> never. brian: didn't start there the house oversight committee led by congressman cummings issued a subpoena to get 10 years of president trump's financial records the company that has these financial records says just give me the subpoena and i will give them up. i need to see the subpoena.
3:49 am
judge: this is new to me. these are financial records in the hands of his accountants? those are confidential. those are protected. brian: well, it looks like the accounting firm says if you give me the subpoena, a called friendly subpoena, they could formalize the process of complying with the panel's results. judge: if the accounting firm follows the law they will call up their client the president of the united states and say what do you want us to do with the subpoena? and then the client, the president will hire lawyers to quash the subpoena. brian: have you taken it two or three steps. cummings thinks is he getting them. >> i would be shocked that accounting firm would violate their own rules of ethics. it would be like jerry nadler getting the president's private legal records. they did that when the fbi raided michael cohen's office. listen. here is the bottom line. >> if they can do this to the president, they can do this to anybody. ainsley: can they change this law. can congress change this law? >> i downtown tha doubt that wod happen. the democrats control the
3:50 am
house and the republicans control the senate. brian: they love weaponizing the irs. they seem to have a trend on that. steve: thank you, judge. brian: can you name all three branches of the government. new survey says 1/3 of us don't know anything. ainsley: really? brian: the next guest sounding an alarm about a major probable of our classrooms. i will explain it to the judge in the break. ♪ [knocking] ♪ ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!?
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♪ >> it is being called a crisis of civics in america. survey revealing only about a third of those polled could name all three branches of our federal government. what's worse, an even greater percentage couldn't name even one single branch.
3:54 am
our next guest is sounding the alarm on our nation's education system. daily wire editor-at-large josh hammer joins us now from dallas. josh, good morning to you. >> great to be with you. thanks for having me. steve: that's pretty scary that, you know, so many people have no idea how the government works. you are suggesting because the status quo right now with american education is rotten. you say. you say that kids as early as second grade should be taught about the constitution. why? >> >> i think starting with identifying the scope and the depth of the problem is a pretty great lace to start. as you know, the policy center affiliated with the university of pennsylvania does this annual survey. every constitution day around september. and what they found just this past year is that 32% of americans can name all three branches of the federal government but an even higher percentage 33% cannot name a single branch of government. personally, steve, i look at these numbers and it seems
3:55 am
like americans are about as confused and struggling put branches of government as bernie sanders might be looking at a supply and demand curve from a economics 101 course. we need to start by identifying the scope of this problem. and here is really from a constitutional structure standpoints why it's so important. every constitution day i hear all sorts of people talking about bill of rights and how the bill of rights shut anchor of all that we are great. look, i love the first amendment. i love free speech. i love freedom of ledge. second amendment. it right to bear arms. in the homes. okay? what famously makes america great is actually not the bill of rights. justice antonin scalia the conservative icon on the supreme court for deck wadz was saying every continue pot can have a bill of rights. the stall inist constitution in the soviet union in 1936 purported to have a bill of rights. it's actually structure that dictates destiny.
3:56 am
so far we are not naming the three branches of government, it is the separation of powers, those three branches that secure liberty by diffusing power. it is our federalist sister of dual spheres of sovereignty between faith and federal government that secure power. so we need to start by identifying this problem. talking about why constitutional structure is so important. distinction n. contrast distinction to the bill of rights. steve: your mom's fourth grade teacher say they should start at second grade by the time they get to high school and college, it's too late. >> it's way too late. we have these many rogue come on campus reeking havoc, trying to shut down free speech. my boss at the daily wire ben shapiro faces this every time he speaks on college campus. we saw what happened with ben and his security team having to pay a half a million dollars even more than that so they could give a frickin' speech. this really is a problem. it needs to start way, way earlier than that i think second grade is totally appropriate. steve: and, of course, it's
3:57 am
a states right issue. let's see what state lawmakers do. josh hammer joining us today from dallas. josh, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. steve: speak of texas, griff jenkins is live in mcallen with the exclusive look at the crisis at our border. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. where he actually asked meon i be"mommy what's wrongr, with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years.
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4:00 am
♪ brian: all right. we go straight to a fox news alert and it's not good. an exclusive look at the crisis at the border as agents warn they have no idea who is coming into the united states. ainsley: nearly 200 illegal immigrants apprehended in a matter of just hours in the rio grande valley. steve: griff jenkins watched it all unfold. he joins us right now from near the check point in mcallen, texas. griff, we saw you at that spot yesterday at this time. but now in the time between here and there, you have gone out with the agents and have you gotten some amazing video. >> hey, yeah, that's right, steve. you know, listen, what we did last night is we went out and experienced what these agents that are stretched so thin working so
4:01 am
hard against such overwhelming numbers that we just went out and do what they do every single night. now, we are just getting in new numbers this morning. it looks like it's more than 1100 apprehensions yesterday. bringing the total for 13 days over 13,000. more than 1,000 every night. but not everyone is surrendering like these family units. some are all males and they are fleeing and they don't want to be caught here is what we did last night, watch. >> it's unbelievably difficult terrain. i'm cut, my gloves are torn. these men rushing through here. we found a group. this is the first one we found just nothing but thorns, bushes, bugs, snakes, spiders, this is the spotlight you can see. there they are. got two more. >> both of them actually tried to run. this one was hiding underneath the brush on my left and this one got up from the brush and took off running southbound and i was able to get him before he went that away. >> this is the brush underneath here right where i am where the last illegal
4:02 am
crosser who has laid down and herman had to crawl in like this and go through these bushes and thorns it's just treacherous. griff: in addition to that we had over 180 family units surrendering to agent herman rivera there in the unit we were with that's just a little part of that total 1100 from yesterday and, you know, agent rivera talked to us about who is exactly maybe coming across that border. listen. why don't know who these people are, they can being gang members, murderers, rapists, we don't know who they are. >> in addition, they also seized 450 pounds of marijuana. this as secretary nielsen will head to arizona, huma arizona today to meet with cbp officials and the president heading to calexico, california tomorrow. guys? brian: griff, you have been there before, right? >> i have been been.
