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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 5, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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number one. make people have to wait in mexico. they come in less numbers, they realize they can't get away with it. charles, i want to add and this is important, i wish the president would add one element to his strong language, how much we welcome legal immigrants. i don't think you can say that >> we are live in calexico, enough. it would round out the california, president trump is president's harder, rougher about to visit a portion 've the edges, it is important about border wall that stands 30 feet what we are as a country. tall after this meeting with we we lie -- rely on our border officials. welcome, i'm charles payne, in for neil cavuto. this is your world". immigrants. have you to make that now to the guy who will lead the distinction. >> he mentioned it in his state of the union address. emergency response at the i think americans would be border. shocked at number of illegal sir, thank you for joining us. immigrants we had, one of the what is the first thing you would like to see happen to stop highest totals in a decade. the surge of illegal immigrants that will never be reported and at the southern border? it is conflated. >> thank you for having me. maybe you are right, he should speak of that more. this situation is comprised of three main parts. what about congress? where do they come in? first, you have the emergency at how much more pressure should the border, the crisis that president trump put on congress we're seeing, that includes two who has to find way to help him
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parts, as well. come up with a solution? one is humanitarian crisis that we're seeing, as well as the >> it's been a couple decade long failure in congress, nobody border security crisis. then you have this immediate will compromise. we know what the easy compromise response that secretary kirstjen is here. democrats have to support border security and republicans have to nielson stood up, taking bold action to address the current support immigration. that is it, republicans have to emergency on the border. that is where i come in. allow daca to take place. we stood up the inter-agency if you do that, you have ingredients for comprehensive border emergency coordination immigration reform. republicans are right, though, cell. what that means really is it starts with border security. bringing capabilities from across the spectrum of u.s. without that, there is no government agencies and bringing meaningful reform, because we have a broken system. once you have border security, them to bear on the border to be we owe it to communities that have been here, don't make able to stabilize and secure the people live in the shadow, border to the extent we can with figure out way to help people who have been here 10 years, 20 this surge. ultimately, longer-term solution years, 30 years, they want to be is congress, congress has to americans. >> charles: absolutely. >> figure that out and also stop act. yeah, we have to look at the people from coming illegally. immigration laws that we have, >> charles: every country has a the legal framework and actually right to be in control of its change them to meet today's own borders. needs. once we figure it out, we'll be >> charles: talk about the second part, the core of your better off. ari, great talking to you. function. how are you going to be able to achieve that? charged with hypocrisy, these
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we keep reading about how stretched the agencies are, democrats pushing for the full manpower is being pulled from mueller report on trump now one area to the other, that has while they were against release of the starr report on clinton consequences with backed up then. what does ken starr say? commerce and traffic, give us an you are about to find out. idea the challenge. (danny) let me get this straight. i'm not sure americans understand what you are up against. >> yes, i want to spend a little time on the challenge itself. the challenge is not just a d.h.s. problem, it is problematic for mexico and for the border security mission because you are absolutely right, the resources that we have are spread so thin and there's inherent degradation to the border security mission because resources we have are not limitless. that is kind of the situation we're facing. after a long day of hard work... mexico has problems with it. now they are doing a way better have to do more work? job in addressing this migrant (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. flow to the united states and so (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! what we have on the border, we (vo) you earned it, we're h want to make sure we return to quickbooks. backing you. the border security mission because that is closely related
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to national security, as you well know. so my role is really working with the very hard-working team that exists already, leveraging fema capabilities and expertise in dealing with emergencies and crisis and then granting or using authorities and capabilities from the inter-agencies. >> charles: talk to us about the impact of president trump actually visiting the southern border to i think to also magnify, to illuminate how urgent this issue is. >> i can tell you, this is urgent, i've been doing this 32 years, never seen a situation we are facing right now. the population we are facing, majority being family units and unaccompany children really drains resources. make no mistake, charles, this population which is vulnerable population, is creating,
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generated millions, billions of dollars for organized crime that are exploiting the immigration loopholes we currently have on the books. >> charles: what are you doing with these families, with these children, in particular? >> well, we encounter these i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. people, we process them and we so i went onto ancestry, have to turn them over to our sister agency of ice or office soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. of refugee resetelment. the system is at a breaking point. cbc processes it and the capability, capacity much the agency is strained to the limit and creates backlog for custom and border protection and that rocking chair would look grahh, new house, eh?e. well, you should definitely see how geico requires a lot much resources could help you save on homeowners insurance. that come from border security to address this. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. >> charles: right. images we've seen in the last two?! that's a victorian antique! few days of people being actually released, i guess to all right, how much for the recliner, then? make room. wait wait... how did that get out here?
