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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 12, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump." sean will be back on monday, have a great weekend. laura ingraham is up next. >> laura: laura ingraham, this is the ingram angle from washington. last night we explain idea obama intel jim clapper was angry about attorney general bill barr confirming that the trump am pair had, indeed, been spied upon. he wasn't the only one. and tonight is jim comey's turn in the barrel. plus the democrat congressional hearing were a farce from beginning to end, all of the embarrassing moments you know you missed them, and the hi liarious clapbacks coming up. what's behind the religious war against vice president pence? don't get it.
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and screwy louis farrakhan for get what funeral he was atenting. a holy edition of "friday follies." in "the ingraham angle," stories you may have missed. first we hit immigration. the left has a very interesting way of approaching this issue. it's not an emergency, is it, when 100,000 people are pouring across our southern border. but when it's reported that president trump is considering bussing illegal immigrant detaenees to sanctuary cities the democrats freak out. the president umped the ante today. >> president trump: we can give them a lot, we can give them an unlimited supply. and let's see if they're so happy, they say we have open arms, they're always saying they have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. >> laura: the president may have legal standing to make good on the threat. and look the how the democrats are swarming now.
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nancy pelosi said the extent of this administration cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated. but, wait, wait a second, shouldn't she and her other california politicians, ones all for open borders, shouldn't they be thrilled? they are the ones, after all, who have said this about sanctuary cities. >> in our sanctuary cities our people are not disobeying the law. it's not a question of giving sanctuary to some one who has, is guilty of a crime. >> the fact is sanctuary cities keep people safer, healthier, and keep people educated. >> laura: i mean, that's a commercial for sanctuary cities. take them in, bring them in, welcome them in. but it's not so simple, is it? consider this horrific crime in the sanctuary city of jersey city. illegal alien is charged in the march 24 rape and murder of jogger care on lien a cano.
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jorge rios was deported two times from the united states before returning illegally a third time. he she worked as a nanny, incredible woman, of strong faith and a beautiful, giving heart. but the left doesn't acknowledge these american tragedies, they're too busy trying to demonize touch trump on this and score political points. brings us to our next story. this week democrats continued flailing in the wake of bob mueller's no collusion finding. i think they're beyond desperate to regain political footing after two years of levelling defamatory and false accusations against the president. remember he was basically spooning with vladimir putin before the election. but they quickly found a new target, attorney general bill barr. >> his credibility will be absolutely shredded if he fails to retract this assertion.
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>> he lost whatever credibility he may have had. >> chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. >> the attorney general feels it's his job to do the president's bidding. >> laura: now, watching barr at the hearings this week flick off all of their insipid comments and inquiries, one by one, i have to say i watched every minute of all of the hearings and with barr it was better than anything on netflix. the media, though, joined the liberal barr crawl, looking for any buzz they could get. >> this guy is on a tightrope, on one side he wants to lean one way to make sure trump keeps hem in a job and don't look like an ass. >> you can almost see his mind, barr going, okay, how do i answer this question so trump doesn't feet at me. -- tweet at me. so i keep my job. but still not make a jack ass
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out of myself, for a lie. >> that's tough. >> laura: you know what's tough? this obvious thought, afraid to lose his job? you mean go back to a comfortable no stress retirement and enjoy his grand kids? are you kidding me? why would bill barr do something unethical today in order to save a job he already had 30 years ago? news flash, he doesn't need to build his resume, kids. a moment that sent shivers down the spines of the former obama deep staters was this one. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> yes, i think spying did occur and i'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated but i need explore that. >> laura: i wonder how jim comey felt upon hearing that spying reference. >> look, this is terrible. it makes me mildly nauseous to