4:03 am
brian: have you ever seen anything like this is this as bad as it seems what the numbers indicate and what you are showing? is this very different from anything you have seen? >> it's very different, brian. and i have spent a lot of time nut last year, specifically in rbg because it is the heaviest traffic. this is the top station in the nation for apprehensions but the dynamic because of the fact that you got call these theme units coming and they have to be put somewhere. as we have been reporting they are being released. i will tell you just to give you some insight to some of the concerns of agents right now what they are talkinged about behind closed doors because the numbers are getting so high they are having to release them to the public. well, if you reach a breaking point at such, you have so many you can't hold the males like we saw running in the bushes last night and you have to release them then word will get back to the countries of honduras, guatemala, el salvador and elsewhere that single individuals can come and will be released and
4:04 am
that will be a game changer, the likes of which country has never seen. steve: no kidding. griff, thank you very much. great reporting last night you and a.j. hall out there between the united states and mexico. it sounds as if there was a possibility that the president when he goes to calexico, california tomorrow or mexico right there near san diego tomorrow -- calexico -- it sounds like he might be prepared to close the border then. they have tried to back things off. a lot of people say mr. president, if you do that it would be economic disaster that's why they suggested well, we will let the trucks through, we will let the trains through. right now, there is no suggestion that the president is going to close the border any time soon. and yesterday, in the oval office, he actually was very complimentary of mexico saying they are doing a better job in enforcing. ainsley: the white house said yesterday it was highly unlikely he would close it at least this week. you never know. i was reading $1.5 billion
4:05 am
in goods moves across the united states and mexico border every single day. it's the third largest trade partner with america. the idea of a border caesar great announcement for the president. nielsen has some important jobs including fighting terror and finding out hot criminals are there and around the country supervising the fbi investigation, as well as the secret service. if you want to know what the president is up against on the democratic side, tweeting out yesterday, congresswoman ilhan omar you may have heard of her. quote, this is a fake emergency. donald trump is lying about the border in order to build his momentum in racism. fantastic. ainsley: kirstjen nielsen was in texas yesterday, el paso. today in yuma, arizona and calexico tomorrow and california. making the rounds and the president joins her there tomorrow as well. steve: what's going on on capitol hill? yesterday they were really busy. you saw a lot of it yesterday morning right here on the fox news channel the house judiciary committee wound up taking a vote along party lines. they authorized the
4:06 am
subpoenaing of robert mueller's report. they don't trust the four page summary of what is in it. jerry nadler is not going to demand that the department of justice turn it over immediately. he is going to wait to see what mr. barr, and the department of justice release, you know, by the middle of april as they go through the -- just under 400 pages, apparently, of the mueller report. ainsley: democrats voted to authorize the subpoena. he says i have got the subpoena. i'm going to see what the redactions and the final report, if we are not happy, then we can subpoena to see the whole thing. here is jerry nadler, he is the chairman of house judiciary. >> we are giving the republicans the opportunity to debate and vote on subpoenas which is different -- which they didn't give us. we are going to work with the attorney general and and for a short period of time. if that doesn't work out if a very short order we will issue the subpoenas. we are not willing to let
4:07 am
the attorney general, who, after all is a political appointee of the president make that -- substitute his judgment for ours. brian: total show vote. means absolutely nothing. by the time it goes through, they will fight it and go through the courts two years from now. all nadler has to do is wait 10 days and get it before easter. all he had to do is ask for a date and got it from the attorney general as well as go in front of the senate. guess what else he has? republicans are saying can we see robert mueller, too? we would like to see robert mueller testify. in case you want to know the precedent for subpoena and response, look for eric holder for fast and furious, many people think the fast and furious origin went right to his desk. they asked for the paperwork. he did not comply. they went to the courts and got an answer in 2016, it is still in limbo. they don't know where to go forward. eric holder is in private practice decided not to run. that's where this is going. it's a total show, waste of time. what took place yesterday. it's a show that they are tough in making a stand. i don't know who he is trying to impress at 9:10 in
4:08 am
the morning yesterday. steve: just trying to drag the president through the mud as they can. ainsley: they won't be able to see the full report. steve: that's all. trey gowdy was on the channel last night. he said this about that? >> those arguing in favor of full transparency will not be satisfied with the mueller report. this same game that's being played now, which is barr summary they are going to say we don't believe mueller's report. you are then in a position of re-litigating the department of justice's decision not to charge someone. and if we open that door, if we begin to go down the path where you can investigate but there is not enough evidence to charge, and then be required to turn over all the incriminating evidence you found, then i don't know why we have any evidentiary standard. brian: trey gowdy of course says it like it is. he was just there and he can step back and analyze from his perch now working with us. real quick, "new york times" made some news today really came out last night "the washington post" has since confirmed. unnamed sources on the mueller probe evidently
4:09 am
indicate that there is potentially more damaging information than a.g. barr let on. that, according to people who know investigators. they did provide summaries for the 300 plus page report. a.g. barr did not use them because they included grand jury information as well as top secret information. so that's why they wrote their own page summary which assistant a.g. rod rosenstein signed off on. steve: meanwhile in other political news, the president got a big win yesterday. the senate and once again along party line votes, they decided to use the nuclear option. and because the president has had so much trouble getting his members of the cabinet and judges confirmed, what they have done now is rather than that 60-vote rule, they have gone back to a simple majority is all it's going to take. rather than 30 hours of debate, down to two. ainsley: right? these are the lower level
4:10 am
judicial and agency nominees. they used to be able to sit there and drill them with questions and have 30 hours. steve: 30 hours. ainsley: now they have lowered it down to two. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: all the democrats in the senate oppose the move. here is mitch mcconnell, republican majority leader, versus senate minority leader chuck schumer. watch. >> our colleagues across the aisle have chorve to endlessly relitigate the 2016 election. rather than actually participate in governing. this problem goes deeper than today. we're talking about the future of this very institution. and the future functioning of our constitutional government. >> two hours for a lifetime appointment is unacceptable. two hours for a lifetime appointment with huge influence on people's lives, is unacceptable. it's ridiculous. brian: he only has himself to blame by doing nonstop
4:11 am
four corners offense that used to be before the 30-second clock in college basketball. they have put it to the point where after two and a half years donald trump can't get judges confirmed. can't get people into their spaces. you have people who give up their jobs, expose themselves to extensive background checks who just wait in the hopper for their day to get confirmed. or even rejected. it doesn't happen. schumer delayed it to the point where action had to be taken. he waited two years. i actually think it's great for democrats, too. if a democratic president wants somebody in their place, they should not be dragged out and we should not be playing short in order for people to play political games. it hurts the country. ainsley: that's right. steve: big win for the president as he tries to put people in jobs. all right. 7:11 now in new york city. ainsley: and jillian has headlines. jillian: let's get you caught up on new zealand shooting the alleged shooter in the christ church terror attack will be charged with
4:12 am
50 counts of murder. he is accused of gunning down two people in mosques in new zealand last month. the white supremacist will also face 39 counts of attempted murder when he appears in court tomorrow. the judge refuses to allow any video or pictures to be taken of the hearing as to not sway potential jurors' opinions before a trial begins. an american woman held hostage in uganda did not bring an armed guard on her safari. tourists are required to bring rangers on tours in the ugandaen park. kidnappers are demanding half a million dollars after ambushing a safari van and taking kimberly sue and her guide at gunpoint. police are working hard to find them. the state department released a travel warning about uganda last year after violent crime in the african nation. it's deadline day for jussie smollett to pay back chicago. mayor rahm emanuel buil billed the actor $130,000 for the cost of the investigation. the mayor and police both
4:13 am
say he staged a hate crime and wasted valuable resources. the payment demand was sent after prosecutors dropped all criminal charges. if he doesn't pay, the city could sue him. legendary golfer greg norman nicknamed the shark reels in the most fitting catch. [screams] what a giant. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. dude, 1,000 pounds. oh my gosh. >> jillian: oh my gosh, that's right. that's a hammerhead shark caught off the coast of florida. they estimated it was more than 14 feet long and 1200 pounds. they used a smaller shark as bait. can you imagine? steve: shark got shark. brian: is there anything he can't do? jillian: no. ainsley: that's a huge shark. steve: stay out of the water, florida. just staying. ainsley: joe biden responding to allegations of
4:14 am
inappropriate conduct. brian: are his 2020 chances over before they actually start? we will ask a democrat next. 20, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more.
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>> connection that's my responsibility, i think. i shake hands, i hug people. i grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this. the boundaries of protecting personal space have been re-set. i get it i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space and that's a good thing. steve: there have you former vice president joe biden addressing the backlash on twitter as three new women have come forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior. what does this mean for a potential 2020 bid? let's talk to democratic strategist and harry reid's communication director john summer. >> good morning. steve: what gas on behind the scenes it took mr. biden a while to get it out there. >> they needed to sort of see how this was playing out. the questions that were coming out. was this going to be something that was going to last for a day? was it going to be something, you know, that was going to grow legs if you will. monitoring the situation. i think the time was right.
4:19 am
it might people paying attention to every single day. the reality was it was only a couple days before they came out. steve: john, you said republicans would like for this to be the end of his run for president because he is the one they feared the most u. >> yeah. that's absolutely right. i think republicans are grabbing on to. this they want this story out there as much as they can. because they are the one they fear. set one donald trump fears the most. i'm not behind any particular candidate. but i'm just stating the obvious. i'm stating the facts that when the president comes out and says he would love to run against joe biden, the reality is that's the guy he doesn't want to run against. they keep this story alive. steve: look at the top 2 right now according to the polls on the democratic side, you have bernie sanders and joe biden, i think between the two of them they are over 50% in the public survey of who you like regarding the 2020 democrats. so that says a lot about, you know, we had thought that the nominee was going to be one kind of demographic or -- represent
4:20 am
something and now we have got this. >> yeah. i think that's right. here's the thing about what we are seeing with biden. anyone who has ever met him knows that he is about one of the most kind, caring people you could ever ask for. if you meet him in person, if you talk to him. he sees you. right? like he is not just sort of talking past you. trying to they talk about what the next thing is. he sees you and understands your issues and really wants to connect. i think what he has realizeside that we are at a place now where the way he has handled that in the past he can't do that anymore. and he has admitted that and he that is going to change his ways. i think when you contrast that with our current president who has been caught on tape brags about sexually assaulting women. and who has still yet to apologize even for the comments much less the actions, i think there is a very clear contrast there. i think people are -- that's refreshing to most people. >> all right. by the way. he is going to be back in the studio about four and a half hours from right now.
