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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> greg: i give it a c. >> juan: is anybody besides me going to eat the cupcakes? all right, have some cupcakes and a happy birthday. emily's music is tomorrow, the episode of speed 29 "special report" with bret. >> bret: this is fox news alert with bret baier. mitch mcconnell, shortly a wide range of issues including the 2020 campaign bernie sanders medicare for all plan immigration and the mueller investigation, that is where we began tonight. attorney general william barr says he believes someone spied on the trump presidential campaign and then it is a big deal. he spent another day on capitol hill with the mueller report and defended his decision not to release unredacted topic, chief intelligence catherine herridge shows us what happened.
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>> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> catherine: during a second day of testimony, general william barr stand on makers personal reviewing the origins of fbi 2016 russian probe. >> you're not suggesting those spying occurred. >> i think spying did occur, yes, i do think spying occurred. barr issue drove the issue or bias with fbi officials was the driver. >> i believe there is a basis for my concern, but i'm not going to discuss the basis. >> catherine: during the 2020 campaign and counterintelligence investigation with top campaign aides. but the trump team apparently did not receive a so-called defensive briefing. like a heads up from the fbi. warning about russian contact. >> would it be odd that the candidate was never really briefed by the department of justice that your campaign may be targeted by a foreign entity? >> that is one of the questions
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that i have i feel normally the campaign would have been advised of this. >> otherwise a routine budget hearing, democrats spar on the four categories that will be redacted in the mueller report, arguing there is a president for sharing grand jury information. >> the report from public scrutiny along the way will only fuel suspicions of the justice department and playing the role of president trump's defense team. >> catherine: barr said public office will not be shielded. >> does that mean you will reject information to protect the interest of the president? >> no mom talking about people living in a private life, not public officeholders. >> catherine: democrats did it barr wouldn't say if white house briefed on the kneeler finding. >> giving the veracity that the president insisted he is exonerated it seems in some tension of what we know of the mueller report from i think it
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raises legitimate questions. >> catherine: attorney general given the opportunity to dial back the language as far as testifying that he wants to be clear there was no unauthorized turbulence of the trump campaign on the timing of the release of the mueller report. barr told lawmakers next week. >> bret: let's get reaction president trump's reaction to the latest news about the mueller investigation. state department rich edson at the white house tonight, good evening, rich -- >> president trump dismissing the special counsel's report. he is focused on those investigating his campaign before there ever was a special counsel. >> this was an attempted -- >> leaving for texas, president trump called them trees and asked, who initiated what between the special counsel investigation. >> this was an attempt to take down the president. and we beat them, we beat them. so the mueller report, when they talk about obstruction, we fight
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back. >> i'm pleased to be here today. >> rich: president trump spoke as attorney general another round of testimony on capitol hill. he has not seen the special counsel report and doesn't care about it because he says he's been exonerated. democrats tried to pressure the irs to release six years of his tax returns, president trump said he staying private. >> the greatest assets in the world. i did a great job and now, frankly i don't care about them. only care about the united states. i have no obligation to do that while i'm under audit. >> rich: democrats a federal law compelled the irs to give them to the house ways and means chair committee but if they refuse the court will settle the issue. testifying yesterday, treasury secretary steven mnuchin his department consulted with the white house over the tax return request. he says treasury is still considering it. his testimony remains confrontational. >> what i told you i thought it was respectful you would let me
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leave 5:15. >> you are free to leave anytime you want. you may go anytime you want. >> please dismiss everybody. i believe you are to take the gravel and bang it. >> please do not instruct me how to conduct the committee. >> rich: from texas to the border and the instructions for federal agencies. the pentagon announced it awarded $1 billion in contracts to build 60 miles of border wall diverting money from counter narcotics fund and the border state of texas the president pressed for more money. >> would you want a wall on the other side? you wouldn't be able to get through. and we won't have so many people because they know they can't come through and they won't come and all of a sudden, they won't come. >> rich: u.s. customs and border's protection said last month authorities turned away or apprehended more than 103,000 people at the southern border. that is more than double the total the same month last year. bret's >> bret: rich, thanks.
