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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 10, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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secretary of the treasury this way. >> sean: i guess this is the new way. all right, thanks for being with us. we will never be the rage, destroy, rage trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, next. hi. >> laura: >> laura: hannity, great show. i'm coming up with a list of adjectives. they get trouble, intimidate cabinet members, how the main restaurants media. >> sean: a lot of that went on too. >> laura: exactly, great show tonight, hannity. >> sean: had a great show gatsby what i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington and be ready jam-packed show for you, okay? we need two hours. attorney general barr today with a major blow to liberals everywhere, saying trump was right. his campaign was spied on. dan bongino and chris hahn debate in moments. and dr. drew pinsky is here on the college scam scandal. admission scandal.
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his celebrity sorrow real, or are they just acting? plus, media blackout appeared yes, the editor of "vogue" explains politics behind her cover girls and why melania is not welcome there. and trump's dark knight fan video get stricken from social media. raymond arroyo is here with all of the details. but first, intimidation by imbeciles. that's the focus of tonight's angle. for more than a year now, we have been documenting how the democrats, working in tandem with far left smear squad, have set about to stifle conservative speech. now these folks think of themselves as rough and tumble, kind of football players, but there ultimately blinded by the bright lights. campaigns of full outrage have stoked up social media. they whip up their frenzied followers, and then that justifies their trampling of the free-speech rights of others.
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everyone is all upset. but they've never tried their little charade on someone like candace owens before. she entered their holy ground, the judiciary committee hearing by democrats. of the topic? hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism. >> i received word on my way in that many of the journalists were confused as to why i was invited, and none of them knew that i, myself, was a victim of a hate crime when i was in high school. white supremacy, racism, white nationalism, have become nothing more that election strategies. every four years, the black community is offered handouts and fear. handouts and fear. the ancestry of black americans is being insulted every single day. i will not pretend to be a victim in this country. i know that makes many people on the left uncomfortable. >> laura: smoking. congressman ted lieu was lying in wait for ms. owen. and held up a little microphone
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recorder and play this edited clip. >> actually don't have any problems at all with the word nationalism. i think the definition gets poisonous. by elitist not want globalism here the first thing people think about, at least in america, is hitler. but if hitler wanted to make germany great and have things on well, okay, fine. the problem is he had dreams outside of germany. he wanted to globalize. >> laura: that was her grandfather behind her, by the way. rather than ask her questions, or heck, even challenge her views on the victim being peddled by the media, the congressman attacked her character. he doesn't honestly believe that candace owens was somehow empathizing with hitler, course he doesn't. but guess what? owens refused to let the moment pass unchallenged. >> when i responded to you, i do not believe that we should be characterizing hitler as a nationalist. he was a homicidal, psychopathic
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maniac that killed his own people. a nationalist would not kill their own people. i think it's pretty apparent that mr. lieu believes black people are stupid and will not play the full clip in its entirety. >> it's not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee here the witness will not do that again. the witness may continue. >> sure, even though i was called despicable. >> the witness may not refer to a member of the committee asked stupid. >> i didn't refer to him i stupid, that is not what i said. that is not what i said at all. you didn't listen to what i sai said. may i continue? >> please. >> laura: [laughs] can you imagine? if a liberal, african-american woman were treated this way? what they would do, if you are speaking her truth. feminist across america would be in an all-out revolt. you would have, samantha bee would be spluttering about misogyny, gillibrand and warren
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would have candlelit visuals across america. let me be crystal clear here. what is happening is an all out assault on america's freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of movement. and it is even happening to children who step out of line. last night, we brought you the story of an 11-year-old little girl, velma scotto, who was called out by her teacher in long island, for choosing donald trump as her hero for a school report. again, imagine the uproar if some teacher asked some student not to write about barack obama as her or his hero. and of course, media lightweights use the same tactics. >> the thing that is so disturbing about what william barr is doing is here is yet another person who is trashing their reputation in the name of donald trump. another person, my god, where
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has he been the past couple of years, will exit the white house sorry that he had trashed his reputation for donald trump. >> laura: scarborough? questioning bill barr? okay. what he is implying there is that he and his poisonous panelists will relentlessly malign bill barr and anyone else who works for or even supports the administration for that matter. his words are thinly veiled threats. they are a warning shot, not just for barr, but for anyone even thinking of taking a job with the trump administration. former dhs secretary kristin nelson is another target. yesterday, alexandra causey or tweeted favorably in response to someone who wants to punish nielsen, even if she returns to private life. so apparently it wasn't enough to harass people at their homes or in restaurants.
