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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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monday. 11 a.m. on monday and then they said thursday. like everybody else, waiting to see what is in it. >> join us here. >> can you speed read? >> 400 pages. we'll do it together. we will see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert right now, less than 24 hours from now, william barr will release a redacted version of the mueller report. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa frances here today with harris faulkner. town hall editor katie pavlich, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall and joining us on the couch, jerry baker, host of "wall street journal" at large on fox business network and editor at large for "wall street journal," that makes sense that is what they call that show. >> lots of at-large activity.
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i am at-large and dangerous. >> at-large and -- that is what that means, right? >> just a nice title. >> fabulous. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> glad to have you, we'll get down to business. democrats showing skepticism ahead of tomorrow's release of the mueller report. barr said will include redaction of information, grand jury testimony and ongoing investigations, but house speaker nancy pelosi says whatever is released will not necessarily be the final word. >> nancy pelosi: we have to find out what happened so it doesn't happen again. it isn't up to the attorney general, who has said basically the president is above the law and the rest, so he's there to redact whatever he wants. let's see what he puts forth, can't make a judgment about something you haven't seen yet. >> on the other side, pete king
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warning democrats will try to spin the report's release. >> there will be no evidence at all of any collusion. democrats say not enough to show a criminal case. no, nothing at all as far as collusion. obstruction of justice? probably element necessary there, firing james comey obstruction of justice? was criticizing the mueller investigation obstruction of justice? i would say absolutely not. i think democrats will try to hang their hat on some of those allegations and whatever it is, any word redacted or blacked out, they will say that is where the conspiracy was. >> fall in the black ink. president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani telling the ap he's preparing rebuttal to the mueller report that will be dozens of pages long. the president today called the mueller investigation a witch hunt and a total fraud. jerry, sort through all of that for us. >> gerard: i think you heard of
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ro rorshak test, a test given to people to know what is go og in their mind n. this test, you see exactly what you want to see. i expect that is what we'll get tomorrow. republicans will say this is exoneration, nothing there, no crime, no evidence of crime or any collusion or conspiracy with the russians. there is no evidence and mueller wasn't able to come to decision on obstruction of justice, it should go away. democrats will say, no, no, no. it won't be pretty. you can guarantee it won't be a blanket exoneration of everything the president has ever done. >> he'll see that in it, no doubt. >> gerard: if the standard is crime, the president is absolutely away scott free. there will be stuff in there, democrats will pick on stuff in there that will portray the president in a bad light. those who want to believe the president did it wrong will believe he did wrong. those who think there is no evidence of wrongdoing will take
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that and move on for the next year and a half discussing this until the election campaign. >> rorshak test, you can't see evidence that is not there. hopefully we'll see facts that are there. noncriminal behavior, will you see democrats move the goal post on what is impeachable as an offense? >> gerard: impeachment standard is a very complex one, not actually, it doesn't, according to the original idea for impeachment, it is not a criminal, not a legal process. >> high crimes and misdemeanors. >> gerard: high crimes and misdemeanors, what does misdemeanor mean? it's a political process. >> i understand it is full of crime. >> gerard: well, did andrew johnson was impeached, president clinton was impeached for what were supposed to be crimes. there will be not be -- >> didn't he lie under oath? >> gerard: yeah. president clinton certainly did. what we will see from, what we
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know from mueller, there won't be any clear evidence of a crime. if that is the standard, no clear evidence of crime, there will be nothing. democrats will say and this is a 400-page report, there will be things that do not portray, with any campaign, same result. you investigate, you find things you don't like and pick up things you don't like. >> katie was scribbling away, dying to know what you were doing. >> touch on something nancy pelosi said, made argument bill barr is redacting information because he believes president trump is above the law, when in fact he's redacting information in the grand jury report precisely because he's following the law and the rules and regulations that the justice department has to follow on releasing this kind of information and he's making sure that private information that belongs to innocent american citizens isn't just put out for political reasons to be weaponized for political
