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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 9, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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midnight hero. best of luck to you and rocky. bret baer will actively -- interview acting shanahan at 6:00 pm eastern, don't miss it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, the taliban taking credit for a bomb blast in afghanistan that killed four americans, three of them servicemembers. what it means for peace talks with the terror group. a california judge should, president's migrant asylum policy. how the white house is refusing to back down as it revamps its approach to the crisis. defending championship ending the madness. >> rebound into the hands of
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hunter and virginia, the all-time turnaround final. shannon: virginia and texas tech going into overtime to make history. "fox and friends first" starts right now. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. let's get to the fox news alert. three american service members and the government contractor killed at a taliban bombing, one of them in new york firefighter according to the new york post. this is all that is left of their destroyed vehicle. it happened outside the largest us military base in afghanistan. kitty logan is live in london with breaking developments.
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>> reporter: we understand those who died were in a convoy heading towards that base when a car bomb went off, the largest us base in afghanistan. the taliban has claimed responsibly for the attack. they sent of suicide bomber, that is not independently verified but three us service members and one american contractor were killed. three other americans injured. five afghans hurt in the blast. mike pompeo tweeted this message, my heart felt prayers to the families of the americans killed, i condemn this disgusting terrorist act. us service members sacrificed their lives in afghanistan to keep us safe and no currently act of terror would impede our efforts to achieve peace. to put this in perspective 7 us
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soldiers have been killed so far this year alone in afghanistan and that is despite diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful solution in recent months including direct talks with taliban meted -- mediated by the us envoy around 14,000 us troops in afghanistan, that is part of nato as resolute support mission. the taliban are holding onto several key areas in the country, currently fighting for control of around half of the territory of afghanistan. many afghan security forces have died in the past 2 years. the last few days there was fighting again in the west of the country and all sides anticipate another spring offensive coming soon and perhaps violence. shannon: we will see what this
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does with peace talks. thank you. in the meantime the us designates iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist group. mike pompeo says the move will help keep americans safe. >> you can't have peace or stability or security in the middle east without weakening the islamic revolutionary guard corps. increased pressure will save american lives and create more stability, more peace, more security throughout the middle east. >> uranium lawmakers are considering adding the american military to its list of terror organizations. much more on this coming up. prosecutors say the chinese woman arrested and mara lago lies to everyone she encounters was the woman taken into custody at the president's florida club last week claimed she was there for a social event but she was carrying multiple cell phones
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and a thumb drive with malicious software. prosecutors say she had thousands of dollars in cash inside her hotel room along with a hidden camera detector and other electronic devices. a judge will decide next week if she will remain in jail until her trial. asylum-seekers will no longer need to wait in mexico for hearings in the us. a federal judge blocking the white house policy as homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen speaks out for the first time since resigning. griff jenkins joins us with more on the security shakeup. lots going on in terms of homeland security. >> a lot going on. the president's border battle, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco blocking the administration's remain in mexico policy overturning asylum-seekers to mexico as they wait for claims to play out. it was under her leadership at
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dhs the policy known as migrant protection protocol, at the border crossing between san diego and tijuana, the policy, quote, lacks sufficient protections against aliens being returned to places where they face risks to their lives or freedom. the ruling does not immediately take effect, the court is waiting until friday allowing the administration time to appeal but the president is weighing in on twitter saying ninth circuit judge just ruled mexico is too dangerous for migrants, so unfair to the us, out of control he says. the ruling comes as secretary nielsen spoke out for the first time yesterday since her resignation sunday. here you go. >> i want to thank the president for the terminus opportunity to serve this country. i'm forever grateful and proud of the men and women of dhs who work to execute their mission and protect the homeland. i look forward to continuing to support them from the outside.
