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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and groupthink. dvr it if youu have the technical capability to do that. good night from los angeles. guess who's next? you have three guesses. sean hannity. g >> sean: that was only one for you did not give them time for the other two. tucker, great show. busy news night. welcome to "hannity." it's 9:00 p.m. on theo east coat of the united states, 3:00 a.m. in paris, france, where notre dame continues to burn. constructed between 1160 and 1260, centuries-old cathedral survived the french revolution, two world wars, and so much more, but tonight, this buyer, as we watched earlier today, has collapsed. much of the building has been destroyed. 870 years. one of europe's most iconicst structures will never be the same. thankfully, no deaths have been reported, and tonight because of this inferno has yet to be determined but we'll continue to monitor the story very closely and we'll have a report
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on the ground and trace gallagher will join us with the latest.un we begin with a very important preview of what is about to happen this week. this willhi not be reported by e tinfoil hat conspiracy theory may be a mob in this country. our "hannity watch" on investigating the investigators in the deep stage begins tonight because on thursday we know the attorney general, william barr, will release the full mueller report with a few reductions. according to my sources, over 90% of the findings will be made available prior to the investigatory end sources and methods, we can't reveal those things. classified information, must be concealed, along with any grand jury material which democrats are calling for. you can't do that legally. they want it made public. after 2.5 years of never ending hysteria, breathless coverage, lies, conspiracy theories, and everything in between, well, the
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rage hate trump media mob, their friends in the democratic party, they will now embark on a last gasp -- this is it -- desperate attempt now to weaponize what is left of thehe mueller report against donald trump. this is their last stand and i promise you, it will all fail like it has for two and half years, it will fail. but as per usual, the media mob, the democrats, they will work in unison to twist, to contort some language in the mueller c report put together by 18 democrats as a final frenzy to prop up their impeachment dreams that are already dead but they just don't know. don't be fooled. we already know there was no collusion, none, zero. after 22 months, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 230 court orders and interviews with approximately 500 people, and a lot of early-morning predawn raids with 27 armed guys against
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unarmed wives and sons, mueller determined, " -- this is from the mueller report -- "the investigation did not establish that members of a trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government and its election interference activities. that is a direct quote from the mueller report. that was in attorney general barr's preview. mueller's findings came after four other separate investigations. they reach the same conclusion. a t nine-month probe by the fbi, even peter strzok and paige said they had nothing. the house intel committee's exhaustive investigation, the senate investigation. given the clear, undeniable now, noour times rational collusion. the left is likely to obsess about, oh, obstruction of justice or donald trump's taxes. remember, president trump wasn't charged with's obstruction of justice, not by mueller, not by
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anybody. attorney general barr himself along with rod rosenstein made the decision, he said, "the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice offense." this is important. our determination was made without regard to end is not based on the constitutional considerations that surround the indictment and criminal diprosecution of a sitting president. in other words, president trump did not obstruct justice. his role as president had nothing to do with the doj's decision not to charge them. keep in mind, the attorney general came to that conclusion and consultation. here he is with the deputyre attorney general, the guy that hired mueller, rod rosenstein. along with several other nonpartisan department of justice officials, including those in the legal counsel's office. they concluded there was no underlying crime.
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how do youo obstruct a car and that didn't happen? it's a impossible. if there is nothing to obstruct, which is by president trump let the mueller and investigation go out. he didn't fire rod rosenstein. he never interfered her interbeing to help general flynn, that we now know was set up by both comey and mccabe. he did not get in the way of the witch hunt from proceeding. it all went through. as james comey said in terms of his firing, the fbi director can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. they serve at the pleasure of the president. when the media mob on thursday begins obsessing over phantom of obstruction of justice charges in the coming days, ask yourself, now, if they really care about obstruction of justice, have any of these people ever shown any outrage over, the clinton server scandal and real obstruction with real evidence?
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remember, having top secret classified emails, there was a crime. she had it on an outside server. mom and pop bathroom closet server. a that is a violation of espionage act, 18 usc 793. so she had an underlying crime and then she had intentions. why did she delete 33,000 subpoenaed emails and hard drive with bleach bit and removing sim cards and bust up devices with hammers? the intent is obvious. she wanted destroy subpoenaed evidence to violate a crime, committed a crime, espionage act. to remove all the action, that shows intent. nobody in the media who is going to try to find some intent when trump never did it and ever fired anybody, why don't they care about real obstruction of justice? here is my prediction for thursday.
