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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 16, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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majestic. and worth it. >> sandra: yeah. >> bill: that's what we got. >> sandra: that's it for us. thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow morning at 9:00. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we come in with this fox news alert, a growing showdown ahead of thursday's public release of the redacted mueller report. democrats already challenging attorney general william barr even before the release and before he even speaks again about the special counsel's findings. whew, and around and around we go. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, most inferences. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. hey, girl! [laughter] fox news contributor, bringing it in yellow, jessica tarlov. we won't talk about his clothing but he stabs us on every account, "fox & friends" coast, and host of "what made american great" on the fox nation. brian kilmeade is here. >> brian: not wearing yellow. but i cannot be more patriotic. >> harris: i like it.
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>> brian: great job for you sunday and monday covering the breaking news and everything that's happening. it's been a crazy time. >> harris: it was fun to be in iowa for the town hall america, but yesterday was a heartbreak. i'm so grateful it wasn't filled with visitors as it sometimes can become as a cathedral. but thank you. the >> brian: we will see where the story goes. >> harris: a late news not! house judiciary chairman during other accusing general barks of reducing release and reporting for easter doubt the present. chairman nadler laid out his plans to bring the fight over the report to the courts. watch. >> we will scream and yell, and either friday or monday will issue a subpoena. will give three weeks to let them respond. they won't respond, send the video to vote contempt, we will vote to contempt, and then to court. >> harris: certain information, like grand jury material and information relating to other ongoing investigations will be redacted.
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that is per rules and regulations. in the rear bipartisan push from house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff and ranking republican devin nunes are pushing the doj for a "full visibility" into mueller's findings for members of the intel committee. the two issuing a joint letter to ag bar requesting "all materials regardless of form and classification, obtained or produced by the special counsel's office in the course of investigation." it's my understanding, brian, this would be for congress. not putting this in the public bloodstream what these two bipartisan players are pushing for. is that what we know? b6 we do think so. devin nunes making a tactical play here. the things he wants unredacted that are going to pull the investigation where the investigators. "we want them redacted? great idea. i would like that, too." it's not a play. two years ago when all this started, they said that devin nunes was doing donald trump's work. no, he really feels there's a problem with the way this thing was launched. if you are going to redact
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names, he might not be able to get out of the box for his investigation. adam schiff, i think you guys want some transparency too, right question hug let's do it together let's see where we go from here. he believes there's no collusion and he believes it in his court. >> harris: did you ever think we would see bipartisanship on the mueller report, lisa? >> lisa: [laughs] to skip the information out there. ethic americans are ready to move on from the russia investigation. one area i'm interested in looking at he how the investigation started from the beginning pair the question needs to be asked, why did the intel community and the fbi use what was likely a russian disinformation document to launch an investigation against a political opponent? that the question really need to get to the bottom of. if you look at where russia made the biggest impact, it was with the dossier. it wasn't in the social media spending, which was basically pennies. they didn't move any votes or change any votes. so where was the biggest impact on the country as a whole? that was the disinformation dossier paid for by the
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democratic party, pushed by the media and weaponized to obtain the fisa warrants. and a cia agent said considering the fact that christopher steele was a former british intel officer, he was most certainly on the russian intel community's radar. >> brian: friends of brendan. played a major role. >> harris: right. >> jessica: i don't think being friends of brendan is a problem. >> brian: just the title. there's a link. >> jessica: yes, he's been around the intel community for decades and he's been trusted by a number our allies. i'm talking about christopher steele. someone who has been used by a number of different communities and countries that our allies with us. i do think the bipartisan push is a good thing. the house voted 420-0 to release a report. people wanted to see it. i think they should put it all out there, people will pick and choose what they want from it but at least it will give people
