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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 13, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> president trump wins a temporary victory in court. his policy of forcing migrants to stay in mexico during their asylum process remains in place. leland: this, as the president vows to explore sending thousands of migrants to so-called sanctuary cities like san francisco, home to house speaker nancy pelosi. >> new jersey senator and democrat cory booker about to launch his hometown kickoff of his 2020 presidential run. our very own bryan llenas is on the ground with more. >> president trump says senator cory booker has no chance at
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winning the democratic nomination. that's all ahead on america's news headquarters. ♪ >> welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm molly line, welcome you here. leland: and back home at boston. >> it looks steamy. leland: the cherry blossoms are here in washington d.c. >> i've got to see these. leland: the president is at his golf club. i'm leland vittert. the president spending the week in washington today and he's sticking by his car ration, he says, to release migrants into sanctuary cities. ellison barber on the lawn of the white house with how this could work. hi, ellison. >> president trump says he's strongly considering this idea although the administration warns it's likely illegal. due to the fact that democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we
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are, indeed, as reported giving strong consideration placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only. in the roosevelt room, president trump threatened to send immigrants who crossed the southern border legally to sink sanctuary cities if the democrat don't get on board to fix what the president sees as major holes in sanctuary cities. >> catch and release, the asylum laws are insane, we could fix those so fast if the democrats agreed. but if they don't agree we could do what the democrats say they want, we could bring the illegals, i call them the illegals, they came across the borders illegally, we'll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it's a state or whatever it might be. we always say open arms, let's see if they have open arms.
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>> the previously they asked the department of security, and agencies of custom and enforcement if it would be possible to bus large numbers to sink wary cities. and ice said that would be illegal, including the detention and release of aliens and also restrictions on appropriations. democrats say this proposal is a joke. they say that the president is trying to play politics with real people's lives. leland. leland: all right, ellison barber on the north lawn of the white house. we'll keep an eye on the president's twitter account today. ellison, thanks. >> molly. >> bay area political leaders are pushing back on the president's releasing migrants into sanctuary cities. >> the idea of sending migrants to sanctuary cities are sparking fierce opposition from many prominent democrats, especially in california. speaker of the house nancy pelosi who represents a district, san francisco, that the president is targeting was
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asked about this very idea. >> just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful to challenges that we face as a country, as a people, to address who we are, a nation of immigrants. >> los angeles mayor, eric garcetti tweeted, we need real solutions that uphold our values, not disgraceful policies that demonize migrants and will never become reality. and mayors of sanctuary cities across the country are weighing in. new york mayor bill deblasio in a statement said in part, the president uses people like pawns. new york city will always be the ultimate city of immigrants. the president's empty threats won't change that. but with more central american migrants heading to the border daily, former border patrol chief mark morgan says those very sanctuary cities are doing more harm than good. >> make no mistakes, sanctuary cities are part of this crisis.
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they're signaling and telling an immigrant come here illegally, exploit our laws and our generosity, not only will we take you in, we'll protect you. we'll reward you and we will thwart the law enforcement from trying to do their job. it's truly unbelievable. >> other mayors, like the mayor of san jose tweeting that they welcome migrants with open arms, molly. >> you wonder what it means for overall immigration reform in general. jeff paul, thank you so much. leland: stay in california we turn to republican congressman tom mcclintock joining us from there. nice to see you, sir, as always. >> nice to see you, leland. leland: the county, a sanctuary county that borders your district. would you be okay with the president's policy of sending or proposed policy of sending these illegal immigrants to sacramento county, close to your district? >> well, i think if he did, you'd see sacramento county reevaluate its sanctuary policy
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very, very rapidly and that makes perfect sense to me. look, you've got communities all across america, including many in my district are telling us they're being overwhelmed and yet, you have these sanctuary jurisdictions saying, oh, they welcome them with open arms. makes perfect sense to me to relieve those communities that are being overwhelmed by illegal immigration and sending those illegal immigrants to the communities that want them. leland: that's not what the president's proposal is. he's not taking people in your district and moving them to sacramento county or san francisco, he's talking about taking people in detention and asking for asylum and moving those people into these sanctuary cities, which is a completely different thing. >> well, but we keep hearing about all of the good that these populations do. well, imagine all the good that these populations can do for areas like san francisco that are supporting these policies. leland: but congressman, this would directly affect your constituents.
