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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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student lending in 2010, we stop doing all student lending. >> thank you. >> laura: oops, fumbles out again. that's all the time we have. don't forget my podcast drop today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. the briefing books are everything. it's like i've got you. we don't do it anymore. >> shannon: think about the first lesson that you learned in law school. don't ask a question that you don't know the answer to. it's dangerous. we all do it sometimes. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. bombshell from attorney general bill barr, the government did spy on the trump campaign. tonight democrats say that the attorney general has gone off the rails on the president says he's confident the ag will now give give the final of what really happened.
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stick around. analysis that you only get here. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we have fox news team coverage night. ed henry has breaking news on democrats demands for president trump's tax returns. brit hume will analyze the media frenzy surrounding the spying charges. we start with corresponding kristin fisher with today's revelations from the attorney general that the trump campaign was targeted. kristen. >> the attorney general stunning lawmakers today by saying he believed that the fbi spied on president trump's campaign. here's the moment that everybody is talking about. watch. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> you're not suggesting that spying occurred. >> i think spying did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. >> and asked what evidence he had to back up such an explosive claim, attorney general bill barr wouldn't say. >> i believe there is a basis for my concern but i'm not going to discuss the basis.
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>> nancy pelosi says barr has gone off the rails. other democrats accusing him of legitimizing "republican conspiracy theory nonsense," and are questioning his independence from president trump. >> i believe the attorney general of the united states america believes he needs to protect the president of the united states might think that's unfortunate. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says barr's concerns are worth a look. >> it's obviously a question whether you trust bill barr or not. he was a confirmed, unanimously as it attorney general for bush 41. >> barr told the senate appropriations subcommittee that he is personally reviewing the genesis and conduct of the russia investigation. including why the fbi did not warn then candidate trump that the russians might be trying to infiltrate his campaign. >> would it be awed that the
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candidate was never really briefed by the department of justice that your campaign may be targeted by a foreign entity? >> that is one of the questions i have. i feel normally the campaign would have been advised of this. >> of course all of this is happening just days before the attorney general is expected that submit to congress a redacted version of the meal report. the temperature was already hot but i think it's safe to say today got hotter. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you. democrats claiming the attorney general is a partisan conspiracy theorist in the tank for president trump. let's turn to fox news good figure, former republican covers men from south carolina, trey gowdy. great to have you with us tonight. you've heard by the attorney general said about the fact that there was spying. it's not a secret there is surveillance. his point was i got to see whether it was legal or not. what predicated it. here is what democrat congressman who now heads up the house judiciary committee jerry
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never had to say about barr's assertion. >> no, the fbi launched an investigation. we've heard testimony. they launched a foreign counterintelligence investigation under professional standards. that eventually became the miller investigation. there's no mystery about what happened. >> shannon: no mystery about what happened. do you have any questions about what happened? >> yeah, jerry wasn't around. he didn't participate in our investigation when i was in congress. he does everything he could to thwart it. there are two different x donations that were given to me by the fbi as to how this investigation began. one explanation was that russia was engaged in this unprecedented level of activity and that it was investigation into what russia was doing and oh, by the way, it might also include some people tangentially related to the trump campaign. that is explanation one. explanation two was a particular interest in man afford, flynn,
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papadopoulos, and page. then you look at the documents with jerry never has never done. i did it about a year ago. the initiation document drafted by peter strzok, if that name rings a bell. he drafted, approved the investigation in july of 2016 and the words trump campaign are specifically in the initiation document. it is eminently reasonable to ask what was the factual predicate for this investigation in july of 2016? and is that when it really began because there is some evidence he began months sooner. >> shannon: with all of that in the mix, the attorney general brought up an interesting point today about who knew what when and why they didn't go to the trump campaign. here's what he said. >> fiber attorney general and that situation came up, i would say yes. brief the target. >> shannon: what do you know about attempts to brief the trump campaign, like you might