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this revolving door situation that is definitely not for sale! can't help, can it? >> absolutely not. is this a yard sale? whenever you are catching and if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. releasing, as we call it, it oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save creates -- >> charles: hold on, president on homeowners and renters insurance. trump is speaking, let's take a listen first. >> pres. trump: what will really work is closing of the border, we hope we don't have to do >> charles: renewed push by that, but i will do it. the security of the nation is democrats to get attorney the most important thing. general william barr to deliver we're not even talking about the mueller report to congress drugs, massive amount of drugs before going on recess in a that pours through. week. it would have tremendous impact. here is the latest. we'll be working on that, we've catherine. >> there is significant time been working on that, done pressure, the house and senate tremendous job on drugs coming recess next week. into the country. justice department officials if you look at the numbers, hope to complmid-april to deliv, we're having a news conference next week on the impact that we've had between opioid and also next week the attorney other problems with drugs, general is scheduled to testi different trugs we had 10, 15, 20 years ago, much different. allegations. >> everyday that goes by without also, the drugs coming through the border. the american people getting the we've had great impact. joseph, would you like to say a actual report, the details that few words? looks like he's in good shape, you talked about, is indicative
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this guy. of a cover up. >> we'll go to kristen fisher, >> under the law grand jury who is traveling with president trump in calexico, california material cannot be shared and joins us with more. publicly. justice department pushed back against the criticism, kristen. underscoring legal constraint. >> charles, president trump's "every page of confidential message to migrants trying to report provided to attorney cross the border in calexico is general barr on march 22nd was marked may contain material turn around. the system is full, this border protected under law that sector is full. we cannot take you. protects grand jury information the that is what president trump and therefore could not be publicly released," and house just said moments ago in the roundtable discussion with republicans say if judiciary border patrol agents and chairman jerry nadler wants immigration officials here in transparency, he should release calexico. after that is finished, he'll be warrant for trump campaign aid coming here to this brand-new section of the border wall. that relied on funded opposition it is replacing an old border wall built in the 1990s. research from gps, and the the plans were replacement put research of former british spy christopher steele. in place during the obama >> if we want the truth, jerry administration, it took president trump assuming office to fund it, that is why the nadler wants truth, release the white house is calling this the fisa application, if nadler first completed section of his border wall. wants the truth call in glen it is about two miles long.
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in his roundtable discussion, simpson, put him under the oath president trump said over two and see if he takes the fifth? years he hopes to build 400 new >> 17 democrats voted against miles of wall, but there are legal challenges he's going to release of the starr report are have to confront first. calling for release of the mueller report, charles. i want to give you a sense why >> charles: thank you. the wall is necessary in let's get more on all of this calexico. for starters, border patrol from special counsel ken starr agents say it is necessary to who joins me now. keep their agents safe from you are in a huge position, you rocks and blocks of concrete know how this all works. before we get to some things being thrown at them over the catherine just talked about, shorter, older section of the wall, which is two miles away just the general idea the same and the latest incident happened people that did not want your report fully revealed to the two days ago. world are now pushing for the second, it is needed to stem exact opposite outcome with the surge of migrants from 2017 to mueller report. your thoughts on that? 2018, this sector has seen 97% >> ken starr: welcome to increase in apprehension of washington, charles, aren't you glad you are based in new york. family units and president trump they were right then. noted another statistic, from we urged the congress of the january and february of this united states to be very careful year compared to january and to be judicious with our report february of last year, there's been a 400% increase in family because it was highly sensitive and obviously became a subject apprehensions here in calexico. of great controversy and some huge numbers n. this local
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criticism and understandably so community, there is a great deal because the full unredacted of concern that president trump report was put on the internet might use this trip to announce he was shutting down the border. by the vote, fairly substantial we know that president is not majority, but a lot of minority going to do that, at least for votes saying, don't do this. now, because he says mexico has why? among other things, privacy stepped up the border interest, things that didn't apprehensions over the last few need to be revealed in order for days. in fact, charles, at this the american people to understand, did the president roundtable, he thanked mexico for doing its part. we don't have hard numbers in commit perjury? yes. obstlukz of justice? terms of exactly how many yes. you don't have to put in unnecessary things. migrants and family units mexico what bill barr briefly is doing, turned around. president trump seeming happy as i see it, he's following the and positive with what mexico is law. he restated that. doing and he's giving them one he wasn't trying to say here is a summary of the mueller report. year to continue doing this or do more or else he says he will he's doing what the governing slap tariffs on auto imports. regulations, charles, specifically and expressly if that doesn't work, then he require, would close down the border. that would have devastating economic toll on this border community and all over the u.s., charles. >> charles: good thing mexico is stepping up to the plate so far. the thank you very much. now this, former vice president
