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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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with negotiators. 10 seconds until the top of the hour. the final bell is ringing on wall street today. all arrows are up. "your world" with neil cavuto begins right now. >> better but less drastic than close the borders to tariff the cars. you know i'll do it. i don't play games. >> the president issuing a new warning to mexico. stop the caravans or we'll impose stiff tariffs on your cars. if that doesn't work, we'll shut down the border. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." tomorrow, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen is already there meeting with law enforcement and we're all over this. first, with john roberts at the white house and now the president is responding and casey stegall in el paso, texas where the situation is worsening.
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we begin with john. >> charles, good afternoon. this hours we have to do your gavery emoji, which is because we're not exactly sure what the president is talking about. when he was in that pool spray earlier, he appeared to say that he was giving mexico a year to address the immigration problem and then over and above that the drug problem or he would impose tariffs on cars. if mexico still didn't get their act together, he would close the border. listen here. >> so we're doing it to stop people, we're going to give them a one-year warning. if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products, in particular cars. >> now we're being told that what the president might have meant and we're trying to get some clarity on this is that the threat of closing the border because of immigration and apparently the application of
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tariffs on cars, which is brand new, on that front, may still be imminent, but then there's a second drag here where if mexico doesn't do something about drugs, the president would impose tariffs on cars and close down the border again. the senator from texas, john cornyn, thought that the president was talking about the idea of giving mexico a year in total to fix immigration and drugs. this was his response. >> short of that i'm glad the president is not closing the border down. it would have unintended consequences, be damaging to the economy and wouldn't solve the problem. >> the president is giving mexico a year to deal with immigration and cars. he meant immigration now, drugs maybe later. immigration and drugs or maybe it's immigration now and drugs later. but then there's this other issue, too. because the president has a side letter with the usmca that says that you cannot impose tariffs
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on cars coming in from mexico or canada on the first 2.6 million cars, which would seem to indicate that he can't impose tariffs on cars. the president seemed to say this afternoon, i'm going to do it anyways. listen here. we have a deal. usmca. it's all done. they're going to have to live with it. okay? they have to live with it. i'm not trying to be unfair. they have to live with it. the usmca is a great deal for everybody. but this is more important to me than the usmca. so they have to live with it. >> so the president is saying we've got the usmca but i might want to impose tariffs on the cars despite the sideline that doesn't allow me to do that. we're trying to sort this out. my apologies. >> you may need your whole repertoire of emojis. now to casey stegall in el paso, texas. casey? >> hey, charles. a little confusion down here as
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well. you can imagine if john roberts standing on the lawn of the white house is trying to get this sorted out, folks down here certainly watching it from afar closely as well. because quite frankly, talk of tariffs, talks of closing the border, all of it has folks in border communities like el paso here on edge and uneasy. especially because some ripple effects they tell us have already been seen. cbp says there's longer than usual wait times at the international crossing bridges and parts of entry. commercial traffic congestion is an issue. look at these 18 wheelers backed up. they're loaded with goods to be imported. they've been stuck for hours. mexico, by the way, the third largest trading partner of the u.s. it's america's largest supplier of agriculture products like fruits and vegetables. if there's a closer, listen what
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could happen. >> some of the obvious effects, avocados or other fresh produce coming from mexico would not be available with a short period of time. >> in fact, the president of mission produce, the largest distributor and grower of avocados in the whole world says the american supply would dwindle in three weeks time if imports from mexico were halted. charles? >> meanwhile the house voting to file a lawsuit against the president's executive order as a national emergency at the order. nancy pelosi said the president's unlawfuled transfer of funds have undermined our democracy. with me now, louisiana republican senator bill casey. thanks for joining us, senator. this was a tactic that the democrats used of course for most of last year, early this year. subsequently what the american public has seen and the world is