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the presidential candidate bernie sanders said health care is a human right, not a privilege. he is unveiling the latest version of his plan to get rid of private health care insurance and has the government fit the bill. it will cost $35 trillion over ten years. republicans love the proposal as election season weapon against democrats, some of whom are not that thrilled about it. here is correspondent peter doocy >> peter: how much of a trans header is bernie sanders? he has primary opponents nodding along with him. >> please do not tell us that this is a rational health care system. >> right, right, right. >> gillibrand herself took the microcell. >> this has the next social need safety net. no matter if you can afford it, no matter where you live, no matter what. >> peter: she's not the only one. elizabeth warren, kamala harris
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and cory booker running for president with a new sponsor medicare for all as part of their platforms. >> the american people want and we are going to deliver a medicare for all single-payer system. >> peter: but amy klobuchar is unconvinced. >> this is a strong idea out there, but i think clear what i would like to do to get us universal health care more quickly and to move more quickly, and that is to first of all, put up a public option. >> peter: medicare for all means nobody pays premium or deductible and everybody put under the government's care. >> this would mean adding 180 million people to the medicare program. with the government takeover, we can see from other countries that we will have long wait times and rationing of health care. >> any questions? >> peter: this total transformation of health care will wipe out private insurance companies. >> under medicare come all basic health care needs so they will not be there to do that.
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i suppose if you want to make yourself look a little bit more beautiful, you want to work on that knows, they can do that. >> basically blue cross blue shield would be reduced to nose jobs. something like that. >> peter: this plan refers to nose jobs in the coming days we should find out whether medicare for all has more support in the senate than the climate change addressing green new deal which receive zero votes. bret. >> bret: let's talk about all that, thank you. cinema majority leader mitch mcconnell. mr. leader, thank you for being here, bernie sanders put out a statement by president bernie sanders will get medicare for all through. he is pushing for a filibuster reform. he said it will get 51 votes. democratic senators quote need to be prepared to do what polls show the democrats want and that is medicare for all single-payer system. your reaction. your reaction to that. >> mitch: not as long as i'm majority leader. it ought to be cold medicare for
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none. because i was set at peace 180 million americans would lose private health insurance. they have negotiated for. medicare itself the current recipients paying into all these years would be completely drained by adding all of these initial people. you want to turn america into a socialist country this is the first. that coupled with the green new deal, which eliminates a lot of jobs. i think what we see here is full, socialism on display and the democratic primary for president. and even those who are skeptical about it like senator klobuchar are saying the public option. that is not much different because if you have a public option i guarantee the public option would also drive all the private insurance companies out of business. so look, this, this is a prescription for turning america into western european country. >> bret: where is the g.o.p. plan on health care? >> mitch: well, we want to make sure everybody knows is that we are all in favor of
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covering pre-existing conditions. and that is really not in danger of the current litigation working its way through the courts. i'm all in favor of working on what should be called niche fixes to try to improve the current system. obviously, obamacare has entirely too high at copayments and deductibles. we ought to be working on something like that. there is a bipartisan effort underway in the senate to try to get down the cost of prescription drugs. those are the kinds of things that could actually pass, but i guarantee you, next year what it will be on display across the country is a debate about whether we want to turn america into a socialist country. i never thought, by the way, we would debate capitalism and american my lifetime. >> bret: you backed off last week taking another run at trying to repeal and replace obamacare. did the president get too far over his skis there? >> mitch: look, we made that effort last congress and it
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didn't work. clearly democratic house will not pass it. so we will not spend time in the center on things that have literally no chance of becoming law. >> bret: what happens if supreme court rules obamacare and constitutional? >> mitch: we will have to revisit the whole matter but that's not likely to happen the next couple of years. i think people need to take a deep breath and settle down and let us work on some of these more modest fixes that i think the american people need and deserve. >> bret: you know that's not how the president talks about it. he says get rid of obamacare after the election now. >> mitch: after he and i had this discussion, he indicated he would come up with a plan and run on it during the campaign. if the republicans were able to regain the house and all of the senate, that would be the time to vote on it. >> bret: i want to ask you senator sanders talked about filibustering and filibuster reform, you executed this maneuver to speed up the confirmation of many of the president's nominees. you are on the record saying