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purposes on capitol hill, first thing. i find it interesting the white house is going to issue a rebuttal report because when the memo came out, the memo with bottom line findings of no collusion and according to barr, no obstruction, rudy giuliani said we might not necessarily issue a rebuttal report, now that has changed and as far as we know, the white house has not seen a preview of this report. so if the report is coming out at the same time as special counsel report, it won't be an exact rebuttal of the 400 pages, it will be pre-rebuttal to what they find. >> the point of hardening position and everyone seeing what they want to, trey walker said something to that effect earlier on the network, let's listen. >> trey: this is going to be evidentiary summary without a verdict. never had a trial with no evidence on both sides. at some point, someone has to say more credible evidence is on
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this side. that has to be a jury that hasn't made up its mind. who in this country hasn't made up their mind? i can't find anyone. tomorrow will validate whatever you previously held conviction is, why i'm not a fan of releasing the report. >> i love that pre-supposition, it is so true, be honest, who has not made up their mind, leslie marshall? >> leslie: i agree, i agree with something with trey trey gowdy. this doesn't affect the upcoming election, preand exit-poll data and mid-term election, people aren't voting for or against candidate based on mueller's report or inspector general report or what barr is saying, it doesn't have to do with that. end of the day, conspiracy theorists on left or right, right about the people on the left. when it comes to impeachment,
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congress has a responsibility to provide congressional oversight of the executive branch, specifically of the president. former president gerald ford said impeachment is what the house deems it to be, doesn't have to be criminal. nancy pelosi clearly said there needs to be a smoking gun. i'm not sure there will be. i think there will be damming evidence and the white house is showing that. it looks like you are guilty, saying that in advance of my opinion. >> conservative group judicial watch filing freedom of information act or foia lawsuit against the justice department. group is requesting records on the f.b.i. dealings with british intelligence officer by christopher steele, author of the steele dossier. judicial watch says the d.o.j. failed to respond to the foia request last fall, the lawsuit demands "all records related to the proposed plan or funds to
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mr. steele," and president trump citing judicial watch in this tweet. wow, f.b.i. made 11 payments to fake dossier discredited author, christopher steele, total fraud on the president and the american people. it was brought to you by dirty cops, crooked hillary and the d.n.c. then this, new information on the eight criminal referrals sent to d.o.j. by republican devin nunes. congressman nunes probing the originin of the russia investigation. his referrals could implicate two dozen people, including current and former government officials. jerry, do you think anybody will get swept up into this in terms of accountability? >> gerard: i am sure there will be an investigation of the investigation, as it were and further down the an investigation of the investigation of the investigation, this is like a continuous process. you can go on forever. there are serious questions about how this investigation
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came about, no question that there were people politically motivated people, including republican. if you remember, the original steele work began during the republican primary campaign, was initiated by -- >> it wasn't the dossier. >> gerard: it wasn't. so there is a lot of blame to go around. i do think, however, it is important to remember that we have a legal system in this country, a judiciary, independent judiciary, when the f.b.i. wanted to pursue this investigation and got, for example, authorization to wire tap someone close to president trump, they had to go to a judge, to a judge to get approval, a warrant for that. had to produce evidence before the judge. we have protection in this country. i think people out there -- >> we should see that? that could happen to any american, that whole build-up to the beginning of this investigation. to the 25 million dollars --
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>> gerard: a judge has to prove that kind of -- it is not, there is a bit of misrepresentation going on here that somehow the f.b.i. can investigate and go off and wiretap peep and he will surveill peep and he will do all that stuff. they can't, we have strong protection. >> you are talking about -- the judge is secret fisa court. >> gerard: couple judges, yes. >> they say yes to 99% of things they get. we want to see the fisa warrant, we know from congressional testimony, those who put it forward thought they couldn't get it without the dossier. when we talk about christopher steele, and f.b.i. payments made to him, one reason this is important, from the testimony that was just released, milly or herself testified before congress, she and her husband bruce ohr met with christopher steele, as he was trying to get them to put forward to the f.b.i. knowing bruce ohr, that