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now far left activist launched petition drives to prevent these former trump staffers from earning a living after their government service. nice. what these activists are saying is this: the price of working for trump's you are now and forever unclean. an untouchable. my friends, no ceo, no college president, nor any potential employer, should ever bow to these types of threats. that is what they are, threats. even once reasonable, fairly reasonable democrats, are now supporting this campaign of branding the trump team with a big scarlet letter, a big t. >> she had a background in cyber security, but i think that is not what she is going to be known for. it frankly has to raise the question for anyone who is offered a cabinet opportunity with president trump whether the reputation will survive.
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>> he's going to continue to look for people that come in many ways, are willing to violate their oath of office, which is to enforce the law. that means he is going to have a very difficult time finding good people. >> laura: it's unbelievable. but that is the goal, isn't it? the left is on interested in actually doing things called solving problems. it is moved to 24/7 character assassination of anyone who supports his policies and has the guts to say so. even little kids, like that girl on long island. rather than saying, my friends, in a defensive crouch when they threaten and demonize patriotic americans, we at "the ingraham angle" will continue to expose the tactics, the funding of these organizations underneath all of it, and their ultimate aim. and together, i'm extremely confident tonight that we are going to preserve free and open
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debate in this country that we all love. and that is the angle. president trump said it last year, liberals blasted off, but now attorney general barr sets the record straight. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> yes, i think spying did occur. >> my question is whether it was predicated. i'm not suggesting it wasn't, but i need to explore that. >> laura: joining me now, dan bongino, fox news contributor and author of the upcoming book "exonerated." and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer. all right, dan, i guess the left missed the biggest story, i'm certainly the week, the month. they laughed at trump when he said basically he was spied on, his campaign was wiretapped, they made a big joke about that on all the morning shows. but it turned out that the trump campaign was spied on. and bill barr said so.
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>> right. oh, how the tables have turned. remember we were all called conspiracy theorist? they went after talk radio folks for even saying there may have been a fisa warrant on the trump team. except for the fact, laura, that nearly every single part of the conspiracy theory we put out there turned out to be true. because we actually did our homework and did an investigation. no cendant, rational being -- notice i said rational, so not talking about cnn and msnbc over there. and no one can claim the trump administration wasn't spied on. you can argue what happened beforehand, but the fact they were spied on is irrefutable if you are a rational human being. >> laura: chris hahn, do you dispute that? >> yeah, i disputed, and i am a rational human being. even the attorney general said he thinks they may have been spied on. >> laura: do you think you might have a little more information than you have? >> the attorney general should not talk about what he thinks,
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he should be talking about what he knows. otherwise he appears to be a part of sin, which the attorney general should not be. look, it is okay for dan or you or me to have opinion, but the attorney general of the united states should refrain from opining on his opinion unless he is announcing the fact to the entire country. that is not what he did today paired he was performed to an audience of one, and that audience may have done very well go. >> laura: i want i don't understand this, because chris, i love having you on the show, but you are joining the pig pile on barr tonight, correct? it is now formerly well-respected democrats who worked with bill barr 30 years ago, a young man, a young attorney general. had no problem when he was ceo of one of the major telecom companies in the world, one of the most respected legal minds in the world. no problem, but suddenly he works for the trump administration, and his entire repertoire of accomplishment and credibility is out the window. i want everyone to understand that, you are joining the pig pile on barr. i'm stunned.