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none of the genius so-called legal analysts or talking heads on any other networks will mention this, that exposes just how abusively biased their coverage is and has been. instead, we will get the last hurrah, the last rampant speculation, the last in the tinfoil conspiracy theories for two and a half year surrounding russia, russia, russia. tonight the steady march of truth, though, has begun. by the way, when they are done, by tuesday of next week we want donald trump taxes so they will move onto the next conspiracy theory.y. the next weapon to use to destroy a duly elected president. but after thursday, whether they faced this truth or not, the lies they have pedaled for two and half years on russia collusion are officially dead. it is over. edthey lost. they will lose it. and soon we will have more closed-door testimony. get this, this is what is coming. they will now see every bit of reporting that was done on the show, by our investigativeey tem that we did for two years, will
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be proven correct. like we saw, oh, closed-door testimony from james baker, stzrok, page, bruce and nellie ohr and more coming. the attorney general announcing his investigation into the investigation and, yes, he is using the word spying on the trump campaign. and a witch hunt against the sitting president. the criminal referrals from congressman devin nunes and, of course, the horowitz fisa investigation which week expect completed by may and congressmen mark meadows and jim jordan, they said they expect criminal referrals from that inspector general report. don't forget another investigation, the huber investigation on leaking. then the president said two and a half weeks on the program the fisa applications, maintained with hillary clinton's bought and paid for russian lies and dossier. as the bulk ofru d the foundati,
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302s, getting a rate information, all forthcoming, and all of us will show exactly what we have been telling you is true. there will be indictments, criminal referrals and likely people to go to jail that abused power, that were corrupt. whether the media mob likes it or not, i hope you are ready for an avalanche. cascading truth and justice will now fall on their heads. but they don't have the capacity to ever admit they were wrong. by the way, they will have nothing left to peddle. their lies are debunked and disposed. it is over. john solomon, sara carter,th congressman mark meadows coming up on this issue. but first we turn our attention to our "hannity watch" on the radical socialist democratic party. heading into the 2020 election, you sound crazy bernie on the air tonight. that was hard to watch. bernie sanders for two hours. jeez, let's hear every communist
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idea we possibly can. the left must be held accountable for pushing this two and aa half year divisive hoax into the president of the united states but more importantly, this cannot happen again. they must be held accountable fort some of the most radical elements in the democratic party and media, including congressman omar. since sworn into office, omar has frequently been the subject of controversy surrounding her virulent anti-semitic remarks. more recently facing a wave of criticism for minimizing the 9/11 attacks on this country that took nearly 3,000 of our friends, our fellow citizens, our she called her to some people that did something. watch this. >> cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> sean: another recently
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surfaced video, this one from 2013, look at congress home on congresswoman omar seemingly joking about america's vilification of al qaeda and hezbollah. really? take a look. >> every time the professor says al qaeda, he sort of -- his shoulders went up -- "al qaeda." >> he is an expert. >> he was -- [laughs] we are not seeing his name. it is that. you don't say america without intensity or england with the intensity, you don't say the army within intensity. >> sean: al qaeda. the worst attack on america's soill in history. you don't say it the same way you say america or england. wow. both videos we showed you are obviously disturbing. they congresswoman is a public
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figure, powerful member of congress according to the left and even omar herself, and a criticism of her is a dangerous incitement of violence. of course the congresswoman is a sitting u.s. lawmaker. she should be called out for what it is bizarre, ridiculous, insane comments and apparently criticizing a member of congress is now inciting violence. on this program we've said many times, must protect our politicians freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the free and open expression of thoughts and ideals. we detest all forms of violence. while threats should never be made against anyone. you should never be tolerated. in just a moment, we have a member of congress he was a victim of real violence. house minority web steve scalise will respond. if the left really agreed, if they cared about stopping those who incite violence, where was the outrage. kathy griffin's photo shoot with a severed head of donald trump.
