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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 13, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks for watching. i will see you right here next week. >> welcome to america's news headquarters. president trump scoring a legal victory in the showdown over immigration. a federal appeals court temporarily allows his policy of returning migrants to mexico during their asylum process. i'm arthel neville. eric: hello everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. this comes as the president says he is considering the proposal to place and bust migrant detainees -- bus migrant detainees to sanctuary cities. the white house pitched that plan twice in the last six months. it was rejected by lower officials both times but the president says that idea is not
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off the table. >> we are looking at the possibility, strongly looking a at it to be honest with you, california, the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in, a lot of sanctuary cities, so we'll give them to the sanctuary cities, maybe to take care of, if that's the way they want it because we can only hold them under the current law for 20 days. eric: will the federal government start bussing them around the country? ellison barber is joining us with more. >> sources tell fox news that the white house previously asked the department of homeland security and i.c.e. immigration customs and enforcement if it would be possible to bus large number of immigrants from the u.s. mexico border to sanctuary cities. i.c.e. we are told told the white house that that would be illegal. we were hearing from white house officials that this idea was bounced around, but ultimately a decision was made not to move ahead with it. on thursday, a white house official told the new york times the proposal was a nonstory.
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a spokesperson for dhs told them that this and i'm quoting here this was a suggestion that was floated and rejected. which ended any further discussion. on friday, 24 hours later, president trump said something entirely different in the roosevelt room. the president said the idea is something he is strongly considering. here's how the white house is explaining what seems to be a pretty quick reversal. >> that discussion that occurred was mostly between advisors. it was conversations that we had between the white house and the department of homeland security. in speaking with the president, the president said let's look into this. you know, at the end of the day, the president of the united states is the one who is going to determine what our immigration policy is. >> president trump and his advisors say the situation at the border is dire and that democrats on capitol hill need to step up and pass legislation to fix what they see as major loopholes in the u.s. immigration system. >> whether it's catch and
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release or chain migration or any of them, the asylum laws are absolutely insane. we could fix that in so fast if the democrats would agree. but if they don't agree, we might as well do what they always say they want. >> they're about open borders. they're about open arms. until we get a legislative fix in congress, and until democrats step up to the plate and get something done, to help control the chaos and crisis we're seeing at the border, we're going to need help coming from the sanctuary cities. >> all of this as more and more democrats come forward to condemn one of the president's recent tweets. yesterday, president trump tweeted a video that begins with comments a congresswoman made at a speech last month, comments critics say minimize the terror attacks on september 11th. the video the president tweeted begins talking about how some people did something and show various news clips from 9/11. h e tweeted the video and wrote
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we will never forget. congresswoman omar seemed to respond to all of the back and forth in a series of tweets this afternoon, writing in part, quote, no one person, no matter how corrupt inept or vicious can threaten my unwavering love for america. i stand undeterred to continue fighting for equal opportunity in our pursuit of happiness for all americans. thank you for standing with me against an administration that ran on banning muslims from this country to fight for the america we all deserve. eric? eric: ellison, thank you very much. arthel? arthel: meanwhile, reaction continues to pour in to the president's idea of bussing migrants to sanctuary cities, especially in the places that would be most affected. some democratic leaders pushing back hard, while other mayors say it is fine. and they would welcome the residents. here is house speaker nancy pelosi on this. >> i don't know anything about it, but again, it's just another
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notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful, the challenges that we face as a country, as a people to address who we are, a nation of immigrants. arthel: let's go to jeff paul live in los angeles with more. hi, jeff. >> hi, arthel. from mayors to members of congress, their reaction has been strong and swift, some think the president's idea is a waste of time. others go as far as saying it's helping him put forth a racist agenda. but the mayor of san jose says his city's arms are always open to migrants. >> we welcome any families to the city of san jose, who have endured such incredible hardships and have endeavored to make a better life for themselves and their families and want to be a part of our great country. >> mayors of sanctuary cities across the country are also weighing in. new york mayor de blasio in a statement said in part the president uses people like pawns. new york city will always be the
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ultimate city of immigrants. the president's empty threats won't change that. and los angeles mayor eric garcetti tweeted we need real solutions that uphold our values, not disgraceful policies that demonize immigrants and will never become reality. but not all politicians in states where there are sanctuary communities believe the policies are helping. the mayor of a city in arizona right along the u.s. mexico border says he's hoping trump's plan if it happens will take some pressure off of his city. >> i think that's great. if they are going to say they are going to be a sanctuary city, we haven't made that declaration, and so we are receiving families every day from border patrol releases, so if they can release them where they are prepared for them, that would be great. >> congressman mcclintock who represents a district that neighbors the sanctuary city of sacramento also weighing in, saying if trump gets his way, it would be a wake-up call and the country would start seeing
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sanctuary policies rapidly being reconsidered. arthel? arthel: jeff paul, thank you very much for the update. eric: can the federal government actually transport illegals around the country? former obama campaign regional field director joins us as does founder and president of thomas partner strategies and a republican pollster. opponents are saying the president is racist and this is wrong. supporters say people waiting for asylum hearings, they travel wherever they want anyway when they are released so what's wrong with this idea? >> i think the idea that it's racist, i don't quite understand that. in fact, i would imagine if you polled your average illegal immigrant, that they would welcome this because they want to go to cities that -- sanctuary cities by the way tend to be more liberal so that means they have more free government services. in some of these cities illegal aliens can vote in local elections so their voice can be heard. and they don't have to run the risk of being deported again in a sanctuary city. so i think it makes a lot of sense, but here's the heart of
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the matter, eric, it's that it's hypocritical. these sanctuary cities don't want floods of illegal immigrants coming into their cities because of course it will hurt their labor markets. it will bring more crime and other things they simply don't want, but it is easy to sit in your ivory tower all the way across the country, when you are not a border town and say bring in all of the illegal immigrants, it is not a problem. i think trump's right. these cities should deal with the consequences of their actio actions. if they are advocating to hold these people, great, let them have them. eric: do you think it is great? >> it is kind of a tough one for me. initially before i did the research, no, i had a problem with -- i'm hailing to you from atlanta which is a sanctuary city, but then i dug a little bit deeper and i found out that according to the fbi crime stats, crime actually is down in sanctuary cities compared non-sanctuary cities. it's down by 35.5 per 10,000 residents of every county of
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every sanctuary city on average. so you know, and honestly the economy's doing good, especially here in atlanta. our economy is booming. we can hardly even keep up with our infrastructure. so, you know, we're calling his bluff and say bring it. eric: how some of the mayors are denouncing this? >> well, there's a reason why. there's a reason why you saw it in california just a few months ago that there was an anti-sanctuary state movement from all of the -- even though the state is trying to claim itself to be sanctuary, you saw all these counties like orange and others saying no, no, no, we don't want to be a sanctuary because that means we can't deport violent felons. we can't hand these people over to isis, shouldn't be in our state. so look, take them, but i think it is political suicide because i think what you are going to find is that in places like nancy pelosi's district, in these rich suburbs, they're going to get very tired of all the challenges that come with the flood of illegal immigrants.
