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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 7, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> no sign to end of thousands of migrants entering the southern border, president trump's team has a new message for congress. >> congress must act. the laws are what is acting as this gianting a net for these illegal i am my grants. congress has to change chase those laws, change those laws. >> democrats try to ratchet up the pressure on attorney general bill barr to immediately release the mull per report. the ag heads to capitol hill to testify this week. >> more fallout, including "saturday night live" parody for former vice president joe biden. will all the talk bun wanted touching keep him out of the 2020 race? ♪
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>> whether joe biden is in the race or not people are treating him like he is. arthel: they are. >> i miss the "snl" skit. >> that is option for you. america's news headquarters from washington. lime leland vittert. welcome back from the border. >> real quick to get my hands dirty on the border. >> you were next to the wall. we have video of president trump when he was there. any take away lessons? >> takeaway lessons our border security agents are dealing with a lot of issues. speaking with them first-hand you see what they're talking about. dealing with assaults and bricks from rocks thrown over shorter walls. >> 500 incidents? >> over last seven years. >> dangerous work. welcome back. >> president trump is back at the white house following his trip in the west. he doubled down on the national emergency declaration, cutting
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aid to central american countries. ellison barber is live at the white house with more. reporter: the president indicated we so see the border close as early as this past week. that did not happen. president trump says that mexico is now doing more to help but the president as well as his advisors are adamant that all options are still on the table. >> i'm fine with closing the border. a lot of these fakers back there, they say, he will never close the border. i don't want to do it. i'm okay with it. i will do whatever is necessary to stop an invasion of our country. that is what it is. >> the president's first responsibility is to defend the integrity and the safety of the nation. we would really do believe, i think again, most folks are starting with agree with us now, the situation on the border is a national security crisis. reporter: president trump traveled to florida last weekend. while there he told reporter would cut aid to the three
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central american countries, so-called northern triangle, honduras, guatemala and el salvador. they end the assistance for the countries at the end of the 2019. democrats say this is a mistake. that the border crisis is not a a national security crisis, but a humanitarian crisis. that he should work with mexico, not threaten them. the cutting funds to the central american countries when i will courage more migrants to flee. congress needs to describe what the president has described as asylum loopholes. president trump tweeted that his administration has quote, redeployed 750 agents at the southern border specific ports of entry in order to help with the large-scale surge of illegal migrants trying to make their
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way into the united states. this, the president writes, will cause traffic and commercial delays such as mexico is able to use its powerful common sense immigration laws to stop illegals coming from mexico through to the u.s. returning them to their country of origin. president trump was talking about likely closing the southern border said it would be an economic disaster hurting a whole lot of americans. the president walked back a little bit that timetable when he said he may do that we heard him yesterday in las vegas speaking to the republican jewish coalition. he sis that is still something he considers to be on the table. kristen? >> ellison barber. thank you. leland? >> congressional democrats doubling down wanting to see president trump's tax returns, demands for the full release of the mull per report are ramping up against several house investigations. garrett tenney with the latest.
