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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 17, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> by the way, paula deen will be on the evine channel on mother's day. >> bill: stay tuned for the "after the show show". >> bill: good morning. fox news alert. half a million students told to stay home today as authorities search for an armed woman they say is infatuated with the columbine massacre. a strange one. good morning. it's where we start today. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good morning. >> sandra: good wednesday morning. police not taking any chances today, closing schools in the denver area. federal agents searching for an 18-year-old woman they consider a credible threat saying she left miami monday for colorado where she bought a shotgun and ammunition. saturday will mark 20 years since the massacre at columbine high school that left 13 people dead.
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>> we identified miss sol pais having traveled from miami. she has made concerning comments in the past. she has expressed an infatuation with columbine. because of her comments and her actions, because of her travel here to the state, because of her procurement of a weapon, immediately upon arriving here, we considered her to be a credible threat. >> bill: that from police. we're live in denver now. what kind of weapon did she have? >> the f.b.i. says it was a pump action shotgun. also bought ammunition. once she arrived in colorado and right now more than half of the student population in the state of colorado is not in school as law enforcement continues this massive manhunt for the 18-year-old young woman. the f.b.i. says she was last seen near the foothills in jefferson county.
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the base of the mountains you see from denver. columbine and surrounding schools were the first to be put on lockdown. the department of education recommended all districts in the metro area do the same. miami bureau tells us police remain outside her family home and an f.b.i. agent answered the door when people knocked. pais is infatuated with the mass shooting. authorities say they don't know if she plans to target the school. >> i would like to say that we have no specific information about any specific threat to any particular school. we don't have that sort of credible information. but we do consider her to be a credible threat to the community. >> without specifics i can tell you parents and law enforcement therefore had a sense the threat was then everywhere. >> i would rather they know and be prepared than have no clue and then just -- not be aware
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these things are happening in the country. >> right now police say they do not have probable cause to arrest pais but they want to detain her for a mental health evaluation. >> bill: threats against columbine are common this time of year. when did you believe this one was different? >> you're right. they're so common and they've become such a sad reality here. we start ed to see increased traffic on twitter and the department of education and f.b.i. and then we were given the photo of the young woman. >> it is certainly not the first threat we've had that involves columbine high school or references it. and in that regard i know that this opens a wound, especially on anniversary week for those families who were most deeply impacted by this. >> on april 20th, 199912 students and a teacher were
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killed at columbine by two students who later took their own lives. this weekend memorials and services will be held in remembrance. >> bill: give us updates when you get them. >> sandra: on to another alert. the investigation into how notre dame cathedral went up in flames underway. new pictures of the unthinkable damage after the roof caved. as you look up in some of these pictures you can see the sky peaking clue the charred remains of the ceiling of the cathedral. authorities assessing the damage and the stability of the now-existing structure. more than $1 billion has been pledged already for the restoration of the paris landmark. president macron said rebuilding will take as long as five years. greg palkot live in paris. >> hi, sandra. this is our first clear sunny day that we can get an idea of what damage has been done due
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to that terrible inferno at the cathedral of notre dame. my cameraman will give you a close-up view of the cathedral and the damage you're seeing is what you're not seeing, at least 2/3 of the roof is gone. you clearly see the roof both parallel and perpendicular on the top of that structure as well as seeing the spire, which would be the highest point in the cathedral. that is gone as well. during the day we've been seeing more people inspecting, more people working and more people spraying it down just in case. about the fire, sandra, we're getting some more details. by our reckoning the fire was raging for at least 35 minutes before the first firemen got there and initially when that fire started there were at least 200 church goers. there was a mass going on when the fire was happening up in the ceiling. absolutely frightening.
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but again, they got them out and again the firemen arrived and dealt with the scene. as for the inspection of the structure, that is still going on, too. one expert said yes, the fire is out but still a dangerous building. the stone is soaked with water. the timbers are soaked with water. the stability of the structure is still a big question and the investigation into the fire. so far 30 individuals have been inquired. again, no obvious indication of arson was the statement again today. but the renovation of the structure believed to be the cause. one possibility today, a short circuit. i spoke to a man familiar with somebody who lives right next to it and she said she heard a pop right before that happened. it could be something to do with the wiring. you mentioned the money raised, sandra, a billion dollars so far. but experts say it will take many billions to at least
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restore the cathedral to a replica of what it once was. president macron last night said five years gets it done. from the people i've been talking to, that's overly optimistic. more like 10, maybe 15, maybe 20. again, though, the questions are there but the hope is there and i'm surrounded by people who are tlonging here to look, to take pictures and to hope and dream in this easter week here in paris and around the world. back to you. >> sandra: going to take quite some time. >> bill: numerous stories coming in from paris. priceless treasures miraculously spared including the relic of the crown of thorns believed to be worn by jesus at his crucifixion. back in 2015 the same chaplain rushed in to help the victims of the terror attacks where 89 people were killed in a series of bombings and shootings
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including the one in paris. >> sandra: another artifact from the cathedral saved from the ashes french officials saying the bronze rooster that tops the collapsed spire has been recovered. this is a tweet from a local podcaster on the ground there showing a photo of a worker cradling that sculpture. i saw that pop up on social media. really something some of the stories coming out. >> bill: the investigation is now underway. i was holding my breath until we saw the daytime pictures from yesterday. you just wonder what is to be revealed and what was saved, what was not. >> sandra: we'll learn a lot more in coming days. back at home president trump making a predict who he will face in 2020. sizing up the top contenders for the nomination at the democratic side. want to bring in charlie hurt. good morning, sir. you saw this tweet, right? i believe it will be crazy bernie sanders versus sleepy joe biden as the two finalists
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run against me. may be the best economy in the history of our economy. may god rest their soul, he says. bernie or joe biden. he might be right, charlie. >> if we have learned nothing else over the last three years it is that donald trump is one of the smartest political minds around. certainly smarter than any of the politicians around here before he got onto the scene. i think there he has a pretty good grasp on this one. i think that if you look at the polls, certainly the two highest contenders, bernie sanders and joe biden, they collect north of 50% of the vote. part of that is due to the fact it's a crowded field. this is a warning for democrats. it's like democrats are doing what republicans used to do before trump came along, which is to just turn to the last
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loser. turn to the last elections loser and give them a shot. mainly because they just don't have any sort of forward vision. trump was very different in 2016. he was offering a whole new brand of politics. if the democratic party doesn't have a whole new brand-new vision and the best they can do is turn back to joe biden who has been running for president for 25 years and losing and bernie sanders who got the nomination stolen from him, if that's the best they can come up with, that suggests maybe they don't have fresh ideas. >> bill: you say trump was different in 2016? >> a little bit. >> bill: here is the poll. joe biden 29, bernie sanders 19. collectively they're at 48%. here is where the consternation comes in. "the new york times" piece. the headline. stop sanders democrats agonizing over his momentum. how some democrats are
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beginning to ask do they thwart a 70 something candidate from outside the party structure who is immune to intimidation or incentive and wields support from an unwavering base. sanders makes money and draws the crowd. is he the nominee? >> also the other part of the problem for democrats is that he is not a democrat. he is a socialist democrat or democrat socialist, whatever. that word is going to be the word that we hear all the time if he winds up being the nominee. democrats are genuinely concerned about that. we talked about the super delegates. the super delegates in the democratic party have den deluded this time because people were so upset at the role -- the heavy role they played in the 2016 primary. so imagine if we have another scenario this time where the super delegates aren't part of the first round of voting.
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however, they do come in for the second round of voting at the convention, if it comes to that. and imagine what happens to the democratic party if democratic party elders come in to a brokered convention and once again tilt the scales away from bernie sanders towards some other more acceptable nominee to the establishment. >> sandra: milwaukee will be rocking if that's the case. >> bill: bernie made the case that he started behind 500 delegates because of the way the system was set up then. thank you, sir. charlie hurt, you come on back from washington >> sandra: all right. the anticipation is certainly building in washington as we now await the long-anticipated mueller report with redactions. the white house already pushing back ahead of that release tomorrow morning. former independent counsel ken starr will join us live next. >> bill: the battle over the border and new move from the trump administration to stop
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illegal immigration. congressman peter king is here live to weigh in on that pollz. >> sandra: a state of emergency declared in yuma, arizona. why the mayor says the release of so many migrants is more than that town can handle. >> people are no longer able to stay at the shelter. that means they are likely to be on the street and a whole cascading effect of people walking around the city. when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you. which means you can retire, without retiring from life. having the flexibility to retire on your terms.
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6:17 am
and future staff. we aren't looking at it that way at all. we know what doesn't exist and that's collusion. >> bill: she is pushing back on reports about panic in the west wing. the white house down playing the impact of the mueller report which should be out in about 24 hours. want to bring in the former independent counsel ken starr, welcome back live in dallas today. you've said some very interesting things this week. let's see how many we can get to. number one you are saying concerns about the possibility of an anti-trump slanted mueller report. to what are you referring? >> well, the report is going to be redacted so we're not going to see the full report that is going to be frustrating for all of us and people will say where is more? but the concern that is a fair concern, is the report going to be written in a fair and balanced way? it is a concern.
6:18 am
why the concern? because of bob mueller who i hold in very high regard, his choice of staff. so many questions have been raised about that staff and their leanings and so forth. they've had the opportunity without any kind of check or balance to write whatever they want to write. and that i think legitimately raises concern of fairness and balance. >> bill: we'll have to digest this. i think at first glance tomorrow a very dangerous thing to jump on it. it might take a day or two days or several days to really understand what's in the report. but the other night you said something else. you said with shannon you said we're about to enter a period of enormous frustration and acrimony. explain that, sir. >> the frustration will be we don't have it all. why don't we have it all? i think bill barr the attorney general has ablely and
6:19 am
responsibly answered that. there are restrictions on the law. grand jury testimony being the prime example and then the cherry picking. it is inevitable. do you see this sentence and that sentence and a lot of interpretation and extrapolation. i completely agree with you, bill. it would be good if we could call a national time-out and review what we have and then come to a more sober judgment. but politics is politics. >> bill: to that end you recommended bill barr stand in the halls of justice, to borrow your words, and explain why he did what he did in the report. that may happen. we're hearing rumors he may hold a press conference thursday afternoon. >> i have had no conversations with bill barr whom i hold in very high regard. but i would just say this. i'm speaking as an alumnus twice of the justice department including serving under bill barr. he is very able and smart. he doesn't need my advice.
