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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 15, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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anywhere right now. "the wall street journal" reports earlier today that the white house is getting ready, they will have a rebuttal report. rudy giuliani said right now there's a hundred 40 pages that they want to get down to 50 pages. we will see that on thursday? will we went >> sandra: congratulations to tiger. what we can. "outnumbered" starts right now >> harris: breaking news on the mueller report. we have learned that we will see it on thursday morning. we are learning from the justice department that this will be a redacted release to congress and to the public. what will they redact? we have some thoughts and some reporting on grand jury testimony, per the rules and regulations. those other three lanes -- classified and such -- that attorney general william barr has been laying out all along. redactions along those lines, and it won't just be congress. it will be the public that gets to see what he releases thursday morning. a big week. this news breaking now.
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let's talk about this on "outnumbered." thank you for watching, everybody. we have brian brandenberg, who is visiting with us today, in the center seat. what you think about this news? >> brian: it's nice to know when it's going to come out. now we have a timeline. people are preparing and preparing. >> harris: what you need to do to prepare to get the truth? >> brian: how you read it? there's 400 pages. >> harris: you take some, i'll take the next 50! [laughter] >> brian: a team of people will read it and find something. where to go question went to twitter. we look at these early rounds of reporting. of course it is. people are never going to be able to resist throwing the pieces out. which is why i'm not sure you want to listen to a lot of commentary may be until two or three days later, once somebody has actually gone through it's cover to cover. >> harris: that will be easter sunday, so maybe not. >> brian: there are better things to celebrate? >> capri: talk about dinner conversation! [laughs] >> harris: my question for you, capri cafaro -- not that
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you're only the democrat we know, but the only one on the couch today. you've said all along, let the truth to get out there and let the chips fall where they may. if this is not for the show, the mueller report redacted, that there should be any more indictments or anything else come down might my coming legally gives the president or his campaign team or anyone else, is this the point, "frozen"-style, for democrats to let it go? >> capri: 's neck would have it. i wish it would. whether it's issues of health care, immigration, there are real issues that congress will need to take it. it's not to say they don't have constitutional authority and duty for oversight. those things are important. but i think that because we are approaching a presidential election cycle we are already in the midst of that. i think that politics unfortunately are going to rain today, on both sides. because on one hand we will see democrats, for example, pursuing things like the tax returns or the emoluments clause preyed on the flip side you to have the republican saying, "we want to
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investigate everybody else." to get to the bottom of -- >> harris: they don't want to investigate everybody else. they want to know how the report started. they want to make sure that if americans are facing the long arm and strong arm of the law that they are treated fairly. if there was something nefarious that kicked off that anti-trump dossier or the -- >> capri: and the american people need to know that, too. >> harris: exactly. so it's not that they are investigative or video spread i just wanted to fact-check you on that. >> capri: you will end up seeing investigating continuing from both of them. >> harris: so its status quo. candidate? >> kennedy: i think brian is right. it's a base for everyone to get the hot take out. the rest of their is that you end up with misinformation like jussie smollett on the covington catholic high school case. nick sandmann. that insta hot take reporting can be very dangerous. i think people are best to sit down and read the thing themselves. there will be plenty of pdfs.
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>> harris: you know what you're talking about. where we are right now. which is a very sad state of affairs. because i don't have a problem with insta hot reporting. we call it breaking news. i have a problem with insta hot performing through 99 prisms that don't resemble the truth. >> brian: and what about -- why wasn't this in barr's initial report? where was that? >> harris: did adam schiff show us the evidence and no one else in the planet has ever seen of collision yet? that we know of? maybe it's in the report. and william barr missed it. i don't know. all along he said that there was evidence of collusion. >> melissa: and willing to bet it's all absolutely nothing. if judge andrew napolitano is right, that 25% of the 400 pages or anything close to that as redacted, then anybody will be sure that they will be see as underneath the black. >> capri: that's exactly the problem. >> melissa: the meantime, president trump doubling down on his calls for congress to find a solution to the crisis at our southern border. i made backlash over the
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white house floating a plan to move detained migrants to democrat-led sanctuary cities. this morning on twitter the president calling on congress to come back to washington from their holiday recess and "fix the immigration laws," as a migrant surge continues at the southern border. now president obama's former border patrol chief echoing president trump, backing his proposal to transfer detained immigrants to sanctuary cities, saying congress is not dealing with the crisis. >> congress has failed to do their job. every time this current administration tries to come up with an option, they shoot it down. well, i haven't heard in the options from them. i've been there. the border patrol, ice, their facilities are overwhelmed. they have no choice. they will have to start pushing these individuals out. shouldn't we kind of share the burden? >> melissa: in the meantime, democratic senator ben cardin blasting the white house's proposal. >> my understanding is it's not legal.
