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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 15, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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right there in the back of the neck. make it worse. he was hailed a hero for taking one for the team. rob: see you later. ♪ living in the hall of fame ♪ yeah ♪ and the world's going to know your name ♪ yeah ♪ steve: the world already knew his name but yesterday, they are describing it as the biggest come back in sports history. tiger woods won his fifth green jacket. as he wore his trademark red shirt at the masters. brian: shot 270. he took it one hole at a time did not make any major mistakes. that's the moment people are talking about. there he is hugging his son. steve: charlie. bron a mainly charlie was not born. the last time he won a masters his daughter was 2.
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jedediah: everyone loves a come back story. a groit moment. everyone looking at it. somebody who has played mini golf and failed miserably. i'm always incredibly impressed with the skill of the sport. brian: only sport where you can play well in your 40's. maybe erratic if you are a great basketball player or great football player, outside of tom brady, who is an anono,no aanomaly, you are probably not doing it at high level. at 43 it's hard to think you are going to be competitive. not only is he competitive. he wins. this he won in september after multiple knee surgeries. multiple back surgeries personal transgressions that had made international news. steve: here is the thing now, is he second only to jack nicklaus. jack nicklaus won his final masters at i think 46 years old. tiger is a couple years younger than that has plenty of gas. jedediah: great point about
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the age. never thought about it like that this is one of the few sports can you excel. brian: think about the hit books that have come out on him. the last one best overall. tiger woods team did not like it. by jeff benedict and talked about everything he has been through and how different his upbringing was and how isolated because he was so talented. he was so isolated from the other golfers and when he went into the locker room. this generation grows up watching him, inspired by him and even though they are competing against him. they are rooting for him. one of the comment a couple years ago when tiger was back trying to heal from a injury trying to help out ryder cup. let's make tiger great again never seen anything like this. a new generation trying to inspire trying to beat from previous generation. >> he inspired some of them to do what they do. there you are trying to have
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the opportunity compete. help acknowledge his accomplishments and excited for this kind of come back. steve: he is great for the game. if anybody was near a television yesterday. cbs did a good job telling us the story. watching him as he climbed up the leeciousd. and there at the end it was something. he owes don't know his tax bill yet. but he won $2.7 billion yesterday. that's a lot of green. today is tax day. earned it this year he will pay it next year. jedediah: today is the day when fiscal conservatives are born u. brian: going to be talking about that too and larry kudlow coming on the show as well. you know the president of the united states is beginning to win people over to the fact is the southern border is a catastrophe. it is chaos. they are expecting as many as 130,000 coming across illegally before the month of april is through. so the president of the united states cannot get congress to draft anything,
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cannot get democrats to change anything. so he decided to maybe take the people that are coming here that we can't seem to stop legally and put them into a place where the president thinks they are doing something illegal. and that is having sanctuary for illegals. let's put them in chicago. let's put them in new york. let's put them in los angeles. jedediah: sarah huckabee sanders came on the record talking exact exactly what the administration is looking to do. take a listen to what she has to say. >> nobody thinks this is the ideal solution. until we can fix the crisis at the border this is one options. whether or not it moves forward, that's yet to be determined. this was raised at a staff level initially and pushed back on. the president wants to explore it again. that's being done. and they are doing a complete and thorough review. steve: it was said over the weekend, that is not their top choice. but the "wall street journal" this morning though does have, for the first time, some of the other options that they are considering. fringes, they are thinking about targeting high
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overstate countries. listen, if you don't reverse that number. future visas are going to be harder to get. also they are going to consider tightening student or investor visas. also publish a rule holding the authorization of spouse of some high skilled visa holders. they won't be able to get a visa u they are also considering the most ambitious goal which is to prevent immigrants from becoming citizens if they are going to use publicly funded benefits. these are just some of the ideas that they're floating around right now. the way they think it will happen is, there would be a challenge to any of the regulations that they try to use by executive action. and then by the time that election rolls around, this will have been determined in the supreme court where they believe they have got more sympathetic judges than they do in the ninth circuit of san francisco. jedediah: i love the idea of forcing the leadership in
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these sanctuarie sanctuariy cite forward and defend what you are saying. if you are saying immigration is not a problem and not a crisis and advocating for the lawlessness in sanctuary cities. you should be able to follow up and say send them all here. he is forcing them toe take that position which i believe is a very extreme position that much of the country does not support. and it's not a bad pr move moving into 2020. brian: going to be hard to get them out once they are in the sanctuary cities. no budget to move them to chicago and los angeles and new york which are being overrun with record number of homeless. that really caught cher's attention. a lot of people say when times of trouble tough decision made what would cher do and this is my answer. she tweeted this out. i understand helping struggling immigrants but my city, los angeles, isn't taking care of its own. what about the 50,000 plus citizens who live on the streets. people who live below
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poverty line and hungry. if my state can't take care of its own. many are vets, by the way. how can it take care of more. because the governor of your state spent most of his time in central america last week maybe pledging some aid and sympathetic ear to those try triangle countries while his state is overrun with tax burden and homeless over in orange county, los angeles, san francisco is a train wreck. steve: it's a sanctuary state. keep in mind. given what she just tweeted out yesterday back in september of 2017. she said those who can, must take a dreamer into their home and protect them. i'm ready to do this and pray for others in my business will do the same. #sanctuary. jedediah: i love this. you are willing to say that. and when it comes a realistic possibility. hold on a second u socialism by the way. everybody loves the idea of socialism until they realize the money is coming out of their pockets and going into government which may or may not be able to manage that
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well. these ideas sound good and nice to have them on record now which is silly in hollywood having this double standard hold on a second in my community? i don't know about that. steve: speaking of money, the trump campaign is so excited because right now it has just been revealed because today ends the first quarter reporting period for fec. full disclosure for all candidates are due today. they have raised $30.3 million so far. 99% of donald trump's donations were $200 or less. averaging $34. when you look at the amount of money the trump campaign and the rnc have in the coffers right now, $82 million in the bank: jedediah: that's a lot of money. brian: the president of the united states will be spending today in meaption, in minnesota. because he lost minnesota by about 1.5%. he says if i can make a couple more visits there i
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probably could have won that state. one of the states he feels he can expand his reach in the electoral college. it's no coincidence that he is spending tax day there and he is spending it in an area that went blue in the last election. he thinks that they benefited greatly from his tax plan. some in the blue states did not. this is an area which did. he wants to emphasize that today. jedediah: we mentioned that trump raised 30.3 million. if you compare that to democrats and fundraising reports. you had 18.2 million from bernie sanders. 12 million from kamala harris. 9.4 million for beto o'rourke. 7 million for pete budge, 6 million elizabeth warren. 5.2 million amy klobuchar. 5 million cory booker. 3 million kirsten gillibrand and 1.7 million andrew yang. hillary clinton had a lot of money behind her. not always about the money that makes the win. brian: the way she spent it, she seemed to always be out of money. she bailed out the dnc and
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then the dnc basically owed her all their coffers they began working for her. steve: they are already spending the money. the trump campaign has spent $11 million on facebook ads since 2018 in may. and with that money, they have been able to have it robot particularly produce 190,000 different ads all based on your preferences when it comes to facebook. so they're targeting individuals with ads to talk to them to get them to vote for donald trump again in 2020. brian: 10 minutes after the hour now. the other area in which you might have missed "60 minutes" last night. they led with a major feature on nancy pelosi. and her re-rise to prominence as the president said it was a softball interview. they did ask some tough questions. for example, one which was yeah, you have everyone unified. do you have the majority in the house. but you don't have the majority of democrats. especially when you consider people are way to your left
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and you are a san francisco liberal. listen. >> you have these wings, aoc and her group on one side. >> that's five people. >> no, the progressive group. >> i'm a progressive, yeah. jedediah: like five people. she is so mad about this. she really is. steve: they are getting all -- aoc is getting all of the attention. some are scratching their heads what is she talking about five people. if she is talking about the professional progressive caucus 98 members. justice for democrats they have seven members. jedediah: is nancy pelosi in charge or the aoc types? steve: just a title. jedediah: who has actually got the power? brian: who has the issues. she pushed back on socialism. that's not going to fly with a lot of her caucus. pushed back for medicare for all. i'm for obamacare. that's not going to fly with her caucus. so she is somebody who has
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to yell over that wing of her party and not getting the publicity. after taking on the president with a 35-day shutdown. i get it she was riding high. since that she is not riding high by a long shot. i think she has been unable to do anything over the first 100 days. nothing has gotten done. steve: i think aoc is getting under her skin. that shot last night and earlier last week she took a shot at the number of twitter followers that she has. oh, something is going on. trouble in pelosi paradise is what kellyanne conway said yesterday. brian: here is jillian. jillian: a person suspected of gunning down a deputy in washington state is killed in a shootout with police. two other people are in custody. 29-year-old deputy justin derozier was murdered while checking on a stalled vehicle. the chilling moments revealed in a dramatic call with dispatchers. >> i have been hit. shots fired.
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jillian: tough to listen. to say the 29-year-old deputy leaves behind a wife and 6 month old daughter. >> he loved his job. he was incredibly good at it. as you can imagine as i'm probably showing this is very personal for our agency. jillian: deputy derozier is the 14th officer shot in the line of duty this year. at least 8 people are dead, including children as storms tear through the south. more that be a dozen twisters causing damage from texas to alabama. two children tragically killed when a tree fell on a car. look at your headlines, send it back to you. steve: there was terrible weather over the weekend. it is april 15th, tax day. did the democrats' prediction come true for. not for red states.
