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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 4, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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tomorrow. >> if you can't watch the "after the show show", watch the radio show. janice will be on a little later. bye, everyone. >> bye. >> bill: thanks, everybody. breaking from overnight. three more women coming forward leveling allegations of inappropriate behavior against joe biden. all this coming as the former v.p. directly addresses the accusation where he suggests we will hear more from him soon. more on that coming up inside "america's newsroom." first, though, major sting operation in texas, 280 illegal immigrants hit with what isis is calling the biggest bust we've seen in 10 years. thursday, welcome i'm bill hemmer >> sandra: the sweep near dallas coming after a crisis on the border. now homeland security secretary on the ground right now. she is calling the situation
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there a cat 5 crisis and tomorrow the president will see it for himself. >> this is one of, if not the biggest, crisis this country has faced in a decade. we are now treating it like a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. >> regarding the economic impact of closing the border, one area we've explored is to try to keep the freight lanes open. that is possible. >> i don't buy the b.s. that women and children and families coming to our southern border pose a national security threat to the united states of america. i don't believe that they are criminals. >> all i can say is somebody better get in the room pretty quickly and fix this before it blows the entire border apart. >> sandra: senator james lankford standing by with reaction. >> the past couple days president trump he says he believes trade is important but what is most important to him is border security.
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that remark raised a lot of eyebrows amid pushback from lawmakers on the left and right. the white house is tampering down the president's threat to close all or large sections of the u.s./mexico border. here is white house press secretary sarah sanders. >> the president is keeping that option on the table. as he said in a number of us have talked about over the last several days, this is certainly not the president's first choice. but democrats at this point are unwilling to do anything has left the president with very little options. thankfully mexico has stepped up. >> she said mexico has added checkpoints. she said it's helping. the white house believes that congress, democrats in particular need to do more. democrats are adamant they aren't the problem here. >> a year ago this president, his administration basically told us that if we could just be cruel enough to separate little children from their mothers, that that would deter,
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it would stop other families from coming to the border. and, in fact, more families are coming. >> we can maintain security and also act like decent human beings while we do it. >> to say the least it is a fight that is far from over. >> sandra: another fight is brewing on capitol hill over the president's tax returns. any indication that the president intends to actually turn those over? >> not if he can help it. the president is saying what we've heard him say in the past he is under audit and while being audited he won't release his personal tax documents. the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani backing him up on that. >> the chairman of the democratic house ways and means committee moments ago asked the irs for six years of your tax returns? >> is that all? usually it's 10. i guess they're giving up. we're under audit despite what
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people said and we're working that out. >> the president and i.r.s. will have to resist it. totally illegal. no basis for it. no legislative basis for it. they aren't the i.r.s. they don't investigate tax fraud or tax irregularity. >> the chairman of the house ways and means committee asked the i.r.s. on wednesday for the tax returns for six years and returns for some businesses. the i.r.s. says nothing prohibits an individual from choosing to share their own personal tax documents. the white house says when it comes to this particular situation, they believe democrats are playing political games. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. >> bill: want to bring in oklahoma senator james lankford. homeland security committee member. thank you for your time today. you'll hold on immigration in a matter of moments. what is this all about today? >> get an update what the numbers are. how many people we have coming between at the ports of entry
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and between and family units and children and how many people are coming as single males. we've seen an upward trend for six years. >> it is staggering. ted cruz said closing the border to legal commerce would be devastating to texas. we should secure the border. the answer is not to punish those legally crossing. i don't think you disagree with that. the question comes to this. has this become an issue that we cannot manage anymore? >> no, the homeland security secretary has said this is way beyond humanitarian crisis. in 2014 barack obama said we're at a humanitarian crisis. we're double those numbers now and well in excess what can be managed by the border patrol agents. they've had groups of over 100 coming at them and trying to manage that in remote areas between the ports of entries
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cannot be managed. we've had months with 40,000 plus coming across the border. customs and border patrol say they have 12,000 in just temporary custody. a typical number is 4,000. so what the democrats have done to be able to press and encourage people to bring children to the border to say we'll let you into the country and you can show up for a future hearing two or three years from now and we'll let you in if you bring a child. it is encouraging them to bring a child. more than 2500 children are showing up not connected to anyone in the group. the group knows if i bring a child, then i get in. it is literally human trafficking and human smuggling with a child to try to get across our border. a terrible thing. >> bill: it is stunning to say that we don't know what the numbers are. that in itself tells us a lot about what is happening there. i want to move to the "new york times" report that came out last night. some of mueller's team say the report was more damaging than
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barr revealed. did you see the story? >> i did see the story. the headline is some in barr's team. they won't name who it is. once you get into the story they say even the people that they talked to on barr's team won't say what more damaging information is out there. it is all innuendo and bizarre to see "the new york times" to be able to lay out a story with no person named, no information named to those individuals even to the reporters they admit. they are trying to be able to continue to spin to say maybe there is something secret out there. i think a lot of the national media folks are hoping there is something in this report rather than actually hoping the president hasn't actually conspired with a foreign government which they made clear he has not. i do hope that as much of the report that squashs all these conspiracy theories out here. we shouldn't have transparency for not protecting sources and methods and grand jury information as well. >> bill: hard to know without
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quotes or known sources. one more point on page 2. times writes it is unclear how widespread the vehiclesation is among the special counsel team. they had 19 attorneys, >> 19 attorneys, 40 f.b.i. agents and all of their staff. so this is a very large group that worked on the mueller investigation. so for them to say they don't say who it is, what their connection is, what they knew or how much they're really upset about any issue is pure innuendo in the story. >> bill: we'll listen for your hearing today and see what comes of it. james lankford the republican from oklahoma. thank you. >> social norms have begun to change. they have shifted and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. i get it. i get it. i hear what they are saying. i understand it. and i'll be much more mindful.
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>> sandra: joe biden acknowledging his physical displays of affection have made women uncomfortable. he released a video over twitter addressing the allegations against him and saying he will be more mindful of people's personal space in the future. now one of his accusers saying his video simply does not go far enough. >> this is a time of realization and self-awareness for mr. biden. time will tell but i think that no one should define another person's boundaries period. >> sandra: peter doocy is live in kansas city where we'll host our first town hall of the 2020 election season. peter, did biden hint how this controversy may affect a potential run for him? >> sandra, he hinted that he is moving towards a presidential campaign because that video he posted to twitter begins with the former vice president saying that in the coming
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months he expects to talk to people about a lot of issues. but first he is talking about all the touching. >> i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this and whether they're women, men, young, old, it is a way i've always been and tried to show i care about them and i am listening. >> biden allies do not think that he will be derailed by new questions about his style but there are questions now about how long the accusations of misconduct might linger. >> i was glad to see a very strong, clear, forceful statement by former vice president biden this afternoon. i think he gets it. >> one word the former v.p. did not say in that video, sorry. >> sandra: peter, as we mentioned you are there because fox news will be hosting the first town hall for us for the
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2020 election. what can you tell us about tonight with howard schultz? >> schultz, sandra, is able to come to a state that is important for the again election because he is not in a primary. so he is appealing to general election voters, trying to. and focusing this week on immigration. he posted to the website medium president trump's impulsive and i'll considered threat to close the border with mexico is a big mistake. as schultz looks at the electoral map he is looking at 42% of americans who identify as independent who might be looking for an alternative other than a democrat or republican. so instead of trying to create a hybrid platform that uses bits of plans from each side, he spends a lot of time criticizing both sides and that is what we might hear a little
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bit of this evening, sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. be sure to watch as we kick off our first town hall of the 2020 season tonight. live from kansas city where the stage is set for the american people to see what former starbucks ceo and potential independent candidate howard schultz is all about. that will be happening at 6:30 p.m. eastern. bret baier and martha maccallum will be the moderators and we'll likely learn a lot more about howard schultz. >> bill: i'm looking forward to that. very interesting for kansas city hearing from the folks out there, too. bret and martha will do a great job. the 15th of april we have a bernie sanders down hall. >> sandra: so it begins. >> bill: top republicans calling out democrats for hypocrisy. >> you're exactly right. there are people who definitely lied and misled congress, okay? if they don't go to prison, we'll have a two-tier justice system in this country and it won't be good. >> bill: congressman nunes on
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the republican side. on the democratic side they have their sights on six years of trump's tax returns. where does that go? former independent counsel ken starr is here with his take. >> sandra: our top story of the day, the immigration crisis taking center stage as the trump administration makes it clear that border security is the highest priority. we will talk to acting ice director ron vitello. >> bill: breaking news from overnight. a preliminary report on the ethiopian crash is out. what does it reveal about why that plane went down? look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh...
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>> the intelligence committee chair adam schiff wants the attorney general of the united states to release classified information. the judiciary chair nadler wants the attorney general of the united states to release grand jury material. that's where we're at because they're so focused on getting
6:17 am
the president. forget about the rule of law and how things are supposed to happen. they're all about getting the president. it's a sad state of affairs. >> bill: democrats have ramped up their investigation of the president. they move in three issues in eight hours yesterday. ken starr wrote the book "contempt" in the clinton investigation. he has experience on this. thank you for coming back here. jerry nadler said his committee must see everything that barr has in his possession. how much do you think they will see or perhaps given your experience in this how much do you think we see in the end? >> we have to protect grand jury information full stop. now there can be a court order under certain circumstances to reveal this but there are policy reasons for grand jury secrecy, not just a rule. it is a rule that says witness -- when you go before the grand jury you can rest assured you have to be truthful, don't lie, but you can rest assured that
6:18 am
will remain confidential except the most extraordinary circumstances. just wide and full disclosure is not anticipated by witnesses. so i think it really tugs at the very purpose and function of a grand jury. leaving aside national security information. as we know, bob mueller reached out to a number of foreign countries. some 13 requests of foreign countries. so there is a lot of sensitive stuff and we haven't even gotten to privacy interests that chairman nadler used to care a lot about. >> bill: the way that law was for you 21 years ago. you were required to give your report to congress. the law since mueller is required to give his information to the attorney general william barr to which he said last friday afternoon we're preparing the report for release and the special counsel is assisting us in this process. peel back the curtain. are they all in a room together saying what's in and what's out? how does that work?
