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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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as we always encourage you to do, dvr it if you have not already. it is always in the script, i always read it dutifully, good night from washington, great news for you, ladies and gentlemen, introducing, not for the first time, but like the first time sean hannity from new york city. speaker great news for some people, but not good news if you are in the media, a democrat, or a member of the deep state, how is that? >> tucker: sounds like a good night for me. >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity," tonight this is the real deal, inching closer and closer to truth and justice, and holding those that abuse power accountable. for two years on this program, we have watched a political persecution, all based on lies and a hoax driven by anti-trump hatred, that literally wrecks of the very fabric of our society. we have massive developments tonight on many fronts, the attorney general william barr went before the senate appropriations committee today and the boomerang that i have
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been telling you about is emotion. headed right back in the direction that i told you it would head. and we have a brand-new just released today closed-door testimony from the general counsel the fbi under comey. full of massive examples of upper echelon fbi doj abuse of power. and just breaking moments ago, multiple outlets including "the wall street journal" reporting greg craig, the white house counsel for barack obama expects to be indicted over his work in ukraine, we will have more on that in a moment. also we begin with the "hannity truth watch" with a question. how did all of this happen? how did it begin? we have to get to the bottom of this or we will not have equal justice and equal application of our laws. future elections, and yes, potential presidential deep state who will occur. the attorney general delivered a bombshell argument during his testimony before the senate
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appropriations committee, exactly what we have been telling you, over two years is true. take a look. >> yes, i think that's fine did occur. >> well, let me -- >> the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated parade i'm not suggesting that it wasn't adequately predicated. but i need to explore that. it is my obligation, congress it's usually very concerned about intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in the proper lane, and i want to make sure that that happen. we have a lot of rules about that. and, a lot of say and i have said, i am reviewing this, i am, i have not set up a team yet, but i do have, i have in mind having some colleagues pull this information together and letting me know whether there are some areas that should be looked at. >> sean: this is downright scary, every single american, not political, not democrat, republican, blue, red, it is not
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about politics. we gave our law enforcement officials are intelligence officials the most powerful tools of intelligence, they are never to be weaponized against we, the american people, much less a political campaign at the height of an election or to undo an election, where are all of the several libertarians on the left? where the investigations. you have schumer, blumenthal, freaking out tonight, calling the attorney general, calling on him to retract his truth roll remarks. they cannot handle the truth. speaker nancy pelosi said that william barr was off the rails. imagine, nancy pelosi said that about somebody else. funny. >> let me just say how very, very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. the attorney general of the united states of america, not the attorney general.
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i've done of donald trump. >> sean: they do not want him to provide the proper oversight and the law, they who advance the trump witch hunt, they've who live for years are exposed as a frauds that they are, they do not want the truth. to the mainstream media is trying their very best to play down all of the bombshells that we have tonight. "washington post," for conservative writer jennifer rubin calling on william barr to be impeached, far left conspiracy sycophants at msnbc, tinfoil hat conspiracy msnbc, fake news cnn, also trashing the attorney general. gee, and rod rosenstein, or mueller, take a look. >> i spy and attorney general giving credence to conspiracy theories. >> it feels like that basically the attorney general gas let the country.
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>> bill barr, one of the most respected lawyers, it two time attorney general turning in his tortoiseshell glasses for a tinfoil hat. >> i will be an engine for the president of the united states. i'm not the attorney general for the country. >> the attorney general of the united states and a dog whistle to the sean hannity is a big deal. >> he is a flunky for donald trump. he is not an independent thinker. he sounds good, he seems sincere. but if you look at what he does, not what he says, you see the actions of a hatchet man coming out it is really disturbing. >> sean: conspiracy theorist for two and a half years lying, the very people that live for two and a half years. they don't want a tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, the lies exposed. they have been pushing it every second, every hour, every day. including their coverage of this very topic, just a few months ago. take a look at this. >> what we have seen and heard from the president in the past five days may be the biggest lie
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of all. repeatedly, and with no facts to back him up, making the outrageous claim that the so-called "deep state" spied on his campaign. >> to call it a conspiracy theory is to give them too much credit. >> the notion that the fbi implanted, planted someone inside the campaign to spy on the campaign is just not true. >> the unproven narrative of a spy being placed inside his campaign. >> did the intelligence community spy on president trump in the campaign? >> no, we did not. >> sean: they did and they have been lying for two and a half years. and lying to you, the american people. president trump was right all along. we were right all along. they have no character, no ethics, no integrity. they should be apologizing, retracting, correcting all of the damage that they have done. they just double down on line. in the media, the democrats, they are so blinded by this hate, this rage.
