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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  April 7, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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opens this weekend, please go see it. sam rockwell and taraji p. jon: future of our homeland security secretary appears to be up in the air, i am jon scott, you are watching the "fox report." >> kirstjen nielson is meeting with president trump right now amid growing she might resign. >> let's go to alison barber who is live at the white house. reporter: we're watching the fence cam. you can see who is coming in and out of the white house for these sorts of meetings, so far department of homeland security has not responded to our question for comments.
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fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts is hearing that discussions are going on now, and kirstjen nielson's future is being decided right now, she replaced her old boss, general john kel kelly. nielsen was chief of staff to then secretary john kelly, she worked for bush administration as a special asis ta assistant o president in 2004. there have been rumors about secretary nei nielsen future as secretary of homeland security. in may 2018, president trump reportedly screamed at nielson berating for hear not ceiling the border. in in fall 2018 there were
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reports that president planned to remove her from her position, "washington post" reported that he canceled a trip with her to is osouthern border and told ais he wanted her out of office as soon as possible because he was frustrated with her lackluster performanc46 performancance on n enforcement. chris wallace asked about president trump's about her future. >> i like her a lot, i respect her a lot, she is very smart. i want her to get much tougher. we'll see what happens. i want to be tough. there is a chance, there a chance for everyone that is what happens in government. you leave, you make a name, gump people that have left have done well, people that left have done well, i like her very much, i
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respect her, i would like her to be much tougher on the border, period. reporter: a number of democratic lawmaker called for secretary nielsen on resign what they were separates children from parents at the southern border. right now this is a wait and see game. we're hearing that secretary is in white house right now, and we're working on getting more information. jon: thank you. >> check in with our chief white house correspondent john roberts, he is joining us by phone, john, what did you are about the future of homeland security secretary. reporter: a couple days after meeting with president on border in calexico, kirstjen nielson has resigned, being replaced by kevin macleanen. the beginning middle of last week saying we hear that
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kirstjen nielson is going to g i talked with her mid week, she said she did not have any intention of going, the president making it official she will be resigning and kevin mcleanen will take her place, he has a lot of respect in customs and border protection, he is seen as a good manager. he is seen as somebody who has a really good handle on the situation at the border. not sure at-this-point, why secretary nielsen has decided to resign. though you know she was under a lot of pressure last year and after the confrontation at the border with that caravan that was coming up from central america. at san ysidro crossing they did not allow the migrant to cross over. her handling of that situation,
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found a lot of favor with president trump, and her job went from really being tenuous, she appeared to that prior to be hanging on by a thread to president really appreciating everything she had been doing, being secretary of dhs is a difficult job to a large degree, a thank less job. again, i speak with her mid week, personally, she assured me she was not about to resign, had. nearly something happened between then and now or she was thinking about it and did not want to tip her hand, kirstjen nielson, resigning. jon: she was close to john kelly, her breadt breadth predet job, i think a lot of people assumed when she left white house she would not be far
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behind. reporter: that was the initial thinking, last year it was going to be a a twofer. she was his chief of staff at dhs then his chief of staff at the white house. when he was chief of staff for president, then she took the dhs job it really did look like it -- if kelly was going to leave she would leave too, she hung in there. i had several cone verying as s- conversation with her about that, she fell it was her duty to protect the homeland. but, i guess the time just came for her to move on. it has been a tough time for h her. the sheer amount of work she had to do, i know she has been
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working 24/7 since she took the job. we don't have the exact reasons why she is leaving, but she felt it was the time. i heard that president was not looking for her to resign. maybe he was and we have not heard that yet. witbut he seemed to be happy whe the job she had been doing. jon: president appears to be confirming the news you broke. tweeting. secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielson will be leaving her position. i would like to thank her for her service, i am pleased to announce, kevin mack cleanen, will become acting secretary for dhs, i have confidence that kevin will do a great job, those tweets out from president, confirming when you reported. this has been a pivotal issue for this presidency, he has
