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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 8, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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u findings are far more negative more president trump. >> you get to tell me it isn't as exciting as congressional republicans would have you believed, really? who could have seen this coming. >> mischaracterized the line from robert mueller, we would have heard it's not true. >> now believe that the figure, in some way manipulating?
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>> giuliani, the president's personal lawyer will be here. the media deeply divided over joe biden, women accusing of touching them. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand you. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i had ever done to a man or a woman. >> he's a nice guy, he's not a predator, you're eating your young. >> commentators on the left find former insufficient liberal along with conservatives critical of his conduct. >> i'm not sure that somebody who is so out of step where this sort of energy in the democratic party is needs to get into this race and sort of swim against
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the tide, right, if he were pushing policies, more progressive than where the democratic party is or more progressive end, that would be one thing. this was a republican he would be called groping. >> creepy, crazy uncle joe biden. he's facing serious backlash, you guessed it, being creepy. >> plus, journalists accusing the president of reversing himself on health care and closing the borders, he dismisses that, who is right here, i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ >> media awaits russia report, "the new york times" saying bob mueller's investigators fail today portray findings as more troubling for the president than he indicated that according to
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government officials and others familiar with frustration, joining me now in studio, rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, welcome. >> howard, how are you? >> i'm great, telling the times, barr doesn't reflect evidence, are you concerned about the leaks? >> i'm very concerned about the leaks. i'm not concerned about the report. i would like the whole report to be out. i think we can handle it. i think the president didn't do anything what he was accused of. >> let me ask you -- >> of course, he does. >> without redaction? >> it's up to the attorney general. i'm not -- i am a lawyer and i realize that democrats are exploiting the fact that ag is in a difficult position. but putting that aside, that leak really indicates all you need to know about mueller's
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prosecutors, leaking like that and they don't leak, that's been the biggest canard in the investigation. >> they said it was a tight ship. >> would call me up and say we just got this from the special counsel, how do you respond to it? there are memos that they only had that were put out. how about cnn being there when roger stone's house was raided in early morning hours. >> tipped off by mueller? >> they figured they were going to be there that day. >> if story is true, why shouldn't the newspaper report that -- >> there's something wrong with the prosecutor. here is what it tells you, it tells me that they don't have anything. they were malicious enough to do that, they would have said, good reporter said, give me an example.
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they didn't get an answer. there wasn't anything. >> having to decide on whether to indict on obstruction because mueller -- here is the thing, house democrats as you know, mayor, have subpoenaed report and the white house has a problem with that. >> the white house has problem getting the report? >> getting the report with the grand jury information in there. they will protect it and -- >> well, they are not going to protect it. >> you don't think so? >> have they ever protected anything in the last 5 or 6 years. this is a joke, this is jerry nadler and cummings, they all decided he should be impeached a year ago, a year ago. nadler was overheard on the train lining up the impeachment. >> there's no serious impeachment according to nancy pelosi.
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>> i was just on with jerry nadler, he still thinks there was collusion. you're really asking the president to go through kangaroo court. i will execute but i will give you trial first. nothing like watergate, when watergate was going on, committees had report and never leaked. this guys can't hold for a piece of paper 2 days before it leaked. >> are you accusing of running a kangaroo court? >> nadler shout his mouth too much. let's talk about house judiciary committee, they have a fire house, the other congressman who announced that he's guilty of collusion, that they have evidence of collusion, where is the evidence of collusion, why aren't they called account to lying, calling goes before the house of representatives, he commits perjury at least 5 times, two of them.