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eric: robin? >> yeah, to that point, like i said, the president, we're going to call his bluff here. we're saying that crime goes down and the economy goes up as the statistics have shown. so it would in fact be hypocritical of us to not welcome these asylum seekers specifically with open arms because from an economic standpoint, it looks like our economy will actually do better, and most of these people already have families that are living here. they will be working jobs here and contributing to you are state's tax bases. bring it. eric: the washington post has a fascinating study. they looked at 1,545 migrants who went to one center in el paso. and they tracked them. just about 2% that were there. they went to 42 states and surprisingly most went to the southeast, you know, where you are, robin. four were from russia. one was from iraq. but a lot of them went to illinois, ohio, kentucky, alabama, south carolina, and
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john those are places that aren't sanctuary cities. so, you know, how do you think they would react, and how long -- you know, would they welcome them? and how would the president's policy play into that? >> well, look, i think these states and cities that aren't designated sanctuaries are going to encourage the president to follow through on his suggestion because a lot of these states simply can't afford, they can't afford the extra government services. they can't afford to come up with housing programs to help them. they didn't want them in the first place. i think they are going to welcome the plan. here's problem, i'm broadcasting from los angeles, and i can tell you first-hand, we have a huge homeless crisis. it is so bad in los angeles that it looks like third world countries in part of our town. we can't even take care of our own. so the idea of bringing more people that need more assistance to get back on their feet? that would be a disaster.
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i guess be careful what you wish for here. eric: robin, last word, do you think this will happen? >> last word on this is that at the end of the day, the president took an oath to defend the laws of this country, and if he wants to violate that oath, we're just going to sit back and let him and then he will pay the price in 2020. eric: all right. that's the last word on this. it is certainly not the last word on this issue and whether or not this potentially could be a policy that would be followed. thank you. arthel: many eyes in washington on the justice department after attorney general bill barr told congress the mueller report will be released sometime next week. this as one of the president's long-time associates says the full report should be made public. garrett tenney is live in washington. so garrett, what's the likelihood that the full report will be released? >> well, the full report without any redactions is not likely because the attorney general said that he will have a redacted version of the mueller report ready for congress by tuesday, if not sooner.
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also testified that the redactions will fall into four categories, grand jury material, information revealing sources and methods, details related any ongoing investigations and any information that could harm the reputation of private citizens who are not being charged. he plans to label each redaction in the nearly 400 page report so that congress and the public can know what category it falls under. it is no secret, though, that top democrats are demanding barr release the entire mueller report without any redactions. and even after he testified that he's willing to work with congress to provide more details from the report, many continued to question the attorney general's loyalties and his credibility. >> the attorney general did exactly what president trump wanted, he dodged questions, peddled a conspiracy theory and like the president lobbed baseless accusations. it is clear for mr. barr the title he holds is far less
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important than the boss he serves. >> the president's long time advisor roger stone, he is now on the list of those who want to see the full mueller report. according to bloomberg, stone now claims the report contains evidence that is essential to his legal defense against charges that he lied to congress and is demanding that his legal team be allowed to see it. arthel? arthel: protects him perhaps, but maybe others may not want the full report to be released. meanwhile, what do we expect to see after congress receives what will be this redacted version of the mueller report? >> there's going to be a lot of fighting over those redactions, and over how much of the report is released, regardless of that, it likely will not be enough for top democrats because they have said they want to see it all. that's why the house judiciary committee has already prepared subpoenas for the full unreacted report. the president's outside legal team is considering releasing their own report as a rebuttal to mueller's investigation
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depending on what the full report says. last night rudy giuliani said they are prepared for anything that might come out. >> we're ready. we will be ready for anything they throw at us. i suspect it will be nothing that we're not prepared for, haven't thought of or the president hasn't thought of. we were ready for it three months ago. the reality is there was no collusion. it's a joke, but it's worse than a joke. it was a set up. it was a specific conspiracy to frame him. i think the facts are starting to come in on that. >> that will be another thing to watch down the road. the attorney general has testified he's assembled a team to investigate the origins of the trump russia probe. that's in addition to an on going probe by the justice department's inspector general who is looking into possible surveillance abuses by the fbi on individuals close to the trump campaign. that probe by the ig is expected to be completed in either may or june. arthel? arthel: thank you very much. eric? eric: we have a fox news alert. severe weather that's happening
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right now in texas. storm damage reported in an area just north of college station. look at this. a possible tornado they say touched down there just a few hours ago. there are reports of injuries, but the exact number is unclear. we don't know the severity of those injuries. but the threat of the severe storms have been rumbling through the midsection of this country. they remain through the night. the greatest risk right now runs from eastern texas right through much of louisiana, southeastern arkansas, right through mississippi, so folks there, please take care and heed the warnings so that we're all safe for this weekend. arthel: really really dangerous situations there. meanwhile, former vice president joe biden continues to lead the 2020 pack in the polls, despite not saying whether he'll run for president. that plus what trump's campaign -- president trump's campaign manager is saying about the contenders. and police make an arrest in a brutal act at the mall of america. a young boy critically hurt after being thrown from the
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third floor. >> this is the kind of incident that they don't see very often. like i said, when it is involving a young child like that, it is pretty gut wrenching for everybody involved. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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minnesota hospital after police say he was thrown over a third floor railing. this happened at the mall of america yesterday. a man is accused of throwing the child over the balcony. the young child fell almost 40 feet. the suspect is facing several charges including suspicion of attempted murder. >> the child that fell is still alive. still receiving care. the family is requesting privacy. this is a horrific situation. the family and this child are in our thoughts and prayers, and i know the family appreciates all the thoughts and prayers that they can get from the public on this case as they hope for a full recovery of their child. eric: we hope so. authorities say there is no connection at all between the young child, his family, and the suspect. arthel? arthel: although he's still not declared he's running for
1:22 pm
president, former vice president joe biden leads the pack of 2020 democrat contenders. in the latest iowa poll, at the university's polling institute shows mr. bide within a sizable lead over -- biden with a sizable lead. now jamie weinstein is here, the host of the weinstein show pod cast at national review on-line. jamie, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. arthel: you know this that senator cory booker kicked off his campaign in new jersey. biden has yet to officially announce yet he tops all the polls at least most of them. can vice president biden afford to wait to jump in the race? >> well, he certainly has the most name recognition of anyone who is considering jumping in right now. so he has more ability to do that than other people. i think we should keep in mind that at this point in the 2016 race, donald trump had not yet
1:23 pm
even announced. we're two months away from the point in the 2016 race where donald trump jumped in and we know what happened there. he won the race. so this is very very early. i think what's really interesting in that poll that you showed is not that biden leads. he kind of has the most name recognition of anyone contending, but that mayor pete, a south bend, indiana, mayor comes in at number 3, topping some very well known senators, like elizabeth warren. i think that's the most interesting aspect of that poll. it think it shows that pete, who will announce, everyone believes he will actually run for president, tomorrow, that he's having a moment and has a chance here to perhaps which is shocking for a mayor of such a small city to become a significant force in this race. arthel: candidate trump came in and shocked everybody. anything could happen. why do you think mayor pete is
1:24 pm
resonating with the voters thus far? >> i think he showed during his appearances on late night television and national audience -- to national audiences that he handles himself very well. he comes across as being able to have civil conversation even with those he disagrees with. i think the most indicative of that he was on the breakfast club, which is a popular morning radio show in new york, and they asked about chick-fil-a, which to the left, some people don't like because of their position -- at least the owner's position on gay marriage. he said i don't necessarily like the owner's politics but i happen to like their chicken. that's an interesting way to speak to both sides of the debate. i think that's coming across to the democratic electorate, but even to the nation at large. i think a lot of republicans even if they disagree with their politics happens to like how he's handling his moment in the sun. arthel: we'll definitely keep an eye out on mayor pete. what about senators harris and warren?