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the air and capable of seeing the stone cold truth right before their eyes. let's look at this, july 2016, we know that the fbi opened up a counter counter intelligence as its investigation into the trump campaign aide george papadopoulos after he spoke with an informant, maybe even before this, we know in the same month, the fbi attempted to wiretap carter page for no good reason. we know that in july 2016, top obama officials including susan rice, the year 2016, they ramped up their own masking efforts a whopping 350%. final year, the election year coming in october 2016, the fbi began successfully spying on carter page after getting that fisa warrant by committing a fraud on multiple levels towed the fisa court. using clinton's spot and pay for the russian lies. they never told the judge is that. the bulk of information were unverified, uncooperated, information paid for by hillary.
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and guess what, they denied an american citizen his constitutional rights. and they got their back door right into the trump campaign through carter page. and in december the 15th of 2016. we know that the obama officials, oh, they just incidentally spied on trump officials after susan rice, well, she reportedly unmasked the names of steve bannon, jared kushner, lieutenant general 33 year veteran michael flynn. yes, there was fine. as we have reported, more rightly so many, many times. sadly, that is only one small part of this abuse of power and corruption. throughout the night we will show you in full timeline. we have reported everything. guess what, after months and months of waiting. the truth and justice and facts in spite of all of them are now becoming cascading down and will drown the proper people. the horwitz report, the cooper report, the closed-door
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testimony, we will get those phis applications, the gang of eight materials, the three oh twos, we are waiting on a florida court to release information on christopher steele that should be very revealing and enlightening. and in answer to this important question, watch. >> would it be odd that the candidate was never really briefed by the department of justice that your campaign may be targeted by a foreign entity? >> that is one of the questions that i have as i feel normally at the campaign would have been advised of this. >> okay coming and can you think of a good reason right now why they would not have been? >> i am interested in getting that answer. they had two former u.s. attorney is in chris christie and rudy giuliani involved in the campaign, and i do not understand why the campaign was not advised. >> sean: clearly there was extreme corruption by a powerful few at the highest level of our government. the evidence of this is riddled throughout the now public
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transcript of the bigger testimony. today congressman doug collins released a second day of closed-door testimony from the fbi's former top lower your. tonight we are learning very revealing brand-new bombshells. including that the baker, the doj was having discussions about appointing an independent counsel to investigate the trump campaign long before comey was fired. "i don't even remember who said it quite honestly, but i am telling you that the topic did come up before the firing." now wait, we are told that that eight days in may after comey was fired, that's what triggered the special counsel. it was in the works all along, because comey, strzok, page, and all of the officials that thought that hillary should win 100000000-0, and we are smelly walmart people that will vote for tom, they had an insurance policy, in fact, baker alleging that mccabe, page, rod
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rosenstein were discussing undoing an election by using the 25th amendment. even allegedly breaking that they had two administration cabinet members on board with the scheme, the plot, the coup. no joking matter. baker testified "i took it seriously, because my assessment was that they took it seriously." baker also revealing that rod rosenstein offered to wear that wire and spy on the president of the united states without cause, and that no one alerted the president or anyone else about this illegal plot. and keep in mind, while president trump was at his inauguration, the paid for dirty dossier by reporter david corn, and a lawyer associated with the clinton campaign. now the contents of the dossier were being passed around at the highest levels of the doj, fbi, intel committee, around the same time that clinton was cleared of all charges.