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>> i think the attorney general when he talks about law enforcement that way, when they go through the proper procedures to get warren's -- >> laura: that was the proper for spiritual? all my god, if this were done to the obama administration you would be screaming holy hell about it! of this was done to the obama, you would be going crazy. >> chris, you are lying. you are lying! you are lying. you are absolutely making that up. bill barr did not say there was no spying. he is only arguing about the predication. get a grip on the english language, chris. >> dan -- >> listen -- >> you sure did! >> here is what i know and what you don't because you have done the homework on this case and you are shamelessly agitating for police state tactics because
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you are a hack tonight! >> no, i am not. >> listen to me. the attorney general was the hack! let's be clear who the hack was. >> laura: chris, you're making our point here. >> a human asset spied on the trump team. "the new york times" themselves acknowledged it. >> laura: they had to admit it today. >> i don't think that americans doing their job should be called spies by the men they work for. that is something he should not have done today. >> laura: we are going to get into that. >> and rational republicans agree with that. >> laura: let's play what nancy pelosi said today. chief gave an interview, i think it is important to play this, about bill barr. there is a concerted effort to undermine the legitimacy of the sitting attorney general, who was previously the attorney general. let's watch. >> i'm very concerned about the statements made by
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attorney general barr. i think they undermine the constitution, the under time the role of the attorney general. he is not the attorney general of donald trump, he is the attorney general of the united states. i don't trust barr, i trust mueller. >> laura: okay, so she trusts not barr but mueller, and mueller and barr are working right now to go through the reductions, chris hahn, and they seem to have a good working relationship. i don't know what she is going to do in this report comes out. i guess she will try to find a line or two here or there to go back to russian meddling, but i want to ask you again, you are comfortable with this line of personal character assassination that the democrats are engaged with? again someone like bill barr? you are really comfortable with this? >> look, i don't like personal characterization, personal attacking people personal character. but i don't think the attorney general of the united states should be drawing conclusions like that against an fbi that works for him purity
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should get to the bottom of it, let the ig report come out, use those facts to explain to congress -- >> laura: he will be called in question too. michael horowitz is going to be trashed, mark my words. dan, final word. >> i don't know, i'm really puzzled. chris is a lawyer and we are friends off the air, contrary to how hostile we can be to each other on the air. i love you too, buddy, but you are a smart guy, and i cannot believe you are openly advocating for police state tactics and lying about this! >> i am not advocating -- >> giving his opinion! >> laura: we are not going to make any progress on this. great to have you both on tonight. the media reaction to barr was what you would expect. three outlets, particularly burned by the shifting mueller narrative, were quick to paint the ag's comments as purely political. cnn commenting "barr's comments bound to please trump." "the washington post" tweeting
7:16 pm
"a loaded term and one trumps no max favors." and another offered this. >> i think that is crazy. obviously barr feels the need to curry favor with trump, and i don't understand why a man of his standing and reputation would feel the need to count on to the president in such a way. >> laura: was she upset one eric holder said he was obama's wing man? pitcher, mollie hemingway. i've never seen anything like this, i called him a smear squa squad. it's not just cable talkers. you are seeing people like leon panetta and chris coons, reasonable people. >> is interesting, if you want attorney general barr, he is so calm, so evenhanded. he is not saying anything extreme, just stating the facts as they are known, and contrary to what we just heard, there is no dispute about whether there was spying or not. that is a common way to describe
7:17 pm
what happened. they use multiple human informants. there were wiretap their last beer there were national security letters. there were about anything other than the trump campaign, we would all acknowledge that spying. that is a good word to use to sum up what was going on there. the media can't use that word because they were complicit in this operation in two ways. one, they perpetuated the russia collusion hoax. they accepted these leaks. if they were not critical about them at all. they claim they had all these bombshells. on one side, they gave into the whole spit on the other hand, they never covered what was troubling about the actions by the federal agent, not just the fbi, but other agencies. >> laura: they are supposed to be civil libertarians that care about american civil liberties union, the aclu should have been leading the charge for americans privacies. >> there are a lot of people that should care about this but are unable to because they are obsessed are obsessed. >> laura: your friend, brendan, 5 minutes before the report came out, was still
7:18 pm
basically saying that putin was spooning with before. he said this today. >> over the past several weeks, i have been very disappointed in attorney general barr. i have high expectations for him here he shape the narrative after the mueller report. he in fact also had a testimony today that i think was very carefully nuanced as a way to try to support donald trump's positions. he acted more like a personal lawyer for donald trump today, rather than attorney general. >> laura: you wrote today in "the federalist," he actually briefed -- brennan briefed harry reid on this ongoing operation. a lot of people don't know that, tell us. >> he separately briefed harry reid from the rest of the gang of eight. he understood he was getting a separate briefing so he could publicize the russia investigation during the 2016 campaign. people who care about election meddling should care about that story. we haven't even begun to investigate how brennan, klapper, other intel genes involved not just during the election but just the first twoe
7:19 pm
administration pair there is truth in what he says there, troubled by a barr going as the narrative except where they put a lot of work into a narrative that is being blown up by people saying obvious fact, such as that what was spying and we should make sure we don't do this against domestic political opponents can i get the feeling barr is the adult who came in and said, okay, we're going to try to restore the credibility i department of justice appeared really believe this was an effort to take down trump, before and after the election, but now it hasn't worked and i have to take down barr. have to clear the decks of everyone, almost deprive trump of a staff. >> which is a threat to the constitutional republic because we believe we have political accountability. >> laura: mollie hemingway, terrific piece. we did it on my website. and candace owens, she lit up the house judiciary and democrats yesterday. in moments, she will join us for her first interview since her viral testimony that ripped the
7:20 pm
mask off the intolerant left. >> the richness may not refer to a member of the committee are stupid. >> i did not refer to him i stupid, that is not what i said. that is not what i said at all. you didn't listen to what i sai said. six months, six pushups ready. up. up. down. down. ah ah! that's one. up. that's two. down. down. get down, get down.