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some comfort in knowing everything that bob mueller knew. >> harris: i want to make it clear -- even if schiff and nunes get what they wanted in unredacted form, that won't go into the bloodstream of america right away. i believe, for commerce. what leaks like a sieve question acting, ding, ding. congress! >> melissa: house intelligence, of course. it's been quite a leaky sieve. but you has these two doing something together, anything bipartisan these days, i'm starving for it. v6 they can't expose certain things. i don't care. by law, there are things that have to be rejected. >> melissa: even to congress or the intel committee question at my understanding was that even the grand jury testimony to the intel committee -- >> harris: no, that's why ag barr has said, "look --" >> jessica:
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it expired in 1999, we saw the siliceous and stick them out of the starr report. now we have a special counsel which reports first of the doj. for the rules and ranks them gets redacted. if he chooses not to redact some of that, he can. however, the grand jury testimony, he said he's not going down the lane of helping with that. "if you want to go to a judge and get it, jerry nadler and others, do that." but it won't necessarily turn out that way. is protected for a reason. can you imagine having given testimony either for or against the president and i get outed? that's why it exists. otherwise you would have people talking about them. >> brian: here is the hard part. if something is their identity or top-secret the way you get information, i get it. but what about someone like don mcgann? the president said, "yeah, go talk for 35 hours to the special counsel." >> harris: and it won't be leaks because his grand jury testimony. and i have a petition. >> brian: but, harris, if it's
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to the special counsel one-on-one as opposed to the grand jury -- because he's not in trouble -- then it comes out, "i told him what i knew," "did the president blow up at you?" "absolutely." stuff that you didn't want to get out. >> harris: even if you don't have a name. >> brian: they wouldn't be nothing exposed except for don mcgahn, what he said behind closed doors. do you want the president to know that? you went by and close doors. as you want the whole world to know that customer even though the grand jury wasn't there, the investigators were there. and that's the big buzz right on washington. what's going to be exposed? what are people going to find out that i said behind closed doors that is going to embarrass me in the future? >> lisa: even if you look at the question of how this investigation started in the term campaign from the beginning -- because the fbi said it was when they find out that papadopoulos had this conversation with an australian diplomat. but we know that the fbi met with christopher steele prior to the launching of operation crossed by hurricane. christopher steele had already
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been employed by fusion gps and he has started working on the dossier. sartre is that not strike anyone as odd or leisure any further questions? i also think for a reflection point it's kind of sad how mass hysteria is so easily created here in this country. again, created by this russian disinformation document. or likely russian disinformation document paired that something we need to look into. >> jessica: they will be looking into it. but to your point about the concern of people who thought they were speaking confidentially, that's obviously born for us to be able to protect those people. we do know that bob nearly laid out both sides of the case on obstruction of justice. and we know that even republicans want to see what the evidence was on both sides. that's really what people want out of this. there's also a number of people in the legal community who have said, on the collusion front, the just because he felt he didn't mean to criminal standard doesn't mean there wasn't incidences of collusion or conspiracy. the technical term. people do want to see all of that. key people as perspective keep people as
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protected as possible, but people on all sides come if they are looking how it all started, they will be satisfied unless people go as far as they can. jerry nadler will push for that. >> harris: i want to get melissa to say what she said yesterday about hiding under the blank it. do you remember that? >> melissa: no! [laughter] >> harris: it was interesting. he said, "if there are any redactions --" go ahead. >> melissa: it's always going to be what you really wanted to see in the smoking gun is under that blacked out market, is what i said. the blackout below it. we have to take all that off in order for people to be satisfied. otherwise you will always point to, "that's where it was! the smoking gun is right under their eczema" no matter have a dig list. it's the only way we will get past it. >> harris: that really resonated with me yesterday. normally going to congress in them saying, "unredacted chemicals could beget because of the recent history leaks you have to be -- i've asked people like eric swalwell, who is not running for "we would take every step."