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where was the outrage when snoop dogg released the music video showing a person dressed up as trump's getting assassinated? where was the outrage over this tweet from a cbs show featuring an image with the words "assassinate president trump." w where's the outrage over the constant stream of the hollywood leftist elites outwardly fantasizing about some sort of violence against the president? used as a small example. take a look. a >> how dare he say the things he does. of course i want to punch him in the face. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for am living. however, it's been a while.
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maybe it's time. >> sean: real threats, really ignored by the rage eight trump media mob and others. also representing a perfect example of what the left in this country has become. they cry foul when they congresswoman is justifiably criticized but remained silent when their friends, donors and hollywood dream about blowing up the white house. right, madonna? they try to ruin the life of justice kavanaugh but when it comes to the allegations of rape and violent sexual assault against a democrat, the lieutenant governor of virginia, where are all the i believe people? they will vilify a 16-year-old covington high school student in public and call 65-year-old nathan phillips the victim or in just opposite happened. they obsess about totally nonexistent obstruction of justice charges against the president allou while ignoring hillary clinton's violation of the law, felony of the espionage act, and willful obstruction of
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justice, deleting, acid washing hard drives, beating up devices. the hypocrisy of the left has never been this bad. joining is not, former nypd commissioner, house minority web steve scalise. steve, you are a victim of real violence. just because the person shot you and others and was involved in the shooting happened to be a bernie sanders supporter, i don't blame bernie sanders that some lunatic that likes his ideas commits an act of violence. the connection they try to make here is absurd because the comments of congresswoman omar are legitimate and needed to be said. >> i agree. i never blamed bernie sanders and that is not where the blame should be. it should be with a shooter. in the case of what congresswoman omar continues to say, start with the anti-semitic comments, incredibly offensive
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not just of jewish people but to people all around the world to live freedom, our relationship with israel, and the ability to support a countryhe that stands for democracy in the middle east and then you shift over to what she said about 9/11 and some people did some things./1 i was in new york last week. let me tell you, the nerves are incredibly raw. you are there new york right now. i had people tell me, somebody had met with last week, i had three friends jump out of buildings that day. for her to say that, how offensive it is to them. instead of apologizing -- she doesn't apologize because she believes that. she doesn't care how many people she defends. they try to shield her and say you can criticize her. first of all, she should not be on the foreign affairs committee. everyone is free to have their point of view. if you say offensive things, you ought to apologize to people she defends. she wantediv that. nancy pelosi puts her on the foreign affairs committee where she helps shape america's foreign policy. that is most offensive. >> sean: democrats refused to criticize her by name.
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ea>> they refused to take her o. by the way, pelosi was going to. she was originally going to criticize her by name and then a few of these radical leftist socialists in congress literally threatened pelosi. that same week, instead of bringing a resolution to condemn her remarks which she was going to do, they withdrew the name of omar altogether. you can tell they are afraid to stand up against her so she continues to make these kind of outrageous and incredibly offensive comments as a sitting member of congress. >> sean: bernie, you nearly lost her life on 9/11. how many friends did you lose that they?nd >> i lost 23 people who work for me, 401st responders and close to 1700 people in the building. >> sean: unbelievable. you hear anti-semitic comments, there and really struck by what she said -- the way they say al qaeda. >> here's the issue. she's infatuated with al qaeda, with hamas, hezbollah. she was at cair at a
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fund-raiser, the keynote speaker at a fund-raiser for cair, which according to the united arab them are, they are a terrorist organization. >> sean: they are also the unindicted coconspirator. >> and a number of investigations, this is where she was a keynote speaker. you cannot support and defend terrorist groups and organizations and terrorists. she wrote a letter to a sitting federal judge calling for the leniency for a convicted terrorist. you can't do that and be a member of congress. i personally think she should be removed from congress. she should be voted out for sure but she shouldn't be in the foreign relations committee. >> sean: democrats are afraid of her. >> henry that water bottle. let me show you something. >> sean: you want a marco rubio moment? >> i will tell you something, all the people we left on september 11th, 9/11, downtowns, many of them you could have fit
10:19 pm
in this bottle, given them back to their families. they were vaporized. they disintegrated. i watched dozens jump to their death. this woman stands in front of that audience and minimizes that attack. >> sean: let me go to you, steve scalise. congress tried to censor her and -- but then they watered it down. why are they so afraid of this moment? >> it gets back to what you are seeing from a socialist left. democrats are no longer a liberal party. we are a center right nation, used to have moderate democrats, blue dog, and liberals. now you have liberals and socialists and the socialists are breeding the liberals. pelosi is afraid to take on that group and they stick together, they are a block played at the same time, when someone says something offensive, everybody t to stand up. by the way, so are we but they
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won't call out one of their own and it's got to be confronted or it will hurt them as a party. >> sean: last word. >> the democratic leadership has to take action. schumer, nadler, pelosi, they were there on september 11th. they were a block away. >> sean: what you have here, right here -- >> every world trade center medic. >> sean: every cop that work that day. >> every cop that work that day. >> sean: good to see you. coming up, horrific fire, destroyed much of notre dame cathedral earlier today. then a report on the deep state. you won't hear it anywhere else. a preview, congressman mark meadows now saying that he believes inspector general horwitz's report will also result in criminal referrals. sara carter and john solomon will discuss who might be facing the criminal charges. we expose that and much more.
