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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 5, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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central, california. we'll have that live. for now, i'm dana perino. here's ed henry in for shep. >> ed: we'll have the president's comments live as soon as they happen. former vice president joe biden making his first public appearance after several women accused him of inappropriately touching them. he's apologizing but not for anything he did. he's giving his biggest hint yet about the 2020 plans. and drew peterson, a former cop convicting of killing one of his wives. he's suspected of killing another. we'll talk to the prosecutor that put him in prison. now he says he's living the dream behind bars. imagine that. i'm ed henry in for shepard
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smith. we begin with president trump making the trip to the southern border. this comes after pulling off of his threat to shut it down. now the president says it could happen the next year. the president set to take part in a roundtable at a border patrol station in california just minutes from now to flesh out details about his plan. the small border city is east of san diego two hours. he's landed. fellow republicans have warned that sealing off the border would be a economic disaster. earlier today, the president said the option was on the table if mexico does not do a better job of stopping migrants from entering america. >> i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point. i'd rather do tariffs. so mexico, i have to say, has been very, very good. you know that, over the last four days. i talk about shutting down the
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border. if they continue that, everything will be fine. if they don't, we'll tariff their cars at 25% coming into the united states. >> ed: the president adding he's looking at what he calls a economic penalty against mexico for drugs that are coming in to the u.s. kristin fisher reporting live from california. good afternoon, kristin. what are we expecting? >> president trump is coming here because the white house says this is the first finished section of the president's border wall. 30 feet high, two miles long, this is what president trump wants to see more of along the southern border. to be fair, planning started during the obama administration but it wasn't funded until president trump took office. as he was leaving the white house, president trump explained his decision to hold off on his threat to shut down the border. he said mexico stepped up apprehensions in recent days, so he going to give them a year to stem the tide of migrants.
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if they don't, he's going to slap tariffs on cars. under the new trade agreement with mexico that president trump signed a few months ago, the usmca, he would not be allowed to do that. president trump said border security is more important. >> this will supersede usmca. usmca is a great deal and very good for mexico, but this will supersede usmca. >> president trump has landed a little ways from here. he's on his way to the border station where he will be meeting with border and immigration officials and then come here to check out this wall, ed. >> kristin, the president, as you know, before the trump pulled the nominee to lead ice. what do we know about that? >> well, he called him a good man but president trump said he wants to go in a tougher direction. ron vitello is a long-time
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border patrol official. he was scheduled to come to the border with president trump and then the paperwork to withdraw his nomination was submitted to congress yesterday. some security officials thought it was a paperwork error but turned out to be legit. as you mentioned, it caught a lot of people by surprise. >> ed: absolutely. the president doing fund-raising today, outreach for republicans ahead of 2020. what do we know about that? >> as soon as he leaves here, he will be headed to los angeles for a private fund raiser at a house in beverly hills. tomorrow he's heading to another fund raiser in las vegas. it's the annual leadership meeting. this is the real start for 2020, the campaign season. you can only expect these kinds of fund raisers to kick up the next few weeks and months. >> ed: absolutely, kristin. john bussey is here from the "wall street journal." the journal and fox news share common ownership.
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good to see you. >> pleasure. >> ed: let's start with the president's political base. part of this is public relations. he has folks in his base saying where is the wall? >> yeah, that's fair to say. he's been successful in focusing the nation's attention on the border by the threats with closing the border, putting tariffs on cars. all of that does speak to that base. it speaks to the problem on the border, which both republicans and democrat as agree on, there's -- something needs to be done. whether or not those are hollow threats, that's different. we'll get to those. on your point about both sides agreeing there's a problem, there are some democrats like jay johnson that served under president obama that say yes, they sort of agree with the president and say there's a crisis at the southern border. other democrats like nancy pelosi say it's manufactured and they don't seem like they want to do anything about it. >> ed: some of this is in the rhetoric. is it a emergency that requires the president to move funds from other parts of the budget to the border and pelosi would say no. is it a problem?