6:20 am
i'm speaking as a citizen who served in the justice department. this would build public confidence in what he has done if he stands and explains it rather than waiting for a congressional hearing which will be a week or who knows how long and all the spinning goes on in the meantime. let's hear from the attorney general of the united states. that's my hope. >> bill: last point. how much do you think we learn about bill barr's comment from the hearing last week about the team he is assembling looking into the spying in 2016? >> i think this is welcome news. all fair-minded americans should want to know everything. we should want to know everything we can in terms of the mueller investigation. but also how did the whole special counsel investigation get started? and there are many questions that have been raised. what bill barr said is there are concerns. he isn't jumping to a conclusion. he is a very good lawyer. he said we're going to look into it. if bill barr is personally
6:21 am
interested in this, believe me, very talented, honest lawyers, investigators in the department of justice are going to get to the bottom of this and i think it will be helpful. let's not forget senator lindsey graham who a couple of weeks ago said the same thing using the senate judiciary committee apparatus. let's shine the light. >> bill: nice to see you, ken starr, appreciate the commentary today. we'll see what we get tomorrow, right? the redacted mueller report set for release tomorrow morning. we'll have complete coverage tomorrow morning and throughout the day and beyond right here on the fox news channel. stand by, sandra. a day of drama. >> sandra: fox news returning to afghanistan as the taliban looks to soften its image during peace talks. what will be the key to ending america's longest war? we're live in kabul. chicago prosecutor kim foxx telling jussie smollett a washed up celebrity who lied to
6:22 am
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>> bill: a worker in new jersey working on a utility line with a huge scare on the job trying to rope downed power lines when they sparked an explosion and a fire forcing that guy to run. a massive thunderstorms overnight brought the power lines down. thankfully he was okay. got away without a scratch. that's a sight. >> sandra: now fox news alert the mayor of yuma, arizona declaring a state of emergency after border patrol agents apprehended more than 1,000 illegal immigrants in the last three days. the number of migrant families released there is overwhelming city shelters. william la jeunesse now joining us live from yuma. william. >> sandra, this is not a
6:26 am
manufactured crisis down here along the border. this salvation army store and strip mall opened as a migrant shelter three weeks ago with 60 families. last night they had over 200. another 100 on the way. why? because the border patrol by law cannot hold migrants for more than three days. their capacity is 420. they're 950. the three ice facilities in southern arizona are full. either on the street or here. so the mayor declared a state of emergency appealing for state and federal help. >> the other thing i'm looking for is a fema-type response. fema shows up at natural disasters all the time. this isn't a natural disaster but it is a disaster either way and their resources could come in and take care of the situation and would effectively handle that. >> now in yuma the border patrol apprehended 1,000 migrants in just the last three days. east of here in lukeville, three buses of central americans pulled up on tuesday
6:27 am
morning highway 2 in mexico, walked across the border where there is no fence. they apprehended 399 central americans, including 238 children. the largest single group ever apprehended by the border control. >> i had to close down the checkpoints and allocate an entire station to begin transporting this group of 400 to a secure location to provide care, to provide medical attention for them. >> so is there a solution? yes, according to a nonpartisan blue ribbon commission that issued several recommendations including that all migrants would be transported within 24 hours to three or four regional processing centers to be open for shelter, medical care and interviews. two, change the asylum laws so people aren't immediately released until they see an immigration judge. require all asylum seekers to go to the port of entry.
6:28 am
opposed by the aclu. send unaccompanied minors back to central america and open a shelter along the mexico, guatemala border to process asylum claims there. also allow the u.s. to deny entry those who do not seek safety in mexico. so that's a state of play right now. they are seeing a lot of migrants coming at this time of the season in the spring. we're also told that down in mexico there are three caravans of 6,000 migrants. >> sandra: quit a situation the mayor is dealing with there. >> bill: 28 past. a lot of new images from north korea. is there new activity at one of the regime's main nuclear sites? >> sandra: plus bernie sanders pushing a medicare for all system. a plan getting slammed by some of the nation's largest insurance companies. charles payne will be here on that next.
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>> sandra: quick check on the markets this morning on wednesday morning. a couple minutes into trading. there is some green on wall street this morning. dow up 28 points. looking at the broader market in some of those technology names the nasdaq 100 hitting an all-time high. a snapshot of the non-financial stocks in the nasdaq. an indication of some of the bullish sentiment out there. strong earnings data continues to lead to rallies on wall street. right now the u.s. stock market sitting at a near all-time high. we'll continue to watch it. >> bill: 26,8was the all time all time high.
6:33 am
is there a category for that? the all time all time. it's a new one. 32 past now. fox news alert on america's longest war. u.s.-led peace talks with the taliban set to get underway. they say their radical ideology has evolved but there is a question of trust. fox news channel returning to afghanistan this week to see what has changed and steve harrigan one of the first correspondents 18 years ago to cover that war is back live in kabul. steve, hello. >> bill, hello. hopes are pretty high for a possible peace deal. we'll see for the first time ever at the end of this week representatives from the taliban meeting with afghan representatives picked by the government here. there has been a real effort by the taliban, a p.r. effort to soften their image in the run-up to peace talks especially as it regards the rights of women. >> i think in all of the
6:34 am
meetings the taliban delegation declared several times that they will protect all the women rights and human rights here in afghanistan. but within the islamic teaching and the national culture here in this country. >> along with the talks, fighting is going on at different parts around the country. the afghan national army is now being trained in basic training by afghan officers. they have u.s. equipment and uniforms, they outnumber the taliban but doing badly on the battlefield. they often melt away and high level of desertion. other challenges the taliban could face if it tries to takes over kabul. >> when the war started there are 1.5 million. today four times that number. that could be trouble for the taliban. how will they ever be able to control this urban population if they do take power?
6:35 am
we visited an elementary school this week. we saw boys and girls studying together up through seventh grade arabic, english, math, chemistry. things not allowed under the five year rule of the taliban but for now are still permitted in kabul. >> bill: steve harrigan, good to have you back on the ground in kabul. >> sandra: let's bring in jack keane, fox news strategic analyst. we would like to get your thoughts on these peace talks. >> congratulations to fox and steve being there at this critical time. we have to take a healthy dose of skepticism about what is taking place. certainly it's good there are peace talks. that the united states' personal envoy to this has been negotiating for months with the taliban. however, here is why we have to be skeptical. we have not begun any peace
6:36 am
talks with the afghan government at all, all right? and that is going to be very, very complicated and we've got a long road in front of us. but the fact that the taliban has come to the table is a good thing. and also a good thing not particularly well-known is pakistan has been pushing the taliban to the table. pakistan has been supporting the taliban for all these 18 years, sandra. even though they are supposedly our ally. they now believe it's in their national interest to change the status quo and bring this thing to an end. >> sandra: the afghan government coming to the table. is it fair to characterize the talks as gaining momentum? >> yeah, there has been momentum. but until we negotiate with the afghan government, which is truly the next step. those negotiations next week. a lot of people from afghanistan there who are not taliban. but low-level people from the afghan government. another thing that is very
6:37 am
important for our viewers to understand is the 18 years we've been there, every year surveys done about the taliban and their acceptability by the people. the people 85% reject the taliban from ever coming back and taking control of the country. why? they ran the place for almost 10 years and tyrannical, barbaric. imposed unbelievable hardships on the people in terms of sharia law, people do not want them back. >> sandra: the north korea satellite images suggesting there might be some sort of movement at one of the main nuclear sites there. what can you tell us about that? >> we don't know for sure. that has been reported by one of the think tanks in washington, d.c. that that's happening. they've been fairly accurate in the past. let's assume that is taking place. some reprocessing going on on nuclear fuel.
6:38 am
what happened in hanoi, kim jong-un put on the table the same deal he and his predecessors had put on the table with the americans and always got satisfaction from it. they gave up some kind of facility, never a weapon, and in return they got sanction relief. put that deal on the table and the president of the united states said no deal. i'm not giving up the sanctions. so where are we? he came back, face saving and he said i may not go back to negotiations, i may resume missile testing. he hasn't resumed missile testing. i don't think he will. if he does we'll have a crisis on our hands and it will escalate. and -- but i do believe we'll see another meeting. and there is going -- there will be more negotiations because it is clearly in his interest. >> sandra: we know where the president stands, full denuclearization. we know where kim jong-un stands and he wants the sanctions relief. so are you getting any hint
6:39 am
that if there is a third meeting, a third summit, that they would be able to make progress where they weren't in the last two? >> i think it's likely. but what we really need this time is a lot of negotiations at lower level before we bring the two leaders together. let's see what is really on the table. let's put the cards on the table and negotiate over that. i think the president and his team around him has got this thing right. this is going to be a long haul. it is not going to be quick. and to earn the trust of the north koreans. remember, what the north koreans are most worried about is their own protection of the regime. everybody talks about the economics of it. it's the security of it first that they want. they want guarantees. the only country that would take that all away from them is the united states. and they've always worried about it. >> sandra: always good to get your perspective. by the way, i know you are a big fan of golf.