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there is no budget for that purpose. this is clearly a political move for the president. he's using the immigrants as pawns in his political game of chess. he is not really interested in a solution. he is more interested in preserving a political issue for the 2020 election. >> melissa: and republican senator lindsey graham saying he is pushing congress to act, and he is ready to introduce legislation to deal with the border crisis. >> we will put together a package, we will sit down with our democratic colleagues and try to figure out a deal that will stop this madness. we need troops at the border. we need a wall, but there is no we were going to stop the flow from central america until you you change our laws. these laws are insane. we need to change them. >> melissa: capri, let's start with the bussing idea first. i understand -- whatever may have been the intention behind the tree to, we will kind of leave it there. but if you are an immigrant coming into this country, wouldn't you rather go to a city
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that was a century city where they were welcoming and had sort of put out a banner saying that you would be safe here, versus going somewhere else? i'm just wondering -- if they didn't come from the president d they didn't suspect why he was doing that -- which, i'm not vouching for that anyway. i'm just saying come on the face of it. >> capri: a lot of the mayors of the century cities are saying, "we will take these undocumented folks with open arms," in places like los angeles and other large cities that are identified as century cities. because i think they are trained to prove that point, that they are welcoming. >> melissa: but not nancy pelosi. >> capri: we are seeing this narrative from congress saying this is some sort of a political stunt. but i think there is one grain of truth here that we need to remember, and that is the fact that if it's going to take money to move these folks from one place to another, the executive branch cannot utilize appropriated funds from congress for a purpose for which it was
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not originally appropriated. so that is -- [laughter] >> melissa: but they get moved somewhere. we talked about them, they highlighted he was bused to newark last time around. they are moved somewhere so they might as will go somewhere where they are going to be more welcomed as opposed to being -- >> capri: i honestly don't have an issue with this at all. >> melissa: the money thing is a silly response, that's my only point. they are going somewhere. >> capri: this is something that has come up from a number of members of congress that have said there's not enough money to basically move these people to this many places. >> kennedy: you're going to spend $32 trillion over ten years on medicare for all. >> capri: not me! >> kennedy: this is a great solution for a number of reasons. first of all, you have a need and a group of people willing to fill that need. therefore, the two sides can come together. it's so hard to find areas on immigration where you have agreement. second thing, ben cardin is talking about how the present
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wants to exploit this issue for 2020. why not take some of that power away by solving the issue at actually coming up with a legislative fix? >> melissa: that's a great idea. >> kennedy: it's not that -- it's not what they want to land. if they want to to go to centuy city -- they don't know what the laws are. there is so much confusion. if you think there is a possibility you could get in, you are going to go. if you go to a city like san francisco or berkeley or portland where they are -- people are welcoming. >> melissa: i will come due in 112th. there's one sanctuary city where at least one person was not excited about that. that's cher. [laughter] but i city of los angeles isn't taking care of its own. what about the 50,000 plus u.s. citizens who live on the streets? people who live below the poverty line that are hungry. if mike's g8 can't tear dominic take care of its own, how can it take care of more?" this is president trump responding.