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democrats don't want to let this go. reporter: member of both parties are fighting for the full mueller report released without any redactions but for very different reasons. democrats are looking for any dirt on president trump. many top democrats believe the attorney general may be protecting the president to take out damaging information from the report before it goes to congress. on the other side a number of republicans believe the special counsel's investigation was politically motivated from the get go. they want unredacted report to uncover how the probe began. today the top republican on house intelligence committee told maria bartiromo that he is sending eight criminal referrals to the justice department about alleged misconduct during the mueller investigation. >> we believe we have idea who the sources are behind these leaks. we don't know if the department of justice is looking at these. we believe there was conspiracy to lie to the fisa court,
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mislead the fisa court by numerous individuals that all need to be investigated and looked at. we believe the statute is the conspiracy statute. reporter: the fight over the president's tax returns was also a big topic on the sunday shows after the chairman of the house ways and means committee sent a letter to the irs this week requesting six years worth of trump's personal and business tax returns. republicans describe the move as purely political attack but democrats are defending it. >> the president said he would voluntarily share his tax returns. he refused to do today. all we're saying share the tax returns as you promised with the american peel and make sure you're following same resumes and laws as everyone else. reporter: this week on capitol hill will be a big one. the irs commissioner will be testifying and asked about president's tax returns. william barr will be on the hill tuesday and wednesday. he is expected to be bombarded about questions about the
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mueller report. >> he says this is litigated by taxpayers over the task returns. and that they will never seed president trump's tax returns. garrett, thank you. kristin. >> joining me republican pennsylvania congressman, ranking member of house ways and means committee congressman mike kelly. start with the mueller report and the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney was on "fox news sunday" this morning. he says he doesn't have much interest in seeing the full report. do you want to see it? >> i know there is a lot to the report. a lot of time was spent and lot of taxpayer dollars were spent on it. we have attorney general that walks us through these things. i have great faith in the system. i don't know that i have to personally see. i don't know many americans have the time to go through the report, start underlining things looking at things redacted. >> given the amount of time and energy spent on this special counsel's investigation, i think a lot of the american public is curious about exactly what's in
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it. aren't you curious to read the fine print? >> you know, when you say the american public is anxious to see this report, i think they're anxious to hear what is in the report but to actually see the report to try to go through it page by page would be pretty difficult. what we voted on in the house was to open up the mueller report so it could be looked at. i have no qualms about people looking at the report. there are some certain areas that probably should be redacted because of the different policies that we have instituted to protect private interests. that is what the mull investigation was all about. i have great faith that mr. mueller did his investigation the right way. if people want to see the report, we open up the report, i'm fine with that. i'm not going to push back. i think there is lot more in there people could possibly imagine. there is certain is things, there are privacy laws we still do embrace in this country. >> president trump got back from the border. one of his main messages while he was there it is now time for congress to act finally, once
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and for all passing a meaningful immigration reform, especially to close all of those loopholes in the immigration laws. what are house republicans doing now to try to do that, to try to actually get something done on immigration? >> no. kirsten i couldn't agree with president more. i've been in congress eight years. somehow we will do the reform of immigration. we never get quite to it, it is too politically advantageous in certain areas. first it was about daca, deferred action on childhood arrivals. we need this many. i give you twice that many. it was a nonstarter. congress has responsibility to come together to do it, look at good policy, opposed to politics intervening in the next election, any type of progress taking place right now. if it looks as a trump achievement or many somehow the president was able to achieve
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something about, one side no, we don't want to do that, we're getting close to to an election. to other side we're waiting some years to get it done. this is common sense. keep in mind all the border security, everything we're enforcing is from the previous administration. a lot of what the president is enforcing took place unpresident obama's administration. this idea somehow it is president trump is wrong. arthel: let me jump in here. i want to ask you about something filed in court yesterday. the trump administration wants up to two years to reunite some of these children with their families separated at the border. two years. are you okay with that? >> i don't know what the raw numbers are, look at masses of people coming across, they're coached ahead of time, when you get there claim asylum, a lot of people aren't with their parents. >> a lot were with their parents. a lot were separated. i understand that. kirsten, keep in mind, policies affected or enacted put in place
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was policy there before the trump administration came. all detention was based on previous administrations activities. how would you bring this about? i feel really horrible that anybody has to be separated from their children, children from their parents, i don't know how you handle volume taking place at our borders right now, say that we can do this in a full way? i know there is lot of human trafficking taking place right now. i have friends been to the border. you were at the border. it is a crisis right now. it is humanitarian crisis. arthel: it is a crisis, but the policy of separating children at the border was imposed by the trump administration. so, a lot of this now hangs on government to get families and children together. i have to leave it there. thank you, have you much. leland. >> from pittsburgh we move east in all important pennsylvania to the town of pittstown da. we find a congressman matt
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cartwright. appreciate it. >> thank you, leland. you're covering pennsylvania. it is important place. >> if kristin fisher had not run out of time with your friend and colleague she would ask about the president's tax returns. i will start with you. elaine's diner i hear is pretty good place in pittstown. when you go down there saturday, sunday are they talking about the president's tax returns. is this something they want democratic congress to focus on or are there other issues on their mind? >> no, they're focused on what the democrats are focused on, improving health care, making it more accessible, making it accessible with pharmaceutical medications, cleaning up our infrastructure, these are the goals of democratic house right now. that is what people are talking about at home. >> if those are the goals and so
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important, why spend so much time subpoenaing six years of the president's tax returns? you know will fight you on that. if you got other goals, why deal it it? >> sure, mick mulvaney was very clear as acting chief of staff at the white house they do not intend to release the tax returns. you're right, that is really hasn't been my main focus. main focus of many of the democrats but, you can walk and chew gum at same time. you can conduct oversight. and the fact that the president has said all along he was under dud did -- >> let's nail this down. >> this is different, it piques our interest what is in there, what do they have to hide? >> i'm confused about your message. to button it up before we move on. are you on record you're saying okay if the president doesn't release his tax returns or you think i had shut be required? >> i think it will be sorted out in the courts. >> i understand but where do you come down on this. >> i'm interested to see what is in there? >> you would like to see it.
