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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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understands me. i'm a penguin whisperer. >> we need your tucks. >> this little guy is hungry. have a great day. >> bill: breaking overnight on monday morning. good morning, kirstjen nielsen out at homeland security secretary as there is the growing crisis on the southern border. something easy to criticize, difficult to solve as we say welcome to a brand-new week. i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. kevin mcaleenan will serve as acting dhs secretary. president trump announced nielsen's rest dig nation. she will be leaving her position and i want to thank her for her service. kevin mcaleenan the u.s.
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customs and border protection commissioner will be the acting secretary. >> bill: garrett tenney, why did the president make the call now? hello there. >> good morning to you. going back to last year, there have been almost constant rumors what kirstjen nielsen was on the chopping block but president trump asked for her resignation as this growing crisis at the southern border continues and he felt like he needed to take a more aggressive approach to fix it. the president wants the toughest cop around on border security. he didn't feel like nielsen fit that bill. back in november he told chris wallace that he wished she was more -- the president said he wanted to go in a tougher direction. what's not clear is how much more of an impact nielsen's
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replacement can make. the -- nielsen alluded to that in her resignation letter saying i hope the next secretary will have the support of congress and courts in fixing the laws that have impeded our ability to fully secure america's borders and contributed to discord in our nation's discourse. our country, the men and women of dhs, deserve to have all the tools and resources they need to execute the mission entrusted to them. she said her resignation was effective immediately but will stay on until wednesday to help make for a smoother transition. >> bill: why does the white house say things could be better or different under different leadership? >> first off, kevin mcaleenan fits the white house's bill of being the toughest cop around on border security with his background being the head of customs, border and protection. mcaleenan is extremely familiar with the nuances on the situation at the border.
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organized. and he has a great relationship with the government bodies that are important given how much dhs is working with the pentagon to address the border. this morning on "fox & friends" the border patrol chief under president obama and worked with him said he is the man for the job. >> what i will say about kevin is he is extremely intelligent guy. used to joke around he lost more i.q. points than i'll ever have. he has specific border security experience over a decade and very skilled at managing d.c. politics on both sides of the aisle. it is a good fit. >> what's not clear at this point is how long mcaleenan will serve in that acting role as the head of dhs. or if he will be nominated to become the permanent replacement. given the president's current cabinet and the number of vacancies and number of acting secretaries he has.
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if that's an indication he could be there for a while, bill. >> bill: garrett tenney leading our coverage from the white house. thanks. 10 minutes past. >> sandra: the ranking republican of the house intelligence committee devin nunes is prepared to send eight criminal referrals to the justice department for lying to congress and leaking classified information. all this coming as william barr gets ready to face two separate committees this week. his first public testimony since the mueller report release. nunes says he has been working on the referrals for more than two years now. >> we're prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we're prepared to send those referrals over and brief him if he wishes to be briefed. this may not be all of them but it cleans up quite a bit. >> sandra: griff jenkins is live in washington what is this move all about? >> ultimately he is going after the people behind several leaks
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surrounding the russia investigation and the appointment on the special counsel. unclear as to why now. we knew he has been pursuing allegations of not only disclosing classified information to a few reporters over the last 2 1/2 years but those lying to congress and the fisa court in order to obtain surveillance warrants. nunes further explaining the referrals. >> i would say first of all, all of these are classified or sensitive and so because a lot of them could contain sensitive or classified information. five of them are what i would call straight up referrals. just referrals that are -- that name someone and name the specific crimes. those crimes are lying to congress, misleading congress. >> back to that timing. fox news is told barr could get the referrals even right after he is grilled on capitol hill tomorrow over the mueller report. >> sandra: what can we expect from barr's testimony tomorrow? >> well, he is testifying before the house appropriations
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committee regarding the justice department's 2020 fiscal budget request. what he will get is scrutiny from democrats about the mueller report and a lot of questions about his omission of key findings they believe in a judiciary committee jerry nadler who intends to subpoena the full report says he is confident they will get it. >> congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions whatsoever. so we can see what's there. we are already hearing leaks from the mueller team that didn't leak at all for 22 months but now seem to be very unhappy. we're hearing leaks that barr misrepresented in his so-called summary letter what's in the report. that he sugar coated it and made it look more favorable to the president than it was. >> barr says will release a version of the report with redactions by mid april and agreed to testify before the house and senate judiciary committees in early may.
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>> bill: let's bring in byron york from "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor. good morning to you. those vying for the democratic nomination were out in force. warren says about time. nielsen's legacy of tearing innocent families apart will file her for the rest of her life. she was completely unqualified to lead dhs and why i voted against confirming her. as you point out, easy to criticize in a big issue like this. let's beginning begin there. >> they probably won't like whoever is the next head of dhs as well. the issue here really is the problem at the border. there is a genuine actual crisis at the border. dhs says that 100,000 people were apprehended trying to cross the border illegally in the month of march. that is a number that's in the league with the bad old days of
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the mid 2000s when there was a crisis as well. the problem is, the nature of the crossers, migrants coming across the border has changed. in the old days it was mostly single adult men who could be caught and quickly returned across the border. now it's families or groups presenting themselves as families and unaccompanied children. by u.s. law they cannot be detained for more than a few days. they cannot be separated, and they cannot be returned. it is an entirely different situation and clearly reached the breaking point. >> bill: the smugglers have figured out our system and gaming it quite effectively at the moment. cabinet right now looks like everybody is acting, a lot of acting. we can show whether it's dhs, defense secretary, mick mulvaney who was with us yesterday. interior department. the president says he likes acting because you don't have to go through a confirmation process. >> at some point that does create a problem on capitol
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hill because senators in the senate is where these nominees are confirmed do take their prerogatives seriously and just in the dhs system you have an acting head of dhs, acting head of customs and border patrol, acting head of ice. that's nobody has been senate confirmed in charge of these critical border issues. and you are going to have some senators, many of whom support what the president is doing say wait a minute, you need to go through the senate. that's the way it works. >> bill: much more on this coming up. on the taxes now a big topic over the weekend. mick mulvaney with me on "fox news sunday". >> they know one of the principles of the irs to protect the confidentiality of everybody who files taxes. they know that. they know the terms under law by which the irs can give them the documents. but political hit job is not one of those reasons. >> bill: you believe democrats will never see the president's tax returns.
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>> no, never. nor should they. >> bill: as you point out this could be a court battle ultimately. do you see that to be the path? >> it is definitely going to be a court battle. both sides have argue able cases here. the law says that the chairman. house ways and means committee can ask irs for an individual return and the irs shall supply it. that's clear. on the other hand there is a lot of case law about congress's authority here and there is a general idea that congress needs to have a legitimate legislative purpose in asking for this and requesting this tax return. and it is pretty clear the democrats are really on a fishing expedition here. if you read the letter from richard neil, the democratic chairman of the ways and means committee to the irs, they want the return so they can study and improve the audit system. which i don't think anybody really believes. a court is ultimately going to decide this.
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>> bill: thank you, byron york from alabama. we're on mueller watch pending its forthcoming release from the a.g. >> sandra: coming up tom homan will join us later this hour and we've also got hogan gidley at 10:30 eastern time with all the big changes over the weekend. as you saw you were sitting in for chris wallace in washington a lot changed yesterday quickly. >> bill: it sure did. wait a couple hours. like the weather. give it six hours. 11 past. we have this now from overseas. breaking news an american tourist and her guide rescued from their kidnappers after they were taken at gun point at a national bark in uganda. there are questions about the release. what the president is saying about all that coming up today. >> sandra: we're awaiting a court appearance for a chinese woman bluffing her way into president trump's mar-a-lago resort. >> bill: what does the power shift in homeland security mean
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back to our program here. what do you think about the reaction on "fox news sunday"? he admits there is a crisis but characterizes it as a humanitarian crisis and then he makes the case that this is all trump's doing. go ahead. >> that's just crazy to blame the president on this. it is clearly the inaction of congress that many opportunities to fix the immigration issue. the various loopholes that essentially create a situation where a child becomes a visa. and those are congressional actions from prior to the president. they had an opportunity last year to fix these. we can't get the democrats to do anything. they are actually interested in 2020 talking points more than they are the safety of the american people. the president talked about it being a humanitarian crisis before. cited the doctors without borders study that showed 31% of the women are getting sexually assaulted as they make this trek. they're more concerned about
6:17 am
2020 and talking points than the safety of the american people. >> bill: if that's the case nothing changes. mick mulvaney on the mexican reaction of recent days. >> in the last week mexico really has stepped it up for the first time. they're preventing people from coming in on their own southern border down towards guatemala and honduras and also accepting more of the folks who cross into the united states back into mexico. mexico has done more in the last week to help our illegal immigration crisis than nancy pelosi and democrats in the house. >> bill: what do you think about the last point he made? >> excellent. i couldn't agree more. clearly the threat to close the border created action on the mexican government's part. they are blocking their southern border now. enforcing their own immigration law. their immigration laws are better than ours. but clearly nancy pelosi and the democrats want open borders, they want to abolish ice. what illegals voting. for them it's 2020 and their
6:18 am
base and that is all that seems to matter. >> bill: the president said last week his comment was mexico has been doing better over the past four days. maybe it was thursday of last week. what changed there? >> again, i think his threat to close the border and economic impact that would have on mexico and then, of course, he backed off that a little bit and said i'll put 25% tariff on cars. that scared them and they started enforcing their laws. i think that's essentially what it is. the president has to find ways to go around the democrat leadership in the house and that's what he is doing. >> bill: what do you think about the change at dhs in nelessen resigning and mcaleenan in? >> i think it's unfortunate for secretary nielsen. she was caught between a president and democrat leadership. it is unfortunate for her. i'm excited by mcaleenan. he seems like the right guy. he was actually appointed as deputy commissioner by
6:19 am
president obama. so hopefully he can get in there and reason with the majority party. >> bill: tell me what you know about him. for most of our viewers he is a new name. what do we need to know? >> he is a guy who is a seasoned border patrol guy. he currently leads that department, of course. 13 billion dollar budget. thousands of employees. he has done a fantastic job. the people who are on the ground there think the world of the guy and that's probably the best testimony that you can get. >> bill: you say he worked under president obama? >> he was the deputy commissioner of cdp under barack obama. i think he will be able to work both sides of the aisle. we hope so. because the obstructionists are the democrats in the house. >> bill: mark green. thank you for your time, republican from tennessee. come on back, okay? plenty to discuss as you well know. thank you. 19 past the hour now. >> sandra: another top story at this hour. a kidnapped american tourist and her guide have been released after being kidnapped at gun point in africa.