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be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. jedediah: president trump signed the tax cuts and jobs act into law. promise of a complete refund was false. brian: that may be the case for blue states. h and r block tax refunds
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through the end of march. top states lower refunds this year were democrat controlled blue states. jedediah: top states that saw a jump in refunds all voted for president trump in 2016. here to weigh in is the author of how money walks. travis brown, travis, thanks so much for being here. can you break this down for us a little bit. this red, blue state refund and were you surprised by any of this? >> there is a reason we saw before fourth of july and not today tax at a day. it's your wallet, your freedom. america, you are welcome. the effect of the trump tax cuts are taking and showing themselves throughout the country. refunds are where you would expect them to be. and overall, everyone is seeing it in their paycheck spread out over the year. red states are doing well but they could do a lot better if they increased their deductions and lower
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those refunds. remember, a tax refund is a sign you've paid too much to your federal government with a zero interest loan. so, the blue state performance places on the east coast from massachusetts, connecticut, down to washington, d.c. are seeing that contraction as well. interesting, exactly what we would have seen and predicted. brian: right. so the hr block report the average client paid the federal taxes down 25%. so that was the intention. and in terms of refunds, they are just up 1.4%. but, when you do a poll of the tax plan, only 49% approve of it. why? >> more people would rather go to the dentist than go see their tax advisors or fill out their own taxes. it's no surprise that it takes a while for you to realize these there is a lot of different things that go into your formula on your w-4 returns. if you they're in a red state today and still getting a refund, it's time to evaluate that. either on your filing or with your tax advisor. if you are in a blue state
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and you haven't seen a tax cut, then make sure you are taking full advantages of those new changes in the tax law. the deduction and whatnot. brian: without the salt deduction we have a certain income. you are just going to be paying more. >> that's right it really does matter and now is the perfect time whether you are completing your taxes or filing your extension today, make sure you consult with your tax advisor or look at the changes of these laws. it's good news for the american economy because it's already baked in most everyone's paycheck over the last year. that's what is so great about it. jedediah: thanks, travis, we appreciate it. thanks so much. brian: travis brown. meanwhile. jedediah: there are seven states that allow physician assisted suicide. should more be legal? our panel weighs in coming up next. this is loma linda,
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some headlines for you. the u.s. coast guard rescues nearly two dozen cubans after they floated adrift in the gulf of mexico for days. they were stranded after losing power on their wooden boat while reportedly trying to get to mexico. they were first picked up by a carnival cruise ship before being turned over to u.s. border officials. new report show mexico has deported 204 migrants back to honduras. national migration institute says their stay in mexico was irregular and they were flown from southern mexico back to america. the group was mostly families with children. over to you, steve. steve: thank you, jed. a major topic being debate you had inside physician assisted suicide. state of new jersey allow terminally ill patients to end their lives after governor phil murphy signed the aide in dying for the terminal act last week. now new york governor andrew cuomo says he would support similar legislation.
3:25 am
>> i say pass the bill. it's a controversial issue u it's a difficult issue. but the older we get and the better medicine gets, the more we've seen people suffer for too, too long. steve: is this a solution? bring in a panel to discuss. kristin hanson is a community relations advocate for the patient's right action fund. her husband j.j. died of brain cancer and was opposed to assisted suicide. she joins us today from down in florida. tom shakily is the chief engagement officer at americans united for life and member of the american society for bioethics and 450u789s and dennis is a former new york state attorney general who argued a landmar land suicide physician assisted case. what do you make of the fact that governor cuomo is now saying yeah, let's pass this bill? i will sign it. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. i think the governor says it all when he says that this is a complicated and
3:26 am
difficult issue. but it's a complicated and difficult issue that is not solved by physician assisted suicide. i think it's wrong policy. the supreme court in 1997, in the balko vs. quill which is the case i argued no constitutionally right to physician assisted suicide. the supreme court did say that the body politic, the laboratory of the states. the legislatures across the united states should decide this issue. interestingly since 1997, 22 years only seven states have embraced this concept. i think it's because it's simply wrong-headed policy. steve: we have a screen that shows that have passed assisted suicide. you see politics here with governor cuomo, don't you. >> there's no question. just reasonly governor gom mow licuomopink to celebrate thg
3:27 am
of infant life. and now adult life. will code of medical ethics against assisted suicide. this isn't a medical issue. the root is suicide. not about assistance. not about nice words. it's not about recognizing medical reality. it's politics interfering with medicine at the end of the day. steve: this is very personal to you your husband j.j. died of brain cancer. how do you feel about this decision where people, if they had the right, could take their own life? >> you know, j.j. and i decided to become involved in the issue because of what we went through. we saw going through that experience how dangerous assisted suicide is for patients like j.j. we were so grateful, it was not legal in new york at the time he was diagnosed. we saw that doctors make mistakes. j.j. was told he only had 4 months to live by three different doctors. we were given no hope.
3:28 am
and j.j. went on and he had successive treatment. he went ton live almost 4 years. but we also saw if j.j. had those pills on his nightstand during the fifth month where he was really struggling emotionally and physically, he might have taken them. and he said you can't undo that. these laws abandon vulnerable patients like j.j. who struggle with feelings of being a burden and worrying that it would be easier for everyone if they end their life. if we look at oregon, the state ha has this legalized the longest in the united states. pain and suffering never makes it into the top five reasons why patients request assisted suicide. the top three reasons are fear of being a burden. loss of autonomy and the inability to enjoy activities they could once participate in. those are very valid end of life issues, but assisted suicide doesn't solve that we shouldn't be abandoning patients at their most
3:29 am
vulnerable moment. but the scariest thing for us with j.j. was that these policies open the door wide open for insurance companies to deny patients coverage for the care that they want and deserve. steve: oh boy. >> and offer the cheaper option of assisted suicide. steve: i hadn't thought about that. >> that's the point i made before the supreme court in age of managed care now we are in to the age of potential government control of our healthcare at the end of the day it's simply cheaper to provide that lethal drug as opposed to treating. kristin has hit the nail on the head. we need to do more to treat the pain no. one wants to see loved ones suffering. we need to do a better job of palliative care. those are the goals we should be achieving. steve: tom, i will give you the final word. >> we can trust our physicians on this. physicians are able to rise to this challenge even in the worse cases the most challenging cases physicians phs
3:30 am
in n. this country are excellent even in our healthcare system struggles and political system struggles to represent what's good. steve: let's see what the state of new york does. new jersey passed it on friday. kristin, tom and dennis, thank you very much for your points of view. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: it's exactly 6:30 here in new york city and same time in augusta, georgia where yesterday tiger woods came roaring back to win 11 years in the making. a moment that happened after this that has everybody talking. fox sports analyst and 8 time pga tour winner brad paxton is live from florida next. ♪ at carvana, we have only one standard when it comes to the quality of our cars: the highest. it's why only 1 in 10 cars we look at qualify to sell on our site. if it's been in a reported accident, we won't sell it. and at our state-of-the-art facilities our ase certified mechanics roll up their sleeves and get to it.
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it comes to the investigation into this president? do you really believe attorney general barr read a nearly 400-page report in one day? and that his 4-page summary is the whole truth? i'm tom steyer, and i'm organizing an effort to to release the full mueller report now and let the american people decide. if you think we have a right to read the report for ourselves, you can call the attorney general at this number. our tax dollars paid for the report. don't let him cover up the truth. >> here it is: applause]
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brian: it was hands down the shot of the morning. tiger woods back on top. first time in a decade plus. tiger breaking an 11-year drought between major championships to win his fifth green jacket at the masters. >> tiger sharing his son charlie reminding fans of the iconic photo of tiger hugging his late father earl after his first master's win back in 1997. let's bring in brad, a fox sports analyst and 8-time pga tour winner and host of the radio show on sirius xm just the facts. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. i love it thanks for having me. steve: the last time we talked to you you had just played golf with the president of the united states and rounding out your three-some tiger woods. >> that's right two thanksgivings ago. and this was tiger's coming back out after having his fourth back surgery.
3:35 am
played with dustin johnson then number one in the world and president trump at jupiter not close to where you have your place down here, steve. i asked him one question that day he hadn't played much. he had really bad chipping hips which is really hard to overcome. that day he was hitting it as far as world number one dustin johnson answered chipped unbelievably well. i asked him tiger what's going to be the hardest thick for you come back, unbelievably he said i'm hitting it so far right now i don't know what to do. i think that was a good forecast. jedediah: it's actually astounding come back if you look at the number of injuries that he has gone through and gone past. when you saw him play that day when you -- on his way any minute. >> jedediah, i was the biggest sceptic. like so many, he had gone through broken leg when he four back surgeries, lengthy hard back surgeries. then he had the scandal, two
3:36 am
scandals. he had the embarrassment of being pulled over for the dui and in the meantime humanized himself. is he more of a father. is he more of a president. he has been assisted captain ryder cup. is he helping his fellow players. i think he has enjoyed this part. you see him the emotion that he has gone through here hugging his kids, his mother, like you said in the opening like he did with his father in '97. i think it's the best part. the humbling of tiger woods coming back. it was amazing all tournament he never showed any emotion until the last hole. brian: you know what was interesting. you dominate the 1990s. he breaks into the game at that point. and the word was he was so good so young. he was kind of isolated. go in the locker room and be by himself. most of the attention would go to him and some of the all-time greats were being ignored resentment. he was fine with that.
3:37 am
that's been my whole life anyway. i wasn't a normal high school kid. i wasn't playing other sports necessarily. something changed. with this next generation. even though they are competing and beating him they don't resent him. they still look up to him. a lot of them say they never would have gotten into golf if it wasn't for that guy i'm trying to beat now. can you talk about that relationship as oppose to the people he broke in with. >> if you look on twitter and great players, whether it's roy mcilroy, rickie fowler, justin thomas, they all watched him as a kid. they were the guy -- he was the guy that inspired him all these great players to play golf. it was a touching moment when he walked off the 18th hole to see justin thomas there. to see bubba watson there. past masters champions, rickie fowler congratulated. brook koepka high five. it was incredible to watch this. and i really think that this may be the biggest come back
3:38 am
in the history of any sport to see what he has gone through over such a long time. he is 22 years between master's win. knack nicklaus was 24 between master's win and now tiger's major championships is only three away from jack's total. steve: he told jack nicklaus at the champion's dinner in augusta i'm done. after that dinner he flew to london and suggested the fusion back surgery that fixed everything. >> it did. when we played that day with president trump, he had told me that it was hard just for him to get up in the morning just to go to the bathroom. he had to crawl sometimes out of bed. across the floor. and he said when he had all these chipping problems and you saw him hit shots. he would skull them u fat them. he said he was in so much pain standing up to practice he couldn't do it. to see what he did yesterday, it's just momentous. it's so inspirational.
