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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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their asylum charge and we don't conversation on twitter at howard kurtz, i bet we will have have the facilities to maintain a lot about the interview with that population and so the giuliani, mueller, biden, we population is released into the will be back here at 11:00 eastern with the latest country and that's a key part of the president's complaint, but buzz. he's not in a position to really >> president trump ramping up do anything about it as long as rhetoric on illegal immigration defending his plan to seal the there's not the resources to southern border if méxico doesn't get tough on border make the legal system more security and asylum seek robust. erstwhile addressing the >> they have increase -- increased the number of immigration judges and according republican jewish coalition in las vegas. to department of justice, 92%, hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm 92% of asylum seekers do show up arthel neville. for court hearings, 72% they say eric: hello, thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean, all overall. comes down at the heels of the so don't we need some type of president's visit to u.s.-méxico crash program, a hundred thousand or so every month, the border along the border in president says more than a million knocking on our door at california. mr. trump says as many as 750 immigration officers officers ae the ports of entry for asylum and the backlog is getting reassigned to busiest border crossings this as wait times worse. >> well, what has happened the president needs to figure out a trucks from méxico to the strategy that he can stick with country, wait times have soared. for more than a week at a time and we look back at the
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acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney who spoke beginning of this last week, earlier today when interviewed everybody was talking about on fox news sunday. ports of entry being closed and >> the president's first would there be a shortage of responsibility is to defend the avocados and by the middle of integrity and safety of the the week the president was nation and we do believe and most folks start to agree with posing méxico for making bigger us that the situation on the effort for stopping migrants at border is a national security méxico's southern border and then by now, by saturday, the crisis. president was calling for a >> casey in the border of el paso, texas, the wait times stricter entry at ports of entry getting longer. again claiming that méxico is let's first go to ellison barber not doing enough and so there's live on the north lawn of the white house. sort of chaotic response that ellison. >> hi, eric, president trump says that our country is full doesn't really help the and continues to insist that there is an emergency on the president in addressing the u.s.-méxico border, you remember issue. president trump said last week that he would likely shut down >> and what does surprise more than 70% of asylum applications the u.s.-méxico border if mexico from 3 central american did not do more to stop the countries that are flooding here, they are denied but as you central american migrants that point out that could take years were coming into the u.s. to get to the process, eric, through méxico, there was a lot good to see you as always, eric. of pushback from lawmakers on both sides of the i'll saying
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that would be an economic >> eric, thanks so much. debacle and hurt a lot of arthel: secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. and china americans, the president changed are getting very close to a his tube on that a bit and trade deal as talks between the two countries continue u.s. walked that back, he said it wasn't necessarily because of the criticism, he, in fact, said negotiators saying there's still significant work to be done. that security was most important, more important than here is the secretary of state with maria bartiromo on the fox potential economic ramifications business network. here, he said that he changed his tune on that a little bit >> the challenges with china and because méxico was doing more, that méxico has stepped up. we are approaching each of them often part of broader the president says they've seen changes with méxico's behavior conversation asking them to engage in trade and conduct and in the past few days but he says closing the southern border is human rights. still an option on the table. arthel: gillian turner live in washington with more, hi, >> méxico has been great, the last 4 or 5 days have been gillian. >> china and the united states great. are set to continue those first time, first time. ongoing trade talks behind the scenes this coming week here in [applause] washington. >> at the heart -- and i don't the president's economic team mind closing the border, i tell getting a deal is now top of you, a lot of the fakeers back their list. there, they say he will never close the border. >> we have to have a great deal i don't want to do it but i'm on trade with china, a deal that okay with it. i will do whatever is necessary benefits american farmers and to stop an i vagues of our worker and technology and so country, this is what it is. forth and hopefully a deal that
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will help china. >> democrats say threats are the wrong approach here and that that deal has to be enforceable, president trump should be working with méxico as well as it has to cover all of the areas that are under discussion. countries in central america, the so-called northern triangle, >> senior american officials have been talking around the guatemala, el salvador and clock with chinese counterparts honduras where so many people the past few days, their top are coming from. priorities are technology listen here. >> i think the president threatening to shut down the transfers, intellectual property southern border, cut off the protections, tariff money from the northern triangle alternatives, services and which would only encourage more agriculture and trade enforcement, now, the u.s. and china have raised tariffs so far violence of the countries. on a hundreds of billions of think about why why moms are dollars in import and the u.s. has officially accused china of fleeing with children, they are terrified that they would be killed and raped. unfair trade practices and what parent would not do anything to protect their child? stealing secrets. number one critic in the past 2 >> border agent who is were years when it comes to unethical deployed, the president practices though he too is now described of surge of migrants. all in on the idea of a deal. president trump says as a result of the redeployment there there will be traffic and commercial delays but he insists this is >> we very much want to make a deal, we will see what happens. what needs to be done for very complex deal. security, president trump once again is calling on méxico to do maybe the biggest deal ever