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♪ >> sean: tonight we are following the breaking updates on the fire that engulfed paris as notre dame cathedral. earlier today, e the 870 years old. fox news trace gallagher joins us from the west coast newsroom. he has the latest. a big tragedy today. >> indeed. arson and terror has been ruled out but it will take weeks to assess thehe scope of the damage and destruction. we know the fire did collapse the cathedrals aspire and spread to one of the towers but tonight,sp the paris fire chief says a good portion of the church's structure may have been saved, though it goes without saying dozens of paintings, rose windows, and the old organ are among the priceless things that were o lost. it's unclear how many artifacts will not be recovered but the
10:26 pm
bell towers that were in for happy and sad events were not destroyed. the fire was fueled by a massive amount of dry wood. b when the cathedral was built eight centuries ago, it took 52 acres of timber and to this day, it is still nicknamed the forest. sthe fire came just days before good friday and easter, the two holiest days on the christian calendar, where 100 plus thousand people were expected to celebrate mass at notre dame. we are told firefighters will spend the night cooling the structure is much as they can. of course it took 800 -- 182 years to build and french president emmanuel macron is now pledging to rebuild. >> sean: thank you for that report. also developing, we are inching closer and closer to justice in exposing all the corruption and abuse of power inside the deep congressman mark meadows telling fox news yesterday that more criminal referrals are likely on the horizon from the doj.
10:27 pm
inspector general report. here are the latest, fox news contributor sara carter, congressman mark meadows of north carolina, the hills john solomon.t' we expect the horwitz report on fisa abuse. we already know from the noon as grass histogram memos, the bulk of information was in fact the hillary clinton bought and paid for unverified bony russian dossier, boastfully moy debugged, but everyone at the fbi were warned but they use it anyway. you expect criminal referrals without report? >> michael horowitz and his entire team are doing a great job independently, looking into this. if you look at the evidence, the evidence that we've been able to see, you know that several things happened. classified information was shared with the media. we also know that as they went
10:28 pm
into much of this, as they started to focus on this, falsehoodsar were told to doj officials. i fully believe that inspector general horwitz and his team will look at that broadly and out of that, look at criminal referrals that come, may be consistent with whatay devin nunes has already mentioned that he is referring to the doj ass well. the bottom line is, your viewers, the american people, they want people held accountable and they want to makehe sure that this never happens again to any future president. >> sean: john solomon, we know that hillary's investigation was rigged. even peter strzok and lisa page, interesting as these closed-door hearingd testimonies are coming out. we know that they were given orders from attorney general -- missed tarmac and it's a matter not investigation -- lunch. that raises questions, what did you know, when did she know it.
