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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 10, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i love how she does the hair. there is a woman who says she wasn't drinking and didn't realize how bad it wasn't what she saw the video. >> looking back at that i realized that was. >> the kids love that one. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. have you ever thrown and ask? shannon: know, i've done other dangerous things that i've never almost chopped off my own head. >> that makes me scared. shannon: we begin with the fox news alert. another top official resigning tonight, we will talk to chri k chris:kobach who is in the running to be the next attorney general. and a redacted version of mueller's report.
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delivering the bombshell. is investigating the origin of the counterintelligence probe into the trump campaign in 2016. obama administration official get caught up in the investigation. both candidates the clear victory, we take you live to tel aviv where the only jewish presidential contender has harsh words for benjamin and yahoo. we begin with kristin fisher with the latest from the white house as the president pivots to a tougher immigration strategy. >> reporter: we have four major shakeup that the department of homeland security and less then away, acting deputy secretary claire grady, both republicans and democrats, so many vacancies dealing with crisis at the border and democrats saying the purge is calculated. >> people are being fired because they tell the president he can't break the law when he
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wants to do something. >> reporter: the white house is changes are being made because dhs leadership was unable to move the bureaucracy bound by obama era policy, donald trump is shooting down all accusations of a parody. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came up with get expression. >> reporter: the president said he's not looking to restart the policy of separating families at the border but he did defend the practice as effective. >> once you don't have it you see many more people coming, like it is a picnic, let's go to disneyland. president obama separated children. they had child separation. i was the one who changed it. >> reporter: there were instances of any obama administration but they did not have a policy of separating families at the border. that is unique to the trump administration and today on capitol hill atop health and human services official urged
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congress to act and limit the government's authority to separate migrant children from their families. >> the conditions under which it is permissible to remove the child from their parents, i submit it should only be for the safety of the child or if the parent ceases criminal charges. >> at the same hearing the border patrol chief details how dire the situation has become in his sector and he says the vast majority of people being apprehended by families. >> much media attention has focused on caravans from central america but the fact is our jb is receiving caravan equipment numbers of migrants every 7 days. >> reporter: as for who will be the next homeland security secretary, there's a lot of speculation chris kobach, former secretary of state in kansas may be under consideration but would he be able to get confirmed? pat roberts said he doesn't think so. shannon: we will talk to him so
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thank you very much. the president's overhaul of his immigration team continue so let's turn to that man is in running to be dhs secretary. chris kobach and mark morgan, welcome to you both, gentlemen. i will start with you because of speculation about the possibility you would be up for this position and a lot of attention you are getting for comments he made last night talking about putting people into processing camps or areas while they're waiting to have their status determined. whatever you want to tell us on both those fronts, let's hear it. >> my point that i made last night is one of the problems we have is the system is so overloaded in terms of detention s, we have to think creatively
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and make additional space because if we don't and all these people are claiming asylum they simply make the claim and disappear into the fabric of the united states never to be seen again. my point was we should have processing centers at us military bases a the facilities where we bring in the thousands upon thousands of trailer homes fema has come you go on the internet you can buy them at a bargain price, let's use them to solve this crisis and key people in comfortable living conditions instead of turning. never to be seen again, the process for asylum i would think most people claiming asylum if it is a true thing would want it to be processed quickly, get it done and if they fail in their attempt to gain asylum puts them on a passenger plane immediately and fly them back home and we will get back to their home country and wait a minute, not so easy to disappear into america by making a bogus claim of asylum which according to 90% of them are not actually. shannon: do you want the dhs job? would you take it?