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baker testified that he thought hillary clinton should have been indicted. he has the top lawyer under comey. "i had that belief initially after reviewing a large binder of her emails that had classified information in them. that is a violation, 18 usc, 793, that is the espionage act. baker said that he was persuaded out of it by his colleagues. they went to the clinton matter swept under the rug, even page and strzok said that the fix was in. all of that decisions are made by loretta lynch and the democrats at the department of justice. now look at the new timeline, how did we get to this point? let's start july 10, 2015, the fbi opened a criminal investigation, code name midyear exam into hillary clinton's handling of classified information on that private server. september 2015, obama's ag, laredo lynch asked the fbi director comey to refer to the investigation not as an
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investigation, but a matter. on march 4th, 2016, top fbi officials strzok and paige are texting about their utter contempt for donald trump, one time calling him an 88. a saying that clinton should win. 100000000-0. and that we are smelly walmart voters of trump. and in march 2nd, may 2nd rather of 2016, comey, strzok drafting a letter exonerating hillary, changing the language from gross negligence to extreme carelessness, what it -- which is a is not before they investigated hillary coming in on june 27, 2016, that's when lynch met bill clinton in a secret meeting at a private plane on a tarmac in phoenix. july 22nd, 2016, 2 months after the beginning of the exoneration. other key witnesses, hillary clinton finally interviewed by peter strzok who hates trump, and other fbi agents. in july 5th, comey exonerates
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clinton. in the very same month. then the fbi opens a counterintelligence investigation into trump-russia collusion. that one is called cross fire hurricane. in the very same month, the associate director bruce ohr meets with christopher steele on multiple occasions, but his wife nellie works with steele, and shares the dirty russian dossier with mccabe, strzok, page, even andrew weissmann and others. and warns them that the dossiers campaign op research. it is not verified, hillary paid for it and steele hate trump. fbi operatives meet with the trump advisors, paige, george papadopoulos secretly gathering information for the fbi. then on august 15th, again, 2016, before the election, strzok tax lisa page about a scenario where president trump gets elected, we cannot take that risk. and they speak of needing the
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insurance policy. september 2nd, 2016, page and strzok text that president obama wants to know everything we are doing. october 22nd, 2016, that's when the fbi obtained the fisa warrant to surveilled carter page, both of the application reviling the lean back revealing steele's dossier with lies paid by hillary, wow, a whole entry into the entire world of donald trump and his campaign. on october 1st, 2016, the fbi fires christopher steele for lying and leaking, december 15th, president trump is president-elect, obama intel officials accidentally "spy on p officials" obama national security adviser susan ross importing the names of bannon, kushner, and general flynn. 2017, comey briefing the president at the documents were salacious and unverified, but in
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october he signed the first fisa warrant. may 9th, 2017, the president fired fbi director comey making trump haider andrew mccabe the acting fbi director. he is friends with page and strzok. may 17, appointing robert mueller special counsel, and immediately hires strzok, wiseman, jeannie ray, and andrew weissmann was at the victory party, the attorney for the clinton foundations, and all democrats and builders to lead the investigation. the majority of the staff big time democratic donors, zero republicans hired. june 8th, 2017, former fbi director comey engineered a leak of his own, memo to "the new york times," spurring the appointment of the special counsel. flash forward, march 2nd, this year. nearly two years, $30 million later, no collusion, no obstruction, nothing. the evidence is clear. the president was set up by a powerful group of unelected
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individuals desperate to stop him into getting elected, and help his opponent, hillary clinton get elected and then try to destroy him after the election. joining us now, fox news contributor sara carter, ohio congressman jim jordan, mr. jordan, congresswoman, anything wrong? i know a few more details can be filled in, but that is the synopsis. >> it was well done, and remember what chuck schumer said two years ago about then president-elect trump, he said if you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday of getting back at you. bill barr is going to find out if that statement was actually carried out. and that's what i so appreciate what the attorney general said. and i think that the american people appreciate it too. when you think about they won a attorney general whose focus on accountability in truth, and that's exactly what bill barr will get to, and he will figure out if what chuck schumer said is in fact what took place, and all of the things that you went through, it sure looks like it did. it sure looks like it. >> sean: and when the
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attorney general said today, sarah, that the trump campaign was spied on in multiple ways, correct? >> yes, absolutely, i mean, he wants to get to the bottom of it. he says that the trump campaign was spied on, he does not know what the predicate for that spying was, he wants to look into it. he wants to investigate it. he wants to understand it. and he is going to hold people accountable. all of the sources that i've spoken to, sean, have said that attorney general barr is methodical, he is calm natured, he is not going to be pushed around by anybody. not by mueller, not by president trump, not by anyone, not by the fbi, not by the people in the doj. he is going to do his job. he is going to follow the rule of law. and if people broke the law, which we can see, based on the evidence that we have uncovered over the last several years, and based on the evidence that congress has uncovered that there is so much evidence of malfeasance within the fbi and the doj, that there needs to be
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a full-fledged investigation. and i think that this is why attorney general barr moving forward and openly stated that we have a team investigating this. and he is moving quickly. that is one thing that i think that people really need to understand. this is not going to drag out for years on end. barr says the ig report is coming out in may or june. barr has notified congress that he is looking into these allegations. and barr has already said that he will release mueller's redacted report next week. >> sean: congressman jordan, this is important, we now, i know that everybody in the media cares about obstruction, maybe they care about subpoena, emails, deleted, acid wash, the hard drive, we now have the date. maybe they care about beating up devices and removing sim cards, that is obstruction. maybe there is a liar two in the mueller report, but we now have the barr investigation. he will review the actions from the get-go here. that probably means that hillary
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clinton's investigation should be reopened. we will start there. but then we have the inspector general, and to the fisa. then we have john hoover, whatever he is doing, nobody seems to know. but then we have 302s that will come out and the fisa applications in a cascade of interviews. you and mark meadows were phenomenal in the use closed door meetings. you got to the truth. and i kept asking you mark, because he could not tell me. is there anything that i am saying that it's wrong? nope. am i over the target? yep. that's all you would say. but you are right, because you are seeing this. and you are doing it behind closed doors. and both you and devin nunes' deserve a lot of credit. >> thank you, and you deserve a lot of credit, so do sara. all of the things that you spelled out in all of the things that looked like they were wrong things that were done, remember who did them. jim comey, who was fired. as you said leaked information to "the new york times" to get a special counsel appointed. andrew mccabe who live three times under oath was fired.