10:29 pm
we know she violated the espionage act. we know james baker thought she should be indicted and we have a crime and intent when she deleted the subpoenaed emails, clean her hard drive up and deleted her devices. we know in the fisa case, that dossier was bought and paid for by her and they never verified it but n they committed fraud on the fisa court. >> it when you talk about the two systems of justice, the way you laid it out is why so many americans are frustrated. they see one set of standards applied to hillary clinton, another applied to donald trump. there is an interesting thing, there are two investigations we should be watching for in the next week, next few months from inspector general horwitz. one is the one that congress amended as mentioned, a lot of synergies between that, but they are also looking at james comey's handling ofco classified information. the man who cleared
10:30 pm
hillary clinton for wrongdoing being looked at himself or mishandling classified information. those memos he wrote of his conversations with president trump. we know four of those were classified. that means one or more may have been leaked based onn the numbers. we also know the fbi scrubbed offices with a classified information was leaked. look for that on top of the fisa abuses, we are really going to t see how bad the comey fbi was when the ig reports come out. >> sean: your take, sara? >> absolutely. a really important part here is that it was a two tiered justice system. that is what we've been reporting on for all these years. the facts remain the facts. one of the things that michael horowitz more than likely will be looking at is in 2016, the leaks to michael isikoff and yahoo news about carter page, remember the fbi and the doj come with those people that are principally involved in investigating this, were piggybacking off of the same information, spreading it around, the exact same information, and utilizing it as
10:31 pm
separate evidence with me applied for the foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant. that is something i'm sure michael horowitz will be looking at. he'll look at who did that, who spread the information, like david corn, michael isikoff and others, how that plays in to his criminal referrals. that is something that everybody should be looking at as well. >> sean: congress congressman , this can't happenin again. there is nothing left. all the lies that have been told, conspiracy theories spun and it turns out john and sara and gregg jarrett and joe digenova, victoria, all these people -- yourself and jim jordan, your questions were remarkable in these closed-door interviews, you and jim jordan. with all of that, what we nowha know is that we have fisa applications, 302s, gang of
10:32 pm
eight, we also have the hoover investigation, the horwitz report, the ag looking into spying and the entire investigation.g all of this -- we've only begun that process but the conspiracy dies on thursday. ur's already dead. >> it does die on thursday. the bigger part of this is all about that you just talked about pointed to the investigation and with all of that, still no collusion, no conspiracy, and this president is an incident as he's proclaimed for over twons years. >> sean:pi who gets indicted? >> i would say we have to take a good look at comey, peter strzok, members of the doj that they will be looking into, possibly james baker. >> i think a lot of people are in jeopardy. almost 100 people have been interviewed by the ig investigation. that is an exhaustive investigation. we'll see the fbi. >> sean:te t i told jim comey he has the right to remain silent and he should have used it a j
10:33 pm
long time ago. too bad he didn't listen. thank you all. when we come back, a big update, college mission scandal, trace gallagher has the details. plus you will never believe what congresswoman ocasio-cortez said this time! anthony scaramucci, rachel campos duffy, that and more as we continue. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: my college mission scandal saga is ongoing as parents involved are facing charges or entering their pleas in federal court. fox news correspondent trace gallagher joins us live from the west coast newsroom with the latest. was interesting here, i think, some were very smart to take the early deal. those that held out, if they did it, everyone gets due process of
10:38 pm
my presumption of innocence, they might regret thatts decisi. >> they very well might. it appears lori lockwood and her husband, the fashion designer, mossimo giannulli, are realizing how serious the charges are. when they were first accused accused of bribing a doctor's into the university of california by having them designated as recruits of the crew team despite never having completed in this part, they were offeredve a plea deal but they turned it down because it included jail time. when t they got hit with another charge of money laundering with a max sentence of 20 years, "people" magazine is now reporting that at that point, they wanted to negotiate but prosecutors took the deal off the table so they had no choice but to plead not guilty and now they are facing 40 years. clearly, for first-time offenders, that won't happen but experts say they could get four to six years of convicted and even if this doesn't go to trial, and prosecutors decidef o cut an 11th hour deal, experts
10:39 pm