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i think the democrats and republicans both of which have fielded various forms of immigration renorm policy would say that yes, it is. this is something -- something has to be done. something will be done on the southern border of mexico. mexico, which has been trying to deal with this for decades is sort of worse condition to be able to. they have less money, less capability to deal with the influx of refugees from central america that are now suffering from a drought. >> ed: so there's a problem. what about the president politically and how he approaches this? you alluded to is it an empty threat. he talks about shutting the border down as early as this week. he gets resistance from democrats and republicans like ted cruz that said this would definite state texas in terms of the economy. then he pulls back but maybe it do it over the next year. >> so you interpret that. it's is a roll-back of the threat. he didn't get a gest from republicans. he got it from the business community.
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are you kidding? the border is an integrated economy. people commit back and forth every day. this is sort of the organic economy that is just south of the border. all of this manufacturing happening involves complex logistics simply chains. businesses say don't think about closing the border. the other interesting thing is putting this usmca agreement at risk. i don't know. would he do that with tariffs? i don't think so. >> ed: he wants to get the usmca, but nancy pelosi and other democrats have obstructed his agenda. they don't want to move it. he might end up undermining it but saying usmca is not as important as potentially issuing new tariffs on mexican cars. it's happening, as you know. the president is signalling some progress with china on tariffs and trade, which his critics said he would never get. >> he's been very upbeat about that. in part, you have to be the show
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man for a deal. lighthizer has -- >> ed: his trade rep. >> he has to deal with the details and been more circumspect. we'll see there. back on the border, he's talking about tariffs not just from the stand point of immigration, but from the stand point of drugs. the drug problem is on both sides. mexico and the u.s. this stuff is coming through ports for the most part. it's not coming over fence or tunnels. it's there, too, but primarily through the ports. is that going to be remediated by putting tariffs on or threatening to put tariffs on? and then pushing it out. i'll do that in a year. what does that achieve in the near term? >> ed: does it confuse people more? a live look at the president. we has a roundtable discussion with border patrol, other folks that have a stake in this. we all have a stake in our
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security obviously. john, on your point about the president saying one thing, another thing, what about congress? democrats and republicans. we have an issue where jeh johnson under barack obama says when you have about 4,000 apprehensions a day, we're in a crisis. so why hasn't congress done anything? >> a lot of this is all in the context and through the lens of the 2020 election. can we expect much to happen between now and the next president getting re-elected? i don't think so. everybody is trying to play the political card. even though there's general agreement that this is a problem and it's been a problem for decades and administration after administration has tried to address it and they failed. the president's point about mexico now turning back people at the border, that's kind of suspect. they have been doing it for years. thousands. they've been deporting thousands of people. they keep coming north because they see the bright lights of america. >> ed: you say something needs to be done.
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not likely before the election. need to get something done, nobody is doing it. >> move the election up. >> ed: thanks. we'll look into that. expecting to hear from the president live less than ten minutes. we'll take you there. while we wait, the former vice president, joe biden is revealing new information about his plan for 2020. in his first public remarks, since several women accused him of inappropriate touching, biden had a couple jokes about the whole thing and talked to reporters afterwards. >> i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or woman. >> ed: more of what he had to say and how the jokes went overcoming up. with the most lobster dishes lobsterfesof the yearred lobster like lobster lover's dream and new ultimate lobsterfest surf and turf. so come lobsterfest today! and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go.
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>> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lanni. >> ed: joe biden making jokes there during his first public speech. he later invited a group of kids on stage with him. after putting his arm around one boy, he made another joke. comings after seven women have said biden got so close at past events, it made them feel uncomfortable. after his speech, he told reporters that he's not sorry for his intentions. but he is sorry for not understanding how those women felt. david spunt is reporting live. good to see you. >> joe biden was in friendly territory today in front of the international brotherhood of electrical workers. he's been speaking in front of unions for decades. his speech focused not only on
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the union, but what sounded like a presidential platform. we tried to get an interview before the event to ask him questions about the accusations that he made women feel uncomfortable. we're told that wouldn't happen. we waited until after. a garage door opened up and out walked joe biden toward our camera. he started talking. listen. >> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. my responsibility is to not invade the space of anyone that was uncomfortable in that regard. and i hope it wasn't taken that way. there was -- i literally think it's incumbent on me and anybody else to make sure that if you embrace someone, touch someone, it's with their consent. >> off-the-cuff remarks there. president trump spent time
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poking fun at biden. i asked the former vice president and the president's taunts. >> doesn't surprise me. he doesn't have time to do his job. look, it's -- everybody knows who donald trump is. i don't have to say anything more, i don't think. >> so there president trump be his opponent? sure is under like biden is close to making an announcement. here's what he had to say. >> i'm told by the lawyers that i've got to be careful what i say so i don't start a clock ticking. change my status. it is -- i'm very close to making a decision to stand before you all relatively soon. >> i asked days or weeks. he said soon. this is the closest that we've seen biden to talking about possibly making an announcement.
