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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good luck with that. and good night. but the fun doesn't hend. live from new york city sean hannity. >> sean: i love when you give me the biggest build-up ever. >> tucker: i mean it. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." buckle up. an avalanche is coming. i have been telling you about this. it will destroy if this is any remaining credibility of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory and the rage media mob and the hate trump left and those who abused power inside and outside of government, you are about to face the justice many of you deserve. we made a promise on this program we will hold all of them accountable which is a central focus of this show. tonight we are making real,
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significant process on multiple fronts. what will happen in the days and weeks ahead is this will be a short list of what will be made public beyond the mueller report. so much more that improves the investigations going on for over 2 years will be proven to be true that this show has been correct all along. the media democratic mob lied to you for 2.5 years. a short list of what will be made bubble. -- public. the judicial watch released today. it's blockbuster. criminal referrals this week by nunc. nunez. attorney general barr pledging
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an investigation. -- the report on fisa abuse and the report on leaking classified information. and the release of more closed door testimony thanks to congressman collins. we have more tonight we will share. very blockbuster there. also fisa applications. gang of 8 materials. they are all coming out. and also the ukraine issue which is surfaces. -- surfacing. going to the doorstep of joe biden. it will come cascading down on those people who abused their power line. bill barr was there to talk about the budget but the conversation turned to the mueller report. and the trump russian collusion was a giant hoax. we have the fbi 9 month
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investigation and bipartisan senate investigation and the words are clear. the mueller investigation, every single one of these investigations, yeah, say there was no russian collusion whatsoever. none. they all in the media mob got it wrong. now shifting to new conspiracy theories. we want donald trump's taxes. maybe the attorney general is covering up phanton crimes hidden deep within the special counsel full report. even though the attorney general said it didn't happen. you can watch rachael. they are lying to their viewers. "washington post" and the "new york times" not much different. pushing articles pabased on hea
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say. the attorney general testifying that the full report will be released within a week. no request from executive privilege by the president have been made. the only redactions were based on strict legal guidelines like not giving away sources or methods. you can't give out grand jury information. >> i identified 4 areas that should be redacted. the first is 6-ematerial. the second is informations that would reveal intelligent sources and method. the third are information in the report that could interfere with on-going prosecution. and information that implicates the privacy of players where
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there is a decision not to charge them. from my standpoint. within a week, i will be in a position to release the report to the public. >> sean: we know there was no collusion or obstruction and president trump has nothing to hide. the same can't be said for the fbi officials responsible for the witch hunt against the trump campaign. today major news the attorney general barr vowing to hold them accountable. this is key. what the hill's john solomon is calling the single sentence russia bombshell that barr delivered to think congress today that few in the media picked up on. -- this is crucial. >> the office of the inspector general has a pending
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investigation of the fisa process in the russia investigation. i expect that will be complete in probably may or june i am told. generally, i am reviewing the conduct of the investigation. and trying to get my arms around all of the aspects of the counter intelligence investigation conducted during the summer of 2016. >> sean: and barr will form a team to review the fbi's action during the phoney collusion probe. deep state actors will be held accountable. congressman nunes is preparing refersals and mark meadows said more on the way because of evidence of abuse of pour in the
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doj and the fbi. we will be getting the inspector general's report as the attorney general just mentioned and the fisa applications against carter page and the results of the fisa investigation in the senate. at some point, we will also be getting the report into leaks by john hoover and the 302's, the triplets between bruce ohr and christopher steele. we will get those from the fbi and the gang of 8 material and thanks to congressman doug collins, we will get all the closed door testimony from deep state actors. the evidence will come cascading down on those guilty of corruption and abuse of power. i promise tell drown them. collins released testimony from james baker. remember he was jim comey's
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number 1ular. -- lawyer when comey was the director. his remarks revealed today behind closed door testimony reveals the extreme bias and abuse of power, in the highest parts of our government. he was very clear. thanks to john solomon, we know and i expect we will have confirmed tomorrow, that baker later testified in a different closed door hearing. hillary clinton's misconduct was alarming and appalling. baker said this and it's key, he believed that clinton should have been indicted with crimes and the espionage act. all of these liberals concerned about obstruction of justice.