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he should go to jail for perjury and not other perjury. i don't see cummings asking for him to be prosecuted. if you lie now, we will throw the book at you, he lied once, twice, three time, four times. i don't see cummings throughing the book at him. >> going to provide the tapes. >> it's chris cuomo. i never asked for a job, i can play tape, i asked for the job of chief staff to the president of the united states. direct lie, direct perjury, it is required really when somebody cooperates and then they lie after that a prosecute a prosecutor. collusion, collusion, collusion,
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collusion. papadopoulos, it's going to show collusion, manafort, blockbuster, going to show collusion, blockbuster, 8 times, 9 times, totally bias, prejudice reporting creating a hysteria over what turns out something that's not true. >> i've been critical of the coverage that at times it was overhyped. i'm talking about all media coverage but on the other hand this was an investigation authorized, 37 indictments, you say the networks should apologize. >> for not giving balance coverage. nbc puts whole interview -- >> right after james comey was fired, right after comey was fired. >> i did it this morning, cnbc and google it you get the first part of the interview, you have to go to transcript to get second part of interview. i believe by doing this i was
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going to extend the investigation and make it longer. they leave that out. they don't emphasize that. they bury it and the first time they covered it they buried. i can give you so many examples of that, my god, the coverage was so bias that it's embarrassing and they should have apologized. they painted him as guilty before he was proven innocent. >> during the coverage you appeared just about every network, you're the president's personal lawyer and during that time you took a lot of personal criticism from the press, i mean, steps where you had to come up with clarifying things. rudy is not good advocate for the president. do you feel that you were diverting heat for donald trump? >> they tried to twist things in a way they didn't do to avenatti. one of them will be given by the press, softball question, never interrupt, going on they begin
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to interrupt immediately, immediately. i can tell, i'm not a jerk, i understand their bias. look at rachel maddow's face, maybe there's evidence of collusion. as an american citizen, she should be sup et -- upset that there's evidence of collusion, she should be happy that the president didn't do anything wrong with the russians. >> well, i think whether you support the president or not, that outcome is good. >> these people want political. >> you're saying this is double standard, people on the other side. you're not saying that you didn't make mistakes? >> of course, i've made mistakes, they have to credit the fact that we got a pretty darn result. the guys that represented bill clinton walked him in perjury case. we don't have perjury, first of
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all, the president was telling the truth, number 2, we avoided him going before a bunch of very angry hillary supporting democrats. i'm not making that up. one of them on that staff was counsel to the clinton foundation. that's ridiculous. >> if you look at the record of mueller, you spent a lot of time and the president of the united states spent time attacking bob mueller, you had high opinion of him before, in the end, he said he found no collusion, he made no recommendation and in the end you have to acknowledge that he was fair. >> the result is fair, the way they conducted the process wasn't fair, not at all. >> how did it lead to a result -- >> isn't that even better evidence that he's innocent. they tried very hard to frame an innocent man and they weren't able to do it. you know how many times they brought manafort from solitary confinement and told him he was lying because i wasn't telling
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on president, 13. they tried everything they could, listen to jarome, what they did to him. morning raids on manafort. this is what you do at a terrorist case and you get criticized by the times. >> i have to break, just to clarify manafort is going to prison for two -- >> and he should, you still don't keep in solitary confinement to try to crack him, that's what you do with a terrorist. >> more with rudy giuliani as we get more coverage of subpoenas on the house and we will talk about joe biden as well. later the media furor and the women accusing him of making them
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>> joe biden, you have worked for many years, 8 different women say he engaged in unwanted touching. the president has been accused of much worse. president trump ignoring his own troubled history with women and bragging about sexual assault misconduct, went after joe biden, fair game to bring that in? >> i like joe, i've known him for a long time, aye known him since 1981. some of the democrats want to run away now. clinton passed it. always liked him very much. seems to me that -- i haven't heard one yet that goes over the line and, look, i come from an italian family and i have some relatives --
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>> yeah. >> that love to hug. >> we didn't hug before. >> i hug men, i'm a hugger. when i was mayor i used to hug people all of the time. >> sounds like you're getting a right deal? >> i feel sorry about involvement in ukraine thing. i got information about 3 or 4 months ago that a lot of the explanations for how this whole phoney investigation started will be in the ukraine, people in the ukraine that were working to help hillary clinton and were colluding really with the clinton campaign and stems around the ambassador and the embassy used for political purposes. so i began getting some people that were coming forward and telling me about that and all of a sudden they revealed the story about biden's son and -- >> ukrainian company, hunter served on the board. >> 4, 5 years. >> when he was vice president he bragged about pressuring ukraine's president to firing a