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>> neilsen is the last in this shakeup that seems to be going on at dhs, the head of the us secret service, was shown the door. more coming as the president focuses on getting a tougher path forward on the border battle. shannon: more to come, thank you, appreciate it. the field of 2020 democrat slamming the president's administration changes as the border crisis urges but politics editor chris steigerwald says if democrats refuse to put forward legitimate immigration reform it will cost them the white house. >> democrats are in no position to take advantage of this opportunity because just like the 2020 field when you listen to these folks no one has come out to my knowledge, to talk about a need for greater border security, nobody has come out
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talking about a need for dealing with the flow of migrants, no one has talked about changing the law. we hear about amnesty but you don't hear about the other side of this equation and if they will get serious about this they believe the lane open for trump. shannon: a large gallup poll found immigration is the top issue behind government leadership and ahead of the economy. turning to william barr, grilled on capitol hill today, before lawmakers for the first time since the mueller report on russian collusion was completed. the hearing is scheduled to focus on the justice department's $30 billion budget request but instead democrats are expected to question barr about redacting the report which before it is released will happen this month. congressman devon nunez demanding a publishing company pay up for allegedly trying to destroy his reputation. the california republican claims
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the report conspired with a political operative to derail his oversight work on the clinton campaign and russian interference. >> they also targeted the national rifle association. all of this was done in concert while they were slandering and attacking me and defame amy and attacking republicans and the whole time getting this information from someone. part of the lawsuit is not only retract everything they did against me but come clean with the american people. shannon: nunez is suing for $150 million. a spokesperson tells fox news they have no comment. an update, actress felicity huffman could face 10 months in prison after pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal, she's accused of paying $15,000 to boost her daughter's sat score. the after stripes i am in full acceptance of my guilt and deep regret and shame over what i have done.
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laura laughlin is not on the list of people who have agreed to plead guilty in the admissions them. and another one to the list. congressman eric swalwell thrown his hat into the ring for 2020. fox news getting a shout out on the list of presidential hopefuls overnight. >> i see a country, i'm ready to solve these problems, i'm running for president of the united states. >> you've got republican parents who watch fox news. mom and dads and watch fox news. shannon: california representative is the 18th contender to enter the crowded democratic field. hello to his parents in case they are watching. 10 minutes until the top of the are. terrifying moments when a police officer is dragged down the street during a traffic stop and this was just the beginning. wait until you see what happens
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next. iran's revolutionary guard designated terror grew. our next guest says it is about time. jim hansen joins us live to explain why this is the best course of action even if it puts us forces at risk. ♪
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>> the irg see is a terrorist organization. the have ari killed 600 american soldiers. you can't have peace, you can't have stability, you can't have security in the middle east without weakening the islamic revolutionary guard. >> the trump administration making history by branding iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist organization for the first time. here to react is someone who has conducted multiple counterterrorism operations, jim hansen, president of the security studies group.
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thank you for joining us, great to have you with us. what are your overall thoughts on this and why now? >> why now is because nothing else has worked. one of the complaints i've been hearing is lots of people throwing their arms in the air and saying this is an unprecedented move and it is completely destabilizing. all the president and moves in the past, how they worked? there have been decades of terror attacks by the iranian tenney irg see in the us and others and they haven't stopped so let's go ahead and take the fight to them, let's cut off their funding and let's bring the pain. shannon: you mentioned some of the attacks related to the revolutionary guard. we can bring this up. from 1983 the us embassy bombing in beirut 22011 the attempted assassination of saudi ambassador in dc. there reach is far. you are saying nothing has
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worked so far until this point. why haven't we made this move before? >> the irg see is a pervasive element of iran's entire culture. they were formed in the constitution after the islamic revolution to protect that revolution. they are a theocratic military force but they also run a lot of businesses. they do a lot of things to generate revenue, they run drug smuggling but they are a part of iranian culture and people say don't attack them because it will hurt the iranian people. that's the same as saying isis took over bunch of oil pipelines and provide gas therefore we shouldn't tackle because it would cause people to not be able to get gasoline. that's a bad answer. we want to stop them from doing that so they don't have resources for terror. shannon: iran's foreign minister sent out a tweet with a hashtag, netanyahu first and we bring up the entire tweet for people to read but the implication being
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we are doing is relapse bidding in making this move. >> we are not doing his relapse bidding, we are doing the free world's bidding in the bidding of the iranian people who have had enough of the muellers, enough of their terror actions, had enough of the money that could be going to make iran a prosperous nation being spend on the irg see malign activities through the region, supporting hezbollah, supporting hamas and killing innocent people rather than taking care of the iranian people at home. shannon: what about our troops? does this put our troops in more danger? >> of course it does. the iranian's will say they are going to go ahead and use this as a reason to attack us troops. shannon: they want to declare american troops as a terrorist organization. >> and who cares what they say? they are a terrorist state. there words mean nothing but their actions in the past, they have killed us troops. under obama they captured us sailors and conducted propaganda
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operations with them. i don't think they will be as likely to do that under donald trump who they know will retaliate if they take direct action. shannon: where does this end? how does it end? what is the hope? >> because we irg see is the action arm of iranian terror operations this will put them under such pressure the iranian people can force change of their existing government and force them to stop doing this or they will finally change the government and bring in a more representative government that will take care of the iranian people. shannon: sounds good. jim hansen, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it as always. the time is 18 after the top of they are. march madness ending in an overtime thriller. the university of virginia comes out on top.