3:39 am
everybody will remember where they were. brian: here is president trump after they played jack nicklaus everyone is asking me how tiger played? the answers with s. great. weighs long straight and putted fantastically he shot a 64. tiger is back -- he will be winning majors again, not surprisingly jack also played really well. his putting is amazing tiger and jack like each other. no resentment there from a guy that could break his record. >> i love your show and being on with you guys. thank you. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us now with headlines and a story related to last night's lousy weather in the northeast. jillian: terrible weather. talk about this. a plane crashes and hangs upside down just feet from a home's front door. do you see this? it's hard to believe that all three people on board survived the crash on long island, new york. officials say the pilot was trying to land his small plane at jfk airport but got disoriented flying through
3:40 am
fog and ran out of fuel. no major damage. one person has a sprained finger. how lucky are they? hackers gaining access to several microsoft email applications for more than six months u according to tech crunch and mother board. the group could email subject lines and recipients and outlook hotmail and msm. microsoft did gain access through a customer support account but says they did not breach the content of those emails. a heroic border collie rescues his best friend, look at that from danger. can you see the brave dog dashing across a snow covered road in canada to prevent a small chihuahua being crushed by a reversing suv. the owner showering both pups with love. that's a look at your headlines, go down stairs to adam klotz. lots of weather to talk about. recall storms sweeping across the northeast. it has been a mess all weekend long really east of
3:41 am
the mississippi. all of those storms began in texas. these are our weather watches, warnings, everything we have seen over the course of the weekend. all those storm reports tornadoes across the southeast that on the move. d.c. to new york to boston. all areas where we have seen big heavy downpours here overnight. if you are lingering with this one it is going to be on the move. good news is by midmorning this should be wrapping up and clearing off a little bit clearer for the rest of our tax day. as we know, tax time can be stressful, but there are few deductions that count on every year. tax day and food deals. we have got deals from blue -- bruegger's. steve, thank you. from bruegger's. and kona ice. but we are going to start here with great american cookies. anika, i'm excited i get to eat a bunch of food. what are the food deals you guys are offering for tax day. >> today we are going to be offering our original chocolate chip.
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number one seller. fantastic. been around for over 40 years. those are free for all our guests today. no purchase required. adam: do you have any idea number cooks you are going to go through. >> i don't. a lot obviously. at least a dozen or. so. adam: up next zac with brewinger's bagels. what's the big. >> bruegger's is back with 10:330 baker's. two tubs of cream cheese. your choice on flavors. all have you got to do is go to our website bruegger' download the mobile app. and get the deal there. adam: how much will they be saving. >> 4 to $5 offer the regular price. adam: good deal, still moving and eating. kona ice. what's up? >> blue raspberry.
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try that one. 400 of our trucks in various locations giving away free kona ice today. most people think today is tax filing day. if you are a big fan of kona ice we call it chill out day. it's our sixth year in a row doing it take a break, grab a free kona ice and relax with us. adam: we have these outside, right? >> we do. adam: if the rain goes away in the next couple hours. tax day, free food. i'm loving it. steve: because we're so stressed out about paying taxes might as well relax with some free stuff. brian: carbs and ice: new law in colorado makes it illegal to take away guns from anyone deemed dangerous. next guest says he won't enforce it. meet the sheriff who is fighting back next.
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brian: colorado's controversial red flag gun law is on the books. meaning guns can be taken away from people who are determined to be dangerous. one sheriff in that state is vowing not to enforce the controversial new law. calling it ludicrous. a flow back to a 2002 minority film called minority report. the sheriff james van beik joins us now. why don't you think this is good news? if there is a bad guy out there that hasn't broken the law yet but has a tendency, to should they have a gun? >> it was very concerned about -- by the way, thank you for having me this morning. brian: no problem. >> i just became very, very concerned because of the way they went about it was supposed to be for mental health. it was supposed to be for taking care of people to make sure they went about, at least in my opinion, they went about the process totally backwards. went after the people's rights. they went after in a manner that was really that i
3:48 am
didn't think gave them due process well we need to do these things and take these things away from them. we need to take these tools away from them. but they never provided any kind of assistance. there was no outlet. to me there wasn't any kind of due process. brian: you were worried about the criteria. colorado 15th state to adopt the red flag law. you are worried about the process to red flagging an individual and thousand effects his rights. how do you red flag somebody under this law? >> either household member or relative or somebody who is directly connected to the person that they are concerned about can go to the court and petition the courts similar to like a civil restrange order but this is extreme risk restrange order. they file a petition with the courts and they explain on this one that this person dangerous because of qx, y, z, it's ex parte hearing so the accused, the respond dents never gets a chance to
3:49 am
respond at the hearing. they review it with the courts. the judge feels it meets the standard just over 50% then the judge can issue a temporary restrainous order. if it's law enforcement that does it then law enforcement is expected to submit a search warrant right away at the same time. and if that person is deemed by the judge to be able to do that. then the law enforcement then has to go either execute and have the person turn his weapons in within the next 24 hours or go execute a search warrant on this person and go and take all their guns. within two weeks, there has to be another hearing. and at that second hearing the person has a right to have an attorney and the courts will actually even appoint an attorney. brian: we are up against the clock. sheriff, you don't like the criteria. you just feel that there is too much makingness to it and people's rights are going to be taken away. not a single republican voted for this but tom
3:50 am
sullivan whose son alex was gunned down by the aurora shooter feels this is a great day for them. the sheriff obviously doesn't want anybody shot but a concern about gun rights. schiff, thanks so much. >> thank you so much. have a wonderful day. brian: petition to get vice president pence booted from speaking at a university commencement. a sitting vice president. some alumni say the very idea has left them sick. but not our next guest. he is calling the claims ridiculous. ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ when i'm wiser ♪ and i'm older ♪ all this time i've was finding myself ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ jedediah: students and alum of indiana's taylor
3:54 am
university outraged after finding this year's commencement speaker will be vice president mike pence. one taylor grad writing on facebook taylor university you should be ashamed of yourself. i am physically shaking. then goes on to say taylor university i feel personally attacked. joining me now is taylor university alum kevin holts. thank you so much for being here. i'm confused about what everybody is so outraged over? this is the former governor of indiana. this is a christian school. what is it exactly that he would be a saying that would make people feel unsafe. >> it's an example of how our culture seems unable to separate agreement with personal attacks. and threats to our very identity. obviously vice president pence has political views that lots of people disagree with. christian faith might be something that a lot of people disagree with. but the reaction to this
3:55 am
seems to be if someone thinks differently or has political distances differently than me it's a personal attack on me or somehow offensive to my own values. i think that's kind of silly. jedediah: we have a statement from taylor university i want to get your reaction. since making the announcement of mike pence's upcoming commencement speak we have received feedback from people on either side of the issue. tailor university is a christian university that tries to encourage positive, respectful and meaningful dialogue. we look forward to hosting the vice president next month. coming out sand and saying we are going to have the vice president come like it or not. this is still a university where diversity of thoughts arrive. that's the message they're sending. i give them credit for that. what do you say? >> i agree. i was nervous initially that the overwhelming vocal minority might sort of sway taylor to take a different stance. i'm very glad they are taking that solid stance. i mean, vice president has
3:56 am
very orthodox christian beliefs. very traditional beliefs that vast majority of evangelize christians have believed. his political views are shared by a large section of america. it's not a radical choice. i think people should be able to engage and disagree with his views and be doing it in a mature fashion. jedediah: i want to thank you for being here. i wish we had more time. my hope is we are not raising a nation of babies that cannot handle a different view. sit in a room and be respectful and hear it out. thank you so much. have you back and talk some more. appreciate it? >> happy to do it. thank you. jedediah: mayor pete is in announcing his presidential run with veiled swipes at the white house. >> when something is grotesque, it's hard to look away. and the horror show in washington is mesmerizing. it's all-consuming. we are going to change the channel. [applause] jedediah: we have more from mayor pete and that's coming up. does this map show the
3:57 am
peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined.
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he had all sorts of problems.
4:01 am
he came back and take a look. these are the covers of the local papers here in new york city. grandmaster. "new york times" right there tiger woods amp winning the masters and the "new york post" says it best. these are all the same poses where he is wearing that red shirt. his trademark. he's back. brian: i remember i had a chance to go see nike town with phil knight when his book came out. he just had back surgery again. i casually said to phil knight. what do you think? he said he will win another championship. i said are you sure? he said oh yeah, i'm positive of it that was before the back surgery. jedediah: if you look on social media. he has managed to have fans spanning some different age groups. steve: absolutely. jedediah: probably the only person unified the political spectrum president trump and president obama tweeting out positive messages. fan base succes sustained throuh the years. come back story.
4:02 am
not just from so many personal struggles but health struggles. it's a good story. it's an old fashioned story of coming back and scoring big. steve: there he is with his mom just hugged his son charlie and mother along with his girlfriend. we will show you the brand new nike ad fantastic. all dedicated to tiger woods who did it again yesterday. in the meantime more battle brewing over the battle at our southern border. the white house is said to be viewing a plan to send illegal immigrants to certain sanctuary cities while calling out democrats who they say refuse to do their jobs. watch this. >> if democrats would step up and help the president fix the laws, this all could go away. jedediah: this as a new report says the presidents is looking to crack down on countries whose citizens overstay their visas. brian: another element to immigration reform. griff jenkins is live in washington with the latest. hey, griff.