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someone in the audience said that they thought he could have made one today at that ibew conference. >> ed: thanks, david. let's bring in laura lopez from politco. she's covering the democrats in 2020. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> before today, we noticed yesterday a local reportner scranton where joe biden grew up who saw biden with a camera crew outside his childhood home. sounds like they're filming a commercial or something. >> yeah. sounds like biden is getting ready to announce. we don't really know exactly how soon that will be. he did make a comment that he would like to be the last one that jumps in. he really wants to get the frontrunner treatment. going back to his comments today. i think it was striking what stood out to me is that here he is speaking to a predominantly white male, older crowd and one of the first things that he says is a joke about these allegations that were made
12:19 pm
against him by these women of inappropriate touching. so it was not received well outside of that room. >> ed: i want to expand on that. so what is your sense in talking to politco? are operatives, others watching this race closely as you say, it was a white male union audience. they laughed at the idea that oh, it was okay for him to touch the man that introduced him. how might women react to that outside that room? >> we saw lucy flores, one of the first women to say that she felt uncomfortable when biden touched her on the shoulders years ago at a joint campaign event that they were at. she said that it seemed as though joe biden hadn't reflected on his actions. it's striking that he still has yet to apologize directly, which is what this women want to hear. they want him to say i'm sorry for my actions, it won't happen again. that's not something that he's done. >> ed: so by him splitting it --
12:20 pm
it's early, obviously -- i'm sorry for not understanding how they felt. is that too cute? >> i think they see that as something that isn't directed. it's like nancy pelosi mentioned it. it's not how -- it's not about your intent. it's about how it was received. so these women didn't receive his behavior very well. now, that being said, i think it's important to point out that it's unclear whether or not this actually hurt him once he enters the race. there's a number of democratic voters that don't seem bothered by this at all. i think it speaks to the generational divide amongst the democratic voters. what could hurt biden more is his 40-plus years in government, his voting record, the way he handled the anita hill hearing,
12:21 pm
the crime bill of the 90s. that is what could turn minority voters against him as they see that come out. >> ed: i noticed in his speech, joe biden talked about how he believes president trump is locked in the past. and then the 76-year-old former vice president talked about his childhood from long ago. does he not get that and it looks odd? >> you know, i'm not sure about biden's comments there. what i think we can expect is that no matter who ultimately faces president trump, it's going to be a brutal general election. probably one that is very similar to 2016. we can expect trump to push immigration as one of his key issues. we expect democrats to counter with healthcare because that was successful in 2018. >> ed: the president is at the southern border.
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>> ed: president trump in the area of calexico, california. you can see the live look right now at the room where he will be meeting with border patrol officials, other homeland security officials as he talks about trying to get funding for a border wall. the southern border between the u.s. and mexico about 2,000 miles long. he's specifically visiting about a two-mile stretch in calexico where the previous administration, barack obama's administration, had laid out and authorized the idea that there would be redoing of the barrier there, strengthening of the barrier that already existed.