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more and continue to do more as made. well as democrats on capitol great deal for farmers. technology, intellectual hill tweeting this in part, property theft, everything -- quote, until méxico cleans up ridiculous and massive migration we will be focusing on border >> negotiators plan to be in touch by phone this coming week security and not ports of entry, promising they'll be no let-up in the meantime democrats in in these negotiations. congress must help the republicans, we need their votes the stock market to be notice to end the horrible costly and meanwhile on friday soar to go new record high on the new foolish loopholes in our immigration laws. once that happens, we can never allow open borders. trade. eric: what a week it's going to be an capitol hill because tuesday lawmakers will get first eric. chance to publicly grill the eric: all right, ellison, we are on the subject all throughout this hour, thank you. attorney general about the arthel. arthel: eric, meanwhile border controversial mueller report patrol agents saying apprehensions along the southern border have reached record high summary. democrats will certainly try to ask about decision process that with more than 4,000 illegal went into the summary letter immigrants caught trying to when bill barr takes the chair cross into the u.s. in just one day last month. casey seigell live in el paso on tuesday. with the very latest, casey. push to investigate how the >> and arthel, this sector in russia probe started in the particular of el paso has really been getting slammed especially with the larger groups of first. migrants, mostly from central
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american countries arriving here looking for asylum, according to cbc numbers as of just last week in the one sector alone more than 70,000 apprehensions have been made now so far in fiscal year 2019, compare that to 9,000 oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! apprehensions for the same period of time last year. shoot the three! shoot the three!! you can do the math, 70,000 yessssssss!!!!!! versus 9,000 in a year, there's also been uptick in the number are you...ok? of unaccompanied minors taken no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. into custody here and the agents could we get some ice? themselves tell us that often just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. hits. >> it's hard not to take that home or especially see kids that are sick, see kids by themselves, seen 2-year-old, seen a 4-year-old by themselves crossing the border with no parents. >> meantime older sections of the existing fence or barrier i had no idea why my mouth was constantly dry. it gave me bad breath. that was put in under the secure it was so embarrassing. fence act are getting replaced now i take new biotene dry mouth lozenges with better materials or whenever i'm on the go,
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which is all the time. upgraded in certain vulnerable new biotene dry mouth lozenges. spots, this is construction of freshen breath anytime, anywhere. that video we shot. this is not new wall under president trump, again, infrastructure that was already paid for and was already built and in play, detention space also at a premium here in this particular sector, the satellite holding facility in el paso we are told is 280% overcapacity, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen toured the facility when she visited el paso here last week on her stop border tour before meeting up with the president on friday in california and all day new biotene dry mouth lozenges. yesterday on fox news you were telling me about the delays that the ports of entry, some of the [kno♪king] commercial traffic lanes, you heard the president warning the fact that it's leading higher wait times and reports that some people sitting in traffic more ♪ than 10 hours just to try and cross the border with products
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that are being imported in so this is having quite a ripple memories. effect all up and down the what we deliver by delivering. southern border. arthel. arthel: casey steigell, thank you, casey. eric: let's bring in columnist for washington examiner, eric, is there appetite in capitol hill to tighten immigration law we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy like president says are the loopholes being exploited? to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. >> you know, i don't think there is and i think this is because you see the president frustrated with capitol hill, frustrated saving you time for what you love most. with democrats in congress >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ moving to act on his emergency powers that he can claim and that play allow him to spend more money on the wall but at the same time it hurts his ability to then go back to capitol hill and say, let's work together on changing the asylum laws so that we no longer have laws that encourage people to get into the country, claim
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asylum and then kind of disappear in the country and never show up for asylum hearings that happened years later. so you have this problem of the president using his executive powers and the use of executive powers making it less likely that he that's he can get the biggest week in television is almost here. xfinity watchathon week. political cooperation to address starting april 8th, enjoy free access other parts of the problem. to the best shows and movies >> the president yesterday from hbo, showtime, epix and more. during speech really addressed the asylum laws, his what! whether it's more jaw droppers, administration has been tightening up or trying to, if standing o's upon standing o's you're the guardian or parent in or tv's biggest show stoppers. the u.s. already to get asylum get more into what you're into. and the president yesterday was get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. pretty scathing, he called asylum laws a scam and mocked xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. asylum seekers as ufc fighters. boop! >> the asylum is a scam, some of the roughest people you've ever >> conspiracy to lie to fisa court by numerous individuals seen, people that look like they that all need to be investigated should be fighting for the ufc.