1:25 pm
>> well, you know, again, it is early. things change very quickly, in these type of races. if you remember, way back in 2008, john mccain started up high, went very low, looked like he was out and then won the republican nomination. if you ask at this moment in time, i think it's, you know, somewhat telling that mayor pete is doing better than they are. they are senators. they should be, you know, higher position than the mayor of south bend, indiana. especially someone like elizabeth warren, who, you know, had all this buzz four years ago, that people wanted her to jump in the race then. now that she starts off so low, below again the mayor of south indiana, that's a bad sign. but as i said, it is very very early. things change rapidly. so, you know, you can't count her out quite yet either. arthel: all right. i want to play some sound from president trump's 2020 campaign
1:26 pm
chair. he was on face the nation, and he has a preview on the campaign's views on this crowded 2020 field and they efforts to attract voters through social media. let's take a listen. >>i'm not worried about any of them right now. i think they are going to beat up each other so much, i'm expecting another 15 i think by the next weekend it seems like. none of them have even touched us in one metric yet. play catch up all they want. i think the president has put a great team and thankfully has trusted in me and jared kushner and others to build a team, you know, that is changing the way it's done. arthel: jamie, as long as the list of democratic field of contenders, it just, you know, going to grow at least by one more, we're expecting from vice president biden, does president trump have anything to worry about for his reelection? >> well, i think you always have to worry. and i suspect that his campaign even though they said he doesn't take many of them very seriously, they are probably taking this race very seriously,
1:27 pm
because anything could happen. but there's no question that president trump has the advantage of sitting back and watching, you know, 15, 20, 25 candidates beat up on each other in a primary, you know, before he actually faces one of them. so, you know, that is an advantage for donald trump. and i think the campaign is going to enjoy, you know, seeing a crowded democratic field just keep pounding at each other, in the same way, you know, president obama once was able to look at a crowded republican field in 2012 beat up with each other, on each other until he had to face one of those candidates in mitt romney. arthel: one last question for you, jamie, as you highlighted mayor pete buttigieg, do you think president trump has an eye out on him as well? >> i think president trump has an eye for branding. it was amazing what he was able to do, whether you like donald
1:28 pm
trump or not, how he made a field of 16 republican candidates, who probably were among the most qualified candidates to ever run for president, in a primary, and made them all look small on stage. so i think he's looking at that field and seeing who he thinks is actually a challenge to him on that debate stage and who is not. and from my perspective, i'm not the brander that donald trump is, i think mayor pete is a tougher challenge than a lot of the other candidates he sees out there. i think he might see biden and mayor pete perhaps as the two most difficult candidates right now. but, you know, i'm not donald trump. he might have a different vision than i do. arthel: all right. we will be watching to see what the president's vision is and the voters most importantly. jamie weinstein, thank you very much. >> thank you. eric: well, they say there is some proof to the belief your amazon alexa could be listening to you. coming up, we will tell you what you need to know. north korean dictator kim
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1:34 pm
dictator kim jong-un who says he is open to it, but kim jong-un is attaching some strings before another meeting can take place. kitty logan is live in london with the explanation. hi, kitty. >> hi, arthel. these do seem like positive remarks from the north korean leader but he also said he wanted more clarification from the u.s. on how these future talks might progress. now, kim jong-un made the comment in a speech to the country's people assembly in pyongyang on friday. he called for that new approach to the talks with the u.s. he also set a deadline for that, for the end of the year, and he warned too that any breakdown in talks could lead to tensions rising again between the two countries. now, all this came after meeting between president trump and the south korean leader in washington. and both the u.s. and south korea have agreed to continue those direct talks with the north. president trump and the north korean leader have of course already met twice. the last time was in vietnam in
1:35 pm
february. that meeting without any agreement. the u.s. saying it couldn't meet the north's demands to lift sap sanction -- sanctions. president trump tweeted on saturday to say a third summit quote would be good. and north korea has of course in the past agreed in principle to halt development of its nuclear weapons program, but the specifics of that agreement have yet to be worked out. and of course both sides have agreed to the idea of a third meeting, any details of that have yet to be worked out. arthel? arthel: kitty logan, thank you very much. eric? eric: for more on what kim jong-un's strategy and his goal could be let's join in former cia station chief who served in moscow, iraq and pakistan and is a fox news contributor. daniel, why is kim saying we have to change when basically he has done so little?
1:36 pm
he is not stopping his program and not ending human rights abuses that are horrendous. >> that's right. he's done none of those thing. in fact, he's really short on specifics as far as what would need to get done in order for a deal to actually happen by the end of the year. it is clearly public posturing on his behalf. he's speaking to the united states and also to the region, to south korea and to russia and china. i think he's trying to leverage those relationships to exact as much economic gain as he can while giving up as little as possible in the way of denuclearization. eric: that's exactly what he's doing. let me read you a quote. i mean he hasn't had missile tests. obviously that's a good thing. the president has taken credit for that. he has not dismantled part of one facility that apparently was inoperable anyway. here's what he said. ready for this one? quote if the united states approaches us with the right manner and offers to hold a third north korea u.s. leader
1:37 pm
summit on the condition of finding solutions, we could mutually accept. we do have a willingness to give it one more try. we will wait with patience till the end of the year for the united states to come up with a courageous decision, but it will be clearly difficult for a good opportunity like last time to come up. i mean, who is he? who is he telling us that we have to change when he's the one who is violating international law? >> right. and i'm absolutely sure that secretary pompeo and his team with support from our intelligence community is analyzing every word from kim jong-un. remember, he made that speech to his rubber stamp legislature, but again, it was met for consumption in the region and beyond. while it might strain the logic that the kim family would amass a massive nuclear and ballistic missile capability only to barter them away for energy and food and integration in the world community economically, we still have to pursue negotiations. and we have tried but kim john
1:38 pm
ooung -- kim jong-un has rebuffed all from our representatives to start those negotiations in earnest. you can't fault the administration for trying and they should. eric: they are not willing to sit down. they were back there trying to have the negotiations. those talks haven't even started? >> right, and i think that as we press ahead with efforts to negotiate, that does enhance our efforts to continue the sanctions regime when we say we're trying to negotiate with kim jong-un, but he's not a willing negotiator, then we should be able to continue to get the strong u.n. sanctions that we have, the strongest thus far in the history, even though kim jong-un is trying to break those sanctions, by exporting labor and weapons to places like libya and syria and yemen, as well as coal, but i think we're still pressing ahead on both of those fronts. it is the right policy. i think the administration's probably also looking at the eventuality if that doesn't
1:39 pm
succeed, then we may enter a phase of arms control where we continue to press for north korea not to mount tests of their ballistic missiles and the nuclear -- and their nuclear weapons and maybe hold off on building out their arsenal. what the continued discussion does do is probably limit the likelihood of a return to fire and fury. as winston churchill used to say better to be jaw to jaw talking than at war. eric: that's true. the missiles have been held at bay for now. but he did send a disturbing message. he appointed the nominal number two, the head of the supreme peoples assembly. now that man, he is on the u.s. sanctions for human rights. this guy apparently is one of the leaders of the brutal regime that has killed people, terrorizes people, punishes them, and tortures its own citizens. i mean, what does that mean if they put him on the number two spot? isn't that a slap in our face? >> well, i think it is actually
1:40 pm
perhaps that, but also reflects kim jong-un's own internal dynamics. he projects an image of strength and power but really his regime is brittle, and he's very concerned about the potential of a fifth column to usurp power from him. it was a few years back that he killed his half-brother at a malaysian airport with a nerve agent. that was designed to send a message to his own potential opponents not to try anything or else they would see the same fate. i think kim jong-un is balancing different elements of power in his own evil corrupt regime. eric: evil and corrupt otto warmbier, the 22-year-old so horribly tortured and brutally murdered, he did not steal a poster that was false propaganda. wouldn't it be easy for him to announce an arrest or prosecute otto warmbier's killers? that doesn't have anything to do with the nuclear program, but
1:41 pm
wouldn't that be a show of good faith? is it possible he could have any good faith at all to try and pursue a case where people so savagely took warmbier's young life? >>i think he's wary of revealing any weakness on his part. he denies his citizens and foreigners every human right there is. i don't see that happening. maybe we open a liaison office, maybe we get inspectors back into north korea. there are certainly a host of things we could do. i don't think i see him making any of those sorts of moves on the human rights front. it is too much a part of his regime. he has a massive political oppression of his own people on which his regime security depends. eric: many still calling for and demanding justice for otto. >> as we should. >> eric: as we should and will not give up. dan, thank you for your analysis.