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because these illegal immigrants would be dropped off in, say, sacramento county doesn't mean they're going to stay there. it's not a far drive to the cities in your district. if it's such a problem, is it worth trying to put this kind of pressure in this way by, i guess, potentially in your words negatively affecting your constituents? >> i think if the president was successful in implementing these policies, you'd see those policies. in those cities, and sanctuary is a direct threat to my community. the sooner we can get sacramento to drop those policies the better and i think this is a good way to do it. leland: so, mayor libby chaffe of oakland, i think. an outrageous abuse of power using human beings to settle political scores, and the president seeks to punish those
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who seek sanctuary in our country and those who provide it. >> this is who gave advance warning to criminals in the community to be deported. and i don't give her statements a lot of credence. leland: fair enough. do you give the ice legal department credence, they thought about this and looked at it and this policy is illegal in their opinion? >> well, you have a lot of obama hold-overs in the bureaucracy and it wouldn't surprise me that that's coming from such people. obviously, the action would have to be legal, but as long as it's legal, i think it is the fastest way to-- >> do you have any independent thought on-- >> to get these sanctuary communities to rescind these dangerous policies that they've enacted at the border. leland: just so i understand, your view of the logic by sending more illegal immigrants to these places that already
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have a number of illegal immigrants because they're sanctuary cities will somehow overwhelm them and decide not to be sanctuary cities anymore. to that point. >> i think it will be a very important wakeup call for the people in their communities to reconsider who they're voting for. leland: just want to button this up. do you believe if president trump decided to do this, it would be illegal despite what we've heard from ice and the reporting on their own legal understanding of the policy? >> i don't know, leland. i'm not a lawyer and i've not looked into it. as long it's legal, it makes good sense to me. leland: so as long as it's legal you're for it. good to see you. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. leland: thanks so much. enjoy your time back home before easter with the family. >> thanks, take care. leland: you, too, sir. tomorrow, chris wallace talks to white house press secretary sarah sanders, check your local listings for time and channel. and howard kurtz with the media coverage of the latest shakeups of dhs as well as the
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president's policy at the southern border. that's media buzz at 11 a.m. easte eastern. >> democratic hopeful senator cory booker is kicking off his justice for all tour in newark, new jersey, launching his national campaign tour in the city where he once of course served as mayor. bryan llenas is out on the ground on the campaign trial. looks like a steamy day. brian, to you. >> molly, good afternoon. cory booker famously said he got his ph.d. on the streets of newark. he was mayor here for seven years, really where he got his name before becoming the first black u.s. senator from new jersey. today we can expect him to launch this justice for all campaign event. over the next two weeks, he's going to tour all over the country, talking about the main tenets of his campaign and that is that he's the best candidate to help struggling, low income minority families. expect him to talk about the wealth gap, black families,
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making a tenth, or having a tenth of the wealth of white families. talk about the criminal justice system and mass incarceration of families and the reparation for the descendents of slaves. positive message, he says that his campaign is going to stick out by continuing to preach the unity and love. >> i'm running for president because in america i believe there's so much common pain, but we've lost the sense of common purpose. now more than ever we need revival of civic grace and more courageous empathy. we need to be a nation that puts more indivisible back in this one nation under god. >> now, the latest real clear politics opinion poll shows that booker is lagging, 3.7%, with biden, beto and sanders, and
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others above him. and pete buttigieg has outraised booker 7 million compared to 5 million. mayor pete will announce his candidacy tomorrow. and there are more in the field than in u.s. history. booker's campaign manager says, about the lagging poll numbers, look, elections are won at the end. it's about organizing early and getting hot at the end. he says, quote, we want to win an election, not a news cycle. we shall see if he gains momentum here today. >> you're right. only one at the end. but the money at the beginning to keep going as he hits the trail today. bryan, thanks for the reporting. be sure to tune in tomorrow for harris falkner's town hall america, live at 8 p.m. eastern. you won't want to miss our town hall with bernie sanders, bret
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may baier and martha mccallum. >> new information on efforts to get julian assange to the united states and face justice. a horrific crime at the mall of america. a man allegedly threw a child off a third floor balcony. we'll tell you the condition of that young man. it's springtime. if case you haven't gotten the memo, where they're digging out from a major snowstorm. we've got the high winds and gusty rain and you have the polls and then you have galloping wires. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone
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>> a man suspected of throwing a five-year-old boy off a third floor balcony at the mall of america in minneapolis is now in jail on suspicion of attempted homici homicide. >> our officers initially responded and performed first aid on the child, along with the mother, and actual witnesses and passer passer passerbys. the child did suffer significant injuries. witnesses indicated that the suspect had either pushed or possibly thrown the child took off running immediately after
9:18 am
the incident. we located that suspect quickly. >> this isn't the 24-year-old's first arrest connected to the mall of america. according to court records, emmanuel aranda was arrested for throwing things, doesn't sound like humans off the upper level of mall in october of that year and aranda was accused of throwing glasses at a restaurant in the mall. no word on the motive behind the incident. the five-year-old we're told is treated at a minneapolis area hospital for what they classify as severe injuries. >> a swedish software engineer is under arrest in ecuador accused of an alleged plot to blackmail the president over the abandonment of julian assange. they say that he lived in quito for years is held for investigative purposes.
9:19 am
his supporters say he's unfairly targeted for his digital privacy activism. meantime, julian assange says he will fight extradition to the u.s., following removal from the ecuadorian embassy. the founder of wikileaks is charged with allegedly helping chelsea manning hacking a computer to get information. mark morgan. thank you for being here today. let's talk a little about mr. assange. he's not being charged with the publication of information, but it's specific to hacking. in your view is he-- so widely discussed in the media, an innocent journalist or a criminal hacker? >> so, molly, we have to break it down what he's being charged with. so he's actually being-- if you read the indictment, he's being charged with computer fraud, so that's the part. so he's actually not being charged with release of classified information under that indictment.
9:20 am
so, it's a very narrow statues that he's being charged with. and so, i understand the debate goes on, you know, was it manning that, you know, he's the one that has actually been charged with obtaining the classified documents as opposed to the documents being released. molly: the president has taken a step back on this although he talked quite a bit about wikileaks on the campaign trail. i want to turn to the democrats. democratic hopeful for president, tulsi gabbard of hawaii says the arrest of assange is meant to send a message to journalists, be quiet, toe the line. and perhaps more relevant, former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> it's clear from the indictment that came out, it's not about punishing journalism, it's about assisting the hacking of the military computer to
9:21 am
steal information from the united states government. >> she of course had a very different -- was in a different position during the times when these alleged crimes occurred. there's still all of this discussion going on. is this journalism, journalism gone too far or criminal in nature. >> i think that's going to continue of the she's factually correct in the indictment. he's charged with hacking, not release. from former military, where does journalism start and begin. you release information where someone might get embarrassed is one thing, but the release of this information absolutely endangered the lives of military personnel. how was that journalism? that's the question, i think, that needs to be really answered. molly: one of the things, really, current day topics. we're all awaiting the redacted mueller report as well. and the wikileaks case has given us a few glimpses and peeks what