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staked much of his presidency, and his battle with congress to situation of southern border. it is a thankless and difficult job running that department. reporter: correct. he think he's has a very good argument to make with his base at least, geeing t going to inds and moderates in mid whole are looking at border situation now saying that maybe the president was right with the idea of looming crisis, numbers have gone from the high 20s low 30s to 100,000 people. either apprehended or deemed inadadmissible. a huge increase, worse since 2007. numbers appear to be getting worse because now that the
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facility, the customs and border protection and i.c.e. have are overwhelmed, people are no longer held in detention, while the cases are ajude cate -- ajudicated, or pending approval releases into united states, there has been an increase of number people sent back to mexico. under the migrant protecttion protocol to await ajudication, but the system is close to bursting. we were on conference call with dhs last week, saying that they are on fire. when you have population of a small city, coming across the border each and every month, 76,000, then 100,000, who knows in april. that is a number of people coming across to that would
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strain any system. we a jeh johnson former secretary of homeland security under president obama on television last week -- let me . former secretary of homeland security jeh johnson, he was onty of las tv last week saying you have a definition a crisis. there are a lot of democrat on capitol hill do continue to say this is the president's manufacturing. you look at border in overall 20,000 feet, it looks calm. there are note a lot of people rushing. but they come across in dribs and drabs, a steady trickle. but a large flow who are coming aiouacross, and they don't havee facilityies to handle it that is why the president has brought in
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military to help with logistics. i was told last week there is still a need for more troops to help with hospital, and surveillance and temporary shelledders, transportation -- shelters and transportation. they don't have personnel. i would not be surprised if sometime in next couple of weeks the president calls up more troop tops wit -- to help with e situation on border, no one knows better than kevin mcaleenan, i could we'll -- you know i was told, that there is not a lot of people that could replace kirstjen nielson. but kevin mcaleenan is up to speed on everything regarding the border. i -- you know i can't speak to the rest of the duties of the dhs secretary and various myriad
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threats macing the united states -- facing the united states. jon: that tweet from the president, does make it sound like he was the happy with the job that kirstjen nielsons had been doing. he is get biting when he lets someone go whose performance was not you of to snuff. i did not read that in the president's tweet. maybe we can put it up, reading 29 thbetween the lines of his w, i would like to thank her for her service. i am pleased to announce kevin mcaleenan will became acting secretary for dhs. -- that is a good sense off for secretary nielsen would you agree. reporter: better than jeff sessions and reince priebus, a lot of officials who discovered
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by tweet their services are no longer needed. she was on tenterhooks for a number of months after john kel left. andandeven prior. there was a cabinet meeting where the president singled her out, a lot of people thought unfairly so, she was trying to do all she could under the law she since gotten into his good graces, he was appreciative of her job. jon: john roberts our we've white house correspondent. thank you so much. breaking news this evening wamu see there. kirstjen nielson is out. as head of the department of homeland security. and she has been in the job ever since her predecessor prommer -- former boss left to become chief of staff, john kelly. kirstjen nielson is out. >> we'll pause for one moment to
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let our fox stations join us. this is fox news coverage of the resignation of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielson, i am john spot in ne -- jon scott in, president just tweeting out his homeland security secretary is resigning, let's go to alison barber live at the white house. reporter: hello, president trump said that secretary nielsen will leave her position, replacing her as acting department of homeland security secretary will become missioner of -- commissioner of cust o customs d border protection kevin mcaleenan . nielson replaced her old boss general john kel who left department of homeland security to move on as white house chief of staff. her future? there had been questions and
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rumors about how long she would stay in her role at secretary of homeland security. may of 2018, president trump reportedly screamed at secretary nielsen and berated her, during a cabinet meeting. frustrated over what he fell was perhaps a lackluster performance. we hear from president directly, that secretary of homeland security is going to be leaving, and replaced by the customs border and protection com compoe mick -- commissioner kevin mcaleenan, president trump said this hal past, said when hs unhappy with someone he would make it known. he invited press to come and see and hear from her as she said good-bye. at his resort mar-a-lago, when someone does a good job he likes to make a show of it.