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is where he worked, they were trying to get him to put forward this dossier, even though by that point in time christopher steele was not being used by the f.b.i. any longer he had been discredited. >> gerard: he had gone public. he was frustrated, he felt the f.b.i. weren't doing enough about it. he went public. the f.b.i. then stopped -- >> behavior of senior f.b.i. officials about texting going back and forth with wanting to stop president trump and having secret meetings in andy's office, deputy f.b.i. director who took over as acting f.b.i. drktor when james comey was fired. couple the fisa application and the false information that was fed to the f.b.i. by the d.n.c., for the hillary clinton campaign and foreign spy, all of it pretty much unverifyd and it was used by one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies, not just in america, but in the
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world, to go after people on political campaign while at the same time, people in the same bureau texting back and forth about how they cannot allow donald trump to win the election. that is why this is so serious and have been criminal referrals. attorney general bill barr is look intoing it, the inspector general look intoing it. you cannot allow federal law enforcement agency to be swayed by political propaganda in order to spy on political campaign you happen to disagree with. >> we saw that bipartisan push yesterday between schiff, adam schiff and devin nunes and part of that, i would think, they want it unredacted, both of them, mueller report to see the beginning of what katie was talking about. >> i like the fact the attorney general will have his own investigation, i think it will be similar to what we see tomorrow, another rorshak test. if the attorney general goes, no witch hunt here, these warrants
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were obtained rightfully, vito say one thing about the dossier. the dossier may not show accuracy with regard to what donald trump and his campaign did, one thing the dossier was correct on, russia was meddling in the election and that is more important -- >> we were able to find that out different ways, everybody could see the cart wheel. >> one thing about the dossier that was accurate. >> that is how you defend the anti-trump dossier? >> no, i'm not defending it, i'm saying -- >> that is only way we vehicled learned that. >> gerard: it wasn't the steele dossier that led to the investigation. it was connection between george papadopoulos and people in london, that initiated the investigation. russians were attempting to interfere in the election, plausible evidence -- sglrt, we got to run. >> gerard: trying to collude with the trump campaign and the trump campaign didn't. >> president trump giving new
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plans on plans to skip white house correspondence dinner and instead hold a rally in state shaping up to be major battleground for 2020, we'll talk about it. the mayor of yuma, arizona declared state of emergency over influx of migrants in his city. what this means for president trump's addressing the crisis at the border. >> there is an imment threat on having too many migrant releases into the community. ient threat n having too many migrant releases into the community. nent threat on having too many migrant releases into the community. ent on having too many migrant releases into the community. nt on having too many migrant releases into the community. 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you
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>> new reaction to the mayor of yuma, arizona declaring
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emergency amid the border crisis, unable to cope with migrant families being released there. >> i have already signed emergency proclamation, eminent threat on having too many migrant releases into the community, above our capacity as a community to sustain w. a heavy heart, i declare we're at this point and something i believe we need to do. >> harris: california democrats this week step up attacks on president trump over threats to send detained migrants to sanctuary cities. newsom calling it nonsince cal with the latest proposal that would keep them inside the u.s. and now this, attorney general william barr, overturned 2005 ruling, ruling that some asylum seekers are not eligible to be released on bail while their
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cases are heard. it is an effort to crack down on so-called catch and release policies and republican congressman pete king applauding the move. >> it is something that has to be done. listen, our hearts go out to many of the people around the world. the reality is, we can't take everybody in and have to look careful at asylum claims. many of them turned out not to be real, to be phony, it gets the person in the country. they disappear or come back for a court hearing two years later. the attorney general is doing what has to be done and i fully support them. >> harris: the democratic national committee responding barr's move, saying "instead of addressing the root cause of the humanitarian crisis in central america and at the border, trump continues to push cruel and unconstitutional agenda, unlike trump and republicans in congress, democrats believe diversity and compassion is our nation's greatest strength. we believe in working to end the violence that has caused so many
9:22 am