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jim baker whose transcripts are fully coming out. jim baker, chief counsel was demoted and then left. currently under investigation by the justice department. lisa page, devoted then left, peter strzok demoted then fired. these were the key people. >> sean: will they be indicted in your view, the rule of law is followed, will they be indicted? >> two things will happen, as sara just mentioned, inspector general horwitz will bring its report forward as he attorney general late yesterday. that will tell us a lot, and bill barr's investigation will unfold as well. that will determine if they can indicted. a >> sean: do you see laws broken? i know that the criminal referrals are coming this week, probably tomorrow. >> i do, i particularly think so with andrew mccabe come i think he is uncharitable coming in peter strzok, we will have to see what mr. horwitz does and what the attorney general says. >> sean: sara, we will have the criminals were approached, do you see indictments in your crystal ball? >> according to sources that i've spoken with, yes, there will be indictments and people
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will be held responsible for the actions that they committed against country. >> sean: what one of them be james comey? >> i don't know, i certainly hope so. we will have to see. >> sean: jim? >> look, i am confident in mr. horwitz and i am confident in mr. barr, i think that he is a type of attorney general that they would american people want. a solid, and holding people accountable. >> sean: it is about the constitution. it is that important. it cannot happen again. we will hold them all accountable. thank you both. when we come back, lindsey graham reacts to all of days breaking news, and elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, filthy rich. glenn beck is here to react to all of the 2020 -- let's say democratic socialist extremists, straight. ♪ you may have always imagined your dream car as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that.
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♪ >> sean: we continue our coverage of attorney general barr's commitment to review all of the fbi, doj conduct in the russia probe, we always make the distinction not rank-and-file, not at all. i have an fbi flag pin in solidarity with the 99.9%. it is the world's premier law enforcement agency by far. joining us now, senate judiciary committee chairman, lindsey graham. senator, i went through it all, you heard the attorney general today. we have already known a lot of this. but now it is all coming out. >> right. >> what did the attorney general say today, he is going to look at how this got started. there is no doubt that they were spying on trump's people and campaign, the question was was it lawful? the foreign intelligence surveillance act allows you to follow her around people that you think are working with a foreign government.