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and looked at and we believe the [laughter] statute is a conspiracy statute. >> they read a little page given by lawyers that are all over -- you know, lawyers, they tell we are prepared to make those 8 them what to say. referrals this week, so the two you look at this guy, you say, on the conspiracy, the one on wow, that's a tough cookie. global leaks and then 5 that are more specific on lying, leaking i am very fearful for my life. and misleading congress. [laughter] >> that's ranking house intelligence committee member republican congressman devin >> i am very worried that i will nunes today on fox news sunday be accosted. saying he plans to send those 8 criminal referrals to the if i'm spent back home -- no, no, he will do the accosting. attorney general regarding the origins of the russia investigation this as mr. barr >> many seekers are women and children fleeing violence and prepares to publicly testify gang violence, does the before congress on tuesday and president have a point or is it give lawmakers first time to too harsh? grill the attorney general about >> well, he has a sense of how the mueller report and to entertain his audience controversial letter that certainly and the problem for summarized it. him is that the change of rules garrett tenney. either need cooperation of congress or cooperation the >> hey, eric, one of the top questions for attorney general how much of the mueller report judiciary and it doesn't seem he plans to release. that he's got either of those house democrats are demanding he release full report without any lined up and the way he's redaction, something that barr
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say it is law prevents him from doing but democrats continue to approaching the issue i don't think facilitates him getting suggest that the attorney general is viewing doj cooperation from the judiciary or capitol hill. guidelines protecting the president from damaging report in the -- eric: how does he -- let me give you statistics. these are pretty surprising too many people in fiscal year 2018, >> i think there's a real problem with politically-appointed attorney university said 65%, 65% of general who seems to have released 3-page report on the asylum applications are denied. actual mueller report, the only thing we've seen so far that now 69% from el salvador are denied, is seeming to not comport with overwhelming numbers. what mueller and his team actually prepared. 69%, guatemala even more, 75% in i think the main thing here is what is the president hiding, court. how do we make sure that we get everything that was produced. asylum seekers, once they get in >> the attorney general will court system according to are also be likely to ask about reports, letters to congress on bottom line finding, the president's behavior in a positive light than investigates denied. or found. does that back up the president's point? >> the question is what do you do about it and what you need to barr is facing pressure from do is make the court system more robust so that people can in a both parties, however, on fox
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timely fashion get a hearing by news sunday, acting white house chief of staff mulvaney say the court because at this point democrats are only out to get the president and nothing is it's taking satisfied until they are able to review them. >> if you give the democrats all 400 pages unredacted, that will not be the end, they will want another thousand pages, talk to witnesses themselves, it is not about getting to the truth and political show by the democrats because they don't like -- >> attorney general barr will be up on capitol hill tuesday and wednesday this coming week to testify on the budget for next year but questions about the mueller report are expected to be front and center in those hearings, eric. eric: fireworks and big headlines. arthel. arthel: more on this let's bring democratic congressman from california, house oversight committee and member of the new democratic coalition, congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
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i understand that climate change is on the agenda for your committee hearing on tuesday, what do you hope to accomplish and are you aiming perhaps to convince the doubters? >> yes, that's exactly the purpose of this committee hearing so we are going to delve into the history of climate change, what we know and when we knew it, the current situation that we are addressing with these greater natural disasters taking place hundred-year storms occurring on a regular basis, but most important what we need to do going forward to adequately address climate change so that future generations can have the same plan that we've all been accustomed to. >> congressman, when will your oversight committee get a chance to interview attorney general barr for the first time since he offered conclusions and when you get the chance, what do you plan to ask the attorney general, what would you like to hear from him? >> really before that i want to see the report and we have to remember congress just passed
9:13 am