to flee their homes." katie, seems like they changed the issue again. yeah. now it is about addressing the violence in central america. in the meantime, i mean, this poor mayor, you saw him at the beginning. i want to read a couple things he said, eminent threat posed by too many releases in the community. it is something we need to do to make sure our community maintain human rights of the migrants are maintained and we have a path forward that respects both. we are looking for a fema-type response, it is not a natural disaster, but a disaster either way. they want resources to come take care of this situation. he's begging for help. >> katie: disaster and chaos has gotten out of control, we now have overpowering situation where humanitarian conditions have deteriorated as result of not being able to handle the flow of people. i want to give context why the
9:23 am
ruling by barr matters in terms of asylum. when you are given asylum, first route, 90% of asylum cases filed initially are thrown out. first asylum claim is filed, protected from deportation, released into the center of the country and eligible to get a work permit. so being able to hold people who are eligible is very important. when it comes to dealing with this issue, result of the poll factors we've arkllowed, work permits being released into the country, i devin nunes -- gavin newsome -- talking about, it costs money, it costs facilities, it costs american t facilities or providing humanitarian aid, they are responsible for this. the administration is trying again to find the solution while
9:24 am
congress still hasn't put something on the table that can be passed and signed into law. >> melissa: jerry, the mayor says we are trying to protect everyone's human rights, people here and the migrants coming over, right? >> jerry: it is a crisis, it is terrible for everybody, okay. these people are generally fleeing terrible situation where they come from, but it is important and i think for the democrats to say it is up to the president to address the root cause of it is crisis in central america, that is a bit of a reach. how is the president supposed to, instead of dealing with the issues in the united states, deal with economic and social privations in places like honduras and guatemala to stop people coming here, absurd argument, to be honest. it is up to that country to do that. the president's responsibility is make sure there is law and order observed in this country and help local communities like the mayor of yuma to deal with crisis that exists.
9:25 am
you are right, it is a terrible situation for everybody. but ultimately, this is a law enforcement issue and the united states is not under any obligation, really isn't under any obligation to let anyone who wants to come into the country come here, it has to have control o defines national saf r -- sovereignty. you know what, we've got to find a way to stop this number of people, as much pity as we have for them, we have a right to say no, we can't let the people be released into the community. >> harris: the other thing congress is, short on money, awarded $1.6 billion for the president to continue on with promise of building a border fenceline or wall, the other message, he's going to do that now and congress, you have told me that i could, as the president. the defense department today aw
9:26 am
966 million in contracts to build the president's wall. yesterday the meeting with lawmakers, and wall prototype builders to talk about what works best. fisher industries says they can build a mile and a half of fence line per day. looking for 11 miles of it in yuma, 46 miles of it in el paso. to deal with what border patrol have told us as reporters and the white house that they need. that is happening. that is >> being i live in california and we have majority of migrants come to california and where the president w absurd, you using that term, that doesn't solve the problem, congress has responsibility. >> where should we put them? >> congress has responsibility here. we know left and right, there are laws we have on the books that need to be fixed, changed and specifically those are asylum laws and >> what do we do between now and time politically constipated
9:27 am
congress that does olths this -- >> i smile because you said that. >> i know, i know. >> it works. what do we do in the gap between what we need right now, since everybody agrees it is a crisis at least. the president says emergency, bp, border patrol, says emergency. what do we do between now and the time it would take for congress to actually go do something? >> i think we do what the mayor of yuma has requested. i think we provide support, he has, this is humanitarian crisis. you have to look at, do they have enough food, water, shelter? we're talking about families, over a third degree, 36,000 of the 90 something thousand are families. >> they are saying they don't have resources, why does it not make sense to send them to sanctuary city that wants to welcome them? >> first of all, just as acting head of ice said, there are liabilities there. something happens in transport, especially to a child, second, there is cost, what is cost of
9:28 am
that going to be? could be far larger than to address them where they aren wh jurisdiction, once they are released under current asylum laws does not need to stay in that jurisdiction. >> they transfer people all the time, for the record. >> plotting to stop bernie sanders, new report claims party establish cemetery agonizing over his momentum in the bid for the democratic nomination, fearing he could all, but ensure president trump's re-election, whether they are right or if we could see repeat of 2016. we'll debate that.