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here today we had a surprise that secretary nielsen will leave, under what terms her final day seems it could be immediate. we don't know just yet. we have reached out to department of homeland security for more information and comments so far, we hav have not heard back. but president himself we know that department of homeland security kirstjen nielson sleeves her position, and replacing her is current border patrol commissioner kevin mcaleenan. jon: alison thank you. >> department of homeland security gets a new head. and kevin mcaleenantaking over as temporary head of department of homeland security. stay tuned. i am jon scott in new york. >> all right for more on the
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changes let's bridg bring in int wong, senior staff writer for the hill. she office pins and needetted for a while then it seemed that president trump grew fond of her then this surprise. reporter: i can't say i am entirely surprised given that we knew trump had berated the secretary in meetings in which a lot of people were present. he was frustrated with housing going in terms of building his boardser -- how things were going in terms of building his border wall, and thousands of asylum seekers showing up at the border, and really causing the trump administration a lot of headaches. i just heard got off phone with a somebody close to trump who speaks to trump said president
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wanted someone with a firmer hand. in terms of dealing with the thousands of asylum seekers coming from central america through mexico. and showing up on our borders. we have to look at this through the backdrop of what just transpowerred ipowerhouse fir -- transpired in recep day, president was out in calexico just a couple days ago at the border. and he was there with immigration hawk. stephen miller. and who has been you know one of trump's close of confidants and encourages him and urged him to stand strong on the border,. jon: how much i latitude does a
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homeland security secretary really have. congress essentially sets the rules for what happens on the border, if someone makes it across and says i want asylum in united states, they have to be granted a an asee asylum hearino they not. >> yes, that is right, and kirstjen nielson pointing the think if tfinger to congress. and said they need to do more. but now. the country divided with democrats controlling the house has not moved on immigration for years or decades. she was restrained and constrained by the immigration laws of the country. really in a tough spot with the president wants her to take a tougher stance to many of these esheissuesand constrained by the
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immigration laws. jon: well, i guess we can expect tougher border regulation in some form from head of customs and border patrol, who'll takeover kevin mcale, nan . what more would you guess he could do that kirstjen nielson's policies were not doing? >> well i think it was significant that trump named mcaleenan, acting secretary given his specific responsibilities and expertise in dealing with border issues. dhs deals with a range of issues from fema disaster recovery to terrorism measures to border security. i think that the president in selecting this new acting secretary, has made his priorities, if they were not clear already, they are clear
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about he wants to see a tougher stance on immigration. on the border. and you know, it remains to be seen what the new secretary will be able to do. jon: we'll see what democrats on capitol hill think about that proposed tougher stance. scott wong. >> thank you. jon: let's bring in casey seeing el at -- at border in el paso. reporter: we've been here covering border all week lock. secretary kirstjen nielson was here on wednesday of this week, stopped in el paso sector she met with top brass in the region, and sector but also boots on the ground. to a international crossing bridge, not this one, there are several in el paso, she report to one of those. and she saw the slowdown.
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and then a meeting at el paso border patrol sector office, we'll talk about why she was here in a minutes. the apprehension numbers are off the chain here in el paso. she went to a detention facility, one of the houses facilities in the region, that is 280% over capacity because this area has been hit really hard, john, you talk about apprehension, texas has highest number looking at numbers across the entire southern border. and el paso, where we are, stretches to parts of new mexico, and neighbors mcallen texas and the rio grande valley has been culled epicenter of this crisis, here they had a huge surge in number of family
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units apprehensions, we just went on a ride along with border patrol. and according to the cvp officials as of last week more than 70,000 apprehensions have been made in this sector alone in fiscal year 2019. sens search -- senssense70 thousand, compar0 this time last year. the biggest spike is in the unaccompanied minors and family units. that is one of the reasons secretary kirstjen nielson was here in el paso, it was all about business. then thursday, she went to yuma, arizona, she held similar meetings their with officials on the ground before linking up
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with president trump at california-mexico border friday. what a week. but we can tell you from being down here. and now covering this issue, now for quite some time, it seems as if there no slowing in the numbers of migrants coming into the country. that is something that the president clearly i is trying to change. that is why he is putting this additional pressure on mexico, as you know, to help kur curb ap the flow of drugs and human smuggling from mexico side to america. jon: you can talk about the number snunumbers? you said 70,000 in the sector. how many miles of border is that, they come across? reporter: very vast. i don't know the exact number off of the top of my head in
3:25 pm
terms of how much is part of this 2000 mile long southern border we share. but 70,000 is a huge number. and, of course, the reason why is because they say they are experiencing large groups, the caravans. that is something that is unusual and here in el paso they had not had before. they are experiencing large number of people showing up and turning themselves in. pry praye -- primarily from cenl america. guatemala, el salvador. , they are just turning themselves in they are not trying to evade border patrol agents, as if they cross the border and they are almost relieved to see the border patrol agents, they get water, and put in air-conditions and safe, some traveled for weeks.