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top prosecutor who was being criticized on a whole bunch of areas but was conducting investigation of this gas company in which son served as director. my question to you since you brought this up, why would the vice president of the united states brag of this publicly if he had something to hide? >> who knows, the reality is you left out a fact that he did, his son was under investigation by that very prosecutor at the time. >> his son or the company -- >> no, no, his son is a named individual in the investigation. his son was on the board making a million dollars from the company, big shot of the company, running the company. >> your contention -- >> it's not my contention. >> hold on. you say the media is not giving as much attention n2015 "the new york times" has headline, talked about being on the board of the company, i talked about --
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>> all right. >> so my point is, it's a merky situation. >> that's the best evidence, they never followed up on it. what happened after that? the company went under investigation, the company is considered one of the most crooked companies in ukraine. the owner is a fugitive, gets millions of dollars a year, president obama names him point man, obama names vice president biden point man for ukraine. the prosecutor is dismissed, given to court that was put together by sorros people and they dropped the case. >> you have bringing this up now because joe biden is about to run for president? >> i'm bringing it up now -- i don't care about joe biden, i want the ukraine investigated because i think in the ukraine we will find a lot of answers to how the steel dossier was put together and manafort tape
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revised. >> the president you work for runs the justice department. >> justice department should investigate this but it's up -- i mean, it's up to them to take hold of it. so far no serious investigation of how do these phoney allegations, foreign government help in the development of these, how many ukrainians were involved and was the embassy in ukraine involved in evidence, that's all very important to pointing where we started. hold fashion frame-up. on the note, rudy giuliani, great to have you here in washington. ahead after days of being battled by the press joe biden defends himself and that's not stopping the story, on deck, the pam weighs on bob mueller's come plaining about attorney general and major leak to the new york times
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>> joining us to analyze mueller report and prosecutors being pressured and unhappy, holy hemmingway, gillian turner in washington, democratic official and fox news contributor who runs georgetown's university institute of politics. molly, just like i asked giuliani, mueller has run tight ship, suddenly, clearly we have bad stuff on donald trump. >> well, i first degree -- agree that the lack of leaking was a soft story. sure, sure, that's overblown statement that they weren't leaking. what's interesting here and i thought in second paragraph of new york times story you have mueller affiliates say they are upset that they didn't get the set the narrative, the fact that
12:25 am
narrative is part of their role is something that should be looked at critically, it's not dispassionate law enforcement angle. they wanted to -- they wanted to smear the president what they have done in their report and that's a very interesting thing and worthy of coverage and the media reports actually do show that story pretty well. >> gillian, he didn't like the position to make call on this, i think it's true that prosecutors are frustrated, they think that barr summary has trained the media debate and the more times goes on more could be set in stone so they are using press to fight back. >> if we are going to base the story solely on reporting then we have to ak qept the fact that two things can be true at one time, maybe they are, maybe they are not in this case, within hours "the new york times" story was going to print the other day, fox news got new reporting of their own from justice department officials affiliated with mueller's team pushing back
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against the specific particular allegation in that story. they said, it's not true that many people who worked for mueller or that even some people who worked for mueller are unhappy with the report and how barr chose -- what he chose to highlight and what he chose to share. that's not true. the team is largely happy. so two sources of work. >> the president tweeting again about media coverage being unfair. let's put up on the screen, "the new york times" had no sources which would be totally legal, probably had no sources at all, have been forced to apologize for incorrect and bad reporting on him. haven't apologized for president trump, this is something that the president often does.
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>> yeah, i think there's a tweet this morning or maybe yesterday in which he attacked the leaks from mueller's shop while at the same time attacking the media for making -- manufacturing sources. so there's disconnect there. look, i am tired of having a conversation about report that no one has seen yet. i'm tired to have justice department and the president declaring victory when no one has had a chance to read it yet. i am tired -- >> the white house. >> i'm tired of people who are asserting that there's more in there than barr is saying who haven't read it. i'm tired of this whole conversation. i want to see the report, you know, the president has not been let off the hook in my mind until i've read the report.