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there isn't an appetite to get rid of legislative filibuster. but didn't that move cracked the door little bit more, suggesting that maybe that is going to gain some strength with lawmakers that the filibuster is not going to be around for long? >> mitch: look, this is a little bit down in the weeds for the viewers, but the senate has two calendars. the legislative and we are in the personnel business and the house is not. the personnel and bush 43 was elected always handled in a fairly smooth way with a simple majority legislation is the essence of the senate and always required the super majority, and it has two good effects. it either kills or it guarantees both sides work out a compromise. that is the essence of the senate. that is exactly what george washington hope the senate would become. that things would slow down, the place where things were thought over and the place where a lot of bad ideas didn't become law. >> bret: so you are fighting
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democrats here on the filibuster and may be the white house too, write? >> mitch: at the president was antsy about this but i told him we weren't going to do it and we didn't and i think now he's probably thinking i was right. >> bret: i want to get your thoughts on the testimony today from the attorney general. i got a lot of attention to heat and he was asked if spying on the trump campaign and he said yes. top democrats reacted today. >> the conspiracy theory is nonsense. look at this imaginary conspiracy versus the fact that the russians in regard to the elections. >> i'm very concerned about the statements made by attorney general barr. i think they undermine our constitution. they undermine the role of the internal channel. i don't trust the seven but i trust mueller. >> mitch: it's a place to question whether you trust barr and affirmed back and bush 41,
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an honorable man and not trying to cover anything up. he will send us the mueller report that is open as possible. and when i say as possible, i'm pretty confident that he is not going to throw innocent people that were not charged under the bus and run their reputation or reveal classified information. if you send that up to the hill my guarantee it will get out. >> bret: what about the part about the early part of the investigation? are you confident barr and/or senate committee will get to the bottom of it? >> mitch: again i'm pretty sure inspector general and justice department looking at that particular problem. that was related to the deputy iin and the fbi that was dismissed. it is worth a look and i think the inspector general and the justice department already looking at that and the attorney general is right to do that. >> bret: the president said to date it is an attempt to coup an illegal takedown of the president and treason.
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do you agree with him? >> mitch: look, i think the mueller report is something that the president ought to be happy about. he basically said what the president was hoping to hear. and i think once it is revealed as much of it that can legally be revealed, the president should be applauding it. >> bret: senate watchers and there are a lot of them come at the agenda and the senate is pretty limited, restricted -- restricted mostly to nominees. >> mitch: that is partially true because the democratic house is not likely to take up our best ideas. we are not likely to take up their's. on the other hand, personnel is important to the supreme court justices. 30 circuit court justices, the most in the first two years of any administration in history. we've done seven more circuits and now it's 37. we have 53 district judge is backed up with lifetime appointments that would make a huge impact on the country in
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the future. now that we have modified the rules in a way to allow us to expedite these appointments, we will do all of the district judges. that is not unimportant. that will have the longest impact on the country of anything we do. >> bret: legislatively, one of the things you have major votes on and you mentioned it, to criticize democrats and vote on the green new deal to put democrat presidential hopefuls on this and on the record. you'd decried show boats during the government shutdown. how was that not a showboat? >> mitch: welcome it was but i don't intend to spend all of our time doing that but once in a while they need to go on the record to vote for what they say they are for. i mean, we had the green new deal only four democrats voted against it and including the people who cosponsored it. i think we should assume the rest are in favor of this job killing proposal. >> bret: do you think congress should do anything to fight climate change? >> mitch: yeah i believe
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climate change and certainly happened and ought to be addressed by technology and not by having the government shut down our economy and cause us to lose an incredible number of jobs. >> bret: speaking of shutdowns, will there be another shutdown in the poll? >> mitch: no. >> bret: wife? >> mitch: it's not a sensible thing to do. i don't believe we will do that again. we do need to do in order to avoid that and i've spoke with the speaker and president the last few days. we have convened a discussion to see if we can agree on how much to spend this year and next year to avoid just that kind of thing. >> bret: the democrats pulled off of the budget vote the other day. what is your relationship for nancy pelosi? can you characterize it? >> mitch: i like nancy pelosi. we have known each other for years. so there is no personal animosity. we have very different views, but the american people have given us a divided government. in order for the government to function, we have to be able to discuss these things with each other and we will do that with