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you think worth spending the time fighting that out? >> i was more interested now than i was a couple years ago. >> you think it is worth fighting that out. all right. continuing there in pennsylvania, something i'm guessing folks are talking about as they always do in the mornings, is the economy. toss-up unplent in the state of pennsylvania right now, historically since 2017 it was at 5.2% and has gone down as it has across the country since the president took office, now down about 4% right at that point? i guess the question is, are people giving the president credit for this? are you having to answer being on other side of the president or do they have some other explanation? >> the truth is in pennsylvania as in most of the, rest of the country we're very polarized about the president. pretty hard to find somebody who hasn't already made up his or her mind about the president. >> that's true. >> but in terms of unemployment
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you have to take into account underemployment. a lot of people are working two, three jobs to make ends meet. that is why we're focusing on rebuilding american infrastructure. that will create better-paying jobs and family-sustaining jobs. that is why the democrats are making that main focus of our efforts. >> i heard that from congressman delaney running for pet as well, your former colleagues. >> he is solid guy. he is right about that. >> he talked about the under employment issue. he is not on this poll but some of his other perhaps more well-known 2020 continueders are. in pennsylvania joe biden beats president trump right now by 20 points. not surprised joe biden is from scranton originally. bernie sanders and kamala harris, beto o'rourke o'rourke not known nationally beats president trump for two points.
10:16 am
is it time for democrats to decide pennsylvania is winnable again? it was certainly not a place hillary clinton paid attention to back in 2016? >> oh i think pennsylvania is winnable but, man we are so out from that next presidential election, i feel you have to fill a 24/7 news cycle to come up with things to talk about, but, man, we're a long way away from the election. >> by which you mean we shouldn't talk about it? i'm confused about what the next point is there? >> the answer is i have no idea how pennsylvania is going to go in the 2020 presidential election. >> fair. >> i can tell you, you're right, joe biden has a lot of attraction in in pens, being from pennsylvania vowing for pennsylvania values and sticking up for labor unions and rights of ordinary americans. people understand that about joe biden. >> congressman, rare on this
10:17 am
program or others i watch, somebody says the words, i don . you're welcome back anytime andn pittstown. >> good to see you. >> after our show, "fox news sunday," bill hemmer in for staff mick mulvaney had a hot to say about the president's tax returns, a new argument from the white house, why not to release them. arthel: he made quite a bid of news this morning. coming up, down river communities in the midwest dealing with flooding and evacuation this is weekend. plus as china an white house tackle over american trade, american businesses and farms are pushing for a resolution. looking for solutions at the border to try to stem the tide of migrants coming into the united states. casey stiegel is live on the ground in el paso. casey? reporter: u.s. border patrol agents right here in el paso,
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leland: dangerous times throughout the midwest. ♪ kristin: president trump is not back down from comments about migrants seeking asylum at border, saying the country's immigration system is full. our casey stiegel is live right at the border in tell paso with more. -- el paso. hi, casey. reporter: good to see you. we talk about apprehension numbers in the entire bored of mexico the u.s. government has not seen numbers like this since 2007 and the highest apprehension numbers in areas like el paso where we are, and neighboring rio grande valley in texas have been referred to as the epicenter of this activity.