bipartisan support unanimously yet the entire mueller investigation report be turned over to congress without redactions and also to be made public with appropriate redactions for classified information as well as grand jury testimony, so this is not a democratic initiative, again, bipartisan support. so let's get that report, let's see what it says and can decide what appropriate action should be taken if any and what questions should be asked of attorney general. >> and explain to us why why it is so crucial for the house oversight committee and other members of congress to get unredacted version of the mueller report and the underlying evidence, why is it so crucial? >> simple fact that the people of america want to see the truth and we shouldn't have a political appointee trying to create or redact information that could be relevant for all of us, each individual american making up their own mind as to
9:14 am
what has occurred based on the evidence and the investigative report being delivered. that's why we need to see it. >> congressman rouda, do you believe this is presidential harassment? >> no, this is oversight as required under the constitution of the united states of america. we are suppose today provide appropriate oversight into the administration which is what we are doing. remember, mueller is a republican who was appointed by a republican who was overseen by republican attorney general, so this is not what i would call harassment. i would say just the opposite, this is a very fair process and part of the process is making sure that that report is made available to congress as well as the public with redactions, appropriate redactions which by the way mueller has already done that in the report. that's part of the understanding here, why we have to wait. in preparation of this report,
9:15 am
mueller knows that he cannot have in the body of the agreement grand jury testimony and other things that need to be redacted or at least moved into appendix. the report was ready to be decimated to congress immediately. >> is this an extension of the, quote, mueller witch hunt as the president calls it because didn? >> i don't think it's a win or a lose. this is about what's right for our democracy and the president goes from calling it witch hunt to saying he was completely exonerated which the report, we haven't seen the report, page memorandum from the ag said that it was not -- he was not exonerated. so let's just get to the truth. that's all we are trying to do is understand exactly what's transpired because that's what our democracy is. keep in mind, the original purpose of the mueller report,
9:16 am
the investigation determine whether russians meddled in our election and the evidence is overwhelmingly yes. the the additional question was whether the trump administration was involved in that process, that's the part we still don't know because we haven't seen a report but with 37 indictments, 37 criminal charges and what's taking place we know that this investigation was right, it was the right thing to do and we need to do this to make sure our elections are fair and equitable. >> well, the four-page mueller -- four-page barr report, the letter, did say that his interpretation of the mueller report is that there was no collusion between russia and anyone on the trump campaign, but -- >> actually the word collusion is not used once in that memorandum. arthel: okay. well, that's the point. this is why you and congress want to see it to get to the bottom of it. here is the question, what is congress and the public never
9:17 am
gets to see the unredacted version of the mueller report nor president trump tax returns? at least not while he's in office, how would that render the state of congress and the country? >> the unfortunate thing would be that you would have a duh we can move forward and even if that ends up being the case, that additional investigations will continue, keep in mind we are quite capable of doing legislative obligations as well and we will do that. arthel: all right, congressman rouda, we appreciate your time on sunday with us and we invite you back again, thank you very much. >> thank you. eric: presidential race it is off and running and 2020 hopeful pete has gotten a lot of attention recently while he did a rally in washington today,
9:18 am
lgbt event there. plus, strong with relationship president trump. >> i stood with prime minister netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu, how is the race going by the way? who is going to win the race? tell me, i don't know. has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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eric: several democratic line-up hopefuls. has been trying to turn page
9:23 am
over controversy of long-time enthusiastic touching and hugging. jeffrey live with what's going on sunday on the campaign trail. >> hey, jackie, a busy weekend for 2020 hopefuls, 14 democrats announced bid so far and at least 3 more are still waiting in the wings including former vice president joe biden, the task at hand to pull away from the pack and make their individual plans to stand out, campaign stops are ramping up in early primary states like new hampshire and iowa. on the trail today former new york mayor bill de blasio in nevada who has still not declared candidacy, bernie sanders and beto o'rourke are in iowa. cory booker in new hampshire and mayor in dc, expected to announce bid this week. former colorado john hickenlooper in carolina. cast members made allegations from 7 women at least that
9:24 am