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>> that is the president's call. it would be an honor to serve him. i served in the transition team. of the president decides that is the way he wants to go i would be honored to help them. shannon: i want to get to a couple things and have you separate fact from fiction because he served under the previous administration. a democrat firmly lays the blame at the president for family separation. >> the family separation policy was implement it by secretary nielsen putting families and children into cages, that is under her watch too. >> this is what the president said about those policies in the oval office. >> those pages that were shown were very inappropriate. they were built by president
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obama's administration, not by trump. president obama had child separation. the press knows it, you know it, we all know it. shannon: you with the border patrol chief, what can you tell us about the statements? >> neither president had a family separation policy. under president obama were family separated? yes. if you couldn't determine who the parent actually was you would separate them. if they were convicted criminal or had a warrant for a serious crime they were separated, we do that under obama and trump. donald trump went further and it wasn't a family separation policy the rule of law policy, they are applying consequences to those individuals illegally entering the country. shannon: let me ask about the conditions these kids were held under the previous administration where they different? were they similar? >> the president was right, the cages, i don't like the terminology, the border patrol
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should be applauded for what they did. there facilities were crowded, they were unsafe and unhealthy so they quickly created these new facilities and they were safe conditions. the reason they were chain-link fences was to see through, from babies to 17-year-old kids along with parents, it was for their health and safety the way they were decided they have improved over the years. shannon: the administration of the present keep saying they are not going back to family separation policy, plenty of reports but that is the plan. what do you make of that? >> i take the president at his word. we do not need to separate families, nor should we. if we publish the floor as settlement, can be finally published any day now that will define the terms we can keep the family together so if one member
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of the family or the whole family is coming together at the same time in a terror than keep them together while processing there asylum claim, no reason we should have to if you have a legitimate family but in some cases you have someone posing as a family member or to use the children at the service shielded get out of jail free card. shannon: thank you very much. after getting peppered with questions about releasing donald trump's tax returns for 3 hours treasury secretary steve mnuchin and house financial services chair maxine waters got into a heated exchange over his desire to leave for a meeting set up for officials. >> this is a new way, a new day, a new chair and i have the gavel at this point. if you wish to read you may. >> republicans did not treat the secretary treasury this way. you are supposed to take the gavel and baying it. >> do not instruct me in how to conduct this committee.
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shannon: is the deadline, the house ways and means committee chairman said, for the irs to turn over the past 6 years of donald trump's tax returns? this is a fox news alert. despite the prognosticators predicting otherwise at a potential indictment, one of donald trump's closest allies is hanging tough in a reelection fight in israel. let's go to jonathan and watching the vote counted nearly mourning in jerusalem. >> in the head to head battle between benjamin netanyahu's party and the blue white party of his chief challenger, odds are close to even at this point but the israeli system forces parties to form a coalition government and the early indications all of the we are getting now, prime minister netanyahu is best place to form a governing coalition and
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therefore win another term. >> i was moved the nation of israel want to get interested me for a fifth time and even greater trust. i'm telling you gave gave trust for us and to me. it is unprecedented. >> benjamin netanyahu does succeed in putting together a workable coalition it is likely to tell strongly to the right and some of his coalition partners will be pushing him to fulfill his pre-election plan to annex jewish settlements in the west bank, a move that would effectively kill off the prospects for a palestinian state but israeli defense forces chief of staff and supporters of his centrist blue white party are not conceding defeat yet, quite the opposite. >> in elections there are losers and there are winners and we are winners.
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>> the focus if they are excluded from government will be keeping the pressure on benjamin netanyahu over the potential corruption charges the prime minister faces. a hearing on those charges is due within months and as long as those charges are out there, israeli politics will remain clouded by uncertainty so in a literal sense there is a new don behind me in jerusalem, in a political sense very little has changed here in israel. >> thanks for working the early shift, great to see you. the attorney general dropping a bombshell on the fbi and katherine herridge is here with details. >> within a week i will be in a position to release the report to the public. >> harry bittman and tom dupree join us to break it down next. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands
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and you get a new galaxy. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. >> shannon: sticking to his guns, the attorney general says a redacted version shannon: the attorney general says a rejected version of robert mueller at support will be public in the week as house democrats pressure and insult him. katherine herridge is on capitol hill for the hearing today. shannon: lawmakers use the justice department budget hearing to press the attorney general william barr on the timeline. >> this process is going along well. >> democrats one special counsel's findings. >> it would take a serious blow to our democracy. if they report everything. >> reporter: the attorney general cities bound by the law, classified information, ongoing investigation in the privacy of