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>> some top democrats are agonizing over bernie sanders and his bid for the democratic nominations. according to the "new york times," critics are fearing nominating senator sanders would all, but ensure president trump a second term. the times reporting series of so-called what to do about bernie meetings happening in new york and d.c. a big smile and laugh from our guest in the middle, jerry. the gatherings included speaker nancy pelosi, senate minority leader schumer and as well, white house hopeful pete budajudge. senator sanders campaign is fundraising off the report with e-mail that reads according to "new york times," platting campaigns to stop us. president trump apparently did not think any move to stop sanders will work. i believe it will be crazy bernie sanders versus sleepy joe
9:34 am
biden to run against the best economy in the history of our country and many other great things, i look forward to facing whoever it may be. may god rest their soul, exclamation point. jerry, i ride the elevator with you and your producer all the time, you are thinking about this. >> jerry: i love the idea, a book we need to talk about kevin, we need to talk about bernie. we have seen this movie before, irony of this. democratic establishment spent 2015 from beating hillary clinton. >> oh, we know. >> jerry: we very well know by fixing debate and organizing things and helping hillary this way and that way, there again, they are right to be concerned for two reasons, one, he does have momentum right now, look at national polls and key poll necessary iowa and new hampshire, he's got the energy, raised a lot of money, has momentum, right to be concerned about that. they are right to be concern
9:35 am
body how he would fare in the general election, it is implausible somebody describes themselves as socialist -- >> now he is not so far to the left, leslie marshall. people jumped in that socialism pool and doing backstroke necessary it with him. >> i'm not agonizing, something about kevin, the kid was a serial killer, let's not go that far. >> maybe i'm thinking weekend at bernie's. >> socialism message used to be his, he was a democratic socialist, people in your party didn't want him to be on democratic party. >> and still. >> oh, still. and he's not really that far left of many in your party who are running. >> no, he started this in a sense, pulled the party left with fight for 15, majority of democrats, not just candidates -- >> should have you listened to bernie sanders back then and not had a d.n.c. that worked against him? >> i don't think the d.n.c. should have worked against him, but i didn't think he could beat
9:36 am
donald trump and still don't. that is number one priority for democrats and obviously voters. the concern is when you look at 2016, the people that backed senator sanders then that continue to be on the bernie or bust move now helped to divide our party and continue to do that and that is a concern and will help re-elect donald trump going into 2020. everybody can have meetings, end of the day, put it out there, i like it very much, you or democrat nominee, i do not think -- >> who can beat trump? >> i said it before and some of you, i don't think all of you -- >> beto? >> biden. >> april 17th, where is joe biden? >> come on. where is he? where is joe? >> i want to know. >> this is -- >> i get it. >> no. >> he's watching in l.a.
9:37 am
i don't -- >> jerry: don't go there. >> finding is good time. bernie has been out there, didded town hall, people raising money. >> can you stop there? the most watched town hall so far in the 2020 season is on fox news and he was standing the whole time, standing over everybody the whole time. he's come out on top in all this, still standing, not just as reality, but het fore. -- metaphor. >> the secret meetings, the bernie bros, the people who support him, the reason he has energy is about revenge. they are upset about what happens to bernie in 2016, upset about it and out for blood to make sure that he gets his fair shot at nomination and for them to do this -- >> the more he supports the establishment is working against him. >> you say he can't win the general. that is what everybody said about donald trump, he may win --
9:38 am
>> i did not say cannot. i said can't beat trump. >> here is the thing, democrats would be smart to relax and go with enthusiasm, wherever it may lead them. >> you know that is not going to happen. >> should have taught you guyss the lesson last time around. >> top democrat after the election wrote a book called "what happened" and -- >> the numbers central and moderate democrats and majority of voters. >> how do you get invited to the meetings? chief budarkjudge was there. republicans renewing fight for information on hillary clinton e-mail investigation as we learn the f.b.i. wanted access to classified info before the case wrapped up. why g.o.p. lawmakers get answers on just what happened, will they? we'll debate it. >> mueller himself, who did not allow us to see certain documents that we wanted to see over the last 2-1/2 years. one of the benefits we as a country
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ask your doctor about jardiance today. >> and incredibly wide manhunt for a woman by the name of sol pais, known to have made threats to columbine high school and been infatuated with the columbine attack, the anniversary of that attack is this saturday. sol park is is 18 years old. here is what the f.b.i. has said, she bought a pump action shotgun and ammunition, the f.b.i. has been on the case trying to locate her. there are some reports that they have moved in on something. i'm going to read directly from what we know the f.b.i. in denver, tweeted this out, their