bidden made them feel uncomfortable with unwanted physical contact, also taken the heat for not directly apologizing instead he said that he'll be more respectable of personal space and made light of situation in conference. >> notable that the president has not apologized but apology tour is clearly not. i think we need to hear the words i'm sorry for how i made you feel come from the vice president. >> the newest contender to join the field is zeroing in on ohio. congressman tim ryan announced bid on thursday and spoke to supporters in youngstown. >> we have to make progress, here is the key, progress, we are going backwards, i'm old quarterback, you have to get first downs, we are going backwards right now. so we have to find issues we can unify around and pass them. >> other 2020 dems hit the
9:25 am
campaign trail including kirsten gillibrand in town hall. arthel: benjamin netanyahu facing a very tight election this week that's largely considered referendum on the prime minister, main challenger is army general turned politician head of the new reformed blue and white party. trey live with the latest, hey, trey. >> hey, arthel, with the israeli elections expecting twight race between benjamin netanyahu and his opponent. after campaigns were launched earlier this year, the two rivals have switched insults gone through numerous scandals and leveraged toilety to try and gain advantage, back in february israel's attorney general announced that prime minister netanyahu would be indicted on bribery and corruption charges. in the weeks that followed, papers across israel covered phone being hacked by iranians,
9:26 am
blue and white party or netanyahu of the party saw any major hit with poll numbers following scandal announcement. prime minister netanyahu has campaigned heavily on can you -- president trump and even putting out an ad, president trump did not endorse candidate when speaking last night at the republican jewish coalition in las vegas. >> it's going to be close. i think it's going to be close. two good people. two good people. but i stood with your prime minister at the white house to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. [cheers and applause] >> with the golan heights being recognized as part of israel by the united states, this was
9:27 am
clear nod that he would like to see him continue serving in his position. arthel. >> thank you very much. eric. eric: for more on what could happen on tuesday, andrew stein, chairman of democrats for trump and long-time jewish league. mr. stein, prime minister with bomb shell saying he will annex jewish settlements and friday interview he said, blunt my, quote, they'll be no palestinian state, do you think this is a hail mary in close race or affirming tough stance that is mr. netanyahu is known for? >> well, first of all i think that bb is going to win the election tomorrow and i think he state what had a lot of israelis feel, for security reasons they need the golan heights and
9:28 am
president trump has been fantastic in support of israel whether it's annex in golan heights, the president has been talking for years, recognizing jerusalem as the capital and the president did it. i think bb is going to win, it's going to be a close election, but eric, what gets me so angry is the democratic party now democratic party and the president has best record ever of any president on this -- on his moves on israel, so i would hope that a lot of -- a lot of the american jews instead of voting 70-odd percent for the democrats start voting for a guy who stood up for israel and been the best president that we've
9:29 am
ever had in terms of his support for israel. >> many democrats will take issue with what you just said with a couple of exceptions who have come under recent controversy, one having apologized and at the same time what we saw is prime minister is using with president closely with ads as well as speaking about it and what the president has done. do you think that could be a tipping point, the relationship between benjamin netanyahu and president trump, that could be the one point or half point that could actually make a difference? >> i think it will be. i think the united states support of israel is so important and under a -- under netanyahu, they have had such an incredible relationship and i think the fact that the president just supported the
9:30 am
annexation of the golan and moving the embassy to jerusalem, i think that strengths netanyahu's chance a lot in this election. whrer we are -- eric: the president very diplomatic. >> benjamin netanyahu, show the race going by the way? how is it? who is going to win the race? tell me, i don't know. it's going to be close. it's going to be close. two good people, two good people. eric: two good people talking about bennie gantz and netanyahu. finally, mr. stein, of course, we've had major leaders of country, churchill and fdr associated with the nation, benjamin netanyahu certainly in several times this should stick term, a couple years ago i
9:31 am
interviewed him on killing her brother, he was emotional, he suffered personal pain of his nation that his countrymen have gone through. listen to sound bite with the interview of prime minister when he talks to families of soldiers that have been killed. >> i have to say this was clearly the most difficult moment of my life. i've had a few but nothing like this. families grieved, soldiers who fall while defending the country, i tell them about this. i speak to them as part of family. eric: he's so identified with his nation.
