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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: susan li, live in new york. the final bell is ringing on wall street. the arrows are down on a monday afternoon. off less than 100. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up next. this is fox news channel. >> i just want to thank the president again for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country. i'm forever grateful of the men and women in dhs that work so hard to execute their mission and protect the homeland. >> i wish the focus was on the actual problem facing this country, the crises facing the american communities and american neighborhoods along the southern border. when we were -- when we were down there, having a conversation -- the face of the crisis are the people who have had loved ones killed and murdered by people in this country illegally. >> shakeup at the border. kirstjen nielsen is out.
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kevin mcaleenanis in. the president signalled a tougher direction at the border. i'm deidra bolton in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we're going to bring you the latest with john roberts and peter doocy on why some democratic presidential candidates are fuming. we begin with john. what is the latest? >> deidra, good afternoon to you. it's a fast and furious day here at the white house. we had the resignation of secretary nielsen yesterday. this afternoon we found out the president ten days ago had told the head of the u.s. secret service, tex alles was told to prepare a resignation letter. mr. alles will be leaving shortly and president trump has selected james murray a career
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abdulmutallab of the secret service to take over. we have pictures of james murray. this is from a 2015 press conference when he was a special agent in charge of the washington field office. he's the head of the office of secret operations, which means he's in charge of the protective details that look at the president and the first family that transition will happen in may. now back to the one that had us all talk about yesterday. secretary nielsen going. her tenure was tumultuous. the president's opinion of her and support waxed an waned. the last we heard the president was happy with here. but feeling the situation is beginning to overwhelm the system, the president thought it was time to make a change so kirstjen nielsen will be stepping down. kevin mcaleenanfrom the u.s. customs and border protection
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will be filling that position on wednesday. on her way to one of her last days at work, kirstjen nielsen took the high road when she came out to meet cameras in front of her house. listen here. >> i still will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian crisis on the border. other than that i'm going to do what i can the next few days. >> democrats not very kind to kirstjen nielsen on her way out the door. their real target was president trump. chuck schumer tweeting -- >> first of all, i have never heard any within described kirstjen nielsen as radical. it's the white house who says that democrats are out of touch on this issue, that even some of -- some members of the obama administration are saying that they're missing the boat here. there is a crisis on the border. listen here.
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>> even the previous administration, officials from barack obama's time as president all agree this is a crisis situation. something has to be done to fix it. the president works very will with kevin mcaleenan. he's done an incredible job in the administration and we expect that relationship and the work to continue. >> nancy pelosi in a statement today said -- >> politics is just all over this issue of border security and immigration reform. so i don't expect that nancy pelosi or the democrats will have anything kinder to say about the incoming homeland security secretary, kevin mcaleenanthan they did about kirstjen nielsen. maybe they will surprise us but i doubt it. >> thanks, john. arizona republican congressman andy biggs on cavuto live saying
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don't look for a border deal with democrats any time soon. here's his comments. >> there's still a significant number of my congressional colleagues that deny that there's a problem at all. for many months, they said we don't want president trump to get a victory. but some that i talked toon hav how to solve this problems. there's so many things we can be doing but we are not doing. they won't help us out. i can guarantee that. >> the best way to move forward, with me now, the washington examiner, jason russell. democratic strategist christian hahn and amy tarkanian. that's for being here. chrissian, i'm going to start with you. best way to move forward. what can the democrats give is the larger question from your point of view right now. >> i think -- if we're going to do anything on immigration reform, it has to be done in a bipartisan way.