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seeing is a crisis of the magnitude that ever acknowledges is an emergency. >> i agree with that totally. the president speaks both of the drugs, he's spoken of the human trafficking and obviously of the folks coming in caravans from central america. it's an emergency, it's a crisis and we all need to be on board of staunching this flow, if you will. >> sir, other than lawsuits and finger pointing, isn't this the ultimate opportunity for both sides of the aisle to say hey, let's come together, come up with the ultimate solution, put everything on the table once and for all and get it resolved? now is the moment. everybody is watching what is happening down there. everyone to a degree is ashamed that we haven't fixed this yet. >> i agree with that premise. i'm not sure everyone though would. keep in mind, some on the left wish to abolish ice. they wish to have open borders. i'd like to think, charles, everybody is on the same page on
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this. but everyone is not. that said, your point is well ten. there's money appropriated, programs put into motion. there's more and this would be a great time for democrats to decide to cooperate with republicans. >> with respect to president trump potentially closing the border, where do you stand right now there? >> i think that could be counter productive. right now, our caravans are coming from central america. but what we have learned is that in terms of mexico, it's not from mexico. when you ask the mexicans why not, they say the economic development that has occurred in the northern part of mexico gives a stickiness. despite the violence, mexicans stay in mexico because there's economic opportunity. i don't want to thwart the economic opportunity that addresses mexican immigration as we attempt to staunch the flow from central mark. >> the big news story this week
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is president trump saying that the -- your party will address replacing obamacare after the election. where are we right now with respect to improve our healthcare system, a topic that resonates as number 1 in this country? >> i have about -- maybe as many as ten different bipartisan bills that would benefit everybody no matter what your healthcare. price transparency. lowering drugs. helps the person who is on medicaid because taxpayers pay less, i can go on. republicans clearly have a vision. it's to give power to the patients. i would argue that democrats have a vision and that is that power over the patient. requiring them to give up their commercial insurance to go to medicare for all. so there will be a debate going forward. meantime, we lay the foundation for success after 2020. >> thanks, senator. >> thank you. >> to biden in a bind. seven women now accusing former president joe biden of
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>> charles: three more women accusing former vice president joe biden of improper conduct. this as he released a video yesterday pledging to change. >> social norms begin to change. they have shifted. the boundaries of protected personal space have been reset. i get it. i get it. i understand it. i'll be more mindful. that's my responsibility. >> charles: critics say the former vp's response falls short because he never apologized. so would that be enough? let's ask a fox news contributor, bill mcgurn. kat, does he need to fall on this sword? >> it's so interesting. this is probably the best example that we could have of
1:13 pm
the fact that he's right, that times have changed. this is not something that he did hipped closed doors. this is something that he did out in the open. people made jokes about it, sure, but it was never going beyond jokes. creepy uncle joe. there was never any concern. an apology could take him a long way. he's right to say the norms have changed. the reaction now versus the reaction when this happens, there's a huge difference there. >> charles: that's what i read and thought was compelling. maybe the general public's reactions have changed but the woman at that moment felt like they were being violated. they felt this was a creepy situation at the time. they did feel that way. >> you used the word "creepy." might be inappropriate, might be creepy and certainly these women felt that way. there's other women that have said they felt these kinds of embraces comforting, to make them more comfortable, not less.
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we have a subjective standard. >> charles: what would be subjective if you never met him before versus somebody that knew him, that has to play to it, right? >> we're asking how people would feel about it. the safe way would be to not get too touchy feely, people with the opposite sex that you don't know. that being said, putting this hahn a continuum with sexual assault is a real disservice to real victims. i don't think we should talk about this kind of behavior in the same breath of sexual assault. >> charles: a lot of people agree with that. but people saying it's a violation of sorts. it's a misdemeanor compared to the drastic things we've lived with. >> joe biden is living in today's democratic party which is like a college campus with the standards shifting.