4:21 am
you are co-hosting outnumbered. >> i am. thanks so much. steve: good job. thank you so much. straight ahead lawrence jones went down to texas to get a first-hand look at the border battle. he will join us live coming up next. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. i swibecause they let metual, customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:25 am
dash cam. animal services rounded up the herd which escaped from a nearby pasture. don't know where they are right now. finally 555 feet. that is the length of charmin's forever roll of toilet paper. it is suggested by the company it will last customers two months and if you lay it flat the toilet paper sheets are 555 feet which is the same height as the washington monument. and that is some of your news by the numbers. ainsley, brian? brian: take that scotts. ainsley: as the border continues to secure our southern border, our next guest went to texas to see things for himself. brian: i watched him last night with sean lawrence jones joins us live with a firsthand look from laredo. >> hey, guys, how are you all doing? i'm live right here in front of the rio grande. yesterday, i had the opportunity to talk to
4:26 am
border agents in the laredo sector. and they gave me a look on, you know, the speculation is this a crisis or is it not? well, you hear from the horse's mouth, take a look. >> there has been a lot of reports about the crisis. is it really a crisis? >> yes. there is absolutely a crisis on the border. without a doubt there is a national security crisis, there is a humanitarian crisis. and there is what we like to call policy crisis. the humanitarian crisis you see every day, it's all over the news. it's a number of family units and children coming across, giving themselves up to border patrol. and the reason why they do that is because the -- they know the laws that we have today will allow them to stay in the united states. from the transcriminal organizations. they are very organized. they are very smart. they always know what law enforcement is doing to try to stop their criminal activity. so they know that loophole in these laws. out of approximately 170 miles of border in laredo, we have 30% of that that actually has a road that we can drive on that's
4:27 am
on the border. and that's not one solid road. it's five miles here. then you get a 10-mile break and another five miles. it is very difficult for us to know how -- what is coming across our border if we can't drive on our border. the situational awareness, as far as technology. our cameras that we currently have cover 30% of our area. so we have situational over 30% of our area. 70% of 170 miles that we are not sure what's coming in and what's coming across. >> as you can see the river is right there. that's mexico on the far south side and we are standing on a road in the united states. it will take you about, you know, four, five, six seconds to do this 40-yard dash to get into a vehicle. >> and then off. >> and either off into the neighborhood or around the other way. or they can just go right into these houses that are right up here and stash houses which are deplorable conditions that they are stuffed into without any food, without any water for days at a time. this is where the kidnapping happens. this is where being held for
4:28 am
ran some happens. this is where the rapes happen. and they are put in these deplorable conditions. as you can see, what we are facing a 40-yard stretch. there is nothing to slow them down in any way. there is vegetation everywhere. we don't have the situational awareness. we don't have the impedence and denial. and then the response and resolve, well, we have that but we have about 10, 15 seconds of it. we need more. >> this is why you say you need all parts of the border wall system for this to actually work. the camera right here. >> yes, sir. >> we were talking about this earlier when we were in the eyes room. showing us everything right there. so, you got the camera there to detect sometimes what's going on. how long does it take you to get here? >> that's just it. if we don't have enough personnel working this area and one guy assigned to maybe a two mile radius. if we are on the other side of that area, it could take us five minutes to get here. if it takes us five minutes to get here, i guarantee you they will be be either in a house or vehicle on their
4:29 am
way somewhere into the united states. ainsley: lawrence are they able to patrol -- excellent job by the way. are they able to patrol the entire sector 100 percent of it or do they need more manpower? >> they can't. because they are responsible for the entire laredo sector. but they can only confidently patrol 30% of that that means 70% of the border is open. part of the reason is because there is only so much of the road. they will notice some things on camera. they will get hits on things, they just can't get to them. this goes back to the resources and when you -- these agents are by themselves. you know, most beat coming you will see them having a partner. a lot of these agents don't have a partner out there. they are by themselves. they strap a gun to their hip every single day and they want to go home to their families as well. brian: yeah. >> being put in difficult situations. brian: lawrence, you answer this question. i don't want to lead the witness. but are you going to tell me it seems that a barrier wouldn't help them do their
4:30 am
job in some way? >> look, this is not a political issue, they need a barrier. you know a little bit of breaking news, brian, last night when i was out and you will see this on hannity tonight for exclusive. we actually found two chinese nationals there on the border. now, last year the border patrol noted the bangladesh there was updeck in that. but now this past month we have seen some chinese nationals. these people realize that this is an easy target and they are going to mexico to then cross the rio grande to get here into the united states. brian: soon no one will be coming here legally. lawrence jones, thanks so much. i will watch you tonight. ainsley: thank you, lawrence. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: todd piro is having breakfast with friends in new york city ahead of tonight's town hall. todd? todd: that's right, ainsley. they will be trying to hear some answers from howard schultz. today we are getting answers here at the corner cafe. that's what it says on the
4:31 am
sign so that's where we are. more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ ♪ guys, what's the matter? the great outdoors is supposed to be fun. i heard there were fleas out here. and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. and mosquitoes? all three. so let's just enjoy ourselves out here. i wasn't really that scared. ahhh! get it off! get it off! it's a leaf. k9 advantix ii kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too. to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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4:34 am
president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. ♪ i can feel the fire like a hand out the window of the wind ♪ days go by. steve: 11 hours from right now 6:30 p.m. eastern time, bret and martha will host a town hall with howard schultz who is looking into the possibility of running for president of the united states. it is going to be a great program live from kansas city. hope you are watching. ainsley: former ceo of starbucks. hasn't made it official. brian: is he a democrat. the party left him. i will get on in all 50 states, no problem. he made clear he is upset with the president, the way he is handling the border. he said basically he caused the problem to begin with. he also says he wants to focus on the deficit. steve: howard schultz, the
4:35 am
guy who started starbucks on tonight, appropriately enough, todd piro is at a coffee shop in kansas city right now, todd? todd: good morning, guys. we are at the corner cafe here in kansas city. obviously a lot of opinions here in the missouri, kansas area. that's why howard schultz is here. we are going to get a preview of some of those opinions right now. we begin with david. david, he works in construction. he says it really frustrates him when all these individuals, politicians say there is no problem at the border. but they don't go to the border. why does that bother you? >> yeah. it's pretty frustrating whether you have politicians up in san francisco, new york, d.c. saying oh, there is no crisis at the border. yet, you have every border patrol agent, commissioner of the border patrol saying we have a problem down here. we need help down here. and obviously they don't care. that's pretty frustrating as an american. todd: dave, thank you. ben, similar thoughts. ben is pretty fired up about his business of construction. both of these guys work in construction. he says immigrants are vital
4:36 am
to the construction business. they just have to come the right way. why do you say that? >> that's right. hispanic immigrants in particular are very big part of the labor force in general u you know, nobody should be judged or discriminated about where they are from. or who they are. but, as predicated upon them becoming legal citizens out right way. todd: ben, thank you. jack is an info specialist. he really wants howard schultz to talk about climate change. specifically the green new deal, which you support. why do you support it. >> yeah. it's really important. we keep a low 2-degree consequence the consequences devastating. todd: how do we pay for it? >> how did we pay for world war ii. at the end of the day when the economy is suffering we pay for it. todd: you agree with the sentiment this is as big a deal climate change is as world war ii. >> a little over 400,000 killed and climate change killing 150,000 people a year at least. todd: how with regoing to pay for it. >> yeah yeah, so during
4:37 am
world war ii one thing the government push the cash up front and raise some tax on some folks. at the end of the day it stimulated the economy so much that everyone benefited. todd: so to review, you are in favor of raising taxes in order to support the green new deal. >> if that's the optimal solution economists sort out i will go with that. todd: jack, thank you for your time. berlin works in insurance. you say you pray for the president every night. why? >> because my wife and i do because we don't -- because i don't know how he takes what he takes and why he does it he doesn't need this job. he had plenty of money. he has great family. and i just want him to be able to stick it out and last and run another term. todd: thank you for your time. that's a smattering of some of the opinions from kansas and missouri. we will toss it back to new york city. steve, ainsley and brian. brian: it will be a great town hall tonight as you see. differing opinions and not have a republican and democrat side. you have a look at an
4:38 am