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it can't just be about president trump's wall, which he wasn't able to get done when republicans had control of the house and the administration. so i think we're all going to have to stop firing at each other and sit down have an honest question about what is possible. democrats are willing to do that. there's ways that we can work with this administration and the senate to get things done for the american people. as long as they're good faith efforts. >> kristin, what is the number 1 most flexible point? if there's true ability for bipartisan work together, where is the area of compromise. >> i think it's just a lot of the democrats are willing to compromise on a wall where it makes sense. and spending the money in the right way at the ports of entry. so as long as we can sit down and have a real honest conversation about different elements of a comprehensive
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immigration reform plan and not just say my way or the highway. it's the wall or nothing at all. that's not a place we should start. >> jason, pick up on that if you don't mind, my way or the highway. is it the rhetoric that made bipartisan cooperation so difficult or is it the fact that not everyone agrees that there's a crisis? >> i think the rhetoric is a big part of it. really are on either side of the aisle are working with two different sets of facts and two different beliefs or whether or not this is an issue and what they want to see happen. the sad thing that so many people in the country do want to see an increase in legal immigration. that's not something that anyone talks about in congress. nobody is talking about ways to make it easier to come here legally. so much of the focus gets distracted by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants and things like that rather than trying to fix the system.
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>> amy, let me bring you in on this point in particular. what we just heard from jason. president bush had worked hard -- i agree, with us not all boxes were checked, but there was a big effort made in his administration to really try to figure out a way to get people here through a process that was consistent. is there anything that can be borrowed or brought up again from that era? >> well, i think that right now president trump is so incredibly frustrated and rightfully so. that's why we see the transition from kirstjen nielsen to kevin mcaleenan. he's known has being a bulldog. he will help implement what the country needs to make sure that we're safe and our citizens be safe and our border secure. it's interesting to hear that the democrats want to have an honest conversation when in honesty, they do not want to have an honest conversation. you have some of the democratic
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presidential candidates like julian castro saying that he's willing to decriminal crossing borders illegally. it would be nice if we had members on both sides come together. i know when the president offered to have lunch, no democrat arrived. not one even took up his offer. now two times he has said so brilliantly had the experts, had the border patrol agents, we've had angel moms and dads come plead on camera to the nation, their desires and needs for beefing up border security financially and also with drones, better technology and with fixing the areas that need to be fixed and repaired and putting up more wall. there's a number of issues that need to be tended to. don't think the democrats are being honest here.
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>> wow. i hope with all due respect that you're wrong, there's wiggle room. we do need a solution. i thank you for joining me. thank you. if you think that 2020 democratic hopefuls are making president trump their main target, think again. there's a new attack on capitalism and that is taking center stage. we'll tell you what it means for your money. a debate next. [knocking] ♪
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>> there's three wealthy families in america. we're moving in the direction of oligarchy and together we're going to turned that around. >> pete buttigieg and bernie sanders unleashing on capitol m capitolism. what does this mean for your money? we'll have a debate with market pros. join us max and craig. so craig, what is your take? billionaire investors saying that capitolism needs to be reformed. when voices like that weigh-in, what do you think? >> isn't it interesting that everybody wants to pull up the ladders after they made theirs. the piece that you ran, capitalism has to be democratic. but there was a but in there.
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but he said but. nobody wants to hear the treatment. limit to the statement after the but. the reality is, democratic capitolism doesn't work. pete said he wasn't going to call himself a social admissions scandal because it would give the republicans a hammer. he's a socialist. he wants all the means of production in the marketplace to be controlled by a bigger government. i don't think it's a good plan and it's not good for america. >> jonas, what do you think this does for the average investor? these people have not even made it through primary season. so we're a long way away. what does seem clear is there's a big part of the left that is going more left. >> there's nothing worse in history than when a government takes on their corporations and takes them over under the guides of the corporations are evil to the little people and making inequality. that was the foundation of all the takeovers-whether you go
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through the soviet union, china. until they brought back capitalism without democracy like china, that's when the people started to grow their wealth and not have to love under a horrible regime. there's never been a case of corporations controlling the government. this is the part that i want the highlight. what i found so disturbing about may your pete's speech, his characterization of russia and bernie sanders like an oligarchy as corporations took over russia. that's not what happened. i was there in the 90s. in fact, if they took over, they would have been good investments. the opposite happened. you never had capitalism and until this day, the government owns the companies and will tell them how to run and will throw people in prison. just ask the mirax group. this is a very interesting startup of wireless carriers
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across the country for cell phones. the vk, the russian facebook, these are like -- they have to leave the country. the regime comes in, puts their own associates comes in and runs it for their own wealth. the only reason they're functional is they kept some capitalism. it's largely controlled by the government. in russia, corporations don't take over. they were taken over and innovation is stamped out. that's why they only have natural resource companies and not a lot of tech innovation. this is completely wrong. >> deidra: well-heard on all points.but jonas, these candidates like whether it's bernie sanders or mayor pete, they're speaking to a frustrated american and middle class. if you look since the 1970s and 80s, price of healthcare is up 130%. higher education is up 125%.