9:22 am
wikileaks role might have been to russian interference in the election. assange has not been charged. and could it slow down exty digs, years, months or will it happen? >> molly, you're right. i think there's a big score, if he gets extradited. and andrew mccarthy did a good job outlining this. for the computer, there's a five year statute of limitation, there's a little way around that, but it's going to be tricky. they're really going to have to prove that statute of limitations twice, in london and back here in the united states if they win. molly: under the wire, if you will. one of the things, also, that's been so fascinating about this is how long he had the protection, the hospitality, if you will, of ecuador and being allowed to stay there with his, if you reportedly read he had a cat and a sun lamp and sort of led this interesting life there,
9:23 am
holding press conferences there on the balcony. now that's all over and he's an international figure. what does this mean that ecuador's stance has changed and how the world perceived, governments around the world is perceiving what is happened with julian assange. >> what it's done, it's put on the international stage, this debate that we're having right now, is that journalism? where does journalism start and stop when it's impacting national security and the lives of individuals in specific countries. i think this is going to be a large debate and we are going to see people on both sides. molly: he think you nailed it when you talked about protecting the troops. the secrets were not embarrassing, intimate details about a divorce. this is lives at risk. governments can understand that and could see how they could be on america's side in that respect. at the same time there's been a tremendous amount of talk about safety of journalists. so, where does that go forward
9:24 am
from here? and will that be a continued discussion or will people see this more narrowly as something about the information age and what's appropriate for world in this case consumption? >> i think your last point is valid, too. i think what this has done, we can't look at this narrow, this isn't a narrow issue. the world is changing. it's more global. your point is well taken and that isn't-- this isn't black or white. it's not just about journalism. it's not just about protecting, you know, state's interests and sources and methods. it's about all of that coming together and a conglomeration of all of that and it's not going to be an easy answer, but from what i can say, from my stance of 30 years of public service, anytime a journalist, inattenti inattention-- intentionally, willfully leaks information and endangers the lives of any country, that's where journalism stops in my opinion. molly: you come from a long background where you understand
9:25 am
those dangers. the vice-president also weighed in on this and specifically having to do with chelsea manning, of course, was the co-conspirator, take a listen. >> working with chelsea manage, julian assange was involved in one. greatest compromises of classified information in american history, it literally put american military personnel in risk and we'll hold him to account. molly: so obviously, holding the person to account, but other figure in this case, chelsea manning, out, via president obama, but now is behind bars because they're trying to work with her and get information related to assange and she's refuse today provide information. two figures that some people view as heroes and many others view as villains and you heard the vice-president's take. what do you think? >> i also like what jay johnson, former secretary of the dhs said as well.
9:26 am
kind of like what we're doing nowment we can have a debate where journalism stops and started, but neither of those figures are heroes and i absolutely think he's right. molly: thank you very much, mark morgan, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you bet, molly. leland: new polling out of iowa, hopeful pete buttigieg gaining traction in the hawk eye state. what people like will mayor pete. and speaking to the immediate state of play in the country, what they said. >> the thing that's frustrating about today is it's so hard given the information eco structure, including all the stuff on social media, to know the difference in fact and fiction and sometimes a lie works better than the truth. i don't keep track of regrets.
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9:32 am
sir, as always. >> nice to see you as well. leland: what about mayor pete is appealing to folks in the hawk eye state now? >> i think it's what's appealing to iowa democrats for mayor buttigieg is that he represents something new, something different. he's the first openly gay major party candidate for president. iowa, as you know, was the first state in the union to actually legalize gay marriage. so that's one of the reasons why i think iowa democrats are embracing him. in addition, i think that he also has, up to this point. he's played it right along the line. most recently he's actually stepped across the line a little bit, maybe attacking mike pence, the vice-president of the united states, very familiar-- >> when you say right along the, the line of being sort of wildly progressive versus pragmatically liberal? >> that's exactly what i mean. he stepped a little over that line recently, attacking mike
9:33 am
pence and i think maybe that might be a little bit hold hat for him, the mayor of south bend, indiana and a gay man, and the kinard of going against mike pence because of his stance on gay marriage. leland: the headline in the los angeles times, mayor pete is the hottest thing in politics, can it last, question mark? there's your question. >> it can last he's going to have to put meat on the bone. the problem, once you get into the specific policies and the specific issues, you have poem -- joe biden, bernie sanders, senator of vermont, they have a long tooth in this area. mayor buttigieg does not, he's going to have to get his policy staff up to snuff so he can address the issues on the foreign and domestic side, specifically, you know, the trade war that's happening with china right now, it could make
9:34 am
some hay in the state of iowa. leland: iowa is an interesting state in so many different ways. chris-cross, north to south and east to west and you get so much of america in so many different ways. one thing you're not, you're not a border state, but immigration there is still a huge issue. here is the mayor of oakland talking about the president's possible proposal to move illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities and essentially resettle them there. the oakland mayor and then your response. take a listen. >> this is an outrageous abuse of power and public resources. the idea that the administration thought in any way that it would be acceptable to use families and children, human beings as political retribution against their enemies should infuriate every american and we do not think it's appropriate for us to use local resources to do the
9:35 am
government's failed immigration work. leland: that's clearly how the left is framing it. >> right. leland: republicans are framing it, if it's a sanctuary city and they think that immigrants are the answer to everything, why don't they want more of them? >> that's a viable answer. in addition to that, you have to remember the border patrol, customs, department of homeland security is already busing families into the interior of the united states, literally dropping them off at food banks in texas because the democrats refuse to come to the table with republicans on viable immigration policy. leland: what if it heads farther north to iowa. what happens there? >> iowa has a long history of legal immigration and unfortunately, one of the largest raids in ice history happened in northeastern iowa at a pork processing plant. leland: right. >> musk melons come from where
9:36 am
there's a lot -- iowa wants a solution for legal immigration and they're not happy with what's happening right now. the state house, and the government signed a bill that would go to those that violate sanctuary city policy from the president's statement, from the administration's standpoint. we do need that like every other state in the union, iowa needs a viable and functional immigration policy and it's time for both sides to work on it. leland: a lot of iowa's economy relies on immigrants. you mentioned this is your third piem with us. we'll have to make it a fourth and insightful from cedar rapids. good to see you. enjoy spring up there. >> will do, leland. leland: thanks for the time. molly: and hillary and bill
9:37 am
clinton going across the country. hillary speaking in detroit with ben stiller moderating and offering the presidential hopefuls advice headed into the democratic primary. >> obviously, we're not going to get into it. we're going to let the candidates run their own races, but i-- i'm hoping that they can each have their time, whether it's on the debate stage or in other settings, you know, to tell people what they want to do. because as bill just said, you know, there were a lot of problems in 2016. we don't need to go into them, except to try to understand what happened so it doesn't happen again. part of that is for voters, for people to take the elections back. you know, take them back from social media, from the bots, and the trolls, and the russians, and you know, all the misleading ads and everything that we had