independent. howard schultz is going to get it from both sides. ainsley: 6:30 tonight right here on fox news channel u. steve: indeed. it will be great. we will all be watching. meanwhile 22 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us right now. jillian: that's right. good morning. an elderly man is bull idea for wearing a maga hat inside a starbucks store. >> this woman came over and just started not only screening at me, she turned to the starbucks audited yens and said hey, everybody, come here. this guy is a racist. jillian: 74-year-old man says the co-worker called him a nazi at the store in california. he less says she shamed him in post about the president on a post online. because of that she was fired from her other job at a music store. brittany spears says she is taking time for herself. according to tmz she checked into a mental health facility last week as she copies with her father's declining health. she put her show on hold in january to be closer to
4:39 am
family. chick-fil-a gains unlikely ally after getting banned from a new york airport. the aclu's new york affiliate saying, quote: government agencies can't take actions based on political viewpoints. after buffalo's airport canceled plans to restaurant due to past donations to conservative groups. san antonio's airport also banned chick-fil-a. the company says it has no political agenda and does not discriminate. and look at this. a hockey player returns to the ice two years after suffering a heart attack. former boston bruins and arizona coyote center craig cunningham seemingly performing crossovers on proprosthetic leg on 2016 he collapsed on the ice before a game and rushed to the hospital. doctorshood to perform a complicated procedure cut off circulation to his left leg which had to be ultimately amputated. he is now a scout for the coyotes. ainsley: amazing. steve: and he still can skate: thank you, jillian. brian: janice dean is
4:40 am
outside about a block from a skating rink. janice: you want me to go skating. brian: no, just a transition from the last story. janice: i used to be a figure skater back in the day. something you might not have known. it is a beautiful day here in new york city. we are representing arizona today. where are you guys from? >> miami, florida. > janice: nice. welcome to new york what with your names? >> isa and angel. janice: are you going to be with us all morning. >> we will. janice: we love arizona? >> boston. >> michigan, bay city, michigan. >> what are your names? >> andrea, jason. janice: thank you, your name? >> paul. >> i think we covered everything, right? take a look at the maps this morning it is springtime in new york. so the temperature is a little cool but we're going to get up there in the next couple will days, maybe even into the 70's by the weekend which we are really looking forward to. we do have severe weather. i want to talk about the potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes across portions of the southern plains and the mississippi river valleys. this is going to be a big deal my friends, later on this afternoon and this evening. know what to do if there is
4:41 am
a watch or warning in your area. and some of the heavy rainfall could cause some flash flooding. there is your forecast across the country. thank you for coming. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hi, steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: very nice. why will be out there shortly. janice: excellent. steve: we will. thanks, j.d. house democrats -- trump's plan to repeal obamacare. chip roy a cancer survivor voted against that measure. he says it's time to work together to fix a broken system. he, as you can see, is next. ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
4:42 am
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♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick caught on camera edition headlines. this crook, you see him. might not be the sharpest tool in the head. here he is on camera shoving a chainsaw down his pants before bolting from the california hardware star.
4:45 am
the guy is still on the run. you can't make it up. watch as a giant display topples on an alleged thief at phone store. the man allegedly trying to rip a phone attached to a security device causing the sign to fall. police are looking for him. brian? brian: thanks, jillian. democrats in congress now condemning the trump administration's effort to repeal obamacare. our next guest is a lawmaker and cancer survivor who voted against the house's resolution on that matter. and says it's time to stop the politics and fix our broken system. texas congressman chip roy joins us. congressman, so a texas court is looking at the constitutionality of obamacare. that's what brought this up again. and it looks as though they might say it's unconstitutional. do you want that as a republican? >> well, brian, thanks for having me on this morning. i really appreciate it. absolutely i think it's right that the state of texas, led by attorney general ken paxton is leading 20 states along with the texas public policy foundation. and they have gone into federal court and they won
4:46 am
because obamacare is problematic and constitutionally unsound. and i think they are going to have a good case in the fifth circuit of the supreme court. republicans shouldn't be afraid of that the president is right to stand with the states. he is right for the united states not to defend obamacare's constitutionality because it's not constitutional. and i think republicans shouldn't be afraid of it we have the solutions that the american people want. we want prices of healthcare to go down. we want healthcare for all americans. we want healthcare for all. and instead of these false promises by democrats like medicare for all which would cost $30 trillion. bernie sanders is out on the campaign trail every day criticizing the current broken healthcare system and he is right that it's broken. it's broken because of government intervention. it's broken because costs are going up and people can't get access to insurance or healthcare. and his solution is the 32 trillion-dollar medicare for all solution. the president is giving republicans a second chance to do what they promised to do and repeal obamacare. the president is leading, we need congress to now get in the game and stand up for healthcare for all americans instead of this broken
4:47 am
system we have today. brian: listen, i sat here at this very place and talked to different lawmakers and experts. we know you couldn't keep your doctor if you wanted to keep your doctor and you couldn't keep your plan. we know deductible is too high. looks like most studies show over 50% of american people want obamacare to stay because they may be in some cases they don't know what will replace it taking something away from somebody is a lot different from when you passed it. so how do you plan to overcome that? >> >> i will tell you people in texas are still very frustrated with you obamacare in terms of what it is doing in terms of cost, lack of ability to get the doctor of their choice. the regulations that are making it difficult for their families. so our solution is simple. we want to make sure we have direct primary care so you can go to doctors. we want to make sure you have health savings accounts. we want to have affordable insurance you don't lose when you go job to job. we want to have health sharing organizations that defray the cost. and by doing all of that we can guarantee people will have healthcare and we can protect people with
4:48 am
pre-existing conditions through things like high risk pools. and if we do that we will get the cost of healthcare down. brian: right. >> everybody in america can have healthcare. the false notion of pre-existing conditions is that we are mandating people get insurance coverage through obamacare that's broken and unaffordable. that's the problem. so republicans just need to stand up and talk about the things the american people want, which is affordable, high quality healthcare. brian: i know. you know nothing is going to get done before 2020 the president has admitted that. for you personally this hittings home because you dealt with cancer. what did you see in that system as you battled for your life that made you so adamant to change things? >> well, i'm glad you asked that i am a cancer survivor. i had hodgkin's lymphoma. i had a 4 month old daughter and barely 2-year-old son. i was blessed to go to md anderson and get great care from a doctor down there. what i saw was important for people to get access to healthcare. go to the doctor of their choice. and importantly gave me a commitment to want to get back into public service to make sure all americans can
4:49 am
have healthcare. we have got to get out of this broken notion that insurance is the answer and government is the answer when you want to be able to go to the doctor and be able to pay for the services you want to get and then allow the system to be able to step into the breech when people lose their coverage. very small percentage of the system who don't have coverage under medicaid, medicare or employer provided healthcare or in the private market. we want to make sure we increase options not decrease them. we want to lower prices not increase prices. that's the goal of what we want to do in healthcare. brian: name two democrats that will work with you? >> well, i don't know about which democrats will work with us. i mean, there are some great folks. henry cuellar in texas and other people. at the end of the day, what we can do is come together and present a vision that the american people will get behind. that's the goal, the president of the united states is doing that and republicans on the hill need to follow the president. brian: congressman, i stapsd, the people you are dealing with want to find out what the president's bid to buy the buffalo bills consisted of. they are not looking to
4:50 am
solve big problems because it might make the president look good when it should just make the american penal feel better. congressman chip roy, appreciate your passion. glad you are okay. >> thanks, brian. brian: luxury ride 0 to 60 in under five seconds. one of the best cars of the year. we have them all on fox square next ♪ i want to rock ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ i want to rock ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ steve: they are the best cars and trucks of 2019. we have them right here on fox square with an inside look at the 2019 north american car ever the year along with the utility and truck of the year our friend
4:54 am
mike caudill. mike, this first car, the car of the year. >> yeah. steve: is such an unbelievable deal. >> it is. steve: it's from genesis. >> it's the first time in luxury brand introduced into the. genesis. upscale brand of hyundai. it starts at $35,000. steve: the inside looks like $100,000 car. >> it's amazing. let's talk about that. steve: come on over here. >> korean company but the designer peter share from germany. they took everything you would find great in a german vehicle and this built this beautiful korean vehicle right here. all-wheel drive. couple different engines. horsepower. that's beautiful on the interior of this vehicle. steve: that's the car of the year. how about the truck? >> all right. so, this is a show stopper. everyone loves this. ainsley is inside the ram 1500. let's just start with this? why did this win? best in class engine, best in class towing capacity.