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be in danger by russian folks who want to flip or infiltrate your campaign. >> paul ryan and devin nunes and i spent a lot of time asking the fbi about what we call defensive briefings. they do it for other folks. they did it for the clinton campaign. the explanation given to us by the bear was we did go to brief the president, the candidate, now president trump, initially. however, one of the people we wanted to brief him on was in the room with him. so we couldn't do a briefing on person x while person x was sitting right next to him. it's either flynn or manafort because papadopoulos and paige were never that close to him. the question then is did you go back? the fbi's admission to me -- not hearsay, to me -- was we don't have a good expiration for why we didn't go back and defensively brief him later. >> shannon: we know the attorney general is tracing and looking back. the inspector general is looking
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at use of the fisa documents. based on what he had to say today, here's what the house speaker nancy pelosi said in reaction. >> let me just say how very, very dismaying and disappointing the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. yesterday and today. >> shannon: democrats say that barr can't be trusted and he's a political appointee who they say audition for the job. the president, really anything that filters through him can't be trusted. >> wow. i wonder if that is the same barr that was voice voted upon the united states senate. not a single scented democrat had a problem with bill barr and it's not just barr who's looking into this activity. it's also michael horowitz who is as straight and narrow as you will find, as john uber, former u.s. attorney, lindsey graham. i assure you is going to -- there's nothing wrong with activating
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asking. what is wrong with asking what is the factual predicate for investigating a presidential campaign. what surveillance techniques did you use. that's before you even get to the fisa process. of course you want to know whether or not you can spy on an american absent sufficient factual predicate. even before that, to launch a counterintelligence investigation by somebody with the level of historic animus that peter strzok had, why is it wrong for us as fellow americans to say how did this begin. if there is sufficient factual predicate, i think bill barr will be the first to tell you. in fact, he signaled that today. he's not saying that spying or surveillance was inappropriate. he doesn't know that yet. what he is saying is we are going to find out, and that's an eminently reasonable position. >> shannon: i would think folks would want answers to some of those questions. former congressman trey gowdy, thank you so much for stopping in. great to have you.
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>> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> shannon: breaking tonight, the treasury secretary is denying a house democrat demand to a turnover president trump tax returns. chief national correspondent ed henry is tracking the latest. >> this fight just got more intense. treasury secretary steven mnuchin telling democrats he will not meet their deadline because his lawyers are concerned about the personal privacy of every american. they're going to spend an unspecified time considering the legality. chuck grassley backed steven mnuchin up. president trump dismissed a democratic deadline of thursday to turn over six years of tax returns, noting the american people had already litigated the matter. >> remember i got elected last time. the same exact issue with the same intensity which wasn't very much. because frankly the people don't care. >> while the president is correct, he won despite not revealing any returns, he's not right that the public does not
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care. a fox news poll last month found 74% of americans and 54% of republicans believe in general the president of the united states should be required to release his or her tax returns. there is no such requirement, though there was president dating back to president richard nixon of candidates in both parties voluntarily releasing them. >> i would not give my taxes. there's no law. >> contrary to the president's claims, irs commissioner charles reddick says there is no rule prohibiting the release of any tax returns because of an audit, but he's not, it all about giving the presidents returns to democrats. >> it is your job and your job alone to respond to the chairman's request. do you agree with that? >> received the letter and are working on the letter with counsel. we anticipate responding. we are a bureau of the treasury. we are supervised by the
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treasury. >> in 1924 loss as the treasury secretary currently steven mnuchin shall turnover the tax returns of any american upon written request by a relevant committee chairman on capitol hill, in this case house ways and means chairman rich o'neill set up a legal clash likely to be settled by the courts. the president's allies contend it's a political crash as democrats go fishing after the hopes of russian collusion fizzled. >> it's witch hunts in every direction. tax returns. everything with a all you see is an attempt to harass the president. >> the president's attorney says the 1924 law only applies when there is a legitimate legislative purpose. a post-watergate law establishes all tax returns are not just the presidents, are confidential. senator grassley said democrats request has what he calls serious implications for every single american and their privacy. >> shannon: something tells me i might be covering this at the
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supreme court a year or two from now. thank you. reports to knife of the former white house counsel for president obama, gregory cragg, is expecting to face federal charges for what he did on behalf of the ukrainian government. the new charges reportedly stemming from mueller's investigation into former trump campaign chair paul manafort. if the obama administration spied on the trump campaign, how will the media cover the news? brit hume joins us next. kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid?