6:20 am
was a ransom paid? what happens next and what the president is saying this morning. general jack keane will join us to react. >> more claims of collusion from over the weekend. adam schiff saying he has no regrets about making that claim. the next move coming from democrats. >> and you have no regrets of anything you've said in the last couple years? >> i don't regret calling out this president for what i consider deeply unethical and improper conduct. not a bit. like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me. then it's as easy as get, go, gone. you get me when i'm delivered... right to your front door and in the privacy of your own home. there's no prep or special diet needed. you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample.
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>> bill: watching a baseball game over the weekend and a boxing match broke out. reds and pirates. pirates pitcher chris archer throws the ball behind eric dietrich. that followed a homer.
6:24 am
that errant pitch resulted in a bench clearing. puig is like a rhino. five players ejected including the reds manager. 7-5 final. the good stuff comes later. trust me on that, all right? it is only a three-hour program. we don't have enough time. 7-5 pittsburgh wins. my reds will figure it out. one on nine with this guy. monster of a man. all right. here we go. >> sandra: all right. fox news alert. an american tourist kidnapped in uganda is released unharmed. kimberly endicott of southern california and her tour guide were held for $500,000 ransom. it is unclear whether it was paid for their actual release. >> the victim who had been --
6:25 am
together with her safari guide, we are relieved after the endicotts knew they were being hotly pursued by the team of security agencies. >> sandra: retired general jack keane is the chairman of the institute for the study of war, fox news senior strategic analyst. general keane, good morning to you. what more can you tell us about the release of this american tourist and how this negotiated handover actually happened? >> well, we don't know the details of it to be sure. what a welcome ending to what must have been a harrowing experience for her and her tour guide. they were in queen elizabeth national park. a common place for tourists to go to experience a safari and they were with another couple. an armed gunmen seized them. released the other couple. i suspect managing four in that national park would have been a
6:26 am
bit much for them. kept the tour guide and here and using her phone contacted authorities seeking $500,000 in ransom. certainly her family appealed to the state department for assistance. the f.b.i. was brought in there to assist yu gand an authorities. our policy is well-known in the united states that we do not negotiate deals with terrorists particularly ransom deals because all that does is encourage them to do more of it. so we don't know if ransom was paid. what we do know if it was paid, the united states government didn't have anything to do with it. also this is an isolated incident. they have haven't had a kidnapping in uganda of a tourist in 20 years. this park borders the democratic republic of congo and there kidnapping is epidemic. and as many as 20 in a week.
6:27 am
so it is possible that these kidnappers came across the border into this park seeking a new opportunity for themselves. but the details certainly are yet to come. >> sandra: what we know so far is the president's reaction to the release, he just tweeted this. want to get this in. uganda must find the kidnappers of the american tourist and guide. before people will feel safe going there. bring them to justice openly and quickly and he said pleased to report the american tourist and tour guide have been released. god bless them and their families. want to move on quickly and ask you about the u.s. removing troops from libya amid continued fighting in the capital there and what you can tell us on that, general. >> libya has been a failed state ever since we deposed gadhafi. when a muslim-elected politician by his own people in
6:28 am
a free election appeals for assistance from the obama administration to get some security forces to tamp down the militias, we refused that. it was a huge mistake. libya has been falling and falling ever since that time. what we have now is -- we are on the brink of a civil war with the libya army headed up by a gadhafi military. there is a u.n. backed government of national accord in residence in the capital and the u.n. is trying to negotiate settlements between the two in a conference next week which what they believe is the catalyst for this attack to give him some leverage. we're pulling our troops out because the situation is so dangerous. why are the troops there? we keep our foot on the throat of ice is not to reemerge into a safe haven like they had in 2016. we're doing the same thing in syria and the same thing
6:29 am
against al qaeda in yemen. small, modest forces. big payoff. >> sandra: we heard it is a political situation is the only way to unify the country. we'll hear from the secretary of state in a short time. general jack keane. appreciate your time this morning. i want to finish with this. this just coming into us now. per our own lucas tomlinson from the pentagon. the uganda situation. u.s. military drones assisted the uganda security forces in recovering her and her driver following that kidnapping in queen elizabeth national park. >> bill: quite active. they're using it for different reasons. we talked about this last week. i was there a couple of years ago. a remote part of uganda. far western part of the country along the border with the drc. when it gets nighttime it gets dark and there is a canopy for
6:30 am
hundreds of miles of trees. for you to find somebody or locate someone you will need a drone to make that happen. but she is okay. she is at the embassy there and we'll await more details. new reaction now on the news about secretary nielsen's resignation coming two days after a trip to the border. tom homan said the president made the right call. he will join us and there is this. >> america is a capitalist society but it has to be democratic capitalism. that part is really important. it is slipping away from us. >> sandra: pete buttigieg saying unchecked capitalism is dangerous. david asman on deck to react to the growing chorus coming from 2020 hopefuls.
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overwhelming our immigration system. kevin mcaleenan is now acting dhs secretary. we'll talk about that. former ice director tom homan on stand by and casey stiegel picks up coverage in el paso, texas. good morning, there. >> good morning. when we talk about these apprehension numbers at the southern border, the highest numbers by far are right here in texas. numbers the federal government has not seen since 2000 7. areas in particular like el paso where we are, this entire sector and in the neighboring rio grande valley of south texas have long been referred to really as the epicenter of activity. border patrol agents tell us it is pretty much non-stop and they're encountering these groups of migrants in spots never before seen. extremely remote. family unit apprehensions have spiked more than 1700%.
6:35 am
so far for fiscal year 2019 and that's just in this one sector alone. we spoke to a man who owns property down here along the border who says he feels like a prisoner at times with cartels and smugglers making daily treks across his land. >> i've got an 11-year-old daughter i get to have on weekends. i can't let her go outside. i can't come outside without carrying some kind of weapon because of my safety. >> he likes so many others who we have spoken to down here, border patrol agents included say nothing will get better until lawmakers step in to do something. extra staffing is being fluxed to hard-hit areas for assistance. a flurry of activity along the border. you can see this video we shot of contractors making repairs and upgrades to some existing fence that is already in place here and all of this as the
6:36 am
wait times increase at some of these ports of entry and some of these international bridges here, bill, a lot of commercial traffic as you know travels across the border every day bringing goods and imported products into the united states. some commercial drivers over the weekend say they sat in line for more than 10 hours trying to get those goods moved across the border. >> bill: thank you, casey, good reporting there in el paso, texas today. >> sandra: what do we know about kevin mcaleenan, the customs and border protection commissioner earning high praise from his colleagues saying he has the experience to address the growing crisis at our border? the next guest calls him the right person for the job. tom homan. i understand you also call him a friend. what can you tell us about kevin mcaleenan? >> i can tell you he is a really smart guy. he has great relationships with the government of mexico. he has working steadily getting
6:37 am
them to cooperate more. kevin has been the tip of the spear on the wall construction. i worked with kevin for the past decade. we worked together during the 2014 crisis and the 2015 crisis under johnson. almost daily meetings. a smart guy, he knows this issue. he has great relationships with the government of mexico. i think if secretary nielsen leaves. i want to say one thing. i respect her. anybody that steps up to that most difficult job when congress and the courts aren't helping, it's a difficult job. i certainly respect her service to the nation. >> sandra: i've heard that from you and continue to hear it from you. so what can kevin mcaleenan do that kirstjen nielsen could not? >> i think kevin spent many years fighting this fight. i think he knows the ground. he knows how it operates on the ground. nielsen was very talented but didn't come up through the ranks. kevin is within the ranks.
6:38 am
i think kevin can do operationally what he has done in the lower ranks. i think he can certainly step up enforcement on the border. put more border assets. great relationship with d.o.d. get more d.o.d. assets on there. d.o.d. helps. the criminal and drug cartels hate the fact that d.o.d. is on that border. they move less product. we need to squeeze the cartels. they're pushing family groups through so they move narcotics through the other areas. i think you get more d.o.d. assets down there. he has a great relationship with the acting director of ice. >> sandra: he is already getting support on capitol hill from some including john joyce who sits on the house homeland security committee and he said this earlier today. >> kevin mcaleenan brings a lot to the table with his background in customs. he stated we're at a breaking point. he realizes the serious issues occurring at the southern border and realizes that we're
6:39 am
at a national crisis. >> sandra: he is throwing his support behind him. i want to throw this up here. incoming acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan. his background. cpb commissioner, deputy commissioner in 2014 under obama administration. practiced law before beginning government service back in 2006 and won the country's highest civil service honor, the presidential rank award in 2015. tom, i have heard you also say that you believe he is going to hit the ground running. some of the things that we've heard from him is that he believes that the situation at the border is at a breaking point and he also has reiterated in the past there are not enough agents to respond to the crisis at our border. when he hits the ground running, what will be his priority? >> again, i think he will get more d.o.d. assets on the border. congress has failed to fund cbp for additional border patrol
6:40 am
agents. they funded more inspectors but not more border patrol agents. he will work with d.o.d. and ice and look at the interior enforcement. you have to have interior enforcement. you have to take the magnets away. unauthorized employment, sanctuary cities and fight those fights. i think kevin, again, a guy used to wear a uniform. was a port director, knows the ground. he can use his experience to -- >> sandra: can he change minds on capitol hill? how will he handle that, final question. >> i think he needs to do what i'm doing. get out and talk to the american people about the fairies in congress. they have turned their -- they don't believe there is a crisis on the border. they call it a humanitarian crisis. they didn't believe there was caravans. voters need to call congress to task and say fix it. you can build the wall and it will help. then they'll come to the port of entries and make fraudulent
6:41 am
claims for asylum. we have to fix the asylum laws. kevin will do everything he can with his power through executive act by the president to do things operationally that congress fails to do legislatively. >> bill: baylor is your women's basketball champion, ncaa hoops after blowing a 17-point lead to notre dame they hold on. it gives the bears their third national title. well done, ladies. meanwhile the men tonight, tip-off 9:20 eastern. why don't they move it to 1:00 a.m.? you have virginia against texas tech. it will be a great game. virginia has got great defense. they like to control the tempo of the game and slow it down and take control. texas tech has got some guys who can jump out of the gym. really talented. i think it is a great match-up. >> sandra: coffee is on me tomorrow morning if you stay up for the game. >> bill: not going to happen.