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there's not many people that think that more government is better. that said, what these candidates are saying are addressing frustrations can the gop address them in a way that makes independent voters at least consider what is on offer? >> i sure hope so, deidra. i would prefer to put up with a 4:00 a.m. tweet than have to put up with where the democrats want to take this nation. okay? look, jonas said something that was so important. corporations bring wealth to countries. that's the point. i really believe that pete buttigieg and -- maybe you should look at his teachings that he's father had at notre dame. he was a marxist. go read his writings. because pete speaks all of these languages and can articulate the message well and calm and cool
1:19 pm
and collected doesn't mask the fact that he's a social admissions scandal. he believes bigger government is better government. it's not good for this country. >> deidra: jonas, i want to ask you, before we go, we're looking at the s&p 500. maybe, maybe not breaking its seven-day winning streak. as long as the economy and the markets are holding up, i would assume you think this bodes well for the gop, but your take, jonas. >> luckily the economy is very strong and unemployment is low. it's hard for this message, which is already appealing. the polls, younger people like this message. it's usually when there's trouble in the economy that you get to a takeover that yes can do better by takeover whether hitler or the soviet union. that happens in rough times. not boon times. if you want to say we've done
1:20 pm
well with managed capitalism, there's a good message. the story that run amock and take over -- it's a fantasy that has never happened. >> great point. >> thanks, jonas. craig smith, thank you both. democrats might want to see president trump's tax returns. the white house has other plans. texas republican and house ways and means ranking member, kevin brady with us on that. actress felicity huffman to plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. how many others to follow? we'll have the very latest on that story in just a minute. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal.
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>> never. nor should they. keep in mind, that was an issue litigated during the election. voters knew the president could have given his tax returns and they elected him. they know they're not going to get this. they want the attention on the issue because they don't want to talk about policy. >> deidra: it's something that ohio republican congressman mike turner is concerned and. here's what he said on cavuto live. >> when you look at the tax return, it's dangerous to single out one person, one individual. if they single him out, they can say we need to know the tax returns of those that own our social media, those -- or regular media. it's a bad precedent. >> deidra: for more, we bring in ranking member of the house ways and means committee, kevin brady. thanks for joining me. >> thanks, deidra.
1:25 pm
>> deidra: what is your opinion? new york state lawmakers are trying to go around congress and force the president's hand or the white house's hand to release state documents, which would then be a back door to the federal ones. will they be successful? >> yeah, i hope not. ever are american ought to be asking, do you want congress or a state legislature to have the power for the first time in a long time to be able to target an individual's -- their private tax returns for political reasons. this law was put in place to protect from that political enemy's list that one time existed decades ago to make sure that no party, republican or democrat, had this power. so the president is absolutely right to be fighting this. this is not a legitimate request. it has no legal legislative purpose. it shouldn't be complied with. at the end of the day, you may
1:26 pm
believe the president should voluntarily release them or not. that's a question. the question here is do you want congress to set that dangerous precedent. i guarantee you, it will backfire on everybody. >> deidra: i want to ask about that. there are a lot of people including some republicans that say that president trump has broken with the way that things have been done in the past and that, you know, tons of candidates and presidents have released their tax returns and he should, too. >> everybody has a view on that. this is so separate from this question, which is democrats and the ways and means committee, for the first time, unprecedented is using provisions designed to protect every taxpayer and making returns public for political purposes. that's the key question here. again, look, what i believe is, if you want to learn about a candidate's potential interests, look at their finance disclosure
1:27 pm
form, which whether you're a president, you're in congress, speaker of the house has to fill out. that's where you learn what are their business interests, what loans do they have, what is the revenue coming from, what is their spouse's income. that's where the focus should be. >> deidra: the president's critics are saying if we see the data or we see that for some reason he was trying to do business in other countries, which is normal, by the way, for a real estate developer, but that that would somehow prove something that the fbi didn't. >> yeah, they just made the case. this is a fishing expedition. it's part of the investigation and that rush to impeachment. the truth is, you have the financial disclosure form, you have a group, government ethics, that looks at the potential conflicts. the special counsel spent two years, $25 million and had access to those returns.