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>> do you want to rephrase what you are doing, because i think the word spying could cause everybody in the cable news ecosystem to freak out. >> unauthorized surveillance. i'm going to make sure there was
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no unauthorized surveillance. >> thank you. >> is that more appropriate in your mind? >> shannon: according to the attorney general bill barr, there was spying on president trump 2016 campaign. former white house press secretary ari fleischer said for two years, the media breathlessly covered and acquiesce to allegations against trump no matter how absurd. now the allegations are against the obama administration. why do i think the coverage will be different? let's bring in fox news senior political analyst brit hume to discuss. great to have you with us. your initial reaction to the reaction we've seen today as to what the attorney general had to say. >> people's heads have been exploding all day long. i was listening on the radio today, and i heard the testimony and i thought well, we all kind of knew that, didn't we? after all, shannon, remember the fbi started a counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign in the summer of 2016, into the trump campaign in russia in 2016.
8:18 pm
what does that mean? it means the fbi in its capacity as the nation's domestic spy agency had open this investigation. of course they were conducting surveillance. they were writing national security letters. they sought fisa warrants. that was all part of a spy operation to find out what was going on. that might've been latonya nearly legitimate. -- entirely legitimate. barr said it was a big deal because it was a sensitive manner and he's going to try to find out if it was legitimate or not. that seems to me to be totally reasonable but oh, boy. heads are exploding as the democrats are saying all of this stuff. journalists are in arms, harrumphing about the use of the word spy. >> shannon: we have a little bit of that. here's a bit of the media reaction. >> this whole thing was ridiculous and a little bit beneath a sitting attorney general of the united states. >> today the attorney general
8:19 pm
feeding these crazy trump conspiracy theories about spying. >> you don't get to put the toothpaste back in the tube now. >> shannon: that's more of what you were talking about. >> there was a lot more of it too, shannon, as you all know. what disappoints me particularly is that so much of it is picked up as if i'm cured by our colleagues in the mainstream media who parroted all this and one journalist for "the washington post" was putting the word spy" as if boy, we don't want to get too close to saying this ourselves. about an investigation, as barr plainly put it, there was spying. >> shannon: he said he's going to look to see what the predicates were underlined the warrants. the chair of the house intelligence committee, democrat adam schiff, who's been a key player in the russia investigation, what he said today to politico, he said it's very concerning when the top law enforcement offers are in the country uses incendiary language like that.
8:20 pm
>> he is the last man on earth who ought to be talking about that. he's been telling us for a couple years now at least that there is ample evidence, considerable evidence, that the trump campaign colluded with the russians. he said that even after the bottom-line conclusion on collusion came from the barr report, citing a quote from mueller that they had not established that. he is still saying it. now for him to be all victorian gentlemen about what the attorney general said, while back. that's remarkable. >> shannon: i want to play something lindsey graham, republican chair of the senate judiciary committee, what he said about lawmakers, journalist, everybody, any american whether or not you should be concerned about getting to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> they seem not to give a damn that the fisa warrant process was abused. they seem not to care about a counterintelligence
8:21 pm