4:03 am
>> hey, brian, jedediah, steve, another look at busing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities after the idea. democrats are questioning the legality of that move and blasting it is nothing more than a political stunt. >> the president has no right to spend money appropriated by congress for other purposes to ship immigrants all over the country. >> this is, again, his manufactured chaos that he is created over the last two years on the border. everybody talks about democrats, republicans getting together. we are absolutely -- democrats ready to sit down and talk. but we won't be lectured to by the president. let's sit down and talk. >> this as republican senator lindsey graham says he will introduce legislation striking directly at the heart of the problem. >> we have to change our laws so these people stop coming there is a narrative in central america if you get to america with a minor child you will never get
4:04 am
deported we have to change that story line. >> meanwhile according to the "wall street journal." the white house is also looking at people who overstay their visas. targeting nationals from the countries from student and investor visas. potentially shorting them or making them harder to obtain in the first place. the president heads to minnesota this morning where he is going to be talking about taxes, guys. but my guess is we may hear a little bit more of both of these border ideas. steve: absolutely. all right. griff, thank you very much. also according to the "wall street journal," one of the most ambitious goals that the president would like to institute via executive action is to prevent immigrants coming from or becoming citizens in they are going to use publicly funded benefits. because very costly. going to do what he can to undo that. it's interesting, in the "new york times" this morning. they say this whole idea of taking these illegals and transferring them to sanctuary cities, which has been rejected by the
4:05 am
administration, the idea, according to the "new york times" is, in part, to distract people from the mueller report which is supposed to come out either today, tomorrow or the next day. and the president aapparently wants to say forget about that let's talk immigration. jedediah: shifting illegal immigrants over to sanctuary cities does nothing to address the flow. you have to stop the flow of people coming to this country illegally. i'm curious to see what graham will put on the table. brian: trying to get table i'm going to dump these people in your lap because have you asked for them in some, way shape or form. the president is saying i will do whatever it takes. the president got a break from the courts for a change. he can now go back to leaving illegals in mexico which has been agreed to by both countries. lindsey graham is doing what the administration was asked to do last week. he is putting penal to paper. i don't necessarily think that democrats are going to be against it because now you can't run away from the fact that there is a problem. the wall was the one thing where the rubber hit the
4:06 am
road for democrats such an obvious win for the president. fixing this, they can both claim victory. being that nancy pelosi has not done one thing in 100 days except for some symbolic votes she is desperate to get. the president is saying i'm not doing anything on infrastructure until you help me with immigration. then you would think okay they could actually say we solved the problem and both take credit. meanwhile our country is better off. steve: i just think that now since both sides are agreeing yep, it's a crisis down there although the democrats say caused by donald trump. if the democrats and republicans get together and they solve at the behest of the president, the problem, then he gets the credit. they don't want to give him the credit. jedediah: you still do have some democrats throughout saying it's manufactured. do absolutely nothing. democrats have done nothing to come to the table and actually be interested in real reform. they wanted their campaign talking point. they wanted to be able to say this wasn't real. donald trump is a racist. is he anti-immigrant and now
4:07 am
it's past beyond that this is actually a crisis and democrats will have to flip and say okay what are we willing to give mere because we can't look like we don't care about an issue that's annual humanitarian crisis. brian: you can't solve without democrats. they can honestly say until we got to the table, we were getting 130,000 people a month. when i came to the table i solved it people can make their own call in between. moderates, independence on where they stand. steve: i hope you are right u we are going into an election year and when you look at just the rhetoric on both sides, either side is going to let either side get a win. jedediah: yep. and in the midst of all of this you have 2020 heating up and you have democrats already running against trump make america great again in particular buttigieg, take a listen. >> there is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities. the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. it comes from people who think the only way to speak to communities like ours is
4:08 am
through resentment and nostalgia. they are selling an impossible promise of returning to a bygone era that was never as great as advertised to begin with. steve: so there he is, the south bend, indiana mayor who essentially wants to be america's mayor. pete buttigieg has had a great month six weeks. top tier when it comes to polling. he is doing well with fund raising. he says the country needs both a generational change and entirely different political figure to lead the country. set millennial. and he says he is the guy. brian: he has gotten a lot of bork's attention he would get. beto o'rourke hasn't budged. found out also he is very rich. buttigieg well-written speech and well-delivered. what he is missing the point is make america great again is not let's go back. it's we are going to give attention to blue collar workers and farmers. doesn't mean we want to go back to a different day before there was cable
4:09 am
division. it means that hey, you guys have been ignored with these free trade agreements. you have been ignored because manufacturing has been destroyed. you have been ignored because blue collar workers went getting attention. took the democratic block in all these states that delivered that unfathomable victory. by going back to looking to yesteryear he is missing. jedediah: speaks beautifully, very nuanced people need to look beyond that and look at the policy he supports. maybe is he a little more moderate. he is a medicare for all, paris climate agreement. green new deal guy. he just raises that in a way that's much more palatable, be careful i know somebody else who did that and his name was president barack obama. brian: he won twice. jedediah: pay attention to what he supports he presents is beautifully. steve: yesterday he said he was no longer exploring the
4:10 am
presidency he is declaring. 7:10 in new york, and jillian joins us with more news. jillian: at least 8 people are dead including children. as storms tear through the south. more than a dozen twisters causing damage from texas to alabama. two children tragically killed when a tree fell on a car they were driving n east texas. a fordham university student dies after falling from a bell tower on campus. the "new york post" reports sydney monfrys fell through a tower 40 feet. climbing the all-star a right of passage. she was set to graduate next month. a great day in boston today is the city's 123rd marathon. security and rain will not stop more than 30,000 people from competing. runners from more than 100 country also hit the pavement alongside several people injured in the 2013 marathon bombing.
4:11 am
seven-time nascar champion jimmy johnson will also be running. this little boy wants to be just like his firefighter dad. >> go, go, go, go, go. quick. jillian: how cute. that's 2-year-old carson burns practicing carrying a fire hose. carson family documents his training online like in this video where he pulled on full fire gear. patch people sending patches and letters to carson. jedediah: is he adorable. steve: thank you very much, jillian. democrats, some outraged over the president floating the idea sending illegals to sanctuary cities. what happened to open arms? tom homan calls out the hypocrisy and he joins us live next. t believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock..
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cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. help stop cuts to plet's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this?
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i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at _ ♪ ♪ >> nobody thinks this is the ideal solution but until we can fix the crisis at the border, we have to look at all options. this was raised at a staff level initially and pushed back on. the president wants us to explore it again. so that's being done. and they are doing a complete and thorough review. steve: sounds like the trump
4:16 am
administration has been hashing out details on its proposal to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities. is that a good idea or simply political pay back. brian: or just one way to get democrats to act? here to weigh in ice director tom homan. tom, there is no money in it to actually make this happen. drawn up. but the president has not backed away from it. should he? is this plausible? >> it's absolutely plausible. look, the fact is most of these illegal aliens are already going to sanctuary cities. that's one of the reasons they are coming. they walk into some place where they can be protected from ice and get free social benefits. they can get drivers licenses. they can get in college television and college assistance. they are going to cities. and run of the reasons they are coming. what the president did i thought was ingenious. he called the bluff. no, i'm going to send you more. what he did was he pulled the curtain back on the democratic leadership showing the hypocrisy that
4:17 am
they say they wanted these people in the united states and open borders as long as it's not in my district. as long as it's not in my neighborhood we're fine with it he pulled the curtain back. ingenious move on his part. jedediah: tom, what is your perception of where democrats stand right now? this is looking. first they said a manufactured crisis and blaming president trump a crisis they initially said doesn't exist. at what point did they feel compelled to come to the take, sitable, sit down and pret some kind of solution or be agreeable to some sort of solution for what some are realizing is in fact a humanitarian crisis? >> first off, let me say this. i think they realized they said it wasn't caravans, right? that's how it started and this was a manufactured crisis. i don't believe they believe that they know this is a crisis on the border. the videos clearly show it. the data clearly shows it. the tens of thousands released into the street clearly show it i said it many times on this show. this is about resisting the president. this is about not helping
4:18 am
him fix this problem and closing the loopholes because this is his number one campaign promise. secure the border. they want to be able to say he failed. the president failed on number one promise. steve: tom, this is an idea, reportedly that has been rejected a while back. the "new york times" this morning though is saying that the reason the president has revived it is because is he trying to distract from the mueller report. which is coming out, you know, today, tomorrow, the next day, something like that, this week. do you think there is anything to that? >> no. look. just so folks don't -- when we talk about the children that come across the border, the unaccompanied alien children, do you know the government pays for them to be transported to any facility in the united states to hhs. then the government pays again for them to be transported to wherever their parents or sponsors are. so the government is already paying to place those into country legally where they event actually end up. this is already happening. in the paper several weeks
4:19 am
people going crazy how dare ice release people at the bus station no places to go. unleash them in el paso where the church is not able to take care of them. release them into sanctuary cities that's a bad thing. this is about they will never work with this president when it comes to the immigration. this is about resistance and giving him a loss on the border. brian: at ellis island they say do you have a job lined up? what are you capable of doing? what are your skills? place you on a boat and send you back. meanwhile, tom, we have reports that the president had tiger woods win yesterday to overwhelm the attention the mueller report is going to have. i'm looking for a second source on that. do you know that you agree with cher? she also sees a problem with the sanctuary cities when there is so many homeless on the streets in los angeles. she says people who live below the poverty line hungry my state can't take care of its own. how can we take care of so many more. you and cher are on the same page. can you get her a shield,
4:20 am
maybe work the streets with you? >> you know, i'm at a loss for words. i'm a merle haggard type of guy here. she understands, you know what the big thing is i think most of america is beginning to understand and most of america realizes the crisis on the border. only one coming to the table trying to fix this is the president. the democratic leadership hasn't offered up one idea. i heard you stay earlier. name one thing the democratic leadership has done to address this surge? nothing. jedediah: all right, tom. thanks so much. we have to run but we really appreciate it? >> you have a good morning. jedediah: pro-life movie unplanned beating box office expectations and changing hearts and minds. one of the stars says she gets encouraging messages every single day. ashley bratcher joins us live. don't miss it ♪ the broken road
4:21 am
♪ led me straight to you ♪ this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪ that captured their imaginations ♪ and turned moments into memories. with flights, hotels, activities and more for your florida vacation, expedia has everything you need to go.
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you know why, we know how.
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15% discount service members can get kohl's department stores launching military mondays as a thank you for those who defend our country. that's awesome. finally 73, that's volunteer firefighter is with the white lake fire department in canada since 2001.