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individuals not charged to be publicly withheld and democrats want the full report as soon as possible some complain bar too quickly releasing a 4-page letter on march 24th documenting mueller's conclusions. >> to evaluate hundreds of pages and make definitive legal conclusions in less than 48 hours i would argue is more suspicious than impressive. >> the thinking of the special counsel was not a mystery to the people at the department of justice prior to his submission of the report. >> the special counsel did not fight against the president on obstruction or did mueller exonerate the president. bar and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein made the call in part because there was no underlying conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. with a report abstinent release democrats appeared to lay the
12:19 am
groundwork to challenge bar's credibility, the senate majority leader was having none of it. >> it comes down to whether you trust bill bar or not and i do. >> bar testified that he will review criminal referrals from the house republican and the origins of the fbi was he will open investigations to see evidence and we only hope for a second round of testimony tomorrow. shannon: the attorney general has a similar team to investigate the origins of the fbi counterintelligence investigation into the president's 2016 campaign. let's bring in harry bittman, former deputy assistant attorney general and our favorite legal eagles, thank you for coming back tonight. is this different from what we are over the hearing. we know the inspector general is looking at things and there are other spinoffs and investigations. is this sort of an umbrella project for all those things? >> that is the question because
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yes, to answer the way you put it, it is different and in a way i never heard of. i don't know time ever has. when an ig report is ongoing it is very unprecedented in my view for the attorney general to step in and launch his own. i really think there's something we haven't fully heard. bar said he prepared to get the report in a month or so, maybe he wants to familiarize himself. i find it difficult to believe this is a new independent investigation under the aegis of the attorney general. >> how worried should members of the previous administration of people high up, many of them gone now, previous administration, how worried should they be about the deep dive the ag is going to overseer get involved with, we know the inspector general is on it. >> of people didn't do anything wrong they shouldn't be worried. what i took from the hearing is bill bar is personally getting
12:21 am
involved and going to get his hands dirty looking at the evidence and looking to immerse himself to come to the right judgment and harry's point that there are ongoing investigations, it would be unusual for the attorney general to duplicate an ongoing investigation by the inspector general but that tells me this is something different. is looking at a different aspect of it, maybe looking at it with a broader lens than the inspector general is but the message we heard loud and clear is he is personally involved in taking this seriously. >> we learned a few nuggets today, it is supposed to be about appropriations and budget request and we knew it would be about the mueller report. there will be a, code system for the redaction so people can know why things have been blacked out or whatever it is going to be and we also learned that before bar put out his letter which is bottom line bullet points they offered mueller a team a chance to look at it and they didn't want to. we don't know why but i want to get both of you to weigh in on
12:22 am
why that is. >> two possibilities, differential or doesn't want any part of it. he knows when the attorney general decides to go the other way and if that is the weight is going to be he doesn't want to be involved at all. that would be my best guest. >> we also have known that there were some discussions before the report was given to bar and his team. they knew some things that were probably coming. >> yes, that was a critical point because we saw the attorney general being beat up. i thought he did a good job clarifying the record saying it wasn't like when i got this report, they'd been in contact with mueller epstein to get a sense of where he was going, by the time they got the report they were ready to hit the ground running and that is why he got the summary out in short order. shannon: they were working with the mueller team on these reductions but that takes the
12:23 am
sting out of democratic accusations that he's doing a cover-up job knowing the mueller team is working with him and going to be released. >> if it weren't for the fact that bar said in his letter he made this judgment, all of this would be hard to interpret. that's the issue that has everyone's credibility up and we are going to get the explanation in short order but i agree with a lot of things. it is a big question since the march 24th letter. shannon: it will be interesting to watch how long it takes democrats supposedly suspicious how bar was able to produce a memo on mueller at key findings to announce their conclusions on the mueller report after its release. >> the over under on that is 30 seconds. shannon: there are demands that congress see the unredacted thing but when 535 people on the hill see the rest of us will see
12:24 am
it. we will see, 535, thank you very much. breaking news on bernie sanders and the new list on the 2020 race. after this. ve ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> shannon: the american civil liberties union shannon: disability is union issuing travel advisor for immigrants and people of color traveling through florida. the aclu claims what he calls draconian anti-sanctuary bills which require local authorities cooperate with federal immigration authorities will open the people of color to unjust detention and increased likelihood of racial profiling. as we continue to watch no clear winner in israel tonight. the only jewish 2020 presidential candidate is weighing in on benjamin netanyahu. the target of a pressure campaign by an american pro-israel lobbying group. trace gallagher counting down with the latest.