6:40 am
tiger woods over the weekend. you walked in and what the weekend it was. you were happy to see him win. >> rehabilitation, recovery, redemption. the greatest comeback i've ever seen in sports. >> sandra: everybody is still talking about it. bill is still happy. >> bill: rubbing off on you, smitty. thank you, general. a close call for the houston astros pitcher in oakland. mckeough does a matrix move to dodge the line drive. somehow the ball does not -- does touch him but by a whisker. see a closer look in a moment. the ball goes between his chin and his hand. it would have hit the beard he was growing a week ago. >> sandra: how about general keane? this is a sports story people are talking about today and for years to come. >> bill: i agree. here in new york we get the pga
6:41 am
championship in a month. in two months you have the u.s. open on pebble beach on fox. >> sandra: how soon before he wins another big one? come on, hemmer. >> bill: i think we're living on bonus time from this past weekend. >> sandra: we'll enjoy that for now. investigating the investigators. the release tomorrow morning of the mueller report. devin nunes looking for answers about possible stonewalling by the f.b.i. trey gowdy will bring that down. >> bill: president trump calling on congress to fix the broken immigration system. there is a new idea from the d.o.j. peter king with reaction live next here on "america's newsroom." >> president trump: it would be a lot easier if congress would get together and the democrats would agree to get rid of the loopholes. the foolish and horrible loopholes. catch and release and chain migration, visa lottery.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. >> sandra: police in maryland trying to identify a robber
6:45 am
posing as a ride share driver. the suspect followed his victim after dropping her off in bethesda last month. he allegedly insisted on getting paid after she said she already paid the bill on an app. the surveillance showing him going after her in the elevator and trying to grab her purse and then following her into her apartment. stole a few things and then left. he also took her cell phone so she couldn't call 911. a preliminary investigation showing the suspect was not affiliated with a ride share company. >> bill: trump administration trying to take another step to stem the surge of migrants coming across the southern border. bill barr issued an order to keep asylum seekers in custody while they wait for a hearing. they'll stay in lockup. peter king, a republican and homeland security committee. welcome back. what do you think of this idea at first blush? >> our hearts go out to many
6:46 am
people around the world but we can't take everybody in and we have to look carefully at these asylum claims. as it turns out many turn out not to be real, to be phony. it gets the person in the country and they disappear or come back to years later for a court hearing. i think the attorney general is doing what has to be done and i fully support him. >> bill: i want to get you to react to this. it goes back to catch and release to what we are referring here. the tweet today from one hour ago. democrats in congress must return from their vacations and change the immigration laws at the border despite the great job being done by border patrol it will only get worse. big section of the wall now being built. here are the key recommendations from the department of homeland security, sir. number one, establish regional processing centers along the border to shelter families. congress should modify asylum procedures so hearing and decision can be given within 20 or 30 days. and roll back the flores ruling by exempting children accompanied by parents or
6:47 am
relative who is the guardian. is that sound policy in your view, sir? >> i think it is. you can always refine it some. i agree with all of it. the problem is that the democrats are never going to move on any of it. for instance, in the past they supported a border wall. now they don't. they say it's immoral. we have to find some common ground here. i support what the president is doing here. i think what is democrats, what they should be doing is making a counteroffer saying they would agree to this if the president would move on the dreamers and tps. then we'd get ground for a compromise. they just reject everything the president proposes. they don't come to the table with their own proposals. it is all or nothing, that's why i think -- >> bill: nothing changes, right? it continues at the current pace which everyone on all sides has said is unacceptable. >> it is and that's why it is important that the attorney general take these steps in the interim. until we find a way to approve the asylum process.
6:48 am
we are a country that prides ourselves on providing asylum. you can't allow it being abused the way it is now. we'll be stuck for a while until both sides realize they have to move. i think the president has made this offer. i think what the democrats should now do is come to the table and should ask for some relief for dreamers or tps. something along those lines. it will be given *r give and take and we can make progress. >> bill: there will be a federal court challenge. we'll see where it goes. we're 24 hours later from the release of the mueller report. what are you thinking about a day ahead of that? what will you key in on? how long will it take to truly understand 400 pages and some redactions that will be in there? what is your feeling on this? >> i would think it really wouldn't take that long to get a pretty good idea. there will be expert staff not just in the white house and in
6:49 am
the congressional offices going through it. i don't think it will take that long to get to the bottom line. we know what the parameters are. what i look for is first of all i don't want to pre-judge anything. from my experience and from seeing what attorney general barr said, i know there will be no evidence at all of any collusion. when democrats say not enough to show a criminal case, no. nothing at all as far as collusion. as far as obstruction of justice i think probably there will be elments in there the firing jim comey, was criticizing the mueller investigation obstruction of justice? absolutely not. i think the democrats will hang their hat on some of those allegations. any word that's redacted or blacked out they'll say that's where the conspiracy was. yet the attorney general's obligations to make redactions. what we can expect is no matter what is redacted they'll say that's the evidence of conspiracy and the attorney general is covering up.
6:50 am
i'm so glad that attorney general barr is the person in charge. he is a solid, solid lawyer with an unimpeachable reputation. i think this will blow up in the democrats' face if they try to make more of it. will there be things in there that may not be pleasant to donald trump? he would be the first to admit he is not a saint but he hasn't committed any crimes. he has worked hard for the u.s. what they'll find, i think, probably on the extraneous comments about things he said or might have said. something a staff person might have said. if any of us was under a two year microscope none of us would come out looking like a saint. i believe he will come out looking like a patriot. >> bill: we'll call on you thursday and friday and see what we get then. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: three top gop senators making a new push for documents in the hillary clinton email investigation. wisconsin senator ron johnson is one of them. he will join us live. >> bill: also o'rourke making a
6:51 am
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>> sandra: all right. a busy week on the campaign trail. it is only wednesday. 2020 democratic candidate beto o'rourke barnstorming through virginia. peter doocy is live in alexandria. peter. >> beto o'rourke is the first top tier 2020 presidential hopeful to campaign in the one state where democratic candidates might never cross paths with state democratic leaders. the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general are laying low. charges haven't been completely
6:55 am
resolved. o'rourke is focusing his attention on college campuses. primary voters from out of state as well. they coincided with the 12th anniversary on the mass murder of virginia tech. talking about gun control in addition to healthcare and immigration. crowds of hundreds have been turning out to see him, he is competing in the crowd size department with bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg, whose events are growing and who confronted a group of protestors in iowa yesterday complaining that the mayor is gay and once things quieted down he responded like this. >> the condition of my soul is in the hands of god but the iowa caucuses are up to you. speaking of things that don't belong to one political party. let's talk about security for a minute. security, patriotism, service, these belong to no political party. >> o'rourke has a few other
6:56 am
events in virginia before he gets to alexandria, a washington, d.c. suburb. he has the benefit of being able to campaign more than other candidates. right now beto o'rourke doesn't have a day job. >> sandra: 2020, we're in it. peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: the mueller report set to drop tomorrow. what will we learn from this version? our headliner is trey gowdy. he has a lot to say about that. the president making a prediction about his opponent in 2020. the a-team will weigh in on that at the top of the hour. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
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miracle-gro performance organics. >> sandra: fox news alert. washington bracing for tomorrow's release of the mueller report. the redacted mueller report. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: it feels like we're just waiting. >> sandra: we've been waiting. >> bill: and you've been waiting, too. tomorrow at this time we expect to have some news for you. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the wait is almost over. tomorrow we should have a better idea what's in the 22-month investigation. former independent counsel ken starr described it this way. >> this would build public confidence in what he has done if he stands and explains it rather than waiting for a congressional hearing. let's hear from the attorney general of the united states. that's my hope. >> bill: he has this idea where bill barr should explain it and probably he will based on what we're hearing in the afternoon perhaps. catherine herridge at the department of justice.
7:01 am
what are you hearing there? good morning. >> well, good morning, bill. the countdown is on. justice department's plan remains unchanged to release the mueller report sometime tomorrow morning. very exciting period right now as we consider what may be in that report and the conventional wisdom is that the obstruction of justice piece may reveal the most headlines. what was it about the president's behavior that so unsettled special counsel robert mueller? as you know the president was highly critical of his then attorney general jeff sessions who recused himself within weeks of becoming attorney general over contacts with the russian ambassador and there was also a very public firing of f.b.i. director james comey in may of 2017 and then there was also public criticism of the special counsel robert mueller and his team and the investigation the president called a witch hunt. also this morning we're learning new information about the eight criminal referrals sent to attorney general william barr last week by two house republicans. what we understand is that as
7:02 am
many as two dozen targets may be implicated including former and current government officials. that referral does not name names but we also understand that it includes the anti-trump dossier that was put together by fusion gps glenn simpson funded by the democrats and former british spy christopher steele and significantly that opposition research was used to secure a fisa warrant for carter page. here is the attorney general on these issues last week. >> are you investigating who leaked the existence of a fisa order against carter page? >> i haven't seen the referrals from congressman nunes. if there is a predicate for an investigation, it will be conducted. >> justice department hasn't said anything further beyond the attorney general's testimony. if we get more on the timing of tomorrow's release we'll bring it to you immediately. >> bill: catherine herridge at
7:03 am
the department of justice. >> sandra: i'll share with you the chatter on the desk in a moment. let's bring in our a-team. jessica tarlov. josh holmes, former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell and john bussey, a fox news contributor. you were talking about the release of the report. if they push it off until next week or the week after that would be criticized as el. >> criticism no matter what happens and we're getting geared up for each side will say that was my finding under the black ink. the other side will say this is the finding i want that's under there. there is a lot of celebrating to be doing this weekend jewish or christian. and a lot of people i've seen complaining on twitter and in my own life who work in the field say we have to spend all weekend doing this. it is not the same because of the 24 hour news cycle where people might stop paying attention if you're supposed to be with your family, church or
7:04 am
temple or wherever you're going. people will have to be working all weekend. i understand that. >> my view is we need to get it over with. this is the one rare circumstance we already know what the final scene of this movie is, no obstruction, no collusion. the only other thing is -- >> you are watching a different movie than me, josh. >> we already have the summary from the attorney general. the only other thing we know which you alluded to is the fact that democrats, no matter what bill barr releases here, will claim it's insufficient. i think the important thing for all of us to remember when we're looking at the redactions of this report is that this isn't some interns -- escapade. a russian state actor interfering in elections. we're trying to safeguard the 2020 elections. to play politics with that is to put us in a bad spot.