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i finally agree with cher prego had prayed [laughter] >> brian: i was going to say, i haven't said "amen" and "cher" in the same sentence before. but she's right. i get why the president is doing it. he wants a shiny big spotlight and say the only reason we can have this absurd conversation is because we have the century cities. which is ridiculous. totally flouting the law. if you send people to century city you are basically legitimizing what people in these jurisdictions are doing, which is undermining the rule of law. there's no way i want to legitimizing tri-cities. if you don't like my idea, it's because in your stronghold you are completely flouting the law." >> harris: there's the side of it. anderson were the president is going. we have them in new jersey. jersey city is known as -- these are areas where they would anticipate any pushback, if ice were to try and poke up down my stomach pick up these people in the century city spirit in the last little while we've got laws on the books. sarah's lot i will, which is
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where just come from. senator joni ernst pushing for that after sarah brewed was killed by a drunk driver. and that man had been here legally. they let him out on bail. he vanished. they are still looking for them. they think may be let the country. see look at cities like that. if something were to happen, as you put more and more of illegal immigrants into the bloodstream -- because it's not everybody. it's a few. that will commit further violent crimes. that's a point. what happens when that happens in droves, and savor cisco , if it happens more because there is a concentration in the sanctuary city, i'm just asking retake the conversation then. do you have any thoughts on that? >> brian: i don't want to back baptizing three sittings by sending more people there. that becomes an issue from the president. what if if you sense a bit like that to sanctuary city customer and now it was on him. i don't want to see him go there. he is right to call for changes to policy and legislation starting with congress. i think the whole thing is pressure on them to do that.
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that looks bad to the american public who says sanctuary cities are absurd, the border crisis is absurd, no serious people here want to do with it. somebody has got to ask. >> kennedy: but it could have been a press release from lindsey graham's office. >> harris: it is ironic. >> kennedy: the hypocrisy shows. a lot of people want to seem like they are loving and welcoming, but in the end it is the ultimate nimby issue. >> harris: they are politically constipated! >> melissa: the president tweeting just about 2 minutes ago, "those illegal immigrants who can no longer be legally held, congress must fix the laws and loopholes, will be subject to the home is a cutie, given to century cities and states." so it continues. more pressure to release his tax returns. has he gives the irs one more
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week to hand over years of documents. do democrats leave there's a scandal hidden in the tax returns, or is it all just a distraction? plus, house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are unified, but some progressive stars are voicing frustration with the party's leadership. could a widening riff to make the democrats' house majority vulnerable in 2020? >> if it's being used to say that the parties diverse and they kick it a seat of the per table, can get a policy is, trouble in policy paradise? ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up.
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william barr will release the redacted version of the mueller report to the public and congress on thursday morning. so the story is folding and now. more details from the top of the seller paid the white house is planning a rebuttal. today president trump raising questions again about the origins of the russia investigation. which led to the special counsel probe. the president tweeting, "mueller and the ag, based on mueller finding some great intelligence, have already ruled no collusion. no obstruction. these were crimes committed by cricket hillary, the dnc, dirty cops, and others. investigate the investigators !" the president's attorney rudy giuliani says he expects generally about the mike bar to release the majority of the findings. >> i think you will get the full exclusion of mueller. i think you will see no collusion of any kind. which raises the question, why do we have this investigation on the first place? i don't think it happened accidentally. i think it was the product of -- you want to call it a political dirty trick, or a crime, i don't
9:19 am
know. criminal conspiracy. >> harris: house judiciary committee jerry nadler is pushing back on allegations of improper surveillance of the term campaign, saying he was not satisfied with anything less than the full unredacted mueller report. >> when the attorney general started talking without evidence as he set about spying on the trump campaign, what he meant was executing judicially-ordered warrants, that showed his bias and the fact that he is really acting as a personal agent to the present rather than the attorney general's united states states in this matter. >> harris: butler dell micro public and guardsman meadows says that barr's right to look into how they want the russia probe. >> i can tell you, attorney general barr is spot on to expand the scope of his investigation. that'll go on with what the doj
9:20 am
and ig can do to really look at the state department, the cia, and others in the intel community. it was a coordinated effort with the intelligence communities outside the fbi and to the extent of that i think ag bars going to look at that. >> harris: brian, are we starting to see some of the talking points that will come out of those who don't give it they want in the report? >> brian: absolutely. my view on what will happen when the report is released it's immediately going to be a story of trying to discredit and a smear or barr for things that he didn't include in his memo that people are going to contend are very relevant, and they will do that in order to make sure that his investigation, of the origins of the mueller investigation, would have credibility. they are trying to keep him from being able to do the next thing. so they will try to smear him here, that he wasn't honest, he wasn't upfront about what he said in that four-page memo that he give out. >> harris: capri, is it fair to say then that the focus will be taken off of what former