9:44 am
official account. we can confirm there is an investigation or activity around the base of mount evans, that investigation is active and ongoing. more information will follow soon, hashtag find sol, s-o-l. this has been a situation, as you might imagine, has put fear into the school system in and around columbine. schools were shut down, parents were told to be on alert for updates with regard to the search for sol pais. as we learn more, we will bring it to you. >> republican lawmakers reviewing push for information on the f.b.i. handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. info d.o.j. is initially refused to provide the mueller probe according to unclassified inspector general report and attachment to the report. the f.b.i. wrote memo seeking permission to review highly classified information
9:45 am
"necessary to complete the investigation," and that was around the same time then f.b.i. director james comey drafted a statement exonerating clinton. the memo never made it to the justice department and the investigation ended shortly afterward. now lindsey graham, finance chair grassley and chair ron johnson asking d.o.j. why the probe wrapped up without the f.b.i. accessing that classified information. the letter reads in part, now that the special counsel investigation has concluded, we are unaware of any legitimate basis on which the department can refuse to answer the judiciary committee inquiries. jerry, the question now is do they need to go back over old ground? seems like they are trying to activate classified information they have not seen before. >> jerry: the question now is who cares. does anybody really care. i'm so tired of this culture of investigation. we've got to go back and go back and investigate hillary clinton. she lost the election, retired
9:46 am
from the scene. >> kind of. >> jerry: not gracefully, but she's gone. this is just, what is the value in this? what is the value? constantly digging up these issues again and again? there are pressing issues confronting this country, immigration, healthcare, the state of jobs, dealing with technology revolution, why are these congress people dragging out these issues from five years ago? i'm sorry, most people want to move on. >> i think fair point, melissa, other people would say corruption at the f.b.i. and political influence is a serious problem. >> well, yes, i wish that we could put bill barr in charge of looking into that or somebody else, if you feel like he's not impartial or whatever and let legislationors get to work on the business. if they could have that potluck meeting, remember, harris, we were talking about. everybody brought scrap of immigration reform and put it together and come up with some legislation, that would be
9:47 am
great. i agree that these are important issues. it would just be great if they were not bogging down lawmakers who have other stuff they refuse to do. >> leslie marshall. >> i agree with you on that, sorry. >> no. >> the left or right, i don't know if it sounds better because you have an english accent, who cares, i like that. left or right, you have the american people, whether you voted for a democrat or republican to do specific things, whether it is healthcare, whether it is immigration, you don't see people saying, i have elected tou have an investigation, whether it is an investigation into this or an investigation -- no, no, no, that is not what the data shows. the american people don't want investigation after investigation after investigation. it takes time and money away from constituents. >> have you told the democratic party that? >> yeah, i called them yesterday.
9:48 am
no. >> all right, we have to move on. thank you. president trump's battle with mainstream media rages on, re-election campaigns announces what he'll do while ditching the white house correspondence dinner for the third straight year. is his strategy the right one? we'll debate it after this. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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>> so the f.b.i. now confirming that there is no longer a threat in the denver area. they're investigating still and the activity goes on, this is this case of the woman you see on the screen, sol pais, from the south florida area. officials have described her as being obsessed with the columbine incident and she apparently had traveled to the denver area and this is where about half a million children were kept home from school today in abundance of caution to make sure nothing happened. she was from the surfside area and traveled to the area, on police radar, she's 18 years old and again, through abundance of
9:53 am
caution, they had been searching for her. authorities say there is no threat and they are searching for her. >> credible threat versus not having one, the fact is everyday schools have to be very cautious about what security situations are, we can see these things play out or not. luckil nethis case, they made the threat go away. we hope they can do that on daily basis to keep school safe through law enforcement agents being at school, whether through training programs for teachers and students being aware of the surroundings. the fact they took initiative to cancel classes is good because in so many cases we've seen threats be called in or long period of someone being a threat and not being dealt in in proper way and horrible crime is carried out.