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counterintelligence investigation by the very definition is surveilling people that you think are spying. so the question was it lawful? >> sean: was it? no. >> we will see. i tell you this, if the warrant was based on the dossier, that was not lawful. and i don't know why they did not tell trump about people and his compay and with russia if they really believe that. >> sean: senator, i read something, you know that something exists that is called the grassley-graham memo. there might be somebody you know when they are. and in that the bulk of information for the fisa application was hillary clinton's bought and paid for dossier when they presented it to the fisa court, they never told the court that she paid for it. they never told the court that it was unverified. and we know unverifiable, because steele does not stand by his own dossier. so they never verified it. and they denied carter page his constitutional rights by committing a fraud on the court. is there anything wrong with what i just said? >> well, you know, what you said
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and what we can improve our two different things. i believe that the dossier is unverified to this day. i've a reason to believe that it was the main reason that the warrant was issued. i have reason to believe that it was not paid for by a political party and that the person who paid for it hated trump. i believe the counterintelligence investigation is questionable at best. and i do not know why they would not tell trump, a couple of people on your campaign may be working with the russians like they told dianne feinstein about somebody on her -- inner office working with the tiniest. none of this adds up. barr will look at it. i will look at it. horwitz will look at it. can i make a point about obstruction of justice? >> sean: yeah. >> the mueller team charged a lot of people with crimes paid he has the ability to charge people with crimes. he chose not to charge trump for a reason. he did not think that he could prove a crime. so mueller charges a bunch of people with crimes pay to get some convictions, he chose not to charge president trump with
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obstruction for a reason. not enough evidence. >> sean: the fbi under comey believes that hillary should have been indicted. it needs to begin anew now that we know the players. the political biases, and the fact that it is real. we know that there was a classified materials, we know that it is legal only back illegal. and democrats care about obstruction, look at hillary clinton's email service. here's a thing, it cannot be verified, most of it has been debunked in terms of the dossier. and the reason that it cannot be verified is because the author, he will not even stand by his own dossier when he was put under oath in great britain. we know that that was false. and comey in the signing of the first application in october of 2016 went to trump tower in 2017 and then president-elect trump
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and said it is not verified, but salacious. so dated comey lie then or on the fisa application? he lied on one of the occasions. >> the point is is that we are going to look at this and put it on the record for history's sake and try to deter other people from doing this. if the dossier is unverified, which i believe, how could you use it to get a warrant against an american citizen four times? if you really told trump here it is, we cannot verify it, why would you use the same document to say we believe that it is accurate enough to get a warrant? if you really believe that trump's campaign was being infiltrated by russians, why did you not tell them so that he could do something about it? and how could clinton get away with all of this and not have anything, no charges at all when the average person would probably be in jail now? i think it has a lot to do with a political bias. >> sean: andrew mccabe, no dossier, no fisa warrant. last thing, huge day.
6:32 pm
the one man that was on the world stage for many years alone, identifying evil in our time was the cotillion figure of a minister or net not who, he won a big victory yesterday. >> he is behind churchill, a legend, and a great outcome for the united states. the most reliable department with a strong man in a tough neighborhood, i'm glad that he won. looking forward to working with him. >> sean: and now trump as the big supporter of israel, islam, the world is a safer place. >> bad day for the ayatollah. >> sean: i'm so sad to hear that. glenn beck on the radical 2020 democratic candidates and what they would do to this country. a straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: the 2020 democrats come in clean about one thing, it pays to be a socialist. bernie sanders tells linear times this week he is in fact a multimillionaire, senator warren revealed $900,000 in family income last year, so while bernie and elizabeth warren are reaping in big bucks, they are pushing the policy is that will cripple the ability for poor, wg people to build the wealth for themselves in a country of freedom. you know, they went sky high corporate tax rates, 90%, 70% top marginal rates, large scale socialism enriching those at the very top, massive taxes, regulation making it only harder to do things like start a business and build factories, and manufacturing centers, and jobs, and opportunity. in the end it leaves almost
6:38 pm
everyone worse off. socialists love to other people's money. joining us now, the author of the book addicted to outrage, nationally syndicated radio, tv, and radio talk show host mr. glenn beck, how are you? >> great, sean. how are you? >> sean: i've been thinking about all of the times that you have been on recently, your hair is wider than it used to be. and the beard has gained a little bit. >> and i have gained a few lbs. i am pitching for the job of doing commercials for colonel sanders. >> sean: okay, you can say that. >> i said it. the scary thing is i looked at colonel sanders, i am fatter than colonel sanders. that is a problem. >> sean: i was totally teasing. i remember you at a chalkboard many days come here at the fox news channel, you talked a lot about socialism. did you ever think that this would happen what is happening
6:39 pm
here? >> i remember saying that i hope this does not happen, but i think that it is in fact -- i laid out a new chalkboard. i have arranged so it is free for all of your viewers, and made up her sean hannity sean hannity viewers, and hopefully i know one of your viewers that the president and it is available in my youtube channel, just look for a glenn beck youtube and it is about what is going on at the border, because what is happening, you know, i feel bad for the president, because he is trying to fight something at the border, but that is not where the problem is. the problem, as i lay this out on the chalkboard, we have done about a year's worth worth of research on this. to the problem is actually coming from chicago. there is a group, a family that has a united methodist church, preachers, they are the ones that started the sanctuary city. they are directly getting money from george soros and others,
6:40 pm
and they are the ones that if i may quote, they are the ones that help charter the routes, arranging bust transformations, and negotiate with mexican officials to provide protection, from the ap, when you find out who these people are, let me quote another, this i think is from uc san diego, they say that the latest members, the zealous group of college students, community orders, young professionals strove to lead national immigrants to -- immigration rights movement, led by the politics marxist thought based on karl marx and vladimir lenin with an international wort are calling for collective mobilization. i lay this all out on a chalkboard so that you can really follow it and see what is going on. mr. president, please, you are not going to solve the problem at the border.