9:21 am
chairman adam schiff said, of house intel, that there was definite evidence of collusion against the president's campaign? >> capri: i think to brian's earlier point, because there will be portions that are redacted -- and let me preface that by saying that there are portions that have to be rejected. things that relate to ongoing investigations, grand juries, et cetera. >> harris: we know. >> capri: no matter what, if there are things that are not going to be seen by the public or by congress, people are going to say that whenever those things are better redacted, a-h a-ha! that's what's hiding, that's what's missing. because we don't know it is, we will appropriate but we want him to those reject pieces. in that regard you can still potentially see people talking about things like "collusion," which is again not an actual legal term. but we throw it around like it is. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: you know, the whole thing is just political theater at this point. people throwing tea leaves -- spew what it hurtful >> harris: is it
9:22 am
harmful? >> kennedy: could be harmful for democrats in 2020. i say that because democrats are to be very careful about the investigations the launch of the attack lines they launch against the president. so far, none of them have made any purchase. they haven't been successful. if they continue to do that -- and you can't always have a subjective take on an objective source of information. >> capri: that's what i think is really damaged here. the justice process in general and the way that we, i think, look at our judicial system. i think both democrats and trump are somewhat to blame on this. again, we are putting a political lens on something that is supposed to be objective rather than utilized as a political tool. i think -- >> melissa: i think the blame goes right to the actors within the fbi and the doj who got us to this point. i don't think you blame the people outside of that period between the tax and everything else, we've all become very suspicious. but people were dug in on what
9:23 am
they thought, whether the president colluded or not, whether he obstructed justice or not. i don't think the mueller report that we've seen so far changed any minds and i don't think this will come either. what changed was those that hate the president -- both republicans and democrats -- who thought it would be a tool to get it from before 2020 realized that first round, basically, they are stuck with him until 2020. >> kennedy: they thought it be a gift basket of impeachable offenses. we haven't seen the whole thing, only the summary. but i would still be shocked if william barr pinned his entire career, his legacy and his reputation, on a four-page series of falsehoods in order to -- >> harris: real quickly, just on ag barr with you -- you keep hearing it reported that he didn't have to do this job. he said it before, he is kind of choosing to somewhat come back in at the president's invitation and then confirmation. all that doesn't take away from the job that he has to do at this point. >> brian: is an enormous job. i think that's why the strategy
9:24 am
has changed now. it's not really about the mueller report. it's going to be about discrediting barr. because we have this huge thing looming, looking at where this all came from. and he can do that job unlike anybody else. but if there is a relentless attack on his credibility that he was dishonest with the mueller report, that is going to undermine him. i think that is exactly the strategy of democrats right now. >> melissa: the president treated in a minute ago on this, again, "the mueller report -- which was written by eating angry democrats who also happen to be trump-haters and clinton supporters -- should have focused on the people who spied on my 2016 campaign." ." >> harris: spied in all caps. >> melissa: who spied on my campaign! [laughter] and others who advocated the whole russian hoax. that is, never forget the crime crime... "and it's clearly to be continued. >> harris: most dimension moments ago, you can say, capri, that all this is politics and
9:25 am
everything else. but you can't wipe away the insinuation and that this messages that teach us there were some vies at least inside the fbi. >> harris: other names are mentioned. the former fbi director mccabe mccabe. >> brian: let's do the investigation on that. >> capri: and i have an issue on that. when you get to the facts. we americans need to know the facts whether it's about obstruction of justice of the president or people "buying." >> brian: the problem is there will be people trying to undermine the attorney general's ability to do that. democrats particularly are going to try and undermine his ability by pointing to mueller's report and say, "you didn't capture this." >> harris: who don't like adam schiff might say that we will see the evidence when it comes out. >> melissa: it's got to be in there. >> harris: unity or discord? some are asking that when it comes to house democrats, whether there is a real friction between leadership and those progressive freshman. and in if there is, what a commune for
9:26 am
the party's hold on to its majority in 2020. will they lose some of those people? ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
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9:31 am
they are very frustrated. they've been to the white house and talk to people like me quietly saying they wish that the radical freshman who get all the magazine covers and all the ink and airtime, i guess they are upset with the leadership. >> melissa: white house counselor kellyanne conway claiming that there are growing divisions within the democratic party, as some outspoken freshmen like congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib create problems for house speaker nancy pelosi. in a "60 minutes" interview last night, speaker pelosi downplay the influence of those new members. >> you have these wings, aoc and her group on one side. the progressive group. >> i'm the progressive, yeah. however, i do reject socialism as an economic system. if people have their view, that is their view. it's not the view of the democratic party. >> melissa: what you think? i will go to our democrat.