9:54 am
kudos to the police and f.b.i. for taking this on in an offensive way rather than just defensive way. >> what they said, she is considered dangerous, made threats in the denver metropolitan area days before the 20th anniversary of the attack at chime columbine that killed 13 people. the schools had been urged to tighten security. the threat was credible, she had flown to the area according to reports and had bought a gun. at this point, they are saying that it is safe, but this is, jerry, a time when they were able to see the threat, something was done. way too many times gone back after the fact and said there were signs, no one did anything. >> jerry: it looks like law enforcement handled this extr e extremely well. it clearly was a credible
9:55 am
threat. people make threats, thank god most of them are not credible, this was credible. the difference in this and terrible shootings, she did seem to signal her intent clearly, that is how she's come to be identifyd and apprehended. in many other cases we are dealing with people who do not make implicit threats tied to a date, as she did sglchlts that is not true. parkland, florida shooting, the person who carried out the attack said he wanted to carry out a school shooting and had been reported and nothing was done about it. number of cases, there has been evidence and not handled properly. >> clearly the law enforcement really failed to deal with those. the pullitzer price for -- some cases they can't. >> the district said the
9:56 am
decision to close campus was in collaboration with the denver metro area school district, due to ongoing safety concern, all facilities and programs were closed on wednesday. no afternoon activity, but at this point, we are happy to report that police are saying that the threat has subicided. no longer a threat right now. columbine high school, indeed the surrounding areas. that is good to hear and of course we look for more information on this. i want to thank everyone on the couch and we are going to send it over to harris early, harris faulkner, take it >> harris: breaking news right now. the fbi says the come in the center of your scene, sol pais, is the person they have been looking for after getting credible threats. she travel from miami to denver,
9:57 am
just ahead of the columbine high school. we don't know the specificity of the threats and what they had to do with the high school. we can tell you that she was infatuated with the shooting that happened there. alicia acuna in denver with more. things changing in the last few minutes. what is happening. >> we've been in contact with the fox affiliate. the reporter on the scene with the fbi and an agent said there's no one in custody, that the suspect is dead. that is according to the local fox affiliate. we're attempting to independently confirm that piece of very important information. but as you did mention, the fbi field office here in denver has tweeted in the last few minutes an update saying in all caps there's no longer a threat to
9:58 am
the community. earlier what they have said, there was a credible threat in the forms of 18-year-old sol pais from miami, florida who again, they say the miami field office had warned them on monday evening there was somebody who was traveling here to colorado, that they might need to know about. when she landed according to the fbi here in denver, once she landed, she managed to make it to a store and acquire some sort of shotgun, ammunition and disappeared into the foothills here -- the base of the mountains here in denver. when you see mountains in denver, the foothills are like the base of the base. you go 1 1/2 hours west into the mount -- >> harris: i need to cut in, alicia. i'm sorry. so this woman that they have been looking for, the 18-year-old sol pais has died. she's deceased. we don't have a lot of detail on this. we can confirm according to
9:59 am
authorities there in denver, the columbine suspect woman is dead. unclear if the wound was self-inflicted. we're still on the story. this had dozens of schools, as we know from our own reporting, shutting their door today. the credibility of her threats was something that not only the fbi was getting the word out about, but parents and schools, other people were told to take this seriously. they were putting out detailed information about what to do if you saw her. this has been something that has been widespread and now we can confirm that sol pais is dead. i want to give it back to you, alicia, as you're doing further reporting on the ground in denver. >> you mentioned dozens of schools. it was hundreds of schools, more than 60% of the students population in the state of
10:00 am
colorado didn't go to school today because all of the schools were closed. because this was considered such a credible threat. i can tell you, i was there on april 20th, 1999 at columbine high school when the massacre took place. every year since as we get closer to april 20th, there's threats on columbine high school and in the schools in the denver metro area. that is something that we've been accustomed to. so yesterday when we heard there were threats, didn't come as a surprise. the past 20 years, we've heard that. then things started to change. more information was coming in from the jefferson county sheriff's office, the jefferson county schools. then from the fbi. when the fbi put up her photo and explained this was a credible threat and the recommendation that the schools in the area go on lockout, that was significant. everything started to change. as you know, there this was massive man hunt underway


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