3:26 pm
but across border. 2000 apprehensions a day, every day since beginning of fiscal year 2019, we've not seen those numbers since 2007. so you know, again, it is right here, in el paso, and then you have mcallen, texas, and brownsville. the rio grande valley, you hear it referred to as rgv, and there international bored se border i, one side is mexico and united states on the other. here in el paso you have mountainous like in arizona. and typically, areas why immigrants have not turned up before, they had not been encountered before they are showing up and going to remote locations in middle of the night, groups of 200 to 300 at a
3:27 pm
time, that is why the officials here on the ground say they need more help this is a 24/7/365 operation. >> staggers numbers there. casey thank you so much. jon: every president going to george h.w. bush and ronald reagan before him tried to get his arms around this problem of illegal immigration, president trump made it a center piece of his campaign and time in the white house. it appears he will have a new chief to try to lead the effort, kevin mcaleenan, take everything on at acting head of the department of homeland security. this after resignation of kirstjen nielson. more on this, in just a moment. . introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking.
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a year and a half, tonight she south of the job. president announced kevin mcaleenan, head of customs and border patrol taking her place as actions department of homeland security security chief, john roberts is joining us by phone. reporter: good evening. we do not know how long kevin mcaleenan willtary the title of acting. will carry the tilee title of a. mca leamcaloneian has tremendous respect within customs and bored protecttion family. he also has a terrific relationship with the department of defense. that is very important, these days, custom and bored protect
3:33 pm
shin is workintionprotecttion id glove with the white house. there has to be a lot of integration between dhs. and the dod. you need someone in the position who has a good relationship with the pentagon. so when they say, we need you to do this, the pentagon will say we'll back you up. if kevin mcaleenan is chosen, to be the permanent homeland security secretary, you ca can t those confer hague -- can bet those confirmation hearings in senate will be brutal. looking at difference where we were when kirstjen nielson was confirmed to where we are now, this is is light years in way in tests of partisan divide with immigration. so, it may be that president trump wants to keep
3:34 pm
mcaleenan acting for a while, so he does not need to go through what would be a brought at confirst hagu confirmation p. looking at tweet from senator of hawaii sent out about kirstjen nielson, you know how democrats feel about anyone who might take on that job. i would suspect if we'll see him as acting for a while yet, because president does not likely' to go into a tremendou tremendously confe confirmation hearing. >> the tweet from ha hawaii, i e called for kirstjen nielson resignation for her lies in service of real do donald trumps policies, democrats, senator among them, are not happy with
3:35 pm
the president. and his pursuit of get tough immigration policy. reporter: and i would probably hazard a guess she would be not be any more of a fan of kevin mcaleenan than of kirstjen nielson. no question when you take a look at and casey seein seeing see -e the point. you can make all moves parts fit together and work well. i know a lot of people in homeland security, and cust on. on. s and bored -- customs and bored pro -- protecttion they have respect for kevin mcaleenan. you asked your guest what could
3:36 pm
he do differently from kirstjen nielson, we don't know yet, he has not been in the job, he has a stirling representation asomeone with a brilliant mind and able to organize things in a way that many people find impressive. it may be his sense of organization and ability to get pieces it work together and move together that may be his grea greatest strength. jon: a huge responsibility. >> that is just a small part of dhs. right now the most visible part but a very small part. jon: day tsa and other agenciesd under its umbrella, john roberts thank you, broke news. this kirstjen nielson is out at homeland security secretary. kevin mcaleenan, is taking over at least temporarily. he will be acting department of homeland security secretary.