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the administration on this issue this year or next year. >> bret: is there anything heading into the election season, one election away from us holding big things it seems comeau and a chance bipartisan deals on drug prices? >> possibly. >> bret: infrastructure? >> mitch: if we can deal with how to pay for it. we have been talking about infrastructure including the president a couple of years now. if you want to do a really significant from a large infrastructure bill, we need a lot of straight talk from everybody on both sides how to pay for it. >> bret: immigration? >> mitch: we desperately need immigration legislation in the present is entirely correct at the crisis at the border and the fact immigration laws do not allow us to deal with the crisis at the border. i would hope that finally after years of gridlock on this come up by the way, important to point out 20 oh nine and 2010 democrats controlled the entire government they never brought up immigration reform, never. it is finally time to step up
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and openly solve the crisis of the border, but do some changes to immigration laws that are sensible. >> bret: is that during the summer? >> mitch: yes, we have to do that. and we will tackle that at some point. >> bret: which democratic presidential candidate do you fear the most? >> mitch: [laughter] you know i will not answer that question. i will tell you this, i think any democrat who wins the nomination will say, of course i'm a capitalist. i think what we need to look at whether advocating that what they call themselves by any democrat who is sympathetic to pecking the supreme court and getting rid of electoral college, green new deal, medicare for all, in my view taking america and the direction of socialism. >> bret: do you think you will push another supreme court nominee through? >> mitch: who knows. >> bret: all right senator, thank you very much you very much. >> mitch: thank you. >> bret: already controversial congresswoman said about 9/11 attacks drawing criticism. that is next.
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3:24 pm
voting. the president says the voting is good for the rage. speak with the fact that he won, i think we will see some pretty good action in terms of peace. everybody said you can't have peace in the middle east. israel and the palestinians. i think we have a chance. i think we now have a better chance. >> bret: the main opposition party promising to wage a robust paddle in parliament and win a victory in the next election. vice president mike pence said all options to on the table as the u.s. exerts diplomatic and economic pressure to get rid of the madura regime in venezuela. urging the united nations to make a bold move. >> this body should revoke credentials representative to the united nations. recognize interim president and seek the venezuelan government in this body without delay. with all do respect mr. investor, you should not be here. you should return to venezuela until nicolas maduro's time is up. >> bret: the u.s. and several other nations recognize as the
3:25 pm
rightful leader of venezuela. back here at home, democratic congresswoman ilhan omar facing backlash for comments she made during muslim rights group event last month. she described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as "some people did something." >> founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> bret: former navy seal republican congressman dan crenshaw text condemnation calling omar's comments on believable. conservatives mocking house financial chairwoman maxine waters tonight for at least. her at ten did not know the federal government took over student loans nine years ago. today, waters was trying to put top bank ceos on the spot. >> what are you guys doing to
3:26 pm
help us with the student loan debt? who would like to answer first? esther monahan? 's we stop making student loans in 2007. so you don't do it anymore? >> we exited student lending in 2009. mr. diamond? the student glinting we stopped in 2010. >> bret: for the record, the obama administration but the government in charge of student loan program in 2010. up next should presidential candidates be required to release their tax returns? we will take an in-depth look. the fox affiliates around the country are covering -- covering tonight talks 35 spacex to launch falcon heavy rocket 8:00 p.m. eastern after a few delays the past week. bishop will carry communication satellites for saudi arabia. the first spacex mission to deliver customer's payload into space. fox 50 in raleigh, north carolina, emergency crews respond to a gas explosion and fire downtown durham. one person reported dead and 17
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others hurt. six of them critically. fire chief said the blast involve five buildings on that block. the catastrophic damage one. and this is a live look at denver. a snowy denver from fox 31, the big story there tonight the station meteorologist says a blizzard targeting the region could be historic. it is bringing heavy snow, strong winds to several rockies and plains states that can travel to many areas and possible and others. about half of the daily flights to denver international airport have been canceled. tonight's life looked outside with the special report and we will be right back. ♪ you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again
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♪ >> bret: elizabeth warren the latest presidential hopeful to release 2018 tax returns. senator bernie sanders said he will turn over his next monday but which is tax day. also in the evening he will participate in a town hall meeting here on fox news from bethlehem, pennsylvania. meanwhile, president trump still refusing to give americans a look at his tax returns. his aides calling demands a silly political game. tonight chief national correspondent ed henry what the law actually says and how all that plays out politically. >> ed: president trump domestic democratic deadline of thursday to turn over six years of tax returns noting the american people had already litigated the matter.