9:38 am
to contest with, take them back and stand up to those forces. leland: all right, that detroit on friday. so many democrats i talked to, i'm sure you do, too, on the trail say they don't wish the clintons illnessly, they wish them gone from politics and from this process. >> it was a very long era and now, to clinton's point there that she was making, they hope they get their time on the stage, many not similar to the clintons. and we'll see if it's a new era. leland: speaking of a new era, newark, knowledge -- new jersey, somebody wants to be a part of the new era. cory booker set to kick off his justice for all campaign tour. briyan llenas is on the ground there. we'll check with him. and 21 cases of measles in one county. we'll talk about the recent outbreaks across the country and
9:39 am
especially about these parents who aren't vaccinating their kids. . >> we're seeing a number of states across the country deal with measles outbreaks. we're seeing a huge growing problem in unvaccinated rates increasin increasing.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> molly, a story you know a thing or two about. the college admissions scandal plot thickening. a former administrator pleading guilty to taking tests or or changing to complete the processment the harvard graduate started cooperating in february. could face up to 44 months in prison, one of 50 people including celebrities, felicity muffman and laur laurie lachlan
9:44 am
it keeps going, i can tell you that. that. >> once considered eliminated the c.d.c. is reporting the second largest number of measles cases since 2000. more than 100 reported this year. the outbreaks are linked to pockets of unvaccinated communities. here to tell us more is the director of nih's national institute on allergies and infectious diseases. doctor, appreciate it. this is something that a lot of parents are concerned about and i want to talk to you from the perspective of the average parent out there who does believe that vaccines work, they get their children vaccinated and their child has the measles vaccination. and should the average parent-- no, if you have your children vaccinated with the normal component and vaccines, you don't have a problem. what we're seeing manifested in new york city in the williamsburg session are communities in which the general
9:45 am
trend in the community is to really avoid vaccinations, particularly with regard to measles. so the percentage of the people in the community that are protected reach a low critical level that the veil of what we call herd immunity to protect the community is no longer there. with measles if you have 93 to 95% of the community is vaccinated, you're not going to see an outbreak like we're seeing in brooklyn. once it's below a level. they're down now around 70% or so, which is dangerous and why we're seeing the outbreak in brooklyn. molly: that's the potential impact of the domino effect? what would that be? >> what would happen if there are more communities where there's a low level of vaccination, you could see outbreaks throughout the country. it's unfortunate, paradoxical and ironic that measles is one of the most transmissible viruses of any that we know and yet the measles vaccines is one of the most effective that we have and it's just a shame that parents are not affording, not
9:46 am
only their own children, but the community the protection that they deserve. molly: i'm a parent that looked at this story with bewilderment as it goes on. the from the charlie and the chocolate factory lost her daughter to measles. in 1980's. when she was well on the road of recovery, sewing her little animals out of pipe cleaners, when it came to her turn to make one, her fingers and mind were not working together and she couldn't do anything. are you feeling all right, i asked her? i feel so sleepy, she said. in an hour she was unconscious. in 12 hours, she was dead. and you mentioned that the measles can be deadly. >> right. molly: and this story
9:47 am
brilliantly told by a brilliant story teller speaks to how quickly a turn could happen. how deadly is the measles? >> that's a good question because the overwhelming majority of children who get measles, notwithstanding the discomfort of that several days when they're sick, they get better and recover. however, if you look at meles prior to the development of vaccines, globally 2 to 3 million children died from measles. in the united states before we had vaccinations to protect us, 2 to 3 million cases and 500 deaths and about a thousand cases of encephalitis, what that unfortunate child had one well-known cases encephalitis, a swelling of the brain can occur that can kill you. one in every thousand, it's. molly: how do you push back in the communities where the misinformation is so prevalent
9:48 am
somehow the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease? >> what you have to do is try and reason with the community. pushing them puts them back even more. you've got to get the evidence-based data and the truth. what is the reason you don't want to get vaccinated. often it's misinformation about toxicity. when you look at the data you realize it's a safe vaccine. and other are inherently philosophically, they don't want anyone telling them what to do. but if you reason it's not only for the protection of their own children, it's a societal responsibility to the community they have to consider. molly: what's happening in new york to some extent is tied to the ultra orthodox jewish community. but in other outbreaks around the country there hasn't been a religious component, there's a misinformation component. >> the mass outbreak we saw in
9:49 am
disneyland was related to mothers and fathers that felt they were inherently against vaccination. nothing to do with orthodox religion or anything. it was the fundamental philosophy, libertarian to the extreme they didn't want anyone telling them what to do with their children. not taking into the fact that we we didn't have a vaccine, measles were in the united states. >> and what would you tell people. >> facts come down heavily on the importance and safety of vaccinations. thank you so much, doctor. good for your insight. leland: days for farmers and farms in the midwest and it's now a political football. . >> right now, leland we've got
9:50 am
storms stretching from san antonio to austin and dallas and in front of this, some tornados spinning up. i'm going to track this in my full forecast after the break. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> vice-president pence is calling for disaster aid after touring flood ravaged iowa friday. pence took a aerial tour of the damage and met with families as a result of this catastrophic flooding. the state along with several others in the midwest experienced historic flooding. cleanup is anticipated to cost 1.6 billion dollars in iowa. leland: and a fox weather alert with possible tornados now possibly on the ground in texas. adam klotz tracking it and earlier every year, adam. >> this is the time of year, leland, we see cold air run into
9:55 am
warm air and that's when you'll see severe weather in the middle of the country. particularly in portions of texas, there is a big line of storms stretching from san antonio, through austin, all the way up to dallas, but everything out in front of this, this is where we've seen some of the tornados spin up. every one of the pink highlighted boxes, those are radar indicated tornados and those north of college station there in texas. all of this, the conditions are right as this system moves off to the east that we could see more and more tornadic activity. for now running into the evening hours. here is our severe weather setup, kind of a big bulls eye across portions of, yes, eastern texas running into louisiana and mississippi. all spots where we could see big severe weather including some tornados which are actually from now running into the evening hours. the timing on all of this, we'll pay attention to it, and again, there's your highlight, we're talking about the possibility of a tornado. and the timing of this, this is our future radar, you see this entire system kind of lifting
9:56 am
over the north to the course of today and 6 p.m. this evening and continuing to lift and again, this is eastern time before eventually running to the north and this entire shifting system, is something that we're going to watch all weekend. again, i'm highlighting the areas that we were just talking about with the potential of tornados right now and we start to look from saturday, again, this entire area and this system is still going to be on the move by sunday. by sunday we lift to the north and we talk about getting into the ohio river valley and running across the mid atlantic. where hopefully it does weak and bit. guys, this is a big system we're watching the entire weekend. leland: got to pay attention, augusta georgia also in the potential bulls eye. adam klotz, thanks so much. molly: coming up, new jersey senator cory booker about to take the stage in his hometown of newark. you buy a home for what you're paying now in rent. and you won't need a down payment because, at newday, your service is your down payment. and every day, newday helps veterans buy a home without spending one dollar out of pocket for closing costs.