3:37 pm
according to the president. kirstjen nielson, stepped some of the -- skipped some of the meetings in paris last month to deal with the migration crises in the country, she described as akin to aftermath of a category 5 hurricane. when you hear from casey stegall just reported in el paso sector, 70,000 illegal immigrants had crossed the border where last year the number of 9,000. clearly we're daysing a greater problem -- we're facing a greater problem in terms of human misery. and the president is putting his faith in kevin mcaleenan to try to wrap his arms around it. let's bring in tom, former acting director of i.c.e., you must know kevin, what do you
3:38 pm
think of his credentials. reporter: kevin probably one of the smartest guys that i have worked with. before he was commissioner, i was director of i.c.e. we worked on a lot of things together under secretary johnson. he is a smart guy, he has been around for a dozen years in dc. he knows the border issues. i think he can hit the group running, you -- ground running, and he does have a lot of respect from his staff, and the personnel, again, he knows the border this a big issue right now, he is hitting the ground running. jon: i point out that every president going to ronald reagan, he signed legislation to end the border crisis once and fore all, that did not happen. now we have maybe something on order of 14 million illegal
3:39 pm
immigrants in the country, more arriving by the day. what can a kevin mcaleenan do that say secretary kirstjen nielson had not been doing. >> a couple things. first we need to get congress to fix the loop halls. that. and the numbers are up because half of congress, they believe in open borders, they don't want to fix the -- they don't want zero tolerance and prosecute that enter illegally, that i want to apolish i.c.e., they support sanctuary cities, they wonder where there is massive numbers on the border, of course, there are massive numbers on border, we're enticing people to come. kevin, knows the border, i think he will think out of the box, there are certain things we could do operationaly. i think that i.c.e. needs to did
3:40 pm
a nationwide operation, look for these people that have orders that did due process at taxpayer expense, 90% don't get relieved from course, 9% need t 90% need. right now it looks like -- i think that kevin will put his foot on the gas and push forward. secretary nielson, i respect her, anyone that steps into a job like that, that takes over your life that say difficult job, she is a smart lady she worked hard. i respect the time she served and i respect her. jon: that is my point. this is in some respects, the hockey hockehomeland security'se tied by the laws that congress has passed, right? >> there is a lot of hands tied. 7 things we have done in --
3:41 pm
certain things we have done in the past, the biggest thing is back you know a decade ago, numbers were not so bad, people were not abusing the soor the as they figur figured it out. they don't qualify, but they know if you set foot in united states, you will be released, many will not show up in court. so, i think central american and mexico to pay attention. they see half of congress that does not want you know to enforce the immigration laws, they are taking advantage of it, that is what is causing the chaos on the border. jon: tom homan, a fox news krist contributor. >> thank you.
3:42 pm
jon: kirstjen nielson is out as head of department of homeland security. kevin mcaleenan will take over at least temporarily. the question, will the president nominate him to hold to the job permanently and will that pass muster with the senate? you heard democrats, blasting the president, secretary nielson and president's policy, we'll have more coverage on this after a break. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪
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3:47 pm
nielson's tenure at department was homeland security was a disaster from the start, you can see democrats doing a bit of piling on tonight. as kevin chose a acting head to replace her, kevin mcaleenan. joining us now, mike morgan, former bore patrol chief under president obama. what do you think of the choice of kevin mcaleenan. >> i worked directly for kevin. i can tell you, kevin is a dedicated, patriot, professional. he is bright. he has been in dcfor 10 or 12 years, one of his strengths, he knows dc, and he knows highway o
3:48 pm
maneuver all sides, that can be a difficult animal, i think he is a good choice. jon: you were border patrol chief during obama administration. you know these are very difficult and controversial times with border enforcement. what does he do perhaps differently that is going to get maybe democrats on board? >> i don't think he will get democrats on board. that is not from a political stand point this is the rule of law, i've been doing this public service for 30 years, congress again, fails time and again. they won't fix the laws, the asylum law. congress could fix it in 15 minute es, that is what secretary of kirstjen nielson pushed for that is what kevin will push for.