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joe biden today making a joke about hugging after several newday's operation home lets veterans buy a home women accused him of unwanted affection. david is in washington with the latest. david. >> charles, good afternoon. today was biden's first public appearance since the women came to light accusing him of inappropriate touching. he wasted no time addressing it in washington. the moment he took the stage, biden created president of the electrical workers with a hug. >> joe biden: i want you to know i had permission to hug lonny. i don't want you to have to stand, but -- by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> that was biden greeting the children in the audience, he advised them on stage, the former vice president was in friendly territory today speak nothing front of unions for decades. he spent majority
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where he would like america in the future. biden was asked about more women coming forward. take a listen. >> joe biden: i wouldn't be surprised, i've had hundreds of people contact me, who i don't know and say the exact opposite. look, it is -- it aware that any woman or man who feels uncomfortable should have the right to say hey, i was uncomfortable. >> when asked if he will apologize to the women who have come forward... >> joe biden: i'm sorry, i didn't understand more. i'm not sorry for my intentions or anything i've ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. not the reputation i've had
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since i was in high school, for god's sake. >> will he run for president of the united states? he says he will make a decision soon. he took his time looking like he wanted to say something, but wouldn't elaborate as he walked away. charles. >> charles: thank you very much. the president set to take his first look at something that southern border has never seen before, a 30-foot wall, as soon with no down payment and no closing costs. as we see the president, we'll now there's no reason to rent when you can buy. take you to the wall immediately. here is something else going on. the number going up. the number of jobs, the economy is adding. ,rjevr÷)wudx
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>> charles: stocks gaining as jobs bounce back in march. this is president trump delivers message to the fed. fox business network susan lee keeping track of it all. >> susan: march hit a perfect pitch for wall street. why, you ask? we saw job growth of 196,000, more than anticipated. more importantly, it alleviates recession concerns after dismal february that saw 33,000 jobs created. the u.s. added on average 180,000 jobs in the first three months of last year. that is down from last year, but in line with 2017. wages continue to rise above 3%,
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which makes americans feel richer, also encourages spending, especially with wages going up faster than inflation, that is important for people earning lower income because they can afford more. jobless rates close to historically low unemployment rates for african americans, hispanics and asians. big month for healthcare and need for ambulance drivers, professional jobs like engineers and accountants, tech jobs went up, so did food, beverage and construction. manufacturing saw job losses of 6000, this is after blistering 2018, which was the best year for manufacturing jobs in over two decades. despite the strong month in hiring, president trump is not satisfied, arguing the economy would do better with lower interest rates. >> pres. trump: i personally think the fed should drop rates.
1:17 pm
i think they really slowed us down. there is no inflation and they income, rather than helping should get rid of tightening. those who work hard to succeed. you would see a rocket ship. >> charles: the billionaires coming out and saying dissing >> susan: a rocket ship. president trump has not been shy capitalism, jamie diamond talked of disapproval of fed chairman about america's flaws and there was a list suggesting that form powell yesterday confirming he is nominating a pizza chain of capitalism could lead to revolt in this country. owner herman king, along with >> foster friess: i think they are still young. steven moore and both believe in you cannot have the american lower interest rates which would dream without creating income be better for the u.s. economy. inequality. it is just, you want someone to charles. >> charles: rocket ship, i like flip burgers in a fast food that. thank you very much. store and say i can do this. president pushing for rate cuts, he starts one store, suddenly could this be sign he is worried has 20 and goes public and he's about what is ahead? created income inequality, that is what income is all about. the challenge is not to tear down those who succeeded, but danielle, what do you think? one breath administration take those on the bottom and those who are wealthy to create touting how great the economy is the opportunity for that ladder doing, the other, they want up that we enjoyed from other more. >> you know, the president went people. >> charles: i love what you so far as to say we needed said, few people will say that
1:18 pm
you need income ineshg kwality. quantitative easing, that is one what about the ladder to success? some say that is broken. step beyond quantitative ending >> foster friess: i don't see and taking interest rates back that. we have tonight 106 young down, something tells me students who excelled in high somebody in the administration school and are getting 20,000, is looking at the end trails of today's jobs report and what they are seeing is starting to 25,000 who have come frighten them because bulk of unbelievable adversity. and president of the class jobs created are part-time or getting straight as. industries that are low paying. if you look back to last june, to today, we've seen 43% decline in high-paying jobs. somebody in the administration has to be taking fright of this because consumption makes our >> i think you get to know economy go round. charles payne well and hope you >> charles: that is way of looking at it, i feel there is invite me back. you go in greater depth on it. something different by both we have to use social media to political parties in the sense they are looking at federal let people know when people reserve ability to print throw out terms, they got to trillions of dollars out of thin think about it carefully, income air. yeah, maybe why don't dow it to inequality results from the american dream and so the way we save the banks and deal and help deal with it, by helping those the economy. this fed would slow the economy in the four rungs.