12:27 pm
the funding for that has actually come from the trump administration. so we're told there's a plaque along that part of the barrier bearing the president's name, other homeland security officials obviously want to talk about that, impress congress for more action. we'll go live to the president as soon as he arrives. a 23-year-old ex-convict facing federal charges after pretending to be a boy that went missing eight years ago. the feds say this is not the first time he's done something like this. we were in court in cincinnati today. he claims to be timothy pitzen that would be 14 years old today. pitzen's family has been searching for him. he was six years old when he went missing. his grandmother says they're devastated again. >> it's been awful. we've been hopeful and
12:28 pm
frightened and -- it's just been exhausting. i feel so sorry for the young man who a had a horrible time. >> ed: the suspect said he wanted to get away from his own family. matt finn reporting live from our midwest newsroom. you hear the grandmother and your heart breaks. >> for sure. a gut punch for this family. the u.s. attorney's office revealing this is the third time this 23-year-old man has lied to authorities about being the victim of juvenile sex trafficking. authorities say he faces up to eight years in prison if convicted. wednesday, police responded to a 911 call of a suspicious teen in newport, kentucky. that's when the 23-year-old man shocked neighbors and police when he claimed to be timothy pitzen. police say he claimed to be 14 years old with stomach pain. they took him to children's hospital while investigating.
12:29 pm
that's when a dna swab confirmed that the person was a 23-year-old convict. police warned him about the repercussions about lying to police. he stuck to the story. then they confronted him with the dna result. he confessed when he saw the story on tv and lied to police. >> i told the family that i'm sorry for what he's done. but for him, i wouldn't speak to him. i hope he gets help. i also hope he goes to prison for this. or at least an institution. i have no idea. >> that is brian's brother. back in 2011, police say 6-year-old timothy pitzen's mother checked him out of class in illinois. she spent a few days and took him to a zoo and water park and killed herself leaving behind a note saying her son would be okay but never seen again. if there's any silver lining, that maybe it could lead to a break. and brian reeney is set to
12:30 pm
appear in court tuesday. ed? >> ed: thanks for the details. let's stay in chicago. the city preparing to sue jussie smollett. he has refused to pay for the investigation into his hate crime hoax. last week the city sent him a ball for $130,000. the deadline to pay up was yesterday. smollett's attorney says the actor will not be intimidated by what he calls threats. mike tobin is reporting live from chicago. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. the chicago department of law says they're drafting the suit. we'll get it by e-mail at some point. the smollett team is defiant. mark garragos says the city could move forward with this suit. they said an attempt to file a civil lawsuit is unconstitutional for repayment
12:31 pm
of funds. in march, they demanded smollett pay $130,000 for the overtime that the police worked. smollett did not pay. the city could hit him up for three times the original amount because he missed the deadline. >> ed: thanks, mike. the job market heating up. we'll break down the numbers in the latest jobs reports. michael cohen's lawyers say he may have more dirt on president trump and should not go to prison until he can go through it all. we'll talk with a former federal prosecutor about the stakes coming up. we're learning why u.n.c. put their hall of fame women's basketball coach on leave. her shocking comments and the reaction next. waiting for the president. you can see that room live, border patrol officials and more. the president tweeting out his motorcade driving through,
12:32 pm
american flags along the route. we're told there's protesters, too. we'll be reporting live in just a moment. smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters.
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>> ed: we're sticking with the breaking news. president trump has gotten closer to the room there. we'll be going live any moment. a border security roundtable. there's border officials there and the president. the president is now on site we're told. his motorcade had been heading over there. a longer drive than some anticipated. the president tweeting out video of the ride. his staff obviously putting it out there. it showed significant number of people on both sides of the road on his way from a military base over to calexico. this room in calexico, california. people waving american flags showing support and also protesters unhappy about his immigration crackdown. the president had been talking days ago against potentially shutting down the u.s. mexico border altogether.