say it looks like lori loughlin and her husband will serve years, not months, because on the other hand, as you pointed out, actress felicity huffman who has already pleaded guilty to boosting her daughter's s.a.t. score and expressed remorse, is looking at may be a few months behind bars. big difference. >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you. also, the new leader of the democrats, congresswoman ocasio-cortez continuing her far left crusade against anything, everything president trump but there's one problem. reality just keeps getting in the way. she was recently asked about her top three reasons to impeach the president. had a little trouble answering the question. kind of becoming common. >> you could reach in a bag and pull out so many things out that are impeachable. i support impeaching the president. >> two m3? >> two entry, i think two would be tax fraud, and number
10:40 pm
three... there is just so much. the senses, i just can't even -e tax bill there is just so much. >> sean: there is just so many things. also ramping up her radicalism on foreign policy and taking aim at one of our most important allies. take a look at this.po >> i think what we are really seeing is the ascent of authoritarianism across the world. i think that netanyahu is a trump-like figure. >> would you be in favor of reducing military or economic aid to israel? >> i think it's on the table. it's certainly on the table and is something that can be
10:41 pm
discussed. >> sean: while the democratic primaries beginning, ocasio-cortez has already made one thing clear. doesn't want joe biden to be the nominee. oh, boy.. i guess she decides, not nancy pelosi. >> n this idea that we can go bk to the good old days with obama, with obama's vice president, i think there's an emotional element to that but i don't want to go back. i want to go forward. >> sean: here with reaction, founder of skybridge capital, anthony scaramucci, and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. good to see you, man. >> great to be here. >> sean: so many things. >> where do you want to start? aoc out of new york asap. my first thing. secondarily, nancy pelosi, whose daughter said that she could cut somebody's throat without them even feeling it, is going to take her out. >> sean: she says there is only five these extremists in
10:42 pm
her party. she's scared to death of the five. >> do you think so? >> sean: there's 100 supporting the green new deal plates because she's a remarkably successful survivor in washington. she's old school. this sort of behavior i don't think will last. just my honest opinion. they will find someone to challenge her in that district. crowley will not come back but somebody more moderate will take her lights out. she destroyed herself with this whole amazon thing. she's colorful, she's got some interesting ways to attract attentionn to herself but i thik new york is getting tired of her. >> sean: we'll see. what did you make of pelosi's comment, or fluff ball interview on "60 minutes"? there's only five -- but when it comes to congresswoman omar, dominic ocasio-cortez, nancy pelosi doesn't seem to shy ability to stand up to them. >>bi nancy pelosi isn't with the democrat party. the heart of the democrat party
10:43 pm
is with representative omar and ocasio-cortez. by the way, the socialist bernie sanders is the number one presidential candidate right now. he's got all the energy. the democrat party as a socialist party. when ocasio-cortez says we don'y want to go backwards, she means we don't want an old white mano joe biden but she also means, we want to embrace socialism holy, completely. what the economically ignorant ocasio-cortez doesn't understand even though she has a degree in economics, is that socialism is going backwards. these ideas are old. those ideas have never worked. it's a danger for the country, the kind of popularity and mainstreaming that alexandria "angle" and bernie sanders have, whether nancy wants to admit it or not. >> sean: anthony, besides a crazy creepy uncle joe biden, the hardest thing he has to deal with is -- are you going to bring back the same policies on
10:44 pm
giving mall is $150 billion so they can buy and foment terror d fight proxy wars? >> the ukraine issue as well. >> sean: that's a huge issue. >> i told your friend jesse thal he's male, pale, and stale. you happen to be male and pale but you are very not stale. you have to understand, i think the guy -- >> sean: great to have you back. economics is your wheelhouse. new green deal, we'll get rid of oil and gas, the lifeblood of our economy, the combustion engine, then everything is going to be free. everything. whether you are willing or unwilling to work. the cars, airplanes, i don't know how we will -- >> i think it sounds like a fabulous thing -- >> sean: you own a restaurant. >> i have a hunt and fish club. >> sean: you have everything. >> i love all the stuff because ng is great for the president.
10:45 pm
at the end of the day, people look at that and they'll say, maybe not going to tell my friend and ally i'm voting for him but they close the booth, he has to reverse -- people say they want one for the president, they close the curtain, and thet vote. >> sean: you can't hold the donald trump back. >> if they keep it y up, it's a function about the amount or percentage that he'll win by. >> sean: quick last response. >> i missed you, sean. >> keep shining the light on these socialists. bernie sanders a loves to fly private jets. he even set on the private hall that he is not interested in paying the tax rate that he proposes rightht now. they are hypocrites. >> sean: don't do as i do, do as i say. i'm a millionaire but -- liberals are only generous of other people's money.
