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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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republican jewish coalition in las vegas, touching on foreign thanks to my panel, thanks to all of you for watching. policy, the economy and his efforts to stop illegal hope to see you right here next the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the president says his week. threat to immediately close the ♪ southern border has paid off by ♪ arthel: president trump delivering a rousing speech before receptive crowd in las prompting mexico to detain more vegas this afternoon as he asylum seekers before they make addressed the republican jewish it to the u.s. he also slammed the entire coalition during its annual immigration system. >> the asylum program is a scam. meeting. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside of america's news headquarters, i'm you look at this guy, you say, arthel neville. wow, that's a tough cookie. eric: i'm eric sean. [laughter] i am very fearful for my life. including the booming economy, trade, the continuing crisis at southern border and the defeat of the isis caliphate. also reaffirmed the important relationship between the u.s. and israel calling the jewish state our most significant middle east ally. the president speaking about the ongoing unrest in the region.
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>> we have now imposed to toughest ever sanctions on the iranian dictatorship and it was not the same when i took power but i would love to see peace in the middle east. eric: alicia acuña where the president spoke this afternoon, hi, alicia. >> hi, eric, yes, the president began his speech saying the relationship between the united states and israel has never been stronger, the crowd here cheering the presidential -- the president's controversial decision to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem especially recognizing as the capital of israel and sovereignty over the golan heights but before things got underway, protestors interrupted the with chanted and occupier in the middle east. in response, in his speech, president trump reminded the audience of his decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal that's year.
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>> they we wanted to kill israel, they we wanted to destroy israel. and maybe you could explain to the young man that just got taken out what it means when a country shouts as they are signing the deal death to israel, maybe you could explain that to him. >> we are seeing the president actively correspondent the jewish american vote blaming democrats for recent growth and ant semitism in the u.s. and around the world. he also moved into familiar campaign say nothing major political party has been more outside the political mainstream than today's democrats. >> they've become the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, which hunts, and delusions.
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>> and, eric, as for 2020, he says he's one for one on political races, he wants to be 2 for 2, eric. eric: according to this crowd he's a repeatedly as chai chanted 4 more years throughout the speech so looks like e had support. thank you, arthel. arthel: president trump started trip in california where he inspected border fence there. the president today warning méxico of severe consequences if mexican officials don't take measures to stem the flow of illegal immigrants traveling through. >> democrats are also pushing for a thing, if you can believe this, open borders, they want open borders, they want people -- we are on pace to apprehend more than a million illegal migrants this year. arthel: casey steigel, live in
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el paso with more. >> hey, arthel, good to see you, although talk of closing the entire border with méxico at least his ban tabled for now with the president, it does not mean business as usual in a lot of the border communities. let me get out of the way and take a life look at what would normally be a pretty busy time at the bridge of the americas, one of the busiest crossings for commercial traffic in the region, though not today, customs and border protection forced to close cargo lane tons one bridge because they said they didn't have enough resources to keep the regular saturday hours and instead the 18 wheelers must enter the u.s. on neighboring bridges and take a look at this new video coming in as was actually shot over from the juárez, méxico side and puts into perspective how long
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the line is, 18-wheelers stacked up for miles on the mexican side wait to go get into the united states. wait times of more than 10 hours, experts tell us the ripple effect it is going to have on our economy will be quite far reaching, listen. >> you have electrical components for manufacturing plants that are required to do whatever it is that they are building, you've got agricultural products, food stuff, food that has to be preserved, you know, refrigerated, any delays in that obviously affects the -- the produce, it affect it is freshness, it affects the prices, the commodity. >> there have been serious economic fears raised over what is shutting the border down could mean because méxico is the third largest trading partner with the united states and it is the largest supplier of agriculture products like fruits and vegetables but president trump adding that he does not
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play games and that he is not afraid to close the border down, he will do it but he wants to give méxico one year an opportunity, arthel, he says to help them -- help them -- help stem the flow of illegal trafficking into the united states. back to you. arthel: live there in el paso, texas, casey seigell, thank you. eric: the president also continued to defend himself during the speech, this is attorney general william barr is we are told working on releasing a redacted version of the mueller report. that expected in the next few weeks. the president tweeting, quote, i have not read the mueller report yet even though i have every right to do so, only know the conclusions and on the big one, no collusion. likewise, recommendations made to a great ag who found no obstruction. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> this battle over redactions