1:28 pm
didn't see anything. democrats clearly have a pretty tall burden here. they're fishing. >> deidra: so congressman, kirstjen nielsen on her way out. there's many people that say it was an uncomfortable fit from the get-go. she was close to kelly as we know. she worked closely in the bush administration and that she was considered more of a cyber expert. what do you make of this change? >> i didn't follow the back story on the secretary as closely as others did. i know from texas the vice president, mike pence, was down there friday to meet with ice, our homeland security investigative group. what they told him is they have never seep anything their life like the crisis they're seeing at the border today. so my argument would be one, find a good person to lead that agency and secondly even that won't work unless congress closes the loop holes that is creating this crisis. president trump is exactly right
1:29 pm
in making that case. >> deidra: a quick question here, congressman. on a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that congress can close those loop holes? >> well, it should be ten because who wants that humanitarian crisis? it makes no sense at all. i think it's really democrats have evolved into this open borders, don't give the president a dime to address this crisis. i think america -- certainly texas pays a steep price because of this. >> deidra: so you'd put it a 2 or 3 out of ten? >> it depends if democrats want to govern or spend their time like they have been with the tax returns, looking for excuses to impeach this president. >> deidra: thank you. 2020 candidates are slamming dhs kirstjen nielsen before she's out the door. we'll have the very latest next.
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>> democratic presidential candidates are criticizing kirstjen nielsen as she gets ready to step down. peter doocy live from d.c. with the latest.
1:34 pm
what is the political fallout? >> deidra, democrats are not really celebrating her resignation. in fact, they're not doing anything differently. cory booker said that "we can't legal this lull us into a false scenes of complacency. we have still kids are locked up in cages." kamala harris has a warning for the next dhs secretary saying as a member of the senate homeland security secretary, i will not support a nominee that doesn't denounce this administration's family separation issue at the border. elizabeth warren is saying, i told you so.
1:35 pm
>> o'rourke is the candidate that said he would be okay tearing down the border wall in el paso, which is quite literally the exact opposite of what nielsen has been trying to do. deidra? >> deidra: my next guest says that president trump has every right to change out the department's leadership. former new york director of homeland security, michael balboni is here with me now. she basically had kirstjen nielsen's job for the state of new york. >> correct. >> deidra: so what was the hardest thing about it? there were difficult parts. what is the hardest.
1:36 pm
>> managing the terrorism threats for the city of new york. make sure that they had the right support, working with federal partners. making sure that everybody is coordinated and how we combat them. >> deidra: so during your tenure, i'm assume some threats were possible from canada or trafficking from canada? i'm talking about guns and drugs. >> the northern boreder is the longest land border in the world. there was a concern what was coming across. marijuana south, guns north. worked with the montreal police. we worked with quebec, the cross border protection groups. we had a lot of success. the challenge is could anybody from a terrorism perspective come across. >> deidra: so michael, you know what kirstjen nielsen and the entire team of law enforcement has been dealing with. you have an inkling.