12:29 am
>> bernie sanders says he's proud of being jewish and has family in israel but made clear he doesn't like israeli policies or its prime minister telling nbc, quote, i'm not a fan of his and i hope he loses his election. sanders went on to say benjamin netanyahu appeals to racism in his real. in recent years sanders is criticized as relates use of force against god and the building of jewish settlements on the west bank. now the american israel public affairs committee is using facebook to target bernie sanders in key democratic primary state of texas, florida and california. aipac is asking users to sign a petition telling sanders america stands with israel. than the battle between mike pence in 2020 democratic
12:30 am
presidential contender pete buttigieg who says the vp is hostile to gay-rights and same-sex marriage. >> that's the thing i wish the mike pences of the world but understand. if you have a problem with ym, your problem is not with me. your coral is with my creator. >> when he was governor of indiana pence called him a dedicated public servant and patriot. now faces even polite people sometimes advance policies that harm you and your family into that kevin pence said this. >> this new generation coming up have to understand we do have certain rights in this country and it's perfectly okay for us to believe what we believe, people shouldn't take that as attacking what they believe. >> eric small well-made the
12:31 am
first stop of his presidential campaign in broward county, florida 13 miles from marjorie stoneman douglas ice, the scene of the 2018 mass shooting, he says he wants gun violence to be front and center in the national policy debate and also believes the president's rhetoric has inspired mass shootings though he did not cite examples and despite the findings of robert mueller's report he believes the president colluded with russia but he is not presented evidence. >> another democratic presidential hopeful, senator cory booker wants to form a commission to study slavery reparations proposals. >> economically programs that balance the scales and address past hills. not just slavery but race conscious programs designed to disadvantage african-americans. >> let's debate with richard fowler and political analyst gianna caldwell. welcome to you, gentlemen. senator booker introduced a
12:32 am
measure on the senate side that matches up with what sheila jackson lee has done which is study the matter and see what they come up with. the line, democrats and reparations, the likelihood reparations whatever become official remains slim and prominent leaders of the black community call the idea nearly impossible to implement. let's start with you. >> the reparation conversations, i think is a scam, a con job news is black america isn't going forward. if you get my instagram, 1000 comments talk about this issue. a lot of black americans reject the narrative. with the democratic candidates are looking to do is a vote for us and if we win there will be a big check for you. although a lot of these
12:33 am
candidates have been pushing this narrative, if you look at the study at issue this is something you can do now. you don't need to run for president to get this done. disappointing that they have from the playbook out the window and -- shannon: do you think these contenders are genuine and others using it as a manipulative tool to gain votes? >> whether they are genuine or not it is unrealistic to believe in the current climate we would pass a reparations bill but here's what we can do and what we need to focus on. there are real harms bills facing people of color in this country whether it is health does it affect the doctors don't listen to black women when they are giving birth or trans women lack women of color who are trans, murderers having an alarming rate and these are issues we could deal with today. democrats and republicans could come together today and assure that schools and affluent neighborhoods are like schools in black neighborhoods.
12:34 am
we agree on these things. that's what we should be talking about and instead the conversation is not realistic and doesn't help people of color because it is not going to happen. shannon: you have a lot of agreement on a lot of issues. something that is getting a lot of attention, former mayor pete buttigieg who is openly gay talking about how he has a problem with mike pence publicly calling him out. i want to play something karen pence said about this back and forth. >> it is strictly okay for us to believe what we believe. people shouldn't take that as attacking what they believe. mike pence can believe what he believes and mayor pete can believe what he believes. shannon: was the middle ground? >> she's perfectly entitled what she believes. here in lies the problem. when you pass policies that are discriminatory to people who don't believe the way you believe that is horrible. this friday there will be a trans been in the military,
12:35 am
15,000 patriots will no longer be able to serve. shannon: not everyone is being kicked out of the service. >> you can no longer sign up. shannon: if you're going to treatment at a time you're supposed to be in service there are people grandfathered in. >> however you want to split >> we want to be factual. >> a discriminatory policy to serve in the military that they can no longer serve. it is only problematic, discriminatory. she's allowed to believe what she wants to believe but she can't enforce policies that hurt people. shannon: a lot of this goes back to what mike pence oversight when he was governor, trying to balance religious rights of business owners like the baker who doesn't want to bake a cake for the wedding of the lgbt community, that is the crux of
12:36 am
what buttigieg is going after mike pence about. >> my grandmother, my grandfather and my dad upside his minister. people have freedom to believe what they want to believe, religious rights are important in this country and when we think about people who have come out against chick-fil-a, they believe the bible and there was a boycott. they say this is what i believe religiously. we should respect those things. that doesn't mean people who are legitimately discriminating against someone for their sexuality, that is problematic but there are some things, like chick-fil-a, was discrimination and that's not discrimination at all. that is where we need common ground, to have our religious rights and protect marginalized classes. shannon: mayor pete said he loves chick-fil-a. he doesn't have a problem with it. maybe we can meet together at chick-fil-a.