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>> i believe the legacy and ancestry of black americans as being insulted every single day. i will not pretend to be a victim in this country. i know that makes many people on the left uncomfortable. >> laura: and democrats on the house judiciary committee were extremely uncomfortable, as candace owens just slashed at the narrative of the people like nadler and ted lieu. once he spent weeded out the video of the confrontation with lieu, it racked up 4.47 million views in less than 24 hours. a twitter record for that network they're joining me now in her first interview since the explosive hearing as candace owens herself. she is the director for turning point usa, and leo to row, civil rights attorney. both sides represented tonight. candace, why do you think your moment, and i watched it from beginning to end, has drawn such attention, and what has been the reaction to you personally sinc
7:25 pm
since? >> i think he drew attention for a lot of reasons. in many ways, people on the right feel vindicated. i know a lot of moderate people came over and realized that what i was talking about were actually real issues in black america. i touched upon the literacy rates. 75% of black boys in california not being able to read is a problem in black america. white nationalism, one black on black crime, 90.1% of all homicides against black americans are performed by other black americans. the entire hearing, in my opinion, was a hoax, he continued hoax on black america, which comes to us from democrats who want us ultimately to fail by focusing on something that is not harming us. when you look at all of the other issues that we are facing. >> laura: now, leo, you watched, i'm sure, at least part of what candace said yesterday. your reaction? >> right now, candace owens is getting 15 minutes of fame, and give me 30 seconds to prove my point. she just again assumed that all democrats are hoping black
7:26 pm
people fail. on her interview with c-span, she said the word nationalism has been compromised or poisoned by elitist. tell much of the people in charlottesville. then she tried to put yourself in the same category of donald trump, talking about the false narrative. but promoting her employer and saying that she went to jerusalem, not a single democrat went there. miss owens, let me tell you, 77% of jews in america voted for -- americans are not stupid. i listen to everything you just said, and you can challenge what i set about the number of blacks, the number of jews who support democrats, but you did a good job marketing yourself today, putting yourself in the same boat as the president paired good job, candace. >> laura: for the record -- >> that's a personal attack. >> laura: you are attacking her character. >> i understand what happened. >> laura: you are attacking her character and what she said. >> in my opinion --
7:27 pm
>> laura: hold on, let her speak. >> that was an ad hominem attack, and i'm not going to play these playground tactics with you. i'm going to keep the focus on black america and the things actually impacting us. this is an adult conversation that needs to be had. the shootings in chicago. it was laura ingraham who hosted and had a real conversation with people that were living in that neighborhood about things affecting them. ultimately, this is why blacks are leaving the democratic party, because ad hominem attacks do not make people feel better about themselves. they're not going to impact our situation in black america. it is unfortunate because you consider yourself a civil rights leader. you're just attacking me. you're just attacking me. you haven't offered anything -- >> no ad hominem attacks. does anyone watching her program honestly believe what she said? she said democrats are going to fail. see, those are talking points because you know deep down inside just because you disagree
7:28 pm
with the democrats, you cannot assume that democrats want black people to fail. that is what you just that on national tv. >> i did, and i believe that. i can back that up with facts. >> that's my point, laura. you know that's not true. >> laura: i want to play something -- i think a lot of democrat leaders are freaking out and tried to kill her yesterday and that hearing because they don't want what she is saying to take hold in other parts of the black community. leo, i honestly believe that. i know candace, and what was that about her -- >> you know me. >> laura: i do, and that is why i want to have a conversation about these underlying issues. that is why we went to chicago to do that for him. that is why we want to hear from the neighbors that are hurting. they are really hurting. they are not hurting because of white nationalism. that is always going to be a problem.