investigation being opened and the principal subject not being briefed because it was trump. >> shannon: do you think it's fair to put this through partisan lines? >> in this current atmosphere, it's probably inevitable. people around the country would like to know if the inquiry that was made by the fbi was, about which they have been some real doubts and about which allies have been told, was legitimate. now it appears with the attorney general's statement today that the investigation into that will go forward and we already have an inspector general inquiry into a lot of this. there is a prosecutor in utah named a couple years back by jeff sessions who is looking into all of this. those inquiries will go forward and perhaps the attorney general will add more forces to that. we will find out. i don't think there's the slightest chance that bill barr go through this process and determinants of the fbi and the
8:22 pm
others who worked on this head legitimate basis for what they did. he will say so but if he doesn't come i think that's what a lot of democrats and their media allies are afraid of. if he doesn't think that, he will say that too i think that's what concerns them. >> shannon: he's back on the clock in the middle of the biggest firestorms in washington, bill barr. brit hume, thank you for weighing in. great to have you. >> you bet, shannon. >> shannon: 2020 contender senator bernie sanders unveiling his medicare for all proposal as critics say -- >> all basic health care needs. i suppose if you want to make yourself look more beautiful, work on the nose, they can do that. >> soap basically blue cross blue shield would be reduced to a nose jobs. >> something like that. >> wears the g.o.p. plan on health care? >> i am all in favor of what
8:23 pm
should be called mitch fixes to try to improve the current system. office the obamacare has entirely too high payments and deductibles. we ought to be working on something like that. >> shannon: the white house reacting. "self-proclaimed socialist senator bernie sanders proposing a total government takeover of health care that would actually hurt seniors, lemonade private health insurance for 180 million americans, and cripple our economy and future generations with unprecedented debt." this is a fox news alert. freshman congresswoman democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez as climate change is a major factor in the illegal immigration crisis and if you don't sign onto the green new deal you are big part of the problem. correspondent trace gallagher digging into the data. good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon. alexandria ocasio-cortez could not have been more blunt, saying that if the new green deal doesn't get past and if we don't take immediate and drastic action to fight climate change, "we will have blood on our
8:24 pm
hands." the freshman congress member went on twitter to attack conservatives for their stance on immigration coding have you ever notice they never talk about what's causing people to ? perhaps that is because they would be forced to confront a major factor, climate change." she also shared video by the left-wing organization whose founders are notably critics of capitalism. watch. >> from wildfires in alberta to hurricanes importer rico, climate change is one of the reasons many of us are forced to leave our homes and search for a safer place to live. >> ocasio-cortez has heather allies like john kerry who praid her push for climate change change. >> congresswoman ocasio-cortez has offered more leadership in one day or one week then president trump has in his lifetime on this subject.
8:25 pm
>> conservatives were quick to attack john kerry's climate change credentials but in fairness in the years that we have covered central american caravans, we have found those who fled their countries because of drought and its effects on agriculture. there have been some. but among the hundreds of interviews fox news has conducted, the vast majority of migrant say they left behind an awful economy and are moving toward what they believe the u.s. has to offer. here is g.o.p. congressman dan crenshaw. >> the numbers speak for themselves. this is not due to climate change. every immigrant who comes across has a different reason for wanting to come across but it certainly isn't climate change. >> late last year, four european professors in three countries interviewed 3500 grants worldwide and their study, published in "the washington post," concluded that climate induced environmental change does not necessarily lead to more migration. in fact, most people adapt to environmental change.
8:26 pm
shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. senator ted cruz joins us to talk about whether social media is biased against conservatives, also talks medicare for all. is he responsible for texas tech losing the ncaa championship to virginia because of this selfie? he will explain. got it? got it. it's slippery. nooooo... noooo... nooooo... yeeeesss...