1:42 pm
>> thank you. london police opening fire on a driver who deliberately ran their car into the vehicle carrying the ukrainian ambassador. authority i -- authorities say the suspect purposely drove the car which was parked outside the embassy. they blocked the suspect's car and fired shots at the driver through a window before taking him into custody. and this now, alexa, the y spy? a new bloomberg finds that what you say to your alexa is being herd -- is being heard by amazon workers. we have more from our fox 13 affiliate. >> alexa, turn on the fan. >> okay. >> she's in your home and she's always listening. >> alexa, turn off the living room light. ale alexa, play, justin timberlake, you know, and i use it for work. >> most people who own an amazon echo might think what they say in their home stays in their home, but that's not always the case.
1:43 pm
according to a new bloomberg report, amazon has thousands of employees stationed around the world listening and transcribing alexa recordings. >> i feel it's an invasion of my privacy to be listening in to my conversation. >> but, you know, on the other hand, people invite that into their homes willingly. >> even if they don't realize they are doing so. some alexa users wonder why this isn't made explicitly clear when they set up the device >> why are they hiding is it? >> it is reportedly in there to improve performance. the computer doctors in tampa explained further. >> they might fine-tune their voice recognition. they might fine-tune what you are asking for to help improve their ai and their intelligence. and make sure that what you're asking for is what you get. >> disables the function takes at least six steps and a lot patience.
1:44 pm
but we were showed how it could be done. despite some serious concerns from some owners, others aren't that worried. >> it is nice to have something do a few things for you. i think the good outweighs the bad. arthel: that was from our tampa affiliate from fox 13. i knew she was listening and i think the phones listen too. i don't want to sound crazy, but i think the phones are listening too. eric: okay. we need to have a report on that. our meteorologist adam klotz will be tracking the possibility of even more severe thunderstorms and tornadoes all right hit parts of texas. we're on it here on the fox news channel. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
1:45 pm
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1:49 pm
temperatures in the middle of the country, a lot of 30s and 40s, quickly jumping up to the 70s and 80s there across the southeast. those are the areas we are paying attention to. everything here highlighted in the red box, all where tornado conditions are prevalent. warnings are underway. we have seen plenty of spin up tornadoes as the heavy part of the system is approaching the texas, louisiana border. all will begin to move into portions of central louisiana and march its way off towards the east. we will watch this through the overnight hours and then eventually into sunday also. this is the big highlighted area. everything in this red box. we could be seeing severe weather outside of this. we are talking about winds up to 60 miles-an-hour, damaging hail, and yes, unfortunately, tornadoings are likely. -- tornadoes are likely. we have seen some tornadoes on the ground already, as this has swept across the region. it will continue to do so. the timing on this entire system, you can pay attention to the time stamp, up in the corner, this is going to continue to track to the north and off towards the east as this system moves. so watch it eventually lift up
1:50 pm
into the mississippi river valley and then farther to the north, but this leading edge moving along the gulf states, that's going to be what we watch tonight before eventually this whole system by tomorrow begins to shift just a little bit farther off towards the east. this is what we're looking at for your saturday, large hail, damaging winds. sunday, eric, unfortunately, it is something we will have to pay attention to still because it will be marching, getting more into the appalachian mountains and then eventually the mid-atlantic. that's what we will be watching here. eric: people be aware. thanks adam. arthel: senator cory booker returning to his hometown to host his first major rally as a democratic presidential candidate. we're live from newark, new jersey. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for? it's beautiful. run with us. search "john deere x300" for more.
