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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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intentionally throw batter, 1 of 5 players rejected from the game. there you go. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us on this monday, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. rob: okay, it's monday april 8th, fox news alert, kirstjen nielsen is out as head of homeland security as trump administration looks to bring more muscle to border enforcement. jillian: live in washington with what we know about replacement. white house hopeful beto o'rourke weighs in middle east politics with jab at benjamin netanyahu. rob: corey cory booker struggle. jillian: that's right, all in the 2020 round-up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: big night for country music. did you stay up and watch it? rob: no. jillian: carrie underwood, yeah. i don't know what to tell you. rob: you will get a stupid answer every jillian: you said it, not me.
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okay, on that note, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, thanks for getting up early with us. kirstjen nielsen staying for at least a few more days after her abrupt resignation. jillian: white house signaling tougher stance on the border crisis, griff jenkins live in washington as the information continues to unfold, good morning, griff. >> it's official announcing resignation after meet target white house later tweeted this. i have agreed to stay on till wednesday april 10th to assist with orderly transition and make sure admissions are not impacted. nielsen brought in from john kelly, she expressed frustration, i hope that the nect secretary will have support
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of congress and fixing the laws which have impeded our ability to fully secure america's borders, former acting ice director and fox news contributor tom hogan agrees. >> the president obviously is frustrated at what is going on in the southern border. >> democrats long critical of the secretary after the family separation fiasco reacting. speaker pelosi issuing statement, it's deeply alarming that the trump administration official who put children in cages reportedly resigning because she's not extreme enough for the white house's liking and house homeland security committee chairman thompson says her tenure was, quote, a disaster from the start. border official is no stranger to the job dating years back, he
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wants an even tougher path forward in terms of border measures, jillian, rob. rob: nice job with that interview with the president mr. jenkins, that was very good. >> thank you, guys. rob: welcome back to washington. >> all right. jillian: criminal charges possible for people behind several leaks. rob: latest on information devin nunes is sending. >> this is just the beginning, 8 referrals this week, finding out that there may be more coming widening. 5 of the referrals are straight up naming people accused of lying to conduct or misleading congress. the other 3 involve conspiracy, that's attempts to lie to fisa court to attempt to get warrants, manipulating intelligence and global leak
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conspiracy as he calls it basically highly sensitive classified information given to reporters over the last 2 and a half years, while writing their story, nunes was compiling information for this exact moment and this may only be the beginning. >> we are prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we are prepared to -- to send those referrals over and brief him if he wishes to be briefed. we think that they are pretty clear. >> okay, so if that happens it's expected that he's going to -- ag barr will get referrals this week right after grilled by democrats over mueller report, that actually happens today. democrats like nadler and adam schiff still insisting there is evidence of collusion despite mueller's findings. >> i don't regret calling out the president for deeply unethical and improper conduct, not a bit, i think the moment that we start to think that we
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should back away from exposing this kind of mallfeacance and corruption. >> never going to happen, guys. jillian: still going after tax returns, aisha, thank you. rob: democrats demanding full mueller report despite bill barr's promise that he will release version of that report as early as this week. >> republican house judiciary committee member mike johnson worried tomorrow's hearing will turn into a circus. >> i fear that this meeting may turn into a circus, our democrat colleagues are really on a tear, they really want the big end of attorney general barr and they are not giving him i think the respect he's due, the subpoena that they voted to release at
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our meeting, but our understanding, the republican side, is that would be done within the bounds of the law, that's the attorney general's responsibility, i think he's doing that diligently and i hope the democrats in house judiciary committee will allow him to do just that. >> and it's certainly worth noting that bill barr is working with bob mueller to protect classified and potentially sensitive grand jury information from nearly 400-page mueller report. illegal immigrant charged with murdering police officer, accused of shooting day after christmas, terrible story, the case has been suspended, mexican national with known gang ties to stand trial if convicted. jillian: chinese woman accused
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of lying her way in mar-a-lago with malicious software is in court today, making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering restricted area, arrested at florida property after claiming to be for conference that didn't exist. president trump was in florida but not at the club. a heartbroken father breaking silence after a man poses as his missing son, james says he is still hopeful timothy is alive after vanishing 8 years ago. >> he's alive somewhere, i know he is, he's probably in the middle of nowhere being home schooled. you can't give up hope, what should i do? declare him dead? i'm not going to do that. jillian: timothy last seen at wisconsin water park with mother back in 2011 she killed herself and left note that her son was safe but never would be found.