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8:31 pm
moderation policies that already fail to remove hateful, dangerous and misleading conten content. " >> that is more and more the views of the extreme left. if you don't want to be censored, just don't say things we disagree with. that's the arrogance. we see it on college campuses. we see it in big tech. we had testimony today, we had the producer of the movie unplanned, the true story, former clinic director of planned parenthood and became a pro-life activist. unplanned, had google refused to run their ads. twitter took down their web page. the networks refused to carry their ads and it became the number four movie in the country. it's in theaters right now. we see this pattern over and over again with -- pro-life tweets have been censored. today i put up a tweet to that
8:32 pm
was sent out from the susan b. anthony list, quote from mother teresa. twitter censored it. i asked, do you consider this quote from mother teresa to be hate speech and they refused to answer. that pattern of censorship is dangerous and none of us should be happy to have a handful of left-wing silicon valley billionaires censoring what is said and silencing conservatives, silencing christians, silencing people of faith. it's not right and we have to stop it. >> shannon: these are private companies. >> they are. much of what the hearing today talked about, the problem is serious. the remedy is complicated. i readily admit that remedy is complicated but today i talked about the tech companies having a special immunity from liability that congress has passed called section 230 of the communications decency act. you can't sue twitter and google and facebook if they commit
8:33 pm
libel, slander. if you liable someone on-air, fox news can be sued but twitter and google, they can't be sued. the whole reason congress gave them that immunity from liability as it was based on the idea that they would be neutral public forums. they wouldn't be speaking. he would be other people speaking. they are now engaged as partisan left-wing political speakers. there's no reason on earth they should have a special immunity from liability that protects them in a way that nobody else is protected. >> shannon: senator sanders rolled out medicare for all. he has several democratic cosponsors. today senator gillibrand said it's vital to humanity, it must be a right not a privilege. health care coverage for everybody. speak of the democratic party is galloping to the left. it used to be a few years ago bernie sanders was on the extreme fringe. now the entire democratic field is agree with bernie sanders, an avowed socialist. socialist medicine doesn't work. medicare for all, you slipped up
8:34 pm
and called it medicaid for all. that's right. that's in fact what it would be. one of the consequences, millions of americans, millions of seniors have paid into medicare for decades. what medicare for all is talking about doing is taking millions of people that haven't paid into the system including illegal aliens, putting them on medicare which would bankrupt medicare and hurt all the millions of americans who rely on it. it's wrong and it's dangerous but it's where the democratic party is. >> shannon: comment on yale law school, the fact that they will not pay students or help them with loan forgiveness. if the students work for faith-based organizations that they say are discriminatory because these groups might be against things like same-sex marriage. a student writes cruz represented yale's policy. he said you talk tough against intolerance but when it comes to protecting constant constitutil
8:35 pm
rights, you are all hat and no cattle. >> not surprising to see left-wing activists on universities who want to censor speech. the constitution subcommittee, senate judiciary committee which i chair has announced an investigation into yale's discrimination based on religious faith. we are going to examine what they are doing and it's illegal under federal law, federal civil rights law, discriminate based on religious faith. if yale gets away with this, this is the canary in the coal mine. every other law school will follow. the other schools will follow and by the way, you know what the group asked for? they asked gail, don't admit to conservative students. if you believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman. don't admit those students to yell. that's extreme bigotry and we can't let it stand. >> shannon: i've got to put this up and if you want to make a comment, this is your selfie tweet at the end of the ncaa championship and folks thought you might've jinxed them. anything you want to say in your
8:36 pm
defense? >> i want to say that the texas tech red raiders did a phenomenal job. they made it to overtime. tragically they just fell short. >> shannon: your selfie is not to blame. >> i am proud to cheer on every texas team and i will keep on cheering and texas is going to win more championships. >> shannon: senator ernst thanr coming in. or white house officials under the obama administration responsible for turning washington's surveillance powers against a political opponent? the power panel is here and they will weigh in next. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected
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8:41 pm
that never happened. tonight "the wall street journal" says now it's time for the most senior obama administration officials to reveal the decision-making process that led to surveillance of the political opposition. let's bring into knights power panel. fox news contributor, former clinton posterior doug schoen. chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp her republican national committee spokesperson liz harrington. great to have you with us. after the attorney general's statement today that he believes they were spying and the doj says he doesn't mean that in a pejorative sense. he means they were monitoring peoples communications. he wants to get to the bottom of it, if it was done well and legally, he has no problem with it. there was pony reactions may pray this comes to us from senator blumenthal. democrat in the senate. >> a man who was highly regarded as an institutionalist. this remark is about as unprofessional for any prosecutor. this term is literally stunning.