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hillary clinton deleted emails and we have the testimony of the james baker the exact date they bleached it. he was talked out of it by his boss jim comey and others. this testimony released on baker is revealing what is rampant anti-trump bias inside the highest levels of the fbi. not rank-and-file. we have been right all along. the chosen candidate hillary clinton got a free pass. a dual system of justice. no equal justice under the law. trump was persecuted. they wanted him to lose and had an insurance policy when he won. baker was alarmed and freaked out when he saw the anti-trump text between fbi investigator strzok and lisa page.
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strzok interviewed hillary clinton. and james baker revealed that hillary clinton's phoney russian dossier played into the investigation of trump. clinton paid for. it it was not verified and the author. he doesn't stand by it. in other words, there would have been no probable cause to investigate the campaign without clinton's dirty russian dossier. baker read the dossier. he admits prior to the election. that came out today. a personal relationship with the law firm that the clinton campaign funneled to the money to, to hire fusion gps to hire christopher steele. who then used phoney russian dirt to impact an election.
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baker admitted he was the intermediary between perkins and the fbi. baker admitted he had contact with the reporter david corn prior to the election about the dossier. he said corn a left wing-activist wanted to get the dossier into the hands of the fbi. comey's number 1 lawyer james baker knew about rampant pro-hillary clinton and anti-trump bias to impact the election. they did nothing to stop it. even though he believed crimes were committed. that same attorney james baker was in close contact with clinton's bought and paid for law firm and was fed the dirty
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dossier by the media desperate to stop trump. this is the united states of america. there is more. baker testifying in the testimony we just got today after trump became president the department attorney general who appointed robert mueller. rosenstein was discussing a plot to remove the president. and rod rosenstein offered to spy on president trump. baker said it was a serious office offer. this should shock the conscious of american. they tried to influence an election. when it did not work, they tried to remove the elected president. this damning evidence showing rampant abuse of power and corruption. it should be on the front page of every newspaper in this
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country. it is not because the rage trump media mob is complicit in a major cover-up of a deep state coup that threatened the fabric of this great republic. we are finding out more devastation information how the deep state protected hillary clinton before turning their forces against donald trump. this is just out today. we will break it down for you. the freedom of information act request today bore fruit and forced the release of 422 pages about platriver met yorks. -- plat-river networks. one government official said i
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can say now without reservation there are hundreds of classified emails in this collection. each violation clear of the espionage act. she continues. i am very concerned about the release of the state department's equities. when this is released, the potential damage to the foreign relations of the united states could be significant. admitting that foreign actors got ahold of hillary clinton's emails. the fbi had an interview with an undiveded official. -- unidentified official. hillary clinton wants to run for president. reading: the hillary cover-up operation, and work ticket.
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and they go further. they use the date they used the bleach to wipe the server clean. the official stated the cover-up information probably related to change the 60 day email retention. but the network downloaded the bleach bits at 11:42 a.m. march 31st. what was happening? oh the democratic candidates were debating to get the nomination. perfect time to get rid of all of this. we know the exact second she obstructed justice in this case. that was after the deletions and then beating up the devices with hammers. let's sum this up. the fbi have proof that hillary clinton mishandled top secret
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emails. they bent over back wards and even paige and strzok admitted they protected her because they are all democrats. they acid washed the hard drives and beat up the devices with hammers and they didn't consider her charging her with obstruction. it was a rigged investigation but we spent 2 years against president trump after clinton put together a phoney russian collusion dossier. the avalanche is coming. equal justice is about to be served. tick-tock. what a book this was from the beginning. the russia hoax.