12:37 pm
he got push back not just from democrats, some republicans like senator ted cruz saying this could be painful economically. the president still keeping that on the table as an option, but suggesting it will not happen this week but could happen over the next few months. also threatening mexico with a tariff of about 25% on cars that they manufacture and bring in to the united states to sell, of course, suggesting that he might put some economic pain on mexico if they don't crack down more on the spread of not just illegal immigration, but drugs coming across the southern border as well. the southern border about 2,000 miles long. the area where the president is about a two-mile stretch in calexico, california along the border with mexico to the south, of course. you can see it there. what is interesting is that the last administration, president obama's administration, was planning to move forward with
12:38 pm
reinforcing existing barrier that is already there in this two-mile stretch. the funding was not there. the president got that funding. i believe we got kristin fisher there. she's reporting live from calexico. what are you seeing on the scene, kristin? >> well, ed, this section of the border wall is a hot bed for the president's supporters and his detractors. just on this side of the wall here, there's a plaque on the border wall that has president trump's name. it says that it's the first completed section of his border wall. so that has been a draw for folks. they try to take pictures and as they try to protest it. this is where the president will be coming, somewhere along this two-mile stretch of the border right here on calexico. as you mentioned, this -- there used to be a wall here in the 90s. it was a very old wall. didn't work very well. the border patrol was very unhappy with it. during the obama administration they started planning for replacement but never funded it. so when president trump took
12:39 pm
office, he funded it. they got it built. that's what you see here. this wall is about 30 feet high. there's barbed wire on the top and bottom and stretched for two miles. the goal is to really try to help stem the tide of migrants that have been surging here to the united states. this sector, the el centro sector has been hit hard. there's a 97% increase in the apprehensions of family units here in fiscal year 2017 to 2018. ed, another issue the border patrol agents have been facing, they've been getting rocks and concrete thrown at them at the older section of the wall. if you go and see it, it's low down, the slats are farther apart. people are able to throw rocks at the agents. president trump is walking up right now. back to you. >> ed: you can see the president entering the room there, shaking hands with local officials.
12:40 pm
border patrol officials standing out of respect for the president of the united states. walking in as promised. we'll go there live. military officials as well. let's listen in to the president. we'll talk on the other side. >> thank you very much. a great honor. i'll be here many times. we're building a lot of wall. we're going to look at a piece of it today. we're told it's had a tremendous impact already, the piece we're going to be looking at. we have under contract, under construction, a lot of things happening. we expect to have close to 400 miles done within two years from now. that's a lot. 400 miles will cover most of it. i want to thank everybody for being here. we have some of our great people from the state and of all
12:41 pm
places, california. we love california. but those people wanted us to build a wall and we got it built, including wall in san diego, which is pretty much completed. it's had a tremendous impact. the wall has had a tremendous impact. so i want to thank the border patrol station in calexico. it's been a great group of people. i just met them back stage. the way you work is incredible. the job you do is beyond belief. we have a system that is full. it's just full. and i was telling some of the people before, if it's full, there's nothing we can do about it. we have some horrible court decisions that have been made over the years. it's very unfair. that's the way it is. the system is full. when it's full, there's nothing you can do. you have to say i'm sorry, we can't take you.
12:42 pm
we've been trying to take people. i have to disagree with it. we've been trying to take people and we can't do it. you can't do it. we're going to look at that and look it at it very strongly. i'd like to thank secretary nielsen for being here, general seminite for being here, chief of the army corps of engineers. it's been fantastic, the job you've done. you'll be speaking later on and explaining exactly what is happening with the wall and how much. we'll be doing some of it now, i think. probably a better time to do it. commissioner kevin mcelleyland of our group. thank you for being here. appreciate it. california assembly woman, melissa melendez. we appreciate melissa. national border patrol council
12:43 pm
president, brandon judd. a friend of mine for a long time. making a lot of progress, brandon. what is really making letting people know this is an absolute emergency. i see that some of our biggest opponents over the last two days have said, you know what? it is an emergency. they can't believe what is happening. part of it is because of the fact that the country is doing so well. part of it is a scam. people want to come in. they shouldn't be coming in. they shouldn't be coming in. they're people that are causing problems. gangs and more. we're getting them out. stopping them for the most part. we're getting them out when they do get in. nobody has done the job we've done. national border patrol council president, i want to thank you. you've been fantastic. several members of law enforcement. i want to also thank leader kevin mccarthy.