10:23 am
border agents tell us it is pretty much non-stop. they're encountering groups of migrants in places never seen before, extremely remote. family unit arrests spiked 1700% so far in fiscal year 2019. that is just in this one sector alone. 1700%. we spoke to a man who owns property around the border, says he feels like a prisoner at times, with cartels and smugglers making daily treks across his private land. >> i have an 11-year-old daughter i get here on weekends, i can't let her go outside. i can't go outside without carrying some type of weapon because of my safety. reporter: he like so many others who have spoken, who we have spoken to down here, border patrol agents, cpb officers included nothing will really get better until lawmakers step in and do something. extra staff something fluxed to
10:24 am
hard-hit areas for assistance. repairs and upgrades are made to existing fence that already has been put into place. not part of trump's wall, but things put in for the secure fence act of 2006. this as wait times for border crossings, some of the ports of entry, international crossing bridges as we've been telling you about are extremely high. some commercial truck drivers trying to get parts and goods, agriculture products across the border from mexico into the united states, report wait times of more than 10 hours. just to get across the border. trips that usually took 20 to 30 minutes prior to all of this happening last week. kristin? kristin: wow, 10 hours. that is quite a wait. casey stegall at the border. one. things that associate out to me some of the arguments for the wall how it would stem the tide
10:25 am
of migrants but a lot of border patrol agents, they made the case, made an argument i heard before, not as really as prevalent, they're dealing with a huge amount of assaults against them. look at older part of the wall, much shorter, you can't see through it, people are throwing chunks of rocks at them. that chunk of concrete was thrown at border patrol agent. kristin: just three days ago. leland: who is throwing rocks, maybe they don't know, organized smugglers and coy -- coyotes trying to distract them? kristin: different people, different times they can't apprehend them. leland: they don't go over the other side. kristin: with the new wall, replacement wall president trump was touring while he was there, the border patrol sector chief, that the type of incidents have dropped 65% since the new wall went up. leland: along that wall.
10:26 am
real quickly in terms of think about this, you were there. we keep hearing about extra staffing coming. does the border patrol feel as though that is enough to be able to stop people coming across illegally but at some point we will run at of people over a long distance? kristin: they are saying what president trump is saying but that would help, it takes congress passing a real bill to close the loopholes. that will only fix it. leland: only so much overtime for so long. kristin, great work down there. coming up biden considering jumping into the 2020 presidential race. will he or will he not? his old boss is weighing in for a warning for the current crop of democratic hopefuls. you want to listen to this. a wild week for elon musk. we'll rehash the latest developments in the case for the sec as well as his case for the his first journey into the world of music.