9:32 am
>> well, you know, his brother jonathan was the only israeli soldier killed and i think a great patriot netanyahu, certainly not perfect, but i think he's going to win and i think his close relationship with president trump really helps him a lot because he's gotten results that few other prime ministers have had in policy with the united states, so i think that the fact that president trump has delivered for israel should make a lot of american jews and israelis support netanyahu. eric: all right, we will see what happens on tuesday, andrew stein in los angeles. >> thanks, eric. arthel: recently adopted in queens elizabeth have been
9:33 am
safely released. held them for several days. according to report authorities say a ransom was paid for the pair's release but it's not clear for how much, we are working to get more details and when we get those developments we will bring them to you for sure. eric: that would be good news if, indeed, that is the case, you know about the series of suspicious fires of churches down south, leaves community searching for answers, what investigators are saying about the string of troubling events. >> 3 fires occurred in short period of time, with everything that's being done to the maximum what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?!
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visionworks can do more than the right pair of glassesat. can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs of single vision glasses for $59 or two progressives for $99. and choose from over 500 frames. visionworks. we're here to help you. arthel: fbi joining investigation into series of church fires in louisiana, 3 historically black churches all
9:38 am
burning in span of 10 days, jeff following the story from west coast news room, hi, jeff. >> the fire marshal investigating saying it isn't clear if the 3 fires are connected. 3 fires in 10 days, all churches black congregation in louisiana perish. first fire on march 26th and since then 2 more have burned. authorities say they don't know what caused the fire but they are treating each one as crime scene. >> this is inconceivable. when you look at the churches, places like are not just building of god, these are buildings that people worship in , weddings here, children who were raised here and i take that very seriously. >> investigators say each church was over 100 years old,
9:39 am
thankfully at each of the sites no one was inside at the time of the fires but members of the churches are saying that they are worried about what could happen next. >> other people who churches are still standing, what we have to do to keep those places up and keep from destroying, ours has been destroyed. we don't want to continue to happen to somebody else. >> those attended the church say it's understating to lose their church but they still have strong going gas station of worshipers, we are hearing about various organizations stepping up to make sure they have temporary facilities to worship, arthel. arthel: very good, jeff paul, thank you. eric: another round of severe weather threatening millions of people in the south from texas to virginia, we will have the latest details on forecast straight ahead here on the fox news channel.
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eric: well, another round of severe weather slamming the south, hail to an area spanning from texas to mississippi. meteorologist adam klotz live in fox extreme weather center with the forecast, hey a dam. >> hey there, eric, we are talking about exact same system,
9:44 am
slow-mover unfortunately again, folks in same areas lining up to see more severe weather. we are looking at leading edge in portions of getting into western houston and downtown houston, large system that could produce 60 miles an hour, hail, real damage maker running all the way to portions at this point you're getting in western tennessee, memphis area seeing system also. real highlight where we are looking at orange, houston across portions of central louisiana, we could see this continue to linger overnight off towards the east as slow-moving system continue to work its way. future radar, really the heavy of this taking 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. tonight. monday morning no longer big concern. clouds 2 to 3-inches of precipitation and you can see down power lines in regions also
9:45 am
because of it. otherwise, eric, temperatures here for folks on this sunday, if you're not in that region, spring-like look here, spots in the 70's, 60's across portions of the country. eric: besides that, folks, be careful, almost nice spring day. arthel: thanks, adam. that does it for us, thank you for joining us, we will be back at 4:00. eric: news continues in washington and we will have a lot more on fox news channel after this break. . .
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>> no sign to end of thousands of migrants entering the southern border, president trump's team has a new message for congress. >> congress must act. the laws are what is acting as this gianting a net for these illegal i am my grants. congress has to change chase those laws, change those laws. >> democrats try to ratchet up the pressure on attorney general bill barr to immediately release the mull per report. the ag heads to capitol hill to testify this week. >> more fallout, including "saturday night live" parody for former vice president joe biden. will all the talk bun wanted touching keep him out of t
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