6:42 am
the cavaliers, raiders, virginia, texas tech? >> sandra: texas tech. >> bill: i'll take virginia. here we go. >> sandra: check back in the morning. all right. boeing and other major airlines cans selling flights on the max 8 until june. >> he is someone who is an agent of the administration, a political appointee of the president whose interests he may well be protecting there. >> bill: jerry nadler causing the a.g. biased. andy mccarthy is on deck to react next. >> i don't like what jerry nadler just did, inoue endo. when he talks about the attorney general being bias had, my goodness, on this committee he has some of the most rabid people that hate trump.
6:43 am
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the entire report with no redaction. we're hearing leaks that barr misrepresented in his so-called summary letter. there was in plain sight open collusion with the russians. >> i think there is a different standard here between the republicans and democrats. the republicans seem to think as long as you can't prove it's a crime all is fair and love and war. it's all okay what the trump administration and trump campaign does. i don't feel that way and i don't think most americans feel that way. >> bill: jerry nadler and adam schiff. attorney general barr having increased scrutiny. andy mccarthy former assistant u.s. contributor. there will be redactions in the report. they talked about barr being very biased over the weekend. they talked about this trump tower meeting as many evidence of open collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. the point you picked up on in those interviews is that jerry
6:47 am
nadler is trying to change expectations. how is he trying to do that? >> i think that, bill, i think that's been going on for a number of weeks now. you know, for adam schiff to say, you know, that the criminal thing is beside the point and all is fair in love and war and we need to know all the connections, it is perfectly fine to say that we need to know all the connections but what a prosecutor is interested in is whether there is a criminal conspiracy between trump and russia. and knowing that mueller was not going to come up with that, which i think has been obvious for 18 months, what the democrats have been trying to do is shift the ground from what they were hoping mueller would come up with, which would be an espionage conspiracy to undermine the election, to contacts between trump people and russia people which fall short of collusion. and i think number one, that is
6:48 am
not really what's of interest to prosecutors or criminal investigation. it is of intelligence interest and political interest, but if you are going to look at connections between trump and russia that are sub criminal, i think you should look at everybody's connections. we've had 30 years of this government telling us that russia was a perfectly good place to do business, that it was a strategic partner, that it might be a counter terrorism partner of the united states. and it wasn't until trump won the election that suddenly russia became our nefarious cold war -- >> bill: you heard nunes over the weekend saying he has had eight criminal referrals. chuck grassley says he has done criminal referrals as well based on some of the testimony he has gotten. i don't know what you make of that, andy. how are we to understand what information they're taking in
6:49 am
and how they digest and interpret that? >> let's remember that the last batch of the mueller indictments. i'm thinking in particular of michael cohen and roger stone, both were directed at misleading congress and obstructing congressional investigations, not just mueller's own investigation. i think the congress is taking the position that if we're now going to start treating misleading and obstructing congress seriously we ought to look very carefully at the testimony that was given when congress tried to probe the tactics that were used during the investigation and see how that squares up with what we now know from all the facts that have come out and we know that there has been some testimony as senator grassley said they've already referred christopher steele for possible justice department charges based on some of the information that came out during the investigation. and i think they are suggesting that should be done with
6:50 am
respect to other witnesses as well. >> bill: we'll watch that. quickly bill barr will give a summary, the mueller report in some form to congress. when do you expect it? is that this week? he said mid-april. >> he said by mid-april or earlier. i think congress leaves town on friday if i remember right. i would expect we'll see something maybe friday, maybe before. >> bill: could be a big america's newsroom and you'll be back. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: new concerns about security at mar-a-lago as a chinese woman accused of bluffing her way into the president's estate appears in court today. a live report from florida with the latest. >> bill: a controversial ban drawing national attention. a measles outbreak spreading in the country. the move one judge is taking in the state of new york. >> this is more than about religious beliefs. this is about being alive to have those religious belief. being healthy to have those
6:51 am
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>> sandra: a chinese woman arrested at mar-a-lago due in court this afternoon in west palm beach, florida accused of faking her way past security checkpoints while carrying a thumb drive loaded with malware along with several passports and electronic devices. the feds have yet to call this woman a spy, correct? >> that is correct but the f.b.i. south florida counter intelligence unit is investigating whether this woman is a spy or perhaps an unwitting dupe. she will be here at the u.s. courthouse in downtown west palm beach for a 1:00 bond hearing. prosecutors last week described her as an extreme flight risk. the chinese national lied her
6:55 am
way into mar-a-lago, the president's private resort two saturdays ago and showed secret service two chinese passports and said she was there to use the swimming pool. changed her story saying she was there for united nations, china america friendship event. there was no event. she made it through the first screening point and a receptionist said she wasn't on a list of apraofrkd guest. she was carrying four cell phones, one laptop, one hard drive and thumb drive that contained malicious software. a counter terrorism expert tells us he believes this was a spy attempt. >> the fact that the woman was in that location at that time is absolutely no accident at all. it is no doubt in my mind that it's some sort of an intelligence operation and potentially an operation that may have been sanctioned by either the chinese government or an intelligence service.
6:56 am
>> while president trump was in palm beach that weekend he wasn't in site during the episode. he was at his golf club most of the day. the woman is charged with two federal crimes, lying to a federal officer as well as entering restricted property. as the secret service pointed out for the past 10 days they provide security for the protection here in town. access to his for-profit resort is controlled by the club itself. sandra. >> sandra: we'll continue to watch that one. >> bill: white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley is our headliner. come on back at the top of the hour. originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: breaking news from the top republican of the house judiciary committee ranking member doug collins calling out his counterpart, chairman nadler, just moments ago with the following statement. quote. democrats can cite no precedent for their demands for grand jury information from the mueller report. but there is a solution. we should all be able to agree on. the judiciary committee should invite the special counsel to testify immediately. we'll have much more on that for you in just a moment. first to this. brand-new -- another top republican on a different committee now seeking criminal charges for alleged misconduct during the mueller probe. welcome to a fast-moving hour at "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: last hour was moving,
7:01 am
too. hope you had a good weekend. devin nunes getting ready to send eight criminal referrals to the department of justice telling maria bartiromo saying five are referred to lying of congress, misleading congress and leaking classified information. >> i would say first of all, all of these are classified or sensitive and so because a lot of them could contain sensitive or classified information. we believe there was a conspiracy to mislead and lie to the fisa court by numerous individuals that all need to be investigated and looked at. >> bill: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge picks up the story. good morning in washington, d.c. >> good morning. the two-year republican led house intelligence committee investigation look at the evidence used to justify the f.b.i.'s counter intelligence case and its investigation of the trump campaign which began in july of 2016. congressman nunes said his team
7:02 am
is prepared to make eight referrals this week and here is how it breaks down. two on conspiracy. one what the congressman described as global leaks and five on a variety of alleged crimes including lying or misleading congress. while the congressman has not named names in the past he has called out the co-founder of fusion gps glenn simpson whose firm was behind the anti-trump dossier. simson took the fifth as well as former british spy christopher steele who authored the dossier and the subject of a senate referral last year. this sets the table for testimony tomorrow from the attorney general william barr, his first since the mueller report was complete. his testimony is on budget issues but can expect questions on his handling of the mueller report. while barr is obligated under the law to shield grand jury material, ongoing investigations as well as individuals who are not charged, a senior democrat wants him to bypass those rules.
7:03 am
>> congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions whatsoever so we can see what's there. we're hearing leaks that barr misrepresented in his so-called summary letter what's in the report. that he sugar coated it and made it look more favorable for the president than it was. >> the president's lawyer responded that the democrats' accusation of bias against barr is unfounded and republicans on nadler's committee released this letter calling on him to subpoena mueller to testify about the report and its findings of no collusion as soon as possible. >> bill: thank you, catherine herridge there in washington thanks. >> sandra: another big story we're following at this hour. homeland security secretary kirsten nelessen is out. kevin mcaleenan will be in as the acting secretary. the moves are bringing strong reaction from 2020 democratic candidates such as this one. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren tweeting this.