12:28 am
>> isn't barr and the justice department doing the same thing? was it inevitable that that might frame narrative that might be helpful for to president trump? >> well, no, unless you think they were wrong when they said no indictments. i agree, i want to see everything that's in the report as well. we do know that it ended without a single american, indicted for collusion with russia and that's why sources are so important. for many years we had anonymous sources alleging that they had great deal of evidence that selectively leaked certain type of information and created the story that there were all the bombshell that is we were going to have the president indicted with collusion with russia, that's why they are so bad, that's why the media needs to be much more careful about receiving the leaks without being critical of them. >> that's a fair point.
12:29 am
very quick point. >> the white house is trying to have cake and eat it too, because mueller had no evidence of collusion, the whole was illegitimate. >> i have to get a commercial in break in here, but the president visits the border and backed off threat to shut it down. first, joe biden faces reporters for the first time after numerous women of inappropriate touching. the media's handling of that the media's handling of that 't easy.
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12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. hugging and touching in plain sight but 7 other women have accused him of inappropriate touching leaving former vp to defend himself. >> the vice president of the united states, the vice president of the united states is hugging me and kissing me, i
12:33 am
just don't know what to do. i kind of felt frozen. >> the fact of the matter is i made it clear if i made anybody feel comfortable, i have badly about that, it was never my attention ever, ever. >> joe biden suggested to mocking over the years, we have seen pictures of the video, uncle joe, had the press been too easy on the former vice president? >> i don't know, like a lack of consistency in how we talk about these things and confusion on how to talk about human touching and we don't have a good way of understanding distinctions between inappropriate or unwanted touching and sexual assault and it'll be important people not to buy this one type of human engage mint over another. some people are friendly and touchy, other people are not so, in fact, very much don't like it. you don't want to privilege over personal touch. >> the media seems to be
12:34 am
grappling in debates, where is the line between harassment, none of them felt anything sexual on biden's part and touching, head rubbing or whatever that it's their space. >> i think the consensus based on what the women themselves have said, i would take away from that that whatever he did made them feel uncomfortable. the problem is that we look for a line that men and women can potentially cross and when it comes to violating people's personal space, all the way from violating that space to sexual assault, the line falls in a different place for each individual, so it's very hard to come up -- like molly, i would like the media to come up with consensus to evaluate but i don't know that that's possible to do that. >> i'm sure they'll be a few more, alleging groping or sexual assault that the heavy coverage
12:35 am
is justified. huge story this week. >> this whole incident has kind of -- i think it's pushing us to think about what began with #me too movement and this isn't about the same thing, this isn't about harassment or misconduct or assault. this is about i think now a discussion in part and everything that's already said, but also the gender dynamic in the workplace and the fact that he has culturally, you can have interactions with people where you maybe are a little bit more open to -- to touching. i've been to europe where people i just met will embrace me and kiss me on both cheeks and off putting to me, it's a different thing. but in the office, if i were to walk up to a woman who works for me and just start rubbing her shoulders or kissing her on the
12:36 am
back of the head, i would be reported to hr. now, i'm not saying -- i am not saying that -- i don't doubt the vice president's intentions at all. we all know that he's that kind of a guy. i'm a big fan of his, but do i think it's opening up now a conversation about that gender dynamic in the workplace and what is appropriate and where do we have to pull back. >> candidates have to learn how to deal with the media. he waited several days, he made a video and he gave a speech here in washington which he started the joke about hugging, the networks broke away and a bunch of reporters gathered around and he took questions and he looked kind of hesitant and trying to defend himself. all that, judgment, the media moved so much more quickly. >> yes, that's product of all discussion, the me too discussions that we have been having for the last 2 years since -- since the 2016
12:37 am