6:41 pm
i know that seems rational, but when you look at the evidence, we can't fight the enemy if we do not call them by name, and these are communists. american communists in chicago that are taking loads of money from george soros and others. they are orchestrating this. and what they are doing now is a human wave. it was a tactic used in china, or by china against us in the korean war, where they just throw wave after wave after wave of people until you just can't fight it anymore. and chuck schumer, and all of the others, they know about it, and they are covering and encouraging this. this is an assault on the republic. >> sean: certainly a border wall is going to help, because we know that walls work. and certainly the money, the technologies will help at the border. the cartel is actually using
6:42 pm
drones to so that they can give human traffickers, drug smugglers have the proper path, we cannot take them out of the air unless we get a court warrant, and it is back in mexico. let me ask you this. because we get the border wall, i think that that helps, i will look at your youtube channel, but secondly when you're composing 70% personal marginal tax rates, 90% corporal tax rates, everything is free, nor more oil, gas, combustion engine, planes, or cows, i guess i go back to my original question, i never thought that it would ever be pushed this hard and adopted by so many. >> so i am working on something now, sean, that i will share with you in a couple of weeks. i'm not prepared to share it all now. we found a document that was written by the soviet historian historians, and never meant to be made public. and saw the light of day in the
6:43 pm
1960s, but it was how the soviet union got around all of the treaties that they had signed with winston churchill and franklin roosevelt, and how they flipped countries. how did they take czechoslovakia, which at the time was a very pro-free-market kind of place, and flip it communism without any tanks? they laid out a plan, it took them three years to do it, i believe that we are 3-5 years from seeing the end of the republic if we do not wake up and turn to god, turned back to god, bake him for forgiveness, ask him for help, and then just to name the enemy. the enemy is very clear. please visit youtube and look for the glenn beck site and watch that video. >> sean: recommending one other thing that i read many years ago, relevant today, the synthesis of russian language, that is actually scary. glenn beck, always interesting.
6:44 pm
>> is that the name of the book. >> sean: i will get you a copy, i promise. lauren scholz went to ocasio-cortez's district, guess what they thought about the congresswoman? we have the answer, here's a quick preview. >> what you love about her? >> i love that she is from the bronx, she is hard-core. >> this will be her one and only term, her 15 minutes is running very short. >> sean: next with reaction as we continue this busy breaking news night, straight ahead. ♪ feel the clarity... of non-drowsy claritin... and relief from symptoms caused by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones.
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♪ >> sean: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is out with a fresh set of climate change hysteria this week at a house or oversight hearing, suggesting that the u.s. would have blood on our hands if we do
6:49 pm
not pass her insane climate change legislation. watch. >> do you think that neglecting to address these threats is -- could contribute to american, the loss of american life? >> yes. >> and do you think that denial or even delaying in that action could cost us american life? >> yes. >> i think what we have laid out is a very clear moral problem, and in terms of leadership, if we fail to act, or even if we delay in acting, we will have blood on our hands. >> sean: new polling showing that ocasio-cortez's constituents opposed her stance against the amazon deal and her district. if those were $150,000 jobs. we sent our own investigative reporter, lawrence shields out to the bronx to see what her voters think about the job that she is doing representing them in washington saying that the world is over in 12 years. if it is, i quit tonight, this
6:50 pm
is my last show. take a look. >> how do you feel like alexandria ocasio-cortez is doing? >> i really like her. >> i love that she is from the bronx, she is hard-core. she does not keep her mouth shut. >> i hear that she is from russia. >> whatever, pham, she is from the bronx. >> she is a charlatan, but she is a fake. >> she said she is a woman of the people, but the people. >> i have not seen her. >> amazon was supposed to get here. she did not want them here. they pulled out of the deal. so you're cool with that? >> why you're so upset about the amazon deal? >> 25,000 jobs. new york city is going to be dealing with that for years to come. >> did you vote for her? >> no, i did not know who she was at that time. she was something new, following the guy sanders from vermont, he is promising to give you the whole world for free. >> do you believe that they can
6:51 pm