6:19 am
>> yeah, they will literally be in a room going line by line. we live in the electronic age but i bet a nickel that they are sitting around going line by line through the report. that will take a while. but bill barr has promised transparency and he will try to do his job to protect the sanctity and confidentiality of the grand jury process. we've talked about national security information. but they are going in with highlighters and saying this is grand jury information so we have to be careful about that. so by the way as a quick editorial note, we now see the problems of what we used to do during the statute under which i operated which is full disclosure, give it to congress and congress will do whatever it wants. congress with the starr report they revealed it all shockingly and people recoiled and said we don't want that anymore. that's what these regulations are designed to do, to stop
6:20 am
that kind of complete, full disclosure. >> bill: you were accused of presidential harassment in the 1990s. you remember that all too well. now the president is going to say the same thing. eight hours yesterday as i mentioned a moment ago request for tax returns for six years, financial records from his company and the full mueller report as well. how do you know look at what is happening as we await the barr conclusions? >> bill, it's clear that it's all-out war against the president. the house of representatives, the majority is seeking to use its entire power to do everything it can on every front to go after the president of the united states. but guess what? the president will have defenses. he will have responses. this may very well end up in court if this continues. so we've got a lot of stormy
6:21 am
weather ahead unfortunately. >> bill: ken starr, i hope you come back when the clouds clear or before. thank you so much for your time today. nice to talk to you. >> bill: my pleasure. >> sandra: another big story today. we are now getting our first look at exactly what happened on that doomed ethiopian airlines plane. so what took place in the moments before that boeing 737 max 8 jet went down? we'll dig into that next and friends and family saying goodbye to a college student murdered after getting into the wrong uber car thinking it was her ride. the action the state of south carolina is now taking to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> he was a monster. what he did was -- i don't want anybody else to go through it as a parent.
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>> bill: south carolina lawmakers introducing a bill requiring ride share cars to have illuminated signs in them after police say 21-year-old samantha joseph son got into the wrong car thinking it was her uber. her body was found in the woods hours later. the driver of that car has been arrested. loved ones saying their goodbyes at a funeral in new jersey. her cousin making this emotional appeal for action. >> the family's message that it hopes people, young adults for certain, take from this senseless killing of a wonderful girl, education and laws need to be put into place to protect people and the ride share industry. >> bill: the driver has now been charged in samantha's murder. >> sandra: fox news alert the pilots were not at fault. that's what a preliminary report of the ethiopian airlines crash suggests. the boeing 737 max 8 jet
6:26 am
crashed shortly after take-off last month killing all 157 people on board. the ethiopian transport minister sharing new details of the investigation. >> the crew performance, all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer, but was not able to control the aircraft. >> sandra: dan springer has more from seattle. quite a revelation here. >> we have not seen that report but we're getting reaction to it from the transportation officials in ethiopia and it would be appear to be very bad news for boeing. the plane had a valid certificate, pilots were license aide qualified and the take-off normal. the pilots followed boeing's emergency protocols. the transport minister made the announcement and issued two recommendations, one aimed at federal aviation regulators and the other at boeing which made the 737 max.
6:27 am
>> aircraft nose down conditions are noticed in this preliminary investigation. it is recommended that the aircraft flight control system related to the flight controllability shall be reviewed by the manufacturer. >> of course, that's going on the march 10th ethiopian airlines crashed six minutes after take-off killing all 157 people on board. similar to a fatal lion air crash led to a worldwide grounding of the 737 max. ethiopian airlines say the pilots followed the boeing recommended and faa procedures and despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistens of nose-diving. boeing has not commented on the report yet. the company has not received it. a "wall street journal" report yesterday indicated that the
6:28 am
pilots initially turned off the plane's anti-stall system but when they couldn't gain control they turned it back on. >> it showed the pilots had turned off the pitch rim, which is what they are supposed to do but then they violated the procedure grossly by turning them back on. >> later this morning boeing and the f.a.a. will be hit with the first lawsuit filed by an american family devastated by the crash. 24-year-old was killed on a work trip. we're expecting a news conference in chicago on that lawsuit in a few hours. both of her parents are lawyers and the niece of consumer advocate ralph nader. >> bill: breaking news from overnight, too. new reaction coming in a moment on this american woman who has been taken hostage in uganda. apparently taken into the country of congo. we're getting more information from ben hall in a moment on that. and reaction from the president after a security breach in mar-a-lago. what we are learning about the
6:29 am
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>> sandra: breaking news coming in overnight as an ice bust in texas. nearly 300 illegal immigrants arrested in the largest operation there in a decade. meanwhile the trump administration warning the system is completely overwhelmed as secretary nielsen heads to the border as well. one border patrol agent from last night. >> resources are stretched. we have significant help right now from d.o.d. partners as well as the coast guard, fema, the office of field operations on customs officers, ice officers out there. but all of us are stretched awfully thin right now. we need to make some changes to
6:33 am
the loopholes out there. we need to deter this traffic from actually crossing. >> sandra: let's bring in acting ice director ron vitiello. appreciate your time and having you come on the program this morning. can you back up what we just heard there from the cpb officer? is that the situation that is happening? >> 100%. it is an absolute crisis down there. it has humanitarian aspects, border security aspects. this policy can't continue. he talked about the overcrowding, the system is in a meltdown. it is getting worse day-by-day. >> sandra: we heard the homeland security secretary describe this as a cat 5 crisis situation. but what you hear are critics mainly on the left who say this is a manufactured crisis and being overworked and overdone to meet the needs of the president politically. how do you respond to that? >> it's not a fair
6:34 am
characterization. cbp reported yesterday they have over 12,000 people in custody. we're maxed out in ice capacity and looking for more detention beds across the country. the system is overflowing and an example statistically nearly 130,000 families released into the interior of the united states just since december of last year. so the system is in a meltdown. there is a humanitarian aspects that can't continue and the border security aspects. it is a terrible situation for the folks that are down there. >> sandra: what do we do? >> we have to change the way the law is operationized because of the court rulings we can't hold children or families during the pen den see of their immigration cases. every time we've held people in my career if they're in detention while going through proceedings, if he they get asylum we welcome them. if not they get removed.
6:35 am
if you can cycle these cases fast enough people will stop coming. there is no up side. right now if you bring your child to the border or send your kid to the border they come into the country and they're in custody for a short time and released. so that's encouraging others to do the same. >> sandra: the president is heading down to the border tomorrow. we know secretary nielsen is already hitting a couple different spots and end up meeting with the president at the border in california. what will the presidency when he gets there? how could this change the conversation, the debate that is happening over immigration in this country right now? what would you like to see him do? >> he is going to see the resources that are in play to address this problem. i'm sure he will get briefed by the secretary how hard we're all working. all the tools she has put in place. the agreement with mexico that secretary nielsen got the migrant protection protocol accord with them will help on the problem.
6:36 am
us with hhs writing fix flores on the regulation side. what he will see is that unbelievable flow at the border and no way for us to legally address it without congress acting. >> sandra: when it comes to the politics at play we're coming up on an election season. castro, presidential candidate, is slamming those who described it as a national emergency or a threat to our national security. listen to this. >> we need to reform our immigration system. i don't buy the b.s. that women, children and families coming to the southern border pose a national security threat to the united states of america. i don't believe they're criminals. i don't believe they should be treated as criminals. >> sandra: care to respond to that? >> it's against the law to enter the country without being inspected. if you cross the border illegally that's a crime in this country. we need to stop encouraging people with their children -- to send their children to the border. there is a crisis down there. it is not manufactured.
6:37 am
12,000 people in custody at cbp now. 48,000 adult detention beds being used across this country. people need to understand this is a real problem and we need to do something about it. >> sandra: i want to finish up by asking you about this major bust in texas. 300 illegal immigrants arrested. what is being described as the largest bust in a decade. can you give us any more details on what you're learning on that? >> yeah, we're very appreciative of the work that hsi out of the dallas office did. in order for us to have a secure border and for us to have an immigration system that has integrity, people who break the rules have to be held to account. so in this case lots of illegal employment going on. most likely benefit fraud, most likely people using fake identification and so that case has terminated into a criminal search warrant and hopeful it
6:38 am
will continue to go. what we're trying to do is take the illegal work, the magnet that brings people to the country at times, we're trying to take that out of their hands and grateful hsi dallas did in this case. >> sandra: ron vitiello, you have a huge job to do. thank you for taking a minute this morning to tell us what is going on. thank you, ron. >> bill: an american woman kidnapped in uganda. she an guide taken at gun point from a national park. gunmen are demanding half a million dollars. what do we have on this today? >> well, hi, bill. as you know when it comes to kidnapping, time is of the essence. the first 48 hours are critical and why there is a desperate search underway after what has been called a brazen abduction. in one of uganda's most popular national parks. local forces are scouring the entire area trying to find the 35-year-old and her local
6:39 am
driver. kimberly sue endicott from california was staying at a wilderness camp in the queen elizabeth national park and on a game drive when four gunmen came out of the bush, ambushed their vehicle tuesday night. the kidnappers stopped the vehicle around dusk. they drove around looking for animal. taking endicott and her driver away. an elderly canadian couple with them were not harmed and raised the alarm. later on the kidnappers used endicott's cell phone to demand ransom of half a million dollars. they say they've managed to cut off all exits between uganda and neighboring democratic republic of congo. it is feared that's where they may try to go. they believe the kidnappers are within the search area. militants have also operated in uganda. the newly elected president was meeting with secretary pompeo
6:40 am
just yesterday those despite numerous questions being asked of him he didn't talk about the kidnapping. in a separate meeting yesterday pompeo met privately with the families of americans detained abroad and said bringing home loved ones being held abroad was one of president trump's priorities and they would not pay a ransom which is why that search ongoing at the moment is so critical. time is of the essence. >> bill: thank you, benjamin. thank you so much. i've fwoen that part of the world and that park specifically. you can see if they came across the border from congo how easily you could escape when the sun went down. the catch here is if they're acting like the somali pirates on the horn of africa looking for ransom money, if they find success they'll do it again. we'll watch that. >> sandra: meanwhile lori
6:41 am
loughlin and felicity huffman had their day in court in the college admissions scandal. what happened and what's next for these actresses and their families? >> bill: new drama over the mueller matter. some on the special counsel's team are said to not be happy with the a.g.'s investigation. what senator tim scott is saying as well as the white house. >> they are proving that they are a rabid partisan democrats who shouldn't be investigating something where you have to have some degree of objectivity and fairness before you call people before a committee. xperia has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles,
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>> president trump: not concerned at all. we have very good control. i think it was just a fluke situation and i think that the person sitting at the front desk did a very good job to be honest with you. i think that particular woman did a very, very good job.