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is really the next big fight over the special counsel's investigation. this week the house judiciary committee authorized the subpoenas for the full mueller report without any redactions which is what they are demanding attorney general william barr provide to congress. that is not likely to happen because barr has said he's legally required to take out sensitive information such as classified info, grand jury testimony and any material that is relevant to ongoing investigation. despite that, a number of democrats suggesting that barr may actually be trying to protect the president by removing damaging information from the report. let's understand that we have committees that deal with classified information every single day with the protection of our country. they are quite capable of reading this memorandum and report without having the attorney general redact it. the question is, what does the attorney general afraid of that the public might learn by
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providing this report unredacted to congress to committees that deal with confidential information on a regular basis? >> president trump also fighting democratic efforts to get tax returns. this week chairman of ways an means committee asking 6 weeks of trump's personal and business tax returns as part of oversight of the agency. on friday one of the personal attorneys slammed the request as setting a dangerous precedent and urged the irs not to comply until the -- the justice department weighs in writing in a letter, it would be a gross abuse with power as weapon to attack, harass and intimida -- intimidate, the irs has not commented on the request but democrats gave the agency until upcoming twoans provide documents and likely hear more about this on tuesday when the irs commissioners scheduled to
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testify on capitol hill, arthel. arthel: all right. eric: thanks, by the way we will have analysis of the demand for the president's tax returns about -- about half an hour or so so you don't want to misthat, arthel. >> i think it is incumbent upon me and everybody else to make sure that if you degrade someone, touch someone, it's with their consent regardless -- arthel: that's former vice president joe biden defending himself after accusations emerged of inappropriate touching, the controversy comes as speculation continues on whether he will launch a 2020 bid for the white house. ellison barber has more now from washington, ellison. >> first public event since several women came forward and said they felt uncomfortable with interactions with former vice president joe biden, vp
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seemed to make light of the allegations saying at least twice he had permission to touch others on stage. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie, by the way he gave me permission to touch him. [laughter] >> biden made remarks on friday during speech at the international brotherhood of electrical workers shortly after lucy flores, first woman to come forward and say biden behaved in a way that made her feel uncomfortable, tweeted it's clear biden hasn't reflected at all and how unsolicited touching made women uncomfortable. to make light of something degrades the conversation. women everywhere are courageously trying to have. former vice president biden did not directly apologized to the women that have spoken out against him, at least 7, he told reporters he feels bad if he
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made someone feel uncomfortable. >> are you sorry for the way -- >> i'm sorry i -- i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done, i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. >> for now it does not seem like the allegations are hampering biden's political ambitions and close to deciding whether or not he will run for oval office in 2020. >> i am very close in making the decision, hold up, putting everything together, man. putting everything together. it's my intention, the last person out. >> president trump weighing in controversy by tweeting this video. critics say the president is not in a position to point fingers, he has been accused of much worse. back to you guys in new york. arthel: all right, ellison, we will take it back here, thank you very much ellison barber. eric: president trump again warning of the immigration crisis on our southern border
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amidding continuing flow of migrants that officials say are overwhelming government facilities, so what is likely to happen and how would this issue become the forefront of nation's mind, how would it affect the 2020 elections, we will take a look, plus, have you heard about this, string of fires at historically black churches in one state raising a lot of red flags, we will have latest on that investigation straight ahead. >> places like this of worship are not just building of god, these are buildings that people worship in on a regular basis, weddings here, funerals here, there's been children who were raised here and i take that ver seriously.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. arthel: federal authorities are now joining the investigation into destructive fires at three historically black churches in louisiana, the churches are located in st. landry parish, investigators say they were all burned within 10 days. >> certainly the fires are suspicious. we are treating them, we treat them like a crime scene from the beginning as we gain information. much question about the relation, no coincidence that 3 fires occurred in short period
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of time. >> north of the we are swea was also deem -- seemed to be intentionally set. >> there's never been so many people coming up and that's because they are gaming the system and the system has changed for the worth because of what happened with democrats and what they've done in terms of congress. so if we change the laws it'll be very easy but in the meantime méxico, if they stop the people from coming in, we won't have a lot of people coming at the border. eric: president trump, of course, speaking with fox news yesterday on the border. this is as he continues to make the case to solve the crisis that continues there. the president traveling to california yesterday to tour a revamp section of the barrier fencing after this week backing up the plans to close the border for now, the president issuing one-year warning to méxico to stop the illegal crossings or he says he will place tariffs on cars that are made in that country.