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anyway, we will move on. the world watched in heartbreak as a massive fire tore through notre dame yesterday in paris. bringing down the roof and the spire of the nearly -- or, more than 800-year-old cathedral in paris. but much of that iconic landmarks still stands, and priceless religious relics and artwork, watch the world over, were saved. a live report on all of it next. and senator bernie sanders made his case to the democratic nomination in a fiery fox news town hall last night. now a new polling suggests democrats think he is the man to take on president trump. >> whether you are conservative or moderate or progressive, i don't think the american people are proud that we have a president who is a pathological liar. ♪ my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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>> harris: let's get to the latest now on the aftermath of the devastating fire of the notre dame cathedral in paris. moments ago the white house released this statement, which states that president trump has offered his condolences to french president emmanuel macron for the fire. meanwhile, macron has vowed to rebuild the historic landmark after an intense battle to extinguish a fire that raged for more than 12 hours. look at it. we saw this yesterday as it happened. the spire and the roof are gone. paris police are investigating the cause of that fire. greg palkot is live for us in paris with more. greg? >> a, harris. i think probably the best news that we can give your viewers is the fire is out. that was only made it official a of hours ago by a fire brigade lieutenant here in france. i will ask my cameraman martin to just zoom into the cathedral. we are only about 300 yards
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away. you can see that yellow gantry on the right side with the person inspecting the side, this is the north belfry tower. probably made most famous in the movie, "the hunchback of notre dame." it also figures on the balcony of the tower. they are inspecting the structure for effectiveness. that is, that it was not damage. that it is stable, and the word is we are getting that, in fact, that is intact thanks to a lot of work by some 400 firefighters over the past oh, dozen hours or so. again, much damage, as you outlined, done to this building. the roof, the spire come up 292 feet, and the interior. the fire spreading in there, embers as well as timbers falling. we have heard some pretty dire estimations of how much of the woodwork inside there was destroyed. maybe as much as two-thirds. in fact, the stonework seems to be there. also, crucially, harris, a very
9:17 am
priceless artifact taken out of there. everything from an organ which was untouched, also to a crown of thorns venerated by christians and catholics as being worn by christ. very timely during this holy week. again, for about the next 48 hours, this structure will be examined to make sure it is safe. and then firefighters will go in, try to retrieve anything they can from this. also, really assess what happened. these going to be a team of 50 inspectors going in. the source of the fire, it is thought that it was the renovation work around the spire and the rear part of the native. somehow it set off the spire. but we've just learned that, in fact, all the renovation workers had left well before the fire started. so that raises questions. but no arson, absolutely no terrorism. that is being ruled out. and all of that is a good thing.
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right now, an outpouring of grief. i am here right along the river seine and i am surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. not just french, but american and british coming from all over. this was a part of their heritage, the culture. not just of the parisien's, but the entire world. back to you, harris. >> harris: outside the notre dame. thank you very much. >> democratic socialism, to me, is creating a government and an economy and a society which works for all rather than just the top 1%. want to create a political system, which is based on one person, one vote. not billionaires that buying elections as a result of this disastrous citizens united -- [applause] >> melissa: that was bernie sanders explaining why he should be the 2020 democratic candidate during a fiery fox news town hall last night.