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think we might have had impact on the election. >> laura: well, it turns out the former spook had something to hide, practiced the art of deflection. and then they play word games. >> spying is a term i never liked, i never liked that term applied to me. it has a bad connotation. it's pejorative term. >> i really don't know what he's talking about. when he talks about spying on the campaign. the fbi and department of justice conduct koempt-ordered electronic surveillance. i have never thought of that as spying. >> laura: let me get it straight, clapper and comey, jim squared what we call them here, were the guys determined to get something on president trump through surveillance and leaking to the media. but now they're spending their time quibbling with the term spying? now, this concern, this is all phony, over semantics reeks of
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desperation. i think the real fear is that attorney general barr is extremely serious, very judicious, extremely professional, and he's on the case. they also know that the inspector general mike horowitz will not only clean up this mess but hold hose who perpetrated this fraud accountable. here, now, sara carter and former deputy independent interest counsel saul wisen berg, fox contributors. saul, why do you think they're worried about surveillance versus spying when will barr himself said numerous times i'm not saying it was necessarily impermissible. i'm just saying that's what i'm seeing. >> he's saying it's a big deal if the government is spying on a major political party candidate. was it well predicated? we don't know. i'd be silly not to look at it. i think that's the really dangerous thing that they see in barr. he's making a very simple observation that nobody in the
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media and almost nobody in the democratic party has made for the last two years. that is a big deal. you better have a really good reason before you spy on any major candidate of any party. >> laura: we keep saying this, sara, you said it, imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. imagine if george w. bush's doj had authorized surveillance of obama's campaign team. can you imagine what the aclu and all of these organizations would have -- they would have been screaming holy hell. >> most of the civil libertarians would have been going crazy, "new york times," "washington post" would have won putlizers. they would have put their money into investigating why the bush campaign was spying. but all we need to do is look at right now, laura, there's good reason for william barr, the attorney general, to say these things. he obviously has more information than we do. we've been reporting on this, starting over 2 1/2 years ago. with the expansion of
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authorities under the obama administration, that allowed people within the intelligence community to spy at an enormous rate. now, some of that was legalized, they expanded it. he's going to take a hard look at a political campaign, that was given no defensive briefing, but was approached by -- >> laura: he said on another network, clapper, they were given extensive briefings and told about russian possible meddling. >> oh, absolutely not true. >> laura: he said it. >> he gave them -- he did not. what they gave him was a generalized briefing. that's the russians, the chinese, ukrainians. but he never gave a defensive briefing detailtion that george pap a dop on loss or page -- >> laura: but they've been lying to prosecutors? you would have told them, they didn't tell you about russian meddling. >> here's the key thing, lisa
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page testified her testimony has been released to congress? asked her that question. she said we didn't think there was enough evidence tone give a defensive briefing. yet they thought it was good enough to go to the fisa warranted. >> laura: oh my god! >> that's real. here's what's sad. >> laura: oh my god. >> in the watergate era, that would have been investigated, and covered, whatever party did it, and just hasn't been covered. they've acted like it's not real. >> laura: and ridiculed trump for saying they were wire trumping trump tower. they were being surveilled. and they laughed at him, ridiculed him nonstop. >> they're not ridiculing barr, they're worried about barr. and i think barr is the real deal. he's going restore integrity to the department. >> laura: we need it. and eric swalal, running for president now, he announced on
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it a late night comedy show. >> of his high cool class? >> laura: he said this about barr. >> the attorney general should recuse himself immediately. he has no business touching any part of this investigation. he also is doing the exact opposite of what jeff sessions did. jeff sessions was recused. attorney general barr is completely embedded. >> laura: he should recuse? >> absolutely not. eric swalwell is grasping at straws trying to find something to say, it's ridiculous, and i don't think barr is threatened by -- [ laughing ]. >> laura: i want your thoughts on greg craig, former white house counsel under obama, indicted, he was a partner in my old law firm, for hiding information related to foreign lobbying work for ukraine. ukraine has been in the news, stemming from what they found out various issues in the mueller investigation.