8:42 pm
i think it will forever taint his tenure. >> shannon: matt, it will taint his tenure. >> the democrats on the hot seat now. they have spun this web of lies for two years the donald trump was supposedly a traitor and had rigged the election with vladimir putin. really what ended up happening is that president obama and his team took steps to try to quote-unquote stop him. i think now it's fair for the investigators to now look at the wrongdoing under president obama. president obama himself and his senior officials should be asked the tough questions. >> shannon: this attorney general has tried to make clear he wants to release as much of the mueller report to be as transparent as possible. he's going to color-code the redactions of people know what has been blurred out. today he was asked about whether he's going to do anything to protect the president. he said he hasn't seen the report doesn't need to see it before barr releases it. here is an exchange with senator shaheen and ag barr.
8:43 pm
>> does that mean you will redact information to protect the reputational interest of the president? >> no. i'm talking about people in private life. not public officeholders. >> shannon: he said he's not going to keep out the information not positive for the president and there's bound to be something the president and his team is not going to like. do you think the democrats should be reassured or are they right to accuse barr of being partisan? >> i was pretty much reassured today by his comments. he said it was unauthorized surveillance. that may or may not have been inappropriate. i think that was fair and reasonable. what he said about the mueller report again seemed fair and reasonable. why not have an inquiry, shannon, as to what happened, why the fbi did what they did, who ordered it, how it went down, and let's see the mueller report and let's judge for ourselves. >> shannon: were going to get
8:44 pm
a lot more information next wee week. at least the ag says he's trying to make it for next week. many more investigations, things going on with the origins. josh campbell tweeted "here's one of the ridiculous parts of barr's quote spy claim. the fbi already owns the techniques used to surveil citizens. if they were crooks, they could've spied on trump people without going to a judge but they didn't. they went to court. let's employ logic here." lives, he says they went by the books. >> all attorney general barr said was state an obvious fact which is the used covert informants. they used secret subpoenas. they wiretapped. that is called spying. the problem is it wasn't just the spying by the obama administration against their political opponent. it was a attempt at radical anti-trump fbi hack at the highest level.
8:45 pm
so biased against this president and out to get him from the beginning, shielding hillary clinton from prosecution, meddling in the 2016 election by shielding her and then vowing to stop president trump from being elected. they couldn't stop them from being elected so they decided to try to overturn the results of the 2016 election and the will of the american people which is electing donald trump, with smears, lies, leaks. the important thing was they never had any evidence. >> shannon: it's going to take time to iron out these things. democrats talking about subpoenas. matt, i will ask you and doug, do you think there will be some point of information where democrats will have enough in saying this is all we needed to know? >> there is still a lot for us to know in terms of details. i think we know the basic narrative of the story, shannon, and there's a lot of wrongdoing under obama. i agree with what liz just said in terms of loretta lynch calling off the prosecution potentially of hillary clinton.
8:46 pm
the unmasking by the foreign policy teams under president obama which they used to entrap as many people aren't team trump as they could. the wrongdoing is breathtaking. i agree with doug. let's see it all and put this behind us. we are tired of talking about it. >> they destroyed the computers for hillary. >> shannon: doug, ten seconds. do you think there's a point where democrats will say thank you. that's enough. >> i like to think there will be but so far those no evidence of that. >> shannon: thank you all. great to have you tonight. this is a fox news alert. local news reporting tonight that a suspect has been taken into custody in connection with multiple fires at historically black churches across louisiana. "cbs news" reporting that the suspect's father is the one who turned him in. fire marshals expected to hold a press conference tomorrow. college campuses trying to ban turning point usa from their
8:47 pm
campuses. >> no more hate. >> shannon: charlie kerr, one of the founders of turning point usa, joins us next to respond. it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect the things that were most important to us. we always knew we had a lot of life ahead of us. (mom) remember this? (mom vo) that's why we chose a car that we knew would be there for us through it all. (male vo) welcome to the all-new 2019 subaru forester. the longest-lasting, most trusted forester ever. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you're having one more bite no! one more bite! ♪
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>> [bleep].