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♪ kristin: democratic 2020 hopefuls are weighing in on the joe biden controversy as the former have p fields accusations of unwanted touching from at least eight women. jacqui heinrich with more on the latest reactions from biden's potential democratic rivals. reporter: it's a another busy weekend for 2020 hopefuls. 14 democrats announced bids so far but at least three more are waiting in the wings. the task at hand to pull away from the pack and make their individual plans to stand out. newest to join the race congressman tim ryan. campaign stops ramping up in early primary states. bernie sanders and beto o'rourke are in iowa. cory booker in iowa and former indiana mayor pete buttigieg is in d.c. john hickenlooper is in south carolina. in a scathing skit on "saturday night live" cast members roasted baseddens over
10:32 am
allegations from eight women that he made them feel uncomfortable with unwanted physical con act. >> joe, about all the touchy-feely stuff. >> if you're really going to run in 2020, you have to change with the way you interact with women. >> i'm a hugger a kisser and a little bit after sniffer. [laughter]. last thing i everybody want to do is offend anyone. reporter: biden has taken heat for not directly apologizing. he said he would be more respectful of personal space and made light after situation at a conference. >> i think it is notable that the vice president has not apologized. to the extent people are saying this is some kind of apology tour, it is very clearly not. we need to hear the words i'm sorry for how i made you feel come from the vice president. reporter: several is other candidates including biden have not yet declared their candidacy but they're still meeting with supporters. pete buttigieg is in d.c., expected to announce his bid on
10:33 am
april 14th. former new york mayor bill de blasio is announcing 2020 run. seth moulton and california rep eric swalwell are considering jumping in. leland: former president barack obama has not weighed in on the biden situation but issued a strong warning for democrats in 2020 moving to the left. >> then we start sometimes creating what's called a circular firing squad. where you start shooting at your allies. when that happens, typically the overall effort and movement weakens. leland: with that we bring in our talk radio panel. rick unger, radio host for from new york city. john cobell behave in los angeles. good to see you both. appreciate it. john, start with you, president obama in the past called biden a
10:34 am
brother. very supportive of him. was with him in the death of his son but nothing. weighing in on 2020, but no full-throated support for the former vice president. thoughts? >> maybe he didn't want biden to be president. maybe he has other favorite candidates. in a way his circular firing squad argument would benefit biden if you took it seriously because biden is a guy that nobody really had an issue with all his life. whether you're totally. >> his politic but he is now being assaulted by hair-sniffing charges? leland: rick at some level, biden is up by 10 points against trump in pennsylvania. if you look at least at a couple of the swing states in the rust belt, he is the guy who by far does the best. do you agree with john, that the second quarter is lar firing squad warning was a little bit of president obama having the vice president's back? >> actually, no. i actually think that was
10:35 am
president obama expressing some pretty good wisdom. you can be pretty darn sure president obama will not weigh in in on any candidate until we have a nominee of the democratic party. why should he? that just wouldn't be the way these things usually go. as for whether or not he is supports joe biden, i think that is kind of a leap to say maybe he doesn't. i think he will support, like i will, whoever the candidate is from the democratic party. leland: all right. >> speaking about biden's behavior, y'all remember that aunt you used to have who used to grab you by the cheek and pinch you? leland: i don't remember that, but you clearly do. >> i wish the critics were around back then. talk about invading somebody's personal face. leland: that is nice visual to move forward from. with that, we move some of the democrats right now aren't so much talking about winning the 2020 race and the way they won the 2016 race, but perhaps
10:36 am
changing the rules along the way. bernie sanders with his latest proposal for changing the rules. then some of the other ones we heard before. take a listen. >> you are paying a price. you committed a crime, you're in jail. that's bad. but you are still living in american society and you have a right to vote. i believe in that. >> we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> if there was any rule that you could change, what would you change? >> 60-vote threshold for supreme court justices. leland: at least in florida, john, felons are going to be able to vote in 2020. should republicans be worried? >> that's a really great issue to run on, felons getting the vote. that is as good as banning cows. it is like a weird game show of can you top this? who can come up with the nuttier idea that virtually there is no calling for? nobody in america, other than felons is calling for felons to
10:37 am
get the right to vote. leland: some constituents, don't they, within the democratic party? andrew gillem is looking to sign all the felons up to vote. >> there are some, speaking for myself i don't think it is an issue i would support. not everybody in the democratic party agrees on that. even the examples you gave there of different points of view, not everybody agrees. democrats are just like the republicans. we don't agree with everything. leland: there is that. rick, john, appreciate the time. great conversation as always. we'll talk to you soon, rick as we think about your experiences with joe biden. take care, fellows. kristin: up next talks between the u.s. and china wrapped up this week with both nations touting progress towards that much anticipated trade deal but will negotiators be able to resolve disputes in the next round of trade talks?
10:38 am
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we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. leland: u.s. and chinese officials meeting in washington have broken after the past few days of talks but while the latest face-to-face discussions wrapped up, the white house saying they will keep the line of communications open. gillian turner what to expect. there was talk after xi xinping and president trump summit in mar-a-lago in march. obviously march has come and went. things still on track? >> there is a lot of talk about potential talk still this week. china and the u.s. are set to continue those on going trade talks behind the scenes over the coming week here in washington. the president's economic team insists getting a deal is now top of their priority list. >> we have to have a great deal on trade with china. a deal that benefits american farmers and workers and technology and so forth.