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>> and virginia with the all-time turnaround title. shannon: exciting night. the highlights from an epic national title game up next, don't miss it. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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injured, the suspect under arrest. a woman walks right up to a thin blue line flag and rips it down. the surveillance video near oakland, california. police are looking for that woman is another suspect to they say damaged install the flag. the thin blue line flag on his officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. it may be april but march madness is a fitting way. >> virginia with the all-time turnaround title. shannon: virginia cavaliers winning their first ever into the national championship beating texas to in dramatic fashion. jared mack with serious xm 115 breaking it all down. >> the first number one seed
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ever to lose over a 16 seed. heather: you can call the cinderella story. >> in their own way. mohammed ali subtly someone who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach to the bottom of his soul and find the power it takes to win. national championship game. virginia against texas tech both teams in the first title, double digits down, texas tech trailed by eight with 6 minutes to play. met really hit 3 and a lot of free throws followed, texas tech was up 3 with 15 seconds to go but virginia reached down to the bottom of it soul and found this. hunter didn't score for the first 18 minutes without a basket, mail the 3 point shot, 12 seconds to go with a career-high 27 for the cavaliers, texas tech had a chance to win but unable to do
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so. college basketball season would come to a end in overtime and texas tech led the turnaround but hunter stayed a sharpshooter. the 3-pointer huge for the cavaliers. and unbelievable night, national semifinals and we saw how many free throws there were, 12 from the line. university of virginia for the first time in school history, the men's bracket, kyle gottlieb, most outstanding player of the tournament scored 2435, virginia outscored texas tech in overtime 17-9. they earn the right to cut down the net, ncaa tradition. one year after students were crying following the number one lead, the first number whatever to lose, crying tears of joy in the commonwealth, he described how he turned his game around last night.
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>> trying to be aggressive. i was aggressive in the first half. i decided to do the same thing. it came down to one last possession. it got away from us. we will bounce back. >> s texas tech can only hope to do like virginia did. shannon: you've got to love college sports, you have to love it with stories like that. >> unbelievable congratulations to virginia. >> 12 for 12 for the 3 point line, unreal. >> so many. >> that is the reason why. a little bit of virginia -- >> good game. congratulations to all. 26 after the top of the hour donald trump blasting a judge for blocking his policy to return asylum-seekers to mexico.
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how is the president supposed to keep our country safe if he gets stopped by the courts? we ask national border patrol council president brandon judd when he joins us live up next. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of jews in israel and the former soviet union who are not going to be able to celebrate the passover. - without our help. - there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a crisis. these elderly holocaust survivors are struggling to survive. they're starving, have little money for food, electricity or medicine. - just $25 provides one needy, elderly holocaust survivor in the former soviet union with a special emergency food package that contains a note saying it's from christians and jews in america and canada who wants to bless them.