12:44 pm
he came in from washington with us today. he's been an amazing leader. the relationship is the best we've ever had as republicans. the unification, the unified nature of what we're doing has been really something, very special. i want to thank kevin. you're doing a fantastic job. you and your group will be leading the charge on getting rid of these horrible loop holes. everybody knows it. it's bad. whether it's catch and release or the visa lottery. so many of them. chain migration. total disaster. the asylum laws are broken. i inherited this stuff. we're going to get it fixed. we have to. so kevin, i appreciate you being here and i appreciate you leading the charge. i also want to state that there is indeed an emergency on our southern border. it's been loud and clear.
12:45 pm
we're in court and a lot of people aren't even bringing many of the suits anymore. a lot of people bringing the suits, it's hard for them to say it's not an emergency. we have a big emergency at our southern border. the united states had more than 70,000 illegal migrants rush our border. they rush our border. we have military. these a great military people. these are people that are strong and solid and love our country. but they can't act the way they would under other conditions. there's not a lot they can do. but they've been doing it anyway. we're going to bring up more military. i want to also thank mexico, because mexico -- i'm totally willing to close the border, but mexico the last four days have done more than they have ever done. we've been talking about that. they're apprehending people by the thousands and bringing them
12:46 pm
back to their countries, bringing them back to where they came from. i think you see that. that is at their southern border, a big difference. that will help us pretty much 90%, 80%. what do you think, fellows? pretty close. but that's a big difference. they have never done that before. when i say never done it, i mean in like 30 years they have never done it like they're doing it right now. the crisis is the district result of obstruction by democrats in congress and we have to do something about it and we're going to. a lot of the democrats feel that way, too. they see it. there's not much that they can do. but i do say wow, what was that i just saw on television? since october, agents along the 70-mile stretch of border here in el centro sector have seen nearly a 400% increase in family units arriving in the sector.
12:47 pm
you compare that with other years, pretty amazing. what we've done and what we're doing, you're going to see very, very strong results. as soon as the barriers, the walls, i like calling them walls, that's what they are, go up, you'll have a tremendous impact. where we are going to be in a little while, i've heard from people in that area that the impact has been incredible. it's a colossal surge, and it's overwhelming our immigration system. we can't let that happen. so as i say, and this is our new statement, this system is full. can't take you anymore. whether it's asylum, whether it's -- anything you wanted. illegal immigration. can't take you anymore. our country is full. our area is full. the sector is full. can't take you anymore. i'm sorry.
12:48 pm
can't happen. so turn around. that's the way it is. if you look at our southern border, the number of people and the number of the amount of drugs, human trafficking, the human trafficking is something that nobody used to talk about. i talk about it. it's a terrible thing. it's ancient and never been bigger than it is modern right now today. all over the world, by the way. not just here, all over the world. human trafficking is a terrible thing. they come into the areas of the border where you don't have the wall. they don't come through your points of entry. they come in through areas where you don't have the wall. and they make a left or they make a right, they come into the country. loaded up with people in many cases. it's pretty sad. by the end of next year, we'll have completed or begun construction. that's what we're really here with the army corps of engineers for. i think what i'd like to do is
12:49 pm
while we're on that subject, general, if you could give a little detail of the wall that is under construction, what we've built, where we're going. the press never likes to talk about it. they don't like to talk about what we've done. doesn't fit their narrative. we've done a lot, we've renovated a lot and we're building a lot. maybe you could give a little summation. >> thanks, mr. president. before we talk concrete and steel, it's important to talk about protecting this country. four days ago, i was in a combat zone. i saw the dedication that our members have to protect ourselves from overseas. unbelievable service. sir, i would put these agents to protect people on the ground. this is dedication. this is not for a paycheck or any other kind of reward, this is to take care of this country. before we do anything else, we have to acknowledge the great
12:50 pm
work that these guys do. phenomenal job. >> thank you. >> when it comes to the actual construction, the corps of engineers is very proud to work for secretary nielsen and the commissioner. we have put in the ground over 82 miles that is up to date and right now by the end of this year, we'll have another 97 miles that will go in. i'm really talking the entire depth of the border across from texas, california. sir, with the money that money able to direct, we will put in the ground another 277 miles in the next year. what that will end up with is by the end of around december of 2020, the total amount of money that we'll put in the ground will be about 450 miles. that's probably about $8 billion. in total, about 33 different projects. a lot of complexities -- >> ed: we're listening to him and the president of the united states there in calexico,