9:19 am
the self-described "democratic socialist" lemming president trump is a pathological liar but warning democrats the party will lose if they only rely on attacking the president. bernie also made no apologies for his wealth after releasing ten years worth of tax returns just minutes before the event. in the meantime, a new emerson college poll shows sanders losing dominic leading the democratic field with 29% of primary voters. second place, joe biden at 24%. who isn't officially in it. counselor to the president kellyanne conway tweeting a response, "a poll of democrats nationwide, old white male career politicians are in first and second place in the democratic primary taking more than 53% of the vote." harris, sanders is defending running for president at the age of 77. >> it's not whether you are young or old. it is what you believe in. too much focus on individuals
9:20 am
and not enough focus on the american people and what their needs are. [cheers and applause] >> melissa: jessica, i will start with you. you heard a lot of cheering there in the crowd. one of the things that he talks about a lot -- and he mentioned it last night -- is wage for a living wage. wage keeping up with the cost of things. it strikes me, my largest expense every month is my tax bill. more than food, more than rent, more than anything else. when i work for $5 an hour bussing tables, my largest expense was to my payroll tax. taking so much out of it. for viewers at home, if you think about what you pay every month, the burden of government is so high. when you talk about wages not keeping up, they are not keeping up with the taxes imposed on us and he says he wants to do even more. >> jessica: he did say that and that is something that, no matter the logic behind it -- and i do support raising the federal minimum wage to $12, $15 and a lot of cities. >> melissa: you could if you
9:21 am
lowered taxes paid that would raise the wage. >> jessica: lowering taxes is a nonstarter in the democratic party right now pray that's not a conversation that people -- lowering taxes on the wealthiest. by getting senator sanders 'his tax returns, when he saw that he actually is in the 1% -- and i think the charity line was something that people were emphasizing, that he only gave away 3% of over $500,000 that he made last year to charity pair they're asking what's what's going on there. the conversation about wages is going to continue to be pervasive and they are going to continue to harp on what is going on with the wealthiest earners in this country. i know yesterday was tax a -- >> melissa: but payroll tax -- everybody pays that. if you are at home, that's why i said what i was making $5 an hour and i looked at what i took home after that, after the government took its bite -- i was a part-time worker, paying that payroll tax. that's everybody out there. >> jessica: it is everybody out there, beat if you look at the work coming out of "the new york times" yesterday n tax day about what the g.o.p. tax cut did and the number of people who think that they didn't get a tax cut who
9:22 am
actually did get a tax cut -- >> melissa: so that justifies him wanting to take a bigger bite? >> jessica: i just explain what goes on in the psyche. taking a bigger bite his argument president trump even made on the 2016 campaign trail. he and bernie sanders were the ones bringing about populist bell and trump saying he will make his friends pay more and lose friends over this, from taxing them more. there's a lot of argumentation that is popular no matter what you might think -- >> harris: you think there are that many socialists out there? >> jessica: it was interesting hearing him actually defined democrats socialism, because this is been a sticking point for him. >> harris: if he is looking at the polls, he's probably thinking, "i need to define this." >> jessica: he did need to define and that sounded like what a lot of people think about how society should be in on what they think of socialism. obviously there is democratic socialism, there is an important word in front of it. but he is describing -- >> harris: wise and important? many democrats if that is not really democrat. >> jessica: he isn't unless it's election time. he's an independent. >> brian: why the party lets them run, i have no idea. he'd be out there with
9:23 am
howard schultz. >> harris: except now his platform has been usurped by all these other people who are democratic socialists. >> jessica: they are not, they are democrats. he's the only one who calls himself out. >> brian: a couple things -- his math doesn't add up. almost every expert says it doesn't add up. what he wants to do with medicare for all is not something nancy pelosi wants to do. it's not something democrats want to do. medicare for all means goodbye private insurance and committees. anyone talk to doctors? they are already saddled with debt. nobody is becoming a general practitioner because they don't make money. i don't mind if a doctor makes money. they sacrificed all of your 20s and mid 30s, they are in debt, they better get paid. if you want the best medicare system and the more the better of the best doctors. to get the best doctors that to be rewarding or else they will end up on wall street with great medical knowledge. and we will say this -- michael landon should've paid more. $5 question what was going on with that? >> melissa: come on, i was bussing tables! >> harris: on "little house on the prairie?" >> melissa: i was in high school! here's what bernie sanders had to say about medicare for all.