6:45 am
she was able to see things that other people were not. but no, i think it's just a fluke. >> sandra: new reaction from president trump after a chinese national is arrested at mar-a-lago. she had two passports and a thumb drive loaded with malware. a suspicious employee tipping off the secret service. the woman is in custody and charged for illegally entering a restricted area and making false statements to federal authorities. >> i am absolutely confident the attorney general will put out a very, very complete part, if not all of it. whatever he can legally and maybe they should change the law if they want to and so that every grand jury -- all grand jury testimony is open to everybody and there is no attorney/client privilege. their disregard for the constitution is mind-boggling and frightening. >> bill: rudy giuliani. he went after democrats
6:46 am
authorizing a subpoena to get the full, unredacted mueller matter. senator tim scott is with me now. good morning to you. just listening to rudy talk there a moment ago. you see "the new york times" story this morning? some on mueller's team say report was more damaging than barr revealed. what do you think about this, senator? >> i think it's incredibly ridiculous that after the mueller report has been concluded and there is no question about zero collusion, zero obstruction, and now 2800 subpoenas later, 500 witnesses later, 40 f.b.i. agents, combing through every aspect of your life they want to say perhaps the conclusions are inconsistent with reality and that is inconsistent with reality. >> bill: i'll quote one line. some members of mr. mueller's team are concerned that mr.
6:47 am
barr said that american views will have hardened before the conclusions become public. that's the case saying barr will get the first word and they're not happy about it. >> you can see the witch hunt continues. the reality is that some news stations built their entire station around this mueller report and when egg was on the face, the democrats and those folks in a different channels decided to press the issue. what we found aftermath is there is nothing to press. not a bit of evidence has come to the front so we could have an additional investigation. the reality is simple. our president has restored our confidence in the system by fully cooperating and the conclusion of that investigation restores all the confidence that the american people should have, not only in the presidency, but the
6:48 am
american form of democracy that did a thorough investigation and came to one simple conclusion. where is the beef? there is no beef. >> bill: i remember the commercial. i guess we'll get the findings from barr within the next 10 days, maybe even sooner than that. quickly i want talk about the american economy. a specific project that you are working on called opportunity zones. i remember this from the 1990s and jack kefrnl. what are you doing? >> god bless jack kemp. we love that concept so much we decided instead of looking at it from a government perspective can we find a way to attract more private sector capital into distressed communities? by doing so see the type of renaissance we've seen across america hit our most distressed communities. opportunity zones helps us get there. >> bill: what does this do for the american people? how does it change the
6:49 am
community? how does it make a life better? >> three primary benefits. it attracts more capital into distressed communities, you'll see more development, more jobs created, more folks able to walk to work. what it does for the investor, it defers capital gains tax up to seven years if you'll make a long-term investment. that long-term investment model is what helps transform the communities. the good news is for those folks who would be concerned about gentryfication or seeing the elimination of the folks who live in those communities only 6% of the 8,000 opportunity zones has any signs of gentryfication whatsoever. this is a way for us to restore confidence, increase competence and see fewer folks suffering the collateral damage of distressed communities. we'll see the opportunities rise. >> bill: good luck to you. you have a few speeches across the country next week. go help them out.
6:50 am
thank you, senator, for your time today. >> sandra: breaking news now on a bizarre story out of the midwest. a boy who went missing in 2011 may have been found. screen left is little timothy who disappeared at the age of six. screen right a 14-year-old boy who just emerged saying he is the boy who vanished seven years ago. is it him? how officials are trying to get to the truth. from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents
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6:53 am
>> sandra: lori loughlin and felicity huffman facing a federal judge in boston after being charged in the college admission scandal and they waived pre-tile hearings yesterday. carley shimkus is here. what happened there yesterday? >> yesterday was a really quick
6:54 am
preliminary hearing that lasted about five minutes. asked if they understood the charges against them. they signed some paperwork and then went on their merry way into the sea of adoring fans waiting for them outside. lori loughlin is making a concerted effort to remain cool and calm under pressure. she shook hands with the three prosecutors that filed the charges against her. she is signing autographs. she has a big smile. felicity huffman seems more subdued and serious. >> sandra: denial? we had a lawyer on yesterday that said she faces very stiff penalties as a result of this. to your point we saw the videos of them walking in. felicity huffman walked in pretty early to avoid a lot of the media frenzy and crowd. lori loughlin was signing autographs. >> a lot of legal experts are saying that they wouldn't be surprised if they get between six months to two years.
6:55 am
keep in mind, sandra, they will get sentenced after charges were dropped against jussie smollett, another rich and famous actor who many people feel received special treatment. i don't think they'll get special treatment in this case. >> sandra: what happens next? >> it will take a couple months for them to face -- for the real stuff to begin. people are saying they are ramping things up. they haven't entered a plea yet. one parent said he would plead guilty. another two parents said they're going to fight these charges against them. then there is the story out there about this other guy who asked if he could go on vacation to mexico with his family and he was denied that because he has two vacation homes in the united states, one in big sky, montana that cost $12 million. a think some folks are still having people with reality. >> sandra: they acknowledge their rights, the charges
6:56 am
against them. maximum penalties. >> the next thing that will happen is whether or not they plead guilty or innocent. >> the country is watching this. >> an unbelievable thing. more charges could be coming out in the coming weeks. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> bill: more women coming forward accusing joe biden of inappropriate behavior. he addresses the allegations in a new video. what is expected with his 2020 run. how the white house is hitting back to democrats? >> nadler is completely distorting our government. this is not an enforcement agency. they don't get to look at my tax returns. congressional committee don't get --
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow,
7:00 am
i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at >> sandra: fox news alert. three more women now coming forward to accuse the former vice president joe biden of inappropriate contact as he breaks his silence about the growing list of allegations, welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: nice to see you. how are you doing, all right? we moved from over there to over here. >> bill: the former vice president acknowledging his behavior made some women uncomfortable. critics say he did not go far enough. >> i've always thought about connecting with people. shaking hands, hands on the shoulder, a hug, encouragement. now it's all about taking
7:01 am
selfies together. social norms have changed and shifted. the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. i get it. i get it. i hear what they are saying. i understand it. and i'll be much more mindful. >> i would like to think that perhaps this is a time of realization and self-awareness for mr. biden. you know, time will tell. but i think that no one should define another person's boundaries, period. >> i think we need to listen to those who are raising their stories, who have the courage to come forward to share their experience and also to be part of the conversation about either his candidacy or how he fares as a contender for the nomination if he jumps in. >> bill: a wide range of reaction. leland vittert has more in washington good morning. >> good morning, bill.
7:02 am
as people went through that joe biden video, the one word they haven't heard in the video or elsewhere from joe biden is sorry. but his twitter video offered an important clue to something else about the former vice president's future. in fact, it's the very first thing he addressed in his video. take a listen. >> i expect to talk to you about a whole lot of issues. >> our colleague over at fox business reports biden believes these are coordinated attacks ahead of a possible announcement for president. the former v.p. continues to work the phones lining up and reassuring big donors even as other accusers tell stories of uncomfortable moments with biden. here is d.j. hill who said the v.p.'s hand slid from her shoulder down her back when they posed for a photo during a 2012 fundraiser. >> i think we've come to a point where we need to have a
7:03 am
zero tolerance policy so that our country can focus on pressing issues at hand. >> despite these new multiple stories of unwelcome touching by biden, potential 2020 candidates you earlier heard from beto o'rourke, others are treading slightly more lightly. >> i think the vice president has acknowledged the discomfort he has caused. he has created context for why that is his behavior, and he has affirmed he will do something different going forward. i think that's what we should be looking for. >> to talk about that particular case, i think anybody who wants to be considered for the highest office in the land needs to be able to stand up to the higher standard. >> we've heard from biden, his accusers, all of the 2020 candidates, at least most of them. one person we haven't heard from in this controversy is
7:04 am
biden's old boss president barack obama who had called biden his brother on many occasions. >> bill: true story. bringing in our a-team right now. how are you doing? nice to see you. great panel, smitty. you see this? >> sandra: let's let it happen. >> bill: all right. james, no pressure now, you start. >> viewers will be the judge. i think voters will the judge of joe biden here whether this is a huge issue, not a huge issue. we know from gallup polling there are plenty of democrats who don't consider themselves to be hard left. who consider themselves moderate or even conservative. and i think that's reflected in the overall polls you see across the states which is that there is a demand for joe biden or i would say someone like him in the race. >> sandra: very interesting.
7:05 am
karl rove makes a similar point in the "wall street journal." don't count joe biden out. mr. biden's subsequent apologies and promise wednesday to be more mindful because social norms are changing, quoting him, are acknowledgements that he is struggling in today's #metoo culture. it reinforces the sense his first day as a presidential candidate will be his best one. >> i guess i will kick off the show by saying i agree with karl rove. i don't think i've said that before. exciting. >> bill: shall we get a time-out here? >> i'll catch my breath. >> sandra: make a banner. >> bill: when he does defend a democrat that's a good thing. >> i believe joe biden did the best he could without compromising who he is as a person and makes a clear case in the video for what kind of politician he is. he feels politicians are there to help people, to comfort them, to be a person that they can trust and feel supported by and that yes, he is tactile.