10:43 am
and hopefully, a deal that will help china. that deal has to be enforceable. it has to cover all of the areas that are under discussion. reporter: senior american officials have been talking around the clock with their chinese counterparts the past few days. the top items on their list? technology transfers, intellectual property protections, tariff alternatives services, agriculture, trade enforcement. the u.s. and china raised tariffs on now hundreds of billions of dollars in imports. the u.s. accused china of unfair trade practices and stealing trade secrets. the is u.s. is china's trade critic when he calls their unethical trade practices but he is all in too on the idea of a deal. >> they very much want to make a deal. we'll see what happens. it's a very complex deal, one of the biggest deals ever made, maybe the biggest deal ever made. it will be a great deal for our
10:44 am
farmers. technology, intellectual property theft, everything is covered. reporter: larry kudlow says negotiators will be in touch by phone this week, promising there is no letup in the negotiations. the stock market soared to record highs based on these high trade hopes. leland: for sure. you wonder what will happen with the stock market if a deal doesn't come through. gillian turner with a deal. thanks so much. kristin. kristin: let's turn to hoover institute fellow, former advisor to mitt romney and lanhee chen. thank you for coming on the show. start with something president trump said on thursday. he says he believes they're very close to a deal. he expects announcement possible in four to six weeks. what is likelihood of that happening in your opinion? >> i think it's a pretty high likelihood, kristin. i think we will see a deal. in the short run there is lot of conversation you mentioned in
10:45 am
the setup how we actually get this deal to be enforceable. the issue with the chinese as always, you can make a deal with them, but will they keep promises they make? they will say they protect american intellectual property, how do we make sure that happens? the sticking point, making sure we have good enforcement in place. once we get that settled we should see a final deal hopefully within a matter of weeks. kristin: something else i wanted to ask you about. there is some concern perhaps china might fill the gap in latin america if president trump follows through on the threat to cut aid to those central american countries. how worried should folks be about that? >> i do think it's a concern. look, this is part of china's playbook. this is what they have done traditionally in order to curry favor with countries around the world. they engaged with huge investments in foreign aid and infrastructure so those countries will look upon china favorably. the question becomes, will the u.s. allow china to fill the
10:46 am
gap? some of it is overblown. certainly the united states needs to be prudent about our investments in foreign aid but to pull back complete i think it would be a grave mistake. it's a mistake because it cedes the ground to china but it also threatens our own national security interests. kristin: talk about north korea. south korean president moon jae-in is coming to the white house on thursday. he talking about sending another envoy to meet with the north koreans of the it is very clear he is trying to restart these nuclear negotiations. i'm curious, what do you think that president moon jae-in can do or say to try to move the negotiations along that haven't already been said before? >> this is a really difficult situation in part because we've been through now these two summits, the first in singapore, the second in hanoi and president moon of south korea is accommodationist when it comes to the north. he made no secret of the fact he wants to see a big deal. the question for the united states and president trump now, what is in the realm of the
10:47 am
possible? i think president trump was right to walk away from the discussion in hanoi. it was clear the north koreans were not prepared to make the necessary concessions. the question comes can we do a smaller deal potentially. make sure north korea continues to freeze testing halt production of fissile material, is that a possibility? or is the answer no deal at all? are we better off having no deal than smaller scale one. that is fundamental question president trump and his administration will have to answer. kristin: lanhee, the sticking point at the hanoi sum was sanctions. president trump killed sanctions since then. i little let him explain why. listen to this. >> i think it is very important you maintain the relationship at least as long as you can but we get along very well. we have a very good understanding. so i didn't think those sanctions were necessary at this time. kristin: smart idea to withhold imposing new sanctions to keep the conversations going? >> i think given where we are in the conversations now it is fine
10:48 am
to say we'll hold of on sanctions but i don't think we should be too loose about the sanctions. reality they have compelled the north koreans in the past. they are an important tool in our arsenal. to say we're never going to impose sanctions, we're not going to impose sanctions going forward would be a mistake. i don't think that is what the president is saying. he is saying for now let's how things while we're in break period. we'll see how the north koreans behave. we didn't want the sanctions. that is understandable. sanctions will be important tool forward if the north koreans edge towards a bad behavior. kristin: president trump left the door open for a third summit. nothing on the table yet but certainly something on the table. lanhee, thank you. >> thank you. leland: love him or hate him? elon musk get as reprieve of sorts from a federal judge. that was not enough for the week. he is on to music. elon musk enthusiast kristin fisher on the billionaire's latest whirlwind week ahead.