4:25 am
keep tracks of the crews, fires and plans community events. she has no plans to retire any time soon. jedediah? jedediah: thanks, brian. the pro-life movie unplanned not only beating box office expectations but it's now changing the hearts and minds of many who watched. ashley bratcher who play as planned parenthood worker activist in the film now taking to twitter to share one of many messages she is getting. want you to know that the abortion-minded client i shared your testimony with says she is now looking forward to being a mother. so, again, thanks for allowing yourself to be used by god. here with more of your stories is actress ashley bratcher. i'm so excited to have you here. i watched the movie over the week. it is so compelling. do you such a beautiful job of presenting a nuanced honest real portrayal of abby's struggle. through the whole thing that what has been some of the responses have you gotten from women, from people
4:26 am
around the country who saw this film and either had a change in their heart or mind or were just overwhelmed by it? i felt overwhelmed? >> yeah, thank you. the response has been incredibly positive. i mean, through it all, this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling role i have ever had in my entire career. to be able to hear someone come to you and say i was so affected by your work that i decided instead of having an abortion that i'm now going to have my child. i don't know how to really explain the way that feels, to know that you could potentially just have saved a life. i mean, there is not a lot of actors who can say that i'm so honored to be able to have a part of this. we have a message from a woman who is actually keeping her baby after seeing unplanned. i want to share with you and get your reaction. it reads i just wanted to share with you that i saw unplanned opening weekend with my mom and grandma. today i took a friend who was considering aborting her baby. after this movie she has
4:27 am
fully committed to keeping her baby and she says she can't stop thinking about this movie and that everyone should see it, praise god. when you see something like that, i imagine that it must feel so rewarding to you to have made this decision to take on a very controversial project and take a lot of heat, i'm sure. but to see a message like that must be amazing. >> yes. i think i cry every time i talk to you guys. i can't help it. it's so incredible. literally so incredible that people are being affected this much. this is why we did this movie. not only that, but being able to share my story with you guys. it's not only the movie but being able to share my heart and the fact that i care so much and that we really do want to help women that we're here to walk alongside of them. you guys have played a part in giving us that platform because there is woman throughout who have not only seen the movie but seen my testimony and just hearing my testimony has been something that has moved
4:28 am
them to say i need to explore this further. somebody who is there, willing to walk beside me. and there are thousands of pregnancy resource centers across the united states and being able to tell this story has brought attention to them people know there is alternative to abortion there are resources in your community where people want to help you. jedediah: i appreciate you being here. i could talk to you all day. this movie changed me as a person. thank you i know you will probably take a lot of heat from someone in hollywood, it's a brave position to take so boldly: so many appreciate it and commend you for really a beautiful job. thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you so much. jedediah: we will see the mueller report any day now. we already know there was no collusion. so how will democrats try to spin it? dan bongino is coming. he has some ideas next. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ steve: 16 minutes as the president tweeted this out mueller and the attorney general, based on mueller findings and great intel have already ruled in collusion, no obstruction. these were crimes committed by crooked hillary and the dnc, dirty cops and others. investigate the investigators. let's bring in an investigator, fox news contributor former new york city cop, former secret service guy a fellow who wrote a great best seller spy gate the attempted sabotage donald j. trump, dan bongino joins us from palm city, florida. all right, mr. bongino, it sounds like the president knows that the mueller report is coming out. and he is ready to be exonerate you had. >> yeah.
4:33 am
well, he should be. he should be deeply offended at the mueller investigation even existed in the first place. here's what's going on. let me give you the behind the scenes. okay? bob mueller and his investigation knew immediately that collusion was a hoax, guys. it was an agenda. there was no information there. there was no evidence. all they had to build this case on was the dossier, okay? you have to keep that in your head as i'm talking about it. mueller knows right away collusion is a hoax. why did he come out right away and say dear, america, we are investigating a hoax. let everybody move on of the mueller probe was designed to keep the heat off president trump the entire time to diminish his presidency. they had to open up a new investigation. that new investigation was into a judgment crime which was obstruction of justice. and that's why the democrats are so eager for this new report to push their next narrative of obstruction. brian: got to figure with 400 pages negative information. something for his opponent. he has plenty to latch according to axios, one
4:34 am
thick they are worried about is the over 30 hours that don mcgahn his attorney spent with special counsel. at which time you know the president. he thinks it's a motion. he is angry as heck. did he ever bring up to don mcgahn i'm going to fire this guy. i could fire this guy, right? if don mcgahn turns around did the president ever say he wanted to fire him he did a bunch of times. that's between these two. that's going to be in black and white. there the opponents would say there is your obstruction. >> let me sum up what you said from a former criminal investigator's perspective. there is a information. if i ran an investigation into brian kilmeade anyone on the panel. me included everyone has negative information in their lives. when i ran for office once, we were having some money problems. we almost missed the mortgage payment. that's negative information. that's not the question the question is did i commit a crime? and the answer is no. that's why we have a standard for evidence before
4:35 am
dragging someone's butt into court and charging them with a crime. the standard for arrest is probable cause. it's not did you do something negative. this -- eric swalwell, jerry nadler adam schiff nonsense, there is going to be negative stuff in there. okay. adam schiff, why don't you volunteer for an investigation knew. let's find out what negative information is out there on you, too. it's not the standard to put hand cuffs on someone if there is negative information. that's absurd. steve: after i read that tweet the president expects to be vindicated there is ambiguous stuff there that's something for everybody. if you like him, you will say okay, he was exxonner rated if you don't like him you are going to say look, guilty, guilty, guilty. go ahead, dan. >> i'm just saying you are just making my point that's why the mueller probe focused on obstruction. it's a judgment call. i used to joke in the nypd we had disorderly conduct. that meant a thousand things to a thousand different cops. that's what obstruction of justice is i can give you a
4:36 am
thousand different reasons the president didn't obstruct justice. i'm sure someone who doesn't like him can inventing a couple more why they think he did. jedediah: there is also a new interesting take from representative mark meadow's on the media's role in how it played into this. i want to get your reaction. >> what we would find is people within the department of justice, primarily the fbi would actually give information to the media. then those reports would actually come out and they would say wow, we have these reports now and then they would take the actual reports and use those as the probable cause to do a further investigation. it was a big circular reasoning. you will see all of that come out. jedediah: is he talking about the ig report. obviously investigating the investigators. key topic. what do you make of what he said though? >> this is meadows said here.
4:37 am
genius what the fbi did in the targeting of president trump. talking about the higher ups. they took information that came in from hillary clinton and other sources and illegal spying that information was leaked to the press. here is what is interesting. there is a chain of custody problem here for the upper members of the fbi. only few of them had that information, notably the mike flynn phone call. very few people had contact with that. whoever leaked that to david ignatius, they narrowed this down to a very small group. they then used the leaking of that sorry that appeared in the press in the "the washington post." and other stories. as evidence to kin to target the same people they leaked the story to. that's the circular reasoning he is talking about. brian: it's going to be interesting. also i saw the russian roulette book. someone was spoon feeding michael isikoff and david corn things come out a year later. >> jim baker the general counsel for the fbi jim
4:38 am
comey's tied at the hip already admitted in a sworn deposition they had a relationship with david cornyn. you have to remember, brian, some of the media figures here are co-conspirators in this in sworn depositions under oath. i'm not making this up. can you read it yourself. the fbi folks have already admitted to it. brian: as a journalist you follow up on a lead somebody says hey i have got to talk to you about a case, you get your pen out. >> the problem corn is going to have, brian, is corn fed the information to the fbi and wrote this story anyway. he claims oh i gave it to the fbi for them to clarify very it. yeah but they never verified it. why did you write this story you can't have it both ways. steve: i just can't make it up. jedediah: thanks, dan. brian: i'm glad you lost your election, dan because you never would have been here. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour, jillian joins us with news from isis. jillian: that's right. good morning. isis is plotting to recreate
4:39 am
the 2015 terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people. that's according to documents uncovered by the sunday times newspaper in the u.k. a minute of the terror group dropped a hard drive while escaping syria. the fresh wave of attacks. the chilling plans include things like bank robberies, vehicle rammings and assassinations across europe. a mother-daughter duo chased off an armed robner california. the women driving up to their home late at night to find richard holdapple leaving their house with stolen guns. the mom took off after the suspect before her daughter helped tackle him to the ground. he broke free but was later arrested after he left his backpack and i.d. inside the house. kids going out to eat on their own. what could possibly go wrong? >> don't ask. jillian: a wisconsin
4:40 am
restaurant posting this sign addressed to middle school students that says, quote, due to mistreatment of tom's drive-in's property guests and staff, you are no longer allowed inside of the building without parental supervision. tom's drive-in says well-behaved kids are still welcome to order food to go. a texas mom has an emotional breakdown when her son finds the electric razor. watch this. >> turn around. turn around. oh my god. oh my god. look, do you like your hair cut? >> no. jillian: can you imagine? big brother teddy giving himself and little sister a hair cut. can you see only leaving her pigtails intact. jedediah: i have seen crayon drawing on the wall i have never seen that before. >> that's another level. steve: very good. that's hard to do. brian: don't run with
4:41 am
scissors and don't cut your sister's hair. steve: look at that. jillian: look at my beautiful work, isn't it nice, mommy? steve: good news is, it will grow back. brian: before the prom. steve: meanwhile they say money talks. what's the 2020 prediction from the biggest investment banks in america? charles payne says democrats are in trouble and he will explain that coming up next on "fox & friends." brian: goldman sachs. ♪ girl you got me ♪ nothing i wouldn't do ♪ i wouldn't do ♪ there's little rest for a single dad,
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. brian: 8 people dead including young children and powerful storms sweep the nation. jedediah: texas to ohio. steve: that's where we find adrienne from our fox
4:45 am
affiliate in cleveland live from the disaster zone. adrienne? >> good morning, yeah. this is shelby, ohio, about an hour and a half south of cleveland. the damage here the worst in the area. this was a chevy dealership. can you see it looks like a bomb hit it. really this is exactly where the tornadoes came through sunday afternoon around 5:00. i want to show you now the big issue in this town are the power outages. if you take a look, the power lines completely pulled to the ground right here. this truck was on display and now it's got this power pole shoved through the windows. and that's the case along this main drag through this small town of shelby here. there are power poles that are down like dominoes. the wind so powerful through here sunday evening that even the police department in this town lost some of their communications
4:46 am
automobiles thankfully fewe few. no deaths. clean up going to take a while. jedediah: thank you, adrienne. brand new report thanking giant goldman sachs for its predictions for the 2020 elections. according to analysts there the advantage of first term incumbency and relatively strong economic performance ahead of the presidential election suggests that president trump is more likely to wane second term than the eventual democratic candidate is to defeat him. brian: charles payne the host of making money. charles payne. i keep coming back to payne. goldman sachs, why are they getting in the prediction business. >> you have to be in the prediction business if you are in the money business. understand where you may want to have funds allocated. nothing moves markets or policy than government.
4:47 am
the u.s. government is the most powerful entity out of there perhaps outside of the federal reserve. if you are goldman sachs or any business out there and making long-term projections where to invest have a hunch who is going to be in control. they are looking at low regulations, low taxes and a booming economy. jedediah: how reliable is it know a prediction from them. >> i'm not sure what their particular track record is. there is a guy named james carville who said it's the economy, stupid with respect to the economy. here is whether a this predict, next year unemployment 3.3%. that would be the lowest since october of 1953. i think this is more problematic though for the democrats because what the democrats are going to say is well, wages. going up more than a decade. well, what about you know, blacks and hispanics? blacks, the ratio the gap between black unemployment and white unemployment is as narrow as it has ever been. let me tell you a surprising statistics from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the third quarter last year the
4:48 am
percentage point. whites went down 8 tenths of a percent. historics 4 tenths of a percent. blacks 3.3% decline. let me tell you some of these battle ground. michigan black unemployment down a almost 7%. indiana down 6%. guess where it's up? washington, d.c., delaware, that's really amazing. steve: when president trump runs for re-election starting now just going to say so are you ultimately for everyone household in america are you better off today than you were four years ago? sounds like according to goldman sachs they would say they are better off. >> they are better off. democrat saying it could be better. the richer is doing better than you are. it's going to be that. it's always disappointing to me when people are doing well and someone makes them feel bad about themselves. like we should be able to share ourselves for advancement. you are doing okay.