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rob: 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke named netanyahu as racist. >> someone who joined forces with far-right party who is are inherently racist in speech, in the way that they want to treat their fellow human beings. rob: happening in iowa, texas democrat also said he doesn't believe netanyahu represents the true will of the israeli people. netanyahu is seeking his fifth term in tomorrow's big election. 2020 hopeful cory booker falling behind on fundraising, new jersey senator raising more than $5 million since launching campaign on february 1st, but that puts the democrats behind at least 4 of his 2020 rivals.
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look at how far from bernie sanders he is. look at beto and bernie sanders raised in 24 hours. jillian: country music awards lighting up las vegas, going to familiar face. >> and the winner is keith urban. [cheers and applause] jillian: keith urban no stranger to the title, he won last year and now getting big recognition winning artist of the decade. >> as for the ladies taking home the best female artist and album of the year and this is us actress christy had nice moment there wowing the crowd with debut performance surrounded by country stars including carrie
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underwood. ♪ ♪ rob: that song is in upcoming movie breakthrough. jillian: congrats to all. rob: yeah, watch out for keith urban christina aguilera song. has been on the radio. so i hear. kirstjen nielsen out, acting homeland secretary, is this right move to fix immigration system, where to go from here. jillian: first performing can't hide red at country music awards last night. ♪
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♪ nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. rob: who is he and will he bring tough thans the president is calling for on this issue? congressman john joyce is a member of the house committee on homeland security, he joins us now with his reaction to what has developed here overnight, sir, thanks for coming on. >> good morning. rob: what do you think of his pick, would it last any longer than that? >> he's already stated that we are at a breaking point. he realizes serious issues at southern border, he realizes that we are at national crisis. >> do you think he's able to take this to another level that perhaps cries tin nileson -- kirstjen nielsen wasn't able to do at this point in the game?
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>> the president has clear overview on thousand move this forward. we need to move this forward as member of homeland security, we need to back up what the president has clearly stated to us that we are in a state of national emergency, we need to provide homeland security with the right tools to move forward to stem the tide of illegal immigration into our country. >> is it true that mcaleenan was in obama administration? >> that brings him overview that's important in this specific circumstance. rob: should that concern, i guess, a lot of president supporters if he worked well under president obama, they have, you know, different views on this issue. >> i think that president obama stated that we need security at southern border, someone who has perspective of being able to work on both sides of the aisle
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and move agenda forward is very important to our country, to the security of our country. jillian: let's take a look at who the man is, will replace kirstjen nielsen as dhs secretary, served as cbd commissioner since march 20th, 2018. and served in customs and border protection since 2001. if you could take a stab at this, what do you think critics are going to say about this pick? >> i think that we are going to see someone who brings the depth and experience. that's what we need, we need to move the ball forward and the president clearly has overview of who the right person is for the job. rob: yeah, let's talk about immigration laws, a lot of people argue at this point is kind of flat and haven't done a
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lot to make anything happen although both sides say they want to see change on this. when you look at the numbers obviously they are high right now but not as high in the past, what we are seeing right now is different demographic coming in, instead of men coming in were easier to deport, you have families climbing asylum, what is it going to take for congress to do something about asylum laws? >> i think we will need to mauve changes. we have legal loopholes that we mustards. right now we are seeing children being used as ponds. we need to safely return children, pass legislation that will give homeland security the ability to return children safely to their homes. right now i would say that the legal loophole of presenting with a child is a fast pass into entry. we need to be able to address that. we as members of congress need
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to pass legislation that will allow homeland security to do the right thing, to return these children to their homes safely. jillian: congressman, thank you very much for your time, 18 minutes after the hour, a judge rules in favor of undocumented children as outbreak ravages new york, live with action today. rob: first to get you up on monday morning, look what god gave her at the country music awards last night. ♪ ♪
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rob: welcome back, new action expected today as measles outbreak hits rockland county new york. jillian: todd piro live in rockland county with the next steps. >> in just a few hours rockland county attorney will be back here at court really trying to figure out what the judge meant when he said the county's use of emergency declaration was, quote, misplaced. that 30-day declaration barred unvaccinated children from schools, houses of worship and other public areas even kids with a religious exemption. all this after rockland county was hit with 167 cases of measles as of friday. in ruling against the declaration the judge said the