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kat made two important points. i'm a dad of three young women. so do i speak to someone that say knock it off or do i punch them in the nose? this is more you speak to knock it off if my daughter said this was uncomfortable. as kat said, harvey weinstein. there's no coincidence when he made his moves, he lured people to his townhouse. joe biden did it out in of. probably out of ego. the problem is now within his camp, there has to be two types of people. some people are saying, look, we'll go through three bad weeks of publicity like justin fairfax and it will packs and the other people say you're a dead man. >> charles: kat to bill's point, did the democrats set themselves up for this? >> they absolutely did. i understand why these women would have been uncomfortable with this. i don't want anyone nuzzling my head other than my cat.
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i like it when my cat nuzzles my head. that's different than joe biden. i think there's going to be a war in terms of what to do about this. i think you need to be careful what we cancel people over. especially this was -- everybody thought was okay back in the day. nobody said anything about it until now, really. other than jokes. making jokes is different from now. i think we need to make sure when we talk about these sorts of things that we take politics out of it, even though that's what people want to go to. oh, this guy is on the other side. let's make him -- >> charles: that is a mitigating or magnifying factor, which hurts the entire cause itself. i do want to ask you about the president's tweet that said welcome back, joe. i'm presuming everybody is seeing it. your thoughts on president trump weighing in on this. >> i think he's pointing out that joe biden is now under the same sort of media scrutiny that
1:17 pm
everybody on the right is. kat is right when she says it's a political standard. we should be applying it equally to everyone. what we see now is that as long as you're firing right and saying somebody to the right of you, which is the democratic party now sees joe biden on the right edge of the party, as long as you're firing right, this is acceptable. if you're going left as you just mentioned the vice governor of governor, you can survive these and more. >> charles: political hit job, bill? >> yeah, probably. why are they coming forward now? this has been out there awhile. the bigger problem that he has is if he wants to win the nomination, he's trying to look as he tries to look increasingly woke, he's looking increasingly weak. i don't think the democrats can run a weak candidate against donald trump. that is his problem. this isn't the first -- >> charles: is that what the
1:18 pm
tweet was all about? we know maybe it had several meanings. but it's -- it's out there. it's happening -- fun at biden's expect. might also be saying hey, you're probably dead in the water. what do you think? >> trump is trump and he cannot resist the urge to make fun of someone else on twitter. in this case, he might not do it. when he ran, there quite a few allegations made against him. i don't think he would think it's funny if people were tweeting about those. i think he should leave this alone and i think it's going to go away. again, trump doesn't really care what i have to say. that's what makes him trump. he's going to do what he wants to do. >> charles: who knows. maybe it's better for biden being out now than later. thanks very much. while many are looking for an apology from joe biden, why karl rove says if he has any shot at winning, he needs to stop apologizing. what? we'll ask karl what he means
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beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. >> charles: just moments ago, the chicago police union demanding kim foxx step down immediately. she's the prosecutor behind dropping charges against jussie smollett and now she's firing back. our trace gallagher has more. trace? >> charles, this is significant. we're talking about every single police chief from every police department in the greater chicago area now voting no confidence in kim fox. minutes ago, as you said, the chiefs just upped the ante. watch. >> we're here today, very
1:23 pm
grateful for the top police officials that are here with one united voice to demand the resignation of cook county state's attorney kimberly foxx. >> clearly jussie smollett was the final straw, but police are also irate over kim foxx refusing to follow other indictments. they said that "foxx owes the public an explanation of what happened in the jussie smollett case." kim foxx claims that she promised to crack down on violent crime telling the police chiefs "unfortunately this is an excuse to justify their resistance to our prioritizing resources, to increase public safety and reduce harm." kim foxx, you may recall, was
1:24 pm
elected in 2016 because the prosecutor she defeated waited more than a year to charge a chicago police officer with a shooting of a black teen, laquan mcdonald. >> charles: is it right to call for foxx's resignation? ted williams is here. your thoughts on this. >> i don't think that they're right, charles, calling for her vote of no confidence and her resignation. it's really meaningless. she's an elected official or she's not going anywhere. she brings a 16-count indictment against jussie smollett. she does not tell the police department that she's going to dismiss the charges. she politicized this by talking to political figures and being
1:25 pm
influenced by them and she tells the public that she's going to recuse herself when she did not recuse herself. it's my understanding that there's a possibility of a federal investigation. >> i was going to ask you about that. she's an elected official. there's got to be some recourse, got to be a way for the public to understand what drove her, where the pressure came from and the police wondering if their work was turned down like this. just completely dismissed. that's just disheartening. >> what will happen here, i think they need to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the dismissal of the charges against smollett. i would like to say, charles, i don't think that smollett is really off the hook. i've said it before on this television network and i'll say it again.