7:06 am
he pointed out as well he touches men as well as women. we certainly have plenty of pictures of him being handsy with men as well. >> bill: in rove's piece. conventional wisdom was granted to pieces in 2016 and it may shatter again. >> conventional wisdom was correct in 2018 leading into the election cycle. republicans hang onto the senate. it is way too early to draw final conclusions how joe biden would do as a presidential candidate. of course we shouldn't be counting him out. he is at the top of the polls for the democrats. ahead of the president head-to-head in a number of early polls. it is all extremely early on in the process. but i watched the video yesterday on twitter and i said buckle up, here we go. i actually responded pretty warmly and well to it. that missing word we heard from leland vittert sorry seems to what that absence is what caused a new group of women to
7:07 am
come out and say that's not good enough. i don't know why he wouldn't just in that explanation, which i thought was a pretty good one. for the women that i made feel uncomfortable that was never my intention. i'm so sorry. maybe he didn't want a slow bleed of apologies. that was a lay-up. >> apparently biden and his team are seething about this and they feel this is incredibly unjust and a coordinated attack by the bernie sanders camp, lucy flores the first accuser. i believe she is on team beto now and see it as unfair and unjust as a take down and maybe sorry or i apologize was the one word that could not go in there. >> not apologizing to bernie sanders but to women. the mantra is believe women, respect women. are these women are saying they made me feel uncomfortable. just say i'm sorry. >> sandra: next topic is house
7:08 am
democrats prepare a subpoena for the full mueller report. investigators on mueller's team complain the attorney general's summary downplayed their findings. we'll go to catherine herridge first live in washington on that. >> fox news understands that justice department officials are pushing to complete their review and get the mueller report to congress next week, friday at the latest, which meets attorney general william barr's goal of mid april. yesterday "the new york times" reported some special counsel investigators have told associates their findings are far more negative than barr's summary. this morning by contacts reports barr was unlikely to downplay the special counsel findings knowing full well most of the report would be released. last night the president's lead attorney responded on the ingraham angle. >> they are a bunch of sneaky, unethical leakers, rapid democrats who hate the president of the united states and i can't tell you how much false information they leaked
7:09 am
during the course of the investigation. how many people will be indicted that didn't get indicted? >> the chairman of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler has the authority to issue subpoenas to secure the full report. house republicans say democrats may be overplaying their hand. they need a court order for the grand jury material and attorney general barr would be breaking the law if he provided the grand jury material without it. >> bill: thank you, back with our a-team. james, where do you see it going now? >> i think we've heard an accurate summary. i guess the attorney general said well, it wasn't a summary. i was reporting the bottom line. he reported directly the bottom line. he quoted mr. mueller from the report saying no coordination or no collusion. this is obviously clinging to the hope that maybe there is an obstruction case. that was not found, either. when there is no underlying crime obviously it is possible to have an obstruction case but i think this is probably "the
7:10 am
new york times" in reporting no new facts clinging to a story that they pushed very hard for a couple of years and, you know, they won some prizes and don't want to hand those back. >> i want to see the report. everyone does. i hope we get it at a judicious paint. to your point we've seen the bottom line. 48 words were in the four-page summary. we know bob mueller's team laid out the case on both sides of the obstruction of justice and we've heard from judge napolitano that to the conspiracy charge, collusion, that it doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't evidence of it but it wasn't a provable case and they weren't choosing to move with that. i think the new information that is in the times piece and the "washington post" piece that did run with a headline saying trump cleared after this and they won prizes, too, i don't think anyone has to give
7:11 am
back. what they're trying to say these are the first leaks that we're seeing from the mueller team about this. it is to close associates. it is one -- >> bill: no sources or quotes in this piece at all. i don't expect that from the mueller team. here is what i take from the piece. barr is getting the first word. the special counsel summary's were not used. barr used his own and barr didn't want to disclose any derogatory details as james comey did in the summer 2016 against hillary clinton. >> what we saw in barr's memo was a quote from mueller that ruled out conspiracy but coordination which seems broader to me. what we saw last night in the two scoops from the post and times was the idea that some lower level investigators' friends were hearing they were
7:12 am
upset about the -- if bill barr in any way that's mischaracterized the bottoms line of robert mueller i think we would have heard from robert mueller saying it's not true. >> sandra: are democrats overplaying their hand here? can you take what you read from william barr's summary, right? it wasn't supposed to quote verbatim from the initial report. but are you suggesting that you need to know more because you think perhaps he mischaracterized something in that summary? >> i'm suggesting that congress has the right to see the report first of all. they can see the unredacted version and we'll see it publicly with the redactions. my suggestion is there is obviously more to this when it is 300 pages plus versus a four-page summary which barr has made clear there were some mistakes, i guess, in the roll-out of this. that people were taking it as the bottom line conclusions of this when there is so much more to it. barr does have to account for the fact that he gave president trump is fodder to run around
7:13 am
saying i've been totally exonerated. >> bill: back to the story today. it was unclear, i'm reading, how widespread the vehiclesation is across the mueller team. so we don't know if they're referring to one person or 10 or 20 or even more than that, james. >> just to be clear, this was one job -- i'm not for special counsels, this was the one job he was tasked with to make this call. the bottom line i guess my bottom line i think for most people is the president can fire his f.b.i. director. f.b.i. director works for the president. under our constitutional system that's not obstruction. >> these were the bottom lines. that's what he said in his follow-up memo. i wasn't summarizing the whole report. no collusion, no obstruct shn charges and there is no reason to believe anything about that is false. >> you have a number of committees serving their
7:14 am
oversight duty that there is information in there which connects to ongoing investigation. we have things going at the same time. they have a right to see the report. once it's out there a lot more people will be satisfied than a partisan appointee's summary. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. homeland security secretary kirs teen nielsen is comparing the crisis on the southern border to a cat 5 hurricane. >> what we're seeing is exactly what the president said would happen. he said that we were at a breaking point. he said we had a crisis on our border and democrats just played dumb and ignored it. they can't play dumb anymore because the border is being overrun. >> sandra: are democrats in washington ready to work with the president and his administration on border security? we'll ask congressman roe khanna coming up. >> bill: dozens of seizures suffered by people who vape. how dangerous is it and how
7:15 am
quickly is it growing? our doctor is here to tell us about that coming up. years like. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6708. i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> we're maxed out in ice capacity. we're looking for more detention beds across the country. the system is overflowing. there are humanitarian aspects to this that can't continue and the border security aspects.
7:19 am
it's a terrible situation for the folks that are down there. >> sandra: the acting ice director ron vitiello weighing in on the immigration crisis as secretary nielsen continues a three-day tour of the southern border. casey stiegel is live for us in el paso, texas. >> good to see you. day two it is a three-state stop. she is in yuma, arizona today before she will join president trump in california at the border on friday. but yesterday secretary nielsen was right here in el paso, texas. all events were closed to the press so we did not even get a chance to see her. however, dhs officials tell us she went to a local port of entry. she went to a migration detention facility, and she also received a briefing at the el paso sector border patrol office. this region in particular is of high importance because they've seen a huge spike in the number
7:20 am
of groups and uncode minors that have been showing up and turning themselves in to agents. bed space is scarce. in fact, overcapacity by about 280% according to the feds. they say they're quickly reaching a point where they will be unable to humanely care for the migrants. secretary nielsen tweeting this yesterday from el paso. i'm quoting here. i've called on congress to give dhs the authority and resources needed to stem the flow of illegal migration fueling the emergency at our border. families and unaccompanied children should not be collateral damage to our political dysfunction. dhs says that the purpose of these meetings also to assess the emergency response. the entire agency's emergency response to this crisis along the border, to quote restore order here. sandra. >> sandra: casey stiegel. thank you.
7:21 am
let's bring in our headliner california democrat roe khanna, congressman, appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. kirstjen nielsen is describing the situation a cat 5 hurricane crisis situation at our border. at the same time in washington there is still a debate going on over whether or not this is a real crisis. where do you stand on that? >> there is no doubt that the numbers of people coming over has increased. that's a fact. let me suggest two places where we could have bipartisan compromise and a solution. first, vanderbilt has done a study that one of the real reasons that people are coming over is an increase in violence. i believe we need to have u.s. aid programs that are working that are decreasing the violence there that are teaching people about for people to say there and they aren't coming across the border. we need to process these folks in guatemala, in el salvador
7:22 am
and honduras before they come to the border. we could work with the white house to solve the issue. >> bill: it is a stunning fact the mere fact that we don't have hard numbers of the number of people who have crossed. doesn't that tell us a lot about our lack of ability to manage what's happening now? >> we do need to do a better job to manage what's happening. it is a terrible situation. it is a terrible situation for those who are coming across. it is a terrible situation for the country. no one is happy with the situation. so we need better technology to be able to monitor. >> bill: why have we waited so long then, congressman? >> bill, i think there are places where we can find common ground. the biggest is to work with the u.n. refugee center so that we're processing these folks before they even get to the border. there are thoughtful people at the white house who are interested in solutions if we get beyond the rhetoric. there is no reason folks have to come to the border. we should be processing their cases before they get there. >> sandra: i want to move on to
7:23 am
the continued fight over the robert mueller report and the revelation of this full report and the details from that. we continue to hear your party's demands on that. here is jim jordan talking bob mueller last night. >> i think we should just bring in bob mueller and ask him all the questions we want and not jeopardize that at all. anything they want to ask the guy who was the special counsel who they said for 22 months would find collusion and he didn't. it was not there. even though there were multiple opportunities for trump associates to collude. they didn't take the fruit. bring in bob mueller. >> sandra: how will it end? he is slamming the move by jerry nadler to issue subpoenas on that. did you like that display yesterday? >> well, i'm on the same committee as jim jordan. he is always entertaining even though we disagree. i i'm for bringing bob mueller in to testify. let's get all the facts out
7:24 am
there. let the american people decide. one place where we can come together is we know that russia interfered in the election. and it is not a republican or democratic issue to make sure no foreign power ever interferes again. we need to beef up our technology and make sure we aren't susceptible or vulnerable to those kind of attacks. >> bill: in a period of eight hours yesterday democrats request six years of tax returns from the president. financial records for his businesses and subpoena for the full mueller report to be delivered to committee. what the president will say is you guys are guilty of harassment. to that you would say what, congressman? >> first, bill, the president is a tough person. he has to stand up to ping and he can understand the separation of powers and congress's oversight role. every president in the past has given their taxes whether it was president reagan, president bush, president obama. so we're not asking for something that other presidents haven't done. i don't think it's that big a
7:25 am
deal for the commander-in-chief for the leader of the united states to be transparent. >> bill: the more pointed question is three for three in one day. was that planned? >> well, it is not our fault that he is not doing things that other presidents have done. look, when bill clinton had the starr report, that starr report was public. everyone read the gruesome details of that report. >> bill: because the laws were different 21 years ago. you know that. under the current law mueller is obligated to give the department of justice and bill barr. >> that's fair but i think -- i think it's in the president's interest to get the report out, to get his taxes out. then let's focus on things that actually will improve the lives of the american public. i think we can come to some kind of deal to invest in technology and infrastructure. those are the things we ought to be focused on. let's get this out there, let
7:26 am
it be transparent and then let's focus on things that really will make america stronger. >> sandra: which brings us back to where we started, congressman. the president's priority is immigration. dealing with what he says is a crisis at our border. he will be down at the border tomorrow. you are a democrat from california. there is a question over whether or not the president can change the minds of anybody in your party who doesn't think that crisis is real. >> well, i think if the president focused on places where we could have common ground, better technology on the border. more immigration judges so we're processing these cases. more support for these countries so that they develop economically and stabilize and we don't see the number of migrants coming here. there are places that we can work collectively to solve this issue. we have differences of opinion but everyone recognizes that having 100,000 people come in a month is not a good thing. >> bill: not acceptable, we
7:27 am
agree on that. >> that i think is common sense. >> bill: what is your advice to joe biden? >> be honest, say that he made certain mistakes, apologize for that, say he understands that we're living in different times with a different cultural norm, and i think if he does that, he would be fine and people would be understanding. >> bill: we'll see what decision he makes. thank you for your time, the democrat from california. >> thank you for having me on. thank you. >> sandra: cold case turning red hot as a child who went missing back in 2011 may have been found alive. >> i'm very hopeful that it is him and that he is okay and he has been in a good place when he was gone. and that he will come back to us. i-major update on this. >> bill: also in a moment hear how the congresswoman ocasio-cortez is responding to
7:28 am
a complaint that she and her campaign manager violated federal election rules. an update on that next. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
7:29 am
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and targets weeds more precisely. it lets you kill what's bad right down to the root while guarding the good. roundup sure shot wand. got weeds in your grass too? try roundup for lawns. kills weeds, not the lawn. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years.