9:24 am
>> health care cost money. every other country -- or virtually every country -- does it in the same way we do education for our kids. when a kid walks into school, the kid doesn't have to take out a credit card. right? it's paid for out of public funds. that's what most countries do. if you are asking me, it's a fair question. are people going to pay more in taxes? yes. but at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people are going to end up paying less for health care because they are not playing dumb like paying premiums, copayments, and deductibles. >> lisa: the danger of bernie sanders and his movement is a lot of these policies on the face of popular with the american people. that's what makes them so dangerous because of the economic told he would take on this country. president trump's best saving grace is to have a strong economy, to say, "look, we don't want anyone taking us on a different direction. were on the right path. the economy is strong and booming and people are doing better." that's his best saving grace against these types of policies. also being able to take a step
9:25 am
further and expand why these policies are bad. the way i look at bernie sanders, if you think about a crowded primary field, there are 20 something people on the stage. it was the person that's going to draw attention? who's the one that's most unique? there's not a lot of daylight between the candidates on the policy issues, but it's going to be the candidate that stands of the most per the one that can generate the kind of excitement. bernie sanders is the only one that is generating this kind of excitement. a week after he announced he talked about the fact that he had a million people signed up to volunteer for his campaign, and every congressional district around the country. whatever candidate is doing that? >> harris: quickly, the democrats talk about how much diversity they have. when you look at the top two people, it is still older white men. i'm wondering where they are coming from when they say they've got all this diversity, when the diversity isn't helping them kind of go forth. women of color, they've got everybody running, but the top food-gators -- and i know that kamala harris, senator harris, just pop into that double digit. $12 million by bernie sanders in
9:26 am
terms of fund-raising. but now he jumps ahead of the pack, even over joe biden. >> jessica: in that poll. >> harris: but in the popularity among democrats. >> jessica: he is still maintaining his lead, joe biden. >> harris: is he diversity to you? >> jessica: he's not, but you also have mayor pete, making a big splash. as a white, gay male. it's a big deal. >> lisa: republicans had a very diverse primary field in 2016 but nobly talk about it. just want to make a point. >> melissa: in the meantime, democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez weighing in on the 2020 race. while not yet making an endorsement, she did throw some shade at one top democrat. details ahead. plus, president trump not backing down from his proposal to bust detained migrants to sanctuary cities, and blessing the current state of the immigration system. but democrats are hitting back. we will debate it ahead.
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we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home. ♪ >> lisa: welcome back. a growing battle between the white house and democrats on l-uppercase-letter over president trump's proposal to release detained migrants into democrat-led sanctuary cities pay the president, at an event outside of minneapolis yesterday, again going on congress to do with the megan crisis and blessing the current system. watch this. >> you see what's happening at the border, you know how unfairly been treated as a state. it would be a lot easier if congress would get together, and the democrats would agree to get rid of these loopholes. these horrible and foolish loopholes, catch and release, chain migration. visa lottery, it's a ridiculous
9:32 am
situation. people come in, they read a line that a lawyer hands them. it's a big con job, that's what it is. >> lisa: democrat the pushing back on the migrant transfer idea. the chairs of three house committees writing, "not only does the mensuration lacked the legal authority to transfer detainees in this manner, it is shocking that the president and senior administration officials are considering manipulate and release decisions for purely political reasons." but arizona republican andy biggs has the democrats are leaving the white house with few options when it comes to migrants. listen to him. >> the president has been boxed in. the left has come in and sued and said, "we can't send people back to mexico who said they would hold people until they got asylum." they can't attain people who are here. the left has formed the sanctuary cities and said, "welcome in." i don't think it's political. i think it's common sense. >> lisa: melissa, you make
9:33 am
this point that i agree with that president trump with these thought bubbles out there divorce conversation and potentially action as well. he did this with threatening to close down the border and everyone actually acknowledged that maybe there is a crisis on the southern border. tell us what president trump is doing here. >> melissa: i think it's about moving the conversation back where he wanted to be when the spotlight has moved. he throws out a suggestion i would buy twitter or however else, that he knows is going to cause all kinds of outrage. in order to get everybody talking about the topic again. i will take you one further. i hate to say it, but the tragedy in yesterday at notre dame reminded me of what's going on at the border as people stood around and talked about what to do. i understand that was a very difficult problem to solve, but there are so many similarities. everybody's arguing about how to attack a problem, there is no easy solution. the president treats, everyone screams at him, but meanwhile all of our hearts are breaking and we are saying, "someone,
9:34 am
please, put out this fire." and that's what's going on, i believe, on immigration. no matter which side you are on. when you look at people who are suffering come people in our country who are concerned, no matter what side you're on, everybody's standing standing around, criticizing. what everybody else is suggesting. >> brian: senator lindsey graham is drawing up something right now. he will put it in front and say, these are the provisions that have got to change to alleviate the problem with the border. rules and regulations, not a wall that is retro -- radioactive. i get it. what don't like everything to keep in mind, the more think about it makes total sense. where you can release right now. we don't know where to put these people. they are already being left at train stations or bus stations and they are just let out because we have under 30,000. why not leave them in chicago, los angeles, and new york customer they seem happy to have them. >> harris: i want to add this. you said not everybody is standing sidelines. there are other people who are not as well. a construction company says it has the technology to build the president's border wall faster and cheaper.