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and an investigative reporter sarah carter. let's start with you. the legal aspects of this is as clear as what happened. it's a small group of people. >> it is. >> sean: but a betrayal of the trust we gave them. >> and bill barr is investigating the conduct of the fbi in this russian collusion hoax. he knows that the process by the fbi was corrupted by political bias. just look at the text messages from peter strzok. they are anti-trump. he is leading the investigation of trump. there was never any credible evidence to launch the investigation. lisa page verified that in her
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own testimony. comey admited it. then they made matters worse. they lied to fisa judges to obtain a wiretap warrant. all of this, i think william barr will investigate. when he receives a criminal referral, he will read the facts, evidence and law which will initiate i believe a criminal investigation by barr. >> sean: all that james baker revealed that hillary clinton's behavior was alarming and appalling and worse. he was arguing to indict her. the top lawyer of the fbi. he didn't have the power to overturn comey and this band of clinton supporters here. >> this is what is so interesting. the most important point is that
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comey went out before the public and said no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against hillary clinton. yet his general council was fighting with them throughout the whole investigation. basically arguing that this was gross negligence. up until the last day. that's in baker's testimony. when he changed his mind. he didn't answer as to why. it was as if he said he was talked into it. at the last-minute, he decided to change his mind. you could see he was appalled by it. he was disgusted by it. the fact that comey came out and made that statement shows that comey was dishonest from the beginning. the attorney general william barr has a lot on his hands. he doesn't just have to look at the cross fire hurricane investigation which it started at the end of july. he will be looking at what happened before that. with the mole that was working
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for the fbi who was in london and his contacts with george papadopoulos and how that all unfolded. and also of the information that leaked out on general flynn. this is vitally important to understanding what was going on. there flynn is the big mystery right here. the answers will come forward. >> sean: what we know mccabe and comey bragging about setting him up and knowing that the fbi didn't think he lied. the rest of the meeting they focussed on the mueller report. well, maybe, he did obstruct justice. all of the requests are coming out. criminal referrals by nunes.
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barr pledging an investigation. the igreport on isis abuse. release of more closed door testimony and the isis applications and gang of 8 materials and the ukraine incident. that's all coming. this is no way this house of cards can stand at this point from my perspective. >> it has no foundation. it's collapsing around everyone. one big thing we can't forget is how the senior official in the obama administration playd ed into this. let's not forget about john brennan and about james clapper and not james comey. we need to look into all of this and find out what really happened. because what happened here with senior officials were trying to coup a sitting president. >> the department of justice was giving the marching orders to the fbi to clear hillary
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clinton. they created a legal standard that doesn't exist in the statute. that was the excuse to clear her. on the same day that comey cleared her, that's when the trump russian collusion hoax began. >> sean: i applaud both of you. you are a big part of all of this. the team that did the work that nobody else in the media would do. thank you. we are getting very close. more breaking news. the stunning documents just released today. the hillary clinton email probe directly discussing a cover-up. tom and jason will be here later. geraldo rivera and dan bongino on the radical democrats running for president. it's worse than yesterday. straight ahead.
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>> ♪ >> sean: big developments surrounding the clinton email case. a review of newly released documents stem from a 2016 freedom of information act request. we now have evidence of "cover-up" by those within the plat-river networks who managed clinton server. here's the judicial watch president and a fox news contributor. they used the word cover-up. talking about hillary clinton. they give us the date the bleach bit was used. we know from what you released today when they tested -- they only sampled 40 emails and found 4 that were classified and top secret. to me, this is damning evidence that she should have from the get go been charged with a violation of espionage act and i
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don't know. she deletes emails and bleach bit your hard drive and bust up your drivers. the intent is clear. you want to eliminate the evidence. >> these documents are evidence from the fbi file from the clinton email matter. these are fbi notes, noting the clinton cover-up activities. documents showing there was a mass deletion of information. the intelligence community had a heart attack when they saw the hundreds of classified emails on her system. one individual said her whole system should be classified. yet nothing was done. you have to compare and contrast their refusal to act on this
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evidence of obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. and lies with what they were doing targeting president trump. that cover-up email document. that was in december of 2014. around the very same time that hillary clinton secretly was forced to turn over her emails to the state department. and the bleach bit took place a few weeks after it was first publicly disclosed that the emails existed. it comes out in the press. within weeks this mass deletion and the documents show hillary clinton's lawyers told the vendors don't talk to the fbi about the deleted information. >> sean: let me bring in jason for a second. >> we will have more requests
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and we have the inspector general's report and fisa report and gang of 8 information and more of the behind closed doors testimony is coming out. it's an overwhelming amount of information that proves everything a few of us have been saying for a long time. congressman? >> well, look i was the chairman of the oversight submit. this stuff was under subpoena. you are supposed to provide this for congress. what was the department of justice with comey. they were handing out immunity agreements. the guy interacting with the plat-river networks they had him
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in an immunity agreement. there was no agreement hehad to cooperate with the federal government. it's a shame. i am glad attorney general barr is there. >> sean: where is michael horowitz? we know everything. we have everything on the fisa abuse. they were warned in august that hillary clinton paid for. it it's not verified. that steele hated trump and it was still used as the bulk of information for the fisa applications. congressman? >> you have the attorney general saying it's probably in the time frame. you want to do it right. i think it will be the most explosive thing to come out of it. >> we are getting the
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information out in the meantime. >> sean: all the media wants is the mueller report. there is so much more. it will be interesting to watch. when we come back disturbing new details about the crisis on our southern border. this is real. this is now overwhelming. these people at the border. you won't believe what robert. >> and beto o'rourke is asking farmers to do. and later a big update in the college admission scandal and more breaking news.