7:32 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on a possible break in the case of a child who went missing in 2011. police in cincinnati say a teenage boy has come forward and identified himself as timothy. matt finn is following the story for us from chicago. what do we know now? >> right now, sandra, police tell us they're working to confirm if the teen who surfaced in kentucky is the missing boy he claims to be. in 2011, 6-year-old timothy pitzen wept missing when.
7:33 am
he took him to a zoo and waterpark and she killed herself in a rockford motel saying her son was okay but would never be seen again. now a teen claiming to be timothy surfaced yesterday in newport, kentucky. neighbors called 911 to report a teen acting suspicious. they were stunned when the teen told them he was timothy claiming he escaped his captors at a hotel. he looked like he was hit in the face. his captors were two white males with bodybuilder frames. >> he said he ran away and said he was kidnapped. it looks like back in 2011 he was kidnapped or abducted. not quite sure what the situation is. >> he was the lost child. he really was. it broke my heart to see him standing there like he didn't have a friend in the world. >> his family says they're being cautiously optimistic. >> i'm very hopeful that it is him and that he is okay and he has been in a good place when
7:34 am
he was gone. and he is going to come back to us. >> the results of the dna tests could come today. if it's confirmed this is timothy there could be many more disturbing details about his years in captivity, sandra. >> sandra: what a story, matt. we'll continue to follow that. >> bill: congresswoman ocasio-cortez now slamming a new campaign finance complaint against her that accuses her campaign manager of violating election rules and she is calling it bogus. charles payne with us now. hello, what's the story on this? >> she can call it bogus. it appears that they'll have to explain why you had this web of political action committees and limited liability corporation to circumvent rules that are in place to limit the amount of funds that you can raise. i don't know that she can brush it off. the best thing she has going for her with the federal election commission is down two commissioners. they have a big backlog.
7:35 am
i don't think it was a conspiracy. this is a legitimate complaint. >> bill: roll this video responding to it. >> do you have any remarks on the latest complaint filed against you? >> i mean, it's concerted interest groups filing bogus -- >> concerted interest groups. we'll see. i think this is something legitimate that should be looked into. >> sandra: the president has this to say on the economy. despite the unnecessary and destructive actions taken by the fed the economy is looking very strong. china and usmca deals are moving along nicely. usa optimism is very high. reference to the fed there because he has been critical of the fed along the way. still he is touting the economy. >> he is.
7:36 am
he should tout the economy. it's interesting. i don't think a lot of people are picking up what's happening with the federal reserve. both political parties want to turn the federal reserve into their own personal piggy banks because they want to spend so much money and no place to get it. you can tax even more things and i'm telling you, the idea is that the fed can create money. they can print up and create trillions of dollars out of thin air. why not do it and apply it to their agenda. it is a big move over the next several move but both political parties. president trump is right. we got the initial jobless claims. the lowest number since december of 1969. the first week then. >> bill: pretty good. >> you know what the number one hit was back then? ♪ hey, hey, hey, goodbye >> bill: get a banner ready. another day, more news on facebook. apparently records exposed.
7:37 am
what kind of records? >> perhaps 540 million records. you could have accessed them. anyone in the public could have. they were somehow posted on amazon cloud services, 20,000 passwords. facebook got an upgrade. two upgrades in the last two weeks. wall street abandoned the stock. they're starting to buy up the stock now. >> bill: they're making money, a lot of money. >> it is a huge company. if it was a country probably the most populous country in the world but they have responsibilities that come with that that they haven't lived up to yet. >> sandra: what's the market doing? >> bill: i got one more. are we going to get a deal with china? >> the vice premier will be at the white house at 4:00 today. chief negotiator. no way he would probably be making this move. yesterday i think he and -- we're about 99% there. >> sandra: they might announce
7:38 am
a summit after these meetings take place. >> they're negotiating and there is one sticking point. how we make sure we can make sure china is -- holds up their end of the bargain. >> bill: keep singing, too. >> as long as these numbers keep coming like this we all should be singing. >> sandra: a mission to help american heroes from injured service members to cold star families. we'll hear from the widow of staff sergeant jerry gass straight ahead. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions...
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7:43 am
>> sandra: joining us now a nancy gass, chairman and ceo of the tunnels to towers foundation thank you for being here. nancy, start with you first. so important to say his name out loud so we all remember him. staff sergeant jerry gass, 33 years old died in august of 2014 on a combat operation in afghanistan. you received your home last year. what difference has that made for your family? >> it has changed our whole lives. it is amazing and given me hope. it has given my kids a place to learn how to ride bikes, there are sidewalks in our neighborhood and so it is safe and we have community and we were in a two-bedroom apartment before this. the kids have their own rooms and they are able to go to a school now that they weren't able to go to before, which is just -- it will make them grow up to have a chance to be world changers like tunnel to towers.
7:44 am
>> bill: it has made a difference. >> yeah. it has changed my story. it was a tragedy. now it has a happy, you know, ending sort of. so i'm happy to talk about it now whereas before, who wants to hear that? it hurts. but now there is so much positive. >> bill: good message. you are from ohio, the corporal is from new jersey. you get a home in the spring i do believe, right? how will it change your life? >> incredible, sir. i won't have to shovel ever again. as you guys know, we'll have an all heated driveway and sidewalks. for my vision lost. i have a little vision remaining in my left eye in the lower portion. they will be placing lighting strips along the hallway so i can possibly do less damage on the exterior walls. >> sandra: what does that mean to you to have this organization?
7:45 am
frank, thank you for everything you do. it is amazing to see right here these stories about how your organization comes through and you feel that support based on what you did for us. >> it was -- i was not expecting to be the recipient of a home and luckily tunnels to towers stepped up and came out of nowhere and it is a huge blessing. >> bill: i bet. frank, we've seen you a lot. tell us about how you changed their lives. >> well, i think the viewers have changed their lives. they come together. we have a contract with these great heroes that protect our country or communities with first responders. and when something like this happens, when somebody gives their life in the line of duty or catastrophically injured like scott. he has given two legs and vision for his country. that we take care of them. the campaign that we're on now we're asking everyone to donate $11 a month is not a lot to ask
7:46 am
americans to do. if we ask them to put their lives on the line. the families pay a great price it's the least we can do as americans is to $11 a month can change the lives of all these great heroes. >> sandra: americans are so generous. you feel that support. can you tell us a little bit about jerry? >> jerry was amazing. he was a medic and a sniper and he didn't join the army until he was 28. he went to college, got a degree, got a business job and then at the last minute he just always wanted to do something special, so he became a green beret. he was so smart and funny and he always made everyone laugh. >> sandra: you can see the pictures on the screen along with everybody. your kids were very young when he passed. >> people said he was larger than life. he was some said he was a giant among men but he was like a big teddy bear. he was the sweetest person. he loved me more than i knew
7:47 am
that a person could love another person. >> sandra: beautiful family. >> thank you. >> bill: scott, when you think about your own experience, what do you think about that day? >> well, sir, i wasn't injured overseas. i developed some parasitic infection and i came home with limbs and vision. it wasn't until a couple years later that i went septic and went to the hospital thinking i had a flu. i woke up as you see me today. >> bill: wow. how has that journey been? >> it was tough at first. i have had excellent support from my family, friends and my old fire company and marine brothers and the tunnels to towers foundation. >> bill: great support, you know that, right? >> and the american people, obviously. >> sandra: you have seen the support for your family but based on frank siller's efforts and his organization other widows that have seen this support. >> yeah, there are so many of
7:48 am
us. we're a tight knit community, especially special operations widows. i'm really connected with them even if we're geographically distant. they just -- yeah, there is a lot of really beautiful people out there who are raising their kids on their own. >> bill: amen to that, huh? how can our viewers help? >> go to tunnels to my brother 9/11 ran through the twin towers and gave up his life to save others. we are the tunnels to towers foundation. donate $11 a month. so many gold star family widows out there with children that are living in apartments or whatever may be because they were on the bases moving all over the place. they need a home. so many service members have given so much for their country. they need a smart home for their injuries and we know about our first responders.