7:04 am
about time. secretary nielsen's legacy of tearing innocent families apart will follow her the rest of her life. she was completely unqualified to lead dhs and why i voted against confirming her. peter doocy is live in washington with more reaction coming from the hill this morning. peter, good morning. >> sandra, democrats running for president are taking a victory lap because some have been calling for her to resign for months for her role separating families at the border. so senator kirsten gillibrand said i voted against her nomination and called for her resignation over the administration's inhumane treatment six months ago. what this country needs is a moral reset on immigration policies. we won't get that in this administration. beto o'rourke says let's elect a president who will not allow her or his dhs secretary to separate families, tear gas kids, put children in desert
7:05 am
tent camps and inflict damage not only on -- she said nielsen defended trump's inhumane policy of separating children from their parents. long past fiem for her to go. castro adds secretary nielsen has been a willing partner in the most cruel and short sighted immigration agenda in decades. we must defeat donald trump and create a sensible and more compassionate immigration system that puts people first. booker writes we can't let this lull us. we have kids locked up in cages and the cruelty won't end as long as trump is in the white house. by judiciary committee colleagues and i will continue the fight. you notice these democratic primary hopefuls are focusing on nielsen's work at the border. we haven't heard much about other dhs efforts like counter terror. sandra. >> sandra: all right, peter doocy. thank you. >> bill: bring in the a-team to
7:06 am
discuss this. good morning, team. the lady is ready. i don't know about the guys. "wall street journal" headline on nielsen. thankless duty at homeland security. nielsen takes the blame nor trump and congress. does the new man make a difference? >> he was the one enforcing. nielsen was supporting the president in that policy. that's not how she got on the wrong side of president trump. she was in his mind not tough enough. she was also somebody who said the russians have intruded into our election process. she kept hitting that point. that's not something that president trump wants people to constantly emphasize. it questions the legitimacy of his presidency. and she was also warned against
7:07 am
the problems that would result if you close the border. this would be an economic setback for the united states. so when the president says i want a group that's going to be tougher for me, you have to wonder now what that is going to be. >> mcaleenan -- it's interesting to listen to the democrats' reaction to nielsen leaving, good, she is gone. we can't lull into a sense of complacency. what are they talking about? congress has done nothing to deal with fundamental issue on the border when it comes to asylum. mcaleenan has seen the issue and he understands there is a crisis. i think the president is putting him in this position because he wants congress to act and he wants someone to put leverage on congress. >> sandra: will democrats give him a shot? >> first of all i'm not sure it is legal to put him in that position. under the law the deputy has to take that position as acting. that's the law for dhs. so we should have that debate. maybe it does take someone from the obama administration to fix this mess that trump has
7:08 am
created by sabotaging policies and procedures that have led to a 50-year high of immigration. the democrats will be happy to run on anything including healthcare and immigration. the one who wants to run on immigration is donald trump so he can solidify his base in advance for the 2020 election but withstand the mueller report. divide and conquer politics based on fear. >> you say trump has no interest to figure that out is what mary anne says. >> congress has failed on everything about inextra structure. facilities to deal with the fact you have central american families coming. we can't handle that. >> congressman green was on the show earlier today complaining about -- last hour with you complaining congress has done nothing when the republicans had the white house, house and senate and did nothing for two years to fix any of it. no plan, no votes, no nothing. now they blame everybody about them. >> let's say democrats do
7:09 am
something now then. >> bill: the smugglers have been exploiting our system. >> we're closing the wrong places. >> if you show up with kids and a facilities get overloaded they release them in the country and accomplished their mission. >> are you say these kids are coming with parents? >> bill: i didn't say they were not. kids are coming. they are self-reporting. they're taken to facilities. the facilities are overloaded. the smugglers get paid and those who want access into the country get access, mary anne. >> those kids who came with parents and separated and kirstjen nielsen on friday asked for two more years to unite them. those are families, nothing else. >> bill: let's move to barr. when do we see it? >> that's the question. the fight between nadler and everyone else over the document itself, what it says and whether -- what barr said was accurate, really just underscores the fact that weeks ago we were waiting for the
7:10 am
mueller report. we're still waiting for the mueller report. when that redaektd or unredacted documents finds its way to the public and congress we'll get a much better sense of what is at issue here. is this something that was prosecutable by legal officials? was it not that? but it was something else. examples of bad judgment, bad character, or none of those. we won't know that until we see the report and we're all still waiting. >> sandra: you get the sense of how far jerry nadler is willing to go. here he is over the weekend. >> the attorney general said this was no obstruction of justice. he decided that. mueller did not say that. by the way. >> you are dismissing what he said. >> i'm dismissing what he said. there may not have been evidence beyond a reasonable doubt with criminal conspiracy
7:11 am
with the russian but there was open collusion in plain sight. >> forget about the report. we know this happens. he is undermining the credibility of his committee by jumping to these conclusions before ever seeing the report. of course, the report won't be good enough for him unless it is everything. he certainly can't see a redacted report. i don't think the american people bye anything that nadler is saying and that's a discredit to him. >> the discredit was devin nunes. we can talk about that later. the mueller report exonerated donald trump. we would have seen it 15 days ago. all the grand jury testimony, every evidence and exhibit every everything. >> sandra: including classified information and grand jury >> do you think if it didn't exonerate trump we wouldn't have seen it by now? >> bill: democrats won't let go of it no matter what. mick mulvaney. >> hour position is that mr. barr runs the process. that's the way the law is and
7:12 am
we're interested in following the law. if we give the democrats all 400 pages unredacted, that's not going to be the end of the inquiry. they'll want another 1,000 pages that went into making that and want to talk to the witnesses themselves. it isn't about getting to the truth or the facts. it's a political show by the democrats because they don't like the fact that donald trump -- >> the fact that barr hasn't gone to a judge yet to ask for any grand jury testimony to be released tells you everything. he will redact the entire thing. that's the problem here. so if we want to know the truth there are plenty of ways to do it. >> bill: the problem with the argument is the federal law protects grand jury testimony and that's sacred. >> so you feel -- you could feel for mulvaney and for his point that maybe this is -- we'll see the democratic version of the benghazi hearings that are forever until the 20 election because they'll keep this in the public eye as a political tool. on the other hand, we still
7:13 am
haven't seen the mueller report and mueller made the point to barr that he was not exonerating the president. he was not accusing or exonerating the president of obstruction of justice. he left open this big ambiguous window and the democrats are going to be looking through that until 2020. >> guess what? we can see the report and read it this week. we can see if the redacted portions -- how about waiting until you see the report? >> in the meantime barr is the one who opened the window and created the vacuum. that was the disservice here. to top it off the regulations that govern barr in this situation of the special counsel do not allow him toediate it. >> he was required to give his -- >> it was not his responsibility. >> bill: he had the duty to report to congress, mary anne. now he is about to report again.
7:14 am
maybe today, friday, maybe it's the next day. a week from today. >> sandra: what do you want? what conclusion do you want from this? it seems like you want a particular outcome. >> i want the truth. i think the american people are entitled to the entire report period. >> forget about grand jury. >> bill: here is my question. as we wait for this, mary anne will make an argument, page 41, it's redacted. i need to see it. brian will make an argument there it is, page 82. there is a redaction or maybe there is not a redaction that goes in his favor. i'm not quite sure anything that barr turns in to congress will be a resolution of this. >> it might it be. depends upon how it's redacted and how much s. if it's redacted because there is a national security concern or protection of sources concern, i think that people will be generally reasonable about that.
7:15 am
but the bottom line -- >> bill: generally reasonable he said. >> you can't expect everybody to be completely reasonable because it's a political season. on the other hand, if there is a substantial amount of the report that is available for congress to read, for the public to read, i think it advances to the discussion to the point where we can have more substance. >> bill: we'll bring you back here. breaking news on iran. senior administration officials secretary pompeo is about to announce designate iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. the president has always believed the iranian threat goes beyond a nuclear program but he remembers the regime's evil origins from years ago and long believed the u.s. could make this designation and it happened. >> sandra: it says this action sends a clear message to tehran
7:16 am
that its report for terrorism has serious consequences. we'll continue to raise the costs of the iranian regime for its support of terrorist activity until it abandons its malign and outlawed behavior. >> bill: remarkable how this administration has taken a complete 180 with the relationship with iran when you contract it with the obama administration. we'll have more on this. white house principle deputy press secretary hogan gidley is our headliner. we'll talk to him about that and more. >> sandra: the trump administration making it clear house democrats can try but the president is not planning on turning over six years of his tax returns. what happens next in the fight? >> 2020 democrats in a shift to the left. why several white house hopefuls now say american capitalism is turning into something dangerous? david asman reacts to that report next. >> three wealthiest families in america, three families own more wealth than the bottom half of american people.
7:17 am
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7:21 am
designate iran, revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. it could take a strained relationship to a new level. more on this breaking news in a moment inside "america's newsroom." >> america is a capitalist society but it has to be democratic capitalism. that part is really important. it is slipping away from us. if you want to see what happens when you have capitalism without democracy, you can see it very clearly in russia. it turns into crony capitalism and it turns into oligarchy. >> sandra: mayor pete buttigieg says the u.s. is going down a road of capitalism if it remains unchecked and he is not the only white house hopeful that believes the system needs drastic measures. many of the 2020 democrats are unleashing on capitalism over the weekend. here with us news is fox business network david asman. what is out there?
7:22 am
>> first of all the message they have to be careful about sending is that they are more in favor of socialism than capitalism. american people are not. we had a fox news poll in february 2 to 1 americans favor capitalism over socialism and see negative connotation of socialism. they have to be careful about pushing it. now they're saying they want to check capitalism. we know what checked capitalism looks like. we saw it during the obama administration. it means that you grow at rates that we saw during the eight years of the obama administration. one of the lowest growth two terms we've seen under any president at all. looks like growth in europe which is pathetic. it is creeping alofjt it wasn't until trump came along and took the handcuffs off most of the companies that we saw the kind of growth -- job growth, wage growth that we see now. so again, we've been there, done that. we've seen what harnessed capitalism looks like.
7:23 am
slow growth. i don't think that's what americans want. >> sandra: liz warren says he is a capitalist and believes in the markets but she is saying we have to keep a check on the corporations. >> how can you be a capitalist and be in favor of the green new deal. getting rid of carbon energy, which is one of the great growing elements of our economy. one of the reasons the economy is growing so great is because we're becoming more and more independent based on president trump taking the hooks off of carbon energy fuel. and that -- if you want to go that route, you aren't going the capitalist route. i don't know how she defines capitalism but not the way i do. >> bill: i don't know if we've had a primary campaign where they are asked if they're a capitalist or socialist. first time. >> even people who made their money in the private sector are squirming away from the word capitalism in the democrat
7:24 am
party. again, it is because of this move to the left. not so joe biden. , by that way. that was the first real pushback we saw on friday when he pushed back on the word socialism and the far, far, far left of the democratic saert saying that is not a winning formula. >> sandra: have you done your taxes? >> now i have to do my taxes. i'm not getting the kind of refund i was used to. my guy said look at the overall. you are spending less on taxes in 2018 than you did in 2017. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" poll reveals how americans think the tax law has affected them. 17% believe their taxes will go down. 28% believe their taxes will go up. 27% expect to pay the same. 28% are in the dark. they do not know. this is revealing. >> it is revealing. if you see your check after you paid your taxes smaller or perhaps even you owe some money
7:25 am
that you never owed before you think i'm getting screwed here. in fact what's happening is if you look at the overall, i urge all of those people watching to look at 2017. your entire tax figure of 2017, the percentage you paid as opposed to your income and 2018. if you compare. i thought i was getting screwed. i looked at the 2017 compared to 2018 and i'm doing better. that's the problem is when you get that check at the end of the year you think that's a measure of whether you are doing better or worse with regard to taxes and it is not. >> bill: herman cain. the nomination will continue. larry kudlow said this on sunday. >> herman cain. former presidential candidate. the president says he wants to appoint him to the federal reserve board. how is he qualified for that job? >> well you know, besides being a successful businessman, which is very important. you have farmers on the board. businessmen and women on the board. small bankers.