4:55 am
everything you would want in a truck and more. rear seats. i have to show you the cargo capacity and leg room. i'm 6'3", i'm a big guy, ainsley. i can sit in the back and cross my legs. ainsley: i'm your driver. >> you are my driver. 12-inch screen. massive 12-inch screen. nobody has a screen as big as this one in the marketplace. that entertainment center is something. ainsley: heated seats and lots of cup holders? how do you make this as as a decision this is the truck of the year or car of the year. >> 60 jurors performance styling all about the whole package. that starts at $35,000. this starts at $33,000. it gives consumers options in the marketplace so when the judges sit down they look at the whole package. ainsley: okay. >> which leads me to this right here. the battle in this category, brian, was fierce for the utility vehicle of the year. this is the hyundai kona. i just spent a week behind the wheel of this car. now, i love this color. brian: i do too. i love the way it rims, too. >> they have the trim in
4:56 am
here as well. listen, $19,000. land departure warning. pedestrian detection. heads up display right here that will show you your miles while you are driving your speed. the interior is refined. >> honking the horn. brian: i know. what the hell. top it out under $30,000. complete package. here's the key. can i actually get in the backseat in do i have room? >> you have room not quite like the ram. >> not like the ram. >> still have room. close it out on this car right here. it's fun to drive. dual clutch transmission turbo fun. steve: hyundai is having a good year. >> kona and genesis. steve: how much? >> this one tops out at under $30,000. steve: what color do you ask for there. >> this is like lime twist. i like it i don't know if i would want it in my garage but i love what they are
4:57 am
doing with their cars. ainsley: so much fun. thank you, mike. brian: good job. steve: straight ahead. sarah huckabee sanders is going to join us live in the next hour. steve: thank you, michael. ♪ who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪ that captured their imaginations ♪ . .. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this.
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that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
5:00 am
millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert and and exclusive up-close look at crisis down on the border in the rye owe grand valley. brian: 200 illegal immigrants apprehended in matter of hours in front of our cameras. agents say they have no idea who is coming into the country. steve: griff jenkins saw it all live from the border with mexico in mcallen, texas. reporter: 1100 arrested on the border of the rio grande valley. 13th day of 1000 arrests. 400 points of marijuana. we spent all day with border patrol on typical day. they had family units
5:01 am
surrendering peacefully and those that sought to evade capture. watch. unbelievably difficult terrain. i'm cut, my gloves torn. the men are rushing through here. but nothing but thorns, bushes, bugs, snakes, spiders. there they are. they have two more. >> both tried to run. this one was here hiding under the brush. this one got up from the brush. i was able to get him before he got away. reporter: this is the brush where the last illegal crosser laid down. herman had to crawl in like this, go through these bushes and thorns. it is just treacherous. as we've been discussing with the overwhelming numbers, there is no place to put the people. we can confirm fema has been brought in now. they will help manage the coordination across agencies, try to find a place to put these people.
5:02 am
steps behind me you see the port entry here in hidalgo, mcallen, texas. people are concerned what will happen if the president indeed shut the border down. mexico, texas's trading partner. ted cruz coming to the defense of those worried here issuing this statement intended to address the president's concern. the answer not to punish those legally crossing the border. the answer is not to punish technician's farmers, ranchers, manufacturers. closing legal ports of entry would harm american congress and legal transit between mexico and united states. the president of course traveling tomorrow to calexico, california. we'll find out if he has more to say about those worried in these border communities about the impact of closing such a border amid such unbelievable surge, particularly family units crossing this bothered illegally. guys. steve: griff, yesterday at this time you said a number of
5:03 am
truckers were stopping by there at the port to find out whether or not there were any plans to close the border and at this point there aren't, right? reporter: there aren't but there is already -- happening not where i'm standing but just nearby in el paso. we're also told in laredo. because they had to pull personnel from ports of entry that would normally do multiple lanes of freight, they had to pull personnel out to the field. we saw two of them yesterday. they're blue cpb officers normally deal in the booths behind me checking charge go. they're out in the field dealing with overwhelmingly number of family units. that made the lanes fewer. therefore the wait time crossing is growing that sim packing some of the producers. we went to a produce company yesterday where i got to meet with one of the managers. she told me already she is
5:04 am
having trouble getting her products, she is a proker, supplier, ships it all the way to new york city. new york city is one of their big one is avocados normally selling $20, are up to $60 or more because of the lane closures. she says if it indeed choses it will drive avocados way up along with everything else because of the impact it will have. brian: president is trying to get mexico's attention and he did at least. griff jenkins, thank you so much. in terms of apprehensions, 188 apprehensions driven reported last night. according to the ap, that immigrant processing, holding centers, the administration is us abouting people by the hundreds, inland, releasing them at greyhound bus stations and churches in albuquerque, san antonio and phoenix. we're back to catch-and-release. the people are flooding in. ainsley: we were asking griff earlier how they determine who is caught and release in the
5:05 am
country and who is apprehended and deported. he said it is really a case-by-case basis. if they're trafficking in humans or drugs, then they are deported. steve: interesting what he said at the conclusion of his report because wait times are growing at other ports. they're taking men and women from the border patrol from those ports to put them out where there are no walls. in march with the surge of migrants, 90% came into the country illegally between the ports. so you pull the people out of the ports, go put them where 90% of the people are coming from. ainsley: unfortunately the lines are longer at ports of entry. steve: wait times. brian: 9:00 a.m. yesterday, chairman jerry nadler of the house judiciary committee, put up a vote, gave speeches, got proback from reining members, took vote. should he subpoena, he wanted to subpoena the mueller report from the attorney general. the attorney general promised within a couple weeks. promised to testify at the end of the month. that wasn't good enough.
5:06 am
i guess for, for nadler. he came out and got a opinion even though he is not going to use it, listen. >> we are giving the republicans the opportunity to debate and to vote on subpoenas which is a different from, they didn't give us. we will work with the attorney general and, for a short period of time. if that doesn't work out, then a very short order we will issue the subpoenas. we're not willing to let the attorney general, who after all is political appointee of the president, make that, substitute his judgment for ours. steve: clearly the democrats do not trust mr. barr's four-page summary. they're saying right now even though as brian pointed out earlier this will wind up adjudicated, it will take a very long time. it is all to try to change the narrative because mr. barr came out and said no collusion, no obstruction but the democrats are saying really? let's see it.