1:26 pm
if the fbi or who is looking at the evidence in this case can find there's saliva on the stamp of smollett or the two brothers, i have a feeling all three of them should be charged. all three should have been charged in this matter. >> charles: thanks, detective ted. we'll probably continue to hear about this. >> my pleasure. >> charles: you're looking live where the president is about to meet with china's vice premier. it's not the first but this is the most crucial. find out why as we go there live. and first, it's the mueller report. now democrats are going after president trump's tax returns. but do they risk going overboard? karl rove on that and more coming up. [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing.
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>> jeff bezos finalizing his deinvestors. that made his ex-wife the third richest woman in the world worth more than $35 billion. more after this. just go together.
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1:31 pm
president will say. i can tell you, all smiles when he went in here at the white house. all smiles this morning for the arrival when he first came to the u.s. trade rip's office. an interesting addition to the meet and greet. steve mnuchin was out with robert lighthizer when he came in to the office. this is significant. it's the first time the treasury secretary has also been involved in the meet and greet. it was all smiles, all good signs. at the moment, we still don't have the final word that we have a deal. >> we're going to make a very good deal or not a good deal at all. looks like it's moving along nicely. >> the indications are we getting closer to a deal? the main sticking point is the mechanism of enforcement. the chinese want all of the tariffs removed, never to return. the u.s. wants to make sure that some of the tariffs are in place to make sure that they follow
1:32 pm
the agreement and make sure that the tariffs can be reimposed if chose breaks the agreement. we're working on more talks, another day of meeting. unscheduled meetings. they'll happen as these talks are progressing nicely, charles. >> charles: thanks. wall street seems to be shrugging off my concerns. are they banking on the deal with china? feels like wall street believes this is a done deal. >> we've seen the best quarter in close to ten years. it's baked in. the question is what does this deal look like? a lot of people say it's a deal the president says is a deal, but we pretty much know the mechanics of it. looking at trillion of purchases by china for u.s. goods over the next six years. allowing u.s. firms to wholly own their companies, 100% in china. we've heard this before. there's many administrations enforcement is key. that's the main sticking point
1:33 pm
right now. >> charles: although no administration is challenged china like president trump has. let's face it. his tariffs, nobody would go there. he went there. china was talking and main china 2025. everybody said they could hold out. now the same folks are saying china has to cut a deal, america has to cut a deal. the enforcement mechanism. the keeping the tariffs on. >> i've covered china for many years and have seen many administrations try to negotiate this trade deal, even with kid gloves, strategic economic dialogues. it always felt like it was diplomacy at work. with the hard line tactic, you have china coming to the changes. some of the impressive changes is the new law that punishes chinese companies for forcing u.s. ones to transfer u.s. technology. and also the opening of the cloud computing sector. that is something that china was hesitant to do. yes, it will be open marginally
1:34 pm
at this point. it's a break through as we have the crack through the door. it's about enforcement. with china, they're thinking and the nonretallatory mechanism. you keep the mechanism in place to prove that they're sticking to their promises. china will have to remove all the tariffs on u.s. goods. for them, you know, in china, there's a cultural thing called faith and respect. arguably this u.s. president is when it comes to optics. in china, optics is part of the culture. if china and chinese president xi jinping is trying to sell this to the people, we have to lift all of these barriers and tariffs or and accepted u.s. terms, might be a tough sell. >> charles: seems like it's coming down to the wire. house democrats going after president trump's tax returns. but the white house is standing firm. karl rove on a new political show down and why he says it's time for joe biden to stop
1:35 pm
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and through retirement. >> the u.s. tax code, section 6103, provides congress the legal authority to get the tax return. show us the mueller report, show us the tax returns and we're not walking away just because you say no the first time. >> while his taxes continue to be under audit, he doesn't anticipate changing it at any point any time soon. therefore doesn't have any intention to release other returns. >> charles: speaker nancy pelosi claiming house democrats have the legal authority to demand six years of president trump's tax returns. but so far the white house is not budging. so how will all of this play out? former white house deputy chief of staff, karl rove joins us to discuss. carl, after two years, they filed 6103. is that the magic bullet for