7:05 am
i look forward to the report and putting it all behind us. >> we're in the spin room. on the report, what is in it? we'll be in the spin room after its release based on what is redacted and it won't resolve itself for some time or this week with the release of the report. there will be a demand for more information from democrats and perhaps republicans in congress. you'll have hearings, listen to barr and mueller and get eventually a sense of satisfaction in congress one presumes. it sure won't be this week. >> bill: here is kellyanne conway. she was on with martha last night i do believe. just roll this. >> in this 400 pages we know what does not exist, collusion. that was the central premise that a campaign i ran to a successful finality, that donald trump won fair and square was somehow in a criminal conspiracy with russians. >> bill: that from last night and this from rudy giuliani on
7:06 am
twitter. it is important this never happens again. a serious investigation revealed conspiracy to obstruct justice on election and the will of our people. we can't rest until they're justice. taking a serious approach. >> he should take a serious approach it to. for the last two years we've had our entire country enraptured in somehow the duly elected president of the united states is a russian asset and now it's proven garbage. we need to take a hard look how it started in the first place and what rudy giuliani is alluding to here. >> sandra: here is nancy pelosi. democrats are calling into question a.g. barr's credibility. she is saying the redactions will be up to him and he will redact whatever he wants. listen to nancy pelosi. >> it isn't up to the attorney general who has said basically that the president is above the law and the rest. he is there to redact whatever
7:07 am
he wants. let's just see what he puts forth. we can't make a judgment about something that you haven't seen yet. >> she has been consistent there and something that democrats are pleased about with nancy pelosi. there is a split within the caucus of how much you want to talk about mueller report and the russia investigation. running on issues of healthcare and economy wins elections. many of us, myself included. that want to focus on the issues until we have the report. we know that bob mueller laid out a case for obstruction of justice and a case against it and we know as well from listening to legal analysts, our own judge napolitano who has been on the program talking about it a lot. because they didn't come down saying there wasn't conspiracy of collusion that there wasn't evidence things did occur that may have been unsettling. there are many contacts with russians lied about to the f.b.i. i think that taking the cautious tone of nancy pelosi is the right way to go. we wait for tomorrow.
7:08 am
>> sandra: not that he is redacting whatever he wants. questioned based on the four categories. >> it goes back to the original concern with a.g. barr, who has a very sweeping view of executive privilege and wrote voluntarily an 18-page memo how he thought it was -- >> bill: he didn't fire bob mueller. his own attorney sat for three hours with the special counsel and thousands and thousands of documents. devin nunes is making a referral he said could involve two dozen criminal referrals. he said this last night an laura. role this quickly. devin nunes. >> i think there was some type of setup involved. when you hear the democrats talk about there is evidence in plain sight, well, the russians that are involved in the trump tower, the infamous trump tower meeting in new york, i call them the fusion gps russians. fusion gps was the company
7:09 am
working for the clinton campaign and the democrats and somehow glenn simpson meets with them before and after? >> bill: investigating the investigators. how much does bill barr talks about the at the hearing last week about looking into the spying of 2016. >> some of this may be in the mueller report and what were the relationships initially it was kind of -- opposition research that hired gps. we may get a sense of that in the mueller report tomorrow. barr has said look, i'm going to look into whether or not anything was done inappropriately. in terms of initiating this investigation. were the motivations right and procedures followed? he said yes, spying occurred. that's a provocative term. we'll see what the attorney general says. that will not end the discussion. he is a political appointee of the president and the congress will want to look into the
7:10 am
facts themselves. they will want to question him about his findings. let's see first, though, what he comes up with. >> bill: we shall. talk about 2020. >> sandra: here it is. the president's tweet on bernie sanders and joe biden. i believe it will be crazy bernie sanders versus sleepy joe biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best economy of our country. i look forward to facing whoever it may be. may god rest their souls says the president, josh. >> he has rolled up his sleeves and gotten back into the nickname game. 2020 is officially underway. i agree with him that bernie sanders looks to be amongst the most form i hadable democrats not only because he is leading in the polls but all the other candidates are adopting his socialist opinions at this point. i think he is there for the long haul. i am less convinced that joe biden -- i think he will run. i am not convinced he will be a finalist. he spent the last two months
7:11 am
apologizing for everything he has done to satisfy the segment of the primary electorate among democrats. i don't think anything he says will be satisfied. he is getting goodwill based on the obama administration and the first day of his campaign will be his best day. >> bill: bernie attracts a crowd and gets a lot of votes during the primary season. looks like president trump is scared of our campaign. he should be, says bernie sanders. biden at 31, bernie sanders 21.4. combination between the two at 52%. they're getting most of the oxygen. >> absolutely. we'll see what happens once biden jumps in. you could see a bump or depression in support where people are saying actually there is a huge crowded diverse field here and this isn't what we want. bernie sanders has always had huge enthusiasm behind him. he did in 2016 as well. a lower threshold for him to get through because the way the delegates work now and moving up of the primary schedule. he has a chance.
7:12 am
but the president wants to kick off 2020 because he likes to campaign. that's where he feels best and most powerful. i thought it was funny he goes after bernie about his taxes after we have the fight about seeing his own. he should probably refrain from that criticism. >> we're early in the campaign and saying it for several weeks. the president is looking at the polls and at the fundraising of these two candidates. they're both leading. he is right in that regard that at the moment they seem to be ahead of the pack. but who knows what is going to happen in the next few months what weather the debates start? the public may shift their preference. one thing that's interesting is to see whether or not the president carries through what he says in the tweet which is it's a strong economy. if he continues to run on that issue, he has a leg up on this crowd. that is an issue that matters most to people who are voting and he has a story to tell on the strength of the economy. >> sandra: thank you to our a-team.
7:13 am
>> bill: they are a good a-team. come on back, thank you. fox news alert. the trump team with a new crackdown on the crisis at the border. a.g. bill barr ordering new rules for migrants seeking asylum. kevin corke has details and live from the north lawn today. >> good morning. what the attorney general is effectively doing is overturning a 2005 ruling that determined if a migrant came to the country and demonstrate credible fear of persecution if they would leave the u.s. they could be free on bond. that won't be the case anymore. under the new guidance the administration is arguing that under the immigration and nationality act the administration is permitted to detain all undocumented immigrants until their immigration hearings have concluded. let me share part of the language. it says an alien, the technical term, who is transferred from expedited removal proceedings to full removal proceedings
7:14 am
after establishing credible fear of persecution orator tour, the key bill, is in eligible for release on bond. they must be detained until his removal proceedings conclude unless he is granted parole. the attorney general added this. i will delay the effective date of this decision for 90 says so dhs can adopt additional detention and parole decisions. they'll have to ramp up their facilities if this will go into effect. that's all legal language. in laymen's terms this means if a foreign national comes over our border into the u.s. illegally or even if they are seeking asylum like tens of thousands claim to be at the border. they may be detained until their cases are heard. that could be weeks, months, potentially years. the aclu is not going to sit by idly for that.
7:15 am
he says our constitution does not allow the government to lock up asylum seekers without basic due process. we'll see the administration in court. the latest of many legal challenges facing the trump administration regarding immigration. we expect to see the president this afternoon for an opportunity of his own event sometime around 2 or 2:30. if that changes i'll let you know. back to you. >> bill: thank you, kevin, from the white house. >> sandra: fox news alert. top republicans demanding to see more dock frments the clinton email investigation. wisconsin senator ron johnson is one of those lawmakers. he will tell us what he wants to see. >> bill: also there is a push in a medicare for all plan. the head of the country's biggest private insurance company is taking issue with it. charles payne will break it down next. >> we are paying for that by eliminating, as i said before, deductibles and premiums. we'll save the average family
7:16 am
money. when we're paying twice as much as other countries, we'll save money on healthcare. xfinity watchathon week has sadly come to an end.
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what, what, what! no! but don't let that stop you from watching the best shows and movies from showtime, hbo, epix... jesus, what happened? ...and more. it's just the tip of the iceberg. upgrade now to get more into what you're into. thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. >> sandra: the ceo of the largest private insurance company is taking on medicare for all plans being pushed by some 2020 presidential
7:20 am
candidates. the head of united health saying it would amount to a quote wholesale disruption of american healthcare that would jeopardize the relationship people have with their doctors. destabilize the nation's health system and limit the ability of clinicians to practice medicine at their best. charles payne host of "making money with charles payne" joins us. this is unprecedented for the head of a publicly traded company to come out like this and take on what is being touted as medicare for all, free healthcare for all. >> he did it yesterday after the company reported earnings. they were phenomenal. guidance phenomenal. stock up $8. he dropped this bombshell and said if bernie sanders is allowed to put this plan through we'll be devastated. not just his company. bernie unveiled this new medicare for all plan on april 10. at the time united health shares were trading $249 a
7:21 am
chair. right now they're $215 a share. >> sandra: they've gone lower than that. >> unmitigated carnage. yesterday the biggest loser was healthcare hca. we're talking about destroying an entire industry. here is the thing. wall street is taking it seriously and thinking bernie sanders is the frontrunner and giving it a chance he could be elected. for all the rhetoric we're hearing from everyone else from green new deal and everything else, he is the only democrat who is actually moving markets down substantially. knocking billions of dollars of market value out of these companies. >> bill: here is how he explained it the other night on the town hall here. >> healthcare costs money. every other country, virtually every country does it in the same way we do education for
7:22 am
our kids, okay? when a kid walks into school the kid doesn't have to take out a credit card. it is paid for out of public funds. it's a fair question. are people going the pay more in taxes? yes. but at the end of the day the overwhelming majority of people are going to end up paying less. >> bill: he says less. >> he acknowledges it has to be paid for. essentially he is taking a program right now where 190 million americans, their employers are paying for it. he is saying i don't want these employers to pay for it. i want taxpayers to pay for it. a guy who tweeted last night about companies not paying taxes. this is an ideal setup. how we operate our medical system probably needs to be addressed more but we spend so much money and mismanagement of what we spend. those sort of things. i have to tell you something, it is pretty clear that a lot of people are worried. wall street is certainly worried and dumping the stocks like crazy despite the fact they're doing well right now.