7:26 am
it wasn't all economists. herman cain for many years was on the board of the kansas city federal reserve bank. >> he was the chairman of the kansas city -- yet look at the way one of the news reports said cain reportedly served in a variety of federal reserve roles in kansas city labeling him the pizza man. there is something really demeaning about the way -- here we're always hearing how you need more diversity on the federal reserve board. here is a very successful black man on the federal reserve board. if the situation was reversed, if he was a liberal democrat people would cry racism by the way they define this guy. it is really unfair. >> bill: thank you, david. three words for you, 9, 9, 9. >> numbers that he learned to regret. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: two big stories. administration revealing a moment ago it will designate iran revolutionary guard as a
7:27 am
terror organization. we'll hear from the state department and take you there live when it happens. >> sandra: kirstjen nielsen is out and kevin mcaleenan is in. the new direction the trump administration is taking on immigration. hogan gidley will join us live from the white house next. excuse me a minute... hi dad. no. don't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that
7:28 am
could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there.
7:29 am
>> bill: from the moment it was foinded it was to demand the regime's revolution by whatever means possible. after its inception directed horrific attacks against the marine barracks in bay rue in 1983. it's operatives work to destabilize the middle east. with this designation the trump administration is simply recognizing a basic reality. they will take its rightful
7:30 am
place on the terrorists it supports. all of which are designated as foreign terrorist organizations. along list of backed terror incidents is ample justification for today's decision. i want to give you a handful of examples. last september federal court in the united states found iran and the irgc responsible for the towers bombing that killed 19 american service members. in 2011 the united states foiled a plot right here in washington, d.c. to bomb a restaurant, attempt was to kill the saudi ambassador. outside the united states it is just as active. 2012 operatives were apprehended targeting israeli
7:31 am
in turkey. >> mike pompeo, rich edson listening as well. tell us how this developed. >> this is a consideration the united states government has been looking into for years. the trump administration moving forward with this really historic designation. one that says that a piece of a foreign government is actually a foreign terrorist organization. the first time the united states has ever made such a designation. it really makes it a crime to assist the irgc anywhere across the world. the u.s. making this designation today will take effect according to the secretary of state in one week. there are some concerns about this particularly there are some who say that with u.s. forces that are operating in the middle east and the irgc that is also operating across the middle east, that it could put in harm's way some american forces there. what the administration is keeping it on check puts u.s. forces at risk. >> bill: a quick report there from the state department.
7:32 am
>> sandra: hogan gidley, principal deputy secretary joins us now. what more can you add to the breaking news? >> part of the maximum pressure campaign. the first time the united states has recognized another government as a foreign terrorist organization. it means a lot. iran's economy is already crippling. this goes to help put more pressure on that country to change its behavior. it has to happen. this president understands that. a lot of other administration threatened it and this president did it. an important move for the administration and safety around the globe. >> bill: was there a tipping point here? >> the president has been looking at it for quite some time. their behavior is horrible across the globe. everyone know the largest state sponsor of terrorism. it is unacceptable and so we have to do something to change that. this is one of those efforts to continue that maximum pressure campaign to get them to do something different than what
7:33 am
they've been doing. wreaking havoc across the globe and sponsoring those who do. >> sandra: kirstjen nielsen is out as homeland security secretary. there is an acting director in place. but first what happened in the days between the president meeting with secretary nielsen at the border and arriving at the white house sunday? >> listen, i do find it kind of interesting that the media is so focused on what happened behind the scenes with the resignation of secretary nielsen. instead of worrying about what is happening at the border. we have a crisis down there, an emergency and the media refuses to focus on that but wants to talk about palace intrigue. she order her resignation. the president moved forward. this is probably the most important position in the federal government right now and put someone in place in kevin mcaleenan who knows the issue. he will do a great job. we have to address what's going on at the border. we were down there. amazing to look into the faces
7:34 am
of those, hear the stories of heartbreak of assaults and deaths not to mention the fact that drugs pouring across the border. president trump predicted this. he said this would happen. three moments in his presidency from the diplomatic room to the oval office address and briefing room. his first time to do those things addressed one issue. the impending disaster at the southern border. so he was right yet again. we have massive numbers of people coming across the southern border. 100,000 in one month. >> sandra: how will the -- >> we've seen such an increase in the influx of people coming into this country it is time to do things differently. the president is looking around the to reshape his team to have the people in place to carry out his agenda and quite frankly he has the right to do that. >> bill: the barr report could
7:35 am
come at any moment. here is jerry nadler on sunday suggesting on cbs that bill barr is a political appointee and cannot be trusted entirely. here is his comment. >> congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions, barr misrepresented in his so-called summary letter what is in the report. that he sugar coated it. a political appointee of the president whose interests he may very well be protecting here. >> that's ridiculous. attorney general barr is working directly with special counsel mueller. all he was doing was conveying what mueller has in his report. so it's ridiculous to say anything other than this was a clean bill of health for the president. we had 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 warrants. 40 f.b.i. agents, 19 attorneys, a pat ridge in a pare tree to find out what we knew. there was no collusion with russia.
7:36 am
no obstruction. the president did nothing wrong. it was a complete and total exoneration and the problem with people like jerry nadler and others is that if they admit the truth that the president did nothing wrong, it will also admit that the last two years of their life was a complete and total waste of time. they pushed a lie on the american people with zero proof and zero evidence and they need to be called to account for that action. >> bill: can you say whether anyone at the white house will see what barr is about to report before it goes to congress? >> i'm not sure if we'll see anything before or not. the fact is jerry nadler has asked -- i'm not sure what the president wants to see or if he can see it. jerry nadler is asking for information that he knows it's illegal to release. there is classified information. there are sources and methods in there. it is a private grand jury testimony throughout that document. he knows that can't be public. this is purely politics for jerry nadler. he has nothing to talk about from the democrat side except for a green new deal that would bankrupt the country that they
7:37 am
can't get a single vote for. killing babies after they're born and making america socialist. they don't want to talk about that so they'll continue to press for documents. if we gave them the entire report and every tax return of the president they would come up with something else. it is never good enough for the democrats because they have nothing positive to offer the american people. >> sandra: what are the expectations for william barr. he will testify this week since his summary was released. >> he is capable of handling questions from congress. he will be honest and forthright and show how ridiculous the democrats are being in this. this has gone way past oversight th. is now overreach. i think attorney general barr will expose that when he talks to members of congress next week. >> bill: on the taxes, there is a new push. it feels washington has gone to a different dynamic between the house and house democrats.
7:38 am
i asked mike mulvaney about it yesterday. you believe democrats will never see the president's tax returns. >> no, never. nor should they. keep in mind that's an issue that was already litigated during the election. voters knew the president could give tax returns and he didn't but they elected him anyway and it drives the democrats crazy. >> he is 100% correct on this. the president had to fill out financial disclosure forms when he decided to run for president. hundreds of pages worth. people can see those. they're public. it will show a couple things. the president is extremely successful. made a lot of money as a private citizen but the fact that he has done nothing wrong. again, the chief was right on this. they litigated this in 2016. democrats ran on this as a way to try to bludgeon donald trump saying he had done these things wrong in his taxes and needed to be released. the public has no right to see those. congress definitely doesn't have a right to see the tax
7:39 am
returns of a private citizen but also just think about the precedent that sets. listen, this was already litigated. it didn't work then. it won't work them. it is an old talking point that will never work. >> bill: what is the white house strategy to make sure never occurs? will you take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court. what is that strategy? >> that's something for the president's outside attorneys to address, which he nasa lengthy letter. the president has said to the press corps in meetings saying i'm not inclined to release those documents. none of the information about his holding are public is ridiculous. he filled out hundreds of pages already. it goes back to the point no matter what we do, it is never going to be enough. if you came out tomorrow and gave the mueller report to the entire press corps unredacted and said by the way, here is a stack of my tax returns for the last 10 years they would come up with something else. it is never good enough. whatever donald trump does they
7:40 am
hate. no matter if it's making the country better, record unemployment for african-americans, asian americans, women, it doesn't matter. they want to fight him at every turn and this is another example of that. it's disgusting. they've been there 100 days and done nothing to work with the president to fix the problems of the day. >> sandra: circling back to kirstjen nielsen and the new acting director of homeland security. how would you describe the president's relationship with the new acting director kevin mcaleenan? what is his relationship with him? >> it is very good. kevin mcaleenan is extremely knowledgeable of the situation and wants to work with the president to implement his poll saoe.s i sat next to him on air force one on the flight to the border. we talked about the new fence being built down there. how amazing it is. i've seen a 65% reduction of crime in the community. they thanked us. there is no daylight between
7:41 am
the two of them we are happy to work with him. >> sandra: thank you, hogan. former president barack obama back in the spotlight with a warning to the far left progressive democrats. what he is urging 2020 hopefuls to do next. our a-team is back to debate that one after the break. >> shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
back with our panel, john bussey, mary anne marsh. >> i don't remember the primary between barack obama and hillary clinton was puppies and cupcakes. it was brutal. keep the house, win the senate is protect all the freshmen who won the last time and pick the best candidate who can win. not be more pure than the driven snow. >> it is not about this being puppy dogs and cupcakes. it is being a progressive purity contest. barack obama has said it, howard schultz has said it. anyone watching can see clearly that the ticket to play in this primary is going to be how pure you are on progressive politics. which does not appeal to anybody outside of the coastal elite. >> it pushes people to the
7:47 am
fringe of debate general election is the center. the other thing this speaks to there is not a king maker right now in the democratic party. there wasn't one back in 2016 for the republicans, either. somebody who would sit back and get three or four of the candidates in the room and say look, suzie, joe, i'll give you a great committee chairmanship if you back off. we see this candidate as our best prospect. that's not happening. that may be messy but it is also very democratic. >> bill: i thought president obama strategy has been interesting. joe biden, as this thing was going back and forth all week last week and he really wasn't seen. this appearance was not with joe biden on saturday. it was in berlin, germany. >> i don't think that's surprising. obama has only shown up on a couple of occasions. you will see him more as it goes on. it took barack obama to get
7:48 am
bernie sanders out of the 2016 race long after hillary clinton had won that nomination. the meeting at the white house. that's because bernie wouldn't leave. you and i were at the convention together. >> are they going to listen to obama this time around? will we have the force to change how these primaries work? i don't think he can even stand in the way of the progressive tilt. >> i think obama and pelosi. pelosi say you want a committee assignment? i think that works. >> bill: thank you all. a judge blocking a controversial ban in the state of new york. local leaders heading to court to make sure unvaccinated children are not allowed in public places. it has to do with a measles outbreak. a lawyer and doctor will tell us about that coming up next. eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman?