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also talked about immigration there, joining us jeff mason, white house reporter for reuters. jeff, always good to see you, the president did have warm words for méxico this afternoon at least in efforts to try and enforce their southern border so the caravan don't form in the first place, do you think the administration policy can actually hammer that and get that through to méxico to try and stop some of the caravans before they even arrive here? >> well, that's the theme that the president has been using for the last couple of days since initially threatening to close the border about a week ago, he did say in the last few days and as you say he repeat again today that méxico has been doing a good job in dealing with some of the migrants coming at its own southern border but repeated threat that if that does not continue, he would do one of two things, at the end of this week, was that he would put tariffs on cars coming out of méxico and
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the other threat is restatement of what he said which would be to close the border, now, there was a lot of opposition that idea from people within its own party after he made that threat and that's one reason that it sounds but he backed off although he says he did not back off but that was certainly one of the aspects that people were looking at last week after making that initial threat. eric: during speech afternoon, he pointed to the numbers, a hundred thousand or so every month, more than a million expected this year. i mean, 1 million, in fact, just a few days ago 2,000 caravan of 2,000 showed up at the border at eagle pass, texas, 49 buses, so this is just continuing. i mean, the president is speaking out about it. do you see any movement in capitol hill to concretely address this further? >> well, i think that the president will certainly continue to make it an issue and his people are no doubt working as well with folks on capitol hill, it's hard for me to predict what sort of legislation
2:20 pm
cutting off illegal immigration although it's worth noting that a lot of the people who are coming through the border are not coming sort of in the middle, they are going through actual checkpoints and turning themselves in, but that is leading to the system being overwhelmed and the president is hoping that that message will stem the number of people coming through whether it's legal checkpoints or not. eric: it is legal, of course, to claim asylum and that's part of the argument and he said, he reiterate what had you just said that we are full during the speech this afternoon. let's listen to what he said. >> get out, sorry, get out, sorry, can't handle it.
2:21 pm
and i told my people yesterday, our country is full. we are full. our system is full, our country is full. can't come in. our country is full. what can you do? we can't handle it anymore, our country is full, can't come in, i'm sorry, it's very simple. never before has a major political party been more outside the american mainstream than the democrats of today. eric: clearly he says and the officials say that the system is overwhelmed. >> the country is not full, but the system is struggling and even the president and others have cited the fact that president obama's homeland security cabinet secretary, the secretary jay johnson has also recognized that there was a -- that there is, rather, crisis at the border, so there is bipartisan recognition of the fact that the numbers coming in is overwhelming the system. but there's not bipartisan agreement on how to deal with
2:22 pm
that and that leads to implications for the 2020 election. you have seen candidates address that, there's a very big politically between democrats and republicans about the message they want to send to americans, immigrants, to the rest of the world about what this country is and how we deal with immigration. eric: finally, one issue of asylum, people legally seeking asylum, political persecution and crime, the president ridiculed that process saying basically, lawyers tell them to tell our border patrol officers what to say in order to get into the country under the asylum claim, let's listen to what the president said about that. >> some of the roughest people you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc, they read
2:23 pm
little page given by lawyers that are over, the lawyers, they tole them what to say. you look at this guy here, wow, that's a tough cookie. i am very fearful for my life. [laughter] >> i am very worried that i will be accosted. if i'm sent back home, hen he will do the accosting. eric: do you any modifications in the law as it now stands? >> the president doesn't have any patience for people coming into the country when he see it is fact that the system is overwhelmed. that said, i know that there are people laughing at what he said in the room but it's not a laughing matter for a lot of people who are are applying for asylum in the countries they are coming, creates a real dilemma for the united states in terms of what the system can handle. i think politically speaking and we touched on this a little bit before, it suggests that the president is going to continue
2:24 pm
hammering on this issue as he goes into the 2020 election and democrats will be hammering right back. eric: former president of white house correspondent, thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. arthel: well, eric, 2020 democrats standing across the country bringing their message to voters, live with more from the campaign trail, plus secretary of state mike pompeo warning russia, the u.s. will not tolerate moscow's intervention in venezuela. >> i haven't seen any evidence that they start today move out. the risk that it will get worse before it is better, we have made very clear that the costs will be high.