7:23 am
>> bill: is that a suggestion they think bernie can win? >> absolutely, 100%. no other candidate has moved the needle like this. no other democrat in the news all the time. for all the far flung ideas being tossed out there that would cost trillions of dollars this is the one that is creating carnage in the market. >> bill: he would have to win. democrats would have to hold the house and probably have to take the senate, too to have a shot at it. like 2009 all over again. >> bill: i have a medical stock, moh. i'm getting hammered. i won't sell it for the reasons you just mentioned. but you have to acknowledge what's happening right now is really pretty remarkable. >> sandra: when it comes to democrats and that have officially announced they're running. is there a favorite on wall street right now? >> ironically it could be biden. for is everyone is running and saying i'm okay with medicare for all and the green new deal,
7:24 am
i think ironically wall street would prefer joe biden to all these other candidates. maybe amy klobuchar hasn't been as outrageous. bernie is the person right now that wall street is most afraid of and they should be. >> bill: last point we're treading waters and good numbers. anybody waiting on this mueller report keeping the powder dry or not? >> a sort of holding pattern. i don't think wall street thinks there will be no bombshells. no collusion is all they needed to hear. we're creeping towards the all-time high slowly but surely. nasdaq 100 just hit it. >> sandra: the 100 biggest companies in the nasdaq, all time high, a big deal. thanks, charles. >> bill: go make some money.
7:25 am
>> i'm heading straight up to the computer when i get done. >> bill: wheels are in motion for a possible third summit now between north korea and the u.s. will moscow be playing a role? we'll check that out plus this. >> sandra: the clock is ticking. redacted version of the mueller report due out tomorrow morning if you haven't heard. will it say anything about the f.b.i.'s role in the alleged spying of the trump campaign? our headliner this morning former republican congressman trey gowdy will join us live next. >> if mueller can't get to the bottom of this and answer this for the american people i don't know what the report was really worth. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real.
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lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> bill: 10:30 in new york. fox news alert. leading republicans say they will refer two dozen individuals for criminal review. this as both ends of pennsylvania avenue in a high state of anticipation. want to bring in our headliner, the mueller report out in 24 hours. trey gowdy is here now.
7:30 am
former republican congressman from south carolina and fox news contributor. i hope life on the other side is good and grand. what do we need to understand what nunes is up to with the two dozen referrals? >> what happened with the other referrals and why is congress in the business of referring crime? we don't refer bank robberies or homicides. i've never been a big fan of referrals. i like devin a lot but never a big fan of referrals except in this one limited instance. if the crime is lying to congress one of the elements of that crime is the materiality of the lie, of the false statement. so if congress wants to say this was a really material question we asked and the witness lied about it, that's fine. but what other category of crime do you rely on congress to refer to law enforcement? i can't think of one. >> sandra: and the big question here and what you're hearing from the senate judiciary
7:31 am
committee chairman lindsey graham in this letter is why this mid year exam, why the investigation concluded without apparently accessing classified information. what more can you tell us about that, congressman? >> that's a huge deal and any of us who are aware of what lindsey is talking about realize it is a huge deal. michael horowitz, the inspector general alluded to it. we had a classified briefing on a bipartisan basis and everyone in the room, republican and democrat, was very interested in this body of information, this body of evidence that to the best of our knowledge no one has accessed. so i like chris wray and bill barr but at some point they are going to need to explain to the chairman of senate judiciary, we looked at the information and processed it and made referrals, done whatever you need to do. to my knowledge no one has accessed this information that all of us consider to be vitally important. >> bill: why would that be?
7:32 am
a general lack of curiosity or something else? >> i think it's incredibly classified. i think it is classified at the highest levels. stop and think. michael horowitz couldn't access it. he is the inspector general who wrote the definitive accounting of the clinton email investigation but even he couldn't access this information. it is held in the possession of a really small, discrete number of people. chris wray is on that list. i personally think that information is going to inform my fellow citizens that the russian threat was far more than just a threat against the democrats. it was a threat to our republic. for a unifying reason i think the information to the extent it can be should be released without jeopardizeing relationship with all eyes. >> sandra: tomorrow is a big day. what are your expectations for the mueller report with redactions.
7:33 am
there will be a done ton of reaction to this. will it shed new light on this investigation? >> i don't think so, sandra. and i spent a lot of time in courtrooms. there is a jury that's impartial that hasn't made up its mind. there is a judge that fair. you don't have any of that in this fact pattern. i bet you can't find a single person tomorrow that will tell you his or her opinion has changed on president trump or on the house democrats. this is going to be an evidentiary summary without a verdict. i never had a trial where there wasn't evidence on both sides. at some point someone has to say the more credible evidence is on this side. and that has to be a jury that hasn't already made up its mind. who in this country has not already made up its mind? i can't find anyone. tomorrow will do nothing except validate whatever your previously held conviction is which is why i'm not a fan of
7:34 am
releasing the report. >> bill: come back to russia. we'll wait to see what happens there. you told me two weeks ago that we only know 50% of what russia tried to do in 2016. so what's the other half? >> i alluded to it and what lindsey is interested in in this classified information that no one has been able to access may be the other 50%. it may be more than 50%. i think when this final accounting is rendered, my fellow citizens are going to see russia didn't just attack clinton and the dnc and podesta. it was the pervasiveness of what they tried to do. it wasn't just democrats but republicans and groups with nothing to do with politics. when that story is told people will view it as an american issue. until that information is shared, right now they just
7:35 am
think that you either like trump or don't like trump. it is not an american issue but a partisan issue. that can change when this information is processed and how the senate judiciary chairman can't access it is befuddling to me. michael horowitz couldn't access it. if chris wray has it. i think he is doing a good job. he needs to make a compelling case for why he can't share us or tell us the full extent what russia did to us in 2016. >> sandra: how will you receive the report tomorrow? a lot of members of congress away ahead of the holiday. what do you know on that front? >> i'm going to receive it the same way. i'll wait at a computer and read it and i'm going to read it to the extent i can wearing my old hat as a prosecutor but keep in mind, sandra. you can have one person say the
7:36 am
light was red and 100 say the light was green. you are welcome to believe the one. i think you're crazy to do it. i don't think a jury will agree with you. it will be an evidentiary summary. if you don't like trump you'll see on something. steve bannon said there is not any chance in the world donald trump junior didn't walk the russian lawyer up to see trump. he wasn't there. he doesn't have a clue what happened but it doesn't keep him from saying it. someone will seize on something they consider to be evidence and they will use that to extrapolate and try to reach a conclusion. that's why you need a jury that's impartial. we don't have that in the country. so i have low expectations. it will do nothing except further entrench people as to where they are today with their positions. >> bill: thank you for coming back, sir. looks like a good day in greenville, south carolina. trey gowdy.
7:37 am
thank you. >> sandra: days after kim jong-un said he would be open to a third summit with president trump. it raises serious questions about moscow's role in setting up a meeting. rich edson is live with what we're learning about that. >> good morning. the state department special envoy for north is in moscow over the next couple of days meeting with russian officials. state department says they're discussing ways to get north korea to end its nuclear weapons program. russia is pursuing a growing role in these discussions with north korea. the kremlin says there are active preparations for a meeting between president vladimir putin of russia and kim jong-un. it would be the first meeting between the two. south korean reports say the two leaders would likely meet later this month in russia. last may russian foreign minister lavrov met kim for the
7:38 am
first time in north korea and offered putin's invitation tore kim to come to russia. they have supported sanctions against korea. the u.s. has called out russia and china for lacks enforcement of the sanctions. the u.s. relationship with russia has deteriorated over its support of the maduro regime in venezuela, the assad regime in syria and several other issues. after president trump met with kim in hanoi this year for their second summit kim has demanded the u.s. change its negotiating style by the end of this year. he wants the u.s. to lift sanctions before he gives up all his weapons. kim says he is open to a third summit though there has been little progress in getting north korea to give up its weapons programs. kim has suspended missile launches, hasn't tested nuclear weapons since the beginning of this process. infrastructure work continues in north korea according to analysts. mike pompeo says negotiations will continue with north korea where they'll hopefully reach a
7:39 am
deal with the kim regime. >> sandra: rich, thanks. >> bill: top republican senators doubling down on demands in the clinton email probe. what they want to see from investigators now. >> sandra: attorney general william barr cracking down on catch and release with a new ruling. senate homeland security committee chairman ron johnson will join us next. you've had quite the career.
7:40 am
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7:41 am
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>> just under 400 created a tremendous gap in border security. i had to allocate -- close down the checkpoint. i had to allocate an entire station to begin transporting this group of 400 to a secure location to provide care, to provide medical attention for them. >> bill: border officials talking about the strain at the border after 400 central american migrants turned themselves in to border agents this week. a.g. bill barr taking a new approach to deal with the
7:44 am
problem and senator ron johnson is here to talk about it. he visited the border last week in el paso. thank you for coming back here, senator. good morning to you. here is some of the recommendations on screen now. establish three to five processing at the border. shelter the family. roll back regulations for the rules how long you can detain an uncode migrant child. rocket docket allows asylum seekers to a decision within 20 to 30 days. they must be made at the port of entry. put that in english. would that be effective? >> it would. what we need is a consequence for people entering this country illegally or we'll continue to see an increase in people attempting to do it. i was down at the border monday night and yesterday. what we are seeing and what we're witnessing what people need to understand the human traffickers are using our law enforcement, border and law
7:45 am
enforcement officers as just part of their process of funneling people into the united states for long-term residency. what we need to do. only about 15% of those people claiming asylum actually have a valid asylum claim. we need to rapidly determine who has the valid asylum claim. we need a higher standard to more accurately assess a valid asylum claim. those that don't, we need to remove them. so there is a consequence. if we start doing that you'll see a dramatic reduction in people trying to get into the country illegally. people need to understand the human traffickers are making hundreds of millions of dollars and using our customs and border patrol agents as our processing and being pulled off the line from border security law enforcement operations, el paso sector they had on the border they have two, the other 26 are dealing with
7:46 am
unaccompanied children and family units. >> bill: the smugglers are beating us at our own system and they have been for some time. >> they are. they're utilizing us. they are putting hundreds of millions of dollars in their pockets. the people just turn themselves in. they are completely relaxed. they have no fear. they realize they are only a couple days away from being processed and being sent to all corners of america. since daca, this is what sparked it. doesn't apply to these people but sparked it. since daca was instituteed in 2012 we're approaching 900,000 unaccompanied children and people in family units having been let into the country and staying long term. nobody knows where they went. we have no real accounting where these people are. the numbers are growing. >> sandra: we hear the urgency from you, senator, we hear the urgency from the president. he tweeted this today on border security. democrats in congress must return from their vacations and change the immigration laws on
7:47 am
the border. despite the great job being done by border patrol, will only get worse. big sections of wall now being built. so what sense are you getting as to the direction this battle is going to go and the willingness of your colleagues on the other side of the aisle to come around on this issue? >> we have two great hearings in our committee the last couple of weeks and laid out the reality. i had democrats coming up to me let's right. we need to fix this problem. senator durbin was talking to the exact same people i was asking the right questions and getting the right answer. the right answer is again we need a very rapid initial determination, is this a valid asylum claim or not? if not, those individuals need to be removed and need to keep them in custody. if we don't keep them in custody we're only able to remove 7% of those. at the border we have to muster
7:48 am
all resources and give law enforcement people the resources they need to achieve the achievable goal here. reduce the flow of people taking advantage of our systems and lining the pockets of the human traffickers. >> bill: you signed a letter with lindsey graham and chuck grassley trying to get answers on hillary clinton's email server. we're three and four years down the line from this. what do you think you'll find? >> i think the american people need an accounting of what was happening within the f.b.i., our intelligence community, department of justice. not only as it relates to the hillary clinton email scandal where they let her off the hook. the same group of f.b.i. officials pretty well transferred into the whole russian probe and we need an accounting of exactly what happened there. so what we're trying to determine on the clinton email scandal is why didn't they fully review all the thumb drives, computers?