campaign. every time a woman speaks out about being physically uncomfortable the media wants to pick everything apart. i don't know candidly whether that's a good thing or helpful thing or not. >> all right, president trump on a couple of occasions mocked joe biden and the problems he's going through, this is what he said the other day. >> i said general, give me kiss, i felt like joe biden. [laughter] >> but i meant it. >> the president put up video that makes fun of biden. so the suppress sort of saying, maybe donald trump needs to stay away from the subject since he's had accusations of more serious misconduct which he denies. >> it's fine absolutely to bring up donald trump's relationship with women, it's important to be accurate when defining those relationships which trouble to be accurate in describing, what
12:38 am
you see interesting with donald trump, tends to make light of or fun of candidates on the left, seems less when he's talk about them and n that the media conversation you have a lot of fears about handling things properly and part of donald trump's appeal, i think, and this would be interesting as it goes in 2020 race seeing how comfortable he is about joking and not being afraid to talk about them. >> he does communicate differently. let me get a break here, up next, why some media liberals are defending the former vice president and the way he touches women and others announcing, is it really about politics, there should be limits on what crowds can say at campaign rallies, really
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>> have debated joe biden's overly intrusive behavior with women and big boost for those who know him and like politics and even conservatives that don't like politics. >> he would grab my hands to make a point, i didn't find it creepy. >> over a decade i watch him direct so many resources, so many efforts, so much of his staff time to actually empowering women and preventing violence against women. >> he put both hands on my
12:43 am
shoulders and, you're my favorite of the right-wing crazies, something like that to that effect. he looked and said, how are you doing and he was funny, it didn't bother me one bit. i'm seeing real divide here between media liberals, support policies and politics and others, progressives, democratic party who are using this or are they using this because he's not progressive enough. >> i think this about in part because i wrote about his touche media tends to have a higher standard or they tend to be less forgiving on people on the right and i think what's happening here is that he's coming in a way of the more liberal candidates, people to his left. i think why are we talking about
12:44 am
this now, it was on full display throughout the obama administration and the fact that nobody asking the obamas is interesting. the fact that they have not talked about it is interesting. also who is pushing the campaign right now? >> by the way, lucy flores who started this by coming forward on 5-year-old incident, he didn't like the position on abortion, so there's something. gillian, you worked in the obama white house, you know joe biden and actually picture the first time that you were introduced. let's put that up on the screen. what was that encounter like? >> you can't see him the way that we got the photo crossed but the reason we were talking about the photo earlier today because he did have hand around the waist in the picture which you could see if you had the whole thing, i was a staffer at the white house of national security council, it was later, i think, in 2009, first meeting
12:45 am
ever and he said, you're beautiful and he put his hand around my waist and took photo together, did it make me uncomfortable, no, do i remember with my other experiences at the white house, yes. i think it's a perfect example of the kind of conversation that people are now starting to have about him which is that he does have different behaviors than a lot of government officials and it's up to, i think, every woman to make denches -- determination. >> women in the washington post, proud of the picture, touching fore heads. coming forward 5 years after the incident. >> yeah, i mean, i don't know, i think we are now at the point where -- i mean, obviously it's
12:46 am
going to come out now. he's running for president. if he were have faded off into the distance -- right, having said that, though, i believe that if someone is going to raise an allegation we ought to listen to the allegation. if someone is going to listen, we have to listen and respect the concern and i do think we are way past time to start having these conversations about these dynamics in the workplace. >> some of biden's critics are using this as proxy, you know what, he's out of culture with the culture, he's 76, too old to run president because he does thing that were maybe acceptable in earlier generations. >> how much one side of neddia attention is. i do wonder if this is a proxy of having conversation about age, very difficult to have conversation, two of the front runners, joe biden and bernie sanders would be older going
12:47 am
into the presidency than reagan was when he left. it is inappropriate to say too much about that, so i think sometimes the conversations are ways to talk about concerns that reporters have rather than addressing it head on. >> yeah, story to reporters, takes us into a realm of probably, gets a lot of ratings and i'm giving myself a last word. [laughter] >> great to see you all this sunday, after the break, the press slamming the president for changing mind on obamacare, closing the border, is that a
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12:51 am