give you the world for free? >> hell no. >> this is going to be her one and only term, or 15 minutes is running very short. give me one thing that she does. >> do not underscore her. i will give you one thing. >> i will not underscore her, you give me one good thing. i >> her honesty. >> her honesty? that is the one thing that she has done for the community. >> she is very, very honest. >> sean: fox news contributor lawrence jones, also with report editor in chief, wor am 710, long island, and westchester, joe concha, good to see you both. you lose $150,000 jobs and the profits go through the roof, and you say no. >> a lot of people had said about the amazon thing, there was opportunity for jobs to get back into the city for development, but aoc did not
6:52 pm
care, she has her own agenda. i asked the voters, the people that do so pulled her to accomplishment. and the guy said honesty. he was very agitated with me, but this goes back to the socialism policy, what do they deliver in the community? >> sean: new york offered a fortune, it was the dumbest deal ever, but they are losing population. and at least some people are going to get some really serious jobs. >> as a libertarian i disagree, because i do not believe in tax breaks. i think the government picks winners and losers, that is a bad idea, but for somebody like aoc, the community is struggling, it was a good deal for the bronx. and she could not advocate for her district, because at large, she wants a socialist country. and that hurt her. a lot of people are set -- upset about that. >> sean: the world is ending in 12 years, joe. >> i've heard that, the deal
6:53 pm
about amazon, the $150,000 jobs, what company now in their right mind will want to come to new york city knowing that the p.r. nightmare is waiting for them. blood on your hands, like she said during the hearing yesterday, she put together a proposal that was then presented before the senate for a vote and god zero votes in the senate by democrats. so she is saying we will have blood on her hands unless we pass something, you had your at-bat, and you failed. she is accomplished at complaining, horrible at execution. >> she also says that the climate change issue is what is leading to the border issue. that is why people are coming at her, but that is nonsense. these people are paying the cartel. i get that there are a lot of lovely people that want to get across the border because they want to but her but you do not t across unless you pay the bad guys. i've seen it, and it is terribl terrible. it has to get to the point where you put our citizens first. they are giving in-state tuition to illegals, that is not right.
6:54 pm
>> sean: lawrence took a big hit from the media, because he was out with i.c.e. agents, you were there for multiple arrests, and they put a jacket on him. and laurence, i find out, read that and it bothered him. you have to tell us. that is just the beginning. being on the show with joe makes you, you are a target. >> you are bringing all of this bad hate. they say, hey, you are handling this correspondence, you are a bad guy. >> sean: you do great work, and the people -- it is like, if you build it, they will come. you keep working hard, right? same with you. >> off social media more and more. it only leads to bad moves. >> sean: i don't even have my passwords, the people that tweet out for me. >> there is no way you can win an argument in 280 characters pretty well go back and forth for it one more thing. as far as the asylum requests, how do you walk up at the border
6:55 pm
and say, you know what, climate change, that's what i want to come into the country? >> sean: think you both, firestorm between senator waters ahead. ♪be and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, or severe stomach pain. serious side effects may include pancreatitis.
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>> sean: all all right, "villan of the day." congresswoman maxine water put up a more than three hour hearing on capitol hill this week, treasury secretary steve mnuchin explained he has a lead for a scheduled meeting with a senior foreign official, and watch this response. >> i just don't believe we are sitting here negotiating when i come back. >> this is a new day. this is a new chair. i have the gavel at this point. if you wish to leave, you may. >> can you clarify that for me? >> yes, clarify. if you wish to leave, you may. >> so we are dismissed, is that correct? >> if you wish to leave, you may leave. >> republicans did not treat the
7:00 pm
secretary of the treasury this way. >> sean: i guess this is the new way. all right, thanks for being with us. we will never be the rage, destroy, rage trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, next. hi. >> laura: >> laura: hannity, great show. i'm coming up with a list of adjectives. they get trouble, intimidate cabinet members, how the main restaurants media. >> sean: a lot of that went on too. >> laura: exactly, great show tonight, hannity. >> sean: had a great show gatsby what i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington and be ready jam-packed show for you, okay? we need two hours. attorney general barr today with a major blow to liberals everywhere, saying trump was right. his campaign was spied on. dan bongino and chris hahn debate in moments. and dr. drew pinsky is here on the college scam scandal. admission scandal.


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