7:49 am
what exactly happened there? what kind of bias did they then really apply to the whole trump campaign, russian influence investigation as well? the american people deserves the answers. interested to see whether the mueller probe addresses it at all. i think william barr has stated publicly that he intends to get to the bottom of this. if there is a predicate for an investigation the justice department will undertake it. we need a grand jury impaneled to force people to actually tell the truth. >> bill: thank you for your time. we might know a little more tomorrow. we might. ron johnson, thank you, senator, for coming back. >> sandra: thank you, senator. new developments now in the jussie smollett saga getting our first look at some of the text messages that were sent by prosecutor kim foxx after she recused herself from the case. what she said about smollett that is raising eyebrows this morning.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> sandra: a washed up celeb lied to cops is what prosecutor kim foxx texted to her staff after she recused herself from the jussie smollett case. that text raising questions why the charges against smollett were dropped in the first case.
7:54 am
carley shimkus is here. what about these text messages? >> i thought recusing yourself meant you were stepping away from the case. that doesn't appear to be the case in these text read you one sent on march 8th, about she re to the assistant state's attorney overseeing the case. she said so i'm recused but when people accuse us of overcharging cases, 16 counts on a class four felony becomes exhibit a. she compared smollett to r. kelley and said pedophile with four victims 10 counts. washed up celeb who lied to cops 16 counts. you can see in these text messages she is making a case that jussie smollett was overcharged and she admits that yes, jussie smollett did indeed lie to police. >> bill: that would back up some of the theories that
7:55 am
others are suggested about this tension between the police and the prosecutor in chicago. >> if you read her state's attorneys office bioyou will see it describes her as a champion for criminal justice reform. she said the fact that the charges were dropped doesn't really clear him of anything. she just felt like he could be oversentenced here so she decided to drop the charges. the text messages show that eddie johnson, the police officer in this case, only found out about this about moments before journalists did. >> sandra: after the indictment became public i reached out to joe to discuss to look at charging authority. i was bringing criminal justice reform. i will continue to uphold these guiding principles. >> should be said in the text messages it shows the attorney
7:56 am
agreed with her in terms of a lighter sentence. if she recused herself from this case, man, it doesn't seem like she did that at all. where do we go from here real quick? city of chicago is suing jussie smollett and inspector general is reviewing how her office handled this case. >> bill: thank you, carley. fox news alert to denver. a manhunt on the way. schools closed. police searching for an armed woman infatuated with the columbine massacre. a live report what we're learning today. mueller report out tomorrow. how is the white house getting ready for it? bret baier will answer that and join us live in moments. come on back. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert from colorado. half a million kids are home from school today in and around denver as federal agents search for an 18-year-old woman they say is quote, infatuated with the columbine massacre. police consider this woman to be a credible threat. >> she did procure a weapon. she obtained a pump action shotgun and ammunition. >> sandra: we'll watch the story for you and anything that develops on that we'll bring to you. we begin in yuma, arizona this morning. that city becoming the first along the border to declare a state of emergency in response to the surge of families seeking asylum. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning.
8:01 am
yuma mayor issues a proclamation with a heavy heart saying the city lacks the resources to care for hundreds of people being dropped at the border. >> there is an imminent threat on having too many migrant releases into our community. transportation network is insufficient in order to keep up with the demand. >> bill: william la jeunesse reporting live from yuma, arizona with more. what is the story? >> bill, you know the central american migrants are headed around the united states often to sanctuary cities where they have a sponsor, relative or job. their journey often begins in these small border towns. right now the border patrol is overwhelmed. by law they have to release migrants within three days or they'll be sued. the problem is they're overwhelmed. their capacity is 420. they have 950. they don't want to put them on the streets. the salvation army converted this store into a shelter three weeks ago.
8:02 am
they started with 60 migrants. last night 215. another 100 on the way. it prompted the mayor to make this emergency declaration that allows the city to appeal for state and federal aid. >> this is not just a yuma issue or an arizona or new mexico, california or texas issue. it is a national issue. we want to call upon everyone we can to be sympathetic. >> the yuma border patrol arrested 1,000 migrants in the last three days. yesterday the border patrol arrested 399 migrants who came in three buses, walked over the border with no fence, 238 children. the largest one single group ever arrested by the border patrol. >> i had to allocate -- close down the checkpoint, i had to allocate an entire station to begin transporting this group of 400 to a secure location to
8:03 am
provide care, to provide medical attention for them. >> is there a solution? yes, according to a nonpartisan blue ribbon panel that released recommendations yesterday, some require action by congress, others the president can handle on his own. they include number one open three or four regional processing centers along the border so within 24 hours any migrant arrested will be taken for medical care, screening, shelter and an interview. secondly, change the asylum law so people are not released until they see a judge. three, all asylum seekers must claim asylum at the port of entry and children can be sent back to their countries in central america if they have a parent there and open a shelter on the mexico/guatemala border requiring central americans to claim asylum there and be required to basically the u.s. could deny them if they don't seek safety in mexico. the recognition is here, unless you change things on the front end you'll have problems on the
8:04 am
back end. clearly a town like yuma can't handle this and needs congressional action. republicans and democrats, will they get together on the issue? will it be a comprehensive immigration reform? we know down here they can't handle it any longer. >> bill: remarkable. william la jeunesse. good to have you back on the border in yuma, arizona. >> sandra: race for the white house. president trump making an early prediction on 2020 opponent tweeting i believe it will be crazy bernie sanders and sleepy joe biden for the finalists to run against the best economy in our country and many other great things. let's bring in john mccormack from the national review. good morning to you. a couple things stand out in that tweet. he is already giving names to his potential opponent in 2020 and called them finalists,
8:05 am
interesting use of the word. >> early prediction. if you look back at the republican primary back in 2016, right now the two people vying for first place in iowa were jep bush and scott walker and donald trump had not yet descended the escalator to announce his campaign in june of that year. on one hand it is early. on the other hand it could be bernie sanders and joe biden. the difference with them and other candidates like jeb bush and scott walker is that bernie sanders and joe biden are well-known commodities. you had a lot of democrats vote for bernie sanders as the only real alternative to hillary clinton. joe biden was the president for eight years and if you look at the polls, it has been pretty durable in the 20s or 30s. polling up there and the other candidates are down in the low teens and single digits. the real question is whether voters know who joe biden and bernie sanders are. the real question when
8:06 am
democrats get to know the other candidates will they consolidate? i would put a lot of weight on these early states. even if you have in iowa you could have a week or two to go and not know who will be the actual winner or the candidate from someone else in the pack to surge ahead and reshape the entire thing. >> sandra: it is still early. some of the latest fox news polling. when asked if the 2020 election were held today looking at both of those candidates potentially running up against the president joe biden would win 47 to 40 against president trump. bernie sanders 44 to 41%. the polling would show they believe joe biden would be best suited to run against the president. >> that's pretty consistent if you look across especially the states that are really going to decide the election. ones that decide the election in 2016. pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. joe biden does seem to do best in these states. it really is a question of whether or not democrats will
8:07 am
put elect biltmore important than being sharp left, far left. it also makes sense that these two would be the finalists. they both two different wings of the party. bernie sanders representing the far left and joe biden those more moderate. the candidates are in between or don't know exactly where they stand. >> sandra: digging into the president's tweet a bit more. he is very confident about the prospects of either of those candidates running against him. and calling them the two finalists. he is also touting what he called maybe the best economy in the history of our country. so how much will the economy play into the 2020 race, john? >> well, "politico" had an interesting story recently where they talked to all sorts of different people who make economic models, not just looking at the polls. looking at the economy, gas prices, inflation. every economic model out there shows if the election were held today donald trump would win and quite comfortably.
8:08 am
the chief economist at moody's used 12 different models. each one of them showed trump winning. his approval ratings are lagging where the economy is. but the approval ratings can change once you have a choice and you go through the campaign. >> sandra: it will be interesting to watch. and as you noted it is still early for the campaign and early for where the economy may or may not be come that period of time. john mccormack, it will be interesting to watch. the president making his predictions about his potential candidates. thank you, john. >> bill: eight minutes past the hour. investigation into how the fire at notre dame started is now in its very early stages. we see daytime pictures now from inside the cathedral. donations are pouring in for the restoration project. more than a billion pledged already. french president macron vowing the work will be done within five years. that's a challenge he laid out
8:09 am
yesterday. those are the headlines. greg palkot has the story along the banks of the seine. >> hi, bill, yes, we're looking at the structure, at the cathedral of notre dame right now amid new information about how the fire happened and also how the restoration could occur. i'll ask my cameraman to pass by me and give you a close-up view of the north belfrey tower with investigators. the real fear monday night that was the tower that could have crumpled if the fire took over. we have a better timeline in the past half hour. the first fire trucks arrived, we now learn, a half hour after the fire started. and the fire trucks with the really tall things that could
8:10 am
do the work took another hour. to boil it down, for 90 minutes it seems that fire was going without anybody stopping it. probably a big reason why there was so much damage done. the inspectors we've been telling you about are looking at the stone work, the woodwork still soaked with water. they don't know if this place is completely stable. the investigation into the cause goes on. again, the word we're getting today, there is a no obvious indication of arson. 30 people have been questioned today. we're hearing about a possibility of a short circuit in the renovation area of the cathedral. also we heard from an account of one neighbor saying he heard a pop before the fire started. big damage, of course. of course we're also hearing about the tremendous stories of artifacts being saved including paintings and that the beautiful stained glass windows seem to be intact.