4:49 am
but they are doing better. brian: congratulations bernie sanders you are a millionaire. >> bernie sanders right now town hall tonight is perfect because to me is the most powerful guy out there on the other side. his medicare for all has crushed healthcare stocks. that means wall street is taking him seriously. steve: you will be able to see that tonight right here on the channel. charles payne. >> good luck. steve: meanwhile, it was a win 11 years in the making. tiger woods is a master's champ once again. we will show you how nike is paying tribute. brian: ed henry joins us next. he is getting closer. steve: hello, ed. ♪ i will be the one you won't forget ♪ he's going down ♪ timber ♪ you better move ♪ you better dance ♪ that's why i take osteo bi-flex,
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to beat jack nicklaus. brian: a lot closer. nike paying tribute to tiger woods he's roars back to fifth master's championship. first since 2005. fox news correspondent and golf enthusiast ed henry. that a moment nongolf fans. >> my son's 18th birthday by the way i had chilsz when i
4:54 am
saw him hugging his son like he hugged his father when he first won the masters. a year ago i was invited to a lunch in d.c. with tiger woods. and i had never met him before. the military charity that's been on the show they were working with tiger. come meet him. i thought there were going to be 200 people there were 20 people at this lunch in maryland. when he walked, in everybody was scared to go up to him because they heard these stories he is rough, he is this, he is difficult. and he was getting a cup of coffee. and this is what we do, right? i just went up to him. i introduced myself as a reporter. and i thought he was going to recoil. he doesn't like journalist much. he was an open book. he has become more humble. he said to me three things i will never forget number one i said you are so close, we are so excited have you come close to winning. what's it going to take? he said i'm putting for [bleep]. i'm putting horribly. second thing how do you overcome that? he said have you got to work. have you got to work. what does that mean to you? how much? i'm now putting a year ago,
4:55 am
three hours a day to get better. this is a guy hot is the best golfer in the world coming back. three hours a day. think about the dedication and final thing he said why are you still doing this? what makes you hungry? he said my kids were babies when i won before. it all happened too fast. then i get in trouble and he said i'm back. i want them to see me as a champion. brian: they did yesterday. ed: unbelievable. and they were there. other thing he was saying when his kids were growing before this they only time they saw him with a golf club was when his back was hurting and he would fall to the ground. they saw golf hurting him. he wanted his kids to see golf for the beauty it is amazing. brian: your book has come to realize. >> today is jacque robinson today anniversary of his first game with the. it's going live in a few minutes. have you got to check it out and the app. by the way, you talk about a come back with tiger woods. amazing.
4:56 am
but jacque robinson it wasn't a come back, it was overcoming the odds. a black man in america in 1947. >> there is karl erskine, one of his last surviving teammates tells amazing stories. jacque robinson how he overcame the odds was breath-taking. brian: you were able to get movie footage that. >> fox video the movie tone. we have old movies used to see in the theater. old news clips news reels it is breathtaking what this man did. is he a hero to many, including me. jacque robinson. tiger woods amazingly what he did yesterday a come back. a black man in america in 2019 is different than a black man in 1947. he had so much discrimination he overcame it. we will tell you how. brian: get the app. on fox nation. if you have not. >> ed: kilmeade is all over it. i think it was nice of to you say. great job. straight ahead.
4:57 am
a new law in colorado makes it legal to take guns away from flynn deemed dangerous. one sheriff says he won't enforce it. we will hear from him. . . . .
4:58 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage
4:59 am
that put medicare patients at risk.
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♪ steve: it's more than a feeling. yes your taxes are due today. it is april 15th. if you haven't filed them yet, you have got till midnight unless you ask for extension. jedediah: so stressful. we brought in bagels. puppies are on the way. i need them all. brian: a lot of relaxing things left over from the 2016 election because people needed to relax after that. some people needed to celebrate. some still mourning. more battles brewing over the crisis at the border. i don't know if you heard but there is a crisis. the white house is reviewing a plan to send illegal immigrants to sank rare which cities while
5:01 am
calling out democrats who refuse to do their jobs. >> if the democrats would step up to help the president fix the laws this could all go away. steve: good luck with with that. president is looking to crack down on countries on citizens that overstay the visas there are not just cracking down on the migrants but from where they are from. jedediah: griff jenkins is in washington. what have you got. reporter: here is what the president just wrote a little while ago. congress should come back to d.c. now and fix the immigration laws. one lawmaker isn't sitting idly by. republican senator lindsey graham says as soon as he is back he will introduce legislation striking directly at the heart of the border crisis. >> we have to change the laws so the people stop coming. there is a narrative in central america if you get to america with a minor child you will
5:02 am
never get deported and we have to change that storyline. reporter: as the white house says it is not their first choice they are taking another look busing detained migrants to sanctuary cities. democrats are questioning the legality of such a move. >> the president has no right to spend money appropriated by congress for other purposes to ship immigrants all over the country. >> we're absolutely, democrats ready to sit down and talk but we won't be lectured to by the president. let's sit down and talk. reporter: according to "the wall street journal," which you mentioned, steve, the white house is looking to crack down on visa overstays, potentially shortening them, make them harder to obtain with those countries of higher rates of overstays don't do more to rein them in. we haven't heard back from the white house this morning and president heads to minnesota. perhaps we'll hear more about busing of detained migrants or
5:03 am
this new overstay visa plan. steve: thanks, griff. we had with us an hour ago, tom homan, desmite what jerry nadler said in the sound bite they don't have money to ship people around the country, the department of homeland security and i.c.e. are already shipping people around the country. jedediah: talking about trump, how trump exposed democrats hypocrisy on immigration. >> he called the bluff. no, i will send you more. what he did he pulled the curtain back on the democratic leadership. hypocrisy they want people in the united states, open borders, as long not in my district or my neighborhood we're fine with it. he pulled the curtain back. i think an ingenius move on his part. most of the people realize only one coming to the table trying to fix this is the president. name one thing the democratic leadership has done to address this surge? nothing. brian: the good news is, one of the president's greatest allies in the senate, sometimes critic
5:04 am
is the chairman of judiciary committee, lindsey graham. i'm drawing something up. we'll mark it up, see where it is going and see where they stand. more and more people like bennie thompson says we know there is a crisis. you know the number, staggering 103,000 in march. the number is about 130,000 will continue in april if continues who doesn't think it is going to. getting in front of a judge takes 700 days. 855,000 cases have been back locked for three years. so all these people have, once they cross in, have a three-year wait in the interior of our country to get in front of a court where only 16% will be granted asylum. jedediah: this has to be exhausted. trump has to be exhausted with this. democrats have audacity saying don't lecture us. he came to the table repeatedly
5:05 am
asking for help. this is humanitarian crisis. no one wants that. sit at table. let's compromise. they labeled it a manufactured crisis. then crisis caused by president trump. at some point democrats have to sit down, acknowledge if they don't do something about this will be on their hands in 2020. steve: number of democrats said just that. the reason it is bad and getting worse because donald trump made it bad and made it worse. the more he continues to remind people signature issue the more people in these other countries are going, you know what? maybe now is the time to go. when you look at social media action down in the triangle countries, people say if you are going to go, go now. they have not changed the laws. brian: they will change the laws. steve: i don't think so. brian: hurry now. they are about to crack down. here is what cher said.
5:06 am
i understand helping struggling immigrants, my city of los angeles is not taking care of its own. what about 50,000 people on the streets, who live below the poverty line. martin sheen said same thing. homeless can live by me in malibu. that blew up in his face. cher saying a major problem. you can't go anywhere in los angeles san diego, san francisco, not trip over someone living in the streets. jedediah: what is interesting, suddenly has become real for share. if we look back to december 2017. what was cher saying then. those ho can must take a dreamer into their home to protect them. i'm ready to do this. pray for others we'll do the same, sanctuary. this is what happens with the left. someone like cher this sounds like great idea. when it becomes reality, oh, not in my neighborhood hood, not my
5:07 am
backyard. why isn't she vilified for what many republicans are saying for a long time? steve: she is admitting that there is a problem. we got email from mary. mary types out, someone should ask cher why she think cities other than los angeles are more able to care for detained asylum-seekers. it is a burden on resources of any and all american cities. jedediah: you have another twitter user who writes that opinion just got you uninvited to many hollywood celeb parties. i would agree with that. brian: cher, i think, how you say it, new york city's homeless reached all time level. highest since the 1930s. i believe that is depression era. when the country struggled to make ends meet? remember the soup lines. 15,000 home less families in new york city. with 15,000 homeless children. our ingenius mayor says come
5:08 am
one, come all. we have big heart. turning your backs, turning your back to somebody that is in new york city and cannot get the services they need. steve: it's a crisis and no american city can handle as many people coming across the southern border as is suggested but, as griff said, that is just one of a number of items the president and his team are considering. right now they would like to do something via executive action because they know they will get challenged in the ninth circuit. it will be get kicked to the supreme court, where they the administration feels they have sympathetic justices who will rule in the president's behalf. brian: cher had unsuccessful run as broadway play. about her and her rise? anyone know about that? you know about that? we'll try to find out. there is a play on cher. jedediah: oh, wow. >> steve: was she in it? brian: i think -- jedediah: another thing we talked about for years, division on the right and establishment
5:09 am
wing of the republican party and newcomers and tea party. a lot of that is happening on the left. there was a "60 minutes" interview on cbs with nancy pelosi where she denies influence offing of progress ses in congress. check it out. >> you have the wings aoc and her group on one side. >> no. like five people. >> progressive. >> i'm progressive. steve: nancy pelosi is progressives, she says it is like five people. jedediah: five people. steve: congressional caucus they have 98 members. unless she is referring to the progressive pac justice democrats they have only seven. the reason this is big news because for the second time in about a week nancy pelosi has taken a shot at aoc. that was last night on "60 minutes." last week she was talking about how the number of twitter followers that aoc has when she
5:10 am
was in "usa today," votes are more significant than twitter followers. brian: that is true too. nancy pelosi wants to fix obamacare. they want "medicare for all." nancy pelosi wants environmental issues brought up. they want a new green deal. she says democrats are capitalists. they say they are socialists. here is what you're saying on facebook. the fact that nancy pelosi is playing it down leads me to believe nancy is worried. >> william on facebook, she has lost control, she knows it. steve: natalie on facebook, it may be five people but they are taking the air out of the room. what do you think as you look at the dems are they divided? is there divide between aoc and nancy pelosi. let us know at friends at brian: no divide with jillian. always on the same page. jillian: we continue to follow the sad story out of washington. start with a fox news alert.