7:49 am
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>> bill: now the measles scare drawing national attention. a judge in new york lifting a ban that prevented unvaccinated minors from attending public places. >> sandra: let's bring in heather hanssen, a trial attorney and marc siegel. good morning to both of you. we'll get to the legal aspect of this first. dr. siegel, what is happening? this measles outbreak seems to be getting worse.
7:53 am
>> that's the problem. 170 cases in rockland county. only 70% of the people there are vaccinated. the key here is the word threat, sandra. it is not that 170 is such a big number. with so few people vaccinated, measles could make a foothold again in the united states, which it hasn't had since the year 2000. then you could see more cases of pneumonia, brain swelling and defmgt it was brought in from a traveler from israel. the state legislature i believe the state county executive of rockland is within his rights to say the threat of measles recurring here and spreading is worth calling a public health emergency. >> bill: a remarkable thing to say you can't go to park or school. >> the courts have said you can do that. if there is enough of a threat to other people. if it's an emergency you can ban people from going to school. there are better ways to go about it. the legislature has put forward a bill that says there are no
7:54 am
exemptions. no more religious exemptions or philosophical exemptions. only a medical exemption in order to not get the vaccination. 30 days have passed. i don't know that will be the answer. i think the bill that is pending is more likely to be the answer. >> bill: you say the question is whether or not this is truly an emergency. do you believe it is? >> i do. i agree with dr. siegel. the issue is not just the number of individuals who have measles but the number susceptible to it and the way it can spread and my understanding is change. i do think -- courts have found going up to 1905 i think was the first case that this type of thing does constitute an emergency. education is the best way. through the legislature is better than a ban. >> i disagree. the count he executive is right. he has to scare people into
7:55 am
getting the vaccine. there is a propaganda group called peach telling orthodox jews in the area it is against your teachings in the bible to get vaccinated. that's wrong. as a practicing religious person that's wrong. this is propaganda that is being countered. all the laws in the world are not going to counter propaganda. you can't have an exemption people will be non-compliant. if you tell them they can't go to a public place, store or synagogue and we've seen 500 vaccines given since this happened. >> sandra: you get into this as well. what about mandating flu vaccine? >> not as good a vaccine. flu vaccine saves millions of lives. this is a 95 to 97% success with this vaccine. so because this vaccine works so well and because it -- kids go to school and spread measles like wildfire because it is so contagious.
7:56 am
>> i agree. the problem is with the flu, the hpv that we talk about with our teenage girls. the more we educate people the more they voluntarily get the disease. the ban isn't stopping them. if they find out there is a fine of $400 and six months in jail is meant to wake people up. i think the ban did it but the legislation will do it more thoroughly. >> bill: in a moment. kirstjen nielsen stepping down. more live from the white house on this at the top of the hour. that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever?
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you earned with your service. go to or call 1-800-406-4921 >> sandra: breaking right now the trump administration designating iran's revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on monday morning. i'm sandra smith. are you okay? >> bill: i feel okay. third hour starts now. i'm bill hemmer. happened 30 minutes ago. it's the first time the u.s. has ever named an entire foreign government entity a terrorist organization. that move expected to spark more sanctions on iran. mike pompeo with the announcement. >> islamic republican's rev naoush guard core has created, supported and directed other terrorist groups. they -- the trump
8:01 am
administration is recognizing a basic reality. the irgc will take its place on the list of terror groups it supports. >> this is a significant escalation in the trump administration's policy towards iran. the designation targets the islamic revolutionary guard corps in iran. it is a crime to do business or provide support for the irgc. mike pompeo made the official announcement. what the administration is doing is recognizing reality. >> this designation is a direct response to an outlaw regime and should surprise no one. the leaders of iran are racketeers, not revolutionaries. >> the irgc has a force of 100,000, an army, navy, air
8:02 am
force, administration's iran's ballistic missile programs and manages businesses and organizes militant groups across the middle east and responsible for killing and detaining americans. the united states even under previous administrations has considered designating the irgc as a foreign terrorist organization. there is concern doing so does create a precedent and those who are against it say it allows iran and other u.s. adversaries to do the same to american forces who are operating across the middle east. identify them as terrorist organizations as puts americans at risk. the trump administration's response to that is leaving the irgc unchecked puts american forces in the region at risk. officials say it will officially take effect one week from today. >> sandra: rich edson from the state department on the breaking news. >> bill: another alert now. new fallout from the shake-up at homeland security. kirstjen nielsen is out.
8:03 am
kevin mcaleenan is in. the current customs and border control commissioner. hogan gidley 30 minutes ago. >> she offered her resignation, she resigned. the president moved forward. this is probably the most important position right now in the federal government and he put someone in place in kevin mcaleenan who knows the issue. he will do a great job there. we have to address what's going on at the border. it is time to do things differently. the president is looking around to reshape his team so he can have the people in place to carry out his agenda. >> bill: mcaleenan is in, john roberts is in, too, on monday morning from the white house. brand-new week, good morning. >> good morning to you. dhs, one of the most important departments in the administration, particularly at the moment in the border the number one issue for the president, we first got wind something might be afoot the middle of last week. i got a couple of calls said they were hearing that kirstjen nielsen might not be long for the job and yesterday we got
8:04 am
the news she is out and kevin mcaleenan is in. he has been customs and border protection commissioner since 2018. back in 2014 he was deputy commissioner under president obama. he has had some bipartisan experience under democratic administration and now a republican administration. he is a lawyer, practiced law before beginning government service in 2006. won the presidential rank award in 2015. that is an award given out to people in public service for exemplary execution of their duties in the citation it says that mcaleenan had spearheaded customs and border protections counter terrorism discipline. transformed the international air arrival process and public private partnerships. the former acting director of ice was singing mcaleenan prays earlier.
8:05 am
>> kevin spent many years fighting this fight. i think he knows the ground. he knows how it operates on the ground. kirstjen nielsen was very talented but didn't come up through the ranks. kevin is within the ranks. i think kevin can do operationally what he has done in the lower ranks. i think he can certainly step up enforcement on the border, put more border assets on the border ship. a great relationship with d.o.d. >> good relationship with the pentagon. that's an asset. he has good relations with the state department and mike pompeo and good relations with the national security council. when you are talking about approaching this from an interagency perspective, he has open lines of communications with all those folks. one of the biggest problems that mcaleenan will face is exact same problem kirstjen nielsen faced. you have to operate within the law and the law, the parameters
8:06 am
were handed down by the folks up there on capitol hill. politics is king in this town particularly with the 2020 election looming. kirstjen nielsen in her resignation letter said i hope the next secretary will have the support of congress and the courts in fixing if laws that have impeded our ability to fully secure america's borders. kirstjen nielsen i had many conversations with her, bill. she was doing everything she could within the boundaries of the law to try to address the situation on the border. mcaleenan will be facing those same laws. so he has a tough challenge ahead of him. a lot of people are saying he is a really good person to have in that position. >> bill: john roberts from the north lawn. sandra has more. >> sandra: let's bring in tom rogue -- rogan from "the washington examiner". some democrats running for president questioning her leadership, kirstjen nielsen's, and slamming her cruel enforcement of the president's immigration policies.
8:07 am
they are welcoming her departure. >> good morning. i think the interesting point here is that which john roberts noted in the sense that the democratic party now has a vested eye, a focus that is fundamentally centered around 2020, retaking the white house. and whatever the opinion of the country, independents and republicans in terms of immigration enforcement. former officials like the director of dhs under president obama jay johnson coming out in support of this idea of border crisis. whatever the reality or whatever the concern that others may have, the democratic party where it matters in policy and political posturing towards the 2020 run are not, i don't think, going to be terribly amenable to making compromises with president trump. >> sandra: a sample of some of the reaction. kirsten gillibrand tweet. i called for her resignation
8:08 am
over the administration's inhumane treatment of immigrant families six months ago. what this country needs is a moral reset on immigration policies. we won't get that in this administration. beto o'rourke tweeted let's unite and do anything in our power to elect a president who will not allow people to separate families and put children in desert tent camps and inflick damage on our fellow human beings but on the conscience of this country. go back to kirsten gillibrand's tweet. what this country truly needs is a moral reset. with now the new acting director stepping in, kirstjen nielsen has departed, how will this affect the president's policies at the border? >> i think it just allows the president to keep doubling down on the issue which is certainly what he is going to do moving towards november 2020. but again i think one of the challenges democrats will face as this process moves on is that if you look at the tweets
8:09 am
there, the language is framed president trump has moral language but he says wall, chain migration. democrats are focusing very much on the moral narrative as a means to an end in itself without actual policy proposals. the risk to them is with independents trump appears to at least be putting policies on the table where democrats appear to be posturing rather than offering policy. >> sandra: you look back at chuck schumer echoing that of nancy pelosi in all this when even the most radical voices in the administration aren't radical enough for president trump. he has lost touch with the american people. that is the reaction from ranking democrats as a response to this, tom. >> yes, but again this speaks to the fact that the party, the organizing interests in the party, the democratic party, special interests as it were, are very much supportive of the idea of really taking apart ice, moving towards a much more conciliatory process on the
8:10 am
border. i think the difficulty for democrats is they don't want to say that in policy terms because a lot of people wouldn't support that. they focus on the moral language. tear gassing kids, etc. >> sandra: we had a chance a short time ago to talk to hogan gidley who said he was intrigued by the palace intrigue over kirstjen nielsen's resignation. the media is more consumed by that than focusing on the crisis at our border. that has somewhat been the case. as we do see these changes being made, this crisis will continue for the president and he will not divert from his designation of a national emergency at our border? >> no, i don't think he will. he has that -- congress decided not to re-paoudiate him on that. the president clearly believes this is something that will both galvanize his base but i think they -- the white house senses a political opportunity
8:11 am
in the -- where democrats won't he have -- so i think the administration sees the ground binding here of that base opportunity and democrats going too far to the left. >> sandra: now we all learn a little bit more about kevin mcaleenan. someone we weren't all familiar with a short time ago. tom, appreciate your time this morning. >> bill: you have to lean in, right? fox news alert now. democrats pushing to see the full mueller report. why rudy giuliani says the house judiciary chair should get access to everything. the judge has some thoughts on this. we'll talk to him coming up. >> sandra: reaction to the democrat's move to get the president's tax return. why someone has called it a moronic maneuver. first what is the president's acting chief of staff told us yesterday about all of this.