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>> noon texas time where there are tornadoes on the ground, spring saturday, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm leland vittert. >> live from the white house. leland: this as democratic presidential hopeful cory booker to set the stage in homedown of newark. governor on the stage right now. we will tell you what he's launching about his justice campaign.
10:01 am
>> cory booker's top rival bernie sanders to unveil tax returns monday. ellison barber is at the white house with the latest on this, ellison. >> hi, molly, sources tell fox news that the white house previously considered moving. they actually asked dhs as well as customs and immigration enforcement possible to bus from border to sanctuary cities. ice told the white house that that would be illegal. we heard from officials here at the white house that the idea was bounced around but ultimately decided against. then president trump spoke in the roosevelt and strongly considering if democrats don't do more. >> doing the best we can with
10:02 am
very bad laws, we have to change the laws, california, the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in. a lot of sanctuary cities, so we will give them to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care if that's the they want them because we can on the hold them for 20 days. >> for president is playing politics with people's lives. border patrol is at a breaking point. >> why not have the sanctuary cities step unand help in the process, they're about open borders, they are about open arms, until we get a legislative fix in congress and until democrats step up to the plate and get something done to help control the chaos and crisis we are seeing at the border, we are are going no need help coming cg from sanctuary cities.
10:03 am
>> this is a story that has different elements every time. leland: backlash from democrats has been harsh, hi, jeff. >> hey, leland, from there to members of congress, their reaction as you said has been strong and swift, some saying the president's idea is a waste of time, others going as far as saying input for racist agenda, speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the mayor of sanity josé who both represent sanctuary communities were asked about the plan to send migrants into the area. >> just another notion from the president of the united states and disrespect of the challenge that is we face as country. >> we become any citizens in san josé who have endured hardship
10:04 am
and endeavored to make better life for themselves an families and want to be part of great country. >> los angeles mayor eric garcetti tweeted we need real solution that is uphold policies and not disgraceful policy that denigrate immigrants. sanctuary cities across the country are weighing, bill de blasio staid in statement, the party knew his people like bonds, new york city will be the ultimate city of immigrants. the president's empty threats won't change that. not all politicians in california believe sanctuary policies are helping, if trump gets his way, it'll be a wake-up call. >> i think if the president was successful in implementing this policy you would see these sanctuary policies rapidly being reconsidered, sacramento sanctuary policy is direct threat of the people of my
10:05 am
community, the sooner we can get sacramento to drop those policies, the better. >> oakland mayor called the president's idea outrageous abuse of power and she's proud to be mayor of sanctuary city and feels because of it her city is safer, leland. leland: all right, jeff paul, from los angeles, back to jeff as more reactions come in, meantime we bring in the mayor of the border town of yuma arizona, douglas, appreciate you being with us. what do you think of at least one mayor there of san josé saying, all right, if you want to send undocumented workers here, we would love to have them? >> well, i think that's great, sanctuary city, so if they can release them and they're prepared for them, that would be
10:06 am
great. leland: here is your chance to give them a preview of what you have coming, you guys are getting releases on your streets every day, what's the effect? >> well, what we have done we created a system of ngo's to control that, no housing, no resources, ultimately trying to go, nonprofit structures and good situations for them and not good situations for our citizens. >> the president calls this a crisis based on you're describing, a thousand of people being released with no where to go, no where to eat and no where to go to bathroom, et cetera, you're agreeing with the assessment? >> it's crisis mode for us.
10:07 am
wheel legal how long can the ngo's that you're partnering with and the planning that you all had and when do we reach a breaking point? >> well, after that we are beyond capabilities. this time of year when the need starts to build. leland: you say breaking point, what happens in 3 or 4 weeks, sir? >> well, moving volunteers, start moving resources and then i'm not really sure how this -- controlling large populations of people trying to figure out where to go and how they're going to get there and nonprofits are going to feed them. housing capabilities are at capacity. leland: we understand the numbers here, this from october of 18 through march of 2019,
10:08 am
31,393 yuma sector migrants apprehended 24,000 plus people in family units. it kind of begs the question if yuma is being so overwhelmed as you describe it u is there anything against a reason to think that at some point hire buses and say, it's san josé and other cities are willing to take these people, we have to do something. >> we have had some of those discussions, some of our nonprofit programs. the city and staff we don't really have extra resources to go hire buses but figure out a way to relieve the pressure that's happening in smaller communities. leland: you're a mayor who has real problems every day to deal with, do you feel as though there's enough of a sense of urgency to solve the problems and willingness to compromise
10:09 am
that's required in washington or do you get the feeling that so many in federal government would just rather blame somebody than deal with the problems and try to help folks like you out? >> well, let's face it, no one really wanted to touch it. we do have a couple of people that are willing champion it. a couple doesn't make it go, we need to have congress willing to make the change and i don't see it. leland: the majority of congress and the president has to agree to sign it as well and the mayor stuck there in the middle. mayor, we will check back with you over the next couple of weeks, 3 or 4-week mark and see how things are going. >> please do. >> appreciate you being with us, molly. >> attorney general bill barr is preparing to release redacted version to have mueller report to congress and fallout over the claim that he does think spying occurred in the trump campaign during 2016, garrett tenney among those waiting seeing the report, eventually.