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but the msnbr justice and security analyst matt miller had some questions. >> i don't know whether the charges are justified or not. there's something fishy about the way the justice kept brought this case, they have still to explain why they brought this kals after one office declined to bring it. they haven't given it. it does raise questions over whether the prosecution is political or not. >> laura: it's okay the to go after man a for the but not greg craig. >> i have no question whether or not it's political. but i don't know how righteous it is, i haven't read the charges. they have only prosecuted ten people over a 50-year period. i would want to look. they certainly weren't sending a signal they thought this was something they were enforcing. would i want to look. >> laura: not people who consult for foreign governments, a lot of people do. >> craig and i weren't boss only buddies but even indictment is a serious thing. >> laura: judge carlson reeve yesterday said this, let's
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watch. >> politicians are dangerous, political, and guilty of egregious overreach, you can hear the lawyers, offices of the court, across the south. in the executive branch when it calls our courts and their work stupid, horrible,ry doing ridiculous, laughing stock, you can hear the servers and slims of george wallace echoing into the present. >> laura: obama appointee code of conduct for u.s. judges, not supposed to be involved in politics. there's a slight exception for, if the judiciary is being persecuted, i guess hah's what he's hanging on. >> think about this, think about these enormous attacks on president trump, coming from a judge, right? just crossing every line. i mean i don't know how you feel with this, but to me it cross as line.
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it shows what's been happening in the united states. and i personally think there's something -- >> laura: you can't get into politics as a judge, can't do it. >> i haven't seen the whole context of it. of the president's criticism of the judiciary, i'd like to hear the whole thing. >> laura: the executive branch when it's stymied time after again by one or two federal district court judges can't have a comment on it? federal policy? he can comment all he wants. >> but don't say -- >> laura: he's an elected official, the judge isn't. >> he can comment, i don't like the comments he's made. >> a lot of judges creating policy, not just judging. >> laura: it's not an imperial judiciary, i don't like these judges getting into poll six. but be respectful of the courts, that's a fair point. my nexter next guess says -- thank you too. how rude of me! investigating trump and his administration, will actually hurt them, he said be mindful of 2002 and 2010, democrats
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obsessing over enron, remember the financial crisis? frank lund is next. >> should goldman-sachs be trying to sell this (bleep) deal. can you answer that one? can you answer that one yes or no? >> the chairman of enron and his wife distributed close to $800,000 to the republican party since 1988. during the 2000 presidential campaign, enron made available its fleet of corporate jets for political travel by president bush. >> laura: frank lunld joins us now, both of your examples for mid terms, voter weariness over the corrections during a presidential election, could the same dynamic be at play? >> i think it may be. voters want people in washington to be their voice. they want people in washington to hold businesses accountable,
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if they do something illegal or wrong. they appreciated early in the election cycles, the democrats, for holding enron accountable and for holding the banks and the real estate companies and all of those involved in the meltdown in 2008-2009. but what happens is if you go too far, look like you're trying to score political points, get yourself elected off the backs of the pain that the american people feel not only don't they like it but they end up punishing the party doing it n2002, the democrats had a six-point generic ballot lead with eight weeks to go and they lost it. in 2010, they had a seven-point lead with 90 days to go and they lost that one as well. in the end, voters will punish politicians who seem to be scoring political points when people are suffering. >> laura: and i think now people are doing better, it's a pretty, by all accounts pretty good time if you want to work, you can get
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a job, probably have a little bit more money in your pocket, people are optimistic about the economy. interesting, frank, ball games the "washington post"-abc did a poll, do you think democrats will go too far investigating trump or not far enough? go too far, 46%. not go far enough, 17%. >> it's happening. that should be the wakeup call. they left town to do their retreat, it's interesting, today is 1900th day of the democratic congress. can you name one accomplishment in the first 1900 dwas? go back to -- first 100 days? the republicans passed 10 solid pieces of legislation in 2010, never went home. democrats are now on a two-week leave, two-week vacation to go to a resort area, and they talk about all of the things that they haven't done. and the polling data is obvious. there's also warning for the republicans.