9:35 am
and today they are showing off their ideas to lawmakers in the state of arizona. they promised to add a mile and a half of new border fence a day. we sent out william la jeunesse next hour. we will have that reporting from their to take a look at what they could do so quickly. but there are people out there who are not just standing on the sidelines, but ready to move forward. >> lisa: jessica, i want to go back to the point -- we will look for that report, harris, that'll be interesting -- i want to get to the point that brian made of why not send them to sanctuary cities close to mike they are saying they will provide security to illegal immigrants. to president trump's point, why not take them? >> jessica: a lot of people left are making that argument. >> lisa: but there are a lot that aren't. >> jessica: there are. that has to to do with protocol prayed that if i says this is something we can't afford to do even if it was legal to be able to get all the people. 110,000 was something that streamed in last month or were trying to. the point is , the point is, that
9:36 am
jerry nadler and jeh johnson were making, that you have to fix the asylum system. this isn't about -- >> brian: let's hope they do it this week. >> jessica: lindsey graham as part of the gang of eight. there was a gang of six as well. there are people on both sides who are open to working on this without the border wall. i understand that will be a sticking point for the president. but he seems to have moved past the wall almost to adjust to secure the border or fix this thing. he does need to be careful with the rhetoric of this. it doesn't help them in 2018 whatsoever. saying that we have a crisis, the caravans -- oh, we have to go. [laughter] >> lisa: congresswoman alexandria katsu court has things is not the best idea for joe biden to become the nominee. so does she have a point or is she causing more headaches for her party? stay with us. ♪ you're headed down the highway when the guy in
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♪ >> jessica: freshman democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez making waves again, this time with comments about former vice president joe biden. >> could you support joe biden? >> i don't know. i mean -- like it, i will support whoever the democratic nominee is. that does not particularly animate me right now. i can understand why people would be excited by that, this idea that we can go back to the good old days with obama, with obama's vice president produce an emotional element to that. but i don't want to go back. i want to go forward. >> jessica: there's a little more to that where she talks about still liking bernie sanders but also that elizabeth warren has been catching her attention. what do you make of this? >> brian: number one come over to joe biden go? i thought he was going to
9:42 am
announce before easter. april is almost done. >> jessica: think it's after the holiday. >> brian: number two, i think is right. joe biden is a gaffe machine paid president trump doesn't play perfect game, but joe biden will be held under different standard. there's a reason why they -- unscripted he is a must and lex wiki was terrible. two totally inappropriate jokes about a situation. you deliver but he wasn't joking about it. i think that he sees possibly some problems. i gave her a lot of credit for being honest about that. everything is i do understand why she has no interest in trying to talk to leadership about getting on the same page on anything. because with what she does she seems to be contradicting somebody in her party at all times. that's not usually have freshman act. >> harris: it's interesting the relationship when you talk about leadership. this made dean dominic news in the last 24 hours, that speaker pelosi
9:43 am
was pushing back. did you see this? against alexandria ocasio-cortez. feeling a bit of what i would called schadenfreude, or in today's language, shane. she says there's only five of them in terms of those progresses pushing things like the green new deal. she lumps them to give up your there's only five of them. but there is a challenge. this is a challenge that is ages old, youth versus those who have been in the position and the establishment for decades. this is what happens with their kids. when we bring them up and they want to challenge us at everything. it's a normal part of the process. my question for democrats is why they don't embrace it. you know? and maybe they are, unbeknownst to us, behind the scenes. nancy pelosi inviting her out for a green tea or something. something green. [laughter] but there has to be that. we already saw the challenge to nancy pelosi with representative tim ryan. that is coming. that's what we call "natural progression," in terms of generations. opal democrats do? you can't keep everybody quiet even if they're only five of