7:49 am
$11 a month. tunnels to >> bill: we have a new report from the fda about vaping in america. can it be damaging to your health? a massive investigation. talk to the doctor about that coming up in a moment right here.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> bill: the fda is investigating dozens of cases of people suffering seizures after vaping. dr. marc siegel professor of medicine and fox news contributor. good to see you. fda is hot on the trail of this story. what do we need to know? >> i spoke to dr. gotlieb about that outgoing commissioner. he is calling it an early signal. what does he mean by that? 35 cases of people who developed seizures after vaping among 10 million people who vape, 6 million who vape in high school or middle school. it is a very low number but gotlieb is saying wait a minute, this is a wake-up call. it is an alarm out to parents, physicians, to say did you have this experience? did this happen to your kid? did you not report this? this will get this reported more. nicotine can cause seizures in very high doses. the question comes up now is there something about vaping? we already know vaping can be
7:54 am
toxic to the lung and cause inflammatory changes in the lungs. it is not totally benign. what about how you vape? could that lead to a lot of nicotine in the brain? that's the question that's coming up now. i have to tell you, i spoke to my 14-year-old yesterday in addition to dr. gotlieb and he said you know, dad, some people in school use three pods in a day, which is like three packs of cigarettes. >> sandra: i'm glad we're addressing it. i can't tell you in the some of the suburbs of new york they are holding parental meetings now, come in and learn about vaping because it is so popular and so trendy and so many kids are trying it. to your point sometimes in this story these were first-time users. >> that's a great point. we don't know what the quantity is overall. such variability and so infectious. like you said it's why they're having parent meetings. so many kids are doing this and nobody can control it. it is supposed to be illegal. they are supposed to be banning flavors in stores. meanwhile kids are finding a
7:55 am
way to get it. >> bill: why are young people so drawn to it? >> some of it is trendy. the juul. the nicotine, once you got there is addicting. the problem is once you got there you're three times more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes. we were finally making headway from cigarettes. now we have the problem on the other end which i call it a gateway drug. they use e-sigs and start tobacco. it helps older smokers quit but not young people. >> sandra: we know what cigarettes do. we still don't have a lot of evidence medically on what happens with these e-sigs. >> that's the headline today. maybe they're associated with seizures. we know they are associated with inflammation in the lung. we have to carefully study that over the next several years on
7:56 am
a large scale and figure out what it is doing. >> bill: it became very popular very fast. >> too fast. >> sandra: tonight from kansas city bret baier and martha maccallum will be hosting a town hall with howard schultz tonight at 6:30. critics accusing joe biden of failing to apologize as he responds to multiplying accusations of inappropriate behavior with women. could this hamper his presidential ambitions? fox news contributor donna brazile will join us live next hour. (woman) off-road trip. (couple) [laughter] (couple vo) whoa! (man) how hot is the diablo chili? (waitress) well. you've got to sign a waiver. [laughter] (ranger) you folks need bear repellent? (woman) ah, we're good. (man) yes. (vo) it's a big world. our new forester just made it even bigger. (woman) so what should we do second?
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find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> sandra: fox news alert. face-to-face with a crisis at our southern border with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen on the ground there now. the president will head their tomorrow. welcome back to "america's newsroom," hour tlaoe. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer. nielsen calling the crisis is category 5 disaster. she will see it for herself when she goes back to the border in yuma, arizona. the president will be there tomorrow as he pushes congress to close a number of immigration loopholes. the ice director earlier today on "america's newsroom." >> it's an absolute crisis down there. it has humanitarian aspects and border security aspects. this policy can't continue. he talked about the overcrowding. the system is in a meltdown and getting worse day-by-day.
8:01 am
>> sandra: we're live at the white house with more on all this. good morning. >> hi, the white house says the president has not taken the idea of shutting down the southern border off the table despite warnings from members of his own party of likely economic fallout, catastrophic economic results. this weekend president trump repeatedly said he would close the southern border as early as this week if mexico failed to do more to stop illegal immigration. coming from central america. white house press secretary sarah sanders is not ruling out an immediate closure but she also says shutting down the border is not the president's first choice. >> again, things are still being looked at. we're not closing the door on that at all and keeping that option on the table. as the president said yesterday, he is very well aware of the impact economically that it could have. but he can't put a price on
8:02 am
safety and security of the american people. >> white house official efs are looking at ways to mitigate economic fallout if president trump decides to move ahead. >> one area we have explored is try to keep the freight lanes open and the truck lanes. that would help the supply chain issues. >> president trump is pleased with steps mexico is now taking. he believes conscious, namely democrats, need to fix the u.s. immigration system and close what he sees as asylum loopholes. as for the president's trip to the border tomorrow, white house press secretary sarah sanders says president trump wants to highlight what he sees as progress being made on construction of the border wall and make sure everyone sees and is aware of what is happening down there. according to the white house we expect the president to get a briefing from law enforcement officials as soon as he is on the ground. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: breaking news now.
8:03 am
department of justice the country seems like it is just really on the edge on this mueller matter when it goes public and what's in it. so in light of that there has been a little bit of reporting we picked up over the past 24 hours, some from "the new york times" and some from the "washington post". because of that apparently the department of justice felt compelled the put out a statement. i'll go ahead and read it for you. jay gibson the producer at doj filed this. d.o.j.'s statements in response to what officials call misreporting in the "washington post". the subject line we've inserted. every page of the confidential report provided by the a.g. barr has marked may contain material protected under the federal criminal code. a law that protects confidential grand jury information and therefore could not be publicly released. given the extraordinary public interest in the matter the attorney general decided to release the report's bottom line findings and his conclusions immediately without
8:04 am
attempting to summarize the report with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process. as the a.g. stated in his letter dated march 29th which was friday, a week ago tomorrow, the chairmans graham and nadler did not believe the report should be released in piecemeal fashion. by way of the department of justice spokesperson. that letter, sandra, i'll take you back to march 29 pointed out a few things. and in it william barr said we're getting ready for the release -- report release and the redactions that are required. the special counsel is assisting us in this process. point number one. point number two, our progress is such that i anticipate we will be in a position to release the report by mid april if not sooner which on the calendar is no more than 11 days from now or sooner.
8:05 am
there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for privileged review. those were some of the main bullet points from this letter last friday afternoon from william barr. >> sandra: joining us now charlie hurt opinion editor at the washington times and fox news contributors. staying on this, this is a direct response we're seeing from the d.o.j. to that report in the "washington post" that the headline there was some on the mueller team said to be frustrated by limited details shared by barr on the russia probe. in that piece they talk about some of the members of mueller's team have complained to close associates saying the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming and significant. this is all coming in to us right now. your thoughts so far. >> of course, all of this -- the important thing to remember, of course, is that the mueller report is going to be seen. it is going to be released at some point. the problem here is that
8:06 am
politics has infected every step of this as it necessarily has to because this is -- we're talking about a political process here. the problem is that up to this point, you know, the d.o.j. has a perfectly good standing to complain about the treatment of the media because the degree to which the media has jumped the gun on so many aspects of the investigation and sort of of justice, we can debate about whether the president -- it's even possible president to be accused of such a thing. that's the area where there will be perhaps new factual, important things that will come out. and while it won't lead to any sort of charges or anything, it will go to the american people and they can evaluate it themselves, which is the most important part of this entire process is just informing voters. >> sandra: to be clear the d.o.j. is responding to this reporting from the "washington post" which they say was
8:07 am
misreporting on this and they are taking specific issue with the reporting in the post that the mueller report contains summaries that were releasable that were not actually released. we have more coming in to us. a senior d.o.j. official saying that it is not true that some of it was releasable and the statement makes it very clear every page of the confidential report provided to the attorney general, william barr, on march 22, 2019 was marked may contain material protected under law that protects confidential grand jury information and therefore could not be publicly released. charlie, we're learning more. i'll continue to bring everybody that as we get it. your thoughts on that. >> and that's why i go back to i think the most important point here is that the mueller report is going to be released and congress is going to get to see the mueller report and the american people will get to see it. it will be redacted and have things redacted from it that
8:08 am
are sensitive or private grand jury material or anything like that. which is completely standard operating procedure. there is nothing unusual about that. but what we have here is you have democrats who have pushed this collusion theory for two years suddenly it comes up the collusion thing isn't there. what are they doing now? trying to make politics about you're trying to hide the ball by not releasing it right away. they had to take it and put it through the process of redacting things that are by law not releasable. so it is all political his l it -- his tear i cans. the thing they claimed that was going to happen didn't happen. >> sandra: it is in response to the "washington post" reporting which let me read one more sentence from the "washington
8:09 am
post" report. it takes issue with some members of mueller's team have complained to close associates since the release of the william barr summary of the mueller report that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming and significant. so the "washington post" is reporting that some members of mueller's team have grown frustrated that that has not gotten out there. now, the president has just responded on twitter. let me read this to you, charlie. "the new york times," which similarly reported of the "washington post" report had no legitimate sources which would be totally illegal concerning the mueller report. in fact, they probably had no sources at all. they are a fake newspaper who have already been forced to apologize for their incorrect and very bad reporting on me. said the president just moments ago as this news breaks, charlie. >> this is what i don't get. if there is important information about obstruction of justice, again we would argue the president can't
8:10 am
accused of such a thing. if there is evidence in the report it will come out. the problem with "the new york times" and "washington post" is they have reported so many terrible stories unverified stories, stories that have turned out to be completely untrue, especially regarding this so-called russian collusion stuff that it is kind of hard to believe them at their face. in any kind of dispute whatsoever like we have right now. >> sandra: reminder that rudy giuliani the president's attorney responded to a lot of this last night on with our own laura ingraham. he said the frustrations on the mueller team were coming from disgruntled staffers. he also said the reports proved the special counsel's office was biased. all right. so we continue to learn more, charlie. we appreciate you staying with us through that. thank you. >> bill: thank you. meanwhile on the other side now house democrats not letting much go launching new investigations demanding six years of president trump's tax returns.