10:49 am
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♪ leland: a new york federal judge on thursday gave the securities & exchange commission and billionaire elon musk two weeks to settle their differences and they have significant differences. before making a decision on contempt charges requested by the sec over musk's use of
10:53 am
twitter. >> kristin: the judge ruling both parties must spend at least an hour together to work over -- leland: like middle school. kristin: musk seemed optimistic before and after the hearing even receiving support from a reporter. >> i have great respect for the judges, the justice system and i think that judges in the american system are excellent? >> you feel very loved here. >> you should. leland: with that we bring in noted elon musk enthusiast, kristin fisher. good to be with you again. kristin: this will be my new twitter handle or twitter bio, noted elon musk enthusiast. the judge gave him two weeks. decided not held in contempt of court. i love idea, two sides, sec and musk meeting over an hour over their concerns for his twitter use. leland: meeting an hour over coffee, we don't know? federal judges are not known for their humor. kristin: the fact they think an
10:54 am
hour will be enough time is really the issue. musk has also been very busy this week because this week he tested, his company, spacex -- leland: you follow him closely? i. kristin: do. i do. hobby of mine. starship hopper had initial tethered test. this is the first prototype of the launch vehicle. this is small version of a large passenger plane that will colonize by mars. leland: i see a big thing of fire. is it working? >> test firing the raptor engines if you must know. also in addition to having to be in court and starship hopper tests elon musk found time to lawn of a record label, which he is calling emowgy records. he came up with a song. listen to it. this is it. ♪ on the way to heavin ♪ kristin: highly auto tuned. we're not sure it was his voice. leland: you want it to be his voice. kristin: sure. if you have a hard time, the
10:55 am
lyrics are's in peace, harmbi, the gorilla killed after dragging the little kid. i don't know. it is clearly a joke. clearly a gag. this is what he likes to do on twitter. leland: this is the question, he in the same week that a federal judge had to say to him, quote, put your reasonableness pants on in court, that is what the judge said. kristin: direct quote. leland: direct quote. in same week, rather than saying take time to sit down with the sec, resolve my differences on and on, i do have investors with billions of dollars behind me. he doesn't do all of that, he release as record about harambe. kristin: i leave you with this. president trump has not toned down twitter feed that serves him pretty well. why should elon musk. leland: enthusiast and defender. kristin: there you go. students shootings rocket after rocket in the annual nasa rocket
10:56 am
launching competition on friday. nasa challenged high school and college teams to bring the pay proud up to 4,000 feet in the sky to inspire next generation of rocket scientists. they gave them the coveted altitude award. your hair could get the altitude award. leland: i didn't get award in high school. i built one. flew one. it landed on top of the school. congratulations to the kids. 4,000 feet. that sounds dangerous. kristin: i think it is. leland: go down there to find the next elon musk among them. kristin: that would be very great as as signment. "fox news sunday" next. esurancs this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed.
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to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> i'm bill hemmer in for chris wallace. ♪ >> first, subpoena pow tore release the full mueller report. >> the committee must see everything. >> and the move to see president's tax returns. >> i will speak to my lawyers, i will speak to attorney general. >> as the president shifts back to campaign issue, border security. >> the crisis is direct result of the obstruction by democrats. >> we will discuss the tension between the white house and the democratic majority with white house chief of staff mick mulvaney and we will go inside the investigati


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