12:37 am
thank you very much. facing new charges tonight, hollywood stars caught up in the elite college scandal and behind bars and devon nunez wants twitter justice. stick around for the other side of the story.
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>> shannon: a shannon: a brand-new indictment against lori laughlin and her husband, the multimillion dollar elite college admission scandal with dozens of wealthy parents trying to get their kids into the nation's top colleges. >> reporter: the college admission scandal, a slew of parents facing an additional charge of more jail time including lori laughlin. she and her husband were in federal court in boston last week making an appearance on the original charge related to mail fraud. now they and 17 other wealthy parents were indicted including
12:42 am
several ceos facing a count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. each charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. other parents have chosen to plead guilty to the first release count signing plea agreements including felicity huffman. prosecutors agreed to seek specific recommendations for instance to ask for, quote, incarceration. huffman made a $15,000 contribution to the foundation but others paid more and have received different recommendations. for example prosecutors recommend 15 months behind bars for the owner of the vineyard in napa, california agreed to pay $300,000 to participate in the exam cheating and the coach driving of the skin. they are both expected back in court for plea hearings next month. at least two parents, a doctor and his wife claim they are innocent and expect to go to trial.
12:43 am
shannon: thank you very much. hate crime hearing on capitol hill becomes the target of hate speech topping the real is roundup. during a live stream of today's hearing viewers were allowed to come into that youtube disabled the comments section after they left anti-semitic and racist messages. last year the supreme court ruled public employees cannot be forced to pay union fees to unions they choose not to join and the fallout becoming clear, two major public employee unions lost 90% of those so-called agency payers, employees who had previously been forced to pay fees, they were not members. parents at uc berkeley stunned over the waivers they are required to fund this your outlining possibility of scratches, bruises or catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death.
12:44 am
children are able to enter the area and grab sides. a 5 of the 1943 musical oklahoma getting mixed reviews. the major revisions made to the show's design and choreography are pushing an anti-gun agenda. when new york post review saying everything you cherish about this classic has been taken behind the barn and shot. a bag of tricks and gun control and westward expansion. the west was won by culture of violence and toxic masculinity. gop congressman devon nunez is going after anybody he thinks lied and tried to defame him. ranking member on the house until committee filing another multimillion dollar lawsuit. the time against the mcclatchy newsgroup and a gop strategist, david fund dealing into the allegations. >> it began with headline in a california newspaper, cocaine, prostitutes, partly owned by nunez, sued after a fundraiser event.