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which is not to become complacent and remember in the end, they were elected to be the voice of the people and they have that responsibility in what they do. >> laura: frank, i thought the image yesterday, we pointed out in "the angle" trump with the hard hat in texas, the oil workers and the ranchers, and then the democrats with john ledge end and chrissy -- ledge independent and chrissy tiegen frashing the president. it was hanging out with the elite, doing yoga sessions in the afternoon, trump with the blue collar workers was a great -- i thought that study in contrast was powerful. >> well, you raise an important point, which is that the visual is as important as what is said. if the democrats think that hanging out at expensive resorts and laughing about what is going on in washington is going to get them elected they're wrong. the american people still, still expect washington to do its job, work hard. >> laura: get results. >> and get results, that they
11:19 pm
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>> laura: with committee hearings all week it was like from beginning to end yes we took the time to highlight some of the democrats starring most pathetic attempts at trapping conservatives. we have a new segment, "hearing slayed." here is matt schlack, and virginia state rep mark levine. matt, mad maxine, this is just two of the most embarrassing exchanges she had. i'm just talking in the last week. >> there's never been anybody that's been here more than 3:15. i've sat here for over 3:s 5 -- >> i appreciate your reminding us of the time that secretaries have been here. this is the new way and a new day and a new chair and i have
11:24 pm
the gavel at this point. if you wish to leave you may. >> can you clarify that for me? >> if you wish to leave you may. what are you guys doing with the student loan debt? who would like to answer first? >> estopped making student loans in 2007. >> you don't do it any more? >> we stopped student loans in 2009. >> when the government took over student lending in 2010 we stopped all student lending. >> thank you. >> laura: oh, matt, head of the financial services committee might have had a handle on when the government took over the business of student loans. and mnuchin wanted to get to a meeting with the president of -- >> bahrain. >> i have never seen a secretary of the treasury put in time-out or raise his hand if he wants to go to the bathroom. completely absurd. >> laura: it was using the gavel, when you have to say i
11:25 pm
have the gavel, isn't that kind of -- >> but he says i don't know if i can leave. you're free to go. he said i don't understand what you mean. you're free to go. don't understand english? >> laura: she wouldn't dismiss the hearing. the formal end of the hearing is hit the gavel, which she called the gravel. >> he did. >> laura: we didn't mean to edit that out, he was like, come on. i think they had a gentleman's agreement -- >> you end the panel, can you bring in another panel. what she was saying she wanted to own the idea it looked like he walked away. >> he wants to walk out, obviously. asking dumb questions about -- >> dumb questions like whether he should disclose donald trump's tax returns? that's a law requiring him to do that. >> no it doesn't. >> you say it doesn't? i brought the law with me. >> laura: no properties, if you
11:26 pm
can't remember it. >> i know the set. >> laura: if you think americans are going to vote on donald trump's tax reform i want to you go to his -- >> whether they obey the law or not. >> laura: maxine waters, embarrassing in that clip, about the student lebding. if your junior asoles yat at your law firm did hah you'd be like wait a second, where kid you go to law school. >> if they said we don't have to follow the tax code, mnuchin can go to jail for this. >> laura: i have a feeling mnuchin isn't going to jail. mad maxine wasn't the only one with no idea about what falls under the purview of the particular person they were questioning. here's matt cartwright, hitting a roadblock. >> your decision does or is breadth, its scope, its recklessness and lack of legal justification to invalidate the patient protection and affordable care act.
11:27 pm
>> we try to base our answer on the law. >> if you think it's an outrageous position you have nothing to worry about. let the courts do their job. >> i'm dismayed to hear you are willing to drive our healthcare system off the cliff with no plan for remacing it. >> your premise at the justice department makes healthcare policy is wrong. we take legal positions in cases. >> laura: well, mark, you have to admit this is strange. he didn't have alex azar, the hes secretary, not the white house chief of staff, he had the attorney general of the united states. well you're going to push grandma off the cliff? i took a position that the administration agrees on what that they want to pick. >> whether they're going to even force the law. he's the attorney general. >> laura: but it's a position that the administration itself jointly comes to. >> but the supreme court was very clear, you may not like it but affordable care act is constitutional and he has to obey it.