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you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> sean: tonight the 2020 democrats are ramping up their far left radicalism. and the latest candidate might
6:37 pm
be the most extreme. the southern border is serious and democrats doubling down on stupid and refusing to work for solutions to keep the country safe and secure. top border officials are sounding the alarm on how real and dire this crisis is. take a look. >> in addition to the large groups of families and childrens from central american other illegal aliens from across the country are trying to evade arrest. we have people from 50 different countries including china, turkey, egypt and romania. >> sean: we know this firsthand. last week we exclusively reported the arrest of two chinese nationals crossing near texas by the rio grande.
6:38 pm
lawrence jones was with the border patrol. democrats are fuelling more insane climate change hysteria. the 94-trillion dollars green new deal. what robert francis beto o'rourke is telling american farmers. >> those who helped to champion and to write the green new deal are right on the money. their comparison to this country in the 1930s and '40s coming out of the great depression at the same time we confronted the threat to the western democracy of nazi germany. [muffled audio]. allowing technologies to invest in farming.
6:39 pm
>> sean: we allow them? freedom. it's a new concept perhaps for robert francis. the bad news is the far left freak show is getting more entrants. eric announced his 2020 bid. he is running against the booming trump economy. sure, who cares about 6 million jobs and record low unemployment and african-americans and hispanic americans and women in the workplace. let's argue against that. >> the economy is not the unemployment rate. donald trump was bold but it was just [bleep]. the economy is not the stock market. you look your family in the eye and ask how is our future any better off than when this guy came around. are you doing better saving more and dreaming bigger?
6:40 pm
we can do all of that. go big and bold. >> sean: obama put 13 million more americans on food stamp and 8 million more on poverty. worse recovery since the '40s. lowest homeownership rate in 51 years and took on more debt than any president before him. geraldo rivera has the answer and dan bongino. let's go back to stupid. forget about the 6 million new jobs and record low unemployment and energy independence and the biggest tax cuts. forget that good stuff. >> why worried about this hysterical stuff the world is going to end in 12 years. let's just party and have a good time. >> sean: i will quit tonight.
6:41 pm
>> when bernie sanders is the reasonable voice in the room, you know your party is in trouble. they go left, as they try their best to be socialists and embase the green new deal, they will alienate themselves from the mainstream american voters. the president's challenge is to seem reasonable and understand the concerns of the young folks without embracing these crazy notions of the left. >> sean: dan, maybe we should be happy they are so nuts. they believe this garbage. everything will be free. no gas or oil or combustion engine, cows or planes. this is worse than nazi germany. >> it's an embarrassing field.
6:42 pm
swallow tweeted out on twitter we have the nukes. you want to put the nukes in this guy's hands? the energy and money in the democratic primary may be with radical ideas and it gives you headlines. when you put meat on the bone and tell voting americans what this entails. the green new deal will cost a family $65,000 a year. when you tell them that medicare for all mean us are not the consumer of healthcare. the government is so they determine when you can crack your chest open for a life saving surgery. every american recoils in horror. this will end badly when the primary season is over. >> sean: if i am the president
6:43 pm
and you want the president to continue to succeed. i will just sit back. >> that's right. we have the right president. making progress and undoing the mess of the last 8 years. >> the democrats can't run on the economy. that's why stalwel's candidate is a full stop because of the statistics you cited. you can't run against the american economy. the best in the world. >> sean: maybe they will run on anti-semitic which they didn't condemn. >> geraldo, that was the greatest freudian slip on television. you called him stalwel. it will stall. sean, you nadal it.