10:10 am
>> any day we will see the mueller report. attorney general said that we will be seeing by tuesday at the latest, if not sooner, now, redactions are four categories, grand jury material, information of sources and methods, details related to ongoing information and any information that could harm the reputation of citizens who are not being charged. democrats are demanding that the attorney general release before mueller before redactions. democrats willing to work with them to provide with more details after initial report is release today congress but that was not good enough for top democrats who continue to attack his credibility. >> many of us tried to give mr. barr a chance but after this week's performance, it's clear as day he and the president are working off the same play book and plan to go withhold crucial facts from the american people. >> for months the president's outside legal team has been preparing his own report and
10:11 am
last night rudy giuliani said they have not ruled out releasing rebuttal depending on what mueller report says. >> we are ready, we are ready for it 3 months ago n reality, there was no collusion. it's a joke, but worst than a joke, it was a set-up, specific conspiracy to frame him. the facts are starting to come in. >> the president's long time adviser roger stone in the list of those who want to see report. the report contains evidence that legal defense against charges that if he lied to congress. >> aren't we all one of them? sure. thank you so much, garrett, really appreciate it. joining us for more insight,
10:12 am
former federal prosecutor, thanks for joining us, we had a chance a moment ago from mr. tenney's talented reporting to listen to rudy giuliani, talking about the expectation that they're ready for anything and he also talked about the thing of set-up, conspiracy from the beginning, your thoughts on what mr. giuliani had to say as we release for the report? >> well, in a way i agree that they don't know are going to release. i would love to read the entire mueller report. i'm sure every member of congress would, i'm sure the media would but the attorney general is operating under certain rules, well, under certain laws and prohibited from releasing grand jury material, willing to work with the chairs and respective committees to see what they can work out but when we see the report, it is going to be filled with a lot of redaction, it's going to be
10:13 am
frustrating and up on the screen, a lot of black, interesting issues and we will not have the answers but it's going to be up to court. law in dc circuit is basically that it cannot be released and that specific subsection of rule 6c. >> little doubt that they fill in blanks although they can't technically see what's there. i want to play a sound bite, attorney general bill barr speaking before congress. >> i think spying did occur, the question is whether it was predicated, and i'm not suggesting it wasn't actually predicated. i'm not saying that improper surveillance occurred. i'm saying that i am concerned about it and looking into it. that's all.
10:14 am
>> so the word that caught so much attention there in the hearing on capitol hill here that he used the word spying but some of the other things adequately predicated, improper surveillance. your thoughts on that and if folks that were there at the beginning of this investigation should be concerned as he begins to look into the genesis of all of this? >> so seems like a cliché but the people didn't do anything wrong, they have nothing to be concerned about. when spying may have been volatile word but there was surveillance and the question is whether or not it was authorized or unauthorized. the attorney general said it's a big deal. i can tell you that i've had a lot of clients who have been subject of various forms of quote, unquote surveillance and think think it's a big deal and the attorney general later went onto say, he wants to curve the impossible abuse of government but he's not sure whether or not there were abuses or not and he wants to convene a panel to look at different investigations and just see whether or not there were problems and he said there may have been problems short of
10:15 am
criminal conduct, if that's the case, we just have to look at standard for the future to make sure there's no unauthorized surveillance from the president on down. >> but the outgoing deputy ag stepped up to defend attorney general barr and this is what rod rosenstein, take a listen. sorry about that, it's a quote. he's been a forthcoming as he can and the notion that he's trying to mislead people is bizarre, what he said, look, it's going to take a while to process reports and in the meantime, i'm going to give you the tough lines, of course, he's speaking about the letter that was put out and four-page summary, we know the report as you mentioned redaction is still on the way, and seems like there was a tremendous amount of
10:16 am
people talking about mueller report, let mueller work, essentially done, demanding conclusions, demanding the full scope right away. where do you stand on that and how the attorney general's handling of this? >> he's not going to make anybody happy. he did say he would be as transparent as possible subject to rules and the law and when mueller decided not to decide whether or not there was obstruction, it fell on the attorney general and the attorney general said mueller did not say i'm leaving after congress and the prosecutors decide whether or not there's criminal obstruction. the big puzzle is rosenstein.