7:29 pm
>> here's my request, laura. i would like to go to chicago with you and debate miss owens on that issue. i would love to go. >> why do we need to debate? >> because i want to discuss -- >> why do you want to hear from the people -- >> the most diverse party -- >> laura: hold on, leo -- >> let me speak, let me speak. i have not set a single thing attacking your character. i don't need to peered i'm confident in my ideas. i'm confident in the fact black america is waking up and realize we have been missing out. i'm confident the biggest issue facing our community -- >> ms. owens -- >> i cut you off, okay? i have not attacked he wants. i've attacked democrats -- >> let me get in -- every democrat. she has basically said that every democrat, the most diverse
7:30 pm
party with minorities and people o'connors, she has been on national tv over and over again, democrats want people to fail. ms. owens, that is not correct. those are your words, that is not true. >> that is a fact. >> laura: i would actually take what leo says with a greater sense of belief and credibility. leo, you said something similar every time someone imparts the worst motive on people who disagree with them on policy. and it happens far too often. the worst motives ever come on the other side. are you a white person? then you have too much white privilege. you need to sit down and let someone else's truth be heard. leo, you got your truth out, candace got her truth out, and i think we do want the problem-solving done on both sides. we want problem-solving on the show, and that means we have different points of view. there leo, you can come to
7:31 pm
chicago. candace, we can roll up our sleeves and get something done if the three of us wanted to do that. guys, thank you very much. candace, great to have you on. all right, coming up, have you ever wondered why only certain first ladies appear on the cover of "bold?" it's editors finally come clean. that and "seen and unseen" with raymond, next. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> laura: it is time for "seen and unseen," where we explore and expose the cultural stories of the day. why are only certain first ladies allowed on the cover of "vogue"? social media selectively banning speech, again. the media blackout addition of "seen and unseen," raymond arroyo, fox news contributor and selling off author of the will while their series. why do we only seem to see one party represented on the magazine rack? talking about first ladies, michelle obama on pretty much every magazine. >> "vogue" editor anna wintou, sat down with your favorite journalist, christiane amanpour, and she explained why certain political figures and first ladies get covers, and others don't. >> i mean, you overtly political, what exactly are you trying to say by profiling michelle obama or kamala harris, or even stormy daniels? >> i believe, i think those of
7:36 pm
us that left at conde nast believe you have to stand up for what you believe in. i don't think you can please everybody all the time. >> please everybody all the time. with no concern about alienating viewers or readers, wintour went on. >> it is noticeable there are more democratic women, the democratic party in your magazine. i wonder if there's a reason for that? >> it is very important to have a point of view. we profile women in the magazine that we believe understand that they are taking on issues, we support them, and the fact that we feel they are leaders. >> there is one woman who will never appear on the cover of any one of these magazines. do you know who that woman might be, laura? >> laura: let's see it. >> the control room has lost
7:37 pm
that woman. wrong woman, laura. maybe they will figure out by the time i return these classes. there it is. that is the woman. before we leave, mentioned michelle obama. she has been on three of these "vogue" covers. for this reason, laura. >> on a very selfish note, the editor in chief of "vogue," she did wonders for fashion. >> you see, she is so different from that doubting milani, she she doesn't know anything about passion. >> laura: first of all, the fact that anna wintour must continue to wear the glasses -- >> she has stated it so people don't know what she is thinking. >> laura: she's going to put all of her liberal tripe i would peered what are you wearing tonight, by the way? >> big news. >> laura: sorry to interrupt, we've got to get through it. there is tonight a fox news alert. cumbersome and eric swalwell made a huge announcement on "the colbert show" two nights ago.