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shannon: welcome back. you are watching "fox and friends first". a look at the top headlines, three american servicemembers and the government contractor killed in a taliban bombing. one of them a new york city firefighter according to the new york post. this is what is left of the suicide bomber's vehicle. this happened outside the largest us military base in afghanistan, three americans are injured. the us designate iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist group. the president's administration accusing iran of causing
1:31 am
instability by supporting the syrian regime and he has below organization. iranian lawmakers consider adding the military, the american military to its list of terrorist organizations. hoping 25th term as israeli prime minister is millions of voters head to the polls today, bb is no connect with the attorney general. is promising to annex settlements in the west bank if elected. back at home house democrats gearing up to grill the attorney general on the mueller report. this comes as top republicans say more criminal referrals against the doj and fbi could be coming down the pipeline. >> what is supposed to be a run-of-the-mill budget hearing
1:32 am
is expected to be an interrogation of william barr about his handling of the mueller report. is likely to release a public version in the next week or so democrats plan to attack his decision-making process and his 4-page summary which many say goner rates the president but doug collins says it is bob mueller, not bar, the public needs to hear from, it is the special counsel who is in best position to testify regarding the underlying facts and material calling for mueller to testify the week of april 22nd. then there's this. republicans fighting back against potential abuse at the highest level of the nation's law enforcement with mark meadows teasing workable referrals against doj and fbi officials in devon nunez saying he is ready to tweak, referrals to the ag on the origin of the russia investigation. >> referring those to make sure they get the proper sunlight put on and transparency to be followed up on. the other two are more difficult that involve conspiracy.
1:33 am
i think a bunch of people wanted to be the watergate, next deep throat, they were leaking and proud to do it and conspiring together and that is what we are asking to do. >> nunez releasing documents showing us investors conspired with the fbi and doj to harm donald trump adding charges could include conspiracy to lie to congress. shannon: todd pyro, we will see what happens today. >> no numbers discussed at all, you watch. >> a frantic search underway for a couple who vanished while on vacation in dominican republic. orlando more and his girlfriend have not been heard from in two weeks. they were scheduled to return to new york on march 27th. the state department working with local authorities who say they checked out their hotel but they checked out of their hotel but never made it to their flight. the felon who lied about being a missing boys doing court today.
1:34 am
he faces up to 8 years in prison for making false statements to police. last week he claimed he was timothy pitzen, he wanted to get away from his family. he was last seen on a trip with his mother and a suicide note, his mother said timothy was safe but would never be found. he would be 14 years old, this man was 23 claiming to be him. a california judge blocking the trump administration policy that forces asylum-seekers to stay in mexico while their cases play out in court. things congress refuses to ask how can donald trump be expected to protect american citizens? the president of the national border patrol, brandon judd, great to have you with us. as we begin our conversation let's look at one of donald trump's tweets on this policy, he says the ninth circuit judge
1:35 am
just rules mexico too dangerous for migrants, so unfair to the us, out of control. what do you think of this decision? >> completely ridiculous. if you look at the judicial activism taking place in the united states because of partisan politics the courts were never supposed to be partisan, not supposed to rule in favor of a specific party but that is what you are seeing in the ninth circuit. what makes this decision so head scratching as we can do this in canada. the courts have ruled it is perfectly legal to allow us to keep people in canada pending asylum claims, we should allow that -- that should be allowed to happen in mexico as well. the idea that there is too much violence in mexico, until the state department makes a rolling, that judge had no standing to make that decision so this will go to the supreme court, it's going to be won at the supreme court so we
1:36 am
shouldn't be scared to texans like the mpp just because a judge in the ninth circuit will rule it down. shannon: interesting you point out it is allowed with canada because we have the aclu in their statement on what the judge did and they say triazolyl trumpet ministration cannot ignore our laws, preventing people from seeking asylum in the united states. >> we are looking at what is happening right now and the supreme court is going to be the final arbiter on this particular case. we know the supreme court does not rule based on partisan politics so when they look at this they will look at what we do in canada, what we have done in the southwest border. the other thing they will consider is the particular crisis we are facing right now and because these people are able to exploit the asylum loopholes to continue to come here and continue to go on the catch and release program the
1:37 am
supreme court has to act and i believe it will. heather: let's talk about those numbers and bring them up for people to look at the comparison at home. compared to 2018 in terms of asylum applications, 161,000 filed, 13,000 granted and in just the first quarter to december 31, 200019/46,000 have been filed and 4000 have been granted. what this means, is it all of these folks waiting for a decision are now free to stay here and potentially disappear somewhere into the united states? >> the vast majority of them do in fact disappear, they don't show up to their asylum hearings, they don't show up to court appearances, they view what president obama term disappearance the shadows of society, we can't allow that to happen because we build this illegal population in the united
1:38 am
states and if we don't get the border security measures we need we will face this problem. >> that ties in with the family separation issue blamed on kirsten nielsen stepping down, retiring. your thoughts on that. >> when the separation program went into place there was a huge drop in illegal crossings. we have to track where these children are and where the parents are but we are facing another phenomenon. most of these children, a lot of these children coming in, the people that claim to be the parents are not the parents. we need to look at this and do what is right. heather: happens during the obama administration as well. >> we separated families, parents and children in the obama administration when we were prosecuting the parents.