5:07 am
ainsley: devin nunez, top republican on the intel committee, he calls out the hypocrisy. listen. >> the hypocrisy here knows no bounds with all that said, people should be leery only receiving what i call the mueller dossier. partisans wrote this document. what i'm not just interested in receiving the mueller does say, i want all the information fed into this, i'm sure like everything we dealt with over the last two years, there will probably be a lot of fake innuendo in the mueller dossier. brian: wow. that is what is going on as the president tries to get through his first term, the other example he would say of presidential harrassment, especially after going after his financial records. ways and means says they want six years of his tax returns. please tell us how that makes america more safer, better, more prosperous? steve: "new york times," barr understated mueller findings.
5:08 am
investigators call report more troubling for the president than it was portrayed. toward the end of this story on the front page says, officials and others interviewed declined to flesh out why some special counsel investigators viewed findings potentially more damaging to the president than mr. barr explained. ainsley: jillian has been showing you video of joe biden not apologizing, he didn't say i'm sorry but just saying, explaining, why he, he says he will be more mindful of how he treats women. steve: i get it. ainsley: yes. i was trying -- social norms are changing, politics always been about making connections. so that is what i was trying to do. i will be more mindful about respecting other's personal face. brian: smelling their hair, grabbing their shoulders, hugging them tight. three more came out yesterday saying the way he acted with them was unacceptable. steve: joe biden has not yet
5:09 am
declared there are a couple new faces to talk about today. tim ryan, who couple years ago was trying to challenge nancy pelosi for control of the democratic party in the house. he is expected to announce that he is running for president later today on "the view." also we understand pete buttigieg, apparently is going to have a special announcement on april 14th because he undeclared at this point. i got to imagine he is going to declare. ainsley: stacy abrams, she ran for governor of state of georgia. she didn't have this to say with colbert. >> you have a excel spreadsheet of life goals? >> yes. >> is the president still on the spreadsheet? >> it is. [cheering] >> would you like to announce you're not running for president? is there any news you would like to make this evening? >> there is absolutely no news i would like to make this evening. [laughter] >> really?
5:10 am
that in of itself is news because you're not willing to declare you're not running right now? >> i am not willing to declare anything tonight. brian: nor has she conceded losing the election for governor. she thinks it is voter suppression. that is what she is running on. by the way stacey abrams seems to be upset i will be number two to joe biden. how dare i be number two. i should be number one. michael bennet, senator from colorado he plans on running for president in 2020 if he beats his recent cancer diagnosis. the field is getting close to 20. steve: one face we do not put on the democratic field, not running as a democrat, not running at all yet, he is thinking about it, howard schultz, the guy who started starbucks. he is with us couple days ago. he will sit down in kansas city, missouri, with bret and martha. it will be a town hall. it will be great, tune in 6:30 normally during the bret baier show. it will run right through the
5:11 am
martha show. brian: one thing noteworthy about the joe biden situation as the investigation grows about what his son may or may not have done with his investments with ukraine and china, is the fact that barack obama and michelle obama have not come out and said hey, i don't know who he will vote for but he is a great guy. this is the time barack obama has to help his guy out. not a word from him. that is as sounding. steve: he said he would not endorse anybody in the primaries. brian: just to say he is a great guy, i never knew hugging was an issue. barack obama has to say it or he thinks joe biden is inappropriate. i don't know. ainsley: 11 minutes top of the hour. jillian has headlines. jillian: let ate guess started with the fox news alert. intense fighting right now following a deadly taliban attack in afghanistan. the terror group attack ad government headquarters, killing 20 afghan troops and police officers. people worry more people could be killed.
5:12 am
we'll keep an eye on the developing situation. also breaking right now, officials release the first report on the doomed ethiopian airlines plane. cockpit recorder showed the crew performed all emergency procedures but could not stop the plane from crashing killing 164 people on board. they don't know whether to blame the boeing system. this is the second incidents involving 737 manages jets. they're grounded around the world. food, fuel, supplies on the way to the space station in record time. >> liftoff, liftoff of the 77 progress resupply vehicle destination station, two orbits from now. jillian: cargo rocket took off from kazakhstan. it will just take three hours to get to the international space station. two american astronauts are on board. the queen of country is about to be queen of the
5:13 am
racetrack. ♪ working nine to five jillian: dolly parton is responserring her very owe own race car. tyler reddick will speed off in a ping camaro in dolly's home state of tennessee. love that. steve: you can spot it. ainsley: i love it. i will be pulling from him standing out empty crowd. steve: hello, dolly. thank you very much, jillian. meanwhile 2020 democrats running on a big government agenda, with bernie sanders promoting democratic socialism in some cases but do they actually walk the talk? we'll take a closer look next. ♪
5:14 am
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you'll receive the imformation you're looking for as well as tell you how much cash you may quality for. and receive your free information kit. so, what's your "better?" ♪ brian: 23 democrats running on a big government agenda, right? with front-runner bernie sanders even promoting the fact he is a democratic socialist but do they actually walk the talk in their real lives? emily larson joins us right now. >> thanks for having me. brian: socialists like to spread the wealth around.
5:18 am
turns out bernie sanders has three hours book deal, $800,000 in book deals. that's a lot of money for a socialist. >> yes it is. bernie sanders is a candidate asked rhetorically how many cars and houses, yachts billionaires need? he himself has three houses. he reported over $800,000 in book deals in one congressional finance report. and so he and cory booker and elizabeth warren have all been candidates used their star power in congress to supplement their congressional salary to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, to bring in income that puts them in the top 1%. so they will have to use that, they're going to have to answer to the far left democratic base who is more skeptical of people in the top 1%, worried about corporate greed and wealth. brian: wow, the top 1% had it too good for too long including them i guess. elizabeth warren's finances pretty extensive. we don't want to get specific, we can't confirm it.
5:19 am
book deal royalties over $400,000. she says she believes in free markets but her problems require a lot of spending and that spending usually comes from people with a lot of money? >> elizabeth warren advocated for a wealth tax of billionaires , and she herself is thought to be a millionaire. she has a house that is estimated to be worth $2 million. you know it is not just elizabeth warren. there are two long shot candidates, john delaney, john hickenlooper, self-made millionaires. entrepreneurs. john delaney embraced capitalism. hickenlooper was reluctant to say he was capitalist. that shows how far the democratic base is left and kept calfwealth. that is something the candidates will have to answer to in the democratic primaries. brian: john delaney came here, told us i'm a capitalist, i'm proud of it. john hickenlooper should be
5:20 am
proud of where he came from, came from nowhere, give back to government service. he is running from his own record because his party doesn't make the capital it welcome. >> that is his opinion. that shows how far the democratic base has gone. you have candidates embracing democratic socialism. people advocating for wealth taxes, higher estate taxes, are skeptical of big corporations. these candidates are not really up front how wealthy they are. brian: right. >> i saw really stark contrast of president donald trump who is billionaire, used that as selling point for his campaign. and these candidates will have to answer to the voters who are skeptical of rich people like themselves. brian: right. where i just think there was a time which you embraced that. maybe why howard schultz he will be talking tonight embraced the fact he came from nothing, the projects in brooklyn, is a self-made success story and is not afraid to admit it. emily, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: didn't go to the
5:21 am
democratic party. taking a stance against california sanctuary laws. our next guest is one of them. tells us why. ♪ut the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations.
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♪ >> with steve, ainsley, brian, fox blank blank. dave? >> what is and friends? >> correct. ainsley: he asked one of our favorite question ever, now "jeopardy" could be replacing alex trebek. the show is considering a new host as he is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. he is 78 years old. he has been host 35 years. he is "jeopardy." angelina jolie does it all. actor, humanitarian, and a mom.
5:25 am
she is not alling running out of office. she told "people" magazine never say never but that i'm looking for others for leadership. down to you, steve. steve: thank you. many california sheriffs departments are protesting that state's sanctuary law. 68 out of 169 local law enforcement agencies were not in comb pliance with the law. california's senate bill 54 which restricts them from assisting i.c.e. our next guest is one of those sheriffs. he calls the sanctuary law a dangerous, slippery slope. joining us is sheriff scott jones of sacramento county sheriff's department. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: why is it a dangerous slippery slope? >> anytime you have legislation that is a is one law enforcement agency can't cooperate with another law enforcement agency is dangerous. each law enforcement agency has a station or mission they do don't overlap.