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measles outbreak didn't rise to level of epidemic but leaders here disagree saying the county needs to be proactive which could include issuing another ban. >> this is a public health crisis and time to sound the alarm. >> despite this increasing threat reaction to the ban still mix. >> they definitely affect all the other children, okay, and the parents, it's their responsibility. >> it's up to the parent. you can't try to parent other people's kids. >> during the first 3 months of this year, there have been 387 measles cases in 15 states, second highest this century, currently 17 states allow exemptions for those who object on personal, moral and other grounds. only 3 states, mississippi, west virginia and california require nearly everyone to get
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vaccinated, exemptions not allowed. it's kind of interesting to see mississippi, west virginia and california on the list like this. those three states rarely appear on the same list, thank you. rob: strange situation we have this. thanks so much. >> no problem. jillian: this weekend i had the honor of speaking at gala for police officers killed in line of duty, blue lives matter,nyc hosting third annual gala, this year's event honored fallen detectives, ambushed an killed in patrol car in 2014. their wives were on hand in addition to officers from baton rouge, chicago and beyond. the president of blue lives matter. money raised will fund scholarship and fallen offer fund to help families in need. it was incredible night for good
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cause. rob: i was here working local news, shook the entire community. jillian: absolutely. work to go keep memories alive. rob: 25 minutes after the hour, democrats not giving up the hunt for the president's tax returns. >> the last 8 presidents have released tax returns. >> show us mueller report, show us the tax returns. rob: but what do the american people think about this, do they actually care after all the president was still elected knowing this, griff jenkins hit the streets to find out. jillian: first miranda lambert last night. ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning, welcome back, top headlines, homeland
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security kirstjen nielsen will stay on until wednesday after abruptly announcing resignation, customs and border commissioner kevin mcaleenan has is secretary. rob: illegal immigrant accused of killing police officer day after christmas, the case suspended pending mental health evaluation. jillian: criminal charges behind several leaks surrounding the russia investigation, congressman devin nunes prepare to go send 8 criminal referrals to justice department as soon as this week, allegations involve disclosing classified information and lying to congress and fisa court. rob: democrats formally demanding 6 years worth of president trump's tax returns. jillian: white house slamming the move as another tactic to discredit election but what do americans think? rob: griff hit the streets to find out, hey, griff.
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>> this is clearly not going away but the question is this a priority for the folks in the streets of new york, i hit the streets to find out, watch. how important it is for you to see the president's tax returns? >> it's not really important. >> definitely. >> transparency. >> i'm more concerned -- >> i think it's very important, transparency, always talking about -- >> not at all. >> do you care about president trump tax returns? >> no. >> i'm just so sick of the political game going on from both sides of the aisle that i tune in and out at this point. out of curiosity i would want to. >> there's so much bad about him, it's not a big story. it's not constitutionally
2:32 am
required. >> you think president trump should have -- >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i'm not really concerned wit. all i know that he is making america great. that's all i need. >> if there's no -- if there's nothing to hide, why won't he be like here you go. >> isn't that waste of taxpayer money? >> they are wasting time and they are wasting money. >> do you care about the president's tax returns? >> yes. ♪ ♪ >> it's not the president's tax returns but it's pretty darn awesome. thank you.
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pretty mixed reaction, half of them want to see them and half don't care however if the irs does go along with the house ways means committee chairman to request subpoena it would be unprecedented. jillian: how long were you out there? >> no one wants to talk about it. everybody we talked to wanted to talk about it. we were out there for more than an hour or so even though they are pretty divided. >> your president. [laughter] >> griff, we have a statement here from the president's legal team. if the irs aquiseses, nice word, the assuming tit for tat would do lasting damage to our nation. all right. there you have it. jillian: we will see, in the
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meantime let's go to meteorologist janice dean, janice, 70's. janice: it was beautiful this weekend, wasn't it? now the rain comes. short lived. rob: may flowers. janice: april flowers and may showers. let's get to it. current temperatures, 53 in new york, we will get into 70's across much of eastern sea bore. here is the radar, another system moving across. isolated tornado, this is the time of year that we see potential for stronger severe storms, there's your severe threat again isolated tornadoes but we could see certainly some heavy rainfall and some damaging winds. now, taking a look at the next several days, look at the system that is move into the west across the rockies and the northern plains, over a foot of snow with our next couple of systems, so we are not done yet and also the potential for
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flooding across the south. jillian: active. janice: that's the next 6 days but, you know, a lot of snow here unfortunately. rob: they say spring skiing in colorado, you can throw a t-shirt on. janice: happy monday. jillian: happy monday. march madness, guess, what it will end by making history tonight. the stage is set for two teams battling to win first ever national title. texas tech and virginia. 9:20 p.m. eastern. rob: texas tech takes down michigan state on saturday. the good game was on sunday, virginia edging auburn just barely. kyle drained 3 free throws in less than 1 second on the clock. 3 free throws. good luck. [laughter]