1:51 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit arthel: senator booker launching his campaign tour in newark new jersey where he served as mayor, beginning of a two-week cross-country tour. we are live with more. >> arthel, senator cory booker really made his reputation by being mayor here of newark new jersey before seven years before becoming new jersey's first black senator. today well he really has tied his political identity to the city. he has an apartment in the inner city of newark. hiss me samg today was simple --
1:55 pm
his message was simple just as i have helped newark come back i can help towns across america come back. he talked about medicare for all, talked about reforming the criminal justice system, also talked about legalizing marijuana nationwide. he also said this, he said he's not going to make this election about president trump and that he plans on taking the higher ground. >> critics are going to tell you and tell all of us that a campaign powered by grace and love and a deep faith in each other can't beat that. but i say it's the only way we win. the president wants a race to the gutter and to fight us in the gutter. >> the question is whether democrats want someone who isn't willing to fight in the gutter against trump. the poll and fund-raising numbers show booker's message hasn't gained a ton of attraction. he's raised 5 million dollars. that's a fraction of bernie sanders' 18 million dollars and
1:56 pm
it is below 7 million dollars raised by mayor pete buttigieg who is riding a wave of momentum. governor murphy says look he's not too concerned about the early numbers. >> it's way early. huge field. really early. a lot of time left on the clock. so i don't look at that for one second. i think he's putting the pieces in place. and i think the really good days are ahead for him. >> arthel, booker's campaign manager says he's not worried about numbers. they will get hot late in the race when it counts. back to you. arthel: bryan llenas live in newark, new jersey. we're going to take a short break. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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eric: fox news alert. it is a weekend of dangerous weather. strong and dangerous tornadoes causing significant damage we're told in a community just north of college station, texas. that happening this morning. several homes are reported to have collapsed and at least one mobile home was ripped from its location. someone authorities say was inside. there are also reports of people injured. at least two of them we're told are children, but the extent of those injuries and severity is not yet known. this just part of a severe weather outbreak that's happening in the south right now. we will have live report and live coverage on all of this extreme weather later in this hour. but first, president trump's brazen idea that is being met with support and scorn. he is calling for the federal
2:01 pm
government to send immigrant detainees to sanctuary cities, sparking criticism from many democrats amid the ongoing crisis that is still continuing at our southern border. hello everyone. welcome. i'm eric shawn. this is brand new hour of america's news headquarters. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president floating a plan in a tweet yesterday despite it reportedly being shot down twice before within his own administration. president trump later calling out democrats on immigration and saying the idea remains under, quote, strong consideration. >> we'll give them to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care of if that's the way they want it. we can only hold them under the current law for 20 days. we apprehend them by the thousands and thousands a day. i have to say border patrol has been incredible. eric: we have a lot on this during this whole hour but we begin with team coverage. jeff paul is in los angeles with new reaction to the president's controversial proposal. let's begin with ellison barber
2:02 pm
who is live on the north lawn of the white house. hi, ellison. >> hi, eric. yeah, not only is this an idea that we are hearing was bounced around and then decided against, but this is also an idea that the white house according to sources took to the department of home land security and i.c.e., immigration customs and enforcement and they were told by i.c.e. that they thought this would be illegal. we were hearing from white house officials that this idea, it was bou bounced -- bounced around but ultimately a decision was made not to move ahead. but on friday the president said it is an idea he is strongly considering. >> that discussion that occurred was mostly between advisors, conversations we had between the white house and the department of homeland security. in speaking with the president, the president said let's look into this. you know, at the end of the day, the president of the united states is the one who is going to determine what our immigration policy is. >> president trump and his advisors say the situation at
2:03 pm
the border is dire and that democrats need to step up and pass legislation to fix what they see as loopholes in the u.s. immigration system. democrats say this proposal is a joke and they are accusing the president of playing politics with people's lives. in between all of this back and forth, over immigration, democrats are also pushing back on a recent tweet from the president. yesterday, president trump tweeted a video that begins with comments a congresswoman made during a recent speech, comments critics say minimized the terror attacks on september 11th and it ended this video the president shared with news clips, various news clips of 9/11. he tweeted the video and wrote we will never forget. democrats accuse the president of inciting violence against a congresswoman who has already received death threats. congresswoman omar seemed to respond to all the back and forth in a series of tweets this afternoon writing in part no one person no matter how corrupt inept or vicious can threaten my unwavering love for america.
2:04 pm
thank you for standing with me, against an administration that ran on banning muslims from this country to fight for the america we all deserve. eric? eric: ellison, thank you very much. arthel: meanwhile, the president's proposal is triggering sharp reaction from some democrats, including many officials in those sanctuary cities. party leaders are slamming the idea as partisan politics. jeff paul is following all of this from our west coast newsroom. what's the latest, jeff? >> arthel, the idea is sparking fierce opposition from many prominent democrats, especially right here in california. l.a.'s mayor eric garcetti calls it a disgraceful policy. and speaker of the house nancy pelosi who represents the sanctuary city of san francisco in her district echoed that sentiment. >> it's just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful, the challenges that we face as a country, as a
2:05 pm
people to address who we are, a nation of immigrants. >> california senator kamala harris took to twitter saying using human beings including children for perceived political gain is reprehensible. oakland mayor wrote that it is an outrageous abuse of power using human beings to settle political scores. our president wants to punish everyone, those who seek sanctuary in our country and those who provide it. but not all politicians in california believe sanctuary policies are helping. a congressman who represents a district that neighbors the sanctuary city of sacramento says if trump gets his way, it will be a wake-up call. >> i think if the president were successful in implementing this policy, you would see these sanctuary policies very rapidly being reconsidered in those communities that have them. and yes, sacramento sanctuary policy is a direct threat to the people of my community. the sooner we can get sacramento to drop those policies, the
2:06 pm
better. >> mayors of sanctuary cities across the country are also weighing in. new york mayor de blasio in a statement said that the president is using people like pawns. he says new york is the ultimate city of immigrants and the president's threats won't change that. arthel? arthel: jeff paul, thank you, jeff. eric: north korea dictator kim jong-un is saying we have to change before he considers meeting president trump again. his defiant comments came during a speech to parliament. weeks of course after his hanoi meeting with the president ended abruptly when president trump walked out without an agreement because we're told kim would not budge on some nuclear denuclearization issues. the president maintains his personal relationship with kim is still, quote, very good. here is secretary of state pompeo. >> even after hanoi, we have continued to have conversations. i'm confident that what we did in hanoi put us in a better place to continue to move
2:07 pm
forward. chairman kim made a commitment. he made the commitment to me personally, no fewer than half a dozen times and to president trump that he wanted to denuclearize. we have work to do, but i'm confident we will continue to make progress. eric: will he do it? kitty logan has more from london. kitty? >> hi, eric, north korean kim jong-un says he is ready to meet president trump again but wants to clarify details of any future talks before that could happen. he made the remarks in a speech to the country's people assembly on friday. he says he wants to see a new approach to resolving the diplomatic deadlock with the u.s. he set a deadline for the end of the year for this to happen, but also warned any breakdown in talks could lead to tensions riding again in the future -- rising again in the future. those remarks followed a meeting between the president and south korean leader in washington. both the u.s. and south korea have agreed to continue direct talks with the north.
2:08 pm
president trump and kim jong-un have met twice. the last time was in vietnam in february. that meeting collapsed without agreement. the u.s. saying it could not meet the north's demands to lift sanctions. now, kim jong-un says he will only meet president trump if the u.s. opts for a more flexible approach. both leaders insist relations are still positive. president trump tweeting on saturday to say a third summit would, quote, be good. north korea has agreed in principle to halt development of its nuclear weapons program, but the specifics of that agreement have yet to be worked out. while the interest in more direct talks is a positive sign, the two sides are still far apart on many key issues, including the lifts of those sanctions. eric? eric: thank you very much. we will have more on kim's bluster later in this hour, when journalist gordan chang joins us about it live. arthel: attorney general william barr is expected to release a