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our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. arthel: democratic hopefuls are holding dueling rallies, beto
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o'rourke, senator bernie sanders both in iowa today while others making stops in new hampshire. meanwhile ohio congressman tim ryan officially launching his campaign with a rally in youngstown, our jeff paul has more now from our bureau. hi, jeff. >> ohio is now coming into the picture with congressman tim ryan officially launching campaign today with a rally, ryan who announced bid on thursday walked out to a crowd holding signs with phrase, our future is now, spoke to reporters in city of youngstown where he played the fact that he's from the midwest and help unit the democratic party and american people on his working-class background. >> the politicians and presidents, they don't have power. they hold power and just maybe, just maybe the person that can help heal that he is wounds is a
2:30 pm
working-class kid from a working-class family, from a working-class community that will go work his rear end off for the american people. [cheers and applause] >> senator bernie sanders in iowa today, he's hosting town hall discussion with voters, sanders like other presidential hopefuls also spent time in new york this past week speaking at national action network conference but during his town hall today in iowa he didn't shy away from the fact that democrats lost that state in 2016. >> i recognize that i am in a state that donald trump won. i hope people who had voted for donald trump pay attention not to what he says, he lies all of the time, but what he actually does. >> senator kirsten gillibrand is in new hampshire today hosting town hall, he hosted a meet and
2:31 pm
greet, arthel. eric: the trump administration, terrorist organization, first time washington formerly attach it is label to another nation's military, iran, of course, is listed as state department's number one sponsor, state sponsor of terrorism in the whole world. jonathan hunt has more from jerusalem. >> eric, this is the latest in a series of tough measures the white house has taken since president trump decided a year ago to pull out of president obama's nuclear deal with tehran. designating iran regard irgc as terrorist organization marks the first time that u.s. has labeled a foreign country military in such a way.
2:32 pm
the policy has been pushed by secretary of state mike pompeo and national security adviser john bolton who seem to put pressure to an organization that runs iran's security and has wide economic and political power inside the country. it's been welcomed by republicans including nebraska senator ben s -- sasse, have ben terrorists for a long time and this would greatly expand our ability to roll back iran's ability to fund and export terror abroad. but critics say it could lead to the targeting or retaliation against countries like syria or iraq where forces are acted, secretary of state telling
2:33 pm
reuters, the irgc is already fully sanctioned and the escalation absolutely endangers our troops in the region. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joe dunford has also reportedly cautioned against the move nevertheless the white house is expected to announce the designation as soon as monday. eric. eric: all right, jonathan, thanks so much. arthel. >> president trump has assured that we have interest with venezuela, once rich nation, we will return them to that. i don't want to talk about options we are working our way through. the president is clear and the president clear maduro must work. we are working to deliver on each of them. arthel: okay, so that's secretary of state mike pompeo warning russia to stop propping up the maduro regime amid political crisis in venezuela, this comes as moscow has
2:34 pm
reported spent -- sent 100 troops to caracas. secretary pompeo says he must cease power to guiado. we are glad to have you here, sir. >> glad to be here, arthel. arthel: for context, though, as we discuss the new development, why is venezuela a geopolitical gem for russia. they over $10 billion that russians have invested there and payback for them what they perceive as american involvement in the ukraine, but the administration here is running the real risk of falling into a russian trap. the dynamics in venezuela are completely against the maduro regime and russian interest over the long-term. nearly every country in north and south america is supportive
2:35 pm