8:11 am
that's fantastic news. one more word on restoration, bill. a lloyd's of london insurers is saying it could take -- although we don't know, this is an estimate. it could take $8 billion to restore this to at least a reproduction of what it was just three days ago. that coming from lloyd's, almost a billion dollars has been raised so far. macron's target of five years getting the place fixed up is being scoffed at by historians. sounds more like 10 or 15 but it is a good goal to work for. one last word, all around us people continue to throng here to look at the church. to take pictures, say prayers, sing hymns. the feeling very strong a
8:12 am
couple days on from this inforeign owe -- inferno to the church. >> bill: greg palkot live. >> sandra: hard to believe it has been one year since former first lady barbara bush passed away. now a new biography detailing her very full life. in a moment we'll talk to the author, susan page, about what she learned as she dug deep into the life of barbara bush. >> bill: also the battle lines for 2020 are being drawn and the house speaker nancy pelosi not mincing words yet again about how she feels about president trump. karl rove reacts on that next. >> everything is at stake in this election. r dream car as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> sandra: speaker nancy pelosi laying it out in a new interview. what she thinks is at stake in the next election as she takes aim at president trump. >> everything is at stake in this election. the constitution of the united states that the president is trying to usurp the power of the legislative branch of government. the environment in which we live. >> sandra: karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. good morning to you. everything is at stake, says nancy pelosi. >> yeah. a little bit over the top. almost semi hysterical. the constitution is at stake, the role of congress is at
8:17 am
stake. our very environment is at stake. it looks a little unhinged but on the other hand it plays into the environment we find ourselves. democrats have a little bit of leeway in saying things are really bad even if they sound over the top. it fits into this. if you take a look at the real clear politics average of all recent polls, 37.7% think the country is going in the right direction and 56.1 think the country is seriously off on the wrong path. that's the same dynamic that people had in 2016 when they wanted change. the democrats are trying to position themselves as the party of change for the 2020 presidential election. >> sandra: of all the issues we know will come up she predicts this will be one of the big issues in 2020, here she is again. >> republican party that is in denial about the assault on
8:18 am
climate and the climate crisis, it's a health issue, a national security issue, economic and jobs issue and moral issue to pass the planet onto the next generation in a responsible way. >> sandra: republicans are in denial about the climate issue she said. >> well look, this is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. on the one hand she is making a very serious charges. the republicans don't want to do anything about the climate or environment. on the other hand the green new deal she won't bring it up for a vote. the question is what kind of an argument will the republicans make in the election. they can make a three-point argument. they could say we are the only major industrial country in the world which has grown its economy and simultaneously reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases we put out. since 2007 we've been on a downward slide on the amount of greenhouse gases we put out.
8:19 am
we're putting out less greenhouse gas emissions and the share of emissions worldwide the u.s. share is declining. not true for any other major industrialized country in the world. we need to applaud and keep doing it more. you have a nutty idea. you have a thing that would beggar our economy and put the government into -- everybody's house would have to be retrofitted and stop using gasoline powered cars in 10 years and people flying on airplanes. the democrats have an unrealistic approach to this. the difficult think, the final point to say here are constructive things that we as republicans want to do to protect our environment and deal with the issue of climate. that last one is where republicans don't have as much unity even though they have good things they can talk about. >> sandra: a lot there and we'll see where it all goes and how republicans take on the issue come 2020. meanwhile bring it to now,
8:20 am
tomorrow morning. a lot of anticipation for the redacted mueller report. how will things change tomorrow morning, karl? >> well, we don't know how much will be redacted but let's be clear. no matter how little the redaction is short of no redactions at all, this is going to be the opening of the next chapter in which the democrats on the hill are going to say you know what? we're not going to agree there is no collusion and we're certainly not going to agree there is no obstruction unless you totally give us an unredacted version of the mueller report. so this is merely the beginning of act two. we had act one. it lasted two years. donald trump was guilty of collusion with the russians. that got blown up. now we'll turn to the obstruction issue and unless and until they have what they want, which is totally unredacted version, you can count on the democrats continuing to raise questions about it. if you have jerry nadler and adam schiff. they got nothing else to do
8:21 am
constructively with their time and they will be joined by other democrats in the process and this is going to go on. i think the american people are getting tired of all of this and this isn't a constructive way for the democrats. >> sandra: it is a wait and seeing and we're waiting and seeing together. thank you. >> bill: 20 minutes past the hour. in a moment terrifying video showing a man police say posed as a driver of a ride share robbing a woman in her home. the latest on the search for this man in a moment. a.g. bill barr issuing an order to judges on a crackdown on immigration. sure to be a court case on this one. john garamendi will react. here is rick scott on this. >> whatever the law is, we ought to be enforcing it. if that's the law, the attorney general ought to be enforcing it. flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
8:25 am
>> sandra: maryland police searching for a robber who posed as a ride share driver. the suspect seen in the surveillance video got out of the car after dropping off the victim in bethesda, maryland last month. he demanded she pay him after she said she took care of the bill on an app. he then followed her into the elevator and tried unsuccessfully to snatch her pocketbook. she says he came after her when she entered her apartment and took off with a few of her items including her cell phone and she could not call police right away. investigators say the suspect was not affiliated with a ride share company. >> reality is we can't take everybody in and we have to look carefully at these asylum claims. as it turns out many turn out not to be real, to be phony. it gets the person in the country and they disappear or come back two years later for a court hearing. i think the attorney general is
8:26 am
doing what has to be done and i fully support him. >> bill: republican peter king two hours ago with us backing the a.g.'s decision to withhold bail for some asylum seekers while they wait for their day in court. democratic congressman john garamendi from california on the armed services committee. thank you for coming back to our program here. we're looking for a solution. does this push us closer to one? >> well, it certainly going to increase the problem and certainly the rhetoric. we really know what the solution is. the solution just i guess 20 minutes ago you had the report of an independent commission to look at it. clearly there are answers to this. we do need detention centers. these people need to be processed through the normal ports of entry, not crossing over as apparently happened today next door to a detention -- next door to a facility. so let's expand it. we need more judges. we need these facilities to
8:27 am
house these people and one of the suggestions was deal with the problem back in guatemala, honduras and those countries. >> bill: that's a long-term issue. the smugglers are winning. we know that. peter king went on to say to democrats make a counteroffer. he believes anything the president proposes you'll just reject. what about that charge? >> not true, not true at all. last year the democrats proposed major amount of money for a border fencing, increasing the various ports of entry, providing new judges. all of those. ultimately the president rejected that and we wound up with the shutdown. we need to work together, and we can. we do know that the ports of entry, the legal ports of entry are understaffed. they don't have the facilities to handle the people. everybody knows we need more judges so these cases don't linger for years and years. we do know we need to have appropriate facilities to handle the people that are
8:28 am
arrested as they either arrested at the illegal ports crossing or ports of entry. >> bill: you have a crisis now. we just had our reporter on 20 minutes ago from yuma, arizona where hundreds more had just been dropped off. it goes on and on, sir. >> that's exactly what i'm saying. we need to have the facilities. also the president has made a mistake by withholding funding for programs in the triangle countries of central america. those programs can, over time, diminish the reason why people leave those countries. there was a proposal that we enhance and build in those countries facilities to pre-judge or to pre-appoint people who want to leave those countries. tell him that no, you do not have a reasonable cause.
8:29 am
you can travel to the border but you'll wind up back here immediately thereafter. all of those things are known. the problem is we aren't putting the money where -- >> bill: you'll have to throw a lifeline to get this thing solved. we're so behind the eight ball on this. quickly on the mueller report here is kellyanne conway how the white house plans to react. >> you think you'll find in this 400 pages and the footnotes? we know it's not in the report, collusion, no criminal conspiracy, no indictment coming. it has to be a little disappointing for those who wasted 22 months and 25 million plus looking for it. you won't find it in the thousands of words. >> bill: what do you expect tomorrow? >> i expect a full report either very few redactions. if there are a lot of redactions the rest of the information has to come forward. it is not just me. it's the american public wants to see what there is. the adjustment will be made by the american people if they get a chance to see a full report.
8:30 am
>> bill: we'll see it tomorrow, i do believe. to a degree. thank you, sir. john garamendi the democrat from california. >> sandra: washington is in wait and see and waiting for the other shoe to drop with a redacted version of the mueller report due out tomorrow morning. bret baier will be here and tell us what he thinks we'll learn from that report. >> bill: apparently is a massive search underway in colorado. federal agents searching for an armed woman who is obsessed with the columbine massacre as half a million kids are told to stay home from school today. >> she has expressed an infatuation with columbine and the events, the shooting that happened tragically 20 years ago.
8:31 am
8:32 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies
8:33 am
to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪ that captured their imaginations ♪ and turned moments into memories. with flights, hotels, activities and more for your florida vacation, expedia has everything you need to go. >> sandra: update on the story. denver area schools are closed for the day.
8:34 am
federal agents searching for an 18-year-old florida woman. we're live in denver. >> so the f.b.i.'s miami office is the one that warned the denver field office that sol pais was headed to colorado with an infatuation to columbine but it was also comments that she made. >> because of that, we were concerned so we've started looking into her actions once she got here. we identified that she departed the airport and went to a store where she did procure a weapon. >> agents say she acquired a pump action shotgun and ammunition but because it is part of the investigation, they could not tell us where she got the weapon or how they believe she is traveling around. the jefferson county sheriff put up this flyer with her description. white female. 18-year-old, 5'5" with brown hair last seen wearing a black
8:35 am
t-shirt, camouflage pants and black boots. according to people in miami police are at her home where they took a bag of items inside the house. it has a dramatic impact on live in denver. once law enforcement determined it was a credible threat schools were placed on lock down yesterday. because they didn't know of a specific threat the lockdowns were around the region. 68% of the student population is not in school. if you have any information on this woman the f.b.i. is asking you to call their tip line. or email. you can see the email on the screen. this is a massive manhunt being executed by federal, state, and local authorities. >> sandra: we will stay on this. thank you.