3:32 pm
>> remember, i got elected last time this same exact issue with the same intensity which wasn't very much. because frankly, the people don't care. >> ed: while the president is correct, he won despite not rebuilding any returns. he's not right that the public doesn't care. fox news poll asked 74% of americans and 54% of republicans believe in general the president of the united states should be required to release his or her tax returns. there is no such requirement though there was precedent dating back to president nixon of candidates and both parties voluntarily releasing them. >> well i'm under order i would not get my taxes, whatsoever. >> and the president's claims irs commissioner charles reddick says there is no rule prohibiting the release of any tax because of an audit but he's noncommittal about giving the presence returns to democrats. >> it is your job and your job alone to respond to chairman
3:33 pm
neale's request, do you agree with that? >> we received the letter and working with a letter with counsel and we anticipate responding. remember, we are a bureau of the treasury for the new york supervise meant. >> in 1924 law states the secretary 's devolution shall turn over the tax returns of any americans upon written request by reliv -- role of that committee chairman on capitol hill and this way's house and means with a legal clash likely to be settled by the courts. the president's allies content it's really a political clash has democrats go fishing after their hopes of russian collusion fizzled. >> its witch hunts every direction. it is tax returns, i mean every single day all you see is an attempt to harass the president. the president's attorney see 1924 law only applies when those of legislative purpose plus a post-watergate law establishes all returns are confidential,
3:34 pm
bret. >> bret: ed, thank you. the federal reserve may leave and -- interest rates unchanged according to minutes of a meeting last month released today. the dow up seven today and s&p s&p 500 gained 10 and the nasdaq ahead 55. up next the attorney general said someone spied on the trump presidential campaign. he wants to know who and why but first, beyond the borders tonight, new zealand permanent sweeping gun laws and outlaw military style weapons a month after mass shootings at two mosques. 50 people died and dozens wounded in the city of christ church. the bill needs approval of new zealand's governor governor general considering the formality becoming law friday. the british prime minister theresa may in brussels today with emergency summit for european union. she's asking to give great britain a second extension for plans to leave the e.u. most e.u. leaders have indicated they may, in fact, grant that request.
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by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ >> bret>> spying on a political campaign is a big deal, a big deal. >> you're not suggesting though that spying occurred. >> i don't -- well, i guess, i think spying did occur, yes, i think spying did occur. i just want to make it clear thinking back on all the different colloquies that i am not saying improper surveillance occurred. i'm saying that i am concerned
3:40 pm
about it and looking into it. >> bret: attorney general up on the hill saying he has formed a team to look into the beginning of the investigation, the russian investigation. obviously from a senate investigation as well. and a report expected to come out in may, june. fire and police examiner, charles lane, the penny writer for "the washington post" and mark theissen at american enterprise institute, byron, you would think all kinds of reaction after the attorney general said that from republican conspiracy nonsense to i'm concerned about the attorney general. >> byron: it set off a firestorm of reaction but what the attorney general said was accurate when he said i think spying did occur and the question whether is whether it was adequately predicated of. the fact is, the fbi wiretapped, connor page. they monitored his communications and you can look at the warrant application.