of guaido, sanctions regime in place, millions of people are starving, the regime is unpopular. the only way the russians can protect interest and maduro can survive if somehow the dynamic changes and how they would do that is by inserting russian troops and bait the u.s. administration into some sort of military intervention because the dynamics change not just in venezuela but throughout the region. then it becomes about yankee imperialism and yankee invasion. arthel: even still how much weight, john, does such a warning carry from secretary of -- secretary of state instead of the president of the united states, especially considering what seems to be a cordial relationship between president putin and president trump? >> not really, depends on how russians read the tea leaves of the administration. the real tell here and this would have a lot more weight if in fact, the u.s. were moving troops of
2:36 pm
military intervention which nobody in south america wants. history, john, of ignoring warnings in quest for territorial gain, so why would they heed a warning now? >> well, what they should do, kenny rogers was a wise man, no one to hold them and know when to fool them, ignore the russians, 100 troops only, only so they can protect maduro on increasingly military. the regime has to fall, i wouldn't fall for the trap here. >> why is it a trap? >> well, because the only way the russians and maduro regime can survive if they change the dynamic, currently, you know, there's -- currently the -- maduro regime is hugely unpopular, all but a couple of countries are oppose today maduro regime, eventually has to
2:37 pm
give way f we have to intervene that changes public opinion and that would give russians and maduro a fighting chance. arthel: with that said, does there need to be a lot of bite behind what secretary pomp bow say, does he have to, which he didn't, he doesn't have to tell the consequences at this point, do you agree where the secretary of state? >> i don't think they -- i don't think they should have said anything like that. i think that any remarks from the administration with regard to 100 troops in venezuela only serves russian interest and raises the stakes and make it more and more difficult down the road for the united states just to stand which would be the smart move. arthel: meanwhile you have maduro there fighting till the end to hold onto power and now russia is saying guess what, we are here for you, do you think that he will -- maduro, finally give up or just keep hanging on especially now that russia has
2:38 pm
emboldened him with the troop support? >> well, that's a great question. the russians sent 100 troops, most probably special forces, they are there for two reasons, ensure the physical safety of maduro and buff him up a little bit and secondly, it is to prevent maduro from cutting some sort of side deal where he could move on with associates and family members onto, you know, comfortable exiles but russians are having physical control over maduro, that's the darker side of the 100 troop deposits by the russians. arthel: what do they gain, acceptance to russia, maduro to russia? >> russians aren't willing to accept defeat here yet. they can be stubborn when they get involved, look at afghanistan in 70's and 80's, what the russians are trying to do, their only options are to bait the united states into doing something which would change the political and public pr dynamics inside of central
2:39 pm
and south america and win support for maduro by making him the champion of venezuela nationalism and defender against yankee imperialism. arthel: john, good analysis, we will see you next time. thank you. >> look forward to it. eric: man now in custody accused of threatening the murder of congressman omar, disturbing investigation ahead. comments are pouring in formal request to get president trump's tax returns, can they? our legal panel weigh in straight ahead here in fox news channel drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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2:44 pm
staff member, quote, do you work for the muslim brotherhood, why are you working for her? using profanity then called terrorist and threatened to kill her. arrested friday and faces 10 years in prison. >> section 6103 says that can taxpayer, public policy of public interest, clearly public interest and examining the extent to which the irs audits and enforces tax law on a president, that's an important question. >> that's democratic house ways and means committee explaining that they have right for tax returns.
2:45 pm
>> if request of president trump's tax returns is an abuse of the committee's authority, you violate the very law that chairman use to request these -- every american by law is protected against congress trying to seize their private tax returns for purely political reasons. this is the case in this request. eric: is that so, let's bring in legal panel, criminal defense attorney, assisted u.s. attorney, also michael jay moore in atlanta. let me start with you, alex. is this presidential harassment or do you think it's an appropriate investigation? >> the only reason tax returns are secret because congress passed law to make them secret. congress has authority and certainly have the ability to look at taxpayer's record.