8:36 am
>> i don't know what's in the report. we'll see it when everybody else sees it. in the 400 pages we know what does not exist, it is collusion. let's face it, that was the central thing was somehow in a criminal conspiracy with russians. >> will the president speak after the report comes out? >> i would expect. >> bill: tomorrow will be something. kellyanne conway on the report. bret baier with me now from d.c. good morning, to you. congratulations on the town hall the other night. you guys were awesome, a huge success. what are you hearing about the mueller report for tomorrow? >> it will be a blockbuster either way. there will be a lot of effort to comb through the 400 pages. obviously there will be a lot of redactions. the attorney general said there will be four different criteria
8:37 am
he use toes do those redactions, which he has been working on with the special counsel. often gets overlooked when lawmakers on capitol hill talk about the redactions and how wrong it is they can't get a full, complete report. the special counsel, robert mueller, actively engaged with william barr on the redactions. i think there will be a race to go through it and a lot of focus on obstruction. >> bill: i've been speaking with a couple of people here in new york where they don't want to make themselves available for several days. they will lock themselves in the room tomorrow and friday and over the weekend until they get a chance to understand why the redactions occurred so they can give a better reading of that. my sense is it unfolds like an onion. ken starr is of the mind that we're about to enter a high period of acrimony in washington and across the country. here is what he said earlier today.
8:38 am
>> the frustration will be we don't have it all. and why don't we have it all? i think bill barr the attorney general has very responsibly answered that. there are restrictions on law, grand jury information being the primary example. a acrimony will be the cherry picking. oh, do you see this sentence? see that and what that means? a lot of interpretation and extrapolation. >> bill: my guess is he is pretty accurate with that depending which camp you're coming from. >> that's right. there will be a lot of frustration that we don't have the entire picture. but the summary conclusions. what barr put out he quoted from the mueller report in that determination that they did not find any member of the trump campaign or therefore any american working to conspire with the russians on the 2016 election. now, i think the fact that there are not more indictments
8:39 am
is one bar and then the fact that the details seem to point to the special counsel and his team turning to obstruction more than the actual collusion, which started the investigation. >> bill: well, listen, what did you think about the other night with bernie sanders? >> i thought it was a good effort. i think we pressed him on a number of fronts. i think there are -- he had ample time to express himself and that's what we're trying to do. town hall is not a debate or an interview. it is a town hall. there were a lot of bernie supporters in that room. that is true. the local groups, chamber of commerce and other groups organized and put people in there. a lot of bernie supporters were in there but trump supporters as well and independence and conservative democrats.
8:40 am
they weren't as loud. overall it was a good effort and there will be more to come. >> bill: is that right? care to tip your hand? >> i won't tip the hand yet. but very soon i think we'll hear more about other democrats who looked at that as a big success. >> bill: thanks, bret. congratulations to you, martha and the rest of the team there in bethlehem, pa the other night. hope to see you tomorrow once we get it. see you at 6:00. >> sandra: it's hard to believe it has been one year now since barbara bush passed away. now a new biography on the former first lady painting a picture of a woman whose life spanned a momentous time in american history. we'll speak to the author next.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> bill: 120 million americans said to be in the path of severe storms in the central and southern states. that's a lot.
8:44 am
this could be a repeat of last weekend's devastating storms that killed at least nine across the south. the greatest risk today from southeastern oklahoma into western arkansas and northern texas. by the end of the week the storms could reach the east coast and southeast. we're watching it for you. >> sandra: today marks one year since the death of barbara bush. mrs. bush had a lasting impact as a first lady and as a matriarch of an american political dynasty. our next guest interviewed her extensively for a new biography. susan page and the author of "the matriarch." fascinating to look back at such a full life. what did your extensive research reveal? >> americans thought she was an approachable grandmother figure but consequential in her husband's presidency, during her son's presidency and also a
8:45 am
woman who had more scars, more grief and pain than i think people realized. >> sandra: when you dug into it. where she came and where she ended up and the amount people thought they got to know her through her time as a first lady. they really felt they got to know her whether it was the matriarch of the bush family or grandmother and knowing the perils she went through as a mother. >> she was born in 1925, five years after women got the right to vote. her life extended for 92 years through enormous changes and expectations and opportunities for women. jeb bush her son said if she had been born in a different era maybe she was the one who would have been president. >> sandra: what was it like getting to know her? >> sharp as a tack to the end. a huge sense of humeor and willing to make herself vulnerable. she let me see her diaries that
8:46 am
she started keeping in 1948. made the final diary entry 12 days before she died. >> sandra: you right about her relationship with nancy reagan. what was revealed there? >> we knew they weren't the best of friends. turned out they were the worst of enemies. a lot of antipathy on both sides. nancy reagan had the most glittering event of the -- she crossed the bush names off the guest list and she said you can't do that she said just watch me. >> sandra: she lived such a public life and we saw so much of that. sitting down with her you learned a lot of what happened behind the scenes as well. what did you learn there? >> including an episode. we think of her as new england granite. there was a time in her life in 1976 when she was quite depressed and contemplated
8:47 am
suicide. she told me she would be driving down the road and feel an urge to plow into a tree or steer the car into the path of an oncoming car and have to pull off the road and stop and wait for that to pass. i think that gave her some empathy for people's struggthei. >> sandra: you talk about her being a wife, grandmother and wife of the president and how she saw each other and how president bush saw them as equals. >> she started out with a traditional marriage where he called the shot. by the end of their lives they were definitely partners. two days before she died they sat together in the den of their home in houston. she had been worried not about dying but leaving him. she said to him george, i'm not going to worry about you. he said to her barb, i'm not
8:48 am
going to worry about her. you know what they did then? they had a drink. >> sandra: i love stories like that. what will her lasting impact be as a first lady? >> she worked on issues on literacy and addressing the stigma that surrounded people with aids. she helped facilitate the negotiations that ended the cold war. i think her legacy is broader, an air of civility, mutual respect. i think that's important part of her legacy and she would tell you her grandchildren are her true legacy. >> sandra: having covered her death and funeral and the story about losing a child. i'm sure you were able to talk to her about that. >> robin, her daughter, died of age three at leukemia. barbara was 28 years old at that time. that was the defining moment of
8:49 am
her adult life. it left her harder on the outside and softer on the inside. it was a thread that continued through the rest of her life. a touch stone for her as she thought about the big issues of the day. >> sandra: fun hearing her son, the former president, talking how she is so tough but they all had a good sense of humor. i love those stories. >> george w. bush looked like his father but had a mouth like his mother. they were very much alike in their humor and sharpness. >> sandra: good stuff. the book. matriarch, the making of an american dynasty. >> bill: "outnumbered", here is melissa with a preview. >> less than 24 hours until we expect the release of the full mueller report with redactions. democrats now seem to be managing expectations even as they promise to issue a subpoena for the unredacted version as soon as friday.
8:50 am
in the meantime, the president's legal team ready with its rebuttal. will this be the final word on 2016 or far from it? plus reports the so-called stop sanders democrats are agonizing over the senator's momentum fearing that nominating an avowed socialist would all but guarantee a second term. are they write or are the dems eating their own? "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: big show. we are mourning the loss of an american hero remembered for his role in a daring mission that helped turn the tide on the second world war. >> the doolittle flyers the goal is tokyo, tokyo there, the ultimate objective of the drives along the line of the pacific. drives for the utter defeat of japan. xfinity watchathon week has sadly come to an end.
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>> bill: tomorrow marks 77 years since one of the most daring missions of world war ii known as the legendary doolittle raid. marking the anniversary and making it more poignant this year is the death of the team's last surviving member. jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon today. jennifer. >> it was a turning point in the war just four months after pearl harbor and gave the nation hope. lieutenant colonel richard cole was jimmie doolittle's co-pilot. he was the last surviving doolittle raider. when he died last week at age 103. the raid was a suicide mission. 16 bombers with 80 men on board taking off from the aircraft carrier hornet 650 miles east of japan to bomb tokyo and break the will of the japanese.
8:55 am
it boosted moral back home. eight were captured, three killed. all but one bomber crash landed in china. the raiders thought they would be court-martialed, not honored asked how he became the co-pilot cole said it was fate. >> strictly by luck. they wanted volunteers for a dangerous mission. and i had put my name there. >> two months after the raid doolittle received the nation's highest valor award. >> president roosevelt awards jimmie doolittle the congressional medal of honor as the leader of the squadron of bombers that record over japan in the historic raid. >> he received the distinguished flying cross. they agreed to meet every year until only two remained. in 2013 they unkorkd a bottle
8:56 am
of of wine for a final toast. the memorial will be tomorrow. the air force says it will name its new bomber the raider in honor of the legendary doolittle raiders. >> bill: jennifer griffin from the pentagon. >> sandra: the countdown is on in washington hours from now, tomorrow morning, the mueller report is expected to be officially released with redactions. how will both sides react to that? the potential fallout coming up next. rgy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. i'm not really a, i thought wall street guy.ns. what's the hesitation?
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more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges. >> all right, that was a few hours for you. we'll do this again tomorrow. we'll have hopefully a mueller report. it's been promised tomorrow morning, i believe. >> has it? >> so we will -- >> we started the week and thought it would be out on
9:00 am
monday. 11 a.m. on monday and then they said thursday. like everybody else, waiting to see what is in it. >> join us here. >> can you speed read? >> 400 pages. we'll do it together. we will see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert right now, less than 24 hours from now, william barr will release a redacted version of the mueller report. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa frances here today with harris faulkner. town hall editor katie pavlich, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall and joining us on the couch, jerry baker, host of "wall street journal" at large on fox business network and editor at large for "wall street journal," that makes sense that is what they call that show. >> lots of -l


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