2:09 pm
redacted version of the highly-anticipated mueller report any day now. this as he faces intense pressure from democrats to release the full unredacted version to congress. garrett tenney has more from washington. garrett? >> well, arthel, this week the attorney general tried to ease some of the concerns from democratic lawmakers by saying he's willing to work with congress to provide more details for mueller's investigation, but not until after he releases this initial redacted version of the report to both lawmakers and the public. for top democrats who are demanding to immediately see the full unredacted report, that offer was not good enough, and this week they continued to attack barr's credibility and to suggest that he is trying to protect the president by blocking damaging parts of mueller's report. >> many of us tried to give mr. barr a chance. but after this week's performance, it is clear as day, he and the president are working off the same play book and planning to withhold crucial
2:10 pm
facts from the american people. >> this week deputy attorney general rosenstein said it was bizarre that democrats are attacking william barr and defended the attorney general's handling of the mueller probe telling the "wall street journal" that barr is being as forthcoming as he is able to you should the law -- under the law. republican lawmakers such as senator graham are also defending barr against democratic attacks ahead of the report's release. >> i trust barr to sanitize the report for protection of classified information and grand jury information. i trust his judgment if somebody can show me where he's done something wrong, i would be interested to hear about it. i think he's a highly ethical guy. i trust his judgment. >> the president's long-time advisor roger stone now says he needs to see the full report as well. according to bloomberg, stone claims in a lengthy court filing last night that mule ears report contains -- mueller's report contains evidence that is
2:11 pm
essential to his legal defense against charges that he lied to congress and demanding his legal team be allowed to see it. arth arthel? arthel: thank you. eric: gillian turner has more on our next story from washington. >> judge kavanaugh will head to u.k. to teach at an overseas law school. summertime academic assignments have over the years become a standard past time for supreme court justices. but the news of kavanaugh's hiring announced at the end of march in the school's undergraduate newspaper has set gmu's fair fax virginia campus alight with controversy. on thursday, a coalition of 26
2:12 pm
victims advocacy groups prevailed upon congress to take action to stop kavanaugh's summer teaching appointment, writing, quote, serious questions remain about whether justice kavanaugh lied to the senate, whether he sexually assaulted the women who credibly accused him of doing so, and whether he's ultimately fit to be a justice on the supreme court. now, a student group called mason for survivors issued a petition last month that's garnered nearly 5,000 signatures so far. calling on gmu to terminate kavanaugh's assignment on the grounds that he was accused of rape. gmu's president issued a statement holding the school's ground. i respect the views of people who disagreed with justice kavanaugh's senate confirmation, due to questions raised about his sexual conduct in high school. but he was confirmed and is now a sitting justice. the law school has determined that the involvement of a u.s. supreme court justice contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for
2:13 pm
our students. and i accept their judgment. that student campaign now reportedly getting a partisan boost from an organization called demand justice, that's run by a former staffer to hilary clinton's presidential campaign. demand justice is reportedly sponsoring targeted ads on facebook that encourage users associated with gmu to sign the nation for survivors petition. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. arthel: senator booker stomping in familiar territory today. >> i will be a president for all people in america. arthel: can senator booker break out of a crowded field of democratic candidates? a live report on today's rally as mr. booker prepares to take his message on the road. eric: plus republican and democratic leadership says it is time to settle the immigration impasse. can they reach a bipartisan solution following the
2:14 pm
president's new threat to ship migrants across the country? arthel: wikileaks founder assange facing extradition to the u.s. in a case that could have future implications on press freedom. our legal panel joins us as next. >> i don't view him as a hero at all. i do think he should be extradited. i do think the government should prosecute the case against him. you can't just go in and steal secrets from our united states military and then use somebody to just put them out there into the public. that puts people's lives in danger. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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2:18 pm
julian assange is facing possible extradition to the u.s. he was arrested and hauled out of the ecuador embassy in london this week. now vowing to fight any efforts to bring him to the united states setting up what could be a lengthy legal battle over 1st amendment rights. let's bring in our legal panel now. a former senior investigative counsel for u.s. congress and former assistant attorney general. also the director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university, also former chief counsel and senior advisor if the senate foreign relations committee. -- for the senate foreign
2:19 pm
relations committee is here as well. good to have you here. should assange be covered by protection of the 1st amendment? >> absolutely not. julian assange is hardly a journalist. definitely not a journalist. nobody is making that credible claim. even if he were a journalist, they don't have a write to conspire with somebody to hack pass words, hack computers, break into secure systems and steal classified data. that's not something that any legitimate journalist does. it's not something any legitimate journalist should do. the idea one indicting assange for that crime and only that crime, journalistic speech is ridiculous. what do you think, chris? -- arthel: what do you think, chris? >> i completely agree. i know you would never do this, but if you got together with martha, eric, and anderson and you decided after work today that you were going to break into the federal building in downtown manhattan to get some documents that you thought the american people should see, you are going to get arrested for that. and you should get arrested for
2:20 pm
that. in this case julian assange had no business -- no security clearance, no need to know trying to tap into a u.s. government computer and hacking into that computer, he's been indicted by a grand jury. there's a legal process for that. will's a legal process -- there's a legal process for his extradition. but i don't see any implication of true 1st amendment rights here. arthel: martha, anderson and eric, i would go out for drinks with any or all of them. do you agree that assange was not a passive participant in the case? do you as degree? -- do you agree? >> i agree with that. he was not passive. i believe the indictment even has some exchanges between chelsey manning and julian assange talking about their plan to try to do this. so he was not passive. arthel: yeah. assange, the charges for him, they did not mention russia. that's part of the mueller
2:21 pm
investigation. still, how much political chaos did wikileaks infuse into the 2016 presidential race? >> wikileaks was at the heart of the whole thing. if assange is not directly a client of russia, he was a willing participant in the overt and covert campaign they ran against our elections. the whole premise of leaking classified information, but not the way that creates some important news or tells the story it is simply for the pure interest. what he did here was he got chelsey manning to give him a pass word. he tried to crack that pass word. he was literally as chris said was the guy making a skeleton key to break into a building, in this case a computer system, that's illegal. no journalists would do that. this idea that we have a 1st amendment problem is laughable. arthel: assange's lawyer in london is fighting extradition to the u.s. i'm sure he has a team of lawyers, but more charges are
2:22 pm
probably forthcoming. prosecutors have 60 days to present a final case to british authorities, and the grand jury investigation assange on him is still active. do you think, chris, that assange will ever face prison time? >> i do. i think he's going to be extradited. as you pointed out in an earlier segment, the united states has extradition treaty with the u.k. arthel: right. >> and what he's accused of doing is a crime both in london -- excuse me, in england and the united states. and of course his lawyers are going to fight that because that's what lawyers are paid to do for their client. but i think he is going to be extradited. i think he's going to be prosecuted. and i think he's going to be convicted. arthel: do you think that assange will ever flip, meaning implicate others in his crimes? if he does, would his word be credible at that point? >> you know, that's a great question. it is hard to know. it depends on who is above him in this chain. my guess is he's probably the
2:23 pm
primary target of this investigation. my guess is they will want to put him in prison for a good long time. if he has information about somebody above him or people he worked with or coordinating with are potential targets to the prosecution, there may be a deal, but right now as chris says the key part of this operation is get him from england to here to face charges here. that will happen, but may take a good long time. as chris says, his lawyers will fight it as hard as they can there in the u.k. as you would expect them to do. arthel: they are going to fight as hard as they can but chris you believe that ultimately assange will be brought back here to the u.s.; correct? >> no question. arthel: all right. great short answer because i'm just looking at my clock here and i need to wrap. good job. thanks to both of you. >> thanks, arthel >> thank. eric: anderson wouldn't be with us because he's not getting my report, no matter what we do. arthel: we're just having drinks with anderson. don't be so mean. just drinks. it is just lunch. eric: okay, just lunch.