10:17 am
rosenstein agreed that there was no obstruction and now he's also agreeing with the attorney general that he's being as forthcoming and i think it's going to take a while before we have further information as to what's behind redaction. >> we are day asway from the mueller report and right now we appreciate your indicate sight. thank you so much. >> thank you. leland: supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has been targeted by college students, we will tell you where and why they want him ban from campus. cory booker is about to speak in rally in hometown of newark, we will check in there and new fallout as the chicago police department filed a lawsuit against actor jussie smollett
10:18 am
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10:21 am
>> facing opposition just as he
10:22 am
is set to take a teaching position at george mason university. gillian turner has details on this as it unfold. gillian: hi, molly, justice kavanaugh will head to uk this summer to teach a course at george mason university's overseas law school. summer time academic assignments have over the years become standard pass time for supreme court justices, coalition of 26 victim's advocacy groups prevailed on congress to stop kavanaugh teaching, serious questions remain about whether justice kavanaugh lied to senate, whether he sexual assaulted the woman who credibly accused him of doing so and whether he's ultimately fit to be justice on the supreme court. the student group called mason for survivors issued petition last month that garnered nearly 5,000 signatures so far calling to terminate assignment on grounds he's been accused of
10:23 am
rape. gmu's president issued statement holding school's ground, i respect the views that people disagree with justice brett kavanaugh nomination due to conduct during high school but he was confirmed and now a sitting justice, the law school determined that the involvement of a u.s. supreme court justice contribute to make our law program uniquely valuable for our students and i accept their judgment. that student campaign now reportedly getting a group, run by former staffer of hillary clinton campaign. sponsoring target ads on facebook that encourage users associated with gmu has signed the mason for survivors petition. the student advocacy groups getting helping hand from liberal -- >> high-level political
10:24 am
involvement which i think is interesting, thank you, gillian. leland: all right, heroine footage out of florida, just wait as there's the suv that goes through the gates. well, we will tell you what happened after that bad decision. plus, cory booker kicking off a national campaign tour. bryan llenas awaiting the senator's speech, hi, bryan. >> hi, leland, we are just minutes away from senator cory booker making his first campaign speech as presidential candidate and he's doing it right in newark, the city where he became famous, we will have more coming up
10:25 am
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>> looking live at newark new jersey where 2020 hopeful and senator cory booker kicking off justice for all tour campaign. bryan llenas on the ground in new jersey, bryan. >> hi, molly, well, we are now listening to carolyn booker, this is corey booker's mother who is speaking right now. we also heard from senator bob menendez of new jersey and the governor of new jersey as well and so we are listening to her here right now but on top of everything, this is all about his experience as the mayor of newark. mayor for 7 years and leaning heavily on his experience as the mayor of newark, new jersey, he had an apartment, has an apartment here in the middle of inner city, the pitch is who
10:30 am
better to help minority communities and those of low-income communities than booker himself who has made a career here in newark and lived among the people, so we expect him to speak a lot about that. his campaign kicking off 2 weeks long, nationwide, expect him to talk about reforming the criminal justice system, minimum wage, increasing that the wealth gap and decreasing that as well and also really about medicare for all. but when you look at the poll numbers and really when you look at them out of iowa right now, he's not really gains as much track than some people have thought. you look at it, the poll number, he has about 7% in iowa, biden himself has 26%, you have sanders who is up there too with 21% and even pete buttigeit was up. he was asked if he's word about the lagging poll numbers early on, take a listen.
10:31 am
>> do you feel really early a lot of time left on the clock so i don't look at that for one second. >> mayor pete buttigiet has outraised senator booker to booker's 5 million, bernie sanders leads the back with more than $18 million raised. booker's people say this is official launch of campaign really sticking to the heart of the city in which he has helped so much according to his people, he really wants to use the same sentiment that is made him famous here, in terms of fundraising, people sent e-mail, 5,000 new donations by the end of today, we will see if he can gain momentum with the speech today, molly. >> all right, bryan llenas, thank you so much for for the trail today, we appreciate it.
10:32 am
>> we will go back to new jersey when cory booker stays the stage, meanwhile we bring political founder, antjuan seabright. he's at the bottom of those charts, just below the bottom. the president said a couple of months that he thought booker had, quote, no chance to win the nomination. either of you want to disagree with the president on that? >> well, i think -- i think it's now practice for donald trump to give the premature victory to democratic nominee. you know the peak at the right time. leland: i guess that works, blake, if you're donald
10:33 am
trump and peaked all the way through. >> every race is different, every race is different and you can't compare -- >> yeah, i mean, i think to a degree that's right, i do think it's early. i think the one thing that we don't know yet and -- and what we talked about but we haven't seen is what joe biden is going to do in this race. he's capturing almost 30% in both iowa, new hampshire, if he gets in the race, those numbers grow, if he doesn't get in the race, where do those -- where does that support go, so until we see what vice president biden does, it's -- it's very difficult to write anyone off at this point or to guaranty anybody's victory. leland: all right. right behind biden is bernie sanders who is going to release 10 years of tax returns coming up on monday and for a guy who rails against the millionaires and billionaires we are learning that he would be among the group
10:34 am
of millionaires, here is what he said to the new york times. i wrote a best-selling book, if you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire too. that sounds awful lot like capitalism to me. >> certainly does, bernie sanders is full of contradictions, he never we wanted to release tax returns, now basically been forced to releasing tax returns. he's attacked the wealthy and now he is wealthy, i think people will have to reconcile with that, i don't think bernie sanders is the strongest candidate in the democratic field, i don't think he wins a general election, but i think he's going to come under continued scrutiny for what are trump-like contradictions. leland: antjuan in terms of watching the cory booker event and waiting for him to take the stage, when you look at that polling data as it comes -- there's booker right now walking up. ant-juan real quickly, anything that booker can say right now that actually changes the conversation and puts him out
10:35 am
front in terms of message or in terms of styles that breaks through this pack that he seems to be stuck behind? >> i don't think anything he can say right now. i think he has to make headway in early stage, i think he needs to put real focus on south carolina, who r who wins south carolina will win nomination. poll numbers would change along the way. at tend of the day, the national polls do not matter, what matter are state polls state by state. leland: certainly a lot of competition for him in south carolina from kamala harris there as booker, better weather for cory booker than the last time he made an announcement back in february, chillier in newark, new jersey, we will listen in to the senator of new jersey for a minute.
10:36 am
>> all right, new jersey! all right. thank you. corey! corey! >> cor. >> thank you. i have to start by just giving -- thank you, thank you. all right. >> i want to start -- didn't my mom do a great job? i want to thank my mother. it was her example all my life. her example of grace and courage and service. [cheers and applause] >> it's her love which is the reason why i'm here today. i wish my dad could be here and
10:37 am
in my heart i believe he is here as you said. we are here today to seek justice. we are here because we are impatient for that justice. [cheers and applause] >> and our sense of moral urgency are impatient comes from all demanding of all values, it comes from love. [cheers and applause] love of our families, love of our communities and love of our country and love of each other. you know, the mayor was right, newark, this community -- [cheers and applause] >> this community taught me all about that love. it's not that feel-good, easy-going love, it's courageous
10:38 am
love, defiance love, the kind of love that works through heartbreak and pain and betrayal. it's the kind of love that keeps on going and never gives up. it's the kind of love that sacrifice, it's the kind of love that's essential to achieving justice. [cheers and applause] >> i learned right here on these streets that you can't make progress by dividing people, you can't make progress by stoking fear or setting us one against the other. i learned that the only way to overcome the really tough challenges is by extending grace, finding common ground and working together. and we know this that today so many of us are hurting, so many of us are understandably angry, so many of us are feel ago friday for our future and our
10:39 am
families, too many people believe the forces tearing us apart are stronger than the bond that holds us together, i don't believe that. i believe we will bring our country together. i believe -- [cheers and applause] >> we will achieve things that other people say are impossible. i believe we will make justice real for all people and that is why i am running for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] leland: there you have it, we bring back in the panel as we will continue to monitor senator booker's speech, antjuan and blake, blake, you, there's the theme of cory booker as i can do for america what i did to newark, i'm not sure how many people in iowa or in south carolina or in new hampshire or
10:40 am
in a lot of america view necessarily doing what you did to newark as a good thing. newark is not exactly real stable connotation with is rest of america. >> yeah, and also i think the mayor lane is being occupied by pete buttigiet, i don't really get that why booker is trying to capture that particular lane and i think one of the other challenges to candidacy as we saw in the context of this speech, a lot of platitude, a lot of, you know, the notion of love and being together which sounds a lot like stronger together which was hillary's slogan which didn't work. so i'm a little -- at this stage i think booker is going to have to stake out a lane and figure out -- leland: we have found a moment where blake is proplexed, perhaps, in a word.