9:32 am
what you think of that? it's like five people. >> capri: i do believe it's like five people getting all the attention. >> melissa: they are driving the agenda, though. >> capri: but are they really? i think what happened is that because they are getting the media attention the democratic primary presidential candidates i think are latching on, potentially to their peril. some of the things that are shiny because they're getting all the attention and they think maybe they need to get on board. but i think this is actually -- the alexandria ocasio-cortezs and all of those throwing around socialism as label for the democratic party is going to ultimately potentially hurt some of these members can't democrats flip the seats from republican to democrat. in places like orange county california, western pennsylvania, they're going to get ads against them trying to tie them to people like aoc when that's not really where they are at. so i think pelosi is doing a decent job trying to actually stop the legislation from occurring that is driven by the
9:33 am
them. >> melissa: it's interesting you would say that. because stopping legislation from occurring, that has pretty much been the knock from those five people on the side. here's what kellyanne conway said about that. >> congressmen rashida tlaib tweeted that she is so tired of being used to show that the party is diverse, that they can't get a seat at the table, can't get their policy issues forward. congress min ilhan omar -- i think there is trouble in policy paradise. >> she sang what capri said, that she stopping them from having any impact on policy. they know and they are mad. >> brian: is a short time calculation. there is one thing if you get policy done in the short-term, but it's a whole different question if over the long term you fundamentally change democratic party on economics and other social policies. that's with happening here. >> melissa: you think it's really happening? >> brian: it's not five people. it's five people who have hundreds and thousands of the press on the other pundits
9:34 am
eating out of the hand, running the store everywhere. >> capri: that's not what i would call real america. >> harris: i was in real america in iowa and i could tell you it's the same. it's a thing that from just the perspective of the center on set with me, but the people in looking at this and -- in farming land, agriculture reliable, looking up the conversation around energy and the green new deal and that hundred trillion dollar estimated price tag. $600,000 per household if we were to extrapolate that out. we are looking at those issues and saying that it's the majority of people in the house via their constituents are having conversations about this. that's a problem. and we know that they are. it may be five people -- actually, only two, who cosponsored inco group the green deal, the nonbinding resolution. but everybody has to talk about it. >> kennedy: and the think we need an intervention on this whole notion of socialism right
9:35 am
now. it is an illness that is taken over the democratic party. there are socialists who try and qualify the terms and saying, "no, we are democratic socialists. we are just as democrats." >> capri: did you see my eye-role? >> kennedy: it's costly. milton friedman said a lot of these programs start with good intentions. with very bad consequences. i think those who are pro-freedom and pro-capitalism have to do much more laying out the short and long-term -- >> capri: the militant moderates like myself need to be louder. >> kennedy: yes. >> harris: that would be true. >> brian: take pete buttigieg for example. he can play that role, he's from the midwest. every policy proposal he's had has been to the left. he's been the one signing off on it. >> harris: he's not trying to pretend to be anything. the only thing that may be changes the voice for 2020 for you is if joe biden gets in and tries to be that middle moderate person. >> kennedy: he's saying he's the oji progressive
9:36 am
cothough i love it. >> melissa: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders attacking president trump for not telling the truth. all in hopes that he appeals to trim voters. so can bernie win them over? will debate it. ♪ >> the person i think he misses -- i wish bernie will. it'll be interesting to see how he does. if you ran great four years ago, and was not treated with respect by clinton. that was too bad. ♪
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the only one trusted by the we're all under one roof now.n. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. ♪ >> harris: tonight on fox news, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will take part in a fox news town hall in bethlehem, pennsylvania. in an op-ed on, the vermont senator took a shot at president trump in hopes of
9:41 am
winning over the presidents voters. senator sanders wrote this. "when donald trump ran for president, he made a lot of promises to working families. he told them that he would protect their interests, while standing up to the establishment. unfortunately, he did not tell the truth." meanwhile, republican congress -- conference chairwoman, liz cheney, says the democratic party has embraced socialism as the parties progressive freshmen attract a lot of publicity. >> do you see and embrace of socialism, you see an abrasive policies that was fundamentally steel power from the american people and give it to the government. they would essentially make us slaves to socialism. those voices right now are driving the agenda of the democratic party. >> harris: earlier, on "america's newsroom," democratic national committee chair tom perez pushed back on that criticism. >> in 2020, the distraction of the trump campaign is going to be socialism.