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rob: i didn't see this game but it was controversial. jillian: i didn't see it either. rob: you decide. jillian: 35 minutes after the hour, former president obama sending message to fellow democrats. >> shooting at your allies because one of them is sprain from purity on the issues. rob: he makes a good point, infighting that he's warning about stink chances in 2020, political debating that next. jillian: first brooks and dnn performing brand-new man in country music awards last night. ♪ ♪
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jillian: welcome back, hundreds honor american soldier who died during live fire training exercise. ♪ ♪ jillian: family and friends paying attention to specialist in new jersey hometown, 20-year-old shot and killed during exercise in alaska. his father, an army chief warrant officer also died in training accident 15 years ago. the american woman kidnapped on safari is now free, seen for the first time since she and tour guide abducted in uganda, the company reportedly pay half a million dollars ransom, officials say they are both unharmed. president trump tweeting please to report that the american tourist and tour guide that were abducted in uganda have been released. god bless them and their families, i'm sure we will hear more about that in the upcoming
2:41 am
days. rob: former president obama sees issues developing inside his own party. >> one of the things i do worry about sometimes among progressives in the united states we start sometimes creating what's a circular firing squad where you're shooting at your allies because one of them is spring from purity on the issues. rob: all right, that's an interesting comment. will the progressives 2020 hopefuls heed the former president's warning or will some of this infighting sink the party's chances in 2020, here to debate it democratic strategists dave brown and mustafa, guys, thanks for coming on. we haven't seen the candidates at this point start to cannibalize each other just yet but we are seeing from the progressive wing of the democratic party a lot of what seems to be angered toward the
2:42 am
more moderates. dave, we will start with you, what do you think of the president's comments there? >> well, as always i think that president obama is well spoken, i think he makes important point because what he was saying democrats are at their best and most effective when we are united and when we are uniting and drawing contrast to this president and why we believe agenda is hurting america and democrats with positive vision for the future. some of this is what happens in primary where, of course, you many candidates in crowded field, there will be differences of opinion. i would point you to exhibit a 2016 when then donald trump affected hostile takeover of the republican party beating out how many candidates, but i don't think you will see democrats resort to the kind of cannibalism of ideas and name-calling that we saw in 2016. if anything healthy exchange of ideas and whomever emerges as nominee will be much stronger as a result.
2:43 am
rob: mustafa, what do you think, right now they seem to agree on almost big issue and they have the common enemy of donald trump? >> well, a lot of excitement to run against president trump. record, historic deficit, trade deficit, the wall is not built, immigration policy puts kids in cages, a lot of excitement on the democratic side to run against president trump and that's why you're seeing such a big field and you will see a competitive vigorous primary as we should and president obama is basically laying out like any party elder would ground rules -- rob: do you think they're going to go after each other? i mean, i almost feel like they're against president that i don't know how they will fight each other because right now they agree on everything? >> well, that's the thing. i think that there is all although president trump is divisive in the nation he does unify the democratic party because we do see that he is the biggest national security
2:44 am
threat. he is the biggest threat to our economy and so democrats come together and i think that you will see a vigorous primary, lots of candidates, debate lots of ideas, at the end to have day the democratic party will be united. rob: dave, back over to you, when you talk about progressives, freshmen class, aoc wants to basically launch assault against a lot of moderates in her party, she thinks she gets a lot of attention from republicans because they are afraid of her, i would argue that she's the greatest gift that the democratic party would have given them, what do you say? >> i know that we love to talk about aoc, she's incredibly effective on social media and represents certain voice, millennial and bringing perspective to the party for a long time has been lacking and if anything thrilled that we have seen new voices, new faces in leadership, i used to serve in the senate, some -- rob: but does her voice make any sense, she seems to say things that
2:45 am
don't make sense? >> i mean, that's your perspective, rob, she's raising important policy considerations, this is the whole point, though, we are supposed to be debating ideas. i'm never uncomfortable with healthy exchange of ideas. you asked the question is she going to be attack democrats? >> she's attacking democrats. >> united on defeating the president in 2020 and the party will coalesce on the single objective. rob: gentlemen, thank you very much for coming on this morning. jillian: so keith urban takes home entertainer of the year but only after choiced words from reba mcintyre. did you know it snowed in las vegas just a few weeks ago? yeah. it was so cold it froze us women out of entertainer of the year. jillian: big stir she created on social media. we will tell you about it. rob: first let's check with brian kilmeade and see what is
2:46 am