health care, the president blew the whistle saying that he had no plan and then vote will come after 2020 election. [inaudible] >> i want to delay it myself. i want to put it after the election because we don't have the house. >> the president also made headlines with shifting rhetoric on the mexican border. >> we will keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games. méxico has to stop it. we will give them a one-year warning and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we are going put tariffs on méxico and product in particular cars and if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> joining us david, white house correspondent for trump makes the threat, maybe one-year delay, it's not clear. and then he says he didn't change his mind. when the washington post says the president is reeling with
12:52 am
policy, are they on right point? >> two things going on here, first of all, what happened in the interim is trump announces, oh the mexicans are starting to secure border, hallelujah, that doesn't happen overnight. the president knew the change from mexicans were coming, we will close the border so we can look tough. he know it is mexicans have started -- >> take credit. >> exactly. not only that he created the political situation where he can say something and close border and grabs liberals running for president saying contentious things. kamala harris says daca kids and illegal immigrants should be working in congress, gavin newsom talks about sanctuary state and beto o'rourke says that illegal immigrants are good for jumping el paso. >> the president came out and joined the administration supporting the suit, get rid of obamacare, the press is right, mitch mcconnell publicly and
12:53 am
privately said don't do this and he says, well, i never planned to do it before the election because democrats can control the house. >> look, i think it's a reasonable thing if he we wanted to interpret this from kindest way possible, it's reasonable to say trump knew it wasn't going pass, he's saying that look, the democrats see health care as powerful issue in 2018, we will see it in 2020, does he have the political to say it, no, so -- >> sometimes it works, sometimes backfires. >> where is the plan and when is the vote going to be. >> the vote is not after the next election, presenting a plan if he's smart will come around the time of next political convention. something fresh to run on and i think the broader point here, wouldn't it be interesting and refreshing if every newsman in washington, half of the people
12:54 am
whose nature was to think the way the president thinks and presents counterarguments for some of the things and say maybe we should prevent this in addition to that. >> good idea. some of the president said, i don't know why wind turbines, leaving that aside, origin as oranges, his father was born germany and not german heritage. >> it would be interesting what media meant, there's something called wind turbine caused cancer. if you think about it, i think it's hilarious. in january he was talking about call peaches, tim cook, tim am. -- apple.
12:55 am
>> thanks very much. still to come, trump rally chant and no, the president isn't coming.
12:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> veteran cnn journalist had unusual exchange with jim comey one that i find pretty troubling, trump supporters in 2016 campaign rallies kept chanting lock her up, meaning hillary, of course, and she doesn't think it should have been allowed. >> lock her up was a feature of 2016 trump campaign, do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself, the head of the fbi, i mean, the people in charge of law and order have sut down the language that it was dangerous potentially, that it should have created violence, that it is kind of hate speech? >> are they free speech?
12:59 am
first amendment and asking the fbi to intervene, here is comey's response. >> that's not a role for government to play, the beauty of this country is people can say what they want, even if it's misleading and demagoguery. >> yes, what he said he might show up, no, the third straight year donald trump is skipping the white house correspondent's dinner. >> ly hold -- i will hold a rally. they are so boring and negative. we will hold a positive rally. >> actually much less negativity because they'll be no comedian. no president of the united states. that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard cuts, check out my podcast, 5 hottest stories and you can subscribe at apple i tunes, google play or fox news hope you also visit facebook page, post daily columns and videos for online, continue the
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conversation on twitter at howard kurtz, i bet we will have a lot about the interview with giuliani, mueller, biden, we will be back here at 11:00 eastern wit heather: monday april 8th and this is "fox & friends first". happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. fox news alert for you, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen is out. resignation shocking washington as illegal immigrants continue to pour into our country. who is the president's pick to replace her and what does it mean to border crisis? devin nunes firing warning shot at democrats. >> we are prepared to make those 8 referrals this week, two on conspiracy, the one on leaks. heather: democrats could steal