8:11 am
they filed that with the i.r.s. mike emanuel picks up the story live on the hill now. good morning there. >> good morning. this morning the house ways and means chairman responded to criticism from some on the left who say he should have gone for 10 years worth of president trump's tax returns. >> we followed i.r.s. guidelines which suggest to taxpayers that six years is generally the measurement that they use for advising taxpayers how long to keep their forms. we didn't want to have the case perhaps dismissed because of a technical glitch. >> bill: he is using an obscure provision in the tax code to request the i.r.s. hand over the president's personal and business tax returns. quite a fight in federal courts. president trump will fight it note he is being audited. the top republican on ways and means wrote to treasury secretary steve nutsch
8:12 am
inexpecting concern. weaponizing our nation's tax code sets a dangerous precedent and weakens american's privacy rights. by law all americans have a fundamental right to their personal information found in their tax returns. white house press secretary sarah sanders insists the president has turned over a great deal of information. >> the president filled out hundreds of pages of a financial disclosure form which puts all his business dealings in that like every other member of government has to do and gives you a great look at the president's financial holdings, his business and how successful he was over a lifetime. >> chairman neil gave the i.r.s. and april 10th deadline to comply with his request. >> bill: more to come. >> sandra: a preliminary report on the ethiopian air lanes crash saying the pilots were not at fault. what happened? we're learning in the moments before the boeing jet went down killing everyone on board.
8:13 am
>> bill: in a moment. secretary nielsen set to arrive on the ground on this immigration matter along the border. she will meet with federal agents in the arizona section of yuma. the trump administration calls on congress to take action now. >> what we're seeing is exactly what the president said would happen. he said that we were at a breaking point. he said we had a crisis on our border and democrats just played dumb and ignored it. they can't play dumb anymore. the newday va cash out loan can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you earned with your service. go to or call 1-800-406-4921
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>> bill: here we go. another one in the hunt for the democratic primary. ohio democratic congressman tim ryan just made it official. he announced moments ago he is running for president. so he now joins a pretty crowded field. last check is it 14, 15? might be 16 people now men and women who have announced their own candidacy for the primary campaign on the democratic side. ryan, by the way, comes from northeastern ohio, the area of youngstown. he has been quite vocal before the last campaign that he wanted new democratic leadership in the house and ran head strong against nancy pelosi. he failed in that bid. she is the house speaker. but tim ryan made a name for himself in democratic circles working that story. so tim ryan is in and we'll see what we get. maybe howard schultz has something to say about the town hall at 6:30 tonight.
8:18 am
>> sandra: homeland security secretary nielsen arriving shortly in yuma, arizona meeting with local and federal law enforcement on the immigration crisis as the president heads to the southern border himself tomorrow. let's bring in former florida republican congressional candidate maria elvira salazar. thank you for coming here today to tell us what you think people need to hear about what is happening at the border. the president will see it first-hand tomorrow. >> well, thank you for the opportunity. i believe that we are the best country in the world and we do not know how to deal and what to do with this crisis because we have such open hearts. i believe that the democrats are having a field day because they believe that everybody that is coming in will be a future vote. the conservatives we're naive because we believe with a wall we'll solve the problem. i live in miami and surrounded by illegals and migrants coming from central america and for
8:19 am
them it's a lot better to be in the hands of the gringos than the hands of the gangs. they will keep on coming. what do i believe is the solution? go to the root of the problem. three things that i think the president should consider. number one, call for an emergency summit meeting with the presidents of the three countries. they would love to have that and ask them what can i do for you to keep your people home. give major tax incentives to american companies for them to invest there. i'm not talking about aid, i'm talking about investment. the same thing ronald reagan did in the 80s. i was there because i was a central american bureau chief for unvision and open our embassies. we have very big buildings in guatemala and el salvador and we can ask those asylum seekers to ask for asylum there not tijuana. >> sandra: i hear the point you're making about the politics at play here and the case you made for democrats.
8:20 am
but most democrats do say they want some type of immigration reform. the battle that is happening is at the border and whether or not it's a crisis. he is threatening to shut down the border. standing by that this morning officials say he hasn't taken that off the table. is that -- could that or should that be the next move by the president if he can't get anywhere with congress? >> but listen, you and i know that is going to be temporary. we are talking about how do we fix the problem forever? or for the next 20 years? we cannot be having all these people trying to come in. when the president says i'm going to shut the border with mexico. that is going to cost us $750 million a day. you know that. it could threaten a million jobs, manufacturing jobs in this country within the first week because we got to remember that we have been married to mexico commercially or financially speaking for the last 25 years.
8:21 am
you cannot divorce them in a week. so i'm just thinking what can we do as a country to fix the problem >> sandra: the next step. we hear your passion and frustration as well. homeland security secretary is down there, the president goes to the border tomorrow. we'll see what comes from all of this, maria. but the debate is certainly heating up. i have to leave it there. >> as a hispanic american that's why i have so much passion. >> sandra: we hear you. thank you very much, maria. >> thank you. >> bill: another alert. the news breaking in washington justice department defending a.g. bill barr's handling of the mueller report thus far. details on that and what we're learning from d.o.j. as democrats on the house judiciary committee demand the full and unredacted mueller report. >> we'll go to court to get permission to have the 6e material. if that doesn't work out we'll
8:22 am
issue a subpoena. >> this is nothing but political theater. >> bill: what comes next? how far will they go? andy biggs will join us live coming up, he serves on that committee. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> bill: fox news alert. preliminary report on the ethiopian airlines crash. the pilots followed emergency procedure but couldn't gain control always it nose-dived killing everyone on board six minutes after take-off. ken kristensen a former pilot. welcome to you in san francisco. you've seen the reporting on this. what do you take from it? >> good morning. i think my initial take on that is we still need further
8:26 am
investigation. this is a pre-preliminary report. i think the preliminary report is now delayed and is going to be released tomorrow or friday. but i think on the u.s. side, i think it was conservative to ground all the aircraft. i don't necessarily think it was necessary because of our understanding of the system in the u.s. but i think it was on the conservative side it was good. >> bill: here are some of the findings. plane had a valid certificate. that's one. pilots licensed and qualified. take-off appeared to be normal and the pilots followed boeing's emergency protocols. what does that tell you? >> what i read into that is they initially exercised the boeing protocols by disabling the m-cast system. after that they reenabled it up to four times.
8:27 am
typically when flying if you have a problem with the system and you turn it off, you leave it off. that points to the possible frustration or chaotic situation the crew was going through in the cockpit at the time. >> bill: you can see how that could go very wrong answer perhaps in this case it did. you started by saying it is only preliminary reports. if that's the case, what do you believe could change based on your experience? >> i think boeing is going to get more involved. they are very involved now but i think other things will probably come to light after they comb through the wreckage. when they chair this to the lion air crash in october. same aircraft type. and as they interview the air crews, modify the software, run it through simulation, reinstall it on a new aircraft and do test flights with that. boeing is doing that as we speak. then they will probably find
8:28 am
more. that will add to the final report which is due be a year from this past march 10th that the final report is due. >> bill: still much to learn. ken, thank you for coming in today. appreciate your analysis. >> sandra: joe biden addressing allegations of inappropriate conduct in a new video. did he say enough to satisfy his critics? >> say it, another thing to show actions that you are moving toward what you say the self-realization is about. >> sandra: the former vice president saying he will change his ways but he did not directly apologize. so what does the growing controversy mean to his expected run for the presidency? former dnc chair donna brazile will join us live next. speaking of 2020, the first town hall of the campaign season at 6:30 p.m. eastern time tonight right here on the fox news channel with someone else exploring a run for the white house now. what can we expect to hear from
8:29 am
former starbucks ceo howard schultz tonight live from kansas city? a live report on that just ahead.
8:30 am
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they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> sandra: news out of washington where the justice department is defending barr's summary of the mueller report in response to reporting from the "washington post" and "the new york times" today. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with more on that. >> also this morning these liters show grassley and graham alerted billiam barr in march that congressional investigators uncovered evidence of political influence misconduct in the russia probes and referred it to the inspector general. it was important for barr to have this material before he reviewed the mueller report
8:33 am
because congressional investigators found instances where they believe special counsel prosecutors selectively quoted from the target's emails and court filings to create the most negative interpretation. a 2017 letter from grassley to mueller warned about the specific issues citing emails from trump campaign aide george papadopoulos that the absence of context in court filings, news outlet seized on the idea that a campaistaffer wanted the to go to russia. in full context, the emails in question actually show that the trump campaign wanted someone low level to decline these types of invitations. also last night the president's lead attorney responded to that "new york times" report. special counsel investigators told associates that the mueller findings were, in fact, much worse than barr's summary. >> they are a bunch of sneaky,
8:34 am
unethical leakers and they're rapid democrats who hate the president of the united states. how many people would be indicted that didn't get indicted? >> a short time ago we received an on the record statement from the justice department's spokesperson who says that when you look at the 400 pages being reviewed now by the attorney general virtually every page has a marking that indicates that it contains grand jury information and they aren't going to go at this piecemeal, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> we're trying to make a human connection. that's my responsibility. i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this and whether they're women, men, young, old, it is a way i've always been. >> bill: there is joe biden responding to growing allegations of inappropriate contact with women. the former v.p. expected to run for president saying he will be
8:35 am
more mindful about respecting personal space in the future but not directly apologizing. former dnc chair, fox news contributor donna brazile, good morning to you. well ensconced in the swamp i see there. what did you think when you heard and saw joe biden's two-minute explanation yesterday? >> well, bill, let me just say this. i've known joe biden for over 30 years. never inappropriate with me. i think he is an honorable and decent human being who said yesterday in the video he owns his mistakes. he takes responsibility. he will change the way he interacts with people, with constituents and people who love him as well. look, joe biden is someone who has comforted me on many occasions whether it was the death of my mom, the death of my dad. of course hurricane katrina. i understand who joe biden is. but i also respect the fact that women are speaking up now.