3:49 pm
they are not going to give him that, they will not be happy. anything he does to push forward to fix the broken system, i don't think that democrats are going to like. >> said that you know, congress could fix the asylum laws in 15 minutes with a single vote, what are you talking about? >> the -- decision. a horrible judicial precedent that says that dhs has no choice, a wall to release them within 20 days, you see happening. that is the law that treat kids from mexico different from kids from central america. if you are from mexico we send you back, if you are from central america, we keep you. that is what creates -- if congress fits those two areas, catch and release would end
3:50 pm
tomorrow. jon: wow, all right. thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. appreciate it. >> you bet. jon: kirstjen nielson has tendered her resignation as deck roadirector of homeland securit. and kevin mcaleenan takes over, he will be acting dhs director. joining us again john roberts who broke the news at top of the hour our chief house correspondent. reporter: filling in some blan blanks. the president asked for kirstjen nielson's resignation as a series of changes he is making to try to address the border situation. another thing that president last week pulled down the name of ron detello to be the new director of i.c.e. president wanted to go to a different direction. to a tougher direction.
3:51 pm
the president is looking for right now is the toughest cop he could find. stowtoughest, smart estimate kirstjen nielson a background was always in cyber security. he appreciates her job on the border, but right now he is looks for to fix the situation on border as a top priority, is a tough cop on the border, that is the role that kevin mcaleenan can fill. is that whether kevin mcaleenan could go from acting secretary to permanent secretary, that is a question. i am told one thing you need to dhs secretary to do is get heavily involved in politics on capitol hill. and change some minds, you guess that you just had, said it would be a difficult job to change minds on capitol hill. you look at that tweet from senator hirono you read on the
3:52 pm
air. you know how difficult it would be to change minds, but some democrats are changing their minds, we heard jay johnson say this is a crise -- jeh johnson say this say crises on border, mr. for the moment, kevin mcaleenan serves purpose that president is looking for, that is someone who is an experts on border security and organizations, and knows that stuff backwards and forwards, president just thought while he appreciated job of kirstjen nielson, it was not her original strength, cyber security was her originally strength, he made changes in dhs, and goes with someone whose i supreme strength is someone who can dig in right away with great entire -- interagency connection, this is not just dhs but also department
3:53 pm
of defense, states department, national security council at the white house. and kevin mcaleenan is well respected and has great relationships with all those people. the president was look faring tough cop -- looking for a testify cop, and president neat that kirstjen nielson came to the plate to degree he needed her on that front, that is why he made the change. jon: john roberts, thank you, our chief white house correspondent. >> thank you. jon: kevin mcaleenan, fellow taking the job that may be almost nobody wanted, head of department of homeland security at a very tense time when southern border is being overrun. the president calls it a crisis, democrats say it is not. let's bring back ours i casey stegall at border in el paso, why ill brea. reporter: we talk about this
3:54 pm
data. that is fiscal year 2019 that started in october. when we talk about numbers for comparison that is custom and border protec protection data tt starts in october, compare 2018. we are now in april, you look at that many months, you compare the two, tha spikes. two sectors in particular saw some of the biggest in terms of apprehension, one here in el passelpaso sector, now more thae 70,000 apprehensions have been made. compares to a year ago same period it was 9,000.
3:55 pm
also over in the rio grande valley, mcallen, brownsville area of south texas, that is another area that has been a huge smuggling corridor for the unaccompanied minors and family units, across entire southern border, agents tell us they make apprehensions to the tune of about 2000 a day on the southern border. these are numbers, they have not seen in more than a decade. they say that is why it is a real crisis here back to you. >> casey stegall in el paso sector ons southern border, case i thancasey thank you. jon: kevin mcaleenan will be acting head of department of homeland security, he replaces kirstjen nielson. who tendered her resignation at
3:56 pm
president's request, roughly an hour ago. just at 6 p.m. hour on east coast began we learned she was at the white house tenderring her resignation. president put out a tweet, thanked her for her service, she has done a good job, but he wants to take the department of homeland security in a different direction. with so much focus on the source er--southern border,. that is our fox respec reportins sunday april 7, i am jon scott, thank you for watching, have a great week. that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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>> i'm bill hemmer in for chris wallace. house democrats hit a turning point in their investigations of president trump. ♪ bill: first, threats to the use subpoena mauer and move to -- power and move to is seize the president's tax returns. as the president himself shifts the focus back to his signature campaign issue, border ask security.


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