7:38 pm
it was one of those moments in history. >> i see a country in quicksand, unable to solve problems and threats from abroad, unable to make life better for people. i'm ready to solve these problems. i'm running for president of the united states. >> laura, let's go on. there was a big band this week of social media video with trump squaring off with his ideological opponents. the music from "the dark knight" was in the video. 90,000 likes, 2 million people saw it. it was taken down from twitter last night citing copyright violation. i call it the batman because warner bros. claims the clip was not authorized for use. >> laura: is not a campaign -- >> you're getting ahead of me. you cannot use music in a campaign video and they are
7:39 pm
threatening legal action against the white house. >> laura: i say bring it. you think if they got obama for this? >> remember, this is a person in the blogosphere who posted a video, not a campaign employee. of the fact he tweeted it, does not mean all 90,000 re-tweeters are piling copyright? i think not. >> laura: can i borrow these classes? >> you may not. >> laura: i don't want people to know what they are thinking. why the accent? finally, did you see where the national science foundation unveiled? there he disappeared an actual photograph of a black hole. >> pretty amazing, actually. >> laura: they used several telescopes. what do you think when you saw this? >> when i first saw it, this is what happens when i take my glasses off at the dentist office. you look up at the light, that is how it looks. what did you think when you saw it? >> laura: it looks like the
7:40 pm
solar eclipse or the lunar -- but it scares me just to look at it. >> i know there are black holes come i want to go back to a time when anna wintour didn't politically decide who was on the cover of "vogue." that would be a nice time. >> laura: you can get sucked in and go back in time. matter disappears. a black hole is like the judiciary committee wanting documents. that is a black hole. all right, the profiles of the defendants in the college admission scandal. is the sorrow fake or real? and what about those who seem to be a total denial? dr. drew is here to answer three very important questions, moments away. gar in your family, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes,
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you don't need to go anywhere dad, this is your home. the best home to be in is your own. home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal. ♪ >> felicity huffman has been picture-perfect. she has looked ashamed. lori loughlin on the other hand, two children, two $250,000
7:44 pm
payments alleged, and goes into the court, goes into boston, signed autographs, smiles with those pearly whites. >> laura: 29 days now since the operation varsity blues and scandal broke. 14 defendants in the scandal have pled guilty and taken responsibility, including felicity huffman, the lori loughlin, no such luck there. what exactly is going on? it is behind the seeming defiance that she is showing. tonight i get some answers from one of the best for joining me is board certified internist, dr. drew pinsky. it is great to see you. what you think explains, just observationally, the difference in approach between two very high profile people. >> we don't know the advice they are getting paid i agree with the legal analyst you will put on there, they are getting legal very different. i've heard the term "pitch-perfect" half-dozen time with the approach felicity huffman is taking, and problematic when it comes to the
7:45 pm
other, lori loughlin. exactly. the issue is she is going to have to settle. the prosecutor's clearly are going to keep piling on one thing after another until she is forced to settle, so why not take responsibility for what she has done, do your time, and get through this? there is no way to avoid it, it seems to me. >> laura: it seems she never thought there was a possibility of jail time. of course, there is a serious possibility of jail time, maybe even -- not thrown away forever, but these are serious charges. these are not "blow it off" charges. >> laura: maybe there is evidence or something we don't w about, but pretty clear prosecutors are feeling pretty good about their case. look, in terms of her regaining her life and being able to have a career again, she's got to admit fault, move forward, take the consequences. as you know, laura, we live in a world where people love to act out. you and die, it seems i'm talking about narcissism every
7:46 pm
time i come on your show. here i am again, here i am again, talking about malignant envy, it was the land. people cannot stand somebody else having more or different or making them feel diminished in some way. it is one thing to feel jealous of another person, right? we feel jealous, i like what that person has and i want to try to attain what they have. it makes me feel a little bad. but envy is the "that person has something i don't, i need to bring them down to my size." i don't know what happened to this country. if you remember, every religious notion includes the idea of avoiding the sin of envy. envy is a destructive emotion. narcissists are prone to it, and once they develop envy and narcissism, they are probed to mob action. now we have created the perfect public square for that with social media. people like this are getting acted out on all the time. >> laura: i think part of it might be, when people reach this
7:47 pm
level of fame, especially in the entertainment industry, and probably this industry too, we are all susceptible to it. you do lose perspective. there is a sense of perspective on things, and maybe you start believing your own narrative. maybe loughlin believes her own narrative, huffman is like, whoa, thought to get out of this. redemption stories or something people like. >> we do like redemption because we feel guilty for acting out our envy, right? we act out on people until they are destroyed, feel bad about it, and then we don't mind the redemption afterwards. but you are absolutely right, this whole phenomenon seems to be about losing perspective. listen, i just had kids applying to college and graduate school recently. you get desperate. and then they go to an advisor, someone they pay a lot of money to says "everyone does this, you should do it, no big deal," you believe them, and soon you're doing things you can't imagine you would have done. >> laura: dr. drew, great analysis as always. >> by the way, laura, i want to
7:48 pm
go to chicago with you and leo and candace. i got to come join this trio. we are going to be a foursome. >> laura: the two girls were picking on -- oh, poor leo. you can't come because we are going to actually solve problems. >> i know, i want to go. >> laura: we are going to solve problems, and it is going to be fun, and it is going to be very rewarding to all involved. i would love for you to come. we are putting this together, you are in. all right, dr. drew, thanks so much. and pete buttigieg will not stop attacking mike pence's christianity. in message for mayor peeps just moments away. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day.