11:28 pm
>> this is whether republicans -- >> laura: no, no. >> what this is about is the idea that obamacare does not stand, because did congress legally pull back the individual mandates. >> laura: no one can follow this conversation, it's confusing. he doesn't run the healthcare policy, that's the point i was making. he said that. not to say they can't ask questions but he doesn't run it. this was congressman harono's other half in hawaii, what's his name? senator schatz. this is q and a. >> i think the word spying could cause everybody in the cable news ecosystem to freak out, and i think it's necessary for you to be precise with your language here. you normally, are and i want to give you a chance to be especially precise here. >> i'm not sure of all of the, um, connotations of that word that you're referring to. but unauthorized surveillance, i
11:29 pm
want to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance. >> thank you. >> is that more appropriate in your mind? >> laura: is it okay to say unauthorizeted surveillance? >> it was authorized surveillance. >> laura: is it already to say unauthorized surveillance? >> and spying is okay. >> and spying is okay. >> laura: holy or all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> laura: it's friday that means it's time for -- oh, unholy
11:33 pm
edition of friday follies. mayor pete takes a swipe at mike pence. the pope bows. and louis fan a can ruins a rapper's funeral? here's "new york times" best selling author the am u let of power, raymond. people raising a lot of money, number two in iowa, force to be reckoned with, he's really, like, poking at the vice president. >> it's part of a deliberate strategy. and probably an unwise one. for the last few weeks the golden boy has been engaged in a faith feud with vladimir putin mike pence. he has questioned the vice president's faith. yesterday in an interview with cnn pence responded. >> i hope to offer more to the american people than attacks on my christian faith or attacks on the president. >> he argues that your kwal is with them as a gay man and that he says i was born this way.
11:34 pm
>> i think pete's quarrel is with the first amendment. all of us have the right to our religious beliefs. >> the vice president saying people have a diversity of beliefs and stop questioning my faith. since i've not questioned yours. but butticieg hit today. >> i'm not critical of his faith, i'm critical of bad policies. i have a problem with religion ulgsled as a justification to harm people. especially in the lgbtq community. >> that is not entirely true. when mayor pete started this religious crusade against pence it was not focused on lgp. gbt but idealology pure tannism. he challenged mike pence's character. >> his interpretation of scripture is different than mine. it's about protect pg the stranger and the prisoner and the poor person. >> how could he allow himself to
11:35 pm
become the cheerleader of the porn star presidency? >> then later he goes on to call the mike pences of the world to account for their unwillingness to accept him. this is not about rights, this business a small town mayor trying to break from the pack, distinguish himself from the crowd, and i think a vain attempt to reclaim religion for a party hah let it languish and disparage. >> laura: as a political analyst, if i were consulting with him, i would say definitely make yourself stand out, it's a big crowd. i'm not sure the social issue is going to work for the democrats. when the social issues come to the fore, when they're brought to the fore, they usually help republicans, i think. it's a little, mike pence business the most innocuous, nicest person. is he talking about lgbt issues?
11:36 pm
>> it puts butticieg, saying unless you do what i do. in south bend, he has a problem. there was with a crisis pregnancy center that wanted to open up near an abortion clinic, he shut it down. >> laura: is that okay? i mean in his faith. >> this is the tension between religious liberty and other rights. >> laura: the question should people be able to have their religious beliefs? is he going to go through the list of muslims, orthodox jews, others with a certain set of beliefs that might not be copa set particular with what he believes? >> when he announces on palm sunday. the pope hosted a group of sudanese leaders who have been locked in a civil war since 2011. to drive home his move for peace, the pope got down on his hands and knees, laura, to kiss
11:37 pm
the feet of four south sudanese leaders. you can hear him heaving really heavily. the pope only has one functioning lung. some have praised the humility, it's power, others questioned it. they say it's an act of submission to political leaders and could be interpreted by some, particularly muslims on the ground and sudan as an act of submission. i'm not sure i buy that. it is a dramatic gesture. >> laura: well, it's supposed to be, he's showing that he's, christ came to be a servant. >> and humble. >> laura: humility, he's in servitude to man. >> right. >> laura: i have to say, does it become showy, he seemed to not like anyone kissing his ring, remember that? >> right. >> laura: now he's kissing feet. >> but so many dead in south sudan. >> laura: maybe that will inspire people to get along. yesterday in l.a. thousands
11:38 pm
lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper nip si hustle. recently released a song called fdt, f donald trump. >> (bleep) donald trump, yeah, (bleep) donald trump. yeah, yeah, (bleep) donald trump. (bleep) donald trump. (bleep) donald trump. >> laura: that's a very creative riff. >> very catchy. irving berlin, look out. >> laura: it all began and ended with irving berlin for you. >> yep. >> laura: the refrain, the chorus that goes on and on, is that related to the lowest unemployment ever, basically, for african-americans? >> at hustle's funeral, the less than holy religious figure louis farrakhan rose, it's always a good idea to know the name of the deceased. that hips. it was nipsey hustle.