1:39 pm
them? >> well, congress does have the right, the ways and means chairman has the right to request the tax return of any american citizen, but is subject to strict privacy rules. they cannot be revealed publicly. let's not kid ourselves. the excuse they're offering for this, that they're conducting oversight, to make certain that the irs is doing their job. senator chuck grassley called them out on the senate floor and said if you wanted to actually make sure the irs was doing its job, you ask the inspector general hoff the department of the treasury to find out if they're doing their job. this is an attempt to get his return and try to find anything, anything they can find in order to bring him down. charles, this is -- every american, republican or democrat ought to be concerned about weaponizing the irs in this manner so that you can use the irs to get the tax return of a political opponent in order to do something to embarrass them
1:40 pm
or to attack him. >> charles: carl, this is not the first time that democrats have wanted to do this. >> no. we had the whole issue with the irs being run -- the nonprofit division denying nonprofit status to conservative groups while granting to it liberals. i'm not finished. we need to look what they're saying. congressman jeffries, one of the top five democrats in the house, part of the house leadership. she said look, we have an out of control executive branch. we have a responsibility to find waste and fraud and we have to do something about the culture of corruption coming out 0 of the white house. what kind of evidence do they have? there should be a evidence. he said we'll see where this leads us. they have no idea what is in those tax returns. yet they're using, abusing this power in order to go after the president.
1:41 pm
frankly it is reprehensible. it's like a thug. what doesn't think that being a new york real estate guy that donald j. trump has had his tax returns audited by the irs with a fine tooth comb for decades? >> charles: i saw the stack of them. it feels like many have found him guilty and now they're just looking for proof to your point. you'd have to believe that they would find -- because it seems subjective if they want to get the returns and the strictest privacy that would be subjective for them to think of it as -- elevated to a level where the public must see them. >> how much do you -- a, how do you think -- how likely do you think it is that if they get the returns they'll be leaked and b, how likely it is on a straight party line vote the ways and means committee might vote to release donald trump's tax returns as opposed to anybody else's? once you weaponize it, once you make it possible for one side to do it, it's possible for the other side to do it and nobody
1:42 pm
in america should think that it does our country any good to have the house ways and means committee do do a fishing expedition in the tax returns of anybody they want. we had that happen under lyndon johnson and herbert hoover. we're not a third world country. we shouldn't be operating this way. >> charles: while i have you here, former vice president joe biden needs to stop apologizing if he wants to become president, you say. >> it's a mistake for him to say i'm sorry about my vote for the crime bill. i'm sorry about that. i'm sorry about that. he hit the right tone, which is to say look, i understand that i'm a handsy kind of guy, touchy feely and i understand i've offended some people. i've encroached on your space and i'm going to learn from that it's my responsibility not to do that. most of this stuff, here's a guy that served in public a long time, cast a lot of votes and
1:43 pm
now being attacked for something that he's been doing 20 or 30 years. if people thought this was a problem, they should have talked about it when he was elected in the 70s or chairman of the judiciary committee in the 90s or vice president over barack obama. now weaponized by the left, not to use that word, opposition research, dumped on him on the eve of his entering the presidential contest. it's like a new welcome wagon gift. you get an oppo research package. >> charles: we have 30 seconds, carl. i want to ask, is it ironic to you that this is probably after years of the democrats and these sort of political tactics that is imploding on their own party? >> well, yeah. look, the point of my article was to say right now conventional wisdom is that he's in deep trouble. i said maybe he's a stock undervalued. let's see how he performs. he has a lot of advantages. he leads the democratic pact, a record that he can defend.