1:37 pm
so what does law enforcement need there now? >> one thing. i got to know kirstjen nielsen. we work on a think tank in washington d.c. she is a talented individual, smart, she's bright. i bristle with people saying she's not qualified. who is qualified? >> deidra: and she's a cyber security expert. >> and cyber is a huge threat to this nation. i hate those shots at here. nonetheless, the president has a right to change the direction in which an agency is going. for people that every day wake up in security -- >> deidra: that's what i want to know about. >> it's so important to send the right message of leadership and define a message and define a mission and provide the revenue and the resources to accomplish that. what people tend to forget is, this is a hyper partisan environment for any government mission. so when something is really controversial, you won't get the funding to do it.
1:38 pm
so it limits your options. she was put in a horrific position of having to enforce something that is very unpopular with certain segments and having to compelling case at the border. she has a lot of other threats at the same time to protect. >> deidra: she's in charge of fema. >> tsa, coast guard, secret service. not another change at secret service as well. the problem for the people, the men and women on the ground, they look at leadership and say what is the message? >> deidra: tell us what to do. we'll do it. you can't have mixed messages. >> the important thing is to have the command authority. to go in there and say this is the commission, this is how to accomplish it and you have my backing. when you have changes in a short
1:39 pm
period of time, the message gets lost. we have to pick individuals that they can meet what they want and do it longer term. >> deidra: and be very clear working with the teams on the ground what the strategy is and how to implement it. >> exactly. >> deidra: sounds easy. it's difficult. thank you, michael. we appreciate your thoughts. speaking of tensions, there's ones growing between iran and the united states. secretary pompeo branding iran's elite military unit a terrorist group. we'll talk about a show down that could be looming. and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger
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1:43 pm
terrorist groups. >> deidra: secretary of state pompeo announcing the u.s. is designating iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. iran is calling this action illegal. in seems to be setting up a big show down with iran. for more on that, michael friezen is here with me. is this a big deal? >> it is. to finally designate the rgc as a foreign terrorist organization. this changes everything on the ground in iraq, syria, lebanon and yemen and mays those malitias more hesitant and less likely to listen to their
1:44 pm
solomani as they attack americans. >> deidra: so that's a net positive. what if some say that why don't want to pick a fight in that region? >> iran is going to ask arabs to kill americans, this won't be a direct fight with iran. they don't want a district fight with the united states. they want to use proxies to wage war on the united states and distance themselves from these actions from the proxies. i'm not worried about a confrontation with iran. if they're aggressive, they will lose europe. iran -- china and russia are in iran for military contracts and oil reserves. they're not there to make sure that they survive. >> deidra: i hate to cut you off. i want to ask you what you said about europe. they do a lot of business with iran. you think that they would see the point of view and walk away
1:45 pm
from those -- there's nuclear contracts, military contracts and worth a lot of money. >> they're worth less now. iran's economy has taken a hit. the islamic regime has squandered away the money. this designation is different. anything that the rgc touches and they touch everything in iran's economy is toxic, radioactive. it's now poisonous to european investment. these -- this tool is so strong, the u.s. treasury can automatically sanction entities trying to do business with iran's energy sectors. >> i want to ask this question. what the are the chances that it affects iran's economy, the
1:46 pm
people there will push even harder for a change? >> when we listen to the iranian people that talk about what their government is doing, they say stopped funding malitias stop conducting ballistic missile attacks. use the money to deal with flooding and food. the supreme leader gets briefed on eggs and chickens because that's what the people are worried about. >> deidra: thanks, michael. devin nunes prepares to send eight criminal referrals to capitol hill. and we'll tell you all about it coming up. would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers.
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>> deidra: outgoing u.s. secret service director randolph alles is sending a letter about his service. he said -- >> deidra: speaking of d.c., william barr set to testify as democrats demand the release of the full mueller report. also, house intelligence ranking members, devin nunes preparing to send eight criminal referrals to the attorney general related to an investigation into accusations of abuse within the fbi and the department of justice. catherine herridge with us now on this very important story.