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and the vice president's christianity. attacking the face faith of others is a good thing according to cnn commentator kirsten powers, but her latest piece is titled "mayor pete's
7:53 pm
countercultural approach to christianity" is what america needs down. joining me now, ralph reed, chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. ralph, diana talk to you about this paired what is your say? >> they are obviously stumbling and bumbling along, trying to find a lexicon and vocabulary for faith. but here's the problem. mike pence has been nothing but kind and generous to this man. he has been nothing but treat him with dignity and respect. when pete buttigieg announced publicly that he was gay in 2015, mike pence that he was a fine public servant and a good man for the way he gets paid back is to be accused of hypocrisy and phoniness. laura, he said this on another network. the mayor said that mike pence, and i quote, "stopped believing in scripture when he started believing in trump." that is a smear --
7:54 pm
>> laura: you really want to go to scripture here? that is not going to become ultimately -- that's not going to get anyone -- i don't get what he is doing. they're trying to co-op the values, because there is this left wing, religious category of people out there. i don't get it. i don't get what their appeal is. >> after the boneheaded move of the basket of deplorable's line, saying that people of faith were irredeemable, which was hillary clinton's line, he is now trying to reclaim that old, liberal legacy of civil rights, antiwar movement out of the churches. but here's the thing, laura. the way to do it is to talk about your own faith. it is not to attack somebody else's. if you point the finger at 60 million evangelicals and 25 million faithful, frequent mass attending catholics, and say your faith is a fraud, and you are a hypocrite, that is not
7:55 pm
how you win friends and influence people and politics. it is not only bad politics, it is frankly bad theology. if he is as he claims to be, -- >> laura: faithfully religious, that is how they described him. >> my brother in christ, which is what he professes to be, then he should share his faith and the meaning of it in his life. he shouldn't attack mine. that is not his job. i answer to my creator, i don't answer to him. >> laura: i think the attack -- and they say, well, he eats at chick-fil-a, that is great. but it is too narrow of a space they are going into. for all the claims that it is a universal appeal, it seems very petty right now. real quick. >> it is very petty, and it is a caricature of people's faith. >> laura: ralph reed, great to see you, as always. ozzie maxine with another embarrassing turn at a house hearing. tonight's bite next.
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to congresswoman maxine waters embarrassed herself yesterday with treasury secretary steve minasian and she was back at it with wall street ceos today. >> what are you guys doing to help with the student loan debt? who would like to answer first western mark mr. monahan, big banks. >> we stop making student loans in 2007. >> so you don't do it anymore? >> we stopped student lending in
8:00 pm
2009. >> and the government took over student lending in 2010, we stop doing all student lending. >> thank you. >> laura: oops, fumbles out again. that's all the time we have. don't forget my podcast drop today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. the briefing books are everything. it's like i've got you. we don't do it anymore. >> shannon: think about the first lesson that you learned in law school. don't ask a question that you don't know the answer to. it's dangerous. we all do it sometimes. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. bombshell from attorney general bill barr, the government did spy on the trump campaign. tonight democrats say that the attorney general has gone off the rails on the president says he's confident the ag will now give give the final


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