6:44 pm
-- nailed. the american people everything they have been told about the democrats is false. wages are not going up. wages are up 3%. and unemployment is at record low numbers. the american people know this is nonsen nonsense. >> and barr's investigation of the intelligence probe of donald trump will be damning for the democrats. >> sean: everything we reported will be proven true and more. thank you both. when we come back, new charges filed today in the college admissions scandal. trace gallagher has a full report. and congresswoman omar, what she said about the 9-11 attacks and victor davis hansen will react straight ahead. [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?! [ engine revving ] take me to her!
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>> sean: got off the phone with a source of mine. the exit polls, many were wrong in israel. the prime minister is well positioned with a right, conservative coalition that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu will continue in that position. new charges filed in the college admissions scandal. here live from the west coast newsroom trace gallagher. trace, it looks like those who listened to the prosecutors and said you better listen to us, made a pretty smart move yesterday. >> they did, and lori loughlin
6:50 pm
new indictment adds the money laundering charges because they funneled the money through a charity. tried to hide the payment and clean it. the parents were charged with wire fraud because they brought the money from outside of the united states to commit a crime inside the united states. some parents will fight the case and a few of the parents who fessed up early and cooperated may avoid jail time. for lori loughlin, her husband and others, prosecutors say they won't listen to any plea deal that didn't include at thrift least 2 years. "people" magazine reported that lori loughlin refused a plea deal because she won't accept jail time. their longest daughter got a trademark application accepted for her new line of makeup.
6:51 pm
it was denied initially because of punctuation mistakes though she is a communication major. >> sean: trace gallagher, some humble advice. if you did it, i think i would fall on the sword quickly. congresswoman omar under fire again. this is what she tweeted. steven miller is a white nationalist. no he is not. that's not all. look at this key note speech. what she said about the 9-11 where we lost nearly 3,000 fellow americans. >> care was founded after 9-11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to
6:52 pm
lose access to our civil liberties. >> sean: some people? really? joining us with reaction an author from the hoover institution, victor davis hansen. some people? why i am happy in israel the prime minister will get to form the next government in israel. they have a different system than us. parliamentary, is because he had moral clarity and an understanding of the nature of evil in today's world. radical islamists that hit us on 9-11 in 2001. >> some people murdered 3,000 americans. and muslim-americans enjoy more rights in the united states than
6:53 pm
any other muslim country. both alexandria ocasio-cortez and omar they are creatures of social media and identity politics. they have no achievement. they have no wealth of knowledge they draw on. each night they tweet something that is more ignorant than the last tweet. anti-semitic and shows an ignorance of the middle east and history and economics. why do they have such resonance? why do the three leading candidates beto and biden and bernie sanders, why are they falling all over themselves to apologize for their privilege or white toxic masculinity? these three representatives have terrified the democratic party because they represent a constituency without which the democrats can't win. i don't think that's true.
6:54 pm
there is a reigning of terror going on. it's like the emperror with no clothes. they have no clothes on. about if you said that you would be considered stupid. so democrats say they are impressive people. >> sean: they are all racing to adopt the radical new green deal. 100 people supporting this instanity. that's a lot of democrats. >> it is and each person gets up and prays their position today will be considered too reactionary tomorrow. instead of slowing down at the cliff they are accelerating. will there be someone who will advise them to stop? i don't think so. i think they are in a frenzy.
6:55 pm
>> sean: alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> she is terrified. she has a suspension these people are anti-semitic and bigoted and represent people in the democratic party that are both. she doesn't know how large that pool is. she is terrifyed to find out. >> sean: victor davis hansen. when we come back, you won't believe what john kerry is saying about congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in our villain of the day.
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we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures. >> all right. villain of the day, former secretary of state, yes, and loser john kerry. he didn't win the presidency, praising congresswoman ocasio-cortez's efforts to combat climate change with our plan to abolish fossil fuels, cars, planes, and cows. take a look.
7:00 pm
>> congresswoman ocasio-cortez has offered more leadership in one day or week than president trump has in his lifetime on this subject. >> why did no democrat step up and vote for it? >> i like your new background on your show. it's very kind of other worldly. >> i picked it out myself. that's a total lie. >> i like it. it looks good. great show. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. we now know when we'll have answers about the abuse of the fisa court to spy on the trump campaign. plus, what don't the media and the democrats tell you about child separation under obama? newt gingrich is here to expose it. also, what


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