2:24 pm
you know about the criticism that's being heaped on the president from some top democrats, that for his threats to release undocumented migrants into sanctuary cities. >> just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful to the challenges that we face as a country, as a people, to address who we are as a nation. eric: as the comments were flying, behind the scenes, congress is trying to work to reach a deal on immigration. what are the chances a bipartisan agreement can be made? we will take a look. plus democratic hopeful senator booker jumped into the presidential campaign. he did so in his hometown of w newa newark, new jersey. we're live from the rally site. [running through woods]
2:25 pm
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>> we have to have comprehensive immigration reform. that is one of the answers that is necessary that we're capable of it in a bipartisan way. >> it is finally time for us to step up and not only solve the crisis at the border, but do some changes in the immigration laws that are sensible. eric: you just heard them. leaders from both sides of the aisle saying they are willing to work toward a bipartisan immigration deal. this as house democrats are wrestling to figure out how to counteract president trump's border policies as the number of migrants arriving at the border
2:30 pm
continues to grow, to a point that authorities say it is overwhelming our immigration system. so can they actually make a deal? a reporter for the hill joins us from washington. julia, is the emergency situation on the border, i mean it is not stopping, it seems to be only growing. will that be enough, do you think, to push congress to actually finally do something? >> i think it is going to play a part in pushing congress to do something. however, you know, i think the purge, if you will, that's going on at the department of homeland security is really pushing congress on republicans and the democratic side to really get to the point on this. you know, we heard senior republicans such as senator john cornyn calling the situation at homeland security a mess, and you are also hearing democrats obviously raising alarm bells over the resignations and departures of major officials in homeland security, such as, former secretary kirstjen nielsen. clearly although they may disagree on the scope of the
2:31 pm
crisis at the border, i think republicans and democrats agree that something needs to be done. however, the major question i think in all of this is how is the president going to react? because let's remember, the president and senate republicans and house republicans haven't always seen eye-to-eye on the issue of immigration. the president isn't going to necessarily compromise with the democrats. however i think the republicans will try to compromise with the democratic side. eric: that's a fascinating scenario. you have clearly what's going on in the agencies under the president. you have stephen miller as the right hand avisor dealing with this. you say when they get the reports people on the hill are saying we need to address this now. >> to your point on miller, that's an interesting dynamic in itself. we keep hearing reports and rumblings about this feud between stephen miller and kushner. miller is known as ultra conservative, very strict on immigration. however, jared kushner is known
2:32 pm
as more of a globalist. he has associations with democratic party. he has relationships with democrats on the hill. you are kind of hearing almost two different strategies coming out of the white house at this point, and, you know, it is going to be difficult i think for senate republicans and democrats in congress to really work with the white house right now if there's this weird dynamic of a shift going on between stephen miller and jared kushner. eric: what do you think they will be able to work out? i mean, do they go back to the 25 billion dollars border security bill that they already had, with the dreamers built in, that the president then scuttled? or do they have something completely different? >> you hear a lot of republicans saying we would be willing to maybe budge a little bit on the dreamer situation and maybe a temporary path to citizenship, maybe work visas, etc. i think senate republicans are going to run into a bit of a road block with the president there because he's so adamant about that issue. you know, you're hearing i think
2:33 pm
you are going to hear more about border security and some sort of a barrier along the wall. you know, we have heard of a bipartisan solution proposed by representative peter king and a democrat of new york, they came up with a plan that kind of includes pieces for both sides, which would be border security and some sort of a pathway to citizenship or the possibility of that. you are going to see more compromise. however, i think the ultimate question again is what -- how senate republicans are going to work with president trump in pushing him to accept this? eric: also, the president has been talking about changing asylum laws. the administration is trying to tweak those. do you see any part of changing asylum laws? the president has been very critical of, in any package? >> right. i think you will get a lot of pushback on the issue of asylum laws, especially from democrats. you know, the president has really been cracking down on this issue, and, you know, trying to seal off people from
2:34 pm
coming in or at least create more of a stricter process at the border, and i think from democrats, you might see or some moderate republicans maybe see, you know, some sort of revamping of the asylum laws, but from democrats you are actually hearing a lot of talk of maybe putting more judges at the border who are able to process more of these asylum cases. i think that's a big issue that's happening down there. you are hearing democrats say the issue may not necessarily be the presence of the physical barrier, but the presence of more judges at the border. eric: the system they say is totally being overwhelmed. part of the package was to put 100 new judges, but let me give you some figures from syracuse university that's kind of fascinating. syracuse studied this. and they show that these are the asylum denials. the denials are super sky high. look at el salvador. almost 69% of el salvador immigrants who ask for asylum denied. 76% from honduras. 75% from guatemala.
2:35 pm
66% from mexico. so these denials, the number overwhelming, does that in a sense prove the president is right? if the asylum seekers are coming in and were accepted, you wouldn't have such high numbers? >> you know, it is very possible to look at that from that point of view. however, i think a lot of democrats would say with us cutting off aid to those northern triangle countries, you know, we're essentially -- the u.s. could be making the situation worse, if we were giving more aid to those countries, maybe it would make the situation there somewhat better, at least make the possibility of the situation there better. and i think that's where democrats will push back on that point. you are actually seeing some democrats in proposing some sort of immigration plan, you know, talking about maybe revamping aid to those northern triangle countries. eric: yeah, and the president has threatened to cut off that aid which many democrats have faulted. julia, thank you. >> thanks, eric.
2:36 pm
eric: arthel? we will achieve things that other people say are impossible. i believe we will make justice real for all people, and that is why i am running for president of the united states of america! [cheers] arthel: democratic presidential hopeful cory booker kicking off his cross-country justice for all tour. this afternoon he held a major rally in the new jersey city where he was once mayor. booker trying to break out from a crowded 2020 field with more than a dozen candidates vying for the democratic nomination. bryan llenas gets my vote. he's live in newark, new jersey. hey, bryan. >> hey, arthel. look, senator cory booker launched his first official campaign event in the middle of newark in military park, a park that he helped revitalize during his seven years as mayor of new jersey's largest city. today there were hundreds of people here for the event, and there were many speakers,
2:37 pm
including the new jersey democratic senator bob menendez as well as new jersey's governor phil murphy and cory booker's own mother, introduced him on to the stage. booker launched his two-week national campaign tour called justice for all. he spoke a lot about making the government more just for minorities, particularly reforming the criminal justice system and legalizing marijuana federally, in a bid to end mass incarceration. african-americans are incarcerated at five times the rate as whites. and despite similar drug use, rates -- despite the similar drug use rates, blacks are six times more likely to be imprisoned for drug offenses. >> a system so deeply baked with bias that it ruthlessly discriminates against black people and brown people and low income people, with mental illnesses, folks with addiction. >> it's a crowded historically diverse democratic field. so far 18 candidates are running
2:38 pm
for office, but only secretary castro has come out with a specific immigration plan, calling on decriminalizing illegal entry into the border if he were to become president. booker, though, today, well he touched on his immigration plan too. >> we will pass comprehensive immigration reform. we will create a pathway to citizenship for all those living in the united states, and we will protect our dreamers. we will end the moral vandalism of family separation. >> the big question is, arthel, is whether democrats like senator booker are willing to work with president trump in the interim before now and the 2020 race to come up with some bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform or plan. look, booker's people by the way say they recognize that his poll numbers and fund-raising numbers may not be that high, but it's early, and they think this is the momentum boost he needs. arthel? arthel: bryan llenas, thank you. eric: could there be a third summit between president trump
2:39 pm
and kim jong-un? if so, what would that achieve if kim continues to be defiant, saying the u.s. has to cooperate? analyst gordon chang joins us next with his prediction. we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may know us from... your very first sandwich, your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. what if i wielded the power of i could bend reality to my will, with a snap of my fingers! i just saved money with geico. i saved hundreds of dollars!