coming up on "fox & friends". jillian: brian, where are you? >> i don't know how to handle that, she did a very good job last night, entertaining as award show you will get. here is what's coming up in 3 hours, stunning news we should expect homeland security secretary, we have one acting in place. right around here talking to dan bongino as well as mike huckabee, aca as well as talking about what's going to be happening with the mueller report, whether we will have a chance to see it. [laughter] >> he's going to capitalize on what ainsley and i said and maybe say something even more important to people like chuck grassley as well as rachel campos duffy, those are the people and that's what they look like, i said their names and now you have a face behind the names. we will be celebrating national zoo lover's day for bringing 5
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animals, name the 5 animals we will bring out and you will probably win steve's book, ainsley's book, i don't give mine away. please get dressed. jillian: brian, you didn't show where i'm going to be standing. >> over there. jillian: we will see you then. [laughter] jillian: yeah. all the way. >> we will be right back. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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jillian: good monday morning, welcome back, california governor newsom under fire for taking trip to el salvador. republicans slamming saying he's simply advancing interest as
2:51 am
potential presidential candidate. newsom trip coming after white house to stop humanitarian aid. rob: now bernie sanders has a new idea. >> you're paying price but should have the right to vote. rob: all right, you hear it, bernie sanders the first 2020 democratic candidate to publicly support widespread voting rights for felons while they are in prison. jillian: we will see what happens. rob: yeah. jillian: calling out the academy of country music for the lack of female artists in their entertainer of the year category. watch this. >> do you know it snowed in las vegas just a few weeks ago? yeah.
2:52 am
it was so cold it froze us women out of entertainer of the year. [cheers and applause] >> that didn't bother casey because she's been carrying all grammies around. rob: carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7 siriusxm 115 with reaction to that and big moments of last night's show. carley: reba mcintyre said she wasn't going to be talking politics but call out academy, her complaint striking a nerve with some on social media, brian tweeting, taking absolutely nothing away from the great entertainer that keith urban is but when no women are even nominated certainly takes away from winning award. my entertainer of the year choice without looking at nominees casey, not even nomination says brian, alaska tweets and once again there's no female artists in the entertainer of the year category at acm awards. why am i disappointed and
2:53 am
surprised every year? ben chiming in, i don't really care what y'all think, keith urban deserves entertainer of the year award. it was long overdue for him. you have to talk about casey who won female -- singer of the year as well as album of the year. she's having a big year. rob: all right. and what about the outfit here for florida georgia line? >> tyler had social media buzzing with red, white and blue seemed suit representing the american flag there. shannon on twitter tweeting, my favorite thing about acm awards, another facebook user says you only get away from wearing that in country award show. i don't know about that, rob, give me your measurements, i will buy one for your birthday.
2:54 am
jillian: pete will wear that. rob: absolutely. jillian: people can't get enough about miranda lambert model turned nypd husband. >> yeah, interesting. brandon made red carpet debut together yesterday, like you said, he is not in the entertainment entry at all, he is a new york city police officer. the two got married in january in a secret ceremony, social media gushing over this couple, steven says he's a police officer too, wow, one more tweet coming in with one word featured in the tweet, gorgeous miranda lambert and gorgeous husband are so gorgeous together. there you go. jillian: everyone is being gorgeous. carley: everybody is being gorgeous, we wish them the best of luck. jillian: absolutely. carley: neat career, still active duty police officer. rob: 54 minutes after the hour, would you do this for free pizza? jillian: nowl never believe how many people had logo on their
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♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights ♪ people ♪ jillian: new york city up
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and moving. rob: best time to go in my opinion when there is absolutely nobody walking around. jillian: true. rob: welcome back. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. turns out gardening can be just as good for your health as going to the gym. national health as little as 10 minutes leisure activity per week can reduce chances of mortality by 18%. adding physical activity on top of that also going to the gym reduces that number even more. jillian: next the bad a love hate relationship with social media. you don't say? a new "wall street journal" ntsb poll finds many people consider sites like facebook and twitter to be divisive and a threat to privacy. but 70% still use them daily. 54% say they are not satisfied with current oversight of social media companies. rob: everybody picking their fights online because they're brave. finally the ugly. 65 pizza fanatics pay to get tattoos in exchange for free
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pizza. you are kidding me. inking the blazed pizza logo for only $400 worth of free pizzato. the promotion lasts for the foreseeable future. are these people crazy? jillian: oh, we got to go. "fox & friends" tarts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: that was "fox news live" vegas last night the 54th annual academy of country music awards. and right there on the stage florida georgia line. brian: jason aldean. ainsley: their song is can't hide red. reba |1 mc 0 entire hosted last night. 54 years this show has been around and keith urban finally got his entertainer
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