9:42 am
when social security, the minimum wage, when medicare and medicaid were debated, with the affordable care act in the children's health insurance program were debated, republicans in the house and senate dating back to the 1930s called those proposals "socialism." i call medicare and social security the pillar of what makes capitalism work. >> harris: wow. i think i've hallucinated. [laughter] you said five people. no, no, no. everybody has got that word dripping from their lips and their party. >> capri: 's right, because the media is obsessed. >> harris: the media did not make tom perez, the chairman of the dnc, talk about socialism right there. >> capri: somebody obviously asked her about it he has no choice. >> kennedy: i could do a better job of pivoting and talking about democratic ideas. >> capri: that's a whole different issue. >> harris: bernie sanders stills at the top of those who have jumped in. of course, joe biden's deleting everybody but he's not on the water yet. bernie sanders, your party effectively pushed out of the
9:43 am
front lane last time around. >> capri: because he decided to come come to the party as a- >> kennedy: democrats voted for him. >> capri: i don't know about that. i'm not saying it would necessarily vote for president trump but -- >> harris: wow. you don't have a rebuttal, you just don't even want to talk about it. is playing directly into the republican's hands. every time we give attention these folks. i think bernie sanders -- >> harris: i'm not about to ignore the democratic chairman. >> kennedy: bernie sanders prevented? how so? he's been very consistent. >> capri: he hasn't pivoted, he has created -- >> brian: we are not giving attention to sanders, he is asking for it. every one of these candidates is asking, "please, look at --" promises. >> capri: what happens is a guy like bernie sanders comes in in my hometown like you did yesterday in the backdrop of the general motors plant closing, and what does he say?
9:44 am
he says it's greed that close this plant. >> kennedy: union grade, yes. >> harris: i want to get to this. there is a fox news fox news poll, "if the 2020 presidential election was held today, how would you vote if the candidates were democratic bernie sanders -- listed as a democrat -- and or publican donald trump? if unsure, which we would you lean?" take a look at these numbers. 40% saying the union, current president. history stands. there are very few of exceptions. bernie sanders, 47%. brian? >> brian: nobody's asking bernie sanders any tough questions yet. it's very easy to be popular -- >> harris: while that will change tonight on fox news! >> brian: i sure hope so! >> harris: we will have everybody watching. melissa? >> melissa: i would say 12% of the people who wanted to vote or voted for trump wanted bernie sanders in the first place. they will be watching tonight.
9:45 am
he can recapture those people. that was essentially the margin. one of the margins that put president trump over the top. when you see those stats of people that cross over between trump and bernie, those are people that reject the system, reject the status quo, rejected the establishment. this is a rich audience that he is going to tonight. >> kennedy: can i jump in quickly? bernie has an obsession with sweden and denmark and the scandinavian socialism that he sells, this sack of lies he is selling over here. because our system is nowhere near this system because there's is much more free economically. they also don't have minimum wage laws in those countries. they also tax the higher class and they have an economic base that they draw from. >> harris: that premium on goods and all of that is really painful. tonight it's a bethlehem, pennsylvania where we will be having bret baier and
9:46 am
martha maccallum tonight, a town hall with bernie sanders. it begins at 6:30 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. somebody actually wrote and what i say. "fnc for the cool kids." i don't need in the prompter, baby! i've got it in my. the push to see president trump's tax returns is gaining steam among democrats. the white house as they are playing politics. will using presidential powers in this way set a damaging precedent customer we will get into. >> this is about political party and change it. it's a dangerous road. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> i i don't think congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through this thousands of pages that i would assume president trump's taxes will be. my guess is most of them don't do their own taxes, and i certainly don't trust them to look through the decades of success that the president has and determine anything. >> kennedy: clearly we need to simplify the tax code. white house press secretary sarah sanders saying congressional democrats wouldn't know what to do with the president's tax returns. this, as the chairman of the house ways and means committee extends their deadline for the irs to hand over the president's
9:51 am
returns, moving it to next tuesday. the president has rejected calls to voluntarily submit his tax returns, once again citing an ongoing audit as he did in 2016. would house speaker nancy pelosi doesn't think that he should get an exception. >> everybody has released their returns and we will have legislation to say that everybody should, must. for the moment, what is he hiding? >> kennedy: so much stuff. probably all that russia stuff. developing this hour, president trump's attorneys have sent a letter to the treasury urging them not to comply with the democrats' request. now the irs has to put up or shut up. what will they do? this does set a precedent not only for visit administration but future ones. that could be democrats. >> brian: had a terrible precedent. this is so obviously political. you learn nothing completely about the president by releasing his tax returns. all you do -- and this is where