11:39 pm
>> the life of nipsey russell, i thank nipsey russell. i said it right. [laughing] russell. >> those who might not remember, he was a '70s comedian, nipsey russell. >> there's one sure way to go, kids, ask where they came from. now they'll tell you where can you go. [laughing] >> laura: oh my god, was that match game. it was. >> laura: my grandmother loved that. >> come on down. >> laura: wasn't he on hollywood squares, the love boat? >> i love nipsey russell. >> laura: hustle. up next after passing a bill that essentially legalizes infan ta side who would you think the new york assembly, you couldn't sink any lower. now they're giving benefits to illegals that veteran families
11:40 pm
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one state assembly be? in new york after celebrating the abortion expansion law, infanticide, new york voted to block a provision that would extend additional college financial aid to gold star families. if it wasn't enough, this vote came right after the same body approved millions in tuition assistance for, you got it, illegal aliens. joining me is new york republic an state senator robert orrick. what's your message, senator, to the country after what your colleagues on the left did? it's an insult to american veterans and american military families nationwide. >> the message is, you know, it's new york should act as a
11:44 pm
warning to the rest of the country, of what will happen if the democrats take over all levels of power of the federal government in 2020. because they own everything here in new york, the senate, assembly, governor's office. this is what you get. you get priorities, i would say show me your budget, i'll show you your priorities. $27 million for so the-called dream act to provide tour is assistance to illegal aliens, people who have broken immigration laws. at the same time, they killed this bill which would have expanded access to the families, to the children of fallen service members. if that isn't an inversion of what is right and good, i don't know what is. it really is a message, people watching out there, this is what the democrats, the regressives will do if they control.
11:45 pm
>> laura: both were represented in the obscene radical thinking, california if it moves tax it. you know, pushing the pot deal, the pot deal, all of the stuff in new york, basically, becoming a mirror image. and this is what, i moon, this is where you're going. it's open borders, rewarding lawlessness and penalizing families who don't make a lot of money, father or mother paid the ultimate price for our freedom, they don't care. i mean, i got to show something. this is from a new york congresswoman, trying to defend all this, keb bra glick, she's -- debra glick, chair of the committee that blocked the bill. criticism of her she says a cheap shot. the bill, laudable, had a budgetary impact the committee routinely doesn't consider post budget. we did promise to see funding in the future, considers potential
11:46 pm
additional eligible individuals. cheap shot. was it a cheap shot, they're going to take this under advisement later on? why re making a big deal? >> this isn't a cheap shot at all. it's really rich that glicknd other glick they're fiscal conservatives, concerned about the taxpayer additional dollars spent. just increase taxes by over a billion dollars in the budget adopted april 1. one of the highest tax states in the country. and they gave away $27 million tax dollars to folks who have broken immigration laws, who are here in the state illegally. yet when it comes to people who have given the ultimate sacrifices. >> laura: i know, too much money, costs too much. >> to bear the price, this is too much money, we need to hold the line and be fiscally conservative. >> laura: the continue of freedom, freedom costs something, doesn't it? what nbc 2 buffalo pointed out,
11:47 pm
providing free tuition would not cost as much as providing the same for tens of thousands of eligible dreamers. who will now be provided financial assistance to attend college by the state. so, it's a drop in the bucket compared to the cost for college assistance? again, everything has gone completely off the rails crazy, if this is what new york stands for. i remember i love new york, i used to wear that t-shirt but not so much. close it out, senator. >> no, it's, you're 100% right, laura, this is a complete inversion, it's like this is our world, what is right is wrong, what is left is right, what is up is down. if you are in the military, law enforcement, you know, are you not a priority. >> laura: new york, why are you voting for this? why is this helping your state