10:46 pm
that is the number one rule. good to see you, man. appreciate you coming. when we come back, we have found one thing that cher and president trump agree on. it has to do with immigration. next. just one free hearing test at
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♪ >> sean: the crisis on our southern border has produced some very strange alliances. look at this latest example. cher and president trump. trump endorsed her recent tweet in which she said, "i understand helping struggling immigrants but my city, los angeles, isn't taking care of its own. what about the 50,000 plus o american citizens who live on the streets, people who live below the poverty line and are hungry, and of my state can take care of itser own, many are vet,
10:51 pm
how can i take care of more"? the president agreed, "i finally agree with cher." here with reaction, the author of the number one seller "the russia hoax" -- by the way, part two is coming out, fox news analyst analyst gregg jarrett, "the hill"'s joe concha, also a host in new york. congratulations on that. what is the second book? i see you in your office like a crazy person writing like a madman. >> so much new evidence and information has come out since the first book went to print. >> sean: do you have a title? >> i do indeed. "witch hunt." >> sean: what i said about thursday, i think thursday -- they lost. everything --os >> they will never admit they lost. until their dying day, they will claim there is some criminal collusion somewhere, we just don't know it and mueller
10:52 pm
couldn't find it. they will always claim that -- >> sean: the fourth not the first. >> they will always claim that the president's words constitute obstruction. i spend a whole chapter is abusing that. be wonderful what we have to have -- >> corrupt intent. you don't have to have an underlying crime but you can't prove a case without underlying crime. >> sean: hillary has an underlying crime. the espionage act. you identified seven or eight felonies that she broke. >> at least. >> sean: when you delete the subpoenaed emails and clean upet the hard drive -- >> obstruction of justice. >> sean: how come they never talk about - that? >> that is a corrupt act. it was intended to destroy evidence which is identified in the statute as obstruction of justice. >> sean: we might get back to this. >> we should. >> sean: statute of limitations has not passed. in immigration, cher -- i'm going to eat these words one day -- she's right. we are not taking care of so many americans, and the one
10:53 pm
thing i would say to cher, when we sent our cameras to district, why, right outside her enclave of millionaire neighbors, hasn't she belted a homeless shelter that takes care of all those homeless people in the streets and all the needles that are on the streets? >> i'll always rememberst this weekend, the timer tiger woods came back from the dead to win his first masters since 2005. and the moment where cher became a republican. it's amazing. there was a tweet that she had in 2017 where she said, we need to embrace illegal immigrants, undocumented people, migrants, bring them into our homes.em other people in the industry should do that. september 2017. now she sees two years later what is happening to california, and she deserves the credit and the world are being courageous. you can imagine, shall be
10:54 pm
ostracized. >> sean: americans have spent billions and billions of dollars, illegal immigration, criminal justice system, and we cannot afford it. the idea that the democrats are running on this notion we will tear down walls and not have barriers and open borders, i think is likely green new deal insanity. >> when you hear guys like jerry nadler say, oh, it's illegal to move the illegals are sanctuary cities, you can but he is absolutely wrong. he doesn't know anything about the law. these people who are caught, here illegally, are in either physical or constructive custody, dhs and other law enforcement may move them to any location. >> sean: like obama did. >> the statute that says you cannot do that. >> i talked to a lot of people that vote democratic30 new jers,
10:55 pm
many towns becoming sanctuary talents. they say, now that it's coming here, we don't have the resources, nothing to do with tt racism, has to do with resous being exhausted. >> sean: speaking of tiger woods -- thank you both. historic victory at the masters, one of the greatest sporting events ever. ♪ ak rry i don't understand... ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: the hero of the night, tiger woods, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game. he won his 15th major title yesterday. he won the masters. it had been 11 years since his last major victory. he is now three major titles away from tying jack nicklaus' record of 18, the longest distance between winning the masters. don't forget, president trump played with tiger back in february, predicted he be winning majors again. the president tweeted today that he will be presenting words with the presidential medal of honor,
11:00 pm
the nation's highest civilian honor. congratulations, tiger woods. what a great story. redemption, the the operationss had. that's all the time we have left. we will never be the rage, hate media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. >> laura: fantastic show as always and i agree with you the tiger woods stories is one of the great, great comebacks of all time. if you weren't watching that engineering, i don't know who you are. that was awesome. great to see. good for him. great for the game. i don't think i could've hit that hit at the end. i have hannity rules when i play golf. >> laura: that's why i don't play. awesome show tonight. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. we have so much to get to. we are going to take you live to paris for the lates


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