8:51 pm
[bleep]. >> shannon: that was a scene from the turning point usa chapter president after a meeting where the student body government voted to ban the conservative group from campus altogether. let's talk to the founder of turning point usa about this. charlie kirk, good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: i'm going to read the resolution. this was put together by the student government. they say you consistently, the group turning point usa, consistently has a history of creating hostile work and learning environments, upholding and enforcing racism or whites from say, that you harass, intimidate, threaten students and faculty as you see fit." your reply. >> completely baseless. baseless accusations. do they know that turning point usa hosts the nation's largest young black leadership summit? do they know turning point usa brought 400 young back later to
8:52 pm
the white house in october? do they know turning point usa hosts the nation's largest young latino leadership summit for hispanic -- freedom loving hispanics? do they know rob smith is a gay black veteran. our communications director is candace owens who had a great day yesterday standing up to this hatred and demagoguery. here's the bottom line. the left hates the idea there's other ideas. it's too bad. our chapter leader at texas texas state is a young hispanic woman who believes so confidently in her conservative views that she go through this hatred, this hostility and it's too bad that we as a country have not moved from a place where you are allowed to hear another idea without wanting to shut it up or sign tent. it's bad that the student government put forward this resolution but good on the administration for overwriting it and vetoing it. >> shannon: the students said
8:53 pm
we need to have an environment free of discrimination, intimidation and censorship. one of the student senators argued if you favored free speech you will favor this measure kicking you off campus. that was part of the discussion. as you said, the dean of students said "student government does not have the authority to independently bar a recognized student organization. texas state supports the constitutional rights of our students, faculty, staff and visitors." i watch the video and we can barely show it because there's so much language and bleeping and vulgar gestures. why do you think that your organization invokes that kind of response from people? they say that you aren't the devil to ethnic concerns on campus. they were very unhappy. >> even though our chapter leader is a hispanic woman but i will say it so important, why are they so threatened by these ideas? we are having success.
8:54 pm
they don't want a marketplace of ideas. they don't want debate and dialogue and discussion. they would rather have a monopoly of those ideas. kudos to president trump. we have seen a change since the president courageously signed an executive order upholding the first amendment rights of all students on college campuses. in years past, and administration will not always come in like this. this is a true change and we are seeing a change on the ground at turning point usa on college campuses for students to be able to freely express their opinions when they are not always in the majority. imagine it for a second a group of students wearing make america great again hats were hurling those insults at a liberal group. he would be a nationwide new story and that's double standard. >> shannon: we will continuing following. i expect it will continues. charlie kirk, keep us updated. our midnight hero is next. a photographer comes
8:55 pm
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>> shannon: for the first time, astronomers have captured an image of a black hole, and a business so deep and dense, it was once thought to be unobservable. the black hole is 6.5 billion times larger than the sun, and it is at the center of a galaxy 55 million light-years away. i still don't even know how we get that picture, but okay, here's another picture for this 11-foot great white shark charged a photographer who was in a shark cage. remarkable pictures, and luckily the shark veered off 2 feet away from the camera. he said he knew it would be a great shot, just a little bit too close for comfort. tonight's "midnight hero" derek nelson, high school principal from new jersey donated bone marrow to a 14-year-old boy in france he never met there identified as his match, stepped up to help the boy, and said it would be worth it to have a little pain and give someone else years of joy. sometime after the procedure,
9:00 pm
nelson's fiance said he passed away, there is now an online petition to rename the school. you are "midnight hero" ." ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." what happens when you can no longer denounce her political opponents as russian spies? this is a major problem in the democratic party right now, but they have a pde solution. you just call them white nationalists instead. it is every bit as stupid and slanderous and even more effective in shutting them up. but what does it do to the country when you whip up hatred and fear like that? we will tell you just ahead. but first tonight the attorney general william barr has confirmed what has been obvious for months now. the obama administration spied on donald trump's presidential campaign.ha nothing like this has happened in modern american history. barr dropping the news in passing in testimony before


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