2:46 pm
what's interesting it's not going to be released but makes clear it has to happen in executive session, can't be made public and certainly pretty important interest for congress to understand the president's finances and how the irs may be treating him differently than any other individual. eric: republicans say the only reason they want this stuff is russian hankie panky, money that shouldn't be there. >> you know, i think that's an interesting argument but i'd also suggest that that can probably be made about any oversight hearing or committee process that's going on in the hill in the last 50 years. they'll be some allegation that it was purely political. the tax law is pretty clear and what it says is that the irs, the secretary service shall give a report. it's not discretionary thing. the secretary shall give it when it's requested by certain individuals. in this case when you read
2:47 pm
statute, if there's interest and clearly is and the president, in fact, made it more interesting and he's told us about things, he's claimed he's been under audit because he has a lot money and he's made public policy issue out it from the beginning. eric: the law dates back to 1924 after scandal to try to make sure that >> now, congress has a lot more folks who are willing to leak but i don't know that that's -- this chairman would want to risk given the scrutiny that's being placed on the situation. it's more likely hearings, maybe more public investigations, but that's what's unique, not that congress requested but has to. president trump first modern president not to release tax returns voluntarily. if you're member of congress, party with the president, i
2:48 pm
think that should raise a lot of questions that you would want congress to get into and find out. eric: legal right, here is the letter that is sent to the irs commissioner. let me read you a part from that. the committee conducting oversight to federal tax laws including them but not limited to the extent to which the irs audits and enforces the federal tax law against the president. under internal revenue manual income tax returns of president are subject to mandatory examination, not necessarily for the committee to determine bill of any examination. critics can point rightly so, they are asking for tax returns previous to the point to when the president was elected as president, why don't they pick up the phone or write a letter and say, getting all the tax returns themselves. >> well, it seems to me that they've asked of the president and associated to tell us and copies of tax returns and he's
2:49 pm
had reason after reason not to do that, my guess is because he overinflated his financial position to the american people or maybe he's committed bank fraud by telling banks he had more money, he tried to get loans, who knows at this point. there must be something nefarious there. something that might be embarrassing to him. the statute says, the secretary shall do it. they've got to decide, do they want to give conservative or want to follow what they intend, you mention the law has been in place, typically the conservative position that congress makes the laws and elected representatives of the people are in charge of making the laws no matter how old it is. in this case congress we wanted to change it and make it discretionary and provide limitations there, they could have done that but they haven't done that. so even if the case is litigated and goes on supreme court, you people like the late justice
2:50 pm
scalia, justice thomas, folks that have made judicial philosophy that, you know, plain text that tells us what it says so i expect at the end of the day we will have to give returns and see what's there. eric: alex, quickly, yes? >> they will get the returns and the question is if you're not guilty don't act guilty and president trump once again has acted like he has something to hide. eric: we will see what happens when we get returns. arthel: victims of september 11th attack getting tribute, live there next luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit arthel: new edition to 911 memorial museum, part of new installation in honor of victim offense the terror attack, multiton monolith, jackie live at 9/11 memorial in downtown new york city with the latest, jackie. >> arthel, the glade is modification to 911 memorial specifically in remembrance of those victims who got sick and
2:55 pm
died in the aftermath. so many families the turmoil lasted for years, they were getting ill and dying and they had to prove that their illnesses were because of the toxins that they were exposed to on 911, this is for them. the memorial ramp that provided access during recovery period, today were installed symbolizing strength, hand-chiseled in vermont, each ways between 13 and 18 tons, installment required 600-ton crane. monoliths don't have names as list constantly changes since more people fall ill. more than 2100 people have died to 9/11-related illnesses. while this installment underway, new york lawmakers push to go get more funding for 911 victim's compensation fund.
2:56 pm
right now it doesn't have enough money to pay out current and suggested claims and drastically cut the payments, people who filed claims before february 1st of this year are facing a 50% cut and they are trying to get more funding. arthel: jackie, thank you, that does it for us, we are back here at noon eastern. eric:on we will never forget. run with us. search "john deere x300" for more.
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