1:19 pm
down last year for no reason. >> you are the personification >> well, everybody likes a of it. rocket ship and we've had a good luck with your event and i hope the congresswoman shows up. rocket ship from 2009. folks more on president trump's 10 straight years of this trend. visit to the border, next. it is not changing any time soon, this close to making new all-time highs again and full recovery that happened every time in history until it doesn't, take distance of that sell-off, add to old high, look at 3400 in the s&p, 17% higher. i don't view this as negative, val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... it is someone talking their book. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. they want the best performance out of the stock market they can oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... get. ...dealing with today's expenses... this is the same people looking college... for interest rate hikes in 2015. ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? you got to understand what they say and do is two different um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? things. it was surprising for the yes! oh hey, son. markets. next week is a big week, we get earnings and will push through and make all-time highs once yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to again. >> charles: i've been watching and through retirement. wage gains. overall, six months in a row,
1:20 pm
monumental move, for nonsuper vised blue collar workers, eight months in a row, good news, the fed will not stop that. middle america getting a raise, that says something. >> it does, charles. bulk of jobs created in march were in eating, drinking and getting sick sectors, these are indeed blue-collar type of positions. fastest wage gains nathat segment, we've seen confidence among cohort of americans increase in much faster pace than that for people who make more money and/or are in the professional sector. but again, 40% of spending in this country attributable to earners, 60% attributable to top 40% of earners. we can have wage gains you are see nothing lower earning segments, charles, but we have to have everybody spending, including those who make the most. >> charles: the rich are holding
1:21 pm
on to the money in case the democrats win in 2020. before i let you go, market had a fantastic session, almost every sector was up out of the s&p, 460 names up for the ye of widespread the rally has been? >> strong breadth, opportunity exists in energy sector. the that is catalyst to kick the market into high gear again. the if you look at crude oil, above the halfway points of sell-off. that happened in january there has been a lag, that is next catalyst to the upside. let's talk about the fed remaining independent, that is why we're here standing on nice stable ground. >> charles: both parties want to take over the fed. thank you both very much. former vice president joe biden may have made a lot of jokes today, 2020 democrats, did he >> trial that will judge his
1:22 pm
show why his likely candidacy is nephew, but the kennedy family no laughing matter? itself. >> joe biden: i just want you to >> i expected it. know i had mermission to hug >> it is not a story, it's true. >> watch on fox news channel. lonny. i had permission. [applause] >> charles: the president just arrived at the border wall, >> joe biden: i don't know, man. border patrol union chief brandon judd, will join us live tomorrow 10 a.m. the market up 40 points today, another fantastic week in the five that starts right now. >> hello, i'm jesse watters, along with emily, juan williams, dana perino and tyrus. this is "the five." >> you are looking live at
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calexico, california, where president trump is inspecting a new section of the wall being built in california. he is continuing to make border security his top priority. the president threatening to take bold action to stop a new surge of illegal immigration. trump giving mexico a one-year warning to fix the crisis or he'll hit them with tariffs and may even shut down the
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>> joe biden: i want you to know i had permission to hug lonny. [applause] >> joe biden: i don't know, man. the >> charles: president biden, first we've seen him since allegations surfaced, he hit it head on with humor. i'm sorry, former vice president biden decides to hit it with humor, many are wondering if that is the right decision. david, i didn't mean to elevate your guy to president just yet. emily, let me start with you, some people were taken aback, he
1:26 pm
had a couple jokes about hugging and things like that. you think this is the right way to approach this? >> there is a big difference between the way his joke was in the room and on twitter. i saw pieces on cnn, and "washington post" saying he failed his post-controversy test. this was his first appearance since yesterday. i think the people joe biden are trying to appeal to are not offended by him making light of this. he has not apologized for what he actually did. he said his intentions were pure, never had ill intentions. i don't think people are upset by him making light of it. they think he's been doing this in public for years, he's never had bad intention, he will make light of it. i don't think it will hurt him with the votes he's courting.