3:41 pm
it was all about the campaign. this is just actually a fact. the question, of course, a huge debate when we learned about whether the fbi wiretapped with page was adequately predicated. the republican said no, it wasn't, based partly on the dossier and democrat said yes, it was fine. basically what barr saturday was fact. >> bret: bill barr is a seasoned, experienced lawyer who got into a little trouble todayy not using a lawyer league words. spying is an inflammatory term and gets people triggered. and if he had said a word like surveillance, which is what he reverted to later, we might not be having this discussion. of course, the question as byron said has been with us for a long time. is there anything improper or illegal about this and tackle and clean not a member of the campaign and i hasten to add at the time it occurred a bit and
3:42 pm
then step and help her, murky intelligence contact went to talk to papadopoulos and paige in london. so some kind of contact for surveillance or observation was going on of these people and trumps orbit. and to call it spying, i think was an indiscretion that triggered everybody. >> bret: these two are happening to the investigation whatever we will find out from the mueller report redacted or not and then this other trek and investigation of people saying it needs to happen too. you have got to make sure if something bad happens, it doesn't happen again. >> i don't remember the democrats complaining two years the russian inclusion never happened. all of a sudden, we are looking how this investigation as americans we should wonder, we had two years $30 million investigation inclusion with russia, conspiracy with russia and it didn't happen. as a matter of good government how exactly did we spend $30 million and hire all these people to put the president
3:43 pm
through all this for something that actually didn't happen? i think it is completely legitimate to look into it and quite frankly lizzie -- lindsey graham raise the most important question, and counterintelligene investigation and why wasn't trump kept in the dark about this? dianne feinstein of the committee and then the chairman of the intelligence committee had a chinese spy on our staff or 20 years. a driver and a driver in san francisco and the fbi found out about it they went to dianne feinstein and you have a spy on your staff and she fired him. why didn't anyone come to donald trump and say we are surveilling the russians trying to infiltrate your campaign and you need to do something about it. >> bret: we should point out paul manafort's assets may actually balance the books, depending on how much the investigation caused. there is other investigation going on. "the wall street journal" on the hush money probe saying the manhattan u.s. attorney's office has gathered more evidence than previously known and its criminal investigation of hush payments to two women with
3:44 pm
alleged affairs with donald trump including members of the president's inner circle. if you look at the inner circle interviewed in this probe, it includes, you know, a lot of folks close to the president at one time or the other. just to point out, byron, there were other things going on simultaneous to what's happening on capitol hill with mueller. >> byron: a lot of democrats have put faith in the investigation with the southern district of new york feeling worried that mueller might be a dud and not prove collusion they hope would be proven. and this is it, although i have to say, even if they do expand the questioning to people like keith schuller the president's long time back when he was a private citizen, security man, you know we may find out more but i think the charge in a lot of people's feel questionable campaign finance charge that prosecutors in new york said the president directed michael cohen to commit. whether it goes beyond that is
3:45 pm
totally unclear. >> bret: quickly, as these investigations come forward and the president carries mike terry's one way or the other, to democrats whether they go on toe pressing on all of these fines? >> byron: i don't think the onus is something -- >> bret: i'm saying politically. >> we have two worlds, republicans and democrats and democrats viewed the world one way and democrats the other. and so sorry to oversimplified but i think this is the way it is. democrats view everything that bill barr might try to investigate about the fisa completely legitimate conspiracy theory and republicans as vital. i don't see a lot of people in the middle swayed for or against either party on the basis. >> i think that is true of washington to see but i don't know about the rest of the country. after we get outside of the beltway, than normal americans watching today on tv who go with
3:46 pm
democrats referred -- derisively they want to find out the truth. and i don't think there is politicize at all in washington. >> bret: next up reaction to what we heard tonight the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. ♪ voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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3:50 pm