1:39 am
we have to enforce the laws if we expect border security. shannon: heather: thank you. we will see what else happens today. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, devon nunez trying to uncover potential misconduct starting the russia probe. >> leaking, obstructing congress, they were conspiring together and that is what we are asking to do. heather: who could be on the list? ned ryan is naming names when we come back. take a listen. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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1:43 am
congress, five specific names. one is a global leak of referrals. the other two are more difficult that involve conspiracy and all conspiring together and that is what we are asking them to look into. heather: who could have made the list and what will build bar do next? joining me to discuss, the founder and ceo of america majority, ned ryan. appreciate it. if you were to procrastinate or determine who you think would be on this list who are your pics? >> based on what nunez said it has got to be around the doj but also the fbi and intelligence community and looking at lying to congress, illegal leaks, fisa abuses, intelligence manipulation. if you look at those categories it has to be brennan, clapper,
1:44 am
comey, intelligence manipulation and lying to congress in regards illegal leaks, you got to look at mccabe, stzrok, page, the former general counsel of the fbi, the fbi pr shop. let's not forget the fbi was ground 0 for illegal leaks. look at sally yates and the flynn transcripts. in regards to fisa abuses look at james baker, the general counsel of the fbi, the doj's 5 the guy before coming to the fbi. there is something there and the other names too, the people that signed the fisa application whether is mccabe, sally yates and rod rosenstein funded the last application. what is his role in this including the 25th amendment. shannon: todd: 1 about the global leak
1:45 am
referral devon nunez mentioned? >> this is also position. i don't know who this is. is that john brennan? clapper? i don't know. i think john brennan was more of a puppetmaster than people first thought. >> you have this list, these committal referrals, eight to the doj? what happens next? what could be the outcome for all this? >> this is up to 2 dozen criminal referrals and what can happen, he referred these to ag bar, he will look at these results and i have to tell you i don't think he will dismiss these out of hand, the former head of the house intelligence committee making these referrals. if he decides to take them up and investigate them and does find criminal behavior people go to jail and that's the important thing here. i do think crimes were committed. people used our surveillance
1:46 am
state and law enforcement as political tools against political opponents over policy differences. for us to not have consequences a reckoning is to normalize it. i hope bar will be serious about this and i hope there will be consequences and i hope there are people that go to jail and never do this again. shannon: would that mean other investigation would move forward? >> to the doj with ag bar running and doing these referrals, there would be another investigation of the investigators. shannon: which has been called for. ned ryan joining us, we will see what happens. thank you. the time is 15 until the top of the are, the establishment versus the far left, nancy pelosi took a major shot at alexandria ocasio cortez. >> i had a great health exam. 185 pounds.