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2:44 pm
negotiations, this after he walked out of the hanoi summit in february without an agreement. gordon chang is here, asia analyst and author of the new book "losing south korea". gordon, first of all, kim jong-un, he has everything to gain, not much to lose, why does he want another big-time summit like this with all the fanfare? first of all, who is he to put conditions on the u.s.? and also, talk about the president, though, if he goes for this fanfare of a summit, again, a third one, what kind of leverage does the president lose? >> yeah, kim jong-un wants this third summit because it gives him legit mization and alters his position in the regime. there's some problems and a third summit would help him. he's getting pretty arrogant. he's now putting conditions on the united states, a time frame, end of the year for the u.s. to make concessions to him. this is ridiculous. i think it is because he believes he has china, russia and south korea at his back. we're not imposing sanctions on
2:45 pm
those guys who are violating sanctions and so kim thinks he might as well go for broke. arthel: that said, do you think russia and china want the so called big deal between the u.s. and north korea? would their interests be better served without one? >> i think they want is no deal because that means they could continue to dangle their cooperation on north korea in return for concessions on other things, so for instance, china wants a break on the trade deal so they are sort of saying look, we'll help on north korea. well, no, over the course of decades, arthel, they haven't helped. arthel: exactly. however, you know, kim jong-un may be getting -- i don't know, maybe desperate if he sees that president trump is very serious. hey, dude, i will walk out again if you don't give me what i need. the president's being firm on that. so that means that kim jong-un may think well, i better keep my options open with china, russia, because potus will leave the room. but kim jong-un, i mean, he can't be trusted.
2:46 pm
as you know, he knows no other plan but to keep his nukes. he wants them for protection and for threats. so why would he agree to denuclearize at this point in time? >> at this point in time, there's no reason for him to do that. now president trump can change the calculus. he can change the set of incentives. he can go after moscow, beijing and seoul for violating sanctions but until we show the political will to do that, kim has absolutely no incentive to really do anything which is what he said he would do. arthel: why do you think the u.s. doesn't have the political will to go after south korea? to go after russia and china for that matter as it pertains to any sort of assistance provided to kim jong-un? >> i think right now president trump believes that he can sort of entice kim into good behavior, so he's not really putting pressure on anybody. but you know, over the course of decades, no one has ever enticed the north koreans into doing the right thing. so this is really being very very optimistic on trump's part. i think our president is
2:47 pm
eventually going to say enough is enough, especially because, you know, people are going to say that kim has been playing the united states. arthel: uh-huh. and, you know, you mentioned earlier that kim jong-un wants to save face in front of his own people there, in north korea. besides that, though, post summit number two, what sort of geopolitical back side has he faced? >> right now he has south korea helping him a lot. i think what kim is thinking is the longer he sort of draws this out, the longer he keeps his weapons, also the more time he gives to moon jae in to sort of subvert democracy in south korea and support north korea. moon was just in washington on thursday talking to president trump asking for sanctions relief for the north koreans. arthel: because president moon doesn't want -- he would prefer to have better relationships, you keep your enemies close, you have better relations with kim jong-un? >> well, it's not so much that he views kim jong-un as an enemy. he sort of views him as another
2:48 pm
korean. he wants to unify the two koreas. that's his historic goal. he really wants to help north korea right now which undercuts our diplomacy. arthel: okay, if not an enemy, he wants a unified peninsula. >> right. arthel: what's the play for the president in this? should he do the meeting, a third summit or not? >> no. i mean, i don't think there should be a third summit until kim beforehand gives us a declaration of all his missile and nuke facilities as well as giving firm timetable for surrender of weapons and dismantlements of all his places of nukes and missiles. until that occurs, i don't see the point of a third summit. arthel: quickly, what can president trump do besides standing firm and say i'm not going to meet with you if you don't abide by our request and provide us your nuclear arsenal and where everything is located? what else can the president do? if the sanctions aren't working?
2:49 pm
>> he can go after the chinese banks. they have been money laundering for north korea. we have left them alone, imposed no costs on them. we could cause a lot of havoc in china. the chinese know it. i think trump is eventually going to do that because he doesn't have a choice. arthel: we will leave it there, gordon chang. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> thanks. eric: thanks, gordon, arthel. it's been a rough weekend here at home with severe weather bringing damaging tornadoes to parts of the south. and we're told this threat is not over yet. next we're live in the fox weather center on what we can expect. obbing) (speaking in foreign language) i'm sorry i don't understand... ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
2:50 pm
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit eric: veer storms ripping through -- severe storms ripping through the deep south with millions of people now under the threat of hail, flash flooding and strong winds. at least one tornado was reported touching down near college station, texas. can we expect more? adam klotz tracking the storm from the fox extreme weather center. hi, adam. adam: hey there, eric. the conditions are still there. any time you see cold air bumping against warm air, that's where you start to see severe thunderstorms and eventually tornadoes. cold front 82 degrees in atlanta stretching back to 57 degrees in memphis. it is along that line. that's our cold front, frontal boundary where we have been seeing the activity. it continues on starting in portions of eastern texas now stretching into the center of
2:54 pm
louisiana. this is the back line of storms. we have seen tornadoes firing up along this frontal line anyway. now beginning to run up into portions of jackson mississippi or at least getting closer to it. that pink area, that is a radar indicated tornado right now. those have been firing up off and on all day. they will continue to as we eventually head into the overnight hours. this has been the big section we're paying attention to, kind of getting towards the back end of it, but there's still several hours where we could see severe weather. winds up to 60 miles-an-hour. hail a concern. and tornadoes continue to be likely as we track this progression. this entire system is moving to the north and moving off towards the east. so there will continue to be areas kind of lifting that direction even including memphis tennessee as it heads that way from now into the evening hours and overnight. big storm system, you can pay attention to our future radar, time track up in the corner. if you are living farther to the north, you will see big storms from st. louis and sweeping over towards nashville as it
2:55 pm
continues to lift. it is going to be this leading edge down along the bottom, so the gulf states included where you are going to continue to see perhaps some of the worst severe weather from this system. but again, today we've been highlighting an area here, saturday right along the gulf, louisiana, mississippi, as we get into tomorrow, this system continues to lift. unfortunately, guys, eric, this is going to be one we watch today but also have to watch for sunday as it continues to march towards the east. eric: people need to be careful. adam, thank you. arthel: president trump mulling over a plan to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities. new reaction from lawmakers at the top of the hour. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
2:56 pm
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eric: well, the largest plane in the world made its first test flight in california this morning. take a look at this thing. it lifted off from mojave area and space port. the dual-fuselage aircraft weighs 500,000 pounds, has a wingspan wider than the length of a football field, it was built by a company founded by the late microsoft billionaire paul allen. wow. arthel: well, here's a wow for you, a 100-year-old woman showing no signs of slowing down, she's running for council in her small town in germany, and her campaign is focused on reopening the town's outdoor swimming pool which closed eight years ago. she has been very vocal about getting it back open, but she
3:00 pm
said she has often been egg mothered due to her age -- ignored due to her age. the election is set for the end of may. eric: that's just great. arthel: yes, all right -- eric: thank you for joining us. arthel: we'll see you tomorrow at noon eastern time. jon: president trump is ramping up his rhetoric on immigration. good evening, i'm jon scott, this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the proposal comes as the white house looks to strengthen the nation's immigration policies after a series of shake-ups at the department of homeland security and as the border patrol reports a huge upswing in the number of families attempting to cross into the illegally. the idea drawing fierce criticism from democrats as the president urges them to act. >> we could fix that in so fast if the democrats would agree. but if they don't agree, we might as


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