5:26 am
they coincide and work together. like saying we couldn't cooperate with the fbi, dea or secret service. it is dangerous. steve: the law is sb 54, known as the california values act. >> right. steve: essentially what they do, they codify don't cooperate, local municipalities with the feds because immigrants, migrants here in california have certain rights. that's what they were trying to do with that particular law but why are you saying, sheriff, you're not going to follow it? >> well, first of all i got to make it perfectly clear. everybody is following it. this report is nothing more than social activism trying to advance the law. they have air of credibility out of oxford study out of san francisco. the author is the person that developed sanctuary policies for san francisco. we see how well that worked. the project manager is involved in that activity. this is san francisco based advocacy project. every agency is complying with sb 54 but there are still some things we can do.
5:27 am
there is really two aspects to the sb 54. community cooperation, which we really never done with i.c.e. to enforce immigration laws. the piece that is unique to the sheriffs is the jails. we have to be able to cooperate with i.c.e. in our jails because we don't know what they know. we don't know what people they know about and their criminal histories. and the law allows us to do that. most sheriff, including me, cooperate with i.c.e. to the extent that is permitted by sb 54. this study doesn't like that. they want to see that changed. but there is nobody not complying with sb 54 at least in the sheriff's realm in california. steve: one of their findings, they say 41% of sheriff's departments are using legal loophole to publish release dates of illegal immigrants i.c.e. wants. is that accurate? >> well, i would argue that with the term loophole, which has kind of a negative connotation. steve: sure. >> one of the things the specifically the law authorizes any information that is available publicly can be shared
5:28 am
with i.c.e. so although we have always included release dates on our public websites, most sheriffs departments have, i'm sure that has caused some of the sheriffs to be introspective about what they released to the public and maybe expand that. reality we don't have the luxury of being able to advocate for a world we don't have to be responsible for. we have to keep our constituency case. in my case that is million 1/2 people. we have to do everything we can to not to create more victims and keep our folks safe. that may mean we may have to change our practices in compliance with the laws that are set. we're working with the law as it is written. steve: you're working with the law as it is written, but as you said at the same time you don't like the whole sanctuary state business? >> i don't. when you have across the board some blanket policy there are people slipping through the cracks. i like aspects of it, don't disapprove of aspects, community enforcement which they used to
5:29 am
enforce it, but as sheriffs and folks that run corrections elsewhere we have to allow i.c.e. to cooperate. that is where the bad guys are. why let them out having to go into the community to cause danger to the officers, families of folk they want? we already know where the bad guys are, sometimes very good guys. we should be able to cooperate with the extent we can with i.c.e. to carry out their mission inside of our dale. that is the objectionable part of sheriffs in california. steve: joining us from sacramento, california, a sanctuary state. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 8:29 here in new york city. president trump will travel to california tomorrow to get a first-hand look at the border crisis. white house press secretary sarah sanders is here with a preview coming up next. yday dies very acidic. it can cause damage to the enamel. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel
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♪ brian: exciting day here on fox news channel. we have a chance to do a major town hall with an impactful, potentially impactful independent candidate. ainsley: we're gearing up. here we come, 2020. there will be a town hall tonight. martha maccallum and bret baier are hosting that. it will be in kansas city, your neck of the woods. steve: that's right. the guy in the center square there, howard schultz, the coffee vision snarery, mr. coffee. he invented starbucks, got us all to pay four bucks for a cup of coffee. brian: what is pretty amazing is, howard schultz saw the green deal. he think it is a farce. he thinks free preschool and free college is not possible. he sees "medicare for all" as not plausible. even though he is a democrat, i want to run, not with them.
5:34 am
ainsley: he told us on the couch that he is not for cutting off funding to the central american countries let's bring in white house press secretary sarah sanders. the president will head to calexico tomorrow. why did he decide to take the trip, sarah? >> one the president wants to show the progress we made on the border wall. there is section there that is finished. he wants to be able to see that he wants to show a lot of people first-hand exactly what is taking place at the border. he will get a briefing when he first arrives there from a number of law enforcement officials, the cpb folks, people on the front lines, there on the ground, get real time update from those individuals. he wants america to be able to see that, his presence and folks in the media that will be traveling with him will get a chance to see some of the things that are going on the ground, hear from the people dealing with this crisis, day in, day out. steve: couple days ago when the
5:35 am
president threatened to close down the border some people thought, he is just negotiating with mexico. he is saying unless mexico does something i would shut it down. that would be economically, we heard disasterous but has he walked away from that or are things going better with mexico where you're seeing some progress there? >> it is something the president is certainly still keeping that option on the table. as he said, a number of us talked about over the last several days this is certainly not the president's first choice but democrats at this point, their unwillingness to do anything has left the president with very little options. thankfully mexico has stepped up over the last few days. they are working with us to do more to stop more people coming into the country illegally. steve: what are they doing? >> for one, they helped, added large number of additional checkpoints before they get to the border in mexico. they're stepping up the number of individuals that are waiting for their asylum claims in the
5:36 am
united states to be processed. they're holding those individuals in mexico instead of the united states while that takes place up to 300 a day. so there is a lot they are actually doing helping this process but at the same time, it is not going to be enough. congress is eventually going to have to get serious about protecting our country, protecting the americans. yesterday a few works spent a lot of time talking about a minor breach at mar-a-lago, but not talking about thousands of people pouring into the country really putting national security at risk and it is irresponsible the way that is ignored by democrats in congress. this president is not going to allow that to continue. if he has to close the border he will, but that is certainly not his top choice. there are some basic things that congress could do, starting with allowing unaccompanied minors to be returned reunited with their family. the fact that a unaccompanied
5:37 am
child can come to this country, we do not have the ability to legally return them back home to be reunited with their family in their home country is absurd that is simple fix that would drastically not only reduce influx we're seeing coming across the border but it would stop the exploitation of these children through human trafficking, through the cartels, through the coyotes using these kids to come across the border. it is absolutely absurd and frankly it's dangerous and it's mean and cruel what democrats are doing by not fixing that basic law zoo that we can actually help these kids to protect them to reunite them with their families. brian: i would love to see a democrat say 100,000 a month is too many, 76,000 in february is too many. like to see some response to video they have been able to show. proves the president is 100% correct saying this is crisis at the border. just hard to imagine a counterargument. meanwhile on the mueller report
5:38 am
"the new york times" making headlines late last night, out this morning some on mueller's team unnamed, report was more damaging than attorney general barr revealed. what was your reaction? what is the president's reaction to that? >> i think it is same one we've had all along. democrats continue to show day in day out they're nothing but sore losers. at some point they have to realize that they have been beat by president trump in the 2016 election. they're getting beat by him day in, day out. on issues that actually matter and, i think they're a sad excuse for a political party right right you now. at some point they have to decide they want to govern, change thanks, make america better, join the president in those efforts. ainsley: mitch mcconnell set up a vote in the senate, it did pass make the confirmation hearings shorter. right now every single person goes through the confirmation hearings faces 30 hours of interrogation and discussion.
5:39 am
now he has, all of the republicans voted to lower that. now it will be two hours. the president express frustration how long it is taking people to fill these positions. he has been in office 2 1/2 years, some of the positions are still open of the what is his response. >> it is absolutely insane the way the democrats have held up putting people in place. they complain about things not always working. well they're not allowing people to take their jobs in places of government. the president won. he should have the right to pick his team. that is how it works. they held up nominees, some of them over a year. as they say, elections have consequences. they certainly do. that happened in 2016. think need to learn to live with it. if they don't like it, run on something of a message. stop trying to beat the president, attack everything he is doing. he had incredible first two years. imagine what else he could have gotten done if he didn't have the mueller report and had a full team in place because democrats hadn't obstructed
5:40 am
every single person he put forward. steve: sarah, the president asked the senate to adopt "the nuclear option," simple majority on variety of things for the last two years. finally mitch mcconnell saying you know what, simple majority on these confirmation hearings, that is okay with me. >> look he decided enough is enough. and it is time to allow these people -- at the very minimum they deserve a vote up or down. the idea they have their lives put on hold for a year, sometimes more, while they wait to go through the process, it is completely unfair. that is not how government should function. democrats are really an embarassment. brian: i would think any president has to get his people in place, background checks, take place, two hours i think is fine. sarah, real quick president, asking ways and means, has within their power to get a president's tax returns. they want six years. do you think the president will allow his tax returns to be taken, audit or not?