5:11 am
a person suspected of gunning down a deputy in washington state is killed in a shootout with police. two people are in custody. 29-year-old deputy justin derozier was shot while checking on a vehicle. >> i'm hit. i'm hit. i'm hit. shots fired. jillian: the 29-year-old deputy leaves behind a wife and six-month-old daughter. >> he loved his job. he was incredibly good at it. as you can imagine, as i'm obviously showing this is very personal. jillian: the deputy is the 14th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. breaking right now, at least eight people are dead including children as powerful storms strike across the nation. more than a dozen twisters caused damage from texas to alabama. two children tragically killed when a tree fell on a car they
5:12 am
were driving in in east texas. crews are assessing damage after a massive twister touched down in shelby, ohio. president trump spending tax day in minnesota. outside of minneapolis to discuss tax cuts and pro-growth policies at the truck and equipment company. the president is hoping to flip the north star state which he lost by less than 45,000 votes in 2016. minnesota hasn't supported a republican presidential candidate since richard nixon. a plane crashes into power lines hangs up side down from a home's front door. you can see the video. hard to believe when you look at that all three people on board survived the crash on long island, new york. the pilot was trying to land his small plane at jfk airport. he got disoriented flying in fog and ran out of fuel. there is no major damage. one person had a sprained
5:13 am
finger. steve: some travel delays. holy cow, lucky to be alive. thanks, jillian. she is sanctuary mayor but not on board with the president's plan to ship illegals to her town. fight boiling over rand reaction from a sheriff coming up next. e. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago.
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♪ >> we do not think it is appropriate for us to use local resources to do the government's failed immigration work. brian: there you go. oakland, california, mayor libby shape slamming president trump's sanctuary disproposal. so interesting to see the mayor of oakland, other sanctuary cities not want detained immigrants, and don't want to serve our nation taking care of them. why should other cities and town. mayor schaap fire being back. stop trying to fan hate and division. oakland welcome all. the you do not preside over sanctuary cities but she does. what do you mean the president is fanning hate? >> yeah. the president is not fanning hate. what the president is doing what he said he was going to do when he was addressing the national republican committee, when he was running for office. he said i'm going to uphold the rule of law when i take over the
5:18 am
white house. that's all he is doing. he is supporting all the elected officials in cities, towns across this nation, who kept their promise, upholding their oath to their people to keep their community safe. so these people who are saying we're going to decide what laws to follow or not, create the sanctuaries to attract criminal illegal aliens, you know what? god bless them. they can have the people in their communities. why should we punish the people in those communities where elected officials are standing with the president to uphold laws of this nation. they have a right to be safe. brian: we had fun, the fact that celebrities like cher said wait, we have huge homeless problem, should we be attracting others? what they don't understand, you're making a choice, illegals in need are more important than citizens in need. it's a choice. >> brian that is so true. what's happening is, these people who are pro-illegal, pro-sanctuary are people who basically are playing politics with the lives of the american
5:19 am
people and saying look, we want the people who are working with law enforcement, so forth, been law-abiding, go into the shadows, people here illegally, you come out out of the shadows we'll put a protective bubble around you to protect you in is our sanctuaries. if that what you want to do, that is your choice but people respecting the law don't want push people in our community that create more problems and commit more crimes. brian: sheriffs maybe you can help me. i see law enforcement says it helps us when we go into the community. we don't want to throw people out illegally but want to get people in, need them resources and snitches on bad apples, ms-13, you have one message you about sometimes police chiefs have a different message. who do you believe? by and large all law enforcement, sheriffs. chiefs are hired by mayor. they have to respond to mayors that are their bosses we understand that the truth we have to look out to the people
5:20 am
we swore to protect. we can't undermine the laws as law enforcement. one other thing i want to add, brian, these people pushed to the sanctuaries, much easier for i.c.e. we know where they are. brian: much easier to round up, allow i.c.e. into the prisons to do their job. this is war against law enforcement. sheriff, thanks so much for all you do. >> thanks for having me, brian. have a great day. brian: you too. coming up police department is putting american flag symbol on police cars but get this, some people calling it too aggressive. a local lawmaker with us next. ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
5:21 am
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♪ brian: some quick headlines now. american airlines grounding its 737 max fleet through mid-august now. boeing is working on a software fix after two jets crashed overseas. president trump tweeting about the issue saying this, what do i know about branding? maybe nothing but i did become president but if i were boeing i would fix the boeing 737 max, add additional great features, rebrand the plane with brand new name. no product suffered like this one, but again, what the hell do i know? more restaurants charging customers for employee health care. 3% surcharge shows up on the bill. this restaurant in austin, texas, explains on the menu that the charge is optional. steve, jedediah. steve: i wonder how that would work. fight over the nation's flag, heating up in southern california after the laguna beach, california, police department added american flag tylering on the side of their 11
5:25 am
patrol vehicles. jedediah: some residents calling the new patriotic paint job, too aggressive, not representative of their community. steve: but our next guest disagrees. laguna beach councilman, mayor pro tem. joins us. >> good morning steve, jedediah. steve: let's start at the beginning. where did you get the idea to use old glory in the font? >> this came from the police department. they came to us a few months ago, our vehicles were white at that time without the black as well. so they asked us to switch to black and white vehicles which is what every other just -- jurisdiction in orange county where we're located has and use graphic of the flag when it spells out police. when it came to us the graphic was not as bright as it is on the vehicles themselves. so in an effort to be very cautious we brought, we're bringing it back in front of the
5:26 am
council again tomorrow night because we want to make sure what we approve is what is in fact on the side of the cars. unfortunately this has devolved into a debate about what the flag means, what does the symbolism of the flag. there are people in laguna beach as well as elsewhere saying the flag is hostile. it is intimidating. it is threatening. it's a symbol of racism. i defend their right to say these things. i also have the right to disagree with that i believe the flag is a symbol of equality and freedom. it is that very freedom that our police are protecting. jedediah: steve, i'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around this outrage. it is incomprehensible to me. we have a quote from a laguna beach resident said the flag is toking a agressive. we have amazing community of artists. i thought the flag didn't represent our community. it feels very aggressive. i'm trying to figure out how the
5:27 am
unifying concept of american flag would be divisive and not representative of a community in the united states? can you help me out here? >> hard for me to understand. the flag is unifying. when you think back over the history of this country, think about the civil war, for example, if you're anti-racist, will you run to the confederate flag or the american flag on the field? if it is world war ii, are you running to the nazi flag or the american flag? the american flag should be unifying. its values are unifying. once again it is freedom and equality. steve: do you have any idea how many people are against this? is there a trump angle to it because they don't like it represents in some measure the president of the united states? >> you know, it's hard not to believe that there is some political angle to anytime somebody is going to be protesting the flag. and again, when you start believing as some people do that certain groups in this country
5:28 am
have hijacked the flag to be their own symbol, that is very dangerous. we can't let people do that. the flag does not represent partisanship. it does not represent any particular president, political party, political idea. it represents an ideal. it represents the ideals of this country and that is what we all ought to embrace in order to be unified. jedediah: thanks so much for being here. i can tell you a lot of people around the country a lot of people watching that you don't back down, that you don't see the cars are repainted to cater to people who are claiming that the american flag is somehow divisive. we appreciate your take. >> one last point. this has been very unifying. somehow the story has fon viral. i received over the weekend hundreds and hundreds of e hails supporting the idea of using the american flag. the ratio was in excess of 10 to one. >> i believe that for sure. thanks so much. >> thank you. jedediah: just call her super
5:29 am
dog. a border collie comes to the rescue of her chihuahua best friend. the incredible video coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ everything we have, we've earned. we got no free pass. the unmistakable lexus is. lease the 2019 is 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
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♪ steve: it's america's election headquarters. bernie sanders host as town hall here on the fox news channel. jedediah: hosted by bret baier and martha maccallum. brian: he let his taxes out. he is rating high in all the polls. begins at 6:30 eastern time. the think about our town hall, the people participate. the audience gets involved and they build off that. i think he will get good ratings.
5:33 am
jedediah: one thing i notice about bernie he is not afraid of challenging questions. that's good. steve: nobody has the democratic socialist talking points down like bernie sanders. he pretty much invented them. tune in tonight, 6:30. bret and martha. jedediah: it will be good. steve: i believe they're in bethlehem, pennsylvania. brian: martha sits there does his her show right afterwards and bret does his show leading up to that it is an extravaganza. steve: jillian joins us with a look at the news. jillian: start off with this story. a man accused of tossing a child over a third floor railing at the mall of america is expected to be charged today. miranda is facing attempted homicide what seems to be a random attack in minnesota. the victim's family the five-year old is continuing to fight after falling 40 feet to the ground. right now he is hospitalized in a stable condition.
5:34 am
colorado's controversial red flag gun law is now on the books. it allows police to strip guns from people determined to be dangerous. sheriff james van beak is vowing not to enforce the law. he joined us earlier. >> in my opinion they went about the process totally backwards. they went after people's rights. they went after, in a manner that was really, that i didn't think gave them due process. jillian: 15 states enforce red flag gun laws. hackers gain access to several microsoft email applications for more than six months. according to techcrunch and motherboard, the group could view things like email subject lines and recipients in outlook, hotmail, and msn. microsoft admits hackers gained access through a customer support account but they did not breach the contents of those emails. look at this, a heroic border collie rescues its best friend from danger.