1:27 pm
>> charles: it was interesting he took back the apology, drew a line in the sand with apologizing saying he doesn't apologize for his intent back then. i got to wonder if someone said enough of the apology tour. >> to be quite honest, charles, i'm appalled how he's acting about this. he comes forward saying he will take this seriously and makes jokes about it. making jokes about consent is not funny and many others do not think it is funny either. by him coming forward saying i'm not sorry for anything i've done, that is a bold statement, i don't think people will be happy about. when it comes to people coming forward saying joe biden, you made me uncomfortable, you touched me in ways i didn't feel comfortable. he is saying he is not sorry, he should be sorry if that is how he made people feel. >> charles: he seemed to struggle with more than this issue, whether he was liberal or
1:28 pm
progressive and what liberal and progressive means. he stumbled pretty hard there. again, he's trying to say i'm distinctive, not the new crop of democrats. at the same time, i would like to get that energy. does that work for progressives in your party? >> look, i think frankly that is the bigger issue for joe biden than this question about these things. he hasn't been credible accused of anything very serious here. i would say that is the bigger issue because well, he is by many standards a progressive. democratic party since he's been out of office and he's been in political time, out of office quite a long time. he has really, i think, the party moved in a different direction and hasn't had to take a stand on these issues. he developed views outside of the fire of the democratic party and i think it is questionable whether or not his definition of progressive is the same definition that people in the rest of the party have. >> charles: he tried to merge
1:29 pm
them today, emily, it was clumsy and heavy-handed. speaking of apology, spent all of next week apologizing for being older white guy and going against the new democratic party. >> yeah, he absolutely did. i think what we're seeing is joe biden who doesn't know whether he should go full throttle in this progressive lane or if he should try to do both, try to balance it out, if he should try to apologize. a lot of progressives, people he need to talk to -- >> charles: let me interrupt, president trump is taking questions now, let's take a people with criminal records asking for asylum, it doesn't work that way. we have a full system, nothing we can do. thank you very much, everybody. [applause] >> charles: pick up there and if we can, i just again president trump is at the border, he's going to look at stretch of wall
1:30 pm
30 feet high and also help magnify the issue there. i want to shift gears for a moment, emily, president trump going to southern border to highlight the issue because of course the press, i don't think will truly ever articulate or show it in the way it is. do you think this is a good idea? >> absolutely. i think the more he can bring cameras and the more he can bring exposure to what is actually happening at the border, which is different from the mainstream media narrative for the past five years, the more his message will pack a punch. it will be powerful. we've done good reporting at the federal level. talk about the crisis at the border, there is a crisis at the border, all you need to do is go there and see for yourself. a president bringing cameras, getting attention of the press down there will help him. >> charles: one is disputing it is a crisis, particularly with surge in numbers and more specifically, families and children. you know, will this or could this be a moment perhaps to spur
1:31 pm
authentic movement the on capitol hill on this issue? >> i sure hope so. across this country, people are happy with the president's commitment to this issue, commitment to safety and security of the american people. something they felt congress should have been committed to for many decades. i hope moving forward congress can come together and stand behind the president on this. go to the border or look at statistics regarding drugs and everything else coming across the border, not just about the people, it is about what comes across the border and how it affects states. people are losing lives. focus on this in the appropriate way when it comes to reporting. >> charles: thank you very much, appreciate it. you've heard about the democrats who voted against release of the star report then, but are pushing for release of the mueller report now. does ken starr see hypocrisy? we'll ask him. he is next. xes of twizzlers...
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>> president trump wrapping up roundtable on border security and heading off to see a 30-foot border wall in calexico, california, something he just said that will be in the headlines tomorrow, after this. s buy a home with no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. and newday can say yes when banks say no. why rent when you can buy? i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet
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1:36 pm
them to read. they are gang members. they say, i fear for my life, they are causing fear for life. it is a scam, okay. it's a scam. it's a hoax. i know about hoaxes, i just went through a hoax. >> charles: president trump moments ago on the crisis at the board border, ahead of looking at the wall. how do you think president trump is handling this situation? we know it is a crisis, everyone admits it, even jay johnson from the obama administration. he's in a position. >> largely well. the border security is first step in having immigration reform in this country. you can't have a system where we have people pouring in to take advantage of our country and catch up and have daca, and 2.0, 3.0, daca for kids across the border today. you have to have regular orderly entrance into the united states if you want immigration reform,
1:37 pm
that must be the first step. the president fought for the wall, i think the wall is effective piece of border security. >> charles: we heard him talking about the asylum system, gang members have lawyers waiting for them. everyone knows how to game the system here. a lot of folks are saying that is the ultimate problem because whatever the word is out and that is why we have such a large influx.
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