10:41 am
molly, you have covered this, you were at elizabeth warren's event, participate a little bit colder there, a little bit warmer for cory booker. >> you know, i think in essence as we watch this, he faces same change that is a lot of candidates face, so you have the big city candidates that may have some challenges in rural iowa, in rural new hampshire, not surprising and democrats have a big mix that come together to find out and focus and get in loin and decide who is going to be that person that can appeal all across the country and the big challenges too when you get to rural area, red areas and moderates have made inroads, we will see what happens. >> that's a good point, for so long antjuan viewed himself and presented himself, presented himself as that moderate
10:42 am
democrat that molly was just talking about and, boy, have there been a hard turn to the progressive left over the past 8, 12 months. >> well, depending on how you define progressive, then, yeah, call that bold and progressive, but i will tell you this, cory booker and joe biden and a few more that are thinking about running or are running for president are very few people that campaign in places where democrats were successful in '18 where we were not successful in 2016, don't count anyone out because when you count people out they usually come around and teach you that you do not know how to count. [laughter] leland: all right, wisdom of antjuan. we appreciate it, we will keep watching new jersey to see if senitor booker makes new speech.
10:43 am
coming up carver sustain. i know. much more developments in the jussie smollett's case
10:44 am
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>> the city of chicago filing lawsuit against jussie smollett saying he intentionally misled officials during the investigation into the alleged hate crime against the actor. chicago pd says that investigation cost more than $130,000 of police overtime and now the city is asking smollett to pay up. here to discuss chicago state attorney, andrew, thanks for joining us, this keeps going and going, let's just talk about the lawsuit to start. is there a risk here for the city, what is the goal here, do they want the money or do they want to open things up essentially and get into this?
10:48 am
>> yeah, chicago will get pound of flesh, i don't think this is about the money. you're talking about 130,000, trouble damages, close to 400 grand, it is about getting pound of flesh not just from jussie smollett but also sticking the black eye on kim fox because the score similar pd and mayor are upset about what happened, this is not about the money but embarrassing kim fox. >> you brought it up. pushed back against critics, take a listen. >> the attacks on my credibility and my office, i recuse myself from the smollett case out of abundance of caution, any decision that i made even the appearance of impropriety would be vetted other than myself.
10:49 am
>> chief ethics officer in cook county. does that help because isn't the transparency that people are concerned about, was that the real challenge? >> look, it's chicago. ethics officer, come on. i think her biggest problem is she's playing the race card in the case, she brought in african american congressman bobby and jesse jackson on this case and turning in racial circuit and that's a problem because obviously our city has a lot of racial problems over the years, but she's playing the race cards in the words of robert shapiro from the bottom of the deck to try to embarrass the people who are trying to embarrass her and that's unfortunate. >> you couldn't make it up, it's more wild than a tv show as we talk about an actor in allegations that were made. going forward, is there a risk here for the city with this lawsuit, with cracking things
10:50 am
open? the police were so adamant they really went after jussie smollett in first press conference. >> molly, that's a really good point and risky for both sides, it's risky for cpd and the city of chicago because by filing the lawsuit there will be depositions of our mayor, of the head of the chicago police department and all horrible that is the cpd has engaged for african americans are going to come up. it's also a risk for jussie smollett because he's going to be deposed and what a great perjury trap. get him to deny that he had anything to do with this and then you can charge him, another prosecutor could with lying under oath. it is risky for both sides. >> does not seem to be going away, andrew, thank you so much for joining us and your insight. >> any time, molly, thank you. >> coming up we check in on the leader board of the masters in augusta, georgia, big story. leland: we will check in.
10:51 am
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10:55 am
driver to the hospital, lucky the driver didn't die and part because the car was stopped half the safety arm and now police say, back up and take your time. save a life too. >> rush it through. leland: all right, something that molly is really excited about, she's going the leave here and head to watch the third round in augusta, georgia, tiger woods tees off in just a couple of minutes. one stroke off lead. there was a moment that people were really worried about tiger woods and we have the video of why, just as he was going make a shot the security guard side tackled him, golf magazine -- [laughter] leland: golf magazine caught up with the security guard, you
10:56 am
look took out tiger woods in the masters, i was really happy that woods made birdie on that hole. despite being fly tackled, almost made birdie. >> taking a look at the current leader board, 7 under par. the tournament will wrap up tomorrow. the winner with green jacket. that i did know. leland: cocktails involvement. there we go, we are going to watch the masters, have a great saturday, we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ for whom methotrexate did not work well enough.
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arthel: the showdown over border security and immigration intensify as president trump says he's considering a proposal to place i' immigrant detaineesn sanctuary cities, triggering fast and fierce reaction from democrats. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. the president is reversing earlier statements from administration officials who briepreviously said the idea waa non-starter. the white house pitched the plan twice in the last six months but it was rejected both times. the president says it's not off the table. >> california certainly is always saying


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