1:44 pm
could be a traditional democrat in a field of people that are racing to the far left. my point is, let's see how he performs here in the next couple months. he might surprise us. >> charles: you always bring it. thanks, karl. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: elon musk in court as he tries to settle a dispute with the sec over a tweet. new details over what just went down. every day, newday helps veterans buy a home with no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment, no closing costs. why rent when you can buy? e4á: hey, who are you?
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>> charles: getting a divorce can be a long dragged-out process. that's not the case for amazon's ceo jeff bezos and he's ex-wife, mackenzie. the two finalized the split. under the agreement, mackenzie is giving jeff 75% of the stock
1:48 pm
that they own together. along with voting control over the shares that she's keeping. the settlement gives jeff all of mackenzie's interest in "the washington post" and blue origin. forbes says mackenzie is the third richest woman on the planet. a judge ordering elon musk and the sec to talk it out as they try to settle a dispute over a tweet. charlie gasparino has more. >> yeah, charles, a tesla-related tweet that violated an earlier settlement with the sec allegedly that he was not supposed to tweet out stuff that was wrong. the sec found the tweet to be inaccurate and wrong and violating securities laws. he went to court today. the judge said a, work it out. if you don't work it out, i'm going to rule.
1:49 pm
i'll say this, charles. i've covered a lot of these cases. what is interesting about this, elon musk keeps thumbing his nose at the sec, at the government. he's still coming out ahead. let's back up a minute. he may be held in contempt of court when the judge eventually rules. but the sec has asked for these types of penalties, not to get rid of him as ceo as the obama sec would do. but they asked for some sort of escalating fines and maybe more regulation and procedures. it's pretty weak tea. so if you -- i just looked before. maybe a change. tesla's stock after a lousy day where they missed performance numbers, tesla's stock is up. it's because he came out of here and i'll tell you, his smile was ear to ear. he felt good. because the worse that could happen to a billionaire is that he's going to have to pay a few more bucks by basically thumbing his nose at regulation. let's be clear here.
1:50 pm
most ceos don't go out and tweet errant production numbers and we're going private. this guy is a loaded gun for shareholders. when yaw came out of this hearing and i was there, listening to the judge and the sec, when he came out of here, if you're an investor in this, you have to be worried. the government doesn't really have your back here. it's clear. and it doesn't look like the judge will do much and the sec under trump -- i know where they're going. they want less regulation. i agree. but when ceos step over the line, you need -- you need to draw the line, i think. they didn't do it here. this will play out in a couple weeks. we'll see exactly where they go. the judge may rule he's not in contempt. and it's nothing. but if you look at what the sec said, they're looking for a fine and they're looking for some
1:51 pm
sort of remedy, regulatory remedy. you know, when musk showed up here, charles, i'll tell you, i thought they were worried he was going to get bounced as ceo. there's no sign that will happen. >> charles: he strutted in like a rock star and elon musk charm must have worked. we'll see what happens. you were the only guy that said he may show up. all day long, i watched all the networks. >> i know. >> charles: you're the only one that called it. congratulations. see you soon. >> and you know how i did that? i'll tell you how. it was simple. unlike these other guys, i do reporting. when they wouldn't say yes or no, i said he's got to be showing up when he's not confirming. >> charles: great stuff. he's the guy that 2020 democrats are fearing. is former starbucks ceo right when he says he's not the spoiler? democrats socialist policies are all as we get ready for brett and martha's big town hall with
1:52 pm
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>> charles: you are looking live at kansas city, missouri. about an hour and a half from now, former starbucks eon potential 2020 independent presidential candidate howard schultz will join bret baier and martha mccown for a town hall. some democrats have accused schultz of being a spoiler but here's what he told fox in march. >> if you want to talk about spoiler, if the democrats decide in their wisdom to nominate a far left person who is professing policies that resemble that of a socialist, that will be the spoiler. in my view, donald trump will get reelected. >> charles: is he right or wrong? with me, democratic strategist richard goodstein.