5:35 am
the brave dog dashing across a snow covered road in canada to prevent a small chihuahua being crushed by a reversing suv the owner showering both pups with love. they escaped fortunately without any injuries. jedediah: i love dogs. brian: we have a lot here. a lot of dogs here. in minutes. 25 minutes before the top of the hour, turning to extreme weather. at least eight people dead including young children as powerful storms sweep the nation. jedediah: more than a dozen tornadoes reported from texas up to ohio. steve: looking at adam klotz's map, so many an activity from the rio grande. >> this is stormy weekend. these are storm reports from saturday running all the way through sunday evening. everyone of these red-eye cons, that is a tornado. everything in the blue you're talking about wind damage. this is covering a massive area. we're still tracking the system even though we're beginning to
5:36 am
get to the very tail end of it. all the rain across the mid-atlantic, new england, that is the same system that caused dan throughout the southeast last couple days. rain falling in boston, portland up through maine. we're on the back side. dry outside our windows in new york city. it will be clearing off in the days ahead. that is the good news. here is the future forecast, 11:00 through noon, folks that seen lingering rain across boston and portland, on back side there is colder air. they have seen snow in chicago and portions of the midwest. the good news this is clearing out. we'll have a chance to pick up from a rough weekend we saw. steve: it was indeed. thanks, adam. meanwhile if you joined us friday you saw the live show with the studio audience. we have exciting news come up, next month, friday, may 17th, fox news will have our fourth live studio audience. jedediah: if you would like the chance to be part of it, email
5:37 am
us at it will be explained if we contact you. brian: a lot of activity seen around the world. be ready for instant fame comes being in our audience. steve: a lot of cutaway shots. everybody is on tv. jedediah: that sounds like fun. steve: many guests appear by satellite, on live studio audience day, everyone is here in studio f. jedediah: mayor pete says maga is a myth. but a new report says trump's economy will be booming all the way through 2020. larry kudlow, president trump's top economic advisor is here to react. ♪ flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. ♪ jillian: welcome back. some quick headlines now. a measles outbreaks kills more than 1200 people in madagascar. that is the largest measles
5:41 am
outbreak ever in the african nation, with 115,000 cases impacting mostly children. 58% of people are vaccinated a huge reason why it continues to spread. ivanka trump is in africa promoting the women's global initiative. attending a ceremony at a cathedral to honor the victims of the deadly ethiopian plane crash. she visited a coffee shop at a textile company run by women. steve: jillian, thank you very much. yesterday, two democrats decided they will run for president. eric swalwell from california and a man who would like to be america's mayor, talking about pete buttigieg. he is the mayor of south bend, indiana. there you see because of the terrible weather we've been talking about he made his announcement official inside of a closed studebaker factory. jedediah: mayor pete is going right after trump's maga slogan.
5:42 am
take a listen. >> and that's why i'm here today. to tell a different story than make america great again. [cheering] because there is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities. the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. brian: i think there was more that he felt as though america was giving away too much in trade deals, wanted to bring manufacturing, blue-collar workers back. people want toe simplify it, by making america great again is going back to a different time. buttigieg, food thing the studebakers are not selling well or else that place would be crowded with stupid babers t was empty for him. he has a lot of momentum. clearly getting a lot of money. he is officially n he is rhodes scholar. he is openly gay. he is also married, you also know he served in the military. sew brings a lot, they say he
5:43 am
reminds a lot of people the way president obama, when senator obama was starting out. wants to talk about policy. steve: he is millenial. after the announcement raised over one million dollars. in last couple weeks ever since his first town hall where he appeared on television, said stuff about the president of the united states he has been in the top tier of democrats. he is right up there. it is biden, bernie, kamala, and pete buttigieg. jedediah: he is all of those things and also a big-time liberal. don't forget to look at his policies. "medicare for all," paris climate agreement, green new deal. when you actually listen to him talk you have to remember this is someone who is very liberal. very well-spoken in terms of how he presents his ideas. i think he pushed beto o'rourke right out of the way. there was so much fervor about beto. now buttigieg arrived. the way he resonated with people sounded authentic. don't forget about the policy.
5:44 am
steve: beto said look, i'm running for president. i will be the kind of candidate you want me to be. so what issues are important to you? you tell me what you want me to do. meanwhile you've got pete buttigieg, he knows exactly what he would like to do as president of the united states. so he is officially in the race as of yesterday. brian: meanwhile bernie sanders will be on tonight. he is leading most polls. he is certainly got the most money. joe biden, people waiting sometime in april he will make his announcement. if not today or tomorrow, it will be after easter, because with the mueller report coming out, you want to make sure if you're vice president biden you get as much publicity as possible. he covets being last to announce. jedediah: curious how bernie sanders will do. because he has pretty profoundly socialist ideas and extreme idea when you consider where most of the country is. much of the country being centrist. i'm curious how he will handle challenging questions. he is never adverse.
5:45 am
one of those people on the left wants to back up his ideas, show up places where there are challenging questions. i'm curious how he handles some of the questions from moderates, listen, green new deal, "medicare for all," how do you intend to pay for those things. maybe those people are not interested in a government takeover in way he would think is best for america. steve: some issues democrats are talking about these days were born in the bernie sanders campaign of four years ago. and now you will see the real mccoy, bernie sanders live from bethlehem, pennsylvania, starting at 6:30 tonight on channel. brian: larry kudlow, director of white house national economic council. and he is not a socialist. we know that for sure. steve: he is social. brian: very social. you're sociable, but not a socialist. am i right larry? >> i love that. that is well-put, brian. brian: i saw you ranting about that. today is tax day. a lot of people in blue states
5:46 am
are getting upset. they have to write bigger checks. what is your message to them? >> my message to them is several fold. this business about the so-called, salt, state and local deductions, remember this tax bill a year ago pretty much removed the entire amt, the alternative minimum tax. so under the old system they wouldn't have gotten the deduction. under the new system, many of the well will in fact get a 10,000-dollar deduction of the so it is an odd paradigm. again i would say to those friend of ours, look, look at your business, look at your investment portfolio. we've been booming, absolutely booming. the economy is growing. unemployment is down. blue-collar wage earners growing faster than the white-collar counterparts. women reentered the labor force. the profits are significant. there are some food things we can talk about. i'll saying why obsess about that one, when in fact there is
5:47 am
a lot of misinformation anyway? jedediah: larry talking about the economy growing, what do you make of goldman sachs coming out saying trump is likely to be reelected in 2020 due to the economy being so strong? >> well what a lovely thing. brian: you want to push back on that? >> what a lovely thing especially from those guys who were pretty pessimistic about our tax cut plan and the economy. i'm very glad to hear it. it shows me the prosperity is really spreading to goldman sachs. well-done, guys. steve: larry, can you explain why the president's suggestions of stephen moore and howard cain for the federal reserve caused such a ruckus? that was the headline in "usa today" this morning. >> i don't know. i suppose you could say they're unconventional in a sense. you know president trump first of all, he is a disruptor. he is wants to add new blood -- by the way he is not overturning
5:48 am
their independence. he is not going to do that. he has his own views about the fed. these guys, let me give -- here is one point. they believe that faster economic growth and lower unemployment which is what we've had because of the new tax incentives and regulatory roll back and opening up of energy and trade reforms. so what. we picked up growth by a percent of three. unemployment is down. been below 4%. wages are rising. now they do not believe that causes inflation. that's a key point. conventional economists, many of whom work at the fed, seem to believe too many people working and prospering and succeeding is bad. all right? so our nice -- brian: what? >> these nominees have a completely different view. it's common sense, is it not? let me ask you, too many people working is that good or bad? steve: that's good. >> more or people working,
5:49 am
faster growth better than slower growth? the answer is yes. should you raise interest rates because you have supply-side tax cuts and business booming investment and hottest economy in the world? the answer is no. so these are unconventional appointments. we'll see what happens with them. that is part of the logic behind it. brian: nancy pelosi wants to do a deal. she is going to need infrastructure and do you guys have money for infrastructure? >> we don't know yet. we're looking at a lot of different options internally in the administration, everybody on the hill, myself included. one piece, brian on infrastructure. last week i was with president down in texas. he signed an executive order. tremendous boost for energy infrastructure, right? we're the biggest oil and gas producer by far, we need pipelines, we need terminals, we need refineries. we need to get natural gas up to
5:50 am
the middle east and northeast. they by five to 7% of their natural gas from russia, from russia. with huge increase in cost. that is key part of the infrastructure plan. regarding highways and bridges and so forth, we're looking, we're talking we'll feel out what is available. we would love to do business with the democratic house. brian: you might have to use overdraft but might be worth it. larry kudlow. thanks so much. jedediah: thanks, larry. >> appreciate it. >> this tax day have you stressed? if so stick around. adam has puppies and jillian is getting a massage. we'll show you how to relax. that is a promise. steve: someone who would like a pup any in the studio. >> we're on stand by for the mueller report. tom dershowitz tell us what to look for. bernie sanders has a town hall tonight on fox.
5:51 am
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♪ steve: it is april 15th. tax day is officially here. which means it is time to relax after all that. we have a few fun ways to do that here on set. brian from plan net fitness is here with exercises to help blow off steam. this is the 1040 workout. >> that's right. 1040 seconds. only about 17 minutes. steve: i can handle that. >> don't panic. steve: jed and adam. talk about the workout. >> we have some of my friend here. we created a 17 minute workout. basically all body weight movements. do them in the club at planet fitness or do them at home, either way.
5:55 am
we're doing squats, doing lungs. she is doing a windmill over there which is a good stretch. you guys can do squats. thighs parallel to the floor. >> is this proper -- >> fitness is one of the best stress relievers out there. fantastic relieving stress. it reduces all the happy hormones in your brain. improves the mood and helps with sleep. steve: we love happy hormones. which have special chairs. >> we do. this is at every planet fitness location around the country. we have over 1700 of them. steve: before or after the workout? >> either. >> or is that the workout. >> i would prefer the before or appeared. brian: how does this go on? >> you hit this screen. you get confluence of heat and water that massages entire body
5:56 am
head to toe literally. brian: i had option to work out but would rather sit in heat and water. >> to each their own, right? we're running a promo. folks whether they are members or not can go to planet fitness can participate in to get a hydro massage. brian: you guys have the nicest staff. >> from now until saturday. steve: this is great group from planet bowwow. >> this guy is great relaxing right now. practically asleep in my arms. jedediah: these are all for adoption. >> 11th hour rescue. jedediah: oh. yeah. brian: all these dogs are adoptable. where do we go to adopt a dog and relax like we never had before. >> exactly. 11th hour rescue is the rescue. ♪
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>> i need a third dog. >> thanks to planet fitness, great job. >> bill: good morning, everybody. countdown on for a fox news town hall tonight with bernie sanders on the same day sanders is expected to make his taxes public. it is 4/15 on the calendar. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: i think a lot of folks had a good weekend. we'll talk about that. >> bill: we shall. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. bethlehem, pennsylvania, the scene of tonight's event at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. before that, the vermont senator is expected to release 10 years of his tax returns. that expected to take up some of tonight's discussion along with his medicare for all plan. >> it


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