11:48 pm
or doing anything to advance common sense principles, of fiscal responsibility and fairness? senator, thank you. by the way, speaking of radicalism, a pro-choice college student, i like to say pro abortion rights activityist, said babies who survive abortion shouldn't get healthcare. shouldn't get healthcare. who does she say ♪
11:49 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> laura: you have been watching the show, you know that college campuses are worse than ever when it comes to free expression and real tolerance, especially the tolerance for views that are right to life. well, take this exchange between a student at boston college and kristin hawkins. of students for life. >> do you think that the children that are apprehended at the border that are in u.s. government care, do you think, like, babies who are going to die should be resuscitated and given care? do you believe that, like, a baby who's born alive during abortion at plant parenthood should get care? >> no. >> laura: joining me is kristin hawkins. you travel the country visiting college campuses talking to students. you really kind of pointed out
11:53 pm
the, you know, illogical thinking is one thing. it's sad, it's funny in a way but very sad. what happened next after that? >> i actually asked her why she didn't believe that babies who are born alive during abortion should abe loued to live. she said we've determined it's not a baby. then she went on to say i know you said science, but. she pointed out the cognitive deficit you see college campuses, i don't know whether or not i changed her mind but she certainly changed the minds of a lot of pro-choice students who came to the event to protest me i got to see their eyes light up when she pointed out the hypocrisy. >> laura: you asked about children at the border should they be helped should they be cared for, infants, yes a baby who is born, despite an attempt to abort the baby, no. it's we flektive, not like -- reflective. >> right.
11:54 pm
this is exactly, repeating the talking points that they hear. when it comes out of their mouth and you force the other side to actually say what it is, they're advocating for, it changes the minds of everyone listening until they realize, this doesn't make sense. this is illogical. your humanity shouldn't be determined by the location of your delivery room. >> laura: isn't this what happened, you were at ucla campus about a year ago, tell us about that. >> yes, i've been to ucla, berkeley, harvard, princeton, dort mouth. >> laura: good for you. >> we have this conversation, the lies of fem nirnt power. i tell women, you are being lied to by the abortion lobby that tells you you have to pay somebody else to commit an act of violence against somebody weaker than you in order for you to live your life as you see fit. that's anti-feminist. >> laura: what is the reaction, is there -- i mean, you're brave to be doing this. you're a brave person. i want to salute you. i think a lot of young women, i
11:55 pm
say this on the radio show, when you're in your 20s, it wasn't an issue. but now, with the help of science, digital, you know, the science techniques, you can see, now we were speaking as former embryo, we all were. >> right. and the good news is, laura, the majority of our generation are pro-life. we're the largest voting block in america. and we reject the lies of the abortion industry. >> laura: did you see "unplanned". >> yes, we sent thousands of students, we had a baby sifd in indiana, she saw unplanned, prayed in front of planned parenthood and saved the life of a child. >> laura: oh my gosh. this is great. every life is precious. thank you so much for joining us. and my final thoughts on a wild week, oh my gosh, it's going get wilder next week. wild week in washington. stay there.
11:56 pm
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coming up, love the podcasts, very easy, you will have a blast. america now and forever. up next, shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: this is a fox news alert, breaking tonight, brand-new ruling out of the ninth circuit on a key portion of the immigration policy. the president says he's considering transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states. we have analysis from a us attorney who works along the border in texas and the power panel. william barr and his team works together congress until next week, democrats a lost all credibility, just doing the president's bidding. will they say the same when they see


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