1:56 pm
jenna alice. in vince from "the daily caller "the daily caller." there's got to be enticing for howard schultz. i thought he should've joined the democratic party but he is shaking things up, isn't he? >> he is in his criticism is spot on. if you get to the 2020 election and he has the idea that it becomes a referendum on socialism, donald trump wins. the president of the united states knows that. he said as much this week. he said we have to educate the public on the horrors of socialism and if you can do that successfully, you win back the reelection. the president is in for another four years. >> charles: president trump, having some fun but also being truthful when he said we don't want to knock the green new deal too much. do you think if the democrats, this class going for the nomination now, stay on the far left course, that president trump is automatically reelected? >> absolutely. the american people love the
1:57 pm
american dream because we are fundamentally s. the democrats can call this whatever they want but really their policy agenda and legislation they are advancing is a political and economic theory that's fundamentally antithetical to capitalism. it's not what america stands for. if the progressive left is going to want to push an advance lease type of policy and legislative agendas, than absolutely donald trump gets reelected. we love the economy. we love everything he's doing for the average american person, for families and households. that's absolutely something that's going to reelect donald trump in 2020. >> charles: many folks saying biden is the last moderate hope for your party, under some pressure right now. if he were not to announce, without leave a giant boy that perhaps howard schultz could fill? >> i agree with what you said earlier, charles. i think if howard schultz is serious, he would've run as a
1:58 pm
democrat. i think it's weak, to put it kindly, that -- we talk about running as an independent. he knows he's going to take votes from democrats, not from republicans. this criticism he has is frankly kind of spineless. >> charles: would you be happy if he ran as as a democrat? >> absolutely, he should. if he means what he says, he should. it's a caricature. democrats in congress are talking about shoring up health care, about doing some thing about gun violence, addressing climate change, and protecting voting rights. all of which are widely popular. hardly socialist ideas. the biggest caucus among house democrats of the new democrats, pro-business new drama democra. it's a caricature to say they are socialist. aoc is popular. great. >> bernie sanders.
1:59 pm
>> charles: by the way, vince, i want you to pick up on that. many of the folks running for president, not the folks in congress, richard, but those who have announced we are running. beto says we have 12 years in the world is gone. that's it. they all seem to have jumped on the same bandwagon. >> in 2016, bernie sanders runs for the presidency. he's the democratic socialist. it's the novel idea. this election cycle, he has already set out loud, how much has changed in four years? everyone is coming in my direction policy wise. when richard talks about providing health care, people like it when they hear it. on its face, people having access to health care is a positive thing but when when you get into details. the fact that taxes will have to go go up to afford it. people will have wait times in order to seek medicine. the fact that they will lose their private insurance, as kamala harris said, that's fine. when you hear things like this,
2:00 pm
people are reviled by socialists. >> charles: we know the folks in congress did not want to vote on the green new deal. it underscores your point but the democrats running all some of before it right now. town hall tonight. make sure you tune in. you've got to catch it. howard schultz. now "the five." ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone. i'm juan williams with kennedy, jesse watters, dana perino and tom shillue. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." lots of breaking 2020 news to get to. let's start with joe biden. he is facing even more backlash as three new women have accused him of inappropriate touching. this comes after he released a video addressing all these allegations, but some people are criticizing him for not specifically apologizing. >> social norms have begun to change. they are shifting. i will be more


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