9:52 am
they know exactly what they are doing -- they get crumbs, point to the crime. "look at this question what about this? this might lead to this might lead to this." in the president has done something illegal. this is about pivoting away from mueller to something else they can rob the president up in. >> capri: via monuments causes where they are probably going with the scum of the try whether or not president trump -- owner's organizations -- has somehow generated income, that is influenced by his position as president. >> kennedy: so he had a time machine fixed to ten years ago so he was able to leap into the future and make money now? based on what happened back then question it because that is fascinating. >> capri: he may have a hot tub time machine in trump tower that we don't know about. barring that, i personally think -- trump should throw in a bone and release his tax returns just for this reason. because it only provides a snapshot. the public is not going to get what they are looking for because of the way that real estate ventures are
9:53 am
structured. >> melissa: he is so doug-at this point, if he puts them out there he looks like he totally caved. he never likes to do that. i have so little for the government at this point that if there's anything in there somebody in the irs would have leaked it. don't think it would have been put out by now? >> kennedy: to it think there are still lois lerners lurking? sadist bureaucrats? >> melissa: he is so antiestablishment and the swamp. you made this point also on the couch that clued the mueller team has seen his tax returns. that's the kind of information that they can subpoena and grab. and don't you think one of the 18 angry democrats who are on special counsel team, that they would have leaked it? >> capri: the house ways and means committee does have the right to get this. i'm sure that ways and means -- >> melissa: so they can make legislation? >> capri: it shouldn't be turned into political -- >> brian: that's what it is. it's building. he says he's okay with bullies making him go of things he
9:54 am
doesn't have to do. the american people do not care about taxes is much as all the democrats do. >> kennedy: i'm so glad you said that, because we actually have a poll up that shows whether or not the president should be required to release his taxes or her taxes, and 74% responded saying the president should. congressional leaders, and 76%. they should have tea. presidential candidates -- nobody really cares, only one will be president -- but still 72%. that's a lot of people. >> brian: that's a great poll but we had an election in 2016. president trump won. he didn't release his taxes. you can do polls like that all day. the only poll that matters is who wins the race. trump won, he didn't have to give it away. >> kennedy: we can dance from here to eternity and especially to november 2020. [laughter] i don't know if it will do us any good. i don't buy the emoluments clause argument. "the emoluments!" that sounds like you put it on your skin at night.
9:55 am
transparency is another argument. >> capri: transparency is important. the irs come he's going to get a text for that, too. >> melissa: i just think he would have seen it. no secrets are safe in america any longer. whatever it is out there that you are trying to hide, you have no hope. if there was anything interesting in those tax returns, somebody would've put it out there. >> melissa: we are all being spied upon, it's very exciting. we've got more "outnumbered" in just a moment i'm hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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9:59 am
people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. >> melissa: think it to brian brenberg. i'm looking for to bernie sanders tonight. i would ask him, do you want people audience who have insurance at their work to give it up? is >> brian: i would ask him the and i would ask what's going to happen to doctors under the medicare for all plan. if he says anything other than they will take a massive pay cut and get out of town, he's lying to you. be >> kennedy: 40%. how do you pay for it because mike that's i want to know.
10:00 am
>> melissa: we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. but now, here's harris faulkner. >> harris: we begin with this breaking news. attorney general william barr is now expected to release a redacted version of the mueller report thursday morning. we are getting more details. let's get into it. "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the justice department announcing a marked-up version of the report will be released to congress and the public. the american people, and congress. the attorney general has been under fire, as you know, by democrats demanding to see the entire report including the underlying evidence. but president trump tweeted a short time ago, the mueller report -- which was written by 18 angry democrats who also happened to be trump-haters and clinton supporters, should have focus on the people who spn my campaign." spied in all caps. "at others who fabricated the whole russian hoax." james trustees


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