8:12 am
>> you believe democrats will never see the president's tax returns? >> no, never. nor should they. voters knew the president could have given his tax returns and he didn't and they elected him anyway and that drives the democrats crazy. billions of mouths.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:16 am
when they saw one pole call causing others to come down and one fell on the roof of their car. >> if i would see that car as a bystander or someone looking at it i'm saying people died in that car. the fact that we didn't, amazes me. >> sandra: it is amazing. both people in the car had minor cuts and bruises but nothing more serious than that. no word on what caused those poles to come down. >> grand jury secrecy, classification, reputation issues to consider and ongoing investigation. it's a minefield. putting that aside, that leak really indicates all you need to know about mueller's prosecutors. leaking like that and they don't leak? that has been the biggest thing in this investigation. >> bill: he slammed people on the mueller team and calling for jerry nadler to get access to everything he legally can in
8:17 am
the mueller matter. this is judge andrew napolitano. nadler and schiff were on other networks saying there is still evidence of collusion that they have. >> here is my take. the four-page conclusion summary, summary of bob mueller's conclusions that bill barr issued did not say there was no evidence of a conspiracy. it did not say there was no evidence of obstruction. it said we don't have enough evidence to prove the crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. if mueller had found nothing barr's memo would have sent it. >> bill: prosecutor is looking where was something illegal that he or she can prosecute. >> the prosecutor cannot bring a case ethically or morally unless he believes he can get a conviction of that high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. when the report comes out there will be things in there unless it's redacted that the
8:18 am
president doesn't want to see. and i think rudy giuliani knows that. he doesn't know what's in it. none of us has seen it. >> bill: a couple things on that. mick mulvaney said yesterday as far as he knows no one at the white house has seen what barr will distribute and no one has stepped in to say you can do page one but not page nine and no one at the white house using executive privilege has said we want to sight. perhaps that could change. right now it seems to be the position. >> the department of justice is taking the position that when the white house surrendered documents according to mayor giuliani 1.4 million pages of documents in the two years, some of it from the campaign before trump was president. most of it from the white house after january 20th of 2017, they took the position that they were waiving executive privilege. once waived it cannot be
8:19 am
reassert. i don't think you'll see any executive privilege. >> bill: it is monday, april 8. barr said in the conclusion letter he delivered two weeks ago by mid april or sooner will have results reporting to congress. maybe it happens today. he is on the hill tomorrow and wednesday testifying about different matters. when do you believe we hear from barr with this summation in the mueller report to congress? >> knowing barr as i do the scrutiny of the report is meticulous, every word with barr in the room, with mueller or his designee in the room, and the democrats and even those of us who are dying from a professional perspective to see what is in there won't be pleased. the democrats will subpoena the full report and attorney general will resist the subpoena and a judge will call it. 6e, the rules of criminal procedure that prohibits barr from releasing a lot of things which only a federal judge can push out of the way.
8:20 am
>> bill: you as a judge, you have to be super sensitive to this. >> yes, you do. giuliani listed it. >> bill: you as a judge must be hyper sensitive to the possibility of allowing grand jury testimony to go public. >> they've gone in the direction of releasing the material. 6e prohibits releasing grand jury material about a person not indicted. if somebody testified negatively about the president. he wasn't indicted. that material does not be made public. if there are ongoing investigations or classified materials in there like we don't know. >> bill: that would be redacted. if that's the case then, judge. strong possibility there is no conclusion be it legal or political, after barr
8:21 am
distributes this. >> here is where i think you and i are on the same page. the democrats want the raw data so they can second guess bob mueller and bill barr about whether the president should have been prosecuted. >> bill: thank you, judge. to be debated. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: an american woman kidnapped in uganda is now safe and sound. a live report on that next. >> bill: kirstjen nielsen is out now as homeland security secretary. president trump wants the toughest cop available on the job. is the new acting secretary the right fit? we'll talk with national border patrol vp council hector garza in minutes. >> congress don't believe there is a crisis on the border. when they do they call it a humanitarian crisis. they didn't believe there was caravans.
8:22 am
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>> sandra: stanford taking action in the wake of the college admissions scandal expelling one student who faked the sailing credentials while she was accepted through a process it was followed by a half million donation to stanford's sailing program through the former head coach who was fired after agreeing to plead guilty in that bribery case. >> bill: an american woman kidnapped while on safari in uganda has been released and she is okay. she and her guide were taken at gun point a week ago. captors demanding $500,000 in ransom. we pick up the story from l.a. now. william, good morning. >> good morning, bill.
8:26 am
the question is was ransom paid? if so, how much. or did kidnappers release the pair as police moved in? after five days in captivity kimberly endicott is headed home. kidnappers abducted the 56 yierld southern california woman and her guide 30 minutes into a tour of queen elizabeth national park demanding $500,000 for her release. some said ransom was paid. >> there was threat of the use of force but our allied teams we had on the ground. if there are any other arrangements of ran some maybe with the family that is something will have explore. the police and government of uganda we don't do ran some and never encourage that. >> tourism is uganda's chief source of income.
8:27 am
the national park borders both countries. uganda's president said we shall deal with this isolated pocket of criminals. i want to reassure the country and our tourists that uganda is safe and continue to improve security in our parks. the state department and u.s. drones helped in the search but u.s. officials remain silent about ransom. this morning president trump said the only way people will feel safe going to uganda is bring the kidnappers to justice. safaris are expensive but becoming more popular. the second kidnap would definitely scare tourists away. >> bill: glad to see that she is okay. >> sandra: fox news alert. security concerns at president trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida after secret service agents arrested a chinese citizen at the resort last month. what investigators say she had in her possession at the time of her arrest.
8:28 am
>> bill: democrats demanding the last six years of president trump's taxes. four before he was president. but his chief of staff says that will never happen. details in a moment on that. to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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8:31 am
sometimes you gotta go straight for the source. car loans fast from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission. >> bill: it is 11:30 in new york city. fox news alert. more trouble brewing for boeing on this day. american airlines cancels 90 daily flights using the 737 max jets through the first week of june. dan springer is live in seattle watching this. what's up now, dan? >> bill, it's very clear now this grounding of the boeing 737 max planes will last longer than expected. there is a bunch of fallout from the news. first how the flying public will be affected. southwest airlines canceled 150 flights per day through june 7. also american airlines announced sunday that flight cancellations have been extended by more than a month there. american owns 24 737 max plans. when the faa grounded the fleet
8:32 am
the airline canceled 90 flights a day through the end of april. yesterday they announced the flight cancellations will be extended through june 5. american airlines said by pro-actively canceling these flights we were able to provide better service to our customers with availability and rebooking options. the other telling story broke on saturday when boeing announced it was going to start cutting production of the 737 max planes at its plant here in washington the f.a.a. grounded the fleet march 13, three days after a second fatal crash. boeing vowed it would have a software fix to the f.a.a. for certification. the fix is taking longer than expected with finished planes piling up, it would tap the brakes on making the max. they ramped upped to 52 assembled each month but scaling back. they expect the grounding to
8:33 am
last a while. the 13,000 employees at the plant will not face layoffs. it is weighing on boeing's stock price and how analysts are viewing boeing long term. their shares sell 4% after the outlook was cut predicting the delays will last three months longer than thought. boeing stock is up 20% year-to-date. >> bill: watching the latest for us on that. >> democrats are aplaying along his handbooks. going after tax returns is moronic. that won't happen. the courts aren't going to say that you can compel a person running for office to release their tax returns. he will win this victory. he wins them time after time. >> sandra: senator mitt romney slamming democrats attempts to get the president's tax returns as tensions escalate between the white house and congress.
8:34 am
mulvaney said the democrats will never get those documents. will democrats win the fight? >> no, they will lose this fight. the law is not on their side as mick mulvaney and jay sekulow pointed out. they are using the irs as a political weapon. they tar g*eted tea party groups and now trying to demand the tax returns of a sitting president. they can't do that. they tried this in 2016 and it failed. they can try it again. have at it. as mitt romney said it is a moronic play an their part. >> sandra: they ask for six years of returns and asking for these documents to be turned over within seven days. the deadline is april 10th. the lawyers for president trump say this request would, quote, set a dangerous precedent if granted. so why continue down this road, as you heard mitt romney
8:35 am
describing if you think you can't win. >> why they're continuing on this they're after political retribution. they're so upset the mueller report turned up no collusion or obstruction. they turn back to let's go after the tax returns. when that doesn't pan out they'll find something else. investigate and obstruct is their answer, not legislate. not work with the president. not do what's best for the american people. >> many unhappy trump returns. democrats think they can embarrass the president over tax secrecy. you heard over the weekend the president's team said not going to happen. so will they continue on this fight? >> sure, they will. they will lose because you have to have a legitimate legislative purpose when you request someone's returns. when asked what their purpose is they say we want to make sure presidents are being audited correctly. the only person the only president is trump.