8:36 am
they are telling their truth and they are saying to men not just joe biden. they're saying it to men from everywhere. you know, this is that moment. we're saying hey, back off, why don't you respect us, have some space and we can continue to have this wonderful conversation. >> bill: a couple of things. you have three more make accusations overnight? are there more? i don't know how you react to some democrats quoted as saying he will not directly apologize. your take. >> this is not about just the volume of people saying that i was touched on my shoulder behind my back and perhaps somewhere else. i respect the fact that these women are coming forward. after all that's what we must do. sexual harassment and assault are grave issues and no one is making allegations of that nature. as you know, those allegations were made against the president of the united states. what i'm saying is a woman and
8:37 am
somebody who cares deeply about our society and cares deeply about how people are treated is that joe biden is doing what we want men to do as well as any other human being, to respect -- respect women. respect human beings period. and i don't believe this is disqualifying. >> bill: do you believe he is running? >> i don't know. i haven't personally talked to joe biden. i'm trying not to get into that space where i am advising candidates. i have met with several of them because i'm a democrat and run into everyone. look, joe biden has a resume, he has a proven record, he has some of the best experiences, not just as a united states senator but the vice president of the united states. he has every opportunity to think this through. by the way i'll just say it. i want to be a little controversial. if hillary clinton wakes up tomorrow morning and decides that hey, you know what i might want to get it another try, go for it. john kerry, go for it. this is the united states of
8:38 am
america. everyone deserves an opportunity to run if they so desire. we will choose, the voters will decide. >> bill: what is so controversial about that? >> i don't know because people don't want you to tell your truth anymore. i think it's important. bill, are you interested in running? you never know, i might get off the sidelines. >> bill: if i do, i'll call you. you said you met with a number of these candidates. have you met with beto o'rourke? >> no, i have not. >> bill: the reason i ask is he is raising money, $9.4 million. half a million a day. >> he just hired one of my friends to be his campaign manager. i'm happy when women are in position of leadership. i don't know him very well. i've talked to people on capitol hill who know him a little better. i am not surprised he is able to dip into the well of support that he received running for the united states senate against ted cruz last year. he will have a terrific run.
8:39 am
will he come up with enough delegates to win? we don't know. >> bill: tim ryan announced an hour earlier today. how big is this field going to get? >> you know, bill, i'm old enough to remember i think about 18 or 19 candidates in 1992. i was very excited about the number of candidates in 2008. i'm not afraid of a large number of candidates. after all, the voters around the states will kick the tire and look under the hood. the bottom line is, it is not the number that matters but the quality of candidates. we have great candidates running. can i make one last statement? as you know, this is the 51st anniversary of the assassination of martin luther king. i wouldn't be here and many in my generation had he not fought for civil rights, inclusion and respect for all people. i want to give a shout-out to
8:40 am
the amazing man that dr. king was. he inspired me to get involved in politics and i just wish he was still around to see all of the wonderful work and progress we've made and the work we must continue to do. >> bill: amen to that. nice to see you. i think you are enjoying your time here. i told you you would. >> i'm a silver fox, i'm a silver fox, okay? >> bill: see you soon. thank you. >> sandra: the battle over the mueller report as house democrats approve subpoenas to get the full unredacted version. >> they want to say perhaps the conclusions are inconsistent with reality and that is inconsistent with reality. >> sandra: all this as the justice department is defending the attorney general's handling of the report so far. congressman andy biggs who serves on the house judiciary committee will be here to weigh in on all the latest next. neeze) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom.
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>> sandra: the justice department issuing a formal statement just moments ago
8:44 am
defending attorney general william barr and his reporting of the mueller report. claiming mueller's findings are more damaging to the president that attorney general barr's summary would indicate according to the "washington post" and "new york times." congressman, good morning. i'm sure you saw the report the "washington post", "new york times." "washington post" says mueller's inner team is frustrated with lack of some details that could have been released that were not released. that were damaging. "new york times" similarly reporting. what did you think first when you saw that? >> well, i thought of two things. first of all i thought of the bias that was present in the mueller team itself, whether it's andrew weissmann or an attorney who represented the clinton foundation. that's the first thing that came to my mind. and the second thing i thought of is the whole report is going
8:45 am
to be released and mr. barr said it was a summary. he literally quotes in there to the key component is that there was no coordination or cooperation with the russians and the trump campaign. i thought you know what? isn't that really the crux of it? and the other part is that there were no indictment, no sealed indictments, no additional arrests or prosecutions recommended. i thought well, you know what? what this is maybe some people that were biased themselves and it made me feel a little upset this is going to continue on, this kind of thing. >> sandra: there is no specific sourcing. you dig through "the new york times" and "washington post" reports and it is two people familiar with their reactions is the way it is sourced in the "washington post". talking about their immediate displeasure on the team when they saw how the attorney general had characterized their work. so what just happened at the
8:46 am
top of this hour was the d.o.j. came out in response to those reports, congressman, calling that misreporting on the part of the "washington post" saying every page of the confidential report that was provided to the attorney general was marked may contain material protected under law. but they went on to say given the public's great interest in this report william barr went through it and decided to release the bottom line findings. that is what has happened. so then the question is, is the public taking william barr's findings at his word that that wholly characterizes the report itself. >> well, i think the public is responding and saying enough is enough. this turns out to be nothing. but i think they're taking mr. barr at his word. he is a credible guy. he has been there for a long time. not this time you around but he has been in this office before. he is well-known as an
8:47 am
impeccable reputation. the bottom line, he is quoting, the key components in his summary he is quoting with regard to the collusion and obstruction. so i think that most of america today is saying we would like to move on ant *r and get on with building new infrastructure. take care of the border issues. that's what most people are talking about at least in my district. >> sandra: that's not what is happening. the "wall street journal" editorial board doesn't think so, either. they published a piece this morning trolling the mueller report. the headline democrats lost on collusion, now they are inventing the cover-up. in that piece, congressman, they say mr. barr should release as much of the report as possible and on close calls he should side with public disclosure. no one should think that democrats are really worried about a cover-up. they want to see an unredacted version before the public does so they can leak selected bits that allow them to use friendly
8:48 am
media outlets to claim there really was collusion or tarnish trump officials. that's the editorial board at the "wall street journal." >> i have to agree with them. the hearing we did just the other day on subpoenas and now you have the judiciary chairman changing his position from 20 years ago when he said you should keep grand jury testimony secreted because that spoils the grand jury process. what they want is they want to get their hands on it, they want to get it to a classified setting but release it -- the leaks of the information detrimental to this president and it goes to the mantra of my friends on the other side for the last two years. they want to delegitimize the president of the united states, donald trump. >> sandra: i want to end with the reaction from the president on the breaking news we got at the top of the hour with the d.o.j. defending the barr summary. the president tweeted this out.
8:49 am
"the new york times" had no legitimate sources which would be totally illegal and probably had no sources all at. the president took issue with that as soon as this news came out he tweeted that. final thoughts from you as we learn more today, thursday. >> we're talking about two outlets that don't like this president and when you cite anonymous sources like that, there is no way to corroborate that for us and the public or us in congress. it is weak, it is weak sauce. you trust mr. barr and that he will give us as much as he can in the next couple of weeks. >> sandra: could be sooner than that, we'll see. thank you very much. >> bill: check in with melissa of what is coming up on "outnumbered." good morning, ladies. >> still more women accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriate behavior and this on the heels of his video
8:50 am
promising to be more mindful of his conduct in the future. does he need to outright apologize? what will all this mean for his potential white house run? >> i'm holding my tongue. a report that some on special counsel's team say his finding were more damaging than the attorney general let on. this fueled demands to release the entire mueller report or is it all about controlling the narrative? >> all that and one lucky guy. >> bill: we go to kansas city with former starbuck's ceo howard schultz in the center seat tonight. what can we expect tonight? come back, that's next. cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back.
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>> sandra: the senate has
8:54 am
voted, now the house has voted to end american involvement in the yemen war rebuffing the trump administration's support for the saudi-led military campaign. this bill as i mentioned has passed in the senate and will head to the president's desk where he is expected to veto the measure. what we have heard from the white house directly on that is that this bill raises serious constitutional concerns. this sets up for the second veto of this presidency. >> bill: tonight fox news hosts a town hall with howard schultz exploring a run for the white house as an independent. for more of what we can expect peter doocy is in kansas city and joins us now. >> republicans and democrats in the audience tonight will have a chance to ask questions of this potential candidate howard schultz, who democratic
8:55 am
operatives continue to fear could sap support away from whoever the democratic nomination is. they think it's clear howard schultz would throw the election to donald trump and so we're treating him as a target of equal standing with trump. that's different than the word from the trump campaign where staffers told me they aren't sweating schultz at all. their bigger focus is on put forward by democratic primary candidates. schultz wouldn't have to run in a competitive primary and doesn't have to concentrate time or resources to events in iowa and new hampshire like others have to do. that gives schultz flexibility to come to a swing state like missouri to apply his business experience as president. he did that this morning in an op-ed posted to fox which says the fact is if we continue our current structure for funding social programs we'll send our debt into a spiral. we must renew our commitment to
8:56 am
lean, efficient governments and remind the american people the best stimulus of innovation and growth is a robust free market, not socialism. schultz believes his path to potential success as a presidential candidate lies with the 40-plus percent of americans who identify themselves as independents and might want something different. >> bill: it will be interesting. thank you, peter. :30 eastern time tonight on the fox news channel. bret and martha will be there to moderate. check it out. looking forward to it. >> sandra: a big focus on the economy and his plans for the united states and background in business and ceo of starbucks will come into play. we look forward to learning more from him tonight. growing political problems for joe biden. more women coming forward accusing him of misconduct. will he apologize? this new organic collection of soil and plant food
8:57 am
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8:58 am
8:59 am
>> three-hour tour, how did that
9:00 am
go for you? still onboard the minnow, aren't we? >> that was thursday, we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> see you then. >> all right, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, three more women accusing former vice president joe biden of misconduct, bringing total number to seven. allegations breaking short time after joe biden respond to growing controversy. this is "outnumbered," i'm melissa frances here today. mcdowell, contributor katie pavlich, fox news headline 24/7 reporter carley shimkus and joining us on the couch, my favorite democrat, democrat and former communications director for former senator harry reid, jon summers, one of my favorite guys, not even in the democratic category. >> jon: thank you vy


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