1:47 am
shannon: is this just a dress rehearsal? alec baldwin thinks he could be president in real life. carly shimkus with reaction flooding social media. ♪
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shannon: nancy pelosi taking on alexandria ocasio cortez, the house speaker taking a jab at the freshman socialist lawmaker over her use of social media. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the online reaction to the viral snub. >> without mentioning her by
1:51 am
name nancy pelosi downplayed, telling usa today there are people who have a large number of twitter followers what is important is we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the house. nancy pelosi is tasked with bringing more progressive and moderate democrats together, a job alexandria ocasio cortez has not made easy for her. social media weighing in on this saying some great ideas and a lot of media attention for new young members but they haven't been government long enough to be wise. learn a bit before you suggest how the system should work and another twitter user chiming in saying that is why trump won, democrats don't understand the pulse of their own party. nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio cortez differ on several issues especially the green new deal. >> need to embrace social media for sure. >> ocasio cortez definitely is right on the mark when it comes to social media. >> let's talk about alec baldwin. we've seen his kits on s&l
1:52 am
imitating donald trump and apparently the real thing. >> he plays the president on tv but now he's wondering if he could actually score votes in real life. look at this we alec baldwin posted yesterday saying if i run for president would you vote for me? i won't ask you for any money and i promise i will win. beating trump would be so easy, so easy. i wonder if he's joking. a lot of folks on social media reacting. stacy said that's what hillary clinton thought. frank's is running for president is not make-believe like acting. the question isn't whether or not you could be trump, the question is whether or not you would be good in the job. a lot of other folks said they would vote for alec baldwin. he responded to that saying these tweets save me millions in polling.
1:53 am
these tweets all sound very tongue-in-cheek. >> i don't think he's going to run. he has other things to do. let's talk social media freaking out over serial. >> your daily dose of social media controversy from a redit user making the claim that serial with water is better than cereal and milk saying the taste of milk conflicts with the taste of 0 where water does not. water does not ruin the taste of cereal. >> someone has a lot of time on their hands. susie says to be very eating it with skim milk is almost like using water. another twitter user says do you drink the water afterwards? yes. how gross. lastly this has to be the most unpopular opinion in the world, you're not human. >> if you have chocolate coated cereal it mixes with the milk and chocolate milk at the end of it. >> the redit user says froot loops and cheerios. come on.
1:54 am
heather: remember the controversy with kylie jenner where she was allegedly eating cereal for the first time and didn't know what was? come on. be on the same page on something. and urgent warning for parents, popular baby product blamed for dozens of deaths and it is still on store shelves. this guy sending an sos even syria can't help with. he got locked out of his ipad for 49 years. ♪ help me get my feet back on the ground ♪ won't you please please help me ♪ ♪
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heather: calls growing for fisher-price to recall its rock and play sleeper, their ten documented cases of babies dying after rolling over in the sleeper. consumer reports is the number, 32 death, fisher-price as infants older than 3 months old, those who can rollover should not use those sleepers. the us could soon see the biggest outbreak of measles in 20 years. according to the cdc 78 cases were reported since last week.
1:59 am
officials with 160 confirmed cases looking to come up with a new plan to combat the measles after the judge blocked an executive order banning unvaccinated children from public spaces. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. police officer dumpster diving to help the disabled veteran find a stolen wallet. the wisconsin cop rifling through the trash after a thief swiped it from the counter at walgreens. the that accidentally left it. the thief was tracked down and admitted to taking the wallet before tossing it in the dumpster. 3 is a crowd on the subway train on new york city, one passenger holding of the entire ride as he loads plant after plant into the car. the antics making it hard for anyone to get off the train. a 3-year-old puts his dad's ipad on timeouts for half a century.
2:00 am
he got locked out after his son kept entering the wrong password disabling it for 26 million minutes and there is no easy way to unlock. we will he will have to erase his data or wait until 2057 to access it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. shannon: tuesday, april 9th, fox news alert, the taliban taking credit for roadside attack that killed four americans in afghanistan. shannon: rob: peace talks with taliban are aimed at ending america's longest war. hours from now democrats plan to turn a budget hearing into miller mayhem grilling bay -- ag bar for the first time since the russia probe and it. rob: will the pressure counsel himself the next? don't try to make a memory her


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