8:36 am
sham reasoning. as jay sekulow pointed out. the supreme court said congressional oversight can't serve a law enforcement purpose. they'll lose on this one. when they investigate the president and the 81 trump targets they go after they'll lose. the american people on november 3, 2020 will vote on president trump because investigating, they're tired of that. every poll shows it. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" goes on to make the point they believe that democrats think that they can embarrass the president over his tax secrecy. they go on to defend not actually releasing them, but they do say that they have long thought that voters should see the tax records of the president. why not release them? >> they're under audit as the president has said. it is up to them to release them. the president won't play the democrats' games. why play into the hand and gamesmanship of democrats? voters sided with the president in 2016 when they voted on
8:37 am
president trump after a year and a half of democrats clamoring for the tax returns. voters said we want the president's agenda. the president has delivered. he has no need to release his tax returns. we aren't playing the democratic game here. >> sandra: what you heard from mick mulvaney talking to bill saying no, it won't happen. the president has no intention of releasing these returns. you go back to the president himself last week. we all got a chuckle. he said what, they want six years? they've been asking for 10 talking about the lower amount of tax records that they're actually now demanding. so i don't know if an end is in sight. for now it looks like the president will not turn over those records. final thoughts. >> that's exactly right. the president is in the right here. they want to investigate every facet of the president's life but the president is arguably the most investigated man in america and the most exonerated. he has done nothing wrong but democrats will continue going down this road as the president continues to win for the american people. >> sandra: good to have you on
8:38 am
the program this morning. thank you. >> bill: chinese national arrested last month accused of bluffing her way through security at the marra lag owe resort in florida will be in court later today. they're investigating whether she was working as a chinese spy. we have more on this now outside a courtroom in florida. >> good morning. 90 minutes from now here at the u.s. courthouse the case of the chinese national who lied her way into president trump's private mar-a-lago resort has the next chapter. the detention hearing for 32-year-old woman. the judge today will either set bond for her or deny bail all together. prosecutors last week described her as an extreme flight risk. so today in court we expect them to again argue for bail to be denied. the chinese national got into mar-a-lago two saturdays ago first showing secret service two chinese passports and first said she was there to use the swimming pool. then said she was there for a
8:39 am
united nations/china, america friendship he went. there was no such event. when she got to the second screening a receptionist found out she was not on a list of approved guests. secret service arrested her. she was carrying four cell phones, one laptop, one external hard drive and a thumb drive which contained malicious software according to documents. a former f.b.i. counter terrorism expert tells us he believes this was a spy attempt. >> the fact that the woman was in that location at that time is absolutely no accident at all. it is no doubt in my mind that it is some sort of an intelligence operation. and potentially an operation that may have been sanked by either the chinese government or intelligence service. >> while president trump was in palm beach that weekend, he was not on site during this who episode. he was down the street at his
8:40 am
golf club most of the day. the woman is charged with two federal crimes making false statements to a federal officer and entering restricted property. >> bill: we'll await that court appearance from florida, >> sandra: new reaction to the shake-up at homeland security with kirstjen nielsen out as secretary days after she traveled to the border with the president. border patrol union vice president hector garza is on deck and will join us with his reaction next. >> he will do everything he can with his power and the president do whatever they can operationally that congress failed to do legislatively. or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin... overly sensitive immune system... ...could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within.
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8:44 am
keeping gear. >> sandra: it doesn't bother them. oh. >> bill: they knew when the game was going to start. don't you think someone would notice something? beware of the bees. >> sandra: after months now speculation kirstjen nielsen resigned last night as homeland security secretary. president trump naming kevin mcaleenan as acting heads as he works to toughen his policy at the southern border. hector garza is a border patrol agent. what can you tell us about mcaleenan? >> it will be a tough job. there is a lot of responsibility and works with our members of congress. we know he will be our acting secretary for the meantime. we don't know who the permanent secretary will be but we do have full service in president trump that he will choose
8:45 am
someone that will have the skills and determination to secure the board. >> sandra: what about your experience with him? >> working with commissioner mcaleenan i've met with him personally on one occasion. he is in charge of the cpb side. he advocates for border patrol agents and let the american public know of the crisis happening on the border. >> sandra: the president reportedly wanted someone tougher in that role. does he fit that bill? >> well, it's a tough job. he was with the laws that we have in place makes it very difficult to do a good job in that position. i think what's more important is our members of congress are going to have to work with the secretary, be it acting or permanent, have to work closely with our secretary to make sure we can decide the mess and now we know the administration is working ong different ideas to solve the crisis since congress isn't acting on that. we look forward to working with
8:46 am
commissioner mcaleenan and president trump. >> sandra: is it fair to say you were supportive of kirstjen nielsen in this role? >> well, she tried her best to do the job, it was tough with the laws that we have in place. it is not easy. we know that we need to end the loopholes in the asylum laws. we know these people are abusing the asylum laws and we need to end catch and release and the magnets that encourage illegal immigration. without the support of congress it will be a very tough job and why president trump is looking at different ideas to solve it. >> sandra: i guess that leads me to the question what can he do that she wasn't able to do if you talk about the constraints of the law and congress not willing to act? >> so again we don't know if commissioner mcaleenan will be the permanent secretary or not. we know president trump will select somebody and we trust his judgment. some of the ideas that we're pitching to president trump and his administration that our border patrol agents double their duties as asylum officer
8:47 am
to conduct credible fear interviews and expedite the process of the asylum claims and make us more efficient. it will send a message these laws cannot be abused by the people coming across. >> sandra: we spoke to the former acting ice director tom homan earlier and he said this. >> the american people, the voters need to call congress to task and say you need to fix this. you can build that wall and it will certainly help but they'll come to the port of entries and make fraudulent caples of asylum. we have to mix the asylum laws. it's up to congress. kevin will do everything he can in his power and with the president to do what they can operationally that congress failed to do legislatively. >> sandra: it brings us to a solution is needed. you see what's happening there, hector firsthand. what is the answer? >> so there is a lot of things that need to be done. first we need to deal with the crisis right now. the border patrol agents need to make sure we can detail these people in humane
8:48 am
conditions and stop the overcrowding in detention facilities. we need congress to change the laws. we need congress to change laws so we stop encouraging illegal immigration. that's the number one thing. if not the mess will only get worse. we also need to make sure we have enough agents to process these people but focus on border security. our agents can't be focusing their time babysitting, carrying and transporting people. we need to focus on border security and working with president trump to make sure we do our jobs as good as we can. >> sandra: i hear the frustration and urgency in your voice, hector. final thoughts. are you optimistic that we can eventually come to a means to -- come to a solution for this crisis and get something done and have congress act? >> well, i tell you what, president trump is trying. president trump has been trying to look for different solutions. we're confident we'll find some solutions with president trump. we need congress to help. we need the help from our members of congress.
8:49 am
our agents are having a difficult time. we're working in very difficult conditions. overcrowded facilities where our agents are exposed to infectious diseases. we need to protect the -- >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" is coming up next. check in with harris and melissa as they start a new week as well. >> thank you for that intro, bill. republicans ramping up the investigation of the investigators sending no fewer than eight criminal referrals to the justice department over the tlufrm/russia investigation with the attorney general testifying in the house tomorrow. and sure to face questions from democrats about the mueller investigation. >> plus former president obama warning divided democrats to avoid a circular firing squad amid reports that progressive dems are furious at the party trying to stop primary challenges to incumbents. >> a lot to talk about and
8:50 am
we'll get on it. "outnumbered" on top of the hour. >> bill: see you in 11 minutes. from washington kirstjen nielsen is about to speak. when that begins we'll take you there. you know the news from overnight. we're also told she will stay on for several days in that post as they look to make a transition. i believe that's outside of her home in alexandria, virginia. stand by. we're on this story when we come back next. to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america.
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8:54 am
she makes them. >> one last game, one game national title virginia against texas tech. the men will tip it off late tonight. jim gray and sportscaster. hello, jim. i want to show you saturday. the final seconds, auburn and virginia. there was a foul call. guy went to the line. hit three free-throws. a lot of debate whether or not it was a foul. prior for that virginia was hit against they didn't tli there was a call. how does it go down tonight? >> well, just like the saints were denied the super bowl. the wrong team is in the final game don't. it should be auburn. bad calls, bad officiating. >> bill: the wrong team you think. >> the wrong team, yes. but the foul -- it was a foul but shouldn't be whether or not it is a foul. it's whether you call it or don't call it. the judgment is you don't put a
8:55 am
guy on the free-throw line to hit the game. he hit all three free-throws. it is not virginia's fault. they have an opportunity, a big game with texas tech. whether owens can play. he sprained his ankle for texas tech and critical for them to win the game. >> bill: virginia's team is based on defense. they like to run a slow game. texas tech very up tempo. they have some guys who can jump out of the gym. very impressive. how do you think it goes down, jim? >> well, it's going to be a real chess match here tonight. two excellent, great defensive teams. both have made their mark in this tournament defensively. texas tech hasn't been pressed. virginia had a miracle against purdue, a miracle the other night against auburn. texas tech looks like a little stronger team if owens can play. it will be impressive. virginia hasn't played their
8:56 am
best basketball. they've been a much better team than they have shown in the tournament. it will be a close game but i think texas tech is a little better. >> bill: smitty has texas tech. i got virginia. >> sandra: yep. stuck with it now. >> we'll find out tomorrow morning, right? it's on to augusta for the masters, big week. >> sandra: here we are a live look at a gentleman standing by the microphone outside of kirstjen nielsen's home. they get ready for a live shot of kirstjen nielsen. she is expected to step out and make comments on her departure as homeland security secretary. when she begins to speak we'll take those comments live. we'll be right back. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
8:57 am
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>> bill: baseball history in today's newsroom news vault. hank aaron breaking babe ruth home in record in the state in 1974. erin went for a 715th home run
9:00 am
and atlanta against the l.a. dodgers, the whole country was watching. he debuted in the big leagues only eight years after jackie robinson broke baseball's color barrier on this day. 45 years ago today. speech leverett >> sandra: that's right press >> sandra: that's it for us. things were doing as periods between five starts now. >> melissa: we are awaiting direction from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen on her own resignation. as she is set to address the media from outside her home moments when uprooted will carry that life as it happens. this, as president trump announces that u.s. customs and border protection commissioner kevin mcaleenan will become acting dhs secretary. in the white house is suggesting new action on the border crisis. you're watching 325. i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, big smiles, kennedy. in the center seat, fox news contributor and


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