1:51 pm
catherine, what is the latest? >> good afternoon. the two-year republican led investigation focused on the genesis of the russia probe and the intelligence used to get warrants. devin nunes says he's ready to make eight referrals this week. >> other straight-up referrals. referrals that name someone and name the specific crimes. those crimes are lying to congress, misleading congress, leaking classified information. so five of them are those types. there's three that are more complicated. you mentioned conspiracies. >> the congressman has not named names. he has talked about glen simpson for inconsistencies in his team. last time he was on capitol hill, he took the fifth and
1:52 pm
christopher steele that authored the dossier. the attorney general will testimony tomorrow, but we expect some lawmakers will press mr. barr on his handling of the mueller report. barr is obligated to shield grand jury material, ongoing investigations, classified information as well as individuals not charged in the probe. a senior democrat said over the weekend that he wants barr to bypass the rules. >> congress has a right to the require report with no redactions. if we were hearing leaks that barr misrepresented in his so-called summary letter that he sugar-coated it, made it look more favorable for the president than it was. >> the president's lawyer responded that the democrat's accusation of bias about barr is unfounded. republicans on nadler's committee released this letter to call on barr to testify about
1:53 pm
the report and his findings of no collusion. >> deidra: felicity huffman agreeing to plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. could lori loughlin follow suit? we'll tell you about the chances next. in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. essential for the cactus, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
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>> deidra: actress felicity huffman is among 14 defendants to plead guilty plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. is she avoiding jail time in the process? joining me now, susan really and emily compagno. emily, i'm going to start with you. what's the best strategy for the celebrities? >> felicity huffman has struggled with the best first step. federal defendants pleating out. those two charges, they are facing decades in prison. for those who plead out, they get statistically sensed sentenced way below the
1:57 pm
guidelines. the average is 26 months. she has yet to hearing with distant progress sentencing but statistically it's in her favor that she will get at most a couple years. >> deidra: who could be next? >> people are asking about lori loughlin. the sum is high in her case, half a million dollars. felicity huffman paid $15,000 for those s.a.t. scores. because of the $15,000, they say it's a small sum. she might not be seeing any jail time. >> deidra: doesn't matter, emily? it's being taken into consideration but how much the parent spent hours of the fact that one person got in s.a.t. sent or an act sent versus others who may view didn't go that far. >> the larger consideration
1:58 pm
would not be volume but it would be how many did you a fact. they don't want to negatively or disproportionately impact those who just have more money to bribe. the person who received felicity huffman's bribe, he has pled guilty. and then he sang like a chicken. he threw them all under this bus. for those parents that are holding out and considering going to trial, it really doesn't bode well for them because the odds at this point with what we know so far are against them. >> deidra: 14 of the 50 have admitted. this ring is so much wider. 700 total. >> really surprising. >> deidra: you figure out the institutions. nine elite colleges. how much wider and doesn't get there are considerations from the educational secretary as well who might be cutting off federal grants and student loans to some of these multimillion dollar universities and colleges because there is an effect.
1:59 pm
>> do you think you're going to see civil suits? let's say i think my child didn't get into a school because someone else took it, do you think we are going to see suits against the universities. >> we already have. attempted class actions not only for the devaluing of their degrees, to those that didn't get in citing this scandal is the reason why. to piggyback on your comment, there's a whole list of culpability or potential ramifications out there. harvard is investigating a situation, as minor as a conflict of interest and therefore breaching the school's policy and then up to the whole spectrum of criminal charges. there's a lot more in that gray area. >> deidra: susan, last word goes to you. >> i feel sorry for the students. they studied so hard, played
2:00 pm
violin, piano, sports. they didn't get in. i would imagine civil suits would be part of it. >> deidra: susan lee, emily compagno, thank you. thank you very much for joining us. neil back. in the meantime, "the five" is coming your way right now. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with katie pavlich, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ that's different for us. we are playing music wrath the top. we are going to get the news in a moment. if you're wondering why we are playing music, it's because this is an exciting week. each of us are playing dj for the day. jesse is up first. all through y


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