5:41 am
>> as the president said yesterday, while his taxes continue to be under audit he doesn't anticipate that changing at any point anytime soon. and therefore, doesn't have any intention to release those returns. let's not forget, brian, the president filled out hundreds of pages in a financial disclosure. you can see a broad range of president's business investments, all of the different financial interests through that extensive, very exhaustive financial disclosure form you have to fill out in order to work in the government, in order to run for president. he has done that. it gives you a very good picture just how successful he was as a businessman. i think it should answer all of the questions that anybody might have about his financial dealings. steve: exit question, will the president go to the white house correspondents' dinner just around the corner? >> he hasn't made a final decision. steve: sew might? >> i will let him do that.
5:42 am
we'll see what happens. brian: he will be at the border tomorrow, looking at beginning of the wall that was built unhis reign. sarah, thanks so much. >> absolutely. thanks guys. brian: coming up straight ahead we're hours away from the fox news town hall with howard schultz of starbucks fame. it will take place in kansas city. todd piro is there having breakfast with friends on us. we'll check in with him on that. steve: delicious. ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for.
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. jillian: welcome back. how about this bizarre story right now? a teenager claims he is a boy missing for seven years. police reportedly waiting on dna tests to confirm whether the 14-year-old is timothy pitzen. he says he escaped from kidnappers in cincinnati. testimony think was last seen at a wisconsin water park with his
5:46 am
mother in 2011. she killed herself, left a note saying the son is with caretakers but would never be found. incredible if true. we'll keep you updated. allegedly poisoning his coworker for 18 month. david chu is accused laces the water and food with cadmium. it shows chu putting something in the woman's water bottle in the california office. those are the headlines. back to you. >> wow, interesting stories there. tonight fox news is going to host a town hall with former starbucks ceo howard schultz live in kansas city. brian: i didn't know that was tonight. steve: go to kansas city city, todd piro having breakfast with friends at cornerside cafe, just a little north of downtown ck. reporter: you want nailed we
5:47 am
begin with patrick. he is student, you say the president has to close the border that is what he has got to do, why? >> solves, so many problems, crime, environment, health. it is crime because we see all the gangs coming across, ms-13. we see all the drug problems comes with it. environment, we see that because it's simple. todd: all right. >> all the littering, things like that they bring with them, leaving clothes in the deserts damaging our deserts an those environments could save millions on cleaning up after it. health, we give them health care. we give them everything. to sustain themselves while in facilities. it is breaking down our economy. todd: go to kevin. thank you very much, patrick. fill disclosure, kevin was our waiter. had amazing meal. he asked what are you doing here. we're doing segment of "fox & friends" talking about the environment. he wanted to come down. you say climate change is the
5:48 am
urgent. >> more carbon goes into the atmosphere, greater negative feedback loop we'll get. ice is trying to melt now. if more carbon in the atmosphere. it will melt faster. you can't stop sea level rise. you can't prevent, really terrible weather, extreme weather events we're having in the midwest. people are losing livestock an crops because of flooding happening in the river. that is happening because of climate change. if we don't start solving it now we never will. todd: thank you for your time. thank you for your advice on last night's steak. it was awesome. we'll go to dave, number one issue is facing our country is division. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean there is a lot of tweets and emails that come out that are meant to divide us as a people. as lincoln said, a house divided against itself cannot stand. that is it what i worry about in this country. there is kind of a lack of civility between people who are
5:49 am
supporters of mr. trump and others that are not. todd: along those lines katy share as similar sentiment, you say respect is the number one issue facing our country. why? >> respect is number one issue. we don't respect each other's views. we don't listen to each other. government, democrats, republicans, whatever side of the party you're on, they're not listening, respecting each other's point of view to get things done. lbj was able to get medicare passed because he spoke to both sides of the fence, was able to bring both sides together to do that. right now we're not doing that we're arguing with each other. mueller is done. let it be done and go on. we need to respect what is going on. todd: a lot of respect. olivia, one final comment to wrap us up. what is it, olivia. >> everybody should try to work together to make the world a better place. todd: she summed it up. back to you new york.
5:50 am
ainsley: out of the mouths of babes. 49 minutes at the top the hour, you seen her flim be houses. che is helping us with our spring cleaning, has ways to save you money and working on cabinets. brian: first unless the prompter is really wrong, sandra smith is here to tell us what is on her show. >> good morning friends, good morning, everyone, homeland security secretary is getting a first-hand look what she is calling a cat-5 crisis situation there ahead of the president's arrival tomorrow. i.c.e. director ron vitello is our guest in just moments. plus democrats launching more investigative attacks on the president. how far are they willing to go? ken starr is here. and more woman accusing joe biden of improper behavior. our a-team takes that one up. headliner democrat, roe kahn that is up at top of the hour. join us.
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♪ steve: time to do some spring cleaning. you have seen her flipping houses on hgtv. she is bringing her magic from austin, texas to new york city, showing inexpensive ways to do spring cleaning. ainsley: on day four of spring cleaning series, here is home renovate tore and designer, shea milhezer. we'll start with wallpaper. >> wallpaper is one of the easy ways to bring color in a room. if you have done wallpaper, it is such a process. clean the wall. prep the wall. ainsley: hire someone. >> peel and stick wallpaper is so easy. you can do it here in the studio
5:55 am
grab this board. peel it. you line it up. steve: like contact paper. >> exactly. ainsley: great if you're renting a apartment or renting a house you want to peel it off. >> it comes right off. you smooth it. smooth it down. use a tool, use your hands, smooth all the bubbles out. super simple. steve: fantastic. brian: different from the paste, right? >> this is 29.99 a role. you will need about 10 roles per wall. ainsley: what about cabinets? >> cabinets, hardware for cabinets i like to say is jewelry for your kitchen, right? i have a plain white cabinet. builder grade knob in front. look it when you put in a little bit of mat black. steve: very modern. looks like new cabinets, for nine bucks? >> exactly. this is mat black with brass, it is in right now. if you love mat black, you bring it into other fixtures, faucets. if this isn't your look, tons of
5:56 am
options. be bold with the hardware. steve: curb appeal. number on the house may look dated you can fix it. >> the house number is first thing. they can't even find your house until they see the house number. ainsley: that's true. >> the numbers of 920% of the homes in my neighborhood have. pretty basic. look how much nicer it looks when you upgrade it. it is inviting. modern. they're cheap. 14.99 apiece. they come in different colors. brian: you smash into the brick. >> you have to screw it in. there is a little bit of work involved but easy. ainsley: we'll check back in after the break. we'll get more. we'll be right back. >> thank you. shay. ♪ onal is trained, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at thanks to priceline working with top airlines
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6:00 am
two minutes. >> have a great day, see you tomorrow. >> if you can't watch the "after the show show", watch the radio show. janice will be on a little later. bye, everyone. >> bye. >> bill: thanks, everybody. breaking from overnight. three more women coming forward leveling allegations of inappropriate behavior against joe biden. all this coming as the former v.p. directly addresses the accusation where he suggests we will hear more from him soon. more on that coming up inside "america's newsroom." first, though, major sting operation in texas, 280 illegal immigrants hit with what isis is calling the biggest bust we've seen in 10 years. thursday, welcome i'm bill hemmer >> sandra: the sweep near dallas coming after a crisis on the border. now homeland security secretary
6:01 am
on the ground


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