9:44 am
them, apparently. >> melissa: i was going to say to brian, why should she act the way freshmen are supposed act? why should she fall men with the party? >> brian: respect what needs be done. how do you know at 29, with that 72-year-old speaker knows? >> melissa: that's the point of bringing in fresh blood. to challenge the way that things are done. you challenge the conventional thinking. that's what president trump -- >> brian: there's nothing wrong with what you just said, but in reality, you know what her point was? an interview yesterday the point was, listen, she rented a district where republicans don't matter. what nancy pelosi has to do is when a district where this can be primaries and republicans matter. that's why when you put down joe biden they are not looking at him as perfect. they're looking at somebody that can win, and at 20 and unusual -- >> harris: actually there was reporting now that she's not that popular even in her own district. so, could she win again if that 10-term representative joe crowley decided to run again? we don't know. >> lisa: we are running out of time. ethic it's funny that she talks
9:45 am
about not going backward but that identifies bernie sanders as something she likes because he has also been in the public eye for quite some time. so i think that's kind of funny. >> harris: a little while. >> lisa: the idea that anybody wants the endorsement of oppression in congress is hilarious to me. >> melissa: she is a huge following! she is very influential. >> jessica: she's been very impressive and she's also involved in medicare for all. she's getting in line with where the parties going on obamacare. president trump is facing a new challenge. former massachusetts governor bill wells announcing a long shot bid for the 2020 republican nomination. how well believes he could determine whether the primary challenge is actually a good thg for the president. >> my strategy is going to be to enlarge the electorate, to bring in independence, to bring in millennials, gen x-ers, suburban female voters. the independence came in for man massachusetts 6-1. his good makes it beautiful.
9:46 am
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>> harris: breaking news, and about 30 seconds it was exactly this point yesterday that a fire was spotted of the notre dame cathedral in paris. within 30 minutes, we could see flames and billowing smoke, and it was a breathtaking sight as he saw them later.
9:50 am
the spire engulfed in flames and fall. the roof collapsing in some areas. westminster is on the right of your screen. the church of england. on the left is st. patrick's here in new york city. we are told that churches around the globe will begin ringing the bells to mark the start of yesterday's fire at notre dame. let's pause. [bells pealing] >> harris: their ego. this is a church more than 800 years old. the cathedral was completed after 200 years of building. peace after peace. located on what used to be all
9:51 am
of paris, just a little island with walls around it on the river there. the cathedral was at one time the state of total disrepair come on the verge of being demolished, but was repaired by napoleon. later, if i ravaged notre dame. artifacts, people waited, holding their breaths. that was a miracle. an update on notre dame as the bells toll around the world. [bells pealing] >> i think it's one voter at a time, and if he gets good for the country to have somebody put the president to his proofs, as it were. you ask him some "why" questions. "why do you think it's good to insult our military allies? why do you praise dictators? is it because you wish the united states was more dictate oriole?" i'm afraid that i be the case >> melissa: former massachusetts governor bill
9:52 am
weldon launching his bid against republican president trump, being the first republican to challenge the president in the 2020 race. he regionally returned to the party after serving as the libertarian party nominee for vice president in 2016. his announcement in new hampshire, he called trump compulsive and irrational, arguing, "we have a president whose priorities are skewed towards promoting himself rather than toward the good of the country. he also lamented the state of the g.o.p. coining that trump has captured the party. she always seems to enjoy it more when he has a foil. it gives them someone to target. >> brian: this is just end, the president has stopped doing everything until he can get this weld storm under control. [laughter] he might even reconsider running for president himself. of course, this doesn't even matter. he is too boring even to be the top of a bad ticket last time. bill weld will run, it won't take an effort.