after years of gridlock on this, and, by the way 28 -- 2,009 in 20 10:30 immigration reform they never brought up when they owned it. it is finally time for us to step up and ultimately solve the crisis of the border but do some changes to immigration laws that are sensible. >> bret: senate majority leader on the show earlier talking about immigration but in the meantime at this hour, a short time ago, the new acting homeland security secretary sworn in and secretary sworn in by kirstjen nielsen. this obviously immigration taking a big role back to the panel. you heard senate majority leader mark talking about that. your thoughts, seems gridlocked on the issue of immigration. >> marc: we wouldn't have this crisis on the border if we had a wall. so trump is right in the end. but will come with the problem
3:51 pm
is we have 100,000 apprehensions last year, which jay johnson explained that in under him thought he is 65 thousands and that was a crisis. so there is a crisis at the border and a different type of crisis, people claiming asylum for the first time. before 2013, only one out of a hundred people arriving at the border claiming asylum. today 1-10, and giving incredible fear to the united states and you look at it 10% of the people get asylum. so 90 percent don't have a legitimate asylum request. so not only is this a problem at the southern border, this is a problem if you care about refugees. there are people all over the world in places like somalia, south sudan, trying to come here to get asylum and all the people who are supposed to be dealing with asylum requests are dealing with these migrants of the southern border. so with a peer about refugees, you should be appalled by the situation. >> bret: here is the president on asylum. >> i think that the whole asylum
3:52 pm
rules, laws, and regulations have been taken advantage of by people who are very bad people in many cases. these are the people running the cartels. they are gaming the system and they have been for years. the only difference is the economy is now so strong, that more people come up. >> bret: i guess the question is congress that broken that they can't fix the problem even though they know what the problem is? >> pick up something mark said about refugees, strategic decision to slash refugee admissions. so that, you know the reason there aren't more refugees coming in, president trump doesn't want them. second, to your question, bret congress is broken. it is true that laws and judicial decisions has produced perverse incentives that promote people coming to the border and not sneaking through but turning themselves into the border patrol. by the way, the wall would not
3:53 pm
do anything about that to request asylum and think it rolled in the country and as good as in forever. that requires legislation. the congress so polarized both parties have decided to pander to the farthest wing of their base. you know, the most emotional people, willing to compromise and here we are. >> bret: what we need here is mcconnell called a niche fix. he used that phrase in connection with health care. but it also applies here. in the sense that democrats will often say we need a giant, comprehensive immigration reform package which is not going to happen. but to fix the asylum laws, which dictate that anybody crossing the border illegally asking for asylum gets to stay in the country essentially permanently in many, many cases. and at least while their cases are being adjudicated, that could be changed. we just had a court decision against the trump administration's proposal to have that adjudication done
3:54 pm
while the migrant waited in mexico. they are relatively easy legislative fixes, but to do so would give trump a victory and i think that is not possible on capitol hill. >> bret: the other things with the interfere with senate majority leader, the prospect of getting things done. basically, the senate a nomination but that is important from the republican point of view. possibility of drug processes on the bipartisan food basis may be an infrastructure sounded like no way. maybe immigration around the edges. health care, no way. right? is that what you heard? >> byron: that's what i heard too but that's not the fault of majority leader are republicans. they made a decision they don't want to give donald trump victories. when donald trump came up for his wall and asked money for the wall, the democrats celebrated because look we've got something that donald trump once. we have leverage. let's use the leverage to get something we want so they could
3:55 pm
have negotiated for some solutions on immigration but they could have used it on immigration. medicare for all or something like that but they decided no, we will throw away the leverage because we don't want to give donald trump anything. so yeah, they will not get anything done. >> bret: we will cover it either way. panel, when we come back president trump and all in the family. ♪ . . if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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4:00 pm
girl olivia grace. both mom and baby are doing well congrats to katie and husband todd. one viewer at a time. turn it over to martha in new york. >> martha: i'm sure that baby will stick around for "the story" as well. she is adorable. thank you, bret. >> i am on a political campaign is a big deal. >> you are not suggesting though that. >> i think spy diagnose occur. yes, i think spying did occur. question is whether it was predicated. there was a failure among a group of leaders there at the upper echelon. >> martha: there is a lot there. that was the mic drop moment of the day today on capitol hill as the attorney general leaned in on the narrative that he began tha set some people's hair on fire that ceded a


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