12:45 am
>> they retract what they did against me but need to come clean with the american people. >> reporter: devon nunez is ready for courtroom clash. he filed a $150 million lawsuit against mcclatchy, the parent company of the fresno beat, the article describes allegations of the 2015 party aboard a yacht involving 25 men used cocaine andrew straws for sex workers, nunez says the men were not investors and he had nothing to do with anything on the boat that dan is furious as the words cocaine and prostitutes. that he have a case? >> i think he does but it will be fact sensitive. >> he claims he had nothing to do with any cocaine or any prostitutes and there is no reason to disbelieve him on that. >> reporter: nunez claimed the paper speared him when he was chair of the house intelligence
12:46 am
committee as a distraction to take him from his work. >> they have dozens of stories. a couple reporters, the biggest perpetual waiters of the russia hoax. >> reporter: a spokesman told fox news, quote, we have no comment and stand behind the strong reporting of the fresno beat. one of the names mentioned in the lawsuit republican strategist liz mayer accused of tweeting the story, the complaint says because she was a republican operative committed to blocking and reversing donald trump's politics. the complaint claims, quote, the central purpose of the scheme was interview with the plaintiff, the investigation of corruption by the clinton campaign and alleged collusion between the crump campaign and russia during the 2016 presidential election. liz mayer rejected the complaint out right. the mayor penned an op-ed defending herself and changed her twitter name to being sued by devon nunez. sued twitter for defamation, last month for $250 million, also mentioned in that suit, liz
12:47 am
mayer. shannon: liz mayer, the political operative, sitting right here, live with her response to congressman nunez's lawsuit. what could go wrong in and asked throwing contest? stick around to find out. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants. ♪
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>> shannon: congressman nunes, again named g shannon: congressman devon nunez, codefendant in a new multimillion dollar lawsuit accusing the mayor of defamation on twitter accusing her of conspiring with a reporter to do that and more. let's bring in republican consultant, great to have you with us tonight. i want to give you a chance to respond. this is a legal matter. he said let's put up this picture of an article, may 23, 2018. it talks about cocaine and prostitutes and there's a picture of him. he was an investor in a winery auctioned off by a charity. he wasn't there, no one was there but he says the purpose of every element of the article has become known. the film clips, to link nunez to
12:52 am
an event mcclatchy had no involvement with an points to you retweeting this. how the response? >> i did in fact recently -- i have very different reads on this including the first amendment. at the end of the as a government official and congressman, defending the constitution including the first amendment and i wrote in my usa today out that i would take issue with the notion he is adhering to his oath of office, i am exercising my first amendment rights, government official trying to stifle free speech and use litigation as a cousin it that's a bad thing for our democracy. shannon: when people see that article do you think it inappropriately attaches him to something he wasn't attached to? >> i have no idea what people will take away. i would imagine if you get when people in a room they will have different interpretations of that but i haven't seen any
12:53 am
data, i think the article was relatively fair in some places, there was writing that is not what i personally would be used. i would edit myself a little differently but that is more than anything else. shannon: during the reelection campaign the mayor conspired with him presumably was paid by one or more unknown clients to attack? true or false? >> a lot of opposition research, to be fair i don't think devon nunez has had the harshest elements of it. that is something he has trouble with it. as far as i'm concerned this is a first amendment issue. this is someone with an obligation to defend the constitution includes the first amendment which means free-speech rights, yours and
12:54 am
everybody's and from my perspective he's doing this for $200 million. i really desperately wish that i were, my firm is relatively successful but not that successful in this is an effort to stifle free speech and that should concern people whether they like me your congressman nunez. this sets a bad precedent. of this lawsuit ends up succeeding anything fox news viewers who are on social media or fox news itself does critical of somebody like hillary clinton she will bankrupt that. shannon: he is saying these things were knowingly treated and published when folks knew the impression they were going to get was not accurate. >> i'm not going to get into the legal protests or the specific law. it would be stupid for me to defend it in this case. in addition to that i'm not a civil litigator. it is very clear there is a high standard when you talk about defamation and the reason that
12:55 am
exists is james madison when he was writing the first amendment specifically wanted senatorial power to rest with people of the government, not the government to center the people. we have a sitting government official whether you like him or not who is trying to stifle my free-speech by using litigation as a cudgel and that is a clear case of violation of the first amendment. shannon: thanks for coming on. more news later. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪
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>> she misses the target, bounces back but she hit the floor, got out of the way, she is fine. the owner of a 7-11 in toledo, teen stealing from his store but the boy and his brother were hungry so instead of pressing charges, he said the young man away with pizza and they would be willing to offer the boy a job if he is eligible to work. you did a great thing.
1:00 am
you are our midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good might from washington, i am shannon bream. >> the office of the inspector general has a pending investigation of the fisa process. i am reviewing the conduct of the investigation. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast investigating the investigators. attorney general william barr gathering a team to look at how the russia probe started. the bombshell developments just days before the mueller report is released. down to the wire, benjamin netanyahu with a razor thin lead, seeking a record fifth term.


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