9:53 am
if governor casey gets in, if senator jeff flake gets in, there's something interesting to debate. this is somebody looking for attention himself. >> harris: and confuse, i thought it was libertarian. >> brian: who asked him to run? >> lisa: blah, blah, blah, who cares about bill weld? he's a nonfactor, nobody cares about him. he's irrelevant to 2020 brit almost 90% of republicans are behind president trump. he will be the nominee. republicans need to get behind him or they will end up with someone like bernie sanders. going back to 2016, i can't pick up a single candidate that ran that could have pulled together a coalition that president trump did. >> jessica: i don't think it will make much of a difference in terms of the race paid what he's trying to do is say to disaffected republicans, moderates, independents, some of them to have a far-left-leaning candidate. there's a place for you. i don't think that president trump is the right man for this, and we should have an open dialogue about it. but republicans -- >> melissa: it's america. there you go.
9:54 am
you can hear from bill weld today on fox news channel. he joins neil cavuto on "your world." that's right here on 4:00 p.m. eastern. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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♪ brian kilmeade's acclaimed series returns of five new cadmus story. >> this blessed every american. this that's because the historic home of thomas jefferson. >> you can get a beer where george washington did. >> all americans should know the story about it. >> this is what people want. they want to see what it was like. >> new episodes of brian kilmeade's "what made america great," available now on "fox nation." start your free trial today. >> melissa: you can start watching by logging into ram, you invented a show where you get to go and travel
9:59 am
everywhere and do what you want. you're a genius. what was your favorite stop? >> brian: the one where i got the most money to spend. [laughter] jefferson island, in the middle of the keys. i had no idea it existed. it's a prison island. you need either a helicopter or a ship to get to it. you can't go there any other way. i didn't even know it existed until i got there. it was supposed to be a barrier island to stop another raid on washington. then this thing called the cannonball started. they brought a fruit through the brick wall, they said, "let's just make it a prison." that's where one of the so-called conspirators to kill lincoln was kept, just one of the rich traditions. bringing this whole thing to stage and what kept america great from the start. i will be in four different cities and will stream alive. talking about my books in the series. >> melissa: because you don't work enough during the day normally prayed [laughter] between television and radio, he needed a second job! oh, my gosh! >> brian: fox nation is the coolest.
10:00 am
everybody's talking about it. >> harris: and you are making the rest of us look lazy. thanks a lot. [laughter] >> brian: it's all part of the fox family prayed the fox magic. >> melissa: i didn't know about jefferson island. i can't wait to watch that. we will be back here at noon eastern tomorrow. now here's harris. >> harris: breaking news from paris where france vows to rebuild notre dame cathedral after a fire ravaged that beloved landmark. it was happening this hour yesterday, first breaking news. i'm harris faulkner. this is "outnumbered overtime." the flames inflicted enormous damage on notre dame cathedral, after burning for more than 12 hours. reducing the cathedral's roof and aspire to rebel. two iconic bell towers remain intact, along with much of the structure and the stained-glass windows. precious artifacts and relics also saved, and investigation, we are told, by police authorities in france is underway into the cause of the fire. but police say they believe it may


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