12:51 pm
california. among other things, the president bluntly saying we can't take you anymore. the system is full. turn around. very district messages as we bring in john bussey from the "wall street journal." the president not pulling punches. >> yeah, saying he's going to call up more troops. that is interesting. >> ed: seems like news. >> this is an opportunity for the president to use the border as a backdrop and to say a lot is being done. when in fact, his big intention, building a big long wall across much of the 2000 -- >> ed: that mexico would pay for. >> yeah. across 2,000 miles is exemplified in this two-mile stretch that was approved by the obama administration but funded by -- >> he does get some credit but it was in motion. >> yeah. he's doing what politicians do. he's bringing attention to the border, attention to his intent to build a wall. undercoring what he sees as a
12:52 pm
big immigration problem. i don't think we saw anything new said there. >> ed: the military aspect as you noted. many in the media roll their eyes when they hear the president saying the same material but hi won in 2016 in part by highlighting the idea of cracking down on illegal immigration. can it be a winning issue again? >> yeah, or will healthcare trump the wall and the immigration issue. he's doubling down. he feels from the standpoint of his core supporters -- and he has to be thinking of that -- how much he tacked to the middle in the next 1 1/2 years in advance of the election, we'll see on issues like healthcare and other issues as well. he wants to pin this down. look, he's saying things and he's describing it as a national emergency. this big disagreement on that. saying mexico is not deported.
12:53 pm
they deported hundreds of thousands back. you'll hear more. >> ed: your perspective from the "wall street journal." when the president talks about having a tariff of 25% on mexican cars. as you look at the stats and i was while he was talking, among other companies that are manufacturing in mexico, they include ford, which is in the latest stats from 2016, ford made about 250,000 fusions that were manufactured in mexico but sold here in america among other places. the question is that tariff could have a boomerang effect on americans. >> no question. think of the border as a big integrated factory, different doors coming into it. that's what it is now, on canada as well. so how do you disentangle that when the manufacturers are on both sides, the communities. he will get it from businesses, not just republicans and democrats. >> ed: thanks. let's bring in kristin fisher who is reporting live from the scene. what stuck out from you for the
12:54 pm
president's remarks? >> well, the fact that he is talking about mexico. a few days ago, he was threatening to shut down the border. now today he said the last few days, he's seen a real improvement in mexico's ability to apprehend the flow of people and stem the tide of migrants. so thanking the border patrol agents and the officials at the roundtable, the president thanked mexico and the mexican government. that stood out to me. what we're going to see now is once this roundtable wraps up, president trump is going to make his way over here to this section of the border wall, what the white house calls the first completed section of the border wall. from there after he touring this section, he's going to be heading back to los angeles. he's going to be attending a private fund raiser at a home in beverly hills and tomorrow he's heading to las vegas for another fund raiser for jewish republicans. so ed, there's a heavy focus on
12:55 pm
the border tonight or today. and thin tomorrow and tonight, we're going to see this shift to fund-raising for 2020, ed. >> ed: thanks, kristin. john, final point from you. as you listen to kristin's reporting, the president continues to slap at mexico but say hey, they're doing a better job because of my pressure. carrot and a stick. >> right. i supplied the stick and they responded. that's the message now. how much has mexico really increased deportations in the last three or four days? we'll have to see. they have been deporting and trying to deal with this issue on the southern border. they don't want this problem either. how much they have really have -- there's a change as the president is suggesting, we'll have to see. >> ed: this is obviously something that animated the president's campaign in 2016 and he's talking about in the run up to 2020. thanks for being here. i'm ed henry in for shepard smith. "your world" is next.
12:56 pm
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>> we are live in calexico, california, president trump is about to visit a portion 've the border wall that stands 30 feet tall after this meeting with border officials. welcome, i'm charles payne, in for neil cavuto. this is your world". now to the guy who will lead the emergency response at the border. sir, thank you for joining us. what is the first thing you would like to see happen to stop the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border? >> thank you for having me. this situation is comprised of three main parts. first, you have the emergency at the border, the crisis that we're